North Carolina Newspapers

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aw the ViMhrn M Mk .
Ho. II.
Mahomet MM M iwo u.
Ulfof Era and Ulfafeaaw, that tlm fir.
did m-lt
Mahomet bo vWted the Seventh
cot the ftM. Caoatarul aa 1-5
nuy thiak f It when be consider the
. rinje anion of feed and ertl in the com
tha eharacfa-r of intn prisons
ilowawer.ln human character the rood
...j .n da not remain toeetber without
change; for till the W leaveaa aad
cunterta lb etH, ar fAe evil eurely V
iron or debate u good- Tboe who
do net grow bettor, are eurttlnly growing
n MA I , IBWV VVll
a young
man '
.,.. He ii
much that
lib ail
a iiobhr
neekwon of
m than hit.
lie waa I
compact, com
hining Loth
j r .portion,
and every t
ruimctry iu bin
waa rather rot and
r . ! chViTrd.
Hit email
tapering ejrera t
g ther with
. ute of d U
. V . X.. . . 1 .
toJ far gave lac
pn-.n Hi. I would
f the
Me a Uiuuipi,
lie tu an ori
. A tcaloat mim
1 hie mlb.r That
:. r ol the U"r
miniaarr dVd too anon to eee the abarne-
ter of hi ooly child from thoeo ruinoaa
i aawaiinaa wbarh I' thnu.g ike
n .iba-ay of VoUlll. The niof hi r
1" -V . ... a . 1
w urnet e-aal lo tlx- double duty d. vuivca .
I 1" .
her bt tha Macallan at u. r ton. in-
rbo hod one af J-H
blcatf 11
tfl Lv
IdomaVa aV
. wtmmr
,j a,,
J,hk!7:W. a T Zttl" km in t He b) among the worat men
ruprW knowbrlge of Dotr-rtature to How often baa muritr been the
able tatnua tla. ana in ma way a nr-,
i ' r"r- - , m f I
ihcmaelrea and tin- know more 'be
i aialaatBUr. nera wrn-oireowiia.
1 came and. danger td tno youtn tnan mve c ieent of bi anlortu
..i .ther can learn in tune toprovideagalnal j f W(, Ttmm u i,,lol.
ifMi Ml If m' ..-I .1 '"IT waJaiamanttaraa ia the poetry al tha
jet. poor, urtnrnn- iov.-u o ' ,
ith filial rkvotiori. That lave, to dearly ,
cherwbed by Vr bereft aal, my have ,
I d her ta wdaJgenc-a that ripened into ,
but raw. Ob, moth. ! Hi y arbHwd
.fTretioa pnar a tt poion mto Ho lav irt. ,
ot year ekfldrun I W by w ill you albiW
. i u. -i L.. ,.. I,...! ina to aire
. '" , ' i
,l..t linanu. Li, b u kaow wul nadir-
wrbap. but al. ! cannot correct the cvtl
n may brv which vo utBkt hf failing U
-aart y.rtir antboril for the guud of your ,
n cttuaren
i.i ii ii .ii : - .
(jraovitlr waa an eulba.ia.tlc
. . !
' i" oman in her level'teat elraraclera.
Fond of mnsic and poetry, biawrlf both
iu'1-ician and Boat, aw I
... r,i r
a tpirft frrtl
nluaaanirr. with a reverence
te tor tne claim
..f friendabin and Uie gentle and digniBea (
smeoiOca f aocial iuiercourae, an accom- wio beautiful wrher and an elo.,
uueut apeaker, be waa calcaUled to win
the f4var of the fair and cxerta faaeinaUng j
I - . .. a
oiHuencauvcr hir wmtn1ouT WTtbrmt f
there waa a acred' regard lor religion lhat
fun .waved hi large and restlesa heart,
aud brought U to the- crota
. oi ru. '
psnitenee and tra.ttug wve. .
ilut after all, vwa predominate! m ni ,
cuftaeter. (kne br one wicked littMrrU. Unuiiuin .in 1W1. tUe mrtian tjf j
ere Contract. It drank, ne g
at I T . I I . .. I 1
unit Jd.
he, learned ta twear and to spend IB
nr evn tiitnrt ami in a recaiess
a reckless
w7t anu. 1
lI'U-' iijat
ha vielH, H in th. ardnrtioiia of her a
huua it tka way lo bell.
MX limit. wwHe at College, ae n-mnn-
J M .1. tL 1. . I. l. 1... J 1
aaujotuwa two mucvo , v. -v ....
naoitiy, W Kt lint enmign m smoam
lum, and aft timet ha apoelatmeo u
.: 1 J T.. .iti.ii..
inuet wa oi.mi.aea irom uaj mi.".i. ,
He waa r.otoriou for hit baleful Inflii-
eaa over minor met. I have teen uonte
y i
and pi.ojs voutba a-radually but Mire
drawn into the eireka of hi fatal charm
until their maniineee withered; and tb y
shrank from the companionship of virtue
10 lie down in the miserable abode, uf
shame and eth. fta remarkable wat bit
liiiBuenea in tbit regard ibat on ana occa
sion, When Ur. Uiren, We t resiueni
J I. 8. College, preaebed nr tb
Odbncr, bo portraved-tbi deadly eWac
vi. which inhtat literxrv
fcatlluthw, ni
vividly that a part of the
and looked al. Granville
audi, nee tarmd
n. aM bow he
: !?rY,b
... . . t t 1 'a ?.l
c-ubj bear Uie terrible deaenptmn to . faitlt-
i Own ennrtuel ' It VB Till!, ttte
thed divine had heard oi him
the fearful denunciation tpa-
cially for kirn.
w aat a eonln.ion or pictnn-s nit mem-
4 tee bini n w
nlad with eonident
attaranee the abttrtice problems of Math-
matiei. Tnen fee looked in every termr
the noble ttudent. He waa ' narlirular! V
loud of that branch and easily ov.d
Jiietinne which ertjn n-d palimt and pre
onged application from th Irsl-gratl)
laonibert of tin; eJat'.
it Mailt. I recall him at be entered
the eaeaaT b the atartiiaa after a night
areweal. Oa warjd eaate atangariag ia.
iui ta w
and aimed
y awollra lid, in
Mtoaal undrt. uniform, hU hooU a-d long
aattoa fowo being the only addition to
Ma tohVi after be aroae (roar bed. At rucb
timen a eteee look Into bie quiaateal face
might dote bi eonarioMneea of the gro
taoaae figure he preeeuted.
Again I rreal! bin a, with meek fcee
and rrntk tone, ha atamta and leJU the
dmcaphja of Jeeaa haw Ua heart melted
at the thought af bia aina apinat the anta
riag hrra af hi Savior, and bow ho had
Eyed and traatol and boon lorgiran and
One week I war aick and confined to
r room, and be eueut moat of the week
wU), mP He Mtfi the ,
jCtlr at other thus,
amy exterior there wa
wrt or a latlblul,
.loo rvi d
that beneath a
gay exterior inert waa a mooo Borrow
that often I tali ad Mm to raeilieannt or
h roamed Mm nHth raaMtatwdy. la the
tatimary of aajr aeaeeiation, 1 atked the
tecret of hi nnhapiMneaa, and ha reveal
ed it to me. I cannot write it all here.
fltwh thing may not he pablitbed among
ua with nroprietj. Bumce it to aay that
be taw, lut wa enkmdled in hit recVlei
boaom, and ere long a fair and treating
woman an wrapaod in the weed of re
arortefnl deanlation and wept over the
Mew of her nraWd virwe. tiinlliW
brrmgwt rniaery not only to her bat to In r
UeawetVrth there waa a .bin den on bia
heart'that no gai'y or pleaanre could re
nwve. The gbotl of that marden-d virtne
baaatad him through all hi change and
wanderinga. And well it might be, for
there are tew tin darker than that wbirb
black en the tow) of the man who will de
liberately lead a gentle and innoeont girl
to the thamblea of bia bellinb mat. Aoiue
bo will read tl.i have wronrht tbta fate
of rata upon the fortune of thoe who but
(for them might have apeat Uvea of nreful-
ueat aud retpeeubility. lo them 1 ap
peaj; Have yea aarrmoraef Are you
a.llaa an far tkat it IRIUi l no ibaiUC oor
B gret tn route nr Ute tbt jm rprtratijii of
tbit Inleriial offence agatnrt tocb-ty tnd
virtue f Then, I onettieii there be a
crime in the eaubigae of human crime
-I a, .U - - ......... ir it I I . t .ai i.iiiii
, wonU Bwwar
, , , .i,.,. deeo r-nmiv
uftcr aedactloti !
liraovllle wa aa arueni uinir-r
R tm h j
Wat aa ardent admirer nf
Uiler. It i. a aarden of liierary uowere;
w kJ frjMrMi,ee ttmt at
fr Heh,tn and pollutca Uie aoul.
? ,g ia rfUe potency
(ftfrnpi principle aa di.plycl ia
w rfvjif fa nd M m b'u
, how n tent parent
. i-. .i U:.
can allow an nnepiirgutei wimi '
. . . ..r . .
. . . r ruaJI Wcil pruUJ
y (tog w Crtrmpt the pure youth
' ..iont of the land, than all the
. .
nii'eene Daoncaimu w in ivii"
i that ever emanated Irom the corrupt pre-
i of New England.
. , . h. i .;.iMA I
In Ue name oi ui-rr-ncv jt
.ln,tlh moial rklcssness i
... , .
vnlved ia placing in the banda af the
ynmnf. m ,o0me f Byrau ar Bbakrprere
.jn,. tyme pieees which are so dc
. i,,,. and ruinously cor
, The young man who, prcactit.
?ot eiitu r to a l idy mart be charged
eailWr with thnughileaencta a to what be
d . w w.,h their con
a. , ij nUfnl a hook
wi,lout knowill,5 ,U coolen
contents) or with a
IWroaa offence asaintt modvatv and viriiu
w ken (m t'M,Mer-u were roulu.1 a:,
.. . i...'i MW."iteiiaJ-
- . ' ' ' " a c. .
it... force, lo which Isntnvnie neiona.-n,
. ..1 , .
. tjn pwalnbrgbi rur-
- wna mmm mm in i.mi 1 -. 1
reiider. he fought till the f.a waa ,an;
'near iiim, and then wirh fixed byiract,li
. ,l iirm,.t r Roncncrau : but
1 T . 71- , liALi.
j,. hunwH ue tell, mac uigm ,
. fci o ApB -0- ,8m-riiig 1
. . r-nlied. "Ye: I am .offering the
DAIIKtJ Ol 0fTH, VW I mm. rrvrn t w y-
hall not know it." When ask-
. . . . . . . 1 1 .1 .
a .1 I 1 a - a a tk aa
ad if ho bad any measage for bis wife, be
siiuidv aaid, "Tell her Afe in defence of;
- Tn. ll I'kL. ........'
Wa. Tri 1 f II....
Ilia nolo lliu waa a 1 mure
m-dn ... bv vice. Alaa ! poor Uran
Tk NHiat bfa V
Tluiriatmbr whUi. $r
. ii.,neachti consist. mtlv in tli ex.vie of .
tu . I. baa b-o myd hy a" hi i-e-
awVltas. rSl
I ' u. u I m . ttras rtl 1 n 1 1 1 in iittj wttMt't. -
-y Oofn-nent m tlia wort!
albal in rraeatior. bv a aeetenO-l
in mm iterant .action of tha,
..I;.', whicli
tW IB mmmi BW01 r"arw.i wi
umitLJJ .ayetv that Un tame
IT . . ... 1 fcl 1 tltns
M.nton, wnoij"..
net U.-iM-rl, advid tat I'rewdent 10 remit.
An t uow uw Prtatdvnl to 10 b impeaelied in
Sunioe'a wsWraat aseauae aw bvliere. the la w tu
I.. n.K-outiilutional. and iatMuUp.oed:iiJ
1.. br.u It to the iadicial Utt I
-.t:w...-. . -. ...
Oeorgia eaeuanfe mva. that whil a ma-
jom r At plantar m me
PwiU'ai. ol thai otaie ov ui -i"
m itieirait'mptlortiae cottoe, almoat erery
fvaw 111 S .ri'iern Oe.wgia aa. mad money
1 y rtieing wheat aad corn.
TV Asbevine A'taa enntain a Card, tiened
bv etht citiatnt of Htywmd eoanty, witb
d .awing from he -toy trgwa,ad tocr-
m - 1 U . . ei ii '
t iwi iug hw "the Urn
, Btalandawbnwmaa.
r .r
It ia clearly manitett from the Wle-
grapble meaeagea teat ta WatMagtoa by
the Itadieal Uoveraora af Paaotylvania
aod Iliinaia, and intended to operate ap
oa the action of Uongrc i" luc matter
of impeachment, that the eonrpiratort
wiionave been engaged ntwawwe
poe the 1'retident, and tbaa lo pntaett
ihrataelvc of the Kxecativa power Car
par-it n purpose, bad concerted all tbvir
nefarioua ulan to aa tn strike toL- 'lo r
at a particular moment, and upon a given I
rnad Tboao (iovarnara now almoat
threaten a wew eirH war, and tor ounce
that troop are now oJrring to came ta
ibia eapllatjii i . ' i ui jtnMatMr"tx"
If Ibete meataret are aerioaa, they are
little calculated tobttlmldate tbote againat
rbaaa ibev iht ha directed t for eatriea-
im doee ami .brink from tha ditcbargc of
Jtmiv uaAar iaa ialntan of caVntive
threat. If ibev wre onl .Intended aa
violent folmination, the trifling it unbe
coming tka gravity of aa eoiemn anocea-
We never doubled that the revo
lutionary cable which now really control
tlui majoriirt in Coo great, and which, by
dint af audacity, arrtitteney, and vla, baa .nceeJcJ ta all iu dwptrate
mcaaarar, evea againat the better judg
ment of the party, waa prepared lo uke
any alep, however roth, in order to carry
aat iu wicked aud destructive detigna.
Hence, we have endeavored to prepare tha
public mind fur aacb a condition of thinga
aa ia now upon a, and have not ceaaed
to warn the country of the danger UmI
hat long been Impending.
We had not tuppotcd, however, thai
tbe.e scheme, bad been to far advanced
aa ta be backed" with armed organization
in the Statea, aucjt aa j uow openly and
rocklertly procUiiuetl. We kuew that
Ceoeral Oraal, after goii; over lo the
Jacobin., aud renoaneing bia recent pro
feaaiona of tympathy with the Prrtidcnt,
bad, liko Brciwu, llirowii bia arord into
the tcale, ami ejpecH-d b that proc-ed-ins
o deter tboae whom be tbamefully
dctertrd from the fnltiliu. nt of lk)i cii
rtitntkuial obligatbraa. At Ute menace
of tha regular array did not make the
Prueident falter in ki duty, it is not to be
supposed that the oiitrageoua threat that
have bean icd by partiaa Governora
will alarm any American ciliaeu who has
tin- firat iiisliuet of .patriolitm and true
courage. IT we are to be aaaailcd for de
fending the Cnnslitatkm, for aunding by
the aacred inuliiioiai of the patt, for p
nntiug anarchy anu ty runny , for uphold
ing oar free 'uuiitnti mt, aud far n-siat-iug
the progna of a military detpoUsm.
mi let it be. The people of the Unitid
State, will uke care to tattle these qurs
tioua for lbctn.elvc, and iboae who et-ek
to employ fewer at their only argument
will find 'in the hour of trial that they
have counted without their boat, and ill
miui in s.imiw the altrmnt to subvert
libit Go-crnmnt by miliurr power. One
more lormidiibie pmponwoa
w concoctid here a cnibt l
titfiig arm of the IsrSple, and
conepiiatora would to weu to
iction iu that recent etpericnee.
- , r .t- .
st: j 2
Jipti I Slfinyrso'.
UK It in- 'i vm.i n.
Q10 W.tiMuItt iNt-xl.
Wvhbictca Feb W 0n. Tlioma. tp
peared. tin ns)ring, with hi Counsel, before
J mite farter.
The Jndge,l a mbwi f.w BtaaWoo,
wirhhi ertswitiawn aswl other donnaaw,-
-tt.iii.ii'- kovsn aaki-d a ixistpaMicnieat.
a.1 TW,' k aers ol'ieeled, ln bail
bun ami lie waa now a pi
A ' auea arrw ra deraan.le.1. but J'aW
1 n ..1 Tl....Btma arit lwllr.-!
Vil"lr IUII tCTIrtat a r
TL clones thtt tu titer onlt-ta ile Umn l -lurj
nmreapeete Hi u f at ajfliwar
... . .., .. ,...,.,...
aainsi mai.ion win.--.....
Washington, bVlj. .Senate: Four hnn.
l-ril 1 :iir 11. optOnisiauu pretented a nirtno-
il ot giH.vCes. aiw asked rencl; .wniun was
,, i,,.
the Juowiaiy. i, .
omeennu reiorninj criminal in
ien ciMiHIIM-s w. ,ii-M.
. . 1 1
Tb bill wa re ujtuiilHTed to Oe morrvcau
tiortsty re-worded. .
Or 1. in routine raafaioiooa residing impiwh
ment, lavseih
A BiiwRtna: Uarinr's Perry, panasd.
8vai Sen .t.":J mtmiaied .keaat abnnt a
o-ovktinn for vioiaiioo ol list Tenure-ol .Hlc--bilT, the i iiwaehment eliarg. wih
einhfice .even or ebtlit'omini".
-llatrwyTwe Hume ounuorreJ tn the p
pleiiwaial B'-in"',ction bill iwtaedn Jetter
,Uv by the Sentle. It provide tfiat a in j .r
iry nt"vtertaha tarrrythe Ouwatoutlon. bVg
wi-,.t ...rsv.11. sl...i. rote aiiywU'io in itie
3.... .fi..r 10 ,fav. residence, ft.., and lhat f
GmgreMMMial and W.te i4em1orii. ahafil he,.n....ndv with lhat Kw ralimwIKMi ol the
Conntitmion. Vote, U6 to 31 TUe, boll Hues
10 lb Preideiit.
An Arhinias Nearn't BM Knowts
. .A..
TV neioe not beinj read ia we Talmud,
oor conveitaot whh IheatuVra, frea neatly five
verv orniiiial oooi'ueoU on turni'urat Us ulten
jgB'li nlaa wtjpiaar vewaVaaVoi
llie ftc't iheaeadTe. the Del Am ( Arbtnsa")
OcMaat, Peaawary 11, annum toe lulljwtak
insunee : ' , , .
A few dav ago we heanl a freeoinan, wno
armed fa be the NeeMr of ll oeowd lie wo
t.lhiut.S'lio.anangflenuy on tb loiutevny
ot itar anle-b-liiviaoa He mid. ' in Hem day.
people didn"! mar7 nil dey wa two hiindred
vears oM. ami at rurbiv .toy waa Kirto aaawa.
"A aahlo bvsumtor remarked lo the group uf
haareradata to; befee de Bnod de peope wui
. 1. I . ! . .1., I .. n "
L. . T
3 J 71 . E
teenty-nve ywam em uw or -
Far what eaaaa hi Preaident Johnaan
to be im peached, aaaT what high erhaa
miadtaaeaaar baa be aammiued ' Tbo oa-
tanaibla pre-xt ia an inaalt lo and an out
rage upon the intelligence af the nation,
and ouly need to he named in" WW to
provoke an onthnrat af botreat indigna
tion. Ia tha exrreiee af bia outmtitolioo
al function! ha baa thought proper to dU
p tat an offrntive aiember of tbe Cabinet,
who haa abuaed bit treat, violated the
aanctitv of the moat confidential connaela,
allied hfr' with the J'reeieVart'a aac
miwm, aad aoatpirad- far bia dawnfall.
Ever aince tha toanaatton at tne govrrn-
menL at all tiatrt UM under ajl ciicum
undcr ajl
c :ZZ ii. j.l 'U1U Li. Awn P.M.
" " tCZ, I
KSwlMta W-b-
rXTu Johaaoa. Aad ewan aUf U I
eiiil lenoro-of office bill, which ia ncon-!
atltntional on iu very face, and wnicn waa
fr.mMl for an exiirea nartv pnrpoar, it
waa declared duttuelly-durlpg the disco
hich ihua aervee a a coiitcaapo-
raneoua apnttrectioti of tha law by iu own
framers tha'. there wa no intention to
apply it to the Cabinet officer, since It
could not he tuprmaed that any of
honor would consent to hold ueb a posi
tion who diffarod ia any way wbk tfa
viewt of the Preeideut. The per Iwn
fttanton waa lent nnderatood tlien than
now, uotoitou aa bad been bit batenea
aad venal. I) ." .VufnW InUWjmctr.
One of the enterprtaing aay nU of the
Stae, wbo.c waadaiiagt led him into
the mt out-of-the-way corneta and be
nighted localities of Itobeaon county,
where the enlightening influence of alive
newspaper has never been known, dis
covered aa aid woman abate ear had
never been mocked by the tiding af a
peace which haa proved more direful tian
war, and who, iu bliasful ignorance, wa
ttill knitting tockl for the soldier, d
taking Confederate raoney M at change
for her ehickeaa ami egg. Poor, dear
eld eoui, her waking wat a painful one,
and our friend regretted, when too Ubs,
lhat be had undeceived her. Better have
been left to go on tn the end of her dy
knittine aock for fwt that would never
wear them, and awarding the only money-
that can be buried with profit. ImiI Ihurr
it no Imp., of tins now. filie take, the
lT, aud aa long a her old eyei can
follow tha liner, there it aa hope of her
fulling behind tha tin. We exonerat
ed our ageut for taking her aubacriptioa
in Confederate money, which we have de
termined to devote lo the next charitable
object that comes in onr way. Morning
During the discuiamn of the auffrage
q nestiotr hi the Uuritt Vanvenwn, Ob
Friday, Mr. Kumey, eVbgate frna Da
vtdaon comMy, now eigbty-oue rear, old,
raUcd lua tottering form and .aid that it
it war in bit power Jm would allow no
minister of the Gospel to vote who btd
waved for the tucrettof the Confederate
MM.e. He also aid be wat in fivor of
diafranchUiug, for Hfe, all whom Con
great had placed under the bin, and of
taxing tbt ir property a long aa they held
a dollar worth iu the Stat. He could
not for bia ute forgive them, and nut one
of them, bv bi vote, tiiould ever be td-
-I milled to ibe balml-bo.. -
VI, .! . i.itiublo nbieet dnet tins poor
..Id nun nrcseiit. On the very vcree off
the grave, be raise hit feeble voice againat
his own race. He Cim eo sei.-nii.Mi-lv
vo.e in favor of the enfrajreliiteioerit of
the moat ignorant and, depravod negro
but rush men aa Wiil. .111 A Graham he
would diafraiiebito lur life. What a rhame,
that thia old man tbouluViu bia declining
ear, arrav bimaelf in deadly boetility to' nice whose blood coursct in his own
Such in exhibition ot vein in is
oadenon-fhinlayoni.g man; but in one lour Inch guage. that they may propeny oi
a, 1 -I . 1 , 'bi ZmT M-jri ve ,r. ii is Ivutothauttima. The common navel that they
mm 33 .I y "Laydiwttheir heart aud co.iscieuee of all
,of:roie.- 7-i..'.''.'- .. '
Cbnvrtation wHA General Grunt.
I RJunT Mr. O ant m the 'TafenTOrnSe'ei-"
arn'mbigOHiii itent cijftr bot.ln
Mbl mormuir, Mr. t.rnnl.
' tJood monnn-i. Mr Ib-a l."
' He ami m tin Wr ufli.v n.nv V
"No. I'm in the PalciH Oll'tee twr. wiil you
n..lce f . 1
"Tea, ptoaa five ua al jfhl ; be von peing to
rim f.a- llu. MaMhaA lr. f
"I sto H.-v.-nly 111 xioxi.l men in the battle
of the Vildei iws Mr. Hewl "
y,-.' wlili Mrm were the slewed men
fir'h'inj .hi, Mr. Ornl?'
Here he tnt down, so a- lo i:nav . ener
That' all lie saj-l
Sai.l fadaK 'Mr1, Orant. f.ilktilotri know
l-tHnrUthe-'end of tla cigaa4 r..,brwffwk .aannxjng ht
wre-re von stand, .bi you f
"Wliat b.- del you bet en al in..- race I lie
oilier .Ur T"
"Mt, lochia' f Wat, : ibrhwwyaaTT
Irvinf t" ride. old-W;" an.t "iliereby hati(ra
tai.1" He Ht another hero.t, nsl Km
llr. Grant we ar aorioB u-iribly ilown
aVrth, co.di-aoVym.anil a.,ne irtittr wom.n
wml in down some tiacts
I will s)HHk lo Mr. Stanton, tnd if lie lit
not anything fa- me to h in tliV nlnee thiiaT
lernoon, I'll get eoine cigar, aud take yoa out
to ride."
I wa. ratrsfted by the above con vernal ion
thai fr "-.
ram wa t ttn at man
h.l a man to
kedi.l: be ia more on my reeunpr1 man
man Hioce qualilie.1 as a man
tlou) Anna LVkni'-ai ever was.
Acer Orltmni C'osani am utt
Ornmat Miaamt. Oeaeral J. ft. M.-grod,-r
pn-..pttd l.nneeU oa Priday toat, a
tlw Clerk'. OnVse af the I'aited Statea Ua-uit
Couit, of New York, ami propose.! u take
tki oath o allegiance, wmcn wat iiiereapou
Jul admintotered to
Wbrta. " - e
6, 1868
' M , TWCT. I am,
We umderatantl the aegre-lUdieal 0a
venltoo lor thia Oangrctaianal Dlatriei
met ia thia aity, an yeaierday. .lanRt
It ITirria. nerro. wa nominated, but de
-lined on the eronnd lhat the eb-ction of
a negro to Oongrea would damage the
puriy at the North I Col J. T. Ueweeae,
Uej;itr ia BaokrupUy and Yankee, war
tlien nominated. It will be aaen, by the
Card, in another column, tliat J. A. Me
iKmald, of Chatb-.m, declare himaelf an
iudepeudont candidate.
I bia whole proceeding ia aha. UdM
tliioe- aver nerDCtralcd. The uoiniunliou
of IIi ria waa tiuinly made to delude the
BMateJJaTtTeT-" MittTBS J Tt' 1
neavoea. And he never
And he never woom nave ue
mill lit
alined, if he had not been paid to do ao
Hehdo-btb-m, nmeived, Hta m
eorrarHioa fund, a fail peaaniary
lent for hi. naffwltc tbuegtiwu, as e
inav oon et pact to bear of bit making
another trip North, giving PbHadtohla
the go-by, for obviont reason. IMiewdfce
Radical, lankee aad native, are octtr
miued to have all the paying offici o tbrm
selvr, and the National t ommiltee, at
Washington, for the ottentfljle reason,
alleged by Harria hi declining, have fur
nis bed the ateana lo bay oeT negro aspi
rant Inr tM the oaSoet. Whether the inv
groca, who are not intereated iu thia cor
ruption bnthiet, will eland by mid tee a
few bundled scalawag, monopolrte the
officer., to wtrWh 'fhebr mimbert eoii, le
lie m. in the lladical diatribution, remains
to le seen.
The nominee, Deweeae, ia ihe BJnat ob
noxious man bi tbo whiU people of Ibis
District, and we hobl hope tnall right
thinking negroes, thai could hate been
pnt forward. bite aa omer iu ibu Fed
eral army, bo made a tpcecb, deoouncing
thc President, and boasting of Uie ntfoei
tict which be bad an oiKirtuuiiy of in
licting upon the people of nndef.ndej
portions of Arkaneas, during the war. He
is Holden't prima pel and favorite asi-.-i-ate,
iu.ilevol.-nt, vindictive and proacrip
live, a negro equality man, 011 professed
principle and by actual practice. W
should Imaorry "to belbve, wba we do
aot beltetre, hat aneh a wjan could ever
represent the people of thie Diatrict, white
or bhiek, in auy public capacity. IUI
Stnlinet. , ,1- --1; -1-Mr.
Juno of WaMwjtoh.
Our a.t very yooog ' liivnd " liia jay.nicd
from U'esbin-lon, teeiu (a U- bent upon at
taining the bad eminence of tecuiiiv.. a seal in
Coofrest by the ik-.t.. vote af the drat Distriet
He will have atliaip cuotatt to o'oiaiu the
nominations Jit ratal enter, ibeli-e. iih C
0. Pool, Prench, of Wirshington City, an.l
Wett, af Martin, and Aveer, must awl down as
low as riotamte -IneJant .hjo hi purpose, 4a
ogered the followinjf oath, as an
to ihe article on wHrVaRe, ami aretd ii. a lop
lion by a Vebeunmt, low down eecl.:
' I do tatomnly .w (nrafa-m) that I will
support and maintain the 0 ..rtstiMtion and Uws
at tti U.rtte.1 rbatea nnl the O.MHHtoti.H ..I
the Stale of North Carolina, not iiK-niieni
therewith; that I will never raMMauM orai.!
in the teceseioo of tlti Slate from the United
SUt(tr,.and that ftrflf acetyl !A pJOienl and
toci'd fnalitg V -' s" '"'P ""' ' ' "' "
8.10K an oaih. tbnoe neH1 "
tite terms ot the Alabama test oath,
disfranHiiaeat least nineieen-tWeiOjetha of ito
wlrttenren of Nartto 4RaW Hoob aowuVt
ii:, v l.e forued bytlm aword npoii ilea win e
peole of ihe State, but anilfaint!.m and Al
licaniaation,'y in pri.iei4e. lait peaetiee,
inuat lake place, before any n.miler uf wlair
men waahK taks that oath. And yet Mr
.(...,-- would InisBaj ITwena the a bit pear-toot
the Si.te, who have henuiaWe recoTiiicai him.
ti,H nbo will bvneelorili Urn llirir uet-KI ii.on
ni,.i tt'e are i.leaaed to a l l that Mr. R.l-
man adininhitered a serine catijatim to ll"-jay-awd,
and C.4- Heufon, wTare turn, made a
st rong appeal aaaiu.t so olijcolionaj!. teat are.
Tlu? amendment of Jones was iejected, nmeli
to the diacwonlanj of hi Ouu.nsuiomd pro
Mdi ItU. Smtintt.
Masoskt teaebea her member lo uer a
lamb tkia or white leathern apron, an aatotew
of innoeene. more ancient Uiau tile golden
lleecoor Roman eagle. To use the tueuty-
four laeh guage. that they may properly di
i -a..i.- ,jc mL . g Km taiu. i
their mm.U as living sioaes, f.r tMt itptritnal
binldiutr. that houte not made with bands.
I Mtt.mAl ft. Btt Ireavene.
n these alone to aer.iplish ber noble work.
f..r every well rewniated lAls hat 1
llhbMi nlwaya praatat. . from- Whteh Me
sne may learn their duty to ue another, to
their country, and theirfjon. In thi bless
ed toark man to taught wbhi,aad how
h is to lite, if be ever gets tu that, "real pre
pared for the j-eople of ioi." That the law
of the Lord 1 perf.-et converting tbe s.aiU
Tifi teartiimavjsure makieg wtoethe simple
Ilia statute right, rej.acuia tbe heart ; Mis
eommandmeuta pure, enliifhteniue; the eye;
Hi. fear clean, endurine forever; Hi indif
ment true and righteoutaltoifether." Than,,
is Masonry eouippt-d. au.l reiyiug on inej
promues of ttie Almigntv, sue "
n.r. tkstnat mountain of ia Whicli Ml
. .. . r 0 . . . . 1 i
blighting tlx pn-epecw tu our "ii.Y
V..r she come or frgln i4ated.
lor one of bet eardinal prlnelid.. ibrotbr-
lv whieh theaeiies lier to reaar.1 Xfr
whole hnman specie aa one family; tbe high 1
and b IJJ" fSlS
B. ."t.7 - -
nlauec arete aid. support, aad peoteet
each other. On . tbt pmicip!
nitts msu of everv cuintrr. sect, and opin
ion, and eoociliatee tree frieraiahip. among
tJwee who luight ntberwtoa reinaiu irtaper
irom eaen oro-r. 1 111s va
nay of Masons, eompoeed 1 men of every
eoiintrv. ohm, kluare.1. li.Deue ana pwtne.
comes forthwith boldueet and courage fa. eu
t..r into th an ark. to ameliorate man '1 eou-
ditiou ; to prepare the way for the epread of
1 I........ 1:....
put.' Int,',u It". uuuriHr. v. . - -
Jhtr. A. J. Mmem.
The term af twenty-one Coiled
Mors til expire 00 the ith of March
wwam faBtHBB are Retmbaotn ana e.
wwranlam anfjanoa '
,!. f.M A aniM Mb a We -
t'T tk.' (ltd Vath ".
fjaWpHtfin. Feb. W, IMS.
ileurn. KiNtDrn Tlili.kiug yaur read
era would like a privet tetter mi the pre
eediugi of tb H ale C'aarwention, 1 have
con. d to write yoa a few linea
Tb suffrage qlicttinn wa uueler eoa
tbJeraimu for tit days, at a coat lo the
State ..fat hast $8,000, when It could
have keen paeeed la owe day aa ea-ily a
6 six. tte much fur the gratification af a
r men, in toiler lo ri t iheir nam. ill
the uewtpapert forelectioneering purpoae.
hereafter. Tlicy Inally got to wit
Monday night, and passed, upon aecond
readiog. tha fire, twa arUtoaa of the ma
jority report aa 1rieiue from tha commit-
tee. Several attempt were matin to amcnu
by inverting test oaths of a ditfraiirbning
character j bat they were ll promptly ro-
ted down. There hi been a awed deal
of tamper exhibited within tba lea week :
a fire-brand waa ihrowti turn ihe minority
lo ihe mtlority ride of the Hoiiaa unit
week lhat seems to nave innameu
. .. - - . , , . j ..
side very much eo much so tnai oi.tran-
1.12 .L. - - a - baa Ii 1 tell aal till V tt f 1 1 -
ClilBtrir a rwrww waw wty w.watv ware w-w
One of the lie publican! in at
, , . e pOlllimCIlt OI ULICK.IC W .
rpiecka few day ago, .a tha artbeeet of , nTel)tion The nnl. rf Mr. jfel...i.
disfranclnaing the wbuer, We , rf 0blUbamt taoagb raportad by the
motMel tfiem know that we are their mat-, w tltiek Vltt, and
ter," tec. .. bit IlepubUcaaitm wa aaaailed 00 ...
Ormerete aaeHement rarevwbM in .- (.g"7XriTnded bimtelf vi
die II .Ii Ibat wonung MM atH af ra-, UcMniei the WM ialo Afxiaa' uhw
ma.kt nlad, by ileesr.. AaUaT h. Dar- , JgT
ham, on Monduv night, which I aapKe . ' w . .
von have teen; but waa tetlled for the 1 Tha X. P . O. boat ted, in bit Ipeech of
pretenl by referring H to a committee, ! acceptance, that Ae waa not aliaid to meet
who I boue will be able to tettte it final-1 Gov. Vance on the .tump ! H
j sooner -pluek the Ncroean lion by the
The report of the committee in the jo- j beard," put hit head fa the iw. tfl tbo
dictal department has been dicnaacd and truth, or ate mantling aqaaBy dctporitc,
partly pisred. It abtdish. County I'onrtr, 1 at to meet Vance before the people.
mnket tweh-e jadieir dietricta in the ! would walk a long wart, hi the rain , any
tUate, abelithee Court, in ,uity, aid day, to hear Vance take hold of the X
makes the Supreme Court to have the j P. O. There would be nothing left bat
- ,.t .imlw. it uow baa. All : a efTV gmatt crease .pot, after tkat tk.n-
1 be 3 doll's of the !ii pieme and Rnpcilor
Court, and Solicitors are to be elected by
the people. Itgiv. s i lie Clerk of the 8u-1
perior Court jurisdiction over mott af the
buouert berctoture iranafa u 111 u
County Courtt.
The kendbtiean Conventtun ia In e-
sion, Tfiey have nominated W. W. nol
den, for Governor ; Todd R. Caldwell, far
Li. 111. Governor 11. J. Meaningee, See-
Hilary of State i D. A. Jeukina, Public
Trrasnrer; ft. Adams, Auditor; C. L.
Harris, Snperiiitendent of Public Wurkt ;
Mr. Ashb t, Hiiperiniendont of PaVHa la
striiclion ; W. Al ChliBiait, of t abarrus,
Attorney General. Mettra. Peaiaon, Rod. mid Pool are spoken of for tbe Su
preme Court bench.
The t'onvention seems to be full, a
--' ..... I.Ufba I .ee In.- one
I.e.. I .", . I . . 1 1 a. ' . ....... - -
debgate from Rowan, Jo. Ballard. I 111. -deretatid
they nra-not near through ! aud
will continue in session to-morrow.
The Conatltutional Convention will not
adjourn before ".he lOlb or 15th of March.
There seem to be an incline t ten to tran
sact business exceedingly alow, for Bouto
reason bet known to tbemselvca. I
should not be at all surprised if the 15th
find the Convention still in session.
As Obsxkvitr.
77ic iYcoro lladical Convention on Ycster
dap Additional Xomination.
We bad no Reporter on tba tput, but
we do not care to cumber onr columns
with the disgusting detail of the doings,
in the nrgro-Btldical nominating Con ven
tion, on yeeterday. The aAoeceding
were marked by great confusion, constant
wrangling over ihe s noils, like hungry
dogs over a bone, and incessant clatter.
A looker-on observed that ihe whole affair
termed in be a special contract underta
ken by Abbott and Jim Harria, aa one or
the other of thorn wa c utinually oa tbe
Hon. II. M. Pearson, Hon. R. P. Dick
and Col. W. B. Rodman, (ah ! Col., that
aeenuntt for the milk in the eneoannt.)
tonia,toajlhlii ilf,
bench ; and a committ.. consisting ofb-kml
. I. Cowltt, i. L. Russell and W. M.Cole-
rebnrmiT", wrWTtpptnTWto
gentlemen, and ascertain if they would ac
cept the nominal ions tendered, a Repub
licans, the mover nf the reolatiou ra
ni ark iitz that be thought the Republican
party ahead of uny one man or set of men.
"jr.- r ill'... 1...: "9
Uli motion 01 atr. aiHsni, a n-nanuuii
was adopted,' that H waa we sense of the
Coaventbtn. tlml the '-ttenatiltntenar' (a.
called, Convention should increase the
number of Supreme Court Judge lo five,
in which event, the Executive ComtuU
tee wat authorised and direete 1 t make
tbe two ".Iditional nbiarnatteWB.
The siibioincd tiaalTT were mad
fat llie uH-nor t 'uiirt lie. eh. Wu ahall
have occasion, frcqncnlly, hereafter, to 1
.a a. r 1
etnv is nti the nomination made b'
it thi
f..r tb
this 1
t.'oi, vention, and wo may oiily aay,
present, of moat nf -fwe following, that if l
f.c aie to ronstitute the Judariary oft
North- Carolina, Heaven hetji the law ana
tb peeplr. ' . :
let. District C. C Pool
E. VT .lone.
C. R. 'ThntjNtt.
D. L RneseN, Jr.
Th.MiMs Settle'.
D. U. Surbuck
O. W. Logaa.'
Hon. Ander. Mitchell,
Jacob Bowman.
R. H. Cannon.
We will publish at an early day, tba
aew arrangement or Judicial irunncm.
P. 8. We learn that the proceeding.
of the mongrel r.mrern were
. 1 , . H ., u .... ,
' m w 1 VI .. t " - - w
ditcracrful, on yetterday aft err - .
a lode afmb, w a tpeetatur, teak c I like in
indtocriminate tow. There were ,.: f.v
white men ia tha Hall, aad tha 'necr
crowd were surging to ana fro Tb bhuk
wave. Amid inch .aaaaj af tamult and
dt-montee excitement, a reeoltition wa
pasaed "iaalrBcting" .tha Ceutlitoiioual
so-. alledj Convc iliou to dislrai i hi.e tba
"r. h. Is," Mr. McOontW, af Cbaibaa .
and Mr. Klliott, of ClcaveUnd, 1
alone and amid hirtea. Handing Bp agtimt
If tli'w Pandemonium, added to lie
maUey "Ceatiattiia" ia iha a
ant but the blood, excite tba tedrgnathra
and a route the energy af erery decent
white waa ia North Caraliaa, w- ...
have a much poorer opinion of eof own
race and color than wa are aaw djaj'.- J
ta entertain.
We ahall take occasion, hereafter to de
scribe tome nf the closing iceneg of y
j j, w tpemk, pn-ticularly, of soma
r ,l
airtnra in tha move-
I Bfnt tjve rejoice, far eareelve., UMt tka
mollrrc andrnaj crew kave ebowi. the::
k.da eo uleialv and anataardadly. Now
1 : - ' -
, rf item
ate. The mob Shmerted
I '
tint die
about 11 o'clock laat night, after the ap-
ning operation waa nntobed. lb.
Having been twice overwhelm ingly
).. bv .Tim utkiie neonle of North Cir-
.;na fof' tUe f Governor, the X.
. p q now jop, forward aa tbo negro
j candidate. Of courae. ha can not cxj.. ct
auy genuine white man to veto- tor b';
1 low can be expect the negroes fo'do to,
when be declared :
That be ouly struck far peace, in tbo
lattur stage of the war, in order to b A V !.
That slavery waa the normal condition
of the negro, that, ha aboard be "fed
well, worked well aod THRESHED
That unqualified opposition to Pffjrc
suffrage was the moat C0N8PICUOUS
And so on. avf infinitum. all of wl.icH
wo shall be under tba painfal necessity of
reproducing, from day-to-day 1 tor 1!
theso many weeks. lb.
Conqrit. ,
Wtshington, Ten. .27. Senate : Nothing
interettinn tianspTfecl.
Mouse: The Civil appropriations were re
turned. Speaker Colfax read to the House a le:-
from the Chief of New York Police to tlie
Chief of Washington Police, containing a atato
Iment that Pal. 1. Shaffner reported that ono
hundred and s. my pounds ol nitro-gfyocrina
were in uiiamboriatd banda. The New Turk
Chief feared that it was intended far.Wathii .:
ton. It teemed to errata more alarm than
From Uaihington.
Washington, Feb. 27. Tbt Iowa Dorr -emtio
State Convention has elected dttogatrt
mvoraate ta Pendleton, and instructed tbem a .
to vole. '4f 5tf -
The impeachment matter bat made no p-
greet to-day. Several parties, teleretted ;u
Alahama's admission, were before the 'Recon
struction Committee, to-day, urging prompt
Tk I' respective (T) Attorney General.
ta li, Coleman, the exemplary yomo.
whom tin aitiaeaa of Concord inform ua, wat
m vmnmr that town far hatttnt deffow
negro woman, was nominal d lor the
laney Uenerelanin 01 tne snaie oy 111-
foe and h;xiat of Menagerie So. 2ra
K nven-bun last nurhf. ."
. (JraekMit -beevmgs V'Bml CWnFiaiaa.
On Saturday Judge Kelly presented in t?
House of RiiuiaataHaitaB, a memorial fr jta
three thousand ootered people ia Mitatttpp,
asking Coogmta to make an appropriation to
carry them to Iibeiaa. They say thee- ate no '
pnamecl af tatcet by reinainmg amoaa; Use
whites, Tb Ult. r, they my, haw all tba
tan K ard rW e to give them fair w..gcs lor
their tehee, aod they, therefore, with far emi-
Lgr..te, . V
Meter. Atkteaon A 8bepperon, tola
airtnts tor North Carolina, offer lo the
,mbJit tbmacb our adrertiaiaaX columns.
a valuable fertilbtet kjtatru aa Eadaada
, , , . T... . t
Guano ' It introduction into thi eou;
try it recent, aud its turrets upoa all
Mud of crop bat been ma keel Herng
pare.mitMcal gwano. H pitttfttirt att tbo
beat tjaaanieaaf tha Peruvian, aai to aoi.i
at just half the price. TV testimonial
of planter who have aaed it are proof
poeitive af itt merit t. Tha agent hero
will sell it for UO per ton, cash ; or, JoO
me Star.
A Hire ma Cntrm ta. m N'rw Toax
It to taut that RJtawaigh, with 140.000 pope
iatiaa, aumaaaa aat aattthm ehnrcbea in deetv
tnte durtrwjta m that city, aad that d New
fork and Brooklyn would Jo a proportional
work, in eby mto-aont, they would hare moo
ts eherohea tor the no neglected popnUliou.
the New Ortoaaa Picat-mw ibtaks there wul
be comratrarively httto eatatri pleated inia year
1 in
w ;
1 govtraroaau-- "
mmfwrn jgmt
r nifm ft am
1 eat i
... . . ' : .
te Ttr-tsa d rat at fm
: e- ' ' . ' '
- it-JJ A4rV

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