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I ; ( : The examination of Mrs. Lawrence was continued She said: I attend to the turkeys raised , here I begun with turkeys of my own, which I bought with my own money. I raised 65 turkeys last year. There were' 30 the year before and 27 the j year before that. I killed 12 on Thanksgiving and 21 on Christmas for the patients. The reports of the institution do not show for the turkeys raised here because they were not bought from the insti tution funds. Dr. Grissom .has been in the habit of sending away .la few turkeys I raised. ;He ' sent them com plimentary to his lriends. ! The celery which is raised liere is given to the 1 pa tients who want it three times a week. I have seen a little celery; sent away. I give my entire time to the :affair$ of the institution. T never go to the city on Saturday unless compelled. I have to attend to the store-room and never get through till 3 o'clock or later. ' The cleaning up about the ! institution is done on Saturday afternoon. The store-room is next to the rostrum on the third floor' and there is generally passing to and from it all. day on Sat urdavs. ' . ' ": Ool. Waddell took the witness on cross examination. Sh said: I came here after Dr.' f Grissom came. The board elects the matron on the superinten dent's recommendation. I kaew Dr. Grissom ever since we were children . We are both from Granville. I feel an interestin the j trial, and tin securing Dr. Grissom's acquittal of the charges. Gov. Jarvis asked: Will your inter est bias you in telling the truth ? , No, indeed. ) ! had leen chief attendant in the asviam ' - eight months. Dr. Orissum had al wavs been kind to the inmates; haV al ways treated the female attendants as any gentlemen would treat a ldy. Miss Fannie Kellyj Miss Mollie Kelly, .Mr. W. J. Kirkman, and Miss Nannie Andrews, testified that they were attendants in the institution, and that Dr. Grissom treated the inmates kindly and the attendants respectfully. Policeman Strickland was sworn. He was an attendant in the . asylum from - 18S0 to 1882. Dr. Grissom's treatment of the inmates was kind, and his behavior to the female atten dants was that of a -gentleman. At this point the 'board adjourned until this morning. f THIS MORKI NO'S SESSION. 1 Mr. Whitaker read a letter from Dr. Rogers to himself ami Col. Waddell, asking that the Board; investigate his conduct, as the second assistant physi cian of the As'ylum, siuce in the course of the investigation reflections have been made damaging to him. . The letter is as follows :' - Mr. Spier Whitaker and Col. A; M. Waddell: : Gentlemen. In the course of the trial of Dr. Grissom now. in progress at the N. C. Insane Asylum, I have been frequently attacked 'by insinuations and inuendos, and it has been intimated that I have been unfaithful to my trust as' second assistand physician of the 1H. C. Insane Asylum. .' ; . - In view of these facts I desire you to request the Board of Directors, for me,' to investigate my conduct at the In stitution, at their earliest convenience. .. . Respectfully Yours, ' Sion H. Rogers. Objection was made that this letter should not be allowed ' to go upon the record. The Board I decided that it The "CALL" Subscription ' Books are open :or .'r.spc::on and our affidavit rr.ia is always in to those wthi::g to : : '' ; Advertise. Price 2 Cents. Midett iu. which hi.- lo I'm. II r wrenched. Next niorninp Dr. (ritoru asked mo to rt Mgu, u ijicij I di.l. It in a rule that attoudaU hliull iiut come out of their ritoniH without--looking their door. I was atteiuptiug to ltck the door wlicn Midgett grubbtHl me to prevent it. A hcatllh ensued in which his leg wus wrrueiu'tl. I was with the Salvation Army a while. Did not attach myself to the Army but staid with it some time because I liked the work. , Mr. W. C. Fletcher, the housekeeK;r, was sworn and examintd by Gov. Jar vis. He said : I have b.'en houso-" keeper, for 12 years. Before that was an attendant. I came here in 1870. I had opportunity to observe Dr. pGris som's treatment of pieuts and it was always kind as far as 1 could koo. My duties are to weigh aud meaauro out IJrovisious and to superintend theirdis rtributiou in the male wards. I mako daily reports Showing amount issued. The patients are furnished with celery three times a week and so far as I know :they have enough. Don't know, any thing about any celery being sent away. There- .were about 75 turkeys raised here last year. During the years before that 'about thirty or forty wero raised. .They aro not put on the reports.- About 12 were killed last Thanksgiving day and 2 on Christmas. I remember that at one time .about 8 were killed for a legislative committee, and six , were killed when the board met here. About thirty-live were used in the institution, Dr.' Grissom used the others. " Thero aro now about II here. ' Cross-examined, Mr. Fletcher said; Mr. Thompson purchased 15 " last year. This would ' turkeys. Only thirty ,rith me will .b , ,1 west price, been used by tv . superin tender, ft D. T. JOHNSON, Ag: and cakes . ' - 1 r 1 1 ' . " fcjj-r j$ vant- THE A.

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