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Tbi Urchmona TIWrtr tl.i lit!.
baf a uw rtil wnu ai t f urn
from tli't Oiiitwi "$tJwLw. wliflTitf t
w will b lt)ir lcrmf Mtrd iir
CiMiicv srs iriiii ill n lira
f ar. IUjudni f: In sub-
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1 t. TUt fie U MtitfieI , tKtt tU
Federal otScvr, olJiVr, iile tn
tveriiuient r wrv, nii ve
r tuajr f Own frauklr tliii!i,tliat
liny lur Uvtf lMVttI U !l ,tb
ball l i Virjciua aiHl UarUiMi,
frtuu Ih . hattt wf, WHIiann4rx
iJotru, ainl that lattlf 8lrwM
liurie li them tlt imt t-rrii.o
"detral f tb rar 1! h nMWIfd
thnt irMtlior lJim nor twnttle
tu rvti ; tbe fi(1if, bat tljat btli 1
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J L Linottny Ut pncjatna'ion I
irr'Wtf v dkjj.istt.l in tli artiij,
anJ ! 4.jhtiiIj gtu! Uittrrlj JriHuna
ed by prniiinltt. men ' leaIiW
MfWii'jtT ilia Kvrtlia&UM
w.i!J iiC, lavatIicn t4rail an
wtvt jfv A war auch au b-jet-t
i litllvrly dMMnncxL - '
ilU lltat bMk awkiivtv anU civil
iaiM mnem to If vatiafivd that both
aiM bav aafflcNsftilj alMtwn thfir
eMirra, anl ah4 enoagli bltMd,and
auffarvd mmtf.y'--: .
Sth. Tliat th batttct bare Iboira
iJwii UiaLtbcJSojith cannot b al
dnv4, or th (Tnl.Kt ntird tl
lal 1i e of tfita btjiit obllterateJ
byili "flanitfrtn. AnClltat even
, If jt c)ut ll raatorwf hj rcuuaaat,
it.wuuU b with tlia attor Jruc
tioo vflltuaicro'aoftlMibiith which
ba beta Iba alaMenta uf arcalib to
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Atb. That a jrreat wonetary crivia
U jiouandmt Jfortb aitd lika- i
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iy )eruiij la occar. At a ennae
qaenca, capitalutt, wtio haa bere
tofra tapjiofied tha war, ara now
loir paara. Tha North, to aarnoth
ini of it aaatiifMiB dVM. ta how lin-
' 7 7... . -. -
not foreign.: dbt an adrautajfe
udw bnatetamlbv tha South. t
porUng lieav Hy, and aiortln noth- oiainy ainca Mention, can
iojC to pa vritb.' A Awnaaliq dbt hudlf U cipcctrdto ln;af immsdi
loaf ba dpalt w1tb wilbvotpld but Ky ,ul ' rwtratbn of Nor;h
r .
a tiet perete atroxs n tiiripetfdfttff
between the two ureat partiatat tha
North, radical aiof eoaaar ativra--a
atral aitexainpled Iu the coantry
for bittemca and rancid. It U a-
vowed to- be a war of extermination
Cth,(od tnofa tliMJlHllMataf'WM gorernroeoi
in which vacb party threatens tkeT a signal triumph will that
other, in ca4 4 saccess. in tba-j be that eanie tha Union tbtg to the
a:an x nK.Qa or Uie a ay,
'not to
leave a xreaa spot 01 tiiera. - i ua
wnter waa Infortned that there waa
';' wile "pread . coiiacrvat i e efgsnb
sat tun dctermfned, forcibly te'reeitt
Uie 4 fat arrest aied at the freedom
1 a? a a " . - a ' ,
or ecit and or toav preee, aaa , ne
doe not see boar conflict of amis
ai be avoided. Should it occur,
tua war betweatt the North and the
,: South Jtaaided." js::-if-rTbere-'Ie
tiiachia these statements
' and views that is .f dD Interval
Xand xiflcneev' Tbef preaent
caX V aironx probabtlilie. , But
lite bauth mut not U deladex bv
i therh iutony abatement 4f.itaef
to neet the i tlier alternative
fin imicfinit prrJoattoa of the
War. - Ally such ; ahataoiaot would
cba-ija the whole cqrrent of peace
' faeiiikjr at the North, for that is the
resell alone of oWeeUtdished abilJ
: ty to maintain the Confederacy by
force of arms. Allow tha chain v to
. cat the. apper band, and the - war
& fjisx would be mora rampant than
' ever," As tohe figbt'amonjj thetn
- selves, btn are Indeed signs of soch
a ttinr, bot w most recollect that
it Is not the Yankee habit to expose
himself t the pensJUct of the Uw
bj any pa pt;tos propensiUci, 7i
may illajtrtla tiix ty aa, aotcdotj
told u aoq:'ajexri hj
Aim? Wt rW fWtir tfil it ir.ii
VI mi IllH a HI
bfeb Uy
aaiamt. ill.
cMadrvlf-d ,,lUrff, .U'AfUr j hrlniclnjc fairmBltj'tb ara'rall
iiidnliQMttijbja aniiafiiaut ftjin rlcw four liiiiei to ;.iha"titJ
eooWeralla leMlh J liina, mia ofieoiwaMaK-Vr:"'!''!-.- M S ' '
. a a . .m a ' - a j I & . . " m a
idem Tttair. tV ll work
rriii in thy taiMlANtif tf wit
I., Our Nrtli Carolinian rW I tlMji to the InjurbMig irnffi-'. (jrKa
t'ott f them that at the : iia (&iA cCwVi'wvi) Guardian,
rjMliH- In filil; lint of. thU (lie
TTie facility with wMck Yankee
editor nianufactnre falaehoiid it r
tj ia arkabla. A frivtul ln lhaar-
bit eit aa PkHadelphia Inquirer,
of 1 4rli Abguit, front which we tMke
tlie following relative tolktialt-ctiou
f 0vernr in North Cxrnhua. IU
aniiri j'aiin have mat with a reverve
'Ti rival candidate aero a Mr.
jMluiif mi (ScesMii) I lo l'rt-ridetit of
ih Cuarl'4to and South Caridinn
lUili'iad im the Iln. Zrhuiou JU
Yaiico (CoiiMrvativr), iatr (7niit
tuvuber 4 Cmgrrf (nun tltaKih
D rjct of Nirth Carolina, altlmn jri
bv'w ima ifi cMrintaiid of the Ten:.
-ixlt Nortk (Tarolina reiftent,nar
j(irhoMwL itie flgitt wa,qiiare
between Hilceaaion and aittrsecee
lion, an tier the name of Cterva
tiauv and it 'wat mt bitter and an
ftry, Seadinx to eri'ua rutta,
of abicb aaooint at tcveiiteeH itvea
were bwt. J'A"! VM ujirted
ly atl the rbpiwer of ta State,
aud hit ran va wai atbled hjf the
Mirttate harangnei of Pryor, Wi
fall, TNniU, Yai:cey and Picfcettt.
Kven Jrff Uavia, bitunelf, w adver
tiaed ! .vmk rH the eve of the elec
tion, hut it u aeipeaed be waa tear
ed off by tha fierce excitement -per
vadina: the State.
Of enrte, the gratifying reiolt
if thia Cmt eontttUd election in the
i ,:.'. . , -
varouna ue. unwn. iuai can
l""'. follow tlfe CXpuIaiol of the reb-
i . . . .1 ' .
Ifroiir A irjrinia. When , Kichmond
falls, the lihet of tlie reaorted Union
will, through the influence of the
election on Xbnraday but, be. ex ten
ded at Mie sweep clear to the nortb
em .boatidary of. South Carolina.
dome of the rebel eapitol, and liber
ates the Hild North State V "
We defjunv one to ' prove that
theearxea of niiacellaneoos goods
which bave of lata soccesafally run
tlie blockade, and Imported by prb
vale-spciiiatnrsvr ftavrTln any de
xree benefitted the people or the
Government of the ' CoiS federate
State. Tlteir only effect, from the
drat carxo lauJad, was to enhance
the price of 'good. JA' f ' "
Ia ' this connection we clip the
foi lowing paragraphs from the Cliar
Icatoa Courier . -: -
An intelligent an4 observant jran
tleman remarked lately that at an
a'eetioft recently held, in this citr
five Government agents were bid
diug axainst', each other.' " '
Is it anr Jaonder wa have suffered
from artificially forced prices under
ech a condition of cxtrnmissariatf;
. As a specimen illnslrat ion of some
of the features of the auction system,
we invite attention to a label or card
taken fro m'a bale of prints' lately
sold (a this city. This card bears
the UUe ExeeUIor Madder Print,
tad for or trade mark a
ft-rr cf Zocave' raayvmA holilsj
a U cited EisXa l: with(the eoUo
Thla titt iu jif Hi"C. t i aurtloti
"otftfri pd a Una tnrkjtl f.irJYitiikval
BraaaHiaa nan rwawri aai Mil aiuiiiimi
or tiwir
Aa to the . enriroee w Mcuiatira.
4aipirtd i tlia liiaii 'ourdnit
!Mfjc of fint,;.W
tnent tlMMild intrrfvra and a
Ths Oft of Manufaciurif m a
pound Bunch of Xpun-Coltvm. ,
A gratlttnan, aho mny y"n waa ra
od a' canalbatattland I
pgr ir.lTrf(D!Tr "nn!-f i bi. band..
cloth 1a hn hm farnied a wub mm Swrxeott General
the UUf'wg eatimate 4 the en - i minntely iiwic'ed tha ; bwplral.
Whra cottta a arllinir at 8 ceau r-r and converged HY.!!ta)tlr(tll the
lond, the eot' 'nmn-'MA'tiHif)Mnrmu our Srate,Tiaiitrwere
Uad Uatof trntloa tlr4. iVIvUm f v thereby to adopt anch ineMoren
tha ra matrrial, aaa ataul 70 frtti aad
incladM( lahwr, vraring U mat-liiarry, Vc
Then, ilia ael !ii prira waa 90 ert
a harhwyinx a pnfii of abuat tO r
Ci.l. to Ik aiaaofaciurrr, nrtt. Stfo
that raw cotion ia at thin lima worth 16
ertita a paaad (nmnt U tha 0wnactar
ra already had laid ia more thak. 6 mowlba
apl'lh at half that.) nnJ l!iTxl 1 rtmn
afat-turina to ! doNhh1 firmer ttpr
lim;a M mn..r9 j em m uouui rain
ftir material, tahur, ett. ilia att euat'of
ridciax poaiala f f ara -will aot el
ed t 40 cent, at the oatMle. n Add. 15
rr Cft. to thia, which 1a allowed . (y tlie
C6ocritioa law (l 05. a vi-y lrjt jav
ft oa ov baWb ofyaira,) ad the Wiling'
erica will be 3 4 fbeiicti.
Tha aaa rula will ap4y in cottoa
ckitba,- ad ' re4raa th manafactuivr'a
prio tO a trill kwa tbau 25 uiuta par
yarj. Jrtdtll xrtu.w , -
That are th t Laditt Doing I
Tlie foreoinx inquiry haa appeared
In several of tbr paper, recently;
and in reply, some the 'Ladies," who
have been at work for the Soldiers
for monht past, would inqnir Wlkat
art tha Otntl9en . Doij1 Many
of thetn have leen exempted' from
the ilia of Camp life and the battle
field, and are at borne' amaainx im
mense fortunes. A few; of them
have contri bated! of their abundance
through the-6eiety, to the absent
soldiers and thebr' needy families;
but what are the majority doing for
the noble men, who through untold
hardship, have protected them and
their families ora-the desuTating
inarcu 01 an invaaing ioei -
Hie Lad iean of the II 1 1 lahorongh
Soldiera Aid Society will cherfully
take charge of any cntrihntiona for
the SobJiers or tlieir ami lie, and
they hope soon to receive a liberal
response to their. Inquiry of ' What
are the exempts, and the gentlemen
ever thirty-five of Orange county,
doing for our ragged,' daatit ote, Suf
fering soldiera ia-Ngrthern Virginia.
Any communication ,fr the Socfety
ean bo addressed throuxh the Pwt
OQce, or otherwiaa lotliePreiu'dent
Or Execotive OHnmittee of the Is-.
die'8oldireAid Society, IlilUbor
oogh, N. Carolina. ..V;..
t llilUborough Ilecordtr.
.', Ill DauyKal How ominous , that
sentence lal Is 1 I low we auae ' in
eonveraation, and ejaenlate, "ls a
pity r How bis ittorher-- hnpes he
will not when he gnirs older rand
and hia sistsra peranada tbemaelvea
that It it only; a few wild oatl that
be ia sowing. ' And yet tha old men
shake their heads and fee L gloomy
whea tbev thiak of it Yonog mere
just commencing in Ufa, buoyant
In hope, do not . onox i on are
freighted with a precIonS cargo.
The . hopes of your old parents.
f'yoaf sisters, of joor witea, of
of year ; children au are . pm
yeov In' yoa the aged, live over
again their: vouogdaytf.xhroagh
yoa only eta the weary oe obtain
a pesitioa ia society, and front . the
level oa whlejt roa place them, mast
Enrol or raa &rAii.aoK North
CandliiUn in 'Atelon-aMartand aa-
jnially the gick and WMitided N. U
Midler, In t Iwwj.lj!-; arvfa lel
cheereil and delffcurvp f 'vjwit of
oar be?'veJ athl " i(aUr Governor,
who waa accompanied on bia koiHane
crraind hy lha neWTy1 af.Annted 1ai
aireaaj preeew jatinrn tacrrt ijt.
u arrerv tlie oarxvon (wnerai
Of the apolitical 44ecU of the
Governor vUit, we have nothing to
relate, aaoar Exicutiva ia remark
ahla for bia diocreet remerT Stale
nhjecte, aa be ia forlti cardial and
(Tteeable ahdd"n in ' tha rivate
circle. ' Ve,',hrwever, bat feeclm
the otinin tfiUinr whole State; that
a fiiuM eveMoate in great relief t
tmr aiilferiiig bravea. ' J,t ,
A viait to Itchiioi Will'iitou
convince any oueof tha,,vaaable
aervire which may he reuiked by
an eoerxetic and intelligent fcur-eu
General fr our State ; and wa'ara
ure hat the nieanrea adopted by
Sirjfeon General Warr niut -re
reie the aplause of tha State." Or.
Warren iniuieiliate'y left for the
army f the Potomac with ample
means and aupplies fr our wounded
aolditra." lie will provide auitablv
ti fairltiM aiiiiinMl. , attit
those who can be safely removed
will sooir have art . ottNrtuiittr
an opportunity of
reaciiing their boinea, and receiving
there those thousand ktiid .attentiona
which are seldom received elaewhere;
. A Noa7TH-Caaxo.iva Somx. '
KichmiHid, Oct 9$ 1863.
Petition ofth Jdemlxn of Lincoln
Cabinti on the Emancijxitian
Prodamalion. t :
LlDcola, ernaocipal:on' proclamation
baa aroud ao ruuch htcling ia tha North,
that it haa Ik-cm toand Brcetfaary to pal
forth tha fcJlowing amioffir.ial atatemeut
of the position of tha acveral ineuibers of
bia Cabjnton the mraaorel "
' From tha ootatl- Governor -Chae haa
beau the reaogn ixad leader ia ergtug
emaacipauoo, and whea th matter waa
at varieaa time aader diaeataioa, ha waa I
alway Jla bradiag advocala. , .
Semtarv Wall favored emaacipatioa,
hjttt, waa aot ypechdly eaergetie la erging
it, aa be Hv la urging any oint ia
Hil4ie puliccuUid hi w nVpartrnnt.
Seretary Sunton, if not origiaallj ae-
,0Khod, waa at lewat o,ad to it
liva in Taror oteRiaai-iuaiivn ow ana ap-
in tha '"latter diwiona.'Ar tba aam
tira1, be haa alwaya beea oiiUpoVen ia !e
cJanntf hia rradineaa to at r ike at alaTerr
under tha war' powrr, wheWver aal wher-
eeer t4aVry eonkl ba reacbed. . .
roaimtater-Geaeral BUir waa, through
out, tba moat deUrtnirH-d aad titter' op-
r t of the enaaeipatioa policy, and wbea
aae4auca of the, nroclamatioa waa
nd knows to lb Cabinet, kt V"
bapa tnor ouupokea tba aay of the
member ia-pmeatieg agahvt ta adop
Not leaa dotermiaed, !lbougb aerhapa
more cautibua in hia proleat; wa 3cre
te Seward. It mav b aafjf aatd.lbat
be 'waa toe gtvat leader, ia th CaMneof
rambling that wbicb the Preaidetit flaab
lado,ed;.?-- "; -v
' Secretary Smithy aad AltortJevGfeetal
lUite occupied about tba Ma grwaada
a lb aatject v They dappwed tba
procanatMa, aotbccaaae tbey were aeaea
to .the ahohtio of alavery t but bvcaaae
they Uliet((d it woald UeerUittlv aocoflfr
pttaihed by kgitimaU progreaaof A war
a it boat tk lUp tb iVrudat kaaUkea.
Tff J&lieed tbat abataiaiog from lb
proclamatio wookl aav tba
border Sutea $nd avoid, potaiblj, com pli
cation at lb North. , la short, they W
hered I peahing the ear aa vtgoremJy as
poaaibla, aad bad 10 doebt that tha a
aaury raautl weald be lbs danraclio af
alarery ia lb progret of the war Se
cretary Sallh ia aoaantood ta hav urged
tbaa vUws view vert atrea -yrttoraajr
Gaaeral Beta with kaa fafsaey.i ;f
- Tkare was aa actaal autarky In the
vea at last, hb UuU U aay txS,;kn:
.jf1'! aa;' - y, :-" 1m V. O
TWsJtytotifnA i-PreshyierJaa
rsli. "ff.ldbtfhajo4
Gretila,;st Jese, al a
'.m w"mw iWir - invent teryu
uoncwii , Mtviti. sfiatai
Several. ttlpbrtera tafaiibla' Clittlj,
wbavwevastonr a bra f,r r
lory tMrtv.bave been drtioeed' Tl.a '
Grreueville Banner baa' no 'dMf r
fr.m the Indies. hhs of the fate meet-V
ing of the PresbjteryTth.t i),P Cum
berland Preabvrerlan Pl.MM.t. :?t
anon perge; if; an.aisloyaL !
Whereas, tlie.coaatnr la now nn.'.
dergoing.a ifreaf ree,Jntfcn. and. J
whereaa, every eraoH'haf to lake
political poMthm with ima or hthir t
of .! contending partfes and ac-V -
""",i,,i 'f't. njtm lumie ana1 "
g.-vrn,and ask tbeir prbiect iou and4
share their rt one in wafYiia
whereas, onr national ril.t. . ana
Identified With the Caitaderata -.t
Stataa nf Am.rf-
Rvedi tliereforr. ' TlMit w. tha
meinbers M ilia Enaxvflle Pieal.y
tery.aifiha Cumberland Prral.yta
rlan Cbareh. acknuwledge allegiance
to apolitical power sar the Coo"?
federate States. !? A-,f-
fcsotwd, furtheri TliatVhilJwV
erpi uri-ioic m iMtrrpTS Of Wf '
thst onr sympathieaaiidour orarara..
ana., our. aiu are flue and aliaU wbet.
f tf l" lhJ Gmfaderate States,
!' :n .blo peace be secured
In' her independence, and wereeotn
mend to the membership of the eon
gregafion under oar care strict obe V
dience to the, powers that be. -
: '1:. 1 -'-. - -,1 r 1
Yiraiiila has a-reaenra of Rimtm
Tronps of 20,000 onder Gen: Frnvd. !
and 800th Carolina has, we brieve,.,
12,000 onder an experienced com...
jnander. - Will the Jfcrcurv in form -
nj if t he Jittef :figirra, are (correct t
Our Legwlatore, soon to assemble,
will be called on to consider prompt-
Jy oar -State defvtfeea. Wiib tha .t
J proapect 1 before, aa that the enemy fi
win aoott inaie oeaperata attempt -to
extend bia lines .still farther td-:
wards, owr Interior, We moat have
men to meet tliem. Self preerva- :
'thm is the first law of nature. "The ;
blood of Douglas can p'rotect itselfL
Tlie religion Interest rostti tested ;
in the arm is on the adrsjee A
general, .desjfi vseema, IcAnt lor
reading tracta newapapers, and good S
books. ' r--i-.jf,,, t'J.i'"ff i
1 j i 1 "V . ..
The Lntheran-; Curch'Jn" thtsV
Sbfte hasWnf out Bev, Mr." Bheck,
to soUcit donations for tablilin5 ,
a school for, Ute edocatioa and m
home for tha dangbtars of soldier v
who have died in the war. . : Two t ;'.
gentlemen in Forayth Coanty have
owtriboted 3,00p. PaUigl Gsb-:'
dafdt i -.'.'" -' t;
At the late term of that JSoperiorH
Court Jn lorsyih, two pervnas who i
had been imprisoned onder tha I
charge of deserting from the army,
were bright before bia Uonor,
J edge Osborne, praaiding, by a writ
of kbu corjputi and were discfcxrjy
ed, upon the groand of having com-T
mitted ao anfiicient legal offence to
demand their impbrisobmaaJL i?oiV
Standard, u, 'i.v,.. ..t. a wn;
Jicxsos oxcx ScxaocaroxaAtt .
army correspondent tells the foUow.
ing Incident that occarrad ia iTsrjr-:
land between Stone wsilJaekson and i
tliaitldes? They sorroanded the old ; :
game cock, (he said Ladfe, this ia , '
the first time I was ever sarrousd
d,) and cot everj bnttoq off hia 4
cost, and, Iter say, eommeoeed on,
his pants, and at one time it wa ,
feared he would be la the nnjform
ef a Georgia iCslsaeetainas all e-;
eept a ahlrt eollar. aad tuam For'
oca do wxafcadiy

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