North Carolina Newspapers

    vol ir.
NO 12
Tub Nostii-Cahoi is 1 i',iti will b sent to toil, -j
scribe: at Two Dollars a Lii'.i' p.-r annum, if p-ud I
ji ni.Vituuo. '1 1 r.'e Hollars will Ik: ebargid. H pay
ment ia .! -Ia;-i d inanllui. Tiuse Torus bo lu
variably adbirt.- to.
For rirrv fvxo-rn hue. .... f- J-.e-: i"- l
firs-t. and Tnciuv-five I rids n.f earn sabse-iKeM ni
sei turn. Court Ordets. Ac will tv tmpii i-r
oi it 1 h r I at 3 r 'id u i -n 1 1 1-e 1 1 1 1
to those who u-ieertise by the year.
Iitttl nf adi'reMivg.l)iw'l. ims If li togged leave
III Svi;
ri II iri
id fiom f.ahtirrus,
. Iiur-
tvlm bore it conspicuous part in tl.e" Assem?
fltntit-jac'rt'taU)!itinhisni,a! thc.N'orthndfJuat- We ha-, e received one of two notices within a
tioU.iii bluster; at tin- South, lugubrious Mhibitioiis .'week, to stop the papers directed to certain gentle-'
jWy. iiinrwrJih this tica:rs;nd.Iieing strong- though they be, afford as so many a j;ocd laugh men who bate taken them Inr six numbers ol the
1 lv s-etWcd in t'i" call, Mr. llarntrir address d u,.,. snmclrncs, we hall w:b,lhty wotill get up I second volume, for which we hive roemved no-
l lie in
j t'lP'll!
i 1)1
fu-r in an ear iet and .cffectn-il style upon an " exhibition" more frequ"ni!y than they do. At) thing, and for which they do not even hint at any
4-m-!, n:iri!Hj pr ipri.-ty .of the
:t.n, J-
asnro. ine live l-i!y iotmmte.l, in "the r.xpress, the I ihsposit.nn (3 folk over. Wonder if tbev expect
fclls., J. L. ' . l.rk-m iJ aUl.tejii.-t. tn Boston, of the l'rer, , us hi work for nothing 1 II t.iey had furnished a
CVnim.w, Esq., and 1. ( lark, Lwj , all severally I Piil-bur.', Wcudell I'hiKios, oncl Wm.Lovd darn-1 customer with breadcorn nil the lust vear. would
a !e rcsst J the mewling with great ability and el- son persuasion, have been ln.UItncr what they call j that he a ny 'reason why they tmigk't him seven
l-ct. tlf'ir ' .Seventh Annual Meeting;' tie! proceeding.! j bushels this vear? It we are poor, we are proud
tJn rising to ask that the question might then he I 0f which were of the usual well known clmracter. ! we are above wishing nny man to take our pa
From the National Intelligencer, j mon-y, lalwr, or only the influence of thought and
TO TUB' EDITORS.: talk to invest ip the work; and let him speak of it
General an I Mrs. T.ivlor hi venn children young "it! view to the benefit which he may honestly
enough to ! ' go'ui" to school " in Baltimore or I h-'heve it will confer, and of (lie undoubted prac-
elsewhere. . Thy have there. a daughter married i ti.cability of the work-
ana' it mill nxm 01 done.
If LaU'v dm lun.iiw, and u.l ( .nnuiimn..iiin pt, M r, Jnes fk ke 111 glowing teruiH ol the i.Uol- I (!iat in cvi-edTjly fillv, simple, and mhciilons. I per unless he ta willingto do so : but we are dot
nteniWd for uifhlicatioii, iniisi be addn-fsed to
liJitnr. and put pmil.
dual mid patriotic cast of every speech that had
been delivered on that occasion, beginning with
that 01 tue llouenible President, mid taking each
1 as it came without exception: IIo said he had
i felt suiiie anxiety as to the reception tncir labors
aiightmcet witn 1(1 the country, but the intense in
terest with winch so large an assemblage of his
fellow citizens had taken 111 these proceedings for
From t ie Carolina Wat 11, mil.
Tf ,..rc m v;im tn cav n doRrnntion of tl'R
. .. .11 1 11 ;.. ,t- s p. ' four loiij hours the frequent manifestation ol
intcreBiinjr meetint; which was held 111 the I. ourt , . ,
11 i nn l,t Tl,r,lav Hp n(V i,l ! W''- t" t"e t time had cheered
proceedings or which we publish below. We j "-conviuceu mm, not on.y in tore. At a large and eiUl.x,.as.,c public mcel.njj
have scarcely ever heard a series of belter speech-1 cin'"l",flrt wcre Biltl6"c'1 "h ! c,,urse- bia ''' the cilizsn of the County ol Lp.on, in t.eorgi
rs than were delivered on thnt occasion
wadnototio tint was not far above n.ediocritv,
nd many of them verged freouently upon the
degrading, disgusting and blasphemous, even, lor , above exacting justice at (he hands of all who deal
the Christian C hurch, wo now see, comes in for a 1 with us. Papers ro discontinued at our own n
share of their billingsgate, because it uoes not cry ! portion only, while there is any portion of the ub
aloud tor an immediate dissolution of the Union, 1 scriptioii money in arrenr. We cannot run all
and put a knife and a tire brand into the hands of ; over the country to gather up cents : and 111 a bu
the negroes to kill, burn, and destroy every white j sincss of this kind we cannot afford to lose tnem.
man south of the Potomac. ! This is what the fan- 1 We have to pay for every singlo paper that we
alios at the North have been doing, Lot us Bee send out, as well as for all the labor that is expend
bow closely the Quattiebums at the South have edunit. 'Think of this. .V. C. Argus.
bi'en imitating lliam, on the reverse side of the p,c- 1 :
there ' . ' ' " ,
highest order of eloquence.' 'I he President in his
opening address, was felicitous 11 nJ impressive, and
every sneeessivo sneaker sustained toe lcid -0:0 it
handsomely. We wish Unit tue imell;
A reader of otir paper v.'asco.npclled to stop his
for Ike purpose of taking mso cpnideraiion the , s,i!isnrintj0 ,1 ,he MMl 0fh last year. He was
wuereier 11 was unuersioou. . lie oeneveu mim action of Congress upon tlia slavery -question,
(he indiciiiions of popular favor this day manilcs- 1 (!,t.r,-, was an awful "e .ero'.inn of bile'" but we !
ted that the great Central Rail 'Rati was des- J cannot contrast the two extremes better than plac-
tine I t prevail. '-I feel it to lie so, ' said he,' Vm j ing Uiein together cheek by jowl : thus . (
every tiling 1 havo seen nnd heard this day 1 1 NOH l'II ' t)lM'H 1
to Dr. Wool's, ot lio army, anil now on that sta- Urunsboro Pat.
Hon. ( ol. T.ivloi!, tna (ieiit; s brother, whose ' ...
lady is arl i lighter of the Hon. Jons MuLeas, is WASHING TON, FesruakT 17.
also in Bihiuiore. and atlaciied to that stalion. Seorktapy or State. Wo learn that a Tel
Th public attention and cnno.ty seem to have 1 1 .-graphic despatch from General Taylor wa re
been won away by the General entirely from his ! ce.ved in this city tin evening, tendering the of
betterhalf; for Ins biographers have noi told us j ficc of Secretary of State to the Hon. J. M. Clay
who she is. Now, for the honor of old Caltrrl 1 ton, f Delaware ; and the reason for doing so is,
cmintj. in M irylanJ. he it known, that she pro- I that the Legislature of Delaware, which is now in
duced the only person to whom General Taylor ' session, and is expected to adjourn 10 a few dayi,
ever has surrendered. Mrs. Taylou comes not i may elect a Senator in place of Mr. Clavton, if he
The legislature will not meet a pain for two
only from Calvert county, but from, it is believed,
the very estate on which Mrs. Adams' father, if
not she herself, was born on the shores of that j year. Wobi.
river, the Patuxent, which navigators have said J
was the boldest and most beautiful they had ever The President elect doe not visit Baltimore on
entered. Mrs. Tayloks father was Captain I : way to Washington. He is expected to be at Smith, an independent and highly res- J Cumberland 0.1 tU evening of the 20th ; and if he
notable fannT. whose estate was situate on the I tumf s or' J,rcct "d vnthout delay, he will be here
riL'ht bank of St. Leonard's creek, in which Com-1 pn ,1,c 21ttwo or three day sooner than we
I moilore IUkney's flotilla was blockaded in the
much pleased with the paper himself, and his fain- j hit's war. She is the sister of the late Major
ilv was delighted villi it; but the time were so Richard Smith, of the Marine Corps, t.llre
Icird that he could not lake it any longer. Cotton j meinhcred in Wadnnjton and Now low, his taxes were to pay, and the necessities : lv, for h:s pa a it and so'dnrly appiannce and
It was in
1 genes
the advantage
i..,ing i nave seen a,iu nearu mis nay 1 NORTH. .SOI: I'll. f bis family to bn nrovhled lor: h,.sides he really boarm. nn.i his fine social nualilies.
f. m'x U'"' l,llaruull(1 me-Y.M u,(as toe m.l la- I R.lved, Tnal the one'.: ; Yes, we ar,-directed (0 h id not time to read ii!-Now-would you believe Kentucky that the General, then 1 very young
cb si. vj vi .my tomes.... -v.ier some cuter, worn great cjci in u - aiteftipt- "i a sun, .ni our em
a iiiiil lO'lKi-vcil, to .icure. nin.-s uro aiik-
North Cirplini cunMonly hive li
of hen Fins the nddress-.'s, we '
have l.ltle A'a rn fr tho Rail As it is
: have 'ureal f.itli in its Iriiunii'i -. the tenint-.tion i.
too great nnd III? appeal is too great to st:p;iosJ
fnr (sue n.oinei.i, tiiat North Cirohniaiw, niidesp--.
ci illy too West, will let the goldul opportunity
I... ...... .,.!
' ; ' -" ' ' .- ; hers u( 1 he General Asei;
Su .ti.imd the t'libgteiud po'.iey wo have above
adverted to, kiiil especially to tha. Tin;.. Calvin
i' .......... ........ .,,.1 .,ir... .1.,. ,.f .1... cil iiiul lO'Iiievcil. to .icure. nin.-s uro aiilLaurini: us 111
iutilJ in tint cse I . . . ., ..-! i;w ciiiaiittpauonut onren- oaea day and 'a Iwal iroia ;.
we mni,,,,8. K' qie.-tioil was put on 111" passage c , c(,tiy,.,-,.u . , m.. w-e Uwy are actually at-
1 llie. r.'sunitions, and l;i:i; j.unscd uannriM)-l'j. ., jert ui:d proteel the .right taueiug 'Hie fct n:p'.ts
'I C'oi.j.B. Lord ikriucd'fhe foUowiiwwsoIii-" w '"'-l'1" ot' !:i'-N'm ul u,lf 'KM-- The Kefili
' I 11 . . :uid t;v iinp:sij ilu,' a.vlul is millet.; we will lit' iiiii-
; , t.oti, which paSM'u. .-'. rriiii aaiuy u.vo:v...l in ,i'i,.eit Ico. And we, the e ii-
' Jies.'ti'fu, i Hat tne luanka ot tins meeting aro 1 slave system exr-la-jiv -h u-zer.soi l p 0.1 'cannty, i
due,, liiid are herel,y. kndered' to the several inei: j Pm t!-Veorrisike.tyrin-s.r.wiive of part: and ,e,
ol Uier.-Jiii.i :s, !ae'-i.::ii:i'iis ai.K'j ul I.e.' l..uais
jy who favored and du dsit'o.i n. i-ie'A.of ffi.-i.ds Mv tho tiireaH
ric.iii Uiiinii a tJnioii of ciniees, are ','', '
itid on ton pv.iai.tte bi- iie.'j.vedi. That on the
.ua. r ii.r. nM i , . . ,;.,Ji. ,....'-.
I i 1 ... " ... ...i..r .......'..... . '
. Ia! r. 1 1 .... 1. .1..;. I
. t , .' , . : .1 r ... I .' L "u ""'."t ii-"J.'"i ,!'"iS iPicinrn.. ,inl; ,.,u .inj..
lzens who li in isstieu i cira a tew n.ij p-noro-m ,.- , . , .
(111. (11 i i. n , ' i J v.inw
it 1 this economical iiu.l tiniesavmg citizen was j man, saw her, and was conquered. Willi tua'
sr on cue evening last weikjSiaiiding at tue corner j reservation, it may be said, to use the words of
of a u "ggory, leaning sgaioft a sapling, with liquor j young Ckitteiden to Santa Anna, " General
enonirii under ins wit at live coin per oiiiik, i avlo.i njver surrenders,
... . . .. . .- -
without sugar to pay tue euuacripimn price o; our
ti:l pro l.rniNG1!
Piir'tnnt to a call mndei
ing, an I at tue ins anee nf a j
I f
liin naTv' n-eel-.
i-itiy 'of our ei
ralile nutiilcr Iheio-
ti -issct'ible l in the Court I3inse, on
lull iiiit u.t, to take into cons. li. r .tain
lid by ill'' I to I.'gislature iij ot .Ihii
uter-iii I.;iiroveiiv'ilt. nil I p i!'li.:u';'.:!y
men of Row
Th'irsd .y, B
the arti-.:i h
sulnccl e.!' l
the seiieoe ol ibe Gfat Ceuir.' Ilo.'.d.
. jog was orgatiited by the apeiihlt nent i.
D T Ci'.'w I. is i'n id it, i" I ( o'
tin, Ari-luliald Henderson. I'.sq., David
coiirsc. oil riving the east!
vo.r '..of the jNoi'ih Carolina
e .HNiuei w-tii oc, o miheriuos,
-a t.'u.oa win h m.-ii.
giVv'iubso,uiepjivs'- ip a-- Kee-ilverl, TiiRt . we ho
I luet security, to, I hi- wiinlo-Iievo Xm instil atbn of Af-
; .. '-. s ilt tr.dii.!.iers in 1i.hii.iti riean si iya'i'.iu it ev;
I , The lh. I',',:" of the meeting were then tendered , dom, by ".its coirda.ied in !i-iin.u-r us, niie thai ha
t to-1 he Pr.-: Jetit for tie.- d'igniCedfV; nd ororer man- I W "" J ,uvili l'JW,'r' n;"' V3'''1' - 'X
j piper for three. months at least ! Ahdhe hns'uuen
i seen in pretty .much the same situation for four
j times besides, ''certainly, sinco tho year began.
We hope that the Tempers nee Society may make
a prisoner of him before ong; but suppoio ihut he
Min'.inue. to- practice tin spt cies of economy to
the end of the year, how much will he save for
the payment of taxes, a nd the education of his chilj-
rca?.: ';:,'. ."'.'::., '..';'',"''
At a moderato calculatmn ho will get drunk
February 10, 1313.
expert' Hut i. is not yet known what influence
the ice in the Ohio may have on hi movements :
it cannot accelerate, but may retard them.
Tne Intelligencer state that the President and
his family w ill leave the Executive Mansion about
the Is! of March, and occupy rooms at the Irving
Hotel until President Taylor is inaugurated, and
then take their dc arture from Washington city.
The "won says thnt General Cs is expected
to be here about tnc 2'Jih or 21st, to fill the rest of
his own Senatorial term, which will expire the 3i
of March, 1851.
Mr. Clay. It is stated that thi diitingnMied
Kentucky Senator will not lie present at the ensu-
T1., P ,rUmm t ,n Cdlnu-i nr n a Hip
i. rr- t- i".".' m r r", .' ! rig called session ol tho Senate, which beins: for
reply or Cen. a aylor tu tue address of Lol. 1 o e : . '
,1 U,,l,,i, Ifini. , n,n ' ,V' l,nrPfh,p of a(,lmB on 1,,e Winat.0M of the
dislaive below Mcmpms by I lie steamer Convoy,
which was crowded with hundreds of citizen:
That had he the eloquence of many of the gill i
I orators of Tennessee, even then he would fall far
Tbo rn -ct-liir
;.' i.A'is-
3 ir i r
iNq., nnd Richard Hi.riir, L-q., ice. 1 ti'Menns;
Janu-s E. Kerr, Esq., and D. A. Davu, i.sq., Sec
retaries. . .
TV olnecls of the meeting having been explain
ed and enforced by the th.ur, ,
Cul. J. 15. Lord eu'jiiiiUed tlio following Resolu
tions, viz: , -
Wherees, the G"r.erl Assembly at it Ltto ses
aen. p u i.'duii A't. 'o iucorjj)rAte"The Xoith
j per in v.hich lie preenUd. The th inks of the
I imct'g were also ten lered to tlio oiht
cor. -. i)u lee prHe.-eJings direr.te.
i iiuV: C ji.iip.i w.Ti;i.u;,i,Y7u:i
! p iptTs in fli.e St "it?, t'rii-n.ily lo tlin catueof In
iveiucut, were leqiiesti'd to paUisii til
r li I
; 0:i t'notojn; t'i
I lie ovfi Hirow of winch most degraded b i i ii ir sin to j
j would UievitaMy ba.i'st as- a so.kI Uetf ree uf ci v..i :itio.i, 4
o;b- I iie .'.er tiie cunt nf eveey wnilo no other insl. uu.ou
ejeilinair, aL lnon tu Wlncii has in lue ui.lle ol Us ino-
and olVFrsa, ii'.nd many havu been
ma oki, Ilia nil and safe and lo- Kcsblved, That Iherc ex
eaniotion, are el-jveti dnwu, ists on uospiit oil :!ns ifi'een
par- carlo au.ili!er race Oi
tA'tv. nn'.'iil.p,! .-.BJliiliiiaii; ULUioi;
,. t -. " i t'reedoiu of spue
' ' ''.'"' II.,,-- , ,., ,.r..:: , ... ,. ,., ,.. ....
1 ' ' " I" ' "'"
tin rtv-fuur times in tlie. ihi) twelve months land at short of .vpressiiif, in a deserving manm r, the
the sum of fifty cents per stiilification,. bis liqiior i grutituda yitb which his heart (iverllowed for the
will, cost him seventeen dollars. . Ho will lose flittering reception wbicb had greeted him by the
Uiirty-fmir diiys from his farm, in getting drunk oi'izens from Memphis. Th it h id he consulted
an I nuhering -off again, which mijiht lo he worth a I Ins own feelings, and did the circumstances by
dollar per day to so economical ami time-saving a j which he was surrounded allow, he w.iu'd.much
meeting ada. timed.
I James t.
I D. A. D.
I fx
The Ureensbcrjugh .Patriot iii.aniirtichjof BOme
Carolina Rail Ko.d ('tnop .i;iy" as nclj as ot'rif ; length up. n this so'jject, makes tho following tnj
act? for tiie Infrnal Improvement of , tho SiaU' ' Ke't'"" which we think is rot a bad oh9 by any
acts fra nght wi'.h greil benelit to cyery section
and to each individual uf the Slat" ; An 1 where-
as, con "er! ol action una uii.ty ! purjxise are ua
ccssiry ti rnsnret'ie aceoiiiplislimeiit of auch im
port i lit works: Therefore, , ,
1st. i.'i:)e'.!, Thai wo heartily approve of the
ir.tans, t'tiLimo which rniyht be acted on by the
people f Rowan Cvai.ty.: -Th. dintanco thrniigU
tiii tt unty, is about IS uiiUs, and we nr.1 t-onti-dent,
no man by vngnging to grade a mile of tire.
Rnad w-ill ever rt gr. t it. li is the easiest way lo
(. c! tee sto k end tlie most cert tin way f building
c'tiz"ti, iimonnling to thirtyrfour dollars more.
r. i I , .. I . t . ... t
and th. t..ns ! ..p ,. I,.,.:..,,iu-;,.i, 11 y reason,, uiy presuimu mill a man who
tbli o the country arc au-'uipijnunt-xuu-'in its' midst: takes three hundred and forty drinks ol mean whis- j
edror no slieged crime in il.e?yilea:a.i, tlS-'si-ildw, ley "in thirty hwr days, will have one fight, if no I
an.'UK'r pona.u, hurried to tiled. vino, tne i lir st an, at
refer on to-day, he; tig at the houso God, to
whose kindness and protection he was so much m-
i lcpuiing President, if desirable, is not indispen
It is announced that Judge McLean, of the Su
preme Court, !.a declined the nomination of Uni
ted Slates Senator from Ohio, assigning reasons of
a private 'character. ''
The National Intelligencer says :
"Numerous speculalion have been indulged ill
by the public prrss in regard to the probable com-
p-isjii, ki ptiii cl.aiuv, p.un taius ms liili groivt.i . Willi
dried of liieir p.upci'ly.and aims'1 evils" bresUiug over
in nmn, 'reus in.'raiieess'.ld him. ,
on llm anciioivbloekut pub- Itesilvl, Taat we p'.?'lge
Ik: Vi:a.iue,asnlavi.'S,.m !o;s"-our Jives our forluaoii
Ui suit pnrelijsers. andatirsiered uoaoj'. lo
R"i)liod,tliat ih-eehureh, mainriiii our nlus or e
Kliicii is in religions lei-oils in this I'uioii, "by re
'Iniratiip . w.tli s!avelio!deresiig " peaejably ii we
or the loembers of w.'iicli can," llic eneroochmeiitflof
ore in pilitieal alliance with tile rV ivernuienl in the 0-
ky fellojv if i sions which tin speaker had been pleased to make j 9S'S ''. l7 of general cowent, a place
key in liurly
more, in ihe tune : and he will be a 1
Iip get out of it for less than thirty dollars in court to his nuht ary career, he would remark tiialhebad
ensts and counsel's fee; besides he will spnd Ihreo j ever looked upon war ss a great na t ion i! calamity,
d iva at court nlten.ling to his case, nnd two more and that he was the greatest nuhhe benefactor
limiting uti witnesses to prove that the iiihu I who could preserve pence, w,tu the least human
debted through all Uie vicissitudes of his life. He jP""on 01 resident iavi.or s Uuinet, and a
said that, in responding to the complimentary allii-! f t,,ose distinguished Wing who have been
struck nun, or at any rare give him rjie he, or grin
ned n't him first. So that thirty five dollars more
y I put down on the dcStor side of his account.
Itnf nfleF the tri;i I U over, nnd bp lias j.ot mil nf llie
s!'ivchoiilerS,or whieh chr- ailed i Stales iirnn si. iverv, 1 , . , , ... , l
-.....,! J . r .. i .. t 1 1 , -, j SiiCi'ifT custmly by securing the costs, he iniinl
lie a to exuuin.dirtft lit., anil f,ie. i e il w . m 1st. 1 . ' - & . '
w'seand pilnotic begislatioiv, which conceived Biid i tho 'road, nnd to secure the-incalculable benefits
adopted mensures rp ctniuenily ca-lculalcJ to iin-1 which it completion mast diffuse throughout the
prove the condition If our Smc. , . . .. jcoun'ry ; .- . .'
Hi''. 'i',That self-interest a well as pat- W'e have been struck with thesiifffeslion of a
riotitin calls upon every citizen to devote his.euer-. ( friend which bring this matter closer home to us.
'gies to thei ompleiion oftbeso great enterprise. Ail t.iat is wanted, is for Ihe people in Wake.Or-
JJ. icsy.'ifa'.T. secure unit .'dffjrt, we Tec- I angCuillorJ, D.ividiou, Rowan, Caliarrns an-1
ommenj a General Convention il the friends of j Mecklenburg (supposing the road ti pasB U.irough
these measures from every por'oVm of tha coun- j i J, w .ouities as it nnst through some of them,)
try Interested, on Thursday,- 11th day of June j 0 grace the road am! take one third of their work
xcxt. : I in s.ock. The two ihi. da fmm the t?tite In money
4lh. RestirrJ, That we will organize a bo.';-, to W t,em b(-Uer than any other work they can
be called the ' Rowan Intern tl Improvement Asso- j p, t at. lit many of these inland counties there
sociuiio.1," whose duty it shall he to promote these m.,y not much money : but there is bone and
enterpris-es in such manner ns may be deemed I sinew- industry and energy, which may be readily
most advisable. . .-m ide available in this great work.' Guilford coun-
John A. Islington, rsq., being called on, went tV) fr in,t in,.Pi is nnly twentyjght miM acrJ!ls .
into a history ol me progress ot me w-m:ai tvan if tJ,crefrr,lwei.'y-eiglit men wnnMngreetograde
Koad scbemos in tiie Genera! Assembly it ad
vantage j lo the Whole Sute, and particularly to,
the Western portion of it. He aUn explained the
reasons which bad induced the Western members
to give np the, project of the Charlotta end Dan
ville charter, for the central scheme, Mf. Isling
ton was the Senator from this District in the lato
Genera! Assembly, and was understocal tu havo
taken an active part in effecting tha measure un
der consideration in that body. His exjiosition
was completed..- J. W. jOsborn, Esq., being call
ed upon, delivered a very exeellent speech, ap
proving of the action of the Jate General Assem
. bly, and impressing it on the public uiind that their
wise, liberal enactment should be made efletual
by a corresponding course on tho part of their con
stituents. : ' ' '.
II. C; Joiies, Eq., (Commoner from Rowan in
the late' Assembly) was called open, but declined
addressing tln" meeting, stating that' I.e thought
hi friend, Mr. Liliington, had said enongh to sat
isfy all present a to th.' course tliey 1iad pursued
In tha Legislature-, and that he was preparing an
address, which would shortly be fublithed, sttting
forth all matters relating to the measure, more mi
jjutely thin it was necessary to go into them new!
ono mile each, the work could be soon nccom
plip'ied and a powerful iuditceinent thereby held
out for iU locution through our midst.
Tho expenditure on this nad must Increase
th wealth nod give spur to the enterprise of Ihe
State. It completion will, in addition to opening
up a choice of excellent markets'fbr the farmer,
p.tahlish frequent intercourse with neighboring
Stales invite settlers and good farmers into the
country increase the price of lands and, not
least in our estimation, every sill, and nail,andbar
of iron, and every stroke of work upon the Road,
will give strength to the Vniim nf tht States."
''''-,-' ;.-'" " -' "rf1
Pending the Presidential olection, Senator Doug
lass, of Illinoh, in a speech made at New Orleans,
pWgedliim.'lfthatif his State Legislature passed
Wilinot proviso resolu lions, he would resign rather
than obey thii. Well, the legislature of Illinois
has Just done that thing, and Ihe qupstion now is,
what will Senator Dooglass do I
unir.iliti tb? and " f-wciblv
spirit of cuopiexioiii d casta Resoived, Tnat tlie on
or which does not iimke aeinejiit ol'ilie Wiinut Pro
iho iiiiulediate bjitioii ol'vls-J b-'low the cnnipronrse
slavery its special esncrru oi oor athers, (tlia Atisjsari
is not worthy lo be recng- compromise) that the ill
umed as a chureli of Christ, lerie euea of Congress w ill
has a claim Upon human slavery in tlie H, strict of
syiiipatliv to resiwct, nnd t'oiuinbia, or .with the slave
wilit lo bi abaudoiitfl by trud; am-jug the SjUUs, or
every one as radically de-eiihero.'thein ivib dissolve in CWtian primi- tlie tie that hinds us to th s
plo and diameter ; tuid Cnion.
whiover roui.iiiii.w iu wil--
bug couuectioii and cnyfor- . . ' - .
amy wan sne:i a ehun-u, i .
lo be regarded as sn acuial
supjuru-r of slavery.
If we have one kial offreodam m-vt thin ami
ihsr, in this " free and independent" country of
ours, it is the freedom of Sjiuceh, and no better evi
dence of the fact can be adJu.-ed, than tha unmo
lested ravings of these very men who are making
day and night hideous, at its unniginary abuse.
Free speech" is abused, but it is they who abuse
it. Equally ei fly and ridiculous is the raul of the
Fpsonian Quattiebums itbout ''forcibly if we must."
Now we should like to know bow many cabful of
indignant were at that meeting at Upson. Can
any one tell . .
LTrhanity will often lend a (pee to actios) thai
arc of thcinsvlvee Uitgracious.
The Cbarlcstoa Courier of Tuesday morning
contains the following announcement
"A telegraphic dispatch from Mobile, dated
10th inst., announces th melanchol4iiitolligence
of the death of Col. William R. Johnson, in that
place, on Wednesday last It is stated that Col.
J. was walking about on the day of his death,
suffering from influenza, but not considered by any
means dangerous. ;
"Col. Johnson lias, for many years, bore the
name of the 'Napoleon of tho Turf,' a cognomen
applied not so much for tlie reason that be pos
sessed great knowledge of blooded horses ,and
wa eminently successful in bi conies'. for Ilia
numerous purses offered, in various parts of the
Union, but for his prompt action, and .ready and
deciiiive character in general matters. , lie tut
mild and unassuming in manners, and ihe courteous
geulJoman. Hi roes will be severely felt."
GelJ is lesircr,ieiu't!ijn virtue.'
treat his wiinesses an ! get drunk himself upon the
strength of his good fortune for reuliy he had
made up his aiind to go to jail: and there is an
other dollar gone. Well, a man who spe mis thir
ty four nays of tne year at the tap, may expect to
have at least two bridles broken and lost h)' Id
bn igTy and impatietit horse, amounting lo four
dollars more: and if he, thp liorse, do not lose a
saddle, he will at any rate lis down and wallow in
it, and break the tree, or .leavo it on tlie ground
where the hog will find it and leaf tiio seat and
pad out of it so that there will be about fou' dol
lars to pay fof repairs. Now foot up tha bill, and
you wili l.avc the sum of Ninety-five Dollars which
this careful and economical citiz -n expends for
worse than naught in the year to say nothing of
tho shirt that is torn from his back by hi' adversa
ry in the fight ; nor of the breeches that are eaten
up by the hogs while he is lying drunk in the gut
ter ; nor of the shoes he lose iq the m'.id-hclp,
while traping from the doggery after his hali-slurv-ed
horse has broken his bridle and left him ; nor of
the paper of BUgar that ho drop's in the branch
wliilo reeling home from tho grocery. Auii yet
this careful, economical, and time-saving citizen
cannot pay two dollars for a newspaper, by which
his family would be delighted, and lit minds ofhis
children developed and improved !.,' Really this
thing called economy is a curious affair. lb.
, D The distance, from tlie Mouth of tlie Missis
sippi to San Francisco, by the Isthmus of Tehuanr
tepee i 3,291 miles i by the Isthmus of Panama
5,000 j thus showing that the .route by the Isthmus
of Tehuantopec is 1706 miles shorter. thaa by Pa
nama. The distance from New York by the Isth
mus of Tehauutepoc is 4,744 miles ; b,y tlie Isth
mus of Panama 9,&58; making the, routs by Te
hauntepeo, from Now York to San Francieco, 1,10,4
miles shorter than by th Isthmus uf Panama. ,
The mere statement of this fact carries with, it
its own importance ; for it is an axiom that, in all
human operations, the saying of lime is tha saving
of labor and money.. This fact is already exerting
its "nfluence; for enterprising men are at this ve
ry momoat taming their atteution tu thi;route,
without, the advantage of an nificiol route a
ero ft,
s.vcnncc, anu in.n wnaiways Ins inn. Tnai m
ihe number of victories that had successfully at
tended hi in when fronting the enemy, he claimed
not 'fur hitns 'lf so much honor as the public had
Ix-en pleased to bestow but that lie was indebted
to the stout hearts and strong" arms of thos3 who
-stood by 14 execute his command. Trorn the high
est to the humblest in rank ; and that none were
evcK more ready to do this than Tennesseeans.
He had Itcen called by his countrymen to a new
theatre; from a long military lie to a civil posi
tion nf the greatest public trust and in entering
upon the discharge of those high duties, he did so,
greatly distrusting his own abilities to discharge
them in such a manner as their reat responsibili
ties might demaad ; but that he should look fori
assistance and support not to I'd man, or to that,
but to the wholo people, to whom he was iudebtod.
That the office was one nol of his seeking, cor had
it been secured by any effort of Ids. That in el
ecting him to the Presidency of the United Stales,
the ieople had mainly looked forward to good gov
ernment, tijutt administration nfthelaio; u ird
in endeavoring to carry out those wishes in this re-
gird (although no one could rival the father of
his country) it was left for those who might suc
ceed him to emulate his example as fur s s ppssi'jj,'.
lie ft gain thanked the citizens of Memphis, through
their representative sou this occasion, fortlii warm
manifestation of their regard.
If tho saying of tho poet be true,' that "our
doubts are traitors," then does the above expression
embody treason to the Railroad, we had almost
said to the State. " If it tan be built .' That's
not tlie tort of talk to effect any purpose, except
the defeat of the most practicable scheme ever set
on foot to redeem the fortunes of our good old State.
Suppose every man of rts fold our arms, look know
ing, shake our heads, and say, " It is a great work
if It esn Only be built !" Is the fcgreat wort" like
ly to be "accomplished nnder sues encouragement?
N'o. And tlie man who achieve a reputation for
sgac!ty by such remarks, only deserves from his
country such reward as is due to those who defeat
great and patriotic projects fur the good of man
kind.;. ., ; ,1;., , ,., , ,., v;
But let every man say, "It be bailt it rmii
be built," and what is the consequence Z The ear
ly construction of the itoad- , That's the way to
talk for eject W every citiren be fully persua
ded in bi own mind no matter whethre he has
in the Cabinet, is Governor CitiTiEXDEN.of Ken
" Knowing nothing ourselves of the intentions
of tho Pr.sident elect, we have hazarded no con
jecture on tlie subject, q'tite satisfied that in good
time the Public would have offered to it the names
of a sound an I able Cabinet.
"If, however, we have been able to shed no light
on the futur as to who will compose the Cabinet
of President Taylor, we believe we can say to
som-i extent who will not be of It : and, as this
miy gratify curiosity, anj be stated without in
vidio.isnes, we are indueed to say that we have
rrisou to behave that Mr. Chittenden has posi
tively declined accepting any Cabinet appointment."
A Tjwisiun. Ia the hnje document
published by Con jress at the present session, eoatain
nig ihe Anna l Report from the sev eral Department
we find, in that from ihe Navy Tempt, frequent :r!i-
tioamade of ouryoanj townsmen Passed Midshipman
Oihiltsee, who is invariably commendodby his supe
rior o:lierj for hit useful eud ga'lant service. In od
instance LienL Haywood reports, from San Jose, Lew.
er California, a night attack of large body of Meii.
cans on a small party of 25 offieers and marines ia
which, after keeping up the fire during the gria'er
part ot the night, the enemy were compelled to re
tire with loss. The officers (including Midship,
man Ochiltree) and men, are rewarded credit for
the ntmost oolness and Intrepidity. Tlie next
night the attack was renewed, with a like result.
Iu anothar plaue, Lieut. Fab. Stanly reports from
Gaiyainas,thmarhiiigofafewonicenaiid men U
miles into the interior, for the purpose ef spikiitf ef
three of the enemy's guns, which wa accomplished;
and the party being ou the return fob' in with a detach
meut of the enemy of whom 1 was killed and 3 badly '
Wounded by Midsbipmaa Ochiltree and JWidhipmaaJ '
HoiMicn,wlio promptly tnd boldly eaptursd i V" which
covered the enemy' retreat.
In another ease he was sent SO mile down th eeast '
among the Indioui, and e;omplihed fullyIke o'jjseta
ofhis mission. ,r fog- 06,
The German think it conductive to health, thst
the tipper bed ckdies should never be so lung as to
hinder protrusion of the feet beyond, and soroetjmea
they sleep between two beds. The followirg an.
ecdote is told of an Irish traveller, who upon find. :
ing a feather bed thus laid over him, took it irto
hi head that the people slept in strata, one t, i
the other, and said to tlie attend-nl, "Will uB
be good enongh to tell the gentleman or lady that
is to lie npoo me, to rouko haste, as want to i
taslceep. "' 1 ' ' ' '

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