North Carolina Newspapers

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ftnlti to Politics, Urns, grifl.ttnr., Dtcrnal mprcDrmfnts, Commcrff, tljf : Jlrts AM - Sr if or t5ttt.M tijf amito Orrlt
VOL. X. NEW gElltES.
SALISBURY, N. C., MARCH 30, 1854.
V-H-iV'-'"-."'' '.-,. -fi -WiM f:"V."'--- f ! .' ' T ;.- . 7 ; ,' - - "c-, V""' " A
J. J. 15UUNER,
Two (tuHM year, pmd wttbla thro, tnoAlb. from
4.1. ut NbKrtplioB ; two AJlar aad fifty m.u if nut
aid befcrt h .ipiratina nf Uw year, and three dol
(ara Uw yw In iprr4. Mo Jpr diKualia
. util .0 tmmfM kl. faU urH al th. ufiiu.
vf IB. EdiUir. T
Latter, to lb. Editor miMt W pit pud, la eBur.
, A Bram i. Uw fmat by 16 iix.
A drntlnwil Makmf aqinnw, .h.rgr-
W M pnifurtki I tqumn i lM.kin( 'J I w 2) Mr.
charfH a o'pwtiria V 1 AS ftm-tn of r.
...d w 4 or J, clwr(4 ia pnfivuu u lb. irh.Je.uf
ktdi HI. frmrtMMTpark
OmmumI rrirttk, witb( uMiUnm1 ch.Te.
graat lu Umm who MtrirrtiM rtfvUrljr thruugh the
TWm Man i muanrinf undidatra JTK--r.
CmA Unitra charxril Jti ,itr4 JiifVr lhaa llw
km taw. 4Mm liar dinire of huabaiid aad wilr.
; tT Prraiu. mb4h( Wrrrtuaawat. ar rrnarM-
4 ! alria Um Marker of raarniiiaa reflatfed ; and if
H i Md they akiNiU aceapjt the lew! apaee par.
kw. arril iMi lai hack 111. vurd rfoar. .UthermaH
lti)r wM W awt rff aa th. Beaai yla aad rbarfed
: fTh diwnaal ma there nir.
For riw - WaliAoiariT
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Ti. Iik. annt aWft, quiet rirrr,
7 Tkat fluwalk aoniy S, "
. Tb. awn of wkum cry mtmt wave.
I. bk. tb anfet'. ie.
' ITjws wbiai. bwrder. rtouraJi
. - TW ULy awt Uw Sk ........ w....
AadarMlUred by ihiaw rellf B.wen.
' Tb. andeM riutel bm
.- L -- -WkMraWat ;
Sfdr aad grufW Uomm.
Tkat aaak.tb ftad Ik. baarir
II kiee. an brthc aad beaatjful,
Bejaind lb. narh of art.
Aad kuf. and aacnfiry ehri
henrb M,
.. ."Aad H abed, a frafnnr. afl an mi ad, '
O! keantlf.l and b.J!
Thi. OoWtft MMliraled rtaada
Mrtbink. fiura Edea. bnwera
JBsa-.-Tini burn, by anfek' bameS .
Aad wraaiked armiad I be humas beart.
- It. tend rue rMrb akv,
' "' Aad k iB aiake. paradae in earth,
rorfWhraaarrfirbir.. '
Thi. U Were.
The orators of the l-nited SfateM have
learned to talk w ith great glibness and
composure of dissolution of the Union.
Tlie last sectional controversy gave the
permanency which was once general and
I apparently immovable. Then, for tlie
f firt tim, r0 Wgrtir ihe
. litical structure which they hatl been uc-
custouicd . to suppose ; tliat there vi ai no
cabalistic influence in the combination f
the letter of tlie. Constitution, normystt
rioua power in tho parchment on which
they were inscribed, which would war
rant the prediction that it would last for
ever. There is no standing army fo np-
-M ttT norrrwar firm; br'hirtrimrM
throat of the other half; no other secu
rity for its existence but that, which
brongtit it into ln-iirg the linlituul con
sent oiAgwdjriltsh"tri
which comitorHj it.
Hitherto it has been snpxiscd that the
8outh was the party in which there was
most discontent with the Union, and she
certainly nas inui more practical gnev-t
ancea to complain of than any other sec
tion. . Buf in this Nebniskaq()iiti'overv
tho threat of dissolution came from the
North, and they cine thick and fast.
philosophical fosfy as Pfofmwr Siliiman
talk about dissolution as rimllv s he
wrmld talk about any otlrtir sort of disscdu-
tioh or deconiH)sitinti to his atlnnrTng pu
pils. Tli anti-Nelin5karTnovertieiit, it
must be admitted, secuis-Xo iuchule those
conservative classes of the North which
have - hitherto refrained from alvolition
fgjifltion, n4 tho dii.iioliitiou seems ttHrfrl -
regnrded by thcin as a less evil than tlie
permission of Sontlrern liven to gv if they
choose, with their negroes to Nebraska.
Wa cannot comprehend why admeasure,
from which the Norjli will suffer no prac-
7 a e M
c Ci
, . ... d
, a w
T T -
tital'iahofilijj triil8$T1hi'lr
uch genenil and extreme iiulicatinn.
What injury wuuW tlie Jfortli suffer from
the iiaaaago of the Nebraska bill, to be
eoinpared with' the calamities, both to her
maleriot'Ttireredrflirtd trjthp cause of hu-
roan lilrcrty, which would f'Ilw a diwo -
lutionof the Union t.
If these menace of diolntia are in -
tended to intimidate the South, they will
rjjnlfy full. Thcjr Will pnKlrtee no other'
effect than iticreasted alienatiu of feel in tr.
Tli South loves and cherislir tlm rm'911
from a di-interr-sted pa-im for that lib-
erty which it bound np in it, and which
w&i i.nrcliaetd at m nmch cost of blood
and treasure by the founders of tlie Re-
public. But she ha no aeliish motive in
hcr patriotism. Were she governed . by
considerations of dollars uik! eeiitji, she
won hi seek ftu Imlnediate dissolution of
the Union. She would be prosperous and
flour'fehing if she were released froml licr
eotiiiiiercirtl and niuimfut'tiiriiig depend
anee upon ti North, and fio longer a
hewef of wood aixl drawer of water for
the general government ami the North
ern people. (Vu'dly as she ove the Ke
pubJJxy slie hjij suniu irile and some self
respect left ; and if the boon of indepeii
denee is forcetl u ;mii her, slip will not re
Ciimj it. Wuhnutid IixjMitth.
I'iIlitjJtij tif the E'lxtrrn QuratUm.
The struggle that has commenced be
tween ltussia and Turkey lift been rej-
re'swited- by-Ute-ji iwrimU f 'etrii K-l
roje as the result of efforts on the part
of the stronger Miwor to oppress the weak
er, and to wrest from It a part, 11 not tlie
whole, of its territories. If ' we divest
our iniuds, however, of , the iuipres'-ioii
lijt li such appeals to onrsyinpalhies are
calculated to prvi luce, and eiaijjiiie.dis
pnmiiinnrtety lihe-event!, --which,- the hrf
two- cctrtirriry bare 'iirrrnght-ilTiiTO atid
Turkey into such freqtu-nt Collision,1 we
will find it is altrilmtalile rather to the op
eration of mi orgal.ic law which governs
empires, institutions, creeds, and even
human nature itself, than to the ainhiti.,n
of individual rulers. In fact, the present
contest i; iMc.rm''a''cout.huatlVir,of'rIrl
long war of pritH'iples which hgau with
the - fiitltj n jrutji titrf the Jitinma i:iiipire b);
Christianity, found ils'initldle term In the
expulsion of the Greeks froin Constanti
nople ly .Mahoiiimcdaii invultTs, and is
now entering iijhiii its third, in the efforts
i.f" lite former to regain the ghiiind which
they had loL We miiot not suffer1 our
selves to-hc. deluded into the notion that
this is a mere struggle between jiersons
and dynatiesr. Whatever may be its is
sue, "there are great elenrtmtary-prfmjiles
inrolved in it, whif-h will continue in full
ritality a long as there -irifn-Tipposing
influence to that uf Cliriatianit v. , :, r
As well.. might the Western powers at
tempt to urrcnt tlie oceaai 111 its hci as to
prevent the reflux of ft reek civilization
info Asia. It is now the turn of Muhom
inedauiHin to recede before the banner of
Christ, and the crescent will have to give
placn to the cross on the mosque of St.
Sophia. What the (ireek rulers of the
South hist by.tlu'ir vices ami their effem-
(heir hardihood and energy. Even in our
own tiitiu, Constantiiioplo mav again he-
uMHe"trlHetti ( UllWllmimrf'aT:k-imsS
and the blessings of civilization through
out the whole continent of Lesser Asia.
Such it niineiira to 114 in the " nianifct '
... ,
1 .... r 11 .1 . 1
lest ill V of Kussia. as t he instrnmeiit in ,
. !
the hands of (toil for the accomplishment
01 iiiosc great tiesigns 01 which mo revo-
e .1 e 1 1 .1
lution iu China is but the foreshadowing.
Who can tl. nil it that this most remarka
hie rjvent nf rmidcnf tlfiiPS'ls the licrffldofr it iiwlv
of mighty changes, in which Cliriti,Ulify.iy,4"r f"'tsinksiiiloliH-jiowderyloain through
n- - " v 1 - 1 .1 . I 1. .. . 11 ... I
...Ml u ........ I I ..1 . tl. . i.... ...... 1, 1
H ill. i..-' iinuni. 111 muni- iiiv; pun ill iiii in
f civilization? The part flint Uiisia is !
.. . ... '. . .. '. . 1
lestinetl to play in this great work of liu-'
,1 . 1 .1 c t- 1
murk. ui out liv tnr IltiLnT ot I roviilence. :
" , 1
and the combined cfiorts mI ajl the Euro- j
penn governments, cannot prevent the fill-1
lilment of thatdestiiiv. The intervention
organized by the Western lowers itt this!
..-..-..'- i i - -
contest between l linstianity and .Mulioin
medaiiisiu is, therefore, a and unna
rural position, und will generatesomo ex
traordinary and sudden outbreak or; rev-.
trh-ww-wWifrr thr"nlm i n w m wf '
who commit themselves to'jl.
make tho trip across the country t')
1110 HiciiaioiH) pass, 10 v ai norma, in me
winter, to test its practicability for a rail :
roatl rtute.
rias - n fto
with such terrible reverses.. For his en
terprise in this matter, which is under
taken at his individual expense, he de
served the acknowledgments of tire com
munity.- JJntil a few days ago, we had
Ihntld. StreetChaIirrthatcity. O. is an Englishman, "'g in a juaco which ore tue iiibfks 01 . witti large iious, anth n mgii oihck iiat j t,,r this reason, tacy anvays M-ep ; PUiih or ItalianWarble. Tlie heart
-t ' '.." " jw ho U strimgty snsjsctcd of having ri.ned hi having been recently tnmeil tip and on Jrnit on his head, with a white feather ill thnv years" pnvisiiis laid iqi. torfear of , f , I-;.),,,- -n(i
Cut. Ffrmont nntt ht 'arty. It is itit wi(et and is known to have made diver at- digging, the body ot Lipmann.was. foiind j it, yThe young livery man's chief oecu- : faiiHne-. - Altiretheri tltev are muost ex ' rA-M-il -..UK . rail(.e U tai .iil no.
known that this gentleman has attcniptcd tempts to s..cure the affection of ytung females, buried there, after having been murdered, pation seeinetf to, be to raise his young traordinarv people, far iu advance ofauy 'be tears ot grateful memory shed upon
. . . . .1 i Mini iif tiinrriiiil Iriilii. til aeiiltitllish their Till, ta not tllft- -fi rslt-f itlttvtiotf-ibilitrt. lid. : Hilate.-teiiil it. 11)111 riroitil tho .trctr'tit1 ..ill.,.. .1 1. .,. .1111.4 wet . ,liart..,,ril ' iRt this -flu terrtirt Hro UlOr0 valuable. l& HIT CStl-
I party. It will be retncmlcrel tliat, at
j the outset, Col. Fremont was token ick,
( and returned from the Mitteouri to thi
, city, where he remuined some time. In
j tlie meanwlula hijartiiireceded .him
jto tlie Plaips.
Lord Fbxwilham, who rotnmcd a few
! daya no from the Plains, informs us that
he arrived at Bent' Houses, situated
bot two mires below tlie lwvr do Io
I Animog, a tributary of the Arkanttas, at
the Point of Kocks
S in the liiuT Tuulcr, on
Pol Fmi.innt I..4V
, vxu. rremom iii oui
i the same day that
i did not see or speak to him.
At Bent ILmsea he learned that the
Colonel had lost at Salt Creek, oti tbeJ
Crow river, seven animals, and afterwards
had five more stolen from him by the
Cheycnnes. These Indians subsequently
said they stole them, supposing they be
longed to the Delawares in the Colonel's
party. They offered to give them up, but
the Colonel refused to receive thoin. His
party, before he overtook them, had con
sumed most of his provisions at least
that portion most desiriible for the plains,
and he was compelled to recruit it) horses
and provisions at I tent's Houses.
was that his men, who had
1 .
been encamped at Salt Creek some time
before his arrival, had destroyed f
his provifitms for the journey.
The last snow which Lord Fitzwilliam
met with was at Petty Encampment,
about 140 miles from tlie 4 Fontaine qui
Brniellc creek," down- the mountains
This gentleman bus visited much of the
Oregon and Washington Territory, Pu
pet5 WrnrmK; and Vancouver's Island, and
iu he is familiar with Western life, has
lieeu able to make many useful observa
tions, lie is on his return to England.
St. Lou 141 Ii'jnibHt-iili.
The rMrprie Cotrrtwf the State of Tex
as, sitting at (talvcston, has just rendered
a decision of great importance fo settlers
and purchasers of hums in Texas, settling
a principle which applies to hundreds of
land titles. The question at issue was,
wlrat under the colonization laws of Tex
as constituted a residence which entitled
liUnaiUotiJe of a family
and transmit it to Ins heirs, -lie never hav
ing carried Ittrj family to reside there. ,
' The cr-defore he court was that of
. iho"TifssiSIii"Tf oniLlM'':We of laiirls
who went tn-Texas in the year and
in August, l.VIa, otttained a grant ot larid
:.. .1.,... ..1- r. .......... ...... 1
r,tcf.nriTir liimwiilf n liuv-ime eollie ti, ttt
Ma l'0 All,. II VOIIIIl, l'l ll Mil If, riiiv , , I. I.
V . 1 ie' 1 ". .1
i ., 0 . , ..1 ,
coiinfr-y with his family to rprde. hortly
after, he went back to Maine, 6 the al-
c!i-d miriMTse of brinfiiu' out his family
but died so. in after. In 1811, his daugii.
ter s husband took possession of the land
ami made a crop. In 14!, one Randolph
bleated a land warrant liiioti it its vacant
land, alleging it to be pubtic domain, by
reason of the invalidity or forfeiture' of
tlie grant to Knsscll, hrst as a nou-resi-dentt
and then for frandnlent description
The court sustained the grant on both
grounds. It tlecided the Uiissell's resi
dence, with the intent to make his home
in Texas, departing only with the pur
iMise of bringing back his family, entitled
him to cuter the laml, and that construct
ively and legally, the doniicil of his fam
ily w as with nun, ami his declaration that
his family was w ith him, was legally cor
net, n-CTrdlog to the Inw-s of Toin. The
departure, with a tniajil'. intent to re
turn, did hot affect the doniicil he had
acquired, ami the grant of land, therefore,
Here is a secret of good fanninif. You can-
"ol take from the land more than you restore to ;
- ,.
it, in some sliaiie or other, without ruining it, 1
, , . ' ... .. " -,
ailil Ml ileslrOVllllt VOUr railltal. 1 linertitlt Soils
lrmv ri.,,ire ditferint mo-les of -treatment and!
I ... ... : ... t .1. . 1.
r.ippinu', but in ev. rv variety of soil these site 1
the gnr.len"ruli to be observed : Drain until yuu-nr 1
find that the water that falls from Heaven does Well, no, it's no matter," stammered Mehi-
n'jLM;'f;'':'lil''tJ.!!tJ!;il't'iJUuSJht!,'Ugh it ailiLtalJe, coloring ObbJ BiMraiaa' - -
r 1.. 'r ... 1 .;ti .1. . 1.... 1 :i '
turn up ami till the laud until
men me air anu ueai win penetrate. t't n
. . . . .
,.i i..i i...r.. ,..r..i ...ui. I
lk,.,i, ,rr.J,V-,,ii,.t..v-rr ii-irti.-h. ,,f liminir.-!
weed occut'V the iilace here 1
that ran l obtaimsl. whether li.pii.l or solid.
L t Jiulituiew .IrH-amf
ini"t.T'wasti rut in '
: ..1 - "hi' 1 '
vour trois 111 itiai course which exix-nenee nas
. 1 ' . ... 1 . :
show n to lead to siiecis i itieir grow tli, aiuf to neighbor on hitt road home Ins tamily be-
wurh.lueia ud not iniov.Mibient of tkeigan to beserionnly ahirmed. Two days
land, l ove every plant room to spread its hsits elapsed, and although every search was
'" ,,le oil' lind ,,'vcs the air. And, in all i m,e, no clue could be fouiid to him. A
- v",,r "V. ""'"r to be htrle ahead of Lamimr.i.e at length conctHvetl the idea of
lilalet A'wrjf Day Jloot.
' ... , , . , ,!
KkvkkexiiRvscai.. The Richmond Dw'tfh i
ciuitHins a long and interesting account of tpe
olid net and character of nev. James Cow per.
These- attempts which were made in the
Nurthi were u,,- hut tot u,vessful, and
he compUt.sI. lH can-et of infamy, by engaging ,
- -ai . m 'i a j uiiiiiM.1 MiienMiniii in m'tLinir eiiarm. nf mil 1..111V .
came to l!ichuuni1,on a call a lie saul, irom the ..... , ,, . - ' ,
, . ... i ni - i . f'trular ii; that the uog will not alb
( lay Stntrt t hapel. 1 heunlmpfiv parents of; . J .. , , " i . i
. . ' . . ' ... -; . 1 . . v. i to -lie foiiiled hv avnv one but Ins
the trirl,. learning
c hi character. iielermineii to
expose him and sate their daughter, and the un
cle of the latter folbtwed lh rascal to Rruhmoiid
-with, shnndiM otsT -4 his-nfamy. - Mis F.
has grW iMrmeirb h-m!l..'"---..-.-.--:j.,
Loi-isviLLK, March W. Tbe ntHiuer Caro-1
lino, running-to Memolm, a burnt on Sun.t.v, I ,u"t ' '""'"""'f; ".'.uu p"
th WDTfsiih uti,-rr-ttirm. P"t wl,'.ere
6re having cau-rltf between Jk, and ,,irellli I V'e lurid flames lit up the surroundm
rapidly swung tbe fre'ifthL ' darkness; happily tlie alarm originated
Tbe boat tn not only dortrov.-.!. but t.rtv-only in the burning of a pile of brnsh
6re of those on board r-itlx-r i rilatl in the i wood, about a mile from town, coiie-
Ibtinea or were drowned. Th IhiniHa unread
m rarndty that it wns wiib riiffiooUy mit wnprtl.
A om m the fire divcrwi, tiie j.iiot
' 'ndeavored-to run her ahore. FiftM-n pron
I Uerotei tar rradi tlae shore.
(Ut tlle ,ullk ,nd ,, ired. Ca.Uiu
jCrrigliU junivJ in the rivc-ranJ was droit uJ.
.'"h" I tbe pilot, intkti ia ww.
The itoatwas burned to the water's ede, and
then sKpfwd off the bank and sunk. Only two
unna anu anna. niiy two 1111 1 e 1
trrt. -Th? remainder of'? C01 xU. have bfn1 uf "lcn
sboat. hwds j.leJ kpwr mL the hurry of the niouient, forgot to
raUn bassengers we
the victim w,tere tbe boat a liaiids lU utx'k -aenirem.
FiUnancy, elderly maiden, charged Mr.
Cleaver, the gay yonng man who. was accustom
ed to carry' home her marketing, with having
forcibly kissed her in the entry of her own house.
Mr. Cleaver, although proud of his personal ap
pearance, was hort, very short, considering his
.i.: 1. . 1.:.. 1. .t.. u r .,1.
wmsfcerni llw ueiuuu eeu 11 r o.-i.u uuuia,
. . , , . ,
rcaclii'd only to lour toev-Mee wun, u
... , , . -
riUnancv, on tbe contrarv, bong fond of ei-
! tKm ;&u up a anJ sUiJ
tin0fInarKaMv deoartn.ent. She .wore
O . 57 I
tlie abbreviated, yet amorous bitcher kUseJ her
by amaillt, and she hauled him up for it.
Butt ber, with some exprewiol of disgust, more
emphatic than necessary, deniet the charg!
Butcher waa.a, lady wasn't; Ceaver bad- anti
pathy to what be irreverently tem-d scrgiry' wo
men, and vowed be hadn't (isaed her, and
wouldn't Money couldn't hire him to.
BMn. CTft)S-ciMnmed, lawyer enquires of the
lady tbe circtmntances, when, where-, how, c
Latly replies witb particularity : On Monday
inoruing. ten o'clock, in tne entry, reited all
she could, hut he persevered, and triumphed.
Lawyer aks, ' did be not Uul on anything
but the rt.Hr f
No ; he stood on the (hot, no chair, stool or
any iMffjfSberbelrj'g "W6iigHlnfo"rQTsh1jih7"'"'"
' Hut my dear madam, thii i itnKMsible i
You are twelve inches taller than he. How could
he reach your lips V
I -tuly hadn't thought of t tat, but she was not
to be tripped up by the glibbest lawyer of them
all ; so Mie replies. 1
'Oh! ha! well, I know, ye, to besure, but
then vou know, I serooi hed a little T
f'ferawty tThank y, martrrnT, tfcjjir-rflt do.
Siotbing furtbar, voar honor.'
Verdict for the short defendant.
Popping Ike Qettvfron. Mchirihle Merit, a
young lady of thirty-nine who hail never had a
chance to chsnge tllo: alliterative cl aracter of her
, .1-1 l'..l
i name, was seated over tbe hre in her little sit.
iting rmm, when a Knock was hen-J and
,h(furj lnakl. Ks ap,s,.aran butSolomm, Peri
jj .
rooMi, when a knock was hWU and who
eri win
kle. - .
"Goodness graetou P thought ie, "I wonder
what he's come for can it lie "
But we wont divulge the thoagft that passed
through the old maid's mind.
B ltow do you do. Miss Merit f aid Solomon.
" Pretty welt, thank you. Mr. .iY-riwinklc-r-.Vnt
but I f.v) a iilltti lonely now aid then."
" You See as 1 was coining by-, 1 thought I'd
step in and ask you a question alinit about "
" I suppise thought Mehitable, u means about
the stale irf my hearL"
' " " TTie Tai-f is," saH Solomon wh was rather
liashful, "I feel a littlo delicate at sit asking, but
I hope you wont think it strange !"
"O no," simpertl Mehitable, "I dont think
it at nil strange, and in fact, Iv'e Iwn expecting
"O," said Solomon, rather surp'rised, "I be-
lieve; vou have iii your possession something of
- , , 1
" Well, sir," she continued, aloud, 'it may afford
you pleasure to learn that you hae mine in re
turn. It is fullv and entirely vn.r nwn.
WtuUS" I out uuut umlmUit ' ' eujauncd.
Solomon, insmaseHHent-.-! thmli VutttHust be
iiiine for 11, for mine was given n'e."
I beg your pardon, said the discomfited old
maid, "but I made a mistake. I quite fonrot
i-i,, t
vonr umbre U which I liarrowed some time airo. !
-., ... , , , .' , " ;
IIee It le. I wna lliiiiL-mrp ,.t a.-tintlii,irr ..1.
"If," said Solomon. " there is any think of'"P,' .'
yours that I.have ifut , I shall lie happy to return
.1 . t . 1 n 1 - . .
Jfiinlr Ih'MV)Yr Jb'a )(. A man
named Liiuiianii, residing at 1'halsboiirg,
(France,) savs (ialignani s Messenger, left
his luse a tew day.s. mc4uisauMdis4-i
ness, ami not relurnitig at the time ex
1 '.I .l.t 1.1.:. l..."t:rr'x.TT frir-a-
iieeteti, 1111110:111 ne nttii oei-n seen o u
1 . . . . P . . .
nuL-iitie .it a
lanioiis dog belonging to j
a person iii me iieigiiuoruouu, anu witii
... ..:... I. .. I .. i -..: I. i
which he iiroceeded iiito a wood, anil had
. . !. , ..
not gone far before the animal, by, his
barking, gave notice that he was oulthe
.1. . l. ,t.A "'...I
coiuriigioniesioHe saw tue uog setaieii-;
r.. .. .. .. I . 1. : .1. 1 .1. t. .
rendered similarserviee to the gendarmes.
A short time since a priscmer had escaped
froln tun,t aIllj tlia J0g was turned out
oil the scent, and soon discovered the fn-
whom he kept fast hold of, but
al low itself
m Alitor
V , ,
are activtly emlea.venug to disco.Ve
njurUewr oriMeMrs-otppmaivifc -
ami the gendarmes, for whom it appears hoi lauK'eXl, can be altogether irr.vl.nma--to
feel a strong partiality. - The police' bl? rvcd, ((ary. j
Fire. Like other pities, we had the
dull monotony of a moonlc night varied
by the cry of fire, oil Tuesday ewening
lant. Bells were ruiiir, stentorian lunirs
:r. 1 .V: .1 - V.
qucn.tlv no other buildiiiiji were damaged
; by the wmflngrttliitir
Too much praise cannot be awarded to
those of our rttizens wh zealously rushed
1 1 "tle resene, under the, impression that
,4, wa8 hoveringnear some unfortun-
ate fellow townsman ; and no doubt, had
a fire really been raging, that every one
would have rendered as efficient service.
laKeaioHg me hooks anu uiickcis, trrovi-ded-araioVirf
xnrrguTsIiIng tires. We
have no doubt, however, that if there had
been a snre-euough fire, the company
would, after running round it and Arller
ing awhile, have sent back for the hooks
and buckets. 1 -
Would it nol be better to form a company
whose especial business it should be to
take charge of these honks and buckets f
WurrlrUon AU.
Mi rdkrs. A few days since a man named
Moses Freeman was killed by bis wife. She
stabbed him with a knife causing his death al
iiioat instantly-! Freeman lived in Henderson
County. Our informant carried the painful news
to the Mother of the deceased ; and llie reply of
the poor old woman was, "that she expected noth
iig beUcr, for they were both always drunk."
A young man nauieil hitaker was commit
ted to jail in this place last week upon suspicion
f haiing'sliot Evans Sullies of I lemlerson Coun
ty. It was iboiigbt at tirRt that Suttles would
not live, but be has recovered so far, w under
stand, as tu be able to wlk wiUwtut any incon
venience. Whitaker is stifl in jail.
Last week jut over the Tennessee line on
Walnut Creek "Stub Rod Shelton" was killed
by a man named Norton. The murderer has
been. apMbeUJed and -nt ti-trreent-ilte; Tetin.
jaTt. The prisoner and the deceased were both
Clluetis ol--il.ita4t eerrty. - - . -
In all pjf tlie above: ca, as well as in that
of (ieiitrv irteutioned a short time ago. the cause
is found to consist in the dialsjlical influences of
intoxicating drihk. Athi vilie 'Sptrtator.
The Pertuhire Adeertitrr reports a recently
discojetfid .,.wadi. (niug-wu;h. thusiijC-Uwif Capi.' Valkai'.
tlicU il with partial dealhess, vii: by taking the
individual by the hand, at the same time ptac-'
ing the two thnmts -tog.ttier. lfy this simple
process, the'fEotina is cofiveyeir ill a more direct
..II hear dislinctly m t.,e o voice; several m.tes ;
could be formed unon the same i.rincinle. bv a '
Mtnv.. 1. is bito mi viuim to ami, mav a .h,iii
when tire il.vHlual alfe, Usl w.ll hear in a mod-
!S 111 I
crate kev at either end of the. chain. .
A corresponihTit of "the London Daily Xeirt
savs: 'Ou.Suudav the .5 ib uli after tbe ei,rl,t .
.-. , , - .. . : . ..
o clock mass at the Itoman Cathotic chapel
Duncan Terrace, Llington, the Reverend F,
Hakelev, a Roman Catholic uriis.1 (an t .xford
pervert,, iirot-eeded to the Irish courtKift
ion, near the Angel, and after going the Irib
peoplo a long hs ture lor sending their children 1
to the rroU-staut schools, pronoumxd the fob ,
lu ina curse : ' e hereby irive notice, that if 1
any persons, after this our solemn warning, do
" ... - l:
send their children to the 1 rotestant schools; (six
schools were here named.) or, if they have been
already tempted to send them, do not instantly
ei.lllill., tlu.111 tliV filiul) Iu. ,.1 tit... I .millc .if
murtj, sin . .lM Mus,.j hU 1(, it(ala
m'mHi'r- ttw -Chttrch J "at Tte'slutrOrre'x?
tieine unction shall lw denied to ibein, and
their bodies, either bis or hers, refused burial ill
any cemetery -belonging to the Church. " The
curse of God shall rest upon them, body and
soul, living or-&d7 n - -
A man eats up a pound of sugar, and the
rn-iwMiti iin ii.v-. ninn 'il enii.-u , nui I lie ill-
c . ; " 1 . ,
formation be gets trom a newspaWr is treasured
. . . . 1 11
pleasure lie has enjoyed is ended ; hut the in
ie mind, to lie ued w henever ticcasion or
hi - ihiiiii
nation calls for it, -A ncwspaiier is not the
wislom of man, or two men ; it is the a is. loin
of the age of past aijes too. A familv witliout
iiewstiaper is always half an age .behind jhe:
nmes general imomiTtTimi oesiue, rney ne-;
ver think -much, riot find much to thiuk about.'
And there are the UllK-ones growing uji iu lg -
tioranee without a taste for reading. j
timtsj in general infomiTttimi x beside, they ne- j
i-suiw an tnese ei ns. mere sine wue, ". ;
bands iu her lap, and notlnnir to amuse her I
mad Wtho toils and-t-- th
circle. Who would be without a newspaper (
Dr. franklin.
A Xrw Tiling Two ladies appeared ,
oh the streets of Baltimore, tlressed in the .
ore, tlressed
height of fashion, one of them
tong train tut tier iiiagiiiiicetii siik tirt s.
..... ........ I. . .... : i; . 1 1. i .. . . . ' .
which swept the ground for several feet
, ., . . , ,t n -r .i
behind. Following them was a stout
Irish bov, apimrently about 14 years old.
.1 t .! .l'. I. . I! ..t .. . ..1
uttrHis,. . aiitt iigiii-iMHiieti cw.i
. I .1 ...... . I I I I l . I. I . I
and mnddv places. The youngsters on
the streets torniented lum some. '
tSrlicoax with a'
ohimnov .weep, -dvrrcrrcs tihrclr lookii rfem Tis-
If No man. who has once heartily nrt
lhe4-?:XtrA""s lirvlsarhiroft-a.ffertlses hams
A Strange Eaoe
11 Mart of ca z ifornia.
An UiTBaaOTiJMt Maa
Through the very centre of the Great
I!ain runs the Kio Colorado Chiquitto
or Little lied River. It takes its rise
hr the mountains that skirt the right
bank of the Kio (irande, ilows almost due
I .!'' " ... .1.. ' I i
I . . . l r .1 . .I 1
e1 a,UJ, euiptica ai a
"nuv on iiic raioiv I'iriaiiei VI miuuuv nun
Walker's Pass. About 1J miles north
of this, and running almost parallel with
:. : . .t 1 t- .-i. .1
il i tlie invrui Oltll u unit. .CI1 01 UlCWi .-. 1 ... e . .
stream is about 250 niile. long. fvTtT "t,fcu ,f J " "J? -,,
.1 . , . ,11 ; I tlnnk if tliere was a chance of measuring lh
nvy-i. ..le... at.eicMCB u,. .......euJ u.o.c
laud' broken occasionally by Sierras of no
great length wlucli shoot up above the
general elevation. About half way be
"fweeiTlTieTwo riveWand midway in the
wilderness between the Colorado and the
Kio Grande, is the country of the Mosi
quis. From the midst of" the plain rises
abruptly ott all sides a Buttc(ftcoiisideC'.
able elevation, tlie top of which is as flat
as if some great power had sliced tiff the
summit. Away up here the Mosquis
ha.vtfciwrilt-ilieii'darge villages, where they
.rest at night perfectly secure from the at
tacks of tlie fierce tribes who live to the
imrtk-eUid- east -of -4ltm. The side-t'
this table mountain are ulmost perpen
diciilar cliffs, and the top can only be
reached by a step flight of steps cut in the
solid rock. Around its base is a plain
of arable land which the Mosquis culti
vate with great assiduity. Here they
raise all kinds of grain, melons und veg
etables. They have also a number of
1 orchards-filled wrth rmtnr' kinds -of fruit-
trees. The peaches they raise, says Capt.
Walker, are particularly tine. They have
large flocks of shecps and goats, but very ,
few lieasts of burden or cattle. They
are a harmless inoffensive jieople kind
and hospitable to strangers, and make
verv little resistance when attacked. The
warlike Navajose, who dwell in the moiin-
...... ... ..... , uiciii, mc in uir
1. . 1 r. f .. 1 ... .1
iiuuu ui sweeping uown tqon iiiem every
stock. At suchjtiiiies tiny gather Hp all
that is moveable from their farms, and
fly for refuge to their mou itain strong
hoUL -Ilere -tfteir enemies tlare not fVl
low them. rWhen a stranger approaches,
ffiey apjiear on the tops of die rocks and
houses, watching his movements'. One
s'.ayed for several days, is Ave or six hnn-
, 8 T? .'tnt" W
HUrtoft- lliev nrar vcrv snmr nnil eom.
t,, gtoric8 The inlmuit ltj ar)
. n. ra..,.,.. .. ... nyl. i..,
.. j . e' n
and uiaiinfiieture vscillcut woolen ckth-;
1.I....1..... i- i i
'"g-Wankets, bakct-work ai.d potten'.
Unlike most of the Indian tribes of this
country the women work within doors,
the men performing nil the farm and out
door lalior. As a race tliev are lighter
in color than the Digger Indians, iu Cal
norma, indeed the women are tolerable!
'..: :.. . ,n . i. "
'-J """1 mg 11 otMiii ucu. ugvr hrt his fibs, and we beat thn
!. tlrt sn. '..Among tHem.Capt. laMlaVoM , efcwHW
j alker saw three pcrfectlv white, with;. .....t 00 j .
Wing-jwhite hair and yellow eves. He saw two
others of the same kind at the Zuhi vil-
lages, nearer the llio Grande: Thcv are
no doubt Albidos, and probabl v gave rise
1 tl... -,.,- ,i., 1..,- ,.V,.-..;"i..?i .. .1...
V" HIV. I Ullll.l 1IJUI IIIA3 I'l 17 . ItlltTIl III LUU
existence of white Indians in the Basin.
The Mosiquis have probably assisted
nature in levelling the top of the moun
tain as, a site for their villages. They
have cut down the rocks in inanv places,'
ami have evacuated irt of the sttrnr rock
a'uiiiter of large rooms for uiaiiufactiir-
ing woolen, cloth. Jiietr only arms are
bows and arrow, although , thev never
war with any other tnbs'. lho Navawse
carry ?A their stock wtthout qtnaiUuu.
Tf.,r ,.t;rA xriw.-. -e- i,..nw--l. . :t. .
!be left exposed, and thev a ill not touch
kw -, , . ,
.Many of the women are beautiful, with
, .. ,, , , ti
forms ot taintless symetry. lhey are..
very neat and clean and dress in quite ai
pistnrwone jpltaiue of thuir owu uianus-t-
mctnre. - I ney wear a tlarK nts' wmh a
red border, gracefully tlrapjCil so as to
eave the right arm and "shoulder bare."
Thov jlftve beautiful hair, which thenar-
factnrx?. They wear a dark ndn" with a
xiu-i,a.jMMi.i;MWJHtiiWMaaMEawi ttl .Mliac.JLLlmiapett-.
Indians on the continent, they are scrup-: how horror-stricken we were, and how soon we
lilously Jionest. Capt. Walker says the ; madajiur exit, through tlie Isasement windows,
most attractive and valuable articles mav ' hke thieves, surprised in their midnight depre-
xgixtfith. - Tdn -tadmrefrsMi?"ut "-eTrrrrg-Tne v. no was a real i
fmv ,if kinvn ,,v ,10 ,ttnner friend',, ic, and privately warned me '
- r i, . .i ' i, ti . ".;.; i r.i i c.i .. ,
sv....,.. ure kw
tueir nair iu tue nimuie ociumo, nun
each parcel around h.p f
irs4t'44aMur---ThJe.U..'uly. stiii'yth- '
ed and oiled, and lasferti'd to each skIc ot
tl,c head, ,jwitlitig
ke a rosette. Tlie
(flect is verv strikintr. The married .wo-
, uul . 1 he .Mosquis ta
.ehind. The Mosquis farm in the plain by
it,iV txnt
ivtireto meir t
last's by night.
J'hev irrisrate their lands by tueaus of the .
treTiiRS l-Vinninir out of-the nionntain.
it"ram t. mw on the mv
. . ' t- . .. .1. .j: . 1....1
nnum:ai!is in liner. iur.vnn.aniti.;llliM.tiranIUi Bcuiiitureu monument of .
w . . .1 1 . . 11 t' - - . I 1
continent. They have never had inter-
course' with the whites, and oi course their ever reared.
civilization organized with themselves. . -
"j, '' fohe idventuroiisT Vesee'it stated that Dr. Speer.of Mel-
1 rwrrrTT .y..
thing more interesting 'I'n Cm.t . alk-
erap.t. ..... s.... --. " " ' '"
in the Great Basin.-
-Lire irtfxtjfe.
- tf 1 Th woman who aeglect, her hbaadii
Attending a singing school some years ago, j
became acquainted with very flue girl, (I beg
-rnrrrfot,-tliey call tbem-y-oung ladies bow.) From
our first acqiwintance, I thought I loved her,
and w e became in a very short time ' very warm
friends ;' and 'then occasionally I visited the
house, under the pretence of ' coming to see her
brother, a wild, mitchievoua chap, who loved
fun better than he did his dinner. And from
that I got so fast that I became an every even
ing visitor' to tee my fair charmer.
. Now, my bir one 'a father was a very pious.
sedate, offl gentleman, and was down on fun or
; niiscmei 01 any Kinu. nui wiw an that lie naa
j through him be woutj measure at
least three R-et IB diameter. Hut never having
an opportunity to enllipper him, I can't say for
ever, all I know is he was a fine old man,
Now, the old gent, or the ' Governor,! as we
used to call him, had taken a great fancy to Die.
I used to sit and talk politics to him, and he of- '
t:n said I Was a tine, quiet, considerate, ' perfect
imslel young man.' And he would not suffer 1
' Lielia, his" pretty daughter, to go out; of hi 1
sight with any but me 'th nice youni tnsO.'
And he always wished m to be, intimate with'
hi wild son Charley, thinking b would reform,
if he was in my company part of his time, and
I'll assure you I did not undeceive him, as to my
reiircharncter, for the fair Lielia's sake.
One night, I remember, (bow can I forget it!)
Charley, a jolly friend named Frank , and
myself, returned from a day's fishing. There
was the fair Lielia preparing our cupper tor as.
Charley had slqlped from the kitchen, and Frank
was apparently amusing himself by poking hia
cane in a cae at a favorite canary. And I
felt as if I was alone with the girtTwtlored.
xrescuuy wt aal uowu ui aupper
While I was wrestliiir. with a ioint of beef.
bang came a cold potato in the door and struck
uic in the eye; then we could iK--footstcpaand
a hearty laugh retreat through the entry; : '
tve nan by tins time nnisheil nearly all thers
was on the table. , :
' Lielia,' said I, apologizing for our swinish
piensitiea, ytru at we're very hungry.
' KxeusH iIim i:.-l. -.1 -I.:... 1 ..
ianv -taycr. em ting me si
1 1 e .7
' I will bring you something more to eat. "
vuiile'wo were waiting for theTrodder,rFrank
sat thinking of I don't know what, and I
about Lielia, the possessor of my heart. Or; at '
leat I thought she posscssetijiU '
And from hearts I got tliinkiiig of nice little
cottages, and from cottages to cmTjlesy and front
cradles 1 kept on thinking and thinking
' Hist P said Frnnk,..'iWt you liear Charley
?L-J5Htlaip,,A P"VtlTh -er
of potatoes. - - l
ell, we hatened and I heard'abma one com-'-
ing stealthily down rr chuekflne. "Now-J
u ..1 : .1 1 ... .. r .
1 a. - -
, us give nun a trouncing, saiU frank
with a-chuekle, that UJ phnnly he wished to "
.... .t. ...I t - 9 4.--..--.
turn the tables.
He crawled arouud the room in the dark, and
Frmli had found a broom, aftd l' had'" got h(A&
of the plunger of a churn. . We sneaked to the
door just as the object of Ottr ;rrrepgB; had ar
rived. ' '' : - " ; -, , -
' Rush on,' said Frank, and with that he made
an assault on the 'fellow creature.' I felt the
Throw potatoes, will von r aaid LWsTIr
show you. you rgue jou J
Tliea up from the cellar emerged "TJelia, and
as soon as she reached the top of the stairs with
the light, she gave a scream.
Well, she had cause to scream, for there
against the wall, with ribs all punched in, broken
for all we knew, and the. wind entirely punched
out of biro, (not because be bail a good bottom
though, stood the "venerable paternal relative' '
ifejR!ilJtti- timwi iM-friwI, and ihs
tHButreF younjrmai, had punched his body for
him. And Charley stood at the bend of the
stairs. With arm fuU of potatoes and corS-cobs,
and laughed till the salt water appeared iu hi
eyes, r"
.W tr:i7t nnin. llie Kresttilii.
. e T . ... ... -.r. . -
ihons and after leaping over the area railing.
inane a straiirilt coax tail ot it, unui we coutu
no longer see the bouse that contained her the
, 5, , , r . , t
g'ri I hrst loved. .V. J . Dutchman.
A tW J(V W"A.-I wttwhl fn
r confess to von
,' j-i j(H ,
. ,. ,
,,,ne 1,1 ",a" !'
r confess to von that I wonltl rather wheU"
m the grave-, have tme-
toixl staml over Hie and
lt. ,llt ,c anted me in tlie time ot need ;
, t tth. to him or would rati- "
r have some widow; with choking -utter-
ance, telling her .children, " there is your.:
friend and iinne. He visited me in atHit-
, .b,,rbtor. a batmr l,o.n
I , ' . I- ' I I V
14 v'mus WUH,3- oulu
-rather that such persons slmuld. stand ot
virtuous tamily."" I say. 1 would
grave, than have erected over it the
- . ... . . .
Munition , than the most beautiful denptaph.
!) rhrrtda, ha raiwid 20,0b) lemon
fW;iu 50 trees -He j3 t0 le the
Uf - Best lei
afgest lemon g?ower in-the country.
.Wareteetk Ha) verr-1 Becauss ths4

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