North Carolina Newspapers

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JJiwictLto- PaiititV-tos, firifflltnrfBtffniil-ittpreumfats,: (tTonimf rr r, : tft f -Jlrt nn2 -ctna$, filmWli), and tjjf -amity (Orrlf.
ed in history, seems to hate been over-! large in proportion to their foreign com-! them
. nM..n lliMiktHl or (Iisreenrili'11 IIV some lenilni" tiierco. It it : with Hiloiiti-il n mi interna- linv minimi fi he ihvb tlmr mi urrsmisn. ' i.imi.Jii.itmt' fln. u-lm l. i.,L ;,... .' ...... i.f ,i I.. ..,... : i :. 'n i i ' i .. .
tvilul jiav ruuriiiE. i un. i - . -r , I . . . V 1 . . ' . , ( . . , , , j joi i ...u .t ao ,,,,,,, v in i, m mi- i uc-t-vi-nii cnares on which tne ueiuauus
. I loriMffti uu-8. wur r-msai 10 ic oroufjnt 1 tionai ruio tne commerce oi fintioiniar- mtnt can be maue on just termq lor the tlierem, viotuU our law, ilio cnen-v 'ncssetltlietrnnwtion on wliicli the rii.-iii;.- t',.r n.lri's were founded had been Dub-
witiiin, hiiU ul.jecteil to their iieculmr , in comparatively a small naval loree xtingiiislinioiit of the rights in question, and activity bf our civil and military Uti-! was founded, nnd believing, a!-,., tliat ti.e lie! v known to all for some time and
amicably Bhould be devbscu: I Mich criminal proceeding, and bring to J that occasion. Relieving that the uptain t luniselve from the fate of tha pniltr.
. ' i.ntiiliKiatif 1.. t.-l.rt 1... ..!.:.... - 1..... : .. 1' 1 'I'l Til' i - .i .
nyatcm, lias I fear, created k jeafou dis-; would be vwy ninth at the mercy
- :i i.k .v. .-.' mint or onr couiiuct, ami induced, ou enemy, in case of war with, a
j.i. -rWrintZ. i Lj,Jii.ud fifty trut if iMit : their part, occuitioiial net of disturbing .decided naval Hiitwrioritv. Tlie b;
taM behtv ih. ruiniiMi of th yrr, nod thre. dui- 'effect utioii our fireiirn rt'littioiis. Our 'meiit if the condition in which
iMArilM yu hu.iprad. Ua papet fmMtm- mnt aI,iIuju Hll) Hit c..iii0 give a- 'ted States would be placed, after bavin
Til-'iMh.JT"" 1"n'S1''tl' '"'t hetie.tioiied, 'surrendered the right to resort to priva- , that purpose.
IsHtmim la lh Eililur rnnut k nl pa!I, la rnnjr- tllRt our purposes are Hot Ht'!vM l r, nor tccri
. t . i ,i.m.;.i.. .!. 11...1...-.WI. ::..- I ..:. ! ! i ..... .
in cuiliiim, linn nit iijiii, ui iuu am wn 9 . hiui MiuB uinu i uni rui en inu iicsii(im oi iiiiruunig iianv, Having no Mirisiiictioii were- fl"Uin announced to
iiower ot -liny Company to the navigation ot tiie , tliose who meditated expeditions 'At this over the idace where thev nrooosed to did i.ot. dt-nv nnv nf
.i.ia. 1 .;.-j.i t.: . ,i i i.;..c.,., i... :.. : i. .1- . .11 li r
iiii.riai,iiii.i uiiiui.fiu , aim 1 MiLitiuiv ouwi 1 uuuimivi, vavcih. j ii iwo i usiiiiicesj- iiiaivi; i ii e arres.i. woiun encou nur oi'i i.r- i in t -rpii n . i ti !i 1 1 n t
the I'ni- to vour consideration the exoedieiiev of .One of these, eoiimosod of fumi'tiera. 'ato rcfiintniinn if tlir. i.i.ivwt...! in tl, i i. .n il.u; ,...,,.l,.i
1lic event of war with a Itellige-
them. ,Tliey
these charge ; they
nothing inexten-
'. ' lint, pnnnimn.
a contingent apprujuiution ibrjattirst countenanced and aided by the ' purpose, he interposed, effectually, to pre-1 tioiislv refused to hold any intercourse
.ucail-.hi jivuiuiuem nseii, 11 Having oeen vein viivence nno ui'XMixncU'. J ne Ainer- with tne commander ot the " Uyane.
Is visited Grey- Dy their' obstinate silence they seemed
trinity. """""
I'V a u-ia tl.a nnflv aii.l ..(K.iunt nlli 1 l1('CIU'l'(l tli f Ml!f H.!ll riliUir'f.' 1 III nt I. i Ifilll inilUQlnr II ft..rii'a r, la f2rn-!l?ir ..Ik .1 .ut i . . .. t tl.... . 1 I
(threatening to the safety 1U1I 'welfare of rent of naval supremacy, will show that f t hu United States in their struggle for i er. 8I" number, eluded the vigilance town, and whilst he was there a-inob, in- rather desirous to provoke chastisement
(other naiioijs. Our military establishment 'this goveTiimeiit could never listen i to such ii,deKiidencc. From that time to tlie;f magistrate t San frandscrj, and eluding certain of the so called public Uhan to escape if. Tlicro U ample rea
lilt time of peace, is adapted to maintain u proposition. The navy of the tirt ma- present, with occasional t-lk'lit interrun- succeeded in reaching the Mexican tori- ' functionaries of the pluce. surrounded the! son to believe that this conduct of defl.
teUT. JeleuceV '" preserve ord-r litime jiower in- Kui-ope is at least ten timis, cordial relations of friendship have 1 tonus; but the effective measures taken house in which he was, avowing that they ance on their part is imputable chiefly
r iiv inis iiivei riiiieni conmeiieo mo uoaii- lino cotiiu io nrresr nirn nv nrdi.r oi aiiiiii t rn rim ii.insivn irini that tiw. dmuMMn
.(' Xliu .midertukMtjf. : - ! perstrit exercising the vh'feT aufliorit)
The commission to establish the new j While parley ing with them ho was
line between the l. uited States and Mex-1 wounded by a missile from tho crowd.
A ianioiig the almrtguml tribes withni the tunes as large as that of the I luted State, existed between the governments and peo-
j 'innnn oi ine i uioii. i.ur navai inrcc is j no lureign commerce oi mo iu rnnir
. '.. -o w trtHHstiHw mf-fir ran iirnrrcTion oi our tries is nearly enuai. ami
: Hl?!f I? -I- ii ' 'com meiee, dilVu-ed, as it is. (,er all the .exposed to hostile depred:
' If''""""1 5 Sr the glo.'ie. Tho government of' lietween that power au
yKgSCCui.yMm. f( p 2, -ft jthe L nited MiU'es, being essentially a- without resort on our pi
.a "
S"' c
; s
o 3
' ile of the tvvu countries,... Thttkiudiv
alxmt equally ( tinients, cherished alike by both nations,
itions. In war luivn led to extensive social and cominer-
4 thq United States, j tial intercourse, which, 1 trust, wall not be
irt to our inereati-j interrupted or checked by any cusnul
our enemy to ; event of an annarentlv unsatistactory
llliiin onr coiuiuercii . WOll)il...Iuij':ii-l..r Tim i rnnrli jmuuL t Sun
. ' . ....l - i . i . . . f ii .. .1 1.1 .1 J 1 .
ivrioii.c jie"se hihi hi i vines 110 penii- , ou leuioiu greater man ours 10 riwiiuic. j r raucinco, w as 1101 long Slliee, oroilglll 111-
ncnt nieaiisol' foreign aggression. Thei-e j We could not extricate our country from to the United States district court at that
Coni.lerati'ns should allay all apprehen- i tliis unequal condition, with such tin cuu-jpgce, by compulsory process, as a wit-
sion, lliat e are disposed to encroach on niv, unless we ut once ocparreu irom ourj UCH m (uvor of another lorelgu consul, in
, invasion by tnu voluntary service of aa-Tinfliet injury
ico, . according to the provisions of the; A boat, despatched from tlio "American
treaty 6f the 30th of December In-st, has ! steamer " Northern Light" to release him
been organized, and tho work is already ) from the perilous situation in which ho
c&jHUjujUcjid. I : jiWas understood to ,!.waf..rcd.intqlyri.'
Our treaties withihe Argentine Con fed-1 the town guard ajnd conqifciled to return. I
erauou, itnu wun ine nepuoucs ot i ru-' inesc moments, together with the Known
guay and Paraguay, secure to us the free : character of the population of Oreytown,
navigation ot the river La Plata, and some and their excited state, induced just ni-
.'.? . '. i .-.'... 1 . .1 ..... I i l -i . .i -. i 1 . i
.i. .. .i. .i .'.! . i- ii. .. if... .i i. . . t
mo riguis er euuanger me security oi oin- jii eseiu policy, ami uecomu a grei uunu ; violation, as tne r rcncirigtvenimeitt con- i'n 118 m'ger tnouuines f mil, tne same sue- i prenensions mat ine lives jinu property oi
erJttatdH. "" ".power. Nor would this coiiiitrj bd bet-fcclves, of liii privileges iinder our coiisu- U'css has not Htfeuded oiir etHLauutf,. lonr citizens at Puiitu Arenas would be in
J Siiine Luropeati jinwers have regarded, ter situated in war with one ot t lie secon-! iar convention with r ranee." Theiv bo-'OjH?!! the Amazon. Ihe reasons in fawr imuiinent danger1, after the departure of
jiriili ili.,jiii.-hnr; c, me. in t theJiL'inalarynajllj-iwers,' Though tho naval jng nothiugin the transaction which could ' ' the "-ee i'e of that river, I had deca-' the steamer with her passengers for New
exu:tnioi oi tlie l nited Mates. Dili rap- dtsparittr Would tie less, me greater ex-' imply- any disrXpecTto T rance"PrrtijTroiFtww'Hn'r'-''-"t "yTW-mwntf-iiiessiiguff-iorK, unless a guard- w-a 4tat Jor-tUW-
A 1M ia lb. afM wscuptid b IC ekia bar.
Am riniWMWM making l I) mrrt, rliarir
(4 ia piuourtina Ui I i ; Ukinj 3 or V .)-
ckar-4 m prafurtwa u 2 are. A II fr-o..i f j'
mJo 1 or t. erwrgrd In vnynrtm la lb wl !r,..f
Vbiefc UK. tranUikal pvt.
.... ... :.i. ... -.11:. :.-..!
' iiTii 1 V itiii iijir 1 iiiiiii ti 111 tteimawlard w
HIHI HOW MIAM.'KSS, OI I 1.11 Hi I1IC tuilll
id growth has resulted from the lcgiti--tent, and more exposed condition of our' M,, such explanation has been made as I and, considering the cordial relations, j protection
v - - . . . 1 11: . ' ... . ' . .. ... . ...1 1 1 ........ 1 1 . ... .1 1 .
mate n'xi reise 01 sovereign rigiit, oeioiig- wme-i-pread couiuieiee, wouiu gic anj
nig unkt! to all nations, and hv many lit- them a like advantage over ns,
eiully exercised. 1 nder siicli circuiii
stances it oiild hardly m been expect-
iil fli:iT TliiMj. niiiiiiw toi'iii u otf-ii li:ivi i . : iiimutnr rrt tsi.aiii frmii l
... . , . CilC llll COIIIMIV SIIIHIUI IIU I'lltll llll' , I I p - - , . . . ,j,
within a cui.iparativeiv. recent period, sub- , , , . t ... I ranee on his wav lruni London to J' .-! ne several parts ot a count :-y. are not on Uongress.
For this purpose, and in or-
fear of disuleasing
a formidable foreign Power, which they
presumed to think looked with conipla
cjeticy upon their aggressive and insult
ing deportment towards tho United States.
The "Cyane '' at length li red upon tho
town, ixdorc mncli injury had been douo
the fire was twice suspended, in order to
Httiird ojiportnnity for an arrangciitcnt,
but this, was. declined. Most of the build
ings of the place, of little value generally
were, in the sequel, destroyed, but owing
to the 'considerate precautions taken by
pur naval commander, there .was no de-'
structmii ot lire.
1 i lie roioruii'ii 10 vutc-i 11111. viiht-)
, ments to forego resort to jinvateers, in
case this country should be forced into
ur with a great naval power, is not en
When the "Cyano" was ordered ia
"entral America, it was confidently hop-
id expected that no occasion Would
for l'a resort to violence and de-
jieared, abruptly excluded the" American ' Lv f"6'1 favorable result. j expense to the United States, for which j strnctioh of property and loss of life."
minister to Spain from passing ;h':h Convenient means of transit, between provision was ntade at the last session of Instructions to that effect were given
1 . .. 1 t . . .
10 iter coiuniaiiuer ; aim no extreme act
of hojie will be satisfactory. Subsequently j w hich have long existed bet ween this gov- j der to insure the safety of passengers and j Centrii
(misunderstanding arose on the subject of; eminent and Brazil, it may be expected ' property pacing over'the route, a tempo- ed unci
ze. :the French government having, as it ap-l '''at pending negotiations will, eventual- rary force was organized, at considerable arise I
ned aul absorbed ancient kingdom. -,:,i 1, ... .!".,-... ...1 l.......,,;.!..,..,,..,. ti,., idrid. Hut that governnienf has un-cirjir.,!.)' desirabh.' fur the OljUuetid cmmMWcaU -lliw pwteHk?l ommttiHr--ctcrr'i-trotild larrrbmreqisirc" bad-notttuSr"
irr aniir . aiun.M-mf rB.i..i.i i"r nmr. .
CoaA tlrdrt. rhmtffi Si r r-M tugl-t ihsn lh
Imm rmlm Urasn tut uice ui' liubud i4
tTTttmuf MMulmj in sJiniwai'iiU in n f H;
4 l n th. numlrt t4 tiiii-fis.H r.-uird ; ttl if
tl I. mi d rvy lt.WI rr. 1'" ni tpw p-- .
, writ. ! IH bxk IRr w..t,l .; hhrivw
Uk will at Ml ui Ibr axial m muI tliirc".
' poSM
the islands of every ocean a-, their
piia'c dfiinaii. Would look with wnl'riend
I V Ml: I i lilt Ids I I'll the acq H i- it ii 'lis of till:
country, in e'erv instance honorably ob
. 11 1 1 1 t' 1 "II i.'i; l'U'li"iniii vi 11a luifcini) " ' , - l. ..
la.n.-.l. or wind feel themselves juhiicd nariv U(,voted , ,,e military prt.fvssion respoiidence ..11 this subject between our
.11 imputing mir advaneeiiieiit to a spirit , ,,.,,., ,1 ,,,. ,.,i ,1... 7i nM envoy at Jean's and the minister of foreign
t to a passion n-r pomitai t k , fn, aje(.1)lltu t tie cmer. relations 01 tne 1 reticii government.
l1- ii i- 1 j . i ...i ;-..:....- --.r.,x-.M:. . r.t::..:. ......r'. r -r'r: :. " 'TTzmzi" r:: ittt 1 .1"".
i..r;.7r.i r..."o-vs.v.r.irrfr.r fo avya hot t.i ' rucatty otsayoweq anTTicsign 10 .tieuy me vMinuiuiieuiioii, ut tcn- jji-mum nsviituinge, Kiimereu uom van-; peopie uiemseives, uv nieir extraoruina-
acceiit the services of volunteers for ope-'r'r1'1 f transit to the minister of the Uni-ifal to its existence under onegovcinmC-utroiis countries and composed for the most j ry conduct in the affair, frustrated all tho
rations on laud When the honor or the tl!'' and, after explanations to this Separated as are the Atlantic and Pacific part of blacks and jiersons of mixed blood ! osiblo mild measures for obtaining st-
riL'hts of our country renuire it to assume effect, he has resumed his journey, and .' coasts of the United States by the whole had previously given other indications j isfaction: A withdrawal from the place,
C . . . I . . . ..II.. I .1. . . ! Iircjlttli of tTu. cottftiiieMt ttill tin. itt!i:i.i- of IilifTiii't'iina iiml it:in.r..r.inj t.iMi.,ii. tlm r.l.t...t ..r l.i .I.......J
lit III .111 J I 1.1 U I IIVJO I II I Ollj II l I ll I 1 1. V. IV 01.1111. ------ - ' uiliiVKrui j'll'J'l uoi- .in. .rt.jv.LV VI ills ,1311, CllliltJIJ UUIVaiCtif
a hostile attitude, it confidently relies up
'.' on the nati iotisiii of its citizens, ii"t ordi
' I herewith lay biffoie Congress the cor-
lf HL'.TI
e III.
wnr lore.gii -oiiimerce mis reacneo a -J:ju x ttrrttdor tLe close of y,
, uuigmtu Je and vxlciit nearly eiial t. that . ,i(V .,rivatwr ..rirfVdly WdJd irj : sivn. Internal agitation, ass
i'iybr I'onv.ine
iiiiort'eiiiling noii-coinbutnnts, though entv ! has reaehtly
TrrncT "whiuh rattsTtiunl inui-
mmi tf lit llttm f Brpfnllitn :
-the posit mil urotir Biiinrs v im 7raii
reiuaiiis-as at the clusuof your last m.:s-
assmning very
tants of each are closely bound together ties. Early in the same mouth. iiro.ertv ; would, tinder tho riivn instances in which
by coiiimiiuity of .irigin and institutions, wascliindestinely abstracted from the do- 'the commander of theCyane found him-
and by strong attachment to the Union. pot of the Transit Company and taken ! self, have been absolute abandonment of
Hence the constant and increasing inter-! to Oreytown. The idutidercrs obtainetljall, claim of onr citizens for indeinnifica
-course, lind vast iiiteicliaii"e of cumiiier-1 sheller theTC7nd""Th"elFTmrsiie7I"yere"T gubmigsTve acoiiiescenso in na-
. i . i i . .1 . i . i i i i . i . . . .. . 1 . . .
ciai prouuciioiis, oeiween inese remote j unven oacK oy( its Jieojue, who not only
divisions of the riepublic. At tlie present : protected the wrongdoers and shared the
.,... ..,..,.,..... ..j I f .. 1.1 1 . 1... . . I . .
.. ' . . ' . 1 " ii . .i . ..t f -i rn i livriflinim rnnti-4 tir fniminiiiitr!ttti
r r, , ' lut.. .m.,ut..r. uiMro vi..l.mtl aiII Trtv URittl alii hV tllO WftV M XlW Istlllllll. 1 PfOIKM tV
protected the w rongdoers and shared the
ion be-1 violence those who sought to recover their
;aud exceeding tout ot any "liter, uver
Ibis gieat interest, ill which ii"t only
' , .. i IllltS, SlI'Miiij.' Uv U-vlll'l- 111111 lilt. I n ' J.r'1 ' . v ............ ......v.. ....... , g . i i . I 1 v.' 1 ' . t
; merehants. but ill clas-es i citizens, at , , , ,',,. ,urreniu.t ' power, and men of very different views in 1 of t--,",,' America. It is the duty ot ,he Such, in substance are the facts sub-
; least iiidirei tlv, are concenicl, i is the , , , ' '.:.. . .i,, ,;,.!. ! ndation in it init-rnal afoui lmv aiievl-! g,vurl,mw,t u wcure these uiveiiues. niitted tojny coil.
V 111 I Via Hill ll r, ! HI1 i " ... t
duty of tl
ion, mid u.wj.t
iirotectioii. Tin
.. . I . I. .1 .... ... .. ...!.,.,! .. ,
win lie nereaiicr reierreo o s m on.-.i ;(U,.j, K;i o'i i
epoch in thehistory of the world. While Hiwin-s fu- it
we nve oeen nappiiy present ii-hi ' n-,tcti h id m
calatnitwa-of war, oar domestic pros;-ri- ,.j!.racc
1m Crop, fll wMllin f rCc -ihlitry,Tiaye , J.oiig oxperietiee has -frfViwn -that, .in
been nearly cot off. Iticase-bii nvvitd- gem-rat. whnitht- prinHpal' piwei-s tf
4 gnattrtttmt thutfiufnal, and tfi-Riifrij;. r.'' i-iigigViF tit wiirl the rights ..f
acrifice of human life, through casualties ; neutral nations are endangered. This e-n-
Hf ! aud luncUi without-ii parttlti; rr,pkfr;7ttj ft, 4n Thr-it iirsrf riw- war
tint the pestilence lias swept iy, ami re- ,,t ur neiepeinlence, to the,a:i t
stored salubrity invites the absent to the
'r.-jheci I bl;Ti'd ""licli'IMcy of al ined lieu
homes, and the return of business to its trulity, a j.rimary '! jeet !ie 'i was, I
ordinary channels. If the earth has reras,eit tho djM'trftK. tliut ..fxtaiU.makc
WaMna tl laltf'Hh nmnanfim.TH ir-rree g U. vxeepr m -the ca-e ait.eles
eoiiU-Liaiid id . U..U" ; H UocLriiie- wiitclu
fr. .to tin. 'v. .re i . i 1 1 . 1 1 1-1 . if . ti i .o 1 1 . .t' i.lil 11:1.
1... I 1.4:-...
.Oval l'.teti
e pie. which equally requiTes that si.el. pii- ed. Since this changcVilu-hnrbeen nojS"j? !r f interruption. by trustworthy evidence
vnt . ro,rtv -liimhl not I,.. .iie, 1"7.7 tO reStlllie Blld DreSS ! . 1,1 rela"m l (. AllK'rlM' Tl'loX: du".,'.t "lllt. tU CilU dulHf
MM .1 . I -..I,.-.
pastnw-uauj press 1.
1 coiiid not
tional indignity. It would hayo euconr . .
agl in these lawless men a spirit of in-
.njniLniiiiflA iuost.dangcronalQ.the
lives and property of our citizens at I'un
ta Arenns, auu probably emboldened them
to grasp at the treasures and valuabh
werelmHdis)e cmrrmnntly-pasBi ngfovcrtli tT"
Nicaragua rouie. it certainly won ia nave
1 ' I tested by national ships f war.
....... ,
eir in regard to
s as Wtl!
doubt that tho case dcinaudod the inter- been .most satisfactory to me the ob
position of this (.loverniuent. Justice re jects of tho " Cyahe " mission could
bountifully- than in l.receding sen-o
hasrrhrnT-irrtlt a'inmianct! f nh
is. II
tile '
the li iidini- powers ot r.urope concur in
proposing, as a rule of international law, "Spaiii-h
to exempt private pro.
(ruin sfHwire by p
well as bv privatee
TfrtrtT Tirrot tlnrm-iipiJrarK
. ..,t;,,,-,o...,f ..fC,.n.,r,sj ti... ments lor re
i-:il,l cation ot the treaty between tlie l'1" 1 "
1 'nited St:i'e nnd (ireat I'ritaiu relative
t. t-oiit liheries and reclprj-eal trade with
tlie l',ri:i.-!i .North American provinces
Tmvvlieeli eM-iiaiU'ed. 41l'l some of Its ah
,liUi.i.'.vd ad i rttdrtg-re-tslrmry 'Pttji 'Veil
b u, although it- lull execution was t
.. ... "i .t. . f. i ' cession i
e oi international law, . t-T"""" goei mucin, anu inu Linieu . , ' i - . 7 - r. - - , ----r j , .
roperty upon the ocean States. Tliere is reason to believe that ; qies'R.nS winch subse-juently a.oso con- a course ot mso ence and plunder, tend- macy o
Mxa mMriH-.ftval wir- uunistti wiil find tlio m.nt govel--; '-"f I'trer-occaniQ comii.titiicatton a- tn dtrectly to the msecnrity of thtj lj ves ibl.o to i
.i. i-.. t:...,.., iiiiii.i i,im f..f.,r.ii.ltr i ..,.1 ; ... .. l flim t In. ' cross t he Jothiu us, wuiv, as it ..was su ppos-! ot numerous travellers, and of tluLjicJiiiitcuikaij
715;. s-TijTHT-n5tni ny me ireaiy oi -vpni i;', i ireiisnre oeiongiiig 10 our cuizuns, passing Weill-impressed Willi lllij idea that tliey
e. ! l!"'s ; but, unfortunately, they have been j over this transit way, should be peremi- j might persevero with impunity iu a ca
ui 1 1 .... .,,.. it ; c.h i. .,.1:... ,.r o,: 'ins questions exisreo, oeiween tne l uiteu i position ot tins liovernment. Justice re-1 Terrs ot t ho " li .... i.v..... . ., iiimui, , ,v ,-i - -, , , ,. n - 7
oils iiuestions ot uitncultv between the " 1 "l l " ".e iiuiv,-oi un-. .jnu t-u mm i t-iiii,iiiou bhuukj e mane jor . nave oeen consuiiiniateu witnoiu any acs
. . ....; PSWI4U1 ot I .11 li.t..i-ti i it I liacn id ve.. 1 1 .... fin mull v ion I dii.Ii irt. . ii-t...tu.j ., .1 iln 1 .r ....1 .1 . n 4. I.... .1... .. ,. . A. . .....
..! . .i .i . ... i i i7! ii ' ... .
tne ommders rendered it imposs-
ayoid . the 'nl terddtivOu ther ta
:oak nu-lhuir-ostnbliflhmet'.t, or to k-aye '
ngtocoinjily with "iir jus
matuis, ana to make arrange-1:
storing harmony nnd nriimi.'I-"
MWeefiluC tvn'Strtcr. -f 4hapurt4if
tied bv serious misunderstanding
tority arrested. Whatever it might be in ' reer of insolence and plunder.
:;fI..V.. r: ,. .i...-m.. tt.-:."..-t. ..r.r I Thi,-.j....-..!-.; f t
nfrautim ofits.pmyistons.iothej- re'siiectsi .the ep in minify m iiucstroh.l Tfns i Transaction has been 1ficwttrtjct"
re adjustment of which 'is now nndcr,1 in power to do mischief, was not desputa-1 of comiTiiint oTrtlib pari iif soine' rjreign
x- it ...:.l. ...
,.,i-L-ri, ,t; -,.o.i.;,.,,.. I,.. ror-rt.. ..f lo e uisideration. Our minister at London I ble, it was well rovided with ordinance, powers, and has been characterized with.
;,,.!!... .,- ... I ,i -.kci'"ls '"ado strenuous rtbuts to accoiuphsh ! small arms and iiuiunitioii, and might ca-1 more of haj-shtiess tlwn of justice. If cotn-
ii. ..j.i j .-i. ..... . .....ia fat... i.ii. v... l-.-v . I - . 1 . II. I - . . . 1 ... 1 ' I . . ' .I..... .... II . i - I. . I . . . . . . .. . .
insous, were io uc instituicu, it wonia
.diilicult to present rcrteafed uistan-
ii. a matter ot rioin. it is a'lnmte.l on .. T i . . . e . ' .. . . J . ;:. . r o
. o i ..1.1 .i.i.'.v ciiv.n.'.'is . i,,., i ' iii",iieoao : i.n.o tn.i iio.j li ill tun Lion, anvl lUizzllL v- IIIOIU Ui
ing tolls on mir vessels and their cargoes ,. . . ,. , . . ., . ,.' , , , , , n . ' ,
- r rr ; -.- -r it -r- 1 -- - ..J-lliiiksijiible obieet. but has not yet loiinil silv seize on the unarmed boats, freighted parisons
passmg,g., Ihesound "I no 1 otTtrbr, rill U bc.d
as a matter ot right. It is admitted mi . , , , ,. T , '...,. 1' i . 1 .
, i --1 . . . -ii:
jic wiiiiiu.ii iuio suiri'2 M
tation. In the j.resent, llienTore, as in
the past, we find ample grounds for rever
ent thankfulness to the iod of (i race and
Providence, for Hi jirotctling care and
merciful dealings with ii h a people.
Although onr altention has been ar
rested by painful interest in pussingtvent
vet onr country UvU no more than the
J.i uiiiii J ic .u .:7Ji as,T'.ciTCa.xIu: i.
of Itt'f state-men of this coiiii'trv. At one
period or another.- evel v loaritinic power
lias, by solemn treaty stipulation, recg
ni-cd that jirineiph; ; and it 'night have
be. n hoped that it- would come t" be univer
sal! v received and respeetetl as a rule of
international law. Put the refusal of one
t"iier prevented this, and in the m vt
Je i:i.rX-iiii ,
lati.-in Ji"t y
t ali I
mil So 'h as it W$i ftnt-"" VTVK gOIlPKlt JinOelple' oTTnc iSw"'j '.
tied, (.rent I'.iian oi.eiie. to our C0111--01 nan. ms, mir oniv uv M.cciai emiveu-
meree the iVeu na i-'athuj of tlie river t'."iis, winch most ot the cnmierci
t. La retice, and 1o onr fishermen mi
ls that thfs e'xtction i-'s inctioiieVr . A i,lci',en!at. - tbee qt;etions, I deem profess to belong to any regular govern- very front of modern civilization where
.J " it lil-iilil)r.Li ludiitu. u iuliii'I'iijua : iJlutii uliil Ii-i.l in J'-jj.t - - - -- - a i.-l- " "t--j;'.j-.a-jxi-.i-i
de- emwtHKiies,"fnf1c53 offending" Siitt Biore"."
inolesteil uceets to the shores and. bays,
tiotu which they had been previously ex
cluded, on tlie coasts of her North Amer
ican provinces ; iu return Gt which she
. it..ii....i..itt...mUMM..M.i. ' . - i.:-i i .i . .-.I I- t. 'asked tor the introduction, live ot duty.
iiiiiu nuiitii"in"i iin-,.i..iinr.i.. ........ .'u'ai .-irwTnT-trcTT-rTiriiiimrr.M tot--i-eu4iii.., ., . . , .. . ,. .1 . . r .. .i ... ft :
. " ........ ' ,T... .. T---..r I ... t IOsl ot till" I lOSI IllV lirCll ll.'lf OllS. 1 111
1 na
tions have entered into with Denmark.
Ibe fifth urtiele? of our treaty of IS;?,,
with Denmark, provides that there shall
not be paid, on the vessels of the United
St.ites and their cargoes when passing
through the sound, higher duties than
happened in C entral -America, near the peinleiice on or connexion .with any one defenceless than Greytown, liave been
chv-eot the la.-t session of Congress.. So;' to which the I nited States or their injur-j chastised with much greater severity, and
sooiTiis the necessity was perceived of es-.! ed. citizens might apply f r redress, or I where not cities only have been laid in
tablishing iutc r-occanic communications! which could bo held responsible in any 1 ruins, but human life has been reeklcsslr
across the Isthmus, a company was or-j way for ihe outrages committed. .Not isacritied, and tlio. blood of the innocent
revolution, it laded to 1m? respected among
the belligeraiit states of KuMie. Not
withstanding this, tlie principle is gener-
liave shaken huronc. As indn idttals, wo
eannot rx'presssyinpiitiiy with
foring, nor regret for the eauSes whiel
produce It. As a nation, we are remind- . Uv admitted to be a sound and salutary
ed, tlfat whatever fiiterntpti the pear-t, or j,,,,,, . F .), w, that, at tlut .cotuuicuce
checks the prosperity, of any part oft 'hris- jment of the existing war in hurope. (in5at
tendom, tends uioreor less to involve oiir , pintaiir and Fiance aiiuoiuiced their pur
own. Hie comlition of states is not uii-',,,.,. to observe it lor tlie present ; not.
lilt thatof individuals, liny are ii ill 11 however, us a recognised international
ally dependent upon each other. Ami
side rreiatioiis ""between them, and rccij
lisli caught ou the
tishermen. Thisl
slum ated iu the treaty, tor
the time being. The eo-operatlou
ever, of t!iee two powerful maritime
nations in the interest of neutral rights
appeared to' me to afford an occasion, in
viting uud justifying on the part of the
I'uited. Stai. s, a retn-wtd ell'ott to make
tlie doctrine in ipies'tinti a principle ot in-
satue coast by Dritish
icing the compeiisatiott.
ri vi leges .,i
the hiirlie-t iini"rtance and value t" the
I'nited Slides, which' were thus vrtlnnta
rilv yielded before it became effective, the
reipiest seemed to ine to be a reason a'. !c
one; but it could not lie acceded to from
fIou!! .f.. aatiiurjty to. sjisjicuil. .nut laws
how- i ""P'sSHig oiiiies upon an toreign usii. in
tuejiieautiiiie, the Jrcisury I icpartiueiit
issued a regulation for ascertaining the
duties paid or secured by bonds on ti-U
ciiugh: mi the coasts f"the I?i1is!i pro
vinces,' and. brought fo our inarkets iTy"
lh itish subjects, after the fishing. grounds
had Ikm-ii made fully accessible; to tlie cit
izens of the United Slates. I recommend
P i in fn" ri i 1 ' i' n i lin'i'iilhiii ;l T
to SI
' rogariled as an implied agreement
nit to the tolls during the continu
"the treaty, and, conse'iuentl v. m
ganized, under the authority of the State i standing beloro the world in the attitude
of Nicaragua, but composed, for the most p.f an organized political society, being
part, of citizens of the United States, for neither competent to exercise the rights
the purpose of opeiiingsuch a transit wav. ' nor to discharge tho obligations of -a gov-
,1'y. Uie rjyer San J uan anil Lake iXica-1 erntnent, it was in fact a maraudiugestaU-
ragna, which soon became an eligible and ; lishinent, too dangerous to be disregarded
rocal good will, arc essential for the pro
motion of whatever is desirable in their
moral, social ami political condition.
Hence it has been my earnest endeavor
to maintain peace and friendly intercourse
with all nations.
Ihe wise tlicory ot this1 government, so teinntioiial law-by means of special eoii
fafly adopted and steadily pursued, ot 'miiiniu lu luy. n." the syvvral i"wers of
......T.I: n i- . . ii: I .. l.ltl. i- i . - . l ' . ..l .. "TT
voiunia an uiiuiiigiing uiiiaiice.-, mis nun- i-.iiioh' alllI .vmerica. .vcemumgiv, a, . ... .,, , , . .r. : -. ; ,
-...,. i ti r.. ....... t;.. ,- . , i.. ,' .,.L. tiou whitu wuLiie submUUsd U v..u lm-. mg -tvi lam ol the pons id lliat v...ioiJ.
rta.ciu;iupUal-iLlruuiauaii.,Xi4iitpUtA: .n , , , -. r . , . ' . . , ' , .
made profusely to mingle with that of
tho guilty.
Passing from foreign todomestic affair
your attention is naturally directed to tho
liiuuitiaicoudition of tlieconntrv,- always;
a sunjecc ot general interest, ror com-
the Atlantic and Pacific Meuuwl
and in anticipation of the completion i
importance of this transit way, a number, on emigrant trains or caravans and tlie the Treaspiy ; from which ft writ appear-
t adveutuier had taken posse-anm ol i lroi)tier settlements ot civiluud States, i that the amount of revenue during the
the old Spanish port at tlie mouth of the Sear inutile, notice, was givyii rothe pee last (iscaf ', nt'rcitn aft sonrces, TUassev-"
1 c ... t ( t .: . .i. .'..'. ...f ;....... l .. .": . , '....' ....... .1 "...:n: ... i i... i .. i
t rnitnate it. i ti.n it t x , ,iV;tatc or St;itos Of Central America, w hich, I ivouired them to repair tho injuries thev v-nine thousand seven huudred and tivo
.t the contemplated ti"t ice ;..,...... ...... , ... , ( i,.,.i 1....1 .1 .. .a .:. f .11.. 1.1 ii.- i:..:...
j. H'"ll laicil uv voiniii; neu-peuueiii, n.ei . 11.10 ve'iiu 10 toil emif.ens, una IO IlltlliC vioiuns, Illl'l llivpuonc ex penuuiires lor
. rightfully succeeded to the local -sovcr-: suitable apology for their insult of our the same period, exe-hwiveof payments 6t
I ..;....;...',... 1 :m,.;..;..i;.... ..1' ' t;.,..,.: ri.;.i,.,. .,.,,1 '.';,.,. ., i.: ,.r ..... ... ... 1.1 ,...1.1;.. .1.1.. ,..''..i...i .
.... ..... ... . Vll.l,.. 1.1. j.ll I.HI. ll.'M .', 1 J'IH. l.l.-V ....... -iv I, illl.l .11.11 1, OO ,M .1.11 ..O.tei I'L.'.IIIII 'l IIIVT pilllOV. 111.-..., ..Ill' ... lllV-1 IV
...t- ......1. 1. , a.....,,, : a, 1 venturers undertook to change the name
ten vearr
emburrass the assertion of our right to be
reftvasrd therefrom. There nit? also other
provisions in the treaty which oiighfuTbe
It was to remain 111 to roe tm-
and until one year alter cither
pjiril' slmilld give notice tu the other of
intention ti
pi'i'ietit tl
should be giveti to the. govcriiine
i)t ! much used route iirthe transportation of and too guilty to pass unpunished, and ' jdcto and exact information regarding t
'. our citizens and their nrnnert v between I vet inclinable of beiii" treated in anv nth-1 ti nances. Hint tlie vnriona lirnnelioa nl t
tile, I er way than as a piratical resort. ol. out--papbe- seryice connected therewitlyl re
iitld j laws, or a camp of savages, depredatiug, for yon tAjhe ref?rt"iirtheT Secretary of
two years since
for the purpose of e.stab- tl,(. ,,l:K.u f,,,
ig relations with the empire of Japan. (;,.,,,.,. .,,, t,!
has been ably and skilfully conducted ti
a successful termination bv tlie oiheer t.
wlnun it was entrusted. A treaty .-peti
tions, in which it would otherwise have
liecoine involved. 'Xofuillistamlihg this
our clearly defined and well sustained
course of action, and onr geographical j"
ilion so remote from' ICurope, increasing
liyisilion his himii niiinilVititil liv.uumc
that tii
toted .
than c
nix's .-1
.ii.4 ni il.e tVi .i,nK. except
:Vmi article . ha' also tin- less enr
me, that neutral property, other
iiti.iliainl, thniigli oil bord eiie-
san ,1 11.111 del Norte to
1 at tir.-t pretending
tf act as tlie subjects of the tjetitiou - -'
ereign of the M.-sipiito Indians, they sub
sciiuenll v repitdia' ed the coiiti-ol of any
"power-w fnnevTT, ilssnni'-T l. 1 aTTT
be ilesp'atcheil thitlier to eufore cumpli- tiftv-ono millions eighteen thousand two
ance with these demands. I'.ut the no-' hundred and fortv-uiiie dollars, I During
tice passed iiulieeded. 1 hereupon a coin- the same jen.
niander ot. the navy, in cliarge ot the redemption
si i"t) ot war " t vane, Ivas onieiv-I to re- -:iit.en-si am
Io adopt a .TisTT
. and d. ei.ited tl
peat th'e Altaian i-v aud . t dJusi ?J . Jivya SU-'X i'Lir. i
coill.:!:triri' iMl-rvwith. 1 :;i-tnig tint nei- y '' 'o-'i
tlie pavmeiits) mad
if the public debt, including
premium, amounted to twen-
. .'...ti
li'.i lei 11
be i-xeinpt ll'
ui Coiilis-
if tin- treaty ; and an arrangement.
. Iar to that regarding Pritish tish.
. made for duties now chargeable on the
tif Its govfriiuieiits to supei vi'.e, and in eriiuieiit Io t'10-... of Murupe and Anieiica.
ccrtum i--spects, to direct otir foreign jiol tins. in acted proinptiy in this matter,
try. Iu plans for adjusting the bahin e and a cotn .-nti 'ii uas com-luded, tietweeti
i.f liim-n um.kiiir 1 1i..i.i.i.l i-..a ttn.e I. ill- ,t...i I il... t . 1
v.. ..r . ... ...ov-l . v .-, .... ........ oiiii ...iiioi. iio'l ll" i n oa-,1 . -i.ii. .-, I'l" I , . , .
ssuuicl to take U into account, and would ' viilm-f.r li'ie observance f (, priuciplvs ; "odu 1,1 P 1'rovmces enumerated
constrain ns to conform onr conduct to!iimi..u,.ed t onlv as between them-' '. the same, and i.itr.liievd thert-
their views. One or another of the p..w- S1v,.s, ,t i,l. as between them and all T""! "'. t1.l"to,, ' P."'l'"
ers of Europe has, from time to lime, mi-' nuti-ns, which shall enter int.. like !M';' which will in ..ny
dertaken to enforce arbitrary regulations Utipulatimis. None of the other powers .JliSnen. be m like inanner entitled to
mm i .. .....hi;.l.,.,l i ... . ,i ..... ,i : i... your lavorable consideration.
v. mi, a" J o Ilinnj I ,sn-i.o i,. .-.ii.-i... .iiiin: il- ill llllvlil I o I. ii ill 1 1, i.i .'ii uv . oiim -
principles of international law. That law, 1 i,.,.,. am not aware, however, that av i There
the United States Imvo.-iii their foruigii,.,jiH.ii.n toth p.roiMi4wt-Jipulatiim has the .Unilwl
l-- s ...... , vv vl. ,.V ,ii , ....v........ .,twr -jnifitrcnt' organization, and declared tuer t:ie p.'iiiiiace, nor tn .?e a-siiming
:ttartirtttt tlin-fwervet-r- il.--r
state. If. at some time, a taint hope was anv ion to make the reiuired tc
i-ntcitaineil that tliey might become a sta- p.u aiion. or ev en to offer excuse for
bio and respectable community, tliat hope conduct, he warned thcui. by a )
TOV-V I' M ilssfl t pr.Tcattl;tTro:U that if t.u-v del
nous tiuvj liuudred and tinr-
in.T ''ir.i.i..liiin.lrd s'lil ciirlv.
if Canada and New I'.rnnswick have also mains to exchange ratiticatiotis
anticipated the lull operation of the treaty re pii-iic commercial regulations,
by legislative arrangements n-spootiycly. - T)u. ,roatv ,.,u.v t-. llt 1 ...U-.l between
io il'hnit li-e ol duty the products ul .t,,, fntr.itsi-n-n. n'nt VtrtTiW i-istrW snm..
I'uiled States iiii iitioneil jn the free list
ti vanishei
f oiir most einbarrassiiig ildlieulfies wttit iHil'.mtided claims to ciVil itirisdicj-iouovcr
that country, but litinierous claims, upon I'liula Aienas. a pusitiuil on the opposite
it for wrongs nnd injuries to oiir citizens
leiiii'ined iinadj listed. nnd many new cases
have been recently added to --tho former
list of griev .luces. "( (in- legation lias been
earnest iu its endeavors to obtain from
the Mexican government a favorable con
sideration of these claims, but' hitherto , tion of that route
- without success. This failure is, proba- fl
States, interested
sit Company, ate;
1 blv nccessarv to
I the river .xan .luan, whieii iva- in
.sion, under a tittle wholly in.i-eu-(
theuiv !' eitiitens -ot-tue-UidiVd
iu the N icaragua tran
whieh was indi-pensa-he
prosperous ''pej.i
aeross the Isthuius.--isted
their gr.-illi'iles-l
satisl'action within a time
would bombard the town,
ce.lure hi aii'-rited them i
lie t -r tiiein perso
ty To, t".-- -aui total of the re
jiiipii.thal .year is .to be added a ba
lance remaining in '" tTig-Trcasii ry 'littw
their c.eniiKiieviuent thereot, amounting fc
ui.iic i wOntv-oiie millions nine hundred and
u .t give forty-two tie eisaniT eight liiindred anil
stK-e-tie !, he ninety-two d'.'llars ; and at the close of the
Uv tiie pr-.-. same year, a corresponding lalume -
porrnnirv t.Tjrrvmtfrg Pi 'twenty tnilions one hmidred"
sal'etv. T1 an-1 tinrt i -scvi ii tliousaiid nine huudivd
iIio-h'," wIk- dewred to- av.iid- loss uL aud s.ity-t'Veu dollars of receipts abovo
company re-
is.differencof opinion between 'ably, in sonjsjyneasure, to be ascribed to. claims ; whereupon t!i, v pi-oceeiled I
nd Slules.and tiscent Jh-itaiit.asto.thu disturbed condition of that coiiutry.u etroy soine of. its buildings. .and JUli;
property III the punishment ab'-ut to l e
intlicte.;) ou the off.-iiding town, he fur
nished the mean's ,,f rt-ni-iving their ef
fects by the boat, ..f hi, -,v-i ship, a:.d of.
a stOiiiu-r which he pr .i-uiv.l and tcti-
-eiled tode-Vdered tothctu for that p
A: I
. i .ti, uiiti tin- euu n oi. i ei'-nis. .in ' " aui, in i i h . -en t o ne t sseu i t.o i" i o. i u n ipiiiii-uni ,i.i ...iii.i.iih- iui,i.,i -...-i -
interest of others iiihv aftggestt Thev-ilo 'niiiiariiit obstacle to thvir general adop-: dillieiillies on the part .f the citizens and ritories to' be respected, not only by
w HI I
nipt- pcccivnig U" !i-' 'sit '
the town to com
itizciis, but by foreigners,
Hot admit that the soverei'Mis of one coiiti-'tion i in i Ik possibility, that, it may be local authorities of the two governments".
ncnt,' or of a particular, community of ciieuinir.-red by inadmissible conditions. I recommend that provision be made lor
State, can legislate for all others. The King of the Two Sicilies has ex- a commission, to be joined by one on the
Leaving tho transatlantic nations to ad- press -d b our minister at Naples hisjen- part of her Jii itaimic Majesty, for the purl
just their political system iu tho way thev . dines to ( ur in our priiposition fela jmse of ruiining uud establishing tlie Inn'
may think best for their eomiium welf.lre tive'to neutral rights, and to enter into a in controversy. Certain stipulations of
the independent powers of this continent .convention ou that subject. " , ;tho third and fourth articles of the ti;eaty
inay well assert the right to; be exempt The King of Prussia entirely approves
from all annoying interference 09 (.heir j (,f the project of a treaty to the spue ef
JarC Systematic abstinence from inli-ifect. submitted tn him, but proposes an
inalo political iMiiinevimi with tlistautjor- laddhiomd artielt providing for the-etiu'n-eiirn
iiuii.iii. d.u.i. ,... itii.i-..iiil. .,e. : ... .,r,..; ..,: -j....h ntf nHi.-b.
m vv.i inn v.iii vi ..i.i.t.. 1- i.iu , 1,1 i. o ,1 v-i 1 i.l. i-... 1, ............... - , . . .. ,
in tlu. H 1 M n r ,m, f, r v , ni-h rsir. 1 l n if mi I it is lint rl iiit t ill n ni'titu in I Uvav extatexl 1 1 lite p V1
..Were. - IhUidiiaiuctioii. so'cteaily mart-' I by nation -having u-a-vaU itabLishincnts, cerned that summary menus of ct;liug ;eis u iiIimiWIi 1 am hwd X-
' ' '' ..."... L'..- -....". - - ' .-. ' -' -'. . --s-rt rr 1 , j.oy.ii.i.iv- - V 1 .' -'i 1 -1 . -
sorted to the United Stat
pose of organizing hostil
against some of the States of that Iepuh
lie'.' The defenceless condition in whii!
its frontiers have been left, has stimulate!
lawless adventurers to" embark in tin-si
concluded by the I'iiifed'States nnd Croat -enterprises, and greatly inerea-ed "ie dil
l'.ritain in "ll'i, regarding possessory tieultv of enforcing our obligatioiisof lien'
..' tl.A Umlinii'i Itui- Cniiinniiv. nnd traTifv. Uugardiug it as 111 v solemn du
:propert-ot the 1 ugiit s Sound Agi le
r,il vi'iiijianv. Iiave.given n
1 Jo jmitm e.d yiojenth t.o disiH.ssos it.
our estiililisliuient of I iiut.i Arenas, but Viib
lave re itiiselnevoiis ilesui was ueieaici i-y im
for the pur- iiitei;ii''Mtioii of one of onr ships of war.
expeditious at that time in the harbor of Sail, .luan
'Subsequently t
:i ; a.'
p irt
mi'iv Willi ins ri
: IHHISIIsi?t WaS-tGs;-
t-xpeiui.tiircs, also remaiued 111 the trea
sury. Altii ' i.-li in the opinion nf tho
f Secretary nf the Treasury, the receipts of
if the oinreiit tiscal'ear are not likely to
1 tvjnai in..-t;noimt tlmso of the last, yet they
h w id uadoubtedly exceed'the amount of ex-
't pen iiiures bv at least tifieen' millions of "
shall, therefore, continue to
who was s
is no
fillo! ..ilJeii.llllv tlie
vuiv t-.wards Me-xii
ill other I -'I'-
this, in M'av la-t, a IkhI.v
t men Iroin t.revtoun crossed-over t-
Punta Arenas, arrogating authority to
arrest on the charge "f murder, a captain
of one of the steamboat's of the Transit
(' "npuiiv. ' living well aware that tlie
1 iniui to exercise juristlic-tio.u, there would
lie resistcJ then, us it had been "ii prcvi-
uiWa-iouvtlR' wetilprv-'Ktred : ais.eit.
it bv-fmett "! anus.. ( linL.uiur.s.tH to l.ui,
tnf America' happened to .lie ptT-eiit on
oon to have intercourse, an. I
much intlncti'-e, ith the lea
ders among tbem, to interpose and jht
siiade them to take some I' .-uv calcula
ted to'save the necessity of icsortingto
the extrcnio measure indicated in his
proclamation-; but that olluvr, instead of
.Xm, bii4b'i u .lv-H
cailv ili'iie. to tlie re l iction of tlie pub
lic debt, the amount of which, at the com-,
inenceiueiit of the last fiscal year, v as
sixty seven millions three hundred and
forty thousand six hundred uud twenty
eightdollafs; of which there had been
paid on the twentieth of November,
acceding to tlie request, did nothing ncre IS."i4, the sum ot'tweiity-tw.iinilliqnsthreo
than to protest against the contemplated hundred and sixty-five thousand one hitn-bouibai-dnient;
No steps of any sort weflvdreij and se.vctity-t ivn dollars; leaving ia
taken by the people to give the s'atisl'ae- bafanee of out staiiiliug juibli'e debt td
tioii repiired. Xo individuals, ia;tv there oijjy furty-f'iir millions nine Iiund.vd uud
WLie.. v iio. regardeddhemseises as tim re- acvemv-nvo .thuusaii-'l .tour liuu.Iivd add
us.puusi.biu.fiir thu uuacauauci. ot tins CsHiu Ufav-su- drtllaist,-fe.W-i.naUt- tit d.ff,-rt-nt
nitiu'.M', ad pivd any- m .'.ins. t"-seKir.i:e pert-) 4. 11... a I ..M-teen a oars. lhf!. ar.r
.'.".'..: 7'..-.: -. "'...' ;' ' -'..: - - - ' .' ' ' .'' ". .
..... p-y- . .-.-

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