North Carolina Newspapers

to incorporate the Noith Cttroliua Roil Road
Sm 1. BeitVfUtnlbitlie Oeartal Asiex'J of the
S'tits y -.' :'t, i -r'3jr frtrti Ay
t'K m-Aotitv cf the same, That fm-lite purpose, ofef
ft'eiir" a K dl Rond onininaiouiuu between the W d
luinirton and Raleigh- Bail Koud,-where the' same
,8 ever the N fus-e tiver. in 1 In' county ur vv iiyne;
ind the town of Charlotte, iu this Slate, lhe forma-1
r' e.nrrtorate C
I, . i iv. nil .;un'k-
iirM. million id' dollars, is hereby autliorised, to b
called The Nona Caruiiua C i s 1 Road Coriiortiiy."
nl when 'formed in compliance with the condition?
ttcrcitifter ireicribcJ,.tu have a oorporalc cs.ia.ence
us a body pulilii-in nerpctuity.
Sec. 2. That the said C imp my he. and tue same
3 hc-ebv authorised to construct it Kail Haul from
T.r;r...:... 1 n-,1.; .!i Ff:dl l!iiid vhoi-o the
" ,,,'v mkp I' lvee ill the Cuuutv bfi
' Vavuo r:i; Ralfiuh.' "'id thence by the most prac
ticable route, f.' S ifisbury, in the County of Row
nn, to the towu of Charlotte, iu the County pt Meet
lenbure. .
. Sec J. Thut f r tin' purpose -of crcitmg the Cap
Ital stock of said Coaipany, Hie MloKiiigpers.-as be
oaiil the same are hereby app unted Coi'miiis'-Hmers
Yu: Jobeph ii. Wilson, cf Charlotte: William C
Means, ot C. aeord ; J,ba H. Lord, of Salisbury ; I W.isliinioit. of W a j ne-sboro' : Juhu.SU-
i r.1 .--ii I'liio' . : ueoro . .vioi.ii-o.m. i II. Kiliot. of U.i'.dolphi James
M. j
laeh, of Lexiuz'uii ; 'John M. Mrehea.l, C-eei
Williaui A. Crahain. c,t tlillslwro : Aaiu
SteitnHTi, of rut-b iro
Wilmington; Ahaiitoi'. J
V. Hargrove, Le.tin.ituii ;
(' That it shall beliw
; Kdward 11 Dudley, ot
i f.iii;', Newb-.riip Samuel
ArJutiald li. Carter, Da-,
fill to euen. bo .ks in the
i..! r U'Mm m. -ton. under the direction of
. Itettinconrt, V. A. Wright, Daniel li. Baker,
HenrvT. Natl, P. K. Dkliiuson, Gilbert- Potter
and William Peden. or any three of them ; at Char
lotte under Hie direction of David A.
Young. Jas. W. Osboine. J' sepu II. W tlson, ui
Elms and William 1'. Davidson, or any three of
them; at Ka'.eisb, uud, t the diteetion of Jo,iah 0.
Watson. Dutiean K Mcllae, William W. llulden.
Th.tin... J I.Pinnv and Cllas. L Ilititou, or any three
nf them at tiastoii.. under the direction of Edmund j
Wilkins. Willisis'ledge, llcnj nniu W . lvivvards, aud
JaiuPS Viresuaiu. ue any o ut ...
ton, miller -the direction of William Eaton, Da
Turner, Teter It. Davis, Willi m I'iuniiuer
Jaiurs Greshain. of liny tbree et ttidir, at. vv arreii-
, Thomas T. T witty, or any three t,t thein ; at kulL-c-way,
uudor the dliectiou of Oeor.'C D, Ilask rv lie,
AVeidoU N. Kilwards, Michael Collins and Alexan
der 1! 11 awkiu-s or iiu-v three id lliem; at Hender
son, under the direction of John S. Eaton. John D.
hiwkius, Willi iiii, re. etrius E. Voun;;.
i.M..A ,.r ii....,, at l.'r.itil:!totnri under the
.i;,i.. r k-,i..vd T VuwJkes. William II. Siunns.
f ii,..,,,, .-o. idillsburotisfh. under the !
direciioHOI'D. l''.Louft John P.etty, Edward Strud-; the company shall proscribe. . '
'.nek and Col. CmlwaiJader Jones, or any three off Sec. 12. That at llie lirst general meeting of
heni: atChapel liill, under the direction of Elisha j lbs stockholder, directed to be called under sec
Mitchell, William If Merritt, Jesse IlarsraTO and j lion 'Silt of this Act, a majority of all the shares
V, H. SlcDude, or any three- of iheni; at Ashboiu', , subscribed shall 'he represented before proceeding
under the direction ( Henry l. Elliot, Alexander ! l0 business, uud if a sutlicient number do not an
llogan, Jesse Harper, -Jonathan "Worth, or any ; t,e day appointed, those who do attend
three of them i at Greensborougb, under the diree- iUM haye p0Wtr , a,ljourn from time to lime im-
'.. Hill, John A. Mebane.aiid Jesse Lindsay, or any
three of tlieiu ; at Jamestown, under the direotiou of
V" ..J. . "' ' '
ltichard Meiidenhali, George C.Menilenhall, ti. If.
Coffin, J. W. Field, or any three of them ; at. Hay,
wood, under the direction of Robert Faucctt, P.
Evaiis.'anii Joha'Williaiiisj at I'itlsboro', under the
direction of J. A. Stediuau, Ureeu Wouiaek, S. Me;-;
lllfnahnn, and J ost-ph Ramsay, or any three of them ;.
-ot Curthage, under the direction of A. Currie, John
M. Morrison, Cornelius Dowti and J. D. McNeill,
vt any three of them ; nt Lexington, under the di-:
ecnon of WUlian R. Holt, James M. Leach, Chas.
L, Panic, ernnv three of them ; at Sinilhlieh, under
tho direction of John McLeod, ltyilian Lryan, L.
Jl. Sanders, Bably Sanders, Tbaddeus W. Whitley,
Or any three of them ; Salisbury; under the direction
of Archibald H. Caldwell, Chas. F. Fisher, Horace
L. Robards, Maxwell Chambers, and Thomas L.
Cowhd, or any three of titers ; at stntesville, under
thedivection ot'Thcophilus Falls, William P.Cowan,
TUomaaA. Allison, orany three of them; at Con
ord, under the direction ot Rulus liarnnger, Kiah
P Harris, Daniel Coleman, U. W.l' oard and Caleb
rbifcr,or any three of tbeut; at Mocksville, under
the direction of John A. Lillingtoo, Gustavus A.
Miller, Archibald (i. Carter and Lemuel Lingham,
or any three of thera ; at Salem, under the direction
of Francis Frees, John Vogler, Thomas J. Wilson.
John Dlackbonrn, or any three of them ; whose du
ty it shall be to direct the f ining of books tor sub
scription of stock, at such tunes aud places, and un
der the direction of such persons as they, or a ma
jority of them, may deem proper ; and the said com
missioners shall have power to appoint a Chairman
( their body, Treasurer, and all other officers, and
to sue for sad aud recoter all euro! of money that
outjht, under this act, to be received by them.
Kro. 4. That nil persons who may hereafter be
authorized to open books for subpcriptioa of stock by
the eoinmnotioiMTS herein appointed for that purpose,
.shall ones said books at any timo after the ratifica
tion of this act, Iweuty days previous notice being;
Riven in some one or mure of tlie public newspapers
in this StiW; and thai said books, when opened, shall
t kept open for- tbe space of thirty days at least,
ud a lour thereafter as the commissioners first
above named shall direct ; that all subscriplioas of
lock shall be iu (hares of one handled dollars, the
tiDMribrr paying at tbe time of making such sob
cription five dollars on each share thus subscribed,
to the person or persons authorized to receive such
aubscrintiou ; and in case of failure to say said sum,
II well subscriptions shall be void ami of no effect;
od itpou cioemg tbe books, all such sums as shall
have been thus received of ev-crtbers en the first
aith instalment, shall be paid over to the general
commissioners aumed in the 3d section of this act,
by tbe persona receiving them ; and for failure there-'
ol such person or persons shall be personally liable
to aa d general commissioners before-the organiza
tion of said company and to tbe company iteeif after
Its organization, to be recovered iu the buperior court
oflawwiihiu this State, iu tbe county where such
-delineate!)! resides, Cr if be reside iu any other Stale,
then in any court in such State having competent js
tisdictiou : The said general commissioners shall have
. "Mirer to call on and require all persons empowered
to receive subscriptions of stock at any timo and from
time to time, as a majority of thein may think proper,
to make a return of tho stock by them respectively
Teeeived, and to make piyinent of all sums of money
made by lhe subscribers, that all persons receiving
ubseriplinas of stock shall psss a recei)t to the
enbseriber or subscribers for the payment of the lirst
instalment, as heretofore required to be paid ; aud
upon tbewt settlement with tho gent ral commission
rs,as aforesaid, it shall be the duty of the said general
ouunissiouers in like manner to puss their receipt
forall smns thus received. l the person from whom
fiMMived ; and irach receipts shall be taken and held
to be good and sufficient vouchers to the persons hold-!
ing Ilium: d'hel ashicro-lious of stock thus received
to ail amount not exceeding
, j - Sec. 5. t. shall bo the duty of said general Com
missioners to direct and authorize tire keeping open
ol books for Ike stibsoriptiooof stock ia the manner
above described, until the sum of one million of dol
lars shall bate bcea subscribed to tbe capital stock
of said company ; and as soon as the said sum of one
million of dollars shall have been subscribed, and tbe
dtrsviMstalmentof fire dollars per share on said sum
shall have been feeeived by the general commission
ers, said company shall be regarded as formed, and
tho said commissioners, or a majority of them, shall
. aign and seal a duplicate -declaration to that effect,
with the names of tbe subscribers anpeaed, and
c tuns one of tbe said dtfplieatee to be deposited in
' the office of Ilia Secretary of Stalf, and thenceforth,
froia the closing of lhe books of subscription as afore-
mid, the said subscribers to the stock shall forinom
, ho ly politic and corporate, In deed and in law, for
slie purposes n foresaid, by the name and style ol
the "North Carolina Rail Road Company."
' Sec. 6. . That whenever the sum of one million of
dollars shall be subscribed ia ni inner and form a-
forcsojd, t k subscribers, their executors, adminWtra-
t it aad assigns, shall be, ud they are hereby de
luiptJ UibeiucorTorataJ into a company by the luuie
i aii.l.!y!c of "The North Carolina Railroad Cm
puuy aud by tlt u.iuic situ!! b.s Capable, in kw
nd iu e-tuifv, of mircliasin::, lio'lim- .seih:.'. I
ana coiivcvin;; estates, reul. personal ana uiixeu, t ,
and aouiriu (ho sumo by gill, ov devise, so far as '
shall be necessary inr Id.; purposes einl. raced witluu
the scope, t' 'jea und. interest of their cb-irlcr aud ns
further; and shall have perpetual succession, and by
their corporate name way sue and bo sued, plead and
be iiupicaucd ill any court oi' low and equity iu the
State of North .Carolina : and utav have and use a
i cuuiiuou seal, Which they, may idler and renew at
pleasure i and shall Dave and 'ciy y all oilier rights
an. wi"
hye-laws, rules and regulutiuns, us- are necessary fur
Iht) government ot the 'corporation, for elfectiug the
object for which it is created, uot inconsistent with
the Constitution and laws of the United States and
oi the State ot Nuith Carolina.
Sec. 7. That notice of process upon the principal
agents of said Coirpany, or the I'resiilvut or any of
the Dirjelors thereof, shall be deemed mid taken to
...... . . . ., ... ............. , .... . . .... - .--
be due i;nd Lwlul noiice uf service of process upon
! ibeCoiiiwuv, so as to Wilis it befoi'e any Court nuh-
. in the i-Late of .North Caivii.ia. .
See S. -That as S"0a as the sum of one million of
f shall have be
in subscribed in luauner af. re-
it sh:
11 be the duty of the Ceneiai Couiiais- !
sioncrs. appoititul un.lor the 51 1 sectiou of this Act, ;
to appoint a lime for the stock leddcrs to ncet at ,
Salisbury, in Hoivan Coutuv. which thev shall eiuse i
to be previously published,
; days, in one or iii.H-e newpi
, prop r, at which timo aud p
or the sp.i
pel's, as the
ice the s.i
.' thirty
I stoc
hoi- ;
ilers, in persou or ('foxy, shall proceed to ehct the j
Directors of the .Coui:any. and to enact ait such rt
! illations and bye-laws as may be necessary for the
i goverLiiicnt (if the Corjiorati ui and the transaction
' of its bttstuess : The persons elevted directors at !
. tlris iiieeiiii, shall erve such period, not exeecdiue;
: one year, as the sU'cUto'lcrs ai.iy direct.; and at this ,
' m-.eiin, the stockhol leis shall hx on the day -.ud !
; place or places wiicretbe subse.pieut election of di- i
j rectois saail be held j uu.l such ,-iee! bence
1 forth be ami u illy ma Je; but if the d iv of the annual
election should pass without, any election of iliree- )
tors, the eortoratieu shall not bo thoreoy dissolved,
but it shall be lawful ou any other d y to h d l and
tnaite such election in such ln iniHr as ui'iy be pre
scribed by a by-law of the corporation.
St'c. a. the aii'airs of' the c"tf.,woy shall
bo unnamed and directed by a
. ral uo ud, to
d.cte.l liy the
rat their li it
j com
I iSt if
1st ol twelve ..necttirs, to be
iholdeis from auion their iminb
tuil subsequent g.-neral annual uieetings, as pre- ,
sen! ed in section sta ol tins Act. (
.'C. 10. d hat the election ot directors shall bt
by I'a'lt't, each stiM'iii''k!er having as many votes
as.he has slian s ih the stock of said company ;
aud a p -rsiui having a niajnritv of all the votes
polled shall' be considered us duly electei
11. That tlie l'resid
ct the Company j
shall be elected by the director
tivui niiiong their ;
number, in such a manner as tho re
lalions of
til a reeitlar mcetiiw shall be thus formed ; and at
Bitch meeting the stockholders' may provide, by tv
by-law, as to tho number cf stockholders awl. the.
amount of stock to bo held by dhein, which shall
constitute a quorum for transacting business at all
subsequent regular or. occasional meetings ot)Stuck
holders and Directors.
Sec. 13. That at all elections, and upon all
votes taken in any general meeting of the stock
holders upon any by-law" or any "of the ti flairs' of
said company, each share of slack shall be enti
tled to one vote, and that any stockholder in said
company inuy vote by proxy ; and proxies niay be
verified iu such tuaiiuor'as the stockholder's by by.
laws may prescribe. . '. ,;.
. ,': Sec. 1-i. That the general corntnifsioriers shall
make their return' of tho shares of stock subscribed
for, at the first 'general meeiiiigof slocklioldtrs, mid
pay over to the directors elected at' said meeting,
or their authorized agent, all sums of money re
ceived from subscribers, and for failure therefor,
shall be personally liable to said company, to be
recovere I at the suit of .said company, in any of
the Superior courts of line in this. Stite, within
tne county where suclideiin picnt or linqueiits may
reside, and in like manner the said delinquent or
delinquents' executors or administrators, incntse
of his er their death.
Sec. 13. That the board of directors may fill
all vacancies which may occur in it dining the
period for which tliey have been elected, and in the
absence of the President may fill his place by p-.
lecting a President pro Uiiifore from among their
Sec. 1G. That all contracts or agreements, au
thcnticiited by the President and Secretary of the
board of directors, shall be binding on the compa
ny, without a seal, or such a mode of authentica
tion may be used, as the cutiipiny, by their bye
laws, may adopt,
?ec. 17. That the company shall have power
and may proceed to construct, as speedily as pes
sible, a rail road, with one or more tracks, to bo
used with steam power, which shall extend from
the. Wilmington and Raleie'i Rail Road, where
the same parses over Nouse River, in the county of i
wayne, vta Kuleigli and Ibalisliirry, to the town ol
- ..
town ol
Lharlotte, in .Mecklenburg county: said c
may use any section of the rail con.
by them before the wltolo of said road shall be
Sec. 18. That the said company shall have
1 the exclusive right of conveyance or transportation
ot person), ptooils. merchandise and produce over
the said rail road, to be by them constructed, at
such charges as may be fixed ou by a majority of the
Sec. 10. That the said company may, when
they sec tit, farm out their right of transportation
over said rail road, subject to the rules above men
tioned; and said company and overy person who
may have received from them the right of truns-
p , i i i ,i .i1 nil id OTMidji. u:,ri;a nun nrm neo n-i Inn 3H ul i
rail road, shall be deemed and akeu to be a com-
mon carrier, as respects all goods, wares, produce
. .. ' . ts ' 'I
aed mercuandise entrusted to them for transjiorta
tion. See. 20. That the board of directors may call
for the payment of the sums subscribed as stock in
said company in such instalments as the interest
of said company may, in (heir opinion, require:
the call lor each payment shall bo published in
one or more newspapers in this Stale for the space
of one month before the day of payment;. and on
tailure ol any stockholder to pay each instalment
as th S3 required, the directors may sell at public
auction, on a previous notice of ten days, ft r cash,
all tlie stock subscribed for in said company, by
such stockholder, and convey tho same to the pur
chaser at said sale; and if said sale of slock do
not produce a sum sufficient to pay off the inciden
tal expenses of the sale, and the ctiliro amount
owing 1)5 such stockhuldorto the company for such
subscription of stock, then and in that case the
whole cf such balance shall be held and taken as
due at once to tho company, and may be recovered
of such stockholder or bis executors, administra
tors or assigns, at the suit of said company, either
by summary motion in any court of superior juris
diction in the county where the delinquent resides,
on a revlous notice of ten days to said subscriber,
or by the action of assumpsit in any court of com
petent jurisdiction, or by a warrant before a justice
of the peace,, wl e e the sum does not exceed one
hundred dollars; and in all cases of assignment
of stock, before the whole amount has been paid
to the Company, then for nil. sums duo on such
stock, both tho original subscribers, and the first
and all subsequent assignees shall be lijblo to the
company, and the same may be recoveredas above
described. ,
So.'.. 2! . I'lu'.t (he ill bt of stockhol iers, due to J
the company for stock therein, either us i r gmal
piU,J.l,.Ui Ui .11 UlkUi 3l4u4Wut UBU. t.
C . .... . .- ... O
, ,.,,,,1,1. .rod n
ot equal uruiilv
mat tli'iitty with judgments
iii the distribution of assets of a deceased stock-1
liol.lor. by his ropresentitive?. i to
Sec. J. That said company shall issue certs-1 my t imlti'twl tor miMcmeanur, ant! upon con
c'ales of stork to iia members ; and aid stock may ! viction, line 1 and imprisoned by any court of com
hij transferred in such manner ami (bttaas uiy be p"tent jurisdiction. . '
diroeU'd by the by-laws of the CJtnany. " j Sec. 3A That if any person shall wilfully ami
Sec. 2. That the said conijmny msv, at any' mulifiutisly destroy, or in any nunner hurt, or diim
time, iucivaso its capital to a suiii stiiiicienl to j age. or obstruct, or shall wilfully and mtilicionsly
complete. ?aid lioad.'iiot'c'SewHlinjt.-' ' i cause, or aid, or tissist or counsel and advise any
dollars, either by openinu; books for new stock or j other person or persons to tK's'.roy,. or in any nutn
by selliii;j Riicli'now slock, or by borrowing money i hurt, ilanrtpe or destroy, iiijuro or obstruct
on ;b' credit of tlto company, an I on ilio niort- j the said rail road, or anv . bridge, or. voltlcio tiled
i ifuov of its charter and vvorks ; '-and the manner in
which the ?amo shall be done in either ease, glial!
be prescribed by tho ttoclihokl'jrs at a general nieet
i'. . '':',
dec. 21. . Thtit the board of .'.irectors shall once
in every year, at L'asf, make a full report on the
statu of the company, and its iill'tirs to a seiieral
iiteei'.' of t'w stockhi'ii! -rs, iiud efeifei if ieitii
red by a by-law. and r.hail have pmver to cull a
eiieral mectiiej; of the stoeUholilers,-when t!ie
board uiay i!i e:n it expedient ;. and tlu cotnpany
t.i:ay provide, m liietr tiv-laws, tor occasional t;
"iner" b' iter call.'.l. and
Sec. 2o. 'i' the
escriba ilio iiiet tlp reof. I
til conitianv mav nnrcli-
have and 110,0, in fee, or for a
an !,. tenement?, or heredit uiic
term of years.
its, which lin e
apptirtena n-"i-it-iries,
tuts or a -tents
be no
s.try lor too said K-v.d, or
cof, or it .r :h.' erection uf dc
hoiises itu' tho plticers. ser
res thi-f
of ilio r
ompanv, 'T lor worl,
ns or foundries, to 1
be list d for the said company ;or turp
or oilier iit'ileria's nocessary to the 1
the Rt
i r tor eiieetiii i tfaiisp jilatioii lliercon
titi l for no ot'nr purposes wlut'.'v
. Sec. 2'.!. the company shall have the right,
when necessary, to 'conduct the said road across or
any puii.ic. road or water course : ( 'rot id. j
That the
lid company shall hot obstruct anv public
road, without cnstrut'tin-; atiotberc::u.,l'y as good Cii'ivejiieiit, tair w.thoiit making a. draw iiiativ
lii'i.l'i.' of said road, -which lu'av cross W navigablu I
stream, sutlicient lor the. p tssage ot. '-Vi'ssels navi
g..tiiio' such stream, wiiicli draw shill be opened
l": iiie. company I'. r tho free passage of Vessels,
naviiiatiii such streant,
-1-7 - T'l. J.. tiui, t-.nit .At- ri.rht .'.f
u , ', ";'.iri a 'l,v said conioanv' tor the imnxise i
1 cotisiriicting thur road, and lor .the want ol a- 1
i greeuieut as to the value tliereot, or trout any other
i cause, the s.tme cannjt bo purchased from the
i owner or owners, 'tne same may be, taken at a' val
I uatiun to be made by livo commissioners, or a fna-
joritv of them, to bo appointed by anv court ot
r i,-,,,;,,,,,..,.,,,,,,, I.,,. insiiict;.in"iu die eotintv
. .'-... .. ,,,,,. , ',, ,- .., :
., in 1 1. n.niit. m . ui in.. iLiiit v-i ii.:in .it " t , io .-.iL-uated,
. In making the said valuation, the said
commissioners- shall take into consideration the
loss or damage which may accrue to the owner or
owners in consequence ot the land or the right of
way being surrendered, and the benefit and advan
tage he, -pile ot tliey limy receive. from the erection
or establishment of the rati road or work, and shall
state particularly the value and amount of each.;
and the evcuvs of loss u nil dama ge, over and above
the advantage and benefit, shall forth the measure
of .valuation uf the Faid land or rij'l.t of way :
Pnicit! v,' H.Tcrfi... '..', that if iiny pCrsi
I sons oyer whose land llie rvau. may paes, should be
I dissatisfied wish the valuation of said Couiniission
1 ers, ifiOn.iiiiu in that cas1, the person or jiersons so
j dissalislied n ay have an' app al to the Superior
1 Cuir! in III.' oun nt v whprn tho s i id Co Inn ! inn lov
been made; or in either county in which toe lull I
! lies, when it may lie in more than one county, un
der the same rules, regulations and restrict ions as
in appeals from judgmeiitscf justices of the peticji
The proceedings of tho said commissioners, ao
coiiipanieii with a full description of the said land
pr right of way, shall be returned, tinder the hands
and seals of it majority of the commissioners, to
the court from w hich the commission issued, there
to remain a mutter of record. And the laii.'s or
right of way so valued by the said commissioners,;
shall vest in llie said company so long as- the same
shall bo used for the purposes of said rail road, so
soon as the valuation may bo paid, or, when refu
sed, may have been tendered : Provided, that on
application for the appointment of commissioners,
under this section, it shall be oiade to appear to the
satisfaction of the conrt, that at least ten days pre
vious notice has been given by the applicant to the
owner er, owners of land so proposed to be con
demned, or, if the owner or owners he infants or
non ciimpos mrnite, then to" the zuardiao of such
owner or owners, if such guardian can be found
within the county, or if ho cannot be so found,
tuen siien appoiiiuueius snail no: no matie unless i
notice of (lie application shall hive been published,
at east one month next nrecediiif. in book? newt. I
paper printed as convenient as may be to the court
house of the county, and shall have been posted
lit lb dm. r nf I hp i-ulirl hunts at, th.t ili-f it , ,. -. s
least in tne term oi court, to Wincil llie ap
p'icatinn is made : I'rociu'nl'urA'ir, that the valu
ation provided for in this section. 'shall be made on
.....!. 1 .. .1 - ' ! .1" I. .
o.uii oy me ctauiiii.-s.oneis. aioresaiti, wiucn oain,
any justice ol the peace, or clerk ot tho court of the
county in which the land or a part uf it lies, is
... itu, uuui.iiiLui i.iniiiii.insii.1 , i 1 1 i.c uj tt! li? I ,
inpiim nul u. t. n.l. v . It .
i aii.ii.iiiu iim oi coiiueiuuaiieii Herein granteu
, slwll m a,loriw the eaill Coi!lpa,,v to invade the
dwelling house, vard. garden or burial ground of
any individual, without his consent. -
That tho rioht of condemnation ' herein i-ranted
Sec. 23. . That the right of said company to
condemn lands in the manner described in the 27th
section of this act, ehall extend to the condcniiiing
cue hundred fee! on each side of liteimin track of
the road, measurim from the cntre of the same,
unless in case of deep cuts and fi lings, when said
company shall hate power to condemn as much in
addition thereto, as nuy be necessiry for the pur
pose of constructing said road; and the company
shall also have power to condemn any appropriate
lands in like manner, for theconstrtit'tingand buil
ding of depots, shops, ware-houses, buildings for
a - .t"i--, " m-uta .iiiu outruns tuiiumyey ou i c ro tu,
1 t J . 1
"'J.'two acres in any one lot or station
I Zl V of, "T?
Or Contracts Will Ma i enmn:i tur in n. ilmn h tin ,
through which the said road or its branches may
pass, signed by the owner thereof or by his agent,
or any claimant or person in possession thereof,
w hich may be confirmed by tho owner thereof, it
shall bo presumed that the land upon which the
said road or any of its branches may be construc
ted, together with a space of ono hundred feet on
each side of the centre of the Baid read, has been
granted to the said company, by the owner or own
ers thereof j aud the said company shall have good
right and title thereto, and shall have, hold and
enjoy the same as long as the same be used for the
purposes of paid road and no longer, unless the
person or persons owning the said land at the time
that part of tlie said road which may be on the said
land, was finished, or those claiming under him,
her or them, shall apply for an assessment of the
value of said lands, as hereinbefore directed, with
in two years next after that part of said road,
which may bo on the said land, was finished ; and
in case tlw said owner or owners, or those claim
ing under him, her or them, shall net apply within
two years next after the said part was finished, he,
sho or they shall be forever barred from recover
ing said land or having nny assessment or com
pensation therefor I Provided, nothing herein con.
tained shall affect the rights of yl'me eocerfror in
fants, until two years after the removal of their
respective disabilities. "' .'
Sec. 30. That all lands not heretofore cranled
to any rerson, nor appropriated by law to the use
of the Slate, w ithin one hundred feet of tho centre
of said road, which may be constructed by the said
eo noany, shall vst in tise company as soon as tbe
I line of tlie road is definitely laid oe.t through it,
nn - 1 any gratd of said la ml thercalter shall be void,
fee., iit. 1 hat it any person or persons snau
...H.l.UV , - . ,... . . IUIL IV...V, ,. -.1 '.
l.,ti..., m-,n tin, em r . i r.v . ur ,11. tf ninminr fit
use utorcoi, or oi tne rutins ami privileges coimeo-
ted therewith, without, the
permission "r contrary
the will of the said crtnprny, lie, !ie or they
lor or in tho transportation tlierron, any water
j tank, ware-house , or any other property of sal
; company, such person or. persons an olHiuling,luiU
be liable to be indirloJ tliDrrftnf.'und.un eouviction,
.s'nl! bo imprisoned not more .than, six, nor low
; than one month, ait J pay a fine not exceeding live
hand red dollars, nor less than twenty (.ol'.ars, at the
I discretion of the court before which said conviction
sha'.l take- place ; and shall bo further liable to' pay
j nil i ;cp("tses of repairing' the stme , ah-1 it shall
; nolb.; comfotent lor anv per.-'Mis so o!!t,n..mir a-
ffttnst tlio provisions of this eDtttso to him
s 11 by 'pleadinj or giving in evjilence that he win
the owner, awut or servant oil the otv ner ol tin
land 'where such destruction, linrrfTdauuije, in.u
rv, or obstrticlioii was done, at tne tnuo tlr
was done or e tu-e.i to be done
. Sec. 33. That every obstruction to the safe and
free passage of vehicles on the said Road or its
branches deemed a public nuisance, and
ieuruig stone 1 "v,y W abated as sticn oy any oilieer, agent or , j iy all the rights, franchises, powers and privile
11 .tructiuii 'of -I servant of said Comn inv ; ami the person causing j ges, ves e I in and e Mntr4 to the Raleigh and
such obstruction may be indicted and punished lor
erecting a public nuisance.
Skc 31. That the said rompany shall have the
ri;dit to taae at Ihentore-hoiises they may e-ttiWish ;
jn,or annex to the.r rail road or the branches there- j
ui,- iiii tiiu. iirrs, iMfi (Miiiiu:.u tmu juu.tino ; .
intenilfd lot ir,iiisj'oriutnn, proscune ruiea hi pri
ority ami rtWize aiiil it'civc such mihI i.i-usiiub!e
coitKiiiiia'iiiii fur i;!iir'rti;i'v a-i they Uv ru!t a m:iy es-
I ta!)!ili fwliit !i they hail cause to he p!i!i'Uliir or
as iit;iv l (ix'd iv arut'iDi'iit w'.Mi tlse owner which
! may be distinct from llie rates of transportation;
1 PriitUfl, that the' said company shall not charge or
r..n,.l.. t, .,,-. .. i.n.,,10 .. r,. I, , . I ; . (, mm -
...!.i..U I. a. I.. I c..p...l tl..n 1 ll,u ,.l
""tin i'. tt' , .i - ..... - , 1
u'lar dennsilork-s for imniedi.ite Iranvnoilatioii. and '
winch the company may ham power to transport
That the profits of the company, or i
i- . I I 1 ... I I ...... I
..SEC. 3j
so .much thei'i'iii as the ovneral board may deem
advisable, shall, when the affairs' of tlie company
will permit; be semi-annually divided among the
stock-holders, iu proportion to the stock each may
own. .
Ski', llij.. . That whenever it shall appear to the
Hoard of Internal Improvements of this State, by
a certificate under the seal of said company, sign
ed by their Treasurer add Coutitcrsignedjiy their
President, that one third havo been subscribed for
and taken, and that tit least five hundred thousand
dollars of said stock lias been actually paid Into
the hands of said Treasurer of said company, the
said Koard of Internal Improvements shall be,' and.
they are hereby authorized ahl require. I to sub
scribe on behalf of the State, for-stock in said
company, to the amourd of two millions of dollars
to the capital stock of said company. ; and the sub-'
seription shall lie paid in the following manner, to
wit: -Tlie nun fourth part as soon asihe saitl com
pany shall commence w ork, and one fourth there
of every six months thereafter, until the whole
Ascription in behalf of llie Slate
ha 'I bo paid :
Provided, the Treasurer and President of said
company shall,. before they receive tho aforesaid
instalments', satisfactorily assure the Hoard of In
ternal Improveint tits; by the certificates, under tho
seal of said company, that an amount of llie pri
vate subscription lias been paid in equal proportion
to the stock (subscribed by the Slate. .:
Sue. 37. That if in case the present Legisla
ture shall not provide the necessary and ample
means to pay tlie aforesaid instalments, on the
stock subscribed for on behalf of the State, as pro
vided for in lhe .Ib'tli section .of this 'act, and iii
that event, tho. Board of Internal Improvement
aforesaid, shall, and they are hereby authorized
and empowered 'to borrow, on the credit of the.
State, not exceeeding two millions of dollars, as
the same may be needed by the requirements of
this act.
Site. 85. That if in case it shall become, neces
sary to borrow the money, by this act authorized,
the Public Treasurer shall issue the necessary
.-.. . i; i i .. i ..... "t
cert cates, s "nee uv n ise a iu con uera gneu i
., . ii , , ,, "v i
he thrt. 1 iviiislrn ni" ill enma tint ipift 1lian Anit i
thousand dollars each, pledging the State for the
pn vtnent of the sum therein mentioned, with inter-
jest thereon at the rate of iuterc.-t not exceeding
! six percent, per annum, payable semi-annually,
I at such ti nes and places as the Treasurer may
; appoint the principal of which certificates shall
he redeemable at the end of thirty years from the
time the same are issued ; but no greater amount
of such certificates shall be isMtcd at any one
! time than may be sufficient to meet the instalment
required to be paid by the State at that lime.
Snr. 39. Iii ii further (nneted, That the Comp
troller shall register the said certificates at large
... J 1. , 1 ' . , r ,1 ,
. "!'" m " l""r.'
i ,, .
! .,,,no
j ri! 'lvcr3, 11
the same to the Public I reastirer, he shall
im in his books witli the amount therent,
"!"' a,0 w,ln 1111 ?u " ' V l"01 un"c
I ' ! !l' !' 'y ol premium cn
the sale of the said certificates, an account of i
which the Pulihe Treasurer snail rendi r to the '
Comptroller, so soon as negotiaiitnis from time to
time, for the sale of said certificates, are closed.
Sec. 40.. Ik it farther tmtcleJ, That if it shall
become necessary to issue thj certificates afore
said, the Public Treasurer shall advertise in one
or tnoro newspapers, as ho may think best, and in
vito sealed proposals for such amount of the afore
said sum of two millions of dollars as may be
wanted at any ore time, an ! it shall be his duty
to accept those terms which may be most advan
tageous to the State : Provided, that in no event
shall any of lhe said ceiliticales be sold for lo s than
their par value ; and any premium which may be
obluined ou the sale of said cerlificittei ehall be plac
ed ia lhe public treasury, and used as other public
funds in tbe payment of interest on tbe debt hereby
Sec. 41. Tie it farther enacted, That as security
lor the redemption of said certificates of debt, the
public faith of the State of Nurlh Carolina is here
by p'edged to the holders thereof, and in addition
thereto all the stock held by tho State in "The ;
North Carolina Rail Road Company" hereby cre
ated, shall be, and tbe same is hereby, pledged '
for that purpose, and any dividends of profit which
may, from time to time, be declared on the stock
held by the Slate as aforesaid, applied to
the payment nf the interest accruing on Baid cer
tificates; but until such dividends of profit may
be declared, it shall bo lhe duty of lhe Treasurer,
and he is hereby aullioriiteil and directed to pay
all such interest as the same may accrue out uf
anv moneys in Hi a Treasury not otherwise ap
propriated. " - '. '
Sec, 4A Be it further enacted, That lhe cer
tificates of debt hereby aui.iorized lobe issued,
shall be transferable by the holders thereof, their
agent! or attorneys, pmperly constituted, in a
book to be kept by the Public Treasurer for that
purpose; aud in every instance, where a transfer
is made, the -outstanding certificate shall be sur
rendered and given up to the Public Treasurer,
and by hint canceled and a new one, for the
same amount, issued iu its place to the person lo
whom the same is trans firred.
Sec. 41). Tint the State shall appoint the
number of directors' In said company, in propor
tion e the stock subscribed, who shall be appoin-
ted by the Governor, by and with the advice ami
consent oi ins council, ana removed iu into man
Sec. 4 1 That the followini; otTicera ami ser-
vani anu persons mine actual employment ol
mi; a,4iu v ue, aim Luuy hi u iictuoy ttxeuip
ted from tllfi parfornoin. e of jury nnd nrdinary
miliilii umy : Mic President and Treasurer of
the board of directors, and chief and assistant en-
oitiGefs, the secroiiines and ar.nuuntants ot tho
company, keepers of tho depositories, guard sta
tioned on the roid to protect 11 from injury, and
surh poisons as may be working the locomotive
engines and travel dug. with cars for tho purpose
of altendinj to the transporting of produce, goods
and passengers 011 the road,
Sec, lie u enacted. 1 hat for tho purpose of
putt ins 'ho lialcigh and Gaston Ral Road 111
good ;nd complete order for the profitable trans
portation of persons and produce, and for the fur
ther purpose of rcvivingtiie late Raleigh and Gas
ton If al Uoad cotnpinv, Rhodes IN. Horndon,
Thoui is Miller, John S. E-iton, of Uranville coun
ty; William J. Hawkins, Weldon N. hdivards,
(iuori;e 1) Baski rvnle, of Warren county; (Joorge
W. iMordecai, Richard Siiiith, W. W. Ilolden,
ol WitKe county ; John I). Hawkins, Sr.. Allen
0. Petty, John 1) 11 iwkius, Jr. ot 1' r.iiiklin cnin
ty; and the'lato stockholders of and obl g irs for
the Rah igh ai d Gaston Rail Road Company, or
any part ui them, and ttich other persons anj
as may associate with iheni, are
ho e 7 crtati. d a bi dy polit c and corporate, by the
untie a d style of tho Rdeigh and Gaston Rail
R.iad (.'oiiij a iy and by that name shall be able to
sue and Le sued, and shall have, possess and en-
U istoii K 1! Ruad C inpiny, by an act, entilled
An Ac 1 1 iucorpnrile the Raleigh and Gaston
Rail Itiml Coir ) Miv." iia-sed by ihe General As
suubly of this St.ite on the day of , and
s;i:ili Be (,.,i,ji.,-t to. all the restraints, . I initat otis.
rc i its and Ihihiidii.s imimsfi! he Ihnaaul act
a"d all the other provisions of the said act, so far j
as ihs Miim rninnin 'm hi. r.v,o.,n,.d. am hrrobv '
lb-el r d to be in full force and tdlec.t, upon the !
foihift ing terms and conditions nevertheless
Sic. 4i. la it educed. It at whenever lhe
said pi rsons and their associates nami d in llie
foregoing section, shall have sub.-criled the sum
, ,f it , n h n n.t r...l ! I.. ....... ...I .1, .! 1 .. rc (. I I. . mimrhiii
afireaaid. ami F.hll b .vo f x ended the sanie ill
putting the Kaleioh ai.u Gaston Rail Road ill fml
and cofnp. etc order, wnb heavy I Kail iron, or
0.,cr , equally mind, not -Wci-'hiiKr less linn
1 " c . " .
till? p u ids to iliey ird, then one halt ol the said
IU 1 Ro d, ui Ii all the inachiuo si o is, Depots,
wa er stations, L'digiues .Couches, Cars aud every
oilier property app irtaining to the said Rail Road
shall be sold conveyed and transferred to the said
suit ribers, their heirs and issigns, by tho Gov
ernor under the great, seal ol the State ; End the
si d hue sockhod.Ts aid oi i'ors ol the si id
Raleigh and Gaston Rail Road Company, shall
b; and are hereby declared to be loiever teleased
and discharged from all liability to the State, for
and on account of the said ugh and tS. aion
Rail Road Company, upon the payment nf costs
incurred.' And lhe Governor is hereby author
iied, and it is declared to be his duty to suspend
the for lief prosecution of suits brought by the
S'ta-tci against the said s'ocklioldcrs and obligors,
un'il it can be ascertained whether tho said sub
scribers are willing to accept the condition! ol
this act, and that Ihcy shall be allowed two years
from the passage of this act to make known their
determination to theiGovcrhor.' And if the terms
and conditions of this act shall be accepled. ami
the work commenced within two years, and fin
ished within three years from .the ratification. of
this act, then this act shall continue and bo in
lull force for ninety years and no longer.
See. 47. Be ti further enacted, That if the con.
(Jil tons of this act are accepted and the sum ot
five hundred thousand dollars shall have been
subscribed by solvent subscribers, to be. judged
of bv tlie Governor and Attorney General, then
and in that case, the said subscribers shall have
lawful authority to.morigagc tmo half of the said
Rail Road, to enable Hu m to obtain the necessa
ry credit to purchaso a paitofllio iron which
will be needed for said Road.
- Sec.48.. Be it further enacted, That if the said
subscribers shall refuse or neglect to accept the
terms and conditions of this act, then all the ben
efits uf the same shall be granted to Thomas F
Wyatt, John Campbell, Thomas P. Devereux,
Ai dreiv Joi ner, Woldon N. Edwards, Geonje 1).
Biskerville and Alexander Hawkins, and such
l . . , ... , , ,
o her persons ea may associate with I Item, wit
. .. r . . - . ,
sh.ll accept and comply with ail the terms and
conditions of the same; aud they and their suc
cessors are hereby incorprrjd into a Company,
by the name and style of theRaleigh and Giston
Rail Road Company, and by that name shall have
lawful authority to sue and be sued, to hold p 8
sess and enjoy all the rights, franchises, poivir
and privileges granted by this act and shall be
subject to all tho restraints, limiiations, restric
tion', nnd liubiliiieB imposed by the e uiic.
Sec. 41). Be it enacted, That whenever the
Roanoke Rail Rod Company or the Seaboard
and Roanoke Rail Road Company, with or with
out the aid ol individuals, shall subscribe to tbe
Rale'gh and Gaston Rail Road Conitt iy, one
half of the sum necessary to construct a Rail
Road from some convenient point on lhe Rtleigh
and Gaston Rail Road, near the L ttleton Depot,
or any point between that Depot and Rianoke
River) and the Town of Weldun, orany point in
the neighborhood thereof, so as lo connect with
tile Wiluiingto and Raleigh Rail Road, and the
Seaboard an I Roanoke Rail Road, and shall ex
pend the said sum in forming the said connection,
then the siid Raleigh and Gaston Railroad shall
be extend d to the said town of Weldon or neigh
borbo.ul thereof, and the Public Treasurer is
hereby authorised and directed to subscribe for
an eqiiol sum for and in behalf of the Statu, and
pay lor such su scriptioi'joutof any money in tl
Treasury not otherwise appropriated; and for the
wantof8Uc!i n oney in the Treasury, Pu'd c
Treasurer is hereby autliotized to borrow the
sum at a ra-o ofimeiest not exceeding six per
cent. er annum, and to issue bonds payable al
any time wdliiu ten years, for not less than five
hundred dollars each.
Sec. 50 And be it further enacted, That one of
the condiirons of this cliarter is that this General
Assembly shall have power and authority at any
future ses-don to establish, regulate and control
lhe intercourse between the North Carolina Rat)
Road and the Raleigh and Gaston Rail Road, so
as best to secure to the public an easy and con
venient paBsage of persons and properly.
Sec 51. Beit further enacted, That the sum
of forty tbonsiiud dollars, tp be raised by the State
In the same manner as other moneys are raised
by the provisions of this act, be, and the same Is
hereby appropriated for the purpose of clearing
out and improving the navigation of the river
Neuse, between the town of Newborn and llie
town of Smitbfi 'ld. And a'so, that tbe further
sum of twenty-five thousand dollars, to be raised
in like manner, bo and tho same is hereby anprf
priated, for the purpose nf clearing out and im
proving the navigation ol the l ar river between
llie town of Washington and the falls of the said
river; aud that his Excellency the Governor is
hereby empowered and required to appoint su.t
able commissioners to carry into effect lhe re
quireu.enls of this section i Provided, the sum
hereby appropriated to the Neuse and l ar River!
shall not be paid by lhe public Treasurer, until
the railroad company shall have subscribed the
whole amount of the stock required from Ihoin,
by tho provisions of this act, and have Commenc
ed operation on said road.
Sec, 5J. Be itfufther enacted, that as soon as
the said North Carolina Rail Road is commenced
ami the superstructure of the same laid down at
Raleigh, tha owners, proprietors and authorities
ot the llileioli and Gaston Rail Road shall be,
-ud Ihcy are hereby authuriied and empowered
to effect a junction and form an actual c.nnuoxinii
with the said North Carolina Rail Road, at such
point at or in the vinuiiv of Raleigh as they in
their discretion mav select.
Sec. 03. De further enacted. That nil Hip works
hereby required of the North Carolina R.eid
Companr shall be executed with duo diligence,
and if thev be not commenced within throe'vear
aliot he r attlication of this let, and finished within
ten years after the period of commencement, then
this charter shall bo forfeited.
Ratified 27ih dayof January, 1949.
TFstiuiciently supported, the subscriber intends t
publish a monthly paper of eight pages, for tlie
purpose of diffusing information on thesnbiect of
education with the especial view of improving
the character of our Common Schools,
It is liiteu led to give an account, drawn from
the public documents and other sources, of the or
igin and progress of onr Common School system,
to compare it with that of other States here anil
in Europe, thus noting our improvement over for
mer years and suggesting the means of overcotn-
1 u:g tho detects anil dilticulties under winch we still
j labor, This will 'ad lis to investigate the sources
front which school funds are derived, the modes of
their npdic.ition, the preservation of. order in
schools, the o.loction of proper books for study, the.
recreation suitable for the pupils, the treatment te
cessary for different dispositions. &c.
And believing that the State which. would im
prove its schools must first improve its teachers, 1
portion of our columns will be devoted to the ques
tions How are our schools to be snnnlied with
competent teachers ? How is the standard of od-
""li l'e raised, and the services of a band
secured ho are well qualified to iro forth and ia
sl,irit pr love. 1,ll,or f',r '! advancement of the.
Liin'.iii-n unu airpiaceu uiioer ineir Cliare I
l!ut Kdueationisa word of very extensive mean
ing.nml although the primary object of the puhli
caiuai may frequently tako tm into the school
room, we do not intend to be always confined there.
Our subject matter is the human mind and the in
fluences good and bad, with a. view of previittinjj
the one and strengthening thp other which ca
be brought to operate u point. That tins is a thrmtff
the deepest moment none can deny. It grasps the in
terests not of this werld only it reaches through
eternity. We shall not hesitate then as occasioa
may demand, to enter tho family circle, to place
onrseives on the streets or mingle in the burr
crowd and there sot forth the rules of life and
principles of conduct which wo behevo will pro
mote the good of our race here and redound to our
everlasting wellare in the life which is to come.
The publication will lie pommenced in Greens
boro , so soon as a sulhcient numberof subscriber
can be obtained to defray the expenses of printirf
In bu printed on fuirti pe, at 50 cents A your,
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Letiers relating to the pa per may be directed
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Siihscription alto received nt the Patriot Oiliest.
The papers of the State, and others friendly to
(he cause ol Education are requested to publish
notice the above NLHLL'S SILNDLM1U L.
, 2d mo, 7, 1848.. ;'
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can, may bo furnished with a eopy, h tntreby in-
Vites - r
to forward their orders to him an early i possible, null
they shall be supplied tJllATClTOUSLY with ns;
many eefrfes as they may. deem necessary to tmppl
tboir variotia cualauwrs. They aw: aba Invited at tho
same tima, to send a copy of their "UUSINES;
O.VIIJ)," which will ta'praitod on placed m Uw
on the cover of the Almauum sent them, also T-ilbom,
chants. ' ' ' -' . e I
They are also roquenled to give all necessary direo ,
lions bow the Almiuiac should be forwarded to. then.
By luw tliey canont be sent by maU ouiew the post,
ago is first paid ou them heie
Orders (post paid) directed to Pit. D. JAYNE,
Tl!iltwl..liihiM. wilt tni;jt u-h), nrrti n ntletlluill. - .-
$T FAMILIES cau obtain these Almanacs drat,
is of R.C. M.VYN ARH,
Agent for tho sale of all Dr. Jnyne's Celebrate.'
Family Mtdiciucf at Fruukluitow N. C

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