North Carolina Newspapers

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"' Jf Jutlion lo llm" l" H'rrtrw ly 4
t'(o ih Etiitor n.Hl be poi paid.
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rv luiavaen Oahurne. Whiir. anit
I farf f1"' .7
I . tuco : In d Mounuin District, be.
I .:!.. Whin-, and Clinsinan. Lnen.
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jeiult in lb Mecklenburg and Maun
. p,irifi particularly, we feel deep in
. ... In both, the Whig candidates are Irue
-ki ' whiUl the Lorofoco candidates are el
kindly ubjeriionalile. w Suppose ihfjr
iTid ly acknowledge it lo ihemelvea,
'.. i,4i lo ibe public, hul we regard tberu
1 la Cluuim"' nd Craige, beanie i the
(Juiye wll a iuiiiurr witufi uiai
J wti i "' J "'. ' rreeily
1 Wf!Mwii" j wnrr-n
ikfSitrTJ question was riiipn..iiii"-u, a no m
iimM"d, in 1851 opposed to lt-i" rnea
.naiillhey became overwhelmingly popu
j,, if ,.! tiill. Clingman delivered a speech
j, Cong-ret lo show thai ii wa th interest of
it.S.niiblitilixi'uN ibe ITnion. We hl lie
yioioe the people ol Noilh Carolina sel
tVirares Sinl ui h politician. Lh ihem
piuSuuih Carolina, where ibey ligh'lull) be-
'"w'rtriFtno fur iflln know murk about ihe
yr in lb Mountains ; but we leel assur
ed ibai t th Pee Dee count ry, ol which we
it mkd rixhl l '"r,n n opinion, the true
sift nd Uniun men will rally lo Ike support
lOhru,l wbo it well known at one of tbe
turrit mm in the Stale, one of (be beat inform
faSiatraiaen. and one of the iitoal accomplish
i Onion. Fay. Obiertxr.
. J. J.-BRUNER,-
jBior dj. Proprietor. -
" Kttr a eaicaeroa- ALtrooa
) tma, AKDklBEITTH .
- - Gtm'l Harrinn. ---.(... (
iifti.iiijtfe,, i,,r. ,. . ,. 1 . ., - , ; i ' . 1 . "" 111 . . .- ' ." . i
Change of Toue.'l'he peujile n( ibi Stale
ii'r trtrrrly forgotten ibe fierce atlacki uon
tk Whig p"y North Carolina for promo-
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tlibr Sa'e Treaory. Kvery Locofoco slump.
Mivr in the Slate, from ibe candidal lor I he
Isfi'li'u" lo lna candidate' lor . Governor,
pMrrdoui d)niinciaiiont again! this robbrry
(ibit ii the wordwe liehere) ol Ibe hard work
kt prle el ihe Slate, unlit a rail road waa
(nridi'ird. quite a aixMiiiuaiiie, ana pinty
audi )h tn .ibing. a ibe lantf.
Ot Ut ibere bai been a change. Thai far
itnua politician, tbe late Miniaier lo "uuhap
j S)aiu," ainiabed ibe native by ibe ud
irt and complete change of Uciira. The
tUr fluck of (beep followed the hell-wel her.
iiidiliinw gravely aaerted ibai no mau i
i Drawctal 6f I no! in--fairof-wl -a ifewetai
ni rffirieof t y lin vl joiernal improverneiii
ij lie Stale!-
Ai D-tnocratic meeting in ibi great Weal
I ( aerki ago, politic were completely ig
orrd nothing wa talked alwiul Itul railroad,
lliu rovrl thai rail road bould be Injjli
Ju tbe Troneaaee line and lo Beaufort thai a
mUtaat Ike Stale tkxuld subscribe tico.thirdt
tjlheilock to the road ibal i.o one wbu op
fiwd ihf pnporiiioii wa worthy" ' ol tir
ik"ud receive the aopport of ibe Democratic
fatty ; and finally that ibeae principle luual
I lurorHiiaied into ibe Democratic plailortn
at ibe oeit Cunveuiion or a diuluiiou would
lii-w resolution, wbicb were unanimotialy
dopted, were topporied in a lunjj prerb by
Mi. Loie, uiine a prominent LucoIim'o memler
I he litl L'-gialature. He attacked Govern
.JLRrid'i .tuure .jup!ii.jhe.wj jec!jfihe E
IwwMi '-af tbenrrar- Rait -Road, aud urged
P" ibe penufe Ibe utrml iil)ii.rlaoce ofeTecl
il I Gvrnior wbo abrxild te a itrong inter-
d improvement man. Upon Ihi ibe VV ii
aingiuH JiHiinal ata :
'Mr. Lvr' noitilion in the lal Legislature
Wtiim rio'reierl, and hi allack upuri to.
S'liI ailTnoi help him any ; but dill, (rom ibeae
iiid other indication, we believe it i evident
Ait th iieoule of ihe Welern narl of the Stale
r let ibrir mind upon ibe Western eiien-
JPSslM. lftk"Ugb,JLwv;..may give bu strength
J wi mu, Mi faying hold of it, is a tig n
"!! papular, aud ibai under iia (old be
iH in bide hi dereliction a a parly mart t
Ijeneral Aemlil. Sooner or laier
'Mirnniim will lie made, and we ihiiik "od"
Hy uuld dictate lo u, ol ibe Cane Fear
'", i mrfi our'Weatern breibren in a
kiewijy epitii, and lend l hern ucb a band a
UlCuiiiWf in).m if,., wn trr n ibe tfrap.
w cburlirb people ibat ibey" have been
be! ;,.. lUtr.,r,,W" 'r-he4 lh,ugh.l.
ber papers eiam oedk-, I...M i.Ll. ?
.-.-....ojf i oe snip aorne two h...... i.. .k.
men. a. ia ,hB ,,u.,, tf,, dr)j)l,.
....... c. , ee lw raM-s have bee,. re.mM.
ea ... me govemmem ( ,hr United Stale., wilb
w.i. 1' I. ,
' W .. .
"" me loregiMiig eilracl with feelines
... .. . , ...i,.,r, jnaj r, n aur.i.unce
'IIZV' --''d l-rih ihe Mliv-erenl ......
our roiemporaries U be Hi
....... our roiemporaries Ar be Wm.&tg
pre.. ,nai ,Bry me,.d .imi
.......a u-Hl-.g ine AflriMllWralioil of Mr. Fill-
'I' ' nr" "jr lud gnalmr, knew no M,d
'"-sF--'"-'raii..i outrage." upon Ibe
American flg. The fiourilry. U.ey pr.l.imed.
-K"eu oy i0e ,. crgM f
.....-, rtomiuiaiiailon. Ibey were lor aali
raciion or war right away lo mainiain the diX
... .-ourage .,1 me American nation. W
In.inirhl u li.n .k j
r-" ""rc "-w Airiiiiiiiiraiioi, rame
inH pourr thai any nation perpeiraiinir a like
out. age would be "called out", and
Ibal a squadron would be ordered out lo wipe
away "ihe stain upon ihe refutation of our na-
" incurred dy wbal ibey WefH pleased lo
irmi - a, iime ai.fl cowardly apiril." What
naa oecorne ol iheir helligerenl apirii now ?
We hear irolhiriir like n lr...i. iku.n M .l.
" .... Wll r
gentleman bnd nn imnortnnt neencv in
drafting the hill as it finally pansied the
Legi,.lMiute,andf we think it will be found
lo embrace itf its provisions the auiboritv
fur prompt act ion in thia nartieulite. If
w are not mistaken in this view of the
powers conferred bv ihe act and we
think we ar not we hope ihe presa. both
E( and Weal, and thn people imipediJ
ateiy intereMed in this gret work, will
ko upeak out that those whose duty it ia to
act in the prcmifWK. may he induced lo
aet trperdily," Htilabw' Jitcorder.
Dr. Ives. The eaae of Dr. Ives, ihe nb-
jurant Bishop of the Diocese of thia State,
continues to excite interest in hnlh hem-
inpheres. On the subject ol his alleged
inaanily, Judgeiea. of Connecticut, his
brother, a man of sound judgment and in
tegrity, writes thus to the editor of the
"Church Review:"
Sie The statements which you have
read to me, and which you propose to pub
lish, of a constitutional tendency lo men
tal derangement in my father's family,
and also of certain facts in proof of such
a tendency. 1 have no hesitation in saying
contrary, i hey either have nothing lo av or "re ulained by my own personal
- I. . . T J I I I . ' .
-i.e, .n geiuie ltr.rfnt 6l,ou riuhlnil,,0,l(i anowinige nor . nave I any Uouim Ibat
tbe conduct of liishop Ives, in bis late de
fection to Rome, must ? altributed. at
least in part, lo that same cause, viz: a
hereditary tendency to mental derange
ment, aggravated by disease and by very
great excitement.
1 am, very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
The following letter, purporting to he
from Dr. Ives, is published in tbe "Guar
dian.", an English Church paper: .
bis I have read, with equal pain and
surprise, a paragraph in the Standard,
copied from your pnper, which compels
me to correct certain grave and injurious
JU. h is not trim, as ihrre sia'ed. (thanks
be-to God's good Providence.) that I have
ever, except when under the immediate-
delirium ol typhus fever, been deprived
of Ibe use of that measure of reason with
which God at first was pleased to endow
tne. 1 if Jrue, however, ihnt 1 have had
a brother deprived lor a lime of that bles
sing. But how Tar that circumstance
should be visited upn me as a punish
ment for following the demands of mv
oalencf,.iwil leave it with yourself
lo determine.
2. Neither is it true, as you state, that
just belore leaving my diocese. I drew
upon it for, and received from it. a years
Hilary, under a false pretence. Ii it true.
however, ibat before leaving my lormer
field of labor, to gain, if possible, relief in
some way to a disquieted mind. (Me stale
How wonderfully changed Rich. Whig.
Baltimore. April 18. 1 34 p. m A cor-
respondence between the Governments of
hpatn. 1- rance EngUnd and the Ur.ited
b'ates, relative lo Cubit, has been alluded
lo in Ihe British Parliament.
The difficult ies between Piedmont and
Switzerland, and between Austria and
Russia, begirt to assume a portentous as
pect. 1-ranee, ills said, is about lo in
It is reported that civil power will short
ly be substituted lor military rule through
out Lomhardy. and that Marshal Radet
sky will be called
" Three hundred persons Ji been ar
rested lor br ing concerned in an attempt
ea insurrectional ralermo. aolJiershnd
been ordered lo leave Naples,
A conspiracy hAs been detected in Ber
Ko. wliicfr h ad ext eMetfri hfoukthoW Ge r-
many. ' "A proclamation of abermmi Ke
puhlic had been found.
it ma
uusstn is oritanizing ner armies. 1 ne
Russian fleet in the Black bVa tis been
put under itrders lr Consf antinople. The
Emperor of Rucsia, however, disclaims
any intention of subverting the Turkish
We Jean, from Florida ibat throughout
Alachua, Columbia and Marion counties,
cotton is in an excellent state of forward
ness. and bids fair lor a heavy crop, the
additional ground planted ibis season
warranting the estimate that the product
this year will be double that of tbe lasi,
or about ten -1 htrasaud bales. Tba T J
bacco. so far as transplanted, looks well,
particularly in Marion county. The corn
is far advanced, and peas and potatoes
promise a great abundance. The Arrow
Root which has been set out looks well,
and a considerable quantity will be man
ufacmred ibe ensuing season. From Mid
die Florida we lirtve ihe same encourag
ing intelligence, particularly in Madison
Saw Mills rapidly increasing on ibe St.
joiiiis. i nere are now eigttieen nulls in
ihe neighborhood of Jacksonville, and
these are unable to supply ihe demand for
rantcing and other lumber.- The erection
ol mills is also extending further up tbe
river. Judge Bronson has erected one at
Pilatka running six saws, and a mill is in
progress of erection at Enterprise, 150
miles further up. The lumber business
to be a most profitable one for Florida.
Emigration to East and Middle Florida
is increaning rapidly and steadily. Many
planters who selected their lands last au
tumn, and placed their force upon ihein
are now removing their families ibilher
for permanent settlement.
The health of the country will compare
favorably wilb that of any portion ol the
United Stales. Wilb its fertile soil and
delicious climate, Florida will rapidly
lake rank with the most prosperous State
in the Union. Char. altrcuiy.
Curious Freak of a Streak if Lightning. . I umwmi dollars
ne Mrng maimer, at Huntingdon,
ouii.iiK coowy, .ays s lioilng Ibe thunder alorrn
on I buraday.-Mih April, a bouae in Amiiy.
ville was struck .by liVhtuinir. Ii eema ihe
ligbininji entered ibe doarsplitJbe jJ, paaAeil
aioirg me room to a large cooking stove, which
II ItlfillaV lin llalia IhaV iA i I . IT
V J' nu rui on - .j,
ui lo , a woman; iwDoae name we I dollar. ;
could not ascertain 1 who n i7i!n t ' t0 auunpa
I be shoe Ihrougb which the liffhliiinir entered.
appeared entirely uninjured, wilb ihe exceii-
: nil ..
ion oi a Miinn n.'ie up.u one tde.
AN ACT mukinr pi'-n,ri,l"n f"r ,h W"'1" of ;
. Are Dt-imrlmrnt iliirliij (lie B-l jrer rnmnn ui uiii.
uut, oti lhounil tiglil huuJfjKl nd tl k ur.
B tt fnacU4 ' by Vis Sfimte anil fftnut of Rsprttrfittiti i j
tin Vnitfd M,:tM of AnuHva in (kmgrt tiiwtlri, T
tlw f'lllowtnc turns ba, and the Mm rm ktrrrbj, ftffmqHl. i
far the tcrrira of th Poat Offica Oepartmcnl, tor Uw yt-nrn.lii;
Uw thirtieth ot Jute, one thoonnd eiirht hundred aad Sfljr-hmr,
ml of aiijr nonc;i In tha Trewarv arlaing frees th reveaim ol
the mid Detwrtmeiit. in eonrbrnltv lo the act of the emend ot
Jure; one ihdaetod eltfht hundred aad thktv-ata, -eMiA -le taar--
parpoeee, via!
For IrannrmHarlaa of the anils, Ira atillioa and t went -Din
UKHtund duUare ;
wr enmrM-ee&uoa te poeuunerm, iwaauutoo ana tvaatv-au
Aneenri dotlara; - i1 . i
For iMd. eteamboak and vav letter. Oitrtv thoaaand aoIUia :.
For wreppinii pnper, fifty-two, thouaand dollar; i
For nfflr furniture. In.Vh offioot of poetouutera, etrht UioawaJ
doilar; ' ,
For adrertielnf, erentr-elz tnnoaaad Br aasdraa aonan. ; t
For, mall bafr. Aftf-ona thoaaand dottara; r,
Fiw blank, Afty-fiTe thoawad dolUra;
For nuil-loclu, key, aad (tamp, twenty thoaeane) dotlara ;
for mall itepreilatlnnt, and peftatateaie,flny thoaaaaddolwra -f
ror rurk in th omce ol Vraaatara, nr auaama aad orta-
aix in hi. tin aonan ;
4 IIiiuhJ $,Jui;y.?-'i'ii New York Mirnn
sava a genllemau ol ibal city hits .en annoinl
ed AgelH of Ihe Pa,,ru Hail Rad Compant
r .r4h.i....n . ....
aaiary or OIWUUU a year; in addition I.,
which four liiaurauee Cumiiauie bare Hwr-ed
lo pay hun 10.000 a $40 000
lolal auioiiol ol aalarv ner aniiuui. Onu Hun.
ured I houaud Dollar !
A 1
x a
A9 a
1 V
and twenty thonund
Bfty-Sr I
t there be, and tehee. .
Treamry not otherwt
million eight hundred
that may aria In th -
la meet the aforeeoinf
irlieth of Jane, one thoa-
at la all cue where the .
either aaoaey or prep
nli have been exekunr-
n, upon the aonTW- '
hall hare anthor-
uatly belonged to
aaa dllrtrKa
C7 We understand a meeiing ol the Stale
Atfrirulliiral Sc.rlely will he held in Kalrinh
on Wednesday, ihe 25' h ol May. JJr. Tomp
kins will lie prenenl, and will addreaa the tneei-
li.g on the auljecl ol holding An Agricultural
rair and faille Show at aorne eliirfiile iw.jui
the Siale during ibe coming Fall. Spirit of
ine Age.
A Greensboro,' Correaioiideiii ol ibe Ashe-
llle Jem propones thai a Convention be helit
Al hiiltt.ry ft Joly ne,!, ai the lime o ill
meelinjf Ihe !si.m kboliler of ihe C'emral Road.
lo ron.ider it enen-iuii earn lo l.-alori unl
weal lo ihe 1 erinemee line. The eict
roiid the prnposiiion, and aiiij;eia that h.
11' . ry , .
eeierii vouuiie.aiioiiil d'leg4le lo ri prf-
sent ine iniereal ol Kill set-linn.
8bo. 2. Andhtit
br. uppronHattid out of
AmroprUti, m turn not
thouMnd ilolfAin, to upplT
reenui nf the Pott office det
BPProir,Htima. fur the jenr enrti
ii nd eiirht humtred nnrl fifty-four,
SWT. 9. Aitf tVif rVrfaV
Poatmiuter Oeneral nhnll be in t if fled
rty itole n from the United 8tte m
ed for otlit r money or property, and
tlon of the tlilef. receivetl at Mb Depart!
Itf, apon nat.5fctory erideno thai tl
any indt vidua) firm; or corporation, tr
moner or nronerty to the owner there
ttr. 4. am r t( t "finer tnacwa. -mi aection uireeorina
art entitled " An act mitklnfr approprtiilloti. Iter Ihe sverTioe of the
Pout Office IVpMrtment durink (lie rWal rekr ending tbe tliirtietA ,
of June, one thoaxand eifrht hundred and fifty-three, aad for oth
er purpoiei,M and approveTI the thirty -firtt of Aujruat, one thoe '
uritI eight hundred and two, be, and the Mune U hereby re
rBT. n. Ann rie u mrtMr rmtuxeMi, That the roatmaater Uea-
erHl in hereby authoriaed to oiake uch arrangement aa be may
deem aitvlsnl.le by cauninir letters tent to California and Orecoa
to hf nlvrtiid free of evienH to the United State, and by the
ixftufng of ciroulart to paMtmaateri and cnuaiug the tame to be
publi-:,tet, to in mi re, ai fur as poulhle, the delirery of letten aeni
by mitil from the Atlantic 8tatei to Culioruia. to the Udividualt
w whom tHey are directed. ,
. ApproTca Match 3,
tPrLic Act No. 8t).
A V ACT making1 nppropriH tlom for lithoanet, Ht-Hoafa,buoya,
c, nnd providing ror the erection and estabtiahment ot the
iiie, and ftr other purpotei, .
&? it tintt by ths nuU and foum of Rprn-ptat4ca of
ths I'nitot $tttM qf Amsriiia in Oongrt dwofaI, That the
following appropriHtlont be, and the same are hereby, made and
directed to be paid, out of any money in the Treasury not other
wine appropriated, to enable theiVcreUry of the Treasury to carry
the provision- of thii act into effect: ProGMdt Aawetwr, If a
ffixui title to any land which It may be necessary to ue cannot be
obtained on reHnotitible termi, or the exclusive right to ruch
Inn ) cannot be acquired by tension, when the interest of the Uni
ted Matt demandtt it, before the appropriation would by law fall
intn the turplut fund, iaany aiM aUiUchcaaeffthe appropriation
bull In- npplicaMe to the ohjtrU for which they are nmde at any
fitpe within two years after the first meeting of the LeguUtureiu
ted lUbeequeni to Ui
Empire. Charleston Prtst
Kt ire al.rl in ... Tt-f ik.
"-and ibe West at last ackuowleJuina the
frltfire t0 tbe Suie of iuleinal iinurore-
-uicu win pui a stop iu emigration, en
"""I Nuiib Carolina eniernrise. and laka
jnjth. reproach ofltip Van Winklei m, eren
" -eknowledgmeot i made, a .taied by
'"Mriiif, became internal improve inent
"Py-lar." But bowerer the ar knowledg
- lieen mad- ihe Hemoeraev are rinuy
("tif ii. and ruee. ..... . ,.'.k..
OUfuine n Tt L . .k... . ...
""g Iba tiimiler ; and ih ! of lha new
',,rt mar not onlw nolalrin i.lA mdui-ale.
ig. . - . .j.
I urtniid ibe I I mi I at aTal M-lA rta
.'""k.kas been ihe case iu Virginia.
jj -eluiiin, we would suggest to these
l,c,,, WBo oxluus for building tail
". thai rh... ..:i ..j . i. :j r
tau i. w roaoa nan 0 juiu jvr
PB'1I d.m't like to be taied and ibal
rrmrs a riistriholinl. nT I L. I.nit. Me K. nrn.
U e popniW al..w A avurd
wit. is sufficient.-Fav. Observer.
into American Vessels. Tba Hava-
iva . .
nrwlIOndrhr Afiha N,!. V... Tv.usl aT
n " aa wa 4ww M VI am ww a warw
The North Carolina R id Rtvid and its
Extension East and West.
SittiHieil as we are. nhrtut cenlrnllvbe
tween .ttm sea.boardl .rtnd.lhk inoVJlLsitlX.
of -; t heitti.w feeLibat-v. crta wit b i
tiropriety. urtje upon llie friend of itn
prnvemettl N)ftb, East, and West of u.
he imiMtrtance ol action, prompt and de
cided action, relative lo ibe extension ol
this graal line 61 improvement, which ev
ery- true bearieil . North Caruliuian -vvtll
join on in calling our Kail Hotel, rewol
us have yet weighed suillcieiiliy. tne vital
ibis matter.
1 l l r l 1 , . . . 1 1 crane ruie, m u uie one umi ruijuweti.
"'t-; e .v , , .: He-c1anglasT1& Mr:t3Myw1mTgwtherer
4 " - 1 r n- ,. ' , was any nope ol placing him M) the iVe-.
t cetved an arlvance of six monltf salary. . , 1 , . ...
And it is also true, that, alter my arrival
in this city, my conscience, under addi
tional light, would not allow of longer de
lay in my auhrmssion to the Catholic
Chwreh. a nd Irefore m a k t it g t h at s tth m w
sion. I wroie to tny diocese a letter of re
signation, of which Ihe following is the
concluding paragraph: "In conclusion. as
this act (uneipeciedly lo mysrll) ante
Mr. Shaw, a member ol tbol N. York
Legislature, in the course of a recent
speech, gave thi; following amusing sketch
ol bis political career. II is course has,
to be sure, tieen-aomewbat devious, but
he seems, neverlhelesst lo have been di
reeled throughout by principle ; and, af
ter all, parlies may have changed more
than he, and bis plea of consistency be
not so absurd as Ihe "laughter" indicated :
' Mr, Sbaw id ibat in poltiics be had
been everything. r lie bad been a piem.
her of every party be bad ever heard of.
fLaughter.1 lie was at this time a mem
ber of the Democratic pirty of that fac
I ion known as ,l-HunkerM -a moderate
one rather softly. Before tbe time of
Andrew Jackson be bad been a Demo
crat. But w hen he was talked of a as can
didate for the Presidency, and Crawford
was mentioned, too. he (Mr. S) became
a Clay man. lie remained a Clay man
during tbe whole of that despotic Demo
cratic rule, and the one that- followed. -
03" A mail by lb name of Kelly, wa run
over and killed l.jr the Car, on the Raleigh
and Oaalon Road, on Fiiilay night laal. H
wa Ijing drunk and aleep on the trark.
Internal Improvements. A sentimental
chnp in Khode Islnnd intends lo petition
congress, at its next sesmon, for an ap
propriation lo improve the channels .l
alfection, so that henceforth the "course
ot true love may ru-tuootb.'K :
any tjtt? whert-iu such land may b ait
p;tiMHge uf thin act, lo Wll ' M
fir trnnr, bnivm and iiuuilei, to y I laced at the channel
of WHM-oiig.Lii Bhjt, and at other iraj Xlt points in the watera
ir r-Uiir, in addition to the an rprnrrietel by tbe act ot
Augu-l ll.irly-flril, eighteen hundred and fifty-two, three thou-
imnil dollar.
For buoy to mark the channel ot Taunton river, At hundred
dotliirf ;
Pnr a beacon In " Deep BjU Seek, in Vineyard aonna, 1U
hundred dollars ; f- a
For the erection or a hrhthouee and keeser'a boo on or near
Ihe breakwater at Bam river, beinu -appropriation of thtaama
urn aipropriated by the act of September twenty-eight, eigh
teen hundred and flftv, four thuumud dollar;
Toward! the erection or a lighthouse on lna rocta caned tae
' Sow and Tief." aear the errtranee of ttuaaard'a hay, to taaa
ihe f.U Of die Ojrhl rewd uw Maligned there, being a reappre- -pri
.linn of the fame sum appropriated by the act of September
twenty -eliM, eighteen hundred and Bfly, thirty thousand dollar J
For a Uitht vessel lo be moored off Minet's ledge, la addition
to the gum appropriated at the last session of Congre, six thou
sand dollars.
For buoys to be placed at the following points: "Old Newton,'
1 The titem," (" Narrngansett bay,") "Bandy Point." ("Slock
necessity of prompt action in
The North Carolina, or Central Itul
Road" af iPirwm
completed from" Charlotte lo boldsboro f the time for which I asked leave of ab
in t he ct ursr jnf t b year 1 853. Viritinia I sence, and or w hich 1 so prompt ly recei v
and South Carolina are altearly prepared, ed from members of your body an advance
wilb finished Kail Roads; to take ttor I rade 1 of salary. I hereby renounce all claim, upon
from Charlotte and from Kaleigh. We
all know how difficult it is to divert trade
Irom old accustomed channels to new ones
even when ihe new ones are the1 best.
Now. while we do not object lo ex
changing our commodities willlhe neigh
or us vaiue, we
the same Irom (his date, and acknowledge
my obligation to return, at ibe intimation
of jour wish. whale-er you may have ad
vanced beyond Ihe2i2d day of December,
I shall now- only Jidd, the eyes of God
and of His Church are upon jou, waiting
lo see wheiher you will have magnani
sidential chair, and was present at ihe
llnrrisburg Convention lhat witnessed his
(Mr. C-'s) political death. And a sorry
death it was, loo. After lhat he left the
party, and again sailed under the Demo
cratic banner. Jle bad been a Democrat,
and left them when opposition lo the old
United Slates Bank was mide a lest of
the parly. He had been a Democrat when,
on tbe other hand.lhey were ihe advocates
orsu c ft' 8 Weasore "and be exj w-eted 1 1
find them returning to it again some day.
He bad alwajs been consistent ! Laugh
ter. He bad made it a point to belong
to all parties tn lum. He- wasjust now a
Kind words are Ihe brighrest fluwers of
earth s eiimence ; ibey make a veiy jtaradiae
oi me Dumiileal boms that tbe world can
show. Ua ibem, aud especially round ibe fii,la 't'lu., ..... I. 1 .. . i ,
..... . i.r, sirioneil Ut-VI.IKI Uflce. j.,.Jt. .. ..ii u- k.ll ji.
and make theWkei J,... i- rorrrectiog a beacon light at "gelna rock," Newport harbor, .,
e" " j,"" .j.uau i one tnciuiura notiar.
all olber bleasinss the earth can eive. I rortSECTICTT.
m t - Ta tk., (.. TT. aw kirauiw bm himitMrl AnMmmmm t
For buoy in PtWiBtW reef, one huadrea aVDtl any oullare : '
For btrttcau on Uner ruck, Long Utand MniiMl, MTea th.Hiirn4
tlolmm ;
Fartheerertifta of one o more beacoa litfht below Middle-.
tn, ok Uie CmccUut river, and for the e reel ion el -Miori uul'
For (he erf-rtiou of ff -br ti whiitle, u the LfghtTlOQM Boarrl
shall dt termtne, on Flue l.ati, 10 ruber ietmac flptUMi, eue
tliiUfland autlara.
For a umftll Htrht on or near Carlton Head, and for repalrinc or
rebull'linK Tibbfi'i Pifnt lihl-houme, five thoaaaod dollara;
For a f"ft bell or whittle, to be worked by machinery, to be
ptaCfti on lite aoutn pier, n.ear voe at tfuotuo, two tao-
saini five buntirril tiollHm;
F,.r at n-vr liirht vpksV'I. to take the blaoe of that Bow wnswrmA n
sons in aitlerent places aroond Ihe coun "t 'r'' "?""!? i ! 1 '""f"11 I
u" aion of Comress. two thousand dol ars. - S
c: . : i i : . . : .-.I .
"I'linuni iiininirsiaiKiii seems Still lo tie
progressive , in iis sad and unfortunate in
fluences, judging from the frequent case
r : !. i . . .
oi insanity produced hy.ihis cause, anil
reports ol which daily meet our eye. The
Ainany Keporterol ihe Gih instant sayt:
vre nave all seen, within two or three
lajs. in our exchange papers, notices ol
the insanity of no less Ihan seven per.
.tuuirriea oi aptruuauam..
A Little GiiTs Faith beautiful Jit
tie girl, who was saved from ihe wreck
of a steamboat, on being aked bow she
was saved.gave thiriMtn-i.le answer "God
srtved me ! I prayed that he would, and
he did !"
Injl iiianiitii y Rheumatism. A gentle
man wished u to publish the following
4r the. relief oijjSutikuiig liumauiLy.,. lie
says he has known a number of cures
made by it and all of them in a short time:
Halt an ounce of pulverized saltpetre,
mil tnk.U . ";l I .i
hi i.o.i o j.iiii in awrrt tii. ,. jj'tine ln,
borinif Slates for money
. fiillv convinced lhat golden oppor
lupifj,'' i now uffere
nt ine TJfftstaf 0r? fcrfT contradiction ol the stale-
own borders ihe benefits and advantages menis you have) sent abroad, in your belt
of ihe cheapest and best line if travel Irom paper.
"',. under dale ol 12th Inst., sayt:
rWkMarih-AMa,-Bvbcpck.,waf nol
'Jee fired into by II. B. M. IrigaFe TiF
ItC u ' elr'lined and sodispitaed of,
2 J1- Hsinilioo. in an inlerview wilb Judge
D ' "The American bark Llalra Ann.
cl Bred into, or al lia-irA 11. B
Jtttarj- wrbile br ensign taaa
I l..i. .A. A i. , l . r. t .k.
U- ' XT IMS UUII.VI1 ! -
I atllh-j" . "5r " na --- rc
a;.!Vmkbnrthe deck tnMiiaTfks.
IkhKti from
.. .a A'. I I a. I -
ik. Tennessee ine to ine Auaiuie aea
board. We hUo believe thai much of this
benefit and ad vantage will be lost to a
large portion of ihe Slate, tfihe eiiension
ot ihe Central Rail Koad to Beaoford and
Tennessee are not commenced without
delay. . ' . , ' .
Whenever Capitalists can feel assured
that we are in earnest, a commercial city
will spring, into existence t BeaOlort,
equipped and ready with ships and steam
ers. to receive and transport to ihe great
markets of the world alt the minural and
agricultural producH we can send them;
and we can t hen trade wUb iba world on
nn equal footing with our sister Stales.
Bui while ibis is admitted, the question
may be asked, what action can be taken
immediately f We answer, the survey of
tbe routes, as a preparatory step to ibe
, - t-- ..,ir m hnild the Koaus.
sunscnption iw iv. --
I BUIHJVl llltiWM - a .
J ' umni the mttmnilfl
FToTTsWe".". 'rA-aUaljtMer idle bee wi.eia. iis war ahoyt
of the Legislature, anu u... "-r--- ,weel7lirfl..wet
But sharply 'was" stung ibal drone, tsnitl it was
enmpelled lo leave tbe hive where its example
was despised. , '
And alt, all who pcornfullr view tbe activiiy
of Iheir lellovs, and eielatni wli eonlempi
ions were eniHIed to gr
concluded that tbe object bad to new in
makingibe appropriation fdr lhj urvey.
Very respect fully.
Your obedient servant,
Late Protestant Bishop of N. Carolina.
Komb, March 7, 1853.
" I Do Not Labor."" I do act labor I"
exclaimed a baughty aristocrat, as be lurued
bis eye from a laurrowed newspaper, and rest
ing them upon a poor laborer, who passed op
posite his mansion. But that man lor got thai
bis owa father bad labored lung and wearily.
lo accumulate iba lot-tuna lhat bad descended
to so ungraielul a son. '
I do nut labor !" said a gay young belle.
aa ab laid dowa tba Jaiest novel," and corn
fully viewed some industrious girla wbt were
iben returning Irom their daily loil. Bui lhal
ibiiugbtlefs belle forgot I h si the leaves of Ibe
book Ibal bad so Interested ber, were earelully
folded by those selfsame girla. wbuae daily,
bul illy rewarded work il was.
I du ma labor," mused a drone, as Ii oe-
. ... A .1 i lis.. nlH.n in ooeratton who as
was m pu i - j. , .
i:U .Mhv as Dosstuie.
And i we tbink
' .VzLi-i-ii.- i tka faetl that m
tmonB l8j ibwgh etttel U igbt be cwtsioVred ,1.
.VVWmss..j : ';'Ji; rhart-f tfi-::r:L:..krtkil.
TlO iMIeBy'
Democrat, but how long he should remain pails adecled. then a sound cure will
so waa quite uncertain. It depended on
tbe course pursued by Mt Pierce a man
who had been elected President lately.,"
Tbe Cumberland, Aid , Journal of yesterday
7eiTribeToTlowTrig alKg1lil'rcWra1cY : J 1 l-
On Wednesday of last week. 'l he dead body
of a young man was found in lha Pud. mac river
near the Big Tunnel on ihe Chesapeake and
Ohio Canal. From a fracture ol ibe skull, aud
other injuries, be was supposed lo have been
dealt loully wiibv Various aurrniaes a lo ibe
identity of the ctrpe were enieiUined, when
Capt. Henry Ttuuiman. ol tbe Cumbeiland
Nigbl Watch, became convinced ibal il was
ibe body of bis son James, who bad been at
work in the vicinity, and was minting al 'he
lime. A'corouer's jury war summoned from
Cumberland, and ihe body was fully identified
by Capt. T. aid others as lhal of bis son.
Particular marks were pointed out by ibe di
tressed falher. and there seemed ntrt lo be ibe
slightest doubt on ihe subject'. Tbe jury re
tarried aa unanimous, verdict baaed upuo the
facta tbu ael lorlb.. a ' ' " " v !:- v
The btidy wa conaequently decently inter
red by Capt. T. who fortbwiib arrayed himself
in Ibe garb ul mourning, and engaged lha ser
vices o( a minister of tba Gospel lo preach . a
funeral discourse on ibe sad occasion. Il turn
ed out, boweter, that on Sunday morning last,
tbe .dead son of Capt. Trnuiman deliberately
walked up lo bis asiotiished father and inlotrn
ed b i iqlhar ttTwa rnH deadj Them iagjed
surprise and delight id the father may be ima
gined. Tbe fact is, ibe "young man had been
at work in another direction, aud upon hearing.
of bis reported demise relrrnf I lo relieve tba
apprebensioos of bis parents.
speedily be efiVcied. Lynch. Express.
Not at all Complimentary. New York
is one of ihe fist cities of modern limes.
Her taxes are morerennrinoun, her ex
pendiftirer more reckless, and ber public
men nol more honest than that of any oth-
The Journal f Commerce thus sneaks of
ine liew lork il'inrd ol Aldermen :
"JVIen who should he at work with
shaved heads and striped jackets in one
class ol public buildings, occupy in oth
ers the honorable post of .legislators in our
local legislature, thro w over .their persons
the pure ermine justice, and hold in iheir
hands the .power to govettvafciiy w hose
example for good or evil influences every
placeon this continent.
Few are aware of the labor the daily
drudgery of an editor's life, and fewer yet
are willing te repay him by aught but
grumbling, complaints, and a broken con
stitution. All he. work about a daily pa
per is hard, .from its- being, endless no
rest no time4 to let go "and spit on jour
hands." but constant, never Ceasing drud
gery, day and night, till the over-tasked
human machine breaks the cog, and goes
to eternal smash!
. a ma n.d . iuir r . r . . an.w . w . uiiwb.wv.i-i . 1 . . - . - .-t.. . - , n.. . .. ......
. .. . -i j- .. . 1 1 'il. i. ...iiuit is dira litti a UJhinese. haaaatbeen eatabbkhed
hiwiaia the rivertf
thai he wae i German oafpe'd Jb Burn, pf
Sweeping Streets at Night. The city
authorities of Philadelphia, in -contracting
for cleaning the public thoroughfares for
this seasoihlWe f
shall be swept ai night. .
Chinese Church. A Protestant Church
at which the services all are conducted in
in San
na last see-
1 -:- I
f Inlet, ( f I
f '
1 WatS-i3!
ur a m
b,JT V rpaatOK aew-1
V Virti- i I
a. hilars: I I
t en Uie Is- I I
k letenuine, I I
I ho ba a baa- I I
M : thCDlace rT"l
For boor, to be placed on Ab-i-ruin bar. and
harbor of refngr,) eiynt bund dnllarai " f
UIL AttK. atf.
Pur beacons and bnors fur Delaware bar. in
esriary bcacoiiHKe and buoyiig-e In tbe lower bs
buy, nve thousuna aoiiars.
For a llrbtbotue on Point Betsy, Lake Z
d41arsy ,
ror a uzhtnoose at urana isiana
thousand .lollam ;
For a IL'litl.ouse at Rock harbor ,
thouaDd, dolmrs ;
ror a fop bi-ll to be worked by machinery, I
land lieliitiouse. Lake Huron, two thousand flV
For en-ding a hftiinouse at the mouth of Ft
tho'isiuiit dnllars : 1
For the erection of a Itgtithouse at Point
land of Point Auiclious, aa the LiabUiOus Boardt
For nisaini the foundations or twollrhthoose. r
con lik'I.I on the Saint Clair Flats, ten thousand dollj
to be st-lected, and the work executed, under tba, direetioa of tba
Topographical Bureau. .. ,
oma- ,
For a beacon of solid masonry, to be placed on a reef lylnf In
the traelret uUatthe aestend ot Lake Kri. near Um auuUt,
shore, off Bois Blanc and near Touiasant river, three thousand dot
lars. TIH0INIA.
For a first class bnny to be placed on th " Upper Middle" la
Chesapeake bay, and buoys for " Sand Shoal" and " Hog Island
Inlet," A tlsDtic con!, el lit hundred dollars j
For buoys to be placed la the Potomac rirer. aa follows ; Lower
end of " Jones's Point," "Occoaunn FlaU," off " Harlow' Creek j"
lower part of " Wmle's Bh.v," off " Jenifer's Quarter," " Mathla
Point," and " bent's Sbotil," Are hundred and sixty ooUara;
For a small Itjrht at "Stiofery Point," Kappahannock, twft
punnm ino mif uviihi. ,
For a beacon at Naylor's Hole, Rappahannock, on hondrad
and fifty dollar ;
Fw tw)v buoys tor Rappabaaaoek rtrr,ii kondnd 10$?'!
rut 1 11 v.iuuii.a.
- Forsix. biqre iron buoys (or "r-'TT'rn Vsr andnhanmlL thra 1
-tnoussno oouars ;
For a Isrrr bell buoy for th entrance oyer Charleatoa bar, At
thousand dollars ; 1-
For a iHK.y to be placed -aa Middl Ground shoal, Chariaatoa
harbor, fivo hundred dollar ;
For If arlit Teasel to bu placed on RatUeinak shoai, twenty tboa
aand dollsrs ;
For builflinsr beacon on Morris Island, Charleston harbor, thre
thousand dollurs ;
For changing the present' lighthouse at Cap Roraaln Into" a
flrat claSs seacoast lisrht, by eleratln, improrlni, and "reAltliif "
Die same with the most approved illuminating apparatus, twenty
thousand dollar.
For an iron pile Hfrhthouae to take the place of th light Tal
stationed near Key West, twelre thousand dollar :
For mnkine permanent the signals placed by th Coast Surrey '
along the Florida reef, ten thousand dollars ;
For the erection of a first class lighthouse, and fitting thsam
with a first order illuminating apparatus, near Jupiter inlet, thir
ty fire thousand dollars ;
For a beacon to mark a shoal in Mobil bay channel, caused by
a wreck, Are hundred dollar.
For largest class iron buoys, to mark the approach to the prin
ciple passe at tbe mouth of Mississippi river, thra thousand
dollars ;
Towards the erection of a Srt class lighthouse, as a sabstltut
for tbe Ufdrt TeeaeJ at V Ship snoJ," or Kaoooow Point, arasaybs) -
determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, after tail aursey ot -that
locality authorised by the act of thirty-Art August, eighteen
hundred and fifty-two, shall be completed, twenty thoaaand dol
lars. x
For third class Iron buoya to be placed at M Braaos Santiago
bar," mouth ot "tJrand Rivet bar," aad th ntraao to Matagor
da Bay, two thousand dollar ; -
For a first class ligbthousa at th mouth of lh Babls Mrsr,
thirty thousand dollar. :
Fcr a buoy lo mark Conunisslon ledge, la Mar Island straita,
Are hundred dillars ; ,
For a buoy to mark " Middl Ground," la Sunfoa bay, tr
For largest claa buoy to aaark en trance to bar at Saa Franois
or., eight hundred dollars;
For buoy to mark th channel of th Sacraasento rirr, twa
tliotaiand dollars ;
.For' buoys for Humboliet harbor, fire hundiaj dofflars; " '." '
' For buoys for Vmpo,'1', Av hundred dottara - - -
Vat a second class lighthouse at Point Booata, SaS fraactM
hay. twenty -Are thonsanrT dotlarr; - ' ', -
I ur th aractlon at a lighthouse la 8aB Pad ro bay, tea ttwsv
run. iintiitrs. w - f
nal buoys at Columbfa riVT? ana thnsisint Srehan.
"JrM dnrtsrK;-- swi.a iS-Cir;v.'".'-c;.r;.l.i:''"
For addiUonal t
-wttrtAe-mtmmti armYi'pieT rnH'"' t
abieajfaiiiiru'iwa:' ttSt$3li ?
. tuuMisr ie s.iRiini..wDnnTu w procure .me neces.ry aia-.- r I
7: Ppttner
trnrum ilawyaavrgraaisiajsaaagietV
-- Ke7W.WWMf Vvm-Wi-az--
.. aaiiM 'tnoaaanaa,

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