, i.. n'y ' ' . Ji ' ' '..'. ' 1 -' ' , 1 ! ' ' ' 1 1 y ! ii,ii'.r ' ,. ' u . . .- ,, " tol. XXXVI. : 'i - KJIIEilGrH:; N.---C, WEDNIBDAY. -iMORMNGf '.OCTOBER f 171870.. , ; i 1 ' ' -:v-Ko. " ' " ------.-mmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmwmmmmmmmmmmmmmm The RiMsina Minister states that the Rus sian Priaeg imperial coDtcmplatcs a visit to the United States next spring. , ,Jh. i:. . :- I Hon. Aadrev. Stewart, , the jRepublican nominee for . Congress ia the Twenty-first PennsyWania.district, is probably the oldest candidate :in.: the political field ; in' the United State, He . most be upward, of Mftnty tJmi of gv. j . Y - Askatcbaf the early life f the Republi can candidate-tar Govern er of New York savs that wbett a very little boy he had the "prettiest iWonde cnrls, the sweetest blue eyes and the. aiC8t cheeM ot any omer tie boy in theighborhood. 'The onity of Italy is causing much rejoic ing among the. Italians all over America. Meeting are being held in many of the cities, and resolutions adopted congratulating the elevation ol Italy to the family of nations, but not glorifying in the downfall, of His TTMinnoa wfcn in 1847 was amons the fore UViinvw) " . : . A ;o lua mice for the liberty of firUSV IV mov ' Rome.' : r.Iu o ;Wancb ol military service have the Prussians ro excelled, as in scouting. , By a heayy dwa W.walrf all divided h- S nr. ) no hito small squads far in advance and npdn thefianksof the army, they have ucenena Ued at small risk and cost, to keep their head nn.rten nosted: thoroughly in regard to every detail ot the enemy's movements. The system of tactics which enabled such acon stantlv extended reconnoissance, and at th same time permit of rapid and safe concen tration, must have taxed military genius The achievements of ncavnj "'s"" .he Uhlans have been something wonderful and plainly indicate the great importance Mnltke. the sreatest tactician of the age, attached to this arm of VI HU v ." ' " ..the tervice. It really gives us a grat deal of satisfaction to learn that, tinder the able management o Mr., Creswell, the P. O. Department is rap idlv becoming a self-sustaining institution.' tlint when it' shall be IT V TUUlUib t"" "entirely so, it may dawn upon the minds of. Denntv Postmasters and Clerks that newspa .on unnor cprtain circumstances, be pet a tuj, quite as imporant as letters to the person to whom they are directed ; and that when a newsnaper bag is sent one or two hundred miles in the wrong direction, the blunder ' may occasion serious inconvenience to many persons. Complaint, we know, is useless, and wrath unavailing ; but perhaps Jiumble antroatv maw not ntterlv fail to Innch the official heart. . The most difficulty thing to kill, alter the Cuban revolution, is evidently the National Intelligencer. Since the year 1800 it has been published in Washington, but it is now trans ferred to New York.where tbatvery ex- ' iAffi;nu mathematical gymnast. Mr. Alex: ' Dklmab, is tp daily demonstrate the rt suicidal tendencies of Protection to tTm Tanatrii " If Mr. Deucab would like an illustration or two as to the suicida1 tendencies of non-protection to home indus tries, he has only to look at tne present la ' inentable condition of the French, and the ab ject helpless condition into which England !. fnHnnV Fxactlv how wcaK tne iauer Power is the present European struggle has disclosed. : ., In the daily exciting reports of the war situation in Europe, in the fall of the great fortified cities of France and the siege : of . Paris, the struggles of the Cuban patriots are quite lost sight of by the people of this conn ' Iri. .Before the. French and Prussian giants ., went to war, the latest news from Cuba was looked for with the greatest eagerness, and oiotnnr nt the Revolutionists over the H 1 4 V'-'. J I troops of Spain was a matter of general con- 'gratulation.. It , should still interest our readers to know that the Cubans are yet vab nrnnalir hnldinff their cround, and that the .. prospects of Spain crushing out the Rebel lion are quite as remote as they ever were. In fact, it seems pretty clear now that Spain . has about as much as she can attend to in kepnin" down her Republicans at home, without the Cubau bother. . If multiplicity of nominations have power to elect a candidate, then Jttr. w enaeu ran- . k nAi-taiittnhfi the next Governor of i Massachutetta. Already the candidate of the . Labor Reformer and Prohibitionists, he bids fair to become also the standard bearer :1 of the female suffragists, or Woman's Rights men and women. That Mr. Phillips can . write another acceptable letter of acceptance there is no doubt; but it is equally certain -..that the support of his third party will not count for much in the Gubernatorial contest -: Those most interested, the ladies themselves, -. cannot vote, and their male champions, with - - but few exceptions, have a strong affiliation , far the old Dolitical narties. But reasons :-. like these are insufficient to prevent Mr. -u Phillips from receiving his third nomination -. , for the Governorship oi the Bay State. One of the most singular features of the -' present war is the fact that although France : 1 is engaged in a terrible struggle against tne Prussian invasion, she has no large army in the field. ; Marshal Bazaine's command, ' which comprises the flower of the French tarn1inr armv. seems to be hopelessly be- leaguered at Met. ' That army must eon merate full seventy-five thousand men yet -1 it is unable to take the offensive. Probably " it ha the best Generate in all France Ba. ' zaine, Canrobcrt, Ladmirault, Do Caen and : BourbekL ! There is an army in Pan, nn der Trochui completely besieged ; also some thing of an army at Lyons, yet-even that acts entirely on the defenslveT" Thus, the great French nation is in the height of war yet C J she has nolareearmy in the flold. ''She is getting paid, very sorely, for treachery1 to herself, Boaest Journalism. We arc frequently asked why' we do not reply to the slaaclera and fatlehocids of cer,; tun" Democratic' slieeta. Republicans are plied with the vilest abuse and assailed ana vilified with slanders and lies so gatanic that even the father of, lies could not. do worse ; and this solely jbecause they ( are Republi- No matter a how hialily these sheets may have extolled any gentleman while he was supposed to be on their side, (and they can praise as extravagantly as they lie.) the moment he is kapwn to lavor RepuWican ism he become the.' target of the most astonr ishing billingsgate;, and diabolical defam. ations: no .matter) how irreproachable iu moral character, no, matter how unexcep tionable in. bia social relations and conduct, nay, although a; Christian church .member and officer, and administer of the Gospel whose antecedents are unimpeachable, if in the exercise of a man t right he differ from them in politics, and in the exercise of a atizeiC right, he identify himselt, andf act, with the Republican,, party, lie encounters an avalanche of the. vilest. blackguardism and the most villainous defamation espe s.ii this the case U he Ie a candidate for, or an l'ow.Sof3f.-f ia miareiireseBtoa, his Soti ve are impeaehe i.:. -.Li-ontoi. ..aaunrtMi. his Jamilv ana frieuds sre maligned he is advertised as a ilia viimw.. "T : . ( liar, a livrycrite. a receiver of bribes.jier. jured person, a thief and a scounrei oi iub : ' - . , , ' -.:. . first water and this vumcation s repeuicu j day by day the year tlirougti; copiraqic-i tion er correction they uUerly ignore, unless ' .1 mnlra b pnntradiction Ot COrWC- .h ifii9 of more TnteiSealiuse. They: refuse their columns & correction or state " . - ' . . ment from an opponent when that statement or correction places lhem in the wrong es pecially when it affords tlcir readers tne truth : -even when they have ineiW correc- Hon they have refused to publish dignified and trutniul replies 10 paipnure uiiicij-- tations. The modve for this refusal ia evi-; dtnt enough. Ther readers mutt noi nate the truth.-'-; "'.'-- '' Such being thu case, the object which these Kheets have in view, is to break down their opponents by . falsehood and lies. Their object is deception deception of the public And they succeed to some extent j for their readers seeing no correction of their statements have in most instances, no ground for doubt. Very few readers of these sheets peruse Republican papers and tic terta. Now, what shall be done I Shall we lor the sake of personal vindication reproduce in our columns the filth of these malign, lying, debauching Democratic political scavengers for the sake of answering them t This is to waste time, space and money .This is tOj make our paper a scavenger cart. Hardly one in a hundred of their readers will evd see or hear of the correction. Therefore ilj is wasted shot The majority of our readers would never lie cognisant of. the slanders if not reproduced in ;nr yperiM W da chance to see and hear them they rnstwe- tively recognise them a filth and lies-oi by . . ... .. i in direct communication wuu ineir incuu, iucj will obtain the truth. - v . j Then again, we believe that the good sense of the people leads them to disapprove and despise this method and style ot Journalism. What the people want is, facta the truth with regard to events and persona. Tbey want something to believe and tbatuwortn believing : they read for '. instruction nir struction that shall be wisdom; they read to be confirmed in ' patriotism and virtue, and not to be deba9ed"and de"bauched. I Honest journalism will endeavor to answer the wants the needs of the public.' Honest journalism is the exponent and vindicator ojf truth. W hen mistaken or misled, the honest journalist voluntarily, and gladly invites and welcomes correction, and repairs the damage done to truth and character.' " :" " " ' ; We do most respectfully decline entering the lists of slang and slanderous journalisni We have, no need to "sling" mud, but shall fearlessly announce our principles-j-shall controvert tlie positions of our oppo nents and denounce, when the truth requires it,both their statements and conduct,but shall aim to do this truthfully and courteously when in error shall welcome oorrectibh, and hope that we shall not '' be' 'insensible ' to whatever is commendable in our opponents. in this artir.le Rnoken severely of certain Democratic papers. We takepleasurp in saying that in the lists of our opponents in this State there are papers that are Cour teous and honorable; whose editors are men of truth, honest journalists.' But these edi tnra and naneri are not In Raleigh or Wit- - . ..... -,. niingt'on. -",'''. This subject will be resumed: ;.v2r Natiokal Union Lkagcb. This secret political organization, which has given rise to Kukluxisni as well as all the secret polit ical organizations of the South, continue its miscmet, by assuming u control puuucm aflairs in all the Southern States. It claims to have under its special care the reconstruc tion of those State which do not suit it We repeat the hope we expressed some since, that at the earliest momentfter the meeting of the General Assembly, it will pass a strin gent law forbidding all aecret political assO riatinna in the State, making it a misde meanor for any person to be a memoer. jjet the horror of the Radicals at Kuklnxism, be fully tested. ' The Union League baa been at the bottom of nioe-tenthsof the crimes com mitted in this State. Sentinel. The assertions made in the above article are anything else but true. , We do not say the writer lied; for it may be that ignorance, as well as a disposition to make the Leagne as odious as the Kuklux Klan, is the reason why the article ia full of anything except the truth.. - : ... i j, , ; : The Sentinel say the League has given rise to Kukluxisni. This assertion is untrue. The League is aa organization which has for its object, the supremacy of the Laws, and the elevation of the people. There is noth ing in the oath which every member , has taken, that any friend ol the State and Na tional governments would hesitate to take. The evidence of Mr. Jo. W. Holden before Judge Pearson was the truth ' and nothing' but the truth. -: It cannot be proven nbitlier is it true-that a violation of law 1 as- ever! ineufcated by the Leagw. " The organiaatlon is truly a political one, and not by any means,' ah organization f midnight assassins 'The5 League :is: 'an" organization of peace. ' Its members are sworn to uphold the government and not to destroy it. There are thousands of men throughout this Stateand the Union,' who will bear us out in the statements that we make. 11 We 'speak' from'the1 book, and know "whereof we speak.1 ITbe people under stand the difference between the orgakiza-! hrinsv': One is purely political, and has foi Its object the preservation of the Union, and the elevation of loyal men to office.-' 'The other" organization is a ' murderous one, and has'fbi1 its object the tyrerthown oi the State and "National govern mcnfe,1 and the disfranchisement of the colored manj The 'means employed arc murders and whippings, sconrgihgs and mutilations: " Notwithstand ing all this, thfi &ninei;hs';the effrontery to say that the League gave rise to Kuklux ism.' If a peaceable political organization had been effected in opposition to the League, then it would have bcea true W have laid that the League gaveWise to it ; but the 'Kuklirx Klan bears ti resemblance whatever loihe League;' One is punty the other is Corruption' blacker than hell itself. One is robed in spotless white j the other is clothed in garments red with the blood of; its victims.1 r ' '''-" "' '1.':; After carrying the - State through the agency and assistance of the" Klan," the Stn- tWOtCailS upon IIS menus in urn tiegwiaiure t6 pass a strmgent jaw! forbidding the for- ..J - r Ol, .ft.- 1DUL1UU UI SUUfCb BUUICVIUB. vii Jo. niu.i having secured one branch of the State gov. ernment, and the back-bone of your Chief ally the Kuklux Klan having been broken by Gov. Holden and its infamous doings ex posedyou are afraid that the League will be re-organized, and at once call npon your Kuklux friends in the Legislature to come to your assistance. It is a matter of very little concern to us what the Legislature enacts npon this sub ject We ask nothing at the hands of men who owe their election to a roavins, raiding band of disguised murderers. In conclusion, we make bold to sy that the Sentinel cannot produce any proof to show that the law has been violated by order of the League." We do -not pretend to say that members of the League have not com mittcd crimes; but we do say and we defy proof there is not a single case upon record; where it has been proven that , the League ordered any of its members to violate the law." No, not in the slightest particular. 1 1 ( Come, Josier, let us have: the proof. If you fail to produce it, you stand convicted' of having published statements that you knew to be false when you penned them, i 1 '- Special Elections. ' , jj In '"' another column will be- found the proclamations of Gov. Holden, ordering an election to be held in the counties bf New, Hanover, Craven and Wake, on Thursday, the 10th day of November next. ..'."i i , These cguntics gave Republican majori ties in August last, and the Republican vote can' 'and should ' be increased next month. Our friends must work and show the Democracy ' what men . cati ' do when struggling for Republican principles, and a Republican form of government. " " ( ' .Craven and New Hanover are largely Re publican ; hence the Democracy do not ex pect to carry cither. This county is closer, and they will put forth all their energy to elect their candidate ' We have a majority in. this county of several hundred, and can elect our candidate if Republicans will turn out and vote. Now is. the time for every man to show his hand. Men who fight in time of. defeat wilj do to trust, j We urge upon: every Republican who reads this article, to go and see his neighbors and se, every honorable effort to get out every Republican vote. We cannot be defeated junless it is done by our friends remaining away from the polls. ''.The most corrupt government upon earth is the government' of the United States. Nw York Democrat, i ... ' The records bf fhe'Treasury Department at Washington are tlie only, evidence of cor ruption thatrwe know of.- - Mr. Boutwell is collating., inorp revenue from a tax bill that reduces tiiei revenue EIGHTY MIL LIONS, than the i Democrat' did under Mr, Johnson, and they, ..collected a hundred miltious more than at present. - We like this kind "pf corruption. ' What is better, the masses tike it too. ' ' " ' Whenever the Democrats get control of the government it will be the purest gov ernment upon earth ; that is, let them tell. it. We . much preferj ,the . modest, quiet admin istration. of President .Grant to the. rule of any Democrat, no dinjurenoe who he is. ; It is said that Frederick the Great, while taking a walk one fine morning in Berlin, met a small sized Israelite who, in that era of prejudice and persecution, endeavbred to avoid him. The bluff old Frederick ordered him to stop, and grimly inquired why he attempted to run away ? Because I am afraid of your majesty" .was the answer. ."Infernal scoundrel," cried the King in, an outburst of passion, I want everybody to love me, not to fear me ;" and lest the of fence should be repeated, he punished it' by a sound thrashing on the spot. The attitude which Prussia now holds France is in some respects not dissimilar to that of Frederick in the incident above related. Prussia de sired the good will of France, but received only hatred and sour looks, there was no fear on either side ; but when France threw down the gauntlet Prussia took it up with out a moment's hesitation. ..The result lias thus far been disastrous to French arms, and Prussia is now determined to whip France into a respectful if not affectionate frame of mind. Will she succeed t This is the vital question. i . ...f iit Few-Tlaio Words. 1::We have seeir-ittated somewhere that a snake Id wajfs lickslts prey kll oveV, daubing it neatl with ' saiiVvpreparatory to swal- lewihg tr. " And extmplifieatton of this fact iJ natural history Js exhibiteil just' now: in the" way in which the Democratic party are slobbering over thd b!ored man, prepara-' tory to swallowing Wm. i Thcy haveso pro found an esteem forhhri ! There really is no'coldr so! beautiful in their estimation as mahogany,''uhless Indeed it be 'jet' ' And they so "admire curls, that is, wlien they are natural: 1 Ami. 'whnt! they once said about thick lips, and 'white'eyes, and splay feet and shuffling gait, and ebo shins, and negto in capacity and 'treachery and thievishness Well, really, they meant it for a joke, and it was a very great mistake, and they are sorry if they hurt anybody's feelings, and so, you know1, "we were boy together, and let by. gones be by jjnnes-and I; say,' Pomp, yon won't thiiik' of votiirg with that scalawag partyj will'y ou ?" ' A8d Uiea there is such a pressurof the nnnd,fortowd: by an invt tatibrita rink.','I And sdSbfe 'boi-r 'viefihlj thoroughlicsphtledfaie3aow:JaT o r- ... ColoredTmen, ot North' arolTna7 beware the Jsnakel'jiThe so called . behiberatic bf party is the sWorn foe of the colored people. The Democratic party dbetf not wish to do anythingto elevate the colored people. The Democratic party has not the :power to do anything ' to elevate the 'Colored people. The Democratic party has ho excuse fori existence if it has ceased to war upon. col ored men." Its' " occupation is gone." It is a corpse and ought to be buried. It is in 'decentin it to be walking around among men, sheeted, and gibbering in the streets. Why is history so soon forgotten ? ' Was it the Democratic party that made war in the interest of slavery, that rent the flag of the republic that' sought tb tear ita stars from their places, that maddened the men of the South, that hindered enlistments at the North, that mobbed negroes in the streets of New' York, that made- to the Moloch of secession ahole burnt-offering I of our choicest youth, that filled the land I with'1widowiiihdl'that 'eonsOmmated its orgies by the murder of a President I J Or is this only a hideous dream I cj- . j What Democrat was that who saluted as his dear friends the mob that jnaaaacred the colored people of New York MTWaait, Horatio Seymour, late candidate of the Dem-' ocratic party for the Presidency! What; Democrat was that whose slogan wa 'No niggers in Missouri ! Missouri for free white men and lree white men for Missouri !": Was it Francis P. Blaif,1 late candidate for tne Vice Presidency in' the Democratic party? 1X71. r..,.. a fl.f vlin f TVirf Pillnw' shouted to his blood drunken soldiery:. " shoot the damned niggers down I'M Was" it Forrest, late confidential adviser m'd' nrime minister to the King ol theKluklux f A . . - What Democrat was that who declared the Dembcf a"trcpKiTy to ucia"WTmrjiamr party jj with but one unalterable plank itf Us plat-j form, and thai was eternal opposition 'to the nigger 1 Was it Wm. A. uranam, at presens Head Center and Great Mogul of the Dcm-t ocrafic party in brjirige County !' "' ' ""'' What party refusedto nominate Old Greenbacks for President because ho smelt of the nigger ? ' "What party defeated Jamea. H. Harris because he was a nigger t Wh'a party never elected a colored man to-orhee, and never w ill, except as a preparation ior swallowing him't 1 What pafty Refuses to do aught' for the education of the colored people ? ' "What party ; speaks '1 contempt tubusly of those saintly women,' who With, the virgin purity ' of their ' 6wn' Northen snows, expose themselves to obloquy1 am aoninl OBtrai-ism' tbht.i bV ' thc'blessina 0 God, they' may open the Scriptures td coh bred children ! ' " 'w'',:" " ' "tI! , , I The .Democratic party Yi'as -no Mght"t make promises to toiorea men. carries a lie in its right hand when it does it Whyl, ight I it isn't long since al)emocratlc journal spoke 1 of Senator Revels as a 'grinning nigger combing his lousy locks in"theJ seat bf thajt estimable patriot Jefferson Davis." " ,x'' i " The Democratic party refuse assent to the validity of the 14th Amendment 'We dont care what local papers and town 'phmp pol iticians may pretend. The Democratic patty at the North are in deadly hostility to the 14th Amendment ' No honest man can deny this. , They do not regard it as Taw; ''They will not regard it as law. They are pledged in their platforms to its tepeal,nd' repeal it they will if they ever get into power: Yet tho 14th Amendment is the strong tower of the black' man's defence It !' the black' man's magna charta:' 'u v ;""' . J The Democratic 'party Is tlid'Kukrux tM ty. Thishasbfeen proved by the testimony.! of unimpeachable witnesees, wno nave so - emnly swor'a upon the -Holy Evangelist of Almighty God. The Siamese twins mo hot more closely united than the Kuklux and the Democratic party. They cast biit'one shadow, and that Shadow faHs upon' the col-, j, iopioian Iwera' hard ored man '- "' ,': : ; I r;bb'lM8ea3ot'e,beopIe,.1,tt Tho nnnr lirivprinf? hnndreda ot colored' : '. ' . . v WfJ i 'l -1: The poor hovering hundreds of ored men who were driven into Raleigh last year,: the widows of those murdered ones whose- corpseshung between heaven and earth or iaJ;j ueneatu tne wwpr- oi puuu .m. river.-.the' crouching,; and' J beaten,' knd wounded ones, scourged ' with hickories and rubbed with persimmon, cudgels, owe all their sorrows to tue ueroocrauu pari. . Merciful Christ t hese are, tne martyrs i. ... i .Colored men of! North Carolina, , be net -. -- 4 . I i , , " ' . . t ..-: .....f T I defrayed with a kiss. Forgive , these , men, but mark.thejneTcnJnewr. NBVKB.' o long as the Nease shall chant the requiem Of tho murdered Outlaw,.never trust therii with the keeping of your liberties. Never give a vote to tlie party ' that slaughtered . your" brethren 1 Tu rn The remains oiiuegreapiani- -,. .-t . ' i j, nli.i. chalk tare been brought from- BrazU and will be interred in Long Island. Greenwood 'Cemetery 1l -111 -Hi ' - p) ihatn S. frMiiaMa:;''ifJ U"l af to oVeVttirh ibe present CoristiHiti'ott and: change tli'e1 present State Govern'mfeni.'iisls; proposed thc,ilifliigtm',: JWJno?'and: other jconscrvatiye! pffpefsjls' revolution revolution in theoifi'scnseL' It far revoiu-i tionprbwirigourof partiza'n pflrposU 'Ilffe' 'not'pro'pfd to; amend Inrf'-thnpeVfeiCoifiito may bd Ho lie Cosflt&tion1 of SwrVtiai, that isTto" restore' eyferything' that is nbt'in direct conflict with the 'ConstitutipD of the Uhited 8 ates. Tliis Is certalnly' revolutionV ahdrevolution backwards uoi: :f '1 ",8" u'It is a partizan rcyoWitH fnasiiucn1 as ii is solely for Jpartizanpur)oi':The:Blle object is tb'place1 the Conservative party1 in power.' jTlie Democrats 'are 'so hdrigiy for' 615$ that they cannb'i possibly wait for the constitutional per'ioclafoi: change.' but they finust have it noM.'" The State' 'officers' mast tte"got rut of" eertairt Judges::"rtwt' U gol ri&ofV nTo do this It is proposed to npl set the' Consiitutori,B(l to do it "within tif months,! If this revbtutiptl isjaoii ior pjrtf fegjfpowrf- wVyiTndeiBeni ' haste f The vcrr yiaii biiuwn liihi. lucre in uu iuluuhuu lfiniormihg or consulting 'ihe people'j it 14 fbe a couidettate. The people are be tbld wnaU to do and'then" rbeJ drkin to do it. kuklux force is to' be brougMinto playti accbmplish.''Uu8 revolution". The' rfccariSi" the Shoffner act is openly announced, 'and thus Xi order oi the General' AssetnMyK the Kuklux 'are to' be Jet ' lobse in' thfeState. Violence and murder are to riot 'under the protection of the General Assembly. ' The i State officer are fo''uligU'riS 'fl.',Vj'We! charge that this is '' to be 'done' under.' the j protection of the 'General Assembly because I the Repeal of tlief Shoffner act strips' thej Governor 'of all power to prevent "Kuklux ! Outrages renders hiih helpless;1 Thus ' the : Assembly makes itself a shield for the pro-: tection and a patrori of the "White Brother-, hood," alias ltuklux incendiaries and mar- j derers. The revolution & to be' effected at : all hazards?'11 ' l,: 1 . ; -' Not only' will this be a partizan-' revolu- 'tion bul the' beginning of an 'era of revo- lufibri the beginning of such a dreaded and dreadlul period, because' it is partizan. I Tins is to Mexicanize North Carolina-maae her the peer of the distracted and convulsed South American Republics."' ' 1 'J'''1- " 1 Tf nn nartv -whpn if comtA' into Dower revolutionizes the State CanatitutioH and - l J r Pgovernment Tor party' purposes forthepur- I pose of confirming itself in perpetual power, an incentive and precedent is offered "an other party to do the same thing wnen it succeeds in carrying an election. 1 he sac rnwi rS- mnn .ot4 a fin inatlfriiratirin- f rn-i IA.N W BUJ jJWI HJ . .MW t..g..-... - . j dlution' There will' always be Officer to be " got nd oL" Politicians are Always hungry fbf'orBce. 1 If the ConiervatiVesTCv4 olutiorJze now, wny may noi me nepun-. licans revolutdohize ii their turn ; and an- other party in its funit "'Whert lsthe nd t tions will be the end of time, ,s" 'fT People of North Carolina, Moel-abbntj vou : be warnea rmeet tuese anempts "c revrtiu'tfori withTfieFce" rebiilrtl an'd steadfas resistance. inu ncea peace; your iprosi periiy requires ihe immigration t eapiral arid' labor, ;bot c with this ' prospect and prpniisc of perpetual revolution heii can D0 'Ro' peacev' no enlarging 'prosperity' for I you,- you are Mexicanizcd, 'Chief Justice Peirsoa. fl For several months past some of the Demi I 'ocratic speakers and papers of this . Stat hae assailed -Cbief Justice Pearson ,in. a manner which has scarcely ever ibepri equalled for rndeness, injustice and maf I lIKUitT. f j The Chief Justice.has certainly rendered fJmanv imbbrtant services to the StateV- and lignity. . .: w iv , ,..11. i.i -till I dunng a long Jhfe has; won a" High 1 charf t octcr M an ablc.fmpartial, learned and In,1- t"rmntrtVe JmWi-a nblile 'and ' unsefflsh patriot! and akind hearted and honest' man. What has lie. 'done "to excite so ; greatly the ; fierce malevtileuce of nnscniptiloris 'tyihi- zans! ..... 1 C ' 'li' mill' him' how with such iiepjiaii'rancor is the sam.e' which inaugurated tlie, rebenibn,' arid "urgedj it "oi i to subiusatioh arid the''destriJction of pur property and institutions,' which continually 'i disturbs the peace pi society ; .keeps gp the anfottanate alienation of, ieeliog' . existing betweedf different-'Sectiona of tiurrjoonnrry, arid crops 'out' fearfully ' W the midHight assasBiuanous uu uum . yuwouo m a. isand hom. outrages Of Ku- rave; and licentious party pnpers may con min iWa-urti .'b,''!;,! ;-tinua to poflf oxt their vile abase.-T-but they kluxism.: GlHef Justice : Pewaon 5ma rway;i .been 1 Aifaentlt eofoli'W feeBrtgn nd WjnioW Jki ie'M'" fenerf- . lv ti,eCM1)lnoLiv, ud there isr no 1, - eric iK, better: iunderetan . . 'JnA-dnmheiv!teH flr whofca't mora I abL v'and'faithkitly adminlstefe'd tts:p4iiic.- Before ;Uie' rebel UonJie, wae.V.hig, t he participated so little in iUjca jjiat hardly known was a firm - t' - .',,'' man f jjo , warmlr bp geceggion iin lellHnjJ?utiji;heja.ithe. J'SltJt hi vm-I a&wera walile'" gtaleilJ,d-BWW(terlng people. During the. , Mhiiiikiiiff fini-, ne88the uBUIp,f,nM smA tyrannies of the. J nintadellt. Oo,rBmeiit, and,in..theniidst of . militwy despotism:,' maintained, is. lat haheconld, the majesty.an .supremacy, . Ar ,nP mvi U. V. 1 . ...... .1 , , I . . . . . . l f .1 questions prb ah-hMftW- the icconatrnction, measures of ,r!nnBrt. hiavlews weri! of the most liberal i . . I ' A ' ' - . . ; . T. iMA, k.n,.ha.:tea.naUtical parties. wero bringing not; pandidates.for. the va- tb office Of the;, nwSgL government Jdire Pcarso( w;itliou a rival wr we r r- : " -1 r- - "y i . I wHiM.,,f nhM Janticcr. ilia-roualincauiins wcret so. pre.u tt isally regarded m-U r-f?""?: office; arid he received., the, largest ;jpopolr vote. tier cast' in this Stale for any candi date with' one' exception. ' For 'more' than thirty rive years the Chief Justice has never engaged in politics; butr wben- the revolu-1 tibhary prinrjiples of the Frank Blair De, mocracy were presented to the people, be wrote a lcttenbi ta it party'ybnt totheCon scrvatiVe! inert' of North Carolina,' warning litheui of the dangers ahead, 'and advising rhera to 'a course calculated to secure (eace and quietude to the country.-' Those flem-, ocraiicv:'pTinciple8: were -discarded by the people, but ; they -wero not abandoned by their friends;' ' t-yi- v.;i-; -i.i;. ! ; c '"They were no longer presented in public party-platforms, buUthey constituted the lands of union for secrej politics organiza tion and resulted in tie horrid deedsrof the Kuklux Brotherhoods. 1 "1 -V " 'When the folly and madness of the parti zan spirit engendered" by the rebellion shall have' pissed away, th.is; letter of Judge Pearson's will be regaVtled all good men, as i timely, wise, able, an striotio -pnK duction!.':H '"'Jl"- 11 . V:', ''? ';' 'The principle- ;ciiargp ow "Wade -against Juc1gffPenrsonysome:DemoVatie politi eians.'fe, "that he was a" tool of Gov. Hol den in the Kuklux cases." We will briefly tirinfinc1 this ehorge, and calmly and ' flis fcssfonatetr'itate the facts upon wliich'it is JumJed. 'Forniore thin a year Kuklukism Vi(Jted'?n'bttt'rae'and crime.' -'' vn v-i. ' in'many neighborhood there was a per fect 't-Selg5;'of ''TerroV.1" ' Citizens .were scourged'' 'riibtflafed' 'and murdered. The i"riii''of public"' justice could not reach, the fiendish Trnminals, and fear and a strange apathy "silenced Hlie voice' of pulJic. condem nation, arid 'even! 3ittfft! sympathy was ex- pressed for1 the sufferers. A man's house wa'4 . no1ohrer his; castle, of i defense, and ttie weakness and 'helplessness" of cripples, women and chiMreti; dkl not protect them from violence. The scourge the halter-i- the torch and the assassin's' knife were the iiistrumehts of destrUctiont--the cxecution- ers were Slai m fnghtful disguises : and midnight wTfhehburof execution. Many of the officers of-ilie lawi wore members of the Klan, and combination, conspiracy iand perjury rendered the Courts utterly powerless to putiish' these crimes. . Althougn crimes snd outrages whicn suocKea every ieenng oi decency and humanity were frequent, nu merous and aggravated, not a single Kuklux had been convicted and puniahert..' inese I." . . . .... crying evils required , stnngent legiaiatipn. and the Legislature to meet tlie emergency invested J the Governor iwith extraordinary powers. ,"Two 3ounties were: declared by the Governor to be in a State of insurrection. End he called oBtynilitary force tp suppress violence and crime; "Various persons were' 'areested in those Counties as insurgents and 'they applied to the Cliief Justice ior writa kof habeat arput. r - writs were promptly iwueu uut. ow- 'dience was--refused by the; mitary ofiicejsj under orders from the Governor.. The ChieJ ' Justice "nWnd ptrwer TO nieberrrerice; 'butthe poMe comitate of ' the Counties iui which the prisoneri'were held in custody -i "arltt Wvihnc' of ;the proclamation :-nf .the GbveVirorthesejxwas comitati were insurgents.! nin'mitv.Tnstifle'fcxertediall the moral "n'Vur he posseted by clearly and explicitly expounding' the law and fully defining the duties -if the Governor.;: If he .liad called Into 'Jcriufsitton physical force from the other TJbtinti'es-; his act would have : been an usurf patioh'bf atttliolfity, and ad encroachment upon tlie' constitutional right! and powers of the Legislatbre! and -Executive, and in all probability would have' produced civil 'war; :Must the Chief Justice be condemned because hft paid obedience, to the law as h found it; and refused to yield to public clamor and : iisurp power I which would Jjav j plunged the 'country ihto strife and b)oodr shed ? When the Governor made return ti the writs Bfflafem tuium, the, law was dul administcrcdmitte.o tupi-prisoncrs wen I dischamed and others were bound, over 1 the hearts for,rial;' Can ny' nnprcjudiced man:UUjU KUllf.41u ' iiicw""vi.vi u,v Justice in hia jnvestigation; of . the other Knk?x, cases!,., The evidence disclosed a wid pread and horrid combination and conspiracy, against the government "d the peace and good., order, of society, and the proper administration pf the law. , Will anj patriot and good citizen, extenuate such ob- iebrA V crimesi-and apologise tor, an Bhield the criminals from merited punish)- .0MBtt o'in tn--;-:o .!) .!-;. Selfish and nnscrupulons politicians may cannot permanently taniisli .the high char actcriof.the -Chiel Justice or obsdure the luster .of bi Same as a Jt)dge. ,,Hc has ably, leariessiy ana ibuuiuuji jjcihiiiui-, "'o" dut fficult ('and , .trying' circuit- stances; and he need &aWfc?.nlemaen at the barf ,n, jenlightened, patrioftc and I sirtaoga public opin j., , ! The ChlCt JUStlccTSCOBiinuaiiy tnreaitueu with impeacliment.! irff)e madness of party 1 eal ahonld induce the Legislature to im- - ' peach himl he'wUl stand forth as the repre- ffjntatiye, of.Jaw justice, truth and. good eovernnicnt ; .h'ist.ory wfll'y that an abler, firmer, and more noble man was never I araiKnea,. lor tnai peipre a pouucai iriuuiim. If tberecord of the trial speaks the truth the charge should be in substanc ., . 1st He opposed secession and rebellion.; , ,Mm.m!AW.:$ the. p.nlcte oyerament, anu ..,P.rac. ttennCCS an,aa,parjy vwnur, jiuuuuiiueu mc - .f laws, pf, land and 1 the rights of ( the hum k Me and ppprasswicinzen. ,. , ,.,.,. . ; M. He ably and eloquently appealed to I , . . ,1 . ...... .1, n ...nlll. .1 BU UUUUU VIHI.-U. IU . f imv VI""" i v. i v - L. lonary c hemes or i le uiair venocracy. 1 ;,4,4le yiehfe? oi.etuence . to tne, laws umtic nr u.e purposr m suppress.ng n.m. nint jwuuiyi. U!T , T " ' ii" i.nrrtX .Wdi .ml J voive w vuuu w:wi .... .,.,.r .f " Ai. Tr.,t .;fed iivr. YWTvmt rMu'" "' r-;y". tin? criminal to tho courts bf justice.. .-,1.,. .i. . , jt ,y.'i'J 6th. He is a firm, and, loyal friend and : and supporter .of the GoVemmcht' of the ; united stes,1 ;.,,'':;:;;,;r,b- 9;.n . If he should be found guilty b y i partizan j tribunal," conviction will produce pO odium' , in the estimation of his virtuous and patrl-' otic countrymen ancljptjcri will" bono him for the ability and firmness with which, i in the midst of so many difficulties, jie ' sus tained Ibe cause of Jaw, justice and. human ity j and the government of hf Coui'.rj. ' " The .Satinet of Saturday .Just jlosps ; its temper over our comment on an extract, taken from that, paper, with reference to ,tUp;;Iji sane Asylum, the Institution: for ;tho Dai; the Unnvb, and the iilind, and education,; The Sentiad mji , ; i t' ll n -f r- on ;ej V ' " The " invisTbleeditor" wtw Denned this'' sentence, whethei he be Cape )ud-' AsKley or uov. tiokicn, Knew, (not la; put X9" nne r . a point on it) that he was penning a delib- erate, wilful lie. Some people might use .a milder term to express it. but the one we have employed 'is most significant and ap propnate; aa4 there V lrttrpn)balillitj. of , its . being niisuBderstoOfo., Wtiat. wc said - ' about the asylums was tuis: " uoarity means providing for the needy and those who can not take care of themselves, Until Uibj : are able to do it''! Ii"W vlJ tji rfooj e:l aid ' If charity '"means' prOviding'for-tbe needy," why compel the man 1 of means 46 pay for his unfortupate .relatives who reap the, advantage ouri.charhaijfcf,rnstitu tions, ainiply- because he is wealthy ; atid1 ana tuen tax -rtspecuveiy me..counui ia pay ior patients wpose menus are unaoie ut x r .. r'.. . 'l'-J .' Mi'iU.I'tL.:li pay tor . tueni ,T a sysiem oi rnis Kinu would make an, unjust discrimination ana '.,' '.",' ': i, i-'-V.sl' 'lj-:Ai'-ri,:.-..!..- tne -uuraen m taxation wouiu mil uraviu on some counties than others. ' 1 The change-called for by theiwt fe . not that any, real' goocj. 'will' " result'' to the v , people by' making the change' proposedvl)0t it comes from a determination to undo nil that has been , donej by ' the .Republican p irty, without any regard ti tlie damage or benefit to result from snch change."1. The Insane Asylum and the Institution for the Deaf, Dumb and the Blind, have been man aged, exceerlingly well ; and therc is every reason why they .should remain just as they The Sentinel has 'blackguarded so long and so persistently that jt cannot lneply in decent language to anything that appears in the Standard or any other paper, which ex poses the revolutionary designs of that paper. . The allusion t. Mr, Welker and Mr.Ash ley. is in keeping with the Sentinel and . we are certain that they did net expect' less from such a source , f.,;jg(J,e ,. . 'vljen..any.ppcr1),repHcs liy ,saying its antagonist ZiZ,, ipstead, of using argument tp refute .argument,, it is ( a" good aign that there was little argument to use, and they had to fill up wiUv blackguardism. ,i We shall not .replj to, the, low-down ar ticles of the Sentinel. otmj other paper, but we hall .continue to lay on the lashj when ever an opportunity presents itself,, and the Jkutinel may help itself In any way, that it may see fit to adopt.,.,,, ,f, The Sentinel is informed, that the former article Jo . ,his paper ppon this sub jec was not. written by Gov, Holden nor(Ir, Ashley, and that this article is from tljc aifl,jn. ' " '' ' L, -- Mir ..t.I:,-:1 , ,T A Convention. Our jaili are full ef cnminals. 1 here arc Srobably one thousand men how in jail In forth Carolina. "Several poor devils have died in jail this1 -summer .i in .my . county. All this is from lloiclen rauicalisuu ...lUese negroes are arrested, on criminal charges and under Radical law administered by Radical officials they cannot give bail, becausetheir bondsmen 'must be worth niteen nnnarea dollars and enough beyond to puy the bail bond. TlieywiUgiveadaUtttc security but no one will sign who is worth the above sum, and the result Is,! that -the poor devils are lying in jail like sheep with therot, and and .their Radical , friend 'are, outside tiie jail, having a gay Xii&z." developing the. re source of tne etate." , . , ' Go ahead, negroes, witn ynur"ffiiciiMn. You will see what fools, you iare .titer a While., Ji;iiLi, k.'J im i-Mixil ilttVi (BKT1?7 .! The above is a comuiuuication which a pea red in the- Sentinel ol Qgtober lat,,,;0 . Those of.our friends who reaq jtlys short communkatioa no douH.passe, jtoyas not containing anything worthy ; jofjtiotice. There is, covertly expressed, a stab-at the Homestead provision,' of the , Constitution. Read the article again- and acq, if wo are not right " vsuiM.)-, ajj t--:.tr .juii.'o,. 1 :The commnnication sajs that ,ue Keiui licanaof Bertie are unable to go bail for. the onlnn-d men. not hatinff a sufficiency over" and above the Homestead. r( Tlie Democrats are ahlebvt will not assist these men io.thcTr' troubles and misfortunes. 01Jja i The last sentence taken in iUlitcrajscpse is this ''Go ahead negroes with ypu.radi calism. Whenever you give np your.jin cipjee and vote for bs and. onr party, then, and not fterbrej-will we help you ; and to do that, a Convention must be eallet,.n,d the Homestead provision aboliahed.pnt : (i a .-- 1 1 ; -v-i ...; The situation of the great , struggle;, be- tween France and Germany does not pci ceptibiy change, but it must bequitc Ivident that the longer the siege is maintained (fb . weaker 'Pari must beaomje( Thntagk of k, providing food for the hosts, of persons nowy penned up within, iU wall must (e xtreme ly difficult, and liody there it talk that th supply of fresh meat can apt hold outmuch longer. The n'st promising featiirg.iSj-the-probable enthusiasm which, will jM'jmvsed 'JT by the elections for the Constituent Assem- bly, which are fixed for tlie 6th .Octblier. This event may uuite;the.quntry, and aiili lead, though; at the eleventh,-hour, ,10,.. ,lhat great and general rihing.ofbe peoplewlych ha often been promise jiy rdco French- .e,V-(-..' oJ;" : - -' " ? ! I -.i f-!r" ' Bavaria and Wurtembcrg ' have'-'at ie'ast consented to becbine members of 'the Gcr-, man Confederation a'nd thus ail 'imporlaint step toward the completion of German oriity is taken. J The threats and demonstrations of France nar' strangely enough; "hastted the union they ciic intended to prevent. ft

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