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Slavic Cplc Five Cent.
'The Old Uorth Slate Forever." GasUm
By II .11 EH at BRiNER,
Id n Hi ill a will arm mm mm, w mmr ,
" J
Boq'm fhtcoMD Nil. Dimucrr, I
Charleston, 8. C, Dm. 31, '67 f
gllKil OrJen, No. M4.
I. Vsnurreph II of GaaatnJ Order. No.
10, from th tleenfcaartew of the 8nd
Militsry District, dated April 11, 1867, k
wiiirl as ollow. ;
...a. St umiroi .
eginata vr taT
North C
tween the 30th of Mar, j
v of April, 1863, cited, shall be held to bar or binder the
ween the 19th recovery, by suit, or lb estate of any mi
ne SOth day nor heir, female, or insane person, (rsi
1, by exe- ! que trust), whether In the hands of execn
. rty of tors, administrators, trustees, guardians,
h csu- masters or clerk of equity courts, and
eed, '
d I
.he ar
Sji v cro a ft
r the 1 rerideut's pro
29th day of April, 1S66,
South Carolina, render
19th day of December,
organisation of the pravl
eat of the said State, nn
nt's proclamation of the
ie, 1865, unless the writ
ten consent .. b defendant be entered
of record, and nc-pt in eases where the
the plaintiff or his attnraey, open oath,
supported by caerwbarativs testimony,
ban all-ge that the defendant! disposing
nf rrmnvimr. or about to remove, hi pm-
nprtv bet
rond the jurisdiction ot tae eoan,
wok ini.'i.t to rii fraud hi creditors I VT-
t ided, that so each judgment, so rendered,
wHhin the period aforesaid, shall be a .
bar to the coiamMc-incut,in a Sute court,
of a new salt upon the same saasa of as-
li w any ease in which, by law, the dc
fendant may remove or appeal the same to
a eonrt of the United Stau-s. I
vnsKt'Losrai or MOstoaub. I
rr. I r I .n.l unMrtr. '
- I
by foreelosare of mortgage, i Hkewi persons interesfal or coutescted there wuh,
asaeiKled in the eases embraced lif para- abaU bc regarded as principal w any ae
H and III. of said order No. 10 thin of damages gwwjng oat of any as-
as above amended, except in cases where j
money accruing subseoaeot to tha i
, .
Paragraph I V of the smne order is mcd'
.m .IL,.,!.. th. oo,.omv of AnrfL
TrT- L m i s7 amavit i
1864, for the istn aay oi stay, ww
no its ox debts.
nrocecdinrs for the recovery of
ou contracts, whether under seal
or by parol, the consideration ot which
... tlx. mirelmse of slaves, made subse
quent to the 1st day of Jsnnary, 1863,
are suspended, Judgment or decrees en
tered for snch cause or act job
be enforced.
Paragraph VII off the saasa order is
tnwniied as fallows ;
In all ssks of property under execution
k. orrler of auv court, there shall be
reserved out of the property of any defcu-
bi or her labor, a dwelling bone and ap-
Bartenancee, and ( W tne coanuyjtswwa-
lk whole Shan -f "r ' "
nasal two tkonaani dollar ; and in a
town or city, tne Mnsscduw " r,
. . t f II ... I.
which such dweOinC JMHMMJ m .!wi
.1 XI
aad aeeeesarr articles of furniture
I ...k.;.i.M and imnlssnssMB
ma r
bsndry. trade, or other employ osent, tot,
vaTue of fire hundred dollar. The bo.,
t w V - 1 -II 71 , t.iM.
mrua uoiw. w
exemption nii lanro
alio shall inure oniy so uw
I M - 1. Slan
the benefit of families. In saner eases
the exemption shall extend only to cloth
ing and implement of trade or employ-
ment usually followed by the defendant,
of the raloe of twn hundred dollars. The
exemption hereby made shall not be wf
i . be the act of any defend-
ant who has s family Wpssaent psm torn Qi, atrir a. ..h ttaea granted
of bar far tf, FJt,UQ '
nerty shall be ascertained snd denned by , unu . " Bn,InirMt the 1st of
W. v.. - - .
santv- snaw oe . . . '
asitoa. who shalt call to hi aid two im-
partial eitfaten. to make the necessary ap-
.lmsrrd shall make report tnereot
ta the eoort.
r-niiph t it Vr-H; -"
to aodtorios arrest in civil action ta esn
a 4 t : pases where the demand is
aaL aad the defendant ha been guil-Srrfs-tia
eaatxaemag the debt sued
liVhaVreatored or duposed of hi pm
perty or fo aboal to do so, whk loteat to
defrand hi creditors, or i. sbout to lesve
tb State, with such intent.
MxaccToas ad TBOgr
North Cnroliaa, r of South Carolina, re
cognising or sanctioning the Inyentmsnt of
the fund of minor bein, or of female, or
of insane persons, to the seearities of the
hte rebel government, or the securities of
the States of North Oaroliua or 8nth
Carolina, created for the purpose of carry
ing on war against the Government of the
United Bute, will Le suspended until the
question of the validity of sneh invest
ments shall have been determined by the
WmtWffimrrm," W nation
al lerialatio... And nothimT U the nrovi-
iona of this, or of the Order No. 10 above
other fiduciary agents, or invested by thorn
l in th.
' II.
in their fiduciary character.
General Orders, No. 25, of May M,
1S67. is revoked : and On and after thr
irstday of January, 1868, the distillation
f spirituous liquors la this Military l)is
rict will be subject to such restriction
.y as are Imposed by the laws of the Uni
ted States and of lbs State of North aad
South Carolina, respectively.
III. Psrsgraphs VI and VII of Gen
eral Orders No. 38, dated May 30, 1867,
are revoked, and the power to arrant li
censes for the sale of f ptritaeas or intoxi
cating liquors is mmitttd to the proper
local authorities, to take effect on sad ar-
tcr the frit day of January, 1868, and to
be subject to the following eomlilhms:
1. lire municipal aatbori'Jea granting
the license shall be answerable that the
parties to whom sack licsoses are granted,
together with their safeties, shall be re
sponsible persons, and of good moral
standing in the community, snd that both
principal and sureties shall be able to
quality individually in double the amount
nf the bond required, and that thsitwnd
ball be a lien upon the personal property
of both principal snd sureties, and upon
proof of default shall warrant the sum
mary setanre and sale of so much of the
saamrtw ft either or both ss may be nc
to sslify the furfehurc or tarn and
Drnnkcnneas and dworderaly ov
j, yrrmue shall work the for
fcjture ft( l(e fiu and of the penalty
p, ih
r r a .
j The owner or keeper . of sny bar
raara. sawnn or otner puce si wnn-n
m h i ' 11 ' 1 - .1
loXKalllliT IlUUOr STS S4MO. IVil Oiwr
ssult, rfcrt, sffray or oiher durd r ccur-
ring on the premises, or directly traceable
yK'mM -t which intoit'eatinr IhinorS arc
fiold, sluril be closed on the day or days of
any general or local election, ana tor tne
twelve boars next preceding the npenmg
AJ Mat anrieSMI I
sasinil maawstaiiftittty UM ClAnttfflar Of EBB
a- i ai m . . m a
m z ar .mm
II. ...l. .Uit.. , uil ill., akawiff of
counties and districts and the chief of po
lice of cities and towns, shall have power
to direct the closing of bar-room and oili
er places for the sale of intoxicating li
quor whenever it may be necessary in
their judgment to preserve order and qoi-
o. The proceeds If all license, forfei
tures snd fines, under the loCH regula
tion at- under the provbioi. of military
HUM pw " , -
orders, will ha devoted to the sswport nf
the poor, and as soon as realised will be ; accruing inco tie ioiu nay mmj, w
turned over to the commit mocr or over- j 66, shall not have been made before the
seers of the poor of the district, county. ' day of sale.
city or town in which they accrued, and I IV. Judgment or decrees entered or
commissioner, or ovcraacrer will at the enrolled, on cause of action arising sab.
end of each month report to the Provost sequent to the 16th day of May, lbbo,
Marshal-General of tb Uuttnet tneamouni
received by tbeflB during the month, speei-
, fvW the names of the parlies fron whom
a ti.p tie. imoesed by tun order
I polk riirirtatliHMrmsy be
esdWced In any civil r military court,
'd epon conviction the court msy award
.lwi HM
.t'Vl,.. . .um not eieeedioc fifty
I V sa w r .
lyu, fMrhtM or hue. Aud
' IfW wSMs. w, - - -
f, si., duty of all .lieriff. eonsu-
r .
saw mmiipm nf eionties and dia -
tricts, and the police of citie and towns,
to be vigilant in the enforcement of tira
.i:;.... and the nroviiou. of
It!:. - lm r..laiion to the .ale of lutoxt-
.- . .l:
CHIHIK iriayTsv-.
- .m a . .a f . . V
Ihe provision of this psrsgrspb will
.TIr a t a..4
! srs,
niBTttirr corBM.
IV To nromote the speedy trisl of
enfined for miner offences, aad
diminih the cot of their ntainleminre,
.11 eommittinc asaadatoatea will
I ou the
i, report
16th and last days of each month
. L. :.t,,. Af i heir aountV or
, .ft ...Am Umeiit. made by them du-
.i .....,l,.. i..lf month, .oecifvine
111 a inc pur...-. "l . i ... ,r
-L.T j... -r m;tmnii the name of
itis nrisoners and the offences for which
tbey were committed, to the end tbsl the
iheir ooinion
judges may, wneoevw m
th. nnmker of ariaCMlSM Or
.thor rnnaid.
eration of public intereat call for it, hold
.Mtsi.1 utrms of their court Mr tne par-
ditlonal expense of holding such Special
terms will be a charge upon the State
Treasury, aad the accounts therefor will
be audited and psM as account of a si
milar character are now audited snd paid,
and if the salaries now paid the judges
should be inadequate in view of the ad
ditional labor performed by them, a rea
sonable addition upon the proper represen
tation through the Governor of the State,
will be allowed.
V. The pilotage regulations now exist
ing in the States of North and South
Carolina are so lar modified that on and
after the firs, day of March. lt8. all
psmrr steam venseU, regulatad by tho
U. of the U.itad States, and currvi..K
a pilot eommissioited by United State
Commissioner, shall be exempt from the
compulsory payment of pihtage.
VI. So much of the act of the Gener
al Assembly of the S'ate of North I'oro-
Baa, entitled "An act to raise monn-r,
96th aay of rearaary,
10V7. aa saakaa it "ins daty ot all par
sons aad corporations to list snd pay the
poll) tax of such persons liable to tne
same, as are in their employment, on the
1st day of April of each year, a labor-
era, is rescimiea. sna inoiiKr wi
v id as taxes will be assessed directly upon
and collected directly from the individual
from whom they are due; provided, that
the provisions of this order shall not sp-
n v to the taxes levn-u tor
. k n t
tne current i
vestr. exeent I bat aouioe pn
tax shall
not be enforced it tne onjrinai isi o pa
on or before the 1st day of March, 1808.
t .... . ... i ij
By command or Brevet Major Ueneiai
Do. R. 8. OakbT.
' Loxru V. Ctac,
Aid do Camp, Aefg Ass't Adj't Oen.
Omctst : Loois V. Csaiara, A. D.0
A. A. Genersl.
Q- The following aie the pa 'graph
ot Oeneral Order No. 10 referred to in,
and modified by the foregoing order :
I. Imprisonment for debt i prohibited,
unless the defendant in execution shall be
convicted of a fraud a Ian I concealment' or
disposition of hie property, with intent to
hinder, delay and prevent the creditor in
the revrry of bis debt or demand. And
the nroceed.ngs now establish d iu North
and South Carolina, respectively, for the
trial or snd determination of sitcli qiie.
tions may be adopted.
II. Judgment or decrees, for the nay.
men! of money, on causes of action arising
between the 19ih of December, i860, ana
the l&th of Ms, 1865, shall not bq en
forced by execution against the property
or the person of the defendant. Freceed
iasrs in such cause of action, now pend
ing, shall he stayed ; and no sait or pre-
e ss shall be liereaft. r iostitnled or JSMB.
aseneed, far any snen sense i seimn.
III. Sheriffs, Coroners, snd Constables,
ssa hereby directed to sanpswd for twelve
calendar months the Sale of all property,
anon execution or nrnecss, on liabilities
i r - a
I l s S s ., .
rnnlfMlM OfflQi VO 10O M win V " v im '
i IMO on tins unon the written consent of
I l r -
the defendants, except m esses where the
plaintiff, or in bis absence bis agent or at
torney, shall upon oath, with corobo retire
testimony, allege aad prove lbs the de
fendant is removing, or intend fraudu
lently to remove, his property beyond the
territorial jurisdietieu of the Court. The
sale of real or personal property by fore
closure of mortirare is likewise suspended
for twelve calender months, except in ca
' sc where the payment of interest money,
my be eulorceu ny cxeeu.ioo an
1 property of the defendsnt ; and in the ap-
1.1 in i inn or tne money "
.aftaM isMSMdskaiLitoaMitetlsi pri
' nrUv of ben unices tn
where the good
faith of any Hen shall be drawn in q
tfon In such eases the u.nal mod.
proceeding adopted In North and Bt
e oi
fwlina., to determine
. ww- j - - m r . -
A .. Lou .ball be MMttM.
9 . a
VII. In sll sale of property unacr ex
' or he order ot any coon, m rv
' thM be reserved . of YY f
an. defendant, wco nas a lamiiv ti
.... non hi. or her labof. dwelling hoiun
.ml aunurtenauces and tweuty acres of
' UiJ TZ, tha aa and SMSHioatioti of die
- - ' r . "
- ti. .1 .
r.mHy of the defendant ; and necessary
. 1. 1 -aaka.Utaasaa.aa
tiehVaf rnynBoee, apparel, subitano,
SplenionU of 3, hubandry or other
,.Jntovment. of the value of five hundred
dollar.. Tlc bomctead exemptiou bsH
inure only to the benefit .of families that
ta to aav. to Dare ill or parent anu
child or children. In other eases,
the exemption bll extend only to cloth'
ing, implemenU of trade ejt, other employ
mi;ut utaally followed br tb iifcadiut
1 ( the value of one hundred dollar. Tin
1 ..emotion hereby made hull not be
I l r defeated bv the act of the
j - - j , ,
: ant The exeinnted property of tne ile
fendant shall be ascertained by the Hher-
' jf or other osleer eaforcing the executwn
! who shall oecilicaily describe the samel
1 .l. a rnirt theia if in Caleb CaM 10
the court.
- in
recover ordinary
heretofore suthorised. hall not b demand.!
by the suitor, nor taken by the Sheriff or other
officer sarviHg the motes. In Suits for ire
pas, libel, wrongful otmverajoo of property,
and other case known a aelion ra delicto,
bail a heretofore authorised may be demanded
and taken. The proliibittoo of bait in ess ex
oontmetn, shall not extend to paiiie boot to
ware tb Slat ; but the factl of internum must
be clearly estaUishsd by proof.
XVI. Nothine in this order wan oe eon
straad to restrain or prevol the opcrs,K.n I
W , . i I
wMuantiM to hartfcnmter. tn
aceoroaneu wn.i
lite iti oi uoagre in .
provided, nor with the eoUeetion of say tss,
impost. excie, or charge levied by ulhoniy
nl il fTmind Stale or of ihe Pmsuaonal Oo-
sjaminU of North and South Carolina; but no
imorwoimienl lor overdne tsxel stun DC anow
ad, Bee hn th arder oresry rw-Mne
Provisional Government of North or Snath
Carolina operate to deny to minor children, or
children commg of age, or their less! rene
seulatives, nor to iispend ss to them, any riabt
of action, remedy, or procseding, against Bt
rcmor, A'toooMtratoes, TruMa, Ousrdiatt,
u..i,i or rterks of EomlV Courts, or other
officer. OS perscan hokliug a fldseiary relation
to tb pariie or tb ubn.t matter of the ac
tum or proesarliag.
rWMW2toaOWXort fltotO
A brief sewoust of this rinsrkbl man
. l mkUibiI elves, thouah only In-
eid-ntallv conuerted with Salisbury ; and is
inir '- special atteution as a signal illus-
tratiou of the toBs aad perils
There Is soasisVrable dierepBey In the
dates and onre difference ia tb forts of km
...f..l l.;.o.r. u the Jimr.ut aeeounis
. r--1 . .. n - -
which I nave i "JJTrrJZ dltta
eai exammnswns
....... I li. h lUTHt.
SS. K..r in Hark C.Mtuty Pa-, about
twentv tniles from Philadelphia, about the
..... rr-wi Itnrin hi boyhood hi father
: I .til. l.i bnlif to NorthCarolin aud
waa probably among the irst pioneer settlers
in this region. 'e neiiiea is a -V.JLI.
.... ,r Ur fr.ou Wilksboro . Ill
two sons, Oauiel aud Suuir. botk p.sosd
. lu. t..r auivutore aud pitmaMF IW
'. i l.UU. t,. the lone tourney frmi
ur....i..U ! vaarth. aid their eon
staut pnrsuitisf hauling, which in those day
wa followed a a livelilwmd. s Well a a
rt. The name of stand OM
it. n.rb. H..mster for Bowan MssntTaS
.;.,. . tn ..xrls inslrumeiits. In sCtlve r
v.dutiooary day the fee of William Xe.-
toll stood on the now renws j
.. TI,.,m.j. K. tlie Pi
..I Innlu n .l Church Street. In
1H17 Dr. Alexander Img oecupled the build
fug a a stedieal ogics and una day in Uk
inK up. a piece "f.uM paaasr to wrsp Ito i
...i;,..i;..n 1.- Jisenverwl the name of Ian
Lt IL.ti. aud examiniiic it ftmnd lhat it was
. ,.f 1 1,., rel. hrated old pioneer
It wa for a quantity of powder snd shot and
yellow ferreting the Utter material
hiKkly prised, and much ought after by the
imbaus. In the creJit column Was an entry
..t I "a I a r skins, the fruit of hi kHlln
' "- - .ml iradina witk tho ssvsg,
II .llMS.
- -m . .. , , 1 .
. it i-i- hrsaad skuss. While
"" ::--.; z k .xsstsj wis
Brvaa. posnible, from the locality
sidins? exit ins muatiii. ( - -
s sister ni
Mr... srho enmmsnded a bod t lories on
. l . , V.JWin auriav tks KaToltttio.
Ti..,. r. aitll rinainiua some relMelOf
hi littjle bouse iu thb.oouaty used while on
Ivl. fc ! sr ovmtraiirtll.
Intiuenc-d lV too uescrinH 'V
I... t'iaU. J the VnlW of tb I lino, be
i... ; t m i-Mi. irate that vtrelB who. ana
i... l.t ..f Uar. I7tl). left his home "U the
" ' . . , . a. . r...
Y.dkia in company wttn Jno o-jm .
Ho den. Jama Monay. ana nm"w
i oh. ioarnevina Waatward. Keaehiug in
Oumberiaad river Hier pitched tneir camp
..i .....1 ... . .mm ie. it was noi eaa
before Iba.n and Htaarl were eaittur sty a
hand of vagsi while reluming inona
hunt. They deluded their eaptor lht niht
...1 ..,1. hot apre deafMy MOTtiee V
1 . a . at I.St..
shoot the
......... ... V.aWk Car.--a. hat beforv be had
..- . .
sna aaaaai nre.
ijL.. sv.alra. with a m nil iiatnsslen ar
rived. Thi was ahoat the 1st f January
1770. Is s fight wbtea mvsxtM -ana ana.
u..... In 1 1ml an no anrreaties eouio m-
SrtoTT h am. n. make their siin-dy of
alt and ammunition last until the winter wa
vsr. Then Squire returnee mr mnwm
..J t-Si hi. Jariaa brother the solitary deni-
sen of the lioundie wilderness exposed to
the fury of tb wild beast, sna tne runmupr
..i ,ki,u.aM. It i. aeldom that . tmuian
heiaa has occupied a aoahion so arfeetly
mj fi.rlorn and ebeerUj. And yet lie telbme
...... i.oui from all tne race -one u n-Hoj
1... .1.. hotv and vranduer ot tli..K.- - it
gin seene brought joys to his heart pi-euli
..t. .l..i;..l,iY,il .n nrofoiiud.
V. a Wall Imaalae th pleasure with
which he greeted his brother ss he rode op
to the littm eabin an tli Wth of dnly taesto
ina a horse or two, and bringing a quantity
of much desired articles. uch t alt. pow
j.. I...I Sr.. The then made an xplor
in tour to the Cumhertand river snxiously
....l .i hasard seehiB sued koowledu
of the country aa might guide them fat their
fatal .oprtiooj
They pcut the subsequent winter id their
little cabin, and in March 1771. rirted their
old homes and friends in Rowan. For nearly
two "years Dsuml bad been separated from
kl.ramilv. Knmaiuinir with tln io a mil
..... m .vara, ha aeain started for Ken . thi. time wilti ix families, ineludin
hi. ..wn. thev left on the '25th f Xentem
i.... iTTfl In Powell valley thev were bun
ed by 40 moresterdy and enterpriug sprits
. m m f sL... Iftota Al
wi.;i ,n.cefullv luoviua on. on the Mkh o
1 1 k,i,,k-r thev were attacked by body of 'ill
bmt klMad aad so winded, snd foB'bxdk
al.a. , and thnutrh thev repelled inem. tney
la earn, m nna
Boon, a brave snd manly hoy. m risin-
On the flth of June 1774, Go. Puntnore
of Virginia called upon him to act a goMs
to a company of surveyors to tli foUs of the
Ohio an aruuons rasa. u p,wrf, i.
fiumed. On hi return he was promoted to
Ibesommand of tho mittiary iostaonth
frontier of Virginia, a war bemg tliea raging
with the l.hswsees. He atteuded the eonn-
il of the Chenikee at which they relinqu
ished the land sooth ot the nentue. j.
I ., It... i.i'v T mi in n oe uum - i
"-TV" u,,, ui moved hi
In il... next nmlith ft OUHl a ion
r..u than.. Hla wife snd dane-nter
r ,,, ,, ..a iUn.ha were I
the rt while women woo a.
have y Idled the Keulocky river.
In Desember 1775 th fort wa attacked
snd on of t defender, killed snd another
ooadnd. Th. loa a W mama.
keav. TmtK - puisnmny
have cMnpl"tWy disheartened tb pss.
si .1 th settle hi enjoyed n tang wwte iron.
their wily sult. HM m duly io won.
Mis Boonoaiid the Mie. Crioway were
quietly snd csrelswly walking in the wood,
adjacent to lbs fcrt. they were set upon aud
captured by the Indians, and bound away
a.. .1 mastssn-nlriir Hit
a.aaalNM mat MIVIIVSMI. ISiailir aa
laaraiae the fart, knowing the danger of
dUy. put off in pur. ut, overtoo tnrnn
.I.,.-ia-.,of the number, resened th young
ladies, and returned iu safeff On of those
a-irk, Kllsaheth faUiwsy. mameu sw-
llendemon. a brother of Judge Kiehsrd Hen
derson, aad therefore a retaUve, of the Hen
dersons now redding in thi piaee.
Agsin in thepring m the next yenrxno
a,rt ws attacked by a poweilul naou ra-
ge. but the, were fSrffe
oB. Iiirin(f ine uraisw VV" , "
brawn ssttler were mane m ' ""''
from N. C snd Va., amounting m all t KB.
Thi reinforcement erave them enrity iftto-
inibe fort and enabled them to aaauuie tne
sareMdv. The next year urn. nonue vmfmu
. . .r a I. r I.L. ....I m.b.Im kiiniii.ii
to woe at ine eau s.ic. "Trr
salt for the whole settlement. Thi article
. T a 1 . ...:L. Si... raLI SXOst.
N came an article oi hwsj
tlrmeots. and la I77 aB bat Col. Boone
snd 7 of the men. vi.ited the ettler in t a.,
to trafllr salt fer ueb articb-i a the :iced-
.J iVk'.la lhaa were absent. Col. nooor
heineout hunting atone, wsswixeouyamrgw
Mirty of Indians ; and finding taat they were
about to attack the fort, be ummdered it to
them os bvorabbi c.md1tioas, k mm lug It
emjld n..t he ncce.rfiilly defended br osrosll
a number. They were all came hi coim-
eotbe. theoreto lMr, w-e
ihe ninueer were letl, and cm
back to Chillieothe. Thi town was M
mile from llooasboro. but on finding that
another formidable attack was eontemptated
.cainrt the fisrt. he escaped on the 10th of
June, and travelled all the distance Is labont
four da v.. having hat one meal to refresh
him in that ttiito. Eirfr
to fm-eso their imrpisse. tm Uie 1st "'-
cust he took IV men and weat ia seavr- ... -
T1 . a. .. IX .. I', a. .L. MM-ST - -
body of indtsas at rwn vrwsa.
rencfiing ihst plsc. h met them em route
fer the fort and gained a complete victory,
not buug singi man. ....
But one of th most thrilling tnctdenU of
hi. exciting history ocenrred in August. Oa
the Hth of that month neany -ooinuu. .....
II Frenchmen, invested to nwt.
aaked mr a true U consider lerni.. nis -
Ssns wa xa wsa " t--
i.e.ue. the Freuch oltlcer. thai nwourare-
lt to th last extremity. Tb crafty soldier
etermlnedon a wicked .trategem. ana nrv-
niMM-d a treaty. Boon agree, an msn-...uB
o it. Wgaed tne plena oi wn arw.
then urged, that. cordingto invnrmoie mm
ancient custom, each wbite nmn g"-
his hand to two Indians, t onniagiy sn.w-
i.iK some secret design, ke neils-..
i .i. ,A Aa the hand were aivvn
they were grastied with feaifal vndenee, snd
.tern warrior n in an ntaut that they
were deceived. The cnt.-l wa 'noa.
toonso.m .nceeeded tn driving n ''"
the heart ( one of hw adverssne sou le.i
it the other. The party escaped and
a. l .1.. f..r. la the Kotuuda of the I ap-
iiru vf tmtm www.9 - - - . - a
Vf .. i, ,.,, ia a retire nttmu of
I test to WaaJ5 v
this scene iu seulpture.
Boone visited North t:an.tina once m...
his family having moved naxa annng m.
captivity. He remained two years, snd
..Might his tortus agata In th daagerona
hordar scenes- ....
11 snd his brother were sttaesea on
their return on day trom tne wn ucaa.
and 8.piire wn kiitod. Col- eacap
...i ....l tba Indiana nottina a huxn dou on
his trail, ha kUWd the animal snd rescued
the fort
Daskto hi wsrfarewith th bcetile tribes
J . . t
he also bt soother on. .
In the attack iwt hi Ibrt, tninuesne
;C men. and Col. B.ue assure iu lhat wnen
the attacking force retreated, he lonnu
lbs. of bull un. Hie gronnd near the fort,
beside thmw Uat bad lodged in the wood.
Ahont 1787 he discovered that hi t"le to
the land he had taken up and purcnasea
were defective and would not stand ia tow.
Alibi blood bought poeion oemg m.
tak.-u from him. h became bitterly Incdssms '
aaninst th unscrupulous snd unjnst treai-
. ... .... . .... : .....I ... ...Ir a
meutof Virginia, aua aeieronu -hom
in the receding frontier in Missouri.
II.. l.-ft Ketituekv. . which he ipi ltkd
wUhanumwrou populati.m. Ho pursued
favorite oceapetioe of huutiun for nomber
of years- In hi latter day. Cmtgre ot
ednim a srosll peuaion n poor return for
the 'emlosnt blessings be hsd winh-rrcd mam
his country, in carrying the torch of eiviliau
Uoa Into the dark, benighted region of tn
wilderness Wert. . .
In 1813 he wa called to bear tb cnish
tagsaiamity of tU death of biswif"- To
thi hi brave spirit biwed, the first live tri
al of any kind that was known to bend tt.
This oast s shadow over tb btauty of hi
huutting ground., that weakened tbrirapfll
upon his spirit l aud bow the baying of
his faithful hound and the brill report of
hi. rifle, though till loved, wer no longer
so grateful to hi soul ss they one wer.
Ah! death will teach as that our earthly
treasure are too motable-r-too transient, hw
i t ... t .aattiv
ny taes Mmns smvesa-r w
Boone soaght ths horn of bis remaining
son. and continued to num. anu irap
era. Ite., unUl 1818. When h was so old
and feeble that be eoold no losger ti versa
themresU. th ruling psasbm tlll rtog In
hi heart, he would take his dog snd rifle,
and sitting down.gna out noon the greon
wood, wi&asad. CnaW look-sa sfiWtlng
monument of the loanBcieney of earthly
.- -' -
pursuits to grnury we Mwmjjn "T"'" "TT
humsn soul. How vain to expect thi world
.. t 11T. ajVa.aa. I ak txASBV SaWtll '
-. - . . i i ll. ' j .H - - J
tosaiwry n: no -v " .
Hi fUU.lotta a., jay, W t ."X
fcr the chase, nuumi
true, and a flint as run a nra. i""
wre leaping through toe forests or brows
ing in the glades. Tb beaver still busily
plied their wire work that instinct taught
them ; and the heart of the old hunter was
faU.X tha.Lma hsithd nasi ion i snd bum-
sd with the desire for the exhilarating sport
wkicb had enliveaed many a king aad Joyous
year. But the knees mam, ta mex
were nnmb, the rtrwngth of the one stal
wart form was depsrted. snd s deep dlap
poitment for wjieb this life hsd no balm,
settled in thickening gtocm upon hi .pint.
Ho with nil who chief hone and Joy ar
hound to the nb-asnres, and treasure aad
pursuits of this vain world. There is a
tcr way
TUE DEAD 07 1807.
The close of another ver, remind, u tUt
oar country has bsen eslkd upon to regret the
loss by death of away cwiinmt ediseas. Tb
Boston Juornar grW a hmg list of tb dead.
We sole tli following ;
Ex Oovernor Andrew, of Ms-hnetU, ex
Oovernor Hunt, of Hew Toik, Hon. George
brans, of Maine; ex Gmrernof JcVpb A. Oil
mare, Bex. Bavid Dndfev Pield, Bear Admiral
ninjrgokl. Ccnmodove Panhiing, Mr, Wrignt,
United States Minister to Berlin; Hon. Albert
Mmtlh, of Maine; Jestic Wyne, ot in
United 8tats Supretn Oonrt; Genetal Tboma
K Meplier ex-OovCrnor John A King, of New
York; ex-President Day, of Taw College; Sen
ator McDoageh, Professor Cbarie King, Bass
Una., n.. ,n -..tor of the sewins maciiiikr: ex-
TTlini hr Wal worth, of Hsw York; Bear Ad
miral Sloat, General Gnflin, Admiral raimer,
aud I'rofemor Cheater Dewey.
Tb hteiwry world ha been called to mourn
lk departure of those whose name m this
country wer esteemed by tttcussnd. N P
Will, who died at Idlewihl; Byron Korccythe
ITifcwi .bed ere be hd reached th maturity
of ins poetic powers, though be left mny lwt
soocs lWn BuHinch, author of the Age of
Chivalry, etc; Pits Oreen Haoeek, the post,
Among tk sriist snd ihose known by thrir
tek-sts we mar rccaO Ja-que Burkhardl lb
I'aul J alien. W P Broogb, Ua Aldridge Nan
tier Didiee snd Avoni Jones.
Among the writecsand journahst who her
cone are James Puu. of the New Yask and
Mew Grfesa pre; Chsrkj Brown,-CArte-m.
is Bsrd,") ihe writer nd lecturer, and Geo.
Wilkin Kendall, of th New Orleans "Pka-
Th Kientiflo world lias been called upon ta
part with several of its most brilliant men,
whose ttinsawiti made tnem tae wnacww
of U- whole hiimntacavtaltoMLraaeaM
pari ments. Profeassr A V Bene, supenoiemi
nt of the United Stale Coast survey, Frofcs
sor 'ara.Uy. of Knglaod, the eminent chemist,
and Earl But, the astronomer.
Tneaums ttmi-sfo report that Mr. 8om
ner was to go to Wsdiington to preside in her
huban.l's establishment, has failed of verifica
tion, and th 'Home Journal of last week bss
lb kdlowing, Indicating that there is no kk.
liliood thst such wul ever be the esse :
"We have good authority for statin thst
the diflVtence between Mr. and Mrs. Chart-
Sumner, which have Caused so much unpleas
ant gumip and scaodsJ, hav been finally al
lied by a permanent separation with the mu -dial
cunacnl and desire of both parties, and
their best friendx The direct cans of this
seperstiua ia nmtily the eertsinty dnwoveted
only too late that thst exist between tl
lriie sn inconipalibiluy of temperament snd
opinion upon certain social quertiona, which
precludes ihe possibility of their Hying lisppily
tosetfacr es man and wife." i
Hkhmond Enjwtr.
r..v.rnr .Tier Ohcanizatiox IX M
I. .1. UiiaaiiuH 'I ndex' S Call from
, Bxrentir Committee (ppesra, sum
I T""" . at . 1 il.. f ....til.ili.oia
J mouing s Convention of the Csmxitutionsl
. l!nion party of Mississippi to meet hi session
m (W( i j.aary next, for :h parnose t
j . organ txauon, onsuaaiion, anu ac-
(iOO. All Cltixetl in warn wow arc in
favor of peace snd Union under tb Ccnstiiu
tion, rei(aidk-M of farmer prditicd sssocisiion,
are iuvilcd end delegate.
dsn. Ossar's Psrrs roa ma Pssst
nxsr rrouimeut Republican mentioned
Wert snd Southwert, in discussing the pros
pects of the different gentlemen mentioned lor
the next Presidency, ar by no mesne so cn-
ilaHUaarte atOut UWeTBI tfrSDt SS
. (iau. avo. The sraenxiousioa!
positive declaration of tlews from Gen. Grant,
eapcoudly in relerence to auffrage in the South,
saying that setne powtiv expression of opn
ion on lira issue of tb day i due to tb loyal
peopls of lis oouutry-riV. AC. Jrmmm.
Niooxs Rionrs Ml WasnrsoToa. m
j 1 1 1 1 1 round the corner run asinst w
man coming round 'the 'corner, and trigger raw
orives that bis "civil right" ar iuleiferrvd
with. So It draws a revolver snd kilts lb
white man AT. Y. lltrald.
Tt.. na.L. Kiata oi North Carolina
pay annually mors direct taxes ta the Oen
eral Got era ment than tb cadre, mount
Ureal Bnti.a propoaed to levy on the Coto-me-sfhk-h
attempt praduond (to w wbsc
mad the then A merle, o Cobmws foe saw
.$m - '
iney wwra
ia i t mn is -
uh' . H
i njmrms
. t. - 'Iwwal
- vil
Si- ' i ' e-

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