North Carolina Newspapers

Popey GodolpJiai Sqaavh Ls'i Pat-
ceI Ledum, 1
!i:tDREX Bei.eukks My lexsliure dis e'uenitig
in kiuiscipiinc ftb sebril recsins, will lie oil
Le word jnalgamaM, Lord in lo Pokier Kobil,
' On da Animal Probasm ob Je,' was deri
fied i'r.i.ii an old Dutch pairrler man, an simply
vio.ia inixin ob de kullevs. Da fuss instance ob
iut".:i A il knller mongst de mew n: wimin, was
fcnnsmmni ted v.Il old Moses tuarVicU viu R kull
irej wumati, just lo let ile Afrikins see lie was nut
.ulo.ird lo mix wid deiu in de fullest sense obile
wr.l an ober since dat old Jew man married dat
woman, nil de stingy ojd fellers dat am too miser
ly fur to keep a tviuj woman as she shood be, am
tryin to imliwie de heds.-rd) de kullcrcd peeple wid
.iioalgarnash'dn doktriu; for cbery now an
i'-,i I hear ob sum sassy wile I'ei'.er ruimin oil' w id
sa;ii iubly kitl'sri. J, an putin for de wacinity ob
liostun, as f.iss as de rale -rode, kill karry dem.
An, my frens, dis stale ob things am lookin mere
einutbtri ebery day ; for dere am not a eastern pa
per dat 1 lay my band on but wat kotitains a k ill
for a mectia ob fee wito trash to konsider oh de
Riil'jk'k obubolishunatulainalgaiij.ishtiii but, my
' 'evpy liercrs, dis am all gas and gammon bout
de.e fellers simpcrthi,ing wid de kitllereJ race.
A!! dry want am to sassagefry den? charkobup
petiles by fooiin round da wimin.. If I had a dar
ter, if skstvas as him. i'ly as de rinusinhoss, before
one ob dose w ito suckers .siioidd lay his . pnrlisti
h.i;i ! on her welvet skin, I'S da as de old Rimiin
Warginiis dicl wen old King Kru so tried to lay
wyoleut hands on do ini-s.-in ob him darter I'd
s.imsh hiiiv ober do bed w.ul Jo blackin. briis'i.V 1
. 'romonihcrweii I seed do actor mini play dis War-
uuius m de playhouse, wen a voting man named
Uil'vns (who was do bow ob dy dar.t'i ) told: do fiel
der dat him darter was dragged up an down de
slretes ob Rmn, Wargiuas Icuk inicty kmssand
.-J ''
' TWt you see dis arm, bnb,
''-. I; am a Rtimins,:uul has
Manured do. sile..
Po fiic am, my. bnmseil -licrers,. deso wite men
Aviiiit to nwas'htntc so bsid wiil do kuMered people,
dat dey don't no war-to slick der finger, an am on
ly pullin de wool ober daeywib yonr blushin dam
itsels, like de dobil does o'ler de eyes ob de sinner
an it am my private opinyjo, pub'ickiy exprees-
l, dat dese wite peeple am as lor from gitin into j
li'.'bin as I am ic hall aty salhtTy razed to a libit)
pint, (an de Lord noes dat's lur enuiT.) An, my
Btingy frens, if dis state ob tings nm loud to exist.
itw ill trow de cog weel'ob sibilisashum out objiot,
hrako oil de exultrecs, on which dis sirknlambular
arth goes round, buss do bilef ob de nashun, upset
ilo kars ob aristockracy an spill all society, wicli
katasiropliy wood ob korse smash de preface ob
ile Koctititshun, an ire hah to Ub foreber arter on
ue by-laws. , --..-.' ; '..'.
i Mis Florinda Xngomitr.a PasiHa Victotlna Snl
Ann Joanna 1ee, am, I is happy to state, got-.
' tin belter wtfii'y much. She scsi suinbody smouoh
cd dat sassrr in her inutf, and she innocently tuk
it home); Welt, dat may bo de fac, an, derefore, I
Anb forgihen her, an I hope eberybody else will do
de same likewise, I hab bort aumting dis weke
lat hold all do money dis poor kongregashtm kin
raze, an it am too big to be karried off in a muff
dertiffe.Emdder BeBjamin Franklin Gongk Thom
soii will pleese ha nrottn dh "large new lee tray, a-n
lirke out for bail pennysand tin sixpnnses.
It am time, iny frens.dat de kullercd people
ahooil wake up on dis almity subjeck in dis city,
as dey hab in Filetnundclphy, as de follorin notis
wicli I kul Jioni a paper from dat sity, fully indi
kates. Ah ! de world noes dat da most gellcm
Irated musishuners dit ebcr libed am do kullered
peeple and dis -allows dey am anm in de sity ob
tretcs, bluddy riots, and Quaker chrtrclies
44 At a meeting of tho Leaders of the varimis-l
V-olorjd Musical Urganizatioiis, held on the eve
411115 of the. 15th inst., it was unanimously agreed,
That we withhold the services of tlio various
Bands we represent from the Fire Department, q n
-the occasion of the next 'Triennial l'arade, until
ft H Wliite Mtisiciun8 are excludod therefrom. ;
'Sii'ned George Wasuisgton Joas.sos, :
, .. ; ; i Secretary of the Meeting.'
Ajnt dt good noose, eh J If dey had only spelt
dere words rito it wood hab bin more to dere cred
it, but dere bin no counting fur ignorance, sum
. time's. ' ' ". ' ' .' ' . " "
ERS. From thd l'aris Worticullural Jicview, of
July last :
"About a year ago, I made a bargain for a Rose
-bush, of msgnificent growth,' tndfulf of W, I
waited (uT them t blow, and cipcted roseB or.
'thy -if noh a neble plant, and of the praises foes
towed upon it by the vender. At length, when it
Iilootncd, all my hopes were blasted... Tho flowers
were of a faded'color, and t discovered .that I tad
tr!ty a middling muttifjota, stale colored enough,
I resolved therefore to sacrifice it to tome cxperi-i.etrts-Ut
I had in view. My attentioft had been
captivated with the effects of. Chatcoal, 43 stated
in some English) publications. I then covered th?
earth in the pit, in Which my rosebush was, about
lairan Inch deep wtthpilTccnici cJioiTBoIi Some
days after, I was astonished to sea tho roses which
tleomed ofas line UrelycuJoras I could wish! I
doterrrtlnedlo repeat the e.tperttnent ; nd there
fore; when the rose bush had (lone Cow ering. I took
off all the charooal, and ptit fresh earth about tire
roots. V08 may eofceive- -that I waited for the
4 : ., 1 1. .nil.. n mAAfh VJtilJiAC',h, PV.
IieX IWllie iiii'i-,iiijr, iuocv 111. ..... v..
jidrimerflV1 WJtcn' it bldotijed, the roses were, as
,t first, paie and, discolored; but, by applying the
charcoal as before tu roses soon resumed -their
rosy refl color.l tried tho powdered charcoal, in
larc (jarmtlties, li.ewis,pti -'my' petunias, and
liim,A Hsm botli the be am! vudrt flrrwftrs were
tKiaalfy'spnsIIWV? acfioii.'ilt always gavegreat
vigor to iho W or vigkt olors of 4b flowers, and
4lio white pf tmihts keflanie teined with- red or vfo
fet trtitsj ticvlerltts became "covered with irreguIuTr
pots of, bluisli or almost blck tint , Many per
son wlio-dmire4 them tiwngM that they were
sic-w varieties .frtiin' the seed.-t Yelfow flowers are',
s I lmva pruved, insensible to the influence of Uk
cliarcosl." ; -
HOl'i;' oS, I10F1 ti; E ft.
omaivt!'0',Ehocri, wn's five' linndreJ
ltd c'lliijr years oli when she vvaii inafried J
""'" -,- .Ui .'-:- V tn
The following incident needs neither preface nor
comment. . It speaks for itself:
On a visit to a neighboring city recently, I call
ed at the house of my friend B -, with
whom 1 had been long and intimately acquainted.
To my astonishment, I found his lady reading a
Masonic paper. I asked her what chntrge bad
come over her, that she should not only admit such
a paper to her house, but sit down to its perusal;
for I knew her father's family was among the
most vindictive, bitter, proscriptive 'anti-Masons,
that ever left the infected district of New York.
She replied, that fhe had discovered the grand se
cret of Masonry; and if it wonld be agreeable lo
me, she would relate how she tame to make the
discovery. I requested Insr to proceed, which she
did as follows :
" Soon after yon left here last fall, I learned (o
my extreme mortification, that my husband had be
come a Mason. 1 attributed it to your influence,
aod I need not say what my feelings were toward
you or my husband. I at once came to the con
clusion that my domestic happiness was u4 an end ;
but I resolved that my conduct in the relations of
wife and mother, should see that I had done all a
woman -could, do.. Some three or four months af
ter 1 learned my husband had joined the Masons, a
circumstance occurred that, for the first time, gave
me any reason to doubt his integrity." It was one
of the coldest nights of last winter, that my hus
band returned at a late hour, and said tome,
"Marffaret, cannot you do without vonr blanket
shawl ?" I replied that I could. lie asked me to
get it for him, and bring him a bedspread or com
forter. I handed the articles to him, and he imme
diately left the house. .My first thoughts were lo
follow him, I went to the window, and Ly t!.o
liglttorh the lamps I discovered another man with
a large basket the shawl and comforter were pla
ced in it, and they both soon disappeared. My
husband returned in about half an hour. I ex
pected 'in the morning as a matter of course, he
would have some stry prepared to explain his
mysterious conduct, but not a word did I get ont of
him. I determined to keep a sharp look mil for
my shawl, for if I could once get iny eyes on. that,
I would be., able to unravel the whole mystt ry.
It was not I was in the. street, that -a
female whisked along past me, tipon v!iom I dis
covered my shawl! The good for nothing huzzy !
thought I; while a glow of triumph thrilled every
nerve, and quickened my pace in the pursuit. I
followed her closely from one street to another in-
to the fourth story of a bindery. I saw tier very
composedly lay aside my shawl and sit down lo her
work where, urged on by that insatiable desire to
get the clue to my husband's perfidy, I soon learn
ed the street, the number of her residence, and im
mediately left for it.' I was not mistaken, neither,
for I saw my comforter there. The whole secret
flashed on my mind at once, as clearly as if it had
been written with a sunbeam from Heaven.
There I found a widowed mother in the fast stages
nf v,ino,iinntinn anil three children nVnfindent nn-!
on the scanty pittance earned by the elder sister,)
Whom 1 had so stispiclously followed. I learned
from the lips of the dying woman a lesson, 'that m
all my philosophy I had never dreamed of such a
tale of sorrow as I had never before listened to
and when she had related the deed of charity, that
had been the cause of all my unhapriness, I felt
that there was not room in my bosom to appreciate
the disinterested benevolence of my husband. She
said ' I da not know how we could have lived but
for tho kindness of two' persons who came here
late one night, and left a basket-filled with provis
os and some bed clothes, shawl and five dol-
1 irs. They just opened tho door, and set in tho
basket, saying: 'Accept this, and ask tie ques
tions;' and left before I had time to inquire even
their names. I do not know who they were ; and
I have had some doubts from where these things
cam. But I never forget in my daily prayers to
Him who openoth His hand and fillelh the poor
with bread, to ask if these were men, Ho will
keep them and theirs from the sorrows with which
I am visited. , I left the house a better woman than
when I entered it." '
" Bui tho grand secret of Masonry," said I, " I
thought you were to tell what it is." .
She replied, " It ia this to do good, and not to
un of u r . ' . . . ; : '
The following commendable hints are from Dr.
Fitch's lato work .: : ;. . , ..
Much has been said and written upon diet, eat
ing and drinking ; but I do not recollect ever noti
cing a remark in any writer upon breathing, or C.e
manner of breathing. They suppress their breath
ing, and coiitract the habit of short, quick breath
ing, not carrying the breath half way down the
chest, and scarcely expanding the lower portions
of tb cheat at U. Lacing tho- boftom of the
chest also increases this evil, and confirms a bad
habit of breathing. Children that mevo about a
great ileal in the open ahr, and in no way laced,
breathe deep and full to th bottom of the chest,
and every part of it. So also with the mot out
door laborers, and persons who take a great deal
of exercise in the open air, because the longs give
as the power of action, and tho more" exercise wo
take, especially out of doors, the larger the lungs
become, and tlie less liable to disease. - In all oc
cupations that reqnire yon to stand, Iteep ths per
son straight. It at a table, let it bo high, raised
tip nearly lo the armpits, so as not to require yon
to stoop yon will find the employmnt much easi
ernot one-half so fatiguing J whilst, the form if
the thest!) the yrnmrtTy of tlie fignre, will ra
ms iu perfert. Yon hatre noticed thatj vast ; num
ber of tall ladies stoop, whilst a, great iany short
ones are straight. This aTises, I think, from the
tables at wliich they sit orworMr efMiity hcm-
stlves.'or stuily, being of, a medium height, far toe J
low for a tall perso, and about right lor a sliort
nersotfT 1 Thi ltotri j be carefully corrected and
regnrdeif, Kitlfat each lady Atiy occupy herself )it
a table suited to her, and thus prevcut.,li'2 nspeisLi
ty or possibitj ofjStiopiu;. -itjr j
ifAffairsaf Stockltohn upon the evidence" of his
puticiiR.Uoo in ihe offence of smuggling.
1 Tl A JYatHiilptt corrcfjxnaciij jj jjie iiila- All business tutrustea to nun, wui uc nromptiy .
flhiaiim-rican writes 1 Jhat. tlie.l'resident has di i0"1'''1. w' 'if, ';f "" ."" 'n ant
r' ,. ,,, .. - , 1 f He is prepared to mku4 snd proenrs an SOU
IfCtedttie recall Of Mr. lh Wi Ellswortll, ChnrgSF niPuc. i-i.iJUS. f dpacrinlimualakortuu.
State of Aorth f aroliua,
tVtta County. .
COt'RT of rieag aui Quarter Sessions, Fi-bruary
Term, -
James Twld, fiion J. Tfnrtsfielil, and Rebecca, his
wito, Clendou Tucker, and Marth, his wife, John
King, and Susaa, his wile, Henry Rhodes, and Cliloe
bis wife, Jesse Aiulmon, and Mnry, his wife, fcliist
bcth Todd, Heury Todd, and Williiun Todd,
Man- R Todd, Alplieiu '3'odd. Josliua Todd, Da
vid Todd, Klijah Todd, Ueorgu Todd, Tliomui Vul
ly, and - wife Elizabeth, Naucy Faison, Mutthew
Leopard and Mary hit wife.
. Pilition to ditide Land.
This ease coming an to he heard, and it appearing
to 111:' satisfaction uf the Ouurt, tliat James iVvbli-s,
and wife Kli.aboth, and Matthew leopard, and wife
Mary, and othora, are non-residents of this Slate : It
is ordered by lh Court, that advertisemeul be nude
in the Ualcijrh Times, a newspaper published in the
City of Raleigh,' for six woeks successively, notifying
the said non-residents to lie and apnear at tlio next
Term of our Court of l'leas and (JuiirUr Sessions, to
be lic'd for the County oi Wuke, at the Court House
in the City of Rah ieh, on the 3tl Monday of May
next, and then and there answer or demur to the said
Petition, or judgment pro Ronfesso .will be granted a
gainst thein, and die Petition heard ex parte, as to
Witness. James T. Marriott, Clerk of our said Court,
at office, the 3d Mondnv of I'ebrnnrv. A. U. I84S.
Raleigh, March 24. (Fr. Adv't. .62 J.) 17 Cw
0E rase f Soda Sata-rntm, a si;. ,'rW artielo for
rCHik ing purjHMcs, just received hthI for Hale bv
1'. F. FESCUD. '
Raleigh, March 8, 1S-19.
QJXtlFF Ihnes, ("igar Cases and Tobaoco Roites,
ljust to hand mid fur sale by -
. Raleiirh, March 8, IP 19.
- larg? supply of Coach, Furuitiire. t'lilishiiig and
Japan Vuinishes, just rece.ved and lor sale by
1'. F. l'ESCL'J).
. Raleigh, March 8,18-19.
CUOCOI.ATE Props anil L.7.enges of all kinds,
just opened, atld for sale bv
Rakigh, March 8, 1S19.
.1 inost excellent artielo for Coughs,- Colds., Ice,
Ljnst received and fur sale by
Raleigh, March 1
BAV Rr.1I.
Afresh -sufrly f Bay Rum. just received, at
Drug Storo.
italeigh, March 9, 1S-19.
fish iiooxs,
A large lot of Fish Itooks of the most approvod
kinds, just received and for Sale by
. . Raleigh, March 8, 18-19. ;
Just Received iy
Raleigh, March 8, 1819.
priuie lot. Cull at
Next door above Mrs. llardie's.
Raleigh, March 2.
AT the Animal Meeting of the Directors of the
North Carolina Mutual Insurance Company,
held on the 9d January, 1849, tho following resolu
tion was adopted :
-.Rewired, that an assessment of five percenUlw
levied on all the premium notes out-standing oil the
2d January 1819.
Notice is hereby given that tlm nbovo assessment
is required to be paid at the Ollico f th N. .!. M. I.
Co., in Raleigh, on or before the first day Of May
F. S. All Icttora addressed to tho Score tury on bu
siness of Hhe Company must bo iont mid, or tlicy
will not be taken from the Post Ollico.
Ralyi, Feb.26,lS4'J. - 13 St -
Tl TOLASSES. Just received prime MOLASSES,
J-rjL uow crop, for sale by -
Neil door ttbovo Mrs. llardic's.
Raleigh, March 2.
WILLiASS, HAYWOOD, A. Co., hve jn re
ceived a supply of Garden Seeds, which lliey
warrant to be fresh and genuine.'- '-
To the Tatrons of the Temperance
T OWE an apology to my Tatrons for the tenmora
ry suspension of the Commwii!ir. At ths car-
nest solicitation of many friemls, I havo -chani'ed my
location from PiUshordhgh to Fayetteville, whence
the mails uivenrc m many directions, aud by which 1
can send the Communicator more speedilr and with
more certainty to all iny subscribers. 'I ha regular
issues of the Communicator may bv expected aa soon
asthe press can be put in operation say alwut two
weeks. 1 . W.U. l'UU EU; Ed. Com.
Fayettoville, Feb, ?, 1S49. , .
OUR PATRONS arc informed that tho Printing
Office bus beeu removed to the West side of Fay
ollsyiUs Street, ..,;! . .... : ,, . . . -
in tho Rooms over the Store of James Litchford, next
doar ahovs .Mrs, Hardie s Confectionary Store, where
we sliull be happy to see our sulwuribers and inesds.
A e are prepared to execute all kinds of . t
, Job 3i:iutiiu(, -.
nm tin trsnal terms, In a neat tnd hsndsomo wan
ner, -and solicit a pwttuu tf, public patronage in this
line of business.. . .. ., .. . -, , . ,. ,;
: Snliscription to the Pajier onjy 1 50 per nwrsni
In adrance, r l3 80 if not paid before the cspiration
of six inoalhs. , ii. M si -. i-- -.
.IT TUB TIMES will always ko furuiidjed.ii
mottM for One Dollar, ill advance. But suWenp.
tionawiil bo-thankfullr received on either plan. '
ILT ')'hoeoak'bte4 to th Office are requested to
remit their respective duos at sur risk ; when a re
cent will be forwarded in their next paper,
i Raleigh, Feb.i3,lM9. "
ir C. B.VTM.B having rotatned to this City, will
V. resume the Practice of.tbe Iu',in this aud die
adjacent I ounties.
tiee, according to prctci-ibed forms.
RaV-fh, August T. l
38-1 m.'
JAMES MTCHFORD rwpettfully informs lit
Ir ends and tlie public that he has removed hw
Sto' k of Condi from his former stand to lha opposite
side of Fayrtteville Street,
and directly opposite the Market, where they are iu
vi'.ed to i;,ive hiin " call, and continue their custom.
Onhnnd, a food assortment of PRY GOODS,
Ho also continues ths Tailoring Runnels, and
will attend to all orders lor Cutting and Making Gen
tlemen's Clothing.
Raleigh, Feb. Aid, 1P43. 12
KQ DARREIN and half barrels for sale hy
Raleigh, Feb. 23, 1849,
A LARGE assortment of Window CJhiss, of alt
XXtfizes, by the box, for sale bv
Raleigh, Feb. 23, 1S49.
THE Subscriber has just received a supply of
choice Fruit Trees, from T. Perkins' celebrated Kur
sery at llurlinglon, N. J. consisting of Peaches, Apri
eiHs, Nectarines and Cherries, in (Treat variety, anil,
with the riew of effectiiiij speeiiv sales, will sell tlnni
low..' V. F. PESCl'D, Druessirf.
. Raleigh, Feb. 23. : 12
CIGARS AND T02.C(Whewers and Smo
kers will find at my Drug and Apothecary Store
some very superior Tobacco and Cigar.
p. f. rEscrp.
. Feb. 23. 12
TjllOSl'IIEXE GAS- and LAMP OIL, just re
JL, ceived, liud for side at.
Feb. I- V. F. PESCX'IVS Drug Store -.--
ClAMniORCArsCLES, a fine artielo for Sick
y Head Ache, jnst received and lor sale by
l eb. .J.' , r. r. U.
Tl'JUBE FAST 11 A sntwrior artielo of Jujube
ft Piisie, just received, and for sale bv
Feb. S3. V. F. 1'K.SCT'D,
THE Subscriber, has .'just received, his Sttip'y of
Garden and Grass Seeds, which lie warrinil.-i to
be fresh mid iretmine, cotisVtinp- in part of the- usual
varieties of the following kind, viz :
Asparagus, Beans, Beets,
Broeoli, CaMvig", .-Carrots,
Cauliflower, Celery. Cress,
Cucumber, Egg Plant, Corn,
Leek, Lettuce, . Melon,
Mustard, Nasturtium, Okra,
Onion, '.Parsley, Parsnip,
Peas, PepH-r, Pumpkin,
Radish, . -" ','-. Klmbarb, . .Salsify,
Spir.nge, ... .Sipiuhh, :. Tomato,
Turnip, Aromatic herbs, Ciruss Seed,
.' and Fruit Trees.
Also a lot of Flower Seed, which will bo sold at
three cents a paper, as they nre not of last year's
growth, :. P. F. PESCUD, ;
Apothecary and Drtigirist.
Feb 23. . , 4
RICE. A Cask of FRESH RICE just to hand,
and for sale ()
, Next door above Mrs. llardic's,
Raleigh, March !i,
4 SCHOOL will be opened in the town of Frank-
A- linlon, on the 15th of January next, under the
care of Miss REBECCA Fl'RMAN, who has tes
timonials cf the most satisfactory character frjin
Mr. and Mrs. BonfliTT, formerly of lauisburg, un
der whom she received her education. She has
also certificates from several other persons, inclu
ding three or four .Ministers, some of whom have
known her from early lifo. Miss Fi'MA has
lately been teaching the School at Dr. Edward
SKedX in Granville, whoro, by her inddfatigatle
attention to hor School, she has givon -entire satis
faction. Terms per session or rive months : .
For Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and En
glish Grummet,. $8,00
All the higher branches of nn English Edit- '
cation usually taught iu Female Schools, 40,00
Music, 15,00
French, , ... 5,00
It will be seen that Siis ScWl is now oflering
inducements and advantages to I'atetits seldom 'of
fered to any community. Franklinton is proverbi
ally a healthy location ; and Papils entrusted to
her care will receive every attention necessary to
their intellectual training.
Any person wishing further information in rela
tion to the School, mm address Rev. R. Firman,
P. .If. at Frarklinton. liefer also lo the Editor
of this paper.
Franklinton, Doc. 22, 18 IS. k
Important in thnut ahmil lo became. Mulhers. ,
Paris Lhno-iii IIosriTAL, member of the Afedi
ro( Academy of Fiance, ('brresKudiug Secretary of
tho Paris Pharmaceutics! ('allege, respectfully begs
leave to anuoniice to the Tidies of America, that ho
has appointed DR. JEROME Y. C. ROPENIIl'R
TY, of New York, his solo American Agent, for the
sale of his wonderful memcine, known in r ranee as
TANT, the most extraordinary medical discovery
the world has ever seen. Its province is to LESSEN
a sapr, easy, n SPEEDY DELIVERY, which it
does by amittinfr nature. It is perfectly Harmi.kss,
kfpioaciocs, pleasant to tho uistc, arid mtt fails to
promote an eny and naj'e delivery, and improves the
general health of oth mother and child. It has been
tested for ysars hi all tlio principal Lymr-In Hospi
tals ol Uurope, and recoivea ths saucltou of Dearly
all the prominent t--ol eges ana aleuical meu of the
old world. It is the GREATEST MEDICINE IN
THE WORLD; as all wdl admit that 1 merlirine
milit be that will lesson the terrible pains ucuallyat
ntedaut on child-birth. There is no mistake about
this medicine doinj all that is said of it " '
IT NEVER FAILS. It is iu the form of a fine,
light powder, to be made into a drink, and ussd lor a
few weeks previous to tho expected event, nd its
pries is so W a louring it within the reach of all.
Suraly no huinano hsulrand will wilier his Wile to en
dure pain, when it can be so easily and cheaply a
voided. For tlie small Mini rf oalv $1.00. sent unt
paid ts JEROMK Y. C. OPENIIDin'Y,
New York Put Ollico, a packaro will he ssnt by re
turn mail, if being so light that it caiiuc saut any
where av MAIt, AT A VKSVTlilH.t.a COST.
J 7" No unpaid Alters taken from tho oftice.
J J To prevent iinpnwuon, the U. H. Agent, Dr.
Ropenhurty will write his name in full on ths out
side label ot cadi package. No other genuine, Rt.
memier '", W -' ' ''"-' ' "
; NowYork, March 3d, 18-19. i.--,; .,- 1; 1 61a
BY recent arrivals. I Jiave received a largs supply
ofarticles needful to make my stock complete, to
which I iurit the attention of pnrernw em. "
, ;..-. i.r. v"! l F. PESCBIV -.
Druggist and Apothecary.
; l Raleigh, March 8, '
. v t - . - - i - ' . " ' ''
ncclaimci) Smamp fanis,
. . B jyorth Carolina,
THE President and Iirectri of the Literary Fund
of North Carulina, in pursuance of certain Reso
lutions, passed at tlio lust suasion of the General As
sembly, offer for sale, -
Fifty Thousand Acres
of Sivamp Lands,
constitntinir a port of the literary Fund of the Stato,
situated iu ilyde and Washington Counties, and em
bracing the regiou lying between Pamlico aud Albe
marle Sounds.
These lands havo been drained at great expense,
under the direction of competent Engineers, and laid
off into Sections. The druiusge has been effected by
two main Canals, tn-wit: Pungo Caaal, extending
from Pungo Lake to Puugo river, six and a half miles
in length, with 1111 averuge width at bottom of S2 feet,
depth six feet and full twelve feet and Alligator Ca
nal, from Alligator Lake tonngo river, 6 miles long,
with au average width at bottom of 3D feet, depth se
ven, ami fall ten feet ; together with sundry tributa
ries or lateral ditches. These Canals are navigable
for Hatteanx. and eroptyinjjuto the navigable waters
of Pamlico Sound, their mouths are accessible to sea
going vessels.
A large portion of this Land abounds 'n Juniper,
Cypress and other valuable Timber, for which tV- for
est of Eastern North Carolina is disiiniuiiJi. il. Tho
residue consists of Prairie, covered with the C'ane and
Bamboo, and in the estimation of the E gincers Who
surveyed it, the whole of it is extremely fertile.
To Grain Farmers, and to the getters of Stares,
Heading unil Shingles, this laudorJeispeculiarinduce
meiits. To Immigrants in the Ports of the United States,
accustomed to a country similar in many respects,
this Land uft'tra a noil believed to be as fertii as any
in the North-western States, with easy aeress to the
Sea, and within three days' saii of New York. - The
Juniper water is pleasant, sad the hands engaged .du
ring the last two Summers, in getting Shingles, have
enjoyed excellent health.
Time and place :
The Rale wilt take place in the Town of Washing
ton, in Ueunfort County, bv Piius'c Auction, common.
cing on Monday, the 2 1st day of May next, and will
be superintended by the iticniWrs of the Hoard, in
person. -V
Tlie Land will be sold in Seei.ions of.nliont ICO i
Acres, uccording to the Maps and Plates of the Kn- I
gineors. . A credit will be given of one. two, .three
and four years, to he paid iu eijual instalments, with
interest fnnn tho day of sale. '-.. - ,
Bond and approved security will be required, and
the title, withheld until the ' purchase money shall be
paid in full. '' -Certificates of purchase Will he given,
and the titles, when made, 'will .be warrantud. .
Turnpike Road.
At tho same time and place, the Board will receive
Proposals tor completing the Turnpike Road from
Pnngo Luke to tho Town oTPlymouth.
Given under 111 v hand, at the Executive-Office, iu
the City of Raleigh, this (ith day of March, A. 1).,
1-19. - - - - - '
Governor of North Carolina,
awl ex officio Pres'l Lit'y Uoard,
By order : '. '-'',
I ("llEVES MaXI.V,
Secretary to Board.
Raleigh, March 9, 1819. 11 Is
OX Monday, the 2d day of April next, will be sold
at Public Auction, at the house on Fayetteville
Struct, now occupied by L. F. Smith a a Uefoctory,
(formerly PEPPER & HUGHES,) all the Fixtures
In-longing to the Establishment, Furniture of nil kinds,
Cooking apparatus, Crockery of evry description, (a
splendid lot,) with a variety of articles used by fami
lies. .
And all tha Stock on hand, consist ing of Liquors
of every sort, and of excellent qualities, Wines, of va
rious brands, Segars, &c.
A new Northern Buggy and Harness mudo to or
der, and a first rato Haruess Morse.
Raleigh, March C, 1819. 14 It
I) ESrECTTFLLY returns his thanks to the c'Ui
izons of North Carolina, for the patronage he has
roceivi d from them, while engaged in business in the
city nf Ruleigh, and begs leave to inform them that
he may be found at
where he will be happy tonce his old friends and ac
quaintances, and pledges himself to leave nothing undone-
on his pan to contribute to their comfort and
convenience. Ho hopes bis fciuiius will give him a
call. -
Rah-igh, March, 6, 1819. ;:. 11 Sm
Clrugs, Cljcmicalo, Ddc Stuffs,
Mr. PESCUD would inform his custoni-
en n'1 lhe puldic in genera', that he bus
I w-.s 1..,j,i r n mnuiM 1.:..
cat iu the late concern of
and will continue the business at the Old Stand as
heretofore, where he will be happy to accomu-edate
all that favor him with their orders. His king expe
rience in -the fcusRiess 4w is prosecuting, and a deter.
nunation on lus part to spare no enoris lot. IV L C.M
VERSAL SATISFACTION iu the Quality of hit
floods, and tho Cheapness of f ale, imlnre him to be
lieve that Purchasers MUST BE SUITED. .,:
Tho Assortment of Guods in his Storo is arranged
in a manner ts please nnd gratify OLD, AS WELL
A3 NEW CUSTOMERS, I, w.sjI no ex
pense, time or labor to relit his establishment, nnd to
place everything iu view for llnse who buy. The ob
servation of a moment will be sufficient to discover his
nrmsjement, and test His truth ol this advertisement.
Some portion of these Goods aro rerpiired by eveiy
Country Dealer, and it ia to their inten-st to buy the
best articles at tha lowest rates to train customers at
home. . P. F. PESCUD.
, Wliqletalo Dealer in Orugs, Uyo Mulls,:
mid ( henncals, l ayettevdle MrreL
Raleigh, Feb. IS, 1819. ll-ta
. (UtTE f llll.trAX, H. c.) '
femnilssion Mrrcbant, PctcrsAnrg;, Va,
(MVF.S his special attention lo ths sale of all kinds
J of Couutty Produce, tlio purchase of Goods, aud
the recoil inn and fWivarriint of Gnixls.
liefer to II. F. .Monro, Ei. K;ik-iKli, N. C. -; , -Tho's
K. Thomas, Esi). Louinhurg, N. C.
"tv. 1 . Honcn, r.sq.
'',., J Rocky Mt.N.C,
.: f Wostou, a k
1 11 i a i'
. C.
'N, M. Long, Esq. ) ' ' "
j L. M. Ung, Esq. ' Wcldou, N. C.
James Sinuiuiu, ) .
., , ' , -PoUersoii, Cooper it. Co 1 1 ' ' ! 11 '
Wills Si, Lea, , PetoTtburg,
II 1., I,. I -s-.. . I
... r . I ,illMV, 1 ,
F. S. Marshall, IWifaa, N, C. ' '
Petersburg, Fib. 1st. , t . ; lUbc
TFsuffi.'iently supporteil, the subscriber intends to
- publish a monthly pas-r of eight pages, for th
purpose bf diffusing information ,n the subject of
education with tho especial view of inipruving
the character of our Common Schools.
It is intended to give an account, drawn from
the public documents and other sources, of the or
igin and progress of our Common School system,
to compare it with that of other States here and
in Europe, thus noting our improvement over for
mer years and suggesting the means of overcom
ing the defects and difficulties tinder which we still
labor. This will lead us to investigate the sonrces
from which school funds are derived, the modes nf
their application, the preservation of order in
schools, the election of proper books for study, the
recreation suitable for the pupils, the treatment xc
ceesary for different dispositions, ic.
And believing that the State which would im
prove its schools must first improve its teachers, a
portion of our columns will be devoted to the ques-.
tions How are our schools to be supplied with
competent teachers f How is the standard of ed
ucation to be raised, and the services of a band
secured who are well qualified to go forth and in
the spirit of love, labor for the advancement of the
children who are phced under their charge ?
But Education is a word of very extensive mean
ing.and although the primary object of the publi
cation may frequently take ns into the school
room, wejdo not intend to be always confined there.
Our subject matter is the human mind and the in
fluences good and bail, with a view of preventing
the one and strengthening the other w hich can
lie brought to operate iqion it. That this is a the mrjnf
the deepest moment none can deny. Itgnisps the in
tercMts not of this world only it reaches through
I eternity. e shall not hesitate then as occasion
may demand, to enter the family circle, to placo
ourselves on the streets or mingle in the busy
crowd and there set forth the rules of life nn'd
principles of conduct which we believe will pro
mote the good of our race horo and redound to our ;
everlasting welfare in the life which is to come.
The publication will. lie. commenced in GreeNs-
Isiro', so soon as a sufficient number of suhscribers
ran lie obtained to defray t'le expenses of printing
to bo printed on fair type, at 50 cents a year,
payable on the receipt of 'the first number.
lie-tiers relating to the paper may lie directed
(post paid) to Nereus Mendenhall, Jamestown,
Guilford county, N. C. . -
Subscription also received at tlie Patriot Office.
The papers of the State, and others friendiy to
the cause of Education are requested to publish or
notice tlie above. IMEKEUS MENDEMIALL.
2d tno. 7, 1848.
. The Dollar 1t'r?.7y .Y- tcs. v
Published in the city of Philadelphia, and Edit
ed by 11. T. Conrad and J. P. Sanderson, is offer
ed at the following low rates, per annum :
Onecopy $1.00
" ; Six copies ' .()()
Thirteen coplies 10.00
Twenty copies 1 "),()()
Twenty-seven copies 20,01)
Thirty-four copies 25,00
Forty-two copies 30,00
Fifty copies 35,00
The Dollar Weekly is a Whig Jour
nal. Special attention is however directed to (leu
eral yews, Litrrnliire the. Arts and Science, the
interests of Trade ami lintintt, and all such oth
er readieg as is necessary to make a good
It corttains also the most ample reports of the
state of the Markets, in tho principal cities of the
Union, and a general synopsis of matters' interest
ing to bnsiuess men.
ITT No paper will bo forwarded unless Mymc'i
be made in advance. Money may ba remitted
throngh tlie (nails at onr risk.
Address, postage paid,
News Bindings, . , cor. Third aud Chcsnut
SUt Philadelphia.
"ITTILLIAM H FORMA Tespectrully informs
I ' tile public that he continues the almve business
tho old stand, and he solicits tlie orders of his friends
and customers. He is prepared to make gentlemen's
Coats and Pants in the latest syle and in the neatest
manner, and will warrant thein to he ent and mads
ns Well as they can be in any edablwhrnenf in North
Carolina. His prices will he moderate to suit ths
times, aud no effort on his part shall be wanting lo
five perfect satisfaction. All who want neat aud
fashionable Clothes, tall at
Old estaMWed Shop , in Louisburg.
Louisharg, April Sit, I84S.
1 DOCTOR D. JAYNE would respectfully inform
the public, that he piih'ishes nnuually for gratuiloss
distribution, by himself and all his Agents, au Alma- '
uac, called
AND Cl'irm TO HKAl.Tll.
The calculations fur this Almanne ore mode with
great care and accuracy for five dilC-rcnt Latitude
and Irfiuuitiul.n, s as to makt tliem equally useful as
a ("nlendar in every part of tlio tluited States and
ilritMi North America. They aro printed on good
paper, and will) handsome new type, and art neatly
bound, and besides being the neatest and most accu
rute Calendar printed in tho United States, they con
tain a large amount of valuable information, suited In
the wants of all, and of that kind too, which cannot
bo found in books. ,
marks and directions for their removal is really inviil- '
auhle, and make them welcome visiters in every
house they enter. Every family should possess at
least one of these Annnuls. His Almanac for 1H4!)
is now reudy for distribution, ':'of which he designs to
publish at least TWO Ml I. LIONS, surf in order thnt -every
family in the United States tnd British Ameri-.
can, may be furnished with a copy, he hereby ia- ,
vitcs - '
to forward their orders to him as earlv aa powible, and
they shall be supplied tWATUITOUSLY with as
m iny copies as they may deem necessary to supply
their various cinloiners. They are. also invited at tlm
same liuu, to sends copy uf their '1IUSINKSS
CARD," which will lie printed an placed on tho-
on the cover of the Almanacs sent them, also without
charge. W ; " . ..'- .;; . -..-.!- w - -" -;'
They are also requested to give all necessary direc,
tinns how the Ahuaeac should h forwarded to them.
Ily law they cannot be sent by mail uuless the post
ago ia first paid oil Uiem here t ' - "- '
Orders (post paid directed to DR. D. JAYNE,
Philad-Iihia, will meet with prompt attention.
J r FAMILIES can obtain Ihem Almanacs Oral
is of - I '.::'(. ' R. i MAYNARD, '
Agent for ths sale of all Dr. Jayne's CclcbiuU'iL
Family .Medicines at Franklinton N. C. ,
IT TUB t'lMUS OFFICE being well supplicii ,
Willi . jtrooJ assortment of JOB TYl'K, we aru"
preprcd for printing, ucatly, all kinds trf 1
Circulars, 0.3, ai JJanlibillff;,
snil other work, with despatch, upon reasonably
terms. A share of public patronage, in this lauf
of business, respectfully sohicitcd. '
'. February lo, I8PJ. x ;. ;;'

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