North Carolina Newspapers

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VOL. Jt,
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! r iutm or avMOkiPTtoN . .a
f ro. the - Tec UerU.
The great captain of Um ge-lb
who whipped L -45W4 Ik Wl
I, on haa .umnder!!; y, togto-
riouslv srrendorv
M.n . detract! r CMtIttio
trod 8.WHMlMf th fske
lie has surrendered to Ike IMWI mm
latiouisu. Bo remarkable and surprising
.'hi t rmtUiat 'ho newsboys U the
. VWwrrr heard sliout
k .... . i . OB im i n nt
vsieoft I
aud plut-
Oraat haa lit
or politician, or
of Ilia military
permitted hi ambi-
Ibe dominant par
of doty and re-
.neeifui behavior to hi MisevW, 'ha Fa
iJ. nt el the United State, Geoerel Groat
received hie oeaoulesen from tie I'lrsi
tit nt. The oract: wa paruljr eiecutire,
and ander the Clitef Eteetttive of the R-
r.ablic, the l'reeid.nt. He had tiotl
tn do with Coarrf. and eboald hare re
nirad no order from that body. Me
aboald hare known nothing abeat what
Conereae did with rerard I the War Da-
I partmeiit, or hi dalle ia it. except thro'
the Pr Kideitt. Caafiee la not the Exec-
utire The mere rolattoo of the Senate
that it did act approve of lh aapcni-loii
of Sumea waa not an order for Grant I
rmiv th Wir DfBartmeut : and if it
had been, he ahonld not bare m-ogniied
it : he rlxmld hare n-avired uo order hert
Iron thf Prmidiit. Bat the manner of
vacating the poeitioM to which the Preai
A....i mm in i -.1 him. wilboat ronauit
iug with or n-fcrriruj the taatlef to the de
ciion Al hla rhhal, wa diacrediraMr. it
rhowa plainly that General Grant did not
andenund hi daiy and tho rcepett da
h, the Pr-aidi-nt. It I not to taw nwi
v.diul Mr. Jobinum. that tbi wmnr i
ijo-ie, but to the Preet f the United
state, and to the people a H uiiaaniru
Lv biui in that bish olEce. Tin wa
nomithine to anworthr of Grant w
raiclit altaoat aay tricky in bi wppinfr
out of the back door to lot Htantmi eomc
n at the front, witfcont noUf ring the Pr
ident, that if cannot fail to damage him
terio'iuly ia the eatlmation ef th Aaeeri
caa people. AH lb rigmaroW, traahy ar
gument, and peeial pleading about Irk
previon conreraation with Mr. Johnaon
on the) Mhjee of 8tant)i' pOfcai
m. mnt tn noitiinr in view of lb great
fact thai in hi eondnet be ignored the Ex
oeutir of the nation, did not act with
proper reapeet to bint, nd neglettod the
plain dictate of doty toward Him.
And thi Ifok aeTfthe Gi-neral bad
thrown him-elf into the arm qf ihc .Taco
bin UadieaU, and U ready to go with ibem
in their rerolntinnar- too fee of Jeatroy
ing the ( 'i.imtitntiiii and GovernaaeHt. -Wht
a change mot bartreoeo bitol!
He waa Democrat i former tlmm 5 he
xliitiited great lilieraMty anrl broad view
in bia treatment f the fetx-l ''" "ry
eurrendered, and he ha been regarded a
eonaervative all awnir, np to within a re
cent period. What ha turned hi bead
and thrown him among the rrolntiooilf
We still believe hi heart h) right, and
that bo U a aincere patriot, bait evidently
h. !.aa be.-ii under MatefM- rnlnenee.
The politician bare befogged hh. either
to kill him of or to make oae of him Ui
their own Baxpoae. If be would keep
In hold on the ealeera and affection of the
'American peopta he will retrace hi etepa
at once a far a he ean, alrWjiiat he i
ciirmervative at heart, and rrr the- roW
boulder to bw Radical ailrlaerw. N4nf
eUeno not e vm hi great military Cumc
can ave. him from ru'u aa a
A ikw wight since, a party of jroang gen
tlemen, in t Jooeph. sereMaed a young
lady. At the close their mosiei
mauee a card was dropped from window,
by the young lady, opno whieh, was writ!
the followine ComplimejU of the ynuag
tor Krnr .ir.
1 .
For ttiehrnrfHof HtUetblki ho muTt with
tliat arinnung affliction', the ear ache, w tf
Mm Mlownij rernory, wh a) d lobe )
cure, vit
i TAfae a bit of eoWoa
ninnli A bleck lxliner
fit ititflntfi w-el ret! ffieWrtl
mBry ri "rl W1
Ktl.orrbfl h.rp-wil-
J he Cvjl f'''y
H the Tjfl Bw ffsrtffhiy
K. Ariviafup
tv irB jypd oi
m and. lOH Iftaisah
r refeirmM Mil ami aad eoeea
suwl Be? Uyp'
aT rxaai uW.k.
Bwr&nd ..' (.Weii
everrnle a MM
fUnuel tMiidfr over the band to Beep
Tho i
lata tkaj
k m ear
Com eomto km ef a
If. of
of the F x.
Aul bow the JadUtary U lathee
eve pet of Mr. fftoveM "taken hi
artntorof thorkjhta, lit iitito.
Ikmoof ttutiiaad people.
TV Sapreaw Court is
ef eight.
To M
doty of
T2m aau gtmtii
Caagrm. Fire aM
lority of tha Ceart.
. Ma
of the
Mdoraatoo dtoiarvsar
hall he of fcree, '
if B
1 Ciaai I hat tfc tog
lioa. IU aoweraare noli
of the aa-
. Thar
eitepreelfcAa' heajey wWl aid.
w hat ppua are powered llmitoa ai
what parpoae ia that Hmitattoa iiummilti
lllia. if aha BaaitJ awy at aay Ua
paaaaa) by theaa ialaaad U reetralai
with Uaaited aad aa
ia Mirhaay m. I
C .art of the Caked I
hail hoiaVtolM It waa
of tho Cuwt to
toaay oral aary Act of Ik Legialatar. the
AwililMl aad au aueh ermaary Art
f lh laMhdat. aaaf ligMayy A, t
f the Iegudature.
VrtRWoal jfcnjtf1 lM4a
art toe very
f all writto
elarethat aa
prUripim aad tkeary ef oar 0
entirely U yet in Wttm
tMsmto'y. it weald ssdas. to
oMlna..ry. tt w
in p.4itieai in.tilatione. a vrrktoa Coustitu
toak stad rapaat h svtog to Iks JMtm
fT.V Lf , ggP"!
that k'ahall d.. what U
-- Aaik paato
tkftr Bill to toftot
Judiciary f
to tbvtr aha
k. .read, in their wav. There the
adaistraa rs of th law awmt he sat aside. It
ia a h-ibi attempt. That it has aot yrt sa
seeded i. due to the spirit of the p !' . who
are not yet prepared to rrer even m
form, of lilwrty and pass in May under
It te said that tats narse or ia aany re
prise to that there shsabi have he aay m
hardy aa to have waato a, plaia aad palpable
ao attempt at aoarealioa aad nvidati
The nurnuee to tvu
T .i i. f.
up vritu pnrase. i
calculated that
thee had
I they had
bound the riooth to
The plot is not likely to MM
I km ihl . .Kit fa tha Mew York Woi
World "The
Ibaaat to g aad rileoe th JBaprem rill md sueceed eo if th B pea
ce over the President's vto. Tk SW
Court i lost a. competent to
law laeoestilotMo. aa to proa u earn ear mw
vagal to a aw
m-rtinn that h will viodkate it righU aad
J rait v br so aii
a. ieftfaoendeat ladieiarv la
hoi work of frosdom. W boa the Uegtswuve
Ifamaitmaat spprssm we eew. v--
erument to which th.jodieuU p.orer to vert
ed. We ST all to every aamwa, ao
Mtate. bat .averted provtoM.; mi hmger
rilisonta, hat subject.. We have then a
leastor. and a master irrep"ninte aM wna-
Th, I ten f Sir J ohm. UuU.
m. cfaaaoag be .fa bets of Sir Jobs
n. m u. . ...nw m th. tr
rlw W Jofaa Huh mm aa Eaatlieb Juuvc
who. iu 17H eseotded a wil oVvi-irut Iscpe m la. lamHv then Briar am dhata
uee . Ing (aite.1, so effort m ouekiee, Iff yesrsl
-rift., Im will w. Inuoed. to flml out wlio t
asnkhat to his trainee property ll is nM
ocoroMt rtmgtoeen storte ia tmrtoMrart.
.1 mmm of win. I. in Awffdk. to nine
,..ire antes ia ealent ami Worlh glH.IWH.11011
It ialai saal that Hiete i. a fiiml iu in leain
tn .iir ol il.MwO.OiSl belonmnr io tor
cO.te. Tfa persons who see iavesliealirg lb
matter, and uianu lf he nrar " ine pnaieny.
.et ttie wnoont do. tbc.n ' to.(to
Am rfakaoBABtft ka. The Atlaata Jn-
ItUimtrntmr phtohes a atriag of Yankee kal
in re-.luti..D. writteo aad read by Parana
to bve aoala
of fto Uastedl
'JaiSfML Par Caldweil to aM of the
inoet Yankee slobberiag and
whether Acta of the
aaat to the CeajatMui
theupiaioa. -the I
aaek Mai
c.Tj i . tract. nd far him nrisiinled to at
I .a '.i .
tftiioir. nut am it ! niranhsrs g( th tome and BMjo euOl ah thai wi
..7".t3S .... ,: l.Mil... If Caldwell Ml om or IM laWSfn rood ress.
d M tl. WMMreaww.--mw-e w
Abeal eleven o'clock Friday nirbt toll,
i case to the (tore of
Mr. M.
A. Matdrow,
in Darlington 1)1. trlcu a
to mue fro toe Uonrt Uom, and ra
m Ik UMart Uom. and rap
ping ap Ik clerk, Mr. R, Saga, naked ad
mitunre. Mr. Bug euqalred who th y
wore, and, rewivhto the reepona that Ikey
war friaad aafSe to trad with him, open
ed tha door ai tk rtore. Im aegroe,
ith double barrelled .hot guu,
md Pea tot thrir rajpak to the
of Um ream, rail examining
rrmarhm that they were in the
employ of the raD road, bad )aat been paid
of, aad deeired to make parthaa to the
extent of tea dollar each. About fifty
dollar worth of gaoo. were aeUcted, wbeu
of Ika aaalaa aakaa Jlr. u be
p a Treaaary N-to of the .
of oae haadred dollar. The
wM of Mr. Sag, who wa in an adjoin
tog iwoat, hoard the remark, and ker u
periea being excited by h, ke went oat
of the back door to the bouae oi a gen tin
named Wyndbam, and requealed him
to com to tk atore, aad W aa aay irou
hia fhaahi ocear to reader Mr. Slga wht
Mail taunt ha could. Mr. Wyndham com
plied, uking a run with him, a he
reacked the atore beard lb report of
hot. He threw open the door, and waa
lately filed upon hre time by the
a. He returned the Err, when they
raahed him and aeiaed bia gun, and
eaaucd, daring wbicb be aMUMaea
to effect hie cacape, and repairing to Mr.
Maldrow bouae, reported the eoudition
oafiaira. Aa na aa the latter count
drr aad arm bim lf, be ran to the atore
aaapaapaaied by Mr. Wyndham. There
aM waa avert, and entering they found the
akelvaa oi tk tor complef It Mrippad,
Mm apjaary dcek robbed, and the clerk, Mr.
. Ivn.r dead on the floor, a load OI
hackili I having pamo-d through his bead.
f'roiu thi. nielauelioly 'cc-ue, Merer. Mai-
draw and Wyndham weal to the bouse of
the latter, where tney roand that Mr.
Wvndbam's (aUicr-in-Lw had been "oaa- shot twice ia the head, and hi
we I three different plee em tb per-
aoa by the same party negr.--.
W arc indebted for lbeo lamentable
indication of the condition of affnir 10
that sect ion of oar. State to M rears. Wg-
r, Heath Mouaeas, la whom they
rnwmmu sdhy Mr. MalaW , one
ml tjkeir eorreapeiedeat. CWirafea Um-
I eammury with rreral weH-hoowa
gentlemen we' had the pleasure yesterday
afternoon of vlaiting lb residence of Mr.
W. II. W right in rsiuui war, ana oi
wituuMinr the nueration of a very remar- j
aad ask iugenuM
eeutly aomalelad by that grtli aaaa Af-
er yearaafai.fe(, I I aad UUri-
oas .tndy, Mr. Wright kaa disc .wed what
be believe to be perpetual motvna, ana,
indeer!, If be Im fully eompllhrd that
which has paxslid the combined wisdom
and iaganoijy of ages, he has clearly de-
meatal rated lb power off a self mot ion
which may be eoatiuaed indefinitely, or
Mtil the wear aad tear of machinery no-
dew a leneefal accessary. Oi coarse we
are not privileged to give aay fciif hi into I
he eret of (hi. invention.
though we may any that I be motive now. j Johnroo (a certainly Lieut. Geo. Sker
er, to single roand grape shot weighing j roan to) aad to aid bun by nonearing
61 ounce. Two aaal little tenements. if it ho ia his power, the retirement of Mr.
mmm larger lima the other, are iraa rated a Stanlqa On or Ibn other of throe by
distance of abbot three or forVet, yet j pnthese can alone afford an eiptaaalioM
connected by two inclined grooves, lb 1 adetiuat Io the gravfay of the matter. 1
one immediately above tk other, and inch ! have read yoor ediloriol of yesterday, aad
inclining in opposite directions. The ap- j yoor joke of Tknrsday, bat they are far,
ft one incline, about j of an inch to the very far, indeed, from rvmoviwg tin diffi
three or four feel, and the lower one about I oalty.
two inch. The ball to started slowly Sir, I have to tbi lime been eonleoi to
upon the first and roll on to the smaller j supporl (IcaoraJ (rraut npoa what I r!
form -it', falling some 3) inches, it to tramcd Io be safBcirut proof of hto Uepab
ihrawn out apon Ika lower groove and licaa pi inciplc. Nay, more, I have mi-
bo ao aperture tn the larger ;
As it enters the opening it
.tribe, a .nrinr which tolls a bell in the
- m - l 1 ft,.
two feel above, and rolling on, :
U niii.Hv raised to a bciehl of six inches i
um... .t mi the unner eroove to I
repeat the same motion, fa th kmgtb
at tl U has taken us tn describe tbi-, -
the ball would make 1 or 2 doaea roaad. !
The great dhScnlly, we are aasared waa
in raising the ball from the nether, to the
upper groove, and Mr. Wright waa eleven
years ia maau ring this diffieiilty. Mr.
Wright, W uudei stand, intend. Ink ing
tbi invention on to M.iltimore in two or
three days for' the purpose o I peHecting it
and making a model, when bo will go to
vVoshiiigtoo and lake nut a potent.
' Mr. Wright to native of Hanover On ,
hut has been livintr In Petersburg for a
number of rear and working at Ins pro-
feeaioii here, lie is a ffi nlleimiu ol num-
ble ahrcom laoce. bat of decided iugenui
to. He to well-known a tk inventor of
tho well-known "Burglar's Alarm, how
so widely ased. In bia present invrnlion
he ft Mhleverl soeeew tttai win leu in
hi favor. Ptienimn Index.
Tk Wmomyieo oeir.sponileot of th
Commercial. K publican I taae
'tlesre is a tule 111 the snairs oi panic, wnieo,
taken at the ffond, tearU tn the devil and he
adala the etpreesinn bis own Opmion tnat,
erldle ihey Tatre iie.pienily ilnlied toward it.
(fan have isor -Meiarety sinica tirai uue ai
rMwond tid aow." This smuaerot, mye tlw
Toik 'Time. (ah llepublmau.) mam
be ef any great mrportancc ll were .ni-
eutalen eorreMmooi, mw
.t...,..t ilJa uia make it
Bsc. Bad
The New York Trieane paatoii
for Proaktoat. bat it ha toUeriy a
many words in Grant faror. I be pail
oaopby of tbi ia, that the Tribute would
accept (Irani with bia chanae., in Itoa of
Cbaaa wkkoat aay eUaaa. It aeeoii,
however, that the rraVwaeha m read
er of a differ mtod. (to f ihem
Sir: -Several day ago a
that Gea. Grant
had promised the President ikal h weak!
ry of War, or reJIimatoh k ia okedWoee to
a mandamus I doubted k, of eoaree. It
aeemed io-ediolo that Graaral Grant
would make a nroai Is like this. Tk ac
tion Implied by each a promise would be
I clear dsaiasa of the will of the
Meuate of tk United Stale, taken af
ter more than silly day of careful delib
eration, and, doabtlese, much consults
lion. Whll I am prepared to aad ia Gener
al (J rant a prompt compliance wtta ine
eondnskm of the 'enste, mutter for eon
gratuUti.m, I confeee it i. a atugalar apeo
tacle to aee. Repablican papers every where
exalting aver k aa aa evideoee of hie ay m
palhy with R publican principles. Noth
ing coold better illaatrale the darkne.n
through which wi grope ear way to Que
ers Graat's political uadsatfas than the
aridity with whick thia abaadonmeat of a
civil ofliee held by him under circum
stance of entirely doubtful right - ki obe
dience to the mandate of lb pioal aagust
deliberative body of nvr enautry, bstiHt
canrht up and echoed as eonSrmation of
J hi affiliation wkb oar great party. Strnag-
, ly sympatbiauig heretofore with wuat ua.
been popularly called the "
sent, 1 stop to ask ia aa
Urant move-
i be grave auritma : "Is this all V
But to tk Vrtoanc of Thursday la.t, ia
year special Ick-grapbic corrrapondence
from Waskingloa, is a ditailed slaleeaeat
of ike attending General
( ; ran . ' m tiracv from, snd Mr. SWatnu'l
return to, the War Department. A poe
lion of it from "official m'ormation,'
doubtfe.. from (ieneral Urant himcelf or
a athortcd IrieH-l. To thi edrriol in
formation 1 wleh to ak your particular
attention I eonfea it startled me great
ly, for it seems wholly to confirm the as
tounding allcgaiina ol the jnttuiyrmrr :
"We have official authority for slating
that I i. neral. Grant ami Sherman watted
on Mr. Johneon to-dav. and inf.. run d him
that they had advised Mr. Stanton la send
in ni iiibiiibki mm .--vmiery m i
When I tict read this .Uteioeiit it Hi
ed me whh aniirty. Re-reading it has
aot abated I ho force of feeling. I
fxMild ftad liekimnry aeMieo for ki
ealiaoidkmry proceeding ol Gea. Grant
hi retofoie an psrsilsnUy tv-ttoant aad
careful bat tin. : that n. of hav
ing forfeip-d hi rd to th Prrsklent (I
he.iute to as tills stron language but 1
find uo other to duress av weauiu) he
sought to repair so grare a fanit by mdu-
dag Mr. Bunion in vacate hto olhce
What other explarortloo eaa bo island T
fan it be possible that, after all, General
(;rant to in practical accord with Mr.
rocauu aim who oarmiu. nut i m
constrained tn .top at this last develop-
meat. I cannot -positively, I cannot-
r . I I . I-
ro further without light. I have npolo-
atoed ronrcienliously for maiiy act f
douUful Relmblieanism on the part of
Gea. GranU But when and where are
my apologies to cease t My voice and
vole are sk"d for l!l fat (be hlgbeet of.
fire iu the gift of this great people. I
have a right to know what hto polithml
principb s are ; and until 1 do know, my
voice shall be silent and my vote wkh
held. Very truly yoarp, M. S.
P. 8. Since the foregoing waa written,
it ha been ela'ed thai Gen. Grant ex
plain bis action fa yielding ap the de
partment by tiiykif ti.H Mr. Stanton
promised to resign nt once if poserVeioo
were qniiftlygiven him. Reloclant I
waarto believe this, taken in fnnnectioo
with yoor official aiithoriiy,r' leave a
room for escape. Gen. Grant made a
bad promise ami-broke it. ' , For one, count
me out of tha "(I rant movement" for the
future. While hi action in thia
to his cause, it ha con rarted me from U.
M. S.
Phil uclpih a, Jan. IS, 1868.
Mr. Johnson to rnwrd up Batler i. still hot
ted nn ; Urant to rttteatty need opt fftoa
ton is staffed opt and the country r titn-
tionallr sneakia i gone ap Wall ill fell
( ikf rtft
i -
IdF Rev
Pre idol try
E. M. Frost ha resigned the
of the fatoldehor' Feosoe
take charge ef a church in
lUltimore. TW.-ETlf. AdMto, to WU
son , soccer Js bim.
The New Tork Hirwid. In a rayawto of
tk "skaatton" at the Sooth, vary proper
ly declare that the BiaiMrn negro ooa-
out of the sloven heal la aa oumis-
manner. This to toe painfnlly
, la tk Georgia n aaliod eon-
veutioa. the while atan f seas at ere or no
account la framing tk mw eon.titotion,
and the other day a proposhioa to prevent
the i
lilac ol whites and blaeh.
ismisxd. la tk to.
digaatioa of the majority, it was propoeed
to baa tab tk pmp-.s-r (to Liberia. I
the Soatfa Carolina l ourention, having a
coaldraMe Mir majority, aad which
ww u ppneed, to one time, to be liberally
l li i Lft 1. mt fftftjOinv, i.
nsasiwea, um SBenn new tw
tovanlfsjil imilf The tototo
Ik Vkctoto coneem to that tk
mud bare their share of tha member of
Congre; but they may be willing to
lJirmle. if than- whit allies will fur
niek black s pi rant with aa eouiva
leni tor two year Congieaewnal sarvtoas,
Ixtoea thoosaml dollar, in oar so-csu-
ed, matter have net, as yet, toHy devel
oped l hi mselves, eloept that tk blacks
. -,5ft a a L ft
are so lealoa of their position aa me eqaais
of the whit a, which they aead aat be,
M the entire eoaalily to fully admitted by
ibeir UitdMul allna, that they want re
porters expelled who dare to make any
distinction of color fa the record of an
ceedinr. I'be HrraU Bays :
"Tie are ike radical revolutionists go
ing on from bad to worse from anarchy
iu Waehmcton and neano supremacy
the Soulh to open and corrupt bargain.
for political plunder. In all theae crop
trine out of th cloven bed wd see the
eaneucr of the time that tha Radica
mean to ecme perpetuUou of political
power by all lb taalU Mtl 1 UethT ajmy
mand, or tliat they intend to tear as the
government tn a eoudition of inextrieabl
oafuiion, not aad hna. - .Vnfiwrt.
It will he aM, by ifi am to the pro-
ceedinrs of Ik aneonsiKUUonal eonvoo
lion, M yesterday, thai, M wa exported
a Irart baa barn made with Mr. Jo
W. Holdoa. to report the speeahea io the
eouvcutioa, at a compensation of $6 -Per
day. tho ra as to be published In
eltv pane, (tk Simmmtrd, ml raa.) A
the yeaug geutlimaa M
and ran do bo more than furnish just soch
abstracts as those already given by the
Standard aad other city papers, this whole
proceeding amy ho regarded simply M a
wanton waste of tho pabiic money, for
the nurDose of rrwaidiuc party pet. A
the JUuuIrr i Uepnhiicau) say :
"If a ritisea, without the requisite iiil
ifca'too. slrould receive the appoinlmenl
as k is rumored, it may be Imped that hie
ssiiss ef propriety wilt iodoss hem to tele
gra pb tor a phnnngranhar, ao that be asay
be on baud at the earliest praci it-able um-
eat. (WbmwHs im omce win aegenor-
ate inlo a mere partiran job, which will
depleto the treasnry without l ing of aay
bem-hl la Ike public.
A resolution waa also adopted, Calling
apon th Public Treaaarer, on th
rant of the so-called President of the ao-
ralied convention, to pay the prr diem and
mileage of delegate, oat of the monlc ol
preooot ia Ike Public t reasury.
In vi. w id the strong doubts In If
public mind, and of the universal eonvic
t ion outside of Radical inflnencrs, that the
entire series of mis pertaining to Reeoa
rtiMttha are anoHistilalioiHil, and. br
shir twhtft me lb prupoeitioa of the
eouvetilioo to by no moan aalhorised by
,ibe Reermrtrkctia Art. tbemeelvr, it
cannot be expected that Treasurer Haiti
will for a moment think of paving Uie
motp-y, opno the simple order of tho eoa-
veulHMt, Uie bond, Inch is largo one,
we apprehend, would be jeopar
.led, were be io do so .Wim f.
We witneaaed rrrteedar. says the Wil
lonigtoa eStor of the 20th . the operate of a
remarkable maefaiae ia vented and pe tooled
hr Messrs. Fields x (Inerrent. of rtolem,
N. t
by which all
porios of engraving to
dime tn the boat and timet expedition man
Bar. The most eompnoaleo lellenng. ine
amot eadhett phntngiaphs or Ine iMrt mf
graving, are aeeursiely copied oo wmd SO
sieel. from whieh hnpreeaiims may be taken.
Xew.iiaper eats oa wood er metal, aad all
varieties of letters are engraved with much
facility by .imply turning a crank. The
machine is on exhibition at Messrs. Brown
tt Aderoa's jewelry store. It i the inveo
line of North ( 'arliutana. aad stands uariv!
led in the world of ineehanism. The iirin
riple opno Whieh it to eoii.tnieted may he
spplfa'dtosll maoaer of work where a graver
or chisel is moil, sad it may not be long be
furr we have marble statuary rut Iu the same
manner. With time ami extariene improve
ineiita will eowte, of eoume, and lb origino-
biss will doubter aceompli-h a fame oouol
Ui thajt of the greatest inventors.
Dm Cmwrr -Davy kamao
to be present at a exhibition of animals iu
the eity of Waabiegtoo
and he absiractodly
If that fellow had oa a pair of spectacle.
h would look like Major Wight. ..f Ohio
rocket, so tapped navy on ine auouiuer.
Turning rvaad, JJavy very formally remark
"I'll be hanged, major If I know wboM
pardon to ask. yoor or the saoakey's.
Dr. 01 niackwll, ai KittreU
ad two ado last week, twenty
aV a toJatog, liiiii i lii Ij 6I and b6 rbx
TN ttoemr seems io leeo m oosi
The mux happened to he just
Th treat
Tek ally generally calculate apea esa tmnmm
aad heJer aere. albrwiue four .ep irinl.
iWtosaakpiaat. wktoh vea a smphssef
Turk sit generally calculate apea I
saaauss the crop ova averaae five
head, elrioff $500 an acre, which, ena
erinir k la a sseoad one or third t
ef the aM. fferd a pretty s-wd re-
tars. Cahhagm often follow pea, with
whieh radishes or tottaee haa hae arowa ;
and giiawd from whieh aa early en? id po
tato have been taken to eftee pleated with
hill HI haw Th. seal tW thia srofr must
he rich aad manner used unapariuglT. Hog
manure to not approved la thia vtoiaky I tl
1 said hat k -Mah-lseed cab
bages." The eardnec prefr-r rotation far
this srosv thuagh ws hare known eahhagm
a aooen year in
s k to a vaiMhie rose fro food far eat-
lie aad sheep. It iaereoaes tho Sow of milk,
bat il doe not Improve tho eoality. Irriga
tion to valuable where lahlsan grow, as
the require a vast naantilr of wator as well
aa maaure. with deep tlihoj
eultivaliou 7Weae.
Lom of Two Cotirnxa Schoox
I. Intelligence was received here ye
lerday morning, to ika effect that the
Cckr. Imim Balance, Capi. Howard,
from Elisabeth City, with 1,100 bushels
of corn, 10 bushels of peas and 700
poauds of bacon, consigned to M
lloseell A Ellis, aid th Schi. Jmmg
JJnd, Cap. Howard, from the same port,
with, with 2.000 bushels of earn, to
Meoars. Mitchell k lluggins. had beoa
blown ashore oa Monday night but, while
attempting to make Praofffaft harbor,
where they honed to find heiter from Ike
a vers storm then mgtng. Tk partica
tar were rapt lolly given, but it is pro.
.unied the vessel WtU prove total loss,
while portions nf the cargoea may ho
saved. Tho cargo caf tk Lanita Bed
one wm (ally havered ia thi city, and it
is i bought the Jenny l.ind'e cargo waa in-
urcd ia Xorfolk.- llVf. Star.
An Inamong Sperrk We
that a more disgusting exhibition of mull
san spirit, contempt for eonetitulienal
rwsrsataeSft and tire blmdne of petty pal
iticiaM, wa never made than tn lac speech
of Mr. II in gham, of Ohio, in closing the
debate no tho pew rteenetractloo nsoas-
. He took ap Stevens' cry, aad bold
ly etaraac for Coagra tk rtgbt to legta
ale ooUMe of the Uonautotioa. let
hese same men, oho aot only violate
heir oaths but glory to) the act, who spit
upon the Constitution aad iu guarantees,
are the same who declare they will im
peach the Preaident if bo dares to violet
i law of their making ! -Hick. Die.
There! that kitten", ran int.
the pa
try," said Mrs. Leei aa she waa
h ii trying
m "f you
boot her dinner. --Children, on
get her oat. weal yuo !"
"1 will." aaid r rank. elaUerinir
paatry. "Hero, seat, clear out :
Poor Eitt. frightened wkh Ik
wildlt in every dtrsethm hot that of the dN,r,
and finally crept behind a barrel. Frank, of
eourae. oould not move it. and as little could
be get th kitten out- W lieu he tnoad that
.he wohM certainly stay where she wa as
loaf Mho mill I, he tried eookiag t hot it
was loo let far that Kit would uot trust
Here, Kilty. Bitty: come. Utile Kilty ;
said Husie. in gentle too, as she emm with
quiet footfall into the pantry. Kitty knew
that pleooMl voire, and h pot head oat.
hat haritated. 1
Come, Kitty; dear little Ekty." said.
Susie again, aud she came. Mr- Lee bad
heard it alt. .e-
-Which do yoo think the better way. my
boy 1" ahe asked, laying her hand oa Frank".
shoulder "Susie'i or your!"
Susie's, Frank replied.
Remember, thea. little ones, always, that
gentleness and k induces are butler than
roughness : and the rule of love
that of fear."
The editor of the Piedmont ( Va.) 7tt-
Mligemrfr. who has recently returned from
a trip into Man land, Del war, New Jer-
Mjrakd Nw York, bear testimony to
the general huanctal and indoatrial dis
tress, and say. all classe unite in
tracing this alter pmctiotiua of Ik pros
perity of the country Io on cause lac
uuaetlh-d condition uf politics. Extreme
legislation, be My to now res plug its le
gitimate fruits. As long as csjilared cot
t n mid lobaceo, and flie so long husbau
ded Southern staples, which found their
war tn market after llie end ef the war. boato of traffic. Ik North fell
immediately the effect nf extreme
legislation. The rasoartaa hove beea
exhausted now, and the grim skeleton
which lias ao long bad it abode., io - the
Soul Ii only, to also knocking at the door
of inn 'Northern ll lends. He adds;
I. isi v ear very Hill disposition exist
ed with emigrants Io come Io Virginia.
At this time weeonld lead thousands up-
on thousands to the shores ol the ( ld Mo-
minion if we offer tbem employment and
furnish tbem mean of transportation."
" e must confess thai we consider the
sitnatlnti in 1SC8 much more assuring aad
a turn iu tho long, loog lane."
6ttfA CurtJina Convention.
Charleston, Jo 23 The Couventton lo-
rhy wm chiefly engaged in discussing the
uf adopting rebel measurm lur
The ucarocs are hitler aoaiosl the
One Stkl ' In k speech, (bat be
a no other way The negroe. are growing
more ex
I 1... ..-..! ..J ik.i k. l-.i ..-l....l I
Tha fkMiwiM hlh
aVeb w thmk thara to
AWffJt It 9f lffMti MB let M ffMBH T rrBMCeHaMel t
ttoav time ago th kvd I fiTssmsk a
weH-kaewu grambtor named Saady Bhek.
aad slammlag the door babied am, left the
bouae. It was la tho
ilka aprtog. aa awtao
hoard th. little wi. aay :
Hood)' heat oo a dieUrfaaaaa to dag I I
ao what i aaa.
The dinner-time came, and Saady aad hto
fricodsrtdowotodiaaer. The ftoh waa st
irs la ritonss, aad oa ratoiag th I
efbre him. la a
sailed oat
"Boiled ehiekea f I koto It, madam. A
ckiekeo boiled to a i
Immediateiy the cover waa
other ehiekea. roosted to tar.
-Ms asm, I wvrti't eat roast
ed Sandy t "you know how it i
bees cooked T"
At thai instant a
' Without green pma ."'
"Here they are, dear," aaid Mrs.
"How dare you
my moao, to
"They were
tempting hto.
" said th wife, lo
Klaiagtrem kto
tlkf ffetetfli nUttidart 0
ir of laughter from bto
. firt aad .hearted :
friend, he eieoohed hto
"Hew dare you
A sorpeasioo bridge to to V erected by H
Oodry. eagiaeer. ovar the rtrafu of Mamia.
euaat. Ills toeoostotof foor spaM of 3JSI
fret each, elevated shoot 198 seat above
high-water level, so that
and Brooklyn.
to to bare a
of IdMfML
Warm Labokbm. We
shown a letter, says the Balebrh
dated at New Tork, writtee to osiaBimi to
Raleigh, stating that there are bow id New
York eight 1
kt hundred I
and womea-
ned to farm and I
imld I
Bid at iil nl to N.
(Jaroliaa if eveo lolerabto ladoeeaseote be of
fered them. Here, the, to M opportunity
for those who wish to experiment with wait
labor. Th Germans am aa h
thriftv people, and so far a their i
in this country elucidate tho question, iu-
vartoMy SMceed well i
in agricultural pursuit.
To them, ia a I
id development aad wealth of 1
eoasia aad other
Some of oar Northern
pen that tho dry goods mtit rhaoto MBato
section eiptrieoced an encouraging im
provement in their trad during the latter
part of last week. They believe that th
experience of that class is n index of th
business situation generally; that tk
tarxeaw actot ia tk hard ttoto lam
passed ; and that a fair trad will
begin. Tbcy also express the
that (here is nothing to make a
business disturbance, except the
political trouble, aad that the
have become so thoroughly waked ap
with regard I the latter that the Radical
- ' a. a a. .
rule-or ruin faction will nana be
Per Contra, the N V. Albion, the or
a of British toartonal to) the United
States, after a hurried review of the
of ibe laic war. concludes that the
of thto eoantrr to dark aaal
IUM VftMW , 1 "
The ABmn to at least entitled to the i
it of being im partial . It tmys: " I he pee-
sow maamasM miwsmj sssims
evenly so divided ia sajtimeat lkat an
early renewal of actual civil war m no at
all an unlikely occurrence. Wo Writ
theoe sentences with regret, htm at tha
same time with deep coortottoa of their
llllhrihliM Tk met trr bniugbt mis
ery tasogh with it for oa generation eer
toinlv ; and when w coMlder that til
another trucgle would eventuate in tk
addition of a moat complicating ami aaa
geroM feat urc namely, a contest be twee
'mm-we recoil from the wlllttto wkh
It will be seeo from Ik above that poh-
lic opinion st the North to aot on the grato
question of tho hour. We think k clear ,
thai, wil bout mm prompt aad detenu in
rd action on t lie part of the Northern peo
pie, the conviftioiis of aba Afbiom will
prove le have been wall fouuded Tho
country is even now passing through a
terrible' ertoi. History is, indeed, repeat
ing itself. Tk MMM of the French
Revolution are about to be M mjpBiaff in
America ; and lb only barrier now re
maining to the aceomplisbment of the Ja
cobin parpoae to th to-maess of tk Pres
ide,, t, backed by tk ilHlMlaid will of
the Northern peopt. The immtdtotr fu-
ure is frHUghl with eveit of un parallel
ed magnitude and importance ; and it may
aot be loog before the destiny of thto mm
grand ive public will be irrevocably iced.
Whether tor weal er for woe, k to heyMd
ken to decide Wil. Star.
who uftea rocorriag it
seMstom torkahilky. wktoh ware highly ro
Hahed by all except tho hruw'go, f
mmt Httto wito. 0m marotog Spaary aomo
kootMa oorosl. Th hadotoa aad earn
wee saHllaal. oVms to a to, aad had beoa
ordered by hktebdf th Movfcam I I Meo I
aal ksnpketot aaa hmji Iki Inklifit
Wliat havo for droaer. Sandyf "
mU Mrs. BIsch
"A ohtokea. madam." aaid bar haebead
"Boast io boiled I" ashed tho wife.
"Coal aad It. madam, if rua had baas a
I t
TW iidt of th 1 1 nion Lep is Ne-Bf -
1 :
, i ; . -
wtnn It eni: .re iiniaanisls Mod.
IT-V- -
nO- IV .r-i --
-A.-4tvat v. a.
i rt haV"
' ' , T,
iare vadke- .
Cues mm so a.

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