North Carolina Newspapers

bank Rubbery.
'mum Exehne Hi hk
Ut), '.sr. c.
FaiDlYi MY 18, 1SI9.
m - i;.i..t-.1.-.inr reaiur our iwper ot y.ot,,!, I The M. Anil Exchange il.nk wa
A;.rH, thufthe .ih cti.n 'ftKov. miPL1w0,1y'lur1pVu; 7Wi(MnlU.;,yl,f wu nf
:"h"'tl '"l ,h" W !toMlw 01 to"""' Aaieiiibiy ! 3.w : 80 ," iioo ; $180 in bit! from 10;
" " C'Mrnedhjt ll d,. rot go into ope..;. fiwjf teJ , W1 o) f
""" ui-t'l Hh- first of April, in the year 1S5U." "j tilP paying ,!!,.,',, rmmtor. ,aS a muabi.l3
V. have ;ik p :n fiiriii-i! with the follow. , ,;vl 6 r 7 ;..;,, 33 0f atl, ihtemn
iug 0,.inin of B. F. MotrU, f. Attorney Gen- p:,.ximl wllo ,4 jn lhe j,w pr(, it ,,
oral eion thi subject: 1 1 poavd to be th tliief.-Omr. and Enquirer. ." . '
.'. RaUish, .May, 9th, IS 19. j .
Ms : 1 011 have re.iuete.l n.y opinion on the pro-1
VV give np considerable space to the unhappy
occurrences ir.New York list week. Every
friend of good order must regret thce scere of
violence Mid bkiodslied. At the lt"t account
the riot appeared to he quelled, and pence onre
more prevailed in the City. ;
- We had hoped that the rival Whig Candidate
in thi District had agreed to compromise ihcir
difficulties, and submit the nomination to a Con
vention ; and we so published in our last, on the
aullioriiy of the Charlotte Jonrn . Bui our read
era will see by an ariirle from tho same piper.
' which vn Copy this week, that Dockery
ha refused all arbitration, and is resolved lo keei
(lie field, even at lhe venture of giving lhe repre
sentation of the District to lhe opposition.
We confc we have no patience with such re
fractory Whig any lunger. The course, of thi
gentleman would seem to forfeit In claim to Whig
support, wo tmt i will ba proved so, in the
event. ' The 'idea that any man has a right to
push his own ambitious views to the disastrous
failure of hia parly, should be rebuked and frown-
;u r construction of the 7th section of the act pans d
t the recent neuron of the legislature, entitled,
"au act to increase the Revenue of the State."
The qnetitiou yon present nri' 011 the proviso,
found at the concl union of that section, and ii whe
ther that proviso extend l)tli,whole act ; and if
not, to howt much thereof? i .
I am of opinion that the provivi extend to the en
tire 7th section and to ech widyery eubject ot
I ixntion therein specified, and ihat it extend to 110
other part of the act.
ir the proviso wasa is alleged by lome in
t"nded to he has extensive tlian the whole of the
7:h aeciiou, l am tumble to perceive that intent in
the .language ofthe law. Very respectfully,
Your olnlt. sen t.
C. U Hinlon, Rl,':. . P. MOORE.
Public Treasurer.
GRAND 1,0 DUE X 0. 0. P.
We would remind the public that the Rail Road
Convention will be held at SALISBURY, oil the
Iltkday of June next.
It is to btf liojieJ that every county in the Stave,
hilereste in this g?eat project now agitating tlie
public mind, will snd delegates, and that tuch an
iinp.'tin will tiicu bo. given to it, a will iuaure it
success beyond doubt.
Thomas Eu uink, Edo,., whone uppnintinent aa
Ciaiiniiaeitmer oii'atui.t Oiliee in announced, ban
arrived at Washington City, preparatory to e;l-
i tering upon the dutiee of his ofliee. . -
Of this appointment the New York Commercial
Advertiser speaks as follows; !
" The CoMsttt'ioxER or Patests. The filling
' roi'E. " .
The I.ondcm Tiirea'pf the 13th, in annrfk'le on
the intervention of Trance to nature the l'0ieays:
. ..':Tli Freack; Repablis ean-mt be normbly or
rightfully ewpected of nny intention of rei-toring
the abuse of the old ec.'psiastical government of
the roie, and we have no JouU tliat the French
auxiliaries of Pius IX are !incerely deirou of
eiving his enbjects the benefit of that constitution
which they have so foolishly and wickedly abused.
Nor ia it lo bo supposed that the. interference of
Austria, under her present rulers, ia intended to
restore the exploded lumber of Prince Metier
nich'i police. The real desire both of Austria and
France can only be render the experiment of con
stitutional liberty possible in Italy, by supplying
the governments with that force o resist the absur
dity and rxtravagauco of the populace and ill dem-
agogiic, which their own troops and, the energy of
the middle classes nnhappily have not hitherto af
Med." ,;: : ''. : .
fid iinrui bv nil who realiv wihIi that nartv" suc
cess. A mere sfiitC'le het.veen nifii, when the I"111'
ascendahrv of nrinfciijles icons' filed by it, ousht J Alternate.
not to he tolerated anvwherc -awl no tfood Whiff I The Gnm Enirn,qnt also liel- its
should eoiintenancc the over-bearin? conduct of l,pre at t'"' ""ro(! ,,,m'
anv Candidate. The proper course is to call a i onice c,ec,t'J for t!,e c,,f ",nB )rar
Convontion, and let all true Whigi rally upon it
nominee and elect him. OlherwiBO thore can be
no certaiittv of success.
The Grand Lodge of the Inc.ependcnt Order of j M pri,feil(e() a surprise upon general
in thi .City, I'Bt week.the attendance, we ander
t nid, biing inivch fuller than iiunl. The foltow
inif otlicers were elticteil for the ensuing year ; :
J. D. Newby, of Fayetteville, Grand Master.
Alex. Retlmne, of Charlotte, Dep. Grand Master.
Julius M. Wilcox, of Warrenton, Grand Warden.
William D. Cooke, of Raleigh, Grand Secretary.
D. McMillan, of Wilmington, Grand Treasurer.
J. D. Royster, of Raleigh, Grand Steward.
John H. Manly, nf Raleigh, wis chosen Repre
sentative to the Grand llge of the United States,
; Ml'RDER.
Lat night, jiirt about lUrk, a May Buchanarj,
Esq., was on hia way home from Wadesborougb,
and within about a quarter of a mile of hi own
hone, he was attacked, and beat te death with a
stake; the road having previously been stopped
with a pile of brush, for the purpose of impeding
hie lion.
His family heard a cry, and immediately after
hia horse ran home, with a part of bis sulky, the
remainder having been lodged against a tree. His
family and overseer ran to the pot and found him
just alive i but it is thought lie never breathed.
Beside hitn, and partly covered with blood, they
found a stake, about eight feet long, auch a are
naed in runnine fence. No traces could be found
of the villiaji or villians who perpetrated the aw
ful deed.
The deceased was an old and excellent citizen,
and his death is involved in mystery, as it was not
thought he had an enemy living. Argus.
'';. ';l.ra-KMM'0S.
fTMIE ciilieiwo KraJiru, and it ticiiu'jrnrrl
L y 10 the Cetilr-il Rutf Kwd laipvrtmnl. are
(ju-tl 10 hold a meeting-at T-r-N,
c Saturday, the 'ind atiy rl June wxl, fer the
pnvjv4a of appointing Dlegulo tht Salklwry i'ou
vuition. '
Kranklinton, May 11th, 1849,
expectation the gentleman upon whom it has
I), en Conferred, Mr. Cwbank, having ncverbeen'
even named in connexion with it, so far as our
k ibwledgo extends; We readily recognise, how
ever, the liUtcF.sof the man to the post. Perhaps
tl.cre is no man in the country so thoroughly con
versant as Mr. Ewbank with the whole subject of
mechanical inventions, and therefore so competent
to deal accurately with claims and pretensions of
which tlu'y are the subject, lie ia even curiously
leirned 111 these matters, and will he as much at
I Immn nmwl tho tlinnu:inil nml oik ivjctcriea nf theT
1"" 11 ri, I..,,., . .,( pi,o.,i.ii. r;, kin . m :." i , aV
" vj 1 ),, 1 m;,. ,,.1, , I,,, !te(l m 'if
A late letter from Rio to the New York True
Sun lays :
"There was. a fight yesterday by some of t;ie A
merican sailors in the Emperor's Palace in town.
They were drunk and would not take eff their hats.
They knocked fnwh twenty ot thirty gen d'armes,
and our folks got them off two or three tirme. The
Emperor wa at the wlncow in view, and saw the
whole. They were treated with more lonity than
they deserved, and they would break awny from
those trying to get them off, and return to the fight,
and finally our panple fot disgusted wiih them.and
let them have their own way, when tliey were fi
nally taken, aftor getting itnbbed-. The report
was, last night, that one was dead, and another in
the calaboose, badly wounded."
As the season of Tomatoes, will onn be here,
we republish the following. receipt, and commend
ifto every good hoasewifo who desires a rich con
serve of domestic manufacture wherewith to treat
her friends. And while we do so, would recom
mend to her, in piiltint' np peaches, peiri. aitin?.
tie., net to omit to preserve a few jar of tonn'toes
as they make (ho most ipicy preserve of all.
, Tako eix potmdfcof sugar to one peck (or sixteen
pounds) of the fruit. Scald and remove theskin
of the fruit in the unal way. Cook them over a
tire, their own juice being snfficient without the
addition of water, until the engbr penetrates tnd
they are clarified. They are theotakeu outspread
on dishes flattened and dried in the sun. A small
quantity of the Vyrnp should be occasionly sprink
led nverthem whilst drying; after which pack them
, day dissolved by mutual consent. , A it is de-i
ired that the busine of the Firm houli be ct
tled as early ai practicable, all pereone indebted
to lhe concern will please come forward and nuke
payment to S. H. Youso, who ie aiiorixei to
close the busineiM.
S. II. YOUNG, , '
M. A. 111XD.-.0E.
Raleigh, May lit, 1849. Si
new goods j sew Goods i
fpilE businese heretofore carried ofi under the
name and style of Youso Ai Iiledsok will be
henceforth conducted by S. H. the mine
old stand, where he has received and is now open
ing a large and plem!id assortment of
fitapte anil JFaiurj Spring ooii,.,
which will be sold on the most reasonable tcrrr..
Our oid customer and the public general!, are
respectfully invited to give ine a call.
s. h. Young.
Raleigh, May 1st, 1819. . , .2Ll U ::
The following are the
This gentleman is out in the last Old North
State, in a tirade of some column and a hall", prin
cipally against Mr. Hale, of the Fayettoville Ob
server in whose hands we ar content to leave
him, so far as regards that.; Of all the (hunting
and counter-shnfiling we have ever known, Mr.
Shepard contrive lo theffle most, and most disin
genuously. Very badly lwa ha been put ''IP the
wall;" and, as we have no desire to "slsy the
Blain,' until he once more shifts the issue, why,
"e'en let him go."
T. II. Hardenbiirg, M. W. Patriarch.
Perrin Busbee, M. E. High Priest.
S. G. Smith, W. Grand Senior Warden,
J. B. Newby, W. Grand Scribe.
Edw. Yarbmngb, VV. Grand Treasurer.
: I). W, Telfair, Grand Junior Warden.
Isaac Proctor, Grand Rentinel,
A Railroad Meeting was held in Cabarrus, on
Monday of May Court, Gen. W. C. Means, Presi
ding, nni John A. Rradshaw, acting as Scretary.
At the request of the Meeting, R. Barringer
Ei(., addressed it on the Central Rail Road pro
ject, und reiterated his opinions previously made
I known to the public. . .. '..''.'
U C. Jnne: Jim. Tl VVilsnn! Dsniel Coleman. one part of a letter which Mr. bep-1 . . . lonr. Ejurs.. were successivelv called
ard quotes, however, on which a word or two of on and aJvocaP() at length, with much
Comment wight bu off 'red, merely by way of mak- j ,,IC 0,)jf,cts of he mettin. The infor-
ing tho public acquainted with the f uprejpe self. , mution givcn by j,r VVilRon) of lhe Dirfctors
conceit, and arrogance 61 the mall.: hi, where . ,hc Charlotte and South Carolina Rail Road,
he lays, in a letter he -addrcnKed to .ur. Hale,
peaking of the Seiiatoriul election 1 it winter, "I
could have beaten Mr. Badger myself, if I had
permuted my name to be annonnced.wbich 1 would
not do: first, heca use I did not wish the office ;
and secondly, bfcutii-e'l would not accept it, un
less it we freely tendered to me," etc. Thi
will be news to the members cf the lust Legisla
ture. Mr. Shepard "could have beaten Mr, Bad
ger," had he suffered his ii line to be announced !
Ha ! ha ! Ho lucky Mr. Badger was !
In reply to tho writer in the Old North Stab.'
, over the signal tiro of P., we have to state, that
dalet are becoming of eouic importance in this con
troversy, and that, if h will how us the letter of
Mr. Shepard to bim. of which he speak, tcilh in
dale, we will then tell uiisi our opinion of it.
w his
lile. .-.jx ':' ::'. V ; .
'Mr. F.wbankn a perfect novice,' we believe,
111 politics. There can have been, therefore, 110
political motive or inlliience in his'ipponitmeut."
ce at Newbern. N. C, without cause, except
lie i a ueniocrnt. Boston fust.
This, with the additional fact that he used his
ntlice to promote parly objects, was the only cauae
hr the removal of Jlarcus Morton. Yet the Pot
At Charlston, oJwednesdav la, Mr hi:l Veh- ! 'I.ak,l0e"; haviag made that removal.
,.Sot.,tl.e Chancellor to the French Cn-ulale in i U "j"'1 "Hnmii.-iration make fish of Mor- suicide by shooting himself )- jr r mr
lliroiiirli' the bend with a uirftol. Tho Courier
states ihat M. Veronol arrived there about two j
months since, and entered on the duties of his of-
' 1 t down in boxes, treating each diver, with 'powder
Mr. Bryan lus been removed from the post offi-, ed The syrn j, unerwards concentrated
and bottled for use. They keep well from year to
year and retain surprisingly their flavor which is
neatly that ofthe best quality of fresh figs! The
j pear shaped or single tomatoes answer the pur
pose best. Ordinary brown sugar may be used, a
large portion of which is retained in syrup.
'PHE Public. Anniversary Examinaiiuti of the
Students of the University of North Carolina
will he held at Chapel Hill, on Momhy t.e Slit
day of May, ensuing, and be continued frn day
to day until Thursday, the 7th of June, being the
liri?t Thursday in June, which last mentiontsT day
is appointed for the Annual Coiiiinenceuieiit 0 tle
College. . :; '
The following Trustees compoao the Couiir.ittee
of Visitation : ; ,
His Excellency, Charles Manly, Governor of the.
State, and President ex ujjimt of the Bonrd.
Hon. David L. Swain, L L. D., President of ilie
lice. His manner were gciitleinanly, but he ap
peared at times 10 be under morbid excitement, al
though not to such an extent as to cause a suspi
cion of deungeinrnt of mind until within a few
days p . .t .' '.
It seems but a few months since it can hardly
lip ft vAar that nut Friend William II. Uurleieh. t
editor of the HaTlford' Charter O.ik.'ntid for twelve
years to our kuowledgoa thorough aljolitiouit,came
very near having his office destroyed by a Locofo
co mob on account or some remarks Be bad pub
lished deemed diyrespectful to the volunteers from
that city and neighborhood just returned from the
Mexican war. For levcral days there was anevtn
chance that hie office would be diembowellcd. A
few moon have wilted add waned, and lo! Bur
leigh i "State Printer" for Connecticut, so far as
the House can' tiiakc him by the vote of Lbcofojoe
in it i Queer world this. If a man can only
itand hiserouud in it, luck may very likely coin?
I round to him who knows? .V. Y. Tribune. ( ;
j In that expression of kindness how sweet and
1 soothing a sentiment ia conveyed. The toil of
j the day are over ; the fefvent heat of noon i past;
! the maddening pursuit after gain is suspended ;
and mankind seek in the arms of sleep, a tempora
ry asylum from care of mind and enervation of
body. Even from guilt beneficent nature with
holds not the solace of repose, and passing thro'
lhe " ivory gate of dreams," (he days of youth, of
happiness, of innocence', in- shadowy glory, ilit
before the aoul. . Insupportable, indeed, would bo
the heavy tribulation which, on our pilgriningi
The Washington Unioix 'uti funny paper. It
has two staple topica, about these days, in the daily
elaboration of which alone it seems to find comfort
and occupation. One of these is the onormity sf
President Tayior's Administration in turning Dem
ocrat! out of office and putting in Whig; theoth
ther, the certain ruin that ia rapidly advancing to
crush President Taylor's Administration, through
the displeasure ol the Whig party .does
not turn eut Democrats faat enough. The Uaion
will thus have it Ihat the President Is sitting be
tween two stoolsjBiul niuat, incontinently conic to
the ground. -A'. 1'. Com., Ade.
John L. Bailey,
Simmons J. Baker,
John H. Bryan, "
John. R. J.Daniel,
John M.Dick,
James C. Dobbin,
John A. Gilmer,
Calvin Grave,
John D. Hawkins,
Chae. L. Hinton,
John Kerr,
Walter F. Leak,1
Willie P. Mangum,
Jamea T. More bead,
SamTF. PilUfion,
Thomai RufCn,
R. M. Saanders,
Jamei 8. Smith,
Rich. D. Spaight,
Lew ii Thompson,
It w Mr. Hill's habit to ride to church in an !
through life, we must endure, were it not tor those I o!d family carriage, a practice too aristocratic, in j
Thil meeting was held on Wednesday week.
Dr. John A. Herndon iu the Chair, and T. B.
Kingsbury Secretary. ' Col. R. O. Britton ex
plained the object to be tp uppoiut delegates to at
tend a District Convention, to be held in Hillsboro'
on the Slat instant, lo nominate a Whig Candid
ate to represent that District in Congress.
Delegate were then appointed te represent
Granville in said Convention, and the other Coun
ties in the District were requested to ictid Dele
gate likewise. ; !
We ere glad to see thi movement. ' Rumor
may or may not be correct In saying there will be
another Democratic Caiididato beside Mr, Vena
ble. He iliouM be opposed by a strong and popu
lar Whig. ' The Whig party would be much to
blame, did they nuffi r Abraham Venable again to
U lent to Congreie without contest. They
have the choice among men who are able to beat
hitn we hope they will make a good election.
Mr. Kerr, it i true, would be the first choice of
the Whig ofthe District, and we exceedingly re
gret ho feel tillable to run but oo uiuth ought
not to be demanded of une who ha ever gallantly
born the Whig banner hertfofore. We haVj
other clinrnjiUns there, who will ,do honor to the
Wlii cause, and we trust soon to seo-one of them
in lhe field. "
in regard to the prospect of that enterprise, was
highly -gratifying toiu numerous friend ; ': if I
Resolution were adopted, approving of the libe
ral and enlightened course of the hst Lejlalatnre,
In authorising the various work of Internal Ini
provemcnt; particularly recommending the Cen
tral Railroad to the liberality of the people; and
pledging the people of Cabarrus to do their duty
towards corni hting thil great enterprise. Fro-
quent meeting of thd people were recommended i
to be hold and, forty Delegate appointod to the Thr Grw.D Dollar. The PhibidelphU papers
Salisbury Convention to be held in June iiext.i announce the npimrajiee of .the Oold Dnllar,wbich
.'"' ' " TT , 1 ha just been issued from Mint in tbatcity.
Gov Neil 8. Brown, of Tenn aridresse. 1 tlie re-, n y m -t M very eat a.vl beautiful join,
cent Whig Convention at Nashville, by which he 1 ' . . .... . :,-.! .
u,. ti.i.i.uied ti,r reflection, in a sneech of ome about tlie thickness of a five cent piece, out ca-
lenirtb. in which was the followina: , ,. siderahly wnaller in mzs, On on aide i a head
'He was
but he valued Hie Union above every thing
Hliilii nriiiitin iuiwniii. . j . . j .ui ihi'.j . v.. ....
5 in fuv, r of the institutions of tho South, "f the Godde. of I dhertr surronmied by star, and
ued the Unioii Sibove every thing elec. ! on tlie obverse a wreath eu. losiiig the inscription:
intermittent seasons of rest which it is alike tho
privilege ofthe houseless wanderer and the pal.
aced lord to enjoy. r
. And nijiht, gentle night, is the tender nurso that
wooaUie toil-exhausted frame to ieep its care ia
forgetfBlnca. The wise provisions of nature in
dicate tho season for repose; and tier bin eHcent
laws are reverenced and obeyed by all save, the
being for whose comfort ana happiness they are
.chiefly promulgated. When the sun wi-'hilraws
the heavens, and from the earth it shrouded 111
darkness, the labors of insect industry ceaae ; the
flower close their petals, defended from the chtl
ing de of evening, and that sweet watchman of
the grove, the nighingale, trills forth In varied citd
enccstiio parting wnjj "good night." Cynthia and
her glittering train of ttarc.rohed in tho grandeur of
eternal light, come forth and hover above theeurih
John D. Tooiner.
, All othermembers ofthe Boardof Trustee who.
may attend, will be considered members alio
this Committee. By order, ',. .
CHAS. L. lUNTO, Sec,.
" i May 1st, 1849. M td
Female Classical Ustltite,
;.':. !: tai HILLBBOROUGK STIIET. .'.
' rpHE SXI Session of thi Iruititutien will com.'
-1- mence on Mouday, 25th June. It i deinbl
that student be present on that day. ; is t,
Fur further infiiruiation, arldree .
Raleigh, N. C. 1 , . , Prindjxl. :
May,1849. ilt am
the judement of one of his flock, who determine d
to rebuke it. ' " '
- It wa customary in hi c.hnpel for nro tplje
sent to the pulpit requeuing prayer for various
objectB. One Sabbath, air.. Hill wa proceeding j Court of Fleas and Quarter S., March Tsrtu, 1H9,
with tlie rflaatns 01 tliese request, a tuna!, when
i p I M... ii;- .L- -.1 i r .1 . .. tl. ...
he found himself in the midst 6T&1S ofthe lolluw-
ing purport : .' " ,. ' T , " -!
" Prnyaraare requpf-d for, Rev. Mr. Hill that
he msy be made mure bumble and like hi Divine
Master, who, instead of riding in a carriage, was
content to be borne by an ." '
Having read" the notic, he lifted his apeetacle
to hi forehead, and looking aronnd the house, ob
served, that U was true he had been gtiilty of tlie
fault alleged ; but if the writer would step r iund
to the vestry door, after service, saddled and bri
bled, he Would have no objection totry to ride home
a fior the Master' example. - , . ,
He deprecated the fanaticism that seeks to ar i
ray one portion of thi glorious Union sgainst an- j
other; wa opposed to the proposition, made in some
quarter, of non-intercourse with the North in case
of tlie passage ofthe Wilmot Provis.; aid heteauld
if gice one foot if ground off Bunker IhU,or bur- j
atugt fir YorktouHfor all the land West 0 the R10 j
Grande, though all its hill uere tluddei wilhgoU, j
aJ its talkys filled icilh sUccs. He wa opposed
to those who would deny the Southern people tlieir
rights in tlie newly acquired territories, and thought
that in the present threatening aspect of thii'.gi
compromise should be made ; but he irk for the Un
ion at all 1H2AHD3 foi the South o long a lie
could be, oiifUu ntly with the preservation of the
Union, but for the Vniun at all events."
! and its children, like .fair and holy spirits keeping
I viftit-l m'ir inert:. 1 hlefnprs nnil rtn-corfinr. tl.nm
Oulsi.le tlie wrealbare tlie I -",', . n .... "
"1 Dollar; 1819.''
words "United States of America."
. ' ',"'.'' ' BM'anat Amricw."'
IT The Hon." Jas. C Dobbin wa nominated
for Congress by a meeting of hi political friend
in P-iyetteville, on Thursday week.
-----! t r'n :--.-' :'
Drinking water neither makes a man sick, nor j
in debt, nor hi wife a widow Sjvn. Pror. . i
In tli City, on Tueiday evening last. Colonel
Edward Yarbrough, of the Mansion House Hulel,
to Mr Hawkins J. liiywood. ' ,....
Arthttr Cok,
jf..ii . r. ;,' i m. '.;.,; ;:;
Willi P. Allfcrit, Jeremiah Alford and . Bcej. Ahfrtrdt
Caveat to KuiteupatkeWUl ef N.-dicui Xlieri.
It appearing to the atifcctioa of th !oart, tbt
Arthur Alfordiwha i on of thk etat vl tu Afe
dieu Alford, redde beyoad lhe Gmiir u th 4Utl
It iordred that publitntiun htiti'A far ai wtt
iu the Raleigh Tuna uotil'ying him to pr at tho
Court Howe in Louitburg, th 2nd Monday in
June next, to abject to Um probate ot said will, ui
to iliow aue,if any he ha, wby said Jtiutcupativv
will hoU uoi be admitted t probate adicori. j n
Uivib under my hand at office. . . ,,,,
"Pr.dv..e81. n r,.,..,kH
; WAsiiiNCT0j;,Mayl2 fiP. M. .;
.The President to-day apointed Hugh Maxwell
Colloctor ; Win. V. Brady, Postmaster, and Jno.
Young, Sub Treasurer, for New York City.
. . ,,.:;',i ,.r, ,T I.t ... ,
The lad name i Honetslirr, who. recentfy cut
-i-L- ur 1. 1. , ..r.l. M. V.L
Herald, say : --nat our government intends dej fhr- hfttd witn D M he 'a-' drun
tailing.forthwith.two of the national ship in search I
of the lost exploring expedition of Sir John Frank-
lin, in the Aretie ea','one 'to go East,' arband
frii Tj,tirmlnr . nud ihrnuirli Davi' Straits th I
other West, to Behrlng'4 Straits.'' We are g fad j ccy to commit the crime of murder."
10 see onr government taking an interest in tlji j
subject, and trust that exertion 'a discover the j
.... .... t l I f
ir-st, expedition, win 1101 oe connueu vi nauuiui
in a field, in Lyie, N. Y, has been discharged from
arrest. ' He i only S year of age,nd the Bring
amton It! say that he has been discharged " on
account nf his extreme youth and .nioral wcuinpT
vessels, but that our whaler will lend their aid.
. From a recent exhibition of thi vat etab'ih
nunl, in New Vurk, il assets a ppear to be 8643,1
17 6J, while iU liabilitie aimmnt to g-tOS 94;
prow 01 tne concern arc aunuauy ui
billed among the several conference.
We Hud the above going tlie rounds; but tliink
lhe taller lentence a'mistake. Our impreasion Is
that the Northern Conference hav' played, the
"grab gaMie," and withheld from the Southern
their right. These htt insist tpon an equitable
division, lit the peril of a suit at la'w-U-bm are will
ing to submit to arbitration. . We judge the Nor
thern brethren are neither willing to diviriu or ar.
bitMte.' 'Meaiuiine, the concern is in -their hand;
and tlie South I qulttj likely ti be cheated. We
don't like inch dliliig ill tlie ''Northern Methodist.
PHAT'n 'Dnrmtss Rcrtns9 "w, Rksic.x.
Ii teem that' Senator D.iiigl f decline yielding
obedience to jhe in.-trn?ti.i'of the Ugislatureibul
inaiul aiux his positiou.aa Senntpr, because a Ma
jority of bi own pirty did not Vc'e lli:: r..n)lu
lb.11 inrfru.l.i h!-r. ' vlj U;""";;' ' '")'
IV Tho ussorlion hat Gen. Taylor wa elected
by those' who expected he would make no change
in public ollicer, i uptrno. , Il is a poor compli
ment to the Democracy to ay ihat thbse who vo
ted for him did so for no other reason but that they
considered he would make no uch change. The
Soil-nierj, we think, were thoap who voted for
Ce. Ntrter wa a ry if proscription o absurd
and acnscles. 1 .". ,; "!' it H ''' j j
The ce! ibrated ditcher, Gen. Gideon Pillow, de.
cline a nomlnilion for Governor of Tcnnesse. It
is the first ipa'rfc of Wisdom he ha cvef hown. .
Mr, Dallas exphinstbe apparent plaguir!si1n
his valedictory address lo the Senate, by laying
that the sentence from llacaiilay' Jtistofy wai
au itcJ, and marked as snoh in the written copy.
II jw convenient j Hw au omincioii of tlie pi mi
tor. ' '
Correspondence tke flirie York Express.,
Wajiunuto', T). C, May 109 P. M.
' Rumor ay, that Major Scott, Navy Agent at
the Washington Navy Yard, who resigned hi
ofilce on Saturday last, is u defaulter for a large
aniouut ,t ;.;n
There were 41 death from cholera in St Louis
during the week ending on the 3(Hh ultimo. Of
33 new case reported be the phvicins2idied.
There were two death fmm chiilera at rulsburg
on Tuesday, both ungipally on lhe rjyvr. . ,
Th Louisville Journal, of May 4'. h, reports
seven new case end two death by cholera Intlmt
city. -
A lelegrnphift disn:itcli. from Louisville, ilate
that the ebol'irl pro-vftilinif very extensively in
that city., ilrs Fulton-of the Fallon House, died
ollhdieac rn Monday night, . ; ,.,tj.
t A letter fmm St. Joeph',(Mo:,) AptS It
"Cholera i in town. A ineiiiber lsflongliigtoolf.
IT The "name of Tcanot Depot, in Edgecomb of (he eoinpnniesii. lying dead in hi wagon. , v
Coni'y, h been changed to Wi! in honor of ! ry Meambo! that arrive' hat in"re or ! lea on
lt.C kv i l-' Wilson." ' . '" ' h.rJ "
' The fiillowing c?xcellent temperance story is told
by ih edt:or of lhe Grand River Eagle, : . i
"We were highly amused yesterdry. On (lie
bridge that passes the tumbling water ofthe Grand
Rapids we met a hale old. man, Willi eleven n4
seven daughter, thirty-seven gunrl-chiluren, and
his own wife, (the'only one he ever had) with nu
merous horscB.carta, wagons, oxen, cowds, and fur
niture of very antiquated uppearaoce,among which
were to be teen cradles for bahiesradles.for grin
spinning wheels, pots, kettles, and almost every
thing requisite iiraaeltlemerit such as fifty seven
blood relation willtnake in the Grand River coun
try. After stopping the fain and making mny
Inquirieawe asked tho old gentlemen 'what could
be the use of a bottomless jng which wa careful
ly laid in a aafo place among hiadomeMici tquip
mentt, and received the following reply :
Why, sir, I tfrri i man bl : inany juar and lots
of children, and have worker) oilier people' land
all my diyi puicl froiji four to nine bmheisof grain
aTl kcrd rent! for lo dofnij fiave' arf that tiiue used
t jug with a bottom In itj and f got aickof 'feedirj'
other peopld'with my hands fcithcr landlord or rum-
eller, o J,eiu even ,pf my . Jioya to Mexico to
fight for home bind,' ind they all got bac.S afe, af
ter flghtin' with Geh. Taylor.liine fenongh 1 to vote
for him,tind they got eeven Ufntet ectionof land,
that, please God, will b oar own without rent
And now, that ojd jug ypaeep, there (rwintiug al
lhe bottomles thing) ihall hold all the whiakey or
mm that will be Used in my family, 'I control em
beca!ue old Gineral Taylor told my iou Joiiu, thit
a jug without a bottom was Oi best kind of a 'jug
te pat liquor In, and rfho wi my Win John he'd j
serve ill the jiigto bam justa (17 did the Mex
ican takeaway lucw power to kill is.God
.ay" ,
In Henderson Countv, on the 2d Inst General
Philip Britain, at an advanced age. "
' In Bnilcnmbe, on the tth inst. Col. JasYMcKee,
in his 69 J year. ,.,',..' .
J ! '. .
. Cedar Rock, FraiikUn Cannly, ',' H. .
MLANKFORD, E., will addrn the ttudents
on the 8ih 01 June, tlieday of their annual ex
hibition. Euarinatioa u th 7th. The ' patron of
tho InMituts, and the frienU af Kduontiou generally,
are reapeotfnlly invited twttead. " '
The Summer nd Fall Term will oommenee on
Monday, the 2d of July. Termr as heretofore- For
particulars address tlie Principal. U if very desirable
the pupils be present at tlir'o)rnini; of the Session.
May 18,1849. . ' 24 tW t5t
, ; . Bollingbrook Ht Petewborg, Va."
WILL give attention' to tl tale uf all kind of
Prisluce and Forwarding Gooda, . Reter to 1 si
Hon. A. W Vena ble, GranviHe, an W. Whit
aker, Jr. Esq. Rulelgh. . ; . .1
Join Dictirao, --- V'; afFilJutil.T'--1:
UtenfDamille. .. i ' '
TVlcrsbtinr. V. March. IS4S. ' I .' ' .
- P ,t ,
'" v"! '( V 1 . -1"'
,tlilrid iwdcmy." j i (J
rpHE fii'BSCRIBER would take to board a few
-- bmdcnU, who may attend the Eglantine Acad
emy, lo be re-opened hy hi eon, Men L. Weller,
oil the tliirdionday of Juu next, al RrinkleyvilU
X Roads, Halifax County, X. C, about two miles
frnn bi rtsidcuce.
Tuition in lhe Aoauenij-lorlnruge aud higher
brandies uf Mathematics two dollar per month ; for
higher branches ef Englirl one dollar and a half, tod
other English Studio one dollar. .. , ...
Board in respeotabie families at aud near laid X
Roedc, faun six to evn doilur por month. . l)o&!ibr
perfectly healthy. ;....:, u. t,rt: ... v "
Any yoatig marr dimmed to lessen expenses of cd-
ue,ti&i) by luboring occKSHNiallf ia Uie aubeoriber'
The Press, Types and Fixtsres nf
- Ht r- : poR $AL,E.r p
HAVING determined on quilting Hi Prlatin Bu
iuct, w now prop tsllingonr Print ngPre,
Type and Fixture, at . very low phot tor ar
011 a thort credit for a part of tht parchaae' mourj-,
with bond and approved secarity. . . f
'The Pre and a part of the Type are considerably
worn, but will do pretty fair wrk for tw or thru
year to eomc. Til Job and A4vrtiiPjr Typ ere
En bitter condition, and will lt many yir 'ill
Cae, Staad and other fiituree rt very g4.
There i a tufficlency of type of til k;n 1 tor nl apa
establiehmeat. Warrenton i deairahie pc to re
tide iu, being remarkably healthy, and bat a (mi
ttoiety a ny village in the State. We here' beta
engaged in tri publication of th R r porter fnl yean,
and hive been tolerably wclliiBtained. . Wa will tell
at a price low, that any and wiilting te tngife in
the buiuem would do Well to cU and e um, or .
ores the t.ditor, pott noii, imt, N.t".. .
R. N. VERt'LL, Ed.tot and Pit.p-ie'tdr.
April 21, 1849. - - . - . .at ..
VinoyariU, may be aceouiuuxltted iu that way
umiHicyviie, mnmx :v
' "... ,,.. ...i MtwiKSAL, Miy-10. ,
' A number nf deputation We.w received by tlie
Governor Uvdav. who expressed ihetr confi lence
in hi adiiil'ilrni i bt (l.e ;uvertiini nt. The
Governor dintid nnh lhe Minit-n end a putphj-r
of hi friend, at rTiiu' IIul. l, whefl 1 ir eb of
about two hundred assembled, altuckej l ie house
and broke Ibc window, . The inuviteiwefo pr
0arl with Cir mi,nd h. nna nf ttiffaamnlant
in the tirck, w1en the cnnM diwrHedV There is
linliiiuj (,( :(ii- rt nf" do 1 g f l.'.r. K .
"""'CbM.MdM SCilOOLS. (J
- Office f lhe "Board ef Literature.
t'u" n U"'..rt-it- iff..
r 1 uni rirsuicui ana trireeioneiLihrah l'uudh.v
,4- owe red - te be duu ibmed irw un. f rerty tlmiiiand
di',lur,iH Bart 01 tkenett niiuual memne ot a. id
1 uud nr ,l!s uuwr( of .Louiaion ituoole, tineivK (l.e
everal Oeiqiu) it tiic au, leli. . . 1 ..
A eiat MUciit s.nwiiit.H' quoin to waieit unrLi Coiiu
tv i cat:t oil uCijiT'liuj; t ,1.1 fceMl)piih'iitn,uiu!el
wnh the Co.nmmhiir ef ub:macc lis and thn same
! Will bf paid by the l'uhi.j Treasurer en .W ic.W.:
lion. ""'.' ' ' "' ''i
xO,,.'' Oivc ut dvt my bond, thrf S7th Mny
. ' : bf April, IM9. ' ' .
Vl-. ' CH Atu M VI.V . t 'k--,f
tJovernerwf tlM Rit' J
' and IVwudeul ex officie
l; a
prt' "
;j ft
X JI AN who called Tit name HAtHSuN. and
who professed to be a UoreDroer trur. Wes
tern Virginia, catleit h! mv hnuii An tk IA L.f
and bonglit a borae of ine, for which' he gv "n,e
$150 in three fifty dollar bill on the Stale Bmk
of North Cafolin i, whlcli bilk pm? to tx coutile-,
feit, kdJ are Well xeuted and calculate! te- de
ceive. Two of thera are made paj-ibl t W;b
mington.apd the other at Fayetleyille. . . .
. M.vDisos.or by whtwever name hmay p,
ii about S feet; S or 6 inche high, 35 or 4 1 yehia
of age,jquara U'uUi mnll deep blue ej-e;,. fnt
forehead drk.liitir, s.ixtd with grey; alow. and
lirill tvoic ; noee keep hi hajr otantt t k;
had op; a blei 4u -haUwitli a broad, brim that
ikottrlhH IwaaydowiKait lonk.
J-:fTU.j'aorei lie,t torrel, abuut ' feet high,
fiwt iiil tHilri l.l' 1" ' -'f''h"i v,J"h
aoiuills irhi it mVa Irelt ',r it
anfb ivytlr JiVr
Waith, tint .re ftfhw
ye ,fs .ml tut t'r.iV',. and b. a J.'mip t,-Af .r.t uf
fi 'j-ginhi.M.!e.; . '.;-,.', '
fwill g.:vf a,lilier4l . :i,i T'r !' . rwovery' of
':llyt h'-.wav vfuy.iiiurni ,i,-m il.-l v .1! .-m.'. nn.
! toi("t him au ii:. Ami ii I ! . I '. ' t t
tuH'I.Wili be a(reti a uj 1 11 ,., .; ., ,v t .)
pnuishi d lo 1 1 it evtenloi hi li.t
. 4a.-tler .in if." it i;' J, ..,.,,( (
(Vlice, wi!! reiicirn"i. . . ..
- - ' t c.ilk r;.'!' 1 n .
A r' r'"i, l1 ID. a "
uililer h:. !n:il
:' i rMit in- niitH
i i
1 -

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