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te Jlrta m Sdtms, Icrality, an tyt antil? (Orrlf.
J. J. BRUKEli;
Two DuUan year, pud within ttme Bioath fhxn
ffr:"p,'" ,wo vol fifty c-nti if ihH
wd before the iiratmn of the vrr, uid Uiwe di.
tall ft the yeV taw expired. No paper dmcmu,,.
. "ge r. Mid except at the optiun
erf the Kditor, r
AnraaTiaaBts'T. iinerted at l per tanare the
Brat uieertioo, and 84 ceaU fur each lubaeqoeut in
, eerlioe. , One eqaara by the-year $it '
Profeeeional Carde and other aunilar Botiei t5 a
jrear. -"U-r 7. : ..,7", '
liove .'should such tldnira bo said with
out proof proof broad and clcBf ua the
oen sunshine when it pours down bri'lit
et from 1 leaven ! luyU j-ou, my fatfier,
Kobert Jainteon 14 an honest,-honorable
SAUSTOY, N. C, AUdllT lS, 1853;
5 . Latter to th.
paid. Is enwre
cnima iu
Thy i.w are all broken.
And bright ia thy fame ;
I hear ihy name epdten.
And therein the shame.
They will aanu thee brlura roe,
A knell to mine ear ;
-A ehadder euroi-t itw nif-i
Why wen thou ea dear? Bon
1 l atlier, ' wii-d Flul-fllOf. wliili- :t Imrt
the city, and looking forth into a tarjro old j ljLL'. " I wH tahd the i-ue ! Mv litV-
fashioned carden, which was jdat grow in ; 'y very soul w.mld I pledge on'his in
dusky with approaching twilight ; near j Ui-ity. '
her, laalargcrunsou chair, sat a umnofl Mr. Hurst looked at her with inourii-
firty perhaps tall and blender, with hand- lul interest while she was
BOine but stern features, rendered more (proceeded to write a note
imposing by thick hair, almost entirely stantly tUvi.ateliel.
grey, anu a style ot dress unusual! v nch, uile the servant
and partaking of fashions that had j "re
vailed twenty years oarlier.
Florence - was- reiisi vs. and an air Of
jiamitil" depression- h 11 ng abotlHicr; Thr-Uhu .uuu-riituruttd. with axi4J-u.U1.1iu
presence 01 ner tatner, who sat gazmo-
" It is well FlJrenceoTuf'li'
. , , . t
Mr. liurst, with stern and fitter empha
sis.. " Vou have doubted mv inhru k
ri:t..., l...l i. II" I , '
" "ol wuivn i uavuiaiii. 1011 are
foolishly blind enough to think that this
man can love, does love yon." . -
I know ho does 1" said Florence, with
s f AndVould you, if I were to eta u
consent- -could you become the wifo of
iwooen Jameson r v
"Father. 1 could T would!"
n r
r loreuce.
"Then 011 this point be the issue be
tween us," said Mr. Hurst, with calm and
stem dignity. ' Florence, I am about to
send a note dcrtiriug this man to come
once more under my roof," and he rang
a bell for lights; "if, within throe hours,'
I do not givr you proof that he loves vou
only for the wealth I can trive-that lie is
i nu urxnicame -1 say, mat n with-: tioned to me t
111 ri.ree uours 1 do not tunnsh thi.-, proof- j It was the young lad v's fancy I sim-
'S'-"''" "1'iiTUiar.itf-iHfU Will 1 pose, replied Jameson; perhaps she
frankly and at once give my e.msent to jsi.nmk (Von. so grim a confident : at imv
-l-youi iiiarruiger . . Irate, it is vi-rv ....;,. t1.t I els.-i
.Mr. llur.-t .-hailed his face with one
baud, and seemed to struggle fiercely with
hiniM-ir Jameson sat playing with the
tassel of his cam-, now and" then casting
furtive glances at his benefactor.
" otiii'' man." said tlieiiicrchaiftslow-
iptaikiiig, and 'lv, withdrawing his hand.
Which lie in-1 delnMliee Voll to tile lw im.l mn
thi ro,i!,i V.i i- f...,n ,..11 "
While the servant wa absviit. Mr i -It nmv I... th..i i.,..-,.ti,:J -'
I, ........ .'v .i.,, 1 . in. nan uiin I'irn ,-1 ,
iitin.1 ami ms Uaugliter remained ,to- replied Jameson, with umli-turbed self
gether, much agitated, but silent and ot ' p,w-esion ; " I am sure I ' cannot sav
in nioiigut. jn the course ot lialt un hour whetlu-r v,,ii 1
-"But since then, I have other causes
for pursuing your crimes with thejustice
they merit; other and deejier wrongsl you
have done me, serpent, tiend, household
ill'Ti'.te that volt nr.. Mr Il.,f
... t!!d l'ttt lil'y those other wrongs be?"
was the tjld
10 huh passionaioouttn-ak.
" Mv dattirhterf" said the num-linn.
' . . , : . r
sweeping ms nana across his foreheatl.
"It sickens me to mention her name here
and thus; hut my daughter, even there
has your venom reached.!'
. M rcrhapd I understand rou, -aid th
man. with insufferable cooiuosai flint if
your daughter choose to love where her
father hates, how am I to blame ? I am
sure it cost me a great deal of trouble
to Keep the young girl's partiality a se
cret" Mr. Hurst, wifh all his firmness, was
struck dumb by this cool and tauntmir
reply ; but after a moment's fierce strug
gle, he mastered the pasiou within him,
and "spoke.
( "Vou lore" the words absolutely chok
ed the proud man "you love niy 'daugh
ter, then, whv was not this never meu-
of a nature liknz-hijLniiJnd nt
voice, low, earnest and pleadinjnow and
then lynched his ear. Then tTere was a
noise a ol someone fainting, 1llowed by
uio tramp 01 several noraina tnovinrr
booui in naste ; ana alter sliontitime Mr.
tturetVMerlh'ejrnt agalnJi.""'.!.' ;
"Voimg Jameson it6odlaip;ieffecfioh
had warned him that hemnjXS longer
trust to the power of n'?hH hef
lather; there had iiiff4n the
terrible stiUiiess oQiciiJ:!. tion. in the
said Jameson, still gaxing upon the floor.'
" Ilemember, sir, my affections, my"
"Peace, once more!" explained Mr.
Hurst; "another Word on that subject,
utiu 1 consign you to justice at once.
His interview has lasted too long already.
a uu nave my reniiiLuiceppTor rqwrtneTirfT"
at once. ...
"No, no r ffspd Florcneat . "1 ill-I-r exhibition at the Crystal Palace World's Fair,
oh, father, without yotl I have no atrengta. J and challenges comparison with anything of the
I-of course I can but aeceiit tlurn.
hard 43 it is to seDaratc from hir conntrv
and. friends. But did I understand you
arilfht. dirt Ta it kva tl
- aff w : ' . . I O J - - eiiviionuu pVT uiikj thijnnAVlf "ie sossioi, or me interest that yon offerl"
chor by which he had ejnctei to hold
so firmly m her love.a He knew Mr.
1 r 1 .1 . 1 . . , ,
iiuiNi, unuieti umi in ms lolly pride alone
could rest any Iiojks of a rerfue from the
penalty of his crimes. He therefore stood
up, with more of respect ,hl his manner
than had hitherto marked it.
Mr. Hurst resumed hiW chair, and mo
tioned that the votiti'' man 'should f llow
Maf f kiilCirrBj!. 'tpllAlAJObe istUfesL" H-pHed Mr. -lrmiit ntf
convinced him how uiibllrtrwii?v!!e an- that only to be paid in a foreign land,
ehor liv tthinh l.o !,,! . .1 0 '
Save roe from myself!"
".Twill," said Hurst, crently and with creat
, 1 1 . . .
iruuuruwMj urawing tue iremuiing young cremure
close to his bosom.
-lsceJut...kie'tail' Jameson i "she as in-
mK-nced only fey- yoa, I am promised an in-
UTview, una rett to believe Uiat the lady shall de
eida Jur herself ; yet even the very first words I
utter are broken in upo: 1 know that this.4H
liian loves mo" . 1
" No, no, Hove him not ! I did a little hour
ago, but now' 1 am changed dip you not see how
am oiiaiitfaq r4a-iit tltittttuie, lifting her fcead
and wlilTe you remain there."
"These are hard terms, Mr. Hurst, very
hard terms indeed," said Jameson, "lie
fore I .reply to them, excuse me, I mean
no cifl'ehee, but I must hear from your
daughter's own Iips thatshe desires it."
Mr. Hiisrt started to his feet: but sat
instantly doft-11 ajraiii; for a .moment he
shrouded his eves, and then he
his example, lie was very paje, and a ! sternly and verv' pale, but with iron com
look of keen sijilering lay arvlind his eyes; j posure.
but still in hisi feature was an cxnression 1 " From her mrn Hi, lw.r It l...n :..
of j itl ft... .1.... W!m. 1 1 n 1 1 . 1 .1 1 .1 1
. .. ' "!"'v ((iiiuuh lu.ii iiuu 111, ne sain, opening the door tlirouttli
fallen ujion was less than he bad dreadotl.
" How, mav I ask. how ismv how
is Florence she Looked ill; I trust noth-
whiclr he bad entered the risun ; " go in."
Ihe room was large and dimly lighted ;
at the otiiioMte end there w as a dcen sola.
illg serious," itid Jaiiies)li,Bjiiking iino , cushioned with mirnle. and so lo-t in th.
his chair, uHlgoadod to saf. stwiethlng ; tlafkiicss that it seemil. black ; what aj
by die keen gaze," vlilch Mf.'IIurst liadi eared in the di-tnnce hi be a himp of
turned upon him. ' ' I. ! j white Iraperv lay upon the sola, immov-
" Never ajraiii let vonr li.s utter that able and sri'.C as if it had Imi h conw.
wildly and turning her paJo fac full upon her
miscreant hosband. " lo you not know that
your presents-i killing me f
1 will go, eitiil Jainevn, touclied by the wild
agony f her look and voi : " I will iro now :
hut only wilh your promise, Mr. Hurst, Uiat when
she is more coniocd, I may mv and converse
with her. 1 will otter no opposition toyour wish-
; but you will giye me a week or two.
" l)n vou a Idi to sec this man acain, mv child F
said Mr. Hurst; 1 -au trust you, Florence de
cide for yourself."
Flori nee parted tier liim to answer, hut her
strength ulterlv failed, and, with a fee' le itiM.,
1 lle sunk powerless and fainting on her father's
I bosom. -j
Mr. Hurst r.ithrred her ill his arms and hore ;
le r I'roui the room, simply panning wilh hi. pre-1
1 eioiis burden at llie d.sir, while he told Jauitoii,
j i" a eithn under tuiie, to leave tli.i limiis-, and !
j wait till a;e .liould r' ai:lihini. ' "
I Mot the HortlilesS man was in no hasU' to oh v. 1
kind ever before seen, -for beauty, durability and
strength. The non-conducting properties of the
marble aid materially in the preservation of bo
dies placed therein, and the article is made en
tirely impervious to air or moisture when closed.
It" pt 'exriq!yiTifiie' iiV fs'SiAtiVcttosT,; 'SBait-
eeistiLtie ol the greatest degree ut ornament, and -
in view of its great durability and preservative
Qualities is rerv chean. and eomiiieiiiln irm-lf In
the public.""-"'" -
have no objection the exhibitiott of this
coffin whatever. It clothes death with elegance,
and, will irrohflhlr bcconic the aMion. Iiut the
oana-Dill penoo pmrticulmHf., the beading,
iotn 1 uotic our 1 opajxeu pnamHJ? - 4tV
very cheap, too, which is a consoling reflee.
t ion, befittinir the close of tlie bill.1
This subject of coffins affords us an opportuni
ty to mention that the display of death-dealing
implements in the Exhibition is one of its remark
able feature. Every description of tiro-ariivt,
from the pocket pistol to the brass cannon, is
represented. ItevolVers in all their varieties;
nth that disehargit fifty bullets in two minutes
and a half; guns that all .hut load themselves;
hluuderhiiss-iooLiug weaons which shoot short
harpoons into whales ; a complete set of field ar
tillery, including cannon, ammunition wagon
and earn forge ; and even' other contrivance by
uiiich men t an lie expeditiously aud scientifical
ly killed, may be found in this division. These
articles attract great attention and the agents
ho explain theiu are generally gurroumled by
an interested crowd of listeners. Not far on,
some patient, Oermau has arranged upon a waH,
have or not.
nftiiif. s.-ni t i i.iitrn.nui f.sime nmi i,;: 1.. 1 1 1... 1 1 .,!
stern sh.H.k with con.entrated .as- n,.H.t hoping that Mr. Ilm-t wo,,!;! lollow f'f ''" l,,'.'a tl".'-h l"'"' l"r"'";" Ju
si...,. If you ht breathe I iu a whislier . him in. . th.. n.,,. .l,,.,... m up a s..rt of in.aue
I have mtt.4.ta vo.ur own base heart ahlie, I will cast .thing in the stillness that appalled him. f 'li 'n '''''i, ,., - ,!....;,.,! I ..-ill
asuic all, and punh you veil to the ex- j Hut the merchant had left the door, ami ' w W, nm, wh, fc,. ;t Illjt llear u, eru.h o.,v
treumy ot the law. casting himself iiito the chair, sat with I loving impulse a it rim. Mice mine, and h'e
l.ut, .Mr. liur.t jlns arms flung out upon the table, ami i h ill n. v. r put his threat into ex.-cutioit, earnest
" 1 euce, sir. exclaimed the merchant, 'his face lnirieil in tin-in l'i.r I.U lit".. Iii. I,.. I tl i;..: ;.. I.,...
. or nair an i.our lie pa-va to anu iro mi tin- .ol-, i(1 a falK.iru, iHtu.rtl OIK. spwimen of evry kind
young Migrate drew hack ,ith a; could not have forced himself to witm-s
aid Kl.frein e, hesilatiiig, and
witli agitation.
" It is riirlit -
upon her in silence, afiected her much ;
tue secret that Jay upon her heart seemed
to grow palpable to his sight, and though
she appeared ,only still, and., pensive, the
poor girl trembled from head to foot.
- M r lorence." said Mr. II urt. after the!
lapse of half aii hour, for Tt seemed as if
he had been waiting for the twilight to I ble
deepen around them "Florence, vou are
sad, child. You look unhappy. Do your
Tather's wishes press so heavily mhi your
: uuraaiohablehecausfe K.will not.ailwl
Jits only child to throw away her friend
thin her society, upon the un worthy f"
Florence did riot answer, her heart was
too full. There was something tendcrand j u'll'l'''- - h4om.- Itwut... FLrttnet:iiitliitviI ; but, nevertheless, she could b
. atiectionatejji her father s voice that made 1 ut down in the chair, and her head redeemed 111 no' .ither wiTv." ahit tre' To-
.the tears start, and drowned the -words orypped upon one hand. There; maiited as firm as a r.K-k.
that she would have spoken. Seldom had ; thilig inthe scent of the various lilantsj -So in oKler to deter me from a iust
1 T 1 1 1 S .. Ill I - I III .
ne auuressea her 111 that tone beiore. i mossornuio aiounn tnar rt inmtiei ner 01 is enomdi.
start, and londitHl towartls the dour, for the ' the meetiii.rof tlmf vile 11) II II ii til I lii.-elillil 'of it She
ru. have , tltcpojtt:.ex, i.dMiH..r!!J,,r'no'? passion, whfch he had hghtctl inf Jwrnrsnn closed tire tl.w.r, ami; wrtlkiitf Vs. ,va. Ltau. uut .h.-r she
hilt Jill..lil.l MOlili-.L! tTl-lt T.tV, -"i,,r.T; ".T. T:.r .TTZrtrStK-hT-m-terj-:-ra-Tto:-r.-.- , 1 ,
muu:uv across uie rooii . te one airaiu 10 ."'.j
trust fiis own strength, bent over the sofa, t Jsmwoa . 4uuuun:l . these
I'luioi,,... hi- l imr ol, i ,.... t . tl,., .i.gain : it s.-eiii?, as if le- th.
rs that is a prool , .,,;,. ,. .,t,..i, r n.rl,t,.l,..l
th;,! in nnotlier tiroof. ! i - i ' ... 1:1. i i i '
. , . twiii-n ill a .ib.flrniwi. fire liiink-f. in irn i
of ehty pipe made ; but this peaceful and p!e
1 tug eotnjioiiitiou attracts little notice from our
irlike ieople.
j The display of Isiats, modclii of tiijipors, and
I seetioiu of sfiips, is highly interesting to per
jsons of an aijualrc turn like ourselves. There
I is a coil of Hie new ortott cordage, which, it is
said, is going to ke p up the price of the raw
i material, for the next (Vw years. Herriiis ex-
Mr. lluritt rad it. theft, wsirintr tili liutv
were alone, li turueil to his daughter,
pointed to a ghfcs ths.r which led from
thethsH-intoalittlecoiJrHirvatotyof plants,
and said
"tiolii yonder ; fn-m thence you can
hear all that passes."
ratittT,-is it riglitwiil--rt-4re-lriiiiH4jytt4Jii1.h h.intm TmPl.rP,r ttnttiegM.I v.iu in adkiliif after -:
1 wfeak I v !i know if her father insi-fed in drag-j " oiing mai
H hat - tdiuuld withhold ntt" .iJiiU.TulI v inalt liiiw
" h. many thing.. -(Your ilaughter, Llook and gesture ; the wretch waslipi'all
for iu. lance " ; 'td hvit.
i " My daughter!" exclaimed Mr. Hurst, j " Sit still, sir, and hear what I have to
j " You interrupt me, sir, 1 was about to i say," continued Mr. Ilarst. '
fsay ynnr dangliter has given toe some "1 wili-J listen, Mr. Hurst, but do be
rath'T iineoiii vieal pr. ofs of her love, audi more composed. 1 ilitl not nu!au to of-
.. , t . .. . . 1. .... I .
is romance, all
inaif beware-!"'! iiiftTrtipleit
gmg 1111 before the worhl. 1 our daiigh-: Mr. 1J urst,who had. in some degree mas-
is honorable., (join'" til-, nil-, imi.t lie mv .Iii. .1,1 mn) tuieLlor- tel'eil liim.elt'- l.nt ttui fnidkiiu-Jt of lii
JJjs Vuiee was tderu, the ccstuiv wjlh 1 1 ghtdl hcvter-dcsiiv-a .better or laircx" j voice gave warning thathe firs within
which hii enforeed it eremptory, and p)r!' It' was ver .aliiAiT. na wilhefirig, to 1 hitir, th.nig
FBreHe.d)evetL . lu oroud ht'axti but Mr. "Hurst was de-i "I am silent, sir." said theWetclu com-
,A ullHmii W jlln nrro. 1. i , .1 t - - .1... 11 ,1 ... ..c yt-t.Ay . 1n..M i. t.',i.rJf IT j,P Ilia
sasu ti.Hir. and eliseelnnd it stiaid a iar-; tfvut man betore hiscni . I le L neu thut unt.cMiiist .
wall, her eyes were clo-eil. and the white
ness of her 'features was rendered more
deathly to the tlim-liglit. She had evi
dently heard the foot -steps and mitook it her lather s, for her evolid , le;ran t
den chair, overhung b'v
L'l..- ' ' .TT . r . t i t ,t, f i ; . . i '. .. X -t . ' . C : . . .... .
let, voii would use mv dauurhter's attach
ment as a threafi" said Mr. Hurst; "vou
Would dra:: her niVJiie before the World.
words to cast ui.mii a thinif so vile as vou
Itittrkwii" eatd Mr. 11 ursL. t'il'l sub
mit to ymir. prcjctuc for a niuiieiit it. is
because that agony must be enlured in
order that I may east you from me at once,
like tin- viper that had stung mi."
"Sir these are hard words." faltered
JIow unlike was be to the reserved, stern . '"at wedding morning when the air wa
father, whose arbitrary cominaiid to part 1 1'terally burtheiied with lite fragrance
with her lover she had secretly disobeyed. ho was about to see her husband for the fhuf it might be blamed with rnnr own. f Jauifsou..
"Speak, Florence,, vour depression (first time since thtrtagitatingtlay -fosee . Is this what 1 am to. MWrtjiiidi !' ,, I ." You want money ! " said Xjf Hurst,
grieves me," continued "Mr. Hurst,t.s he ''hit thus, crouching as a spy among tho.e , " Well. Mimethtug very like it, I mind. lifting, his hand, tjiarply ; how ainch did
heard the sobs she was trying in vain to, delicate plants tier heart beat heavily, iconics, rcplurJnu.csoii. I you expect to obtain from nief
-. . . . . f. o ioi-i i. u iu oie loom oil llhillll liili iKksneo
jiuiver and tnrfiihg uw lace l'dliy-1wf.-HreM ..iit'lii i wit'li urHriw-iaffeVe
pow, she gasped out with a shudder
"Oh, father, father, do not liM.k on pie!",
.Jameson kneJt and touched the cold
hand iu which she had grasped a rtion
of the pillow. " Floretiee i he said.
:FToixnca startesd np,'a faint exclama
tion Imike from her lijs, and she pressed
-fft Oh; fether, father whr "vrill toti call -r.
. . ldta ttonworthyl liuuily i Vet
standing and wealth f 1 caunotrroh, i
never can think with you in this."
"And who said that I did deem him
unworthy for thtze reason f ' Who aid
that I ohjejcted to Robert Jameson as a
companion for my daughter because of
his humble origin or his penniless condi
tion f Who tohfyou this, Florence Huitst V
, he told me, replied r lorence ;
"did you not say all'this to him all this
and moref Did you not drive him from
' yoaf .prc6enca.aud..jeiLpUy, ..with,.i.ldtter.i
scorn, when, two weeks ago, he asked f."
your 'dangters-'laad
" He ask' for my daughter's hand !" ex
claimed Mr. Hurst ; " he, the ingrate, the
Florence, did you believe that he
really possessed the base assurance to re
quest your hand Of mo f
Father, father! what does this mean?
urn you noc xeii ineort mat very evening
never to see him asrain never to recog
nize him in the street, or even think of
hunt Did you not cast him forth from
your home and employ, because he told
on of his love for ine and of mine for
'Of yon r lrtVA f. r li i in, Florence II urst ?"
she loathed herself for the seeming ii'ieati-
Mr. Hur-t rose.
I have done with vou. IIob
I 1 this is too abrupt. Mr. Hurst.
1 Jatue-vou.ii.iM.Mi.te inotiyes-"
,.-oa .oi,T.:,... i.o UrM-t !ii....:.t .'it ...j i: ..t irt':.:;.r : :;:;r-i n.r.;si....
i. J z. ."..s iii a. oei ii, -i m ,ti, iir ?4i, w,i.ii no-rr; mgiui Y.v-o; r - ;, o,- ui-ivo-1" uiercuuu,'4nicrr
' vaiue. sickenmir Mirc letisionmnrrrtJtttt'
Tf. ' . - -T- -r- "l t --- ----
t'rT-M-w-e-t- ttvssvfe js-ttntf t-cuutmu :lhti t a 1 1 1 1 1 1 e red attempt ;;t dclence.
cd Iter to .the. seat. 'and so deep a vinViiu! Even I d!doi f " I say you have done this for money, itn-
i?iie heard th door ojien and .soitie "iir l.elieve yon so terribly base, (to : 1 haviv punit v lor your crime first and tlien mon
enter.the"rMin', withMft with von." 1W. Vm see I know you thorouirhlv."
Juuies..ii did not move, but sat twist-! The "wretch shrunk from the withering
iiig. the tassel of his cane between his smihthat swept over that pale face; ho
thumb and finger. He tlid in.t look full ' looked' t the t-ltiog he was- a worthless,
at Mr. Hurst", for -there Was soiiiethiug in i miserabfiv coward, with all the natural
his eve that iiutlled even his audacity : audacity of his character dashetl aside bv
n he was without aiiv the stroiio; wilfof the man he had wronged.
outward agitations, though his miscreant I " You are too Hutch agitated, Mr. Hurst;
limbs 'hhook, and the heart trembled in 1 1 will cull some other time," lie faltered
tallJ.: ' ' . .. . ' Ollt . . ""
the shuddering reeoTT viTfTi whicll she at-
keiupU.M.1 to evade him.
Maiuesiiu drew lai-kt anil loctlut uiUiut
his countenance evinced genuine emo
tion. IHs self-love was cruelly shocked
by the evident loathing with. which she
shrunk frohj the arm tl.r.t, iidy a few
davs beiore, nati i.rouont n1(. t,ngi't moon i
i in living more .beautiful. esiitt to., who will
1 1 have I'm felicity of priming taeaa-luitw fu an houf .
ail'! ' ..r J u ., Tr,.!!! tl.u i,n.d..iit m. lil..ll1 .t,,-a un ua
sortmeiit ot illiiiiiinated work, which it is said,
and we think, cannot be surpassed by any prin
ter in the world. Whatever may be said about
.VesbittV .envelopes and it great deal hat been
said of them Xnljitt aiul Co. are acknowl
edged to be tmrivalh-d in d dij-artmeiit of
p'laiit aiijij in nameiital job prfnting 1 lagaerreo-
4 f, i . , . hl; , . -i , f;.'x -
llrttick, leaving him in total dark.,.-. ' i Portland. St, Louis, Oiueinnati, and other dis- ,
le stole torlh ami lett the noOse. Mtlv tlosiiiir i ,,., ,.r.i t.
. ....... i.i, iiivti vi ,ot-o, .-jn v-di ii iui( i.w:., nob
j scenes. Tire erockerv department is very rich,
and will well repay the attention of Indies, while)
their lni.-bauds are reviewing the rpgrmeat taf-
words again
light by th" sound
ol I i. to dispel the nii-giving that lay at
j Ins In r.rt. vtotild have given lmn h for the
ei uiii i that hi. mtitti-red words se.-in to indicate ;
and, if ilelermiintl le t to leave the house
j williout some further r.mlinii:iliotrf his vcislic,
ne eng. r. u in the loom till its on v ciit tla-slie.
me street Ooor atter him.
io 1IK lOXHWEI..
From ttie fToine J.iiirn'nt
plough drawn ( In Otc mim
week, ill
ture lor
irogri2M. litis bffen tw-tde
I'retieU eariiMftu near die principal eutrn
suiiintuoiis and imoeriaL w ith its red tiif iminrm.
fTdaek cCTilSrandnnn
Iiip dome -i a table., made. . ttuWcn of the
rare.t kinds of Ipsh timU-r. atidKipportcd by
the branch of mi oak, formed aulfbcid by hjiture
for ex- "do the exact .shape required.. u.mong thegoods
in the foreign d. partinents will be found some
iiriou.s specimens of English. This is one : "J.
.1. l'ollak and Sins, Leather Manufactures, of
a lamp pouring its light over his- stem!
and pttle dentures' till every iron lineu
ment was fully revealed. Scarcely con
scious of the act, Florence drew a.ide a
fold of the cui'tain, and with tier forehead
pressed to the cold glass, looked glass, hut when 1
looked in. Mr- Hurst had not risen, but
with an elbow resting on the-table, sat
bale and' iSfeni, with his; eres lient full bin J.ii.
-now,' sir," I give yon iinpnnity.
-ew aew-f . en
said her father,
wwtaiuwiKrtu bo
nearer to flie" d'or. In one haiid win htef know how far yo
hat, in the other he held a slender walk-: actions to terrify me, but I assure vou that ! will release mie fnulfcthe intaniv of your
iiig-sucK. . ne (no hoi seem ittity at ms. any plow aiuieitax ne w ill recoil on your- presence : i win pay you wvii, sir, as i
case, and yet there, was more of triumph j self. Hut this is not enough ; vou have ; would the physician who drivesa pesti
than of embarrassment iu his manner. ' told me to leave your roof forever and i lence from mv hearth."
r lorence observed, and with a sinking i so I will; but first let my in
heart, that he diil1 not, except wirlr f r. f.ronl that I await her ph aaiirc. here
live glance, return tue calm and search
ing look with which Mr. i I urt regarded
" Mr. Jameson, sit down," began tin
haughty' merchant 'pointing to a chair.
1 did hope, after our last interview, nev-
er again to be disturbed by your presence,
I take her with me. and that before voii
can have an opportunity to poison her
nflHA. - . a
Father," cried the poor? girl, -halt ri
, . ." i' ., ,1 Adl'inn. back again
Lliand trembling-" father, why"
astonishment I You knew turn i
him!" , i; t " :;,-il
"Who told you that I urn o..i
?IIe S'd mc-hc-RoWrt Jameson,"
Mid Florence;" it was for this you made
.i;. .1 i.iin " mi d Mr. Hurst, in
up through eold mafole. ,
. " v . .!.. ..,.,. nrol to mvself
" l lien wnv uiai . - , .
why was I never to see v bear from b.m
rgahit" cried Florence, almost, gasng
f0liecauso he is" a 'dishonest man -a because I believe that he has
been robbing me during the
years, and squandering las Ktol
fSSher exclaimed
but Tt seems that serpcht like, ion will
Trarmro -ynr. ' T." .i ,. 'Mr.
" I am at a1nw wiimii-;', Vd ir
-..t:..r i,no.n.fakingthecliaii
1 1 ttreyi-"" r"f-aKwpp4-
n,.d Florence sicketiedas she H'lw.f "yl7f
ingovcr his lips the verysanu s, -had
gleamed before her w tin "
-When I lustsaV yonv your cdia gcrc
pic on ot ot-l may i t - f
yoiirctrtttbjy j l auiata jo-
for IllC. vei :
to wring proof of Un sc
mind ngntut her husband.
" Your wife your wife ?" Mr. Hurst
could only master these words, and they
fell from his trembling -Iis in fragiiionfs.
He looked wildly , around - towards - the
doT. and at the young-man, who stood
"Tliere is the cer
three days aw,m y;nr j
you nave sen-
You see that ft lias Ttecn Ttlarly
m.sLl-th- pooph' about there will Jell
...o. the how anil when. .
u..jook ,, the 'certificate, an i
j r. .. - i , f,r the ntH
held it beiore ai s.- . ;,
verse he could not read a word; f.. r t
shook jn his hand like a withered leaf in
the win. I. .,...varVatorv
Then s. .ftl V and slowiv v.-... -- .
' i i .1.,. i.itl -turn re 01 rli-
"Mr. Hurst, what do vou wish -whajl
am I to do X
' " Yi.frwvfifteiye thisconntry- now ami
forever leave it without speaking the
name of my daughter. You are never
to set your foot again on the land, which
she inhabits. Do this, and I will invest
five thonsand pounds tor your benefit, the
interest to be paid yon .in.fl-:Attntry.
lint yon limy choose to infest any ex-
v wale mug no", '"T,"oi
1. . s. .f 1 . . . .
m r- ' -i,
iito her cheeks ih.d she rest her hand upon , ' .
It by accident. N
"And do. you hatejne so, Florence ! "
he said, iu a voice tlitihwas full of keen
feeling. ,t... .'.1. ,
: jiaw-iiies.k-sav
tlui pir girl, sitting up mi tin-sofa, and
holdingit haml fo'lier fiirehead as ijif he
w ere s u tiering great pain. '
" I come by your lather's permission ;
-ii .... i .. . i .r i : j x
win von oe nioce cruel iiitin ne is; -,iohim,.,
" My father bus a ritdit to liiiiii.h me. . Hr clotl
1 hayc..deservi'il it," she said, in a voice
of iraintiil buHivlitvv " if. .he sent you, 1
jvill trv to bear it.
"Jh, Florence, has it come to this?
I am about to leave forever, and yet you
shrink from me as if 1 were a reptile ! "
cried Jameson.
, reit il c 1 oh , - n o th ey sel liti sting
nnlesjs . whtm::.;troddeh upiiu!I; said ... Flor
ence, lifting her large eyes to his face for
the first time, but withdrawing -fhem in
stantly, and with a faint moan.
Jameson turned from her and paced the
room once' or tw ice with uneven strides.
This seemed to give Florence more
real. litis bffen tle, ijuruig. tin
opening and arranging iirliel
Koiir-tit'ihs of the space in the main '
is occupied ; the supplementary si rue-!
tn.'i.-liin..ri' fiii.l i.ii'tur.-. i i.r. f '
th- tiiimlVr of visiuis un liue days ran- J'" illegal by his Imperial Royal Ma
ges fiym four to Hie thousand. We regret to!W; p't.nb'd lor their peculiar trnxseetiing vl
H-reeie that many valuable articles have bwn Mlrm katiier and curry mg wtli steam.; and
injuied. and soine'ijuite destroyed, ,l.y the care-l"",Tri"l"'s f " mnuufnture for dn-ssing leather,"
less manner iu which tin- caws" were ll'indlcd at , ct4 'cL The time occbjmsl at this " manufac
tlie V.Mw-HoUs..-, . A beautiful, and eostlv win-t,lr''-" '" clr.Mng"the skin of a talf," is stated
dow,'-uil. ias!.!was riiiii't;Ti.-.l "Vt'i"'Vinllii7i'S''rt'"'wrthi-l---i, ' -tlsro---!-!.? lo...tJxa
!' pi.t-ei., U.t we, k ; ami that rerntirkahle gronp-'tfatlsn rimmttrg t;niT.. .
of the- gtiizlv beuvHd ba!""-" To the
ttliwt pet repair. The roof of the palace still '"uans we offer our sincere ttianliS fi.f TaUnihg"
leaks' hi a i.Ues ami many t'"' "bjia-ts in their department; and we
omiix.dili.-t have to be covered with India-rub-! an''8,ly vM "I'o'l representatives of the
on rainy davs. This, however, can 1 "tli''r " to fbllow their example. Mr. Put-
. ... . - ... . ... ...i , i.i .... i
and W'll soon Is- Min died. I ' " cauuoguu is, uouoiiess a very gooa cata-
- Wc obsefved a few -Uotiuu,-u.iriug our t'''110 :-(''''' the unassisted . humaii i understanding
tfetaiiit4e in the uia of the palace. Ilub- f h'as'liof y.Tlieeir tTitifnl fnpable of nmrandlitiii
iT litt'.t.irv lli.i int. .rtool ti .t m thatff Kiaf n-lm
suv iiiiviiiiumv'ii - tmii. VUt RUU
bards eari"hl"e-M,rilH' si. 'ins to t- n v.. re u.biiir. ! ''S m.Vster.V
able coutrivauce. .Mr. Hubbard, a 'Vankei, n"d " '
doubiliws, alxilistte all the old complexities, and The I'alace has increased its marble and pit
simply rest, tha Ik.1 of the carriage uik.ii four , t.-r population since our last visit, the moststrik
strength flu-.-tlahuuess cd'4iis jr'.-t'iice
had absolutely oppressed her with ti sense'
of surt'oeation. rdiu sat npright, and put
ting the hair back from her temples, tried
to collect her thoughts. Jameson broke
off his walk ami turned towards her; but
she prevented his nearer approach with
a motion ff IU-ntwVr.Yv
iwclehcd enough f""
1I:;, wlneli extend trom
ftxri'- to axle.- -T'tre wmrp.r -pttrt of the. vehteleds
rouiuled ; .aud lJie-lluug, is -j uianagW, , t IkU the
.under Iciiglhwjcj.. The nd vantages are, a sav--ing
oi twenty-live dollars in expense, and fifty
pounds in weight, besides greatly . iucH-nml lux
ury of motion. The siuipliuily of this Improve
ment is another illustration of the old remark,
ia its r , ' . . j. . i ,
. . ... .. ,.. ..',Y n.,it..i. I ....
not motion t tHte a
L word trembletl on bis hp?. ! ler.-.ble 1" saUJmnsJ t t , tf,u mu
.., .. " wliV. vou pass from thiUoor and dared not s,. . I- -?.. l,c
II "--'! , e at I I "I'll illONtl
ht a magistraie-oin I rlorent-e soareelv I......1...I i
that the best way of doing things is always
Ibttnd otrt last Mr. Hob-b-rH, tilts, w ith mueff
humour a story of a boy at Cleveland, w ho, after
examining one of the new carriages, turned
away with the contemptuous remark, that "any
fool might have thought of that," precisely the
effect which very happy inventions always pro
duce, unoij the luiud :it r -TL a. jiuil j-j ;
iiwr trf 'Hv.-.Trf?rTiK,wrr . " "",w ine cti
"'"HI K'Lliil in,,,, , i .r?""1"' carriages hUle
1 : .. I I,.: .. l .i. . e e i . .
mg auuiiioii is-ingtiie gnmp, oeiore reierrea lo, ot
the bear.aad.ladiati-.. 4. grizzly, bear of emir-,
;si:l't!ejal I shagay dfMtghitndjBg;..
erect ujNst it .liiudt -tejifii, iitl.-gliJngjffc'dtiath.-! ...
hug town Indian trapper, and at the same time
trying to extract with its teeth a dagger which
the Indian had driven into its breast. The tre
mendous strength of the animal, and the utter
helplessness of the man, are well contrasted.' It
is a thousand pities that this work hns bqe n so
erwlly htinHged. A bttln- phie. in marhle U
tiiucli admired, though, the execution by no
menus eijuals the design. It represents the son
of.WHJiain Tell the iiioment alter the arrow has
pierced tlie apple. The Ixvy has been krteeling,
and has n(w- turned to look at the arrow which
Km ,.;i,.4 4in ! '11 ' T' ' "''
intm Hie l.v'n , ' m Pt w clothed
his counteii!i".. ti. " rP"sioii into
...i " ""jTovenniit i atin. l..
"v" vu.iicuance. l h ,,.,.i :. ., . . V1"
fnii null ITJTl-.F.iTl I. " "T 7 1
the last three
eri sitotl at
. ,:i --.l.t-.l. l.,.cm
Tlie sharp anguish wm."' .
. Lroki forth brought the distressed
cbargt-s .mm - ,;)11,,teiici1.
elusive and ! Had at -m
had neeii cuei - k., ti"
0:,en of.nybreadandlwas V;
Was not .this reason enoug.. .
have sent you . o,,h as i .
Jameson gwe --;;; rt-M)ke
tuine.1 very paie as (,ut tll0
the lnMI mL 1 i;f ...irrO-
,1...ihh!rswasdUieteasonyou deign
V ,, m. . d, Tliere-was
Sd'iVre sm her forehead, where
te jaco, jiec,- -- -,
' ...... -U U.MI .,
on a single - hl,r ... '. vvm- nPathr.- abonr
i after another uiat, wnu u. t, mim n b .
..ti i . . ...'
uutw:!--",',, -imnst as
colorless as x at mo v 7". , 1r mk
She approached
band, and tearing
nrm;d one
you for ever. I
" Iiut reineinber ' 1
"l tlo reineinber everything, r-
..r.t..,l Mr. Hurst; 'and I, who f r
yet yiolatedmy rl mortalmanit
solemnly assure v-.u that such ilfr
and ..t, . , , . . . . .. SLrr.'.V.'ii fInel,".fit wh .-l. l ..c. .
crlain to In come . 6.., .:r : '"' .'"!'" ,s sl,v "Imiihns, lifi. ' T "P"-
s-lain ,nd j, . ".is waae or pro- upon a (;0he . ""vvurstng America
. aml exact imitat ,,n f ..,,. .-. "u head of the lt.I!
eu ofl evenly at ,),.. ..... . 7 '. . . a"" "V . " ' a terrific ,e t it ' .
g,K.d. that ' : . . r ' "a is so will, huire ,e..... V, . . -o''leiidu,g
!,... l"1" ""-' sevcra linn-s wiih. niin, .. ' '"".bell rings, houv.v...
in fight.
tune had
so self-sarrhieimr. M ,.. Vf V Ft,
hehig not three dteys
J limwiiiif a ,,.. ,.r :
his voice. I," . "I,.' '"'"""I'Tness i,,to
ufi;-rii,g all ,i, . ..: " ;r " by, mens of w... . . , ' ' ,mu w ,p si-i-
l..i.. " "" a wii. aniina l,...m"l ...i .. ; "'" videutl k ,Vk rev..U
iifl would mil . ....... .1... . umw iru iiattm. J' ;,... o' . 1
I.....!.,-., i ' ; u':" snort a are -.,...'i :.. k... . . '.' rsons wiio
i umi oi a 0,e
nuge serpents. Th., i..n - .
punctually at t-" ,,n?s' "
a vol UCAL Hlti'lf
the certincaie y :' ".;.. j,,.,.,!,, et
lv airl delHteraieiy 1.1
me away.
It sloVV
ber.tup;;n ,cm.
1-alitor, sue ,. ,1. v
I have sinne.iagu.uni ..... - bo
"":.?;'.". ':3cf nM.,k -'if-
oilier mo. .. - . , thoUrhta
1- li"lcK .""-'ii with a rattle
destination, let tne ciic.huv
where they will- , . . " Florenee, dear Florence
Jaiiicsmi sai 4ton, ...n .mimnMkmsMMmma.
, iW - - .It a Iria a at i'tuj t1
fixed tm the n-or, leu imv w
,C ...ilnilbltiollS. Mr. Hunstsat
i.:.'ith stern patience.
,,.n s!tnkt' but without lift-in.
Vou are a very wealthy
Hurst, and tiv.e thousand
wnotlv the nortion that
"The ' bribe- the- bribe, you
(' fltmr.y..,.!. .. II . , l . '.
. " l,,u" "er.tnis tiineunch.
he said,
are eiigam-,1 in Vn- .l
tor calling their atte
panntuiitrJy as a n-'ally
ailoriiment will thank us
"ti ni to this nrtiticialstum,,-
A Paris letter says A f
Ml.lll HIIIll u I
1 . !.. Mf
has - w ,uLult,::: "
'int. and have. a': . . " "
. . ""iu.ii.Mi lis rut ir,.i. ....
are ei( i,.r ; """
Ihe nr.... I. " lUlcoml'ort.tlile; ,l
on the Houlevank i-.tB
-t'i-man w, n,"!. "
s . ou are s,,,.nkjHff of ,.- " " """' Mr,
I '- is another s...,. : ."1.: rr,-st yo0
I its u ...I.. ... . -r - -- nuuilll'r tt'jiii.. 1 . . .
IT is an iiii,.v(.1.,1fi....i.. .;. ul, .1. . "'i'15 K1 ..; Uowii : F
. 1 ,1. - .i -
VV T . ... . I I .1
twiVm,; ,he -..a-i-f t1!.,.m.,s.."Vr"'.nre "
At last .Ifrharp ins, ., , th( ' - -H-m, ti.m. The attitud.; Zi Z'" t''' 1. W'b -ne f ,,. . TZ
his ev Hntro. fell ,.IH, i(. 'CT T' d striki,,,.. T ' " "V ' W,U: "'- ""ap..ate fal 2 ,ZZ8
l-erless in L h,, -T A hoy wouhl hXk 2 ,? ZtZJT th .fl--f,.sly h m,
pounds procved. The thought ffll 'l , "l,ir "X I'fototvm-t ! 1 ,.' " , T' yes! ves !' M
I'll! II .1 . t1. I . "" N.iVllll lll'P
(- --;v;::-.--3.-;!ir;.::ji
Air Hurst Z "dh.T :" ,
V ' i f . "'"'' irum
winch is to no rrri:JWd Ht his folded -el
merchant, and a iook oi iiiei.u... from . , - To.mctd f.t.
8wept.owr a.i,UMll,:c
-laiitHj c'ollln .. i . . i
un ; ii.... ; . 'i m titi 1 1 -Mut a riai r.
wre he had ,h ', "'"'irit-of trade, we copy'
thi "-rrri-;k, ill A 'orm ,"' rt-b intages of
rent, bw great lor mere Cold to Wty hii daughu-r's side.
ut I bava named five thousand), cbVhat h this r i.e s.,i
re it Is, vertiatiiii 7
to TtlK IVni i. I s'. ,.
The in,,!.....:.. ' J"r "Wtrf Frvnd.
l.t i """,r ot tlie.ll.ii
I . . " .... uiiiiaiory
hk, riirilLS til- l.itf.
- b
-mlUJ" . tW4 Wu , " .... t anahsc between uit - ' j?
io.ri.rht. and even. wmmg; - v..rri.4.;,.iiiu,sv . t4 .Vr-it.,! U nlC "B.'LS.'n'"' 4 linf 1 -itsUt i"u "7 T , T?n r " rr"
-T"r. - -j , T - : .r . . ' ll e-.w ol lliri. 1 1 ' v i - - - oV UIIII t n l(."v. .1 . l.mL' TTTTI TTTTIT --.-' .- i.- .... J - - -
- M : - .' -i- " .-.-r,','?r - r-. -a. 'i. ' : - - - - -.... . c--i t- ----- .-- ---- a. --i-s . .1. - '- - '. ' ' v e16-.- : --ir...-- - - - ... ... , v .
What. strange croatiir.i idrl.
r ,r .t. . i ' -
o.eill g,)0, waqre, to Work
liaticos to ne if the old .
t her jyirls" hut
art- Offer one
"r you, and
We Slab ; Y- V r. lo old w " cansparosnv
steps to s,- ,r,s Jt propose matrim,.. I.. ".' "
r i,.t,...t I..' s,.i it il..- .I...... . .., ' .."
u.ui l. .js now-. t v"" v j.utnn at ihe
c; .i . ... . i
DUtiJ the hdf famrn. , .,Z 1:"'" arm
imJ t...-. ' ""' '"rning stern e i .. -.- "- iwu-ui.ot L.Sjm n.ia- mV " ".'' UolH mmn at ..... . .
ntor: -hit, . .1 l.t . ' to (lLs,r; of rnrl.u l. - . . . i . 1 ' w.irkinc
1 ---i.Kirt.rt.r-tn. a " " netuali an 1 ! if
,f .aisiii rim, i. n - - -..wwHiia. a
, - y. . ; ' ii ly -v Wi
sw, e
.,J fy-

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