North Carolina Newspapers

    IT "1
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1V1 U kjo
:NO 13
ileli (rum thr act ,f Ctijre 3i March, IS 15
.wirifc 18.
"And bt it further nuttri, 'I'luil it shall be the
iiity ill' thr PiwtnuMtvr General
in nil future l-tliujrs
of contracts for the transportation of tlie mail, to let
the same, in every case, tn Ihi" Invest bidder tender
in nullirH-n guarantees forfaithlul performance, with
out uilnf reference tu tin? mode nf f ueli transportation
llian "iniv be accessary lu provide lor tin' due ceteri
iv. cerlaintv, iiml security of sued transportation j
nor shall kiiv new c.iulruitor henalicr In- required to
tnireliase out, or take al a valuation, ihc stock or
v... j
hiciesnf any previous onnlruilor lor ihf same route.
IT Bidders will be careful to n ail the forms ami
.'iumiiRlioM appended to thin advertisement. They
urn roauMIrd to state, ill their ropiinuK the mode by
which they intend to coiiv. y tie- mail. M hi re the
,ic unit weight of iltt- , or the speed culled fur
ill the
. , . ... . .i , j . II i :
. schedusbajl rere igfffUm. vwll be .
lite tor, soaiiiooai, vr raiuvnu ,....,.,..,,.;
III th may be, and, conseiuenlly. uch roui
will lie let lo bid propoxmi; Mich liiixlo ol conveyance.
In all other eases, the mules will he Iwiu'lifd to bids
proposiiisf the clienpi'sl lumle of lruiHirtatian.
JT liailroad coinpanieii lire specially notified that
their rngitlar bids are to he nmh relbral an including
the supply of each office on the line of their respect
ive roails. not a (pinru-r of a mile from a dct.
Separate proposa,) for offices more thou a quarter of
a mile off will be contidered.
R01'OSAT,S for carrying the nmiln of ilie
rnited Stales (nun Ihr lKt ilny I'l July. .1 "0 1 ,
o the Slltli rif June, 1855, inclusive, in North f ar
nlina, will lie received at the conirnd office of the
I 'ust Office Department, in ifie city of Wasliinntori,
until 10 A.-M. nfthe 1st of April, lMI. (tn be
decided by the 19tli day of April.) im the routes
and iu iho milliner ami time herein niiecilied, vis
-.'NORTH CAUni.lXA. '
2801 From Kaleijh daily at 10.J a m ; by
Neuse, Forestville, Pacific, Fra nklinton, Stii union;
HiMiilersun, Ridneway, Macon OepoLand Littleton,
To tiaKton by ll ni 87 miles, and back between
3 a m slid 1 p ni
2803 From Ra leigli daily at 2 p in ;
bv Barclays-1
ville Pleasant Plain". Itunn's lvel, and Averys-1
' . r ... . 1, L ,1 CI
Ixirnnjli ; to raveiteviue oy 15 a iii oiai onv, u
. -I..T 1 1....1.' iiuaoi, lh n m iiul 111 a in 1
iiii:cs : nun um-nimiii , , -
next dnvs.
l-niposais ,or iri-weesiy se.v
, -i.i.. ...I. I
rm ui hours to lie named ill the bid. lire invited
i ana Prom Ualeioh at 4 a in. three times a :
... I ,1, I I -l-l.. . K.f ha
e . .. .
week. JSIinoay, . liesuny, uiiu i imisunv , uv
lle Rock, Wakefield, Stanhope, and Nashville;
... n-tu Mount hv IU n m. 62 miles t and hack
between 6 a m aud io p m. Piopns-tla for daily
servicn t a peed of not lent than five miles an!
, ' . . . ..... i. !.:. ...k Il..-I, I
tllllir. Will lH?C(msllieiCII. oiail lo ivmii kn nj
: Momit in time for the cars jfoini; North, and to
leave there immediately alter the arrival of the cars
H'lintr South. . , , '. i
2804 From italciedi after arrival of Northern
fnail, cay t5 p m. three time a week, Sunday,
Wednewlav, and Friday ; by Moringsville, Chapel
Hill. Ilillslsirouph, tireen Sprino, Mason Hall,
(irahain. and Allemauce ; to Greonsbarouph hy 4
i in netdavs, 84 miles ; and back between 1 a in
every Sunday, Tuesday, ami Friday and 1 a m
tiext'ibtya ; Burnt shop to be supplied from (ira
luiin three time a week. Proposals to embrace
jturntshopinthercirular route and supply Mason
llall and Green Spring with branch mails are in
i iip.l Also, nrnnosals to extend to Salem.
2805 From Raleijih at 3 p m once a ween,
Fridav, 1 KelvinGrove,Ro(rer,sftore,Fishilam,
Ktanville, Red mountain, l)aniel's mills, and Van
Hook's store ; to Rnxbornnpli by 7 pm next day.
and back bv Mount lirzah, Red mountain, Round
hill, St igviile, and Flemih'jtnti ; to Raleioh be
tween 6 a mthnmlay, anil l0 a in next day, equal
to 5(5 rnilea and buck.
2WK5 From Raleieh t 5 m, twice a week,
fihnlav and Wednesday i hv Holly springs, Hay.
YvKtilAdolnll; Pittsherongh, St. lawrence, Marley'a
.hill. e'rnek. Frankliliville. Cedar falls. Ash-
Isiroiioii. Cafraway, Spencer, Silver hill, Cotion
'".'a a ' ..i I. .,lli,l., 1,
troye;aiilt iersev setllemeht ; to Salisbury by 5
e . l . .n I I t. L, ......... I) m in
p m next days, 1 10 mnes ; ami uais ni ......
sunosy and Vt ednesday, aiid 7 p in next days.
ppqiosals for tri weeltlv service will lie considered. !
2807. From Raleloii at 7 a m, three time a j
week, Mofttlav, Wtilhesdav, and Friday ; by tu-i
hum, (IitlleyV Store; Smiihtield, Reon Hill; and
tVyneslirouoli ; In, (Joldsboroiigh bv 8pm same
days, ti miles"; uud Iwfk between arrival ef ears
frhni WilniiHgton.saya p tn Tneftlsy, Thursday,
si ml .Saturday, and 3l m next days.
2808. From Fayelteville at 2 4 m, daily; by
)u((darnich, Randallsville, Montielier, Lsnrel
Hilt; .Springfield, and Brjghtsville, S. C ; to Che
raw; 8. C. by 4 pm. 7 miles; and back daily
lHlWn7.ji m ant! p in. Propiisalu forri
weekl service, to he ruri at hours to be named by
the bidder, are invited1. Proposafj lo embrace
GiloiKilisaud Benneltsvilfeaftdsiippry Laurel Hill,
SpriiiBlield.amlBrightsvirle by side mails will be
considered, j . ,
28d9, FrninFavettevillestSatnjtwiceaweek,
Sunday and Thursday ;by l.iitlo Nnck Fish, Hi.
Pairt's', lAtliertoii. !-esville,and(riid(ljsville; to
Marion V. H.,H.C.hv 12 in next rTsy. 78 miles:
and back lietween 1 p m Monday sid Friday, and
Jll p 111 nex day. Proposals to eiirl at Fair Bluff,
N. (.'. are imiif'l.
2810. From Fayetieville at Gam once a ft-eek.
v..l,, h Arevle. Solemrf Grove, Nefti Gi-
lead. Clark's M ills. Macedonia alSil Troy 1 tfi Swift
(.l i lid hv 5 p hi next day. 78 miles j and back bo
iwMMiOa in.Mo.alav.aud by 5 pill next day.
S81 1. F'fiiu Fayelleville at 1'tT a in. three limes
week, Mnrtilav.' Wednesday, and Friday; by
tiray's e, t'rosprc. Hall, Lynn's Landing.
hlizalaMlltown, vvnur .n-r, "o
U.4i.ismr; f Wihiiington hy ft a in next days,
fjfi miles; niift hark between 10 a ,m Tuesday,
I'liiirsday.aiid1 Saturday, und9 a m next days.
J'ropusals fofseiiH-wwlily service re invited.
SI3. FroW Favetteville at 2 p in, threetimess
.week. Htindsv, tnesdsy, and Thursdsy; by
Owensvillc Clui aiul Springfit Id ; to Warsaw
by a m ne ilv, 49 mile ; and hack between
2pm Monday. Wednesday, and Friday, and 4 a
111 next days. Proposals tot daily service are in
tited. T leave Fayelteville on the rritfl or the
mail front Chefaw, ssy 10J pm.snd reach War
saw by $ i" xt ly, or lime w eoifnect with
fh ears Boing Houth. ,eae Wsr-swaflerarri-vsl
trom South, ssy I p m and rech tsyetieville
lit I n m next dsv.
;28l3. Frm Fayelteville at fi a in, twice week,
Tuesday ami Saturday', by Riverside, Johnson,
Ville. Critin's e-k. Carthaffe. f.'almionia. An
man' HihV Snno l.ick, While House, Hill's
Hinro, Kslein Church, and Healini' S)iriugsv lo
Silver Hill by i'& TliHrsday and MonHay, or in
t me mentiispVl wilb the oiail Inna Raleigh; (hence
tn Lexii'trlun hv.5 41m, J 33 miles; ami
Ueen fi a in TuesJay and F.haJ-, and C p III nev
Th irsiluy slid Sniilxy, Prop'isa Is to end at Salis
tiurv, instead ui l.exiiiglon are iuviled.
2814. From Haywood at. 8 in once a week,
Monday; by Martha' Vineynril, Clmlk l.evel,
Norlhuiutoii, and Ejiimtiiorville ; to .Iverysboro' by
6 p in, 32 miles; ami hark between 8 a tu mid 6
put next day. Propm-als to supply Neill's Creek
will he considered.
2815. From Haywood at .r a in once a week,
Tuesday; by I-nng Street, Rollin's Store, and
Harrington; to Johnsonville by Spin, 41 miles;
. and hack by The Pocket, between 5 a hi mid 8 i
in next day, omitting Harrington. Proposals to
omit Harrington entirely will he considered. (See
2842.) A I proposals to omit Jolinsoitville. (.See
No. 2813.)
2810. From Haywood nt fi a m once a week,
Thursday, by Trade Hill, Hackneys X Roads
and Grove; to Green Level ny 1J in, sa nines;
and back between 1 p m and 8 p in.
2817. From Nashville at 1 pni once a week, Fri
day ; to Peach Tree grove by. 5 p n't, 1 2 mile: and
hack lietwet'll 8 a In Friday and 12 ni same (lay.
2818 From Clinton at ti a in once a week,
Wednesday ; by Fine drove. Monk's Store, Now-
ion s urove, aim iiaui;ii.iu num iu wri,o-
,, vi ,);,, (;ros9 Koads.
i ,, s.,r. IUri-
Beatnan's X ltoaiU, between fi
a in and 8 p in Thursday, Cijeul to 40 miles and
2819 From Laurel Hill Bfter arrival of mail
from (.'heraw, say at 3 p m. twice a week, Tues
day and Saturday; lo Rockingham by 10 p in, 21
miles; and hack lietweoti 5 a m aiid l l a m.
Proposals to extend to Wadosboro" are invited.
Also; proposals to ooinmciice at iS'pringliela in
sliMi! of Laurel Hill. . . . .
2820 From Laurel. Hill at 2 p in .once n. week,
Tuesday ; by Stewartsville ; to liilopolis by A p m,
12 miles ; and back between 8 a in and 1 1 a in.:.
Proposals for 6emi-veekly service will be consid
ered.' '.
2821 From Liimbertnwn at 7am once a week,
Monday ; by Howellsville ; lo Prospect Hall by 2
p m.20 miles; and back between 2A p in and 9 n
n. Proposal, lo embrace Kmiilii HridKe,
mewayorbwliwavs will he considered.
2822 From Little Rock Fish at I p m, Monday ;
,v Lnmfer Dri.h-e : lo PliiladelnliiN by 7 nm.20
hy Luiuler Dridoe; lo Pliiladclphu by 7 pin
miles ; and back between 6 a in and 12 in.
2823 From Lumbertown at ( a in once a week,
Friday; by Pliiimlelphus, (iilopolis, ( 'owner Hill,
Stewartsville, Qneensdale, and Alloidsville , to
Lumbertown by ti p m next to ,li miles
I : " .
aim iiKcs. '
nsoi liVnm F.livn'opthtiHvn :it fi a in once a week I
a-.. ...i .... L.. II:.. u I.1.. ;.. Ill ., (V I :...... ,n
. . esuav, r
v nio virv i. v iiiesvi e. a mi v esiern i rone ;
to V. izabellitown hv 2 P in next 1 Inir'dnv. eunai
.. ( , . .. ,:, in
to 52 miles and back.
rruposais to onui r air mini
are invited.
2825 From Weldou daily at 2 a mi by Halifax,
Enfield, llattleboroujrh. Rocky Mount. Joyuer'i
Depot, Wilson, Rlack Creek, Nahunta, (ioldsboro'
.....:n. Iln.,i U'.N., Mlu,ti
Everettsville, Faison'a Depot, Warsaw, Slrick-
land'a Depot, Teachy'a, Washington, deKit, Sills
creek, Cypress grove, Wilmington, and Smith
ville ; to Charleston, 8. C- in 31 hours, by 9 a m,
340 miles ; and back daily between 3 p in and 8 p
in next day.
2826 From Weldon at 3! p m onco a week,
Thursday ; by Quankey and Westland ; tu Little
ton by 8 a m next day, 25 miles; and back between
8 a m and 3p in.
2827 From Weldon nt 3 a m, three limes n
week, Jlonday, Wednesday, a ml Friday ; hy Jack
son, Square, Roxabel, lintel, and Windsor ;
lo Plymonlh by 8 p iu, 72 miles ; uml back helweeu
5 a in and II p"m nextd iys. Proposals for s-ini-weekly
service am invited, Also, )rnio?als In
reach Plymouth' in time for departure on 28tiS,
without rei'ereyce !o the iidvertided scheuiile on
that route, proposals for changing which are in
vited, 2828 From Enfield at 5 a ni, three times a
week, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays; by
Pmeluni, Scotland Neck, Palmyra Roanoke, and
Hamilton; Willi nisi- ' by 8 p in, and hy Gard
ner's Bridge; toP'virmnth hy 12 in next day. 71
miles; and back lo Williaiustorl between 12 in
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays, avid 7pm
same dav. and to F.nfield, ne.;tday by 7 pin.
j propiaistogo.throuoh thesaina day w
I l.iw.,l.lii end i.t W
ill lie con-
sidered. .Also, proposals to end at W ilhatiiston.
2829 From Knfield at 6 t 111 twice a week,
Tuesday and Friday; hy lleathville, BiinkleyviHe,
Ringwood, and Sycamore alley ; to Enfield by 6 p
m, equal to 17 miles, and back.
2830 From Rocky Mount at 6 a m three times
a week, Monday, Wednesday. and Friday; by Tar-
bororigh, Sparta, Falkland, tireeiiville,aiul paclo
li;s ; (t Washington by ll p in, 7(1 miles, and back
between J a in and 5 p 111 Sunday, Tuesday, and
2231 From Rockv Mnnnt at 5 s in three times
a week, Tuesdav, Thursday, and Saturday; by
Hilliardston aiid Belford lo . Isinishurg by 4 pm,
thence at 6 a m daily, except Sunday ; to Frank
linton by 8 a m, 48 miles, and back to Louishurg
between 5 p m and Spm daily except Sunday,
thence to Rocky .Vomit between 5 a in aud 4 p 111
Monday. Wednesday, and Friday.
2839 From Wilson at 9 s 111 once t week, Mon
day ; by Stantonshjirg, Speigpl's Bridge, and
Snow Hill; In Hookefton by (j p nu 23 miles;
and iWck hetween Gam and 2 p lit next day;
with all additTonsi weekly (rip front Wilson to
Sta number? ; a ni bact lajt weeii 9 a m and 8 pm,
Thursdny. Proposal's to end at' Sjieight's Bridge
are invited. . ,
2833 From LereltsVi'le at 1 1 a m orfce a week.
Thursday; by Whitfield's M ills, Sleepy Cfeek. and
Jericho, to Mrahane hj 7 pin, 32 miles; and back
oeyween ft a m and 2 p uyiexfi day,
4834 From Nliickbind's Depot st3 jS'mVJiico a
wfek' Wednesday f to Kensnsvilleby 6 m, thence'
at 9 a monce a week, Saturday; by bsrects ; to
AMbertson's hy 1 p in, 21 miles; and bkcktoKeiV
nnSville by 6 p m saturduy, and lo iSirickland't
Depot by 3 p rri weilnestiay. rroposan to com
nience at Kenansville will be considered.
2835 From .sfrickland's Depot at 5 a in once a
week, Saturday ;' by Kenansville, Richland, Com
(brt,Tren'ton, and Pollocksville j to Newborn by g
p m next day, 83 mile 5 and Imek between fi a m
thnrmlay smlbpin next day; wilh an additional
weeklv trin from Newbern to Tremon and back
every monday. Proposals for send-weekly service!
on the whole ronle will lie considered. ' 1
283(1 From Strickland's Depot aftr arrival of mail
from Wilmington, say .at 3 f m, Friday; by Tay
lor's Bridge, six Runs, LishuVn", CraveHy' Hill, Cy
press Creek, arid Ellisville; Ui Fayrttetills hv 13 tn
next Smslsy, 80 miles 4 and hack betWMU, 1 p lu
Sunday and t p ni next Tii-sday .
2S.')7 From Nahunta at 6 a m one a week, Mnn-
I . . l-c. .'d-i.. 1 U....1..1. . I. -1.. 11..1. L
a 1 ' tn In' ..a h-eh L,... a-- Mui u
W D III. lIMir sb 1 in sHM 1.'
for som'iviriMkh' swvifl. will
I- ..-.WI. itlsn urooosaU lo eiiiliraee Lnatall.
2838 From Wilmington at B a 111 once a week,
Fridays by Lonir Creek, Realty's 1ttiilge,'lllack
River'l'haver1 snd Harrel's Htorerto Moore Vrrfk
bv Spm next day t and bark by Ioir Creek l.
tireen 8 a hi and ti p tu, Thuwday, eatuil is 47 miles
mid hack. . ... , .. , , ,
2y.'ll) From Wilniiuloa nt ,j a nioncn a week, Fri
day : by Top sail Sound, S;; mp Sound, Koy's Store.
Duslow ('. H.,iiuiK'aihariue Lake; lo Kichlands by
li p in next day, 7U niih s ; uad back by liannermaa
between 4 a hi Sunday and 5 p in m xi day.
2S40 From Wilmington at 12 m three times a
week, Monday, Wednesdnv, and Friday ; by Whites
ville, Fair lllutl'. Marion '('. II., S. l: , Mar's lilurT,
Hriidleyvilte, uud Siimlerville ; to Manchester, S I'.,
by III p n: uexl Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday,
156 miles; and back between 6 a in Monday, Wed
nesday, and Friday, uud ti p in next Wednesday. Fri
day, and Sunday.. PiojMisals tor daily service at a
speed of not less than live miles an hour will be con
sidered. 2.41 From Averyslsiro' nt 8 a m once a week,
Monday ; hy Hannah's Creek ; lo Smitli tii-lil In, li f
in. 3D miles ; and back between H a in and (i p in
next day..
. 2p42 l'Vom River-side at !) a in once a week . Tues
day ; to ilurriiu'toii bv 4 p in, 211 miles ; and kick be
tween 8 a m and 4 p in next day.
243 From Kenny's Uridyl' at 1 p m once a week.
Friday ; by Colly Swamp : to Cane Tnek hy 5 p in,
15 miles; and back . betwcrii t a in and 12 in. 1'ro
pnsals to extend hy connnniciiij; at (iravclly i til will
lie considered.
24 I F rom Onslow ( II, at (i a in once a week.
Sunday; hy I'iuy 1,'rceu lo SvvauslKiruusji by 2 p
ni, 24 mill's ; and back between 5 a in and 12 in Satur
day, or ill lime to connect with the mail lo Uii ldands.
Proposals to embrace Palo Alto are invited : also pro
posals to coinuieuco at Pollocksville. (See Ho.
.2M45 From Xewheru at 8 a m three times n week,
Monday, 'Wednesday,, nnd Friday; by Winston ami
Mosely Hall ; to tioldslioro' by I) a in uext days, (15
miles ; and back between 8 a in tu'esday, thursdny,
and Saturday, hy (i u m next days,' Proposals (('.re
verse the schedule, making with route. No.; a
id from j
daily .northern mail (, -sccpt siinday) to.
iiieivberu, are invited :
Also proposals for three ad-
I ditmnal weekly trii
i 2H Iti From Newhem ut 7 a in three limes a week,
! Sunday, Weduesduy, and Friday; hy t'lanoisvillo ;
j to I! niil'orl hy 5 p in same days, 48 miles ; and hack
between 7 u m and 5 p ni tucsday, lliursduy, uud sat
I urdav.;' .
f r" ouoMvuie at
Fnday; by Palo Alto: to bw
! f 'e ,l;'-v ",7 " b
!? P. ,"tdiiy.
2847. From Polloltsvilie at 7 a in onco a week,
Swuusuoro' by 4 p in
lie I ween 8 a in and
5 p m next day. Proposals to end at lladnots are
invited, also proposals to embrace. Ous'ow C, 11,
an-l Piue'v (irecn. (See No. 28 14. -
zv-io. from roiioksville ut 2 pin every ether ;
Monday; to lladnots by 9 p m, 22 miles; and
back between 7.a in and 1 pin.
2849. From Kinston at G a in once a week, :
by Sandy Foiimliition, Pink Hill, nnd j
Ruena Vista ;
to Hallsville by G p m. 31 miles ;"
. .,.. . . ... ...
. . . - - r - j
2850. Fmm Greenville at 4 a in once a week. '
i Friday; by Contrnlnia, Hookerstown, and Snow i
i Hill ; to Goldsboroiigh by 9 p m, 49 miles; and
, haik between 8 a lit and 12 p iu next day. Pro-)
' posals for semi-weekly service are invited. j
! 2851. From Pungo' Creek at 12 in, Thursday; j
to Nwrlh Creek hy 3 p in, 9 miles ; and back be-1
tween 9 a m and 1 1.1 a 111. I
2852. From Washinoton at 7 a m once a week. I
Thursday; by Bath, Pungo Creek, Pa ntego, J
Leechville, Germautou.SladesviHe, Swan Quarter
C. H., and Lake Landing ; lo Midilleton by 12 in
next Saturday, 1 10 miles ; and back by Fairfield
instead of Swan Quarter, between 2 p 111 Saturday
and8p hi next Monday, with an additional weekly
tup; t mm Washington every buturday at 1 p I
in ! to liath by b m and back between 7 a In ville. Va, by f p ui.42 miles ; and hack hiweeii 5 a
and .12 111; Proposals for sttiii-weckly service on f m anil 8 p ni; next day, with un additional weekly
the whole route will be considered ; also, proposals 1 nip hehvecu Clarlisvilfe uud Hrownsville.
to enihrace North' Creek; See 2851. ' 2ss2 Fmin O.vliird at 5 a ni onco, a Week, satur-
2851! From Washington at I ji m once a week,,' 'day ; by Tullyho. Ilutchvill.t, Kwipp of lived. Stag
Tlmrsday j to Ocracoke hy 9 a m next Naturdav ; , vilie, South Lowell Mills, mid Fune Mills; to Hills
and thence to Pmtsmoulh iiy 12 111, 85 miles ; aiul boiuo2h by 7 pm, 48 miles; uud hack between 5 a
back between 8 am Monday and 12 m next Wed-!' iulJ f,M'' lv' ,' ..-'" , .,. '
uesdav ' l'rom VViliiin at ham once a week, fridav;
2854 From Plvnioutl, at 2 am three timesal hy Tjt. ...illity. Fish dam, We t, Pratt.rA,
, ,., , . . ,, uiid lrues Store; to I hapel Hill by 1 p m, J8
IVashinaton by 1 1 a ni ; thence, hy ,S'wift Creek
Bridge; to Nrwljem by 10 p 111, 70 miles; and
back to Washington, Monday, Wednesday and ,
I .1 . L . ... .1 .. . .. I . , . 1 tl ...I. '
c rmay, uetweeu a m aim 13 m, aim 10 1 ivinoiuu
by 9pm. ProposalstoeiiibraceGardner'iBridge
and Williamstm are invited.
2355 From Plymouth at 7 m once n week,
Thursday; hy Skiimersville and Su'ippernong ; tn
Columbia C. I), by 4 p 111, 36 miles; and back
between 8 a m and 6 p in next day.
2856 From Windsor at 4 a in twice a week,
tuesday and Saturday; by Merry hill, Ashland,
Colerain, Harrellsville and Pitch landing; 10
M urfreesboro' by 11 pin, CI miles; and back be
tween 4am anil 11pm monduy and friJay. ;
2857 From Edenlon at 2 a in three times a week,
monday, Wednesday and friday; by HerlfordAVood.
ville Elizabeth city, New Lebanon, South mills,
lake Drummnnd and Deep creek; to Noifolk, Va.
by 4 p m, 77 miles; and Imck between 8 m and
10 p m the next days. Proposals for three addi
tional weekly trips will be considered.
2858 From Edenionat 4 a monce a week.thurs
day; by Ballard's bridge, Mintonsville, .S'unbury
Gatcsville and Somerton; lo Suflolk Va. by 4 p 111
next day 71 miles; and back after arrival ol Pe
tersburg mail, say between lpm tuesday aud 8
p m next day. Proposals toeiidatsnnih Quay Va.
and supply Holy neck V. and Factory Hill N C
are invited; also proposals for a second weekly ttip
between tialesville N C and snnlli Quay Va".
2859 From Wondville at 12 m once a weelt Sa
turday; to Dnrant's neck by 8 p m 12 mites; and
back between 8 a mand 11 a m Saturday.
2860 From Elirjibeth city at 5 a m once a week
Wednesday; by Camdeu Shiiiihlndiantown Corner
gum Currituck c li, Northwest river hrulge a.
Hickory ground and Great bridge; to Norfolk Va.
by 12 m next day, 68 miles, and back between 1
p m thursday ami 8 p 111 next day.
2861 From Elizabeth city it 8 a m once week
thursday; hy Newbigon creek and Nixonton; hack
to Elizabeth city by 3 p in, equal tn 1 1 m and back.
28G2 From Powell's point at 8 a monce a week,
monday, hy Roanoke island; t Nagg's head by 4
p m 20 miles; and back between 8 a m sad 4 p m
next day. Proposals for earn ing above mail 3
times a week from 1st July to 1st October in each
yearwill be considered.'
2863 From Powell's point at 8 a ni once a week,
rrtonday; to Roanoke Island by 6 p m 30 miles; aud
hack between Sam and 6 p m next day. (
VOek mmdayitn Knott's isfand N 0 by 12 m; and
back between 3 p mand 7 p m.
2864 From Creed s bridge V a at .7 a m once
2869, From Washington at 8 m once awek,
Taesday; by Blount's Creek t to Durham's Creek
hy 5 p 111. 2"i miles : and back between 8 a it) and
fi p m next da j. . , t
2868 From Durham's Creek at (5 a m once
week, Wednesday ; by South Creek ; to Ba Riv-
et, Craven souniy, hy 1J m next dy , and hack
1 between 12 m Monday and 8 11 hi nextday.:
, -t, t"j- .s t
8o7 r ram UwrrititcK U 11. H 'a monce a ween.
! Fridsy i bv Cuilliuck and Poplat Brmktli i to PoW;
1 ell's. Point by 6 pm, 85 miles; and back between
8 a m snd i p m next day. .v. ,
j 2868 Flora KomhQnay, Va.,1 pm.three time
a week, M.wduy,, Wednesday, and Frklay ;. by
j Wintnn, (N. C) and Edenlon i .10 Pljr'imnih by l
i m, 102 miles ; sihI baelf Is'tween 1 1 p m ai:i
10 n m next days, Proposals to commence at
Franklin Depot, Va., are invited. Bidders tosjipc
ify the hours of departure and arrival at PlyuiHUth.
28G9 From Miirlreesboro' at 6 a in once a week,
Saturday ; by Potec.asi, St. John, and Roxabel,
(untton a A roads ;) to Scotland neck by 8pm
ami back between U a in and b p m.l'ri-
2870 From Murfreesborotigh at 7 a m three times
a week, monday, Wednesday, and fridav; lo Win
ton by 10 a ni, 13 miles ; and back between the
arrival ot mail from Portsmouth, say ut 3j p in and
1h p m. Proposals lo end at Franklin Depot, Va.,
are invited.
2871 From Ridpeway at 7 a in twice a week,
Wednesday and Saturday; by Nut bush", Palmer's
spriii:, St. Tiiumijiiy, and JUerry mount ; luRidjje
way by 7 p in, equal to ll miles and back.
I 2S72 r mm KiUgeway, alter arrival ol cars lrom
! Gaston, say at 10 a in three limes a week, tues
j iln,thiirsday,aiid Saturday ; hy Exchange, 1 ynes-
ville, Clarksville, Va., White house, and Hyco
j fall? ; to Halifax C. II. Va. hy 1 1 A p in, 5G miles ;
dud hack between 1 J a ill and 3 p in, monday, wed
i nesday,aud Iriday, with a tri-weekly branch ; from
:: LyneWviile, N. C. ; hy W'oodworlli's to Rnydlown,
; Vu., by ti p m, tuesday, thursday, and Saturday;
' and back to Lyncsville by 12 m, monday Wednes
day anil Inday.
2873 From Henderson at I p in three times a
week, tuesday, thursday. end Saturday; to Wil by 3 p m 'J miles; and back between
9 a in and 11 u m.
,2874 From Henderson after arrival nf Northern
iniiil, sav at 10 a m, three times a week, monday,
Wednesday, and i'fidiiy; by Oxford, Berea, Rnxho
rnuoh. Leaslniro, Moore's store. iM ilton aird Riiis-
c"'1' -V'- i ,n Danville, Va by 7 a ni mvxtdays, 77
miles ; and hack behveen 10 am, tuesday, lliurs
day, it nil Saturday, and !0nii next days, with
three additional weekly tHps from Henderson to
Ox lord and back, between arrival of Northern mail.
Say 10 a m and 4A p ni, tuesday, thursday,: and
Saturday; . Proposals lo change schedule o as to
connect, at Danville, wilh route No. 2894, as pro
posed to connect at (ireenliorough or Salenv, with
No 2895. will he considered.
2875 FroS Franklinion at t p m once a week,
Wednesday; by Wilton, Tally hn, RutTtln kill, Red
Miinutain. and (,'adwell ; to Hillsboroiij;li hy 7 p m
next day, 49 utiles: and hack between 6 a in I lies-
davand 10 am nexniav.
876 Fro.n Franklinion nt lpm once a week,
weiluesdiiy; by Harris X roads; to Hall's X roads
i,,. 7 n m.' IS miles: and hack hetween G a m and
in ln. :
-mrr From Forestvil'.e at 5 a m once a week.
bv New linbt. Wilton Brookville. and
- 'ivi,'. er' t- tn Oul.ud hv 7 n m. 43 miles: and
lietween 5am tuesday, and 7 p m;
2h78 From Forestville- at 'll a m twice a week,
monday and thursday ; to Holemrille by 1 p in, 5
-miles: and hack between 8 a in acd 10 am.
2879 From Warre.iiton ut lhi a m once a week,
Saturday ( to Shncco sprinpi by 14 p 111, 1 1 miles ;
and back botwerit 7 am and It) H in, with two addi-
t'nal weekly triis at the same fours, tuesday and
iliursdav, from 1st July to 1st October, each vear
388U From Littleton at G a 111 (Mice a week, sntirr
dity; by tirove Hill and Areola; to Uausom's llridje
by 12 111, 21 Muha; and buck between 1 p m aud 7
P. ni. ''' . . . :
2a8l From Oxford at 5am oace a week, fhnre-
itav ; bv Waterloo, (irecorv's Mill, Abraham's plains,
RrownwihV, imI Vomer's Cross Riwds; to Chirks.
miles ; and back hetween ti a in and 7 p ill, next day.
2Hh4 From llillsliorough at 6 a m once a week,
thursday': by Cedar Grove, Walnut Grove, Prospect.
Hill, and, (inn Ion 1 on ; to Leushnrg by 12 m next
day, D.'unilfa; uud back botwsen 1 p lu J'.iday, and
9 u 111 next day. .' .
ost-.V From Hillsborough nt 6 a in once a week:
tuesday ', by Walnut Grove ami Van Hook's Store
to Koxlairoii'h by 4 p in, 24 miles ; aud baclr be
tween 6am Wednesday, aud 4 p m. .
SStti From Hillsborough al JO a 111 once a week,
thursday ; by Ilawrield, Mount Willing, Meadow
Creek, and McDauiels; to Rock Creek by 6 p m,29
miles ; and hack between 10 u in Wednesday, and 9
a III next day. : : ' '
2887 From Aaliborough. at G a in once ,a week,
Wednesday; by Gray's Cross Roads, Salem Church,
Allen Skiens Lassitcr's Mills, Dix Mills, and Bur
uey's Mills; tu Troy by 7 p m t and back by Mata
nioros and Cox's Mills, beta-ecu 6am and 7 p ni
tuesday, equal to 30 miles and back. ,
2888 From Asliborough at 6 a m, once a week,
Friday ; by Moffits Mills, Wadded' Ferry, and
Brower's Mills; to Prosperity by i p m, 31) miles;
anil back between 6 a mand 5 p 111, thursday.
2ism!I From Mason Hull ut li u m once a week,
thursdiiv : by I'leusimt Grove, Big Falls, Facett's
store, Moorosville, Stony Creek, Anderson 'sstoro, and
lliirh Towers; to Leasbnrg hy 12 in next days, 52
miles ; aud back between 1 p 111 friday, and 7 p 111
uext day. Proposals to commence at Buntt Shop are
2890 From Greens-borough at 3 a in three times
a week monday, Wednesday, and friday; by Mom
ticello. I liompsonville, Lenox Csstle, aiade a i 1
cust Hill, and Yauceyville; to Milton by 2a in
next (lays, 55 miles ; and back between srrival
from Fannville, say at 2" p m monday, Wednesday,
and friday and 2pm next' day. Proposals) run
in cotinexion with the flenderson and ftanville
Miite at Milton will be considered.
2891 From (ireensbornugh at 4j p m twice a
week, monday and thursday j by Jamestown,
Penufield, Brummells, umf Rich Fork ; lb Lexing
ton by 12 m next days, 351 miles ; and hack be
tween S amrwmdayand fhtirsday, and 3p in.
2892 From Greensborohgll at Bam once
week, friday ; bV Gilmer's store, Shaw's' mills,
Clapp', Holt's" store, llatiihorTi, Rock' creek,
Snow eamp, Sandy Grove, fcudlick, Cane creek,
Hadley' mills.aiid Rock rest ; ti Pittsboroiigh by
5 p in next day, 65 mile; and back between 6 a in
siindav. snd 6 rimnextday. .
289 From Greemborongh it 9 m once a week,
tuesday,. by Foutr'his, Centre,'anU New sitem; tn
Ashlmrougli hy8pm,31 mile r and bick between
6 a in and 3 D m, Wednesday.
2894 From GreenboronghatS a mrhretimes
a week, monday, Wednesday, and friday j Hy Hills
dale, Mofiroeton, froubieeiMne, neiusviiie, nsw
lingsbiira, and Grave j to D.iivil by fi p m, 51
miles i and back between 3 a siund lp m next
days.' Proposal to expedite and rhsnge . the
schedale lo connect t Greensbon)' with the HaHa
hury milt will be'eonsideder in view of cbjritiii
the schetule on the.Hendcrson mnte', slso imal
Hicoiiiineuceiil Salem and rgu direct bv Keruers
ville, Hummerflold, &e. connecting at Salem with
the Salisbury (wite, both way. J'rnposals mem
brace Wsutworib instead of Moiirocton and Trmib
lesifliie ra ilivitol: r , . . .
1 2895 From (Jteensboroitjrh after arrival of sta ttr
I from lUleigh, it at' 1 J p m three times a week,
s i 1 1 ' , ', '" '" t
monday,thursdsy,and Saturday, by New d'ardt li
Friendship, Keruersville, Limestone well, Malem.
Midway, Martin, and Lcxiiielun ; to Salisbury by
9 am next days, G5 miles; and hark between
7 a ni ninnday,. thursdny, and snhm!.iy, and p
m. Proposals to commence at Salem' are invited,
in view of pxtendinjr 2804. Proposalslo extend
over )'2S ami also to go via mil tic red.
28U6 From Reidsvilleat 6 in twire a week.
Wednesday and Saturday; by Wer'iwonli and
lile falls ; to laksville by 12m, 18 miles: and
back between 1 p in and 7 p tn. Proposal to
commence at Wenlworih are in .neii.
2897 From Reidsvillt- al 6 a m one. a week,
tuesday; by Lansonville and . Blackwe'.l's; lu
VancepiMe by 1 p 111,24 miles J and back hetween
2 p in and 9 pm.
2898 From llillsdalent 7am once a week,
tuesday ; by Siiuiuierfied, Oak rid(T". uud Belew's
creek; lu Keruersville by 12 111, 22 miles: and
backhetween t p 111 and 6 p m.
2899 From Weiitnr:h, after arrivul of maii
from Reidsville, say 8J a 111 once 11 week, Wednes
day ;by Pleasantviile. Aladison, Ayii'sville, Crmik
ed creek, Colesville, Frnncisca, and Big en el; ; lo
Mount airy, by 2 pm iiext day, 69 miles : and
back. between 3 pm thursday and 8 pm iwxi day.
With an additional weekly trip from Wcntworth
afler arrival of mail from Reidsville, say 8jatn
Saturday ; hy Pleasantviile ; to Madison hy J p ni,
17 miles; and back between 1 p in and 5 p m.
2900 From Salem at 6a 111 unci! a week, mon
day ; by Walkerstown, White roa'd. Ulakely. Mad--ison,
Grogansvillc, Jlorse pasture, Va., and Tray
lorsville , to Maitinsville, ra., by 6 p 111 next day,
68 miles ; and back between 5 a. 111 Wednesday,
and 8 pm next day. '
2901 From Kalein st 2 p m onco a week,. sat nr.
day ; by Rough and ready ;to (iertuauliHvn hy 6
p 111, itfld thence by Red shoals, Martin's lime liillns,
Colesville and Avo ; to Patrick C. II , Va., by 8
pm next .day, SOmileB; and hack hetween 6am
inouday, and 6 p in to GeriiianloWri and tn Salem
by 12 m next day ; with an additional Weekly trip
from Salem at 2 p in tuesday; to Gtrmiiiiiown by
I 6 p m ; and hack between 8 a 111 and 12 in.
2902 Frrttn Salem at 4 a tn ihree tunes a week,
tuesday, Friday, and Sunday ; by Oldtown, Belh
11 nia, Little yadkin, Tom's creek, Mount airy, Good
spur,Va. llillsville, Cranberry plains, and Jack
son's ferry ; to Wylheville, Va. by 11 p in next
days, 93 miles; and back between 4 a m tuesday,
thursday and Saturday at 11 p m next days. Pro
posa s for semi-weekly service are invited.
2903 From Salem ut 5 a m sunduy, tuesday and
Friday; by Muddy Creek, Huntsville, llamptt li
ville. New Castle, and Briar Cteek, Wilkesboru',
Church s store, and South t'ork; to Jeneison hy
10 p tn next days, 94 miles; and back between 5
a m tuesday, thursday and Saturday, ana 10 p in
nextdays. Preposals forsetni-weekly service are ,
inv.ted; also proposals to supply Clersmousville, 1
instead nf Muddy creek,and likewise proposals to
supply Dowelton by this route.
2904 From Salem at 7 a 111 twice a week, tues
day and friday ; tnClemmonsville hy 10 a in, II
miles ; and back between 1 p in a nd 4 p m. Pro
posals to extend by Smith's grove to Mucksvillc
will be considered, ' . ' ' ;
", 2905 From Jjcxington at 7 a rtt once a week,
tuesday; by Walser's .Mills, Fulton, tn MockavUle
by 1 p m, thence by County Line and Oak Forest ;
to StatPBvillo by 12 m next day, 48 miles; and
back hetween t p tn .Wednesday and 6pm next
day; with an additional weekly trip from Lexing
ton to Mocksyille and back between 5 a 111 and 7
p m every friday.
2906 From Lexington at 7 a m once a weell,
Wednesday; by Fair Grove, La Grunge, Eden,
Hoover's Hill, and Snwyersyille ; to Ash horn' hy
7 p 111, 41 itniles ; and back bciweeu 7 a tn and 7
p 111 next day.
2907 From Hnntsville at Gain once a week,
Saturday ; by led plains. East bend, Forbnsli,
Republic, Dowelijnwn and Mount Nebo ; to Rock
ford by 1 p m,35 miles ; and back between 6 a 111
aud 7 p ru next day.
2908 From Rockfordst 8 a m once a week,
tuesday; liy Walnut lane and Jotiesville , to
Briar creek by 6 p m, 27 miles ; and back between
8a mand 6 pm monday.
291)9 From Rockfnrd at 6 ft m once a week,
aunday ; by Siloain, Slquy Ridge, and Little Yad
kin ; to Gernianlon by 4'p m, 32 tuiledjand back
between fi a m and 4 p m.Salnrday.
2910 From. Hamptiinville at 7 a m once a week,
tuesday ; hy Zion, New Hope, Mount Pizgah,and
Liberty llill ; to Statesville by 7 p m ; snd back
bj Liberty hfill.SiitiwCreeli, Post Oal: Williams
burg, and Eagle Mills, between 7 a in and 7pm
next day, equal to 34 miles snd hack.
,2911 From Hamptonville al 7 a mohceaweek
Monday t by 1-ovelace: to Wilksboro' by 7pm
3d mile ; and back between 7 it m and 7pm
next day, , ... ,. ,
2S12 From Brier Creek at 8 a in every oilier thurs
day; by Hay Meadow and Mulberry; to Laurel
springs by ti p m,38 miles ;, and buck between 8 a in
aud b f iu every oilier jFriday. . ... y.. ' 1
2913 From Wilkesboro' at' S a m on'ce a week,
tulay; by Iwis' fork, Stony Fork and Brushy Flat;
to Boone by 7 pmlbnnlea: aud back betttoen 6 a in
aud7 p in ncxtdiiy, , . .. ,.,;. . ;.
2914. From Wilkeshora' at 8 a m one a week.
tuesday j by F.lkville, Fort Defiance, Lenoir C. H.,
anil Copeiniageii ; 10 iuorgaiiion ay 1 x in nCjXi oy ,
49 piiles'; and back between 2 p m Wednesday, and
7 p 111 uext day ; with an additional trip from ilkes
boro at 8 a ill every Friday by ElkVille slid Fprt De
fiance ; 10 I-cnoi r by T pm, 33 miles; and rack by
Kiug's Creek uud urnor Creek, between 8 a ni aud
7 p m ue A day.. x
2915 From Morgsntori at fi ' m twice a'weelf,
Wednesday snd Saturday ;! by Brindlelnwn, Moun
tain Home.Minersville, and Cuba, le RnthSrford-
ton bv 7 p m, 39 miles; and'hark between Sam and'
. . , - 1 ,.. 1
7pm tuesday aim (nuay, rroposai ior irowvea
ly ervices are invited. y
2916 From MbrgaiitoWit st Sa m twice week,
thursday ami Sunday; by Mation, Old Fort, and
Bwanano; lb Aahville by f 69 miles? and
lurk between fi'a ra and 11 P m Monday and thurs
day Propols" for tri-weekly service are invited,
in view of similar service ami an evpedilerj sched
ule onthe Sali.fiury route No. 2926, tti coniact
with the Grcenille,Tp., smite at Anhvilk Tmie
ihrouch from Salisbury to Ashville not to exceed
40 hours. Returning in same lime and con nee t-
in at Salisbury with Mo. 28lJ.i.
" 29i7 From Morganhm at ft a m onre a wees,
Monday ; by Linville River, Nflh Cove, Grassy
creel, and Dakersvillev to Burntiville bv 4 p in
next day, theuse at 4 m thursday by Bald civfk,
Ivy, Democrat, Sb-ckyille, snd Re?iu' creek; to
Ashviile by 4 pui,90 miles; and buckvm Youi-g'
instead of Bakersville between 6 a in fridav, and
44ni nextsnuday. Proposal ta i"Pl)( Y"U''
ami Bakersv.illa hA t'ltijutn inyited. ,
2918 Frtitu Morgaiiton at 3 a m mice a week.
Saturday.; by Perkinaville, Cnlletsville, Globe,
Vslle Crocis, Sugar grove, BiKiue, and Morel
Mill ',. t" Jeflorsqn Jiy ft p m next dVi 79 miles ;
and back between i a ui thursday aud 6 p in next
day.- V1"''" ' ,''' - '
2919 From l,enior C. II. tit 7 a 111 onco a week,
thursday; by JxiveUdy, tnlaivlu View, and U it-,
leiiherg; to Taylnrsvflle hy 7 p m, ami Ijack by
Little A'lver, and Deal's .Miil. lo Lemur between
8 a 111 mid 4 p 111 next day, equal to 31 miles and
2920 Front Je.Ter'HH st 5 a 111 three .times 11
week, aunday, uesi!iiy, uud thursday ; hv north
Fork, 'Pay lorsville, Te., Pandora, Digger's Feny,
Dividing Ridge. Eliabethtuwu,' Happy Valley,
Blue Plnin, aud Green meaikiw ; 10 Jouesi nro',Te ,
by 10 p 111 next days, 8 miles ; anil back between
5 a in t'jesday, thursday and Saturday, ami lo p m
uexl days. Proposals, lor senn ueekly service are
2921 From Jefferson at 8 a m o'uee a week,
tuesday ; hy Hilton ami Manly f tn Miaorack
Greer's hy 5 p 111, 26 miles; and back helweeu 8 a
111 nnd ,1 p 111 next day. .
2922 From Mouth nf Wilson, Va.. at 8 am
once a week, weihu sday ; hv (inn civil, N. t' ,; m
' Trap It'll, N C hv 7 p m, iiu inlos ; and back hu-
I tweoii H a 111 and 7 p in ni'.st lay. .
I 292H From St.iteville at 6 a in once 11 week,
I satiirilay ; hy Fauev hill, Story unint, and T11V-
lorsviile : tu VVilkeshoro't hy 6 p 111. 07 miles ; uud ...
back betweeiiG a m mid 6 p 111, friday. .
2924 Front Slalesville at ti n mi (Vnce k week, .
Wednesday; by Bethany church, Maple bottom,
Huustonville, Hatnpiuiiville. Di-Vellon, Mount ne
ho, tO'Rockfurd hy 6 p m, tlience at 6 a in friday bv
Scull camp and Haystack : to .Mount Airy by 8 p
lit, 83 link's ; and hack to Rockfnrd heiwoeii ti a 111
and 8 pin Saturday, aud to Stutesville (from Rock
ford) between 6 it m and H Ji 111, tuesday.
, !t925. From Salisbury at 6 a in once a week,
Saturday ; by' mount Vernon, Moclisville, Smith'
grtive aiid Fariuinaton ; Utlliilitsville hy 7 in.-lj.
miles; and back between 6 a m uud 7 p in, fr'day ; I
with in additional: weekly trip from li.i;,::: to
Mocksville and hack between 8 a 111 mid 8 pm
tuesday. Prupneals to omit Smith's grove will lie '
considered ; also proposal lor weekly service only
onthe whole route. ' ': .
2926 From Salisbury at 10 a m twicoa week,
tuesday and. friday ; liy Cmvaneville, Statesville,
Poplar prove, Bunker hill, Newton C. II., and
Drowning creek; to Morganton by li p in next
days, 84 miles; and buck between 5 a in tuesday
and friday, and 8 p 111 next davs. '.Proposals lot
tri-weekly Service and an expedited schedule are
invited, t-uy to run through ettCh way in 24 hours,
in close connexion with No. 2963, so n,s to go
.through from Salisbury to AslOvi'ile in not exceed
ing 42 hours. Reluming in sume time nnd con
necting nt Salisbury with No. 'J895.
2927 From Salisbury k( 10 am three times a week,
Sunday, tuesday, and friday; by Miranda, Spnug
grove, Deep well, Mount liiournc, Beattit's Ford, Ca-
tuwba springs Vesuvius lie.ucre,. liincoluloii, Shelby
C. H., Fillmore, Mouieilium', Webb's ford, Rutherlord
tou, Chimney ivock, aid Fairvi;w ; to Asnerdle by 4.
a m tuesday, tbamlay, and. Sunday, Minute ; ond
back hetween 8 a in Saturday, tuesday, and thursday,
aud 6am monday, thursday, and Saturday. Propo
sals for seni-weekly service are invited. ,, ,
2928 From Salisbury nt 10 a lii three timss a week,
Buiaay, tuesday, and friday ; by Chinu grove, Cole- .
man, Concord, Jlarrisburg, Charlotte, Whi(5" buiU,
Rose hill', and Rtuialtbury ; to Yrkville,fy, hy 12
11: next days, 72 miles ; and back to Charlotte between
1 pm and 11 p m, tuesday, thursday, and Saturday,
and thence te Salisbury between 6 a in and 84 pm
next days. ' Proposals to. run from Charlotto by th
most direct route to Chester C. IL.S-t!., arc invited.
Schedule to be specified, ''Connecting with railroad at
Chester C. 11. , Koiile to bo (iurxailei us railroad is
extended. ';. ; , .
2929 From Salisbury ut 10 a m three fun's a week,
smidiiy, titfsday, nnd friday ; hy Roekville, Gold bill, '
Kendall's store, Albemsrlei Norwood, Cedar lull, Car
olina female. college, fcyerly, W'adesboro', and Mor
yen ; to Chernw, S. C, by & p m Uext day, 90 miles ;
and back via Cdiestcrrield 0. H., S. C iiisleod of Mor
ven, N. C, hetween 4 p ni (or arrival nf road from
Fayetieville) sunduy, tuesday, and friday, and 12 p m
next days. . , x
2930 From Salisbury at 12 rii oace a week, friday ;'
by Organ rliurch ; to Mount pleuaant by ti p in, 19
miles; and back between i am and 11 a in, .
2!)3l From Jameatowii at 6a m once aweek, Wed
nesday ; !iy Hunt's store, Institute, Fair grove, La
Grange, new market, new mhmu, sandy creek, Troy's
store, Long's nulls, Patterson's slant, snow eaiup, cioJ
ver orchard, Uudleys Slsre, Clover eanleri, Belh-,
mont, and Uock spring ; to llillsboro' hy 9 p m next
day, 84 miles ; and back belweea a ni friday, and'
9pm next day. ' " v "''.
2932 From Jiunestowii at 8 a m oiico week, tins
day ; by Westminster mid Deep river j to Abbott's
creek by 11 a m, 11 miles; and bail It between lpm
anrf4 p m. . . ; : , ': r. ' ",,.. v i I
2933 From Fraiiklnirille at 7 a ,1 ene'e a week,
suturday to Troy' store by 10 a ni, 10 miles ; aud
back between 11 a rji and 3 $ in. .'
2634 From Pittsboro1 at am, ere a wee, mon
day ; by fedlar's bill. Gulf, Evans' mills, Walton'
Bridge, and Ceutrcvitle ; to Carthagii by 6 sj ni ; and
back by Phan's mills and Prosperily, instead of Ceil
Iraville, between 5 a in and f m next day, espial to
4U inilerf and back. . Proposals to supply Jenny land
will be considered. ,
2935 From PitlsbOrb' at 6 a m, once a week,
Saturday ; by Emerson's lanyard, Bush creek, But-
falo ford, Motfitt's mills, Brower mills, sod Gold ,.
region tb Caledonia by 4 p m net day, 87 miles;'
and bavk'hetweenGa m monday aikll pm next day.
2936 Fmin Trov aT5 p m,onc.e a week, itnira,
day. By HarTisvillAAVIiia mtll, Jackkon hill'
and Bren?1' ferry i'ro SaliiouVy by 6 p m nexH
day, 80 miles; and back beftvweu Saturday 6' a nt
and next monday 9 a 111.
2937 Ffom Swiftfislana stTa m, mice a weeli
fridav; by Modht glleadi' CltklK mills, Dumas'g
stored Pee dee, and Lilesville f to M'sdesbort)' liy".
7 p m, 3T mile ; and back betWeeA 7 a ni and 1
p m next day. , ,. '
rj38 From Albematl at 8 a m, imce a week'.,
monday ; ly Efird's mills, Morgan's wills', snd
Gorrfisn's mills I t Clear creek by 13 m nef't day V
snd Mum I7 Rowlandsville between I p m Tues
day and 8 fi m uext day, equal tb 37 mile snd
backj ,
2i?39 From Wfdebom' st I p rii, nce wee It,
sunday ', by Lanesboni' Mhnrne C. H. t.obtim'g
store, Orrville, and Homet'a NeslW Ctrsrkitlti
qy 8 p in next dsy, 60 mi)ht ', and bick between
6am Saturday, snd H ni next day.
2940 From Wadesiiom' st fi a ni, once a wee!(,
satiirilay j'ny Poplar hill, White's A'-re, Melton'
ville, Uane1 ereclf, Beaver dam, Riehanlson's
creek. Jenkin' iore, GonuJ witio. .Hammond'
..... ,'M..l. l!'.l.l.-i
tlorc, and I'ltmonu 11111;. u tiauesiieni i.j 9 p.
ui next ilsy,B(Ul to 84 miles and hack.
3941 From Cheraw, 8. C. at 4 Jj p m, mce a
week, thursdsy hy ftewaristrtwn, . C.,- Riaik
itiohsm Dockery's, etore, t'oviiigtm, PnWellton,
MflCallinn'sstore. and Mcltae's mill J to Troy hy
6 pin next day, 67 miles and back to Rocking
ham by Host irk ' mills, instead 'il PnwelhVn. f'liv
inot iit. ani! Dui-kerv's store, lietween 6 a frt atal
8 pm estar lay ;nd to Cheraw (froai Rucking
1 ham) iietwwii 8 a 111 snd 1 p m thurwUy. Prouu-
wls tu ersmirence at Ria-kingliain are invited.
2943 From Charlolie at a m.once a week,
wediKwdiiV iby Sharon, (IfmphilPa "'ore, Provi
dence, and WoIlKViltet toiWniin) C; H. ht7p
re, SO miles ' and wi'k wtweeit b a u mid 7 p ui
totsdy.- " Cotitinneil im IhFcnrth p;e,

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