North Carolina Newspapers

We confess we have been a gnod deal bewilder
ed by the many accounts we hare seen, wiiinii tin1
last three or Tour months, or this El Dr:id ; nd
have coine tu tlie condition, that, among the ol'U-u
conflcting intelligence, it it hard totelt liow far re
liance can be placed upon the new with which al
most every paper twins. One woulJ think, tint
from tlto great quantities of preciru motal report
ed to abound, and from the large amounts reported
to be obtained, by almost every body thero, in very
short period of time, that a continued and rich
stream of it would, by thin time, be flowing into
our country. But lh receipts of Gold here from
California are mengre but very little of it has
been coined it Is by no means certain that much
has been shipped and we have seen no accarak
mention of any one having returned with a fortune
obtained by hi own It-bor in the " gold diggim."
l'erhapi some might say it is yet too early to ex
pect thin satisfying, and we uiight say, occular
proof of the richness of the California mines. We
answer, it is only what one would be led to expect
from the accounts us published. For if a fortune
can be obtained in some two or three mouths, sure
ly some lucky possessor of said fortune would
drift along homeward, bringing it witli him, and
putting the mattor beyond dispute tslling his story
plainly and Intelligibly, and noin' the gli.ter
ing muss in its confirmation. When this is done,
we may have less reason to wonder ut the " !
jii'u" which prevails, and may owu ourselves sub
ject to the iJo infection.
We apprehend, however, it is no matter of dis
pute that the Gold region of California is very
lich, and, in time, a man may gatlier enough ol it,
to make hiiii comfortable marry, not without la
',. bar. And if any one has been tolled off there, ii.
tlw' expectation that the guttering is an easy taek ;
that gold can be picked up, in junks, on top of the
ground, and that he will have nothing to do, but to
till up his bag, and bear it safely away with him to
a land of comfort, we are confident he will be very
sorely deceived. We rather think that tho loafer
here, will be nothing but a loafer, when he gets to
California ; and in any view of the case, it is only
the fe.Wer the industrious, sober and prudent la
borer, who would win gold in California, ;to' be
useful and beneficial tu himself and to his family ;
as it is only that class that deserves to win it hero
or clsevhere, and to enjoy it after it is obtained.
It is probable that the mania lui somewhat sub
sided in our country. It is now a mouth since
we liad any reliable news from California. The
dearih has-been so severely felt, that much intelli
gence has thorefore been coiwa' to excite tho pub
lic mind. The sober reality, we hope, will soon
be knowu ; so that men may not be deceived and
disappointed, to gather a fortune In a day would
bo too great luck even for California to aflqrd,and
it would be belter not to look for it in any event,
no matter what may bo said. The first nf April
i nearly here and micfc and late news may there
fore be expected direct and prodigious.
We ban? had several lately ; and it becomes
our riliA'iis io be exceedingly careful, at ttiis sea
son of the year. While March wind are blowing
any tiw which should break out in our City would
ne very destructive and the heart shrinks at the
very thought of it. Let overy one be very particu
lar about fire. ...
The accounts brought by the Canada, show
that the British Markets are dull and gloomy.
Tho war news from India, and the news from this
country of the large amounts of Cotton at the prin
cipal exporting ports, ha given a decided check to
the Cotton Market, and caused prices to decline a
quarter of a penny per lb. Fair Uplands are now
quoted at 4 a 5 eighths ; Mobile, 5 and 3 fourths ;
and Orleans, 5 and 7 eighths.
The quotations from the Northern markets are
therefore of little consequence, until the effects of
the above news are felt
Favetteville, March 27. Cotton 6 a Cj.
Flour 4 a 4 J ; Corn 50 a 55 ; Bacon 9 a 7 ; Lard
At Ciuklestos Cotton 5J a 71. Total re
ceipts of Cotton, 2,012,290 bales, against 1,026,
746 U.-t year.
At New Vokk Upland Cotton, 6 to 63;
Flour fij and J ; Wheat, white, 18i) and 136;
Corn, 58 and 80; Rice, 2 a 3 ; Tobacco 3 a 7.
BajItiuokb, March- 20. Market' unsettled.
Howard St. Flour,
and white 43 a 4G.
$4 G2J; Yellow Cum 50 c.
At the Annual Commencement of Hampden
Sydney Medical College of Virginia, at Richmond,
on Tuesday last, twenty-lour gentlemen were gra
duated, of whom one was. from this State, John
C James, of Rockingham county.
Tlie. University of Maryland graduated sixty
four M. D's on Tuesday last, of whom the follow
ing were from North Carolina ;
. E. Lafayette Dusenberry, Win. B. Harrell, and
Gabriel P.' White. ' ''
And, at the Commencement of the Medical Col
lege of the State of South Carolina, forty-five
gentlemen received their Diplomas ; among them,
B. Leventhorpe, of Rutherfordton, N. C, whoso
1 hems was unanimously selected by die 1 acuity
for the Aunuul Prize. .
The cool manner in which some of our brethren
of the press are in the habit of appropriating our
articles, without giving credit, has almost ceased
to amaze iw. Justice and fair dealing, it would
rem to us, requires a different course yet most
of the papers in the StUe, (with one or two hon
orable exceptions) have niado no bones of availing
themselves of our labor in reporting and publish
ing proceedings of the Legislature, and sketches
and full reports of speeches, which cost us both
toil and mwncy, without any acknowledgment
whatever, and as if Ihey had incurred the labor
and expenditure themselves taking them bodily
4'rom the " Raleigh Times," without letting their
reader know there la such a paper in existence.
We are aware that the press in Raleigh has
usually been subjected to such depredations yet
is it no less unfair though we have never com
plained of it before. And we have only now to
say, that we are always gratified whenever we
can present any thing worthy of being copied by
our cotemporaries and if they so consider it, they
smght to be willing to do us sheer justice, which is
ail tveastk.
The pointed instance, to which we shall now
. refer, will justify ns, in the minds of all our can
did brethren. The last Roanoke Republican pub
lishes the speech of Col. W. L. Long, and acrom
inline it hy nearly a Column of comments ; yet did
. it not occur to the Editor to breathe a whisper
that that speech wa originally published in Me
Times of the 15th instant but we have ncrcr
taken anything from the Republican, without due
craft. We had the pleasure of writing that
speed), with this hand, from the talented author1
own lips: he will do us full justice : and wbv
could nut our jcoteniporary 1 We procured that
speech for our columns yet The Republican pub-
lube it as if he had procured it for hk. Rank
piracy, by George I
A brother of the Editor of the A'ieJ Republican,
who lately emigrated to the Mormon country, com
municates the annexed information as to the ex
travagant views of the Mormons respecting the
erection of a new Temple :
" The new Mormon Temple at the Salt Lake is
to be a splendid building. They enclose a lot
seventeen miles long and twelve wide, with a mud
wall eight feet high and four feet thick. There
are to be cities inside. They have discovered
mountain rock that resembles cornelian stone,
which is beautiful for temples aud pillars. The
size of the temple is not stated, but its highest
point is to be six hundred feet, and can be seen
eighty miles cither way."
The restless Democracy, as we expected, are
picking at tlto new administration in every possi
ble manner, and where they hare nsthing tangi
ble even, they
" Hint a fault, and hesitate dislike."
We do not know that there ought to be any
cause of complaint, on this score, among General
Taylor's friends. But, when we recollect how
candid some of these presses have protended to be
disposed towards the administration, in asserva-
ting that they would "judge it by its measures,''
we find that the estimate we put upon their pro
fessions amounted to just what we mad it, and
that, let the administration be ever so faultless,
they wore not to be pleased. If General Taylor
makes the appointments, he ought to leave them to
the Secretaries t if the Departments make them,
why then General Taylor ought to do it, and' not
shift the responsibility from his own shoulders to
those of his Secretaries. The truth is, so far as
they ate concerned, the President must be impaled
oil one or the other horn of every dilemma ; and
he could not please those gentry, the Locofoco Edi
tors, eveu were he to try which he is far from
doing. The National Intelligencer thus summa
rily dispose of the Chief Croaker, on one point :
" The 'Union' carries its carninc aeainst the
new Administration of the Government beyond all
bearub'e bounds. In that paper of Friday last,
for example, the attention of its readers is called
'to the mural-effect' of the fact that tin? appoint
incut of Mr. Penrose to the post of Assistant Sec
retary of the Treasury has been declared to be
not 'an appointment of the Administration, but
one made by Mr. Meredith,' (the Secretary ot the
Treasury,) whereat the venerable Editor expresses
his horror ot such a 'smiting of responsibility
from the l'reridont upon his Secretary, aud asks
the question, 'And is this really the doctrine which
is to be preached up by the Administration V To
which w o reply, Yes, reallv : the doctrino
'preached up' h) the present Administration is
that of implicit obedience to the laws. In the
very number ot the Union in which this question
is found, was published at large the Act of Con
gress containing the provision by which the office
of Assistant Secretary of the Treasury is estab
lished, the terms of which are literally as fol
lows: " Sec. 13. And be it further enacted, That an
officer shall be appointed in the Treasury Depart
ment, by the Secretary of the Treasury, to bo
called tho Assistant Secretary of the Treasury,
whese salary shall be three thousand dollars pc-r
annum, Sic.', and who shall perform all such other
duties in the "tfice of tho Secretary of tho Trea
sury, now performed by somo of his clerks, a
m:ty be devolved ou him by the Secretary of the
Treasury," &c.
Under this plain and positive enactment, who
but the Secretary of the Treasury could have ap
pointed tlie.Assistaid Secretary ?
Letjtju'" Union be ro-nssured. 1 he last thing
that, can ever be truly alleged against l'residenl
Taylor will be his shrinking from any responsibili
ty that his station devolves upon him."
The organ of the retiring d . miUtmtion at Wash
ington, outdoes itselfin fulsome laudation of the con
cern overwhelmed by the edict of the people. Such
a course is simply ridiculous, because those who
hvo condemned it acts are not likely to repent of
tin verdict deliberately given. Nash. Banner.
Mrc. Alexander Hamilton, has become a per
manent resident at Washington, and baa taken a
house on Capitol Hill. She is in her 92d year,
has seen every President inaugurated, and retain
a vivid remembrance of (he past, and a lively inte
rest in all the mdfal and political question of Hie
Senator Badger, of North Carolina, ha also
become a house keeper at Washington, as well as
Senator Benton and other. We hope the com
forts of the Federal Metropoli may not tend to pro
long the Sessions of Congress. N. Y. Express
Prihtiso Presses, PuLrtTs and Women
These are the three great lever that goverrt the
movement of the world. W'ithout them the bot
tom would fall out, and society would become
chaos again. The press make the people patri
otic, the pulpit religious, but woman answercth
all things. There would be no going to church
if there were uo girl there neither would there
be any paing to war were the soldiers to meet
with no applause except from the masculine.
Without the sunshine shed by women, the rose
buds of affection would never bloom, not the flower
of eloquence germinate. In short she is the
steam engine of delight, and the great motive
power of love, valor, and civilization. Exchange.
A letter in the Baltimore Clipper, dated Wash-
iglon, March 52d, says:
Mr. Blackwcll, late of the National Hotel, it is
aid, failed for f 46,000. He is not in Washing
tan ; and a gentleman yesterday was detained as a
prisoner with a view of forcing frm him his
whereabouts, simply because he had been intimate
ith Mr. Blackwell, and had recently travelled
with bim a far a Philadelphia I
TmiEATENtHO Letters. Mr. Wm. B. Astor,
of New York, recently received certain threaten
ing letters, stating that unless he paid over $50,
000, his life and property were to suffer. A simi
lar letter was received by Mrs. Aster. Mr. Astor
placed the communications itl the bauds of the po-
ice, who recommended some byplay en his part,
The purser of the U, S. storeship Lexington,
writes to New York from Sari Francisco that lie
has $178,000 iu dust, which he is to ship from
Valparaiso to Panama, and so to the States. It
will probably reach Panama by the British Pacific
steamer, in season to be taken hy the Crescent
City on her return. A mercantile house in South
street, N. Y., has now $30,000 in gold dust watt
ing at Panama. It will probably be brought on
the Northerner.
The Richmond Times says that tho late Legis
lature was marked by the adoption of a very unu
sual number of measures of Internal Improvement,
of which it designates the following as tho most
important : .' .
The bill for the Virginia and Tennessee railroad
makes a State subscription of three-fifth of the ca
pital of three millions, or ono million eight hundred
thousand dollars.
The bill for the Blue Ridge Railroad appropri
ates from the treasury one hundred thousand dol
lars annual', for three years, for the construction
A friend who has seen some service in camp
life, offers to those afflicted with the prevailing ep
idemic the following prescription :
I t. Sleep tliroe nights in your wood-house with
the door open and swinging in the wind, during
which time, let your diet be pork, cooked by yoar
self, at a smoky Are ifl the garden. Sd. Improve
all the rainy nights in sloping between your cur
rant bushes and pnrden fence. 3d. On the fourth
day of your regime, let the diet be mule steak.
4th. Thereafter, dispense with all kinds of food
Save dog meat.
If this be followed resolutely, it i confidently
believed a permanent cure will be effected.
Both were committed for examination;
and thedeposite of a package to the writors,which
resulted in the arrest of Franklin fJ; Bragg, of No. of a railroad and tunnel from the casters base of
6, and Isaac A. Biggs, of No. 21, Mdrton street, the Blue Kidge,at Keckhsh Gap, to Waynesboro ,
in Augusta, and further subscribes three-fifth of
one hundred and fifty thousand, or ninety thousand
dollars; for the extension of the railroad to Staun
Tho bill for tlic Alexandria and Orange railroad
subscribes ati additional filth, or one hundred and
eiglity thousand dollar for the construction of tlut
work, a subscription of two-fifths having been alrea
dy authorized by an act of the last Legislature. '
Another bill authorises the State s guaranty to
the bond of the James riter and Kanawha com
pany, Iti Ihe amount of three hundred and fifty
thousand dullara for completing (lie connection be
tween the canal and tidewater, and of one hundred
and fifty thousand for completing the Rivanua and
South Side connexions.
Another bill appropriates $00,000 for macadam
izing a portion of tho Staunton arid Parkersburg
Road. v -.. .'
. The lills above enumerated authnfize an aggre
gate appropriation of $2,93O,0tw; and besides
these leading measures, a large number of appro
priations have been made for different Turnpike,
chiefly ia the western part of the State.
The New Orleans Crescent publishes the re
port of a Committee appointed for the purpose of
ascertaining the number of death by Asiatic Cho
lera which occurred among the Sons of Temper
ance iu that City, and tho adjoining towns during
the recent epidemic. The Committee state that
there are t-velvc hundred and forty-three mombers
of the different Division in New Orleans Lafay
ette, Algiers, and Gretna. In these divisions three
deaths only occurred, and in tome of them not a
case of Cholera took place. Of those who died,
one had beet, a member but a woek, another less
than a month, and the third was a watchman who
was much exposed. The proportion of deaths in
tho City was fifteen to every thousand souls, while
in the Son of Temperance the psoportien was one
in more than each four hundred members. ' i
The Ixmisvllle Journal thus speuk of Ilaone
gait's appointment: "We regard this as tire taost
disgraceful a ppnintmenl ever made, it was made
to enable that rejected and disgraced llannegaats
pocket ctghtecti thousand dollars without rendering
any crvice for it, and under circumstance that
render the wliele transaction hut little less dis
graceful than stoaJing. ; .
ID'TheSta'ndafdfecotd the death ofTc-lonel
Ilillory Wilder, aa aged and respected citizeu of
tin county. He expired at hi rosi dence on last
Thursday wer. after a protracted nines, which
lie bore with fortitude and resignation.
Colonel Wilder was distinguished foe hi frngal
jual industrious habit, 1ii honesty, and hi sound
common siife. lie represented Jolmsoo county
for many j eT in the State legislature, and was
member' of the Convention which fev'wed the
KtateConstltiiiinn in 183S. 1
Fathkb Mathevt. The Pittsburg Gazette
pa' l;he a letter Ire this great Irish Apostle nf
Tempers ncp, date at r on the 21 et ultimo, h:
whi.-!i he atatea, tie, Ireland now a
brighter frospwt, and hi health is sufficiently r-t;i-'!ihe1
In permit him tn rrtM the Atlantic, hr
rouii- to avail UnWlf of th long-desi rej
frl ?'" 4 ijtittj tiiia ctMiiity ia Air)!, (tV
The following Ow.tioss have been delivered by
the Judges, since oar last. We learn that the
Court was expected io adjoura to day, (Friday.)
We shall therefore Conclude the list of Decisions
In our next: , '
By Rcffw, C. J. In Graham v. Littl, iii E- from Wuko. Also, in Holdfast V. Repaid,
from Pasquotank, reversing the judgment and di
recting a venire de novo. Also, in Bed sole v.
Monroe, iu equity from Bladen, declaring that there
is no error iu the interlocutory order. Also. In J.
C. Rankin v. T. Rankin, from Guilford, affirming
the sentence of the Superior Court. Also, Ut
&ato,r. Williams, from Sauipsoa, declaring that
there is no error in the record and proceeding of
the Court below. : Also, in Davis t. Gilliam, in
equity from .Martin, affirming the deer jo. Also,
in Yarbjroiigh v. Arringtun, iu Equity from Nasi)!
dismissing the bill with costs.
By Nash, J. In Barnes v. Farmer, from Edge-
xomb, reversing the judgment and directing a '
aire lie tievo. Also, in Sutton v. Edwards, In
equity from Greene, declaring plaintiff entitled to
h iv.' the former partition established, ccc. Also,
iuDoggettv. Ilogaci, equity from Halifax, de
claring tlie plaintiff eutitled to a decree, and direc
ting a reference, Ate. . , , : .
By PcARsoti, Ji In Simmon v. Gooding &
W. rl, iu Equity from Jones. Also, in Cully v.
Join , from CraVen, aifirmitig the judgment below.
Also, in Devereux v. Burgiryn, iu equity from
Northampton, directing a re-valuation, 4ic. Also,
in Nicholmm r, YellowHy, in equity froin Halifax.
AV'o, iu Heiidriik v. lloye; In equity from Pitt,
dismissing tho bill with cost. , ' ..'I
We learn the Baltimore Annual Conference of
the Methodist Episcopal Church, the first in rota
tiun , has ananimotwly passed a resolution author
izing and recommending that the properly ques
tion, in dispute between the Northern and South
em branches of the Church; be lubmitted to arbi
tration. Should the Annual Conference follow
the example, and it seem to be generally expect'
ed that they will, the Constitutional difficulty will
be removed. The South, having made prepara
tions for commencing a suit to establish their claim
will have incurred some expenses; but probably
these will be made matter of arrangement should
an amicable adjustment of the other difficulty be
agreed upon.
Mr. McGadgiiet, of Indiana, who was ttoaiiua
ted as Governor of the territory of Minesota, has
been rejected by the Senate. The Union say
the Vote on the nomination was a strictly party
one, all the Whig voting for its confirmation, all
the opposition for its rejection ; and we are advi
I d by '.he late official journal that its party friends
Voted against it because Mr. McGacgiiev: was
opposed to the late war with Mexico, and whilst
in Congress voted against carrying it on I The
conclusiveness of this objection, when made to
the appointment of a person to the office of Gov
ernor of Minesota, now that the war has ended, is
not very clear, Baltimore Patriot. .
In Cole Connly, there lived a man namsd Isaac
Dodson and hi wife, who were both firm believer
the prophesy of Father Miller and not doubting
for a moment the correctness of their prop' 3t's c al-
culation, they set about making act: v.' "repara
tions for the eventful day tlut was to terminate the
existence of all sublunary things. Alter having
set the house in order, the following conversation
took place l j
Hisdanb My dear wife, I believe I have made
every preparation for to-morrow. I have forgiven
all my enemies, snd prayed for the forgiveness of
.11 my sins, and I feel perfectly calm and resigned.
Wife Well, husband, I believe 1 am ready for
the sound of the trumpet.
Husband I'm rejoiced to hear it ; but, my dear
wife, I have no doubt there are many little dames
tic secrets which we have kept hidden from each
other, which, had they been knewn at the time of
heir occurrence, might have produced unpleasant
feelings : but, a we dave but one day more to live,
t us unbosom ourselves freely to each uiiior.
Wife Weil, husband, you are right ; there are
some little things that I never told you, and which
intended should remain between me and my Cod;
but, as We have but one day left, I reckon its right
to make a clean breast to o&ch other. I'm ready )
ysu begin, husband.
Husband No, dear, you begirt.
wife No, husband, you begin j I can't.
Husband No! You know, my love, Paul say
husbands have a right to command their wives,
It i your duty, a a christian woman, to obey your
usband and the father of your children t so beaiii:
Wife Ia the tight of God, I reckon it't flrhi
so I'll tell you, dear husband, our eldest son, Wil
liam, is not your child ! .
Great God ! Mary, I never dreamed of your be
ing untrue to me. s that so?
Wife, (in tears) Yes, Gd forgive me, it is true)
I know that I did very Wrong, and am orry for iti
but in an evil hour I fell, and there's ne help for
it new.
Husband William not mine ! In the name of
God, whose child is he
Wife He's Mr. Graham's, the constable, the
Lord be near your poor wife.
Husband So William taint my child I Go on.
Wife Well, our daughter Maryf named after
me; tint your si neither.
HusbaHd Saltation I Talk on. Mar.--comc
right out. Who's Mary's father ?
Wife Mr. Grinder, the man that built the meet
ing house, and went to the lower countrv. '
Husband, (resignedly) Well, at there ia bat
one day more, I'll bear it i so go on, if you have
any tiling elsei -Wifo-Well
then, oir ydufigeit
II usband I ('pose Jemmy aint mine t
Wife No, dear husband, Jemmy, that we both
love o much, aint yourn; neither !
Husband Merciful Lord ! Is that tot In the
name of the Savbur, whose is he 7
Wife He it the one-eyed thoemaker', that
lives at the fork of tlie road.
Husband Well, by thuader, Gabriel, Mow your
horn! I wixt to go, now I
St;rfmf Court Ucports.
ftm K SiilscriUtr ht"mj purchiurd trom tl.r Eft it
of W. K.Uahs. Esq., dccwJ. the f-ntit Pililkw
of V H, 7, aud 8 and Vufs. 4 and S, K uit ,
of !rd-lt' UfprtN ol ('urn abided in the Snrr-nH
Ci.mi1 !' North Cftrultua, (trom ileceinber Trrm It'i .
to AuKust 'IVrm, lt'4H, hiclusiw. aud including a.o
the Kqnity Coses of the pnt Term of the Conn,)
has rodmvd the price from Six Dollars to Five Pol
Inrs per volume ; and is prepared (ti furnish them t;
Gi-iitlenii-u of the Bar and Booksellf rs, eic?p Vol. S
of Equity, to lw published in a few weeks, of which
aotico will b' given. Orders for the whole, or for any
one or more Volumes, promptly attended to. And the
Itar supplied on reasonable terms with the previous
Volumes of North Carolina Reports, snd Lw Book
generally. Bound Copies furnished to the Profession,
in exchange for their Nos.
Fayetteville, March 19, 1849. 17
"VfPTICE is hereby given, that Books will be open
X 1 ed fnr Subscription to the Capital Slock of the
the -'it v of, u Thursday the 19th duv -f
April, Irili) ; tilli Will remaiu opcu for sixty day
' Cvnunissimas.
Kaleigh, March 20, 1819. 16 td
"VTOTICH i hereby given, that Books will be open
i. 1 ed for Subscript iou to the Stock of tlio
in accordance wil h the Act of the late session of the
Legislature, in the City of Kaleigh, eu Thursday, the
19th day of April, 1849 j and will remaiu open for
sixty days thereafter.
Itnirigii, March 20, 1849. 16 td
lETThe Petersburg Intellitreueer and Republican,
and Norfolk Argus, will pleas insert each of ths a-
bove advertisement three times.
Writer on Education now- -days, in treating
the government of children, have much to say a
bout " appealing to their inward nature." The
doctrine was practically illustrated in School street
Sunday. K lady findrW some difficulty Iu making
a couple of children walk home from Church in a
becoming manner, said to them " If you behavo
so, see if you tku't have to take tome castor oil aa
soon a yoa get home. Now, take my word for it,
just as sure as you are alive." The clnltlrcn im
mediately drew up demurely by her side, anc mov
ed along as gravely as mate at a funeral."
SEALED Proposals will he received till the fist
day of April next, for building; a Church iu the
Town of Louisburg, 41 by 36 feet, with a Basement
Story and Gallery. 'Die plan aud specifications may
be seen at the County Court LlerK s Otlice, or oh ap
plication to the lluildmg ContmiUee.
Building Committee
Unisbure, March 39, 1R49. 1 7 2w
. Register, Star utd Stauiard twice each, attd
forward accouut.
Joseph P. Cauwew,, Esq., orlredeH Connty,
is announced la the Salisbury " Watchman," a a
Candidate for Congress in the socoud district, last
icseated by Mx. Bovdea,1' 4 ' '
The Taxes are indeed licavy, said Dr. Franklin
tn one occasion, and if those laid on by the Gov
ernment were the only one we had to pay, we
might more easily discharge 'them ; but we have
maay others, and much more grievous to tome of
us. We are taxed twice at much by out idleness,
three times a much by our pride, and four time
as much by our fully; and from these taxe the
Commissioners tawmit case or deliver us, hy al
lowing any abatement. , :
. : ; hL '
. Mr Charles Pierce, of Milton pounded up potash
and strewed it around their holes, aud rubbed some
on the tide of the beard', and under part where
ihey came through. The next fright beard tqura
kir.jr among tlicm which lie uppoc4 from the
caustic nature of the potash that got among their
hair, or en their bare feet. They disappeared, and
he has not been troubled with them since that time
rthicli was iwarh a year ago. OmI. Cun'ri.'av.
Our fair reader will be interested in the fol
lowing, which we take from a New York Corres
pondent of the Philadelphia North American, who
professes to bo au fait iu such matters :
The new Parisian bormet is a trifle smaller, and
less broadly arched over the forehead than last
winter. The materials are, of course, of tho
lightest description abort of positivo diaphony
which is held iu reserve for midsummer and New
port. The outsido embellishment consist of a
single bunch of small fresh spring flowers, of
iiiilo blush rose. Iinide a flowery labyrinth
ding gracefully and caressingly to the downy
cheek, and iu this department tlie exquisite and
still inimitable taste, talent, art tall it what yen
will, I name It genius of the Parisian milliner,
i displayed in it highest amd snort delicate form.
The favorite colors of the new bonnet are pink
and white indeed nothing else it strictly tllowa-
ble ; and as nine-tenth of all the well dressed
ladies on promenade wear green mantilla, and
half of them gtvea dresses aa well, (be effect of
these piak and white bonnet, with their delicious
trimmings, it indescribably charming. Every
where the eye is refreshed with the tender contrast
of toft greed and blasting pint, taw when, here
and there, it reposed for a moment on a mow
white bonnet, curving gracefully at a tea-shell
arouud a face beautiful at Aphrodite.
oa toe.l4.ts cntxi or tux coma.
Beneath the stone erected hero, : ' -.
The dcut of on ia lying,
Who, though he aeidoot abed a tear, ' ;
" Lived tU the while by crying.
Now lefttlone ia ftkn alters
His bonee here mouldering lie, ' '
JTbe Courts of law far hi in thould Keep
For them, he uft did cry ? '
Mingbrook St. Petersburg, Va
WILf. eive attention to the aale of all kind of
Produce and Forwardine Goods. Refer to
Hon. A. W. Ncnablc, Granville, aud W. Whit
aker, Jr. Esq. Raleigh.
joint uicanrson, K. I. Lesteb.
Late of Danville.
Petersburg, Va. March, 1843.
JAMES LITCllfOIlD respeetfully informs his
fr onds aud the public that he ha removed hi
Stock of Ooodt from his foauer stand to ths opposite
side of Fayetteville Street,
and directly opposite the Market, where they are in
vited to give him a call, and continue their custom.
On hand, a (rood assortment of DRY GOODS.
lie also continues the Tailoring Business, and
will attend to all orders for Cutting and Making Usa-
tlcmeii llothmg. u
tlateigh, r eb. Kid, it-VJ. J-'
Beck wi th's
Aitl-Dyspeptlc PlUs.
THESE Pills have beeu now for mora than tea
years before the Public, and thsir just pretensions
to the character claimed for them closely exaniiuod ,
and tested, by a great number or persons, too lutein
(rent to be deseived, ami to deeply Interested in tli
results, not to abtcrte with ears, tud judge without
Experience ha not weakened these I retentions,
but strengthened and eonfinned them by a mas of
tostiruouy of such respectable cbaraeter as has rarely
wistaiued any article iu this form in any country. ,
1 he silbscnoer ha just received a supply ot them,
which have been recently made, and he beinj Dr.
Ueckwith'a A Jenifer Ihii part of the State, is prepar
ed to furnish the wholesale trade at hi price, ia any
quantity. P. F. PESCUD, ,
'. Druggist.' ,
Raleigh, Match SO, 1649". ; 17 , ?
Just Received b'y '
Raleigh, March 8, 1343.
prime lot Call at
Next door above Mrs. Ilardis'a
Raleigh, March 3.
. new erop.
Jiwt received prime MOLASSES,
For sale bv
Neat door abort Mrs. Hardie'.-
Raleigh, March 3, i .
RICE. A Cask or FRE.SII RICE just to hind,
aud for sale by
Next door abovo Mr. Hardic't.
Raleigh, March 2.
Dr. A. F. Cotpcr's Spla0AMmiaal
THE SuhscriVr ha on hand, a supply of taw above
valuable Supporters, which are recommended for all
persons, afflicted with muscular debility, rotttd shoul
ders, or prolapsus Uten.
rrof. Molt thinks they art very Well adapted for
some varieties of incipient spinal distortions, at they
attora the naelul eombtualioa ot sboulder Braoa sod
Abdominal Supporlar, with vary decided support to the
spinal column.
The soovs Brace art reconMnesded by Phykisiaa
renerally, who have sees them, and I hava sold a
umber to citisea of this place, whs an highly pleased
A centlrmsn observed a km dav since, fhatha had
beea wearing a very eelehrarM body hraw fc-r torn
time, and that he weald tot girt ant of tht above, for
fiftv "Mch,
Iter aeed at pafltmr, M they Mk for tfiem-
tern P. F. PESCUD.
ST The abort finaporte B ia imnravsaaesa an Dr.
C.v raine K)au-AbdoiBiiial Supporter.
ttaieiga, intra XV, isvf. IJ
DOME of ths matt Superior Combs ever offend far
tJaalt m slileigJi, may be found t
r- r. rtscuu s
Drag Start.
Sa'tlgh, March 6, 1849,
NOTICE it hereby riven, that I ahtllaHettd at ths
Court House, an Friday, the 30th oaf f March,
instant, from 10 o clock A. M. tat o'clock, P. M t
tak tht Cjty Tax List, tof th eurreat year accor
dhil to law. ,
, :" ' lotsadant,
Raleigh, March 19,134). SU '
XO BARRELS and half barrels for sale bt
Raleigh, Jeb. 23, MM9.
A LARGE assortment of Window Gluts, tf tit
sites, by the box, for Sale h
Raleigh, Feb. 23, 1643. ( : lit ..,
JESSE WALKER, a naUvaof North Carolina. ..
came to Lincoln county, Kentucky, and volunteer- ,
ed to go to Mexico, lie wa a private in Captain
imam wx.-mi; m uiiipniij, . Sve U IV V.
Volunteer Infantry, and waa killed in tlie battls of
Buena Vista. He left a widowed mother aud tin.
ten tomewhere in North Carolina. , They are en
titled to hit land claim of 160 arret.
If tlilg shotiji! r,i?-" thrtr ctc, I tvH procure tliMr' '
land warrant, and also any balance of pay due the '
deceased, free of any charge whatever. . -
Further information caa be had by addressing
the undersigned, postpaid.
liar. 1. 8tnftjrd, Kentucky, '
ruiiTTHEL's. '
THE SuWrilx-r has just rived a snppty of
choice Fruit Trwa, from T. Perkins1 fwlobrattd Slur.
ery as BarUiigtriit, N. J. eoiisislinjj of Poach, Apri.
tola, NemsritiM and Cherries, ia tre4 yarivty, nii,,
with ths view of itfi-ciin; eyweoy sls, wiH s- ll )heia
Ww. . P. F. FiiSCU'D. Umr-'-i,
ItaWirh, Frb. K. 1? '
OIGARH AND T03AOCO. Chewer m4 ,.
V krm t ill find t iw Druj a-id Aithcry ht r
sorat vary siaicriur liiacco aud t'ifsn.
PP. l'IUCtl..
Fcuax-: -. u
Fv . a.
A resTH'Ett .! of vMi r-
Lriv ed sud fr iio b r
B4'-'5'i. Mwl, 8,1813,
p. 1 '

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