North Carolina Newspapers

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A General Convention of thei friend of In
teraal Iu.provcroent will be held
T ohjwl of the CoaveoUi will e to conid.r
mad rerm sd a p-wrr! Isternal
Iniprwemeot, by Kail KuaJa, (or Uk tUU
DdajTOeriii (Ti&aTlWproveimiiT ari ii
vited to attend.
Jtairaa Taaaly.
Chaa. K. Ki.B.f,
Nathl liorden,
John W. kllw,
U.-A. I )",
John I. Slisver, '
Wi. Murphy.
At 4.Wuiuali-
I. F. LHwell,
John A. tfilmer,
Jaoub Slier,
II. ii. Wcxnttin.
V. F. ('..wan.
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John A. Aieritt.
Jona Worth,
II. H. EllHtt,
A. H. M.vr-.h.
, A. Ii-kery.
It S. French,
"W.T. Troy,
Edmund M. ljueen,
X, A. McLean.
Tatriik Murphy
R. I. fiolding.
U. T. Waddill. -
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Fmal tha Lyachbarf Eepobtican.
aVailroad Conneetioa between Lynchburff
- and Sorth Carolina.
Mturt. Edibtrt of tkt Hrmhtimm . In tei
ping aside for a moment from a clvu ly eoiitiiiini;
oreupation lo writo iti' letter, I hae had bm
. little hope of enlightening the publio mind ut
on a subiect of so 111U1 h iinixirUure. I have
writiM. in a sn im ii ij-i, hoeralilv. nut
iriiauewi nuT-raiu,, um
act- (alien it for K') j
I Danville railroad ""!
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"sdir-hj wrgstn''W
privatu. In tho o'ulel '1 f.aT
ed that the liichmoud and
t be e,U.,,..ed u. the (Vk,! of. the IUu rslg.. in
I alnek county, nnd even beyond (hnl .ilfl.
Aid... .i: ii,. ii I ..;!.. i, .r.. "nJ.
At' U,,me.,rof the laat Legislature
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as a
ri.Lr.rr- .rr r . r-. i r .. . ... . 1 1 it is hh h uibiiiivi ifuirv vi iiiBiiiutiiii. , , . . i ..... .
IU t V 1 W ar. U
!t"tltttV '' S 1 n except tliat we believe it ifinretty blrong, , - . -i : ; , 11 rf;fiif ;a v. o.xf ;., I mauo Ins escape by bonntr a hole through
JUimT- , , , , . and hat it is bad policy iu any other par- i "f '"' "' wc'" " 14 7?Wl' , W'e amount of wearing apparel. A 1 artihcm ght s too je loa nd iu -(f RJ no..we fettrn. from
A i. tb. ocap-d by iteloMhiM. W itl. du regard fur the judgment of oih.ens , lv ,., n..turallv its rival to overwhelm i or K1'1 n"les east or i',rtl"'at from the Lite crayons may be made of rariSjtimc will ujure the eye. lcrsouswho s , ' t!,t two other Drisonera have
Ai WttUj. wl..n maile thi, r.d sho,.M T.a.1 - r,T ' " V ' i .1 1? . village, .w.Lt re the people were nearly all white, or Spanish white, which is nearly read or write much at night, must expect i 1 ,LV,i ' !. . , It 7?! If vljt
mt la mmim t I awara i Maaiaf 34 or 2J arm. 1 woi"'i w, "en inai le, tin nd mioiiiu lean lt ,v vnih-iit denunt'iatiiiii. Uur business , . T ... . 1 i . -., , . ., '. ' . , . , . J f i. i.,i t;i,f !. ,.,. adopted the same mode ol egress, and fled
:!aSrX-E-. AlifrU-.Vlou.of Lvihburg. eiih.-r up the .alley of Kuh- 'to-.Ly is with aditlVrent association, ivor ot iiidependence ; for at that the same, and wheat flour and .if.K, ,1a l' k- Cherry and l'roctor
'ZZfJir"" - or up the v.llev of liUlwater ; io ' whicfc, we hope is on the increase in the "" '". ,lie were nearly ever v- he correct ,,ro,ort.ons are hve oVL S or cJulle Sf, m , ' CoufiiMdn ef.i-of
rta m a fracuuaal pan. " .. ' . , J. r.-, i w. , 1 ,i r .. i : i ,r . . . r f where so impudent and so confident of Paris white, one jiound of flour, and sum- ra) s ot gas, lamp or candle. ie morn- . , , . m
u inretH.g,...,r the of ew L uited states, and of ,u Inch wo profess to d 1 ,()lrtr coulU u o eicnt water to bake .'dougU of these um-1 ing is the best time to use the eye, both "V ,Mr IIJraau nt8r, m latter for
.h- in tl-.u-.dW, 0.,0.1-1... ,ofecnble,a,idjbet.ausel,e light is then generally the "lirn, SfrJ Sat
iiiif;.h . (j; cr m our uiuortui Aeouunt. en u hut hmihi'oui u . . .. . f " ' . u ( in(.r nt iumr m n t ho imiuU t. w.i.,.. . lAatn .n. u t.. a,.v niitl.iiiir ot tli:m PftlHllHll!'li. um ) ir Ml or frjisiiir Ml.
m i . ri.c - - r- - i mi in i in n i.r ii hiii ! ii m ill ni it. in tvi.& mi iti. - . . 1111 nr i I'lin Tirui iin.ra , inriii iittc. r uiiii-:' u n. iii.ii niir iiini rv I ill ii.i'h ui n ill I i ni' im; 1 1119 111111. . .
lull wiuon their eakiider for the of llml sccm of all, in which our young hero
road to Tnyloravilln the eotinty ai nt of Patrick. ' slioiie forth, wringing exclamations from
I have ,u).iud th extension of the South side ! lips that were hufletting the hungering
r.d fro... Lynchburg un the valley ofjau.e, riv-! waters llien murmuring lor their prey.
er , (ViviiJ 7,1-!... .iTi ffniiinil..,.,,. Holm, (.tor Unit was. his, lu.n.e,)
uent lt.Mlros.1 from Lynchburg to Itiel.n.on.t Ui-
i. ..i.i.-MTal li. -ll... Ulnlrt flnif I kniivr nf.
en bo aggrleTvwl by tha making of this road
i. front Lynchbrrrg tolhffiforth iarottna, hwH tl
1 -dl seetiooa mast beuefltedTiy itl Ite ehai
efltedTiit: Iw ehai-1
i-tar. s. a dividi-nd paying- road ia too j.f eaiitttiiit.j
.L.'. "-J... ...... . l:.U....VUUCTMWKW-i--M-m-----
to make it uairy to urge it on tliHt ground. Jn Greek or Roman days such a man,
Wbi-n mmlu from Ljuclil.urg to SalUbury or ! if he had not awarded the honors of dei
Chrlott, it inurt furm imrt and parcel of the ' ticution, would have had Senates decree
gr.t Atlantic and Tacift-Kail way" the la ing him stututes and inouumentg every
of hid. will ret upon the hank, of the St. ' 1w.liere to commemorate h.s deeds, that
, , i ' i . ii i i his example imirht not be lost upon po-
Lawrvuoe, liil it othf-r extremity will reach' .. ,r, . . :.,. ... i..-
' , . . ,o .tenty. llts conduct has given new lus-
to Uie .liorea of tlie I'awfic, at the bay of San trt witl, tlmt of the cravens
Kranciwo. z- . who, only anxious to save tlieir own lives,
I will here giva an extract from a letter al- i 8luit their ears to the shrieks of the help
dreaaed to the wiiler by highly intelligent : less women and children that were grap
geuUisman resiJing near Charlotte, N. C, fore- 'pliug with horrors all around and about
.. -y ,-v.i ; . I them. Honor.thcn, eternal honor, to him
. . . - i . :
local and national point of vmw he AJ.
glam-e at the map of the United Stti Wilt uliow
diat C'linrlotle in N. t i almoat the cent re f a ' j
atraight hue lietween Mobriu and New loik, an
ei.ediliuu and convenient inland way, otfeiing
by l.itenil nmtn nnmerom market for the vari-
:wl productkma of a rich interior. ,,h(pfa ft!taH
I mad euterpri) with the aUUidiary roadx of dif
; ferent kind, w ill nerejiaarily ad ( antage the coun
try through whii'h it may pan.
The main Kailm! routi in the upper tectum
ol uie rAoiiinern nuiea win lie muen mwrrwi
jatcrtainaeiwoiia. n.eyatr.irdfcililieatoapro-
line mounuin ,u..try, and by the latt-ral line.
I U, the ,K,ru of Savannah. t harbWOnunllU-In ami terrified at the
i ton. Norfolk. IVu-rsburtr. and liiehmond. ri.e .
rhbioei nu.rk.-u, according u. the demand of
tallev of l iif nter, and thence on throuvh the
e-iuu'tv of Henrv. running north ,4 the fourt
1....,. rn. it;., it... .;l.t l. .l, ...I
by thia line
;, ..... .
ine near uie niouin 01 loan run rei a'
iorrivKt ia Xurlh ijuuliua
1 a..,i..i.i.hT..r,
Ih eastern of the
th.a.t.mlia-. ,.f tl.
Fork wl.a-1. run i the South-eastern I ..f the
aiiT Trwir chain of mnaH mrmntahw and :
tii iulu ln rm-r near the town ijf Madison
alloiiU through the whole enlenl of itn valley a
most excellent grade 6r a railroad. Tiie mmu
imt la tween the I'an and tin- Yadkin Ik -it.g lliui
gained, a mot em-i lletil grade there lets iu doan
the vall.T of tl.e Utter; and Sali-tiiiF? ii aily
The .Vorlh ( wrolina 1 gi-lalure mih niei t.
Let a road tu the Tirmia Line he eharti-riij and
ftairWfttWfl t,rt"e. and Vfrgii
liu iifijn-jl: mut l a -naul
Lv nehbur);. A to the means
road, as far a Virginia ii. ciitioerueil, ii ivkimuti
that tb? cnuntry (hroiigh whicli it a ill pas i 1
ne of the wealthiest in tie- Slate. Tin ILiirsl.-n-, j
the Martina, the Salplii", the Ki dd. the IVnns, !
and various other ! owner in 1'itiM hama. .
H.-nrvand I'atrk k aonht funiisli a larjf amount
nf that kiiid of lal.r shkli I kilo u 10 bv suit- iiiriin r wai rantea try the voni;uuion 01 cim ovpr that tiiiirning, elthet lllcldeli
vlj fcir ra.lfon.1 wmL.- jOte 1'uited States, which iire a repre-, taUy or on an ewandr or, more probublv,
w I..II. iu.ii.-tt. .... .. .J.TITTT1-, . ....... i . -I iii ii r
IU.- ii. ol your eoiunins, aij to our iiiiiii.tous
reailtm for their patience.-
From thr A". Y. F.zprti.
Amidst all the terrible incidents ntten,
dant 1.1.01, the destruction of the Arctic,
whi'ch we have been receiving these two ,
davs past, there is one that impresses us
with a teelmg of awe ami admiration
heroes is not vet altnirefher gone by. Wp :
iler to Uie yoiiiW man, whose post of
ty throughout the Irving scene was the
tiring off a signal gun, aTiiilcrvalH, in the
lioiie of attraeling thc'attentiou of vessels
from a distance to the scene of disaster,
While all around him were death and de
pair, in bold relict nn-re lie siood, IhKe
... i'it'7 i .-t-f 1 r r. V
i i . i ..... . i . i .i-i
it:..... i,..,j,.h' ii , tf.n ....I,..
UeilTI III Ml."
tion of a true hero, discharging gun utter
gun, .fntil the gallant ship went dovVn be-
Seath the waves. Mere was a courage
and a ma..lii.ess,- defiance of deatlJ
hmf anrndh
s.. f. .a .is.. I rtiiil I In. c.ilili.ii-
... . -. . ...
in inn iui 4ii iii'i hum, iin. m-iuivi I
with a lee ing ot awe ami admiration,.:- i - - v. i i ,
ind shows nil tlie world that the aire of11 movements, with a jealous and sleep-'
.ilia sin s an tne worn ina- n t age or t-..,5-;.....n;-w... ...-;'
braves the Kin" of Terrors at the""1" ""8"' " -- wem omy .10 prove
.' ..,.,,,,1, : .,i. 1,,.
T-tllll"tl r lll.'illll in ..iiiiiii.IT .1 ... m o -.vur
of courage improvised for the .K-casio, ;
aiuLnuiaiuUiiuw" aniuml
hint. -There can be pl-oj.erIy no cowards
when men are drawn up in battle array,
with drums heating, eolors flying, and
thoughts of reward and. promotion flit
ting through the brain! if a victory is
won. Dantards dare any thing then un
dcr such stimulants. Hut the bravery of
the ballle-lleld ia not the I.Jiivery which
was shown by our young hero
of the
wreck. The former is a specie of unnat
ural courage itjs of an animal nature;
but the latter was moral courage of the
1 highest and noblest kind. With his tight
led march he seemed to stand, on the quar
ter ot that devoted ship, hurling ilctiaiice
! u it wont. 111 the verv laws ot death u-
aa j. were, in viic .wi v ihb v. ii.-i.i-ii h- .
o ,Ioni;,HM, rut 10ll. a - niav dieilt his
, ...:,iw... .i-,.,.,) ,,1.'f,.r i
. . ii' o' 'ii.'
. . . - .. 1 .1 . .
-s - -
, ol t...i VrB that would make most
. I . . ... ... . . . ,
rnt,M (.,)W.,n Awfully iinpressivt, in
i i . -ii i . .i .1... l;
tt,r.jl,v i.ielo-dramatic. was the lust
' " could not be induced to leave the ship
u . . thofin. from first to
' . . . 1 n . 1 . 1 ... 1. .. . T.'.'."i
last, firing Hi'i.als: he kept tiring that
1 1. ,,m Bt.ijirvul till the ship i
j We saw hifntw the tvry tM
turt, -trt
mote tm
' '.'"1
i. ' '
U'lin u-unf HAwh In ilimlli u Miiimlnrnr nf
, , . , u,j,;n.a,i nni,i
M mil I 41 Ol liv.l.13 null iiuv i.vwv
spirits on bouril,-
but uoue nobler than
The brnv min ia mi) he who feela do fear,
l-'ur that werii tttHS anil irralinnnl ;
But hn wIkmmi nuhle niul it feiif ubdua.
And bravely bravef the danger naturx ahrinka
' ' from. . .
From tA Sirutkera Wetkly Pott.
The country is alive with reports of the
j . .1 . ....:...,
dtlja " Know N'ofliinirs," and many of,
uouiis o. null very nit bai-iius u:ii
ur simon-pure politicians profess fJ he
multiplication of its nu.uhers. We shall :
.'have nothing to say of its merits or de-;
,i... ,.....,.; k ;...i;,..,t.l I... ;U
w0 ,,reteiid to a little knowledge of men"'
...... ii.;...,u .;,i ....,.r.l ;i .. .....
.1 1 t 1. r. ,
l'io ui"aie mis anon ivult u oil us we ran
auiy-mr: our felloe citizens, that we mav
t"tilL' 1,L', "ur ra,lk'i- Inhteud of a
' jat ioi wrijj ei 1 .iLfi we will content
oUi;i)t.j . ut i,,,,. w,'ih a brief state-
mint of some few well ascertained truths,
in llie kiiovt ledge of which our powpr cou-
In tl.e first place, wo liutc that iu eve
ry cpuutry 011 the globe, there is a diMer-t-wte
bHwef the fitrties of the soil and
persons of foreign birth, in resju'ct to the
degree of uttachment which they, feel for
the laud .11 which they reside. We ap
peal to every human heart, wiieu.ex uie
In. ii-t-r in huiierlf Imth .Mi.l.
'I h is uiy oirii. uiy NATivt'land !
t'h..w h.-art hath nrVr witbiu him burned,
A IhHue In ImHi-mi hi hslh luriteil,
Kruiu wauderi. ou.a direi(n atrand
We kwnc that a certain degree of nu-
tir'min is nut urn I and right, and that it is
ctv 1 1 1 ii i . t. iii i. iv .I-. "..I .......... ... -. . . .
, N years, U
senator nun' years, and the
I rrei-.dunt to have been absolutely (torn :
i..,i;..i. r, f . 1 ' 1 , -wiui his own iiieaiutions on the tonn- ski" t cnongn to manmaeture itheiR with
totituite -ham -in iiaturi-w4t-u t sats t l i . - . . .1 . ....5. . ....
. . .. 1, - ' cotning breahiitst or anything else lie eaie. llie expense' ni rrramjr, scorex'ty
i.t making llu nr. aihes ih.r. a mn with .ol . dead. I rbose. .m-nter tbnii that of rbiilk. while it is tar
on the soil. ' an animosity existed between the royal-
i We also I note that a large majority of jBts and the friends of liberty. TJiough
;the foreigners who emigrate to this coun- unobserved himself, and perhaps had stu
try, are disqualified by ignorance, super- j diously kept hiinseif out of. viewr ho-Uad
'""' """I " -lavish subjection to the con-
tr"1 f 'gn pnestlnxsl, for discharge of the duties of citi-
ens, aim mat mis pari 01 our pojniijaiiou
i . i . . i ... ..... r . I ..
requires to be watched, in all their poht-
"-fa ' ""- - --- j .......ij,--"--,.."--. .
du-jCal1 umHt ue '- " proposition,
I"'-"'' ''.v tl,u sacre.l obligiificltis of';
! PU'W"1'''". to counteract, its fall- as he may
! "? a'1'' dangerous tendency of Jnr-,
fitjn coinbinations.
We iiioic that history, and every day s
iDservu.ioii, prove inai mere is un inu-
. rl
" "s . "J "f -,
,,,,,'",l.v- K,'.''ri,,l.v. ,"m"1 t" M,,",.t hi' !
''ie K1'-11' '11W association, r ew ot those ;
h".have U.wimI m abject abasement at
....... m.diti. Sal, .(,.. Itf. i.i lit .t. .
iiiuti ULiii". .-'.i.v v.vviHivun
II I 1
tlie rule. We ktlt'W, therefore, that it
. ... I l
m the people ol tins
'. .t.hiii--i i. ...ui ....... .. in.
hands ol incii, w hose u j'u-eTiieallegiance
is due to an Italian conclave, presiding in
gl nv desj.olisiii over .iinpov,.-i!-.hed de
scendants of the ancient Romans. Jo
seph K. I 'handler, id l'liiladelpliia, is a
case ill point, Mr: Chandler went to K11-
rope a 1 lotentant. lie found a supernan-
ualed 'priest reigning at Koine, over a
'population of ignorant and degraded
pels, who are kepi ill thai condition i.y
long centuries of uiisrule. anil by the hired
liavoiiels of Austrian and French soldie
ry. Mr. Chandler became a convert to'
the faith which has cou.secrated these op
pressions tuid riveted these chains upon
.1 . . 1 1 .. .1 11
. .... ...
1 11.1 -r. .ii -11.. 11 iii'i ii in ill 1 1311 v- 11 nil 1 111.1. ill iu
"v i i
. . . . .- f
Congress, n renew at of their confidence,
Failing lo ivccivetlicrcgular
- . . . , ,
..t I ... U 1 1. re. 1 1.. 1 li.ive Hh. I 111 I. M 11.II1 It'll!
the Whigs,
TcaUT litiltF: aird 'ho ttain.t c-Mecttr tn m
- l,"" t' "V --" - a wtim-n c
llgrie Willi llie Il";illr I. Ill-s im . nil.,-
delphia, that the circumstances of Mr. '
Chandler's change of religion are such as'
to diminish their confidence jn his devo
tion to tliiqprfnciples of free government
unil religious liberty. , .
We hioin tliat the" An'ieriean people
have a pejrfect right to judge- for theiti
i ' : .1 i:.; ..: .'. . i- .1. .: .
down. I selves ol llie qiiaiiucaiioiis 01 men repie- j-... - ....... .,......, - , . . . B-r.- , V- , f , ,-, . . v .
tinna UeutatH 'e. and thikt tbe eMliuktu ut tlto4-.aft.if..Uuiy, .-arc?.witUitt a. lew. -jumi-s, ot; a IciviliZatHritrbutof an imniiiture one. t or,ea to the L itueiis ot the l 111011 as an et-ihis wives and chiUlreinKrt lXMngrec-gni. -iviiiHHLhiirt with' Uoarv svs- i rimnlown fox, and stimulated to the lit- we can PC Known iiMfjnmsrroiy tcctual reuu'ilv lor gimerul deraiLgeiu-iiits. ed w.s neirs. ue cnurcu is me sow heir
' 'Items -of oppression m fctirbiH', .-. a necesun.v o.. imu ". v .-"' .t-,,.t-..,v-.-,......... i n,v s.?..u.v ' . - f--'-- -rr-'V"--:---:" : -. --c-., -.- -..r
sary measure of self-preservation, fully
warranted by the spirit of our institutions.
There is an ecclesiastico-poiitical party in
ecclesiastico-poiitical party in
this country, whose chief are, to all in
tents and purposes, a "secret society," and
the masses ol which are more inclined to
... . a 1
resort to sacti arguiiieitia m tji ie-.Hi-iiiiu ;
hludgfoiis than to the resource- ut'ober
reason, in their conflicts ot opinion. e
know that these politicians who smoothe
over and apologize for the enormities of
I hi uartv. while ther denounce iu un
measured terms the transactions of nUice
citirens who have combined for self-do-
fi.r uiminat them, nre unworthv of the
n j of the smallest otlice m their
.these are some things which we kiww,
and we believe that, in this respect,- mufti
knowledge does not exceed that ot our
fellow citizens generally. We have ut
tered self-evident trutliH, which do not re
quire proof at our hunds.
1 ... .
. i
From " iho Old Norlli Stale in 17(6," by Carathera.
, . t , - 1
AOWaru? l,;e clORC 01 me year j bu, ;
!roua'"' ' nwmon n 01 . m-ecmoer .-
ammmgsUahlL ktoA.nul H II 1.
Bl" "". 1.11. ,
( , (
went out one morning before, day on
riwr IrprrrgTCTy told and- hwrgryv
t',"lc!lull!'1 tllc.V '"lll,J tail at the house of ,
-r. 1 . 1
u .
.ifiouias 1.0U1 . 10 w arm tiieuisei ves ami
Ihonias t
eei someiiuiiii to eat. ia v-oucn was wen i
. . . . . ... 1'
.H "u W 1 " CuU"
brully ami treate.
ac uaiuieu wiui 11. em. aim w.uiai a iroou
. . . ' . . . . . 5
ryvne rCCeU'ea them
thev ;thesie-o
ki"dl-v Hml u "eni as well as lie, process will be expedited somewhat, and I jmpcr, tends to produce short-sightedness ;
e""1,1" Having nTtendcd to their horscrthe crHTfms tro of a-TTmre crmnl Fiz(r;if Ttjawl it-wost-.-rofes8ionttl ineHy-literary
and given directions for breakfast, heaskj '
edl them to walk with him to his hog-pen,
a hundred or a hundred and titty steps
from the house, and see his hogs that he
had up Uuieuing for his winter s meat.
K a. ! ! is an Critlitrett aiTttpted tlw ipvitfe
lion ; but Cuiiiiiiings thought he would
be more comfortable by the tire ; and, as
the female part of the fiiiiiily were
the kitchen preparing breakfast, he was
There was a man living in the neigh
borhood, two or three miles oil', by the
name of Jake I'l aeken, who was a zeal
ous royalist, and was always ready to im
prove any opportunity that oi'curred for
aiding me cause ot his master, lie had
uuki oeeii sueaKing uooui to see w.tat
if them well nnd intimately acquainted
w Bracken. ,.r had been before such
been where he saw tin
they arrived, undcoul.
IllaI1y Wl.nt to tl.e hog
the fox hunters when
1 could also perceive how
e hoc iieii and how ma-
- . . - .
remained. Determined to improve
v 'T ""'"""J ""'"b ""-i.....-,
would recommend him to the royal favor,
i . . ...i' i ....... I
port unity ot doing something that
ue erne. en ine mnise i,, oiu-j
pmg up softly to dimming!-, who was sit- i
ting with his' hack towards, the d.Kir and
j-hj face to the tire, apparently absorbed
ui his own sage reflections nml not dream-1
ing of any danger, laid his hand on hisf
shoulder, and saying as he did so, you are
uiy prisoner, sir, and you mils
my prisoner, sir, and you must come a-,
i iuu iiuiM eoiue u- .
- .. i,v i
was a man ol a ready turn, and a very jo-
-lipositiuii, look.;-., up at him, not at
u disconcerted, and .said to him with a
j,l,,VrilUlt latt-h, "Why Jake, you must
ri'l " . 7 t 'T ,
1 lltTt' W JlS III) Tllllf TO lt lll-ir. ftl(l lit4
. . . .
replied with an air ot positiveness which
, lelt no r.
von know
to don it. l,.No. 1 111111.
well enough not to indulge
any sue!
I am not loking but
111 good, solid earnest, and von must come
ui I...... . 1 . '
along at once, without aintther momeiifs 1 V'niteil States, by means of which, and lutions, roeomrncmling tlie repeal of the
delay or hesitation.." " Very well," said ' the experience to whicli it gives rise, im- Fugitive Slave Law, the re-enactment of
Camming, " if 1 iiiust go, let us be ; po'rtant additions wilt be made to the in-'the " that Per
ot!' ;" and. so saying, he aroise briskly to .formation of the country iuagricuLtural sons holding slaves f..r gain, or for their
his feet and started along with liini or I affaire. .We suppose that the common ; own convenience in any way, or with the
rlse behiml ; but recollecting - at tlut -
lucky moment, that when he went into
hmu; Ii is h utit j uj Im Mil
to a nail on the outside ot the door-post,
he jerked that down; and putting it to his
nioiiili. gave it a few blasts, .., (-Wi,
T'H.ri:, which roused up the hounds from
tlieir slumbers in the corners of the fence, I
i . . i .... i ....
and in a minute, or less, iney an came
i i
. - i. - , - ; -
something, right clever before we go ;
borne." 'The men 'at the hog pen, con-
. . .i i ... . I
veipiug around him. as muen as lo say
111 . .il Iroin I
Mind of the horn, so!
eiirnest'"anr''hO "iiuickrv repealed, that
,, must be souieth.iig ... the wind, and
met CUIllt Willi llll J.iwMOIU eApeunioll ,
lmf tyheu the dogs cunio up, expressing
Km.h h.'arty: good will to do the bidding
of -their master, .lake louinl hiniselt 111 ra-
thcr a " bad box." and " took to his sera-
iiors." down the lane.
lie had not gone
many rods, however, until C-umiuiiigs
.'live the hounds the signal, and the whole '
......L- t....L. oiti.r linn iiiieiiiiur n!t. in-other . I:ml lo the ehanre. not ot a too peneci nmr tv nioilieno. It is a Un n.coiiiini'111 - Pertv descends to the jlornton eliurrh.
voice of their master. Mr. Cuuimings
always loved to tell this anecdote, espe-
cially when In company with his ricnds,
or wlicn lie got in the spirit or talking
.. 'It ..... . 6
wiui any one uiwui revolutionary nines,
and he would generally add, that it was !
.1.- a . I.- - ,:i ti.
tow utuist nh iu riw- taw, umii an
had to take a tree at the end of the bine,
where the dogs kept him as safe ae a coon,
until the men came up. He was then ta
ken prisoner, carried to Hillsborough, and
loclyed in iail. Without adopting the
old Latin maxim, that "fortune favors
jthe brave," we may say that kind l'rovi-;
dence favors the l.km1. or those who are
O 7 ...
heartily engaged in a good cause, and this
important lesson mav be read all through
'the history ot the revolutionary war, in
characters too legible to he mistaken, and
in the minutest as well as in the mostim
portunt events.
Every school-room has, or should have,
blackboards. On these, chalk is almost
universally employed. There are many
,. .. - . .1 .11. ... .1...
objections 10 ine use 01 euam, i.oi uiu
least 01, is, mat auer a promem .s
performed, the flngers voxtobmgprr
se.u a u.ny u.iu appearance
lare far' preferahlje, Could they be gener-
ally employed, it would be a favor done
f a pitiVa.v5:Uid-away..AUimJeadil)g"4-r -ri
dacT. or in the sun. to drv : the I We at ni-dit, tl.e. light should fall crowT
a warm pi
...... .. r:e
urvinir win freneruiiv irom iweive
j ---rt n r
to twentv-lour hours.
m n- 1 r
i. . t .
lue urocess 01 roiiinirmav oe nerioriu-
,cd npoh a table, or any nut board. lhisto tne
rolling board be employed ; whicli is situ
ply a strip ol baru, say a loot in length,:
and eight or ten inches in width, with a
handle 011 the top, and with the edges
upraised about a third of an inch in
itiitkiiea- aw ,Uic aide t the loncar. vtufoe'e
011 which it may slide buck and forth, as
the crayons are rolled. With nn appara
tus simple as this., crayons may be made j
with creat rapidity and cheapness. Kv-
i . . r it . 1 .1
superior. -
-Ji7i uwtU 2'i.uchci:
In chronicli
Dnicling the Gommencement, on
Tuesday last, ot the Annual State Fair at
i ii t I In .Tmii ihh! fi1fr'l:Vliniiiir,i,ii-'
..I .1... t-. 1 -v,t
-. .
It is the animal of which the Cashmere
shawls are made, the value of which docs
not depend, as many suppose, upon their j
rarity, but upon the fact that the mate-:
rial 8i.r.taaaTaA-.-ttIw lik rtirb in
:t--.-,.a,.;iL-.-rP Th rabmoro .mnt
j .. . r.....:...
was iiitroUuced into
several years ago by
tN.Utll t.'aro''lltti
Dr. Davis, who
caught them in Asia, forty-two -.lays' ride,
on the back ot camels, Irom Constantino-
11 m a..
pie. I'.iey Live been introduced bv him
... . v..f. -.,. , ... .it.
A-oriu v-a.oiiiiu, vieorg.a, iviaoumu,
in- .Htwttl- HHefe-Hitt" an innis un tncuin I rn c-miixiiiriTiri-riirf tn TTtir-it-rrtf-.--it
..i 1111,-v v.U-uiiiii:ii;, 1.11- i c 1 1 - T. t. ' Sjitj tit. d.i lit iiiuu -uih-:t i.".
by ur, lav!8, ot c-outli Carolina. : pie. I'litltuMithttt LAdicr. t A
lennessce and Honda, and are mixed
with the native goat. The fiair of the
animal, which is pnre; white, is most
beautiful. It somewhat resembles in ap
pearance the finest portion of the fleece
of the Chinese sheep, a few, of which are '
i'ii c.u iiioii. i. in uur v. sou iii ie.iine.
on exhibition, lt is curly, sou in texture,
............ ... ... ..--.. . ..... ......
ranee, ine annual
. , 1 r . t .t.i
LrTnade fro,,fther'',wt
shown with the goats. Welearn that the
s. . 1 . .. . J
Cl'CT THn'lf-H--rtWiiaX iJLLllT
IP r' (
a great advantage over siieep . in locna-
ties where do:s are troublesome. Ine I
question what animals and phnts mav be i
'acclimated iu particular regions is under- j
-. . n t -. n
goingrinuch discussion throughout me
goat of the North would be much im-;
proved if hred'to those of Dr. Davis.
71 rt'L.rtMi. -t1: Vllii fsir--!.' '.'.1UL the .ordinal
annual has risen largely in price, irom me
facility with which the breed is iinpinv-
ed nv nits cross, i lie experiinenr wouni
i . .1- --ni .11
be worth trying in the northern States.
. , .
... . . ... . i .1 . :..T .
tits, has its counterbalancing disadvanta-
ges : and in proof of this, the presumed
i i :. . . .1 1 ..: . ..I, .
decline of the moderns, in size, strength. ;
and physical superiority gcneraiiv , 1 an-
duccd .ini,.i..i.orum,i.a. ..,., o, .,,
Mini, hit.- "
persons, especially 'f those living in cit-
les, is brought forward. is white and delicate, and is prefer-! ". t i" "f.ieve ,.a. . ..o..uC,FU..
rmTtkuUuuwL M.1 Fre.niet. the first
1, .. 1 1 -ii . compaTTir wrrn Tnivr or last vvftr"" ----,' v ; v v--,
are reared to mutton. A herd will pro- 1 ,. .. , ... mals in ! runce.
nut, it an ouier uescrioiioim 01
eal deterioration owe their origin, as we
have but little dotib they -dj,to a revolu-
tion of the laws of nature, as is.the rase 1
i'.f this instance, then the 'fault should be!
of excessive or improH?mse of the eye,
jeither in the victim or his ancestry. If
all the short-sighted, weak -sighted, and
iimperieciiy gigiiieu persons now aiivc,
l..l.l l. oi.,l.T..,l l, .I...:.
wuu mioiv8v, i..v..
progenitors thoroughly studied, it. would
f....,..l l....dl .ffir. ......
w w.y .. ,
fective vision was distinctly traceable to '
:...,o ol...,ii I
abuse'of the eye, by themselves or their;'1.8 knew nothing about, it being left en.
The most brdljitvy cause of injured
leye - siglit is tu eye in an improper!
inc wliilc ligut ot a cloudless day
; i that designed by nuture for man's use
j ut tins iignt must not be too brilliant.
uenectea iroin sanciy piains.or irom snow,
this light produces opthalinia, and reflec
ted irom red brick walls it is also injuri
ous, though in a less degree; while when
reflected from green woods or fields, or
even from brown Ploughed earth, it is not
hurtful ut all, as the experience of every
man proves, to say nothing of the suiieri
or eye-sight of farmers. Jvature, by cloth
ing the'hubitable parts of the earth with
verdure, otters to us a guide as to how
we should net, in this matter. If the light
of the day is too brilliant, we should tern
per it with green. If, on the contrary,
; it ii dull, we should increase its power by
(the employment of proper colors. Hut
j the worst daylight is nearly always better
I I ...,.l ..". .!. T..
1 diiihih-i hm ht-ih 11.11. v ivuu...
with a lamp i front-always
e eve. To i.old the bo,k close
or wrne
',,.:... ,
onuuin wc
,- .
eye, Or to bend dowii close fo the
men, and even merchants aim clerks io
this, hence tlieir frequent short-sightedness
and that of their progeny. The
improper employment of glasses is a fer
tile cause of impaired eye-sight. Specta
cles, ..or .eye-glasses which aTe not exact
ly suitable, are an injury rather than a
benefit. Their uee should be put off,
moreover, ai long. as possible. 'I lie v are
like crutches, which once introduced, be-
comes indispensable ever after: All snd: ntimler full orie-hah',---iVnjj-
en IraTfsffrohs' from IfgTif To da'rliiiess,' or yftt 7iVywffr:"'"'"'r" j""-"'"'
frofn trbiiciirity tit light, nrirhiiTttn to thcr ' -'-fnriiarig-"-ar- -- - -
eyes. Small print in reading or too fine ! yhuUc h tlc name of a new gJ.,e ot
a hand in writing, should be avoided.- yw bomjet o PaI.;gittn ,a
Hy t "re, the eye- con8tructed ,i,at it can U foWed and
sigm can .e pre,erveu to a a.eper.ou o
lifii 1 tilt lie iilcro.rr.liiTi. tin.-:.! nii-.'ii..l
ijiu ov uisregaruing tnese laws not
only uo adults impair their own eve-sight,
j but they hand down to tlieir children im -
V;,;,... ...i w: n. ,.i
' i iu t ft 'i ( t iii-i in -mill i iri-9i-ii ui till i i i 1 1 I
t. 1 . .
11 . 'fP--"-n? to oc credited that the
iuiomiug crop, ot col
,C8S t'!ui- tuat of last season. The New
xsvvuiug. VIUM Mi IfV l4IHV--a
nn - shi; eaT a iiii. n t.oi I T. r-j'on-
! !,u."t' on .wllos.e J""jr'ent ''' "-'ns ot
! "'""'"' .ue ii.gnesi c niiueuce may
n i ii ufi-iii aoiirna iiai timr run nttriti
i , i.'" ' " " v .
, -, . .,, -n n ,i
' 1 ie 1'? 11 bea'." I1111,.,'0
most probably greatly short, of thut ot last
most probably greatly short, of thut of last
year. iginia there have been insjiected during
The Little Rock True Democrat, of the j the year ending the 1st iust., 44.S05 hogs
4th instant, says the incessant rains are heads, of tobaccoj against 47,421 last year,
working very injuriously upon the cotton
prcvciiiiug us neing gainereu aim
.' -. I v . i . ,
mg much that is ready tor the pick-
. . . .
I ' ,
notice, too, in many ot the fields
, , . , . ., .
com. grow 111 nas eoi.iuieiiceu 111 ine weed,
j Mississippi,,, accounts are not
! ' ."' ,. c "A"
l ntciinniti
IT HT nuiT w hi'. .... Wai
the Ciiu'iiuiati .tiazette of.
learn, from
Thursday, that the Methodist Conference
. . - .. t.. .1 . .J n .1 - . .
now m session m mat cu v mi nieu rew-
inteution of the perpetuating the bondage
of the slave, should not be received into
unue nieieui.
. ....
II... ...n.u.r.1 I.. itr.- .ti Hr.. - nvn' i
I" hll" n iuu tin- i-i'iniii I n ii nip- wiii--
Tli.-.v u-ill .1.. u-lmr tli.e ulie.ivs
,l.av'e done.' Hold oiuiaitlifullv. inanftil-
; jv, l,Klv, to'their cause and their prin-
einle& n.nii sii4iinirt rJie l oii-Ttitiilioii the
UyAlur. .
, r ii ,i - ii , . i :i : . .. l. r- .. ..:
JJMiu-.ujh Vi.--; Debilitated" Consti-
tntsi.11. lh.e wondcrlul power lmssesse
,,v UlC80 , rlls, are snc.i, inai liev per-
imni ihhi ii-tLiiitiini-; .in-.--. it-
string health when all other means fail ;
'cases of debilitated constitutions by their
are completely invigorated, the deii-
u - ate and weak are made strong. l.he
ilnurbter cfiitreing ilih .w.oiuaniiaod, vr .
the mother nrtlie turn of life, alike derive
llni,ottkable benefit fiv the use of this
a. which constitutes ! -"'"y.o. on.'..... . . , , .
i A good many god stories of Tennessee
(judges are tufd, and here is one of the best
. nimrn t
A Sllll-TY JltXIF..-
-A short time since
, , , f ..: : . i.
Mtli! J"d.?
" ewer I'mnavi xcmietwee. no
wa8 K0"0 7.'n
apiarence and less for dress. The latter
tirely to Hetty, his wife. His Hetty was
absent from home once when he started
around nn the circuit, leaving the Judge
to pack his clothes for the trip. He did
so, but instead of finding his shirts, he
seized a pile ot his wife's what's-you-call-eins,
used for a like purpose. A learned
brother who roomed with hi 111, was much
amused a few mornings afterwards, at
the queer appearance of the Judge; no
thing being in sight hut his head, arms
and foot, his look of bewilderment and
his sottor voice reflections, which were "
wtmiier what on earth innd cut off
mynleevet? I don't He." It is probable
that he heard the reason the inext time he
saw liett y, but not before, as the bar kept
dark on the matter (to him) that round.
The notorious Dr. Armstrong, confined
in theTarboro'jailon a charge of murder,
it will be rememliered, some months ago
"'ey "eseeiiueu uy means 01 u jauuer nsea
jrr7;un"g ti?- JheZ
8tl11 at larSe " '""'
- . . ., -
N -wDjptopert. The cost of newspaper
puUlitlung -Las-increased full twenty re
iicr cent, in less than two years. - Unless
by some method white pa,er Is reduced
in price, and that too, soon, many of the
journals now published must go down.
It has long been true that newspaper
publishing was among the least remune
rative of occupations, and thcr friitti has"
of late obtained a startling significance.
We must have a cheaper article of white
paper, or newspa,iers will be rednc)d in
, ku(j gmalt cage of tw0 RnJm
I ....r. .. .
i l,i(-,i
' ,,,.,,,i.i ti... l.'..,.. '.f i . ...,i ,
! -,,.t ,i , i " i. i...:i.
r " " ')
f tlie faski'ni, without
impaniuj it
mong the prominent things reconir
mended at the late Itailroad Convention
at Columbus, was that of establishing
Ithrouirli fare at two and a half celfit's iter
j lllilo . oca dTe, t0 be three celltg ft m,or
Irr order to pitt a stop lo the frauds tii)ii
emigrants, tlie roads are to refuse the tick-
I ets of emigrant brokers, and receive only
. tickegs igsue1 v tlie iiaiiroa)j Companies.
Thc .Illllier" gy8tem U8s been entirely
. i a '
At the various tobacco houses in Vir-
rn. . V. . . . T!-.."; .' 1 ' ...
me i roiesiaui episcopal voiiveuiioii
of the Diocese ot liliodo Jslnntl, recent-
ly elected the icev. lhomas 31. tjlarke, or
... ... ... ... .... ..
n- i 1.1....1.. 1,1. . ..1 ..i V.. .1...
i.isie'.' i.ui.eiTj At,ianu, .uemeu u. .utj
, death of Bishop Ilenshaw . lie wa for-
' Ti " - - t
scnlidor of ani-
lios been cha rgcif with a
CmiHTor. This is,
to carve in marble, miniatures of all tlie
-r...-J.ytlia jjg .Wl. f,w-f and horse.
Ki.'lit inches is tfiieTL4irefTri4idkulrv""
The most particular attention is to be
. . n T -r-
taid to nie uniiorm anu accontremeuTs
d" both men and horses. Tlie collection
when completed will number not tar
from 10 statuettes.
Joseph F. ILillev, a printer from Port
land, Me., has been convicted iu Lima,
Peru, of counterfeiting government notes,
havimf struek off t'.iai,lHH worth, l'uifc
isliment, five rears in the chain gang.
w. i v.i i-:,i. it.... -. ..e v-
..... .ui n . . .. - ... . . , ...
.. , ;,.. -m i,,i,. .. .1 ....
" - . - - . . . -
SI 11 CC, 1 II C'llsOl UCI1CC of t lie polSollOUS 118-
fl,rt' ",n,,ul mad? under the nail of
;' ." rs bv the tin of a black .
" on.! itj ic5 T..-VIUX uvm ii. -T--k.
0f ajiew com,Hwing machihe. whieli has
kevs like a l.iano, and every touch on the
' ...... i . . : . . . . .
iisn wiiicn no was laKjitg Torn a i.iH'k.
tangent is-fullowed by a cliOk, and the let-
tcF takes its place 111 a long tnahogony
channel prepared for it. It distributes
the already used types at the same time
that it sets the new page, and with Jierfect
exactness. The machine is about thesizsj
of a large chair, is inadg of hard wood,
lir:iss. mill -ili'.d ilriil will li.sit atinr-.,iltTr
ut a century .wt two without repairs.
In JL'talr, on the death f a nian, his pnv

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