North Carolina Newspapers

07Tlie Washington Whig of
Tuesday last, contains a detailed
statement of the proceedings of
the District Convention which as
sembled in tiiat town on the 10th
inst. for the purpose of nomina
ting a candidate for Congress, in
place of E. Pettigrew, Esq. 're
signed. Gen. J. O. K. Williams
was tailed to the chair, and Win.
IVJ. Marsh appointed Secretary.
The Convention consisted of 1
delegate from Tyrrell county, 2
from Washington,6 from Pitt, and
12 from Beaufort Edgecombe
and-Hyde were not represented.
On ballotting, it appeared that
Josiah Collins and Henry Toole
alone were voted for, Mr. Collins
having the majority of ballots;
i i
ubereunon he was unanimously
1 J
. A r.,;,.A)..
icl aga,n , the commercial world,
to represent this drMrict in the and prices of Cotton and Tobac
next Congress of the U. States, j cn, if not so great as they were
A committee was appointed to cor
respond with Mr. Collins, &:c.
The Whicr savs. "We learn that
Mr. Toole had previously express- I
,i . r-r.: ., I.:,-.-
iu a iiuiiiuci wi niriius ins mil- i
.... r
uiu.y, iu, , caseins 01 a private aim
prudential character, to accept a
nomination if tendered to him.M
(ITSamuel T. Sawyer is announ
ced as a candidate to represent
the 1st Congressional district, in
place of W. B. Shepard, Esq.
Money. The pecuniary em
barrassments appear to be rapid
ly on the increase, and spreading
in every direction. To heighten
the distress and confusion, a gene
ral distrust in regard to papeT
money is beginning to manifest
itsplf whirh if nm immorli-,..),,
checked must inevitably evemiJ l
ate in another general suspension
of specie payments. The notes
of the best banks in the country
cannot now be passed at a dis-
tance from the banks, unless at a
ruinous discount the Philadel-i2!ore
t,:, k.. .l, .:n . 'v
v . . ...
auiiv uuurv inni's diiu ine ooai-
men and traders on the great riv
ers in the west, it is said, will take
nothing but specie, refusing bank
paper altogether. If this state of
things should continue but a short
time, it is impossible to foresee
. .. . '" -
the evils that will be produced.
The NewYork Express says: the
distress has now reached the Iabo-
rer and mechanic, and full 5000
of them have been discharged
within the last ten days. Some
c c . t m . . ,
of our first builders and largest
clothing establishments have gone
down, by which a vast number of
people are thrown out of employ,
This falls particularly hard on
females who were employed in
making up clothing, &c.
The Natch z Herald in speak-
ing of the late failures in New Or- j
leans, says, tint the mercantile j
and agricultural community of
Mississippi, have been much alar
med. The banks have contract
ed their accommodations; the
planter finds himself deprived of
his usual facilities to carry on his
farming operations; the specula
tor cannot sell his lauds to meet
the payments due; the brokers
who have any mone', sell it in
Natchez at seven per cent, per
roanth, and business men have to
choose between being ruined by a
failure or by exorbitant interest.
Otitis stated that the notes of
the Virginia banks are refused in
the New lrork market, at 10 per
cent, discount. Virginia paper is
is good as that of the Bank of the
United States; why it should be
so much utKJei par we are at a
loss to divine. Our banks are
not likely to be serious sufferers
from late failures, and we adi?e
holders of Virginia paper at the
north, not to submit to being sha
ved upon it. We desire oor
friends in New York particularly,
to rely upon the accuracy of our
statement. Pet. Con.
-Balance of Trade. It appears
from oCicial statements that the
balance of trade against this coun
try for the fiscal year enditig on
the oOlh September last, was no
less than $G1, 316,995; the 4 im
ports being $ IS9,9S0,03S, and
the exports, only $12S,G63,040.
This taken in connection with the
system of wild speculation thro'
out the Union for two or three
years past, very satisfactorily 'ac
counts for the pecuniary embar
rassments of the country. ib.
Low Prices. We take the re
sponsibility of advising our coun
try friends not to sell, if they can
help it, their produce, at the pre-
sent low prices.
irs are at
J this moment unnaturally depress-
nils iijuiiit.-ni iiiiiiuiiii an v uFijress-
I . . .... .. . 1 . ,
; ed; hi a little tune all will be right
lately, will certainly be better than
at present. ib.
jYw 0,Iea Market, April 5.
' roduce is retreating slowly but
. i .... , 7 , . -
surely. 1 hree hundred bales of
ooc ona!itv Cotton hoihl
for remittance to Liverpool on
1 j O "
Tuesday for 7 cents. To-day we
hear of several lots being offered
at 6 cents. This same quality
would have readily brought 15
cents a few weeks since. For
tunes can now be made by those
who have capital. At present
prices buyers can afford to store
and wait the issue of the present
limes. That the revulsion is just
begun every indication proves.
In Hinds county, Mississippi,
more than a thousand suits have
been brought. The citizens in
self defence petitioned the Gover-
nor !o convene the Legislature for
the P.,rP of passing a relief or
replevin law. Hp nut Imuinn.
'lone so, they have called upon
the Sheriff to resign just before
the April term commences, threat
ening vengeance against any one
! wl, ai11 accePl l,'e office pro tern-
Vhen ,nen are lriven to
i desperation, law is but a weak bar-
r,er. He question is now salva-
lion or destruction. There is no
medium. Cotton lands will now
come down to their real value,
and henceforward we shall no
more see the pennyless buying
plantations and negroes, simply
! because a rntfnn hrnk-pr will oo
f,,.. . r .
iteptlor the Inst payment predi-
cated on the crop not yet soun.
i We are pleased to announce,
j however, that nearly all the banks
',:)ve come ml(1 lne arrangement
f l Clly Bankl, postpone
i v l,lIem ,m ,5l,
November next, less 10 per cent,
j every 6o Uavs This J, reli
j t!ie community, and restore confi-
j dence in a great measure. Tues-
jday was a hard day with us, but
t Su r ns 4ve can learn, all went off
Little doing in regular busi
ness. Sugar brings from 6 to
6i Ceil'.S. Mnlccpc ift 1A
Flour is at $8. Lard, 81 cents!
Whiskey, 35 a 37. Coffee has
declined; a sale of 100 bacs at 12
cents. Kite is slow at 4 cents,
and corn at 63 cents. The sales
are all small.
ttT'It is estimated that 250,000
slaves were carried into Mississip
pi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Ar
kansas, during the past year.
In for a penny in for a pound...
The time has not long passed
when to fail for $100,000 was
thought to be a great matter: but
latterly the process of expansion
has been carried to so great a
length, that a million failure
scarcely excites a remark in the
great Babel of money changers.
Dishing comes from dashing, as
Tom Shufileton says, and it is not
always sate to trust the man
whose credit every body says is
unquestionable, simply because
he does business to the amount ol
millions instead of thousands: as
a proof of which let all prudent
men bear in mind the New Or
leans failures, viz: Hermann,
Briggs h Co. $0,500,000; Tho
mas Barrett & Co. $3,500,000;
Samuel Hermann &Son, $3,000,
000; Branda, McKenna h Co.
$3,500,000. Only 165 millions
among four houses!
Norfolk Her.
CyThe number of failures in
the city of New York are said to
exceed 120 unsatisfied responsi
bilities upwards of fifty millions
of dollars?"
Our Rail Road. We announ
ced the arrival of an additional
Locomotive for the Wilmington
and Raleigh Rail Road a week or
two since, we are now pleased to
add that the Contractor for put
ting down the rails, arrived a few
days ago, and has already com
menced this part of the work.
He is represented as an efficient
and energetic constructor, and
from the promptitude already
manifested by him, we doubt not,
correctly. Thirty additional
hands have thus been placed upon
the road within a few days, swell
ing the whole number if we be ac
curately informed, to upwards of
1200, now engaged in working
therefor. We think the Company
have every reason to flatter them
selves for the ability and untiring
zeal manifested by all the agents
employed in the construction of
this wojrk, and they may now look
confidently forward to the period,
when their investment must yield
a handsome dividend.
Wilmington Adv.
dThe Steamboat announced
in our last as expected, has arri
ved. She is called the K. D.
McNair, and is intended to run
between Limestone and Wilming
ton. She was purchased at North
Washington by Mr. Southerland,
lor this trade. to.
tt?"It will be seen by the ad
vertisement of the General Post
Office, in another column, that
the Post Master General proposes
to establish a daily mail between
Philadelphia and Halifax, (N. C.)
via the Portsmouth and Roanoke
Rail Road proposals to be re
ceived till the first of June. Such
an arrangement, while it will add
greatly to the facilities of business
and correspondence, will at the
same time promote the travel on
this route. From Halifax to Wil
mington, (until the Rail Road is
finished,) there will be a line of
stages; and from Wilmington to
Charleston, a line of steamboats;
both of which, we learn, will be
ready to go into operation by the
time contemplated to commence
the daily arrangement of the mail.
The eligibility of this route in
point ol comfort and expedition,
will not escape the attention of
travellers going North and South.
Norfolk Her.
Connecticut Election. The en
tire Democratic ticket has suc
ceeded in Connecticut. The ma
jority of Edwartls over EUsworth,
lor Uovernor, will be upwards of
1800 votes.
C?Aaron Clark, the Whig
candidate for Mayor of the city of
lew iork is said to be elected by
4500 majority and out of 17
wards the Whigs have carried 14.
Bank of Cape Fear. A Branch
of this institution is to be located
immediately in this city. The
President of the Bank, Col. John
D. Jones, was in Raleigh last
week, and made the preliminary
arrangements for a speedy com
mencement of business. By tje
first of May, it will probably com
mence operations; and never was
the relief, which it will bring to
the community, more needed than
now. Mr. Aaron L. Rivera, of
Wilmington, has received the ap
pointment of Cashier. The other
officers have not, we btlieve, been
yet elected.
The amount of Stock subscri
bed by individuals, to the extend
ed Capital of this institution, on
the books opened in this city, is
.$60,000. Besides this, the Slate
subscribed $300,000, and the Lit
erary Fund, 20,000.
Raleigh Register.
Washington Market, April 18.
Turpentine, new dip, $2 10;
Old $2 00.
Tar,$l 20. Whig.
Disasters. The schooner James
G. Stdcey, owned by Mr. Samuel
R. Fowle, of this place, Davis,
master, bound from this port to the
West Indies, loaded with lumber,
was recently abandoned at sea iu
lat 23 deg. 57 m. Crew saved.
Schooner Alhambra, Darden,
master, bound from New York to
this port, was run foul of, off the
Hook, by a brig, and sustained
damage in rigging, spars and hull,
returned, being unable to proceed
on the voyage. ib.
Petersburg Market, April 1 5.
Cotton the market continues ve
ry dull, the slock increasing, and
but few sales making, prices from
8 to 11 cents. -Con.
The Riot in Baltimore. A
disgraceful riot was got up a few
days ago at a fire in Baltimore,
by persons professing to belong to
the engine companies of that city.
Much personal injury was inflict
ed and even life, it is stated, was
lost. Before the riot could be
quelled the military had to be
called out. Their presence dis
persed the mob iu a tw iukling...i'6.
The Frederick Rolleru. An
exchange paper states that an ex-
am,na..on the c.rcumstnnces
of the robbery of Gen. Edwards,
the cashier of the Leesburg Bank,
at Frederick, Md. of $25,000, a
few days since, has led to the im
plication of Edward B. McPher
son as the thief, who has been held
to bail in the sum of $5,000.
Mr. McP. is a wealthy farmer, of
nigtiiy respectable connections.
and son-in-law of Mr. Talbot, at
whose hotel the robbery was per
petrated. ib.
From the Petersburg Intelligencer.
The Editor of this Paper tainir
anxious to resume the practice of
the L,aw, would dispose of the
Establishment of the Petersburg
Intelligencer to any gentleman
disposed to purchase. To any
such, on application either in per
son or by letter, full information
will be promptly given in refer
ence to the circulation of the pa
per, its advertising and job pat
ronage, its supply of Type, Press
es, Office Furniture, &c, and also
as to the terms on which it may be
purchased. Without descending
to the indelicacy of puffing off the
Establishment, the Editor will say
that it possesses advantages and
holds out inducements well wor
thy the attention of any gentle
man who has the talents and the
means , to conduct a newspaper
with energy and spirit.
Abolition Resolutions of Jlas
sachusetts. The Senate of Massa
chusetts, have receded from their
abolition movements. We were
astonished, says the N. Y. Ga
lette, to hear that the Senate had
adopted such thorough-going re
solutions. We now heartily re
joice that they have seen their er
ror and backed out as soon as
The following are the resolu
tions: the first was adopted unani
mously, the second with one dis
senting vote:
Resolved, that Congress having
exclusive legislation in the District
ol Columbia, possesses the right
to abolish slavery and the slave
trade therein; and that the early
exercise of such right is demand
ed by the enlightened sentiment
of the civilized world, by the prin
ciples of the Revolution, and by
humanity. J
Resolved, that slavery, hp'mrr
an admitted moral and political
evil, whose continuance, wherever
it exists, is vindicated mainly on
the ground of necessity, it should
be circumscribed within the lim
its of the States where it has beei.
already established; and thai no
new Slate should hereafter be ad
mitted into the Union whose Con
stitution nf government shall sanc
tion or permit the existence of do
mestic slavery.
The resolutions were voted
down "ui the House of Representa
tives by the overwhelming major
ity of four to one. Subsequently
the Senate itself receded from its
owu resolutions, by a unanimous
Latest from Europe. Advices
from France to the 11th ult. and
from England to the loih, have'
been received at New York. j
1 he money market was very u-res ted h?nt io M!fd i(l n;r
tight in France, the cotton market! inU7t,s a'"1 i.ihe ot
.. - i it i ... i- . . condiiiwn in which l.naimen ,,(( "''
ivai nun. arm nan nerunen iwn
centimes per Ib.
The English papers are said
to contain no news of general in
terest, and not a word about the
cotton mnrkPt.
There is much force in the fol
lowing suggestions extracted from
the Loudon Courier: "The truth
is, that the great evil which has
infected and still deeply infects
the American trade, has nothing
to do with the conduct of the A
merican government, but has its
source in this country, having ori
ginated in the too great and im
prudent, we may almost say ab
surd credits, given by so many
English houses to their correspon
dents in America. These credits
advances have extended the
trade beyond all reasonable
bounds; and will no doubt in the
end prove injurious alike to all
(I7Elder James Osbnurn. of
Baltimore, is expected to preach
' ,e 0M
in this olare
on Sunday night next, the 23d
inst. at early candle light Com.
0?ElderG. W. Carrowan will
preach May 1st at Log Chapel;
2d. at Cross Roads; 3d, at Tar
boro'; 4th, at Conetoe; 5th, at
Gum Swamp; 6th, at Great
Swamp; 7tb, at Greenville; 8th,
at Red Banks. Cow.
1 " 1ft f HT niliw ii
In this county, on Monday last,
Airs. Ann Sharpe, wife of Col.
Benjamin Sharpe.
Look at this.
THE firm of S. Pender Son having
ueeu dissolved by mutual couuT
the hnsinrss ill be continued at the same
stand by the subscribers under the fit in of
render & Pope.
IV. ?. POPE.
!ITA11 those indebted to 5. Pender
Son by note or account, are requested lo
come forward and settle, as indulgence
cannot be given.
fc' Femhr & Sou.
7Vbnro April ?0, 1S37.
ROM the Jail of Edgecombe county,
who said his name was
And that he belonged to Mr. IVter Lewis
I eacock, of Wayne county, al out 15 .nil
trom stantonsburg sHi.1 )0v i, ab-.nt 18
v .i a m igc, t let-1 to or 11 inches lii"h.
..... complexion; be was barefooted,
had on a checked homes,.,.,, coat and
white pantaloons, and an old Iat--be will
no doubt attempt to pass as a freeman, as
.eoid when taken up. Any inf, nMtion
ejecting him will be thankfully received
iienj. Williams, Jailer.
larboro', April 19, 1S37.
Fin HE subscriber at the Slctcart Fishery
JL on the Roanoke River, sevt n miles
above Plymouth, will sell
Fresh Herrings
For four dollars and li'ty centg ver tnoll.
sand, and corned for live dollar.
Jlnd fresh Shad,
For seven dollars per hundred, corned
shad lor eight-k other fi.,h in pioprtiol).
Kenneth C. Stolon.
April Hub, 137.
Roanoke Tr(ul?
raim, imiirr!i!!iif(
Ji. forms th
"is ai:
puMic generally, U.t t
Grceii'villc and .,, '
I? now complied, and ;n SUCr(.,
rnli.tu, and that he iH lo,;;.te, V:
Gmioi, tlie to.m'ui;ii0 of ,aij y"'"
the puipose of !ransciin k,,i,i,.
Jl Commission, r -. .;
Jurwtmluiz busing 4
And is now pri-paixl i, ejVf. afl ..
all cott'ignuiriii. ' . ,!,,
coiwiiemin bnsineF i (;.-... ''H' '
r.r th iuipri-s-iofi th;it u,
t i - "
J (UB'ict, iii.ll ll ttflVITS o (m.i!
the co-.nlrv and tt.wu t
I.i-.-" . I Hi-fi u,
would tiixi it riiMVPini.,,1 i ;
, , anani-ir,
lOIIHVPM l-ffii ar rnn-.c, I 'ft
r.,,.;- ... :.. '!
ton, from hihI to the Hi ;0il(1 p0
and pitic;ularly ii prof tiling 60,',
icagoni, for tin' immediate . I, Cr'
C.ti I'riH. ... '
merchandize, &c. to ils j.lace of
' ti.Jn. Under tin lielief I.e. ..ti'm h ."5t
. u"neri f ,i,,"'.''eotieri, bii
ces Vr.r!!w?'StoHt
- . 0 ...
.nil OAf.r .....A I ft.
und assuring litem that lit will iiis(i '
the trust which tuav lie reuKi.i ,. Tf: $
inii iiiiii mi' u;y.
Ti iiiw1frsiriiiil iii nlTu.-;.,., l- .
i vi i- - "'"".I.
to lite public, I." to ii.f,,,,,,;
that he has, for the last tw.i m ,rt.v v',
detoteil hi time in an ''xien-ive hi"j u,
kerage and romniivon '' i.ips u ,
town of lJHersbur, and fl nM, .i,ls.'
that the knowledge liiere oUmi,,,) j t
branch of business, wilj enable l.imi,,,
satislaciion to those who may ilVor
with iheir bnsine.- His rl-ar$ w;;j "J
very moderate; niei. Iv sntlicicn; i 4
for the the.-e otm.-s will',
big hands.
-0- .., iX SMW ,
Rales of charges on .sv;yn of Hit mod p -
nt at arUcln:
Tobacco, merchatnJi.t;, &c j-er Mid. 2.')r:;
Cotton, per bale, v 6
Merchandise, per peck, i,
Hour, per barrel, jn ,
Maiiufact'd tohatro, r box k kr;, fiie,
Sail, per sack, 5
Peler.'.hnrcr. Chas. 1". (Kbomp. hi,
dent Petersburg Rul !,,a. ('on.p;,.,,,
Mi-Si.M. Rowlelt. II.. per to '.lile. L L
Mftinhack, Son U 'o. INnmiH k U,
Jrirtus M. McCiiliodi k Co. Ihl.lll.
waiivi Browiitey. Hurt, I'aticisoii s
Wills, llold. rhy it cl'lu ti rs.
Utiion.W. W. W.tkiis. F.-.
Mecklenburg Dr. Usual. Kmcs.
Ctarksrille,' Va. .Messrs, A. W. Vena'.!
h. Co. J. I.. TI10
Milton, N. C. Walking k Farler,
Genrgv W. Johnson Si Co.
Danville, Va Geo. White, T. D- Ned1,
To the Ladies.
THE Subscriber i now opening uttis
Cheap Cash Stoie, the f'ollmwnj
.X'eiv Goads,
Which lie reppertfully ?o!irit thr La.i ei
to call and examine, (to wit:)
Extra rich plain and figured Sil, 5nic;,
and Poplins,
A great variety of painted .W slin '
Cambrics, ol ihu moil beauiilul pallirm
both small and large,
Elegant printed Bishop Lawns, some ni'"
filk stripes,
Small pattern Belts to march.
Beautiful small pattern Clt-illvs,
A splendid asoi tn.eitt of nfeile moil1'
lace and muslin Cape, ami Coll-uV '
greatest bargains and richest Goi.ib'-
er 0 ire red,
Dunstabl:, Beilin, Swiss and fanry
Bonnets, newest and most lashioiin:
shapes, in great variety,
Cap borders wiih ll wers, a newart.df.
Artificial spiigs fur caps and wtea'l.s'.-:
the hair,
Bonnett, rap and belt Ribbons, to Miilff
ery taste,
Very handsome bpJt Bnrklrs ?c Vrw !et:
iMegant aesortment ol lam v neck ??'
roiichtf ind embroidered hire tc-i'-
entirelv new,
Laities and tr,Ues Corseff, of the "'
epfiroved make, in reat vaii'tv.
A large a.ssortmenl of Ladies ami n"'
Parasols, ot eerv size, qtjntity s';le'
Extra rich velvet and bead Bag,
Lice k. gauze Veil, of every descMj'l'0"'.
Hem siitch'd lim n tarn!. ric 'ilau.ikricii'i3
Klastic head Bands. Chi.ielle con!,
Mohair Caps. Fans, hair Ringlets,
l-ipht kid and fancy silk Gloves.
White, black, and i'ancy cl'retl plait n '
embroidered si!k and cotton Hc. J
giet variety.
Muslin Edgings and Inserting.
Thread wnd In-bbinett Laces, Ednp"
Inft-rtii g,
Plain and figured Bfi.bbine't,
An elegant assortment ol Laoies ?i"' pt
ses French, kid, satin, velvet, pia'';
?eal and ni.rorQ. Slippers and ibrr' ('
the newe-l Mle and very best q"11"1'
most of which Were espK'sJ
J?M7F 'ng which are a gretit i""
ny elegant pattern., (rout HMoWt!l
per yanl,
50 pieces Ginghams, roid and rbpap.
Plain, stiip-d, cl.eck'd :'
dresses, from 25 rent and nparil"
Corded ?kiit. arinu qu ilnies. '
The above wi'h eei v other s.rtttl in
Dry Goods Line,
Can be hdd in the gieale1 variety
ILvlruordiuavij low iVf'5
For Cash or on tb in:d credit.
A I tilC ipUvnp Cash Slvlf
Tarboro', tril I, T.

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