North Carolina Newspapers

Ralfigl), N. .
FRI01Y, SMY 23, 1819.
JT Fur the lack of Editorial, mid all other im
pr.1'Ctions in thin woeb paper, must be attribu
ted to the absence ot tin KJitor.
IT We are under oblieations to Hon. Vilus
T. .Maxgbk for a copy of Executive Document,
No. 1," of the hist session of Congress.
We have received the Juno No. of this ben nti
ful Periodical", which heretofore., the
high character of its l.itrrury contents. Wc be
lieve it to be the rtbls.t," and certainly it is the
' handsomest, oYthe Magai'mos. Our Lai!' read
er! cannot do better th:n to take this txvtutil'ul
Monlhly. Pi 3 you can obtain it, and the L
dy's Dollar Newspaper, too, a Semi-moathly pub
Tlie Mav No. of this interesting Periodical is on
out table. We have not yet hadan.opporlunity '
perusing its content, but aro assured will be read
W'th additional mtoreat.
This sterling Whig journal has been enlarged
and improved and is now one of the neatest, btr
jrett.betl conducted, and cheapest uewspapers in
tie State. The enterprising publishers deserve,
nd we trust will receive liberal reward for their
laudable effort to please the public. ;.
We call the attention f our renders to the Ad
vertisement of Messrs. Oliver &. BBOTHEU.of tlieir
great double sheet Pictorial "New York Organ,"
for the Fourth of July. The Editor of die Rsgis
ter ays : We have seen a epecimen of the En
graving, and pronounce them inferior to nq wood
nils we have seen. Ttot of "Washington's Fi
delity to Freedom,' in bandsftniely designed and
snlcndidly executed ; and is alone worth the price
of the Pictorial."
Snow fell at Chicago on the 6th, to (he deplhof
three feet.
E7 The Rail Road Convention will be held in
Salisbury, on the 1 4th of June next. 1
" l? Tin Hon. Daniel Duncan, Member of Con
gress from Oliio, died in Washington on Friday
BTlt is said that the Insurance offices of Boston
irfcr to the tune of one hundred thousand dollars,
by the fire at St. Louis.
A Judge in New Orlcan,"sys the Louisville
Journal, has decided that certain music, such as
that of tin pat J, tin boris, and grind-orgins, is in
dicatable at common law. It might be an inter
esting inquiry whether tlie music of such organs
as tho Washington Union and Imisville Deme
crat is not also indictable.
Elder Eons G. Dudley, says tlie Springfield Re
publican, convicted of the murder of his wife In
Grafton, N. II. bus been sentenced todeath,the ex
ccutiou to take place on the 23d of this month.
The Onuawka Spectator ay, "we liave stated
that the walls of this edifice have been purchased
by Mom. CabiT for the use of bis association of
French Communists. We learn from a gentlo-
iman who resides in Nanvoo that Cabet paid $3,.
O00 for the Temple, and arsenal, together with a-
liout elevon acres of ground the title ling vested
olely in Mons. Cabet. He has commenced re
building the Temple, and employs the labor of thrco
hundred men upon the work. Much of the inter
est that has hitherto nttached to this edifieo will
now he disputed, for it will no longer wear the
proud name of "Tnn-Li;," bat in future it will be
known as the "Morris Boarding House." The
basemen? story is to bo In id off into kitchens, the
inri floor will be cenverted into a dining roo.i eapa.
b!e of accommodating a thousand persons, and the
remainder of the building' will be fitted up for
chool room, offices, and sleeping apartments
for five buu.' i people.
- - ' t ' "
On Saturday last says the Baltimore American
an atteiniit was made by some of the workmen on
tlie Hudson River Railroad, near, Sing Sing, to
rescue two of their number wlio had been arrested
by tlie Sheriff, for rious conduct. Three of them
armed with guns, attacked the Sheriflf, who there
upon drew a revolver and shot the three one of
them, it I supposed, is wounded mortally.
, From the tf. O. Picayune, 6tKintt.
With inexpressible pain we are called upon to
announce (tie death of Major Gen. Worth. The
newt, to sodden and appalling, reached town last
nielil br the Portland. It was communicated to
us in the following letter from Major Deaa :
AT Aw't Gtx's Orrrc-, 8th Dtr'j, )
San Antonio de Bejwr. Texsa, May, 1849. i
Ei . PtYe n m : I bare to announce to y u for
public information, the death of Maj, Gen. Worth,
who expired to-day at I o'eduok P. M , of o' o!era.
I make the above announcement, in order to set
side all doubt as to this melancholy event, ,
Respectfully, your ohedieiM servant
Aim. "OKAtf. Ass t Adt Gen.
. The Rhode Island papers inform us of the de
tease, at Newport, in thit r-tute, on Wednesday
last, of the Hon. Y.lie J. Pea rce .aged sixty years,
nrotninett Member of the Bar nf that State, and
one of itt Represctitatiws n Congress from the
veartSSmtbe J-esr U37, . .' ' '
The Phil.uletphh Inquirer, a dor remarking that
ill.' prearw population of the Club is estimated l
ujtie hundted and nixty millions, says thai "of tin-!
whole have deuarted,a bout 18,000,000
have died unnatural deaths, mcli u 9,000,000 in
war, 8,000,000 "ry famine and pestilence 6,000,000
by martyrdom, and 580.000,000 by intoxicating li
quid, while only 13,000,000 have died is a natural
way." ; '.
The New Orleans Bullttin say: "William
Forahev, ti nntive artist, lias recently modelled in
clay, a minnttiro burst of the great tragedian, li
was taken from life during Mr. Macready' late
visit to that city, and is so remakable for its faith
ful delineation of the peculiar characteristic of the
celebrated actor's head and featur'hat it is really
a mora striking likeness of him than, any painted
or engraved portruit thsit we have seen. We trust
measures will bo taken immediately to send a copy
of this bust to each of the singers of the New York
card to M r. Marreadrv which led to the recent bust
there."' ' "
A woman named Eliza Sancry, was found roam
ing about the streets of Boston, during the heavy
rain of Thursday night, with a little coffin under
her urms, containing the corpse of her infant child.
She had been turned out of house, and took her
d ad child with her. Much as many of the North
ern people arc in tlie habit of denouncing what they
are pleased to term "tlie siii of Slavery," we ven
ture to say that no negro woman in this State
(slave) was ever reduced to the condition of this
poor white woman, Standard.
The Odd Fellows of Cincinnati have appointed
a committee to be in session daily from 6 o'clock
A. M., to 10 P. M., at the drug store of Dr. Marsh
to furnish assistance and afford relief to memticn
of the Order who may need the same during the
prevalence of the cholera.
The Baltimore American in noticing the public
works in various states, says:
Virginia is at work in earnest. She is re.
solved upon connecting the valley of the James
with the valley of the Kanawha, with the view of
striking the Ohio at the mouth of the Kanawha.
A grand undertaking it is and one that must suc
ceed. Its completion will mark a new era in tlie
history of Virginia, and then it may be that Nor
folk may fulfil some of Mr. Jefferson's predictions
of her greatness."
The jury of Inquest, in the New York Riot case
have returned verdict that the firing of the mili
tary was justifiable, and they express tlie opinion
that if a larger police force had been first called
out, the loss of life might have been avoided.
The verdict is the subject of much discussion
in the city.
Tho Washingtoncorrespondent of the Philadel
phia Ledger, says: Sen-nr Rosa, the Mexican
Minister resident at Washington,-has drawn tip a
solemn protest against tho conduct of the Ameri
can government, in regard to the Protocol in the
Treaty of Peace, and handed a copy of it to each
foreign Minister at Washington, with the request'
to have the matter brought to the cognizance of
their respective governments. Petersburg Intel.
A despatch to the New York Herald says :
The defalcation of Major Scott, late Navy A-
gent at the Washington Navy Yard, is set down
at about $50,000. He had held the office for a-
bout lourteen years. Speculation is assigned as
the proximate cause. t
It is said that charges exist against a high offi
cer in the War Department, which are being ex
amined into, relative to frads upon tlie govern
ment in the way of forged land warrants and other
claims of dead soldiers, that had no existence.
. WxsmxoToji, May nth 4 P.M.
Tlie Cabinet are in session. It is said that the
nominations for this district are under considera
tion. Secretary Meredith has been called from
the city in consequence of the death of his sister.
TeUgraKedfor the Bait. Sun.
I learn from the offioeof the Washington Whig
that the following Postmasters have been appoint
ed by the Prebidont to-day :
Isaac R. Hurrington.Bafllilo.
Joseph N. Sherman, Utica, N. Y.
Cheney Ames, Oswego, N. Y.
James E. Wharton, Wheeling, Va.
Richard Milton, Winchester, Va.
Joseph Burton, Augusta, Met
ArrorsTMEM ir the rnrsinE.iTs.
Logan Hunter, of New Orleans, to be Attorney
of the United State for the Eastern District of
Louisiana, vice Tho. J. Durant, removed. .
Lard Omenta.
John Corkcrn, of Louisiana, to be Receiver of
Public Moneys, at Creenaburg, Louisinia, vice
Theodore Gillespie, removed.
Thomas Webb, of Louisiana, to be Register of
the Office at Greensburg, Louisiana, vice C D.
Strickland, removed. '
Win. H. Wallace, of Iowa, to be Receiver of
Public Money at Fairfield, Iowa, vice V. Van
Antwerp, removed.
, George Wilson, of Iowa, to be Register of the
Land Office at Fairfield, Iowa, vice Benhart Henn,
Easton Morris, of Iowa, to be Receiver of Pub
lic Money at I"wa City, Iowa, vico Enoa Lowe,
removed. .; ;
Jesse Bowen, of Iowa,to be Register of the Land
Office at Iowa City, Iowa, vice Charles Neatly,
removed, " : ,
Mordecai Mobly, of Iowa, to be tloccivcr of P ul
lic Money at Dubqqae, Iowa, vice O, Mdlenry,
Thoma MeKnight, of Iowa, to be Register of
the Land Office at Dubaque, lows, vice Warner
Lewis, removed. i 1
The Wertr'rn papers eame freighted again, list
night, with Mocnnws of alarming ravage of chole
ra , The following is from tlx LonisviSe Jotu-rul
of Sat unlay : !
During i he twenty-four hours ending last even
ing, wo have heard of seven or eight new eaes.
A colored barber, and another culwrrd man, are
said to have died of cholera.
At Portland, several cses of cholera have also
occurred, some of which have proved fatal. I
Mr. Ricketts, a contractor of the railroad, and
seven of his men, have died" of cholera at Floydr-
burg. 1 "
The Cincinnati steamboat Charles Hammond,
arrived from New Orleans yesterday, had 30 case
and 9 deaths. The Childe Harrold, from the same
port, had 6 deaths on board during her trip one
from cholera and five from ship fever. .
The Maysville Eagle, of Thursday, gives the
na.ncs of twenty one persons in that cit and sur
rounding country, who died of cholera during the
preceding 48 hours. It also reports 13 or more
new casos during that time.
The New Alliany Bulletin, of Thursday, reports
one death from cholera in tlie preceding 24 hours.
The Nashville papers report two dearths from
cholera on the steamboat Bolivar, arrived at that
The St. Louis Republican, of Tuesday, says: :
The officers of the steamer St. Joseph, down
yesterday from Council Bluff?, report having met
tlie steamer Mary at Glasgow, bound up, with a
number of Mormon emigrants on board, Captain
Scott, of the Mary, informed the officers of the
St. Joseph that'there had been twenty-one deaths
on board since she left this city; and there were
10 or 13 down with the same disease cholera.
The mortality wa confined solely to the Mormon
emigrants on deck, a great many of whom reach
ed this city a few days previous, from New Or
leans, in the worst possible condition as regards
The Officers of the St. Joseph alo learned.that
there had been several deaths on board the Kansas
but this rumor, it is thought, had grown out of the
fatality on board the Mary.
We are told that nine of tire ten burials took
place from one neighborhood in this city ongtin
day. The victims were mostly foreigners, fresh
from Europe, and were reported to have died of
cholera. Nearly every patient had contracted symp
toms of divase long before reaching this city.
The St. louis Era of the 7th, says
The Iov-a arrived last night with neatly four
hundred deck passenger. Some 20 case of
cholera occurred on the passage upnear one half
of which proved fatal.
The Madifon (la.) Courier of Friday, says :
Two case of cholera have occurred within the
last two days, both fatal.
The Louisville Courier, of Saturday, however,
asserts on the authority ot physicians, that tlie
general health of that city was never better than
at this season.
The Pittsburg Mercury of Monday, says :
In this city not one single ease has occurred.
which originated here, that we have heard of.
Our city continues healthy, and perfectly safe for
strangers to visit
A letter frem Independence, April 30, says
Up to this time there have died in all in Kansas,
with cholera, 23 persons. The population of Kan
sas does not exceed 600
At this place we are oiost favored. Every day
almost a case occurs, but yields readily to treat-
me nt, when taken in lime.
From the Richmond Republican.
' We are under obligation to those enterprising
and indefatigable Telegraphic New Agents, Mes
srs. Garland & Thompson, of Baltimore, for 'the
following important depacth, received at this of
fice at 41 minutes after 8 o'clock Inst evening.
Baltimohi:, Friday, 5 o'clock, P. M.
A destructive fire broke out at St. Louis, Mis
souri, this morning, at an early hour, which) re
sulted most disastrously to the city. ,
Nearly one lialf of the whole city In the very
heart of the businei portion is in ruins.
Five Banks, and every Insurance Office in the
city, were destroyed,
Twenty-seven Steamboats, many of them richly
freighted, while lying at their v, haTves,were burnt
to tlie water' edge.
The Telegraph Office vra also destroyed, but
the instrument wcnriubscq'iently removed across
the riy r a nd put into operation to convey the new
MA TO THE U. S. GOVERNMENT. -Washjkotoh,
May Utli J P. M.
Information ha been received by tlie U. 8. Gov
eminent, and is in possession of tb Department,
of preliminary arrangements in progress for the
formation of a Government in California, which it
i said will be formed before tho meeting of the
next Congrcsa -
: ' '' BLY. , '
PrrTSBOjto, May 17th S P. M.
The General Assembly of the Presbyterian
Church, met thi morning, but nothing of Impor
tance was done. The produce markot are un
changed, and business matter wear a gloomy av
pect. No eaae of Cholera have appeared in our
city, which ia considered perfectly healthy. ,
f- Newsuks, Niw Yohx, )
, - Msy 18, 8 o'clock, A. M.
' Th beautiful steamer Empire, of Troy, wat ran
Into by the chooner Noah Brawn, at half east
eight o'clock last night, opposite thi place. SIi
had sunk to her promenade deck, when thesuam-
r Rip Van Winkle cam to her assisfrsi and
rescued th live of throe hunJred p.ttsenger.
It I Impossible to give) tbeeorrcl number of live
lost. A mU boat ha just come aahor with the
bodie of throe from the wreck.
' It is (opposed tlint the submerged Cabin of th
ill-fatod steamer Empire eontain come 20 or 30
dead bodies, 8 were round this morning, tine
then tlie boiler have been pumped h4 t't body of
a young lady tound, :
Tilt Empire tot insured, -
"Mr. RjUjttau : As one drawback u Southern
Agriculture is, the liability to sudden vicissitudes
of weather, and sudden frost on vegitation put
forth, it would be well to inquire into such item
of culture not subject to disappoint the farmer in
this way. From the light of experience, I would
respectfully suggest two, viz : Jerusalem Arti
chokes and Grapes. While Irish Potatoes and
other early vegetables were cut down by the late
frosts, those Artichokes stood uninjured.;- And
when we take in view the wonderful productive
ness of this vegetable, and it great facilities for
feeding swine, it is of no mean im( irtance as a
ouree of Agricultural wealth. It stands all weath
ers in its spring growth, and is never injured by
winter freezes. But aa to store hogs in lots of
this plant afford, without other troublo than turn
ing them in, healthful feed all winter; and no bet
ter cooling alternate food for fattening swine in
the fall.
Grapes are peculiar in their bearing properties.
The nete branches putting forth in the Spring are
the bearing parts of the vine. And hence, after a
severe late frost destroy the young foliage and
bearing twigs, they aftorwards spring forth again,
and generally no diminution of fruit,
Four years since, when a frost like the late one
this Spring, destroyed all other fruit nearly in the
United States, the Grape product was abundant
Boside entertaining hundreds of visiters for
partaking of Grape fruit in my Vineyards that
year, I made an abundant crop of Wine. So,
since the late frost, the Vines in my Vineyards
have again sent forth bearing twigs and foliage
and every indication ef as good a yield, as if no
severe freeze bad occurred.
So, when a farmer reflects that, in the Old North
State, (found to be the best Slate in the Union for
Vine culture, and especially it own native Scup
pernong Grape, the best Grape in the world for
Southern culture,) no surer crop can be cultivated
than the Grape; and in it culture he is doing a
business of first permanence among the ancient
people of God, according to Bible record, and a
business of vast importance to the cause of true
temperance, by experience in other countries, he
need not hesitate to embark therein, by motives of
profit, morals and religion.
Most respectfully submitted to fellow farmers
Montreal, May 17, 1419.
The Countees of Elgin has this day presented
the Governor with a son and heir. Both doing
The Episcopal convention of Pennsylvania, now
in session in Philadelphia, has adopted the follow
ing resolutions Jilmost unanimously ;
Resolved, That the removal by the House of
Bishops of the disabilitiet imposed by that body on
the Right Rev. Hen7 U. Underdonk, D. D.,would
give great satisfaction to tho individual, clerical
and lay, composing thi Convention, and also, it it
belloved, to many others, a well in the Church
generally as in the Dioce once under hi jurisdic
tion. . "--';
Resolved, moreover, That while such removal
would cheer the declining years of a venerable and
distinguished servant in the Church, it would se
cure, to his many admirable productions their just
estimation by posterity, and be in accordance with
the charity so eloquently portrayed in the teaching,
and so consistently exemplified in the coduct of
the great Apostle of (he Gentiles.
Mr. Rennet, late editor of the Yazoo City Whig
having died, hi widow ha taken charge of tlie
p iper, and w.ll in future conduct it In her own
name. She write us a beautiful letter, reques
ting us to exchange with her. She had only to
Command, and we should triovt cheerfully have o
bejed. .
We welcome the fair editrcaa into our ratik,wilh
all our heart. We have long wanted the presence
of a lady in the corp,to (often the asperitiea which
beset the path and harden the character of political
editors, rendering them bnt too often insensible
to th comities of life. - Our fair sister w ill, we
have no doubt, become the pet of tho whole frater
nity. All will unite in protecting her, no matter
how often they indulge in the f port of tearing out
each other's eyes.
Our new found sister.wo are happy to learn.lik
the majority of tlie better ex, i a genuine Whig.
We look forward to much pleasure and instruction
from her pen. . JticAmoni Whig
Wn Phillip, alia Phelpe and Porter, u tried
in Lowell, in November last, upon three -indict
menu for burglary, and sentenced to bard labor
nine year in State Prison. Shortly after be ob
tained an interview with Mr. Robinson, the War
den, and told hint that be had "planted" $30,000
In a locality which he described. After consulting
with Mr. Nichola, marahal of Cbarleotown it wat
deltrmioed to March forf' prlxe. Phillip wa
granted a holiday and the trio proceeded by cab to
th elation of the Old Colony railroad, and then
by ear to Fall River, near which Phillip poin
ted eut the spot where they mutt dig. They went
to work with a will. Phillip superintended oper
ation, and the City Marshal and Warden relisted
on auother at the spade. The marshal wa at
work with th shovel, and had made a bole ix
feet deep, Phillip and the warden were on the
bank cheering liim to tiH greater exertion. Juu
before Nichols earn to the shiners, Phillip shared
Robinsen into the hole, commenced bnrying them
op, and vanished. The warden and tlie marshal
bad so much dust in their eyes that they could not
porta hint to advantage; and th maHhal bad
sprained ankle. So they cam borne, , JCIohols
took to hi bed, nd Robinson c.Tcred a reward for
th arrest of Phillips, who wa rilcert to Fall Riv
er in Ugns, which wen removed it. order to. alhiw
bim to taKjiis turn tt the (hovel. . He I forty
five years old, five feet ten Inches in height, dark
complex-ion, blpe tjet, and dtvrk hair.
Bnttan B:t,
by stysox . IUIWES.
r A proud patrician lord one day,
His pleliian neighbor met ;
And thus in most disdainful way,
The worthy man beset :
A clown ihon art, yet still they say
There's mind within thy breast ;
That Science' giddy mountain heights
Thy roving feet have presa'd ;
That fame awards her laurel crown
To rest upon thy brow ;
That richer things than gold or lcaurels
Thou hast in keeping now.
Yet plainly still thy garb and luien,
Ignoble birth proclaim ;
What fancy strange is prompting thee ,
To carve thyself a name ?
A moment on tho scornful face,
The plebeian's eyes were bent
A moment, and hi answer came
In words the heart made eloquent :
My father was a woodman's son,
Who left unto his child
No gold nor lands, but rii her far
A birth-right undcfiled.
And I am proud to own my sire, -Though
nlelieian he mav be;
For Heaven hath placed upon his brow
The stamp of its nobility.
Not for thy lands, nor yet, indeed,
For all thy wide domain,
Would I ipiiounce the laurel crow
By hard-earned labor gained. .
Onward and upward, it shall bo
The meteor lightning still,
My chosen path, its trusty guide
Omnipotence of will.
Strange language this, news wcrds to him,
The child of wealth and pride ;
Whose random shafts so rudely aimed,
Their lowly mark defied.
And silently he turned awsy,
Though pausing first to scan
The speaker's visage, as if to read
u The mind that makes the man."
In Burke County, nn the 8th inst., Col. Lelan
Martin, of Wilkes, to Miss C. L. Corpening,daueli
ter of David Corpening, Esq. of Burke.
In uuillord, on the 6th inst., by Peter Adams,
Esq., Mr. VVm. Cox to Miss Sarah Wood.
In Chatham County, very suddenly, on Tuesday
evening the 1st of Mayf Apoplexy, Dr.J.G.Han
ner, in the 43d year of hi tige. He was a popu
lar and skilful Physician in the neighborhood and
surrounding country in which he lived, nd was lov
ed and respected by alt who knew him.
AT the request of some of th eilisens, I hereby
call a meeting of th eitixen of Raleigh, to b
held in the Town llall.oa Saturday the 3d of June,
at 5 o clock, 1. la. lor trie purpose of making arrange
ments to oelebrate th approaching Amuversary of
oar National Independence.
- Iutendant
Raleigh, May 23, 1849. ; ' 22 2w.
PRIME Brown, Clarified, Powdered, Crashed, and
Loaf Sugars ; Port Rioo, Laguira and Old Java
Coffee ; very superior fresh Imperial, Gunpowder and
Black lea ; Vinegar, Lamp Oil, &c. ate. c.
Raleigh, May 35, 1849.
I will open a Select School, Providence permitting,
in Pittsborough, on the lot occupied by me at
present, to commence on the ia day or July.
I he terms or J anion will be th lojlowiui : Th
English branchs will range from $7 50 to $12 SO
per session Ql au tor Uie lower Branches, ana
50 for the higher ones. For the classical, $18. The
course of instruction will be very thorough and exact.
Students prepared for any of our Univera tie. . When
one Student enter the School, he will be consider
ed bound to the e'oae of th session.
To our country friends, I take tb liberty of say
ing, that your soot will bo entirely safe here s
sate, al least, a at any place in th country. Good
board can be had here, where every thing., will b
tound, at irom o to B dollars per month.
I trust from the long experience which I have had
in the important business of managing and instruct
ing youth, that a liberal share of patronage will be
extended to me. . I shall spar no pain in rendering
rail service and exact attention to thom placed under
my cars. D. W. KERR.
Fittuboro', Msy ISth, 1849.
THE eitixen of Frank lintoo, and Us Ticiuiiy,'ried
ly t th Central Rail Uoad Improvement, an re
quested to hold a meeting al Col. FOWLKES' Tar
tan, Saturday, the 2nd itt of June next, for th
purpose (ppoiutui g Delegates t toe oauabury Lon
rrtaklintoo, Msy 11th, 1649. 93
day dinoived by mutnal consent. At it is de
sired that the butioesa of we Firm (bould be set
tled a early a practicable, all person indebted
to tb concern will please eonie forward and make
payment to S. H. xovxo, who I authorised to
cloeethe buaine.
- a H. YOUNO, .
M. A. BLED80E.
Raleigh, May Id, 1843. . i S1
NEW coons I EEwecorst ;
THE buaine heretofore carried ao nnder (be
name end tvl of Yotixo It Blemoi will he
henceforth conducted by S. II. the came
old stand, where he has received and ia how open
ing a large ana spierwia sstorimtnt oi
Staple cn anrg Sprinj OooH
which will be sold on the most reasonable terms.
Our old customers tod the public generally, art
respectfully invited to give in a call.
- ail. YOUXG.
kaleigh, May 1st, 1849. ' S3 tf
-f. ., Wlingbrouk St. Petersbtirfr, V.;
WILL give attention to the sale of all k-.nie el
Produce and forwarding Go!s. Reffrio
Hun. A- W Venable, Granviil, and W. Whit
aker, jr. Esq. Raleigh, . - ;
Late nflrtvilles -m" . :' .
PteTbur5,Va. March, 1848. (
Jirtorial Jim Dark Organ,
For the 4th of Jaljv
MiKcirtL cswrrnfr.
WajihiiijrtuH's Fidelity te Fittdom, dtniirncd bv
Walliu, eii'ruvid by Orr. '
l.inily beiircr, an cfi-rm.-.l Kevoialisiiary Mary
louuded on fact, by T. S. Arthur -spi iMlidly illnj
iruU'd by Orr.
1 b fallen Statesman, an OrirriarJ Trnvberaur
Siory of great power, by Mis. C. W. Dmiuim, n
thor of tiertrude RiUistU beautifully iHiuulKi :y
Robber k Edmuuda.
The ilapby Change ; four, lanre eleiriiit IIiiitst-
ings, covering two eulire pages of the papr r. pre-
seouag I, i n urog bliop; , The ill u Jt n
tence;3, The Wretched Home; 4, UcuJiUt' the
Portrait Gallery mbrnrin r.Iefrnntlv Fii.rmre!
Likeness of Rev. Lyrnun Bceclur, O. 1., Duuitl II.
Sands, Philip P. White and Gen. 8. F. Cry.
Jencrton presenting his famous Dee!antua to ti.s
Associates of the Congressional Committee.
rresentauon or John Adams to king Urorjm III.
the first minister from h Americuu Republic to
the Court of St. James.
These are two splendid designs by Taut Dugg,
Professor of Drawiu j ia ths Fre Academy.
The GjMiplug Niijhbcrt, a gem of its jrt.
The Dram Drinker, a graphic design by th cele
brated Kenny Meadows, with aa eqvsj y graphs
The Upas Tree worthy the attention of Lf.'itla
tors. Debate oo the Supplii-s a family sesne.
The Mother's B;rih Day a choice IransUttuu.
The Animalcule of a Rum Drop, as viewed through
the Moral Microscope, a most curious feature, liu
niehing ample material for curious.reflidiou.
About Babies a familiar scene.
Chapter on Duelliug a State's Prison for the survivor..-.
Jolly Fellows a striking picture.
An Original Temperance Ode set to music, alon
worth the price of the paper.
Illustrated Auecdotes, with a vast atnouut of the
Choict st Temperance and Family Reading, altogether
illustrated by uearly Oue Hundred Fino Wood En.
gravings, many of which will be f the most elegant
and costly description.
As we intend to furnish this Splendid Dumber to
Subscribers CT without Extra Charge, it furnishes
an Extraordinary Inducement to Subscribe.
While we shall spars neither pains nor expense In
give this Model Number an attraction for every Fam
ily circle, yet we intend to make it especially inter
esting and useful as a great Pictorial Temperam-
sheet. : - '
The New York Organ Pictorial for the Fourth w
July, will make 16 pages will be printed on fine pa
per made to order expressly for it, aad extra caput
will be put at the following extraordinary low price v.
Six copies 50 els.; Thirteen f 1; Tlyeniy-seven t i;
Fifty-five 4; Sixty-nino J5; Hundred and Forty
three $10.
XT All remittances and communications should be
post-paid and addressed to
OLIVER It BROTHER, Publisher & Piinter.
No. 123 Fulton-street, New lotk.
O Any Editor giving this advertisement sue 'iv
two conspicuous inside insertions, with an editor. no
tice, and marking a paper directed to "Nw Yora
Organ," shall receive by mail, unless otherwise order
ed, twenty copies of the 4tk July Picton&t.
rpHE Publio Anniversary Examination ef the
Student of the University of North Carolina,
will be held at Chapel Hill, oo Monday tb 2$Ui
day of May, ensuing, and be continued frem day
to aayuniu i nurauay, in itn ot June, Ming tlie
first Thursday in June, which hat mentioned day
i appointed for the Annual Commencement cf the
The following Trustee compose the Committee
of Visitation :
Hi Excellency, Cuarlet Manly, Governoref the
State, and President ex oci of the Board.
Hon. David L. Swain,! L. D., President ol tltr
John L Bailey,
Simmon i. Baker,
John H. Bryan,
John. R. J. Daniel,
John M. Dick,
James C. Dobbin,
John A. Gilmer,
Calvin Grave,
John D. Hawkins,
John Kerr,
Walter F. Lett.
Willie P. Manguei.
James T. Morek-eeA
Sam'IF. Ptteron,
Thomas Ruffiu,
R. M. Saunders,
James S. Smith,
Rich. D. Speight,
Lewi Thompson,
Cuaa. L. Hinton,
John D. Toomer.
All other member ef the Board of Trutteet wk
may attend, will be considered meniUr Jo el
thi Committee. By order,
May ltt, 1849. - M td
renale Classical lBitltnt,
rpiIE rext Sxssiox of this Institution will eoau
mence on Monday, 25th Jane; It it deeirtklc
that student be present on that day.
For further inOnnalion, address -'
Raleigh, N. C. I ; Principa.
May, 1849.
Si ttu
Fiukxliw Covnr. v
Co-rtof Pleu and QuarUr Sees., March Term,! i 13.
i Arthur Cooks,
Willi P. Alford, Jeremiah Alford and Beai. Alferd.
Caccal tt;NuneupatmWiU ef Mtdit AlfirJ.
It appearing to the aatisfaetioa of tho ceurt, that
Arthur Alford, who it we ef th next of km to Afe- .
die Alford, reetdse heyood lb limit tf th 8t f
It is ordered that publicatioa b mad itt eix we-Vt'
ia Um Raleigh Time notifying bin to iprwet at Ue
Court House in Louisbarg, on th 2nd Moo da is
Juao next, to ebjeet to th probata ef vd will. '
to show oaute, u any h kM, why tud Nuiu nrtttr
will thaH aot bt admitted to probat od record.
Given nnder bit hind it effie. .
Tt. dv. 12 62). 9 6w
Cedar Rock, Franklin Cenuty, K. f .
MLANKFORD, Eso.., will ddrw the rtuiea'
M th 6th ef June, the day of their snout! ex
hibition. Examination en the 7th. Th patrons C
th Iaotitutt, aad the friends ef Educattou gcneralry,
are respectfully invited to attend.
Th Summer and Fall Term will eomnware ?
Monday, th 94 of July. Tom heretofore. Tor '
partieiilar addret th Principal, it very detirtbir
th pupil be present at the ojjtvn-ne; of tlie 8eM,on. ,
f D. & RICUAKUSON, Fr-r,Mt. "
Mayl8,lf49. . , g-tJ-t.-.t.' !.
. CZce f tie Izzri cf W.zrz' -rt. . '
THEPretident and Director! afljt'rsry I'uudh t
ordered to be distributed the tun. of ;tv thmise.o!
dollam. in purt of tie nett aouaal iiw- mie of tht eai i-,
Fund for the support of Coiumea fetiiwis, auiw;( ilte .
several C'ciiutirai, for tbe year 18 U.
A (t:stementrhowingtliequotato wh'cHeach Cn-nt..
ty b entitled aeeer!iui to its ft'VrM pepMlatk. ir - t .
Witli tb t'OHi(;trl!er of pablic sce'i, tud lb
will be paid by tiiu VitUao T'twuni due tyM.
tivn- . .
C.iven wider tr:y h:-.-', - CTih f .y ,
. :.':;ly,
Uvuvrnor of tlie S's'
and fresidt'.l r
Ol ta-d i',
IStfet&h, April 87,18-19.
"ICJUUE PASTE. A aupcrir
Is u! ,1
atte., nut roeeived, and fur ti:e bv
Fib. 2.1, - P. K rESflK

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