North Carolina Newspapers

    : Jrll:- llluii "LI zlKo
$3 00 IF niMIEXT is: delayed six siomus.
NO 16.
Tint Rai.f.ich Timks will be sent to Subscribers
at Two Dollars and a half per annum, hf paid in ad
vance. Threo Dollars w 11 be charged, if payment,
is delayed six months. These Terms will bo invaria
bly adhered to.
For every Sixteen lines, or lew, One Dollar for the
first, and Twenty-live Cents for each subsequent in
sertion. Court Ordois, &c. will be charged 25 per
cent, higher; but a reasonable deduction will be made
to those who advertise by tho year. ...
ITT Letters on business, and ull Communications
ntended for publication, must be addressed to
Editor, and pout paid.
A T the Animal Meeting of the Directors of tho
North Carolina Mutual Insurance Company,
held on the 2d January, ie-19, tho following resolu
tion was adopted:
Rcxolretl, That nn assessment of five per cent, be
levied on all the premium notes out-standing on tho
2d January 1841).
Notice is hereby given that the tibove assessment
is required to be paid at the Office of the N. C. M. I.
Co., in Raleigh, on or belore tho hrst day of May
P. 8. All letters addressed to the Secretary on bu
siness of the Company must ho ;( paid, or they
will not be taken trom the PoslOfiice.
Kab-iifli, Kb.2(i,ldl'J. 13 3t
Ucclaimcb Summp aitH
'. In North Carolina.
THE President and Director! of the Literary Fund
of North Carolina, in pursuance of certain Reso
lutions, passed at the lust session of the General As
sembly, oiler lor sale,
Fifty Thousand Acres
of Swamp Lands,
constituting a part of the Literary Fuudof the State,
Situated 111 UVUe una ivasiilllgiou vouuues, mm em
bracing the region lying between Pamlico and Albe
marle Sounds.
These lands have been drainod at great expense ,
under the direction of competent Engineers, and laid
off into Sections. The drainage has been effected by
two main Canals, to-wit: Puugo Canal, extending
from l'uiigo Lake to Pungo river, six and a half miles
in length, with an average width at bottom of 22 feet,
depth "six feM and full twelve fect-r-and Alligator Ca
nal, from Alligator Lake to Puugo river, 6 miles long,
with un average width at bottom of 30 feot, depth se
ven, and full ten feet ; together with sundry tributa
ries or lateral ditches. These Canals are navigable
fur Battuaux, and emptying into the navigable waters
of Pamlico Sound, their mouth are accessible to sea
going vessels.
A large portion of this Land abounds n Juniper,
Cypress and other valuable Timber, for which the for
est of Eastern North Carolina ii distinguished. The
'vendue consists of Prairie, covered with the Cane and
Bamboo, and in the estimation of the Eagineers who
surveyed it, the whole of it is extremely fertile.
To Grain Farmers, and to the getter! of Staves,
Heading and Shingles, this laud offers peculiar induce
ments. To Immigrant! In the Port! of the United States,
Bccustonied to a country similar in many respects,
this Land offers a soil believed to be as fertile as any
in the North-western States, with easy access to tho
Sea, and within three daya' sail of New York. The
Juuiper water is pleasant, and the hands engaged du
ring the last two Summers, in getting Shingles, have
enjoyed excellent health.
Time and place :
The Bale will take plac in th Town of Washing
inn, in Beaufort CountV, bv Public Auction, commen-
.Miiir on Mondav. tho 21st dav of May next, and will
be superintended by the member! of the" Board, in
' Terms s
The T.anrl will bo soil in Sections of about ICO
Acres, according to the Maps and Plate of the En
gineer!. A credit will be given of one, two, three
and four years, to bo paid in equal instalments, with
interest from the day of sale.
Bond and approved security will be required, and
the title withheld until the purcnaie money wiuu ire
paid in full. Certificates of purchaso Will oe given,
and the titles, when made, will be warranted.
. Turnpike Road.
At the same time and place, the Board will receive
Proposal! for completing tho Turnpike Koad from
Puugo Lake to the Town ol 1'lymoutn.
;ivnn under mv hand, at the Executive Office,
the City of Raleigh, this 6th day of March, A. D.,
Governor of North Carolina,
' , ! and ex officio Pres't Lit'y Hoard
By order : .
Xj. Curves Manly,
Secretary to Hoard:
Hirfeigh, March 9, 1810. 14 ts
MOLASSES. Tint r. eivid piirae MOL fcES,
new crop. For snle by
Raleigh, March 2
Next door above Mrs. Hurdle's.
ON Monday, tho 91 day of April nexl, will be sold
at Publu Auction, ai the house on Fayettoville
Street, now occupied by L. F. Smith us a Urfeclory,
(formerly PBI'PER &. HUGHES,) all tho Fixtures
belonging to the Establishment, r urnitnre oi an kuius,
Cooking apparatus, Crockery of evry description, (a
splendid lot,) with a variety of article! used By fami
lies. And alt tho Stock an hand, consisting of Liquors
f every sort, and of excellent qualities, Wines, of va
rious brands, Segars, &c. .
-' also;
A new Northern Buggy and Harness made to or
der, and a first rate Harness Horse.
Raleigh, Marcli G, 1849, J4-4t '
RESPECTFULLY return! his thanks to the citi
zens of Norm Carolina, for the patronage he has
received from them, while engaged in bntimm in the
' eity of Raleigh, and begs leave to inform thorn that
he may be found at . ;
where bo will be happy to soe his old friends and ac
qitaiutances, and pledges himself to leave nothing ua
ilono on his part to contribute to then comfort and
convenience. .. Ho hopes his friends will girV Mm a
Raleigh, March, 6, 1849. ', 14 3m
Just Received by
' Saleigh, March 8, 1?49.-
1 prime lot.- Gull
Next dear abovo Mrs. Uardie's.
r.aV'jti, Marcli 3.
BARRELS and boK barrels . for sale by
igb, Feb. 23, 18 III. 12
IT7ILLIAMS, HAYWOOD, A- Co., have just re-
V ceived a supply of Garden Seeds, which they
warrant to be fresh nud genuine, consisting in part of
the following kind, viz :
ARTICHOKE, Grctn Clobo
BEANS, Early China (Dwarf)
Relume (or 1000 to 1) "
" Ked Speckled French "
" Wliitc Cranberry (Running)
" Larue While Lima "
BEET, Early Blood Turnip
lmg do
Early Yellow Sugar
French do
CABBAGE, Eailj Miy
".; v i orK
";".'" llattersca or Drum Head
" Sugar I.oaf
Large late Drum-Head
Large Bergen (Winter)
Green Globe Savoy do
Flat Dutch do
Red " do
CARROT, Long Orange '
Early Horn
" Late uutcn
CELERY, White Solid
Rose Coloured
CRESS, Curled (or Peppergrass)
CUCUMBER, Early Frame
; Long Green
White Turkey
' Small Gherkin (for Pickling)
CORN, Early Golden Sioux
1 Sweet or bugar
1 Tuskarora
LKTTUCE, White Cabbage
ice Cos3
" White Butter
Earlv Silcsr.ia
MELON, Long Island Water
" . Carolina do
" Pine Apple
" Yellow '. antaloup
" Green Citron
' Nutmeg
" Brown
ONION, White Portugal
" Early Siver Skin
Large Red
: " Yellow Dutch
" Buttons
PARSLEY, Doubled Curled
PARSNIP, Large Dutch
' Sugar or Cup Crown
PEAS, Early CecloNulli (Dwarf)
h Waslnnr'ton or May "
" Bishops Prohlio "
" '.',. Marrowfat "
" Sugar (Edible Pods)
" Marrowfat (Tall)
PEPPER, Long Cayenne
. " : " Bell or Oxbeirt
" " Sweet Sparrith (a salad)
RADISH, Long Scarlet
" Early Short Top
" " Cherry Turnip
RHUBARB, (For Tarts)
SALSIFY, or. Vegetable Oyster
SPINAUE, bummer
SQUASH. Early Bush
" Crook Neck
TOMATO, Large Red
" io Yellow
TURNIP, Urge English Norfolk
" Purple l op Kuta uaga
" Large White Flat.
Raleigh, February 23, 1849. 13.
A TiAROE anmrtiniil of Window (.lass, of all
-A- sizes, by the box, for sriln bv
Ralei-h, Feb. 2.1, IS 19. W.
. THE Subscriber has .just reri-ived a supply of
choico Fruit Trees, from T. Perkins' celebrated Nur
sery at Burlington, N. J. consisting of lVuelus, Apri
cots, Nectarines and Cherries, in great variety, und,
with the view of effecting sneeiiv sales, will sell them
low. P. 1'. PEsCLD, Druggist.
. Raleigh, Feb. 23. i -' ....
CiRAKS AMI TOBACCO. Chewers und Smo
kers will find at mv Drug and Apothecary Store
some very superior Tobacco and Cipjars.
i'. r. I'Mitii.
Fell. 23. 1-'
ceived, and for sale at
Feb. '.'3. P. F. PE.SCUD'd Drug Store.
Cl.iMPIIOIl CAPSULES, a fine article for isick
I Head Ache, iust received and for snle by
Feb. 23. P. F. PESCl'D.
UJl'BE PASTE A superior article of Jujube
Paste, just received, and for sale bv ;
lib ai p f ri'sc un
fipifE Rulwcnher has just received bis supply of
J. liurden nnu ,niss aeons, wincii no wnrniiits io
fresh und genuine, consisting in part of tile usual
Varieties of the following kind, viz : i
Pntiu, (Tljcmicals, & Dire Stuu3,
tMr. l'ESCUD would inform bis custom
ers and tlie public in general, thiit be bus
bought or Dr. JOIlN.sON his 'entire inter
est in the late concern of
and will continue the business at the Old Stand ns
heretofore, where he will be happy to accomn-odute
nil that favor him with their orders.., His long expe
rience in the business he is prosecuting, and n deier
ininntiitii on bis part to spare nni'iiurtR.tnClVE.l'NI.
M,UsALiSAll!FACTON In the Quality of bis
(ioods, and the Cheopneiw of Sale, induce him to be
lieve that Purchasers MUST lilO SCnT-D-
The Assortment of Goods in his Store is nrrnngi'd
in a manlier to please und gnitifv OLD, AS WELL
AS N bV t;lJWl OMI'.l(S, he having spared no ex
pense, time or lulwr to relit his establishment, and to
place everything In view lor. those who buy. The ob
servation of u moment will lie sullii.-ient to 'disco cr his
arrangement, and test the truth ol this advertisement.
MEDKlNLS DIUt.s D H M I 11 's, 1 11L
Some portion of theae (ioods are required by every
Country Dealer, und it is to iheir interest to buv tho
best articles at ihe lowest rules to l"ii customers at
borne. P. F. l'ESCUD,.
Wiolesale Deuler in J)nigs, l;)yp Stuffs,
and Cheiuieals, Fayetteville Strut.
Raleigh, l ob. Hi, lMl'J. ll-ia
, From the Philadelphia Impiirer.
Tlie liglits and slr.uluws of real, life are often in
painful' contrast. The extremes in a crowded me
tropolis -arc indeed widely apart. Wealth and
pomp, and power, and pride, may be seen basking
in the sunshine of prosperity in one 'section vi thi;
city, while in another poverty and want, and '.ve.ik
nc?s, und wretchedness, may he found dniggins
on a weary existence, and almost liesitaling be
tween life a nil death. The oases, too, are not rare,
in which llieae contrasts, are. still more startling;
in which tlio indigent of curly youth will bo re
cognized among the uflliient of the present lime,
and the rich mm of a 'former d.iy be discovered in
'.he very'deptha of indigence, and sometimes of
crime. But in no case thotild wo wholly despair.
There is an avenue to every heart. .'There are
seasons when the moat hardened may b softened.
Somewhat more Ihan a your ago, a" gentleman
of I'liiladubimi was invited by a friend in New
York. to visit the uotoiioiis' " Five Points," tinder
the guidance of a police officer tlie object being
Asparagus, Beans, Beets,
Brocoli, . . Cabbage, Carrots, ;
Cauhtlower, Celerv ( ress,
I ucuuiber, Plant, Corn,
Leek, . Lettuce, Melon,
Mustard, Nasturtium, Ultra,
Onion, .Parsley, Parsnip,
Peas, Pepper, Pumpkin,
Radish, Rhubarb, Salsny,
Hpinage, . Squash, Tomato, '
l uruip, Aromatic herlts, (rHs Seed,
and ! ruit '1 rees.
Also a lot of I lower Seed, which will be sold nt
three cents a paper, aa they ure not of Inst year's
growth. P. F. PESCUli,
Apothecary and Druggist.
Feb 23. . 12
R1CE.A Ciisk of FRESH RICE just to hand,
and for sale by
Next door above Mrs. Hardie'a.
Raleigh, March 2. :
touimissiou Mmliant, I'etcrsburff, Va,
CI IV Es his speend atienlion to the sale of all kinds
' ol t nuiilry l'niduce, the purchase oi boous, und
the receiving and forwarding of Goods,
lieler to H. F. Moore, Esq. Raleieh, N. C.
'l'ho's K, Thomas, Esq. Louisburg, N. C.
( Rocky lit. N.C.
V . T. Dortch, Esq
iu. wesion,
Jesse, il. Powell, ) ,,. , ,
D.J. J. Philips, DmltliW, N. C.
XV. .U. lioug, Ksq.
L. M. Long, Esq,
James Simiuoiis,
Patterson. Conper . Co
W ills & Lea, Petersburg, Va.
P.. F. Ilalsev, - )
F. S. Marshall, Halifax, N, C.
Petersburg, I'eb. 1st. 1S-W. . 11-bc
Weldon, N. C.
large supply of ( oaoh, 1 urnitnre, Polishing and
Japun V armshes, just rece.ved and for sale bv
Raleigh, March 8, 18-19.
P. F. l'ESCUD.
1 SCHOOL will be opened in the town ol Frank
linton, on the 15th of January next, under the
caro of Miss REBECCA FURM AN.wlio has tes
timonials of Ihe most satisfactory character from
Mr. and Mrs. BoJjiutt, tonnerly of Louisburg, un
der whoni she received lier education. She has
lso certificates from several other persons, inclu
ding three or four 3inisters, some of whom have
known her from early life. Miss Emu has
latelv been teaciung the School at Dr. Edward
Speed's, in Granville, where, by lier indefatigable
attention to her School, she has given entire sutis-
Terms per sesstos or five siortnis :
For Rmiding, Writing, Arithmetic, and En-
clisli (jrainmer, $8,00
All the higher branches of an English Edu
cation usually taught in Female. Schools, 10,00
Music, 15.n0
French, 8.(0
It will be seen that this Scho.l is now offering
inducements and advantages to Parents seldom of
fered to any community... Frankliiiton is proverbi
ally a healthy location ; and Pupils entrusted to
her care will receive every attention necessary to
their intellectual training.
Any person wishing further info'rmatio'i in rela
tion to the School, can address llev. R. Fjjkmak,
P. ill. at Frarklinton. Refer also to the Editor
of this paper.
Franklmton, Dec. 22, 1848. 4 tf.
piHOCOLATE Drops and Lozenges of all kinds,
vjust opened, unu lor sale liy
Raleigh, March 8, IS 19.
-ti-iust received and for sale bv
Rulcigh, Marcli 8, 1819,
4 most excellent article for Coughs, Colds., etc.,
A fresh supply of liny Rum. just received, at
i. p. r. PEsci'irs
Ding More.
Raleigh, March 8, 18-19.
risn hooks.
larse let of 1 ish Hooks of tho most approved
----kmds, just reoeivetl auu tor sale bv
P. F. l'ESCUD.
Raleigh, March 8, 10.
.volold the gratification of enridbity, and the in
culcation of a moral lesson. The invitation was
accepted, and the party, soon alter nightfall, pro
ceeded to penetrate into somo of the deplorable
mysteries of the commercial metropolis of the Ne .v
f orld. It is unnecessary lor us to enter into all
the details. They would form only a twice told
tale, and prove any thing but agreeable. Our
friend, however, as he paased throngh one of tho
most wretched portions oi the Points, had his at
tention arrested by a face tnat lie thought he re
cognized. He paused I old, familiar memories
came over hun, and he mentioned the name of a
school mato, an early friend of Ins boyish year !
I'lie bloated and disbgiii'ed being was roused by
the utterance of bis name by a stranger, and espe
cially as tlie (one was one of regret, not unmingled
with regard. His story may soon be told.
Ho was a gay youth, fond of the delights of con-
vival companionship, und even before he attained
the years ol manhood, he was a drunkard. Many
expedients were resorted to to reclaim him, but
without success. At last he became a gambler,
then a forger and then a convict. His poor old
father, who had exhausted all Ins means to rescue
lnm, descended broken hearted to tl.o grave, tlia
erring was still a young man, comparatively
speaking, only thirty-live years of age, possessed
hue talents, and was highly educated. But in
temperance had become a disease with him. lie
had attempted more than once to wrestle with and
conquer the Rum-Ficnd,but in vain. He admit
ted his error, deplored it, spoke feelingly of the past,
and asked if Ins mother still lived. His friend be
sought hun to make yet another effort. He liesi
tated at lirs.t, said that it was idle, that he had lost
all self-respect, sell-command and Bolf-relianee,
and felt that he would sink intcra dishonored grave.
Rut ins Inend urged, persuaded and at last pre
vailed. He took lnm to a mercantile house in
New York, wnere he stated the facts confidentially
and obtained for hitn a situation. The selection
was mo-t fortunate. The firm consisted of two
brothers; true christians and philanthropists, and
thev entered heartily into the benevolent enter
prise. Their policy was one of kuidnas eonji-
dcnce-gcneruiitii 'Thev' appealed to the heart
nt,.-!- vi-hieirre n.. tonclled llie feolin2a ' ,han
'Tis now the very witehiu'i time, of niiilit ; and
itself broathesojit cunlagiuu to the yt-riJ !"
Thus thought Watchman No. 5, as a dark '
and stormy iiiht.ime three weeks tlnce.he paced
wearily -up and down Cirod street, and I'oWed more
closely -about him his heavy cloak, as the rain, dri
ven by the wind, came beating against him. With
a slow and measured tread he wended his solitary
way, peering cautiously into the da:!: alleys which
abound in that neighborhood, aiid his vivid .imagi
nation pictured to him the forms of robbers and as
sassins, watching in the jjoyut for an opportunity.'
to 'full upon their victims.; No. 25 was in the mid
die, uf a block, drawing a very disagreeable com
parison between his present Situation, wet and
cold, and his own comfortable, bed at home, which
Mrs. No. 25 was doubtless thet enjoying, when be
was suddenly awakened from bis reverie by sever- .
al cries and moans, as j F, indeed, bloody murder
was being committed. The sturdy J' guardian"
stopped short, and soon ascertained that tho cries
proceeded from a gloomy looking shanty hard by,
with its doors and window-shutters close barred,
as if with a view of preventing interference from
without in the deeds being perpetrated inside. The
watchman, with' a -light and cautious step, approa
ched the place, and with a greedy ear listened to
the sounds of agony, intermingled with appeals for
mercy, which fell with startling import upon his
ear. That eome outrageous act was beins com
milted No. 25 was now convinced ; and ho debat
ed with himself what course he should pursue.
No. 25 does not lack courage; but, in estimating
the odds there would probably , be against him, if
he entered the place alone, he came to the conclu
sion that discretion, in such a case, was indeed
the better part of valof , and he rushed from the
spot in pursuit of assistance. In a few minutes
he was enabled to called file or six of his brother
watchmen, to whom, in broken and hurried sen
tences, he communicated the awful state of affaire
in Girod street. No. 25 having reconnoitred the
premises, was appointed to lead the van, and with
hurried steps the party proceeded to the spot.
When in tho immediate vicinity of the scene of
murder for nothing short of that was supposed to
have occurred men were posted in different pla
ces to prevent the escape of any one from the hw-:e,
and No. 25 then gallantly led his party to the
charge. They entered a narrow and gloomy al
ley, and soon came to tho door of a room' within
which the sound of voices was heard speaking in
a low tone, and the trusty watchmen were sure of
making a capture. The door was tried and found
to be fastened ; but No. 25's blood was up, and
with one awful lunge he went through the door,
and stood face to face with a midwife ! holding
in her arws a very diminutive specimen of human
ity, which had just made its entree into this wicked
world! Had No.. 25 been "ailed to the flocr, he
could not have seemed more like a statue ; and
whon he recovered himself sufficiently to turn his
head, and inquiringly look at his companions, a
loud burst of laughter rang in his ears, making
him feel keenly how bad ho had been sold.
Important to those about to become Mulhers. .
Paris Lvi.vo-m Hosimtai,,' member of the Medi
cal Acadnny of France, Corresponding Secretary of
tlie Paris Pharmaceutical College, respectfully begs
leave to announce to the Italics uf America, that he
has appointed DK. JEROME Y. C. KOPENHCR
TY, of New York, bis sole American Agent, for the
salo of his wonderful medicine, known in France as
1'ANT, the most extraordinary medical discovery
the world lias everseen. Its province is to LESSEN
a BAFB, EASV, ANIlbl lLUV JH.MV Ml , which It
, . -t - i :: ' I j i... .-a.:.. I i M...r..n.i.. lr......
, , il .t 7, .u k i . .,...j i,-,. STriCACiocs, pleasant to the tnste, and never fulls to
Ineuds sun the public that he has removed Ins .'... j... ji . . , ,,,
Stack of OW.- from bis former stand to the opposite
side ut Fuyettcville Street
and directly opposite the Market, where they ore in.
vited to give huu a call, and continue their custom.
On hand, a good" assortment f DRY GOODS,
GROVMtlMi, HARDWARE, ic. . j
Ho also continues tho tailoring lhuiiuu, and
will attend to all orders for Cutting and Making Gen
tlemen's Clothing. ' "
Raleigh, Feb. 83d, 1849. 12
:jQff PRINTING, &c.' -
CT THE TIMES OFFICE being well supplied
with a good assortment of JOB TYPE, we are
prepared fpr printing, neatly, all kinds' of a i .
' (Circulars, Carii0,' anir (janiibUI?,
and other work, with despatch, upn reasonable
terms. A share of public patronage, in this lfcie
of bnincss, respectfully solicited. '
February 16, 1819.'
which I invil
recent nrrivam. 1 have received a large supply
ol articles nceiim! to make inv slock complete, to
the attention ol purchasers.
P. F. i'ESCUD,
Drogjjist and Apothecary.
h, March 8, IP II.
To the Talrous of the Temperance
T OWE nn apology to my Patrons for the 'tempera
ry suspension of the Communicator. At the ear
not solicitation of many friends, I have changed my
location from PitUlKirough to Fayottcvillc, whence
the mails diverge in ninny directions, and by which I
can send the Coiutuiuiicutor more speedily and with
more certainty to till my subscribers. 'Ihe regular
issues of the Communicator may be expected as soon
as tho press can be put in operation say about two
weeks. WM. POTTER, Ed. Com.
Fayettevillc, Feb. 7, W49.
harsh allusions, but addressed themselves to the
teller nature inthinthe loftcr and holier qualities
that had been embittered, concealed and hidden so
long. And they wero successful. The7 heart
was touched and subdued. The tires of virtue
were rekindled the lamp of mind was replenish
ed the moral vigor of the character was resusci
tated. Nearly a yoar has gone by, and the re
claimed continues to pursue the way of well-doing;
to gather strength, a ml courage, and determi
nation with every hour of his existence. Mo is a
nsw mana soul redeemed ; and an honor to the
true spirits who rendered him "aid and comfort"
in his extremity who nerved and assisted the
rightful impulses of his better nature !
promote an tatt) and a ft delivery, and improves the
general health of both mother and child. It has been
tested Tor years in all the pnucipul Lying-in Hospi
tals of Europe, and receives the Sanction of nearly
all the prominent Col'eges and Medical men of the
old world. It is the GREATEST MEDICINE IN
THE WORLD; as all will admit that a medicine
must be that will lenon the terrible pains nsually at
tendant on child-birth. There is no mistake about
this medicine doing all that is said of it -
IT NEVER FAILS. It is iu the form of a fine,
light powder, to be made into a drink, and used for a
few weeks previous to the expected event, and its
price is so low ss to bring it within the teach of all.
Surely no humane husband will suffer his wife to cn
dnr pain, when it can be ss easily and cheaply a
voided. For the small sum of only $1,00. sent post
JNc-w York 1 ost Uttice, a package will be sent by re
turn mail, it being so light that it caube sent any
where by hail, AT A vr tsiituno cotr.
fj No unpaid letters takfn from the office.
IT To prevent finpositiou, the V. S. Agent, Dr.
Ronenharty will write his name in full on the out
side label ol each package. No other genuine, lit
member tis.
. New York, March 3d, 119. . 14-6ro
CC. RATTLE haviug returned to this City, will
resume the Practice of the Law, in this and the
adjneent CoillilieS.
All busiuess entrusted to him, will be promptly at
tended to.
lie is prepared to make out anil procure oil SOL
DIERS' CLAIMS, of every description, ut short no
tice, according to prescribed forms.
Raleigh, August 7. 38 lm.
OCR PATRONS are informed that the Printing
Olboe ha b"cn removed to tho West side of Faj -etteville
Street, ,
in tire Rooms over the Store of James LiHiford, next
door above Mm. 1 birdie's Confectionary Store, where
we "hull be happy to see our subsciiliers and friends.
V e are prepared to execute. all kinds ot
Job ipriutinrj, "
upon the usual terms, in a ueat and haudsome mnn-
uer, and solicit a portion of public patronege iu this
lino of business. , -' '
Suliscription to the Paper an lit $9 50 per annum
in advunce, or $3 U0 if not paid before the expiration
of six'monhs. 1
HJ' THK-TITHES will always be fdniishod J?tv
months for One Dollar, in advunce. But subscrip
tions will be thankfully received on either plan.
HJ Those inrtebied to the Office are reqnested to
remit their respective dues ut our risk ; wheu a re
ccpt will be forwaoied in their next naper.
Raleigh, Feb. 3, l?49.
Gen. C. D. Mitchell, an intelligent and experi
enced planter of Warren county, Misa., has recent
ly introduced the culture of. a new kind of ctton,
w hich he calls the Prolific Pomegranate, und w hich
is said to surpass any species oflhe gossypium fam
ily yet produced ia this country. The stalk does
not attain a height usually of mora than four or
five feet, but every portion of the plant is literally
covered with bolls, which are curtained in an up
right posilion by the strength and vigor of the stem
and branches. The chief peculiarity of this plant
is that tlie stem and branches have no joints as in
other kindd and although the boils are so nume
rous, there can be no inconvenience in picking,
In fact an expert picker might at one grasp gather
half a dozen at a time. The staple ia beautiful
and far more silky titan the Petit Gulf.
From one third of an serf, measured, General
Mitchell- gathered and weighed die past" season
2142 lbs. of superior cotttn. One hundred pounds
of the; seed cotton yielded 32 lbs. lint, and by an
accurate test lie found that sixty-five bolls made one
pound of lint. Unit. Annr.
A wise man gets learning from those who have
none theuiselvts.'
A letter, dated San Francisco, July 25, written by
a lady to her friend in Massachusetts, says:1
Since my husband went to the gold region, bouses
have become vacant in all parts of this village,
anl the entire male population has left ui. The
women have b?err obliged in the absenco of the
males', to congregate together in the largest nutii
ber", in .large houses, and live together and do
tiicir own cooking, 6tc. I am now living or as'
we call it, messing, with a company of fourteen; ,
Tho experience of the world, men have said, show
ed that women could not live togefher vithouf
quarrels and turmoils; but our sisterhend, at this
time, gives a plain contradiction to this slander up
on our sex. When not interfered with by men, and
when permitted to drink our enp of tea 'under our'
own vine and fig-tree," we are as quiet and peacea
ble as lambs.
The demand fof msirriagable women seemstebe'
as great as for goods. This is tlM'only country in
the world where women are properly appreciated.'
The proportion of tralcs ill tfio territory is five to
one of females, and the Ja'-Gi ot females is as much ,
needed in cooking, etc., at the gold region, as th
males. There have Iven more marriages Die last
few months than in ten years previous in tins coun-'
try. The squaws, before they will go to the galj
region, make efforts to get wfiite husbands, which
they soon obtain in the present stute of atl'ars. -
Father Manaipie, the Catholic priest, haB informed1,
me. that he married tho last month 1 10 while men
to squaws.' The consequence is, that the poor In-'
dians will soon' be left w ithout any clasB of females
from which they can choose is ccrt.iirrly no white'
woman of whatever condition in society, ill mar
ry an Indian, when she can readily marry a white
man of some wealih and prominence." Borne of
the most ugly aud slovenly servants here, marry
traders who have accumulated fortunes in a few''''
weeks. A" woman who cetnes liPro with one tooth
in her head, has a great - capita! to begin on in llie
matrimonial line;' and I have thought if a cargo of
g'frlswere shipped from Lowell here, il would thru
out a great speculation to some entcipiiing Yan- '
kefl. fiy all means induce Peggy to come here by
tho first vessel. Vgy as she looks ahe would be "
readily taken by some enterprising trader iu Hi'
J,prciciit brisk state of the markov

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