North Carolina Newspapers

    , " - ot QiQ VOL I, NO. 7
'-rra, SALISBURY. W. C FEBRUARY 21, 1868.
1, 11 M 14.1m 11.17- 1 ... J i . I
ill!" J ' ' 7Z7 w-
u ,
Vase " : 9
Oa. Maota.
. ' a nu " JBLaSa
rat m wmm "
Xo. I.
un..- 1 a collet boy, tbo arrival
JiUp Wa timiurnl of getiertl lu
iJrt. Of course the driver blew hi
InnlMib ueer,aua a
Who tlmt ha. anee K can v-r
a jrowu u
around llie
office, while
A they wait
door or wiudoafl
.k. uD ia ban.
staH aHak 1
.n pare
tin clothing L
contentment V
i .aval
f avaaWaBhWaWl
rtm k. .iuJ
ol w
I m-.ul to
2o! inaj
.crval WWxk time end to ap-
r -wn. aw wre
taiber wore sc.hsb
tt i net hat) well taut
. - r a .
for a yoang, roxarrjan
till, irfai
.-. f eriHrrr. nerds all the unary
I. j. J ...t.. I... varan
Ml too sure. aw v J
ia.rl.aiM 1 m an DM tree i"
... .ki Tka a'd Frank Hall, when
kuMbm about DM r - "
a. q i. t ooin 1 by the (U of
the eoS, u it awpp-w, aod porttrry wok
the bawd of a b-a-bwma young man, leu
tenia! tfM ofieca WMMi-f b "
la wake
m to my room
ajicnmatanota wight n-h
.. .,rn.kla and (ban Wtl
No. 56, and bad bint fool t torn. Dut
..:. ... .Lam. t!u: mil V tim UMt 1
Ulil WOKa " w f '
m thou ori- lnmyatU.ntwoa,dnrmg
all my Xum lu tb Ithn- Waa I
drawu W fcim br to P"- f "
fr thrm
in fcia
mlebt well baft Man to,
.1.1... ,.rv nfl-Il. MI l"M'C
!!ZTi ill. minded ktedHam.
i, i..i.a'.i in t-voiv ban. Hi
kair. atraie-Ut and tmooth
--- iit iprKion
uui au fli hat roCuUir audit bap
i ..r.m. ! v wilk w ratber Urge,,. (.. Ilia (vria waa erect
: "it 'i:.v. iUua no m-r ot tbat ut
Heary clay tbau " l- '' 1
e.r K Hi Cij w dieuifii -udL,
ur ocent indicated e. lf r-Kaon
The rntimacy of a lot lrinahip t
TMled a character b direct hjrt.iiiy Willi
.Li. u ;.. . -,ili,r. l!a WW tue rn
a a Mnh.diat mitiwtar rhwa thr Mpir
h of llaB'iorig 3 wbWpcred,
aikrabt af ft-!' w. 'f da.
Baait Si) Ufa auploy"
Wore ha bad written -Mc
i . j . an tlin ujin'I Qi aia
hey, that ware aitii t of h iocceaa
I CfT3. 3 au!ar with all the Mn
ll F- r
. . 1. . I ... . I, .
did, I can a-y b- m axwe u rlV
4r hiW and Jaalta.andcihib-
HaJmor of the b-H' r trail
ftaapry naeded gm
1 v.,i k waa net wkbuttt an abi
dine eonfideaco bj t!iw rub and grorf
.t,l. In eanaTalKn
- a..i animntcd ! chwete. iff t,JIUcM. llow laAy hi
.. -. . a -'ay.,,! .V nm)t tatm
aaut Haw he lort-d that atetling 1
I I tk. Intf'JiiMHft
waa from MJaaofri, nd he rrfM nte
with- pietnn-a of T Bcntiwi nt tiK
. . .. - inVnnect form aud
parttealarly the diagtfnl nandertn of
il IJ JM.i.11 s ha nltcd 111" Ocma
... t
the tjntarni
tli conree n
ito me) memorawe Jnnc, i waa
. . . i, i )
i to him a to an mj mv i-
i af that iott raating ja-riod ol my w-.
1 1 apantoar oarim fifty.-
j ali wytaewtoea or y rwwra-
keaatifu! piece trom nnj pm m
album eoitewmntj; a ,t
taad the nwnliala. The wadding waa a
Uroa and happy oeaaaloa. Hi baoy
ancf drank In the foaUve glee, while it dlf
. ..... M a A .
fbaad agwatal aptnt on an aronna. a. a
late bear be rti (or hi room hi college.
In that abort walk from the arowded ball
to hit dormitory a torriUi? cold waa aoa
trectud which, m a few dayi ocaaakwaJ
vbileut hetnorrhaaM from the long. Ok,
bat a crncbiog blow to lb aepiring ul t
How bia life plao, that ambitiona fancy
had proad over the hi ruing future, were
rolii-d op liki; a feroll and labelled by the
red rital current in ktter of woe ! Dut
when dtaraae allacked hitn It'cnconutercd
a reeiatiug will that it worth half the med
irtne and acienen of ike mcdiaal profearioo
'I'luuiirh utterly nroatrated. bo waa noun
oa bia foet, and bailaard to aecure the
killful toeaiment of Dr. B ,lu Bal- Tkm ramedtea and adriee aeon
liatarnd bint nfljeiently to enable him to .nn frieiidi. in the country. Here
Jairaih ex'pttre bnwgbt oh lTtnMa, and be
IBHIIIieq ni iraj.UHMi " r,vT
pact of a rapid docline. A be lay weak
and amaciaf d in bia lonely chamber that
dread word "ooneumption," fcoured to be
placarded oa) every abject and over all the
e;iling. The drapery of despair boug
like a black eortaio aroood bin, It waa
a aeaaon utolM$tdeatA.
Again be rallied. And now be repair
the mountain of Ponn.ylveui for the
maiuder of the aummer. The pure wa-
aad the tool breeaes invigorated uim.
He aelected a retreat on the moantaln near
atntnra. about an mile Irom bt uoara-
ine home and thither be would ride hi
imii nr nonv eVfrv montiiiK, ri." -
-...., r7- . , - r -----
ay tu Aahini, reaoiug ana rntu !.-
ntaat aa be could invent, ana 'u "
noon Irolbie pony back the ail milea.
Under tma regime nia nwwij
umrkafcly pid. .
Atih. Katr n Kaieicn, m iiuu.i,
wa jurpruied and delighted to met him,
lonkmir nearly a well a when l ittt mm
June. A neither of u ba many r:
lant aeoaaiuUoce in the city, or scarce
l. -.iad tU, laMbitalitiv that wen; giv
eu to the ijudrup-d on exhibition ; for the
hotel were crowded ana imrigu u-
citv-Nkeln tu iuvtution. Aiun
foformed wliero we eouW find a irrvate
hoardinc bouse. It reems to me tt wa
1 . .11 . T .. I. w.a
he fcouae or a repuiaoio chijo --
Pojt Mastrr. On reaching oar little nJ-
6r room, (to it appeared,) we ran gra
tal la oar boat, for theie waa soiuetlnug
the Coor lartre enench to alecp on
a t MMMt nt rt'iiiur eome rest
jiii y f - o y .
without fear of filling out of Ded or
tiling the W-nd down. But alas ! aajn
iug oar room waa a larger on whW
.1.., . J-i. vouuir rowdies were crowd
J al niatkU when taey came iu
,k;, n.L Perhaiis 1 dm not know
-" K , . l
k. aa certoiulv a I do now, taa wnen
....I. LMm ami t'iiua are oat alter 10
or 11 o'clock, without belug detained bv
analal rnrai!ntenU or Ojrgent buei
near, they are occupied, a a gvm-" '-"h'
in what T win uot derlbe hcrefurtbrt
lhau lo call it paatlimo of foola lu.tue
iS. n,,w.t infrrnai Saloou. JUt IhO Otl-
.ccnilvJfiriMiity assd nooaenec of that
A.n .mi a-anvJeus arowd taught t
,1 v Had hnpn. II 1 COUlU pirat
eri.h, an-eeu, I eould hang mnt- bMwm
amaa,' own sotioiiK in thiirpr-
vnt w i v - - ,
lots- And what if I could bottle nP, u'
ecUs. of iMi wnrd aod turn tbem Won
6. ...... rtahlo eocM;tVv A arcat mauV
" ' r. aj rj w.
rvuiusc man wouia never
r i 1.1 l,,.r...lf to aa miiru
man woo muiu " , .
anl manva wifo WOUW Spum
r..n l,.r lilliai IMTfl the dirty doe who dare
to ki her pure .weet virtuous llpa aftr
I. -. f.'. ( ht. .tarn in UlC icnor
wi...b - - ... ..,.,
rrem but 1 must go on wuu mj
Vrrf late, oun atitr auotlKH, overpow
..r.-t t.w iiki..nii.'jLlioii or f tiinne, gradusll
-ajkeided ioiav aiieaee and lamher. The
nit morning, as w. paaihrowgh the
room, it betrayed the chamcter m
conaiits. Ino neus, mo cuu, .j.-. -.
' . : . at - .u i. vi ihfhat.
ihr vsrioue outer garuieuls, the whiskey
1 ...1 ka iao.U.ra. the fume of U-
eed, through the fog of tobaeeo moke,
around the throng that Blled the rows of
seats. 10 aee If there was a familiar foee
among the arrivals, I discovered, imagine
;.k, wK. ih-itlina unriM'. the very
Li- t . ...J nnmmandinr form of
yam auur 1. mi i w-. j .
my college ftieud which my w-aUg fan
cy had giron to the louoly tomb. Ab I
lUtwa.abap-7 meealag-eo unexpect
ad, so luU of srotlfcation, to both I
And now for the links ia his bletory
that wtU. mood the broken chain :
With a heavy but still hopeful heart he
hastened from Raleigh to Boonville, Ho.,
and after the HeeaJjaary preparatlona, aet
ont for the eoft air ahi balmy seeuea of
Cub. WhlW ew row for the Missouri
river, ia an opeo vehicle, a fcree Novem
ber storm araaa, and tka cold wfoda and
beating rains wore too sirrere for bis sen
sitive and weakened constitution. By the
time be reached the boat be waa suffering
greatly from bis exposure, a cold baring
attacked kbt-wouud-d lunge. Haf whtgu-
lar reenporative powers soon rallied nun,
but only to encounter a suddea attack nf Fmm thai dantteronn and alarm -
ka ntT. r.'(l foine time anrni
ft. uimw . . - , . . . .
arrival at Memphis. While he waa last
regaining hie strength once more, aa .i.Jk. ka1 f,rm. it an allianee for
hi utter dostructton, be was thrown back
upon hi bad of parn by a ddon and
severe rheumatism. A long eouGnenw-nt
was the result. But hi bravo oui uiu
. .r..M..r and in a few week bo Wa
sufficiently reoovared to ride out in a bug
gy, litre again bia III fortune befell him.
Jfi horse look fright, rao away, threw
him fmm hi buggy and fractured hi an
kle. By tlio aid of eretcuee n wa
vi.iting freely, impartnw aod iweeiviof
refTaahini; ulisurea at social gathcringa,
..i- .nn. Bnrrial attention which hi uo-
t.lfA...liiiaa a well a bia luiaforluuc
were c-tlculated to win
rlv ana touru-
inrly in tbo main College building, in
Hajul .t Hiaward' flail whore the festive
party waa held, aigualled th cloaaoi the
joyoua aunivoraary by playittgtbal eve
beautiful air, M8weet Home." With what
donee those rich note iwepi on iu
silent air I Aa wa paul and openeo
Mt kaaaaa to U.a LAO MlBWMnllBg
wcetnea that ilence wa a dcaert, that
iahable music wa au
.,,L nawxr bloomed, and tboae flowers
my a:
UUHUa aw e--y" . , -
qaor, the loud breatbwgof tb aumr
. si-2-.... ir nwn variou crook
ml lueoriaiBa - . ,
ti angle aa they lay id ejr ttnpor,
made up a ejwcinted ofcouiision very
trikmsly llluatrktive of the moral condi
tinn f mtn who can delight in so deba
sing tlieir character and "bood;
But the wakeful hours which the- row
dies forced uuon us were spout by us ia
daaaaut discourse about tbo pat and the
Lure, lie wast not yat aaou-al man.
TlHrt wa. a t-llor, a flush, a eough, thst
created nn aalueM and fr.badiiig. W
told mo ho would go directly 10,
. .. - . fx 1
ilf . VV . irlaa
11 oik.. .- - j- r , . k ,1
hui iery doubtful as to wooiovr
UiUrorcd to meetagaiu.
"And mrw. a we ate n hoot toparto,
I laavayou my autogrsj irw"1"
a.L-11 ramdS 4 VllIlT 11(1 D1
PHI1 aWywaj luraiwj-i " J , , f
IIL.a, J tLanaaiir) i.ia4 ftlt'll. tflf1 U'
bywaafdaya. Hoping that the godd'-
of lfortoae may arlla prointton-ly upon
the pathway of your I I.-, lint tag gemaa
X may. preside orer our
lint:, and inal nnany
toara.v of lite shall
loae hi. busUie, and tlum repalt to ihc
land-hilV of Georgia or to f- uba for tl.
rVrnti r. ?ertod early timt fMrniag
miFTn II.
I away i-i which I beard
n t fftiMtia i' I' 'i'1-
ML- yrw.-- '
it Mfigi" - - r . ...i.:..,!.,
IrtDl'' . ii,...- I f. . VI. .....
rholy huo,
With a reference
Cuba and thi me!
bIm-d In Ust l
when ill
have been maili-, aud
fCSim afUm. with il a.ierybil-
Wwa and tbtaetetiing storma shall hsve
beau arwaaed, yoa may reach the Uaveu
of eternal Ui-a. 1 remain
Tsr aincesf frienu,
Boon vilU, Missouri. .LA. V
BuawalT ksil ' raaobod kerne, Li u
ruddy, lolly, U lee ted, Tai -4- H to
the altar a beautiful Virginia girl who Ta
i Med ia the vlllagn near ll coBeg.
Impv Cm. that i- our brio' r.nnii ) t"-
other 'wttb raveral other., remained w at
if it to
hi a land of atran
finey ''1 foi
UM..m tl, mild weatber arrived, be re
turned, somowbat improved la bealih, to
hi home In Boonville. Hp then joined a
party of young men on a hunting oaeur
FawJaa ,K Waatora frontier. Swinging
riUII M aavrw M
loose from all the aterentyped custom 01
bnmu-lifo, with gun. and ainronnuiim
their meana of pieaonre aud u-tauce,
they frit indeed that they were adventur-
ers. llavmg roacuou n -- V ., ,
they freely roamed the prairies aud wild-
. . !. . , iilaln
nmods m pursui wi 8 - r.,
i.. i.. .100 no als were mainly ruruiMi-
1,,. - . . . , a.
j 1... mm. 1,1 nach dav 6 num. ji
m wm Mre a- . , ,
night tbey slept iu the opeo air by day
. !... i,.,.urf in tne ooen air. a. .
bwt mcdicme for Hoary that oould have
u ,.r. ., nl, ,1 He arrow .tout and niu-
cular. Hi eye waa as bright ae before
its natural lustre waa changed oy iue mer
ciless eloods of sorrow. Hia pale cheek
,t,1r ao-aiii. lie was a lanre,
When he returned he
the .tody of law, but apply
. . v. , , . ... .......I ....... he
ini liimsi'll wttn m "" 7Tf ' ,
soon began to study down Ws strength.
and prudence wanted mm 10 anauo .1 ...
Thi. bring. btta ufto the fnalM ff laV maT
ro-uuion on a eaual viwt by kKitli of ue
. ,k. f llrolhorly Love. .O-Cililed.
Til. edimiaulou 011 ihU was a baud
. it,.:iim-nt and wealthy young uier-
-1 vii..r,ri wlwi afterward hc-
Clin.n i:i'iu .
fme Colonel in tbo Coufoderste forces
! m :.... Tbo fires were then burning
warmly which at length spread into the
ai ,i..,..,,.,n nf civil war. lull
a iii w.. - -
..... ).. .Inritie- hi sojourn
l.;i.i..n 1 1,, ardent southern pirit iu hi.
discuasion of tbo exciting top. Je
day while engaged in a warm eoairorer
sy with a northerner, several others,
friend of his antagonist, gathered around
with evident sympathy aud readinees to
support their advocate. The northern
man becoming offi-naive, Col. 0 Un
dauntedly eootitio.d, although he sow so
many opponents ano uo ono uj-
ml lnm. Just tnen a neary w, .a.... -
. ...J t.i.kiui I,a heard
0!1 III rnouiuer ami a. ire -...-
the booster Vkc exclamation, "Ook, atrau
ger! I'm here!- It was the hand and
voire of a broad .houldered, brawny Ken;
tuckiau who looked -rough and ready
nar aav amoaut of ucn Work, as wa
threatened; lol. V rawoa uw u--
1 :. 1.. ...... 1... ika nlLe.r diaOUUlIt UO-
fonded bimaclf with a hearty laugh, MY
.. 1... 1..i.Ium1. Mlhnahaw! we nor
th. rn folk don't fight ao eay about these
lui??" ii :.u At....
litis same spirit mei who oi.
ter iu the hiaua-y of our friend, for iu iic
.k. ,. Miaaom i battles be wo so bad-
it, I -" - , J
y wounded lhat ho waa eomieII-d to eub-
i ,1... .mnntation of one 0 his limbs
mi. . . . . . .
at tbo ihix. I do not know whether bo
survived tho operntiou.
m ....... ;..r..r..,..ii mr rnai a lew uarain.
noii-j . - ,
r i. .... . Measif. ..illiconer aui
Browiilow of Teuueaave had hebl a grand
. .i,h ilu aholiiiouist in the
isiunai iaj r -
1.. .1.. , iiituiitiioiis excueiii 1,1
tka rnsillll Zlr-"ttor orew in
upon one of tbem, who waa advancing u
a a a .1 lainl Kv fill! ri'tllA
.... I,i,i mill Hllll Illt'lJ llilii a 1 '
iiu - r i ,w . att. ..
:f . . ann it ten neattT J Will ib
sL. am a--a. -j- a;viw-a.;uri nw4TVftr wTntltr
VOU. l DOlt " 1 uttiu 1 V
Z- ... am . 1- U'l,..ii UnuililnW Mi't'ST
a I. 1.1 ,M;,w.r;iirv drew pistol
? fiau -.Vt -nil LfoiJ it on tbo tab!
1 1 VI I Sal -- aa--.- 1 - .
liefm-e him. onielly ooservni;,
. ... k. I 11,1. tnr .anerianaa In real 1110 naa ruaue u.
h" rn inm. v., - -r:- r ... ark. U
Ite.ide. ther, are greut many .mm TT VT mid
r.rri, i;o7.brbt -b-
lasssan in i 1 1 a
But why should I aay tide wkon tbo
reedy tongue of my camp anion w smooth
ly told the pertly keeper that wa ware
from a great dietanea aad would like eo
much to inspect the ground, that permie
sioa waa immediately giraa.
From that rude atoae atataary of old
mortality that standa hs ibo aogle tToot
log the eatraaoa. w waudatod about
through the multiform plot, amM the tu
rioua .poeimen. of oteigxacaus, wound
through a very forest of tombstones and
larger moootaanla, until we reached tbo
frail wooden tower which ovurfooked the
valley of the Bcbuylkill. That night I
had to describe the view we oujoyedfrom
that point, In an article lu Heary a albamj
so I may remember enough to assure the
reader that twa anigrim jata u. hho ossra,
did not go away foyleaa from evmi that
visit to "a fluid of grave."
See that solitary cross, ao rude and
coarse, standing on that little alopo between
the tower aud the river 1 That is tho
stranger's grave He came to Pbllaatel
nhia aod died, aud ne our knew even hia
namo. Lot him eleep there I It m a
beautiful epol for the calm repoao 01
J..k If aw. Mand vi.ll It to WCOO orer
his memory, yet there are more dew-drop
there than iu tho higner gronuoa,
dew drop, are tho tear, oi nawro a. sbo
weea over the darkuess tuai sarvnm. m
children. Those toll oak. are worthier
ornamentatkaw the rare vlnee and shrub,
thieb human taate aud treaaure have
plauted over the dust of departed fneuda.
They wok like great sen.tir.ela guarding
the some of his rest. The Father;, nyer
murmur hi. reqeiem. a it flow by bU
tomb, l'orhaps those who lost bim have
foar.d bim forever aud the angrf know
hi name aud tbo place wtiere no wa.
i....;..J tiki haw rnauv ot our own uai .
died the .1!' death mid met far
.k k. .tniii-fr't burial since e
...... I I. namiw silence a
. ... . 11 . .1... ........
retired spot that day 1 ut m "? ,
know their neinee, the story of their
death., aud are watching their dust even
thongu it nver round a -epuicura.
But turn now and enjoy tho ee?-
To the left rum dep, concave nin u. -
acendioir to tbo brink ol the stream. i
i like aa amphitheatre. Tbo trees
ranging alongHt. slope, are tbo apeciatr.rik
The chiming rivor, bridged with tee, la j
the arena. Aud 1 know not w
shall find tho corabatauta tt we ao uo
fancy those roaring coal-trains on the op
posite valley, to be maddied inousters
rushingto the conflict. That long and
bcautilul bridge to the ngni m.iy ...-
for llie cages Ta which thoao monstora are
ne. fined.
But we need not Iwger longer in..
By the time wo rerschod the entrance wu
ri..p,I and wo could find no om
nibus. Loiterinit along wc at length met
... . tnrav wairou whoso anver waa
,ia HarraaVara l aloa aaarwtrka.
Terrible Pargliialtoi tf tbe Po
. . , . . r:..., af from Massa- hisaes me. tnore ww arra..-
ehavita. win. afterward became a daring
f Li1"', wrote
ixa fiiat the lust he
. .. verv ill in M. mpbi.
a. confidetrt that if he were again pro
u .1 i. r m tiie army 01
uarp-'- - - 77. n..,v Ke
uuaiu mi y
( Vf course 1
his file
bim as
1 tall,
. 1 i. Via turrible disease.
iraieu ; , 'a
ansioded sealed. I mourned
dead, and fow ware the graves,
. ..antler heill t.
lUftl oo.viaw m .
Okie year aad a barf ftum the day "f our
parting, a cold gbx-my moruuig m March,
is:,f,. a I yuteyed the Aiuama of tbo
Amciicau hotel in l'biUdelpbia, and gfau-
I w
Ull ni.u 1. j. j f- a.l k k
..ood-iiatured aud were soon jolting back
to tho citv as happy as King.
One night we went to the Ac.demyo
U...K1. k..ra lerturc by fitUiry -WUTO
nwiue. . -a - ,
lkechcr. I do not know who he was that
ujght as the other day when arraigned by
bis church for writing a novel, (for which
ka i... auAIKaOl and permitting it to
be dramatised, V plead thalK..'. Berber
l.j- .l..f...r n..her were two difTorent
uuia awi.w
-tm...... I nrranme ho WilS bolll tUUl
auai u. i"is. . j- - , , .
k. l.ia amrv tur Jionner is eviueni
ly umde no of what be eoucidcr. hi heat
tllOUk'bt IU tlOUl jeciurua ....
J I observe part ot tuai teciurooi aow
i 1.:. i.v,.,n, " writteu last year.
tu 111a . -
ar iu. nr Met to wnte aimtner
ll I... kl. kwlneeliMHlla. for
novel mouey win iw -, j
it ia all he got in this grand oxpctiamnt.
. I... . ,.,. nr. il thoao WUQ uaro reau ..
.1... I... nine I III- I0f ill rCPUtaUOIl
ilia. .... - rJ
he deserves. If ho never tnje again
even the lovem of lietiou wUl norfebyeot--
at IlinMinr iat t(Ml aenaiblo to link heuvi-
nuu "W" . a
ly ou-bim agaiu. 1 have ;rceiy w
work from mortal luaubich, all things
consldercrl, is " vulnerable to the critic
pen. How tan ho liBttlUUg iamiwu"
the North a he doeal -f
His lecture lliat ulgbt waa nam ij mr-
esting, ibough it ov.nced originality ana
-l:u XL .iiuia It was as dry, aa tt
am ' ' , - .
k.n th vast audience, as a shower ot
saw-duat. He read it. ueariy an.
muat bo peculiar- force lo hia extempore
delivery or hi. influence could not do so.
'a. a! L aa. ill flf 11 V.
great, Itut a truce
mouth pulpit ana nuru-ueua . - r
pbia , ,
V I make no apology for my frequent di
gressions iu this narrative, as be who writes
.faithful .ketch of real life Is aurf-
trive a miscella iy, aud conaianiiy
hi tliemes. Wcwent togmtrer to rwn
uiore. We didiut think our dignity com aa we locked arm at ibo depoi,
1, .,.,, t., iha frantic portcis, and
.1 . ...... ..wu .u-'ive
CuUrH" " wo a- a v
Inaomotivo. aWumi Wamdcd OUT wajMip
lUltimore trtt wo met medley of Ub-
luuaryUfe-fair ladiee, a heterogeneous
tliroug of men iu a hurry about all sort
of busiuc., tbo anxious and sbivenue
poor, an imposing funeral procession aud
sgvawauuw-iaiuiin. , . .
vt... . aaiiarated with the
i.aujj, musva ' ajj K .
J..-a - J
HrTkod I aaw ."the Hon." of the
.-.k... 1 1.,, a-iait to Laurel IMI
City wurTiuv. .
' . - a elu,uirh to be re
?VTZZZSL: VVohad foil
caueo m
ad to it permit, and bad to U add,
L favor witir the iauitor. It
. "J.llrktTammoriix. are. conscious 0?
VT. ! Haaaa, ennsolo OOO to reflect
11 uiav wiiii' . - m
. 'a I,t oroide of very small
would hold such offiecaaud tbey
.mnnd a fraaratice that would re
gale any soul that waa not dead to toe
faintest dream of bop aad love.
We all felt we are togetnor one more,
but oh, where eball wa all meet agaiu I
Hare Henry aad I bad a long separa
tion. He settled in Vuxiuia. He mar
rried an aeeefxuatiahed lady, aud ap-ut a
fow year, in tbo untold loy that a nobt
woman breathe anon the maa aba ad
mire and fovea with that profound inten
,ity of devotion which none can appreci
ate save these who are thus blessed.
( Js) continued J
Tka New York TrAa-ie, having be-
ininnaelv dianaled with tlio ac
counts given by the Herald and the IVVU
of the saying and doings 01 inc swiua;..
"conveatiou." lu the Southern 8tatcs,
. .....,'al rommisaioner to Florida,
with a large aaaortmant of brushes and a
bsrrel of fime, with iustructiona to lay 011
the uhltewaeh thick and heavy. 1 he
.,..n aalaated for this work wa Solon
Robiueon, the notorioua old humbug,
aUn twaddle about arrriculture in the
t7i tnr man vears. baa been about
.. ..fnnnl aa th celebrated discourse
about "cosmogony" with which the im
mortal JenkiniKin prefaced tbo converaa
tion which ended in his exchanging a
irross of irrcen spectacles for the favorite
V"ira ' ... Ill l . Al . I MAWOS
andifax-donthat eoltof the Vicar ot oih. aa.
,1.1.1 (. , -A . "Mmmisamuer
,.. . mora unbaUDV missiolV Solon
reached TalUbaaaee, prepared hi. white
ah tinned bia brushes, and was in
.1.1.. in a nrel iminarv flourish before
i.i..,i..n ... r -
.....Tiina thnm to the unclean blacks and
. , J uui. when, lo! tbo convention ex
..I. I lib., a hnmbhcll 1
Tk... waa in tho delectable body such
of scoundreliam. that
ka ,..,... rat bv the ear, and the "mi
nority" ami "majority" are now holding
separate convemioue, ..." -
.:.," i.i.ia that the members of
or shall bo hanged. Both very richly
; ik.t fata. The day after hia arrl
aaavaiw BBBwaa auaw. - ar lmt
val, Robiuaon informed the J rwune toav
there waa more talent, decency and learn-
In If ml flO II IE the black and white ivadicai
k... k. k.1 avar seen In any deliberative
body. He foand fourteen corn-field hands
equal to Daniel Webster and Dumosthens,
aud nfno Yabkaa arTuattera aot at all in
ferior to Heiuy Clay. The very next
day theae distinguished men leu upou
eacb other like drunken negroes at a
eorn-hueMiig," and tbolr conduct was
an trr.ail 1 rial thai Snlon had to drop hi
wbitewasb and tell the truth about the
utterly depraved vagabonds, whom fad waa
J - .. n,ir.-lea of virtue, refinement
.....I ntnanetiei1. He fiill three page, of
k. 7 r hunt nt the am wun arewauw
the Pandemoniuaa into which tbo late
"conveutiau" baa reaolved iuelf. Hcdo
alitrM thai there is no "intent to work,
Horn cfowf Cmt Oaeafory a aa
daad MtUUmn, Instead V A-ddtng a
Hundred MUliont to ifs Rtmmm..
The following letter, adJlHWu! by et-
Oovcrnor Ferry, of Boat iwau-,
CapUin 0. N. Botler, of that Mete, but
now residing io this eiiy, gives a graphic
..J nanlornldo oicturo of the Trrcsent con
dition aud future prospect of the great
Southern ection of our country :
Gkiaimi.Lt, 8. C, Jaa. 19, 18ml.
0. N- Byn.x. Ll-:
Mg Jkar friend: In your letter to
my u you ay that tbe Sortbero rasople
are not aware ef tbe true aondition of the
Soutbera State, and that you wish me to
write aometbtug ou thla aubieet for publi
cation, lam willing, I always baye
bean, to da anytlimg and ererytning in
my power to enlighten tbe Northern mind
a to tbe frightful and appalling condition
of tbe Sooth : but k doe aeem to me
that I oan y very huie uot aireaoy
known, tbrotgh tbe public pres., to the
whole reading community.
It ia well known to toe worm maa .
nl the Southern 8tatca have been binp-
ped ol every veauge of republican liber
ty, and placed bv the wicked and uneon
tilutional legislation of a Radical Con
gress, uuder a miliury despotism for par
tisan purpose. 11 is cqnaiiy wen
lhat negro canveutioua have beea ordered
:. .11 ,1. .iataa (or the purpose of CS-
.klUtriaia in them uecro supremacy. In
order to accomplish this, a very large por
tion of the most intelligent, virnioua a..u
patriotic of the white race nave rjecu aw
franchiaod, and are bt reafter to be gov
..1 ha- ikakr former slaves and unprin
cipled adventurers from the North. These
F..a,- rn KTlOWIl. BUvl U:i vvimv-
quoncca ercry inulligont mind S-vy wtt
.1 m t i.ii 1 ml M
When slavery waa aboliabed in the
Southern State, if the people bad been
lot alone In their State Icgialatfou and re
itored to tbe Union, H would have been
well. They would soon nave recovered
from their exhausted and crushed condi
tion, and been onoe more a, happy and
ey have ensued. I am not able la elate
th. falling off of the eeetee era thi
year, but the rice crop baa fallen I
hundred aud thirty or forty tbaaa
ce to twelve thousand lie roe. Tbe pre
eut year every one will have to devote hi
attention to tbe rawing of a piojrbdau crop,
lie will uot require ao many laborers, and
would riot be able to feed theta if be did.
The agroea have nothing to rjva oa tka
pieaeat year, aud are unable to make
crop, by thcmaelve.. Tbey wW have la
.teal or atarre. This greatly dleeoeweajee
farming In (fie Southern Stalee at rah
time. It yoa make a good arop 0 aro
r is tens, yea bare ao security that uril
not be atoleu or burnt up by tbe aagioa.
In retard to the political condition of
tbe Southern 8tatea,I am in deep despair,
and have' no hope except la a lata rung
ef jastice on tbe part of tue Horta
sopte. The idea of plaofcig tka gov-
ernment of these State iu tbe banda or
ntgroe., la prepo.teron.Iy ab.urd. rione
otrt nave property, an aof dlieltt
five hundred can read or write. Ia tka
recant election for member, ol a eon
y of tka uoKToea
W a
.k.i- . .mea and scarcely 0U IU a
drod could tell after the election for whom
be voted. Tbey were controlled Mindly
by tka Leyel League, im iu
printed in Uhaneoion, wim
I'reairlent Lincoln oa them. There
k.. k. Ifnra a nek a wide fluid
ed for the damagoguea aad aupriDclpled
amranta to oflfoe. The negro i tbe xuoet
creduloua beine iu the
easilv iranooea ou by vile
are disposed to pander ta kit
auT laaaalan. Emissaries from
white and black, nave come ncroauu f-
jadiced bim agalnat tbe white nsee. He been told that unteee be voted tka
Radical tickot be would be placed back
in slavery, aad that if ke voted that tick
et ha would baye lands and mules given
him. In .0010 fnstancee the negroes ac
tually brought with them bridle, to take
their mules borne with.
By military order in South Carolina,
negroes are ta ait ou jurie. In aome of
the districts of thla State tbe negro popu
.atinn is so much lareer than tka white
world, and most
rile wretebe who
the North,
fWlwaaa aaaala4 laV fin.
prosperous people, iukj av
ded hundred, of milfou. annually to tbo
wealth of tho Republic, Instead m coi
hia it. aa tlaav now do. a hmidred million.
D " ar
every year, utrougu
k.t ..,i. wil.Uat tumult nrovsils, tnai
...... . .. . . . . .
,k. nf the convention ha becomo a
"hidcoo gladiatorial arena," that the del
...laa are '-mad anETV bull." He UO
nounces the Radical "lobby" for bribing
ibo members of the "convontion," and the
'delegate" for being "te4ied in wbia
Indeed, taking tbo atatemants of tbe
Tribune's commissioner aa not overdrawn,
a l .1 aU - ....a.aaaa"
we imagino that ot all me --cniiooaa
vet held, that in Florida i tbo moat un
l. .naklv infamous. We Submit tllSt
.k. Truant bait not paid expenses by
....inn. a rnmmissioiier to whitcwaah the
Soutuern tUUieaw. tica. oiwhw.
WaaL!ntos CortMttJBc Kw Tar mm
It apiwari from various respomuo.
be fa
mnruinr we
xm:tntioii of Soon mccUng in Washiu-
aaaa. ann . li.'ft.ltUJll that wa not realised;
r.i .ki....l, 1 aaaaui aome time in the t'ai-i
IUI .11.' UK" - I .
lol. I never had ihc plesanre to meet him.
1- .1.. a.... ..r -ST. we had a brief in-
1 U IUV mmm..-. , f
. aaalsl tbo feverish excilomeut of
Commcncemmittour at'asa Jfafcr. Ai
eonimeuccmeui 1 aa
uwlMuuaailKaB ' wlaa
we fint
scenes of student
, . t .L.,wM in
u.. .a thai im-rp IS no 1ru.11 .U....-.V. ...
,k.. .ttm,.i!t nf certain newspaiiers, mat
ss.(.,.lw.n L. Field. Associate Jostiee ot tnc
fiunremo Court of the United State, in
1 1... nr. -a. lire of ft llUUlbcr of gelltUni. '!l
expreod an opinion condemnatory of tbe
.,atrnel:on act of Conrrres. Some
day ago Judge Field visited Senator
a. ...... aaviMit- ai nni iimiii. "rw.-
"i'l .
.:.. wk... lu, mat several cenllemen.
lu tbo eourso of couvoraaiiou, mv 'J -
,.f Imnartinl' nfifrrd snffraire waa alluded
to, wlwu the Judge gave Li view. aJ op
noaedto such a ni.-!anro at thi ymo. . Hi
.1... .-...narked he thoURht W
conservative tendency a a movmg icaturc
..(' ............mental administration at thai
It...,. unair,l ha desirable as calculated
draw together tbo opposite element of
tho Freed men's Bu-
n.l a atandimr army. But tbe un
just, unconstitutional aud suleidal legisla
tion of Congress has paralyaed ihem for-
w a TI - ta. n IsusnsVwM t II fit
ver, 1 tear, x uo negn. -w 6-. ----industrious,
useful and civil laborer winch
he onee waa, but ao idle drouo and peat to
society. Innate wan bis new ami m. -velous
political importance, he has aban
doned bia former iudustriou baWta aud
spenda hi time iu attending public incut
ings and loyal leaguu, guthoriogl by day
and by night. 1 ne wnoie nw aw -
M . . . 3 . . .k.
poed to quit their woru aun rrawra -
town and village, where tbey may eko
out an idle and wretched existence m pu-
feriug aud beggiug. - ,
The cdbsequeneea arc that our fields
and oUntatioa are uncultivated, the coun-
,r .....lanrzllt. al tUC poilHOl Biai.
and filled with every grade of crime. Not
a day passes over our hcada that we do
not boar ot some men, uoumj
,..i.!.., r..,.n or murder. I will mention
. ...... . j . . - .
two instauees oui 01 inoanua
which mie-bt be enumerated : ive negro
men, lart week, in Darlington Dis't, went
armed with guns, to a country store, rob
bed tho store, killed the clerk, shot a
woman iu tbe house, and weut to the
.l.nllinir of tho owner aud kitted him. 1 A
" p ... ai 1-.
t,..r time ainco a UarCCI Ol i!Ctnn.-B inaaj-
.n ndairuriiniis on the ow uaraiuia
rallfviail. wliicb thiew off a train of
io the night time. Again, at another point J
on the same road, a parcel 01 ncgrwaa
tired iato tbe train, and came very near
killina- several passengers. Last tall, at
Fickeus Lourr, sevcu or eurui ucjus-j
were convicted of murder, and seventeen
or eighteen other sent to the pc-nitentiery.
u;.rl.a. a v r,. offense which waa
cucely ever heard of in South Carolina
far year, past, una ucwourc a j.
mnn' ill the ncizbborbood of tow us
and village. Theft and burglary are of
constant occu nonce- an laoawanwy
.linoat imnoailiie to raise hojra, sheep and
...i. a m.nLk.nian told ma the other
dy that he bad fo,t the laat ooeof bis
aheap, forty uutnber, all tofon by the
a- . ... . 1 k..i
ne.rnaia. Auolker ieuitviu.!,.!, .u.. .......
bean Go vernor of tbe Stale, uafortaed ma
that he had cbjhty-uvu hogr to kill last
fall, aad that they Were all stolen by the
the ubiect of tho reconstruction law
.nmaaaa therefore, that the accusation
"fc-- iko .Indre was based Upon an in
forence drawn from bia view, on political
.n.ii. r. ol aii autirelv different character,
Senator Stewart, U ia uudertood, i very
mortified at the occurrence of aa
grave an accusation resultiug from a eon
voraatfoa that waa aa jy-sAsJ. Oa a
.UrSi TiMW lutli 1 that
... 1, ... ,k.. r-i.niia anil ... in v.tiaaaiull aDOUlU no aaur, a..
urewvii u - -a i ,. . 1 .1.
1;r. Uamnrv ham DO-lit air be sallsiacinruy an"""
come move
and potent in It. ! ' r -nrt eHTnaaL e-d from what aourca.
that they will compose almost tbo entire
iurioa. Hair it will be poibfo to admin
ister justice with such juries, m compli
cated case, ia more than I can tell. Ieav
ryiuaHy al a toe to buaw how the officed
of the State are to be filed. Tka
clad oath" exdudea from omoe B
are competent and worthy. Tab) difficul
ty waa foreseen by General Sickles, and
be requested of Congress tka rumoval of
the teat oath, ueneru una fmmwimm,
ly .uagea ted tbe same thing In Georgia.
It will be impoaaible for tka uJffreaa au4
the worthless white to fill aome of theae
office, or give tho aocurity required by
law. i
Property of an kinds, and a.assl.ny
real eatate, haa depreciated ta vaiaa one-
half or two-thirds during the past year,
no one la disDoaed to purchase any thiug.
and foreign capital baa been driven out or
deterred from coming beta ror invesimeu u
Property sold by the sbentt brings noiu
iag The Marshal of thla State told rao
the, other day that be eold a plantation,
well improved, containing two uousanu.
acres, in Horry district, at nublic auction
tn tho birrbest bidder for five dollars
- - . . a ..
Males brought only nrc aoitar i
A in eat many persons are moi
the lower country , where larva aaa aa Waa
nv and that auction of tka State
1s deatined to become a wflderae. The
same thing must occur tn many portion
of Mississippi and other Southern Statue.
A gentleman just returned from MuwiaaiuH
pi tells mo that lands, wnicn rcniuu aw
year for fourteen dollars per acre, ware
J in . I
now ottered at two uouan pw aw 1 w
no one would take tbem.
Unless there ia a reaction at tbe North,
and, bettor legislation for tka Southern
State., they will bo an incubus to tho Un-
w - . .a . 1
Ion, utterly destructive to tne warnta iu-
pubite. The present military force win
have to be kept up to maintain peace be
tween tbe two race, and tnere m no cer
tainty of their ability to do this long. L
have, for some time, thought that when
the negro government went into operation
it would be impossible pxattaia tka
peace of tbe country. A wax-a-axaja
must ensue, and it will be tka most ter
rific war of extermination that ever deso
lated t he face of the earth in any age ot
I am. with great respect
trU. etc x). r.
ii.icriat ntrt'nt rtOVOa
Tka nm 11 tort of ao muY priafonert and
vi.ia 111 our iails
boeoming alarmiug. Wo shall not long
be able to ford tbem s nor wil tbe prison
cootain tbeuv, The country i ao aaaak
impoverished that it i difficult for the oa-
a Uf al...M - - w
i gau m
u do so.
tan aron throucbout tbe United State,
with the Uovcrnmeut tax and low price of
the .upls, has rendered it MUpoasible.for
the planter, lo continue their business tbe
present year Tbe difficulty, too, in got
ting tbe negroea to work daring tbo part
year baa diaeouraged aad diaguated a
aaaat manv. A UrCO COttOU CTOD WM
ubated hurt stukrg, and a great efortraa
ruadi! by tho xdatner toTwartavo tharr for
turns and give employment to the a
roe. but uulvvrealWture and bankrupt
aw v
artatl namixilrMl
wprc uu whipped of joitice, whj hxns not
- . 11 1 1 initviu mtHJ iui tun aaa vwvw - "
t aa a a t t u
upon hundreds of tnu
race 1 .tox. r
Pkk wBji'raaoF Cauu i? thx South
We obacrrev upon looking through our
Southern exchanges, long liats of parauaa
who bam bean aentaamad by oourts for
petty Crimea or offeucaa, uoariy all of
w bom were neeroes. If tbe latter weaa
tarnyma-ffiau mr mms
disparity iu tbe commit iona of crime t
ar f. 1 : j .1 ,k 1.1
la UO "T. .. .
negroea wuue waaxu luost
was ,11
. if daav reaflvl Mr. Ue.-l
r , . ' r ..::r:rfwnialkerToTTn WasSi
tne laiinrvea I , ..u;.k.J
Oulte aurv, n nwni.u..
ma . -
. ne nrauna
which haa
ou win, n 1
It will be back
ed up by a huge capital, will be strongly
tUdlea, and advocate the claim af Chief
JuatieoCbaaefor tbe Pre-idanay. The
same baakera ar strongly considermg ibo
feaeibility of esublishing a unit class aT
temoon daily iu B iltimore, having tka
ana,, object in view Susk
. Pr-uabwo-anrv-
Saiaaaa .(- W-kd rVlWhfjd
Turn I'UiA mm
inu son the aohurbs of
by two negroes I
iter i..a. . 1

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