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    Whole Xo. 63 3.
orovgh, (Edgecombe County, X. C.) Saturday, December
3, 1836
Vol. XLl o. 47.
The "Tarlmrough Presx"
ililihpcl weekly , at Two Dollars ami
l'-'y:irn Dollars. the expiration til'i
Pi, .-.ii.l.on v-r. For any peril In
not ! i nereot ami
;ill),c,,,,.,o.. v.-. i
111 '. ... I. i. ...... in.U.rnnliniip .11
s.ibcritei s arc n. ..... . -
"... fiine. on emu
Bin - . .
ai i those re-iuii
f em"' invuriahlypay in lvs.nre, oi
ri,arf sponsible relVrence inthisvicinily.
'irtvei tisetniil not exceeding lt lines
nlenglh square) will he inset ted at
o cents (he first insertion &i-2ocf nts each
oDlinuaiice. Longer ones at that rate
firpvery square. Advertisements :nnst
benmWe'l the nnm'ierot insertions requ'i
jjortlipy will ! continued nnlilother
ie or-l' il.anil charged iircc.i dinzlv.
Lt-'ters addressed ttheKdior must ho p.ii J.r tliP.v ntay no! be attemU.I to.
1 FFrv te
ex iJ edit:
from Bo Hi mure to Blnkeh.PC. C.
Great Northern and Southern Line
iif iraVel. via Washington city,
Frede- icksburg, Richmond,
Petersburg. Kaleigh, &c.
ON anil after tlie fifteenth day of Oc
tober next, travellers frn-n New
Voik ami riiitiiellna, ren'hiiig- Washing
I in liv tlie evening Hun on the Baltimore
anl Washington R.i1 Kad, will be foi
nardtrd immediately by the
A fcjSW
Steamboat to IViomac creek, and thence
hy Sl.isrrs and tlie liichinond hml Freclr
ritlsliuij Kaii lioad cars to Richmond,
Virginia, which jdaoe they will reach t
10J o'clock, A. M. leaving Uirl.inond im
meilialely, they will arrive in Petersburg
to .turner, and at the termination of tin
IVerljurfi: Rail Road, on the R aoke, m
o'clock, P. M ; whence they will he for
warded by 'he eipeditions lines of J l.
Avery &i Co. to Halifax, Tarborongh,
Warrenton, Raleigh. Fayetteville, Colum
bia, S. C. Augusta, k.c.
Returning the Stages from the South
will teach Bbtkelev Depot (the termination
nf th. Petersburg Rail Road) at 4 o'clork,
P.M. P-tcrsbnrg at t P. M. Richmond at
2 A. M and Washincton city in lime for
the afternoon train of i ar to Baltimore
making the trip each way between Balti
more and Blakeley, on the RoanoU", in
the unprecedented time of
Twenly-si.v hours
The above line is connected throughout,
and connects at Hick's Ford, with the
Boydton, Danville, mid nlibm v line, ami
Nmihern and Southern travellers are gua
rantied against Hpfeniion at anv point on
the route bt lwem Baltiinurr- ami Augusta.
flJlFIK Board nt Managers oft)Pra,.
-C inzlon National Monumental Society
invne DESIGNS for this structure, inten
de.l us h iimmiioi i,i of a
It would be to fetter genius, to prescribe
anv in Hie exercise ol itg powers,
wh'ch should, however, in this case, har blend durability, simplicity and
SiandiMir. Although it i iinju acticatde nt
present to esiim tte the extent of tlie con
tiibutions that limy b- nihtle, the Desien
ma y be predicateit on an expenditure of not
levs than one million of dollars.
I he Board of Ma-iagers w ill not offend
Arm i ican genius so much as t offer, in
itiis instance, h pecuniary rewaitl. The
artit. w hose Design shall lie adopted, w ill
feet amply remuneratetl; and all the De
s gns w ill he bound and carefully preserved
to which end, it is requested that they be
sketched, as near as may be, on paper of a
nnif i ui size, of the dimensions of sixteen
by tw. nty-iwo inches. The designs to be
directed to
$10() Keward.
from the subscriber, on
I Hes !av niht tin- (ih of September
last, my negro man named
' TOM,
Aged about 5i years, f ie t high and thin
Visaed, 'l oin is no tlotiht lurkioe in the
neighborhood, as he has kill d and tnjnietl
my cattle, bog--, sheep, iwc. A T'in is a
malteiotis negio .intl will eonaiuly reis
an mtmpt to take him, I uiil give ihe
a!mve re vi nrd for his anprehetisi 'it if taken
in any manner ami confined in jail.
Jiiiz a belli Cru unveil
October 17. 1S3
The l'i oprit toys.
Oct. 4. lF3f.
stolen from the lot of li e nhcri-
ber. on Thursday nic-t. tl.e lUt'i of
vlvalnbpr, 1S36,
.1 dark bay .Move,
About 15 hands high, and blind of an ye.
Any inf nniation refpectin? 'her. given to
'he Subcriber living near T.uborough,
be thankfully received,
Henry Shnrley.
Xov. 14th, 183fl. ' 45
'icn tip.
Y the Subscribe) , living t mile from
' Tarbrnuah. on the r n.t to Halifax.
" J'uesday.the rth
i chesuui sorrel .Mure,
e't hind foot white, blaze face, small
f'ZR. and about 10 years old. The owner
's rf(ues(tM , c.(),e forward, prove pro
'1(f,v, pay charges, and take her awtiy.
A ewsom Cvo v.nv e I.
ov. Hi I), 1R3H, 45
Is wanted relative to
Christopher clrfciL
A native of Galway in Ireland, who resided
i or 4 year-. a-'o
Th" object l this ..' v ertueiip tit is tf know
when- L'hriluphtr WtlJen at present he
was, ami of a safiov romp'ex-
i ion. Aiioreis tlie piilih.tier ol the h il-
minglon ( S. V ) Advertiser.
April 2
ORDEH ad persons indhud w Li'n
io come f. t ward and m;-he imn.edi
ale payment. Also, (be iohabila .i s .1
Di-tricts N'.s. 15 and 16, to pay iheir tax
es without delay, ; he contemplates on
going to tiie .North the 1st ol re;t an I will
oo reiur.. in six months Those concern
ed will please obey the above mandate, a
he cannot go without a full hi jus.ineut of
his affairs before his departure. i'hose
having cla ins against him wi I pi. ae be
so coiidescendiug as to them for
aujustinert within the time prescribed.
He will also have a couple i.f
Horses for -ale..
One nf which i p-ttrnordinaril senile.
suitable for a family gi. home One ran
tie delivered the 1st of August, and the
other the 1st of -?ept. Sirid justice re
quires, ami necessity demand-, that ihe
above article si. all be atleuiteu to.
July J:h. 1830.
r rikt mt tor srnt vi
FOE 1337.
For sale .,t this OfSce at" the Raleigh
prices, viz: 10 cents each, 75 cents a dozen,
4 dollars tor half a groCl. a gtoce kc
Uctoljcr, 1S36.
blate of North Carolina,
Court of Equity.
Lewis Ellis )
vs. Bill of Injunction
John Peeie Si others, )
If appearing to the satisfaction of said
Court that Jacob Home, one of the
defendants in the above case, is a non-resident:
It is therefore ordered, :hat publica
tion be made for sis weeks in the Tarboro
Press, notifying him to appear hi the next
session of said Court, to be held for said
County, at the Court ll'.ue in Tarboro
on the second Monday in March next, then
and there to plead or demur to said bill or
aiimer the fame, or judgment will beta
ken pro coufesso and said bill be set for
hearing ex parte as to him.
Witness, Isaac .Norfleet, Clerk and Mas
ter of taid Court, at office, the second
Monday of September, 1836.
By JVm.NorJleet,D.C.8fC.
Price a'dr $3 60.
VJ the Contentnea Tlanti'lt l.u . r,r. . u '
house, 21,r, 22rf, and 23d days of October, I S36 ?
rril ' FRIDAY, Orioht-r 21st.
1 ho introductory discourse was IHivercl hy M(,rk
ir fn.m (Uocn. xv,. 17,18.) Now I b4li y(,,
lru hren, m;,rK then, which Cdii divisions and ,xZe,
Z V (JOt;trine W,,i,'h ye ve lHHrne,!;. aill avoid
liui.. Ior hey ihataresticli 8rve not our Lord Jeu
; , ir?',b0,,y; aml hy words and fair
&pe?c!lic;s itjciv Uie hearts of the simple.
The (felmrates then HsscmhM for business, and after
prayer chose Thomas Dupn e Moderator, Mark Dennett
V! John A- A,kin Clerk Assistant.
Corresponding Messengers and brethren it. the ministry
from corresponding Associations, were invited to seats
wiib lis; m. rivMAsr from Kehuke, ; Hurwkll 'I'kmplk.
ili IIoeea.nd, James K Harbour from Litile Uiver- ul
nam rfCKKT from White Oak; John Stadlkr. Thorn,,
w Ivobert McKee, Stephen I. Chandler and
Jo-I JJoIion, Irt.m Country Line; and Ashley fiwiM
from the Abbot's Creek Union Association, took seats
Willi us.
1. Reatl the Constitution and Rules of Decorum.
2. Appoimrd Benj. Bynum and Sherrod Tice a com
miit e of Finance.
'o. Letters from the several churches wen? read, their
delei-ates' names enrolletl, and their changes since last
year's silting noted as follows:
Rnpti'zul 5, received by leiter 1, dismissed by letter 10, excluded
19, defeased G, members 42G. j
4. Petitionary letters were enquired for. !
5. The circular letter was called for, handed in, and re
ferred to a committee, consisting of 15. Bynum, J. A. At
kinson, J. Siadler, A. Swnint, and the moderator.
G. Letters of correspondence were enquired for, A
h tter and file of minutes from the K hukee and White
OmI Asoci tti(its, and minutes from the Little River,
Country. Line and Abbot's Creek Union, were presented
by th ir messengers above named.
7. Thos. Dopree, J. A. Atkinson und Mark Bennett
were appoint'et! to visit th- K huke Association; Jacob
Precltir. I. Moore and B. Bynum, the Lit le River; B.
Bynum. Win. Exum and James Griffin, tin- Country Line,
ami B. Bynum and James Griffin the Abbot's Creek Union;
and I. Moore ami M. Bennett io visit the White Oak.
Adjourned to Saturday, 10 o'clock, A. M.
SATURDAY, October 2&.d.
The list of delegates was called over, and absentees
0 The committee to whom the circular was referred
lor examination reported: They find no fault with if, but
reeommend it to the consideration of the Association. It
was then reatl in tlie Association; and ordered to be al
taehed to our present minutes.
9. The Committee of Finance reported as follows:
B iK?'ic rem:iinin; ir. llifv irraury last year, - 522 IS
Cooti ibuiioos ai this Asocijlion, - . 10 G5
IVul for printing; minutes last year, Itr U Tor sei vires,
Kidt-r Duprec for at lending Kchukee As-r-oeialiun,
S3S S3
SI0 00
10 00
2 00 22 00
SI 6 S3
-hv iu ihe treasury - -
Silucl October, 1S3G.
13KNJ. 13V;UM, S Lom"
10. Appointed J. A. Atkinson to write a circular to
accompany our next mmuies.
11. Appointed Wm. Ilyumn, John Stadler, and Ashley
'waim, lo preach on Sunday: to begin at 10 o'clock.
12. Agreed that our next annual meeting be at Town
Cr. ek M II Fdjjecombe County, to commence Friday!
befote the fourth Sunday in October 1837; Benjamin By
num to pie eh the introductory sermon, or Ichabod Moore
in case of failure: worship to begin at 11 o'clock, A. M.
13. Appointed. .Mark Bennett to prepare these minutes
for the press, to have 400 copies printed, and distributed;
as uun, and to record one copy on the Association Book.
14. The minutes were read and subscribed by the mode
rator and clerk.
Thpn adjourned to the lime and place appointed as
above. THOMAS DUPltEE, Moderator.
SUNDAY, October 23rd.
Brother Thomas Gibson introduced worship by singing
and prayer; after which brother Swaim preached from
Neb. vi. 17. Wherein God, willing more abundantly to
show unto the heirs of promise the immutability of his
counsel, confirmed it by an oath. Brother Stadler next
preached from 2 Tim, ii. 7. Consider what I say; and
the Lord give thee understanding in all things. Brother
Uyman concluded worship, after a few per&nent remarks,
by prayer and ginging. The word of the Lord was faith
fully preached. Our hearts felt, Bless the Lord for such
oreachina; our lonoUes said, Bless jbe Lord for such
preaching; and bur pen lecords, Bless tbe Lord for such
'I ho delegates and brethren compoMiig the ConleMnta Uapfist As--ocialion.
assembled at While Oak meeting house, KdM combe
county, N. C. 22d, 23d nnd 24th of Odoher, to Uie several
churches of said Association, wiih brotherly kindne:
Dear brethren in Christ, God io his providence has granted
': he privilege to mceS and sit together again according to our last
year's appointment. It affords matter for unteignvd humility and
thankfulness that, amidst all our frailties, follh s and ects-es, our
sloth, ingratitude and lukewarmness, our worldly-knindedr.ess, Vant
'V and pride, we yet enjoy these manifestations that the loving kind
ness of our God change not, and his tender meicirs laii not. Pray
ing that we all may feel 'deeply sensible o! this grace, and that
we may pass the lime of our sojourning here in fear, and in the loVe
ol God, we will rail your attention to a lew remarks, louchin
And fir-t: 'Ought thh To be observed ax a practice amongst the
people of God. cr not?
Secondly: If it ought to be observed, then.
! stances should it be -practised?
Thirdly: Have not the chcumsiances under uhich it is to be
; performed, been made the occasion for shunning this condescend
; ing duty, and so. of evading the cross of Christ?
r list: uuit this to be observed as a pructtce amongst the peo
ple of God, cr not?
With respect to the obligation, our Lord has said, Ye also ought
to wash one another's fret. (John, xiii. 14.) We consider that it
would ho vanity and impiety for any lo argue, that the loim of this
injunction differs from an express command, by sayinir, for instance,
in the institution of the Supper there is an express command- ibis
do; while in the cae of washing feel n is said, ye 'ought. For
if -we can exercise a discretion t di-pense with what ClniM has
said we ought to do, then it is difficult to say where such a diseitlion
might not carry us: and whether it might not lead us to dispense
with any. of his commands. The obligation is enfoi cod hy Christ's
exan pie: As I have washed your feel, so ye also ought, &e. With
regata to tne people concerned, they were Ihe people of God.
The words were addressed specially to them, and to no other-: Ye
ought to wash one another's feet. As it regards Ihe as
a f rdctice, our Saviour does not express how often his disciples
should repeal it, hut simply speaks the obligation and leaves the
suhject. Yet 32 years after the command vas given, the apostle
Paul, who understood the subject, tientions it as a requisite prac
tice amongst the saints. (1 Tim. v. 10.; We therefore conclude
that it ought to be observed as a practice amongst the people of God.
Secondly: If it ought to be observed, then. Under what circum
sla7ices should il be practised?
Should it not bepraciised in the churches as a church ordinance?
We answer, No. llecnuse, 1. women performed it. (1 Tim. v. 10.)
2. Women were no where required to administer or to assist in the
public ministration of, church ordinances. 3. 'Member of the
church were not requin d in the management of their nouses and
fimilies, or in entertaining the brethren, to practice a church ordi
nance. But it should oh performed 1. by b th. mt u and won.t n:
2. at their own private dwellings: 3. to professors, of religion who
come to lodge with them: 4. as an act ot kindness and hopuaJjfy
in affording them hearty entertainment: 5 as among ihe "-ood works
which Christians should he careful to maintain 6. and ihe whole in
honor to Christ. Let not a widow be taken into the number un-d-r
threescore yars old, having been tbe wile ot one man, ;vel!
reported of for good works; if she h ive brought up children, il she
have lodged strangers, if she have washed the saints Iter, if he
have relieved the jifibced, j sl have diligently followed every
good work. (1 Tim. v. 9, 10.) These aie th ehie'f of the circum
stances by which this pmrtice should b regulated.
Thirdly: Have vol lh tircumsluncm under tihirh it ; h
performed, been mode thr occasion for shunning this condes
cending uuiy, ana so, oj cvuaing the cross vj Christ
i ....".
mere are. among the Ifapihis. those who think leel washing
should be publicly celebrated in Ihe chinches, as an aeeomnfli.impn1?
cf the Supper; yet the more part have given up this point as un
tenable. Having once settled the question that it i; not lo be prac
tised in the churches, many have, it is to be feared, hid aside the
suhject as having no farther concern with it. The act requires a
stoop which the old man in everv Ch riStilll. ff!s 1 riiMlir,i.iniu 1
make. And if it is to be performed as an act of hospitalb v in cases
of necessity, then we too easily persuade ourselves that such cases
of necessity seldom or never occur. We are apt lo take up Ihe
proverb, and plead that, in sandy Countries where people travel
afoot, feet washing becomes necessary: but in our own country and
by our manner of travelling, the necessity of the, practice is su
perseded. Besides, say pride, it were impolite to ask a manor
a woman at our houses to have his or her feet washed. But we
think, Brethren, it is safer to abide by the scriptures. Abraham did
not think it impolite. (Gen. xviii. 4.) To ask them to eat, lo drink,
to go to rest, 10 wash their face, are acts of kindness; and Chris
tians, diligent to follow every good work, would ask them to have
their fret washed; and the humble Christian would not refuse.
If it were to be conducted before the eyes of Ihe church, few, per
haps, would draw back: but as it is, we can -neglect it without our
brethren's knowledge. Hence we think that the circumstances
connected with its right pei foi mance, have been unjustly rendered
an occasion for shunning this du'y, and evading the ciosC
If we are not mistaken, Beloved Brethren, the practice of washing
one another's feet, has long been almost entirely neglected. It ha"
not hy many been praciised in any form. We wish vou lo exa
mine this our Circular, and compare il with Ihe scriplue: and if
you find we have laketi a scriptural view of the subject, lei us with
one consent agree not to pass it by a a thing nought, hut
practise, among all other good works t hml which is our duty, and
the humblest stoop in ihe Christian's lie. And yet in another
ense it is no stoop, Huctt it is in conformity with the example
of our Lord and Saviour. Trust in the testimony of Jesus. Try to
ve in the faith and patience of the saints. May the Lord preserve
vou by his grace, and keep you by his power through fai'h unto
-alvation ready to be revealed in the last lime. Worship God.
Unto him be glory i" lhe church by Christ Jesu, throughout all
ages, world without end. Amen.

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