North Carolina Newspapers

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.wu vol. i, no. u
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mm .
We, tke pNfb of ike State of Xorth
( rJfg AM-y God, ik.
riiteacfMraN, filWul aad ie.
N. Tat freedom of tke . t.
aeofflx.grr-lbulw.rk. of liberty, and
anffirtlaal akal ka kek
(k writ of
do. for Ike
Mid ittf tit bottaY
state, ordain and eti
to as and ear
tf Ikb)
: "T,CUi
i ,iat the irreat, ftatorul and a
nriipte. oflibmr .mi fret rnu.itL
may ka reeegateed and r tebtfaibed, and
that the telasitae of this) State to the
Union and twverata
those of
t of t In
line people
of tkia
States, and
Bute to ike rent of Ike American people,
,nv U deftoed and afiratod, da de
fection 1.' Tkal ket It to be self
evident that all
That Ike; aas endowed by their
.monc tkesa ara Ufa.
neat of tUe fimiu of iMmwl laker, and
the pursuit of kappiaaoe.
Sec. S. Tkal ad political power ia vest-
d In, and derived iron, the poople) all
jrovenjactit of right oriiataja nm th
Umaalal la fntflaalfal kHMHI fk-BaV Ml jatata
rx VM f am ivawv w urea. V
and i. inatituted aakly for tka good of ike
Mae. 1. Tkal tka aeoala of
hv the mbcrunl, nolo awl eid naive right
of regulating the internal ewvernt
poller thereof, and of altering aad
dig the ir ouatilutioii a
their aaiour mm. MbIbwbi
tack right okoald ka Itajafajai
anee of lav, and ernwbtotitty
constitution of ike jutted States,
. 4. TUl this state shall remain a
member "af tka Aatseiata Vmkm, afcat Ike
j-ple thrrrol ara part of the
natteai that
Wtkh) iteaaafl
axtMalatea af limajam
. Tka privUem of
ialBM oarpaw ekat aat ka an
Me It. Aa poiltieal rkjtta aad priri
MM Arm wh 4Ma4aal or imMm or
IHIIIiajl f tLaaa-ailnra - , HQ
a a. , li ajaj mjBmamfarjy avammgmjam.
Uon o-AltaafctA, rtght te or
"We.- ft tlwaataitaf
not to be tasod, oratade
abeet to tka
rtee.f4. Aval
af a free
tkarhrht of iko
bag armtea, U tkaa af aaaam, aye daawer
om to liberty, Ikey oaght no' to be kept
p, and tbe military .boaU be kept noder
The people bare a rteht to aa-
Ml Mpilkii te e.aeaat far thear ema -I
i food, te inauaet ibetr rep ret utetfeea
Kigbteeath Dlatrict-Oreene It Wayne
Nlneteeath Uiauiat -Kmakliu tVaba
akau be not lea. than twenty Ira rear.
af age, .hall bare raeHed bt the Mate aa
a aMaea (tea yara, and fhali hare aaaal-
T.aati it Dteahu flmanWe aad Bat. 10. Eaak amamkar af tka ftaase
Poraoa aball oteat two Hmton of Repreartatire .ball be . uulified
Twaaayoaad DUlrlat-Oraage akall aloetar af tke Mtete, aad tUI kar. reahj.
ateet oao aaaator. ed ia tka eoaaty for which be W ekoaea
Twuy-ti.wd DktrU(Tth abalJ for on yajr ll I I lj fimfiaj hfa
ani at OOaTrOlOt'. oloCtioO.
Twoaty-foartk Dletriet-Oaawell aball
DWtrict - Rockingham
Tke KxaeauVe
i af a Oarerw
aball be reeled tke aupremo eiecatire
p"wer of tka State) a Lieo tenant Gover
nor, a fWretary af State, aad A editor,
a Treaarer, a SapcrinteadatA af PnbUe
VTorka, a ailllaUa Jul af Public In
fauaatai.aad Attorney Ownerai, who ak.ll
be electee for a term af tear yean, by the f
Twenty afth
Tweaty-aiith Diatr
Teaty ainalk aWetrtet''iielilpk
ami Montgomery akall afoot aae Meaner.
eighth lJtatriet Moore aad
kali elect one eeaator.
1 wonly
Tweaty-aiath Dfatriei-Aseou Uafoa
akall elect one Senator.
I hirtieth Diatriet Mecklenburg aball
Hoe. 8. Kr redrew of grievance, aad
r amending aad flrengthening ike lava,
gjtt a jL l.i km jfcjk lauLil
BR UaVflaV aTRajf HM Bnc VI a7H Itf fO.
See. 29. A frequent recurrence te fun
damental priuciplea u abaoluiely neceaaa-
ry to mamnu tbe ble.fitga of liberty
fteaV 90. Ma
piirUere, or kooora ought to ka
or eoufem-d bt 'hi. Btate.
Sea. 91. IVrpetaitler. and mnnopnliea
t mumtf arM feariaa of a free ataic,
d aekt no t to be allowed.
iceof fach
were i. oo right on it..- part
maraJ and Ike all attempt
oove'On or iMfi wiMtioTor
to the eon.tito-
i'n and roeeramuit af tka ITnltod
and that aa ktw ar
lo ooot rarest toa ee
eao bare nay binding force.
Sea. "'ft, To malatain tke keaeraad good
laiih of tbe Stale uutarui.hed, tko public
debt, legaktl fy anatfajeted before
tb rebejrio.1, akatt ke regarded aa mriofo
able and never be oueatiouej j but tke
tate akaff never aaaame or pay, ar aatksr
hte the eollectioM of, any debt at obliga-
United Sutea, or any claim for tka foaa
or emancipate
Sea. tta
titled te exdu.ire ar
Sea. 8. The lgutatiri, Ktecutirc, and
aat aagfct it W rarieit eiaatati and dfo-
and te apniv to the
of erievaaeea.
See. M. All men bare a nateral and
unalienable right It worrbip Almirfbtr
Uod ai tmdiag te ikefr own ennacieuci-e.
I i:o ham en ealheiNi abeald, in any
eaao whatever, control or taterfcre with
tke right, of conscience.
Bat. x7. Jim people have a right to the
ptWIageeof edaffarioay aad ft ia the doty
of tbe State to guard aad maintain that
TWrty-lrat Dlatrict Cakarrat i
Stanly .hall elect one senator. -'
Thirty at can d Diitrict Davie and
Rowaa akall efoet one aorta tar.
Thirty third Dialriet lfovidaoat akall
elect one senator
Thirty fourth District Foraytke and
Stokes ehall elect one senator.
Thirty fifth District Surry and Vad
kin anail elect one senator.
. Thirtyaixtb Diatricl Alesandor and
Iredell akall elect one senator.
Thirty seventh District - Catawba, Gat-
ton and Lincoln shall elect one senator.
Tbirty-i igth District Cieareland,
1 ol. and Rutherford shall elect one sena
tor. Thirty -ninth District Alleghany,
Ashe ami Wilkes aball elect one senator.
Fortieth District Buncombe, Hender
son and Transylvania akall elect one .en
acts committed before tbe existence of
laws, and by them only declared criminal
no t pott j,trta
Ke law tatius;.
retrospectively, sales, purchases, at other
act previously done, ought to be passed
I Hie 33. Sluverv and hsvoluutarv servi
See. li every ritisen of this stole f trade, otherwise than for crime whereof the
ill. liberty, wli
lata onght to be made.
part lea shall fat
wi Inn this
See 34.
SaasVt' VesVib"' sfcaialy 00ttVtoR(
Tke limits
rfasa aisan namaWMf
and bneaiarlaa of
ss aw . . . a
toVNt' Jtt9&m tPOT jjjj Jf AeasBBsln
rights aad eagkt
8oc. 10 Alle
Sect. All power of .aspendirur Uw.,
r tae.t.mjll.e of Uw., by any
v, wttnout the cansenl or the
uvse of tke ssafa. It. injnrioi
to be exercised.
Res. II In all criminal Prrotions,
' very man has tke right to U informed of
tlic accusation against him and to confront
Ihs accusers and witness., with other tes-
Lirtioi-y,"iint toiareeoaasel far hU e
fence, and not ba anatovltad to give tvi-
f,!, . tr necessu.ry witrn s.
letence unleea found gamy.
See. it No person shall be pat to aa
'"er toy criminal ahargr, except at here
"after ndowrd. but by indictment, orv-
eminent, ar Impcarbmeul.
See, 13 No person shall ke couvicted
.r any crime bat by tke aoaoimous rote
f a jury of good and Uafwl men im op n
Wrt. Tkt legislature teat, kaworer,
re-vide other means of trial, fat petty
israemaanors with tbe right of appiaj.
M. Kxer-asive tutUafmald not ke
. 1 a a. . a
"Jotou, nor exerssire fines imposed, nor
ruel or tuiuaaal punishments u
Sairi5. fJriHVal warrants, w bcrvbj
ny ofleer or miastagrr may be com man -
ut sesrea saepecieu places, witaout
'idenee of tbe set committed, or te salts
lin vo
ricbt and
sale, denial r deter.
tfoe. 36. No soldier shall ia
tpcuff tffi li Wstrtdfr'fJ in mi v lnimi
ike consent of tlie owner, Mat in
"V "Tr war. bat te e m.BlnaT nThiil br Uw
, m men ar. ea- m;im QlMll ll f itjlll i iH
Forty first lintrict Hurke, C,!,
aad Watauga shall elect one senator.
Party -accuud Diatrtct-Madisou, Much,
ell, McDowell and Yancey shall elect
aae senator.
Korty-thinl Di-triclr-Clav, Cherokee.
Uy w.wd, Jetkasw aad Macau shall elect
Saa. g. Aa saum.snHwa af tke fokabi
tanto af tko state akall be taken under
Ike direction of tko (ieneral Assembly in
in the year One thousand eight baadred
and seventy-live, snd at llm ami of every
ton rears thereafter : and the said .eiutta
Districts shall be so altered by tke Gene
ral Assembly at tke first session after tke
ret ara af every cuumeratfoa taken
aferssell, ar by order of Congress. Thai
ly aa may ka aa tarsal number of inkabi
touts excluding aliens and Indians not
tolod, and shall remain unaltered until
tba return of aarotkrr eaaem ration, and
aball at all times consist of contiguous
of law toiirtory aad aoeoouty shall be equiuUy
crod without !entitied to two or more senator.
aajaaaamanas ssjssa. ' mm , S fats L., m. V
i saaii oo compoeea one uunarea
twenty lleprc'iitativcs, biennially
by ballot, to be elected by the
t aecotdiug to ibeir
population, aad aack eoaaty
have at teat aat Rtnreaaatatire.
el jmty aat iwatata Me re
ratio of representation ; this ap-
by the U.1.0-
11. !
red upon
bars BO
inar divorce
have power
imony la any I
Sec II. I'M General At
not have now er te fan any
to alter tke name of any I
legitimate any person aat bans la U wful
wedlock, or to restore to I he rights of citi-
seuship any person convicted of say ia
famous enmr, but shall bare power te
pass general fours regulating tbe same.
Sec. 14. I lie (Jt oeral Assemby shall
not par. any private Uw, aulass it shall
be made to appear (hat thirty dart notice
of application to pars such law ahull hare
oeen given unaer men direction, end in
eli manner as ehail be provided by law.
Sec 15. If vacancies shall occur in
tke General Assembly by death, resigna
tion, or otherwise, writs of election shall
be issued by .tke Governor under suck
regulations as may he prescribed bylaw.
16. A law snail be passed to
rates money oa tat credit ol taa State, or
to pledge tke faith of tke State direrti it or
indirectly for tke payment of any dobt,
or te impose any las upon tbe people of
the Mtaie, or to allow tbe counties, cities
or towns, to do so, unless tba bell fat tke
purpose aball bare been road three sever-
I times ia each house of the (rencral As-
bly and passed three several readings
which readings, shad have been on three
different days, and .greed to by eacl
House respectively, and unless the yeas
and nays on Use second and IMrd rand
iugt of the bill shall havo been entered
on tbe journal
Sec. 11. Tkt
tatavia which tke Lieutenant Uovaraav
shall bt aaable to preside over tin- Hi-aate,
ami efoet owe of their own
af their body t ami the
powers, duties aad essolemsatl of ike
ofaoe of Governor shall devolve ansa asm j j
wbanaver tbe Lfoatenant Govrrnnr sknll. ! V
r... ... - m - a t ju. aaiara
miJ.. .k. .wk. JZl .aw.. - i ikey skaO ks
pvridJ, kattel tmrW:0
lli,r.i.i mmtli SSta LaManJ '
issue tkoreoB:
to the next session
for iu setioa
be diri
kJvX'''! AoJVCHlblT by fW , . t u t -t. . m at
loo, tbe vole shall be rTeo esrc AT.' X7l . TST.TT
It. Tbe General Assembly shall j 0ajg- tmm Mt after tfos approval of this
sror te pass general lews regular - - i , t li ,ri
and alimony, bat shall not .a u.. . :
tU rr11' d.ir0,eB 1 ve ft- w-d to, ibeirsi daw of Jmm,
IndlvMnal case. I .i-T ' I
af ata
aary 1S69.
Mec 8. No
eh.11 be eligible as
the age of thirty yeare,
of taa United
ks have
aball have been a
States fire years, snd shall have been a
resident f this Stole for two years next
before tbe efoetfoa r aor kail tke per
son elected to either af these two offices
he eliribk- to tke same office more than
four years in any terra of eight years, an
tes the ojtoe shall have been cast n
sst- ' ' taalra fojdteteJ diet rials far each
n of which s tedg. steal ba cfossoa, wis.
7,' te said dfotriet, at toasTrwtestewV"-
tfaTtJ , .a sa . . a a
Sec 13. Ml
aft. 13. Tbe
of a
of Public Works, Super
setioa, sad At-prcseribedby
Uw. If tbe office of any of said offieers
otherwise, ,t shall ka tka duty of tke
ff n ataxias taa - s.a.tll tlssaalaaa- '
ability be removed ar kU lenmir ka
eh-cted aad aallfii d. Every sack va
eaaey shall be Sited by ilsatlin, at tka
Bern general etectlna that occurs
than thirty days after tka vacam
token place and the person chosen
hold tko office for the remainder of tke
Third have been east apoa ' T7 ... 1 ,. -
ss Liao tenant Governor or 1'rvaaaWnl T? ? nX"eiion
lYoI--.- of that Artieto. A m
nee. tr. i ae u ear rat Assetnor y airsit
entuils in such manner si to per
.1 i
Jul .
1. The legislative authority
shall la- vesu-d in two distinct branches,
both dependent oa tka people lo w it,
ruga Isle entails
sent perpetuilias.
Sec. 18. Each boase akall keep a jour
nal of Its proceedings which eball be
printed and made public immediately al
ter tbe adjournment of the Ueneral As
Sec. 19. Any meattaW af ,at Irsastt
may dissent I and protest against any
set or resolve, which be may think usu
rious to the public or any individual, add
have the reasons of his dissent
upon lire journal.
See. 10. The House of
shall choose their own
ijta aktr. ajaj. irkjB
raata aad House of Biipiaseaitilies
third Meads
M aoalaaea taa I nasi ttsBBT
aa tke
when as-
j pctiooV vIms tba? I ) U t He U f ) r t 1m ftfuioto
I sft botvjtnbofofv difoctCtj lo bt? IonJ oIT.
Ifioata T. lat tojokiito; tbo apportionment
aa 4abo aOtJjOO Oa ast4QatOa0tttCray tb sTes t l4t
of ttpiiirtalBiliti sfteN be muntafoid kj
s tke amount of the population of
tke State, cxrlu
ed within those coantiet
severally contain tke one
m s is
!ih?d, shall be denominated tlie lien
oral Assembly. Neither I l.mse shall pro-
u i nobVic bwaiinOarii ' wniiNm it
jorit y of all the members ate actually prtt-
nee U not aWtfoaUrlv descriU,!
See. It. Tkere .hall be an im prison -""i
for debt ia this State sxceut in cases
fraud. . OrillVXrliTTT
We. I. IMbeMtV
IwisoiHjd ar dtestiaad of
or ia any manner deprived of his
tkeUn?' rfKT'
See. la. Kvcry person restrained af bis
M r'y- UaaAMUtaa remedy te iaajeire
o inr tawtalness thereof, sad te
if unlawful ;
ec 19 I .Heant
flat 3. Tkt Batata shall ke composed
of ftfy senator Menially chosen by bat-
lat. ' d..'-J4 fo!
Sec 4. Until the first session of the
(aarral Assembly which akall be had af
ter the year 1871. the Senate .hall be
composed oil members elected from di
IstetB enll-lilntl-ll OS follows t.
lhnt TllaMlBll 1 rf rrjirmans, Chowan
I'asaantauR, t arrtiacJt, rasas nan vjbbi
den. skull ehrt IWo srnotoW, DiMrk Martin, . Wnshington,
irf tryiietkaM etrat ewe mmator.-'
Tkini District Ihwifort and Hyde
shall eh-ct one senator.
fourth District Northampton shall
elect one senator. ,
District 1W-rtio and Hertford
t one sens I or.
SUtk District - Halifax shall elect one
Seventh IHstriet 1 lMgecoejiht shall
Kichth District Pitt shall elect
sive of that comprehend- i
which da not I
hundred and
Xtetk Dtssttat Mask aad Wlfooa tkalT
-Craven and Carteret i
"C iwo awn.iors.
shall el,
Kiev, nth District Joues and Lenoir
shall elect oat senator.
Twelfth District Duplin and Onslow
shall ek-et one senator.
Thirteenth DisUTCt lipuutt a and
New Hanover shall elect two senators.
Fourteenth Dirtritt SUden and Col-
B st.4i -
District- Kobesou shall fleet
ravers at U re-1 jjmmm
twentieth part of Ibat pi Bahama af aae
State, by tka aamkrr af Bepresenuii ves,
less the number wanrued to darh conn-
the number f the
population of the rtlate, aliens and lu-
tiatu not taxed, auon not be
To each contain ii
,:, a- a . a 7" '
twice the said ratio there shall be assign
ed one representative ; to each eouuty
contain! 1 ip twice bat not three times tbe
said ratio, there shall be sssbrned two
n-pri sentati ves, and en oa progressively.
and '.hen the remaining n-prcseuttives
shall be assigned sever .til v to tke counlies
1. . . : I... I...u. r...u.u . .. . .
minx mv m-peii tmim
H.-c S. ITutil the General Assembly
shall hare made il.e appoi iioiiuient a
bereiuU'foro provided, tin
reseii tali res shall be cdmpored of mem
bora eleeWd from tho counties in the tol-
lou ing manner, lo it i -1-
The county of Wake shall elect four
members ; tbe counties of Ci.ivcn, Gran
ville, Halifax and Now Hanover shall
elect three members each ; the coantiet
of Caswell, Chatham, CumUrUnd, Da
vidson, Duplin, hdirecoinbe, franklm,
Gafflbrd, Iredell, Johnston, Mecklenburg,
Northampton', Orange, Till, Randolph,
niiUTMN., ivucKmiiwiu, uowao,
Sec, 21. Tke Lieutenant C.vcrnnr shall
preside in the Senate, bat shall have no
vote, unless it may ke equally divided.
Hec. . The Stamln tytjbBat fts
other officers, and also a speaker (pro
fwmafirv,) te the absence of the Ijeui-n-ant-tJovemor,
ar when be shall exercise
ike office of U sterner.
Sea. 23. The atvle of the acts shall
be "The General Assembly of North-
See. 24. Each bouse shall be judge of
the qualifteatfoa aad efoeffons of fts own
MnfMbaWPS IsisJI il Upon It own ndfUrn-
aunaasBkB BuasaBaa sstanast tVan stsaBaal sBssaBBaBssxaaBi Lbbbbb fhsa aBaa.
aaMTB irOsW Umj SO UHJ. ptr-JJaMtt; Ollft W vm
pla fl btC1 la IlltO bltlt 4aVMa tbf a Wft hottAOe)
mmj $lm jointly ailjouru to mj future
bbbbbbI nkjtfilnf mtfi nf fa
Sal fas t wiufctsrita sa
day, or ether place.
Hec. SS. All Mils
1 in each boase bafora they ease lata
, and shall be signed by tke iw.-sid -
tug officers of both houses.
See. it. Each member of th. Irensral
Assembly, before taking his
take an oath or affirmation that he will
support the constitution snd laws of the
T ni ted States, and the constitution of the
state of North-Carolina and will faithful
ly discharge his duly as a member af tke
senate or bouse of representatives.
Sec St. The term of office for sena
tors and members of the House of Rep
resentatives shall commence at the time
of their electioit-t and the term of office
ef those elected at '.he first election held
under this enustitaliuu
tin- same 1 in.e as if Uiey bail been elected
House of Rep-j at the first ensuing regular election.
rT. I pou nioiiou mane ami sec
onded in either House, by one fifth of
the numbers puaeiil, tke- yeas .ad ways
upon any question shall be taken and en
tered Upon the journals.
See 20. Thu election for member of
tke General Ass. ml.l v shall b, held for
tke l nsp italic districts, and snewtieSyat
tko placet where they are now held, or
may be directed hereafter to bo fold, m
af tke Senate.
80c. 3. The return ni every election
for officers of tin- Eteebtlve Deptrtfhent
hall bsT Mated up and transmitted to the
seat of Government by the returning off
ers, directed to the Speaker of tbe I louse of
Representatives, who shall open and pub
lish tbe Mine in the presence of a majori
ty of the members of both Houses of tke
General Assembly. The persons having
tke highest number of votes respectively.
shall be dccUtrad daly elected ; bat if
two or more be equal sad bis: best in
votes for tbe same office, then one of them
shall be chosen by joint ballot of both
Houses of tke General Assembly Con
tested elections shall ke determined ky a
joint vote of both Houses of tke General
Assembly, in such manner at shall b.
prescribed by law.
Men. 4. Tke Governor, before entering
Upon lint duties of hie ..thee, shall, in the
pretence of tlie member of both branches
of the General Assembly. 1 or before ant-
Justice of the Supreme Court, take au
oath or affirmation, that be will support
tke constitution and law ef tke United
States and of tko State of Xortb- aro
liua. and he will faithfully perform tbe
duties appertaining to tko oraee of Gov
ernor to which be has boon elected.
Bee. J. Tke Oovernnr shall reside at
tba scat ef government of this State, and
be shall, from timo to time, give too ticu
era I Assembly inormnliou of tko affairs
of tke Stole, and recommend to their eon-
tMeratfon such mceiurea at be shall deem
C X f tHe MSM $ ,
See. 6. Tka Oartramj ball kavt aanrw
er to grant reprieves, commutations and
pardons, alter conviction, for all offences.
electa la rate of impeachment.) apoa
uch condii ions as be may think proper,
rvgnlaltea at-' my he
provided by Uw relative to the mauuer
of applying for pardons. He shall annu
ally communicate to the General Assent
My oaeh ease of reprieve, commutation or
granted j Mating the name of each
Sec 14. Tbe Secretary of state, Aa
ditor. Treasurer, Superintendent of Tub
lie Works, and Superintendent of Public
I sea action shall constitute er officio the
Council of tke State, who shall advise tbe
Governor in tka excculiou of bis afitee,
aud three of whom ahull constitute a qua
rum ; their advice aud proceedings hi this
c-tpauty aball be entered in a Journal to
be kept far this purpose exclusively,
signed by the Bxaasbura present, from any
part of which any member may eater hie
dissent; and such Journal shall be placed
before the General Assembly when call-
d for by either House. The Attorney
J Ueneral shall be CX officio legal adviser of
the XtJtecattve JA-parrjraent.
See, 15. Tbe officers mentioned in this
Article shall, at stated periods , receive for
tarn tu rsues a compensation to be eftao
lUhed by Uw, which shall neither be In
creased nor diminished during tka Smefal
which they shall have been elected, and
the said officers shall receive nether emol
ument or allowance whatever,
ftee. 16. 'There shall ke a teal of tka
State, which shall ke kept by tbe Gover
nor, aud use-t by bun ss occasion amy re-
uuirc, and shall be called "the Ureal Seal
of the Sta.e of North Carolina." All
grantt and commissions shall be issued in
the name and by thu authority of the
Stale of North-Carolina, sealed with "the
Ureal Seal of tba state, t trued by
Governor and countersigned by tke Sec
retary or state.
Sat. 17. There shalt be established ia
the office af tbe Secretory of stale, a
liaaaatsaxaa staff fjfkjfifaS A
"w" aa vi araeaa ssv t, iv-e a x
migration, under sack regulations as the
Ueneral Assembly may provide.
s tt I J.a.
Fosjrili sOaaftnct ArvMWulfaTW fian
U. l I
SiSk" Dhttriet Northampton.
Halifax, Wake, Naah, Jobn.toa, Franklia
Seventh District I'erson, Orange,
I batbam, Randolph, GailfOrd, AUaaxnee,
Caswell, Rockingham.
Eighth Diatricl 8toke. Forsytbe, Da
vidson, How an, Lhxvte,
Mecklenburg, Lincoln, Uaatoo, CUveUnd,
Rutherford, Folk.
Tenth District-Iredell, Burke, Cald
well. Wilkes, 41etaaler, McDowell.
EUveath District Alleghai
Watauga, Mitchell, Yancey,
Clay. Cherokee,
Sec 14. Every judge of a
reside kr ad
or for 1
t of the Governor,
ed, tbe sentence and its date, lbs date ..I
7. Tko officer of the Executive
I lsthfartmtit it A nf the llllili ItiffititntaVMiil
r isat Mill na aaxsaa ass ass as a a e w 1 iwutnewne
af tke State shall at least five days pre-
m & MaiMKlw m as sissa IIm BBsatl bmBBBB" faaa t Isn ff rss
inn ANalWJ wftWWtWUj ffVpvn HI Wmt Ifwr-
with hi
aaxklyi and tfos
lime, require
ihij k
aaaaata shIi.uI 1
to the General Asecm-
may, at any
SunfCIat. tnEraatftfta I
Heetfoo 1. Tin. distiuetion between action.
at law and raits ia equity, aad tbe forms
of all such aetbms aad suits sraxrt at
.ls.lisl.e.1 and there shall be in this State hut
aa form of action for the eBfersBmeat ar
of private rights or th re-
luf private wrongs which shall he de
natodaeivil aetfoa; aad aver) action
by tbe poople of tke Sute as a
Court shall
holding his office. Tka fudges may as-
the Govern
which he
session, may require aat
or more specified I arms of
lieu of the judge ka
Sec 15. Tbe Superior Courts
exclusive original
actions, whereof
risdietion is not given to
aad of all criminal
panfth Burnt
kali report
said courts in
whose district ikey
eicfeeive orurtaal ia
gircn to some ether coarta,
Sec. IS. The euperior courts skaH bare
appellata,i.dltiua el all issues of tew
or fact, determined by a Probate J edge or
a Jatahwi of tbe Peace whore
.'...tit :. . . "SBk.l aassF -
Hetj 17. 'Vhm imk$ A Uw mm kur
Cdiurtt thkiU laavB Jfirifijtjitttoa q itj nto-
a'fcaat'lf Off dfCCfialalf t&W JT'wn tsT P fi of faattlVtr tetattaV
rarty. fikgiunst m prin f4iirfd with a pub
ic mmm iW the pqubhieut t4 th mms
hi lw tnmffl n criminal Wtfc. Mglli
iMutu shall alfM h abolish-,1 an4 th fart at
lBfcaBfliBBaal faftfi satajMp aMid ot
fUch otlvtt mal In t aa anall ba pcasciaWBMi
Kxecutive Department
reUting to tjn. dutief
law, ea the trat Tbarsday
Wsvne shall elect Iwo member f the rear one thousand ehrht
each ; the com ilk. of Alamance, Alex
ander, Alleghany, Anson, Ashe, Heaufort,
IktSh Bfigryj BasteotaK
ilurke, rsbarrn. Caldwell, (Jaraden,
Sec. 8. Tka Qereraer l.all be
mander-iu-chlef of tkt nailUU of Ike State,
except when they shall be called into the
rvtet of the United Bta es.
Sec 9. The Governor shall hare pow
er on extraordinary occasions By ami
itli the advice of the council of State,
to convene the General Assembly, fax ex
tra session by hi proclairiatron, stating
therein the purpose or purposes lor which
they sre thus oonveiied. V
Si-c, 10. Tbe (ioverrior shall nominate.
in dl matters of Uw.
18. Ia
an eourt, tiao partifEa Baajr wai
issue tried by order of court beau, a Jary. jnkfok BBS. tbe finding of tb.
X. Thre. ConxmissHmers. shall ba
aap slated kg this convention to report to the
lieueral Assembly at its first session after
this constitution shall ba adopted by llefsas
pU, rules of practice aad procedure in a
eordaaeewfth the provision of the fi.rerro-
taf'tatttfoj. f
aBBaJssum " ' : ' ' tHfotst SO TllfB f Iff fat Of
See. S." Tat wan tataaMialBarft faaR at- court shall be appointed by tka esart
so renorr 10 ine ttenerai amhusit ss sib as aball boM his on tar eJsrnt
, A . a r 1 r k . . , " - - ''
iviiL rigta
Sec 19 Tko Geaeral Assembly akall
provide for tbe eatablUbrraent of Special
Courts, for tke trial af ml.domuanraV ia
ic CQ60arir.
t- - - m m . .T. '.a . .. .. at . T
f ,k. a.wane vaters taereoi, at me
SSs. - st in t. . . 1 mm 1 m wmm mm w --
t ne soveruor p
racahcies oecurrinrr in this C.
1 Tl... I.JL!. ..
hall 1m vmIm! iu h mouH for t he trial of Ins. I c
peachineate a Supreme court. Superior election
nMxrta. courts of justices of the ream and BOBBtlV.
spdal Counts. 1 Sec 22 Clerks of the
See. m The Court hsrthetrtaliif hnpneb- sbaH bold tketr offioes for
jineuts snail tie in. eeaatat a eaaj nity of that rjaat Tie General
-meuinerk snail ne neeosaary 10 a quorum- mm awei
tlw- judarmwut shall not extend benaxd rrnto-
rat froai aud disqualification to hold office iu , . .
Stat and
of members of tke General Aa-
ail ofiteers n-fanso xffiecs are
br this constitution, or whirl.
is of all officers provided
but the salaries of tba
and be and w ith tlie advice an 1 consent ..f .u. 1..., ,t, lZZLZ t,.n L i;..i.i.. ... s ' for in this Article :
, appoint alctment and p.intshioent aceordluirto Uw. iVnages snail not aa aimmmaaa a Bring
labii-heil (tee. ti. The Itrnrewratetiye. side ' tkete continaancc ia office.
shall be. lr. shall hav.the l.Wvr of "miiK-ai hiu. No ! See ti Tke Uwt
..i.;iti.,l kv lair and eassX anirointmenls IH-rsoi.
.... ... - , - , . r . .
art uot utlierwtse proytaeo lor
such officer shall be apixmi
by the lieneral Assembly.
and no
ted or elecled
terct, Catawba, Cherokee, Chowan, Clay,
t levclanu, t ominous, armucu, iavie
i season
Martin, McDowell, Mitchell,
, Moore, Nash, Onslow, rss-
I'crauiaiana, I'erson , Folk,
Rutherford, Sampson, Sunlcy,
I rans vlvsms. J ynell,
Watauga, W.
til August, in
hundred and
evenly, and every two year thereafter.
But the (ronerai Assembly may change
1 he time of hoWinrr lbs elections. The
first election shall be beU wkca the role
shall be taken on tke ratificatipn of thin
constitution by the voter of the (tote,
III, I ominous, Vl.nivoi, vij unwM.-m mj - ' - - 11 1 1 1
, llastoa, Hates, Gteen, Harnett, ami tkt General AaseinWy then elecled,
ma, Ilav w.H.d, Hertford, Hyde, shall meet on the fifteenth day after the
, Jwttca, faseofr, liuenln, Macna, approval thereof by the Congress of tbe
shall ba 1 'resident af tko sousl
II have the power ot iuikai Iiiiik
shalt he arsavietsd withiaii the
rurrvoc- Of two thirds of tba rteaslon.
cut. When the Governor is
Sea. 7. Treason anaiast the state shall '
See 25.
Uws af tka United
auBa5at IMI tjl atTfawBHt aJlt'PalJ
Action, at kwaad .ait. ia
but shall U-ri, to t;. ,L. aiviaa.lbrm aMsnd
'Htanner' as may U- presciitad bv Ibafe no VOW urtlras m
A .... " . . ' '.- I . .- . . w 1 II 1 M . .1 I . . . . .
ly divided. He shall.
I'restdent ol the Bsaufts,
bilst acting a treason mW oo the Wlia-my f two wit- ont prrjodice
receive or hi nre to the same overt art. uc n soasssshai ; aad all such a
o ennvtetnm uf trsoawn or ' before, aad ocndirur at,
Strrvtes tfo sse pay wbsck shall for the 'a Ta c-art. u
same period be allowed to the speaker t attainder shall work
the house of Representative, Bad kt sknli .V? -
"" rf " - 'tka Jeneral
mmm CM lUlsOul 1 . .
i art. aim.
eral Assembly, efsfo
fec. 9. There shall be two term of the atacrwa pravt
. to qualify, Supreme t'ourt held at the seat of gov-ra- Set 96. Tke
State, his inability msntof the stair 1n eaeh rear, eommeoeiac Coart shall ka
when he i aclinr a Uoreruor.
If. In case of tan impeachment
of tba Governor, his
hi aa.
i l iaJiuw the d.tM as hi oaVse. or
it. :.. .1 o... :t I. JL.II. I. i - - .1. m artlmna shall m SSI- Miiiinr
I'wini ouan, n miii mwi iw otom, w-. , - - . y i.. ti- . . .. . ..
but if it shall so fall, then oh tbe next wis.- become vacant, the powers, duties . ""TjJTT" 73. j'i-
any taeraxttw,ta lite .pprj. MTte-
apoa taa usmxeimiix wvwmor woi w rtsiB f thr r,,rtl)H4..v. up.01 .ay matter
disabiliUes shall cease, or a new Uoveraor f itw ,v Clll inference ; but so hvsueof!
ball be elected and aariiSed. In every fM r.hall B trW frafore late osarl : aad thai
t.d shall hold their
until their suc-
xu - t - t .
11 hold their office or
Jaditesof tkeguncrior
eeeakly. Tkeysb
sight years. The i
Courts skaH be (tested ia
aad straShoid tbmr otaasaf
coian-tmao oa i
r "

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