North Carolina Newspapers

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i . tt: - 1 - 1 , 1 1
, APRIL 10, 1868.
, y. iTH 00 WMCBirriOH.
MM. llHTW.
On. MmU. SV
the war.
. .9,001,000
tax m-ost or
t. oorr.
r oesvrevL, WeastetoOMsp
And cast Uo 'wood toy mm.
Ah! loHiiorkHlaKllwf
h it HI I
WH MM,?uq 1. . it
Add bond, dated kbrtKl
Total ah which interest is to
he paid July 1st, 1809, 019,470,000
thousand dollars annually ! Of this
984.000 I to be paid 1st July, 1800 In
In other word.
mi, liy tnxa'ioti , to par interest oh
i lio ponTlc
lUM lUui I I
the people niiict,o.totberegtci
1 Vf Li.
In the above estimate we include
the $1,000,000 guarantied by the
Convention for tint Wilmington,
Chai lotto Mil ttuthet lord Railroad
Com wan y. aa that C.uimuir la not
able, and has not been eiuce the war,
. Unkersitg.
It is enjoined on tbo General A Hera
My to provide that the benefits of the
University be extended to the Tooth of
the Bute (of all colors) free of ehsrge. Of
course this will require an appropriation.
Certainly 025,000 Is a moderate sum for
the purpose.
6. Insane, Blind, Deaf and Dumb.
The General Assembly is required to
rovide that all insane, dosf, dumb and
lind shall be supported by the Slate..
leretofora the State only supported the
White poor of these afttctod classes. This
imrtofAe rirTaV well as the poor, color
ed aa well aa whim, which will cost at
least 060,000 more, and the estimate is
7. Militia.
See. 8, Art.
ltrf--r and lee shell wreath tbs bed
xil. declares that "the
General Assembly shall provide for the
orrstiisation, amine, equipping and dis
ciplining the militia, and for parinx the
same when called into actual service.
Kx -Fmrisional Gorcmor If olden, in
late editorial in the Standard, said "that
whan the blae eoate shall be withdrawa
tut levied under the Revenue 1 tr?m "Hi WWB
to pay the interest cm its debt.
act of Febraary M, ISO?, y ieldaabout
f3iO,UUO, so that for the item of in
terest only more than three times the
present tax most be added to the lev
tes that is, where a man naid 51 last
(from tba aWrurh Seouoel )
Tlf OCQHT8 FOB TUfe PEOPLE W he most pay $4 thisyew.
is on tne siippoMtion that tbo expen
se ot tne proposed otate govern tout
(no. 2 )
i .
TAX Anon I
. .
Tl Krtretg 4 our peopl. it hi
rveryoMS Bioetli. ine siaieincnis
. I ..ur poverty nave not neen e-xap
derated. Ko qneat ion, theretnfr, ia
mora important to na than that of
I tjjration.
will not ha grcatea than hcictofore.
lut is far Ircuu baiug the cjaae. A
litlhs consideration will show that the
expaaaaaof admiHisittring Use givrn
tuenl nuder tba new Con-litution will
be btyend moasaro greater than has
ewr been known in North Carolina.
Prudent SMS will stand aghaat at tba
result. It will ha sms that where a
ho will
tax -payer paid SI hjst year.
la rmr coi.d .tion it is one nV P"7
jttxtM ut pay IAS txptnt at the
Cmutnlum. -
ed on a loyal basis: i. e. black and white,
wUl take their plaee." He has oltsa
praised the policy of Gov. Browulow, of
I ennessee, whose mil tits cost last year
about 1300,000. The Standard, of March
19lb, says, "we must sit at the tost of
Brewalow, aa Faal sat st the feet of Gam
aliel. XI Hokum be elected, of eoarse
be will carry oat the easts policy and we
caaast expect Oar 8 tale to pay tee than
Tennessee. We sat down not less than
300,000 for the militia, while and color
To recapitulate .- Increase of
of the proposed State goveramcul
former years:
1. Oeneral Assembly , at least. . .050,000
1 it New offices sad increase of
Salaries, 60,000
.SO, (KtO
I 4. Common Schools,
From the Sentinel.
Tba new Constitution declares ev
ery male person born in the United
States, or who has been natnralisod,
who is twenty-one years of ugo and
shall have resided in this State twelve
months preceding an election, and
thirty days in the eonnty where be
proposes to vote, an elector, and, by
consequences a citizen of the Stato.
first, of eonrec, includes blacks and
whites. Alt such persons are includ
ed in the term "tlio people," .man
tioned in the first Article or Bill of
Rights, In and from whom all poli
ties! power is invested and derived.
Throughout the entire Constitution,
no distinction whatever is made be
tween white and black. The doctrine
of equality between the two is rigidly
observed. Jtlacks ami whites are
n colored person shall be appointed
guardian of a white ward.
, Upon the amendment Mr. Durham
asked the yeas and nays, which wore
refused. Tho amendment was ijt.
and the section adopted as reported
by tho Committee. .
now, here is evidence sufficient.
(and more could beaiveu, if needed,)
to prove, that the Mongrel Conven
tion intended to leave no gap open,
by which any distinction shall he
mode between black and white, in the
legislation or XSortli t nroiina. Is any
one fool aneegn to suppose, tf the
new Constitution is ratified, that the
legislature can alter these things, as
the Radicals intimate f Such an idea
is ridiculous, if m Constitution means
any thing.
open daring these hoars wllheet Inter-j It. Meaasars of the General Assembly,
aviwa or sdjoantsaea. 'as folhrwes v .
detent. All J ad gee and Clerks ess- First District Pora ebnaaa, Chowan,
ployed in conducting said election shall, . Fasqsotank, Oarrilack, Gstes and Caav
before eommeneiug to hold the same, be ' den, shall elect two senators,
swem Is the failhtul performance of their j Second District Marti a, Washiagtoa
duties, and shall si so lake and sakseribe and Tyrrell, shall elect one sssuam ;
lbs oath of nates preacriU-d by law far Third District -Beaefort and Hyde
ntsM of lbs Hulled Sutes. ' shall elect oue senator.
Eight. No member of the Beard sf j Foarth Dietrtet Nortbamptoo ahari "
Registration, who ie a candidate for eiee- j elect sM senator.
ttea te any sates to be filled at this elre- j Fifth District Bertie and BstMbs ,
lion, shall serve aa a Judge or Inspector . shall elect eae Senator. ,fr 4 A 1 '
Sixth instriet Halifax snail asset earn
afiliawlKlrt. In ffhaa Hfssre Knnt
Jd fIousc of rcnreeeotatitas." and P0 8 S!P0D ,L T"T. '
1- n. .Vi . at nanetion, a. t., aiaren xj, iboo. 1
office in the 8fato. j oiiiiul oaoKas, I
-Tk . 1 n .:. j I . If o. 45.
1. 1 -i. J -1 1. -! 3ZrZ&Z2 TbaOonstilnllsnel Gaaventm. af tba
are, ni ins iwcinrnuoii 01 . v , . , ..
n. , , n a 11 1 11 i State of North Carolina, in conformity
Rights, declared to be equally en ... ... . l v.i. o,'
HIIVU IV VDI I Ml I II ucc- 11 1 IRCJ tl
4. Common Schools, .....500,000
of the highest interest. I . F ysre sj SM . University, . f XJ5.000
We therefore desire mat wnen tne v" -r e. Asyiams,
Isolde vote osnwatv t'MWtitatiae),f Ine eaptmsee, w team rrom the raw- t. Miiiua, .300,000
1.- ....d.r.ra..d what burdens c I rcaurer, ai ready paid, are ft f.-
.1...; ae. aa.uH.ino We hava thrf Tim charges f..r printing the' 0985.000
v- . T , (Ud!liah mnA Mkm Km 11M iki lnlim aa Ita imMui .1. hi
" """"f" TTa ri. ... . U.. Hat .at r.,-.l Tt. and we have a croud total of 01.836.000
ini.1,.1- iumim ia 11a raiMU wiiinii 'p.--. - w. t. . ' . - ' .
I.i . ..... ,.lv- ...n.h. if tha Oin - "n ttat win be more man wi .mat. " ' oc ruireu .
I1 iw.-w - . - ww --7 . a . ' - t I . , ... tt 1 miUHfl lu St I l.tV.m
ti... in niaei in . ine lonrpnnnn 11 an mv. ... ...
it ution gnsa) into
I est 1 lit ate cannot
Icaleulatad fi
1. IntertH
Tba now
clarea "that tba
oe sKstteo,
,m the vtMic
a-. ' . . . . a a
i.l . .,.,.;. I ..r fi . ,K- I A said before, where a Ui payer
Altai value of land ton tha valuation UM4 l - J"' unier.,ko 1"
m "t Ktgttto oe
Iheputd cdebt regular
ly contracted uclore and since tne re
sJiall le invi..lata,W foMtMb
IV. see. 4. it to brucided that -the
irriBral Aaactnldv sltail hr SKliroun
r-!."-3r v : .
ii" iegtolation and eg svirwaate
of I ?;) and on all personal property '
111 the State. Thw taxes everrtbiiur
Stock, fanning atOXMila, Btovtotons,
it-c, Ac, down to milch cows, and
chickens, and ImbicV cradles.
I tJtVi.nt tf vetutrm AtntiMttf.
The (ieneral Assembly must meet
within 18 days ator tbo aeOoptanea
tern provide for the prompt and ra. f tba Coostitation by Congress Ihey
luiar narasMt of the in U reat on the
upon tba
property of the
Hie, and the sum time realised shall
ie set apart 0e a sinking luml to in-
JftoTcdlotlia paymeut of thepabJic
it thus appear that if the people
ia :t the Coimtilntioii, Ihey expree
lv c iiimaod the (iunersi Assembly
emntnenee promptly the payment
f the iuterest on tho public debt
J'ho Convention was not satisfied
ritls ticis Oonsiitntiiuial protrkwon.-
liiuv trained an ordinance directing
liow iha bManast shali b- paid. It is
rovidud thst the Uenertd At-
ijf under tiio CollslMHiiou shall
I iv m cash, on the 1st m jjinun v
IMiv the latere on tba bonds, dated
'ire May StMb. IS8L ,
2d. Aii latertwt due before the 1st
hf Jan uar v, 1SSB, nod interest on
ill, of course, rota themselves $8
per day. on third fre than boo
been uvual heretofore. Tlie Assembly
of lfiW-'7 cost 58,0rt0.
A the convention whh 120 members
coat 080,000, each member costing oo an
average 9C66, the General Assembly,
with 170 members, if they sit no longer.
will cost 0107,000. They will sit much
longer, ss they will have more business to
do. i tie new constitution totally ctiangee
ear law a and will call for a great deal of
unusual legislation.
' 0. Salariet the afScert.
More office have been created than
hrrHnforc For etamphi:
1 Lieut. Hover nor.
1 Sup. rinh ndunt of Public Works.
1 'upet inieu Jen t of Public lastructioB.
1 Attorney General.
V Supreme Court Judges.
4 sauerior t outt Judges.
:i t'ommissKxiers to revise tire laws.
Boards of Public Cbariih-s, enjoiued by
rtieie 41, Sec. 7, at least 3 wc presume.
We cm nt the Attorney ueaeial as a
nrtr efKcer. because be will be s salaried
, posed Constitution, pay $0- To this must
be added all county and city taxes.
OwiftrirasMa, .;.
The saantr taxes
0000,000. We have no data for estima
ting the city taxes. The Stats and coun
ty taxes, under the new Constitution, to
be raised out of the
mast exceed 00,000,000.
hate ( ToMttron
If it ware passible te raise tho rates on
all subject of teaalina eight times tb
prssint rates, then land would "mmj for
State purposes, on the val ualiou of 1860,
dchty cents on the 0100. On the vehta-
benefit which the Slate can confer.
it is, therefore, perfectly plain that
the Oeneral Assembly can pass no law
making distinction between black and
white, which the Courts of the State,
under the new Constitution, would
not be compelled to declare unoenti
If tba Legislature vara to peas a
law, requiring tha enrolment of
blacks aud whites in different com
IKC7. snnnlementarv to the Act of March
, , , -f
2, 1867, "to provide for the more efficient
government of the rebel States," having
framed a Constitution and civil govern
ment according to the provisions of the
aforecited laws; and having by aa ordi
nance adopted on the 17th day of March
18G8, provided that the Said Count it ution
shall be submitted "for ratthcatio to the
persons registered under the pi. .v -i n s of
this Act I March 23, Section 4 1 at an
election to be conducted by the officers
appointed or to oe appointed by the t orn
, . "IK"""-- . , g..,,. (rrHl as hereinbefiKt, provid-
pass a law, requiring white and black . J bo h-ld tor the eminuio.. of
different frchoos- . . , ... K , . ,i,' r , K..
law proniDttina! t ' l. l. ...a n...,t- . ....i k...
' - . 1 WW ,
big further provided, by the aforesaid or-
.. . . - , - . , e.i, ana sw uwi my .uri in.; ohiiihwii .ri
I'ltilil run I r ninnmnf cfr.....l. .
if it were to pans a
wbitee and blacks fro at intermarry
ing; if it were to pass a law reqnir-
ng whites aud blacks to nde in dit
ferent coaches or public coaveranccK
if it ware to pas a law prohibiting 'all Stats sad Cssjair officers who are to
biaaa and hlaeka fritm airtiutr in tha he elected bv the people under this Coo
same seats at Church or at the same atttutioo, and further, that m each Con-
diuancs, that al the same time an election
hall be held for neuator and Ile.preae.ii
Iniives ia lbs General Asseesaly, and for
table at Uoie); if it ware to peas a
law forbidding whits children to be
apprenticed to black masters ; if it
warn to pass a law for bidding blacks
from being guardians to whit chil
dren, or being executors or adminis
trators on tbo estates of white men,
such laws, if brought before the
Courts, would be pronouueed uncon-
stitutional. -
Badicas deny that this is so. But
upon what gmand f They deny it j
without a reatan. Varioos attempts
war made to get tha Convention m
speak out on these subjects, hut every
proposition was JUIH.U IX) W H.
In the Convention, on Hie lath o
February last, while the report oa the
iili'iri Was under consideration. Mr.
I I . 11 A ... t
lion of 1868. it would ha nrohaklv 01 00 Rf. m i.g.'iswu
nn lbs 0100. Bat if the rats ass made tum " Mbi ,
eight time, higher than aw, away sub- fjmhmWm oeratma ahail ba oe
jeeteof taxation will ba de.irved Un- "od into separata ooiupanius, and
der tbs new constitution, lbs pull lax can- no white man ba required to
mi dated si lice the war and IwIVhk! ;., hia duties are to be diff.riiii from
1st of Jul v. ItiliO, shall be funded what they are now, and there is to bs a
h aSbtMsttei BatsV ; .--.s,-,i,;.:..-..jfWicitoro ride the Bshigh Judicial Cir
3d The interest .m due leuit. The Attorney General ta te be
f of July, 18fJtf, must be paid iu anrely sa advisory officer. The Snper-
i : ..... ..i
imrtlllnlivi s niiik sssaesasa" wwwaw.
not be b Mruer than 02- Hence, aa the
rales cannot be raised oa other subjects,
ibe deficiency mast ba assessed oa land.
The land tax will necessarily a tea or
twelve times higher than at present.
Of course such taxation is confiscation
Noariy ail the land in the State woald be
exposed to sals and bid in by State or by
those fortunate enough to bars money,
g. nvratly Northern specubitors. And
Here we sett tha ettontiea of our readers
particularly to an important pieeo of in
Lruatiea. The Homestead granted by
Sec. 2, Art, x., can be toldor tajttt, as is
expressly therein declared. Under this
eoustitatiou nearly every acre of land -in
the State, Homestead and all, will stead-
It must be noticed here that infer
M inuirovement bonds issued dur
ngthe war, altltough under nets
sed before tin- war, and u d tor
iiildinwoar, not for war
Mirpissea, amounting to $l.053,HMi,
Ire totally ignored by this ordinance.
I is peculiarly nnfwt Innate, a they
a use his sulsrv is to bo paid by tbu
Slate, not as heretofore by the Literary
Heard. Without counting 4 new Solici
tors and other minor officers, here are 16
ioinoitant offices, whose Salaries wilt not
be Iras than. $35,000, in addition to those
heretofore in use. .
B-sides, rom the example set by the
eooveli lion in bavhiK useless officers lit
ly p into the .hauda :.ef vMSMil(m&:!l
A ItofHettead undent tats cnnniiuiion it
a delusion and t mocker. Of wbst use
fay a Homestead, when lazed mors than its
uWuer can uav t
The whole plan seems to bs aeaniiiug-
ly devised scheme to rob oat people of
their lands. And it must always lie re-
obey a negro officer."
Tho amend merit WSJ DEFEATED
by a vote of 83 to 9.
On Iho 15th of kut.. while Article
flrat, "Declaration of Itight." was
being considered, Mr. Durham, of
Cleavelaiid. moved to insert the foU
lowing section : -"The
Caucasian and African racoe
aro distinct by, naj urt jmd color;!
therotore, all marriages between the
Caticassian, or white ratauil the
Af'ricau. or black race, afe forever
Mr. Durham demanded on this the
yeas and nays, but the Convention re-
t tbeui. and. ay a strict
laid his propoeitiou ou tite
On the dili of
moved to amend the
poi ution by adding
proviso :
" Provided, That institutions of
learning, in which black ami white
pupils are educated uruutisouously.
Mr. Durham
report ou Cor
tba following
Ire the only State Iwmds he'd by our ,Mt myi Hergeant-at-smi and
r- eniaena, wnnu luny-nilie umiiire I n iHirl. r. eud from llietr niM'raiity who
lut of every tilt y raised by the ordl ihe tmhlie moneys to ibemselves and oth
Itmce will go out of the State: Many i , rs, it s. . ms clear that all aalaries will bo
Iter b-sadi nntl note- issued dbritio' Aii a lanrer seals than berrlofore it ' is
t - l ". " ..... ... .. . ...
is war. SMS) fur tear tmrmMt. are safe to say at least ous-tntra more.
. . -"rr et m . or " : . i .
"rtd, the ordinance only prOt id 1 3. I'emtentiarw.
L Mt . a . at a a ia .-.-a
nft tor bonds dated before I fie war
We have carefully calculated tlm in
"feet to bo paid to cash on and ba
t'ji defit dated before May SOih,
s,:i,is i8.toMJ.SilU. On this there
''t he paid 1st of January. Jotilf. in
ii, I,Ul.
War "be
S,0H.SU0. The Convention author
$3,0SO,0OU mure, in all fS.iMil.
To this add interest fundable
n new bonds, under the ordinance,
follows ! - "-rvrrnr
Interest authorised te U funded
"y ue actor n- mil aapnir,
nt yet presented, (ttsihasO
Tin. t ieneral Assembly is required
build a Penitentiary. Thin will cost
least 050.000. Kot, toss than toO.OOO
ill b.- snetit the first year; I'mbably a
I " -- -r- . ' . . - . .... . .
Superintendent, WIIB a salary, win no ap-
4. tlsMisa,( u .,
It ie enjoiu. J oa tbs General Assembly
.1 I hel, tii st session to provide, by tax a
ii.... ....A otherwise.' for i aMSSral and
form s stem of Public Schools, wherein
tnition' shall be free of charge to all the
children (of all colors) of the State between
the ages of o and XI
' r the '
ACC1 Utlldjf
There are about 000,000 skUtfrsst teftMappiwaeiiiiur ereeima, ana vase aow.
the Htate, white and colored, tx tweeo tne
aforesaid sires. It is impossible that the
. jW a .a av r Aft I
i for this purpose can be toes isanpJWe-1
war, the Literary Itoard dUtribuied $ 1 75,-
0p0, tbs countios raising the
The amsudnteut was IfEJGCTED
aliiutinn votes to ralifv this eudrnioua lax
heretofore estimated, aud votes, also lojauaH not be incorporated under genu
.act lin e tho Homestead, hypocritically I al laws or special act
provided for in litis coiisll ution.
We have thus made plain, and within
the comprehension of ail, the enormous
cost of the new eov einun u t proposed to I
bu iuaugurated by this new Con.tilatioo.
We nave, in several pnrticuiars, unuer es- f(ownl, asjctioij
timsieo, miner tnau over-e.,u,ea, no tULsUa 6. Tbn (lnorl Assnmblv
shall provide schools for ihu black
ereesiooat District of the State aa else
lion shall be held for a member of the
House of Representatives of the United
States Congress. It is ordered :
First That an election be held in the
State of North Carolina, commencing on
Tueeiay. the 81st day of April, and end
ing on Thursday the 23d day of April,
1868, at which all registered voters of
said .State may vote "For Constitution"
or ballot (or the State and County officers
and for members of the United- States
Moose of Reuresentvtives, as specified in
the before- cited ordinance.
gossan, It shall be tbs duty of the
Herds of Registration in North Carolina,
commencing fourteen days prior to tha
election herein ordered, and giving rea
sonable public notice of the time and
place then of, to reviae for a period of
five days, the registration lists ; aud upon
being satisfied that any person not eutitled
thereto bits been registered, to strike the,
name of such person from tbs lists, and
such persons shall not he entitled Aa
vols. The Hoards of Registration shall
also, during the same period, add to suci
lists the name of all parsons Sruo at that
time posset - the qualiticAfiou required
by said Acts, who h ire not sLWly been
Third. In deciding who are t be strick
en from or added to the regis ration lists,
the Hoards wilt be guided by the law of
Mutch 2, 1867 and the law supplemen
tary thereto, and their intention U speci
ally diM'ctf-d to the suuiilciuciiiaiy Act of
July 19. 1867.
Fourth. Any duly segistered voter of
ihis Stole who may have removed from
lite County in which be was registered,
shall be entitled to vote in the County to
which he has removed and has resided
fur tha too daya ojext preceding this elec
tion, upon presentation of a certificate of
of Election In Mr nr wine which he1
seeks to represent.
Ninth, 'ho Sheriff and other peacej
officers of each
present daring the wbnfo.tioH) that the f
pulls are kept open aad autll tne election
pj completed : and will be made responsi
ble that there shall be no interference
wi.h Jedges of Klection, or other inter
rnption of good order. If there should
be mora than one polling: place in any
County, the Sheriff of the County ie em
powered aud directed to make each as-1
assignments of his deputies, Sad other
peace officers to the other polling places j
a may in his judgment heel subserve the
purposes of quiet and order ; and be is
further required to report those arrange
ments in advance to the Commander of
the Military I'oet in which his county is
Tenth. Violence, or threat, of violence,
or of discharge from employment, or oth
er oppressive means to prevent My per
son from registering or exercising his
right of voting, b positively prohibited ;
and any each attempts will be reported by
the Registrars or Judges of Klectious, to
the I'oet Commander, and will cause the
arrest and trial of the offenders by mili
tary authority. The exhibition or carry
ing of deadly weapon, in violation of
(sen oral Orders No. 10 of 1807, at or in
the vicinity of My polUag places during
Ibe election herein ordered will be regard
ed and treated as an additional offeucc.
Eleventh. Aft Bar rooms, saloons, and
other places fur the sale of liquors by re
toil, will he closed from ail o'clock of the
evening of the 00th of April, until ail
o'clock of the morning of the 24tb
Kighth District I'itt shall elect em
Ninth Dtetrirt-Nash and Wftecnshal
elect one senator, m
Tenth District Craven
shall elect two senators.
Eleventh District Jones and
shall elect one senator
Twelfth District -Duplin nasi
shall elect one sens tec. jm, sw
Thirteenth I lislrict Brans wick and
New Hanover .ball elect two senator.
Fourteenth District Bladen aad Col
uro hus shall elect one senator.
Fifteenth Pis trial llhssjaslaal shot
one senator.
Sixteenth District Camberland, Har
nett and Sampson shall elect two i
Seventeenth 1
elect one senator.
Eighteenth Di.triet-reene and Wayne
snail elect one senator.
N i neleenth District J
istrict Johnston shall
sa -X.C-wiw
April, 1868, and during ibis time the sale
of all intoxicating liquors at or near any
polling plaee la prohibited. The psHot) fEmhssond smB slssl sni aoMtor.
On .March tliu tltli., tbo tWrt on
Education being under omsidoratioii.
Mr. Durham moved to add thu fol-
taxation tor Ibe preseut and successive
years, if the new coustitntion is ratified.
We defy eoejradietiea of ibe foregoing
Felww-citisens of North Carolina ; hi
yner impoverished eonditMMi, can y
such a bad of teaatfoa Will
crush eat all year enterprise, your
children of the Slate, separate and
aiart f'rotn Ihoaa uruvivud for while
Tin- acctiou. sj pro!tJ, was RE
it imt JEC1 ''.D by a vote of ayee 10, noes
viuli- 00.
ty t if, then, you wish not all your real On tha same day. He,
nut end.-r the Hbecuf's hammer moved to amend aoctimi
and sold for tasna I It you weald ut Education report, by addi
i.t lain ini ,,w ni,. DrOVISO
. . - .
18 of the
ug the lot
rtgistratioii from ilm Cotinty iu which he
was originally registered and that he baa
oot voted at this election- It shall be the
doty of the Registrars, upon .be. applica
tion of any duly registered voter who has
removed or is about to remove from tbs
product in which' bo was originally rcg
istcrcd, to furnish bin with a certificate
that he' was so registered, and- to note the
tact lay the registration books of the pre-
cin.t, la default of the cortificate, Use
adfljdavii of the voter must set forth the
Coanty'saiid precinct in which he was or
iguially registered and the length of time
he ba resided iu tho County in which be
was original I v registered and thu length
of lime ho baa resided in the Couuty in
which be desire to vote, la doubtful
cases, the Regwtrars or Inspeetoisnf elec
tion shall require such additional evidence
as may he necessary to satisfy them that
the applicant is legally entitled to vote
ttlvik forms for the certiftcate. and lor the
laffiiiaviisheei4tt reeiiieed, will be fern
ed the Registrars and tlio inspectors or
election and when used will bo atPiched
to tha ballots cast by sue h voters, and
will bo transmitted to District ileadqtiar-
ters with the returns required bv law.
officers of cities and towns, and the Sher
iffs and other peace officers of Counties,
will be held responsible for the strict en
forcement of this prohibition, and will
promptly arrest and bold for trial all per
sons won may transgrota IU
Ttcdflh. Military interference with
elections, 'unless it shall bo necessary to
r- pel the armed enemies of the United
States, or to keep the peace at the polls,"
is prohibited by the Act of Congress ap
proved February 25, 1865, and no soldiers
will be allowed to appear al My polling
place, unless as ci listens of the State they
are qualified and are registered as voters,
sad then only for the purpose of voting ;
but the Commanders sif rests Witt keep
their troops well in hand on the dava of
election, and will be prepared to act
promptly if the civil author iiius are una
Lie to preserve the peace.
llurtcmth. 1 be returns required by
law to be made to the Commander of the
District of the results of this election,
will be rendered by the Boards of Regis
tration of the several Registration pre
cincts through the Commanders of tho
Military-Posts hi which their precincts are
situated, and in accordance with the de
tailed iustrtictions hereafter to ho given
Fourteenth. The State officers to be
voted for at this election are i
1. Governor.
Secretary ofStatr,
Superintendent' of Public Works.
Super in ten dent of Public Instrue-
Weke shall elect two senators.
Twentieth District Warren
one senator. .
P.rson shall elect two senators.
Twenty-second District Orange shall
elect one senator.
Twenty-third District Chatham shall
elect one senator.
Twenty -foarth District Caswell shall
elect OM senator.
Swenty -filth District I
shall elect one senator.
Twenty-sixth District
Guilford shall elect two senators.
Twenty seventh District Randolph
and Montgomery shall elect OM senator.
-rwenty-eighib Uislrtct Moore and
Twenty-ninth District Auson
Union shall sleet me senator. " '
Thirtieth District Mecklenburr shall
elect one senator.
Thirty-first District Cabarrus and
Stanly shall elect one Master. '
I hirty -second Uistnct-lravio aud Kow-
an shall elect one senator.
Thirty-third District Davidson shal
8. A1 torney -General.
9. One Chief Justice and four Associate
Justices of tho Supreme Court of the -
Mate. . ; ; ; ,: ; .
. 10. Ottc Judge of the Sum rier Court
Thirty-fourth District Forsythe and
Stokes ahail elect one senator. )
Tliirty-fiftb District Surry and Yad
kin shall elect one senator.
Thirty-sixth District -Alexander and
Iredell shall elect one senator.
Thirty -seventh District Catawba, Gas
ton and Lincoln shall elect s Mattes'. s'?!
Thirty-eighth District-Cleveland. Polk
and Rutherford shall elect one senator. ,
Thirty-ninth District Allegheny. Ash
and Wilkes shall elect one senator.
Fortieth T" ifT f in iwli. Tfeaiii '
son and Transylvania shall elect ono sen- ,
Forty-first District -Burke. OaMwsJt
ud Wtuga shall cleat sm esastor.
Forty-second District Madison, Mit
chell, McDowell and TMeey shall elect
one eon tor. rfjhflfk im '
Forty-third District Clay, Clmrokee,
Haywood, Jackson and Macon shall elect
one senator.
The county of Wale shall elect four
members; IM (XIUUMS Vt OttSTtn, OlM
villo, llslilax and New Hanover shall elect
three members each; the counties of Cas
well, Chatham, Cumberland, Davidson,
Duplin, Kdgeoombe, rrmaUin, Gailford,
Iredell. Johnston. Meckleubunr. North-
i mpton, Orange, Pitt, Bsadnlpb, Robe
son, Borklnghasa, tisraa, tlfawMMd
Wayne shall elect pi I Hindi It 'lilt 1 j
the counties of
year wives and children turned oat to beg
aad die, aud your ones pleasanl homes
para into the bands of stranger, snd State
bond holders, rally, rally to the nolle, at
- - . : . . - . . s i w.7
metit 1 oa Oeaae to see
stored and hsrmwuy sssn ii
pie, but, iu tbs means and
ilea ptspsesd, you cm sm nothing
beggary, afuj ruin, and degradation .
"i'rnvidL t here shall be separate
and distinct schools for white and
black children."
The amendment' was T.OST by
strict party voto.
Mr. Durham, on the 10th of Mureli.
the lzth section
the (Joiislilulioii 1
a ia uwn rawswii .wo
,i, iji ; uroinsjeu to ninunii
all wn-AyJutsmipB touows:
sf restore-1 r mnsra, inai wnue orptinu
see nolhing but 'children shall not be bound 8 p
preoHcea to coioreu masters, auu mat
' twit ' The iatfl-- tetiiTi writ
each county at such places as may here
alter be designated, under the superinten
dence Ntf the hoards of Registration as
provided by law, and in accordance with
instructions here- after todm given to said
Hoards in confiriniiv with the Acts ol
Congress and as far as war bo with the
laws ol North Carolina
Sixth. Thar potts: ahail he exaW at
such voting (daces at six o'clock in tM
forenoon, and closed at six o clock in the
afternoon of each day, aad shall he kept
for each of the folio winr Judicial Districts: Alleghany, Anson,
First District Currituck. Camden, tie, Bladen, Brunswick,
PasouotSnk. Pero aiiuana. Chowan, (.atea. Cabarrus. Caldwell. Cneaden. Cs
Hertford, Bertie. I Catewha, Cherokee, Chowan, Clay, Cle ve-
Second District Tyrrell, llyde, Wash mnd, 1 olambns, Currituck, IJavie, Fete
ington. Ii anion, Martin, Pitt, Kdgrcmbe. l y the, Gaston, Gates, Green, Harnett,
Third I list ricl-C rave,,, ('a. ie. el. Jones, .' Henderson, Haywood, Herefoai, Hyde,
Onslow, Greene, Lehoir, Wayne, Wilson. Jackson, Jones, Lenoir, Lincoln, Macon,
Fourth District Brunswick, New) Madison, Martin, McDowell, Mitchell,
Hanover, Duplin, Columbus, Bladen, ' Montgomery, Moora, Nash, OsaJaWjrW
Sampson, Robeson. quounk, P.-rquimaiis, Person, Polk. Rich-
Fifth HUii id Cumberland. Harnett, id, Rutherford, Ssuipeuu, Stanley,
Moore, Ricbmond, Anson, -Mniitgoiuery, Stokes, Ssarw, Tiaaejlsanla, Tyrret,
Stanly, f iikm. Uatea, Washington, Watauga, tikes.
Sixth District Northampton. Warren,
Halifax, Wake, Nash, Franklin. John
aton. Granville.
Seveuth District Person, Orange,
( hatbam, Randolph, Uudtord, Alajuance,
Caswell, R'sskraglsaiu. .
Kighth District Stokes, Forsvthe, Da-
vidson, Rowaa, Davie, Yadkin, Mirry .
- Nintb District (totawter, Cabarrus,
Mecklenburg. Lincoln, Gaston, Cleveland,
Rutherlonl. Polk.
Tenth Districi Iredell. Burke. Cald
well, Wilkes. Alexander, McDowell.
Khtvt-utk Distrtct-Alleirhanv. Ashe.
nelTOfataugar Mltca
Wilson. Yadkin aad
one me m her each
Vancy ahaU alee
f 'fleentk Te Ooanty
voted tor at this
to be
. i-is
t- W
Twelfth District. Henderson, Tran
sylvania, Haywood, Macon, Jackson,
CUy, Cherokee.
The Chief Juntos aad tha Assseiate
Justice of the Supreme Court, and t he
Judges of the Superior Courts, to be eiee son, Onslow, Call wet aad
ted by tha qualified elector of tho State 1 Third District New H
ttwg at laiwsiteoagbsa
11. I Ine Sol'cilor for ei
it, to be elected by the
eriff.'V' .
County Cterk of
Rrgtster of Deeds.
SstfveyoT. i
Five Com mieeionera.
To be elected by tne qua
their respective co unites.
Bfassaaoi -Tm first
rwrricl i"crprir 'Iha-
Camtack. Omasa, Pais eel en, rerqm-
Chowan. Hertford, Cat.-e, North-
ampion, Halifax, Martin, Bertie, Wash
ington, Tyrrell, Hyde and Beaufort.
HreeM Uuinct - I'll t, Vttwem.
Lenoir, Wsyne, Greene, Kdgecoaibr, WM-
i I n e .
Moore, Moiugomery and Aneon.
roarta inaaet wmc, wmm na wan.

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