North Carolina Newspapers

    -ftj-'itjafi fir IT
: j Tiis editor :
Tii.' iia 'a :?n.J. a Co rf-'ttM appoint!
I if Concord IXvi-tion nt tbe Soniof '(Vmperance, to
elicit t'mra Br-jthsr Hs.trt W. Mitten, for pub-
l c:ina. opvof an AJJress delivered by bitn be.
.- thtDiuiio'ihr.viiig performed that duty hive
fH p?dr of K'litir.j. that he hat yielded tn
raidm nf t!s Diviiiti, a expressed thmngh
v., anJ fast Kindly" p'aced at onr disposal that
u.rtioa f lb Adilr-M whxh follows, in car
rying 01U hrtliftr the wish of the DivUica, we re
q t&l its insertion iu the Tim.
" JO!7- C. P4LMER,
CjXV'tlit 'J CifWUfJ !l!Uil)7.
J.n. 15th, H49.
" AroTjjrt !'if mmerjus p!ans which hve been
dVri jed, air aro now in operation, to improve tiic
condition, r.nJ elevate- the character of surracc,
thre arc nc doubt irs.ry whish are liable to just
and serious c'jjeetloti. It is uni voidable that men
having in view the sam0 high o!jj--eti, should differ
widely as to th means boat calculated to sceom
pUsh then. Had each aora! or intellectual theo
ry as it Wus rromulged, depended for its success
or failure entirely ou the favor -or opposition which
ft at Grit received, there are but few, if any great
nnd well established truths, which would not have
been readily oerv!,e!:nned, and many an error
iww forgotten, would with difficulty have met with
euceast fill refutation, however free truth may have
been left to combat it. A!l the great movement
which have been made fnr the improvement of
man, encountered, in tl.eir infancy, the most bitter
and violent opposition. He, however, who would
ftow attempt to detract from those movements be
caase something may baveoccurred,orsome char
acters were prominent, or principles avowed, du
ring their early progress, which do rot exactly
: tueot kit approval, or suit his peculiar tastes, will
receive but little, if any favor, at the hands of the
reflecting and liberal. He who essays to denounce
the Americas Revolution, because during its pro
grew, Arnold was induced to become a Traitor, or
because doctrines were avowed by the patriots of
that day which were regarded by the adherents of
the Crown as dangerous to the divine right of
Kings, would be readily pronounced a fit tubject
for the madhouse. Nor ia it lest true, thut he who
ehou'd attempt to check the efforts which are now
being made, for the general improvement oi ocie
ty, because there are soma particulars, in each tya-
, tern of operations, in which his more rencd taste,
and mora thasle and cultivated views, are not con
sulted and respected, will prove tor be but little
wiser than one, who, standing in sight of the
mighty cataract of Niagara deafened by it
thunders farcies that a. smoother current would
be more pleasant to his delicate ears, and pre
sumptuously stretches forth his feeble hand to torn
- the majestic waters from their course !
? It was for the most exalted purposes that the
Order of the Sons of Temperance was establish
ed. The earnest attention of good men had been
for years directed to the alarming progress of In
temperance in our country. It is trnt the great
Temperance Reform had been in motion. Many
bad experienced its benefit Bat apon the ir
mense mass of human beings, who had given
themselves up to excest, it Was thought there had
not been made, such an impression as even the
most sanguine eoald regard as'permanent. It was
contended that something was wanting that there
was some great desideratum to give the movo
Bient more steadiness of operation and direetnest
; of purpose. Thongh all were presumed to be te
taalod bjthe tame high motives, there Was need
ed that unity and concort of action, which are
vcr required to ensure results that prove perma
nent in-their blessings to society. It was believed,
that some new organit-itlon, would bo productive
of greater benefit would tend to diffuse, amongst
th friends of the Temperance casse, increased
energy and newness of lifo. Actuated by such
Considerations, a small band of patriotic and reso
lute men, but a few years since, devised the plan
and begun the foondation of the Order. With
trembling anxiety, bat with steady and determined
hearts, they laid the corner ttone of this great
moral edifice. And what a vast and astonishing
progress bis it made ! If hat a splendid and glo
rious structure do wc behold still going up belore
oar eye ! What harmony and beamy ai well
ae strength bave marked its growth ! : What joy
and gladness ring through its halls and issue from
Ha portals I In its eparioos apartments are con
gTJpting thousands who have Bed to tliera for re fogs
frota the storm ! From its broad architrave shines
: ia starry brightness the motto, " Love, Pbritt,
aid Fldiuti." To it many a widow and orphan
turns with hope. At its sight, many a boart leaps
with gladness, and upon its promises, many a
ilown-strickea spirit rests with confidence and de
fight I And who ear) contemplate the iukcm
which has attended the Order, without the highest,
the moat cheering emotions t What h.n been
tow, ia not the work ef omwroagM and anbri-
dted exciter There have been no tppca's to
patsioee no subservience to prejmiic no
optbrning of the peace and order of Botlcty. Ar-
gBoient ami persuatlon are the weapen With
which its battles hare been fonght, and its victo-'
fc riea achieved. liVith a steady, firm, snre, calm,
and tinceaijMnble step, tho work has gone on,
:etj WiiS IU sufoUry wiflaeiiee on the public' mind
Aad biibfU, ft i afttlt progressing with a rapidity aertaiBty, tmoscending the expectation of its
BMettingaine advocate I Let ns look for a mo
ment to die resell. At the meeting of tl Nation
al Divisioo tn June fast, there were in tho State
vf New York, SlJ Saboruluate Divisions with 24
490 eontributieg tuembers. In Penusyrrania,
' thore were 838 Pivia'ions, wilh 26,800 members.
tn Ohio, 38 Diyiiioia. ith S4,000 wemaeia. In
' Tpiineaeee lltere were. J&t Divisions, with 6,800
uwiafr in KenweHy.jai iiiviswn, and 7,730
nvmhr. fa Indian 5S 'Dtrisions, with 7,300
fc.-.ttibtiting wemboffi.' .-Virginia kid lOQDivl-nv-iM
with 4,700 tiwjiiibers. Maine had 1M, With
C.J?0 mi;re.' Atthatmi W ?1 Divisions, with
: miners.; ',Tfci't:i FlMa, of, Delaware.
' 2:4tir.M with uow.rtu'j of 1700 mcoibersi
Ji M .'nJ, thero vara 7t, with 4,037 members,
Ij Ney Ji'rsfy.SI Division, wilh 5,1 !8 n.emlri.
la Missi:??!, SS DLiio!:,wl'.a cpwsiJs rf SOOC
meiiibeu ; and iu most of lbs other SlHiiss, tliere
has been eqaal'y it rajid jrogresi. In some, it
is true, there hat beta. a yet, bet little effect pro
duced. In oor own State tlie prosjiect have not
t been a encovnein?, at in win- otlurrt, ntii r-
ceefy. During the year aiding April, 1848, up-
wards of 80)00 members were added to the Order
in the diiTjrent Statre, making about ant ktindreJ
td fifty tkctisard at that time iu the Union. It
may with safety be ealcafated that there will go
np to the next National Division, the joyoua con
gratulations of upwards of ieo kunJtrrd and fy'ly
thousand American freemen, associated, LsU
closely together, for no factious or sinister pur
pose, but calmly at;d rosolntely bent upoa rwis
tence to the progress of that, the ravages of which
are ruinous to the happiness the prosperity the
liberty the morals and Reion of our Conntry !
" It has been urwl as an objectio1. to lt Ohler
that it3 operations are txrtt. Opposition, thus
founded, may illustrate the captious curiosity of
the objector, but savours little of good sense and
.liberality. The Order has nothing in its organisa
tion its Constitution or Bye-Laws, incompatible
with, or in the lenst degree hostile to, the princi
ples which characierixe a great man a patriot or
christian. On the contrary, all its pre-pts, and
all its energies, are directed to improve the benev
olence, patriotism and moral character of those
who come within its influence. It hat no rcr
which is net necessary for its private government
to dispense effectually iu benefits, and protoct it
from imposition. Its socrais, whatever they may
be, are known now to at least .two hundred
thousand American freemen amongst whom are
mar.y very many, or the purest hearts and bright
est intellects of the age! That family circle,
which for the gratification of a prying curiosity,
would proclaim from its 'housetop all tin? private
rules and operations of- its fireside, may Entitle it
self to the commendation of its trumpot'irs, but in
the end will find itself easily duped, si flattered.
The Constitution w:.ich 1ms been framoa for the
government of the Order is open to the inspection
of all. It challenges the strictest scrutiny and
can stand the test nf the severest criticism. From
this the principles of the Order can be learned.
The eeils which it is endeavoring to remedy, are
within the view, aud one way or another, come
under tbe experience, of all. Wh"- have not seen
who have not felt those evils? You have' sejn
youth buoyant with iiopp, and full of promise,
gladdening the hearts of parents and friends, with
daily Indications of future u:efulnes5, yield step
by step to the allurements of Intemperance, until
all that was left of hope ef character of hap
piness, lay buried in the grave of its wretched lie
tim. You bave seen age fbrgc-t its wisdom, and
prostrate the highest attributes to the lowest and
most revolting debasement! Youhavo seen genius
and talent and wealth yield snbrniasive to its mel
ancholy and degrading influence ! Yon hare seen
poverty and suffering usurp the places where plen.
ty and happiness once reigned! Do any deny that
inch is the reality 1 Tell them
Go to the miserable hovel, and ask its care-worn
tenant what brought her and her tattered and half
starved offspring to such condition T
Goto your prison houses, and inquire of the
trembling culprit whence, cams the tempter who
mixed such poison in his cup of life?
Go to your hospitals, where disease and death
glare their terrific visages aud ask what hand
scattered the fatal seed J
Go to the prostrate and blasted genius, and in
quire what demon dipped in venom, the arrow
which brooght him down from his lofty eyry J
Go to tho home of the broken and bleeding heart,
and ask whence came the serpent that turned its
paradise into a hell ?
Go to the wretched manioc, and seek to know
what ruthless hand erased from his once erect and
well poised mind, the imageof its Deity ?
Go to th? whitened head of ago, and ask what
palsied touch shattered his 'trembling limbs and
bent down his once noble frame prematurely to ib
mother earth T , -
Go to the bed si le of one who writhes under the
burning grasp of delirium, and catch if you can
a glimpse of tho hideous forms and terrific visions,
which flit in quick succession acrose hit distem
pered imagination, As& Mm what has shut out
fmm his view all of pence aud hope, and fixed up
on bis soul the horrors of the damned ?
The same response will come from all, and if
it sink not deep into the heart, then, indeed, is it
harder than adamant !
: It ii well known that there is now before the
Legislature of our State, a bill to establish an As
sylura for the benefit of those of our fellow citizens
who are deprived of reason. Such a noble enter
prise is worthy the most ardent wishes of the
philanthropist, and the best exertions of the patri
ot. High indeed ia the honor which await the
accomplished and benevolent lady, who has labor
ed to stimulate our Legislators to action in this
work ! ..High ahjb will be the reward of the wise
and good men amongst them, who have responded
so promptly to the Calls of charity and justiee so
long unheeded eo loag neglected ! Bat I refer to
this lancet for a far diffjrent purpose than to be
stow Ciy feeble commendation. It ia computed
that there are upwards of eleven hundred of our
fellow-eitixens who have besn deprived of tlieir
roason, and are laboring tinder insanity. Now, if
the experience afforded us, by other parts of the
world, ia a safe teat, what melancholy fact it
here disclosed t It it its ted (how far the esti
mate is correct, it ia not for me to say,) that more
than enc-half the lunatics in the numerous hospi
tals in other parts of the world, ere brought to
their lamentable-condition by Intemperance! Of
the seven hundred ami eighty one, in the Asylumt
in Dublin and Liverpool, three hundred and nine
ty, it ia aaid, were the victims of intoxicating li
quors. Whether it may, with any approach to ac
curacy, be assumed that five hnndrod of these un
fortunate beings, In our own State, were made such
by a like causa, it left for others to determine who
have better mesm of information. Nor will I add
to tbe melancholy 'cheractor of the subject, by
vague apeculationt, , npofl the number of those,
who may be low under likt influence, approach
Inst the brink of the tamo frightfnl preripice. But is
thero not enough known, to admonish alt good men
that hry cjiiunt Mop .where, they now stand J
Let it not be raid of as, that'whil it with oi; hand !
we idir.ininter the antidote, with thecHif vicsci:
t;r tha poison ! Whilst some are endeavouring to
lop off ihe branches of the evil tree, it 'can be
unwise that others should strike at its mat ! "Fr
i Shulutgs" the pries per year, for the prhik'ge
of adding to the number of lunatics in our State! '
A tax, which fiuds no paralM, not even in the
systsm of tribute once cxt'irted from the christian
nations of the earth by the piratical hordes of
Northern Africa I For tkert, the shame rested
upon those who paid. Here it degrades the rfcii.i
eitl. We are indeed, a 'peculiar' people ! The
grogshop and the free school eide by side t The
Upas and the Palm tree flourishing in juxtaposi
tion! One scatters its pestilential exhalations
around, whilst from the other into be plucked the
wreath, which is to trown the brows of ear war
iors statesmen and divines!
I hope I may be pardoned for presenting
briefly another view oT this subject. No man
can be a good citizen in the enlarged sense
of the term, who contents himself with the per
formance of thoee personal obligations of be
nevolence merely which meet him in the imme
diate sphere in which his lot is cast. As he ad
va ncet up tlie steep of life, the horizon of his cares
and obligations, expands; and no sordid motives
no selfish considerations, should to dim hit vision,
at to shut out frni view, those lofty incentives to
action which upptar in the distance, and which
alone can satkly the expanded aspirations of an
exalted patriotism. In connection then, with the
objects ef our Order, it belKoves us not to forget
the high obligations under which 'wo rest to the
State and country whose prosperity should be our
pride, by whose laws we are protected, und for
whose shame or glory, we are, in part responsible.
The pist hietory of our State, it is trae, is not em
blazoned with a succession of eplendid deeds,,
whicli so often captivate and dazzle, but there
has shone around it, a clear and nevor failing
light, The lamp of her destinies hiving been M
witii the purest oil, has burnt with a steady Hutre.
Having been taught in the infancy of her career
in the severest school of adVersily, sho has ever
observed the lessons of prudence and forbearance.
Early subjected to trials and diScultiet, may the
be schooled in the virtues of honorable aspirations,
and a ready and willing submission to the high
behests of just and rightf ul authority. Called ear
ly to proclaim and defend her own right"!, may she
be prompt at all times to recognize and respect the
rights of others.. Knowing full well that boast
fulness, is not the surest evidence of merit, may
she be content to dtserte without being praised,-
rather than claim deserts, with no other proof of
merit than the vociferousnebt of self-commendation.
The bright spots which occasionally apptar
in her character, like the gold which shines here
and thcie upon the surface of her soil, are but an
index of the inexhaustible treasures which lie im
bedded in her bOsoa.. Such were east up by the
passing flood, but the hand of the labourer is re
quired to lay bare the massive richness concealed
beneath. Honest, may she ever tcorn to shine
with a borrowed lustre Medest, let her spurn a
praise she does not deserve eier endeavouring
nevertheless to merit whatever, in the estimation
of the greut and good, will adorn and bless a peo
ple. Loyal and patriotic, and aspiring to no en
croachwents upon the rights of others, may she
ever be quick to resist eggrcssion upon her own.
Having been the Cist to unfurl the banner of free
dom in days gone by, may she be the last to yield
up to the hand of foreign or domestic tyranny, the
liberties which were gained by the valor and con
secrated by the blood of her Revolutionary sires.
jUay her patriotism prove, in every trial, as pure I
as her mountain air her spirit of freedom ns firm ,
and immovable as the majestic pyramids of na-;
ture, which shoot from her bosom to the clouds I
In the hour of need or danger, shall such a mother
call in vaia upon her offspring for aid ? Can they
pause or retire in listless inaction under such a
call ? When she asks of her daughters tho pure
and gentle influence of their heavenly minds to
infuse into the hearts of their husbands and
brothers, a high and noble spirit of temperance, of
industry, of State pride) and patriotism, will they
refuse it I When she demands of hr tons, that
lefty and unconquerable loyalty to her wants, and
veneration for her character, which bhould ever
throb in the breast, aid fire the ardor of the gen
erous ud the brave, will they shrink back in Con
temptuous or neglectful silence puffed up with
vanity orcaskered to the soul with avarice and
heed not her voice? Let such refactions link
deep into the minds of those who fee! that the pros
perity and honor of our Slate must mainly depend
upon, and be commensurate with, the sobriety, in
dustry, virtue and irtttJKgence of her people. And
in behalf of theaegreaf objects, let them
" Act ! for in action, are wisdom and glory;
Fame, immortality these are its crown '
Wonld tin illumine the tablets of story t
Build ou achittcments their hope of renown !"
My friends, a beautiful writer baa declarod that
" ft it not till time with reckleat hand has torn out
half tho leaves from the book of Human life, to
fight the firea of passion with from day today,
that man begins to see that tho leaves which re
main are few in number, and to remember faintly
at first, and then more clearly, that, upon the ear
lier pages of that book, was written a story of hap
py innocence which he would fain read 'o'er a-
gnio. ' Then comet littlest irrosolution and tho
inevitable inaction of despair, or else, the firm re
solve, to record upon the leaves that still remain,
a more noble history than tlie story with which the
booh begun." Brethren I to many of us may be
left bat few of the leaves of the book of human
life. Like thoee of the Sibyl, they must be seized
with readiness, and turned wilh care. Upon them,
let us resolve to inscribe a nobler and more useful
record, than that which illustrates the pages al
ready ptrnted, and which bave passed like a vision
from the mind. May your future lives and con
duct be such as will enable you, amidet every temp
tation, and under all vicissitude of fortune, to
look back to your connection ' with the Order, at
having v ' -
, " Deposited apon the silent shore
Of m?mory, images and gentle thoughts,
Which cannot die, and will not be destroyed!"
Go on then in vour noble ' :: rla of temitranoe.
charity and love, i The cye of g)rilSre np-
j u you. Their prayers
ascend to m who is the
ftur.lttq of ail Good for year stcc, ft is Vw
late now for riCcaic misreprr-n'atii and re
proach, to clxtk tlie onward progress of the work
in which you are engaged. Years of exertion
may be necessary to accomplish lluit work, but
nevertheless it td'.l le accomplished, Labour,
hard and unceasing ktbour, rosy be tveedtd.htit that
too, will be furnished. Resolute ir.imls and stout
hearts may be required to stem tlie torrent of op
position, but they will con.e up from the North and
from the South, fron the East and front (Ire
West, good men, firm men, -able men, all,
armed with no othor than the weapon of fni.'i,
covered with no armour but a thrtuout resolution
inagotd cavue ! We have two hundred thousand
well tried soldiers in our Army. Continue to add
to that number. The gates of the citadel are well
manned and safely guarded. Sentinc'j arc on the
watch towers and awuko. The halls of the great
moral temple which has been reared by the Order
are yet spacious, and joyous hearts await the
arrival of each new volunteer. All who are per
mitted to enter will be received with a fraternal
welcome, and have inscribed upon his banner the
glorious mono of tho Order " Lovs, Piimtv, asp
Fidelity." Under this you conquer !
We learn fr.-m the National Intelligencer that
the President has issued the astral Circoar to the
Senators of the I'nitt'tl States, requesting them to
meet in the Senate Chamber on tho' jih day or
March ne.vt. It is then customary to receive uhd
act upon the nominations which tho President may
make for members of the Cabinet, ic. The fol
lowing is a copy of tlie Circular above referred
To the Sauttors of the Untied Suites, mpectireh : .
- WisiiauTiet, January, 2, 1849..
. Sir: Objects interesting to the United States
requiring that the Senato should be in 'session on
Monday, the 5th day of March next, to receive
and act upon such communications us may be
made to it on file part of the Executive, your at
tendance in the Senate Chamber, in the city, on
that day, nt )0 o'clnck in the foreman is accord
ingly requested, ' JAMES K. POLK.
Extract nf al'tte.r from Baton Rogue, under dale
i?r-c"n,Vi' 16(.'i. 1813. '
" : ' . ' ... ' -
"B assured, 'that 'the President Elect will se
lect such distinguished statesmen for tho heads of
departments, as the whole nation will approve of.
They will be gentlemen of the highest moral and
political integrity, of acknowledged habit9of per
sonal industry and sobriety, of rip experience in
public affairs and greut facility in the execution ef
business, of moderate but firm and decided coun
sels in all things, and of enlarged and comprehen
sive views upon all public questions. They will
be men, who will possess in an eminent degree tho
confidence of the great interests of the confederacy,
and with whom, the preservation of tlie Union will
be the paramount objact of all their labors.
'Great curiosity is naturally felt throughout the
country to know who will be the fortunate individ
uals whom the Old Herd will invite to assist htm
in the administration of the :. Government, but, I
think, it is not destined to be gratified until the
Senate shall have advised aud consented to the
nominations." ; fiat, liig.
This excellent paper appears in a new dress, on
type from the Foundry of Messrs.. Bruce & Co.
New York. Its able and witty editor deserves the
fullest success, and he labors for a people wlo
know how to "appreciate and reward merit.
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Bnnklcyville, Halifax Co., N. C. Aug. 8, J848.
Female Boardirjjt; School.
"Iff V School will commence its next Session on
Monday, the 21d of January next, under the
charge of Mist Emmx Patteksoii, of Looisburg,
N. C. Mist Pattebsos has had several vears ex
perience in teaching, and ia an accomplished schol
ar. The school is situated in at healthy a neigh
borliood aa any in the State, on th Raleigh road,
12 miles tonth of Oxford. .
Board and Tuition in !l tho English branches,
including needle work &c it 837 60 per eession
ot nve momnt.
rnonch " 6 00
Music on fiano Forte, '.; ' " IU 60
Music on Guitar will alto he taught. Papilt
entrusted to our c re will receive every nttentftw
necessary to health, comfort and intellectual train
ing. Nodeductionmndeafterenterincschool.un,
i I . c . ii.- . . -
iet in r.o in bicamsn.-' iut ni;ciiiintm I inrorma
f,inn address the eiibecribcr at Brookville, Gran
ville county,. .",
. January 3, 13 19. . . C-ti!2j
nPHii Pr.inrielof thoreof, intends visiting Raleigh
ere the Legislature adjourn, to trade in his
line as heretofore, with his fr!luw -citizens at the
iWetropolis, and from d S'ereift parts of tire State.
But if not coming himself, he can send to or by
some airent, in small boxes or otherwise, fto suit
distant conveyances) any articles by Rail Road.
Ana u coming, wen to know, as naaf a may bo,
by previous information, what to bring along.
Of about 50 barrels, quite a variety of beM A
mrrican Wines, (better than Furcigv) from one
dollar to i J, according to quality.
Mediirm price for vines und trees pefiiliarfy fit
ted for successful Siiuthern cnl'urc "j cents each.
Some quantity of the Rhubarb nr pye plant for
tarts on hand, and best va'ie lit of.raU try aud
rasbcrry Slc. die.
In thort he has most article! in his line, and
whaleverorders or valuation named will be prompt
ly and faithfully attended to; and at moderate
charges by his fellow citizen' kmnHe swrvnnt.
P. S. Reference most respectfully made to Go
vernor's Graham ami Manly j and tho Hon. Dun
can K. Me.Rne, nnd Col. John Manly and Hen.
K. Uayner as patrons fur wines and other articles
in the Afatropc-lia ; and to tho representatives from
Halifax rounlv. S. W.
fXV the very best quality, uV en for 2 .), ci'
"ored and finished, of ail sizes, and warranted
toj'leaf.o. . .
I 'lie subscriber flatters himsell.Trom tlir.5r,r
four years experience,, and having all the r.ew
improvements, that his work will be well executud,
Members of the Legislature- and others will call at
his 'iAM.ERV, at the Jewelry Storo tf l'r.hiier
and Ramsay.
Raleigh, November 20, 1818. "- 62.
A DOtTOI! D. JAVNE would ree'pteifully inform
the public, that ho pub'isliis ainiuallv for cratnitoiu
disinhuiioii, by himself aud ail his Agi uts, an Alma
nac, called
The calculations for this Almanac are made with
trrent enro nnd accuracy for hve ditfereat Latitudes
und Longitudes, so as to make them eque.lly useful ss
a t alendar m evcrp part of tlie tinted Matet and
British North America. They aro printod on good
paper, and wilh hanrlsomfncw type, and are neatly
bound, and besides being the neatest aud most accu
rate Calendar printed in the United Statos, they eon-
ta n a large aimmnt or rnluable uifnrmatinn, suited to
the, Wants of all, nnd of that kind too, which cannot
1 found ia hooks.
marks and directions for their removal it really inval
uable, hnd make them welcome visiters iu every
house they enter. Every family should pramm at
least one .tf these Annuals. His Almanac for 1M9
is now real for distribution, of which he designs to at least TWO MILLIONS, inioTiu order that
every family in the United States sud Uritlsh Anieri
can, mtiy be furuished with a copy, ho hereby in
vites ..
to forward their orders to him as eoity as possible, and
they shall bo supplied UKATCITOUSLY with as
many copies at they may deem nocrsaary to supply
their various customers. They arc also invited at lie
tamo tuna, to send a copv of their "BUSINESS
CARD," which will be printed an plncod on the
on the cover of the Almanacs tent them, also without
They are also requested to give nil necessary direc
tions liow tho Almanac should be forwarded to them.
By law they cannot be sent by mail uuless the post
age is first paid on them hero
Orders (post paid) directed to PR. V. JAVNE,
Philadelphia, will meet wilh prompt attentiou.
O FAMILIES Can obtain these Almanacs first
is of ; K. C. M AYNAUI),
Ajjent for the sal of all Dr. Jayno'e Ctlcbruted
Family Medicines at Frauklinton N. C.
WILLIAM II FCRMAN respectfully inforr..s
Ihe public that he continues the above business
th old stand, and he solicits ths orders of his friends
and customers. Ho itnrenarod to make Gentlemen's
Coats and Pants in the latest syle and iu the oeatesf
roanner, and will warrant tlium to be cm and made
as well as they can be ill tny eslablifhmcnt in North
Carolina, His prices will bo moderate to suit the
timet, and no effort on hit part shall bo wanting to
pivo perfect satisfaction. All who waut neat and
fashionable Clothes, call tt
Old estahlitod Shop, in Louisburg.
Looinburg, April 29, 1818.
srnooL i.v rnnvKHSTOS.
4 SCHOOL will be opened in the town of Frank
linton, on the IStli of. January next, under the
care of Miss REBECCA FURMAN.who has tes
timonials ef the most satisfactory character from
Mr. and airs. Uobbitt, formerly of Louisburg, un
der whom sne received her education. She lias
also certificates from several other persons, inclu
ding three or tour Ministers, tome of whom have
known her from early life. Miss Fobmah has
lately been teachim the School at Dr. Edward
hpocd a, in Uranville, where, by her indefatigable
attention to her School, the ha given entiro satis-
Teiim rEtt sessioh or five mouths :
For Rending, Writing, Arithmetic,' and iJn-
e-iisn ummmer, - j,t!0
All tho higher branches of an Enirhth Edu
cation osuallv tausht in t emate schools, I Ofl'J
Music, . . ,. ia,oo
French. '" 6,00
It will be seen that this Schol la now offering
inducements ami advantages to Parents erMcm nt.
fered to any community, r ranhtintoa ia H'"c-
ally a healthy location ; and Pupils entrusted in
her caro will receive every attention ncccscary to
their intellectual training.
Anv person wishing further information in rela
tion tn the School, san address Rev. R. Fitrmak,
P. Af. at Frarklinton; Refer also to the Editor
of this paper.
fwnklintan, Dec. 23, 1848. 4 tf.
v-p A IUUiu LAUV, who is won qua.inea
J to teach all the branches of an English Ed
ucation, with Mnsic, French ard Needlo work,
wishes to take charge of a Private School in a
family. Application ma? be made to R. Furman,
P, M. at Fraoklintos, or'ihe Editor of the Timet,
Raleigh. ..
Jan. 6, 1S4. '. '.-; 6-tf.
i,1 ; ', ' " ' ',t!: r"v-!r py
.n.... Boot and Shoe Makei-ty
A RE ptpared U de all maantr ef Work in their
XXhnii, at cheap tor cash at tt any other shop, tnd
respectfully icqurt asbareof public pttrooagt. They
may bs fmind at J. D. Canntll't old ttsT4.
Ai SO. on hand, Tory hamltome SSuckskin for mak
ing Uurtar-isottt, a very fatiiiontble titirln. Apply
to ahovt ' -
LouuJiurg, Jan.'a, iea 11 y
r.vM f'in CJtfli t.s'fc tV
M"n rtwwdia- tai a etwp.-r priwiStn try Rw'iaf
.- Mttv m;-5- Ts-. t .hJ mi m tti U.s
spleud;d raTin pi - -.' - -wiu"i atfturv;.
times paraded t jrtvin; W. Mr st!;!jh-a:
oatt tlxMM fj.SOU ix iwMiiii.
Tliose wlm Uk t.'J-y"l Lady's , s;:J t,l.s l.
dy't Dollar Newspsf:-r. tai romtt JaI.'vs, w-H
receive Ibis amount of rooding. i-i-n- :J.iu cceU'a
td in a novel, anil til tho tol. rn.'v,..'iilu'uun?
about Sc0 in a year. It it dreu-Sd j
C-'iiftf Rj Sjrah J. Hale, Grace OontuW trJ
It. A, O'tdty.
A Novelette by JUISSE. LESLIE, who too
tributes to every No.
N. P. H'lLLts' Original Scriptural Poetry.
T. 8. Arthur, who rontribuies to siwy No.
illustrative of Ciccme'e Skctchee of American
Character. We intend merely to give a notice -f oor inteiv
t'Oiis for next year, leaving toother long adver
lioeinents "full of eoitnu and furyA tignifyii'j
Kothiug.'" . . -
Agreeably to the practice of lairt year) tlw pu
lisher v. ill isitie as good n namber each tnontli at
he d'.H S in January . This is a novel felature in
.Uiga line publishing. ( Diah.g tbe whole of last
y ;r . gave more engravings and mora rrsdirit
i;i . .tlei than any of hi contemporaries, and'. ' ill
co I'llii'ie to do so next year. Tliose who tuhtcr
'., tiotii v's Lanv's Bo, may do no under tho
an-urance that they Will receive more for thier mo
ney in the Magazine alone, than by tubscribiiig
ta any other worn. To this added Hnd included
in tho same the Liuy's Dollar NEwsrAnti,
which contains in one month nfaiiy, if not quite at
much reading matter at the other munthliet, tnak
ing lor 3, tne amount of reading of twomsgs
xineta month. There arc muLURirtBa about
Godey's Lady's Book fur the ludiee that no other
Magazine possesses. There it a Mcuotint and
Lino Engraving a in each miinber bcth by the
best artikls. in addition to these, there are giren
monthly what no other maca tine trivet a Colour
ed Fashion Pluto, with a lull description. This
feature is peculiar to Godey, as no other work hat
thum every month and colored. Then there are
Capi;, Bonnets, Chemisette, Ecitestrianism for La
dies, with Engravings. Tho Ladies' Work Ta-
blo, with desitrns tor knittinf , nettinc, crotchol.
and till other kinds of work. Patterns for Smek'
ing Chair Covors, Window Curtains, DOyley's,
Ptirsos, Bags, 4-c, tc. Health and lieauty, with
engravings. Model Cottages, w;th,ground plans,
and i ther engravings, hlways illustrative of some
ing useful. Music, beautifully printed on tinted
paper, which maybe taken out and bound. Col
ored Modern Cottages, and Colored Flower Piece
occasionally, these arc all extra in Godey, and
to be found in no other Magazine. These were
ati givenlast year, and will be continued. In ad
dition, we thill have in every No., one of
A most amusing terios, now first given to tbe"
merican public. These will be illustrated in ev
ery No. by a Story from tlie rowertul nen of T.
S. Arthur, Esq. .
Illustrated by Fay Robinson, Esq. Thii teriee
will be very interesting to the ladies.
Is another aeries of Engravings now in prepara
tion, and will be uublMied durinc thu vear.
Having given to many JWodel Cottaegs, we in
tend now to commence tlie publication ot Cottage
Furniture a very necessary appendage to a Cot
Our superior Artists, Walters, Tucker, Pease and
Welch, are now engaged upon a tctol plate mn
trativc of these two subjects.
Prepared expressly for us mostly original, and
beautifully printed, has long commanded a decided
preference over that of any other' M.igasine. It i
a feature in The Book.
tup i itpo idv r-u ad icito or m
iuu uii jji.i.i, . i,iiai.,vj i v-A
With snch writera as Mist Iittlie, 3race Green
wood, W. G. Simms, Mrs. Ellet. T. 8. Arthur,
Mrs. E. OakpsSniHi, -Mr. J. C. Neal, II. T.
Tiickermiin, II. W. Hir'iert, 4-., tlie author of
the Widow Bedott, Professor Frost, Bryant, Long
fellow, Holmes and a host of o'L.Tt must al
ways take the lead in literary merit.
. For Three Dollar we will tend the Lady'i
Bookj containing more reading than any othet
monthly, and the Lady' Dollar Newspaper pub
lished twice a month, which contain at much
reading aaany of the $3 periodicals of the day
making three publication in one month, or if the
subscriber prefers the following splendid engrav
ings to the 1-ndy't Dollar Newspaper, (although
we would not advise it, at cngravingt cannot be
sent through tne mail without being crushed or
creased,) we will send the beautiful plate contain
ing the portraits of Harriet Newell, Fanny tor
restor, Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Ann H. Jndson pod
Mrs. E. B. Dwight, and tho plates of Christ Weep-
i. . t . . m-i - i : -t ., c ,
ing over Jerusalem, j nw ijpeniug ui ine offntf
cbre, Dtdiverance tf St. Peter, and the Rbuke.
If preferred to tho Newspaper or platet, we will
. r I M,.,.l f 1..II. ..j ...
t IIU juiit . J" iw a nu.ri vi ..niv.ia, km k,1T -
three of Mr. Grey't or Mitt Pickering! popular
novel, y .. ;
For Five Dollars we will tend two copies of tho
Lady' Book, and a tot of tbe piutea to each tub-
For Ten Dollars we will send Ivo enplea of the
Lady's Book, and a copy to the person sending the
Plllh nnrt a ut.l nf nlul,.d In aien
For Twenty Dollars, eloven copiea of the Book
ami awt of Plains t3 etch tulcribor, and a copy
of theSiook to the person sendiug the Clnh.- -
For ( md Dollar we will tend the lady t Book
4 moiitlis.and for 36 cent any one No. Postage
to be paid on al' orders.
Address, L A. GODEY,
113 CVsnnt sireot, Philada. '
LAW li 0 T I C E 7 "
CC. BATTLE having relurned to thus City, w!!l
resume the Practice of tht Law, in this tad the.
adjacent Coimtict.
All basinets entrusted to him, will be promptly tt
tended to. - ' - "
He is prepared to makt oU and proeure all SOL
DIERS' CLAIMS, of every detcription, at thort no
tier, according to prescribed form. ' '
Raleigh, August 7. - ' ' 88 lm. '
- ' DWELLING, . :: : : '.' '-
lathe Gonth-wsttern part f this Citv, admimWy
adapted te a small family. I s piire at this Oilier, r
' Raleigh, Sept. 6th, 1848. , , 4lC-f
BT THS TIMES OFFIC being w'r anTfj.IlJ
with a pod aetortmcnt of JOB TYI'E. we era
prepares for printing, neailr, all kind of
(fircuiarff, CTari, fiinfjbill.
snd ntlur avnrli -ilK i!a9b-.h. Onun Tt jontbl
terms. A sharo of public ptitioimgoin ride hi
tit'bAidqtt, ia.r4aMc'f'jny sjBcH, i

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