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I Vickie Hairston:
Living with lupus
Vol. XIII, No. 51
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Stewardess Terry Parks points to qi
on a newly purchased home (photo
Illiteracy strikes ir
19 percent ca
" Chronicle Staff Writer .
Adult illiteracy is a problem n<
right here in Forsyth County.
Sarah Coleman, coordinator
Education (ABE) program at Forsyth
West Campus, said that 19 percent
county cannot read.
The state figures are no better. Th<
report shows that more than 1.5 mil
Carolina have not completed high scho
those lack basic reading and writing ski
Programs like ABE, offered at Fo
in the right direction to fighting illiter
offered at Forsyth's West Campus.
Theoretically, the ABE program
person get a G.E.D. or high school dip
"ABE improves adults' ability to i
the English language," she said,
regardless of status, should have
yai uciyau; in cununuea caucauon.
Ruby Hill, of 1739 Waughtown S
ABE is helping.
For Ms. Hill the ABE program mi
the future.
A Maryland native, she said she
from high school in Baltimore, not a hig
At the suggestion of a church meml
in the program in March to enhance her
"I enrolled to oetter myself ^espec
said. "1 feel if I was to apply for anotl
probably need a diploma."
Ms. Hill, 37, said that she worke(
Baltimore before coming to Winston-Sa
Her ultimate goal, she said, is to
Tech until she earns her G.E.D.
The ABE program operates 34
Forsyth and Stokes counties, Mrs. Colei
are held in libraries, recreation cent
citizens centers and churches. The cla
variety of times to meet everyone's scha
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Jackson tc
candidacy I
By The Associated Press
?? (
RALEIGH (AP) _ The ?
executive director of the Rev. Jesse t
.Jackson's National Rainbow 1
Coalition said Friday that Jackson
would decide publicly on or near i
Labor Day whether he would run 1
for the U.S. presidency. t
At a news conference c
announcing Jackson's appearance
in Raleigh next week, Ronald \
Daniels said it was "not probable" s
Jackson would announce his
candidacy then. ?
"Reverend Jackson is testing f
the waters," Daniels said. "He's \
receiving a very positive response
across the country."
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? . K." * # * -k <.^ . / ]SW
* 4
I I Ml
\JSP.S. NO. 067910
_____ /
- ' - ' -?ft.--vv>%^jr." ..Vvi. v.^.."^T. . ,.
S3 f
<? > \V
HI H jM|^ ^H
m^H ^H^._
.* ^ S? J|^B^^^^^BBB)jHBPW5pfiMbtew j& _. j*?',*$S04
raffitti sprayed by young vandals
by^Mike Cunningnam):?
t county ,-m
n't read
;r |fSH?B$?
)t only nationally but
... ..... m r*tt
01 tnc AQUlt Basic |
i Technical College's H I
of the people in the I
I lion adults in North
ol and that 835,620 of
rsyth Tech, arc a step
acy. ABE classes are
is designed to help ar~
loma," Mrs. Coleman
jpcak, read and write
"Every individual,
the opportunity to
L, is one person that
sans an open door to
received a certificate m
h sr.hont /linlnma
t)er, Ms. Hill enrolled
reading skills.
lallyio Tcading/^she m
her job then I would
] in food services in
lem two years ago. "
continue at Forsyth TS^^S
classes throughout
nan said. The classes Blfttl
ers, schools, senior p
sses are scheduled a j
iulc- ? edher'V
:V- ?+
16 L__
> decide
.abor Day
Jackson will attend a
oalition board meeting in Raleigh
md will officially announce that
he group's biennial convention will
? held in Raleigh Oct. 9-11.
Daniels said Jackson's high
ecognition across the country gave
lim the luxurv of waitina Innupr
j -- ? o ? o"*
ban other candidates before
entering the race.
Daniels said that Jackson
vas trying to drum up financial
;upport for his candidacy.
"%He does not want to be
tsked to run out onto the football
leld _ and he can run very well _
vithout a helmet and shoulder
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J am^M
The Twin City's Aw
Winston-Salem, N.C.
Young va
For the second time in two
months, assailants ^vandalized the
newly purchased home of a
Piedmont .flight attendant this time
spray-painting racial slurs on her
back door and window.
The victim's next door
neighbor, however, told police he
saw two young boys leaving the
scene of the crime and thinks he
can identify one of them.
Terry Parks, who lives on
Marble Street in a racially-mixed
Southeast Winston-Salem
neighborhood, "caught the first
flight back" from her tour of duty
last week when relatives got worcf
iv R^H
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I H Brl
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mhMB^MMHIBV* gfc-/j<^' .
iH/tir d/vfiK
luuy Dusrt .. ?
ir Whitney Houston dazzled her G
ler conceit performance last Surtd.
>4th birthday that night (photo by ft/
racaptura tha fellowship our
ancestor* taught u? ... wa
could do wondara
= I
*m CI
ard-Winning Weekly
Thursday, August 13,1
inrJalQ rlofa
to her, through her supervisor, that
?someooe^had spray-painted
"nigger," "gel out", "I owe you" and
"go back home" across her back
porch and basement doors and
basement door, prompting
neighbors to call the fire
department, says Ms. Parks.
John Sapp, a 14-year-old
Glenn High School sophomore who
lives next door to Parks, says that
on Wednesday evening, Aug. 5, he
opened his back door, startling two
kids, approximately 10-years-old,
"who took off over (Parks') back
JH m
^ c V'
Ik y*>
A l^'-^|
- ? , ?-+?- _
reensboro Coliseum audience
ay. Ms. Houston also cetebratlike
Group heai
largest bis
By The Associated Press
Group made its mark with a highly
profitable buyout of McCall's
Pattern Co. But the planned
acquisition of Beatrice
International Food C<? catapults
TLC into the merger and
acquisition big leagues _ and will
make it the nation's biggest blackowned
BCI Holdings, the Chicagobased
parent of Beatrice
Companies, announced Monday
that it would sell its international
foods business in a $985 million
leveraged buyout led by TLC, a
closely held investment firm.
A tL' Jl - i
o mnct Mn
9 11IV9I ,f IVIVM
oycheck anc
987 SO cents
ce steward
fence towards the school (Hill
c?u~_i\ it /\? i-- j 1
lniuuib ociiuui), unc uau cuny
hair and the other had glasses, he?
told the Chronicle.
Sapp says he told both the
police and arson investigators he
~ thong htheTecognizedoneofthe^
vandals. He gave the names of two
boys who look alike "especially at.
nighL" The crime was committed at
about 8:30 p.m., he said.
"The only thing I can tell you
is that (the incident) is under
investigation," said Ken West, a
police investigator. When asked if
he had any leads, West responded,
Hunt murder trial
Hunt supF
jwant Ford
Chronicle Staff Writer
TWo member* of the Danyt Hunt 1
see James Robert Ford Jr. testify in Da
September. And they also vow to n
"Our opinion is that he (Ford)
Defense Committee member KhaliH A!
to use Ford, rests with Hunt's attorney,
Ferguson could not be reached for
Hunt's trial in the 1983 beating d<
September. 21, District Attorney War
- month.
Hunt is among three men char
Winston-Salem man. The others,
Mitchell and Merritt W. Drayton were <
year of second-degree murder.
Hunt is currently serving a life sei
August 1984 rape and murder of Debo
a white newspaper copy editor. An api
Ford, then an inmate in a South Ca
testified at Mitchell's two trials in Sc
October that Mitchell, Hunt and Dray
involved in Wilson's death. He said that
teenagers attack Wilson.
Mitchell's first trial ended in a mi*
a iurv of nine whites and three Africanafter
13 hours of deliberation.
Another Detense Committee memt
said that he also hopes Ford is called to i
"I think Mr. Ford provided some
trial," he said.
Other key Pefense Committee
Alderman Larry D. Little and the Rev.,
for comment.
The Defense Committee has met at
members plan to monitor the proceedinj
"We definitely want to show Darryl
Please see
ded by Lewi
A successful buyout of
Beatrice International would make
TLC the nation's biggest black
? ?
u"iivu vwuipau^r in icrms or snnufll
With Beatrice expecting S2.5
billion in 1987 sales, TLC would
jump past such well-known blackowned
businesses as Johnson
Publishing Co., publisher of Ebony
and Jet magazines, and Motown
Industries, the entertainment
concern, according to rankings
compiled by Black Enterprise
The acquisition also would
continue TLC's rapid rise in the
risky _ and often highly profitable
field of leveraged buyouts. Such
dng sensetdollars
j^-t' iv^'5?" " "
s*\>? >' *<? .3?&V
, -
36 Pages This Week
ess' home
Parks says West does not
"seem very enthusiastic about this
xase^ AfteiL-Sapp gave him the
names of two neighborhood boys,
Parks says West told her "thai he
didn't have any leads." She did say,
howeverr that-police^td-foUo^HF
on one boy's whereabouts on the
night in question. He was with his
grandfather, she was told. The
other suspect, Parks says, has been
known to put graffiti on trees.
Even though the suspects are
two children, Parks still fears for
the safety of her property. Two
months ago, someone broke the
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to testify
irvamiww ^VlllllUMW i>?y HW3J 1*#1U \M
rryl E. Hunt's seconrtnuirdo-, ?
lonitor the district* ationiev > j
is a very credible witness," >ai<l
bdul-Fattah Griggs. But the decisior
James E. Ferguson, he said,
$th of Arthur Lee Wilson is set lor
ren Sparrow told the Chronicle last
ged with killing the 57-year-old
Sammy Lee .
convicted last M PH|L
itence for the
rah B. Sykes,
jeal has been '
rolina prison, -SLl '
ptember and g
ton were not K v " ^ w
he saw three
Jtrial because
AmAriranc fail^H trv roo^K ? .. .-.-.-i:,..
m u?nf BVlfiT A?AIIV\I VKJ IVOVII il I UiL 1
>er, the Rev. Carlton A.G. E vers ley,
valuable testimony in the Mitchell
members, former North Ward
John Mendcz could not he u i
k! discussed the upcoming trial and
isy Eversley and Griggs said,
that we support him," he said.
> page A14
is will be
acquisitions arc financed heavily
with debt that is repaid with the
target company's cash flew or the
sale of its assets.
TLC is run by Reginald F.
Lewis, 44, who founded th.
investment firm after working as a
corporate attorney at the New York
law firm of Paul, Weiss, Rifkim!
Wharton & Garrison and Ut-* ?
the firm he co-founded. Lewis >
The Beatrice deal is just the
second major buyout undertaker
by TLC, which is controlled f?v
Lewis and his family. After its
founding in 1983, iLC acquired
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