North Carolina Newspapers

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Fromibe-V. V. H. rald.
Tlie eases expected to come before tbe
l uiu d States Supreme Court shortly, in-
viilvms tne qnesuon or ine croHniw
f Hte Recmistrndion acts are giving
r - t i coon nianv aBL-c-umnwn-. vi
n all stories protcsamg to unfold what
w , be tho decisions of the radge on tin
important question arc entirely nnauthor-
.1 and based upon the judgments or im
aginations of private parties. No one can
know in advance what will be tbe cooelu-
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i..n r.r tne learneo inuara. juw mm
ms oi tne learncw J"B'- " t
.1 Lear both des, ind then
iheir decisious from the antuments and le
tral nreccdent'advanced, making a little
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iiuioraucr, oi vnty v , pw.
.;ch of the judges. ....
Hut this niav bo said, that should the
:..J:;.l ,.;...,.,,I ,f ilm land di-
ni7TI. UR I II 1 1 'I I n I iiiuiiiiiH "
cUr unconstitutional tha action of Con
in enact iiu; the rebel Stales out of
t lie ITuion, disfranchtsinf wtme voters aim
f in ine negro suffrage and African suprc-
tairy upon the people of those unhappy
district, the course of the executive may
hi: (iretty certainly IndicaU-d even at the
ennetit nifiinent. 1 he in,ioni, in an
rrobabitity. wouli!. in that evept,
to proclaim tint the rebel States were
never out of the Union, and that, ereo.
t . tieoole ( thoae Stale arestiil entitled I
to all the' civil rights (se end except
property ine'ave enjoyed by them ante
rior to the act of eceioii ; that the snb-ordination-
of the civil to military autliori
iv has been illegal, and must immediately
I - abolished ; aud that all the past action
u ider the Congressional reconatruetion
I -iicy has been null and void. Eollow-
! ; ? . - . "... i - . i a
: v i .in nnt in tim natural resun ne wooiu
i i ix.' consiaicoi, miw
V , eovemor. with their nnmmaiakjrsjli;
r l satellites, and perhaps would remove
H selnMance of mwnary nnivrl
. ..... t. ... .... .1 ..... an i-iyi'Mt to
l.aBy to i he preaervarion of law
4i qH Bin view ol the alleged negro
iAfRm and the rnppoaed diaeffisitien
. dl of many of the White residents.
llvvenlif Jukntoh
It'twdy Johnson aid to he bnawy en?jr
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i in anoua leaai true me hiox . -
it of the reesitsiiiK-ciiwt tiw, Ur
ne of hirf.sithern f.nrtts. Warby ajr.
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tlii". aoJ-jbe law
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Hdqb k i i)m Mil. IMbtbict, (
I harlreton, 8. U., Dec. 31, oT j
Gcmernl Orders, No. Hi.
I. I'aauuaph II o( General Orders Ko.
10, fromMUlnulijiMrttTS of iliu 8 cuil
Military Diatriet, datwl April 11, 1867, ia
niodifiiil a follow :
JudjrmnnU or deereea for tbe pay rami
of ssoner on caune of action arWing in
North 1 Aroliua bt tween the 20 ih of May,
lhOl, and tke 80th day of April, 1862,
and in South Carolina between the 19th
Uay oi Leeber, 1,860, aud the aythd.iv
April 186A, aliall not be enforced, or exe
cntkw, acninat the peraoa or property of
tke defendant. IVneecdings for loch rau
ar of action now peudiiic ahnll be stayed,
nad no salt or process shall be instituted
f-saiiansed on such causes of action
until after the civil government of the re-
... a t it t l
saaaaa Matra eliall w eaiannanco in ac
rdancc with the laws of the United
graph III of the same order is n d-
tollows : ?
coroner and constables are
ted to Ruspead tbe sale of all
non execution, or process u-
IndsMent or decree of a court of
liled ('onfrderato Htatea, or of the
North Carolina, renden-d between
84th day of May, 1861, and the or
tjon of the; provisional government
ut . uuder the Presfclriit's pro-
atioa of the 29th day of April, 1S65,
the 8tale of South Carolina, render-
etween the 19th day of December,
c and the organisation of tbe provi
Mini government of the said State, un
der the 1'ieeidaot' proclamation of tho
.'Mib day of June, 1866, unless the writ
ten) consent of the defendant be entered
of record, and except in eases where the
the plaintiff or his attorney, upon oath,
npp-'rted by corroboralivo testimony,
aballallge that the d fondant is deposing
of, removing, or about to remove, his pro
perty beyond the jttriadiciioii of the court,
with intent to defraud his creditors ; pro
rided, that so socb judgment, o rendered,
wUhio the periods aforesaid, shall he a
bur to tbe commence ment, in u Sute court,
of a new nit upon the same cause of ac
tion in any case ia which, j L.-., ibe de
fendant may remove or appeal the same to
a court of tbe Unifed Slate.
FouaX'LosraE or moktoaoe.
The sale of real or personal property,
by forectossuw of mortgage, ia lihcwisu
snepended fat the cases embraced in para
wrann 11 and 111. of said order No. 10
m i , - .
MS aUOTC lUWIIUni, p. in - '
; . r.iosuhsroncut to the I
t . Jl 1 - - - - - - 1 1 . u bIipM
29th of April", 18C5, ,lwll not lmve been to direct the closing bar-room, -ml o.
Jto before the day of sale, and .U pre- cr place for the sal. af intoxicating li-
kedT ,"ir judgment to prescrea order and qui
Pararraph IV of the same order is mod-. et.
ifiSbstit.tiugthe29,hd.yf April,! 6. Tlmproceed. of all teen, forfei
1865. for Ik. HriAday of May, 166. jturesand fines, undi-r the Wal mbW
,w ' . !zl . tin.. or under lb-) provisions of miliury
an for-ifc recovery of
nmnev contract., wkctker under
or by parol, the considers lion of wbjcb
was ike purchase of l.n e, juade ubsc
qntn to the 1st day J January, 1863,
are suspendi d, Judgment or decree en
tered for swrfa eaasrs of action shall not
be enforced.
Paraxraph VI I of tho same order is
modified as fellows i
Ia all sales of property nuder execution
. , . ' ' , ,e . t,
dent who has a family dependent upon
his or her labor, a sJwelling hose anrt ap-
pnrtenancee, and (itifl tt.e emrnTry ) twetrMf,
v aerea of land, or so much thereof that
tie whole shall not exceed ia value the
sum ol two tkoosani dollars j and ia a
town or city, the immediate lot upon
which sack dweUiifg Itouse is situated
and necessary articltilof (furniture, appa
rel, subsistence and implements of hus
bandry, trade, or other employment to tbe
value of five bund red dollSrc. The home
stead exemption shall initio only to the
b...enJbe benefit ,of families. n other Ce
the exemption snsit rwna omy w
iug and implement 6f Irade or employ
ment usually followed by the drfepdawl,
of t lie value of two hundred dollars. The
exemption hereby made absJI not be waiv
ed ot defeated by the act of any defend
ant who ha a family dependent upon him
or her Par support, mid tha exempted pro
perty shall biiicertained and defiued by
tbe sheriff or other officer enforcing the ex
ecution, wh.. shall eH " bis aid two im
partial citiceus to make he necessary sp
praisement, ami shall make report tbtrcof
to the court.
Paragraph X is hereby modified so si
to authormo arrest in civil actions ex con
tractu ouly In esses where the demand is
past due, mid the defendant bo been guil
ty oftraud in emitracUnr, the debt sued
for. or has removed or disposed of hi pro-
. a . .' . :.l I...... a
pi rty, or is anout to oo so, who mmn
SLsvlaJ Ms ereditnr. or is about to leave
tbe State with such mien.
BxecvTosa abd tbcstbbu. ft
. wir,- ji K. aJKIlnw
Paragraph X I is amended by " ,
irretn All ...any court of
orth, w of -oath Can, tna rr-
'4i .1. i
cognising or sanrfwuing imTlnvostmeait of
the fund .af minor heirs, or of females, or
aHuome persaas, lu ibj s. c ..ritie of the
late rebel government, or the secuntie of
the Sute of North Uarwina or ,n
Carolina, ereatcd fr lh purpose vi cyrr
iug on wsr sgainat tbe (iwvernment of the
f asted St-teTwiU U suspewdeal until the
af uch mvesv
by tho
court of the United f late, or by nation
al legislation. And SMthtiig in llis prnvl
htns of this, or of the Order No 10 above
cried, ball be trcM to bar as has da tha
recovery, by anit, or the estate of any mi
nor heir, female, or Insane person, (cestui
que trust), whether in the hands of execu
tors, administrators, trustees, guardians,
masters or clerks of equity courts, and
other fiduciary ageuts, or invested by them
in their fiduciary character.
II. General Orders, No. 1(6, of May W,
1867, is revoked ; and on and after lha
first day of January, 1868, tbe distillation
of spirituous liquor in this Military Dis
trict wiiT be sill ject to Such restriction on
ly as art- imposed byjbo law af urn uni
ted States sud of the Stales of North and
South Carolina, respectively. ..; ,
...Ill, Vrnms vi 'l.v,'fZ
erol Orders No. 32, dated May 30 1W7,
are revoked, and the power to grant li
censes for the sal of spirituous or intoxi
cating liquors U remitted to the proper
local authorities, to take, effect on and af
ter the first day of January, 1868, and to
be subject to the following condition :
1. The municipal suthortrtea granting
tbe license shall be SMWerabto that the
parties to whom such licenses are granted,
together with their sureties, shall be re
iisihls pjusan. add of good moral
standing in the community, and that both
principal and sureties shall be sble to
qualify individually in double the amount
of the bond required, mid that the bond
shall be a lien upon the personal property
of both principal and sureties, and upon
proof of default shall warrant tho sum
mary seiaure and sale of so much of tbe
property el either or both as may be ne
eessary to satisfy the fvifeiiureor fine and
t. Drunkenness und disorderaly eon
duet on the premises shall woik the for
feiture of tbe liciense and of tho penalty
rf the bond.
3. The owner or keeper of any bar
room, saloon or olhct place a which in
toxicating liquors are Sold, and all other
perron interested or connected therewith,
bail be regarded as principals in any ac
tion of damage growing oat of any as
sanlt, run, affray or other disorder eceur
rng on thO premises, or directly traceable
ill. n in
4. All bar-rooms, saloon or, other
nlaee at which intoxicatinr liqifwa are
old, slwll be dosed on the day or days of
. . t I ..t A 1 il...
any general or loeai ewcimn, n
twelve hour next preceding the opening
....1 i.i ii succeediua- the clush'i: of the
.IL at surii election : and the sheriffs of
counties and district and the chief of po-
. iii
lice ol ciiie. and towns, shall have power
orders, Wilt he devoted to IE support of
the poor, and as som, re-naed w be
turned over to the commissioner or over
: eer of the poor of the district, county,
city or town in which they accrued, and
commissioner or overseen r. will ai the
end of each month report to the Provost
Marshal General oftTie District tbe amount
1 received by them during the month, spec!
I tying the names ef the parties from whom
ll I'm mei Vlfl.
1 C. The pcnaltie imposed by this order
! or by the local poiieo n-goianou way
enforced in any eivil or military court,
: .....i iiiioo eonviefion the court may award
L jfurwer ,,,, not exceeding fifty
, r forfeiture or fine. And
(a m;idc tbe duty of alt sbi WWtav
bit's and coroners ol counties ana ui
tricts, end the police of cities and towns,
to be vicilmit in the enforcement of the
police regulations and tbe provision of
This order m rebvlkw to tbe aato or ititoxt
eating liquors.
The provisions of tbw paragraph wdl
be hchl t apply to such license granted
under Of'iieral Orders No. 32. to ion keep-
on. s remain uuexuired after the 1st of
January, 186S.
IV Tn arnaant iht peedy tsasj of
prisoners confined for minor offences, and
diminish the eost of their maintenance,
all committing magistrates will on the
16th and last dsys of each- month, report
.he judge of their county or in-i.ui
i-iiort u
II commitments made by tnem nt-
ing the precceding half month, specifying
the date of commitment, the names of
I,., i.rismiera and the oftVnces for
ihey were committed, to the end tbal the
iudees may, whenever In rlirir opinion
I... ,,,., I., r of nrisnners or other consid
eratlonsof public interest eatl for5 ft, : trot
special terms ol their eourts tor iijo pur
pose of dipoing of Such easea. The ad
ditional exnense of holding- such special
term will be a charge upon tbe Hut
Treasury, and the accounts therefor wilt
I-. ..dit. d and naid as aceouuU of a si-
aUaw eliaracter are no W audited and paid,
and if I lie salaries now paid Urn judges
.tumid he luadeuuate in view of the ad
diiioual labor perfirrmed by them.
.iiable addition upon the proper repre
aoiiable addition uimu the
; ,,lro h ,,, . Qovei
- toroug
VTiiimi . .i
....... ... ii. mil...
V. The nilotABe retrnlation now exist-
i il... State of North- snd South
r irolina are so tar modified that on and
th. fir.; dar of March, 1868. all
passenger steam vessels, regulstad by tbe
law of tbe United State, and carrying
. -il ron.inissioued bv United SUtS
CommissiBef,absJl bo exempt from the
pulsory payment Of pilwUge.
N. C, JAIVfARY 17, 18G8.
VI. So much of the act of the Gener
al Assembly of the Sute f North oro
Iwa, laladid "An act to raise motiKr,"
ratified on thO Nth day ef FebrOery,
1CC7. aa make it "ibe duty ot all per-
nn and corporations to list aud pay the
'nolli tax of such persons lUble to lU
same, a are in their employment, on thr
lst day or April or each year, aa laupr
. . r. , . A -II 1J
er, I rcscinoen. 'Ilia uereaiier an nrae
vidual taxes will be assesed directly upon
and collected directly from tho Individuals
from whom they are due i prowled, that
the provision of this order shall not ap
ply to the taxe levbd for the curreot
w . . i .ii -i ii
yay eacept tnaii ouutne pou
uot be enforced if the original tat be paid
on or before the lt day of March, 1868.
Br command of Brevet Major Uuamai
Du. tt. S. C ABET.
Lout V. CauaBO,
Aid do Camp, Act'g Aas't Adj't den.
OmcuL: Lout V. Caaiare, A. 1. C,
A. A. OeneraL
iy IV following aie tbe paragraphs
of General Order No. 10 referred to in,
and modified by the foregoing order :
I. imprisonment lor ucut is pronioum,
miles tbe defendant in execution shall be
convicted of a fraudulent concealment or
disposition ef hi property, with intent to
hinder, delay and prevent the creditor in
the rover ef hi debt or demand. And
,l,e reeedtng. now esUOluii lu onn ,
.Tl-LTTr Lt. o. I
trial af and determination of such ques
tion may be adowd
II. Judgmenu or decrees, for tbe pay
ment af money, on causes of action arising
between the 19ib of December, i860, ana
the lfftb of May, 1866, shall not be en
forced by execution again! the proiierty
or the nerson of the defendant. Proeeed-'l
ing in seek eauae of action, now pend
ing, shall bo stayed ; and no suit or pro
cess shall be hereafter instituted or com
mon red, tor any uch cause of action.
III. Sheriffs, Coroner, aud Constables,
are tsereby dirvcted to suspend for twtlve
calendar months the sale of all property,
upon execuiiou or process, on liabilities
r.Hitrarted nr'wr to the 19th of December
IfOJO, unb-ss upon the written consent of
the defendauU, except in case where tbe
nlaiiitiff. or in his absence bis sgrot or at
torney, dull upon oaf b, with eoruborutive
u.tlony. all.;- ..Ml 9"?
RWfcua m rawing . .
leufly to remove, hi property beyutid J he
territorial jurisdiction of the Court. Tke
sale of real or personal property by fore
closure of mortgage is like ie suspended
tor twelve calender meatus, exe. pt ia Ca
ere where the payment ef interest money,
arcrulusT since the 15th day of My, S-
65, h..l not have keen made iK-for.
dav of sale.
B I I i . B
IV. JudgmenU or decrees entered or
enrolled, on cause of action arising ub
seqaenl to tbe lotb day ef May,
may beeuforcid by execu ion against the
property of tbe defendant ; and in the np
plication of the money arising undc such
execution, regard shall be had to the pri
ority of Hen nule-in case where the good
faith of auv lien shall he drawn in que-
lion In such eaeatho usual mono ot;
Droccediuz adopted ia North und South
- y. a . rmi
Carolina, rospretively. to determine
aneation. shall be auouted
VII. In all sales of property Ender ex
eeutinnorbr order of any court, there
hall ba reae ved oil of the property ef
any defendant, who has a family depend
ent UDon his or her labor, a dwelling house
and appurtenance and twenty acre of
land for tin; use ami occupwiiou o ine
family of the defendant i and accessary
article of furniture, apparel, subsistence,
implement of trade, husbandry or ether
r , : , , . - j
TfrTSj.'; tJT Zil iZdl
Wm ftd tomenewi
I. - . I.. . .1... I K . f fa alllaaaa tlamt
19 IO
a aa
ay, to parent or parent ana
or children. In other ease,
tbe exemption shall extend only to cloth
tngi impfesaeitts of fde or otber Winy
ment usually followed by tbe defendant,
of tke value of on huiidre.l dollars. Tbe
exemption hereby Saadc shall not be wal
ved or defeated by tbe act ef the defend
ant. The exempted property of the de
fendant shall bo ascertained by tbe Sher
iff, or other officer enforcing the execution
who shall spec'tleally describe the same
and make a report thereof in each case to
ihe court. -i i
X. Iu suits brought to recover ordinary
ilebu, known a actions e contractu, bail aa
! ere tof. .re an! hot i ted, shall nK
by tbe suitor, nor taken by tbe Sheriff or other
officer Or i tug the proee. In sou Tor tres
pass, libel, wrongful mtverroe uf properly,
and otber cases known a actions ex delicto,
bail a heretofore ntrHwiaed may be ilefriaiidt-a
laji.l l.tkeo. 1 lie pfoniiuuon oi m m vre
fSonlractu, shall not extend lo parlies about to
leave ihe State ; but the fact ol mtsoUon mutt
I m. clear! ealatJUaal bV nroal
m j
oi i
XVI. Notiiinff is i this older' shstl be con
Irued lo restrain or nrevcut tlie operation
proceedings in hankruptf y, m acoordsnee Willi
i in act of Congrem io such case made ami
provided, nor with the oolteciien ot any isx.
impost, exeiee, or charge levied by Utlnwtiy
Uf the riitl.d!Bitrs0rof fire fVOve-wiraM Urn
ernniouH of N.lh and rioulh 3arolin; Put no
iuiprisoOmeui lor overdue lxe hll be allow
ed. Nor shall this order or iiy law of the
I'rovrsiotial Governments sT North or SoolB
Carolina operate-to deny lo minor childrou. or
clnWren ooming ot age. or thwr le;al repre
sentative, n to suspend as to them, any rti;ht
of action, remedy, or proceeding, against Kx
eeolvra, Adminislralora, Traatoea, tlowta,
Master or Ciarka of Eo,oUy Courts or other
officer or person holding a fiduciary relalioti
to tbe parties or the Subject matter of the ac
tion or proceeding.
'cnns'tixiHut JstjUlatnr.K
HartMmrg, Jaa. B.-40 tl- latgislature tl.i
mtfIm uWa were Iwo ballot the caocu.
aaadidales receiving 45 vote each. Scaumiag
eight. . IIsmU
SOI Til.
Tl. r; .ul mnniia of Oaueral Ilan-
i-. Ord. (idlem sua
rertard io the irreut destitution exUtu.g
thrnngliottt the South, is exlclting a pro
per degree of concern In Washington.
These n porU have boon submitted bv
QeaWtd Uowaid to Geueral Canby, with
the request that they lm called to the im
mediate attention of thu President and
l.'ougnss, with a view to some thOvOugk
aud practical mode ef relief. Our lufur
msiiou lead us to believe that tbe Pn i
dpal will, within a very few day, lay
the reimrU before Congreas, whh a spe-
tufic pku of acMMil, hut rtjominentliiigl
immediate and ufficient relief to meet tuc
wide-spread and mcroaaiag detilutii.ii and
Ruffermg in th Southern SulW.
The hading citizens of Charleston
have taken this subject under special sou
ideration, aud is order to give practical
fleet to their view, ene of th. ir numm-r
has gone to Washington to place before
the authorities tbe appalling facto of
Southern necessities and their plan to
relieve them. This gentleman, we learn
from the Charleston papers, ha submit
ted three- plans of relief i
1. That Cougreee should authorise a
loan ef i30,000,UOO, to be lent in small
sums to ncccitou planters ; the loan te
bear iuterest and a lien upon tho crops of
line mo rowers : inciuan hi
the loan to be OtKtnbnten
i.oet ef approved po.i
and stoudiug.
8. That the Government snouiu iena
the Southern people e amount equal
to the gros amount ol revenue already
received by tho United Sutcs from lin
ed ton tax ; the loan to be secured, issued
and distributed as under the first plan.
3. That the Uhited State Government
should sell the gold lu the National
Treasury, In exees of the sum required
to meet current demands, and lend the
premium realised bjrite sab to tbe South,
upon terms aud ia tbe maimer before
The President, Gerreral Grant, Chief
Jnstice Chase, Senator Harlsni of Iowa,
and General Howard, all express them
k -Ives a warmly favoring aome measure
for the relief of tho sufferieg people of
this section, and General Grant aaid he
wouIJ, a teretsry of r, submit to
Congress communication earnestly re-
eouimen din g one of the abov plan.
fWawwa Hancock end Ord reeoas-
mc-.i the reimiring ol tbe levee of Mhv
isvippi by iment, worm r to
reclitim many valuable eataTes HOW io r
ins aud to give employmmit to many
thousands ol freedmeu, now wiihont la
bor or meAii. who must either sob or
starve, n'nles employed or assisted bV the
-w- " - -i B
lief in that psrticnlar section or tin-South.
We shall look forward with deep anxi
ety to the action of tke President and the,
legislation of UonglTM upon thi enelien.
They are lu possession of all ibe facts
and know full well the necessiti.- of the
South. Without aid from some quarter,
this aectiott i ruined beyond present re
demption, and with iu downfall the pros
prvttYefiho Nortli iteo-ltle -Fam
frank to av." said Senator
a v.
Snrawne. of Rhode I -laud, in bu recent
spreeltlH the Seriate, "that the market ot
Uie South is as indispensable to our pro-
peril y a our prosperity i necessary to
our existence. ' That market is uow de-
troved. The rami.' body wincu nas ciii ck-
td Southern incustry, tasl Southern
producliona and demoralised SouUiern
laborers, can now do Something to restore
this market, and a our btlpless condition
is rapidly dragging tbe prosperous North
iuto the same proslratiwi, we may hope
lor Hie inawgnraiioii v...w ..v..w
possibly Ubyr-I, measure or relietl
witmtigtdh Journal.
for the inauguration of some practical,
"leaf We kve boeufevored by Col. Bom
ford with tbe fellowiug circular which we
publish for the lu-nefit of all concerned i
Hii'or-h. Mitt Poor ok itAi.Kutit,
Ilaleifh, N. U ,Jun. 7,.18v8. f
Circular :
In compliance with instruction receiv
ed, from Headquarter Second Military
Dislricf, dated ChnrletoB, S. 0., January
3d, 1866, I have tbe honor to inform all
Birwu concerned that surplus copies of
eneral Order No. 186, Headquarters
Si-crmd MiliUry District, arc on file in
Ibis office for distributiou. Ueneral Or
der No 165, Headquarters Second Mili
Ury District, consiitutes theeertitkatc of
election to tlie respective delegate to tbe
Stale Convention, ordered to convene lo
Raleigh, N. 0 , on the fourteenth inst.
AuyNdelegsfe who have not been furnish
i d witli a copy nf ihe order referred to,
l1f ZJll wl tbeaa TlcndniiartcrS and be
fnrnUhjHl with ml otlcfol copy sf tW ay. '
der. By o.der of tel. J.Y. Bonilotds J
: ii.... 'ii tv.,r.
iia.m.. a. " mwH
1st Lt. 8 bU.S.lMfy.. Bvi. Maj.
Dfficial : Post A.ljuUnt.
CtrtllNO Kit'TH.
Th. Wllmiinriou (11) (hmmereial, of
last week. y the extent lo which the fann
ing communities iu many of the Northern
riUtes are moving to more genial eUmates
and mi easier tilled sod is hardly gen
erally know. Ou.f of our real estate
agent iu IfHinliigton inform ua that he
now baa o ti'.e aptiliriltiona ami enquiries
from uo less'tlimi three hundred parties In
refereneo to Uvula 1st aide ou tbe Houiusula
TK 'write fiotn all tho New Elurlund Stales.
New York. PeMiisyrrania, OtiSr, aid State
further West, while one geutleinaa write
from Tenn.sse. M1 of ilm tiartie OS
dire leto severs elimate. with borter winters-
' . - m. . .
Tliese t Wo lihes that look so solemn.
Were jutt plauad hereto fill th columo.
IlOl'tt AND MKMOftT.
A lillla baby lay la the cradle snd Hope
cams and kissed it When its norse rave it a
cake, Ht promised soothe' to miwtfiw; wlsro
ii yinng wster brought s Itiwer. ovet wide it
ulsonedlU winir sod crowd. lliira-loM ft .
hrijiliter one whk Il would jralhur lor ilselt
The babe grew lo a child, and anolla-r frasud
came andifl i. H."r naiue wa Memory.
Sim -a.d, 'Look behind the.: aud kit ore Ut
i lion s ."
The oliild aofwered. "1 see a little bock.
And Memory smd, "I will teach tlire to gel
honey from ihe b.a.k tbal a ill be w at lo the
when thoo art of't"
Tb cbiM tacame a youth. Oisv wlnm he
waul to la lied, dlope and Memory stood hy
Ilia pillow, flop sang a melooioos aong au.i
m-A, a ma,, ami avm-y murmug . liniu
shall aw ake with a smile, at tbe pretty lay I
une thee." '
But Memory sM, "Hope, is there any n. .
that we should oontatid Ife shall be mine
a well a thin.-; and wo shall Uu to him a sui
ter all hi hfe Umg."
(to hetrtauK Ifone anal Mo., nana was
baktved of them both. Whilst he fcpt peaoe
fuHv. tliey sat by hi side, Weaving rainbow
tissues into dream. Wheo he awoke, they
yarns with the lark, to bid good mot mug, sou
hegsva skaad to each
lie became a man. Every day Hope guided
him to bis labor, and every night lie supped
.. irli Vli-oiorv at the Uble of kao wledee.
But st length Agefouudhim; btoradH
temples gray To lib sy the world seemed
hered. Memory at by his elbow phair, tike
o old and tried friend. He looked at her se
riously snd ssld, nnl thou not tort something
that I entrusted to tlise?"
And ba answered, "I fear so; for tbe lock
of my casket is worn. Sometimes 1 am weary
and sleepy, and time purloins my key. Bat
the gem that thou did l giro tne when life was
new I can aoeoum for ail as bow bright
ihey an-!' '
while tliey tbu sadly conversed, Hope put
fort b a wing tbat she had worn, folded under
her garment and tried hs strength in a heevea
ward flight.
The old man laid down to die, snd when the
Soul went forth from tbe body, the angels took
it : ami Memory walked with it through the
open gate of Heaven. But Hope lay down at
the ihieshoM, sad (fealty expired as a rose giv
eth out her last odots.
Her psrtiog tigb was like lbs music of a ss
rph'sbap. She breathed it iuto a glorious
lonn. and raid :
' Immortal hanpinem I I bring tbee a soul
tbal I nave led through the world. It i thine
uow sioos Jesus bath redeemed it. Jfes. Si
sernsjr. Adeertiainy The New York TVft
has the following upon the value of adver
tising, and every practical business man
will confirm what it says of the present
tele of busiuess : Prudence and econo
my, of course, are Ibe two great lesson
to b; lined ; but there U one part ef
il.ese lesMoa wlrklt i dull time is espe
cially apt to be forgotten. BiUnre of
thing j whatever you have to eHr-Wt?e
are many people ready to buy, eye iu
the mot depressed season. Find them
out; show them your wares; punua-'e
ihem to buy of you rather than number.
When buyers are reluctant sellet s mast
bo active. It it neither cheap nor sensi
ble to sit still behind your counter Bad
whit for the bustle of trade to revive.
When business is dull, that ia toe very
time to advertise Iu the first place, tbat
I wieo jroti B5aWJatf"W advcnlse ; Bod
in the second, that is when people devote
most time to readhig the newspaper, and
when your advertisement consequently is
most generally seen. A few dollars thu
invested will do more to revive nalaggtsb
business than anything else in tbe world."
Mariny The New York Timet 1 earns
through correspondenU in variou part
of the cotton Sutcs that very considera
ble numbers of people are moving away
from there to the North, and still larger
numbers are preparing to move sway in
the stirine-. The idea has taken firm pos
session of tbe minds of the people of the
cotton State that their section is destined
to ruiu, poverty, and negro supremacy in
ih future, and they complain that their
hope of better time have at lat left
ikmWtstsssr------ ssagsssg
We would call the attention of our
Southern friend who nre now seeking
tie w hoities to Virginia, f tor trouble here
are very transient. Here tlie re need be
no want, and can be no conflict of races.
Here they will find cheap and productive
lands, a climate the! suit them, congenial
society and a warm welcome. Many ef
them have Virginia blood iu their veins,
and ihey will eomc to u like long absent
kindred returning home, 'I he old mother
State will 'akc them to her bosom the
more affectionately for their misfortunes.
Iel i hem come Hick. Whig.
i ' Nw OttiXASS. -lan. .
The following order ha just been sraW
j ' aaVllsVBV iTB.MltmBVnfSTSWV. ,l
New U. leans, Jan. 1, lSod. f
A' I. ,
Apptteailons have been made si these .head
iinsiters imiilyiiig the exiOna?--f an a'la'trary
..irttortty in ne eiWaamtmg.OeirmtMOia
purely civil ouulroveraie. Ihie peti i'tKr c
licit lhi action, another that, and each refers
to tome speeail consnleralton ol'graov or favor,
whwh he upp.e to en'1, ami which stuaikl
iuCianoe Ihw Uepnrfoent. Itte aomner
sueh ppbeation, awl lite wate ol time they
inrolre, make it rseaessaiy to di :e-e that ihe
itilnitnl-lrali m ol eiVil justice at-p rtaum lo the
regular court. The rrgtiis of litigranta tio uol
ilepi iid oo the iiw of Urn 0 nend They
.e to be adjiatged and clth d aooffinc to tbe
aws. Aibitrary power, such a lit has been
urged to aasame, ba UO ex ens berw It
not fbuml in list law ot !..Mii-tna or T' S-.
1 1 oanuut be uerfredfrom any act or art of
Congress. It t reStraineil by a CousWuiion,
and prohibited from action in many partkis
Tho Major -fienaral commanding .takes oc-
VOL. I, NO. 2
e.i-ion to repot I that, while di-elaiinmg judicial
function in civil rases, he can ufler no forci
ht reti-lanoc to the execution of processes of
lbs Court,
By command of Mai Oen. Hancock :
L. HAbTSLFs. A. A. 0."
Ai'uubts, (ia., Jan. 8 P. M.
Tbe committee appelated by tbe Ma
con Conservative 8tato Convention have
issued an address to the people of Geo
gia and tbe United States, setting forth
that since the termination of tlie war tbe
people have complied in good faith with
all the legitimate requirements ef tke
Government, and have earoetly worked
for the reiteration of the State to It. Con
stitutional rigbu in the Union. Tbe ad
dress enumerate grievance suffered by
the people from Congressional legislation
in tke enactment and enforcement of tbe
military bills. If appeals to tbe people
of Georgia to organise for R'lf-proteetioii
and ceaseless opposition to negro supre
macy, and to Northern people to come to
their rescue and unite with tbem in tbe
patriotic effort to restore and perpetuate
constitutional government. The address
is signed by ex-Go v. Johnson, Benjamin
II. Hill, and thice others.
Washington. Jan. 9. Senste Memorkdt
wore presented, asking for relief for the freed
men in tbe District, for female suffrage in the
District, an I enofrom 6,000 hand loom opera
tive, asking for exemption rr an taxation,
A petition from lb Alabama Convention,
praying tlie removal of Governor Pattoo's po
litical diesbiUties, was presented.
Mr. Morton called op bis resolution, instruct
ing the Judiciary Committee to report Bluff
abrogating tbe existing Governments in tbe
rebel Stales snd providing proper Government
in lieu thereof.
Mr. Frelinghuyscn moved to amend, so
as to make tbe reporting of the bill dis
cretionary with tbe Judiciary Committee.
Mr. Morton desired to teat tbe sense of
the Senate, directly, upon tbe question.
It was high time that Congress had de
fined iu position. To bis mind, tbe state
ol affairs, now existing in these rebel
communities, had never been more alarm
ing. Congress had, on tbe 2d. of March,
declared the existing governmenu iu
those Sutes as illegal and not affording
proper security for life and property j and
at that time Congress had piovided mili
Urv supervision, until sueh time a loyal
Svernments could bo established. To
y, tbe miliury authority, whicb they
had set up, was obstructing the proper
operation of the law, iu some of those
Sutes, und upholding the -existing illegal
fMr. M. here sent to the desk"
SeeretoyntartttOiUrcb (aaMr
be read, and also the order." -fir vten.
Hancock, in which the civil authority is
declared supreme,
It would bo seen tbat Gen. Hancock,
in thl order, not only defied the power
of Congress, but actually nullified aud re
Infused to execute iu law. A General
Hancock has confronted directly the Con
grcis, it becomes a question as to which
side will submit. He recognises the at
thority of the civil tribanals, orgmibcd by
the very State governments which Con
gress has declared to be illegal.
There was danger that tbe work of recon
struction wouldlrsil by the very military power
which they had raised up to forward it. At
this crisis, it wss incumbent on Congreas to be
una and consistent to itself and prooaed to ab
rogate these Governmenu.
If the amendment of Mr. Frelinghovseo vrai"
adopted it would mean nothing. He (11 ) want
ed a peremptory order to this Committee to
bring iu a bill immediately, and be desired thi
Senate to so order.
Mr. Frelinghuysen mid that he only thought
it right that some confidence should oe ptaoaa
in the judgment of tbe Committee.
The further consideration postponed.
Houe. Tbe bill asking for th release of
Father lIcMahan, and several other Fenian,
ami tke IteamMrwr
turn Policy.
Senator Wilson has written a long
nication which appears in the New York lode-s
pendent, recomiiienumg tne nominanoa am
General Grant for th next Preside. We)
quote from it tbe unto wing:
"To the recorartruction policy of OowgSSSa-d
the vital aad eveithadowrna issue of (he day-
General Grant gave hi earnest ipporl, are'
tuts zealously Kriveu to carry the legislak,
Congre into effect. Cm the rraintiefiov
policy General Grant baa oe-n snd now is IU
aceonV with Congress and thu iV ublican par
ty. So anxious wa be to hare i!at pobey
carrte.1 into effect that he urgently preaac-tl up
on member ot Congress the vital nuportatno
f so ariangiug tha ailjournmeut as to be aide
to m-t at any time, should the needs of the
country rcO'iir it."
happsars from tkeyn.that. General Orapt
U aa Radical a She most Radical, and tuny
etutorses the reconsfruolioh rawicy of Congre-,
with all its attendant evils snd disasters to lb
country. This is nrxi in gross error tad wrong
m int Bsnend endorsement of Uw ioUmooa
Sunlen. -Vut JfUUiftitctr. ,
Treatnu ni of th' Aycd.
A little, tbottghiftil attention, how happy it
makes the otol Th-y hare outlived moat of
thefriemts of tler early youilu Ho w lonely
their hoorsl Glten their partners ia Me have
long tilled their sdeul gi avert; often their Chil
dren they tiave lo tlie kxub. They
stand sulitary, bemlingon tbe staff, waiting lA
i Ihe same call hU reaott lie m. UOW I
' thev must think of absent lamented I
l the love which chetitte.l them, and the team
oisympslhy tint leu with titers, nowatlguael
! Wiiy sliouM net the e'fng around an t
comfort them, eEeeruig Ibc f gbottj wlmsOUg.
aud happy
' .aii... h i

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