North Carolina Newspapers

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SALISBURY, N. Q., APRIL, 20, 1854.
r. j. pruner,
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irfhwptM!iwJi.fid fifty Mwj;ulHlly diance in IWvor of the iirst, nll
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bta (Mm irMM. d Mmhmi w4 wife,
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.4 M Ut. tfc BHunbrr t uwrriMi. rnire( ; m4 it
tt i. waked th.y dwjirepy irm qip,-
they will w f.m tho umui V .ad ehtj?l
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jjy Iu diont on tSf tate
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Tlie Demicratic print of the Suite have
laid the flattering unctiiat to their laeera -
litd Ituaotua 'that the Oreenslioroiisrh I'al-
riot one of the ablest and mt sterling
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Milt camtaig, Wanse of iu dUiko of a
thm iiTEtamls otwhicli fas retired4
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hili,WTathw. Wthagbttlntt tiWorrf and after, that she will he no umrv.
. i . , .. , . , Ai an independent I'ower than lui key now
getttry wererefloning 't-; j. If ij-m tUo CSar, b wor
atiTanrs enough, in Its issue jt 1 1 If t!i. :i Ji falls into the liamls of the
,.... i..i.i.j tti l.l inL-,.1 i.- i. I.- ., i. ...;n i .. i.... ......
over their ntirtii ill the Howiug tvw :
J!a7orwTnn!ricld Con
m1i.miI Itl.ut gtf An tinmLtruloil t,ollVi.n.
tionl for tho iiresent, because we see lio
.J...s. a MmU. (Wm it slinMm
and advoeate t'i aloctinn tt Gen. Dock
rvw iMtre-iv tfolitival kmuwU ile ran
mnl 1 JL-Vimii-ai "tw West or rrh-i
r. rw tof.the wiual-rUlitsofthe
grd people of North Candimi, thai, the '
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nmaiuw w un lAwsamn ..
t.,,l. lu, M,.iat.t n-illi Jhrtir for.
iiier cwurse. On Ui contrary, whatever
IWLnrv maw have taken
j t .- i.:. .,. ,.r 1...
J"Wwrt; her daycare numheivd and
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ontne matter wmci. ""-'"T "H
we know him to U a man cnterta n g ,
niP'i:tbr. . ;""n
-ii!ldm4t4w wt i
exertimis i jdaili farmer without tinv I
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Totstonai eciat, or oversuauow mg i.ioiu., 1
i.a.. lw- bo lo.ltution in i
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lllg mat tlie guncrus.orm. ............ ....
Nate wttl U mM bctv?U up
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- .
- lalulattrs of Ui'e Patriot are oj 'St -
isfiwl with one of tho IJesoluttons adopt
,J 4.V- the- Convention, atsl, like hwtert
-men diet ur as:" bnt, with this pMesta-
on .WW tlmir ..urtw - e -
of-d'oiTuj iat' thev Miff
. o ... ' .
didate. There is this difference betw een1
...1... ..r . I lj.1... ipn l.n I mi. I
iu n.. .'di ti.M.u, .1.. ;,, .. ,i 1
to party tfll throw up iU cap and
alr? thing itwas always for
"-fBfc Whig prints .praise "notlting thai j
their conscience do not in all things ati-!'
FX- 1!lieJ5Hr,,ri,,u ",,e l,flr,-5 - t,,u alcomdit! spirit, ami after having a glori
inorejeflective in a iarii..-ui, that' of tin.' j tIIt4 time 'with 'a lot of "jolly good lei
otlicr more reputable in T patriotic, jioi'nt j lows,'" (members Yrih'e I. X 11. we
af'tisw.- It would tu vrnlt if th W hi. ! siiNie,l he went lionie tt his iteghH-tmi
uld agree in all nutter prm-nted iv.r
, i . e i J
eir consideration ; but if they cannot j
" 1':."''' - .r!r - ."'.';..-.. "i'... i
!...' -tii..,.. ...i..,..!....
.lo tin. U.1 tolernh. uncli otln.e imin. !
iuubj . Tt LlliunHi.ioii .vviiiiiinn
tioiij and zealously tinito for -tlio aecoiiv
utiahnient of every laudable puriHse to the
promotion of which honestly cherished '
principles need not be" aacrinet-d. XwtA
Laroltna Argun. j
s Limorall y know the rea
son why tho Fotirlh of March was chosen
as the tfay of the inauguration of the Pre
sident nftbe United States! , It was se
lected because tlie Fourth of Mareli in
every Tear, commencing from the first
inauguration, cannot come on a Sunday
tor at least three huudred years. .
Wanted, at ihii otlfoe, an editor who
can; please everybotly. Also, a foreman
who can so arrange the paper as to alv
low every man' advertisement to bead
tlie coluiim.V7r Ob-war.
Ffm lh Daily Ok, Aprs" 10.
from europe.
llii! new brought by the steamer En-
r-pa from Einfl.m.l, wht-b w the latert hy
dav. I-vthe qSr
r (VMc'w bttHt wlMttit f tUat it, itlt
illi luLfew..i)i lUvotJpLthelaaUllie
t,W Iijh twt vet given any foruiul rwly
I tj the ut vlli nullum f France aivl Ehjj
, r d . , k little though he did
'lr reimrtetl niav Ij triwithat Jm tid not
! want ,U dar vrwm ix uiiiiHtwL iovk fiv
1'"uf W-" w - ,
Uftararulirtif hi aariiw i,eaVm,!wl,,le lle '"f"4" tbem, during wiich time
p Jj 1 Mutiiitttiiitl. It' thohglit decided- j su:1' tbn bad beir carbine load
7 M ;b' arnymit and oil'i-iiHivo iu its tone, and ed fired at hini ineffectually. Itavinircrott-
I intended to be; for the longue of Aithr
l - l... Ml... Il l i. i ...i
,.. a. , v"
lie cikxWcs to (Jo us Ins itillvaler to tne
,,, , . . . . ' ., i 1,1 i
(Juaker mioiioiiiirien, iiinl Ins nubtle and j
iiHttiuatitii; f.nversati..iM with the jint-
ih Mniiter, irti. If
S., almnd-.ceed
anily. uttesl. lie! knew that nothing
wum.i ue rrann i.. me i ieiicn r.n.L-
ror, and to llie I'Veiicli people, than an al-'
Ihui.h. I., ll... .Ii.,,..-.i., ,i,uiu ..f t Hlt
and hist he. ,..!- it wa irritafinir he in-!
troThieoTTTT." Ifuil Ins liffoiTfioiisTieen
a ' '
(cihc, he wuuld not IhiVo this, lint they
i are not not been front tho begin-;CYM.,
j nihg. Tl,e Meitschikotf mi.i..n,ttiid b
prompt ... eupulio . ,. r...- pm.eipaiuies, r
or,,ve that. JfidelM-ndelilW of lti own
Mll( ,wlaral ion.
is own:
j If thU war g-e it, all Enmpe. or nctar- '
Jy all. will he. involved iu. it. tvntie rf ;
y may he allowed to be neutral 1
have to take (.r.h'd. the ltr m, it l
j IVHrtod that J"rus.-i;i initi-t he for or a-
'i'iiu .i I 1 1 1 iniil.-r tin lu-lii-l ili.ii rihf u ill I
t iTafe to be against him, nor would the
king whose ister is ihe of IJiis.
wm r tmt a tariff is-nlMt, H jhH 11 hhiioi w,
; ,, 1, ' ,, .- 1
of the IrtuaiaJta, lm SglrilWt hul in,
-....v... 1 .1.; ......1.1 . ti...
XW miaK
rft - scetmr - tTnt - Ku:da?id"n
u, i-w of iKni-
m(ipfc jH.,.illle f ,iejr j'imity t. tit
. Uahic, and b. :tiue th.-v (mve na viot and
could niidt-r .nsid.rui.'.e assirance. j
lepi nils .hi Anstn.ij and she lmi
not vet . ih-nu-'L licr t.oit'n. hue wauNi
'. ,,, ,hi, i, wst, ctmii-'ii. sitnand !
If she V. ,.,s ; thV fur hpv
''KetTsV h-trfH attktt- Ptty heimM
oil all scores pusl and present
:n-o lie ( Iv n-l oil by- I ihnn jm,
i sessions, to a ccitai ilv, nnd all
her innti-:
5" It-dv wilt be at an end
And the'
raiirliali, H tliev ar tfeiifrou.
w ill, on
ITuii''itrv nnt as a l-teimblic bat as a '
M tnaiehy. 1 IietfTttrp will ! n etmwe
f.r I', t.-., ami the-enlnv rectal, -
"f at il fated Mngdor,,,, Hh h ts of tbf war. t tt iroe I
. , " ' "
" lavof ol tile Allies.
As f.r Turkey, one ur t wo tilings is t.
her Im.i1i.i1i. It tlie I zar collies out ol
he her iHiiliou. If tlie I'zar trollies out of
the trciiiciid.. ns stniiT 'le ti iiiiiiiiloiiil. then
l.r enmii,. ,il,i(,.,.,l f,.wr,,. She will I
.Ollinji, ll iiii , ni i;-i,-.mi.-, nui, i.u , .1 .1 ' 1
llieTr part, iuMon tlm .-...h pendence or,tUvw tatlh mother pwtol, a, movcnient
tl en la .rl.'r Tmkt.v i ElirulK, b..t',nf-"-v "' l"""P'tately ned, just tw tne
u U no h r 1 , k t r ( , ,)iliu llown ex(ianstjL.d at the foot
A f.? " f'tH., .P IK J or -th r.K-k. At a distance thev vea-
"'r smn-rar w r r i.T win in
tiiki-. il. and tiiki cVfi'i-tiiiii.rclsi. IJoit fhey 1
- - --- " , . -
want. l.ut. it tliev will art magnauim-
I.misIv n..l disturb her territorial iniei-ri.
, r
- . .OTT&w-Af.
. l . . . i : . . :. .. -ii i .. ii e .. i
IIII V III ISllUn SlllljeeiS, 11 Will lie W I'll lOI
u.,r - AHt (lke jter V..r ilwuu than if dhev
Nv. - re tol'allnnde.i llieUilssiun yoke, which-
w.Vld be worso hnlMl.Htg inn than the :
'Jurkih, for then there would be no hoiyigift from an Ameru'uu traveller, C apt.
!"1 rfwk,", "r 11"l,lH",V,'V- i & youUilul hem of the Cau-1
. ....... 1
' linltitiioi-e Times, with it hiti.'duihle occur-
.. . . ... i ,' .
, .,.r;...l
'. , 41 , ,
frkl, otu.s 4, )tf t-vening of the Law
ljryV. lw.L Although usually of ten-
lH.rat0 habits, it seems hrtT,.uniilm"iie-;by
.,! . i., ili..i .;.i, lin.l
'' ' .jdilivimisatate; His
business generally detained him until a
hinn,liml it 4,,, that his wife, be-
" fore retiring, was m tlie habit ot prepar-
... t... I... I. :...'
- ing a lunch for his enjovn.ent after
. I of tire day wereVer, On the !
. nigCt in quelion, ' thu u.,i.ul .up-
-i " .J . ',. i , ..... t ?i
lore I eiiriui., wiw..ii me nuo.i o.
i i. I,; . utL,tl...
eeetllllif 10 sausiy ins iiuuuer, sulci, ilia
tinln l wnmg iiyif lltt wvrktdi
awav at his mouthiull of caps very j.a-
aps very j.a- '
tientlv for some tinie, but finally being
unable to inastiirate them, he sung out' to
his wife, u Old woman, where did you get
your cabbages -they are so wnfoiwdud-
stimgv, 1 can 1 cnew iiimiu.
" ll rej.lltxi tuug.a.1. ..iu.
-jf, that .tupid follow mt eating up al I
.. T .1 . . ....... . .....I "j -
"Mr gracious I" rejilicd thogiwul lady,
mv cans that I rmtin st arch over night.
We understand our friend siuldenly be
came an uucoiupromiaiugadvtaiftteof the
Main Jiqtior lav and joined the teetola!
siwiety tit the earliest txawiblis iiiomenfc
, ttltu tell asimtll aBl. Oowt lllleu huu 1 , - ' ... ... . - do-reediimite i t . t 1 V 1 " J' n l'on- osr chddn-n and mine mcvbrwiijlil uiiv iu e m'" ,
u J Bl.l. Tt... I,.,,.., l.u.l l.....rl.e..i.lrl'e'lheers lias in some digivcdissipmd Julrj as to knock it ovur, and. m the fall, . i.:. .1.1 .t. t. 1.....1 i.i.nunt witli al tlie -hit... urn
irtmhed When the Staggering bus-1 t,,l! V'1"."-:. lb, .'V' tM,t """7 . 1 1 !t str,lok iU heuU B"U.inrt ,.hft.. 6toV0. ilh-! "lake them tn differ. ' ' man.I that culd lie spured
,.l - riit iirned. mid l.v mistake, when tiro- J .w .' "e. '"r.""'" u, li ; torce as to break its skui. " I can't telf." said be. , ne- seas, nnd t Hen to return
- - . , ....... .... niiti. riiini rii.i , rm..,i . . , . . . ..." . . . . t$ . . .
.... 1 1 ....... 1. 1. . chic, ntm .1'. ,'iiiv.. ...v . .v'v. ... ri-i. . i, ... 1... ... ;.. ... t; ...... r u ....;......... .... .1...- I ..... . l.. i-.uj.ij ..viuml u
We fiii.l the following interesting An-
it, .ti. illn-tfratliirr iliu iralni f ". nwoiit i
AinvWcRn jnvcation. in an Eiiali Ji'uaper
rf 1StU Kebnl ' . . ,
in Duirhfsten a vounz Lefsjhian chief,
jlwing mvruf wmmtk"! 4aring onrf
the freq,)et mi!a of th0. ltliWana,
took refnga in a mined akli, hi order
to appl; tandagei to hU wound. While
thii employed he was discovered by a
(arty of twelve dwhioiiutenf dragcknS,
in flight. Jkhiff fleet of foof, for a hort
Ued one of the flexible hridjres, common
!. 1
, ,uat couutrv, antl which was over a
... . I r l i ' .
raind torrent at the foot of a mountain,
1 .....
""""'K """""""""' !
much further, and having time to
jmt ln arnis in order, ntood at bay under
a , octiiiir nwk. With yell of dtliht
and uplifted bubreg the Iiusslaus aj-
l"-"afbed the bridge.
The foremost near-
Ml-7"!? TTTTil
j . , -i - i-1 1
crieti, " 1 leiu, uog ;
whilst I have twelve lives at my girdle,
the undaunted mountaineer. The
; UuiwijMs in ,e rear lan.died, loudly at
, . , l . ,. , ,
' i -
pieeed through and throiiglt by a bullet,
wariy at the feet of the! .JeagJiiau... The
ieCo,,d wddier istumbled over Itw dead
c,ril,h. a,, ie rost. rL.t.eived a altot
. J
I he next, seeing the name weapon,
u hivh hud twice heen diselniri'ed. still
pointed, rushed on ; but, to the surprise
)f ,l(J Ulll4siftll a ,lird shot was ttrt.d !
i 1 1 1. - .,.;of takintf 'asuoiize instead of a mii
at hint; nntouch'd, however, ho was . hwwsu 01 huj
, . , .' , in n.lKno mints-' nr mintlsw
aiHiiu to cut (town t ne'iuaii. wnen a
1:Wm;w!M)" m-r fuj iiiof a jnan whose
the tjwkr varnir, nird his lifeless body j
tun bled iutotFio torrent beneath. Tliree
..f rbe lCussiiui had now falWti, ' WW
devil of it pi,t..l isMiis, that speaks
often r cried the survivors to each other,
Th I- rhooi Kiili stood (irtii. morolv
h'U ;ar"J' mi'v to rt'celvu l,1"w' j
going ont,.ann atmost oamsnea trom
iia, abreastrwere eft the fMH of
assailing ihini. "Certain of their prey,
tjiese advanceil more cautiously than their
predecessors. "This jime two deliberate
hols brought them down riglit and left ; (
eaCIt fell ineieed near the reinou ot tiieiJuiWAiK:WH mm. I ts coarse arid ui-
ll(.:nt "n... riittirrnrrr
The Usghia..,laiiit withloss..fbhJ,,d,W have little tolerance tor young ladies,
mid feeling liis strength fust ebbing, now
unobserved by tlio enemy, and rapidly
rftTett treo attlrti.ffoup ohltuwiaiw, j
so,n,i ti(Vy ymU distant at the other
Ild tll the Uid. Owing to lAWXZfZlU'
. ft , . . . ( uu tuev plclt ttup l r roiu low news-
li imr now d m. mi r one shot look el-
7 J
reel, uouiiuiiig one oi rue urugoons in ute
shoulder. " Ut us flv," tliey cried, "it is
the Evil Spirit of the mountains ; he
! . . , ... , , 4 i
..'..iil.l L-ill .-me u'lw.l. neniv Aecoeil.
Z..V , :, 1 , .... Z T;' i
"""" . . . .
SJ.tajlM.S.tSMMar-.- -.'-rta-.-(SV-4i--- SiSSjiWJ
t. o.;.t -m.uT .r... 4,,.rsfii;oi,a f m. I
' 1
i'.e Jx'sgliian elnel was succored ny ,
The Lesirhian chief was succored by i
.... ,
IUJiait, uo alwuvs h.ul
e:uJu .t;.t ,J.r.:.?..t.titflH.icft about Iter,- tlteir curioaTtv'bclwtih thisy ------
I . j... A , 1 Ja .I.. (l..l (-..uJt SHIIIP
, , ',. .. ,'' I
"""'"" " r",n'""
l,a,r 8 revolvers, ami were a
I.. ...... i;,:.,..a .1... i..,i,. HMw. l.i.i.h,
iis sui.l e en to have kissel them, snvinir .!
in iiuihhiiiiip.'i un. i'ui i . ui nil,
..( . Ill, innniirij viv nil - WTnTr - -
i . ... i 11 .i -i ... ... ii
ri" e uiee tuere.w..
i not be ao mauy .tenrful maidens and be-
i reavtH, widows in 1 )agl,etan."
Tho liussian prisoner, sta.n reconciled
kind Watimntt tn hiswitwivlias-lmd
i the cruel horsehairf reinoved from his
heel, and has often cleansed and loaded
thirse identieal specimens of the fatal
weitpoiis. iU'.Uuol tu efl'iset such a revo
lution in the warfare of lite world.
Tho story of the " devil's pistol'' was
long tohl among the simple Russian sol-dierv-.t
when conversing on their weary
march, as the w inding euhimti as'ended
7, T " "a 77 .iw.r '
Kra,'''u' tkett rt .gave pmmise ol tea a. , kiudu
1 1L' AT "f ,lU(lr '! 8 ,r,l0-V" N 1 ' , Fmn.
thevat - tm ititro. notion ot the arm aiiuiiiif i.i l,
. ,, . , ,
some interminable mountain, or when the
, , , . ,,. . . . ...
ehild ina tub
rV - ""' i.'T. " 11: " 1
. ,, ' . , , ' 1
lk"lu" 80,u,l-r!, j
siikli"is the habitation of the eastern
'f sucasii ' , K is constructed of unhewn stones,
WmenVd ih-elayastead 4 mottar. p
il is ctinstructed of unhewn stones,
tWt-in, , the he,.s of their prinoners,
wortUt , fl ot Ulmmi- w
" o j
to prevent their em-ape.
In... 1, nr m.n . lh ol-1
.liers 1 ahnutl touching hi' fh'ddttines.'- ;
i aiaoi'l the Ciar that we. are uiakmg war, .notiown brains I-
ii stilus unformiialS heintr.. I
The. New York Minror learnt from re-
liiihin lounca tlmt til a truth In rnmiril tn
1 the ntlu.wliip of tho UiiIBetiiiinn letter; 'T?, r.riv",i,fro,n t"Jt,t"J
iU nearly follow. C lltt Jin:
" When Mr. Wchafer was at the North
in,.tli9,Suinmor,"of , recrnlting. hjs
health, be sent for Mil -Everett and gave
liiin tlie heada or points of the ari;uiiieiit
he desired to use in an tuiewer to the Aus
trian letter to tli president ; knowing
that Mr. Everett wa. better able to com
firebend rind write oat hi idea than any
other jnanL II v ing, JuaCntedJthn. to
make a draft of a jajer and submit it to
Jiiio., . Everett jktndly pv himself
up to the tank, and in a few davs hand
ed Mr. Webster the llalaemann letter.
Mr. Everett's frend and Mr. WebsterV
friends knew all about it at the time, and
no one then attempted or thought of giv
ing Mr. Everett the Jredit olj doing any
thing more than embodying Mr. Web
uter's ideaa, in a form so an to lie ac-
ceptable to him. Everybody knew
,!... It....!.. I U..l. .. ........I k. ,1...
task of writing the IIiiloeuiHtin letter, and
it was honor enouirli fo Edward Everett
to write out Webster's ideas well enough
to be adopted by him.
TheTellaTtieen no claim madeUyTfltr:
r.verett, no disclosure, and no dispute,
about the Ilulsouiann letter. The vaga
bond correspondent of the Evening Post!
lias been eavesdropping, about the reading-rooms
of Boston., and caught a word
or two about Mr. Everett's writing the
llulltfcuiauu letter; and, true to his in
stincts and his master, hat hastily act
afloat another ilander upon the living and
tho doad." -- - -
, ' There Is no wit," Isays the author of
the Behavior Book, " in a lady to speak
- - . r , e
dre is old, that lie tonka ..ecWantliii.
amusing anecoote, or h mi-
j verting incident, to say that it is ' rich.'
iMbtiig words are detestable from tho
j lips of ladies.' We arts always sorry to
ibear a young lady use snch a word as'
. i jicu.jbuu ;JLUiia M ir oeeu
We not long siuce, bnt happily, now it is
Uto. botsuci44y j.To,u Iiuiioj-, W it r.
meinbered, (Jueen ictona has prohibit
ed the jvolka being danced in her pre
sence. How can s genteel rt Urine her
If tr jay, ' Last Bight I was polking with
Mr. B?li,' or ' Mr. awe-and asked
!" o'.V ot tlie aance
w ho, having iu reality neither wit tior hu-
i m..r, set up fur both', and, having nothing !
; of the right stock to go upon, substitute !
coarseness and impertinence (not to. sav
imi'Bui-utntiiu.ti; a- excim (tiKi.irrT
''ci -a mwion o. ge.ii.umei. t.y
.... ...... v..... t 1.,, C.....I..
j'llJ'Vli XII lll'lll l.J,UI U..U1V3 I UUI VIJ
not mini low comimmtftis. we. nave
heard of one of these ladies, when her col-
lr enauceu t . oe pintieti awry, say t nat
it was pinneu on antiiK
. '
was pinned on dntnk-also, that her
bonnet was drunk, meaning crooked on
,IW llt,aj. Whea disconcerted, ahewas
' floored.' When submitting to do a thing
....willingly, she Wb?ought to thS -..v. :: ... ,-
'he sly. bha talked ot a cerUiu great
vocalist "singing like a beast.' She be
lieved it very smart and pi.iuaut to use
these expressions. It is true, when at
these expressions
1.1 .. ! i.i.
hall a dozen
our'itml ad to u'lmt cli. ,ii-,iilil anv nnvl I
" " J
And yet she was a woiuau of mauy god
qualities; and one who boasted ot having
always 'lived uisociety..'
Tragical Scene Mijssbs. Emok As I
Mou - in.r striLiitr.. ami hoiit-t-rtMidiior Kf.n. I
'ilke .,lie l''Vrty.llt sending you a brief
!-. en --- - - . - . - . .. .
I... . ..1.
113 related to me bv mv brother-ill-1
. . ;
in resides m W aupacca comity.
iu the same ..ueuruiior-.
hooil) a day or two previous to my lea
ving the ; citate, w Inch was about two
weeks ago. ,
"X larmcr sold n vxikv of ttratrhr-
lllVidlial 111 the lletgllllorllOOd, and receiv-f,(
cd his pay in pmier money. Ttie man WM,ij ,;ot .fmin far. Said I, - WiUiata. : we ever dwiro to sef nit-a water jmil. -f " d.bilitv." Uvin'tr attained th. remarkable
who purchased thu oxen, being in a hlir-! ias it come to this T He answered thai he had .K-u nfifii' AMrrnxm. "age nt' lltt years. W bate knows of severs!
ry to sart off, TcqnestBiitheflinncr. to as- not H cent; a friend, nor a ehititw ht-tp trim iti --v : j ' '.use of tWIe rmngte s great- agevtntt do Wot
sist hini in yoking them up. He accord-j the world. I asked for his wife. "Oead." I , .... remeujiber an instanc any where of any color
ingly went to the yard with the man -for! inquired for his children lw name. His sons! lun-vus oFTtiE jAi-AStiouos. iaeijtmmjllg M n -sw-a.,h ahav, andww
that purpose, leaving tlio inoiiev lying on j were killed in Canada ; his dimiluvrs w.-tit ou M ashingtoii Star of yesterday sjiys : diuuld l inclined to discredit this, but that the
the table. On his return to tho house, ' the S;,iJ " Wiliiatrt. those thh-e young ; ye iavt, everv reason to Udi'eve that ' oeialiy renurWd to us from the city boa
he found his little child had taken the mo ' Wiin-l the counu r are my .son. : n tlm , sine on notifving the Government l,,ul- M"bilt
...... l,l.l. I wOJ in l,ae. dauirhters. voiinir wonK-ii, aix- with mother. r:, tUU ...
ijv lit'iu ... tcairii , iii nun vitv aa-' wi
kindling the fire in the stove with UW
the impulse of the moment, hehiti"
111 an aoioming room, on Hearing tne ira-
..... ., .. ..
Cas,.dropped the child, and ran to the room
u'li.tfi.n 11m 111ki.11 i.i-iK....i..,i.aiii 1 iruu an.
imicli what she there be-
UeU ghe f ( (he j;tt,e e,lil(j jn the
hib'for aihie, and upon her return to tlie
husband, after a few moments reviewing
.1, lw,r.ieA lion .Auinir tiro nr bid
the scene before him, stieinz two of his f,
own children (kad, without lurther rcflcc-i
tton took uui. n ms gun and blew .out .
-ClttrJainl Leader.
0. F.
HICJ ilOllier. HIIU WIW ll. I1U Cl .Ol 1 .-".on .. . un rente... in-i n- , I1"' .,. 1110 ..(....s. ..vv.-. ..
Th Christian and Infidel Family.
Alxiul three month af. t 1 cnnii; to N'cw' York,
mini ty (lie nnnns
red hh n iourney-
ma UarkMukJt in tlm hum Utoft )ift -.
at work, in Liberty Rtnvt,u.Niite Littl.- jrden
!".. .. A ... . ... ...i. I . .1
rhiMn-n TIm-v wwh U.tti of un in.U
?S JZ thoTwK
which th..y bghtWriifi, .u,,id,d thi,n.
W ilhrna was fMtrik-fpt mlteaJ, and -
as not as the iron which he hammered, lie was
. , ... . , , . ., ,. ,
soon UtiJ buld W m the. ture 1 MfM-roy, and
" -8-"t-"-
At tbb time (U06) thrre eame
i ) -,
into Hie city
once been
ireaeher of that irospel li wan now trvms to
, t . ,b. ' .. , , . , '
destroy. I heard two or three ot hi lectures.
rr r. , , , . . . ,
lie said that be professed to preach t he jrtiiel
, ., , ' i! .
tor three or four years atter bo was convinced
... J '
that religion was a cheat, and tie bible a com
pound of lies. ' Observe hew, tlii man had tlie
inodeslv to rail against livtKM-riKV. I heard him
inaw me loiiowiuii cirvuuisiaiice ; siiMi lie. wiiie
.: . i ' i r si i-. ,
time after I beeatiie a preacher of iiindehty, 1
I.... .1... e. n ..: .'. .: l i .. ...
. r , i " .
was eonvenung with some one on ,(lie subject,
. . B , . ,' ' 1 1
when, in order to give weight to an assertion II
ii , i i . r i
had made, 1 expressed mvscf thus: I-as flrinly 1
W.i c . 1 1 . .1 . 1 1 11 i .1
leve tlie fact, as I believe that J shall e the 1
sun shine on to-morrow."' This was at 10 o'
clock p. in.; but he never airaiu saw the sun.
Before he awoke, the sun shone on very hill ;
but with lii ti) there was darkness in. all his bor
ders, lie died in Philadelphia, ii1h.ii! three Years
thereafter, as-blind in body ttii.l hiiiid as the IV j
vil himself could wirh. Elihu I'aliner was his ,
name, lie mentioned this awful plieuonn iioli
injW..of Ilia liftiire, that ha'imiaiht.. eaplain
away the judgment-like aspect of Heaven, and
account for it from natural eauws. Some of hi
disciple perhaps were salisfkd by his explana
tions ; but he was not satisfied Jiiiis (f,
Palmer, the blind lead r of the blind, held
his lectures on Deism in liat were then known
as the Assembly Rooms, in William street, just
where Cedar street now opeM going down into
t earlstwwt. tedar street terminated in William
sttwtat tiitK!ot1.
But--iUHit t William Carver.- H-
Htd-ty one of tlijlxe lioarv
hoarv-lieadwl incendiaries
(who orshii tl4 ltevit ill Tiiuimnnv Hull at
the present dav) into this lltiiigcon of Ilesimir.
ti -.r.... ..I,-...... :.i i i ..i... .i .i .
trini. and soui. caiiie tLrth .. tlamiiu, ..,ihl.d :
.V 'liZZ "T - TT "i
borse nitik t hiy cmfl was to miike lioune-iini . -r
W both wrouiliUhr the ,, employer. Ik '
had a fine wom.a for a wife and 'three vounjf.:.
IU now turned liis back on the rinir. li. nnd sc-tj ''ber of the elnckeiif
his fate towards the (iiv of D.-stnutimi ; ami!. The lecturer said, "I Will answer you
liU aU fwat jllitiilieti, who never aUMwanvviMtvliii Yankee style, by aakuig you a tpies
tlnnk freely but a liemselvest-Tie - eonis tUi r.rtfoir If it lirrlc, "pretty, w Ml v geilleeT;
w k to futlu . SUv too, kiiu d huu iu huduttu HuUl c pultot on, au etftr of
ward marcli. The children. ;rc voung, so the
fstbef and muilii.'r let tliem nil go vr Ttre Tti-ttt
in their own way. This then as the begin
ning of ornw.
r or 8(veral ieaisi after this. William and I
Ueroujriit in the same shop, antl our families grew
up witiiin thseeduors of iaie another. I wanwsj
anj exxtulatel wild liiin in vain. '
tine day he brought into tlie shop an armful
of books, magazine, tracts, ttii-i m.-iry journals,
and auiung them a tint edilioii oi' lie.-liiole,
.'r, H,lJ lie threw lb. in on
i coiuinelict'd' bloniii the fs-IU.
tt hat are ou about, William :
said I- 11 To
make a fire of lhen.', as lie.
Jiv beir(j'"H.
eouilng. and a Uiree dolkr llt, 1 p.ur.-it 1m tm
, - l. m - - .... i
Etc of the earth
It is a remarkable coincidence in the order of
providence, that .my Mining in ..sjinact with
Carver bhjught u also in close communion
with Thomas Paine; Carver, his wile, and l'aine
being natives of the same town iu Kngland ;
and l'aine and I boarding with Carver at the
same time. Tuns, while we four joined in social
converse for hours in the winb-r evenings, I learn-
jWwii'liiMtirf 'iVwiii lila'pintH. iimfc" wfim'
intimacy continued more or h-ss, j tracVd him to
his grave. $I think alsi that 1'iovideiioe lias
lengthentHl mv Jays that I milit tll lo geoera-
lions vet to come what I saw witli untie evm.
.- . .
e., ......... UMI: ll....:.. .
" .- ciu... l. . n.l.o.1. jiioihk ..on com-
mencd tlie downward tiak, lbgan-to neglect f
ms'businea (some tune previous he did business
for hiiiiself, an J was pruspcruii; in hi xejd for
Propagating his new principles. In the shop, in
tlie street, and at every corner, you might hud
l.:... : ... ....... i:..i. i i
...... pouring i" i;, V,
ontspnemeo every unng wine,, sckh-.v ,n genera,
pies cot distrusted, shunned his shop an. sacrei.i, inai in.Kieraie men 01 huv iirinei-
1 com
liaiiv, Shd'hTiTwurTin1!' cirx'-'iifBSfSfif
it... i,.... .1... .1.;..,..,!, i.i.ii.i
We did tint meet for twenty years. But whil.
I tent sfure in 'the Itlei.tmir-lioil-'c in I.iU'rtv
street, in 1828, he came in one mornim about
ten o'clock, and akel for twenty-five cuts with
At first T knewTiim ;
i?e l.J.lte.1 n iifl hearl-strii-ken that
, ,
01 ".. ever gave tmi a r,. tur. . aau j
f.vd iimi with ;
"re 1
"I d..; and your prediction t tuinileo to tne
"... - .
said he.
Havillir parted w ith your Bible," 1 coiitiiiu
"vou turned your Kick on the church
.","r ;
H...4. 1 w.n ..ft. Im. .11, ...A m ilil...... fa, minii..r-ish..
v..v... -v.v ... ... ..v ... , t
strav sheen
iney w.i -inrwHwjinrjiniiHi. 'i
dmlroyer. 1 led niine lo church, where lliey
wi.m ft.-,, firi.nwl In ..vit t, Hti.l
ill )ii.i- mini i-vM ennl.ivli In lltil.r,. t.'ir lhells,lves.
w they walk in lhe ways of w Ud.un. which
are - pUwatntur aud jewee.
IHe literally groaned in spirit, and exclaimed,
Hi ! ifmtld "l reeaH. t he hj thoM -throc. yeaiw
Mlil lrit-p WHO SllOlllll IM lll'Sl To
of my. life, I never would renouniw tn.v religion."
" Said I, " Yon ought to pul.linh tliew euti
nifiiU itli -your Mm."- -- - -
llf ini.l it was now too lute ; he felt dint he
could iK-itlier recant nor wjirirt.
-tba lWrta W loved on guwCtlitusal, and stop Utere. 11am n h
. . i a ;u i. . . n l.,.5',1 wlu : i- . . j i Ti
hvn'e ,ttJ "T.y".;? tf2 W' proinpt, Indignant denial t
,,",1 '"'u'f.T &ZZ2t .W,,h. n.eitt of fact "Tttf-
""""": "" " "-- -
f j -g, taMirf
' . . ' , , , . ,, ,
Itw pureantl ronnty bart Hie Urotiff current of
, : . ... .
Ahlyeara agowuutd the wild snliieer has
l'('d hiiu trom iiiiluiice and rtuprctahililv down
to w(y nd du . ,j t1mj ruM ,,u
u" i,..j. .,:.. t. ii i
i , , . , .. , . ' . ,
i and cheek of his dear little one were reduced
, ,. , , , . , . . , . T,i
to skeletons l)V iiegliKS and want: the warm
. . . , : , , . ,
I aftvetion of his heart were eon : no noble as-
... a j -.i i : i i . . n i
ntrntintiit fl:nneH withtD Ills manly breast '. all :
all, are in ruins ! Delirium tremens hare sein-d
upon him ; his wife has been laid in the silent
tonib. and her little ones by ber side lie only
u , - , . , - .. . . ... r
rt-mains of In met hwvn tumuw ; tie only
i i A . . . . , , , '
leu w W'll- ine au imih w ins inn ;
i i . e i
He commenced ins downward career as a fitsh-
- .,,uiMtt, ,rinbj r i.lmiiunr hinmlf
Hjiiituie. iiiiMicrni. tiTirricr; 1111 liuiiiiui!; miiiseu
, . , . , 1 1 1.
upon the weak idea that he never would be a
,' , . , .1 f ,
VII 111! KUI LI. L,,ll lin.v. l MV IHW HMHII m
noble spirit ; they have been decoyed from home
entirely unconscious dint Hutu is wiiiuuing
them' awav from their families. ,
Then, Mod.mte Drhiker, when you are 'shoot
to hfthir spaTktmg "gtiAPt to yotir llS, r-mein-ber
that the next will advance you that much
further in tlie course of the. llrurikard! Ik
thk Loved omks at Homk! Kui'dit of Jerieo.
A Fnd Question Funnily Decided.
At the close of a lecture on physiology be-
iore the evening cuool, a tew mgbts since,
t the lecturer -remarked that any ne was
at liberty to ask questions upon the sub -
ject and that he would answer them as
far as he was able. A y utM ladys-with
piMtry-nt Bineerity, yeniarkcd tlmt
ulio hini ufinoKtton to.nslr. tltoii.di sIim tvus
,...,..: tt...t tt .1 KKw-f-nstf-
I ,,, J;,i,r ; t ti t.
iii viii, iiv'-r; . j iinmiv Honiii
! was as follows : I
t Jf one hen lays an egg and another
MB "n h and hatches out a cirickeii, which
xtaction, and hatches a great, hoiitelv,
1rmttgvp11hrSnke,'' riaiFfiittodv"
awlaLaited S?liangliae, would yon, if
v'tu were that little white pullet, own the
great homely monster!''
" No," said the young lady "7wuWV,"
M Very we!," said the lecturer, that set-'
ties tli question, for it is a principal in
physiology thjtt think "and act a
like in nil essential particulars. . .
- . .- . -A
Mesi-rs,. Ifouston of Ala., and Jones of
Tedli., tiro Hemocrntic member fif Con
oi jAioiji liic iaic.ei.A ucuiiic, ucuiuttuiiic
'iiaitiiieiit are more
than the receipts. The days of higli post
age are past. The people would not sub
mit to an increase of the present rales. If
the Franking privilege was modified or
abolished, the Depurtmeut would more
thai! pay expenses. In a few. years, even
under the present system the receipts will
more than equal the cost of transporta
tion of mail matter. There must be uo
reduce them.
Danokk of Paixtkd Pahj.
desire to direct the attention
-" I would uf the"- Scietrfifi AftioHcaU W lt1
.t the na
,l.,ni., .-.f ..itl ..-Liy.!, I.t... II
.j;. unnj j.i. " ..iv,i. o.v .imni )
itisidefir coti tain itig wafer for domestici
purposes, the oxide of lead with which
.1 : l r . ... i
tiifv lire inititfieu wauniigrrwutnmiintaftt
I kno'w it is imxluctive of evil in many
eases. Ijtst week, having taken a drink
. ' .
'"r waKlr rr",u a raiuted paif which had
vim,od fniu th(? of Hc .watt.r.. Mt it
"ihad taken iti a artion of the paint, an.h
haKUianaUMtd the water, I fomtd 4t t
. .cii iniiiiiie . ilium., ui un -
wilier Were taken, to produce those fcar-l
! fill dise-iises lieculiar to lead poisonings."
JAJOS M.tstll
We advise all persons to avoid usuig
painted w.awien iiails. a coat of vajriiisTT
Inn rh.. mit.d(l.. i'k nil the eiolicHKshlllellt
j . h
1 1 'I -tll (fij tn IT1 ill it inn nj'iita s. .
r,r '.pn.MasH,s, .vs
tnaT engage-,
fer his rom-
from the Chi-
home, with
steamer and twi
i hum. th.jjms.d.'.atVwhich art totmaiu-iii lliat l
.1 1 . ' L" ... 1.. I!
.uncr uu me ivguim v . iim
.. .i.......i-.' L - .....i:..
tadroti And further, tlmt the .return-i
;mg vessel will come Home via flte racltlc, ;
1, ,,...).;.. .,,. I'mm.;..... ami) ..ibi.r .,.,.! i ... . . i. ... '1
important iHitiits in the usual Pacific route, '
.t. . -. irv.- T-;.ri:.;r-ev:;j. i:x"::. -
VIIIVIIIII ... . l.'.V. ..... ut'.. HI.WI
: : ,1 .,,.,1 l.,;tt
hence to the L uited otates. tlio com
. . , . .
modorc is expected to return hiimyelf, over-1 " is gravely assertesl, that the organ of
land w ith as little delav as nisilile. ! reverence is absent, on leave, 111 Anieri
1 ..... ,
: 7- - . ,
, i
We discover great beauty in those who
are not beautiful, if they possess genuine
truthfulness, simplicity, and sincerity.
The London Morning Herald comments
aa follows on the Britialt and Kussiatl cor-
'reo'iideiicef , " "
" The Cair gradually, cautiously ap
jiroaehe the auhiect of hi. desttfled
IctJimo. - jfjj nnveifr hir meaning bj" de-
jgrees. lie says enough tor iu hearer to
Key i not urine, ana we ao not mean
tbL be holu i; r No, ft. scarcelr-
Veiled proposal of partition is listened to
?a..'twL !: WH
faint that the Czar might well ie excus
ed fAimmR it insincere. W do Dot
say that Lord Aberdeen yielded to tiis
temjitaiion, but we say that be allowed
himself to seem on tlie verge of yielding,
and by that vacillation encouraged the
Czar to act. Decision came too tote, and
Europe is involved in war, and thousand
of lives will be sacrificed because an En
glish minister Las shown himself, on a
great emergency, not indeed 'credulons,'
for creduilty alone is no sufficient expla
nation - of his conduct, bnt vacillating, in
sincere, and weak."
A bad omen for Turkey, (says the
N. Y. Express.) and for the "powers"
that espouse her cause," is the spread of
tlie Insurrection in Greece. It la. a strug
gle on tlie part of the Greek Christians
to get rid of Moslem rule a struggle which
tlie Emperor of Russia may be supposed
to do- all in his-power to encourage."
The Greek Christians, on the other hand,
make no secret of the fact that theis sym
pathies and good wishes are all on th
' ""to of the Cxar the head of their
: v Imreli, m Ins contest with lurkey and
the alitti of Turkey, Thia stataof things.
of course, adds to the eaibarrassimeht of
Grwit Britain ; ItT with what gritea eau
lie. turn her-, army against the Greek .
the very Greeks, it may be said, for whom
her cannon roared at Navarino I
ABotmoK! LHiKiwen. fSenator Buckc
low, of Pennsylvania, in an admirable
speech in iavor of thct Nebraska bill, thus
j M Kir,,tl sjdrit of abfditionisin-is th- -.
roughly venomous and implacable. N'
crnct'Ssltirwilf:sarhify or appease it
Inspired .by a deadly, inextinguishable .....
hatred of our system of confederate gov
ernment, it would rush to the accomplish
ment of its designs over a prostrate Con
stitution, and through the baleful flames
of civil war Destructive in all its instincts
and passions, it is to be resisted as an
enemy to whom no quarter is' to be
given, and to conciliate whom is to be
tray onr country."
..iwiercVxin tn the Turkuik Army.-A
fetttf tn tne Hostrm TrercIleT, natpd ton-
cans are now iu the Turkish army one
Having the commission of a colonel, and
the other, I think, of a major. The for
mer was a captain iu the United States
army. Both have gone to join the troops
at hare, near the Georgian frontier.
Crime in J'tilMiljMa. Since Mayor
Gilpin's installation, last October, up to
the present time, 2fl.iK)5 prisoners have
been bronght before him. Of these 2,076
tes 709 were arrested ; 150 for counterfeiting-,
and 14 for burglary. There
were cases of drunkenness and
disorderly conduct, attributable to the
- -y '
Siune the. North. In New
hire, in the lake and mountain
there is from two to three foct '.f snow on
r ... , " . '
ift. ,ev.e! ,n ,1,e helds d. w,wd9' d the
sleighing is good
Baltimork, April 7, J8J1.
i ..i.-j:. k....i, :..
he Ulmle J
- ,w f iuWhijp-a WIuje Cmn :
. Leiris atur e ecta bv a an iiib nr tv.
n lmnerl'mit the maiivitv against the TK-m-
ocntts is 5.000. Wliiir maioritv in tlie Senate
13 in tlie House 3S.
AtemarhttMi r'f Fratie ir Iree" wo-
m:.ii .vf c.Jor. ,li,l iwvndv .1 th.. ..ilr liui.1
-umym e asv.
Uuisvill,. JoU,al. The Editor of tlw Alabama
j, l!tJf niM ilxi, hr idkiwib j Whv
u ,1, int,,u. J,,u.iKLi;t.
nu cWwud tun I 'Becaosswis'tae rwraeS
,Harch." .
l ntiw, who is a "dead' shot." loaded his
p.u. ikI lakimr aiiu, k4 tW Flng renn hvt it
.1 . . ..V. tl
- i. .i....i.-&.i.ti .
... me e-.-iu uie bjho.ihk mauner u
wit : Way will the editor of the r.lag. at the
01 m career iiirougii we iw ime a tune ot
Pairaiiiiii's t Because he . ill be evceuled on .
fi:. . . .i .- .1 i... . ... -.
I C-
Uincle strimr."
. Lainartiue is said to be engaged ou a
life of Washington, which will pe publish
ed wiihiu this var. 1 , . ..

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