North Carolina Newspapers

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Iax It WtaaW4 by fmir, thai
I IfV Vf f-Jy UrniHitio f lb
r pei , ubllbmf of tkv
lBd a, 4bj nnt ,niM ftrf Urp
- (Im to pun ery far com crop. v .
" piec.of iMd Plotffbcd IU II
'? rJ will pftkliitt mf cniilbmrf
" ttit rtnieniUrud, t&kt! tare ar
Barpn U om Um land. tpliiiif ia
Mvitions aoi ibal lit rvia of tha ar
rot worma ara mora territl Uian tat
rran J armif of Lincoln.
j . Lt-il.b jerotwberwLibaL Iw.t art
aobjii2(a it ul b by tht apecslatara ia
oarmidt, anJ not hj Lincoln.
Lt it be ivmernK-rr.l, that oar former
can dit mora to conqitar tbeaa than all oar
aoMim in tli Ml. '. . .
Lei it Ik rm-mSercJ, that tlia waj to
( conq uer I ho acuIaUng tuicreanta it tor
T th Urnit-r to raia Urgu provUioo cropa
" ' of all kin. '
lp Let. it be rmetnbrel,. that the wont
. mUfnan that an MM an peo(U it a
-'deartfcTtwiw.- v-' ' " '
Lift it l mn-rnbrrJ, that anj pfol
wbo tia fU4ilt to t and wrar ara ob
" " 15gtI to b proproi and catutot b con-
Lr-t it b rfinpinWred, that if yo wi4lt to
grow rich yoa niir4 III rour corn rribaand
jfmntrir wow, and be. prepared to rawe
large crojx of cottoa wbeo tba UockaJe
- U railed. i
it it be remeroberetj, that it it jour
datj to raiw proviioa for yoaraelvea and
a turptu (or the oldierjr' wbe are Sibling
joar btiiUv for joa. "
Lrt it be rohiembered, that if jot do not
raiae rg proiioa crona yoa are helping
Lincoln aad tbe peculator to finlea I be
yoke "of boo Jaga upon, your wivea and
"iiiblrea. "
V Let ii be rewamberaJ, Uwt yeav ' it
at a aolemn 4a(y to Ood and ytfar eoootry
to your tv an4 cltiUraaUlov religuin
' and liberty tb raite rry large erupt of
proTMiooft. ' ; '
We are io weeipt of a eomnaanieation
from ine cawpof the Scotland Neck Moen
tad Rifle, which gi tome farther a
count of the fall of Fort Kfacois- ttated in
yetterday'a Journit. Our eorreapoodent
aaya that the eaevy'a own accoadof tbeir
Iota U.aotne four huinlred and fifty. Th' ia
foroiaiiott vf courta our.curretpoadcat re
ceived (titm what apieared to be nood au
tiiorily, tutTre-eaoTSot fiod.tfiat Ibe parol
d officer who arrired bere"ha reivd
an account of tba kittud or wouaded of
the enemy. Although the arrival of wear
of tle prisoner" hwe ha Bticipald our
;correpondenl,t letter, w are 4)Mlly
frtatefal for hi altsntioa. Wa f tbe
following rKUcrijt relating to, aaotber
matter which may iaeret our eeader.
Wa trunl oar frtetod " 1!. will continue hi
favours : . , . . ;
f P. S. It may eot be amwa to gieejrott
in accoant of the eecape of a Uaroa"
ttita itamrd IiJ Scott, wbo waa .viwiad
a few night eiiioa by two of Captain New
klrk'a mn, who hpeued lo have on blue
ofermat, and: werewineeijueBlIy L taken
for. Yankeea by ttt Tle humour
ed tie joit, and ooa found Scott to be a
real traitor They aled tim all about
the number aad poaiuW of tba " reUet."
, lib infonaation at touol jtofW ar corj
-looking foe thewt auaie titr. an would
uk p.4ure in ilMiaif thorn wherever
they wUhed to ep, bat charged them par
tleularty to rwca'ie lbe tervket ef a certain
nejrro, whom thy afcerwarila'dM teemrt.
,The men nnfortwnatt-lyjjiiada an ap
pointment to meet ocoit aeif ntoralnjr,
fioWwl J makine tare of him
theS but j
'ben rliey j
he woeeVf, tmt ft Ihm. Wbe
went to the place (weeiwly. Wwolnted,
they, H Houtt well aA in a tail boat, go
lag to the eewtJ oaUio. f - ; ;';
,Vheaeer anything of importancts take
place ep hre, I M lake plMur ia gi
lag you the fct$ at they occar. - I
RtectfiilTy year. B.
' A IM to eve 'nww-Tomtora ilyjuld
be plaiitcd to large quaotitie tor tbe i use of
te campc, . Tboee ' acquainted with tbe re
marfctfble medicioal propertiei t thai Uelijrht
ful WHaUe wiN moet heartily eaaorta the
orreiiwn. . Let our ptanlert aad mrdiierf
raue Utem ia tuch abundaoc tbia laaina ht,S
bcaide tbe home demand, sufficient flhait be7
in hand to,aupplj the armies. -It ia U-aed
tlttt to ieoe them to the army nest Meaner
aa part of ibe ratiooa will preeent maoy catea
offerer, dysentery, aua atarrtiaa.
8ait. There la reaaoa to bar that the
wont eel It of I be erhnt naj gteot by which
Hoanokt lalaad was buffered ,to fail Into
lk IV a aalat 1st I Kaa AMAMaw ' aaa a tA Jkm.'
eloped. TbeSuu iaalmottUra of talt.
and them it bat a am ail apnea along the
coast la which It cai bi 'Uiada.'Il ia a ret
markable fa4. tetted: ljf 7 acloaf etperteoce
of the SUM. Bait' GommUaioner. that ia
Carritock, a bushel of salt Made from-
O-galloaa of watef, whilat at both tbe
ether points rnaferted to since the Commit
sjoar wns driven from Currituck be 0t
lull of RoaaokalalaiuL It requirea 300
loot of water ta make a bash of alt
Kan that fact out in lu eariou rnmiftca-
tfene W labor, fnat tnncUnaey and time.
and it it not easy to eatiroate the eitentof
the arir1 It may be, an J we fear it will be,
that tba necessary qoantity of that India
iienaable article cannot now be made, and
if en, th At cattle will die, and human be
ing be enbjealai to lb aeeereet evilw All
for the want of proper foreaigbt ia drfciid
n 4 4 4
lag uoanoae jwaao, . ,
mention tin now, not for the pur
pose eif ntelea confplaioiltff, uut to draw
attention to the nervwity of pVotectiiig, at
all haxards the StaU Salt Woik where
now lovated, and, which' are fi-iling fairly
under way, supplying some salt, and pre-
pannj, to tnpply a great deal. v 04.
OrricUL IufKBTixairBa. The Stand
ard cowtuieuts with arvrritv upon a Irtlrr
sTene.! Ijr tlte AMant Adjeiant GRa
il thU SiatV, adilrPrd to a CaiU'n of the
52d lgiint-nl, iut forjiir! aVCawp Man
isvb m hiclt, tfia. Captaia J advtied tu
o a certain person tor Colonel of tllat
regiment. Tb law vivet tbe eh-ciioo to
the fficert. -
Wa bad beard of a case of that aort.
which ia said a hav prodaced SO much
indignation nuieng the ofBcert that the fa
vorite of the; State authorities though po
sibly he woutd jmske a good offioerrdi4 not
receive a single eoto. aV, ,
The Richmond Whig bet a letter firoa
Savannah, which say, . ; . j ' -
Therw are eertaia premonitory aigw
wblcb aajslearty.!u?d JBJemailJyJitralittbt
araacli of, tie eliom. Nvc4aa.eiaaa.caa
fcweabadow aavthmg. One iaAhaappear
aibe ofrerfcua Jy, ai 1nithtavwilT
thia region without being Uowd by
a severe eudetnic. It i known here aa the
Jrettow fvrr fly, and baa made an aniMaalV
y large twarutV In ibe kecoed place, it
has never' tailed to be the case tnat the
poultry bare bean invariably vkited with
an epkiemieor some son previous 10 in
appearance of the yellow fever, and
mortality jvaa never greater aatoog
fowl tbaa it baa been lor the Ian ten a
Our vankee viaitort are likely to tova
time of it on all tba fever coaat. Tbvy will
require a goad many boepitable grave,"
land it will be a miracle if they do not
epread the diae among the IfortLern ci
ti. Tle same writer fay,
Our wrtny here b becoming daily more
formidable. , We have fnajuagod to get in
a cargo of arm within the Ut two da
that will aquio 30,000 more men than we
Lav ever had in the field 'bfere Wj
havr, oa the river ud aurrouadiug
ty, in all, dl baltrria, and Savanaah can
Oct be taken by one man ndef 1A0.000.
- Tbe oottoo that i here and at Augu
ta ba beea arraaged In" a most beaatifui
manner to make a quick and roosiag tire,
Tbi, bo wever, waa done soma two moiilha
ago, before we ware a t
ed and otherwiaa 'erepaeed to aea yaabee
eiailees at "we now are.' " If the yankee fleet
will only stay al Tybee a few day longer,
until Yellow Jack gett one IwkNat them, it
1 "-:-.-.-- .. .'. . ' .!
was breciaeiy io that way ii ia variably start
ed ia Angeiw, afaeoa aad lloalgoaneryiy
Tbweaarkete he are abounding with
stwbetri large sia 'a small bh rgg, and
etbuisitely dJtcio'ui.' The- aolfiers get
tbein at JO per. quart,. Citueue haeu to
pay S ceaCtper quart fee-them. The fruit
t afe ,Wa shall baew eonnUtw ititTltont
of delHoot peschet and mTocrt, which it it
not thr intention f tht (ople to allow the
aoldiera Io pay, far ; ae4 1 beard oaagen
Uemta 1
aay b I.Trt ,
piaetrd several aeree of
eesettblea et presly to give, without price
and witfcout' to the toldier." -
, Socth Caoua ft m e4Soially pub
lidbed that Soatb Carofiaa bad ia tbe field,
April LISiK I,74 ne, of whom M,0fl3
are h theperiod of he war. She la
4,042 over he quoU required by the Coo
feoersU geeemaaeac
Tbe At (t ItfjjimHit 'wa organlced at
Wilniogtba by the election of Join L.
Caatwell; CoL V. A. AJlea, LieoC C0I4
aalUeotor Mcaihaj. ??. '
W liar aomt further r ecounts .d
t)i eapartj of Ktw Orlumt. Hi
rtirvboata of flit enemy snUowl tor
ribly in their attempt to j awForta
Jlckion and Bt. Plinij. ' Tht Cott
federata gan-boat(7en. C iitmanran
Into one of them, and t'''. mnkliit
very few rhlnntei wlth t ! on board.
Tba McIUe alta went i ;(i, firinirj
uer iMt ftfoauttqo jatt m alia wat,
inking Ltfheaih the ' : Ir. Tlte
lauKea vuaia, .wiiicu, i rcueq in
gettinff op to the cfty, t hnttofa-
WataaUioon ut ia i, ,i;;.tf oftr
men and the accuracy or tu4r aim.
Sjme jtft.hetn weeomptcfeljfd
dlcd by our ahot, and ftll wci more
otjeta dttiaed.:. They were, not
iroti-ctad, or did not appear to Int.
ii i the- itiater wtrrrjeomhig' 4op thi
rircr, crowd, was pUectuu on the
le vee, anion; whom wwaa email knot
of traitors, who hnrrahed fur h Un
ion. 4n immediate rveponaa ioiUU
demooifratioq aa given (rwVolvj
ere lit the iiae or the clUrcnt, who
fired jiifo t)ieui, kililug XlittB , arid
wounding aix. ;Tha ' statement br
Ouninixlure Farrajrnt; Ibat women
and children were ahot an) kiihd.
a baaa fabricattri. r .Whott fha
idBceri bearing, the duinand for t lid
aurrender of tle eity7landel to the
lv. be -was greeted ; w jt h a wl
eoine and elialce of ho lund frtnn a
aliury individnal. The officer part
ed on, but hit friend soon after paid
the penalty of hit treason with his
life. ,. -r':-:. ,J;-'' ''
Tlie CfiuceHt says :
It it with feelings nf the deepest
pride thnt we point, the Federal offi-
cert to the fact that lift Union tenti
me(jitts in our miut tiat, with
almost att vofce, . antf ' with one
tongue, riiis coinmnnityentirely re
pudiates ali allegiaoclii tho old
tedly adheres to the octtrAnd we
respectfully oat nrmiy aert tnat
implanted Jn Uie breasts of' oar
n7cl.angercn serle t eradicate it,
or still Jbeir. free eouk irill.eirf
I- .1... 4!...U7
strtjggle for their independence.
They huve'auflored, thej may, sulftfr
antpeakably in the future, bojf we
hazard nothing tu saying that n trf
crifice even to the last iifowtll bo
too much to accomplish) the one great,
mighty and gloriwoi bndertaking.
Tfiis we honestly believe, and while
we do not titter oar convictions in a
vain glorioos' spirit, we wilt not
shrink from their free and Indcpen-
dent IJrwfoA;rAi';i---- (ery er roild, hamlet, Wacgsniiib shop
; The Yanketi flag placed over. the.. railrd station and .. depot; arou da pf noi-
Mint waa torn down tti Satajtfai4prfa . wh aaeUena and tug howie uu
e veiungt 26tV olL, ljf
ciUsena. " , .. . ,
The shots firad by f lie Federal tea
aels came very near
several houses in the neighlrhHl
of the Mint, and a sliell bNlirwi in
the roof of the dwelling of Mr. J. A.
Lacodr. - We coold notbave lielief -
that a civilised peopleooid have
an far fortfotfeft their diirnttir ar to
have permitted themselves to jiave
endangered the Uea.of nboffending
women and chndren. in tbos wanton
. 44 t . . '4 ' : - ' "
ate, or tiie' reprcseiiiauven'i c.ury
peaa Ouverniuenta, aire all. uiVplay
ed from their rejectlre. o(Eccve;
ceptingj in two or tbree instaneea.
The Ckototaaof Ervsnea has n-J flag,'
and two or three otlier, nalbmebayo.
no representatives here. Several pri
vate cltiaens, fiirw! sobjecta, have
hoitted their coabtrj'a einWvm over
tbeir reeidences. ! ; :
Tlie'dettrttction of pfopct haa
bipen imtseasej Btacbnore so thait
neccstarjr . pS " '. .
On Satnrday, aboot noon, k party
of men, who have recently retnrned
front Ikaoregsrdaarmjry went doem
on the levee with a band of tnatic
and a Confederate flag, to gfveveot
taiheir feeling in face of the -Federals.
The levee waa densely crowd
ed with people, among whom waa a
great-wwmber of women and ohtl
dren: bat this did not deter the
J sharp-abeotera oa board tba Teasel
nearest tmj shore' from opening firo
upon mo men enraged in me iarm .
lets exhibition of patriotism, which
resulted in.he oWhir an (nneent
4 . ' ".4 4. m .
UJ4aHl 444U IVH t TVUIIUIU VI.IKMaomi phviwiui 444tv44 t 44l k44ing
bthara. We do not com mend thalprool with which bktort al-onutf that
action of thf young men wbo'provl11 eoadUlaa 'f maa VsiMeiM) b etampi r.v' : "
rokeu Uie omnrtanate affair, Dot wa
i ... '-'m . .4
cannot refrain fromtxmdemuin the
eraaltr of the parties who co-Id lev
el their guns at acnwd for the faoU
Of Jwo or three. ;
v Oem" Loebliy fcrmy, whjch' hj
becneprvtented t S0.0C0. amodrit j
cd to .ti1y .f5e W aix tliotitand, an t ;
L-r Wl VUtsJj .r.
orfbofn. were" the tniliUa tli dr.ij-'
i I .. J '''.! . 4 4 .
ri,auu orgauiawu-ciyzeua.. wuo iu
uiclfj eoniituiiM-ouius and other ba-
uVta:wjth their ,safV keya in their
lMHricett. wiien the enemr flrat came.
expoctfrjgtoret jntd a tJ,jjhratinc;
iV Oglir liad taken place, and tio
uratuct aited of an early enirae?
iNent. and mwt of ih'eae eitixcn sol
dleijr were returning to their boimsi
and (vwiiriet, WAinnje til'tlie tiilM
ft.r a ht hi.nld come. Tlie" city
w a quiet, btit irrcatly in- tatttbf bKv
Thefort below were stllf 'J.niif
fecabifi, ftjid cCTectpally prvjvj)f
.,r W, tratHrta
imhu t,.iuiM up. Wilt UiOntlHIIlUIH;
iKMi or prviiio; uu.Iib
w"l4auia tipi tWiuJvbaf a to tba
ciyt hnVacot th.Jveca bUw thai
city, tli ua cutting off all retreat, sue
corMr reinforceuionts. v- : '
Sum anpfMtted O011. LoveU would
come to-Mobile ani rrr tbe do
fence tf that place, bu his intentions
were not known. t is ottt: of his
power to render any assistance to
New Orleans, or fur him to have
done more than ha did. lie was
down the river at the,, enemy ' came
tip, and was alinvtt,bi;Kuret!. Ue
had tw. ainall veaMia 4in bavins
other a few iiiarinea, 1 be boat wit
.the matinee engage the approach'
mg vveU, ad- waaeaptureu J but
this rvtardeJ their moveuieiits some
what, and allowed GenTLovell time
? (oro be
c'ta?d teverUkca. ,
. - , KE.T. ' t
Tlie Abingdon l"jroaiia...bas tbe to
o inji ' well-trioed remagT on a matter
which wa have heard made tbe" tutject of
censure on sever!! eeehMona: V ; ;
.It i a ueatioo that might' be debated,
a be titer we have an army or. oot .We
have not been much away Iron tbta local
ity of tf, but wu learo fioie geHtleoiea
who Ue travNltil elteoaivelr thai at ey-
TalU or ttit toJaier. a tury ire wucrcvr
or.It Wd. but there i f ult somewhere. Jf
UiriU tC flVWU HHU fHm IV tifEIWi .4
k not; pt-rhaps a division of the army to
the field that has men enough, and Jet
thousand of patriotic, brave soldier rtj
J- I 4. 1...... .... LJ lini. 41 444.V
4ilWUtCU 4V WHllW V4 " 44...V
iMuaeraUe puiuls of tendeavoet entrt tor
becoote diacooraged and aVasoraliaed. - lt
u only eeeeaaary to maiw ena trp ' iroan
Unstoito Knosvillo to prove ..anbl taaffe
are mora aoldiera out of tba field tbaa i
iw - Gnral Marshall. sW taetaacev bat
'been Crippled aad baffled m bit vreratioua
VA UiawaBt::afen-ane-Jva-Uiea.afa.:
I ia a few Loura tuarch (bis , headquarters
more, wno at ieen kii in alienees v ir
man. ne m.nt Vf'geoe, ,
. . :-jf TUCKY .'-.
A correepondent wrflet from Uemplis
enxuatnngl of the Southtra fetling la
Kentji; Utsayt;., , -v '
; ThabcounU w bare from Keatncky
are' eauagiog, aad hope iiHrentartaiu
ed thal.Utq time will cine wbeo that peo
pU will turn 0on opnrwsors with" tbe fu
ry of devouring, tiger." they refused
believe until rerently that LincoIat Cov
ernment wat waging' tbia war tot the abo
lition of slavery' and lb subjegalioA of tba
Southera peopi. They find apW proof
now eX tbe sUrtling fact in reetet oQoial
aU clltt Waahitgwu Coverameot. I bava
no doe U' of the truth of the rtwtUjaai
several Kentucky regiuJehU bav: laid
down, or nttonptad to Uy down, tbeir
rrna. -
. Oar foreign paiers lava a longf accoont :''
of the dif treeeea of the roval famil v of Eair?' .
-- A. t r
'f f uenpgm w wuK-n
I Inn linftfainire U iiSMult If 4.4. 4I..JTJ - V 4
wa a podiioo that seemed to hSbrd every . , !
tVcw'rity of 6appine1t Was that of Vktaw ' 1
r " 'j r 1 1 1 mi H - 4HVI V
4 V - - , f- WW 4Vtl' '.
iti ano iraii' y m iiie.tri9iiiet 7 '
l e4 4i c.4a oetow. li4t 1 V,-
t..e 11:
.1 4 f f "f '
itu'd (l.
isl Wa 1
. From L oca tba death of the.? '
Piioce & - j beard amours which
may ba t.n 1 j-4Me shadows of eota
iej event, lie Queen i tnLjrct to fits
of deeioo w hc at tiroes reoder jt
IWMMauUa to at-proach JUiuIt iawalf
known that the Priece of WaJrt tW lit
tie promlitea of filling op tbeeoid created
by the decease of lie btber. Hit JasteS
are 'of a low order, aod 'whenever left to
bit bwa divlceVbe is 'load of herding with
parties' atuH Weworthy of liar lie it
niorbfJly eusceptiblw'of flattery of ak gross
klndVaod Lta arnipbrt are aft, mora pr (ea
of a Vulgar character." 8bortly before1 tbe
death oF tbePrince" Consort, it !' well
knawit ifiat be vWitej Cambridge, ba it tt
not generally known! bat tbe eouveratiuaa
with the rriacef of Wslet at' Idaddaniy
wrV oT w ni Watstory 'efttfa:aarfor
We bim' iha inoat Wiooa anxity. Oa
hls'returo "toWiodor be brooded over
what bad pnd to that drgren that bit
thysician remonstrated; and only a short
fiiW Vfore bia deatli be said to the Prin
ecst Allien that the anwers be received
from her brother 'were of a character to
low, to depraved and vitiated, that be
feared all the paint be bad bestowed on
hit .education would be feuitd" worse than
useless. - ;. 1 -
v It appear there soma women in
town who eiurcise great influence ever
Mm, and bnce 0ftwt(ur tHe PrTiici ftot i
pin,iwivimwMwiia iu f noce a
awav from Haddtnly tankoown to Oto
the' train bad departed, abeo the telegram
whs dwpatched to Windsor, and lbs Prince
Hon, wailing for him; one of tbe royal car.
riage, anb Sir 'OeoryeOray in attend
ance, to escort him to tbe pattrumilia.'
' The Princess Royal too, wbo married
l be Crowe Prince of Prussw, ba, it ap
pears, been nailed to'a man of disaolute
character. Some time ago her Hioyal
Highness 'was said to have epraiimLJbcr
aekW o the trnth Wat that her Uos
hattJ, jo one of bk drealla fits, bad kick
ed ber .down tone t'PtTba Prutcaes
Allice, after ber nwrage will live at Frog
more, and a the supposed y bare , in
herited tbe talents and disposition of ber
father ia a great degree, she will be a.. real
eowdurf 'to the Queen. 'Itiiiltia ia ibe or-
ftlarsanmaa evffctstbalt, av tarn should
occur in ine niM-oi me. oe ucuo umm
leen remarkably blessed, ber happiness so
cMtinuous, her feelings so bained, that a
cliaage seernu iaeVitawie. Troublous time
aie looming io the dtslatoee for her and
the rooatry the. reigut over. ' Lord Pal
axM-ston i not to be disturbtd, I bear, to
long at hie beahb permita him to wield;
tba power be hojda, so conservatives are
pledged to support bin in any partyetrug
gle ; but death of disease may incapacitate
m to-morrow, and then, with . tbe occu-
pafit of tba throne in aaeb tribulation, tri
am of no ordinary nature nay oegia.
Tstrt. Tb Riebmood Dispatch re
mark upon the elasticity of tbe Soutbera
mind, that t rebounds from it b ( pressure
of diaasier likeaw India rubber ValV which
boqac the biglieethe harder it k tbrownrr
upon the earth. - Thi i emphatically true.
Lank at our owa State iihe had tome ,
35,000 iu in the field w ben Roanoke
Island a aa eaptured.v 6be bat now 0Q,OOO
and nore are volunteering every sday,---
The reason.' of this ia, that Southern pee
pin tee that kfy eaaaof tf ard to t cow
f ueredt Every' thing they have would be
loat.. Poverty and deaolatioe' and deaUi
would be the inevitable result. . :
' r... : riy.Ob:
'V- . ,? '.. --
L Soli.-We weresbewe be other hf ,
a sample of Salt, wade froenNthe dirtv ta
ken from tba fior of a.moks bouse.
Tha procevt-by whfcb it waa obtained waa
very simple. Tba dirt waa d ag np and
pet tnto a gam and wafer dripped through
it, jutt as lev it obtained front a be. The
water wa tbeq boiled dowa till it loracd
to SfH. One gatloa of waer Hm tfirdegb
a besbel of dirt produced a qujun of Salt.
Tbe Salt ia at tiroag at the best Liverpool,,
tbetfeu not to wlrtta-trVifU vm

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