North Carolina Newspapers

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" J?Vs '-7 ' '
9 I
17, 1868.
VOL. I. lfOvW-
r...n. Om T SB.?
' ittU0ANOt
la ha lonely prnta,
tue m-u4 Mid iilslKSSr saw uu '"".
U)i wmym gnw tnics on im wuwm,
h.e ewisBasanldlss r -lr"PP.
.TZSd' winuatUi lbs
ooMMd oo tli railing, one o'er one,
ImDbI niw w uMi iov wwi wire ,
i4if back tn I furOi bwlwt-tfft.
Htft tit ;
.at. .1 J. all MlnA.L.tfw "
N-'i'iaatdaamevlfea onUtol lbs Jd snnoa.
v,a the were of she obi .
i ,, , ..rreetUM warar are -Wad "
(UtlaaM waaa ar the gr f
aaw anMB"ftaa -'
-r ill ikkit hi rfef eVeeM
. .AT,Ut.a Cli.Ir.nan
.yiiin ,m FiitMoa. Itae uewl j
that (ien. AU
to rtieed by the Urat
Aiu!ily. heretofore made
n eoorte. if be baa been ao to
ic torreclntaaj of any ol
ap4.'iHi nia ai eugiu
mot the Stat debt.
. ' ?
UKNV lllhil I
4Hb ihiir correal-
lkawataawat dniiy ha"
ml wlrrrToBbruaeW tdr. eueH
. n.rwrt.rv r..r Kadieul newetMUer
'reant-at urnn', dr.. will ,rjWJJi.
'k.i more tlun lieretoloie.
2.ffj!td iiot deiijr, Hfvl cW.
.i tbo in xkw Sra'in ornoKU will
3 ttlrdivlnot deny llt tlia Tetii
""'aWjwKoh TfF"' "
' "IOfJ UnaVat yaar
4. He ajiiiaaaaaot deny
ic Common Heboid., lor white ami
ka Mogwilicr, will est $fr.aUV0
4. Ho wMnd f armot deny thai
ic UjiiMiaily. Imreaftot lo be liee
r i.lackiid wbiteis will coel $-'3,
Kpainutn. .
. .0123? ,,d utn"rdiij that
uilttia, wtioiu ltohlen announce.
iaJmStfk mm and eqnip to k p
waoppaehiiai lo hi adminiatrnt ion.
!N faaMMra 'par suawam. Tbe
roDOaad Ouir4UiUNi vbdatea the
posing tbi duly on the General As
mbiaJrwTtf aras aeaessary hi ma
e Holdeti to do like Urowulow, and
"co thi provision.
N i W ttfl t llfj li(M tr !MwHf9 Jtl
e such as must bo incurred right
ay by the first Genaral Atermbly.
-n. A did not deny them, because
" i sro IsM down in black ami white
the Caaatimiiofl. We did net eali
ate many other expenses imposed hy
CoMiMtiens cb as ifouses af
rage, Druukortl Asylums, dja., ba
ki ,.iimvl hm.
nl'liaaaad alhaai enaawaaieg eio.
k IJjTii j - '- - Um br-kca lw,
r asSbat Ihjr twrH4 haM
,uro,.-J bavk fiooiiaa U ear .
lal eKjltm?!'' "' h uwnikhag
ANOIflKlt UUN Sl'lktUH
ie IHHiw i mi n If" '" '
HMriMNMT be deferred by the
Ueoeral Assembly, if (key oboot
The nptMM above enumerated the
On ml Assembly mntt provide for,
or break tbefr oaths, aa the v must
wear to support rhe Constitution.
J aeeeespeiiees make 9980,000 more
than the State baa ever paid. Now
add ke taxation of hut rear, J60,000,
and we hare 1,940,000 er anniiin,
to support the H'ate Gnvemmenf
And ret (Jan. Abbott doea not deny '.ibem ; onLy makes a general
aeeertioii, tlaittly abaurd, aa will here
a tier Mear. .
Uen. Abliott eatiniatea the State
debt, aJruftily csielina; and to he crea
ted Nnder ordinance of Hie Conren
tioivat $1888,000, whereaa. we eatt
mated nnmtoficuU data mi 111.4 7i,
500. a diiferouee only uf khiio $00,
00 per ami ii in. Ueo. Abbott must
aludy ttMrea h little wore
ffre he becomes a perfect (Jhairnian
ot' Finance Gnmutltee. lie take
hi ligiire from tbo Treasurer1 Re
port to tbo eonventioa, wbieb bring
down .the uutiaudinir interaat lo only
October let, lb07. The ordinance ut
tbe coaMiin, ordering the pay
of intei et , direct the landing of over
a milli on of dollar intereat, lulling
due after Uctwber let, 187, winch,
ddcd lo Gen. A.' figure, make in
round number the debt, a we Mated
it, tl9,7 J00. We aee by Mr. Hut
tie' letter to Dr. Leach, that he eali
matea it at $l9,MO,ftOO-t,0OO more
thee we did.
J he diOerenae however m not rer v
greet. If en. A. tare toe intetsat I
ft ,10 1. Hit. while we make it,
art naJU, il,163,OwO.
But Ueo. Abbott aaya we hav e act
oaf o. bond and elock, which diinin
iab the Stale debt to $,207,000. and
he uuotte trout tbe i'ubiie Treaaurer
rewurt. to the General Aeeewbly !
1405 '00, wherein he aaya, -while of tbeae ecu off aru unorodnc
live at oreeOttt, I trrliere, in a abort
while, under the reral of trade and
travel, the will, to a aruaf drarree, re
lie the burden of the ub! c debt."
Mr. Itaftlu had a rijfbt to make tins
predict -on in January. I860. Ho could
not anticipate, tkan, that hostile, ,
eellod xeoonatractioa legialatioa, vile
lander by infaiuoua iMUliaana,
aerting lb unsettled cooditioa i
South, and ratweea taxation
of Ilia
of our
and on
tbe ehiakiy lamnf ntareethe Wee
lerti cue tie, won Id prevent "the re-
viral of trade aad travel," which he.
in eommon with ail patriot, hoped
far. Trade and navel Atfe mot rtmit
e l, and the puhlie burden are not.
therefore, relieved by I ha lUllrued
tocka held by the Suto. Not a cent
ot dividend ha beeu paid the State
Mid ibara will uut be in any certain
Moaah oflha teek,ae ibaaawf
tbe Ailatitto
North Carolina Kail
road, of the We tor), and of the We
Jvftm l hern V. U It 1L, eeuiNot be etpected
to be product i o for many year.
i'OJo much for Gea. Abbott 'a aeta off
Tle truth h) for the pi cm ii t the
State moat kauk to other amrcea than
dividend from Railroad, to enable
her to pay Intereet on the public debt.
(ten. Abbott makes a radical mi
lake a lp our pition. We are aa
much oppoed tw repudiation aa he i-.
In tact, wo ate mora an, aa lie voted
for the ordinance providiug for the
(taftiv' 4' l'e iuteieat on tbe debt
dated I-fore au inca the War, total -IV
iaMoriiur, abd thereby repudiating
hotuie isaued during tbe war, issued
- ' - ,MIW.. ,,.
ly. We think, However, mi, a weti
n other maltciw of detail, ehoultl he
left to tha'UenbUVrAaaviinhly, whoure
be l eal judge a to ihe time auU
Uiauaor of commencing pay id out of
iuieret. Kjecially we iuit that a
timeiiiulioii, which hnpoaea, bcaido;
the vl, 168,i 00 ititere!, additional
burden , of $I,h.,oi)0 per annum,
should be voted down, an uot suitable
to tbe people ol North Carolina. And
we ate euro that tbo forcing war pew
pie. by tbo legislation of Nortlasr
men and of .ennihe ucgroee, to be
win paymeiil wjfJittorcsi bafora they
ate ready, wtH fiater thaepiw e ro-
nudiutioii. Hence we are tue iruew
i ends of the bondholder.
Of. Abbott Ignorant 0J ie uonnt
Wa are amaacd that ea, AbboU
alnmhl aay that, under the action of
lire cjwiveuthin, "new bond can be
iaaued lo pay every cant of the inter
mi a it fall due, until tbe pernio
.irdinmtce expreaslv directs, that pay
ment shall be made on part ot tne
debt ou 1st January, 18ii, in,
and. Ihett, finding all interest not paid
Into new bonds, the finance directs
the Ueneiai Araembly to pay interest
lite Whole debt accruing 1st Juiv,
l and afterwards, in cash, la-
aW, the whoU Constilutwa itseti
declare, that Mtbft Geiiersi Assembly
shall, by appropriate legieiation and
hv adequate taxation, provide for the
prompt aad regular pay meat of the
intereet of the public debt." The
constitution further provide that the
General Aetembly, "after tbe year
1890, ahall lay a fpecifle annua! tax,'
for the purpose of creating Milking
Fund. L e. the General Aeembly hall
begin right away, promptly, by aa
quale taxation, to pay interest regit
larly, and, after 1 BU, a tax iu aoui-
lion eliall be levied to create a Sink
tut Fnnd. Word caunot be pla'ner,
Surely, Oen. Abbott was napping
terribly when ha atd : "Jo correct
this, (I. e. the depreciation of onr
bond) it w a only neccawiry to pro
vide for the resumption of the inter'
eat, and tliia the convention did, hnt
did not direct a tax to be levied till
1910." Qh, General Abbot 1 1
(Jen. Abbott argue that our people
can bay all these Convention cxpen-
AAA aam a. t
ae of over fz,uuu,ow, necatum in
1807 they paid $1 800,000 taxes on
cotton, and "there hat been u extra
ordinary oppieaaion from taxation."
In the first place, it ie not true that
there ha bean no extraordinary op-
preasion from taxation. Many cotton
planter were mined last year. AH
except a lew, wno nave neiu meir
cotton until now, bat money. To
many farmer tbe tax amounted t
onejifth f Ihe grot pneutl o
their crops. Tbi i certainly "ex
inordinary oprealoll.,,
Secondly, cotton planting doea not
exist all over the State. Those who
rake this staple might manago to pay
their share; bat tbe laxea muet be
uniform, and we really believe very
many worthy people, now hardly
making both er.ds meet, will be to
tally unable to pay their increased
taxes. Lands will be sncriticod at
tax aalea. bought hy capitalists and
peculator, arid our good citiaeoe
with whom we hao been raised, will
arivo place to t rangers. I crimps
Gall. Abbott would hke tine. We
have North Carolina heart?.
Gen. Abbott defend tbe Omw
lion by showing, at length, that cer
tain prominent Conservative, Frcai
lent of Railroad Companies, asked
and obtained aid for their roads.
Ccrta nl) . and they d d their duly to
their roa'le. ny ifeitinjraii tncy conto.
Itmlruad Paaajdenta are genorally
sanguine in regard to the ability of
the Stale to bear increase of debt in
their favor, and wohedy hlamaa them.
Wa have not lound iauli Willi ti cir
aethm. We miicht have voted tor
their reheme, for they have extreme
ly '-winning way. Uut we presume
lion to aid them by giving the people
a Constitution which will coat over
$990,000. for tbe Slate 'axes alone.
They would not we guilty of audi
had "Railroading" aa tliia-
The (ieneral not only a (in wirier
and expounder of CoirMi unions, but
r . h:m 1 1 i.: ... I
he isa regular Joo Miller. Hear him !
Ihe people Ulust remcn Der flint II
will pot coat BS much to Conduct the
iraof the State under the new
Constitution as under the old. By a
careful estimate, it will be formd that kBwltdgu the receipt of your not ht
fhere will be a saving to tbe Su of! yhiIie ,al! u, acompnnr a committee of
over $10tl,t 100 ! !" ;'
Now think f it a moment, - Under
the new Cotisti mt ion 90 new offices
are created, wliicll will oet f40,000;
L. rU-N ttnl.nnta to tin' Oorfltl.rt
f.u. ..,sr. and white, wilt cost 4500. !
Ooo; the Klitia must tje aruieo,
euuippol uiol paid when in service,
which cosi old Urowulow 1300,000,
an.r will cost Uoldeu the tamo, 'lira
University i t be ntado free tori-
. . ir-: T 1 i-Yj-- ' fit
while, which will cisl
f25,tJ0 ; the Aylunt to oe thrown
open for all colors, rich atjil poor, (,V(.llt p,.:i iM considerable num
wlrich will oust $50,000 more, and alU(.rI ,d with such concert a to indicate
Penitetitiary. must be bejlt by tbta eotutaon purpose, appeared and took the
first General Asseiubtr. whifll Will
cost $100,000 the rirvt yea, ifcq., At.
aid all these thiuif. according to
(ieiL Abbott, can be done tor $100,
uou less than we have heretofoie paid our Suie u-overntiicnl i. e. for
less ihati $.'i0,it00. Hie (ieneral
Asadiublv. alone, will cost two third
ol this!
tii k rot. 1. tax saocatutT.
The General quotes the clause in
Constitution which says tbe poll tax
shall be eipial to tat on $800 worth
of property, aa showing that the tax
e cannot be very hiirh. To this we
reply ; let. That all the iwovisioiis of
the Ooostitotiott must be construed
together, and, as very clearly, other
clanace cotunwud a much higher tax
anon than tbe words of litis section.
taken Intei idly, would warrant,!
I Voir raw 1 I be eorneeiteti 10
... '
aiieh a ineauiuir aa will make all the
provisions aland.
2nd. Or else if ttuv rate eaonot be
r;...,l ik onautit v of uruueny tax
J ant li. taaWesBBtsir Jlaaidtit lane:
and other property heretofore taxed,
it will then becoiae tne amy 01 tne
Assembly te
.1 Imnum. eatlle Drovisions, Ae All
these will havehave to be brought in.
ti. tax iat. aa well aa entireties,
school books, schools, mechanic's and
tool. Ac. in oider to raise
what this Constitution preecribc alialt
be raised. " "7 r 7
this laat view derive plausibility
from the following considerations :
1st. While the Constitution 1 mil
f detail, in fact being a mere code
of law, no exemption from taxee i
put into Ihe Constitution. The 'ten -
oral aaaeinfalv ahall have power to
make exemption, hnt they are not
compelled to do U. And tley could
not do it, if thereby they wonld fa I
to raise money enough to carry out
tbe direction of the Constitution.
S. The late Convention actually lev-
ied a tax oneveryihiiig,--eu,fhe baby'
cradle, the bible, the clothes we wear,
the food we eat to pay the expenses
of the Convention to pay negnves
and other eight dollars per dav. No
doubt the Radical party, if elected.
will pass another Ke venue act just
like this. In fact, it the section unv
der consideration be interpreted lit
erally, no other act c n be passed.
(Jen. Abbott 1 oblivion of the in
creased County taxation under tins
abominable Constitution. He fails
to notice the enormous increase of
taxes under his Yankee rrvrim- of
County Comiuiiuncr, salaried J us
rirv nf I lis Peace and tuwnshii.
We have not space to eliminate ibis
' I la am at SMM luitlBSV . ' -
Ihe truth is, the extravnganco of
this Constitution cannot be defended.
It is, to state the whoie truth in a few
words, Yank Conditntion, fitted
01 1 1 tor rich and populous cotnmi.
nitiea like Massachusetts and Rhode
Island, with a people homogeneous iu
character. Importud here, and ot
tared to a people poor ami aparsely
sullied, wih one 'bird of their num
ber ignorant Africans, just cine gcd
frrun slavery. It is in such a place A
IU tmocfM will I the ruin, of fi
people ITS liKFKAT THK BHtllNXI.Nii or
KWIBWKP raosrjcuitv. in inree .wee as,
it will lie wiv, oy a lemoiw
of 20,000 white majority, hito the
rubbish of history. It may ba tt
binned hereafter by soma antinmri.
an and held up aa a monument of leg
islative lolly Soma of it advocate
will take jconspicuoua place in hi
tory, petty Damons, Robcspiercs,
Rarerea and Ueucdict Arnold.
Genetal AMmtt'a btttsr has not on
ly appeared in the Standard, but will,
doubtless, ba sent, in another form,
all over the State. It is a deceptive
an J misleading article, and wacaH up
on our cotciiiporariee throug;fiout tna
State to publish our reply, that the
untidoto may go along with the pois
on, s
The fwrVwina? hater tym Hk Esse!
lenev" II II. Wells, at present hoUlinir
lm. omee ,,f . rnor of Vfaghiia," un-
aWr (Sen. cliohvld nppulntment, sura-
cieully indicates his scntimenl m ISOo:
ALfHtAXDau, Ya., June 21, 186.5.
..1 m(... sir .1 have the bouor to
loyal ciliscii ol Virginia in a call upon
thc Pn sident of the United State. My
offi.ial J
I cannot
hllT UIV
utic deny mc iha pUmauro, bud
mrJSSm 1W dotvn to her spread
ra...... .. -
men! you ara inaugurating. cry
after the fall of Richmond I became aware
that many of the feuding secessionist,
despairing of resisting by rbrcc of arm
the power of the Government or the
mi 'hi v logic ot events winch waa soon tn
ovinia truly free, had delerutueil
, hv swilicw what force could not
in Therefore it was that, soon after that
..1. ..e .11 ............
"An electiou of member of tbn Leg
latnre wa s...m to be held, and among
l hose who announced themselves a CUB
dilates were some who bad imilormly re
no ed to btke llio oath, and preferred to
lose their property and be separated from
tlieir lamSie ratlH-r tlutu to acknowledge
.1 ..I ill..
Qeveraatet of tne
UTO,r....-.; w. .
r. Mit. Two year ot duty tien-.i
f . - 1
anil ucu general mm
hiouulit, taught tne that an oath of alle
giauce was not1 conclusive evidence of
fjy-aliy, but that It was nearly worthless,
unlet- accompanied hy consistent conduct
and loyal nets, snd no surprise was fell
when, on counting the vote, h waa found
that these gentlemen wen- elected hy large
majorities to represent the people bt a
State government whose legs! existence
they had positively, denied, and fr whoae
overthrow some f them had within ohe
year plotted snd eoospin-d. No Uuc for
a asouis at atisaiidssslead imlft ibarlgii, for
it was loo pal liable, and too
adinitted hy tue less discreet, W leave
room for doubt. With tbe Legislature in
the hands of these men, the ealli-r of a
iiiilalwwWdl MaTtatlia tV
peal the aiisonl and restore the old see
stit ntion would be a work of short lime
: .i . ,1
and little labor, but very sad in IU e
eaawees both to the. white aad black
?mm country it ton
turbed condition. The
Tbe country is to dy hi a arW tls-
tarbed condition. The ngbtt T proper-
ty are not respected ; ta
ky to the guvernmeut
tae maa wboee aeei-
asetieaed I lold by ssen fresh trass the
raak of tae enemy wax virgiwi wm
seen furnish kirn no koajM ; that it boun
daries are not bmad rnoeeh : that there i
00 room lor the 'Yankee' or those whnl
helped lo carry oa the Yankee
I'Ur colored man, who waa held wonky
ie bear arms, and did ftgbt bravely, find
no protection, peace or security, except
when In the inmeuiaie presence 01 a mu
ilary force, and not always even then.
This is all wrong, and yea are m aanger
of loaiaa; the very things for which lh-
war kaa haaa aroaecated : you way tuco-
rise snd ipeeuiste to the eontnirjbul tbe
fscts remain, and the only wie course i
lo admit lln ir existence and provide the
"Ami what is that remedy t III, in
my judgment, to locate a tumcvnl mili
tary force to preserve peace, command re
spect, aad secure order. Tn other words,
to vindicate the supremacy of the Is w.
Then disfranchise thus who are not loy
al, makiag loyal acts, and not a poprr
oath, the let of loyally. This done,
create a pripetual balance of power, which
will at ail imes secure you from political
danger; or more plainly, h-t the mfrro
vote. lis has laurht - lei hua enjoy tae
fraiu of victory whiclt be helped lo win ;
and in extending the elective franchise tn
him fa is done nw because be is a negro,
but because he is a free native-born ebb
aea of the Cuitcd States, twenty-one
years of age, of oand mind, who has
always been and now is, faithful to h'
government, obeying all tbe law ot the
State ; and every man, white or black,
who has such a record ought to vote. It
is true there is a prejudice, aa old preju
dice against such a measure, but then it
is only a prejudice, and not an argument
and should be weighed as such.
MI am, very rs pee tfally,
"Your most obeoieut servant,
"IL IL a'tUJ,
President Yirgiuia.
iTo F B odL o .
1 t A 9 t
I IIIUII B'tl000-
ii:rVn MmO f J -JO" V'Wr 9
Old North State.
If it is
' iriaa " ma iho
old maxim tells us, to
"learn from our enemies'
it is surely so to be mis
trusted by our friends !
And we turn towards the
example of our sister,
North Carolina, for a val-
uable lesaou which we
should hasten to follow.
In that gallant old Common
wealth hex- aorta ore moving for
ward t hv rosctir of her interests
anil her honor in three solid col
umns, which Rweenhcr territory
from Khat to West whit a fire ofl
irresistible eloiraence. ' Il i a
grund siectacln to see her hattrr-
headed patrn.ts.luT ma tun: states
men, and her YOtiliiful orator
dt'dicatiiu! thomselyes to the seH
vice of thuif Mtate with unsclfis!
and In to if devotion Which Is U-
.j pra FfOtn llCT tnoUII-
- - - , .T
llli: ( imm, 11 11111 iter comic iu mn
uttermost bottnrlarios, ,'hft tiil
dren are working with head and
heart for lier salvation. It is n
auhliine sjiectacle ! Each day two
hundred uoUe speeches, iioule iu
cut inifiit .noble in design, noble
in pluck, and noble in unselfish
devotion, are mado within her bor
ders, 'file u fiery croas Mbxirtie
aloft within her borders by tiic
swiftest runners of her clans ; ml
from highland ami lowland they
rally to. tbe rescue. We-repeat,
it. id a sublime spectacle, and the
most bitter Radical in Congress
must admire the heroic force d
I ' - . .
tne Atiirioaxoii s pu n vtiitcn
. . WJ7 w.
glow s with such rare brilliancy in
so durk a 1 light as thai winch
gathers over the orators of North
Carolina. We accord them our
admiration and salute them with
honest pride, from Vance and tira-.
ham and Ashe dxmtr wific itTthn
est ty ro among them all, and wa
should observe our sister Slate
and emulate her example. Let
the Cetitral Ct t m 1 1 1 1 1 01 , gfw the
siirtiaj I for The men of Virgin iu tu
be un and doing, like the men of!
the old North State, at it thoe
we were at wrork !
Ntrfotk Virginian.
Virginia Convention.
Richmond, April , P. V
fM-.lution ba invite Serweant
Hates was among the
One of the most ftnmoua acts of the
M LbtMah saa the rstinrt
.i... , l ..u .. i --j: ... --
Oat iotimidatiou of rtacrs." We say
l. i 1 1. 1........1...1 ...
comphsh precisely what ils caption li.di
cale il wonld prevent. It wa adopted
under I Be iatpressiuu lint it wnubl ie-
tiaudale Ike trhile votrr of Aorlh t
list shJ asnsa iLaim ti a(vaa nrx iLasIr aavWl
JjudKim-ut -right Msgrat. -
1 lie "ordinance Hears the ftaata
. . ... . m L
nncMstuatiotMiuty on us eery sac ; ""SI
kiflracndent of this, it will exercise ao
jure control over the action of tbe white
atrn of North Carolina than if il were aa
order promnlgatcd by tbe King of Abys-
W bars never advocated 1 lie use of
extraordinary mean to control tbe negro
vote ; but if employer think peeper to
do so, there . arc forty ways in which
their employees, may he led to understand
that, ka certain contingencies, their ser
vices may be dispensed Willi, without v io
lating lite "ordinance" in quesliwn.
Even under this Chiiies-tliiii lie' fcsft
J nance' no penalty attache .to the act ol
liscbarring an employee afinr the elec
tion; aadV V if bare aay iaducace at all,
it will ooljc be to induce some, .who re
gard fa aa a threat, to exerctae tbe right
deciding who shall and who shall not
cmain in their employ.
Bat let as give (be public an opportu
nity Of reading the "ordinance'' for them
selves, aad if it don't make them laugh,
then we are no judge of human nature.
Here is the document that is to strike
terror into tbe ' Coneervatrve ranks aad
eaaae every white maa to retain in his
employ the midnight Leaguer Lis neon
enemies : 1
ii Ordi nance (0 Prcrent the 1ft-
limidHlion nl Vnlrrs.
t it ordained bg the people Xort
Carolina, in Convention assembled, and
it it herebg ordained as follows :
StCTlox 1. Any person who shall pre
vent or endeavor lo prevent, aay qualified
elector of this State, from 'the free cier
cms of ihe elective franchise, by violence
or bribery, or by threats ef violence er
injury to his person or property ; or by de
Driving an elector ot employment, or
threatettinr to deprive them ot employ
men t, shall be deemed euilty of a misde
meanor, and noon eouviction thereof
shall he punished by imprisonment fur
uotlese than one month her mora than
six months, or by fine of not less than
one hundred dollars nor more than five
hundred dollars for each offence, aad one-
half ike fine shall go to ihe pmstsnr. -
R t'lll A Arr T 1 - 1 1 L
oacuon CAM uiruig m mmj immrm
upon tbe condition that the same shall
vets or not Tote tor any speerat camnoate
the mraoing of this set, upon ihe part ol
the person dcnuuMbng the said condition.
Sectiou 3. This ordinance shall be pub
lished and circulated with tbi Constitu
tion for the informalioo ef voters, and
of its passage.
Pre. Contt. Cvnv, ef North Carolina.
T. A BYKHKH, See g.
J. 11 . HOXKK, 4att tiec'g.
HI - Vi
ITow remarkable il is that men can be
found who are o afraid of confiscation by
Congress that they will try lo avoid it by
voliag for the infamous Constitution sub
mitted by Stan who purposed to rob us of
our property by this very means. Will
men deliberately" embrace the substance
iu attempting to shun the shadow ? Do
not our citizens see that, defeated in their
ubiect of confiscation by the direct leris-
Uuon of Ceugre, the base toots of these
very men are attempting to do the same
thing by taxation at home t Doi-s any
one suppose such greedy speculators as
Gn. Litlle-MS, i.f Philatldithia, broken
down' iu bia lumber schemes, would de
vote the entire winter to lobbying among
the members of the socallod Convention
10 paa the large financial scheme and
railroad projects for pare and disinterest
sd love of the people of North Carolina f
Has hi heart become so overflowing with
unselfish regard for the welfare of our peo-
. . 1? . . . .
pie, enure stranger in mm, mat nc win
consume the .Spring, nd devote Ms tal
ents and money to a canvas of the State
leave all the luxane of an opulent c,iv
bora and w illir gly embrace all the BM
eommrto of a .North Carolina canvas J
Ce Uch sacrifices be voluntary . VV bat
generosity, patriotism, unselfish devotion
to the welfare and aecesshie of hi fel
low-men. l'shawl Not evsa toe pear
ucgre could be mado to behove such em,
"The man U paid, aad WKLL rxtn, for
low- mn. l'shawl Not even the poor
wort: WPaaa out lands and etaer
ornBortr are sold to meet Iks eeatanes ef t
. . -
ik. ... .ll.l,.r fhi. m.M rjtlmmmU M
ihe .ntof Nertbera boiuibeldcrs, wfll I
the iuinoverished neoole afthe Sute are I
in p. lied to treet I WO MILLION AMI
A HALF DOLLARS ei taxes, as tb,y
meat m 1969, ander Urn fmratme at tee
new (Wiuiion, shoaid u headopiaW
the dhuntorWtod BBtrwdaaa si this man
111 Ll aiAsslf
Surely, sack ef eae people who intend
veto for this Mmsitoa Coaslitatiea
have oosABtod the eosL Honor
ly nminatat aa teat ear weata
be paid, but b doe net rarjuire!
the hurt cent
from us to
ear wives and children should be thrown
el I f"r support upon the eeid ahariUa of tbe
I world to create new osBce wtra
h ,or eeaw aimiawe m
1 Onr work of internal imBSW
( 'boald be completed if posstbh., km large
appropriations saoaM net je made to m-
fiaenee vote, nor shaehj ear railroads bo
beib at the saertftce ef oar lands and flw
fpHhae iasBcmbkan al
J b- "prided t. bo.W radroasb to
01 '-
. I... .1 V, il.MM imm 1 1111 Jil mSm
T' r .. . . a . "
'be sheriff ' hammer. Ovr prnpte
not be robbed bo ptnnmeot ad
We urge upon all of onrcitiaeas to make
the simnle calculation for himself fat re
gard to tbo eapeoses ef u new" North
Carolina Let hua calculate the hrterest
on nix kt fen xtt'uoK or polls. an, the
total of oar public debt; let him add
thereto tbe salaries of tbe office for
ho in be it called to v ote ; pat down his
own estimate for the expenses of tbo. pub
he schools, the militia and Ike penitentia
ry, and make a rough estimate of the tax
ra to be paid to the State mhme Then,
wlien he takes tn consideration the taxes
paid the United rilatcs, directly awl in
directly , coanty and municipal taxes,' tbe
total amounts to fearful Agate u sua
more than ail the gold and stiver and cur
rency now in the State sea txk timb
uobr rnAN 0111 mcoppx cast iat
Before we vote let ns count the cost.
sar.s-.- '
is to be held an she Slot
23d. snd 23d ef April in the State of N.
Carolina, to pass upon tb Constitution
which bss recently been framed by the
Hat ical t on vent ton la teat mate.
Constitution, which we shall
hereafter lo discus in detail, is
oa the infamous doctrine of aa equality
between the two races, both social and
pHlielf d weeV winder at the
siavemcnv m lam arw lum nww curra-
pondent, that the Convention which train
ed this instmment ended their aerfonn-
ahces by singing pans to John Brown
a midniirbt murderer, assassin, an
urreedoalst aad indulsjed hi
dancing, ihouting, sad tumult
all deacupttoa.
This Coastttation, with which , It w i
1 ft is pro.
posed to khaehle tbe State, is being (tout
ly resisted br the white popnlstion, and
we are glad to bear that they an makmg
a can vas worthy of their race aad blood.
to prevent Us rati ti cation. ,Khmj desen
and despite me treaelicry
rsersaati as HoMBb, w b
1 JL ......
ed by the
of the election. Letter.
from prominent North Carolinians now
before as express great confidence hi die
result, unless defeated by such frauds.
We share their aUttBssW Be-1 this last
point ; bat we entreat them
0ff aa stream sbbm
prevent the adoption of this
stitution. They stay fairly count bt
strarglo upon the sympathios of a 1
majority ot fba North, and especially
the West Sn4 grea' central States of
In order te fore our leaders
of the principles upon which this 1
is Dctne conuBCten or uio suns tx
lion of North Caaohna, we ubioii
following extraeU from the admirable ad-
dress of lion. W m. Uranam, at too
uonservaure conveutioo own m wh
. . - . r .
State. Mr. Graham is well known as one
of the most distinguished statesarak of.lL J
Carolina : he was an associate '
l ; he waa aa assecw
ster, Corwiu, and. Crittenden j'n 1
net of Mr Fillmore; and both I
tbcie. I
bt bis Drevions service fat tbe
States Beaate was noted for his misucrata
A a election
orgies ot
such ignoble
lieve they w
shall hem
eaergy to
lean Caass. a
aad conservative view. . His uHersBBBS rtf,7,
deter vo especial atttention at, relli lltkg.imlf
tne seniimeuis ot toe must luuocnue ssu
peace-loving ssen tn the Lnrteu outes.
laese extracts exhibit a toJBaier which
cannot bat be respected, when wo consul. 4.
er the swpsIpunjlwlon to which tae. -ggdfr
South is now being subjected, tbajMMaaal
and aalignaat auempts to subjccV.WK
population tu African rule, aud the tbxw' -'4
ened ruin of their country. If under all
this there is confidence iu the uluuiaut
jusuce ef lee .-v. or item mssars, wa i-t
sura that tt wffl be abuoclauAir juauhsd
by Uk res Bit .-v anonai in
I - is!
Verne at JvawSBB.. Uwv. Vans
a lares asweasidag of the good
!.UM."' j.yyr"
day, wrAhBaBem Th
are almost entirely broken n
ot Catawba, at New too, last 1 ues-
Beting effect, Tbe Istagwe or-
little room v ,
bb weaso in- ' j
tormcu. -
.v u x.:. - - A
. . "
I. Why.
ill, ahaabl they cease to U
frecmoa and voto aa tke please.
te a they please, aud not
i the Head Centre. it.
The Jeutiek Paoevcer.
This fsaUval at the Jews wmnrWwed
ycatorday in the eveainr. which was tits
Uth day ol Human, and eomoes gh'
This festival at the Jews f.unirawwtd
aaya. It was
Won ol their
the night
nut to d
Bs vl at st lal Oettverauc en
bursts their departure fro j
tob tbe atBtbar. oJ tiHm L
hall be tiaua. uaatti sear tbe hnnse ot tbe U.
their n
mm .-pt i
sotoe MeaalBr ...M
?eeahUeeslbraeB.c-W,-B5B, Vh.

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