North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. II.
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' Tuesday, Jan. 2.
The Speaker announrvd tho Select Committee
i u tue Granville having' Association, viz :
Mrssrs.Canuady, tSkinner, Dobbin, and Hurjrrave.
Mr. Court presented memorial, which was
referred to the Co.ntniitce on Military affairs. ;
ilr. Smith moved to take np the bill to unite
K.wnuke Kail Road and the Seaboard and Roan
;k Railroad Companies. Curried.
Mr. Smith offered no amendment, which was
adapted. The bill as amended passed iu second
ami thiril reading. .
Ilr. llluw inoved to take up and consider the
bill to impose an additional tux on tlio venders of
1'i.reign made riding vehicles, the question being
on the motion of Mr. Wadsworth to refer tlie bill
in mnmiitM tin FiiinnfjtM.which did not nnvitil.
Air. Wadsworth,. moved to amend by striking
out JIUO and insert Si). Carried.
' The bill then passed its third leading.
The order of the day, tlie bill for the more cer
; tain E td speedy administration of justice, was next
Liken op. Mr. Itsrriuger addressed the House at
t :nMVralilo length in support of the bill, and
Messrs. Leach ot-Dat Ulscn and Hayes opposing
its passage.
Mr. aWne advocated the bill and replied to
rrae of the objections offered by the gentlemen
whe precedwfsjimv i
A message wnS received from the Governor,
transmitting the resignation of Judgo Jfoore.
A resolution granting tlie use of the Hall to tlie
Meads of Internal Improvement, this evening at
1 o'clock, was adopted.
On motion of -Vr. Jfebane, the kill for the more
speedy administration of justice Was taken np.
Mr. Paine spoke at some length, in support of
ths bill, and was tollowed by Mr. McDowell of
Iredell on the same side of the question.
Mr. Spivey offered an amendment lo come in af
ter the 3rd section, to allow all persons, who have
.Ireen admitted to practice In the Courts of Fleas
and Quarter Sessions, to practice lathe Sutierior
v nuns iwjrciru.
The qnestion was then taken on tlie 1st amepd
ment of the committee and it was adopted the
2d amendment was also adojited. : . .
r. Hayes offered an amendment to the 5th sec
tion of the bill, to except tlx County of Chero
kee. . : , . ;,
ilr. Ballard addressed" tbe House In opposition
. to tho bill and was followed by Mr, Jones of
Rowan in support of the bill. Mr. Iach of Da
vidson spoke against the passage of tlie bill. Mr.
Barringcr having been alluded to by Mr. Leach,
replied briefly to some of hit remarks.
We shall probably be enabled shortly to lay
Gen. 1Mch'e remarks before our. renders.-
WtusEspAT, Jan. J.
-.Vr. Patterson, from the Committee on Internal
Improvement, reported tlie bill to clear out Lom
li r River.
Afr. Joyner, fnm the Joint Sek?et Committee on
Swamp Lands, made a report on the petition of
Major John Mark, adversely, and asked to bo dis
charged. The report was concurred in, ant sont
to the House. . -
Vr. Daniel presented a bill to amend (lie Act for
a iv-assossment Of the lands of the State. Refer
red - '
'Hie fterwte concurred in a proposition from the
HruM to proceed to the election of three Trustees
of tho University. . y
" Ph bills, concerning Ashing inX4' '"' Vtimti
rn riwrs; for the bitter org inixution. of the -tia,
in Cleveland fnunty ; to repeal the. Act pf last
session, lo lay ofTiiid establish the County of Fulk
passed their first readings,, , it .. .. .
Third D'ttdiiv and p:isease of BiIl-4o amerJ.
an act to iiicorpomte the town of Jfotiroe 5 to ex
,tend the lime for rcgislpring Grants, Aic.j toincor
ate D.iridaon Mining and Smeltinu Company J He,
snlutioii for the relief of Young Patterson y i fa.
viW of Martin County Court Clerk ; a bill in rela
tion 10 a Road in Ashe County ; to incorporate the
town of iS'alisbiiry.Tf t r
The bill aiippuMieiitRry to the Act o lay offand
efn Mih a County named Forsythc, Was taken up
and read tlie second time.' ; '
.i!r. Jilmer moved to strike nnt all after fhe enf
artltig claose,and msert a substitute which he of
fered ; hut before it was read, -fc
-The Seiwite look np, in Commltteeiof the whole,
Mr. Patterson In the Chair, the specinl orders-he.
ing the bill to Incorporate the North Carolina Rail
road Comrsinv,' ' ,si : 'J- "
After a iniinlierof slight amendments, Mr. BowJ
ef ihoreil to strike out the 6th Section of the WII.
Vr. Hli'rrir, on behalf of the Committee, pro-c)ri-ttf
nddre ss the?ieriutellr . tpltination of tho charajter of the bill. Inis ypeech was
' 1 haratt'riicd iv great plainness In its demonstra
tion, and abilitV. '.' " ' -Kiie-of
Mr-. fWer was thrn Tejected. -
C'n motirm ef lrj llaWyi ilieOtnttilttee rose
snd rjcrf t'ed pfosr'i n1 'hen th Senata d-
tfxd. -Vv" 1
' 'Hat'SB "or C0MMOV " '
Jff XiehoK frrrn the Solect Coaimittee lo whom
wis referred the bill lo amend an act providing for
the apprehension of rn-awy slaves, reported the
rime Iwek to the House with amendments, and re
em:r.etidej : its' '6 issage, -Tjte bilj si Eint'pJsd
fttt ie sirent! roidiiig.
Mr. ('okvnirl rose anil said, Mr. Speaker : It is
well known Hint my colleague, .Mr. Atltm, has
been ui bad health tor some tune, that f r tlie last
lew days he has been q"' j sick, and confined to
Itiit room ; and though now better, he is, by the ad
vice of his friends and .Wjdical attendants, anxious
to return home. I therefore, Mr. Speaker, move
that lea ve of abset c bo granted to Mr. A. for the
remainder of the ifession, from and after tc-d:iy-The
motion preva'led.
The Speaker informed tlie House that the time
hud nrrived for taking up tlin spucial order of the
day, the bill to establish the Bank of Faycttuville.
On motion of Jlfr. Williams of New Hanover,
the bill was laid on the tabl .
The House resumed tin consideration of the bill
to re-asses'S the lands of New Hanover and other
Couiititsi. On Ibis question there was a discus
sion participated. in by the following gentlemen :
, : Messrs. Williams of New .Hanover, Stevenson,
Dobbin, Caldwell, Stanly, Barringer, Sattortliwaite'
and Tavlor.
The Gill as amended pissed its 3d reading.
Mr. Williams inoved t tike up Rnd considur tljp
bill to establish tlie Bank of P'ayettevillcCur
ried. .
Mr. Caldwell of Guilford moved to ameW
the bill by striking out $300,000 and insert
$SSU0,0OO. Adopted. : :
Mr. Dobbin (iflereu several amenJinents Which
were adopted.
The bill as amended passed its 3d reading by a
vote of 81 La-the affirmative to 37 in the neiia-
tive. .
On m!fion of Mr. Jones of Rowan the bill was
put nponVits 3rd reading.
Mr. Meb&rse moved to strike out tlie Word "e
qnivalent " and insert "specie" rejected, Tlie
bill passed 3d rending.
Mr. Dobbin moved to take tip the Resolutions
reported in lieu of Mr. Steele's resolutions car
ried. - : '
Mr. D. moved to strike out tho word " alarm."
Before the question was taken, the Srmker ant
nouueed the tiiQ3 for taking a recess.
' Tho evening session was entirely consumed by
a discussion on the substitute proposed by the com
mittee in place of Mr. Steele's Resolutions
which Was participated in by .Messrs. Stanly, Ray
ner. Dobbin, Steele, Stevenson and others.
The vote was taken on each Resolution separ
ately. End each passed by a large majority.
The House tlicn adjotirned.
'.y Thubsdat, Jan. 4.
Mr. IValker, from the Committee on Proposi
tions and Grievances, reported tho bill to repeal
the act to cilabliU the County ol l'olk, and re
comtnended its passage lies over.
Mr. Joyner, from tho iScloct Committee on
Swamp Lands, reported a bill concerning the Pres
ident and Directors of the Literary Fund. - Read
first time. ..' .: V'
Mr. l'atterson, reported that C. 3. Hassoll was
elected a Trustee of the University, .
Mr. Murcliison introduced a bill to provide for
clearing out Big Rockfish Creek, &c Referred.
Mr. Miller, a, bill to incorporate Shelby Male
and Female Academy in Cleveland .
Mr. Bell, ability provide for the improvement of
Clubfoot and lUrlo.v a Creek taiul, and tor otli er
pur)ses. Referred.
Mr, Line, a bill to incorporate the town of Ash-
boro', iu Randolph. : ' ..
JUr.l'alterson, a oil I to consolidate ana produce
conformity in the acts incorporating tlie North and
South Carolina Railroad. ,
.Vr. iS'hcpurd, a bill to amend an act entitled an
act to incorporate the Mutual Insurance Compa
ny, of North Carolina..
Afr. Hargrove, a hill tq incorporate the Gran
ville Mechanics Association. Referred to a Select
The resolution in favor of the Executors of Jos
eph J. Daniel passed it second and third reading.
Several private bills were also passed.
A communication was received from the Comp
troller of tbe State in answer to a resolution of
the .Senate for information with regard to Clitro
keo Imnds and Cherokee Lands. Ordered to be
An engrossed resolution as to tW Asylum for
the Deaf and Dumb, was read and dopted.
The S.'nte then went into co:n:niUee of tho
wliole, Mr. Patterson in the Chair, and took up the
bill to incorporate the North Carolina Jlajlroad
Company, and for other purposes. Several amend
ments were then proposed and adopted.
Mr. Gilmer proposed to strike out ."two millions"
and insert "threo in the 65th line of the 1 5th sec
tion, and to alter other provisions of the bill so as
to accord with making ths capital Stock of tbe
Company three millions. The amendment was re
iocted. " " .
! Mr. Gilmer then moved another amendment, to
the effect, tlwt, in certain circumstances, the
surer shontd be autliurized to subscribe one and a
half Millions, giving tjio State two thirds tho Cap
ital Stock. The amendment was reiected.
. Tbe Committee then rose, and reported the bill
to the House, with the amendments, which were a
creed to. ' 1 .'
Jtfr. Bower moveo" lo amend tho bill by .striking
nut the fifth section ; add called for tho. Ayes sod
We consider: this as a, lest question, so far a
the Senate is coucorned , ,
Tlie motion was supported in Speeches by Me
srs.Bower ana Walker, wlncb we have no patience
to record. '
Mr, Patterson asked to be excused from voting.
which wasgrantoJ. Jlfr Huwkibs .was also ex
cused. . ' ' i .- .
! Mr. Walker here mado another Speech,' and
Mr. Shepard followed again,-.t Mr, .Bowers uio
; Mr. Bethel moved that tho, bill f ill mendinent
Iwi1 lnd.l:tiiil.,1u immtnmmt' ' '
; ''Mr. Woukfln argued aguinst this motion, and
was loitoyvea oy Mt, Ashe, , .4
1 .l-.-,':U.'jK)OSB OP COMMON'S,
i Mr. White introduced t bill to repeal an let to
establish a Poor work house 1n the counties of
Joiwsand Randolph.
. -Jtfr. Hayman, to authoriw Major Jiuk Clark, Of
Beniifort.totnakea road. .' i -wj
I - Mr. R;in, to provpt tho aU ef. ritilp3 li
quors i;i tie vicinity of Floral College.
M r. Ferrebee, to provide for the establishment of
a Medical Hoard 111 North Carolina ; winch, on
motion ol Mr. F., was ordered to be pnntud, and
mode the order of the day lor. Monday next.
Mr. Greene, to incorporate the Granville Me
chanics Association. ,
llr. Colfijld, to amen I an act to alter tho mode
of electing Wardens of the poor.
Also, a resolution in favor of the 'ate SherilT of
Martin County.
Mr. Miller, a bill to 'lay off a road in Wilkes
and Ashe which passed its 1st reading;
Mr. Edney, to open and improve tlie road from
the Tennessee line towards Biirnsvillo.
Mr. Skeen, to incorporate the Deep River .Man
ufacturing Company, which passed its 1st read
ing. Mr. Carraichael, to repeal an act to alter the
mode of eluding Constables in Wilkes county.
Mr. Williams, of New Hanover, a resolution in
relation to the Doaf and Diiuib Asylum. Adopted.
ilfr. Love, a bill to re)eal an act to restore jury
cases to the County Courts ol" Macon and Chero
kee. Referred Ui committee on Private Bills.
Mr. Erwin, a resolution for the batter protection
of Religious Camp .Meetings.
. Mr. Mebane, a bill for tho better regulation of
practice iu Superior Court.
Mr. Fay, to repeal in part an act relating to Su
perior Courts in tlie 2d Judicial District, and the
Courts of Pleas and Quarter .Sessions.
Mr. Brogden, to amend tho 2d section of 67th
chapter of Revised Statutes.
( Mr. Person, of .Moore, moved to take up the bill
to extend tho time of iierl'ecting titles of lands
heretofore entered.
Mr. Paine, from the committee on the Judiciary,
reported the bill concerning appeals from Justices'
judgments, with a number of other?, mostly ol a
private naturo.
, Mr. Satterthwaltc said, Mr. Speaker : I desire
permission to make a short statement to the House,
in relation to myself.
When we were about to commence the election
of Trustees fur the University, the other day, rev
eral of my friends came over to me, and requested
thet I would permit my name to ho placed in nom-
ination. 1 thanked thorn lor their friendly disposi
tion to place 1110 in such an honorable station, but
declined to have my name run.
To day, juat as we were about to etiler on tho
ballot again, my friend from Haywood, witliout my
knowledge or consent, placed uiy uamo in nomina
tionfor which act of personal respect for me, I
now tender to him my t.ianks. and also lo those uf
mv friends who honored 1110 with their votes. But
I do not aspire .a fill such an honorabls station,
and hope that my name will be withdrawn, aud the
Senate informed thereof.
Mr. Paine reported a substitute for the bill to j
consolidate various Acts, for tho bmolit of poor
debtors, and recoinuieiided its pass.ige.
The Speaker stated that tho .question before tin
House was the bill in favor of poor debtors. Tlie
bill assmentlcd, passod 21 reauing.
Mr; Jirogdun moved to take up the liesoimions
3 relation to the Governor's House. Carried
Tho resolutions passed Ihoir 2d reading, and on
motion of Mr. Rrogden, werj put upon and passea
their t.l reading.
Mr. Paine, from the committee on the Judiciary,
reported favorably to the bill ti lay off and estab-
ish a new Countt by the name ol Alamance.
Mr. M"bane an I Mr. Jones tiddressed the JIouso
iiportthe bill. P.-ssed 2d reading.. '
Mr. Paine reported favorably to the bill provid
ing for amendment of tho Constitution.
Mr. Rayncr moved to make it 1 ho order ol tho
lay for Tuesday at li o'clock. Carried. Mr. R.
inoved also to make a bill introduced by him in re
garJ to the same subject the order of the day for
the same time. Carried.
ilfr. Ravner. from tlie committee on Interna) Im
provements, reported a bill l'r the irnirovement of
ouuth's rivor ; winch passed its 1st reading.
Mr. Courts, from the committee on Propositions
and Grievances, reported a substitute for the hill
to repeal ao act to prevent tlie destruction ot Uys
ters. Passed its 2d reading.
Also, to a bill for the relief of Ephraim Blutz.
Passed its 1st reading.
Mr. Mcintosh moved that the bill to stablish a
tlewceuu'y by the name ot Williams, ue reterreu
to a Solect committee of five.. Carried.
Mr. Smith, from the committee on Private hills,
reported a number of bills and revolutions, which
passed their 2d reading; which, on motion wa
laid on the table. - " !
Mr. Caldwell, of Guilford, moved to make the
bill to increase the revenue of the State the order
of the day fur to-morrow at 11 o'clock. Carried.
; Mr. 'Cherry, from the committee en Education,
reported favorably to tlie bill to authorize the Su
perintendents ot Common schools tor me county
of Rowan, to invest a part of their funds.- Passed
its 2d reading. Also, favorably to the out to in-
corporal'' the Wilmington 1 luliau Association.
Passed its m leading.
1. v ' Fhidat, Jatu 6.
Mt. Joyner, Trom fhn Joint Select Committee on
Swamp Lands, snbmitled sf detailed report, ap
proving of the course indicted by the Board of In
ternal Improvements la their Report. Sent to the
House. ' ' '
' .Mr. Miller introduced a resolution (hat the Sen
ale'hold evening sessions from and altor tb-mor-row.
Modified nd adoiiteil. ','.'' ' ' ' "
Mr. Thomas olfered tworesolutions in favor of
The engrossed hill lor a reassessment of the
lands in certain eounaea passed its first reading.
Mr. Wood fin introJuLed a bill tq lay ofT a road
in BnncotH'ie and Yaney counties. ; r
Mr. Asho, ft bill relating to fhe town' of Wil
mington. These bills passed their first reading.
I 'The Engrossed hill to Improve' the Deep and
Ca p Fear rivers above Fayetteville, passed , its
first reading.-- . ' " '" ; : ' y
Mr. Asho moved that' the Senate take tp and
consider the bill to locate the Judges of the Su
pcri( Coirrts: ' ' . ' "'. " 't
The Iril! was read the sfeond time and passed.
l provides that ih all electtonsof Judges hereafter
th clioice snail tve mane trom tome one circuit in
which no Judge resides, &.c.
s The bill to nroviite ftir m tking a Turnpike rrntd
from Salisbury West- to tlie line of the State of'
Georgia, passed its thirj nntdltf'Ajc 51, Noes
2). :
Mr. Gilrajr moved to take up and consider the
bill Kitimlimentarv to tlie act of the present ses-
sion Uiviuing tlie county ol Stokes. 1 lie ipii'S
tioii being on the substitute jiroposed by the Judic
iary Committee.
A discussion of some length commenced here
between Messrs. Gilmer, and fivor, and
Messrs. Reich and Thomas, of Davidson, against
the substitute, to whom .Mr. Gilmer inado a short
rejoinder, and was followed by Mr. -Thomas; of
Davidson. After which Mr. Patterson gave notice
of an amendment-, he desired to oiler to the orig
inal bill when it shall come up. Mr. P. explain
ed and advocated his amendment.
The question was then taken on striking ont the
original bill, and determined in the negative.
Vims 19, Nays 20.
The question recurred on the passage of the
supplimental bill, when . . .
. Mr. Woodrin offered an additional section to the.
bill, which produced some discussion, and after be
ing modified by the mover,: was opposed Gy Mr.
Smith. The amendment was rejected.
The question was then taken on tho passage of
the bill, and determined in the alhruiative, Yeas
30, Nays 8.
Mr. Drake reported that Lewis Thompson was
elected Trustee of the University, no other person
having a majority, '
The bill to repeal an act to lay offand estab
lish tho County of Polk was taken up.
Mr. Miller offered a substitute, which was de
bated by Messrs. Miller, Gilmer, Woodfin, and
others, when Mr. Il.ilsey moved the indehiute iost
ponement of the bill. Yeas 5, Nays 3C.
The question was then takcti on the substitute,
Y'eas 15, Nays 30.
The bill passed its scennd reading, as follows :
Thoc who voted in the affirmative are Messrs.
Albright, Bel!, Bethell, Bower, Collins, Conner,
Drake, Exiiin, Faison, Graham, Hargrove, Haw
kins, Hester, Lane, Move, Murcliison, Rogers,
S'hepard, Smaw, Smith, Speight, Spiccr, 1 nomas,
of Davidson, Thompson, of Bertie Thompson, of
Wake, Walker, Ward, Washington, Watson,
Willey, Wooteii and V? orth 33.
Those who. voted in the nsgativeare Messrs.
Daniel, Davidson, Ilnlsey, Joyner, Kendall, Miller,
Patterson, Reich, Thomas, of Haywood, and
Wood tin 10.
And the Senate adjourned.
A message was received from the Senatc. tmns- f
nutting the following engrossed bills and resolu
tions, which passed their first reading: a resolu
tion in favor of Joseph J. Daniel ; a hill to lay off
a road from Forsythc County line ; a bill to a
mend an act in relation to collection of taxes for
the town of Newborn ; a resolution in favor of
Thos. Anderson ; a resolution calling on the Pub
lic 1 reasnrer fjr information : a bill to incorpor
ate Camden Guards; a bill to incorporate a town
in Jones County ; a resolution authorising the
Governor to procure certain papers in England,
And the following passed their 2d and 3d read
ing : a bill to open and improve a read from Ashe
county to Yancy ; a bill authorising certain per
sons to collect arrears of Taxes; a bill to amend
a chapter of Revised Statutes concerning Religious
Societies ; a bill to incorporate Davidson Mining
Company. -. '
Mr. Palmer presented a memorial from citiiens
of Stanly Coanty, praying for the. removal of a
Justice of the Peace. Referred to Committee on
Judiciary, .
Mr. Johrison presented a memorial praying for
increase of Revenue. - Referred to Committee on
Mr. Griggs, a memorial ; which was referred to
Committee on Private bills. .
Mr. Crawford Williams, a memorial. Roferred
to Committee on Private bills. :
Mr, Gantbitl, a memorial protesting against di
vision of Wilkes County. Referred to the Select
Committee 00 the new county of Williams.
Mr. Kolly moved to take up a petition introduc
ed by him, and laid over yesterday. Carried, and
referred to Committee bo Propositions and Griev
ances. Mr. Rayner introduced a bill concerning the debt
tine from Wake Forest College to tho Literary
Mr. Williams of New Hanover, from the Select
Committee to whom was referred so much of the I
Governor's Message as relates to the Deaf and
Dumb Asylum, reported a bill to establish t Board
of Directors Isr the same. Passed its 1st reading
and on motion of Mr. W. was put trpon 2d reading
and passed. ;-
. A message1 was received from the Senate, pro
posing to ballot immediately for two Trustees of
the University. Concurred in. The House then
proreoded to "ballot. - - . ;
Mr. Person, of Moore, introduced ft resolution in
relation to tbe contested election la Sorry. Adopt
ed. ,
The House then took tip the order of tbe day
a bill to amend the 73rd chapter of the Revised
Statutes, entitled an act concerning the Militia,
and (brother purposes. ' . ; v A
Mr. Spivey moved to strike oat tbe 7th section
of the bill. Carried.- ' - '
Mr. Steele inoved to strike out the 6th and 6th
sections, and insert an amendment. -Carried.
Mr. Canady offered an amendment to the 0th
section, in relation to tbe constitution of Courts
Martial Rejected. . , ; , . ...-'.;.
1 Mr.' McCleose moved Indefinate postponement.
Lost.- t ,----(-. " ' -wv.v .-..-.-' i .
Mr, White offjred an amendment to tbe 6th sec
tion allowing tlie rank and file to select their offi
cers. Adopted, v ' ' -
Mr. Spivey offered in amendment to 6th lection..-.
Rejected., f . ' s j :- f
Mr. McCleese moved to strike out latter part of
the 1st section. Rejected.
The bill passed its 2nd reading. Mr. Sliuford
moved to suspend the Yules and pat the bill on its
Jrd reading, rljost ? .
1 .The speaker stated that the next 'Jiing in or
der, was tlie bill to increase the Revenue of "be
Suit.. ! . t-i:'': -
' -The Emendment .ofthe bill, proposed Ay tlie
Cimnmittee on Finance, 'were, on motion of Mr.
McDowell, tf Iredell considered separately.-
1 1 The first amendment was opposed by Mr. Cald
well id a few reiui'ibiit Waa dot 'd.
The, ifoiisitook: a -lyeess,,; v' : .
Tli! qucstioii before llu Homo was the amen '-
Jl. - -.
ment of the Committee on Kin'ince to strike out
the 2nd and 3rd sections ol the bill to increase tlie
revenue ol the State.
Mr. Piggott moved to reconsider the vole on the
bill to amend the u'4th chapter of the Revised Stat
ute. The motion was laid on the table.
ilr. Caldwell, of Guilford, being entitled lo the
floor, addressed the House in opposition to the
amendment. And was followed by Messrs. Smith
and S.itterthwaife iii its favor.
Mr, Jones.of Orange, spoke against the bill and
moved its reference to a ."Select Committee. Mr.
Rayncr replied to Mr. Jones and opposed the re
ference of the bill. Messrs. Ferebee, Mebane and
St inly spoke against reference, and Mr. Person
of Moore, in its favor.
The question was then taken on the motion of
.Mr, Jones and decided in tlio negative 79, to 31.
The question was then taken on the amendment
of the Committee and decided in the affirmative. .
The vote was taken on the other amendments
of the Committee and all were adopted.
On motion of Mr. Dobbin the House adjourned.
Sati rdat, 6.
Mr. Patterson, from the committee on Internal
Improvement, made a report on the: subject of the
Clubfoot 'and Harlow's Creek Canal.', .
Mr. Walker, from the committee on rroposi.
tions and Grievances, reported the bill to clean out
Great Rockfish Creek. These reports lie over.
-Mr. Gilmer introduced a resolution directing
the, President and Directors of the Literary fund
to loan t"000 to the Trustees of the Greensboro
College. . Passed its first reading.
.Mr, Patterson, a resolution iu relation to em
tries of Cherokee lands, providing for a commit
tee to examine Comptroller's Accounts. Adopted.
Mr. Ashe introduced a bill to amend the 136
sect. ch. 31, Revised Statutes. Referred to Judici
ary committee.
Mr. Haleey, a bill to make It the duty of Sher
iffs, &.e. who makes sales, of land, etc. under
execution, to make deeds for the same. Same re
ference. Mr. '.Washington, a bill in relation to Sheriffs,
Clerks. &c. " . ' "
Mr. Lane, a bill to impose taxes on transient
merchants in any of the incorporated Towns of
tins State. .
Mr. Thomas, a bill to incorporate Mountain
Guards in Haywood. -
Te engrossod resolution directing the enclos
ure o tho lot apperlaininrr to the Gctvcrnor's resi
dence, and an appropriation for furniture, passed
its first reading.
The engrossed bill to establish the Bank of
Fayottevil'e passed its first reading.
Mr. Smith introduced a resolution proposing to
raise a Joint Select Committee upon the subject
of National exchanges, as proposed by M. Vatte-
mare. Adopted.
The Senate then proceeded to the nnfinished bu
siness, being the consideration ofthe bill lo incor-
motion to postpone said bill indefinitely having
been withdrawn, the qnestion recurred on Mr.
Bower's motion to strike out the fifth section of
the bill.'
Mr. Rogers moved an amendment to said sec
tion, providing that the stockholders and obligors
of the R. & G. Railroad themselves shall subscribe
$500,000, &.C, an when the Board of Internal
Improvements and the Attorney General shall re
port their solvency, they shall be released, fte.
The object of the amendment was to secere
from these stockholders and -obligors as mnch sub
scription as the amount of their bonds to the13tate.
Mr. Joyner was of opinion that to Impose such a
burden upon them, was more than they could
bear and if the successor this measure depended
upon this amendment, it would operate fatally..
Those gentlemen who tooK part in the debate on I
this amendment, ' were Messrs. Joyner, Shepnrd,
Thompson, of Bertie; Gilmer, Worth sad Smith.
The qnestion was then taken on Mr. Rogers's
amendment, as modified, Aye II, Noes II. So
the amendment was rejected. '
Mr. Joyner moved an amendment, te corse in tt
the end of the Bth Section, that whenever $500,
000 shall be paid by said itockhoW rs and obligors,
and on payment of costs incarred, they shall be
discharged, &c. !
Mr. Smith offered an amendment as a substitute
for the fifth section, after the enacting clanse, pro
viding that those who may sabscribe, ahull give
adequate security to the State for payment, Si:.
and those who thus sabseribe shall be released fo
the amount of llieir subscriptions, aid when $500.
000 shall be paid in, all tlie stockholders and obli
gors shall be discharged ojion payment of costs,
&,c : '-, . - V r: v, 1
Jlie quost'on was taken on Mr.Ji-yner a amend
ment, which waa rejected, Ayes 19, Noes 24. 1 -
Mr. Smith s amen'toient being tnea m order, a
division of the question was H-aiJed for, and was
first taken on striking nut all alter the enacting
clause, aud, by Ayes 22, Noes 31, prevailed.. -
I The question recarred on inserting, which was
rejected Ayes 21, Noes Si. .
. Mr. Bower's motion to strike out the fifth sec
tion was then carried. "I -'; . ' -
Mr. GUmer moved to ttrike out "two" and in
sert "three," making the capital Stock three sol
lions agreed la . . ' - i u -';.",?
; The qnestion. wis tlifp tnken eu ths pssssge ot.
the bill on its second reading, by yeas and. -nays,
as follows ; - ! . ;.
Those who voted in the affirmative are Messrs.
Albright, Ashe, Ball, Daniel, Davidson, Gtlmor,
Hiilsey, Hargrove, Hawking .Jnyrv. Lane, Mil
ler, Patterson, Shepard, Smaw, lliomas, ol David
son, Thouws, cf Haywood, TUonipson,uf Wake,
Wasluntton v odbn, and orth 21..,- n :
Thoso who voted in tlie- neirstive are Messrs.
Birnard, llorry, Betiiel,' Bower, Collins, Conner-,
Drake, Fxttm, Faison, Graham, II utter, Keudull,
Jloye, Mnrchis , Reich, Rogsrs, Smith, Speight,
S-picer, Thompson,- of , Bortiej .VVtt-lker, ,Ward,
Watson, Willey, snd Wootou.-3J. ! .t...-Vt'
! Thengrossod r.'solutwms appwing ofthe pre
ret of A. Whitney, for a Railroad to lite Pacific
Ocean, being reaii, Mr. Shepard movod to ly
them on the table alongside of the North Carolina
Railroad liilL DuelN ill Die albruiative, by Yeas
40, No!C. ?l, , ;! , ,;;,,t-!, ry It'
I Mess';" Alf.ngM ndilawkins, voted dit tlie
Beg itive at first, Ijul afierwidsj cjianged their
tots fn the nrfirmativoi'. Hi did Mr. 'I'kfwpton r
UV.e! . .
JJ 1L U UL ..UIJ JMA-JlilllA
NO. 0.
! The Clinr pr.vsr-nt ldtlie fo lowii g m "
iGo.ernor ,Vanle:
'I'd tne ('
wrul Assmltlu
The reply of M iss Dix, ot Mtsaachusett ', t i
the Resolutions of the (ieueral Asiemblv for her
ex'rtions to ameloorats the corHlition ot the Pau
per Luiiaties in tlie .State, is herewith transmittal.
The communication of Miss Dix was received
at this Department jiist at the close of the official
term of my predecessor,- " .
Lxecutive Department, Jan. 3, 1849.
Rai.iioh, Dec 80, 1S4S.
To the Hon. Wm. A. Gkaiiav :
1 am gratified in receiving, and especially at
your hands, sir, a copy of resolutions embodying a
vote of thanks I'rjin tlio General Assembly of North
Carolina, fur my efforts in this State in behalt ot
the Insane. It is but little that I havo been ena bled
to do, and I am crateful that mv exertions .
j have been so efficiently sustained by tliose so able
Ho give success to thr cause. ' -
I cannot, sir, assume the merit of having bnen
first or chief in this undertaking. It is but lately
that I have been nude aware that, more than
twenty years since, great and good men of North
Carolina proposed and advocated the construction
of a Hospital fur the Insane. From that time to
the present, at intervals, the sub-it has been re
vived, and the honored nainos of Iredell, titanlv,
Y'ancey, Morchead, Swain, and Graham will bu
associated with this cause when mine .shall have
pasted atvay.
iVjtuI pa?8ige of tbe bill to-day, sir, appro
priating $37,000 for the construction of a Hospi
tal for the accommodation of two hundred and fif
ty patients, allests emphatically the just and
hnmane sentiments of those ttuj'hearted. men in
the Commons arid Senate who supported tho meas
ure. Concluding, as they have done, the year by
a good and noble act, they will receive a new im
pulse in conducting the affairs of the Now Yoar
with wisdom and discretion.
With sentiments of high respect, I am, iw,
D. L. DIX.
And the Senate adjourned.
A message was received from Governor Manlv,
transmitting a communication from Miss Dix, in
reply to a resolution of thanks, passed bv the two -
llonftps. Il-Ilieh rin mntinn nf ,Vr Martin aMit , .
to the Senate, .- r - - '
A message was received from the Senate, trans
mitting a report from the Joint Select Committee '
on Swamp Lands, which was concurred in. Also,
a bill to provido for making a Turnpike mad
from Salisbury to the Georgia line ; which passed
its 1st reading.
Mr. Canady, from the Select Committee to whom
was referred the bill to incorporate the GranvilU '
Savings Bank, reported the. samo back to the
House and recommended its passage. Passed its
2d reading.-- - '
Mr. McMullen meved to take npand eonsuler
the bill to incorporate the Savings Bunk of Milton. '
Carried. -. - -
The passage of the bill was advocated Ity Mr.
McMullen, and opposed by Messrs. Mebane, Sat- '
terthwaitc, Steveiuou and Stanly. The lull did
not pass. - . s .
A message was received from the Semite, pro- :
posing to raise a Joint Select Committee to con
sider tbe system of exchanges recommended by
Alexander Vattemare. Concurred in.
Mr. Person, of Moore, inoved to take np and
consider the bill for the more speedy adniintstra-
tion of justice. t'arrieiL . '
The question before the House was tm the a- '
mendment offered by Mr. Hayes, via: "provided
that this act do not f xtend to tho County of Cher
okee." And on this them arose a discussion which
was participated in by Jfessrs. Hayes Mebane, -
iacn, tiarnngcr, Steele and Walser.v ;
Mr. W a lser- was interrupted in his remarks w
the arrival of tlte kour br recess, j '- i, . ' . ' .
the bill to lay off" and establish a new County by
liv I'Mtsai l FlIVU Mint, tlin BLTWVislI ttltlCT u na '
tne name ot bratatav . -!T.? ,
On motion of Mr. Wuleerythe till m laid oil
the table, and the House resumed the considers "
tion. of the bill tor the more speedy administration "
ofjurtic. - 4 ' ':
Mr. Hayes withdrew tbe amendment offered by '
' Mr. Walser being entitled to the floor, eonchid
ed his remarks commenced tn ths morning. -Mr '
rerson,of Moore, addressed the Hons In faVor of
tlie bill, and was followed by Mr.'Mosely, who'
oke against tii bill, and moved Its tndefintefoi "
ponement,.- " :'. '1 1' '-:, :
was participiiled in by Messrs. StaulV, Hayes, and ?"
Csldwell.of Guilford. v -.u -.w :: ; i
The question was then taken on the moCrw Rr -indefinite
postponement, and decides) in ths affirm-
stive.. ; v.-'-i ft-!' ; -f '.V" v ). rt
Mr. Biggs Introduced a bill fer; the better rege-
latiool' the Tea's of Windsor. f i'T f,f . ej
: On motion of Mr,Kene,thoJIIonsadj'rftfiI'. T
- - ''" 1 Vontat, Sin,' t.
.... - ; a., .".SENATE. :J lvn--M.)
j - Mr. Washington, from the Judiciary Committee,
isked totje discharged from the further ennsidrra-
lion of the hill for the relief of 'the Inhabitants of'
IhdTown Of Wavtleaborb.' OntiCiirmd in i:l
l.ll! l:. i ... . . L 4. .- i
UIB-IIJIl IW-B lYl li - " ' . I - - - - -
' Mr. Gilmer introduced a bill to Incorporate"
Greensboro' nfid fit. Airy'ltrnniko Compunv. ,
l.U It- Ami it - , ' ' . . . " ' . "
, ,iru i.b 11, l,-Mllljr.. .
' ; Mr. Smith moved s amendnient or tlie rules ef
the Senate1 ; whkh -ns agreed to. ' ' j
Ob motion of Mt. Bi-thell. the BewAe then t k .
MP 'he engrosaed Resolutions proviiling for t;rn. '
ing the Governor's (imtind.ana forthe purchase of
furniture iic which were read the sieond time
and referred to the Commitloe on Public IiiulJ-J
ings. - : ' ,: i-
i A mesange mil received' from the IIW, pro".T
posing to invite M, Vattemare to ndilr . -
Houses on Tuesday next, on the en!;--ct A I ., r--natioail
K:li in jds. Agreed to.
. ' Several entrrossed bills, chiefly of a rrivatu iisT
ture, passvl tlielr second reedinir. ' !", ,' '
motion of Mr. Juvner, a ni'-viwe- v r
iii Hiff.iwiinw, pmiosing tatiiW On U1-111,
I J udge of the Superior Court, vice Judee M

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