North Carolina Newspapers

I T iho. rr";'iat cf sumc of the citizens, I heri bv
V,U a meeting of (lis citizen:' of Uieie;!!, to in'
"!:)' la Hie Townlluli.f-n' Saturday "the ?it oTJuhe,
ki u o'clock, P. M. it the purpose ol insikiiKt arranau
meuls to celebrate the approuthiug Anniversary of
iiuc .Sulwuid Independence,
1 :it ndaut.
Raleigh, May 23, 1819. , . S' aw.
Iw '.l open t Select School, Providence permitting,
in Vittsboruugh, on the lot occupied by mo ut
prescut, to commence on the 2d day of July.
The terms of Tuition will bo the following; : The
English bmn-hes will rung from $7 51) to $12 j!J
pur session $7 5i for iu-i lower branches, and ill 2
it) ftir the higher girt- Fur tin' classical, $18. Tilt:
emirse, of instruction will be vary (borough and exact.
Students prepared for any of our Universities. When
once a Slisient enters the Sehisil, lie will be Cunsidur
ed hound to the c (isc of the session, i ...... ,;
To our country friends, I lake th liberty if guy
ing, that your sons will bo uutijrly safe here hk
mile, nt least, ns in any place in the country. Good
Uwrd can be hnd bice, where every thing will In;
lound, at from 6 to 8 dollars per month. :
1 trust from the lung experience which I have hud
in the important business of managing and instrncl
ing youth, that u liberal share of patronage will be
i xicndrd to inc. I shall spare no pains ill rendering
lull service and exact attention to those placed under
i,iv are. D. W. KElilt.
Yittsboro', May 1 jlh, 1819. .
day diswk'i'd.hy mutual consent.. As it is dp
niroil that the business (if the Firm should be set
tltd as early as practicable,, all persons indebted
hi the cunrerrt will please come forward and make
pavmnnl to S. H. Yousg, who is authorized to
t lose the business. .
Raleigh, May 1st, 1849. 22
t HUE business herelofora carried on under the
- name and style of Youno & Bleusok will be
henceforth conducted by S. H. Yotmc, at the same
old stand, where he has received and is now open
ing a forge and splendid assortment of
Staple wib Jdntj) Spring 5?oaiv
which will be sold on the most reasonable terms.
Our old customers and the public generally, are
respectfully invited to give me a call.
Raleigh, Mny 1st, 1819, 2'J tf
1 Bollingbrook St. Petersburg, Va.
WILL give Mtontion to the sale of atl kuids of
Produce and Forwarding Goods. Refer to
Hon. A. W Venable, Granville, and VV, Whit
akr, Jr. Esq. Raleigh.
John Dickinson, ' R. F. Lester.
Late of Danville. .
Petersburg, Va. March, 1848.
Office of the Board of Literature.
TH E President and Directors of Literary Fund htve
ordered to be distributed the suu of forty thousand
dollars, in part of the nett annual income of the said
l imd fur the support of Common Schools, among the
srvrral Counties, for the year 1840.
A stntiiiieiit.showingtheqiiota to which each Coun
ty is entitled according to its federal population, is tiled
w iih tho Comptroller of public aeo'ta, and the same
will be paid by the Public Treasurer en due applica
tion. ' ' i':.' "
Given under my hand, this 3 1 ih day
of April, 149.
: Governor of the Slate
and President ex officio .
of said Hoard.
Raleigh, April 27, 1849. 22 4t
Tutorial ftcto l?ork rgan,
For the 1th of Juljv
Washington's Fidelity to Freedom,; designed by
Walhu, engraved by Orr.'
Emily Gejger, an original Revolationary Story
founded on fact, by T. S. Arthur, splendidly illus
trated by Orr. -'
The Fallen Statesman, en Original Temperance
Story of great power, by Mrs. C. W. Dcnnieon, an
ther of Gertrude Russell beautifu'ly illustrated by
Robber it Edmunds. v , f
' The Hapby Change ; four large elegant Engrav
ings, covering two entire pages of the- paper repre
senting 1, The Grog Shop ; S, The Call to R?pcn
tence ; 3, The Wretched Home ; 4, Reading the
Portrait Gallery embracing elegantly Engraved
Likeness of Rev. Lyman Beecher, ). D., Dauiol H
Sands; Philip SWIule and Gen, 8. F. Ciy, , ' t
Jeiletaou presentuig his famous Declaration to hit
Associates of fh Congressional Commiti ee.
' . Preseutation of lohu Adams to King George III.
as the first minister Irom tlie AmeiiCan Republic to
the Cort of St. James. -; -.1 ' n
: These are two splendid designs by Paul Duggau,
i Professor of Drawing in the Free Academy. , . .
The Gossiping Neighbors, a gein of-iu sort.
t ' The Dram Drinker, a graphic desigu by the cele
brated Keany Meadows, with an eijually graphic
sketch. . . -
; The Upas Tree worthy the attention of Legisla-
.tore. .' !.!. . .. , ...
. Debate on the Supplies a family scene.
r. The Mother's Birtii Day a choice translation,
v T he Aiumalcide of a Ruin Drop, as viewed through
- the Moral Microscope, a most eunons teuture, fur-
. lushing ample tuatetial for carious redaction. t .
About Babies a familiar sceue.
Chapter oa Duelling a Stale's Prison for tlie snr-
S VOr. "'""f' ;r-a ;- .'-.',-.,! r i:.'.'.,,. .;'
'.' Jolly fellows a striking picture.
- An Origiaul Tempetauce Ode, set to music, alone
t worth the price qf Uib paper.
Illustrated Auecdutes, with a vnst amount of the
Choicest Temperance and Family Reading, altogi thor
illustrated by nearly One Hundred Flue Vt ood En
- graviugs, many of which will be ef the moat elegant
' unit mtlV descrttitioii. t ri" im !,. i .
"'"As we' intend to furnish Ihik Splendid number to
.subscriber (Li- without Extra Cbarger it furnishes
. all Lxiruuidmwy luduceuicut to fcubsenbe.
V hiln we shall spare ntillier pains nor expense to
give tins Model Number an attraction for every Fam
ily tirele, yet we intend te make it especially iuter-
esiiiig uud useful as a great. Picleual.Temjierauce
shi 1 1. '
" Tin, Jfew York Orgs it Pictorial for the Fourth f
Jury; will make 16 pages will b printed on fine pa
i, ter'inade to order expressly lor it, and extra copies
will be put at the following extraordinary low prices
Six cmiies ill c.ts.: Thirteen $1; Tlyenty-seven -
1 Fifiv-I'ive f i; Sixty-niue S,V, Hundred and Forty
.' Ih'reV StO.'.1 " "" ' "" i
' t! T Pji Im'itt8,wsei end cDmmnnicatiosjs sliould be
p-vi-pjiid and aiMrewrd 1 ' . .
." n IV Kit &. lUiOTHElt, Publishers It
- a0. yn I'ttlton-stwi-t, Nsw Kork,
...i t? An Editor mvitij this advorliseineirt one or
jiie iii.iertioiu, wilt) anodttenal no
and nmrtms
a paper dirt:tled to HNew iorB
live by iiiii.l, miles eiherv, isc order
es of tlio 4lh Jifly I rctnnal.
i'l?. A supe.'ior article of Jujube
ct'iveu, an,l wi Mile -y
P. 1. ! Er ( l D.
I et-.
Litorary Xolke.
I piIE Rev. J. 0. Rcvxoi.os, of Richmond, Virginia
-I will address the two Literary Societies of Wake
Fun-M t'ulletio at tlm AiuuuU C'uliunincgiuMt,i'U the
ieoond Thursday ill June ucxt.
' Knv. C. B. Jknnktt, of Vetorsbur", will deliver a
Sermon en the evening preceding CommeuC?ment.
May 8, IMS. .'.,., 33
State of North Carolina.
Uoriri! W. Hvman and others,
lers, )
Archibald Hymnn and others.
TO Archibald Hyman, Abigail Moore, Reddick Hy
miin, Nancy Hyiuaii, John, William and Jaue
Moore, the children of Asia Moore, and all her other
children and the children of Willie Hymnn.
You and each of yon, ore 'hereby notified personal
ly to be, and appear before the Judge of our said Court
of Equity, on the hurt Monday iu August next, and
plead, answer or demur to the petition of petitioners
above named, Oi the same will bo taken pro Confesso
and heard accordingly
Witness, C. B. Iln'ssell, Clerk and Masterof said
Court at Office in Wilhauistoii.lhis the Till day of A
pril, A. D. 1849. '
April 13. 6w. pr. Advrt. 93 811.. .
Court of Pleas and
Quarter Sessions.
h'rbruary Term, 1819.
Statu or North Carolina.
Hrrtfurd Vounly.
Lawrence & Vaujjhan, 1
r. J. Original Attachment.
Moses Moore. J Levied upon five negro
slaves, to wit : Isaac, John,
Iewis and Eliza.
It aj gearing to the satisfaction of the t'onrt, that
Moses Mome, th defendant iu the ahovn case, has
absented himself from tho State, or so concealed him
self that the "ordinary proccas of the law cannot bo
served upon him: It is therefore ordered by the Court,
that publication be niaite in the Kamgn limes lorsix
wettks, notifying the defendant of these proceedings ;
and that he be and appear before' the Justices of thv
Comity-Court of liens and Quarter Sessions at tho
next Court to be held for the County of Hertford, at
the Court House in Wmton, on the fourth Monday of
May u.xt, then and there replevy the properly at
tached and plead; otherwise final judgment will he
entered up against him in each case, and the property
condemned subject to the plaintiff's recovery, agreea
bly to the act of Assembly, m' such ease made and
Witness. T.uwis M. Cowoer. Clerk of the said
Court at Wiuton, the fourth Monday of February,
A. 1)., 1849. '.-.I M. COW rtlti vur.--
20-6w-Pr adv $.") fi24
i Court of Pleas and
Quarter Sessions.
) Feltruury 7er,I 19.
State of North Carolina,
Hertford Comity.
William S. Tayloo
.'. - ..
Moses Moore.
Original Attachment,
levied ii)oo live negro slaves,
to wit: Isaac, diaries, Jvliii,
Lewis and Eliza.
It appiaring to the satisfacltoii of the Court, that
Moses Moore, the defendant in the above case, has
absented himself from the Slate, or so concealed him
self that the ordinary process of the law cannot be
served upon him: It is therelore ordered by the Court,
that publication be made in the Raleigh 'Times for
six weeks, notifying the defendant of these proceed
ings; and that he be and appear before the Justices
of the County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions at
the next Court to be held for the County f Hertford,
at the Court House in Wuitou, on the fourth Monday
of May next, then and there replevy the property at
tached and plead ; otherwise tiual judgment will be
entered up against him iu each case, and the property
condemned subject to the plaintiff's recovery, agreea
bly to Act of Assembly in such case made and pro
vided. " 1 .'".'
Witness, Lewis M. Cowper, Clerk of the said
Court, at Wiuton, the fourth Monday of February,
D, 1849. I M.t;OwnSK,Mer.
2U-6w-Pr adv $5 62 J
C'ourt of Pleas and
I Quarter Sessions.
j February Tain, 1849.
Statu ok North Carolina.
Hertford Vuuuly.
John A Andei t on,
) Levie
ginal Atlnchmeut,
Moses Moore.
vied upon tour negro slaves,
to wit: Mary, Harry, Cherry,
and her child.
It appearing to the satisfaction of tlie Court, that
Moses Moore, the defendant in the above ease, has
absented himself from the State, or so concealed him
self that the ordinary process of the Isw cannot be
served upon hiin : It is therefore ordered by the Court,
that publication be made in the Kaleigli limes lor
x weeks, notifying the delandaul of these proceed
ings ; and that he be and appear helore the Justices
of the County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions at
the next Court to be held tor tlie County ot nertlord,
at the Court House in Wiuton, on the fourth Mon
day of May next, then and there replevy the property
irtached and plead ; otherwise final jurignieut will be
entered p against him iu each case, and the property
condemned subject to the plaintiff's recovery, agreea
bly to Act ol Assembly, iu such case made and provi
Witness, Lewis M. Cowper, Clerk of the said
Court, at Winton, the fourth Monday of February,
A 1. U4Ck 1 If f'MUrDLM)
. IS., IfWIi U. 11, W T, M U, UKI ,
206w-Pr td? $5 62 j
Stati oi- North Carolina, "J"" BUU
...-. f i e in . . . ..
Hertford County. J Jehfuary
Trader &. Parker, )
ee. J-Original Attachment,
Joha Newsem. . ) Levied on the defendant's in-
" ", interest in one acre of land, ad-
" joining the lands of Thos. J. Den
ny, Perry Carter and others, &c.
It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, that
tht defendant in this case has removed himself out of
tins Stale. eo that the ordmav nroeess of law cannot
be served upon him : It is therefore ordered by the
ourt that publication be made in the Kaleign 1 lines
for six weeks, notifying the defendant of this proceed
ing ; and farther, that he be and appear before the
Justices of the County Court of Pleas and Quarter
Sessions at the next t-ourl to be held for the 6'ounty
of Hertford, at the Court Hi use iu W niton, on-ihe
tinirtU Monday in May next ; then and there to re
plc jy the property attached and plead; otherwise
tiiuil judgment will be entered up against him, and
the property coua-mimd, su'iject to the plauititt re
covery, agreeably to Act at Assembly, in such case
made aud provided. :
Witness, JLewis 1Y1. t owner, L-ierK ot the said
Court ', ut Wiuton, the fourth Monday of February,
A. 1, W49. L. M. COWPER, Clerk.
SO-Uw-fr adv 15 BJi
Rock, Franklin County, N. C.
M , LAN KFORD, Es., will address the students
on the 8th of June, the day of their annual ex-
bibihoii- Examination on the lib. Tlie patrons ef
the Institute, audLhe menus or Lduc.atioii generally,
am respectfully invited to attend.
lhe summer and ran term win commence on
Monday, Uw 2d oi July . Terms as heretofore. For
particulars address the Principal. It is very desirable
the pupils be present at the owning of the Session. -
D. S. RICHARDSON, Principal.
May 18, 18-19. - - 94 ttJ tat
THE cilizensuf Fnink!inton,iud its vicinity.'riend
ly to the Centr il "Rail Road Improvement, are re
quested to hold a meeting at Col. FO"'Lh ES' Tav
ern, sm Saturday, the 2nd day of June rr'.rr, for the
purpose of appointing Delegates to the Salisbury Con
veniion. -FrauUimloit,
May 11th, 1849,
My assortment of SPRIN'f!
(iOOI)S, eitibnicing a great variety of
anrtj anJ Staple Dry (Sootis;
Of the Latest and most Fashionable Styles; which
are offi'red at prices that must please, for Cash, or
to punctual customers.! For particulars, please
see the Goods on the Counter. . v
Raleigh, Jlay 11th. 23-
AT T 11 R
American Temperance Repository,
No. 128, Fulton Street, New York:
CONSISTING of the Patho'ogy of Druukenness,
or the Physical effeets of Alcoholic Drinks, with
seven colored drawings of tlie Huinaj Stomach,mitu
rul size, representing 1st, The Stomach in a healthy
state ; 2nd, Stomach of the temperate drinker ; 3d,
Stomach of the drunkard; 4th, Ulcerated Stoimich
of the drunkard; 5th, Stomach of the drunkard after
a debauch ; (ith, Cancerous Stomach of the drunkard;
7lh, Stomach of the drunkard after death by dtkrium
trtmtu; by Thomas Sewall, M. D. late Professor of
Pathology, and the Practice of Medicine in the Co
lumbian College, D. C. , Also, a series of -Letters to
1'rofessilig Christians on tlie Wine question, by E. C.
Delavnn, price 50 cents ; the same work, without
plates, 10 cents. Discussion relative to the proper
kind of Wine for Communion, and the Wihe.quev.ion
generally ; containing an invaluable amount of testi
mony on this important subject, from E. C. Delavnn,
Professors Silliman, Aiken, Reuevick, Draper, Hare,
cV-c. Sic. price 10 cents. Vindication of Dr. Sewall's
Plates, and the Doctrines they Teach ; containing'a
vast amount of 'testimony from distinguished medical
and scientific men, as to the correctness of the Plates,
and the deleterious influer ce alcoholic liquors exert
upon the Stomach and other parts of the Human Sys
tem, price 10 cents.
Ten Lectures on the use of Intoxicating Liquors,
bv Eliphalet Nott, D. D. L. L. D. President of I'nion
College, price 20 cents.
ID" These four works contain the entire philosophy
of the Temperance Reformation, mid should be in
possession of all who desire information, or feel an
interest in the movement. They are neatly printed
in quarto form, done up in uniform style, in paper
covers, to be sent hy mail. Wk wilr bknu tiik kn-
We also have a few copies bound iu one volume,
including the plates, price J I.
Mammoth, plates of the Stomach,
Varnished and framed, ready to be hung upV" Price
$15, formerly sold at $20. The same unfrained,
price $..
I3 Temernnce Lecturers sliould exhibit these
plates and lecture upon them. At Dr. Sewall's lec
ture upon them.ii! Washington, rumsellers were heard
to stiy, "If our business makes such stomachs, we
will abandon it."
n" Temperaace Societies, Divisions, &c. will
greatly promote the cause by procuring sets of these
plates, and inviting competent pe.reons to lecture upon
them. Orders enclosing the cash, post-paid, will be
punctually attended to Address
American Teniernnce Repository.
No. 128, Fulton street, N. Y.
The North Carolina
ACOMPAN'Y.wilh the above title having been
chartered at the last session of the Legislature of
this State, and the provision required in said charter,
(Viz : application for insurance for $50,000) having
been fully met, the Company has keen organised hy
the appointment of tlie following Officers,aiKl is issuing
Policies, vix :
Dr. Chas. E. Johnson, President,
William D. Haywooo, Vice President,
Jamus F. Jordan, Secretary,
William H. Jonks, Treasurer,
Dr. Wm. II. McKee, Medical Examiner,
Henry W. Miller, Attorney,
Dr. (. has K. Johnson,
Dr. Wm. McKeii.
Medical Board of
Dr. Rich'u. B. Haywood,
J. Ukiisma.n, General Agent.
This Company has received the most liberal charter
th&t has ever been granted to any C ompany of a sim
ilar character in any State iu the Uuion. The 5th Sec
Iron of the Act of incorporation provides " that the
Hnshand may Insure his own Life, lor the sole use and
benefit of his Wifo or Children, and iu case ot the
death of the Husband, the amount thus insured i-hall
be paid over to the Wife or Children or their Guar
dian, if under age, for her or their own use, free from
all the claims of the representatives of the Husband
or any of his creditors." This provisiou needs no com
ment. The Hoard have also determined to insure the lives
of Slaves ; and this being almost half the wealth of
the people of this State, a large business is reasona
bly anticipated.
Any information respecting the principles of the
Company will bo furnished by' the Secretaty or auy
of its officers. JAMES F. JORDAN, Sec'y.
Raleigh, April 9, 1849. ' 19.
The following papers will copy the above three times,
vizi Fayetteville Observer, Carolinian, Newberuian,
Republican, Wilmington Conuiiorcial, Journal, North
State Whig, Edentou Seutiuel, Greensboro' Putiot,
Salisbury Watchman, Highland Messenger, Mrtcklen
bnrg Jelfersonian, Wadesboro' Argus, Hillsboro' Re
corder, Milton Chronicle, and Weldon Herald.
Female Classical I as tit utc,
rpiIE next Session of this Institution will com-
mence on Monday, 25th June. It is desirable
that students be present on that day. -For
further infjrmation, address
Raleigh, N. C. ) . Principal.
May, 1849. 23 lm
A FURTHER supply of Yeast Powders, just re-
j--ceiveii and lor sale ny
Raleigh, March 8, 1849.
SOME of the most Superior Comlis ever offered for
sale iu Ruleigh, may be, found at
Drug Store.
Ra'elgh, March g, 1849.
Just Received by
Raleigh, March 8, 1849. , -'.,. . 14
CHOCOLATE DroM and Lozenges of all kinds
" vjttst openi. for sale by " "
- i P. F. PESCUD,
Raleigh, March 8, 1849.
1 TOLASSES. Just received prime MOLASSES.
IU new crop, t or sale hy ,
. ' Next door above Mrs. Hurdle's.
Raleigh, March 2. , .
fl ICE. A Cask of FRESII RICE just to h-ind
J- and lor sale by
' Next door above Mrs. Handle's,
Raleigh, March
State of orth Carolina.
Wakis Coimrv. .
CIOURT of Pk-RS and Quarter Sessions, February
'Term, IMS. ' .
James Tedd, Sion J. Hartsfield, and Rebecca, bis
wife, Clendon Tucker, and Martha, his wife, John
King, and Susan, his wife, Henry Rhodes, and Chloe
his wife, Jesse Anderson, and Mnrv, his wife, F.liia
beth Todd, Henry Todd, and William Todd,
Marv E. Todd, Alphens Todd, Joshua Todd, Da
vid Todd, Elijah Todd, (Mr Todd, Thomas Put-
ly, and wife EhzaheHi, Nancy r aison, Matthew
Leopard and Mary his wife.
Petition to dmit hind.
This ease coining on to be heard, and it appearing
to the satisfaction of the Court, that James Tibbies,
and wife Elizalieth, and Matthew leopard, and wife
Mary, and ethers, are non-residents of this State: It
is ordered by the Court, that advertisement be made
in the Raleigh Times, a newspaper published in the
City of Raleigh, for six weeks successively, notifying
the said non-residents to lie and appear at the next
Term of our Court of !leas and Quarter Sessions, to
be held for the County of Wake, at the Court House
in the City of Ruleigh, ou the 3d Monday of May
next, and then and there answer or demur to the said
Petition, or judgment pro confesso will be granted a
gainst thein, and the Petition heard ex parte, as to
Wil ness, James T. Marriott, Clerk of our said Court,
at office, the 3d Mondav of February. A. D, 1849.
Raleigh, March 22, (Pr. Adv't. $5 62J.) 17 Cw
ONE pas of Soda Salmrrttiw. iiwrior article for
cooking purposes, just received nnd for me by
I t? DIVTlfl
l , 1 . 1 X'J.I-' J 1.
Raleigh, March 8, 1849.
QNUFF Roxes, Cigar Cases and Tobacco Boxes,
k-'just to hand and for sale hy
Raleigh, March 8, 1849.
A large supply of Conch, Furniture. Polishing and
JapaiiVarnishes, just received and for sale hv
Raleigh, March 8, 1819.
most excellent article for Coughs, Colds.
, received and for sale by
Raleigh, March 8, 1819.
A fresh supply of Bay Sum, just received, at
Drug Store.
Raleigh, March 8, 1849.
large lot of Fish Hooks of the siost approved
XA-kinds, just received and for sale by
Raleigh, Match 8, 1849.
ccived, and for sale at
Feb. 23. P. F. PESCUD'S Drug Store.
WILLIAM II FURMAN respectfully informs
the public that he continues the above business
the old stand, and he solicits the orders of his friends
and customers. He is prepared to make gentlemen's
Coats and Pants in the latest syle and iu the neatest
manner, and will warrant them t be cut and made
as well as they cau be in any establishment in North
Carolina. His prices will be moderate to suit the
times, and no effort ou his part shall be wanting to
give perfect satisfaction. All who want- neat aud
fashionable Clothes, call at
Old estnblised Shop , iu Louisburg.
Louisburg, April 29, 1848.
JAMES LITCIIFORD respectfully informs his
fr ends and tko public that he has removed his
Stork of Goods from his former stand to the opposite
side of Fayetteville Street,
and directly opposite the Market, where they are in
vited to give him a call, aud continue their custom.
Ou hand, a good assortment of DRY GOODS,
He also continues the Tailoring Buine, aud
will attend to all orders for Cutting aud Making Gen
emeu's Clothing.
Kaleigh, rob. 23d, ItiVJ.
THE Sulocriber has just received a supply of
choice Fruit Trees, from T. Perkins' celebrated Nur
sery at Burlington, N. J. consistiug of Peaches, Apri
cots, Nectarines aud Cherries, in great variety, and,
witn the view ot enecting speenv sales, will sell tliem
low, P. F. PESCUD. Druwist.
Raleigh, Feb. 23. 12
CIGARS AND TOUACCO.-Chewers aud Smo-
Vy kers will find at ir-v Drug aud Apothecary Store
some very superior Tobacco and Cigars.
Feb. 23. 12
prime lot. Cull ut
Next door above Mrs. Hurdle's.
Ruleigh, March W. .
"OY. recent arrivals, I have received a large suuulv
JJ of articles needful to make my Block
wnicii i umie me attention oi purchasers.
Druggist and Apothccury.
Ruleigh, March 8, 1849. '
fVH PATRONS are iuformed that tlie Printing
uinee nas oevu renuvao to uie est sale of fay
etteville Street,
iu tho Rooms over the Store of James Litchford, next
door above Mrs. Hardie s Confectionary Store,- where
we shall be nappy to see eur subscribe! and friends
YV e are prepared to execute all kinds uf
lob printing,
upon the usual terms, in a neat and handsome man
ner, and solicit a portion of, public patronage in this
line ol business, 1 it- .' i si :j u,
. Sulscription to tlie Paper only $2 5 per aunuiii
in advance, or fi3 OU if uot paid bclore the expiration
of six months. ,
IT THE TIMES will always be furnishod Jim
mtht for One Dollar, iu advuace. But subscrip
tions will be thankfully received 011 either plan.
9J Those indebted to the Office are requested to
remit their respective due at our risky lieu a re
cent will lie forwarded in their ncL tinner.
I Raleigh, Feb. 23, 1849.
. ' ... . IN TIIC
Efjlanilae Academy.
THE SL'ItSCRilSER would take tu board a few
Students, who may attend the Eglantine Acad
omy. to he re-opeued by Ins son. Mera I,. Weller,
on the third Monday of June next, at Brinkleyville
M Rnnds, Halifax County, N. C, about two miles
from Ins residence.
Tuilioii in the Academy for Languages and higher
branches of Mathematics two dollars per month ; fur
higher branches of English one dollar and a" half, and
other English Studies one dollar.
Board iu respectable families at and near said X
Roads, from six to seven dollars per mouth. Locality
perfectly healthy. ' .
Any young man difxwed to lessen expenses of ed
ucation by laboring occasionally iu thu siilwcriber's
Vineyards, nuiybe accommodated in that way.
Brinkleyvile, Halifax Co., N.C., i 24 tf
May 18, 1848. )
The Press, Types and Flxtrrcs of the
HAVING determined on quitting the Printing Bu
siness, we now propose selhngour Printing Press,
.Types and Fixtures, at a very low price for catli, or
on a short credit for a part of the purchase money,
with bond uud approved security.
The Press and a part of the Type are considerably
worn, but will do pretty fair work for two or three
years to coinc. The Job and Advortising Type are
in better condition, and will last many yea's. The
Cases, Stands and other fixtures ure very good.
There is a sufficiency of type of nil kinds for a village
establishment. Warrenton is a desirable plnce to re
side in, being remarkably healthy, and has as good
society as any village in the State. Wo have keen
engaged in the publication of the Reporter for21 years,
and have been tolerably well sustained. We will sell
at a price m low, that any one wishing to engage in
the business would do well to call and see us, or ad
dress the Editor, pent paid, Warrenton, If. C.
U. N . V ER ELL, Editor and Proprietor.
April 21, 1819. : , 21
Supreme (o:;rt Reports.
rjnilE Subscriber having purchased from the Estate
of W. R. Gales, Esq., decuused, the entire Edition
of Vols, tt, 7, aud 8 Law, and Vols. 4 and 5, Equi y
of Iredell's Reports of Cases decided iu the Supreme
Court of North Curolina, (from December Term 1845,
to August Term, 1848, inclusive, uud including also
the Equity C ases ol the present lerm of the ( ourt,)
has reduced the price from Six Dvllart to Fier Dol
lar per volume ; and is prepared to furnish them to
Gentlemen of the liar and Booksellers, except Vol. 5
of Equity, to be published in a few weeks, of which
notice will be given. Orders for the whole, or for any
one or more Volumes, promptly attended to. And the
Bar supplied ou reasonable terms with the previous
Volumes of North Carolina Reports, and Law Books
geuerally. Buuud Copies furnished to the rrolession
in exchange for their. N os.
Fayetteville, March 19, 1849. 17
C" C. BATTLE having returned to this City, will
resume the Practice of the Law, iu this and the
adjacent Counties. .
All business entrusted to him, will h." promptly at
tended to.
He is prepared to make out and procure nil SOL
DIERS' CLAIMS, of every description, ut short no
tice, according to prescribed forms.
Raleigh, August 7. 38 lm.
T) ESPECTFULLY returns his thanks to the citi-
JLLiens of North Carolina, for the patronage he has
received trom tnem, while engaged in nnsiuess in tho
city of Raleigh, and begs leave to inform them that
ne may be lound at
where be will be happy to sec his old friends and ac
qtiaintances, and pledges himself to leave nothing un
done ou his part to contribute to. their comfort and
convenience. He hopes his friends will give him a
can, . . ' -.".:-.'
Raleigl March, 6, 1849. 14 3m
Drugs, CljcmiraU, $c Pjit Stuffs,
Mr. PESCUD would inform his custom
ers uud the public in general, that he has
bought of Dr. JOHNSON his entire inter-
est in the late concern of
PESCll) & J0II.S0,
and will continue the business at the Old Stand as
heretofore, where he will be happy to accommodate
ail that lavor nun with their orders. - Mm long expe
rience iu me ousiness ne is nrosecutiug, and a deter
mination on nis part to spare noettorts to GIVE UNI
V EKSAL SATISFACTION iu the Quality of his
Goods, and the Cheapness of Sale, induce him to be
lieve that purchasers MUST BE SUITED. ,
The Assortment of Goods iu his Store is arranged
ii a manner te please and gratify OLD. AS WELL
AS NEW CUSTOMERS, he baying spared no ex
pense, time or leVr to refit his establishment, mid to
place every thing in view for those who buy. The ob
servation of a moment will be sufficient to discover his
arrangement, and test the truth ol tins advertisement.
Some portion of these Goods are reuuired bv every
Country Dealer, and it is to their interest to buy the
best articles at the lowest rates to gain customers at
home. P. F. PESCUD.
Wholesale Dealer in Drugs, Dye Stuffs,
and Chemiculs, Fayetteville Street.
Raleigh,-Feb. 10, 1849. ' 11-ta
(l-ATI Or UAI.IKAX, 91. C.)
Commission Merchant, Petersburg:, Va.
GIVES his special attention to the sale of all kinds
of Country Produce, the purchase of Goods, 'aud
the receiving au forwarding ol Goods. , 1
. Refer to B. F. Moore, Eh. Raleigh, N. C.
Tho's K. Thoiiitis, Esq. Louisburg, N. C.
yy. 1. uortcn, iq. f n 1 ' m, v .
- M.Vet..a, jRoekyMt.N.l
Jesse H. Powell, ) ,
i). Jr. j. Piiih,. I B'io.N.a
N. M. Long, Esq.
, , . , L. M. Long, Esq. VXeldon, N. C.i
James Siuniions,
Putlerson, Cooper et Co ) "-'
' ' Wills k Lea, , j ; V Petersburg," Va,
?' i. r. inusey, '
F. S. Marshall, Halifax, N.C ' .
Petersburg, Feb. 1st. 1849. . ' 11 -be
KO BARRELS aud half barrels for sale by
Kaleigh, r i.-u.S3, 1849. , . 1
A LARGE assortment of Window ..Glass, of all
-i lnzes, by the box, for sale by 1..
Raleigh, IVb.23, 1849. ' - i. ,
CAMPHOR CAPSULES, a fine article for
Ilvad Aclio,jutreeeiv i-d and for sale hy
Pck-83. l'.T.PEijCUD.
TFsiifi'u'ietitly supported, the sutMcriber intends to '
"- publish a monthly paper of eiirht dhops. for the
purpose of diffusing information on the stilject of.
education with the especial view of- improving
the chararterof our Common Schools.
It is intended to give an account, drawn from
the public documents and other sources, of the or
igm anu progress ol our Common School system,
to compare it with that of other Stales here and
in Europe, thus noting our improvement over for
mer years and suggesting jhe means of overcom
ing the defects and difficulties under which we still
labo This will lead ns to investigate the sources
from which school funds are derived, the modes of
thoir ppn!i ;ation, the preservation of order I il
schools, tlie election of proper books for study, the
recreation suitable for the pupils, the treatment e
cesaary for different dispositions, Sic.
Anu believing Unit the State which would im
prove its schools must first improve its teachers, a
portion of our columns will he devoted to the qnes
tions How are 'our schools to be supplied with
competent teachers 1 How s the -standard of ed
ucation to be raised, ar.d the services of u band
secured who are well qualified to go forth and in
the spirit of love, labor fpr the advancement of the
children who are placed under their charge 7
uut lenicaiiiiii is a woruoi very extensive mean
ng.and although the primary object of the publi
cation may frequently take us into the school
room, we do not intend to be always confined there.
Our subject matter is, the human "mind and the in- .
ftuencesr-good and bad, with a view of preventing
the one and strengthening the other which can
be brought to operate upon it. That this is a theme of
the deepest moment none can deny. It grasps the in
terosts not of this world only it reaches through
eternity. We shall not hesitate then as occasion
may demand, to enter the family circle, to placo
ourselves ors the streets or minnde in the Imsv
crowd and thcro set forth the rules of life and
principles of conduct which wo believe will pro
mote the good of our race here and redound to our
everlasting welfare in the life which is to come.
The publication will be commenced in Greens
boro', so soon as a sufficient number of subscribers
can be obtained to defray fie expenses of printing-
-wo, primea on tin r type, at 00 cents a year,
ax-able- on the receipt of the first number,
l-ctiera relating to the naner niav be directed
(post paid) to Nereus Mendenhall, Jamestown,
Guilford county, N. C.
cmnscription also received at the Patriot Office.
The papers of the State, anil nthnrs friendiu in
the cause of Education are reouested to mihlish or
notice the above. NEREUS MENDENIIAIJ..
2d mo. 7, 1818.
rpiIE Subscriber has just received his supply of ,
J- Garden and Grass Seeds, which he .warrants to
be fresh and genuine, cousistiug in part of the usual
varieties of the following kind, viz :
Asparagus, Beans, Beets,
llrocoli, , Cabbage, Carrots,
Cauliflower,'' Celery. . Cress,
Cucumber, Egg Plant, 1 Com,
Leek, Lettuce, Melon,
., Mustard, Nasturtium, Okra,
Onion, Parsley, Parsnip,' :
Peas, Pepper, Pumpkin,
Radish, Rhubarb, Salsify
Spinage, Squash, : 'Tomato,
Turuip, Aromatic herbs, Grass Seed, .
and Fruit Trees.
Also a lot of Flower Seed, which will be sold at
three cents a paper, us they are not of last yoar'a
gnwlh.. P. F. PESCUD,
. Apothecary aud Druggist. .
reb , jo
Dr. A. V, Cooper's Splno-Abdominal
THE Subscriber has on hand, a supply of the ubove
valuable Supporters, which are recommended for all
persons, afflicted with muscular debility, round shoul
ders, or prolapsus Uteri.
Prof. Molt thinks they are very we'll adapted for
some varieties of incipient spinal distortions, as they
afford the useful combmuliou of shoulder Brace and
Abdominal Supporter, with very decided support to the
spinal column. , .
Tho above Braces are recommended by Physicians
generally, who have seen them, and I have sold a
number to citizens of this place, who arc highly pleased
with them. . i i .
A geutlf man observed a few days since, that he hud
bee a wearing a very celebrated body brace for soma
time, and that he would uot give oue of lhe above, for
fifty such. ' . " .
" They need no puffing, as they speak for them,
selves. r. jf, I'ESCUD. .
JJ The above Supporter is ail improvement ou Dr.
E.Craine's Spino-Ahdoininal Supporter. ' i
Raleigh, March at), 1849. 17
Bcckwi th's
Anti-Dyspeptic, Pills.
THESE Pills have been now for more than ti n
years before the Public, and their just pretensions
to the character claimed for them closely examined
and tested, by a great number ef persons, too- intelli
gent to be deceived, aud too deeply interested iu the
results, not to observe with care, and judge without
fuvor. in. , win i:1;.'
Experience has not weakened these l intensions.
but strengthened and continued them by a muss of
testimony of such respectable charucter as has rurely .
sustained any article In this form in any country.
no suuscnoor nas jusi received a supply ol tlicm,
which have been recently made, and he being Dr.
B eckwith's Agent for this purt of the State, is prepar
ed to furnish the wholesule trade at his price, in uuy
quantity. , . P. F. PEhCUD,
"' i ':'". ' " '!: '. i ... Druggist.
Raleigh, Murch 20, 1849. 17 i
Important to ihm about to become Mothers?
X Pasis Liinu-in HosriTAL, member of the jlferfi
cil Academy of France, Corresponding Secretary of
the Paris Pharmaceutical College, respectfully begs
le ive to announce to the Ladies of America, that h
has appointed DR. JEROME Y. V. ROl'E.NHUR
TY, of New York, his sole American Agent, for the
sale of his wonderful medicine, known in France as
TANT, the most extraordinary medical discovery
the world has ever seen. Its province is to LESSEN;
a s.irE4 aasv, ako KPEEDY DELIVERY, which it
does by tontitting nature. It is perfectly Harmm-ss,
emt'.iciot s, pleasant to the taste, and never foil to
promote an eaty and toft uVdiwy. and improves tho
general health of buth mother and ciiild, It has been
tested for years in all the principal Lying-in Hospu
tuht of Europe, and receives the -sanction of nearly
all the prominent Col'eges and Medical men ef' iho
nui u-ono. tin in. i.kka i .x' - Ml, 11 ii. n
THE WORLD; as all will admit that a medicine.
must ne that will essnn the hrnlile okins usuuflvat-f
ntedant oil child-birth. There is no mistake about
. this medicine doing all that is said of ft.,.,.. ,, 1 t .
IT NEVER FAILS. It is in the form of a fine.
liii. puwuvi, 10 lc ii.auc iiiiu n uum, wiu lis' i K'l n
few weeks previous to the exected event,- and its
price is so low is to bring it within the reach vi all.
l... ,n L. ..,fA U.t i. Ai..b ...J 1......
rtiuen no iiutnwn iiiHiimiiu wm Biiuri 111s wne 10 cu
rium nam. when it Cat! be so ensilv and c.henntv a
voided. -For the einad sum of -only &1.00, sent fot
IN ew York Post Office, a package will be sent by re
turn mail, it being so liht that it can be sent any.
where ar mail, at a vkkt vair.iNii van.
No unpaid letters taken from tlie office.;
Uj T prevent iinposition, jhe.U. S. .Agent, Or,
Rupetihiirty wil) write ",s iinme in full ou xho hut
Istde label ol each pscl'.nge. ' 'Jiio otlii-r geliuino. 1 A
ntetnber this. . .r. ,. . , : . . , ,
New York, March 3d, 1849. " . H-tm

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