. '. : . ; ;. .. . . ! : I (I i;" The CALL has the ' -(fl " 1 - $ ( Wfrl V 4 4l ' LARGEST CITY CIM0UTO3 Tljl- fl.' f "TiY'tlY fYfl ( i iWT ! . i i The "CAL.V Subscription Books, are open for Inspection xnd our afSdavit caa is always in to those wishing to Advertise I. 56. nil IGH, N. C.f FRIDAY, JUKE 14, 1889. I ' : ' ' Price 2 Conts. I - ':-- 1 1 I ' i S! 1 rr ffifrcjjaito (gall Br D, II. BKOWDER. rtrj afternoon, except Sunday. Subscription price 25 cents per month. Address communications to The Daily H. W. AYEB, City Editor. OUR ADVtRTISERS. 1 M lJ T. DTTQNjFaqcy Grocer JERWANGEI BROS Clothing. J , C. S. LUMMDEN Ilardware. DK' FItANK HARVEY Veterinary yargeon .ERRELL -JORDAN Grocers., K. WALTERS Merchant Tailor. y ' C. McMACKIN Ponies for Sale. JJOBT. SIMPSON Drugs. g-ING & McG EE Druggists. J ' WINETROB Merchant Tailorl w. C. & A. B, STRONACII Heavy and Fancy Groceries. R EDFORD & RICHARDSON Groceries . and Commission Merchants. - rp S, STEVENSON-Plumbing and Gas Fitting. J M. DYE Grocer. r QnOS. H. BRIGGS & SONS Hardware. JAilEV-McKrMMON & CO. Druggists. ; . .." T?DWARDS & BROUGHTON Printers and '-. Binders. . D. T JOHNSON, Agt. Groceries, Fish, &c. "J ' WILLIAMS & CO. Books and Stationery. J R. FERRALL & CO. Fancy Grocers- THE BIG RACKET STORE Dry Goods, Cloth iiiGr Shoes &Cm TyOOLCOTT &SON DryGoods and Clothing. Sf ORRIS & CARTER-Dres8 Goods.. TVT H."& R. S. TUCKER & CO. Dry Goods. y G. SEPARK Dry Goods and Clothing, J R. WYATT Oak City Laundry, . A W. GOODWIN & CO. Druggists. E F. WYATT & SON Saddlery. -H STEENMETZ Florist. Don't fail to see the jMalace of Won- .ders. . The State Dental Association will ' meet in Greensboro on the 25th and 26th insts. .. . 'Rebecca at the Well,' drawing-refreshing lemonade, may be seen at the Loan Exhibit. ! ; A five hundred page book, giving the complete history of the Johnstown flood has already been published. v -' Mfessrs. H. P.'. Guess & Co., lumber 'men of Moore county, took three shares of stock in the cotton factory to-day: r . -The Suiiday-8chool of thw Good "Shepherd church went out on a special train this morning to, pic-nic at MiU brook. j ; A very handsome monqment has been erected at Wake Forest to the "memory of the late Professor, W..G. Simmons. ' - ' There will be an adjourned meeting . of the Bench and Bar at the Supreme Court room to-morrow afternoon at five o'clock. ; ' : A number of students of the .Uni versity will spend a month of camp life " around iand at Morehead City during the summer. ' - - This evening will be a brilliant one . at the Xioan Exhibit. A number of Ral eigh's charming young ladies will appear in costumes of ye olden time" ; The admission to the Loan Exhibit , is 25Ncents; children under 10 years, 10 '.dents. Tickets are on sale at A. Wil liams & Co's book store, Lee, Johnson &' , Go's drug storje and McKimmon's drug store. ; : v ' - f-The Loan Exhibit is simply grand. Fotur'arc electric lights make the hall and refreshment rooms brilliant with light, and the hundreds of -superb art . works and thousands of curiosities con- stitute a palace of wonders. .; The Call suggests excursion trains from Durham and Henderson, to give the people of those and intermediate towns an opportunity to visit the Loan Exhibit at a reduced rate. If they could only know what it is, many peo ple would come to see it ; The Major and a ccrn'.tee of the Board of Aldermen areeg ;ed in cod ifying the city ..ordinate?, taking the additions aud amended' to the ordi nances for some year foj.., and will put them in perfect shape t$ they now hold. y-- A pleasant incitkt .fc Wake Forest College yesterday m ; ae arrival of a Sunday-school evw oh train from Durham, with niwer .ches full of peo- pie. They BpresJ ? big dinneir in the beawtifnl campBi ad had a very de lightful day i the Sunday-school of the ham. First Bsnt it church of Dur- The corpnjcement agony is about over. The neil thing on the programme for Ilaleigh people is Morehead City, or Wrightsville, or the mountains; and yet, strange to sa Raleigh has, by actual record, a mdre inviting temperature ; than ei tier ijlace. But-there's nothing in this world that can get ahead of " going soaSawhere." .. . ; ; . r-ThereB some guessing fun going oa at the oan Exhibit. Mr. A. Dughi ha"s Mec a bot!e with shot. Individ uals matfeuess the number of shot in the bottle at five cents a guess. and the ionqcoriiing nearest the number will be given Half a gallon of any kind of ice I creanJ' The proceeds of the guessing rill do to the hospital. . Personals. N. W. Ray, of Fayetteville, is Miss Blanche Williamson is in Milton, j visiting friends. Rev. Alex. Sprunt and wife, of Hen- . derson, are at the Yarboro. - i ...-.' -., Miss' Lalla Oates, of Charlotte, is vis iting Miss Lily Morehead, of Leaks- ville. Miss Sue Hall and Lottie, Young, of Wflmipgton, are registered at- the Yar boro. Gov. Fowle the- purpose oyster waters. i - -. ' . ias gone to the coast for of ; inspectinsr the State , ; Dr. E. B. Ferrebee, of Camden county, is in the city, the guest of Mr, J; D. BoushalL Miss Anniej Southerland, of St. Mary's, who has been spending a day or two with Miss Gussie Carroll, returned . to her home this afternoon. Prof.- E. McK. Goodwin and Prof. W. A. Blair, of Winston, left here yes- terday for Tondon. They will sail by the steamer Bothnia on the 19th. They will first attend the ' World's Sunday school Conven tion, after which they ' will make a three month's tour through the continent. A Prophet (?) in Town. " jThere wasa morning who colored man in town this announced himself as a "Prophet from the L6rd." He said be had a vision in which he was told to go to Jerusalem Where he would be three days and then! be killed. He was told not to preach, but to ''testify." He was from Texas; .had been coming from there for two months, testifying all .the way. He furthermore said that when he was' killed in Jerusalem the .world would immediately come to an end. He was as black as a negro can get, and was about twenty-one years old. He wound up his statement by ask ing the gentlemen to whom he was an nouncing himself for a quarter to get on with. The request was declined by the gentlemen on the ground that it was not the correct thing to help a man get to a place where he would be killed. - rr- i . Celebration of the Semi-Centennial of 1 the Virginia Military Institute. The R. & d! R. R. will sell reduced rate tickets to Lexington, Va., on cer tificate plan; that is, tickets to be pur chased for going trip at regular rate and returning at one third at the regu lar rate on presentation of certificate signed by the President at the Insti tute, showing that parties were actually in "attendance at the celebration and purchased tickets from certain points 1 :f at full rates. PALACE OF WONDERS. . Dickens' Curiosity Shop OutdoneThe Magnificent Art GallerySpecial Features of Entertaiment. The Loan; Exhibit is- palace of won ders. It were futile' to undertake either tp enumerate or describe even an infinitesimal part of what may be seen in the hail. The observer gazes, and still the wonder grows. In the curio and relic line such articles as 'ostrich eggs, emu egg, Dead Sea water, piece of the rock of Gibralter, olive leaf con secrated at the Savior's tomb, hundreds of articles made by prehistoric races, ancient dresses notably one worn by Marie Antoinette, swords of famous war leaders, j iece of Corn wallis' dress-suit, material of Henry Clay's vest,' wonderful carved works from Japan and China, dresses arid turnishings of Oriental splendor and luxuriousness from Persia, Turkey aixd other parts of the world ; handiwork of Alaska people, Indian war equipments, lace hundreds of years old of indescribable elegance arid fineness, Mexican, i curios, articles carved from the famoas "Charter Oak, ".fine minia ture paintings, of . men and women famous in .State and National historv, old-jewelry from one to three hundred years old, genuine lock of Washing ton's hair, cabinets of rare stones and gems and, a thousand and one more articles, j Among the books and docu ments there are rare old books-some of them 000 years old. One of these contains about 600 pages of vellum and the book is written with a pen every letter uniform in size and of various colors. There are two columns to the page and at a short distance, the work looks like "print. It was the lifetime work of a Monk.' There are .other rare volumes from one . to three" hundred years old, including old Bibles, histories and woiks of literature. Thd first Bible ever brought to North Carolina is on exhibition. . In one case there are autograph let ters and commissions by George Wash ington; Samuel Johnson, the first Gov ernor of North Carolina, and a eom-r mission signed by George Washington and Thos. Jefferson together., There is . one old document written and sighed in' 1756 by Earl Granville, one of the Lord's Proprietors. This is the origi nal draft of his instructions for the government of the Carolina province. Besides these there j are various other documents, among them the autograph of Santa Anna1,: letters written by Robt. E. Lee, and other men of everlasting In the art gallery which, covers both sides of the large hall are paintings by such masters as Murilo, Vinci, Rey nolds, Huntington," Titian, Paslina, Poindexter, Girginti, Guilono Guilmi and others, Pen pictures cannot pre sent the interest and! excellence of the exposition. It must be. seen to be known, understood and appreciated. SPECIALTIES. The management, from the first has been determined to make this enterprise a .delightful affair. They are not con tent with havihg'arranged the most in teresting thing ever held in the State, but are daily studying to add new at tractions. ' '.!.-""' ONE FOjB THIS EVENING. : This evening at 8:30, the young lady assistant managers of the exhibit will appear in perfect costumes of ancient i date some will be costumes worn over 100 years ago. They will receive and entertain company in the; old way and will give the old time music on spinets, harpischQrds,now in the exhibit, just as did their great grandmothers. The songs will also be of the "good old times." 1 children's day. i To-morrow afternoon 1 will be "chil dren's day" when there will be an ex hibition of dolls. ; This feature will be in charge of Miss Maggie Merrim on who has arranged four prizes; one to be given'for the prettiest doll, one- for the best dressed doll by a little girl, one for the oldest doll and one for the ugliest dollJ All dolls t be exhibited should be sent in by 10 otclock to-mor row morning. MIU5. JAKLEY & WAX W)BKS. ' J ..-V - l .This excellent entertainnYent which was so successfully preseiAtetl some time since by he Raleigh Casino is un-j der way as fai attraction for Vjatnrday. night. Its reputation as an attraction is already established. It wilw be in charge of Miss Lucy Battle lis liVfora! v Other features are under con&sidera tion and will be promptly announced Something: 'to iDelierht the Little Plolks and Big Ones, Too. ! There are so many wonders in If he Loan Exhibit. that it is imoracticaWle ......... . .i to mention them all; but the little pt pie ought to know what they can st' when they go. i First, there is a won derful clock over which stands a beau tiful tree. In ibe tree are some pretty little birds. ! When the clock is wound up, the little ;b,irds go to 4 flying all about the trrfe chirping and singing just like real'! birds. Besides these, there is a fountain at the bottom of the tree, and it throws a bright sparkling spray of water: A little bird is also on ; the ground anct it puts its little . head down into a shell and drinks water like i a real little songster. , t 1 Then here' is a pretty little girl in a beautiful little ; dress.'- She has-,a music box about her and on her arm is a pret ty basket. Wlien wound up the little girl bows her head and looks all around her to see the people. She then opens her basket and jshows a lovely, fluffy lit- tie chicken which bobs its head up an yd down and chirps just as little chickezlns do when the old hen is with them., a It is one of the prettiest little things e.lj seen. All the little folks ought to see it. - - Ahoat tinn:t7 Cc!lege.-t ------ Rev. W. S. Black returned this morn ing from Trinity College. 'It was he who carriett the message from Raleigh to the board; off trustees with reference to the removal of the College to the city. I The message wjas presented, and was considered of sujch importance that the' time for action upon it was deferred till July 9th. ; There has been s.ome oppo sition developed 'to the. removal of the college, but its' strength has not been tested. The action on Raleigh's prop osition, so far, by the board is embodied in the following! resolution : ' Resolved: That tho Board of, Trustees of Trinity College very highly, appre ciates the liberal proposition of the city of Raleigh in regard to the removal of Trinity College to that "city; but we find in the pressure of other business, at the commencement, that we have not sufficient tin) e to enquire fully into this matter, but will at a future meeting to be held July 9th, at Greensboro, give an answer. It j must be, however, un derstood that this resolution in no way shall - commit this board to Raleigh's proposition or any other. ; . .... . - . i ' . Grand Pic-nic. ' Yesterday Messrs. William and James Boylan gave an elaborate pic-nic W many of their friends iit the city at Maj. R. S. Tucker's pond. The affair was com plete in every respect. A band was -on the ground and the handsome pavilion was brdliant I with merry ' dancers until a late hour.;; Boating, was one of the attractions and pleasures of the day. At the proper hour an elegant lunch was served for about one hundred per sons who unanimously declared the lunch to be; of i Delmonico excellence. The party cameinto the city at an early hour this morning. .. "" ' ' ' -ij : it y , - . Baseball Yesterday. ; Boston 7, Washington 1. ' New York-3, Philadelphia 2. Indianapolis Cleveland, 4. Chicago 9j Piitsburg 8. Baltimore'4, iiouisville 2. ' Brooklyn Qincinnati 1. Athletics 2, Stl Louis, 2. (11 innings.) Game called on jaccount of darkness. UolumDus o, Kansas uuyv .. J THE LADIES' MEMORIAL ASSO CIATION. Gen'l Pender the Next Subject Monul i meat Proposed for the Ar ' lington Dead. The annual uieetng of the Ladicti Jlem'orial Association" was held. yeter dav, pre?idel over bv Mr. J. H Batchf el or, president. The Life, and War Record, of Geo'! Wm. D.' Pender was chosen as the sub ject of the oration for Memorial Day of of 1S90. ' Gen. Pontler was born in Nurth Caro lina in 1S34 and graduated at tho U. S. Military Academy in 18."3. He wa ac tively engaged as Lieutenant in servic j on the frontier until 1801. when he re signed, to enttr the Confederate service. He was rapidly promoted for braver, and abilitv, and attained 'the rank of Major General. He was ki(s in tlm last day's fight at Gettysburg July 3rd, 18C3. ; ' . The family of General IVnder haw )een notified of the selection, ,vut will loose the orator. ; I The matter of . erectinj a monument the Arlington dead, in tho Con fed- ate cemetery, was brought' up and scussed at length. No action was iken beyond the appointment of a mmittee, consisting of MiKsrn.. W. J. 'eele, n. M. Cowan tin d II. W. Ayer, ,o see what fund could) bo raised and fenade, available for the purpose. It His C hoped the project will meet with favor. A Tniliuuliiintna oi'(i7ATla liavii ntrnailv vnl. unteered contributions. The 'Electric Wonder" Coming Back, i M'M. Abbott, the "Georgia Wonder' TaLho stounded Raleigh last Tuesday night tiev her wpnueriui ieais oi sirengiu.i ii in an k irM w -" . r - - ' . - will appfcf- at MetrQpi p'HalL Ther"o 5 oibso lutely something amply ; worth soei in her performances.- Last Tuond she struck with wonder these who saw .1 . T. .--.!: . her. Among those (who tested and! examined- her remarkable fcu wcrw Rev. Dr. Marshall, Messrs. Jno. W. Thompson, J. V. McRae, G. E. Leach, C. B. Edwards, W. J. Andreww, Frank Daucy and Dr.- K. P.- Battle,' Jr., any one ot whom will testify to the wonder iful phenomenon. The box sheet will be open to-morrow at A. Williams A- Co. s book store. Reserved- seats 75i cents; admission 50 and 25 cents. New Advertisements. ' Separk's, Parasols are numerous ou the streets. He ha a line and assort-! i .... i. ment that suits any body. Me -is alsp making another run on those Glorid Silk Umbrellas. Call quick. ' I To-morrow is the time to leave orders for Sunday Meats. If anything is wanted nice it is a Sunday dinner. J. Schwartz, the Richmond Meat .Market man, says he Will have on sale to-morrow some of the most toothsome VealJ Lamb, Beef and other meats that Ral eigh people over bought He means business in this, The meats are in his refrigerator, and can be seen by anyone who will call. They aro fit for an epit curean taste, and he wants Raleigh peo ple to know it. V . ' There will be a howling time at Nor ris Ar Carter's store to-morrow bet ween the hours of 9 and 12 o'clock; Just ace their new ad. : Notice. A prominent Republican will address the members of the "Carolina Club' to-night at headquarters at 8:30 o'clock; A full attendance is earnestly requested By order of Club. J. N. Devton. . Secretary. A memorial pamphlet of -36. pages has been printed, containing records of the death and f uneral of the late lament (ed CoL Eugene Morehead, together with " poems and tributes of respect, by Leo IX Heart i, D. B. Fuller, a F. Tomlin son and G. W. Watts and the resolutions passed by the different organizations to WUICU uu uciuugtm. it i V y v

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