North Carolina Newspapers

NO. 5.
j.-j-r - :""v
ML:, k
The Nom-h-Cssoi is Times will be sent to Sub
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in advance. Three Dollars will be charged, if pay.
irn-ut is .delayed x moutiis. These Terms will be in
variably adhered to.
For every Sixteen linen, or !, One Dollar for the
first, and Twenty-five Ciiats for eaeb aulei'jer.t in-.
scrl1oii. Court Ordeis, A.c. will be charged 25 per
cent, higher; but u reasonable deduetiou will be made
to those who advertwe by the year.
O" Letters ea business, aud all Comnmaieations
iiitemlod for publication, must be addressed to the
' Editor, and jk paid.
' -""' ..- Fkiiuv, Dec. 22.
Mr. Patterson, from the. committee on Internal
'improvements, made a report on the bill to extend
, the charter for a Bridge over Pasquotank river,
recommending its passage. Lies over.
Mr. Halsey introduced a resolution, providing
. that (lie Speaker of the two Houses inform Hon.
, Geo. K. Badger of his election a U. S. Senator.
- Mr. Berry offored a Preamble and Resolution,
calling upon the Public Treasurer for information
relative to the liabilities of the Slate for works of
Internal Improvement from 1817 to tho present
time. . . ' -,'.':; ';'.
Mr. Patterson moved an amendment, providing
. that the Public Treasurer be authorised to employ
such assistance as he may require, in preparing
j the information called for. Carried.
Mr. Iklsey moved an amendment to the amend
ment, being a )roroo that the information can be
obtained before the close of the present session.
Carried. ' . ': "
The resolution, as amended, was then adopted
Yeas 33, Nays 4.
.Mr. Ciiliner presented a bit! for the emancipation
of a slave in Guilford, accompanied by a memo-
rial, which wore referred to the committeo on Pro
positions and Grievances. '
'iWr. Walker, a bill to incorporate the Charlotte
" Fire Engine Company. Passed first reading.
" Mr. lialsey, a bill io amend the 4th sect, of 10th
. ch. Rov. Slat, relating to Bail. Passed 1st reaq
ing, and referred to committee en the Judiciary.
'" The Chair announced a message from the
"' House transmitting a Report from the Public Trea
surer, in relation to the School Fund ; with a pro
position to print. ';
.'' Also, a communication from the Oovemor,tra"n
' Wilting Report of the Board of Trustees of the
University ; sent to the House with a proposition
to print.
Air. VVoodfin, from the Judiciary Committee, to-
ported the resolution in favor of the Executors of
the late Jos. J. Uamel, aud recommended us pag
,'. sago. '. '; "" , ."'.,.''
Mr. Smith, from the committee on the Library,
asked to be discharged from the further considera
tion of the resolution in relation to a Afap of the
State. Referred to committee on Geological, dw.
' Survey of the State. ' 1
' Mr, Washington, from tlie Judiciary committee,
to whom wag referred the bill to regulate the duty
of Constables in Unslow county, reported a bill as
a substitute ; passed first rending.
Mr. Woodfin, from the same committee, to whom
was referred tlie bill to confer on the Conits cer
tain power with regard to Lunatics, reported the
' tame, and recommended its passage.
Also, the resolution in relation to Deeds of Trust,
asking to be discharged from its farther eonsidcra-
tion. ... r '
Also, reported a bill concerning the Navigation
of Albemarle (Sound. Lie over.
1.1 r. Rogers presented a bill to indemnify own
ers of Slaves convicted of felony. Referred to
committee on Propositions and Grievances.
Bills passed their first reading
To amend the laws regulating the inspection of
. Turpentine; . : ,. j . -i . ..
To lay off and establish V new cocntr by the
n uno of Watauga. On tliis bill Mr, Smith call
. ed for the A yea and Noes. The; were taken as
follows : Av'es 30 ; Noes 15. So tlie bill passed.!
: Mr. Jlalsoy then called tip the bill for the relief
ot Executors and Admln'ttrulors ; which was read
tlie third time. :. ..
- . Ar. Smith offered two additional sections to tlie
bill; which obtained ; and the bill as amended,
passed us tlurd readme -
. Mr. Gilmer, from tlie Finance committee, lo
whom was referred tlie memorial of (lie Wilming
ton and Kaleigli Rail Kond Company,'- reported a
, bill ; ordered lo lie upon the table and be primed.
' The Senate took upthe order of the day, being
: the bill to provide fur a Turnpike Road west to tlie
line of die Hlnte'ol ueorgia. . - A discussion took
- place between Messrs. VVoodfin, Conner and Pat
terson. ' ' ' ' ' :'
i ' Mr. Conner moved in amendment, lo (strike out
Salisbury, aa the starling point of tlie road, ttnd
insert Charlotte, by way of Beaties' Ford, thence
. the direct route to Alorganton. m ; (
Mr. Gilmer moved that the further consideration
of this bill and amendment be postponed, and made
the order of the day for Thursday next.: Carried.
Mr. Smith offered a reaolulion, that when the
. Senate adjourn lo morrow, it adjourn to meet sgain
on Wednesday neit. . ,s - . '
Mr. Bethel moved to strike Ortt Wednesday and
insert Tuesday. Carried.
. Mr. Lillingion moved to tend a message to thp
House, proponing that tlie two Hotisea adjourn
from 8attinh.y to Tuesday. Agreed to. '
The Seuate then adjourned. -
Mr. Trull pre senled a Memorial, which was re
ferred to tlie committee on Propositions and Griev
. ancee.
On nwtion of .Ifr. 8. J. Person, the committee
on Privileges and Elections were granted leave to
tit during the nersinnt ef the HouKi ;
The following bills were uitrodnred and passed
. tfteir first reading, rit: by, Mr. Dobbin, In incor
jr.te a Plank rtimd- C'ompsiay between Fayctte
. illo and tlHlifbury ;nrilered lobe printed. By Mr.
Carmirhael to exirml the authority of the Justices
i't ibe Peace in Wilkrt county ; referred to the
committee on Private Bills. By Mr. Logan, au
thorizing the chairman of Common Schools in
ttutherlord to pay over the share of the School
Fund due Polk county, to the chairman of Common
Scliool8 in the latter county ; referd to the com-1
mitiee on Private Bills. By Mr. Humrick, for
dividing tho Regiment in Cleaveland oounty ; re-
lerred to the CominiireeVon Military Affairs. By
Mr. Nichols, atucndiitor.iW the 3d Section of the
88lh Chajitcr of tlie fttvlbied Statutes, 'concerning
Patrol; referred to the committee on tho Judicia
ry. By Mr. McCleese, lo amend an Act, entitled
an Act to lay off a Turnpiko Road from Hyde
county to Tyrrell ; referred to committee on liner-
nal Improvement, By .Mr. McDowell, lo incor
porate Statesville Male Academy ; referred to the
committee on Education. By Mr. Gambill, to lay
off and establish a Road in Wilkes and Ashes re
ferred to the committee on Internal Improvement.
By Mr. McMullen, instructing the committoe on
Finance to enquire into the expediency of increas
ing the tux on Retailors of Spirit ubus'Liquora. By
Mr, Caldwell, of Guilford, a Resolution mvini?
escheated property to the Literary Fund, instead
of the University. By Sir. Coffield. cxemntinfr
Volunteers from Military duty ; referred to commit
tee on Military Affairs. By Mr. White, to alter
an Act concerning Roads in Iredell county ; re
ferred to committeeon Propositions and Grievances.
By Mr. 8. J. Person, a Re-olution in favor of
James Turner, of Stanly preferred to the commit
tee on Private Bills.
Mr. Paine, from the committee on the Jadicia.
ry, made reports on several subjects.
the claim ot Hall and Kincev was returned
from the appropriate committee, and its allowance
The committee on Propositions and Grievances
reported unfavorably to the erection of a new
county to be called Wilson, and recommendsd its
rejection. ; '.-. .
Mr. Courts spoke on the merits of the bill and in
favor of tho report of the committee ; and Mr. Sat
tcrthwaite iu favor of the erection of the new
countv.' ' .
' The Speaker announced the arrival of the hour
for taking up the order of the day, viz : the estab
lishment ot an Asylum lor the Insane, when
Air. uoblxn moved to amend the bill by insert-
ing 1 3-1 cents on every Si 00 worth of pronertv.
anu o i- cents on every roll, tor tour years, leav
ing tho county court the liberty to reduce the Poor
Tax, if found onerous.
Mr, Dobbin then went into a most able and elo
quent defence of the bt!l and its objects ; at the close
of which, tho amendment proposed bv him was a-
dopted, and the bill passed its second reading
Ayea tut ; woes tv. "
Mr. Stanly then moved the guspension of the
Rules, in order that the bill might be put upon its
third reading, which was carried, and phased its
third reading Ayes 91 j Noes, 9 !
uri motion, the Mouse then adjourned.
Saturday, Dee. S3.
Mr. Shopard presented a memorial for a tax on
licenses to retail Ardent Spirits. Referred to tlie
committee on Propositions and Grievances.
Mr. Walker a memorial from Mecklonburp-. Tor
an act to Incorporate a band of mnsic. . Referred
to the committee on Military Affairs.
Nr. fchepard, trom tne committee on Education,
reported bill to amend the arts on the subject of
Common Schools. Laid on the table nnd ordered
to be printed. "
air. walker, trom the eommmeoon Propositions
and Grievances, to whom was referred the petition
of sundry citizens of Wake Forest; reported a bill
lor the further protection ot take f orest College.
Passed its first reading. ' ' ' '
Mr. Patterson, irom tbe committee on internal
Improvement, to whom was referred a bill and res
olutions on tin subject of tho Clubfoot and Har
low s Creek Canal, reported a substitute bill to
authorise the Board of In tor nal Improvement to
dispose of said Canal. Laid npon tlie table and
ordered to be prin'ed. 1
Mr. Washington, from the committee on the
Judiciary, to whom was referred a bill to amend
the Kevised Statutes entitled buanltana ' and
Wards, reported a substitute; lies over, and or
dered to be printed, ' '
Mr. Lane offered a resolution in favor of
Hancock. Referred to committee on Claims.
Mr. Patterson, instructing the committee on Fi
nance' to inquire into tho expediency of increasing
the tax for licenses to retail spirituous liquors.
A message was received from the House, propo
sing to go into- an election for Supreme Court
Judge at ii o'clock, to fill die vacancy created by
the resignation of Jge Battle, and informing that
ins lion, iv. m. reaniin was in nomination lor
the appointment. CmJyirre'd in. .
Mr. Woodfin presented 1 bill to establish a toll
bridge on French Broad Ritcr ;
Mr. Lane, a bill lo incor jorate Union Manufac
turing Company; '
- Mr. Woodfin, a bill to appoint Commissioners
for the new bridge aver French Broad River ;
Mr. Bower, a bill extending the time for perfect
ing titles to lands heretofort entered ;
A bin to provide tor the settlement of estates in
the ha ml of executors and administrators, and for
the relief of the same, was laid over. "
Theliills to incorporate- Ackore Lodse, No. 14,
I.O.O. F t
To incorporate Die ton of Wilson, in Edee-
conibi were read the sccead time and passed.-
l Ueenate then voted lor Judge- of the Su
preme Court as lbUows-Pearson 26 ; Calvin
Grares 1 -. -
The bill to incorporate a Femnlo College x
Anson.) the engrossed resolution in favor of Pen
der GrilBn the one in lasor of M. O. Dickerson ;
the bill to revive an act to Incorporate Jackson
ville, in Onslow : passed (heir second readins.
Mr. Woodiiu introduced a restitution in favor of
James Atkins ; also in fnvor of Thomas Loring.
Pased their first reading. i .
The bill to incorporate the Charlotte Fire Engine
Company, passed its second reading.
Mr. bxmn, from tlie committee- on Election of
Supreme Court Judge, reported that Judge Pear
son was duly elected, j.; ' , . j
Mr. Thomas, of Haywood, introdnced a petition
on the subject of a new county. Referred to the
committee on Proposition and Grievances.
And then the Senate adjourned to Tuesday .
A nieange from tlie Governor, eonjinunicsting
the reeiirnation of James Webb, Esq. as Trustee
of the University, which was read and accepted
and ordered to be sent to the Senate.
Mr. J. Gamble presented a memorial from citi
zens of Wilkes comity, praying the appropriation
of one thousand dollars to lay off a public Road
trom Wilkesboro to intersect with the State Koad,
leading from Jonesville to John Woodruff's in
Aaha Comity ; which was rttforred to the Ootaaiit
tee on Internal Improvements,
Mr, Mebane presented a bill to repeal an act,
entitled "an act to amend the Revised Vututes,
entitled Religious Societies," which was read the
1st tune and passed, and referred to the Committee
on Propositions anil Grievances. .
Mr. Mci.leeso introduced a bill to amend an
Act passed at the Session of the last General As
sembly, entitled " an act to provide for the appre
hension ol Runaway Slaves in the Great Uismal
A'.vamp and lor other purposes," and to extend the
same, which was road the hrst tune and passed,
and referred, on motion of Mr. McC, to a Select
Committee of three from the counties of Beaufort,
Hyde and Washington. Messrs. Stanly, rarrow
and Nichols were appointed to compose said Com
mittee. Mr. S. J. Person introduced a bill to incorporate
a Mutual Life Insurance Company, Referred Id
committee on Private Hills.
On motioir of Mr Paiue, the House sent a
message lo the Senate, proposing to go into the e
lection at 12 o'clock, of a Supreme Court Judge,
rice Judgx Battle, resigned..
Mr. Mebane introduced a bill to amend (tie 16th
section of the 31st chapter of the Revised Sta
tutes, entitled ' Courts of Equity." Read and re
ferred to the committee on the J udiciary.
Mr. Courts, from the committee on Propositions
nnd Grievances, reported unfavorably to the bill
providing for Tax, Collectors in the several coun
ties in this State. Rend second time and rejected.
Mr. Courts, from the same committee, reported
bicktotho Houso the bill to annex a part of
Burke County to the County of Catawba, with an
amendment ; which was road the second time, and
laid on the table.
Mr. Dancy, from the committee on Private Bills,
reported several bills of a private or local nature
among others, one for amending an act of 1846
relative to laying off a Road from Ashville lo
Burnsville, in Yancy also for amending the law
of '1.8-10 in relation to the Hickoryuut Turnpiko. j
The Senate concurring in the proposition to go I
into an election of Supreme Court Judge, tho e- J
lection took place and resulted in the choice of
Judge Pearson to fill the vacancy.
M r. Cherry, in behalf of a majority of the same
committee, reported unfavorably to tlie bill for the
belter regulation ot Common Schools.
Mr. Mebane presented the- Report of Wm. B.
Thompson, Esq., Engineer npon the Cape Fear
and Deep Rivers : which on his motion was or
dered to be printed
M r. Broaden, from the Select committee to whom
was referred a bill to locate, the county seat of
Polk county, on the lands of Elizabeth Jones, in
said county, with sundry memorials on the subject,
made an adverse report thereon. On motion of
Mr. Logan, the bill was laid on the table. , .
. Mr. Brogden, from the same committee, report-,
ed a bill for repealing the act for laying off tlie
Courts of Potk, which was read the first time and
On motion of Mr. Satterthwaite.the House took
a recess until four o'clock. : '
. Tho evening session was not characterisedby5
any proceeuiujjs ui pjwciui miurubi,
v . Tuesday, Dec. 20.
Mr, Thomas, of Haywood, presented the petition
of tlie Cherokee Indians of Cherokee County.
Referred to the committee oa Proposition aud
Grievances. . .
Mr. Patte(on,a petition of sundry citizens of
Wilkes, praying for a new county. Referred to
same committee.
Mr. Shepard, from the committee to whom the
Message ol the Governor relating to onr early Co
lonial History wits referred, reported a resolution
authorizing the Governor to obtain documents, &c.
which pasaed its first rending, and with the report,
was ordered to be printed.
Mr. Patterson introduced a bill to amend an act
passed at the last session entitled an act to provide
for the sale of certain Lands in Cheroke and Ma
con counties, which passed its first reading, and
was referred to the committee on Cherokee Lands.
Mr. Halsey, a bill to amend tho 6th section of
the set ol last session, to provide lor a re-assessment
of tlie lands of this State, dec, which pass
ed its nrst reading.
Mr. Conner, a bill to authorize the erection ol
Gates across a public highway in Gaston County ;
which, with a memorial, was referred to the com-
nnttee on Propositions and linevances.
The Cbair presented two packages of deposi
tions in the Contested Election case from Orange.
Referred to committee on Privileges and Mictions.
Also, a message Irom tlie Governor, In reply to
a series of resolutions ol inquiry as to tlie Mates
liabilities, ccc, which was laid upon tlie table, and
ordered to bs printed, ten copies for each member.
Tbird reading and pussago ot Jdillsand Resolu
tions, : if s :
To incorporate a Female Academy in Anson;
To incorporate Ackore Lodge, I. O. O. F.-No,
ill. LMS..k.k fW . " ....
It, 111 UIIMWIU .IfcT t
lo, incorporate the town of ilson, in bdge
comb ; .' :
To incorporate the Charlotte Fire Engine Com
pany j'-. '" . -.-If!-: I" - r :'
To revive the act incorporating the Town of
Jacksonville, in Unslow.. ...
Resolutions in favor of M. O. Dickerson t for
the relief of Pender Griffin,
The resolutions in favor of lames W. Walton
in favor of Thomas Loring ; passed tlieir second
aud third reading. Also the bill to authorise J.
A. Moore, late Sheriff of Caldwell, to collect ar
rears of taxes.
The bills to appoint Commissioners of the new
C.iJge over Freuru Broad river; to extend the
lime lor perlecling titles to lands heretofore enter
ed t to incornoratftiho Union Manufacturing Com
pany ; to esiablitlrVtoU bridge over French Broad
river ; for the f nrtlier protection of Wake Forest
Cohege ; to incorporate Perquimans Academy
for the belter protection of Seines and Nets; to ex
tend the duration of a charter for a bridge across
Pasquotank river ; were read tho third time and
Mr. Willcy introduced a resolution in favor of
the Sheriff ot Gates referred to tlie committee on
Claims, ..
The bills for the further protection of Wako
Forest College ; to incorporate Perquimans Acad
emy ; and to extend the duration of a Charter for
a bridge across Pasquotank river, were also read
the third lime and passed.
Mr. Shepard called up tho bill to amend the laws
for the collection and management of a Revenue
for the State ; which bill was read the second time,
amended, and passed.
And then the Senate adjeurned.
Mr, Hayes introduced a bill to amend an Act
authorizing a Uridge over a certain river. Refer
red to committee on Propositions and Grievances.
Mr.- Atkm introduced a bill, accompanied by a
petition, to attach a portion of Yaucy county to
the county of Buncombe. Referred to committee
on Private Bills.
Mr. Cornell! introduced a bill to incorporate the
Williamston Library Association, in the county of
Martin. Referred to tlie committee on Private
Bills, . Also,
A bill to amend the acts for tho better regula
tion of the town of Williamston. Referred to
committee on Private Bills.
Mr. Courts, from the committee on Propositions
and Grievances, reported unfavorably to the bill to
repeal an act relative to hshing in Tar and Pain-
lico Rivers. On motion of Mr. Stanly, the bill i
was laid on the table, ,
Mr. D-dBcy, from the committee on Private bills,
reported back to the House, .with amendment, t'
bill for the better regulation of the public hie ,
ways of Rutherford, and recommended its passage.
The bill pacsed its 2d reading.
The same gentleman reported favorably to the
bill to consolidate and amend the several acts lor
the better regulation of the Town of Concord.
The bill passed its 2d reading.
Mr. (Steele, from the committee on Military Af
fair, reported back to the House tbe bill for lie
ictter organization of the Mihtia of Cleaveland
county, and offered a substitute and recommended
its passage. The bill as amended passed its 2d
Mr. 1'igntt introduced a bill to incorporate Con
cordia Lodge in the Town of Beaufort. Relerred
to committee on Private Bills. ;
The following Bills and Resolutions passed their
third reading : To incorporate Monroe, in the
county of Union. For the relief of James Stuart,
of Cherokee county. A resolution in favor of the
Clerk ol tlie County Court of Marlin County. In
favor of. Win. Angel. A bill to extend tlie time
of registering Grants, powers of Attorney, Sic. A
bill concerning Sheriffs. Authorising the inspec
tion of provitions. To incorporate Pamlico En
campment, in the. Town of Washington, Giving
the County Courts of Gaston exclusive jurisdiction
over certain Road9. To secure the more certain
administration of justice. To alter tho time of
holding the Superior Courts for the county of Le
noir. To amend an act to lay off and establish a
new County to he called Catawba. To amend
an act to incorporate the Town of Windsor, in the
county of Bertie. To incorporate the Newbern
Jlanulacturing Company. To incorporate 1 rus-
tees of Antioch Academy, in Robeson county. To
incorporate Lodge No. 17, of 1. O. O. r . in the
Town of Greenville, in the county of Pitt. To
incorporate Duplin Guards. To amend an act to
lay on and establish the county ot alcUowell.-
Moro effectually to suppress traffic with slaves.
Concerning Weights and measures. A resolution
for the relief of Young Patterson. A bill regula
ting the duties of Slicritis. To amend an act to
incorporate Orapeake Canal and Turnpike Com-
puny. Authorizing Justices of Peace ot New
lanovcr to sell the Poor House of said county.
To incorporate Union Chapter in the county of
Duplin. A resolution in favor of Hall & Kincey.
A bill to amend the 49th chapter ot Kevised stat
utes. ; To provide for taking depositions of wit
nesses in suits pending in other States. A resolu
tion for the relief ot the Clerk of tho County
Court of New Hanover. A bill to incorporate
Nense River Lodire of I. O. O. F. in Goldsboro'.
To incorporate the Grand Lodge of I. O. O. F. of
North Carolina. To amend an act to lay off a
Road from Burnsville, in tbe county of Yancy, to
Asheville, in Buncombe., To incorporate a V ol-
untcer Company in the county of uke.
- SENATE. ' '
1 Wedkssdat, tfe4ft.
Mr. Walker, from the' Committee on Proposi
tions and Grievances, to whom was referred the
petition of sundry citizens of Pasquotank, praying
an additional tax on bpiritous Liquors, reported
adversely, uracred to lie on loo table.
Also, reported adversely on the bill to indemnify
owners of slaves convicted of felony, and asked to
be discharged Irom the turther consideration of the
subject. Ordered to he on the table.
Mr. Walker introduced a bin eivinir lonser
time to register grants of land, mesne conveyances,
power ol attorney, file, which was rear! the first
Mr. Bower introdnced bill to lav off awl open
a rnnd in Ashe and Yancy Counties.
air. Washington, a bill to authorise the late
Sheriff of Craven, to collect arrears of taxes.
Bills passed third reading. To incorporate Un
ion Manufacturing Company ; to establish a toll
bridge on French Brimjl river; to exteod the time
of perfecting titles to kDd, heretofore entered.
1 he Senate relused to agree to the raisins of a
Joint Select Committee to inquire into the expedi
ency of changing the time of holding tlu elec
A message was rece'rved from tlie Honsei trans.
milting the memorial of A. Whitnev. on the sub.
ject of a Rail-road to the Pacific Ocean praying
that tbe same may be relerred to a Joint Select
Committee. , . T, t
On motion of Afr. WocJfrn, a Message ws sent
to tne liouse, witn a proposition to raise said Com
mittee. ,
The bfU to amend the act of last session to pro
vido for a re -assessment of the lands of the State,
and a more accurate enlistment of taxable polls,
was referred to the Committee on the Jndiciarv.
Thfi resolutions in relation to the liabilities of
th State, ate. introduced by Mr. Berrv, were tajten
op, amended, and passed tboir second reading.
The report of tho Judiciary Committee in rela
tion to tlie compensattnn of Trqstecs in deeds of
tru't, lies over.
On motion of Mr. Halsey, the bill to provide for
the settlement of estates in the hands of executors
and administrators, and for the relief of the same,
was taken up, read the third time and p:u; ed.
Mr. Lillington introduced a bill to amend the
third section of the 99th chapter Rev. Mat. enti
tled Religious Societies. Passed its first reading.
Mr. Conner, from the committee on Clnunsnade
a report of a resolution for the relief of the Sher
iff of Gates, which passed its second and third j
On motion of Mr. Bower, according to agree
ment Mr. Worth (Whip) was ad.led to the com
mittee on Privileges and Elections.
. The bill from the House,, to provide for the es
tablishment of a State Hospital for the Insane,
was read the first time and passed.
And then the Senate adjourned.
Mr. Atkin moved to mnko the bill for tbe better
regulation of Common Schools, the order of the
day for Saturday next. Carried.
Afr. Stanly offered Resolutions approving of
Whitney' plan of a Rail Road, which passec, by
a suspension of tlie rules of the House, their 2nd
When the Resolutions were pnt upon their 3rd
reading, Mr. Miller moved to lay them on the ta
ble. Carried.
Mr. 8. J. Person introduced a bill authorizing
Cornelius Shield to build a bridge over Boar Creek
in !' unty of Moore. Referred to the commit-,
l": "rorKwiiions and Grievances.
r NicMs introduced a bill to incorporate Ply
.rtouth Academy. ' Referred to committee on Pri-
vnte Bills. ..-
On mm ion of T. R. Caldwell, the bill to extend
tlie limits of Lincolnton was take:, up, and passod
its Jin reading.
1 he following committees were announced bv
the Speaker: on Whitney's plan of a Rail Road:
Mensrs. Kayner, Dobbin, md Satterthwaite.
On memorial of Cherokee Indians : Messrs. T.
R, Caldwell, Stockard, A. M., Gamble, Palmer,
and Skinner.
Afr. Ray ne r introduced a resolution, instructing
the Treasurer, Comptroller and Secretary of State
to rent out to the highest bidder tho buildings on
Miirke square.
On motion of Mr. Biirtrs . ' thp Hnnsn fcHinnrn-.-l
: SENATE. ' .
Thvrsdat, Dec. 58.
Mr. Walker, from the committee of Propositions
and Grievances, to whom was referred the memo
rial ol Andrew Hoyle and James T. Oates, pray
ing to be allowed to keep np'two Gates across the
public highway in Gaston, begged to be discharg
ed from the further consideration of the subject.
Also reported favorably to tlie bill to emancipate a
slave. -
Also, begged to be discharged from the further
consideration of memorials of Cherokee Indians,
and moved that they be referred to the Joint Se
lect committee on that subject.
Mr. Shepard presented certain documents in re
lation to the Colonial and Revolutionary History
of the State, and moved that they be printed.
Concurred in.
Mr. Conner introduced a resolution instructing
tlie Committee on Finance to inquire into tlie ex
pediency of reducing the tax on gates erected
across the public highways, v.
Mr. Halsey, a resolution instructing the Princi
pal Clerks to dismi3 the ng?os&ing Clerks at
present employed, and appoint others in their pla
ces. Mr. Halsey remarked that these Clerks had now
been absent nearly a week, to the great dolay of
the public business and that, on yesterday there
were about sixty bills waiting to be engrossed,
which it was impossible for the only remaining
Clerk to have' ready. His resolution was intend
ed to relieve tlie Principal Clerks also, who doubt
ed whether (key had the power to make these re
movals, and thai be did not Intend to imply any
censure npon the Clerks for these appointments.
Mr. Conner moved to lay the resolution on tlie
table. Negatived. .
The resolution then passed. .. .
Bills presented By Mr. Halsey, a bill to provide
for the better keeping of tbe Capitol, Slg. passed
its first reading and ordered to be printed. Mr.
Bell, a bill to revive an act passed in 1831, to in
corporate Die Town of Pollock, in Jones County.
Mr. Patterson, a bill for the more speedy obtain
ing of Justice in certain cases; referred to the
Committee on Judiciary. Mr. Barnard, a bill to
incorporate the Camden Guards in the Countv of
Camden. Mr. Washington, a bill to amend the
law in relation to the collection of taxes in Town
of Newbcru. , These bills passed their first read
ing. . "
( The Chair presented certain doenments In rela
tion to tlie contested election from Orange ; which
were referred to the. Committee on Privileges
aud elections.
The bill to amend the Revised Statutes in rela
tion to persons using the profession, of ft Broker,
passed its third reading. .
The resolution to authorise the Governor to pro
cure from the public offices in London, certain doc
uments relating lo the colonial and revolutionary
history of the State, passed its second . reading
unanimously. . , . , -
The bills giving longer time to register grams of
land, mesne conveyances, powers of attorney, etc,
to open and improve tlie road from Council's Store
ri Ashe to Yancy County ; to amend tlie 2d Sec. of
Ch. 99. Rev. Statutes, entitled Religious societies ;
to authorize Francis Prentiss, late Sheriff of Cra
ven to collect arrears of taxes ; (amended by add
ing George U. Uogle, late bheriSof Alison 'J passed
second reading. . t
The bill to provide for the establishment of a
State Hospital tot the Insane, was read the second
time, and passed, the vole, by agreement, not being
considered a teet.
The engrossed bills from the House to incorpo
rate the Trustees ol the Statesville Male Academy
in Iredell; , , ,
To provide for the payment of the debts of the
State to the Bank of Cape Fear and Bunk of the
Stale, and other debts due on accraiut of ftidorse
menu of the Slate for the Raleigh and Gaston
Rail-road, passed their first rcadiT-
The bjll to endemnlfy the owners of slsves con
victed of felony was rejected. Aye 1, (-Wr. Rog
ers) Noes 38. .'
Mi. Halsey IntroJiiceJ a resolution to favor, w
Thomas Anderson, of Orange, winch passed us
first reading.
On motion of Mr. Washington, tlie Insnno'llo -
pita t Bill was ni le the order of the day lor ni.iur
davnextnt 12 o'clock.
And th?n the Senate adjourned.
The Chair announced the committee to inah.'
arrangements lor inducting the Governor elect n.lo
office Messrs. Ftrcbee, Imvuii, Thornton, and
Mr. l igo'.t introduced a bill to provide for the :
more speedy administration ef justice in Carteret
county, Relerred to the coinuiiuee on thu Judi
ciary. ' .- -.'
Mr. W ilkins introduced a hill to grant cxc.usi .r
jurisdiction to the Superior Court ol.Poik County
over all cases where tne intervention ol a jury
may be necessary: Rvlcrrud to the criniiiitiee on
Propositions nnd Grievances.
Mr. Satterthivaite ..introduced ''a bill to . incorpn- '.
rate South Cre k 1-aud Company. Ri fentd to
coininiilee on Private Bills.
Mr. Courts, Iroin the committee on Prooositions
und Grievances, reported back to the House and
begged to be discharged from the further consider- ;
ution of the bill to lay off and 'establish a new
county by tlie name of Williams.
On motion of Mr. Mcintosh, the bill was laid
on the table. . . .
Mr. Courts reported favorably to the bill to lay
off and establish the hew county of Watauga.
Mr. Stanly moved to postpone the bill unnl Sat
urday. Carried.
Mr. Daiicy , from the committee on Private bills,
reported favorably to the bill to attach a portion of
Yancy to Buncombe. The bill paused its 2d- read- ;
ing. Also, to extend the .authority of tlie Jiisi ices .
of tho Peace in the county of Wiikes. Also, to
authorize the Chairman ol the Common Schools
of Ruther'brd county to pay over certain monies
to the Chairman ol the Board of Common Schoo s
of Polk county. Also, to amend an act to nicer
porate Hickory-nut Turnpike company. Ais-o, un
favorably to the resolution'' in favor of Jus. Tur
ner. The resolution did not pass its 2nd reading.
Also, favorably to the bill to incorporate Martin
and Bertie Turnpike Company passed its 2nd
reading. Also, favorably to tlie bill authorizing
thf. erurtinu fif u Tnli-hriHirA fivtr Iho Wnf.,ia!fra
River, in Burke county. -
Uti motion ot JHr. Lrwin, the bill was recom
Sir,' Chery, from the Select Committee, to
whom was referred the bill relating io fishing in
Albemarle Sound, recommended the indrhutte
postponement uf tbe same. ,
Mr. Cherry then moved the indefinite postpone
ment of the bill. On this question, Air: Ballard
took the floor, and addressed the House at consid
erable length,on the merits of the bill. Mr. Mc
Cleese replied briefly to the arguments of Mr. B.
which called forth a rejoinder from the gentleman
from Gates, Air. Paine spoke against the pas
sage of the bill, and in favor of postponement.
The question on postponement was decided in the
negative by 49 to 40. ; , -
On motion of Mr, Rayner, the bill was postpon
ed until Saturday next.
M". Barringer moved to make the bill lor the
more certain nai speedy administration of justice
the order of the day for Tuesday. Carried.-
A message was received from tlie Governor, in
relation to vacancies in the Board of 'I'rnstecs of
tlie University, und oa motion of Mr, Biggs was
sent to the Senate. -,,
Mr. Dobbin, from the committee lo whom was
referred the Resolutions of Mr. 6'1'tle, ii pmteil a
substitute for said Resolutions, which, on motion "
of Mr. Biggs, was ordered to lie printed, and mado
the order of the day for Monday next, i
On motion of Mr, Stevenson, tbe House adjouin-
v . Fribat, Dec. 29i.
Afr. Bower, from the Joint Select Committee
on Military affairs, reported the Bill to incorpora le
the Providence Baud of Music, and rcco.nmended
its passage.
Mr. Washington, from the Committee appointed
to visit the Institution of the Deaf and Dnmb, made
a detailed Report, accompanied by a bill amenda
tory of the act of last Session to provide suitable
buildings for said Institution, and recommended its
passage. Laid on the table, and ordered to be
printed. :
Mr. Thomas, of Davidson, introduced a bill to
incorporate the Davidson Aiiiing aud Smelting
Company ', ; . ' '
Air. Gilmer, a bill in favor of tlie Sheriffs of tho
State; , i
Mr. Woodfin, a bill to revive and amend an act
passed in 1C!06, to establish an Acoudemy in Bun
combe; ,; ,
Mr. Bower, a bill to open anil improve a ro ot
in Ashe County.:
The Senate agreed to a proposition trom the
House lo elect four Trustees of tlie University on
Monday next at II o clock.
1 be Lngrossed bills to repeal tlie second section
of an act to incoriorate the town of W indsor, and
to amend the same ; to incorporate tlie Union Man
ufacturing Company in r ayetteville ; the engross
ed resolution in fnvor of Young l'atterson ; the
engrossed bill to amend the Revised Statutes, en
titled an act concerning sheriffs; to incorporate
the N. C. Blues, in Wake; to extend (he time for
registering grants of land, mesne conveyances,
powers of attorney, &r,; to amend an act entitled an
act to incorporate the t,w of Mmroe in Union;
the engrossed resolution in favor uf the Sheriff of
Macon County; in favor of tho County Court
Clerk of Martin; the engrossed bill to incorporate
the town -of Salisbury; passed (heir first reading. .'.
Trie Chair announced a message Irom Ilia
House, proposing to set spart to-morrow for tbe
appointment of Justices of tho Peace Lid upon
tlie table. , t
The hour of 12 having arrived, tbe Senate pro
ceeded to the special order of the day, b" ing the
bill to lay off a Turnpike Rood from Salisbury
west to the line of the State ef Georgis, tbe ques
tion being on the amendment proposed by Afr. Con
nor, to strike fut Salisbury, and msert " Charlotte,
and thence by Boaties' Ford, the direct route to
Aforganton.' ,r i ... -
Mr. Gilmer opposed the amendment, calcula
ted to defeat tlw.winlies f tbe peopl i of lhl por
tion of the Slxtu Jliroeijlj which )h bill propoet '
tlie road should pass. - " J
It was supported )j Mr. Conner, at some length,
wU was rs-jiliwt te by Mr. WWni,:

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