North Carolina Newspapers

    tr tft or uuacutn'KM.
' ' inwk t.m
rrfWssUr. oas Thj
. - rew
WtntmrO. Mtd maj tmvef
- - fa rhJtranr or affsoeivsJ
or win HI ry, ha deserve pii
iMlit for ike stent which he Iim ta
ken, end the orders which he hat is
atwaL forth prevention of frmnd in
.l,orroehiuir election ia that State
He hat directed Beaietrara to receive
i!ean strTcsfrooj the lists without
iroper cause; be haa promulgated
an order direlly aimed at fraud by
tv to row, bet mal be tot alone ; and
that, wbee tha votes ate counted oat,
then ahall be present, to aapariotend
the eeaatlnf . a raapxtthU and in
tallisamt man of aaa pmim. These
ih very niach that Gen. Oenby
had is-oed eotn of simitar purport,
(leu. Meade haa acted wisely for hu
own rotation, and fairly toward.
ecee, esn hardly be accounted for,
except upon the supposition that
Wen. Can by haa been niled by the
repraaeararioae of interested person.
In this matter, are have no person
al interest, whatever, nor are we in
Uuenced by any partisan preference
we expected the appointment of i
Hedieal, but there are others of that
part, whose selection would have
given far greater satisfaction.
We hop the people of the District
tins thing in toind at thai
in noar tins Hung
awerion, in selecflhg a member oil
Congress. The claims t)on the Rad
icals and KepuUinana of Mr. lien
rick, a native of the 8tate and a man
intimately contacted with the or
ganization of the Republican party,
are far greater than those of Dewece.
Conservatives, of coarse, will vote
gainst me Uonstjtunon ana lor Mr
William, of Granville. Sentinel.
bv oor Disjrict Commander, it de
volvea upon oareelve to make such
arraitgemaahr as will provide against
d. skis aswtawj, M i naJJi htsse
counting, or any ether of tha ansa or
oat fraud. Which will doubtle.
attempted by some of the Badioal
p. .M...lder. Let oae or more Coo
servativea of intelligence and firm
new be always at the His, if adeiie
sihlt, (and wa take it for granted that
tie poll holder, who inlands to act
"upo ttwaeuawe," will object.) to
see that every th tig is conducted lair-
As weaaggosted, a taw days oe,LwJ lU u Ut
the poll ladders mt coaetw MT(i IM dsv U can U
, . - ... : I . im i ... " .
-ieiNiev waami, raigni,
choose, relhrva thcirisx-Ive from all
imputation or suspicion of unfairness,
. j rvaucaiiag eoe leepecUble person
of each party io be present when the
voids are cvaaied. bach a course ha
always been n ual in electi ui in
X otfh CwteflnS, aader the old and
h u..ri-d euai'tus. Give us a FAIR.
liAlXtr.sml wc will DEFEAT TUE
P. 8. Illima tlat jmegalng waawrit
ten, we haa hrmd aome facts,
wtsaMap.wtanoo in this on
i.eetie. and which exhibit a desire
d.drrmiuatiesj, OJL tU , WMMtprt
t. Leahy, to saaaee isirtiess m the
T!ic 'Mention of Oen, Caabj wa
officially called to this whole subject,
tin, partft-olar plan nce
..dbf.M some lithe
but tlte suggestion did not roach lu
until after bin nrdara had been iatm
tl.athaIre7wES hsn ten hwS
OMisajsaenMSLor tkt Ntw Vk WarM
Rtcofutnutw in the Old North State
-Doiny of th4 laU Black Crook
Convention. uasJB aaaM
Ralbiob, April 7, 1968
As oaViaOy aaooaaead, lb flgaraa
rrpstrastaa m Kertk Catenas ate:
Whiue, 106,781 ; aegmes. 7t,9.12 ; loul
179,033 -wb.ts majority 36.789. Tha
"tlistli" a lb aaaatlea of siaviatlis
add oa taa 19th aad ltkh af Navaaa
Jt 'mm.TimrTif the bdWtag
901, aaalarhy over the half of taa
"fid ftf tiaV0S IVQalirifdf 3.179
hems making ap these totals I have
amstirated, and f.uad that ukinr three
naaraa to ba correct, this North Carolina
'Caavoatioa" was ealbd by lbs vets el
t8,70t white man sad 7W0 nagrora.
-Bvkta w SMS. limn . pnj.
Tab ill ail us sasjSaSm.-'
Borne the called, lb "Cooventiou
mrt in thl- rity on the 1 4th of JaaSSTy
laat, and aer maaaaoS to - era lea a
the 17th of March, a sarlsd of mixly-fcar
ars, wtta a err diem of so, and s cost to
he (fond people el the (Hal of trow oa
100,000. As I iIm sarssaael of th
i that i
laid. Il
wss a Oaaaenamsasi ardrstntcUnn H Jon
vrution," and that suftrimtlr di-arrihi-
H. Thhtv-ihrr oat of the ltt I "del
gat eeaipwatng it wrrr rrgivtrar, and,
aa tech, cntiaVd la tbevr own rk-etiea.
The aentbatan fro tiainra was there tf
ssaisr, sad the North Carolinian froaj
New KiieUnH, and tha rrnirsi'nUtiva at
the bnri an, ! the intprual rcvrnffc man
the ''ssaMoack and "acalUwag, and
"rarpci haggar." and. high abov alt. s
piilitJial eif hui paisaabai Mmssihs
r cit to aaiK-tify the saves with hb pemmrt.
It didn't differ in the least, I assure yen,
fnan any f thr ofhrr Crooks, save m tin
startling originality of iu grand finukt-mt
thai wa uniipif. Jut prior to aHjtuirn
ntent a 'aelrgatu" strucd up 'Juhn Hrown'a
- . mm
plan which uena aioptoa. win .re
iat J grnamls Of apprehension as
to any uidairneas in the coming el
tin. Tfie readinew with which he
can delect any error or nofairneet, re
lievss the matter of doubt, as Iris pnr
Pw is to have nothing; but a lair
Iu many Omnties, ia the last elec
tion, many persona were prevented
born voting, because of the suiai
number of precincta, at which polls
were opened. The) reason assigned
i-.r this is. that the number of quali
fiedtMansw to bold the alealfea won
so eMail, that thry were compelled to
unite several precincts togwilier. To
p. event lb e in tha coming election,
cmi. Canbyhas authorised the Fust
Oommaiidet, ia every inaUnce where
pialiaed meo can be procsred, to
"e the pot i opened at rritar raa
Liaot. If, therefore, qnalined men
TlL Hff KT ""vonte aewre i
M nn lody which begins "Hal's
can be haat let the peojie mvttUir
namt ttt tk Pott Vmnmandtrt, thai
dl . kill T. if W'lrllw a i
"w rxmmyjnmvm may a mcrt oaea
We And that Hi sppolnlment oi
lewev as Pro net Jadge, aaton
ishes every one. If Gee. Stnby had
a voage, in me
owl, the public
thaa aaiMaiHMninient. 1 he o
inn it asked who rconnmrnded biinl
Wo judga t'tat o one would have
"goad such a recommendation, l.n
'lolrtea, CVilauisn or liarna, men
intimately identified in nam ism and
.... . .,
mess wimntm as to preciuu me
at th
Hun aii aitixion-
ary by Use bona. In jnuii-d the taintr and
up nae the eborua. At ffrat the lugroc
in the, gallery looked ou in amusement,
but pretty soon they loo began to sing
and the uproar grew tremendous "Old
John Brown" gave way to "Hail t'luav
bin," and that in turn to "ti t say yallel
gal can't yer come out to night," ami then
II Were swamped ht the roaring air of
'Hog Kye, favorile nepro com chuekiiifr
in tin- garden
Tho seed corn of self-governmcn
has not been entirely destroyed st the
SI .1 fi .ii r i .
rriu. xue Following snow mat a
iiihii rcinnsni ns necn presorvca
The State Right Assoclallou
New York celebrated Uie anniversary
of Thomas Jefferson's birth day by g
dinner and speeches at bt. James
Hotel on Monday evening last
Among th gentlemen of note pre
sent were Uo vomer amy monr of ton
neclicut. Governor Fnee of New
Jersey. Ex Mayor Gnnther. dec. Ac.
Mm followniir were the re solar toasts.
Tbev hav th twang of better day,
remtnatog tie of nte-Kadial time:
I. "Ihouias Jetforson The rather
of American Democracy."
XL "Dtate hovengnty The feafw
tain of all federal power and the pal
lad turn or oar liberty.
IU. "The Constitution and the
Union May wa never pray lor peace
on any other foundation than that as
isblishcd by our forefathers."
IV. "Tho Chief Magistracy of the
United State The highest office
within the gift of the An erieao peo-
I. . i .i ij
mmj ,i mnjTvr BUUlu aa i nc u iriu
of liberty, against the usurps t ions of
corrupt legislation, or the factious
Spirit of party."
V. "Supreme Uourt May its in
and integrity survive the
of those who threaten to de
tree It."
VI. "Die Constitutional Congress
of the Untied States May it sooo be
VII "White Supremacy The doc
trine of the frame r of oer constitu
tion and the keystone of tha arch of
oar Civilization.
VIII. -Die Mimta-Onr fathers'
.landing arm; for the protection of
IX. "The Independent Press The
terror of ly rani and the last hope ofi
freemen. y
X. "The West May she amend
pate herself from the tyranny of die-
am capital, until her prosperity shall
be as broad aa hei prairie and as
unrestrained a the winds that sweep
over them. '
XI. "Th Sdhth The birth-place
born by this evil tree, then what
can tha United States expect by
transplanting it to our soil I There
i bat one sntwer to this i uestion.
We have here a race easily superior
to the Latins men descended from
the Normans and Saxons, th Celts
The Wilmington 'oaf is much eg
essed in regard to the supposed de
sign of the white Men of the Month,
should the Radicals mil in their
schemes. The Pott thinks th stock,
ihe lash and tha whipping pott will
be re erected. We era not airs id of
and the Teutons ; men who have cov
wiTO un mm iiwiimiiuui , (aen ptmisnmeillS. IHS fott UlttJ
whitened the seas with their navies; dread a 1'ott but we think bad white
ornamented If With tbr architecture, ,. aa well aa neirmea need mrrer
it by the meat ice of tion. aeonalotiaHv. The whinlmr Pomt
to his fat aagro wee U, among others, I hghaatlon. And nothing In the prorts-
specially ra tiled sad son! rmed by a sol- Ion of this order, or of the Ordinance
emu ordinance of the l.'onven tion. And herewith aabhahed, ahall Se bald la bar
or hinder any legal proceedk
their civilisation: and on the other
hand, we have tha negroes who never
founded any institutions ; never sent
s ship upon the ocesn ; who never
built a city; or posse ed a dvilisa
JSo man. however fanatical, can
dispute th justice of this antithesis
t M on of those grand, silent facts
of history wh eh all men recognise.
This being tree, how can any white
American contemplate without
shudder the attempt to make the ao
equal equal
It it is once fairly inaugurated, we
shall share the fate of the other
American Republics. Caa we
cape it t II tin be possiblo, the
ly road open h) that which leads to
the polls, and the only means left Is
In reading Csrda's aaagniWoswt
r the isfaais oa cannot help eontrast-
r it with Butler's opening for me prose-
The two men. and their apeech-
. .. m m1 . '-t
tm, are tyjrtt of the two aides ol the ON.
U(aJl m I Id IH last III. aJ?a,'e0L ezslljutt SFT
aa easy (anticipated) victory. Cards i are, they
polite, eaha, Biulisul SB th lipmaahssl
strengtb of his poaitioa, and ia the jastiea
of the Heaate. Botha argues, warns as
ha foundation for argil aMat, ably and f
fecti vely ; beyond tual he quibbles and
bound of
of the greatest statesmen, orstore and
heroes or the revolution dcaoliitcd
tiftin' sand " and haa far ha second line
rhvme ton Indecent to repeat. Fired bv
tliin, the aahita joined hands all round and
executed a war-dance to tne cimrus
"Aud s roly, sboiy, boo),
An a bog eye,
amy, sholy, booL
An a nog eye.
For flal's in de garden aiMa saud," Ac.
And thus did th North Carolina n-
greasWnsl redcatrnetion "t'onventtondis-
fart itself ia it closing hours.
Two negro candidates, Scboak and
Smith, in Mecklenburg, tried, first
bv bribery sin! then by eoeicion,
few days ago. to induce or compel
Jno. Heodersnr, a colored cmcrva
five, to pledge himself to vote for the
Kadieai ticket. Jietidorson lota tue
that they 'hedXeot money
enough to bay. him," and a person
al collision came near being the con
sequence. Jlieuiuy person iu tne
State, who are now disposed, or who
are attempting, to HHIHh or to
KKItiHTKN voters, are RADICALS
This is a fact Csnttblo of nro- f. The
Loral Leagues' are grand bribing
ssaehiBea. Mot only that, bat they
a m . ayaa .sV
are engines of terror, xuoso who
still adhere to them (tare not call their
souls their owih I bey are bat so
much day in the hand of the tre
hi maiiipulatioii of lliese daik
lanteru concerns! Jim. Svnlinm.
This system has Keen tried in the
countries we have named, and the
result i before ns. It I not in pow
er of man tomak the Negro,-th in -
, and the ( touciutan asnmnate.
God hi decreed that this shall "not"
taka OlaM. and it ia vain fur man a i'h
belief that they would consult fih.eearrJ',,U?',, n C,niatr 1 1'i-mrchments end line abstractions
nrf :i i . tu.. nV'ti. last iaakaatt-mrang- eat rtrs frnmar -r
d proadasjr ia sech mat torn The
I'poinfmohf of a man alreadr linhf
prungeA aaticely seakmg
hare are so many other
i 'M tilted mid in.. re needy
Kilract from letter,
Nkwtok, April 13, 1868
' This county will give at least 1,009
ity against U
i ur ample i
bv the military rule of strangers and
tyrants, may he nee like a I'lacutx
trora it asties, nnu ocbtnw again tne
aestiitmble l.lettings of iwace and
liberty mkid her pcoiile."
XII. "Trie Ifemocratic Matoritr of
i : I ill j
the House of Assembly ol tho State
t iNCt i o a.
XIII. "Woman May she rule by
the ower of hr?r virtne and beauty.
71 io advice ("nun South and Ccn-
ful America nnJ Mexico arc instruct
v. There ia a ferocious war going
in Paragaay, and the banks of
the I'arana have acquired a mournful
calehnty for wrong, outrage and op-
1st Mara aaothar revolution no
historian can givayim its autnericat
value Ims broken oat.
- ffh Eonador a social convulsion is
distracting the country, with all the
horrors of a savags warfare.
. In Uruguay, General Flore has
been assassinated at the instigation
of his own son ami tha capital given
over to sack and tdllairc.
i In Chireqni a political volcano has
'burst forth ; and in Mexico and Yu
catan wa have "earn and rumors of
Now, how are we to account for
these commotions! Shall WC accept
the theory of Uobbes that the nor
mal state of man ia ana of perpetaal
warfare J Shall we sttrbnte it to the
efiect of climate, or the failure of Re
publican institutions T Wa anawer
that the cause is not suggested ia any
of these questions.
ihe true laajaai a these perpetaal
commotion is to be fouud in one
simple fact. The American Repub
lics, South am? Worth, have attempts
ed an impossibility: they have under
taken to reverse a law pronounced bv
Uod ; they have mado hold to say
that "all men are born equal." This
is the solatloh of all their troubles.
The Latin races, the negro and the
Indian, have been endowed by the
Creator, iu hi All-wise econom
itli dtOereat faculties, and powers
: f ira i . .
oi hbsi in nation, tueae elements can
never be made harmonious, and the
System of government which attempts
to place tliem oa an equality
tag a fatluia.
With this lesson before ua w
profit bv the warning. If
rigistev. IJvw two hundred have ri-C1-
tered this Wavk, oearly every due asint
Sn'r.-' f, 1 (and Central and South America havo
lfJ.Un hia crew will be no whore, "ailed in this disastrous experiment ;
mea better pr. Ellis, ear candidal tor tha bJaodhed and rapine and
thin Tw 'tuhaa ppn M aaiaef. !nd eetraga have been the
assert. CurUS keeps to the
strict dialectics : his reasoning is like
chain, in which there are so weak links.
lading from certain premiaea to certain
conclusions. Butler taffts like a feed law
yer, at his fkvuHte pursuit of making the
worse ariix-ai tlio betn-r caiM-. Lnrtls
talks like a judge ho h u examined the
whole question judicially, and believe
npon his soul in what he Mr. Butler
treats the Senate a if it were a Cooper
tpstitnte siulionce, w hom be was trying
to btdiy, cajole, and Halter to his of way
thinking. Hi- appeals to lb prejudices,
the partisan feelings, the aeeming inter
ests nf his hearers ; never to their wisdom,
their equity, their magnanimity. Curtis
addresses the Senate in their high sod
true character of court, lie trust to
their intelligence, their justice, their gen-
It-rosity, even. He cannot bring himself
to think that a body of men, representing
Ls ihey are supposed tn do, to much of
an thar is wisest sen has: in the land, ean
fail to follow bis lofty line of argument,
and to be influenced by annsiaeratinns dl
reeled soh-ty to their minds and conscien
ce, tie speaks tn them as il they were
his peers inteilectuaHv w hich is a com
pliment to tho 8enatc. Butler harangues
them as if tby wera no better than hi
self whica is an insult to the Senate.
Curtis reasons at tlio Senate from III lev
el ; and there is jus't the d ifference he
tween the two men snd their speeches.
As the Senators decide upon the qnes
linn of impcaehmeut, so will they take
their place in history upon the low plain
wiib Butler er apon the high table land
with Curtis. Nw York Jour, o Com-m'ce-
K't AoAiN. These awa
inspiring and glsaefly visitant mad
their appearance at Fort Fisher a few
night since. Their appearance, we
lean, waa made in this wise: several
thousand eottinc, we give the stale
ment of the sentinel on duty, drifted
with unnatural regulnrily upon the
beach, and many occupants raised
their f cables hone from the interiors
thereof, and formed themselves intn
ghostly columns and at the hiddiu
of a sepulchral voice, the Dree
Brigade of Death, marched with
noiseless step mi the fort.
A the fort wa immediately ovac
acted, it is not known what effect any
epiadUrjajr their movemeut would
have bed, although it is probable
something terrible would have
red, for we are told,
"They eat up whole leagues,
Not leaving a man,
And go away hungry,
The Kn K lux Kla...
is great terror lo evil doers, but
not the Wilmington J'od. for It en
courage that cls. Daily Bulletin.
Jmpnrtant to FfaVrs. The following I
going tho rounds of the Press, hot with
out aav pa'aratty that we ean disc over.
Th advice it eon tains ought to bs strict
ly observed.
It may not be generally known, hut
whether it i er eat, it t wall t keep
before the assail, that they must yew the
whole ticket at lb eusaiag tlta. Tea
cannot rate for or against tha Constitution
without voting tar id his taa . If yea do,
ote will be thrown out If yea
r omit any aaase oa tha ticket, your
HI be thrown out- This Is a tnek
I make those who wish to veto for lb
Constitution, vote also for Uolden
Look oat for t h is, voters. Bs sere that
your ticket ia all right. If you eras a
name, insert another. Be Careful that
you do not threw away your vote by neg-
iirence. If you ao net know whether
the hue Military order to the Clerk nf the
Coart. at Oraeaaham, suds the dispute aa
to what will bo do to rat ere. Whit
awa amy marry then 1 'metis barren er,
without regard to color, weight, ouoinea. I imasa
or odor. And Cufle haa the right tn de- f hlUS,
mand of lbs C'ltrk s license to take to hi
bridal eoueh any white darned who may
happen to have a taste that way. We are
all equal now blasted he the Reconstruc
tion Acts, s interpreted by our very sa
vory Cooventiou I e shall need no leg
iskttion, if th Constitolion ia adopted
ftssW eqaaihy is already, then, fixed
tact. Let Qneahee come on, from all the
Hyperborean regions, and bring all bia
.. .. ... ......
Bauoty, as well as Uis ueiUbvrs, with him.
liar we will have the nrht to vote, hold
oflUe, and intermarry. Many of the boat
white wen can neither bold office, nor vote,
protect their persons from insult from tho
greasiest negro on the streets, with any
thing more danirerou than an old Barlow
knife. 8ft, let all nerrodom gather itself
together, aud come with a ruh to no 2,
where young Jubilee ia growing that, and
will soon be full blown csMfiss
dimensions so amplitudinous, that
his every day breeches will scarcely be
able to hold him. SenHntL S-
: i.
hag ia nsbalf
of any minor heir, female or insane par-
yon are right, ask some on who does.
Let the Radicals gain nothing by our in
difference. We moat watch well as
work. liougk Hotel.
Ignorant and gullible a the negroes
e, they are obliged to appreciate,
at its proper value, ia their calm mo
menta, Holdens love (or thorn, lie
said that be advocated peace, during
the laat year of the war, becana it
was the only means by which Mover'
could be mtoed. Hu waa ao anxious to
retain this feature of Soul hern insti-
teiiona, that he was willing jwsur
render political iu'lependeace ami
every thing else, rather than to
juoardise the right of property in
A. l,i
ssioNta, V
nil 15, '68.)
Extbact from a letter, dated
I'loNKs-.u Mills, April 15.
"Cahrrut is all right The Can
ervatiyes will carry the county by
five hundred inajm ity. Wc have an
excellent ticket- I do not know of a
single parson, in this section of the
county, that will vote the Radical
W will defeat Uolden in the State
by at least 20,000 majority." Bat.
$WI"A...- L $ yhov '-ys-
We have a letter from Concord to-day
to the same cheering effect.
HdVb. Ass. (JoMwnwmsrjs,
Baleigb, a. C, April
To thk CotoBkii Crrtam or Noats
CaaouxA :
In the course of a few dare an elec
tion of great Interest to every one in
this community will take place. At
all time, such occasions are prodoc
five of mere or leas exciMnent ; and
from the peculiar issue now pend
ing, the great objects at stake, and
intense feeling of parties the com
ing election will undoubtedly be
more than ordinarily exciting. In
view of these facts, and fhe manifest,
us well a expressed determination of
tinecroapnlou leaders and other to
ereale disturbances if possible, the
Asst. Commissioner of the Freedmen
Bnreau feel, it a duty to caution dl
c loted citizens to refraiu from con
troversie and arguments, either, at
the polls or awav from them: to r
train frotn observations and remarks
calculated to incite others to anger;
and, by all mean in their power, to
avoid collisions with those differing
in views.
Violence will be productive of no
benefit but will result disastrously to
ait engaged. lake not the law tn
your own hands, but leave it to those
duly appointed to carry out its pro
visions. The civil and military an
t hori t ies have been charged with their
respective duties, snd to them yon
should look for protection and iodret
Heed not threats, nor be intimidated
in performing that which is right, and
al'ie doing so, return quietly and
quickly to Your allotted duties. You
have shown that yon are law abiding
ciliaens, and it ia with confidence that
you are now addressed. Allow noth
ing !o occur now that may disgrace
your record ; but on the contrary, so
deport yourselves that the future may
tic what It cannot rail to be, happy
and a prosperous one.
"' By command of Col. and Bvt. Mnj.
Gen. Nslsov A. Milks. Ant. Com.
Act'tf Ami. A.ijt. GenL
son, respecting trust estate, property er
interests ht tha hand of executors, ad
and other fiduciary agenU, er la vested Ly
them to their fiduciary character.
Br order of Major General Kd. R. SL
- TWdbOsaw, A. A A a.
From Wathinaion.
Wellington, April 18, P.
er Colfax took th Chair of the
ally, before tha hour of meeting, and,
members as war
Minsgavs to Court.
Tha (MaswaisW w.
of the admission of the cabinet
WiUwo, on the part of th
hi speech, and Jadge Curtis
Judge Chase decided that the ev
vJmieWtbte, bat the rot bmng ukeo. It wu
The vote stooef : Tom 20, Mt 22.
P. M. Tho Coo
at midmcbt. lasti
of the committee. Only the
tiicbmoud, AprU 18,
vent ion athouraed
to I
tion a umtiou having been
sing with signing by th man
It is understood that thai
After tha adjoaraaatnt, epaecuai ware made.
Porter isading iSailS, nrodioted the
adoption ofthaPmliliiis by a large majon-
ooead and A Ben, two lisiiBg R -publicans,
predicted the Ocasat of the eooaUation. aud
MhOIDtoQ OOtJ0 Ryo
i.l it would be
mainly on th
tar of tho Bo
it placed the white man i
by the Governor, and I
secretary of the
The 0anti sinutli
aittea, bat
Mrht, oahsd a State oonmuioa. to aH bare.
on May 7tb, to nominate Stat offloers.
Tho oal rote oa tha adoption of th Osnst -
m the convention, last nieht. was 51 to
26. Four republicans voting sgainst it. ' .
Conyren Impeachment.
Washingtoa, April 18, P. M Iv
latraxcaQtsrr J B.
gent correspondent of the M. T. World,
adhere to the belief, expressed men
than a week se that the doubtful mem
bar of the Court of Impeachment are aa-
Uolden advise his negro allies to
Hock to flic polls in crowds, lluu is
evidently for the purpose of carrying
out tho programme ol the last elec
tion. which had the effect of driving
thousand of white Men fro.n the
voting place. It i intended for tn
timiilatitm. Oen. Caul. v. in Oen.
Order, 01, orders voter NOT to liu
ger alwut the polling places.
Again : the ordinance ot the "Con
vention, embodied in lien, t-nnhy s
order, affixes a penalty ot hue or tin
prison men t to any person who shall
prevent any qualified elector from the
jree exercise of the elective franchise,
oy thsxats against his person or prop
erty. This is what Uolden is doing
every day. lie is constantly "thkkat
kkino our people, that if they vote
down the odious Constitution, confi
scation and other horrors will be viit
ed upon them ! I Is not this urrnih
ryMany have been puzzled at the in
consistency ot the Aortheni Radicals, who
are u enthusiastically ia favor of araiitina-!
. ... . - ,- wi,ii sea. - aa f a : :'m at .
l onvi -'es to neeroes here, but . UH state, WDicn was rail Sea Ml
mly refuse ihein. at hoaM, Tha Convention on the 17th day of March,
ia obvious enough. It is the best 1 1868, and which is herewith published, is
mod of draining their own lands of a nm-; hereby approved and will have the
saaoe. They intended to do it by way
. - .a. . ... a.
peaehaiaM wa
The aunooaoemeot of th vote.
at noon, was followed by
geooral naing m
ten mino'.es. th nraiu!
that they were ready to res
quiet was restored.
JWmV ratappva frnvTMOTJ Bff DsM
Thu a tb fnrttinadMwUT tha
these irregularities have occurred, snd lb uu
porti the vote may he inferred thorefrom.
i nere wa ao appla er
tion. Out simply a nsuez
one seemed inefined to ask hi naighl
n tnougtit now r
Tt.e rote wa as follows: j-a, n .TWj ,
Yeas Anthony, Bayard, Bockalew, Davis,
Dixon, Doohtlle, Veeseoden. Fowler, Orimss.
Ueudertoo, HaeaVioks, Johoaon. lfeCraery.
Pattrrataa, of Tennessee. Boa. 8auiabur.
Trumbull. Van Wmkle. Vidters and WuTev-
Nays Oamoron, CoouM
ConkfiasL Oaileft, CcriteM,
IId'qks. tD lla. DtaraxcT,
Cbaklestox, S. C, April 3, 1868
No. 57. f
The Ordinance of the
yen tion of the State of North Carolina,
convened in conformity with the Act of
Congress of March 23, J8G7, .upplemen
tary to the Act of March , 1887, "to pro
vide for the more efficient government of
the rebel Mates." entitled "An Ordinance
respecting the j urisdiction of the courts of
Drake. Ed-
moods, Ferry, Freliajthuyaen, Harlan, Howard,
Howe. Monrao. Morrill, of kfaine Morrii' at
Vermont, Patterson, of Km Uampsbir o-
r'"J, namy, poennaa, aawagaa, ocawart,
Thayer, Tipton, Williams Wihon snd Tates
This question involved the snpport of tha
Const ithtionaleon-
Presulent by th cabinet, in view of th vfohv-
(Kn oi to constitution to removing Stanton
nil sapnimiug ihaar
f aext question wa stated a follows : W
offer to prove that, at the meeting of the cabi
net, Mr. Sunioo hg BNMUl, waaa the'
Tenore-of Qffloa bill came ap far nuiliiinllil .,
was asked, and the opinion ex-
Mr. Stanton, and the other oabi-
appointad by Mr. Lincoln, did not .
the rMtrietkMM.
of a blind diteh. and sly ly
their filthy and fated waters over the broad
acres of their unsuspecting neighbor, be
fore they were aware of it. They inteud-
&&1&-Tnnm bwrtb ditch burst foeae, snd
the conninc scheme is exposed. We took.
however, tor an Egyptian exoda ot tho
disfranchised race, from all 1 aukeedom,
to eidny the luxuries which await the i
this favored 0"inm-M
hereby approved and will have the fare
of law iu the said State until the lUtito
tion or rejection of the Constitution fram
ed by said convention, by
said State, shall have been
an election held in the mat
by law, and. in the event or the reiecooo
thereof, far the innher period of thirty J
w - Tl . aL a SF IJ I - "
the people of
Jodg- Chase stain decided the evidence
Drake sneaolad.
nassyaa wetriil fa 9ft.
On Uus vote, Spesgoa and 8hannao
with the minority.
irmined by 1 1
preaeribed '
ery aide the ease of prosecution is falling
to ihe ground ; for' besides testifying that
the purpose of the President was to test
the constitutionality of the law, General
Sherman also declared that nothing more
yras said about the use of force than that
Mr. Stanton waa a coward and would not
resist an order for his removal."
"f the late matrimonial
SKXsiBi.r-sIaea Ba
who waa ao initiated by tin
party" far the House of Representatives
(-called) ia Warren, declines this bsh-
kuown smong tbera.
The Cons'ituiiou-roonger were
day. Proi uied, That the term of said
Ordinance shall not be held to apply or
conn -ci with any agricultural or labor lien
guaranteed by any law ot said State, en
acted suosruwHUlr to
the proviafaoa eevwruasewt of said State,
under the I'resident s proclamation ol th
Hth of April, 1865, or bv any military
ably sensitive, aad eoeld, by ao Means, order from these Headquarters now is
allow thems. Ives to hiu t, either in their force. And provided hrther,Umt all pr
piecious Cwistitudnn or thirir pieefaes'er- reeding of any eotirf lu North' CroRna,
dinanccs, at any dfarJnctiou of color. J recognising or sanctioning the investments
These exquUite genderaen left all that to' of the fund of minor heirs, or of females,
futare legislation, or to the decision of thaler of insane persons, in the securities of
' the fate rebel government, or taa ssiml
noaama refaasd to bear the i
J orokaooa w.U UterwlidteSSUodaU
saajwsT , laisn rfeoe ; aisDw-
to call other witaaaM; in ease Mr SuaUrry,
who kew moat of tha matter, bat wss sow
TWOeart adji avail
Supcriutendcnl of Public lushasWoa, to-1
Ha aars mat ks is auswswd hi Cck-
ssud atlaaj hfamihT ifcn hisiku jhsaia himself t Hut the thing is
ter prepared far that tha far tow wsaaag. Hod. The marriage ot A.
wit : the llt. TribuUth.n 8. Ashley from! lies of the Sute of North Carolina, crea
te ape Cod. But what reasons bad the ted for the purpose of carrying aa the war
safes of the' ittennoemole to suppose against tbc government of the United
that the delicacy might not embar-, Sit.-s. shall now be suspended until the
m Coach- raaa the Legislature too, add even Tribu- question
of the validity of such inv
WLwkm hW Mtk tllCTBafiricd llT'
of th I'nited Stale, or by sash
m ary ma Wte ttt m" Am " ilriBaiaa'UaHam al "
The mora that the infamnas Oonetf .
tation is (haieatstd before oar people,
rrAfmAmKtm dMst lis pnrraaeeaof nswr 1 1
rule, TxTeot, sssst ssAsfa dermtatun .
are oxpeed, the Shore indignant Um
people become that the Northern al
veaturor and white spostates should
have had the effrontery to propose it
them. If the canvass could be pro
tracted for thirty day longer, it
would be rejected by 40,000 vote !
Aa It ia, we shalt kill it and its million
-at dead aa ilector. rmnw'ux m
! -

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