THE WINSTON-SALEM JOURNAL, Sanday Morning, January 20, 191 Gar "White Star" Flour Just received. This will be our new ''Brand" of flour under the ruling $t the United States Food Administrator of Dec. 18th., during the war or until this ordr is rescinded. We feel assured that all our good customers will display a spirit of patriotism In accepting the new conditions and'that they will favor us with their orders for our "WHITE STAR" brand. White Star Flour is still the h ighest grade of flour on the lo cal market and we guarantee it to please you. The Store of Excellence 13 " W H E It E or A LITY PREVAILS" P H O V E S 7, 9 8 AND t 9 i eiuLt t Well dressed men of this city have long known this Btore as. "Style Leaders",-The various line of clothing -and furnishings featured are known the world over as the best. Fashion Park Clothes Metric Shirts, Cooper Underwear Holeproof Hose Are a few of the loaders. The next time you are near drop in and let us show you among the good -dresfera as The Style Out" store will lie close,!. .Monday aft ternoon in compliance with govern ment or'lcrs. Let ns have your orders early Monday am: lii"!mle sonic thrift stamps. Tlellehle eo-operat'on of everybody will win the war. u v r y i--ooas' SOWCTH.NG GOQO TO BAT All. THE TIME YOU NEED ME, I TOO, NEED YOU Bo let's get together on that car penter work right now. H. II. SPARKS 005 Hickory St RELIABLE WOOD CO. Back of Miller Bros. Lumber Yard. When you want good wood nhone 478 We Offer Special Five of the Handy Orchestra Jazz Dance Blues These records are 10 inch artd sell for 75c each No. 2419"Livery Stable Blues", "That Jazz Band." No. 2417 "Old Town Pump," "A Sweet Child." No. 2418 "Bunch of Blues", "Moonlight Blues." No. 2121 "The Smoky Blues", "Fuzzy Wuzzy". No. 2420 Hooking Cow Blues." "01e Miss Rag" Rominger Furniture Co "Everything for the Home" Men, Women and Boys High Grade Clothing why this store is known t-tylc and quality leaders. 11 Co. itche Sht-p '.. Iiiic licim; Your Shopping " iin: hkke Open 5 ii. in. Close 12 p. m. ' ious hot co (Ten anil lunches n' all hours of tbo day. P-r?.'.'-K ESS CAFE A. C. BETHUHE M. D. rmrtirp ihiiited to iV.w ot Hours- to 12 M: tc 5 Wanted Rabbit skins in any quantity. We pay COc to 40c per dozen. Highest market prices paid for all kinds of furs. B. SWARTZ, 713 N. Main St. The Transportation Serv:ce Co. will discontinue the run from Morksville to Winston-Salem and tlie run from Winston-Salem to Mocksville until the weather clears up. 1-16-tf You Can Help Win This War For America And the Allies INVFST IX WAR SAVING STAMPS Come in and sre our stock of STAR BRAND SHOES MADE OF HONEST LEATHER FOR MEN AND WOMEN TRICE 3 to $8 Vernon Grocery Co. 12 E. 41 h St , Opp. City Market PHONE 1293 50 MULES AND MARES JUST RECEIVED All fresh stock, sound and healthy and well broken, as nice a lot ever brought to this city. Prices are reasonable. ZIGLAR & WAGGONER Sales Stables 627 N, Cherry St. -r-Phone 64 Do It Now Phone 278 Make your arrangements to have your car put in A-l shape. You'll need it in a few weeks. . R. Stowe .Trade anti-Sevenths Try Kenny's Love Feast Coffee The Best 2.jc Grade C. D. KENNY CO. Cor. Liberty :;n.1-"rd Sts Phone 3 57 GOOD DRY OAK WOOD 1-8 cord S 1.10 i-4 cord $2.00 S. L. COLLINS corner Nth u.u.1 M'i'l'liiul Ave Phone 15.".0 K. of P. NOTICE The public installation of offt i i of Saleri Lodge No. 56, K. of P., to be held here next Monday night Is hereby annulled. The officers will be installed in usual way, and are requested to be present. Members of Damon rnd Wa chovia Lodges are requested to attend this meeting as it will be an important and Interesting oc casion. Visiting brothers too, will be given a cordial welcome. The Committee thought it un wise at this time to give a pub lic function, and trust at an early date to entertain their friends in a tru'y Tythlan wav. W. N. VOGLER I Chm. Committee. Lentz Transfer Company for prompt service for moving and heavy hauling and all kinds of transfer work. PHONK 47 DR. LESTER W. BENBOW Dentist 51lv 21-224 Gilmer Building Honrs. 8 to 1 and 2:30 to 5 or by appointment Residence . . . 1719-W Office 1023 Owens Drug Co. The Real Brief Local News WEATHER FORECAST NORTH Carolina: Rain or snow west, rain I east portion Sunday; Monday fair, ' colder. i Virginia: Snow Sunday in west and south and by Sunday night n north 1 east portions; Monday probably fair, continued cold. ' , South Carolina: Rain Sunday ez- cept snow extreme northeast portion; Monday fair, colder. MRS. R. M. PAYNE ILL AT HOME ON FOURTH ST. Mrs. K. M. Payne of the Travelers' Aid Is ill at her- home on West Fourth street. Mrs. Payne has been overworked during the holiday sea son :i nd contracted a slight cold. She expects to be back at her desk in a few il:iy. Mrs. Mitchell, her assist ant, s capably handling the situa tion during her absence. Mrs. Payne h:is won hosts of friends here by her faithful service to the traveling pub lic, hnd they wish her a speedy res trnatinn to full health. PROF. V. B. KPEAS SITS SCHOOLS Prof. W. B. Speas, county superin tendent of public instruction, spent Friday visiting the schools in Old Richmond township. Me says all the s-cliftols are in excellent condition con fi'irrinK the extremely bud weather of the pnst few weeks. The teachers are talking War Savings and are .-citing ready for a big campaign in Kelirun rv. Good Faying Well Established Wood Yard Will sell either the entire plant or will consider sep arate offer for machinery. Bargain See At Once At the Wood Yard Or Phone 367 AUTO STOLEN! $25.00 REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR INFORMATION LEADING TO THE RECOV-j ERY OF A BUICK 6 CYL. 1917, 1 D45 5 PASSENGER CAR STOL EN FROM IN FRONT OF REY j NOLDS TOB. CO. OFFICE FRI i DAY MORNING JAN. 18TH. STATE LICENSE 9708; CITY !OF WINSTON-SALEM LICEN SE 112; MOTOR NO. 275001; iCAR NO. 275707. WHEN STOLEN TOP AND CURTAINS WERE UP, REAR WINDOW! LIGHT BROKEN, HAD ON THREE CHAINS ONE BEING j i ON FRONT WHEEL. SPRING BUMPER LOOSE AND HANG ING FEW INCHES FROM THE GROUND AND EQUIPPED WITH YELLOW HEADLIGHT GLASSES. REPORT INFORMA TION TO CHIEF POLICE, WINSTON-SALEM OR P. O. BOX 748. Druggists -i OR SALE :$2S.oo; fj i $n HETOIEM mi wwne I W " fc mm ll M'lli.i.iniH.iiiiilt-wre MERES a anew Stock, of Ajax Tires 3 JAX is the livest, sturdiest, "lasting-est" tire on the market. A While others are claiming Quality, Ajax makers are guar- anteeing it. Back of this guarantee in writing 5000 miles is the fact that Ajax Tires are registered at the home office in the individual owner's name. They MUST MAKE GOOD. Come in and Ws talk Ahv. ! i,oc al KKc'iinnxd OFFH'KK HAS KKCOVKRKU Private Junius J. Winfree, wlio has been ill at his home in Kerne rsvillc for the' past week, was able to re port for duty yesterday. ' SI IKiT. HARRISON WILL RDTI RN TO Dl'TY TOMORROW Sergeant O. V. Harrison, who re cently underwent an operation for appendicitis at the City Hospital, e ' peets to be able to return to duty : tomorrow. Ho is in charge of the ; Army Recruiting Station at Greens ! boro. , NEW MEMBERS AT CENTENARY CHCItCH The following new members have been enrolled at Centenary Metho dist church recently: Mrs. .1. E. Ki'ti erly, Ira B. Kenerly, and Paul Ken erly, 81!) West Sixth street: Mr. and Mrs. Sparger Iioyles, Green street; Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Smithers, 411 First, street; Harry D. Dalton, 205 West Seventh street; Miss Fciirl Mc Coy. 955 Boulevard: Mrs. W. A. Speer. Misses Hester, Irene, and May Speer, 214 West Eighth street; E. F. Hohnnnon, 830 West Fifth street. MR. I'RI'.D A. TISK IM i WITH I'NKIMONIA j Mr. Fred A. T;se is reported to he seriously ill with pneumonia at his : home on rattersfon avenue, his many j friends will regret to learn. ! Itl'V. FDWIX TIKATH i AT ITltST HAPTIST " ' Rev. I'Ulwin Health will occupy the ' pulpit at the First BnptiHf eh;wch I this morning at 11 o'clock. There will be no night services. j MINISTFRI AT, ASSOC! TTON TO Mlil T ON TOMORROW The Ministerial Association 'will1 meet tomorrow at 10 o'clock In the Y. M. C. A., in regular bi-monthly : ression. A full attendance is da- I Eired. j REV .C. H. WIHTAKKR AT ENION RTDt.'E TODAY Rev. C. H. Whitalter will preach at I'nion Ridge Method st I'rotst ant church today at 11 o'clock, at which time the Holy Communion will be celebrated. CI,OSIN; OF THE GROCERY STORES All the grocery stores and markets will be closed for the next ten Mon days, after 12 o'clock each day. They will remain closed until the regular openln" hour on Tuesday . mornings. MR. W. C. RFNNETT GETS PROMOTION Mr. W. C. Rennett. district man ager of an Insurance company for this territory, has been promoted to man? ager of agencies in Eastern Nortli Carolina, and. is leaving today for Wilson, where he will make head quarters. Mr. S. H. Brown. C.eneral Supt., of agents for this Sti:te. form erly of Statesville, has moved his of fice to this city, and will have charge of the company's business here. Mil. KRXVK A. MARTIN RTIIJ QlTrE I Mi Mr. Frank A, Mnrt'n continues quite 111 at his home on Trade street, his many friends will regret to learn. MEN F"ORWRDFD TO CAMP BY CITS' EXEMPTION HOARD Mr. Allie IT. riodrey has been forwarded' to Cnmn .TaeVson by the Cltv Exemption Ponrd and will be credited on the npvt qonta Along with him Mr. Rowno IT. 5oeas of this citv was forwarded Mr. Speas registered in an Ohio district. HFTD CIVTT, SFTtVTCE EXAMINATIONS YESTT FD Y Mr. J. C. Kreecer of the local civil service examination board, held ex iiminat'ons in the civil serv'ce rooms at the pnpt office vestorday. Five young Indies and foyr young men are standing the examination and If they ouallfy will be sublect to the call of the flovernment at any place. It is said the Oo'-erment Is badly in need of clerks nt this time. FROM'IHE TREE 1R. NORUI RN VISITING I RIKNDS IN BETHANIA Dr. C. S. Norburn, who is enliated in the .Medical department of the Navy, is visiting friends at Bethajiia. Dr. N'orburn will be remembered aa having conducted an anti-hook worm examination for the county about three y airs ago. He is a cousin of Dr. E. F. Strickland of the County Exemption Hoard. Wil l CONTIUBLTK TO REBITIJ HAUI'A.Y CHIUCH An offering will be taken today at the Bible school of the Fourth Street Christian church to help rebuild the Bible school properties at Halifax, recently demolished by explosion. After the morning service a church congregational meeting will be held. The theme for the morning service will he "Some Things Not Written" and in the evening "Alter Death, What?" ACCEPTS IOSITION WITH K. .1. REYNOLDS TOB. CO. Mr. Carlos Cooper, formerly of Ral eigh, has accepted a position with the 11. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in the billing Department. I IUFNDS PRESENT A 1.1H' TO DR. II. A. BROWN Rev. Dr. H. A. Brown lias been 1 resented with a nice sum of money by his personal friends to defray hi expenses while he is in Florida. Dr. Jirown wishes to express his deep gratification for this token of k.'nd neas. MARHIACE LICENSES isst V ESTER DA Y Licenses were issued yesterday for the following couples: . Mr. Ollie Franklin and Ocnevia Fritz of ffali'tf.wn, and Mr. T. T). Fhifer and ! Miss I'eroie Milton of Winston-Salem.! LOCALBOARDSMAY i ME VOLUNTEERS. Army May Enlist Medical Students; Registrants With ..Low Order Number Enlist Through Boards Corporal floesch, in charge of the local Army Recruiting station, has re ceived instructions to enlist all med ical students whether registrants or not. who will be placed on inactive duty until they are needed for ac tive service. Corporal Goesch has ai io received a communication from Captain Edwd. H. Dennis advising him that all registered men whether with in the next current quota or not may and are urged to volunteer through the Local Exemption Board. Relative to this the order says: "Any registrant, nut an alien en emy, whose order number is so low that he is not within the current I quota of his local board, may be in j ducted into military service on his ! own written request by complying v Ith the following requirements, if in ; a deferred classification he must waive j such classification. If in class 4 walv er must be accompanied by waiver j form dependents upon whom his clas ; sificntinn is made. "Nothing In this section shall be constructed as authorizing any Local Hoard to send lexs than Its total quota called for from the Local Tloard com ncsed entirely of registrants whose in duction into Military Service. was not j advanced under the provisions of this I section. Credits for such reentrants j so inducted into M iliary Pervlce out of their order will be allowed to Local Ponrds on the quota called for next after their induction into military service." 1 . .fi'Tr" r vn New York, Jan.-1 9. flutter strr ne cheese lronir: spot coffee Jo 7's ! 3-4; sa.ntus 4's 10 3-4. PHONE , 1293 rv ... URGENT NEED FOR UNITED STATES GUARDS JUST NOW The local Army recruiting officers have received a telegram from State Headquarters urgently calling for the enlistment of 1.400 United States Guards. Men so enlisted will be held on inactive duty, likely around the districts in which they live, unless the emergency should require that they be transferred. The telegram is as follows: "Make special effort to secure for United States guards fourteen hun dred required immediately. Original enlistments must be between ages of thirty and forty inclusive. Request for waivers for desirable applicants with previous service over forty years of age. Last discharge as privates should be made to this office." Journal Want Ads. bring results. AT YOUK SERVICE "YOCR'RE NEXT" At the best barber shop In thta section of the country. High class barbers and strictly sanitary appointments. Try us. L & B BARBER SHOP 418 Mherty Street Quotations From The Winston Gran Co. -i ct) thing at Wholesale Prices Phone 618 308 E. Fourth St. We b .ve just received some Mary Jane Corn Syrup. "The 'joo . Old Kind' at 15c can. Hon tcfG. i. lb. bags. 6Uc. Nice white Irish potatoes, weighing 15 pounds to peck at bOc. peck. liioi compound lard, 24c pound tl.-1 whole grain rice, 10c pound. Sugar House Molasses at 20c quart or 70o gallon. Armour's rolled oats, finest quality, large boxes, 1.5c. Duniieruillcr coffee at 20c und. Extract of IiCmon, the kind Everybody sells for 15c, our price 10c per lottle. Ext met of Vanilla, the kind everybody sells for 15c, our price 10c per bottle. Onions, excellent grade, 5c pound. Country mixed beans, 25c quart. Ijima beans, best made, 25c quait. Corned Herrings, 40c dozen. Breakfast bacon, 38c pound. Best Laundi-t soap, 5c per cake Best quality whole wheat flour $0 00 p hundred. Country sorghum 25c quart, 90c gallon. liest quality water ground white corn meal 00c peck. Canned pink Salmon, large II cns, 20c can. Nl white shelled corn at 50c jieck, or $2.00 per bushel. Nn, 2 site canned Tomatoes at 15c can. No. :t size canned Tomatoes at 20c can Large number three size canned whole grnln hominy at 15c can. Splendid cofrce ' and chicory mixed. 10c size now 9c. ITninbcr 2 size canned pink aus at 15c can. p.iv c-a-li und save money. Nice hard head cabbage 4c per pound. Sug.Vr house molasses In 5 gal lon kegs nt $3 2" per keg. Pluto beans 20o qt. We Clothe Your Family on Easy Payments 723 North Main 803 North Liberty

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