I 1 I - UN. : !' V ;lLLi-.jk'Jm The "CALL Subscription Books arc open for Inspection .mo our a&(UTU cm n Always in to those wi&hir.g to Advertise. 11 MONDAY, JULY 8;. 1889. Price 2 Cents. 7 - Nl.s and fancy " " .is the wo-I m tl3- -nr t rn -v v . Centre Lodge K of P. meets . to- ,-The Governor's Guard leave to-mor-r,v for the State : encampment at -rightsville. -Win.. G." Hill Lodcre, A. F. and A. M., meets to-night. Visiting- brethren cordially welcomed. ' . ' ; 'The joint board of the Agricultu ral and Mechanical College meets here this week, to elect a faculty for t'he cpj-. " lege. ' ' ; . ; . " The trustees 6f Trinity College! . meet this week, to decide whether or not tue college shall be moved to Ral eigh. . " The street sprinklers have arrived ' and also the dust. Good time to put them on. What say ye, brethren of the Street Committee ? : - The directors of the North Carolina Railroad meet in Greensboro Wonder, oh! wonder if they i will think about the , new depot matter for Raleigh ? '. There will be a shooting match of the Raleigh Gun Club at Athletic Park to-morrow evening at 5:30 P. M., Let every member be present. The public invited. ' . TrThe grand display of fire works in tended for the 4th of July at Athletic Park, and which' was postponed on ac count of the rain, will be given at the park to-night, sure. j The bridge over Rocky branch, at Tucker's mill, on the Fayetteville ro&d, between this .city and the water, works, is in a dilapidated condition, and vehi cles, when heavily loaded, are running great risk in passing over 'it. The atten tion of, the county .commissioners is called to the fact. . ' . wutes iL(X yhich accom rjaniedTl -. fefferson Davis, while Sec .J6-' - . a War under President Pierce, 1855!v a js map shows several routes, all startint Chi cago and terminating at different.pbints on the Pacific coastJ The Library .is ' an excellent depository for such curiosi- ties, and the Librarian, while collecting i portraits of Confederate soldiers, is also I en-gaged in securing'oid papers, etc. ; . Third 'Baptist Sunday School Pic-nic. ; This'a'fterhoitjB.-about -half : past". -two .o'clock, in-charge of their worthy and efficient .superintendent, Mr. Jno. ' .T. Pullen, the Sunday-school of the Third IbTV. i-uoruecai, as Pescud, makes an iJ merit. in Philadelphia, returned to-day from New York. He saw ink teachers sail for Nevada," and as the ie dock the. company rt ovation. he attended the pernors of the States, hat city states that among them. The g was preliminary ..grand monument to Triennial of the con . of he country. (as selected to resoond welcome, 'which he eloquently. During de another speech, ption of one by Lt. ork, .was the only ess. It was our e initiative and foe following ef ,Jbrs of all the It in Washing- the purpose for a suffi- titable monu- v. the centen ristory of the iwas adopted. its. L ented. See ucker & Co. ment to-day plain How" ody wants to this just now. line there is a ry to " keep well " ' medicines at low his matter, 3fr- KSleeo'lf Mr; J. S. ortant announce THE GRISSOM INVESTIGATION. Another Attra( Dining: Haxij. Tc and agreeable, -,f Dining Hall the rot .make the pest fly gi) ON make at Moselt's it pleasant ye placed in my Fly Fans, which Rajrtist churc street car line, i, left the city by the ' for Brookside Park to nold tneir annnal pic-nic. Alter some interesting exercises", consisting of short speeches, recitations, and vocal and in strumental music, the children will re gale themselves with ice cold lemonade and the many other nice things which have been prepared for them by the teachers. At the hour of going to press the park presents an .animated scene and hundreds happy. v of little children are - Election -' Change in Schedule. A slight change of schedule on the R. and D. Railroad we'nt into effect this morning, by which the morning express train arrives frorn Greensboro at ,7:45, instead of 8:30, and leaves for Goldsboro at 9 o'clock. Express No. 52 arrives from Goldsboro at 8 P. M. and leaves for Greensboro at 1 A. M instead, of 12 midnight. ' . r of Graded School Teachers. i The following have been elected as teachers in" the Raleigh public schools lorithe ensuing year: , I In the white schools: J. D. Miller, F. M. Harper, C. J. Parker, St. Clair Hester. Mrs. James Williamson and Misses Jean C. Gales, Mary V. Marsh, Ruth Lanier, S. W. Ashe, . Carrie C. Strong, E. A. Pool, Loula Riddle, Grace H.. Bates, Annie j W. Conigland, Mary E. .Wiley, Minnie Red ford,. Kate D. Fuller, ilyrtle Branson and Emily Tillinghast. In the colored schools: E. A. John son, D. A. Lane,! W. H. Peace, E H. Hunter, J. R. Davis, Mrs. Elizabeth, Smith, Mrs. H. W. Lane. E. J. Hack ney, Mrs. A. W. Hamlin, Mrs. E. Mit ch'ell, Mrs. S. P. Martin, Mrs. XL S. Richardson, Florence Gray, Fannie OfKelley. . j .? (...--. i , - given that " the Notice is hereby - Board of County, Commissioners will meet in Raleigh bn Monday, the 8th day of July, 1889, for the purjose of revising the tax list for 1889 and hear ing complaints of over valuation. ; j . J.r P. H. Adams,' Clerk; and vou are left . . i m .-.. tdioy tne luxun'pf ; the season. A newX'r1 Saleigh, and unless vou- visrV s?; andr lovs-will not be any ;bettex.5ey s vo ung to eat in abun ilatice, and ; Srvt with neatness and dispatch. You can have served, and made to order, anything! the market af fords. - Prices to suit the times.. Rooms clean,, -neat and comfortable. 124 Fay etteville street, Raleigh, N. C. Railroad Office Changes. Mr. D. S. Hud gin gs, who has for a number of years past been the very effir cient train dispatcher and car account ant of the Raleigh & Gaston Railroad, has resigned that position, and will en ter commercial business circles in Ala bama. Capt. Louis Renn has been promoted to train dispatcher in his place; arid the position of car account ant has been offered to Mr. Will P. Mc Gehee. 1 . - ; r Capt. Dallas Ward, th j genial, popu lar and widely-known conductor on the R. and A. A. L. division of the Sea board and Air Line, has 1 resigned that office, and will enter other business. Everybody will regret Capt. Ward's re linquishment of a position which threw him so often and so pleasantly in con tact with them. They will .miss his jovial greeting and genial sunshine and 'polite attention, but in retiring be will carry with him the sincerest wishes of hundreds of friends, for success" in his new line of duty. ; Mr. Will Clemmons has been pro-, moted from baggage master to conducr tor on this line. fore-? Works To-Night. : - All the necessary arrangements for the grand display of fire-works have been made, and the exhibition will come off to-night at Athletic Park at 8 o'clock. Don't fail to see the finest pyrotech nic display ever shown in Raleigh. Entrance fee, 2o cts. ; to grand stand, 10 cts. extra. Dr. Grissom Still on the - StandHis ! Testimony on the Charge of -, ( . Cruelty. On Saturday evening the testimony of Dr. Grissom was continued with reference to the charges agaiqst him self. ; In continuation of his reply to Miss Edwards'; testimony he said: I did not propose to Miss Edwards to mn away with her. I did not tell her I would make her ! matron of the. asv lum. ; I did not have the power to do it. I never bad any conversation with her of an 'improper character. Goy. Jarvis next took up the specifi cations regarding cruelty to Miss Nancy Flood. Dn Grissom said : Miss Nancy Flood has been here ! several vears. She is mischievous but not what would be considered; a violent patient. I have no. recollection of any ill treatment to her. Tlje charge in the specification never occurred. I never choked or knocked her down. I have never given her any violence. She is here now. She is a patient of many hallucinations. She imagines herself to be, the wife- of Dr. Rogers.: She had the habit of seiz ing hold of him when he came about her. $he had a demoralizing influence over other patients. She is not addict ed to fighting. Miss Edwards testimony as to mr treatment -of Miss Foy did hot occur, v On a different occasion and not in the presence of Miss Edwards I or dered her locked up in a room and threw a dipper of water in her face for' the purpose ;of impressing her with the impropriety : of her conduct. I have found a certain class of patients who are very h anl jmjjress.. Worr1 & not suthcient. It is ' necessary to re strain them. This, however, should be resorted to only i in cases of necessity. I have frequently rescrted to throwing water in the faces for the purpose of pro duciug mental.impression t Uat could not be done-otherwise. In her case there has been a great imp -ovement; It was the only time I ever threw water in her face. It is 'the usual custom in all lustitutioris of this kind for the superintendent to establisii aud maia tain a system of i discipline. I do not rememUer what atteuUaut. was present at the time of the occurrence, not Miss Edwards. 1 do not r other instance of unusual treatment to Miss Foy. i . .- '" ' The allegation that Mrs. Overman and Mrs. Whaley were locked in a room together and told to fight till they got tired of it; is totally untrue. On one occasion I remember threatening to lock up two j patients who had been fighting. I don't remember ' who theyx were. I told the attendant in their hearingto lock them up and let them fight it out. If they were locked up at all they did not -fight and would not have been permitted to fight. . Mrs. Overman is a violent patient at times. She is strong aridf stout. Mrs. Whaley is a patient who fights a great deal and is very mischievous. Mrs. .Overman has perhaps, not improved while here. Mrs. Whaley has improved and is now easy to manage. "Not one word of the testimony of Miss Edwards that I knocked down and pulled the hair of t Miss Lulie Roberts and put sticks in her mouth is true. ; Miss Roberts is a strong, manly woman, arid I remember that on one or two occasions I was forced into a, scuffle with her. She pulled out my watch on one occasion and threw it on the floor. If ever I put pegs in her mouth it whs" for the purpose of feeding her. Patients some times refuse to' eat and have to.be fed by force. This consists of opening the. mouth with, small pegs and pouring in fluid. This was done to tjtve iife in cases of protracted fasting that might end in starvation. . Insanity frequently takes the form of refusiug to eat. j The method of feeding by force is frequently productive of; good results. A lady pa tient at the, asylum was on one occasion fed by force for several weeks Her life was thus.' saved and eventually; her dU lt was ccail ahv mind ww restored and he chargxl. - T -'. l J- i never. usoi sucn an fXjtvfcMOU M Miss EtlwAnls attributetl to n.e wLea she aid'I called the jiatirnts iill cat.! At this point examination n. tua pended and the loard djourael till this morning at 11 o'clock. TU IS ' M OliXIN O 8 Kts.Moy. The board met at 11 o'chk this morning. In the opening of the e&iont Gov. Jarvis, of counsel for defence, ro quested .that the steward province, to morrow morning, the report for the male wards of the asylum for.lStsJ. ' The examination of Dr. Oti&Morn was resumed. He said : , , 1 Mrs. W. T. Howie was adnJtied in Jnly, 1887. The allegat io. 4n regard to oiTering personal indignity to Mrs. Howie is cruelly and infamously false. There has been a rule for more than 10 years, understood, by all the officers and employees, that no male, either visitor or physician should ever have an interview with a female patient un accompanied by a female attendant. X heard Miss Edwards testimony as to this charge to the effect that he was with me and I sent her away and when she returned I was dallying with Mrs. Howie. It is utterly untrue. I never offered Mrs. Howie an indignity of any kind, anywhere or under any Vircum ntances, nor to' any other female patient of this institution. Mrs. Howie is not now a patient here. She., was transfer red to Mr. Hoje .Retreat, Novejuber, o. . 1887, improved, as I though was a victim of chronic mania, 1 ing on dementia. while here. S, no perfect lucid intervals. Sho moved by her husband on my because I thought' it would b lar-U-i r1vJk-T t . 11 um is l toi wuom ; I 1 ! she; knew, and because there were more facilities for recreation there thun hero. Her "home was in Wake county. Her husband visited her hero occasionally. . He renioved her to Mt. Hope Retreat.-. I have no sort of. recollection that during'lS87, that it was made known to ttife superintendent that ail attendant had issaidted ; Mrs. SnmmerHn a pa- , tieht and that the attendant as re tained; but if so, I must haw invtstiga ted the matter and took such action as in liiy discretion, seemed, just and proper. Mrs. Sumuierlin was - dis charged in July, lbU, cured. She neVer mentioned to me any ;oiupl.iut. The discharged patient always havo an opportunity. to make this complaint. Air. W. C. l'rilgen was admitted hero On September 10, 1880. He died Jan- J nary 20, 1889 of iraralysis. . 1 1; was i2. years old when admitted', had epileptic mania; had been an epileptic niuco he I was 21. While here he h'st t bis eye sight, from neuralgia it" was thought. He had periods of maniacal excitemept. He would sifag, talk and move - almost constantly about. He would get upon the, door or window guard and irj such 4 places as would seem almost impossible for one to get. After his blindness he had to be frequently restrained, or have an attendant to hold him. This latter seemed, to irritate him and causo almost a constant struggle. He was in , the habit, after going blind, of spring ing upon persons. -1 remember on one occasion he sprang at me, and I know that it was my habit when he' done so to catch him on loth sides of the neck and hold him off till he became quiet. I do not remember the occasion alluded to in the charge. If on any occasion I put my hand on his throat or neck, it was for the purpose of restraining him in such a way as I thought proper. I used no more force or violence han was necessary, ' W. P. Upchurch was admitted hero as a patient on January 12, 1878, and is here now. , He belonged to the crimi nal insane and was decidedly homi cidal; shot his brother and attempted to kill other people. He thought that his bones, neck, ic, were crushed; had hallucinations of hearing; thought ho heard people planning to kill him. On one occasion he kicked a guard out of a window and defied any one to come to 'concluded on rbcimi pa5e.J ,

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