North Carolina Newspapers

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ow, tanenn
CtrpeVjtttfl" TUiHciant ot lm
peocAmnh JjUvm JHHtbyui ,Vn
..'or I'artu AsJtWnm to Suited
Impeaokmeni The Verdict Gen
, rah Sherman and Hancock Ar
rival a General Mefieli.
Waummgto, April 90.
Geo, Ornt returned from Now
V-tt this morning.
A large nutnlssr of "carpet- bajr
.era arrives him morning, roost el
ti.em frein the North, for lha per pose
of lobbying the impeachment ihrnngli
the Ihattaalta. Ml aVatMiflnri and ream
t.I of tlMI i'MlHt.
Ther reye to iwgulaify besiege
the 6enattra who are doubted, or, in
..her word. who have very prser
ly refused t commit thmiiscives to
the re moral of Mr. Johnson, wheth
er he be legally proved guilty or not.
the earpettmg loovi!, among
whrrn are two ?5cW York journalists,
i-lim to has srnimiilLhr J antir!, tn.
. . . " . . I r .L TL. . LI ll ;
day and tuts evening to the mam r of- J "'-.- , ""-T
,,f tho Lukiiul Sui thm the caps
I. miruia over the doubtful Senator.
end tiier ajeert that of the eleven
I i(..ui they feared a era shaky three
! I'V !. oaUafactory assurances
:..i!ihry will be aU right; which
meaaantat thwe Benatov have in
iv agrt-oa to vote rr the e-n ictioti
'the iWdent.
8ncb an ilia grefng out of Micae
carpet taggi la.pW auch tlte eharac
a an
bereaved. Mr. McKintion van li
censed to preach a year ago. lie re
turned to I be Seminary at Coruntbia,
laat fall ; hat hi health, which had
been feeble stnee hit wound in the
military aerviee near the ebe f the
war, failed t ouch an extent that he
was compelled to leave, and aatarn
home. He was at the recent meeting
or rreabjtery, in the enjoyment of
lietter health, apparently, than for
souHl f eirpaetV'TT nWUHaVft ar
mngvinenf to anptdy Handy Onv
church, and was hopefully looking
forward to litofuUos- in the Vaster Y
service. Mr. ilcKinwon poeaeaaca
the elements of a useful minister
piety, aeal, aud popular nanner in
ami (w 01 me naipn. in an an man
trobabiiity, bad hie Ufa bee spared,
woald bava aceomnliaaed a aond
work. J)et ie not with u to deter
mine tntaa matteta. "in Lord rave.
and the Leedharh rakra away.' It
haeemoa ea la haw to Hie will, end
to gird oareaivee ftp for more WU
aenoe and fait hfulnm, white we are
apared to work. VraAyfrrian,
Fruit tree, like rvervtaiag alte wboee
taataaaam ia derived fmet the earth, are
labjeel ta deaajr, bat hy iaaprnper man-
aaaejeat they are ataaa anM Mere their
nalaral atadeettve fewer te natf exhat
cd. Tbie k ml tbe Uik of the variety
ataalea, the locality ear iha nveHte4f
tbe weather, eseepi ia ram eheaaMtaaeee,
but of those vaa have the car aa4 eah
af thesa. T
A correspondent gives a full ae
ennnt of a brilliant marriage at Fort
rem Monroe laat Thursday night :
KnBTaaee Mombok, Va., April 1868.
lire vet Brigadier General Chaaa
ccy II. Becaa, ot lha United Btatca
Engineer Corps, was married laat
evening at sli o'ctoelt, to Miss Mary
Omrtisae, of Baltimore, Md. The
ceremony took place at the residence
of her brother in law, (ton. Henry
.IMamrlav hj. fltev Dr. Chaevert,
t ost Chaplain omciating.
ine atioe was Ureaseu -in
white corded atilk. triuim
point lace and fol-ia of white satin,
Over which was thrown a thick lace
veil extending to her feet and trail
ing upon the floor. The. OiMteral waa
J raised in full uniform, as were alao
his grxiuman. and ha looked the
thorough soldier.
The bride s maids were fie in mint
which deduce and limits tbe powers of
eaeli deportment of tbe nevemoient, in
Kurt and tbe win of tbe Fad laat eat it tae
CoealiurUoa. Parliament eaanat be raft
ty of usurpatioa, bscaaas it is, In ibseey
t a heaey
ted with
barren home for the and balmy atoies-
SUere of a inure (euisl chine, bat would
efeud if needs be with hie ewa life's
blood, that eeajbiglv dreary home Tbe
gay impulsive a reusaiuaa minks tkere U ty of usurpaUoo, becanaa it la, tn theory
no place like France aud Taris, the aveat I as well as in fact, omniuotent. Bat this
eeaue 01 atuaatioa el all mat is si tana me Is by ae means the ease hare. The new
(real aaa adorioaa. I ua sturdy KiMrlieb- ers of Conaress are defined and restricted,
prides buneeirea bis aaud ewvara- ijast as dhalneely at the powers of tba
mailt, lone line of ancestry, sad the birth- i l'reaidalit. Conrress can be rwiltv of
pises of those noble bards whose utteran- ! usurping powers not conferred anon it,
eta have become familiar, household 'just ss truly as the Prciiient caa, In
warua. Ana Classic urease caa looa neck ' Kngtand tbe crime of usurpation can only
with fond exultant pride to- her days of committed, and of course can be altered
ancient grandeur. Tbe world renowned only against the Exeentive; here tbe
Athea, whtoe learned schools were pat- charge may lie against, the one just aa
maneae by those was aspired to lesminR well ss agsinst the etoer And them fa
throughout tbe world her grand old phil-! still another point of difference in this
osopbers and orators tbe uiehtiest, the ! that while hi Eoeland there is no tribu-
world ever produced. In imagination we inal clothed with power to decide between!
carnation of aiaananw, pietnring his between them, with aa this is, noder ear
r iiijciiu uppicwuni, ure i lain rennciiona o leoi me spacinc J uusuoas
degradation of tamely submitting. Ten
thnuMad eyes are beaming upon him
drinking breathlessly in each banting
word that talis worn his umpired hps. lie
bee. and we.. .11 dressed in white -1"-' "n.?w ' 7 "
777.. a k ;-l .heavens, "We will conquer or die."
woi imsj,nm frowariou aua fcau Bb. rviB-wrwicitn naear
areuitaotural splendor aud splendid
Ho phmtei
tor iw. -saajaasas tKr alai
T,7 7??rB! 1
Mise Sewell, were from tuie
while others, Must (Jautield, Mia
Slaughter and Mlaa Caljdiaa, were
Tba grootnsmen were all army of-
ners, and tneir enstumes, aa we
the whole affair in general, ia describ
ed aa "gorgeous.
Hon. James llinea, of Little Rock,
Ark member elect to tbe Fortieth
Congreva arrived in thin city yester
day. Hi two colleagues, Messrs.
Roots and Rowlee, are daily expected.
Hon. B. Rice and A. MeDwnald have
been elected senator from that State.
The fourteenth arliela of amendment
tn the Constitution baa been ratified
unaniiuonaly by lha Legislature now
in seas i mi nt Little Rock. Arkansaa
will Mm resume her place in the
- - I- - -- -I ti t
ffltcrinWV W UvMW; -
onwy'a ChntmicU,
the tsees nuhaai tweaty feet spsrt. . la
a few years, if they grow well, their
branches will cover a Urge piatisn of the
intervening space Bat name graand hi
still uush.-ujed, sed the orrbodist think it
is a pity that this shoald he sail. The
plough is intrude ed, and what is the re
seh, r Imply this ; fcaadnah) and ban
dreds oi die small fibree, rraehing oni
from tba main roots in sea reh of snetea-
! mire for the Iraah. are seeard j their ah-
seainat wmmtnf rim n ml. ers of trio ischial and copdacuna aar a deafmy-
hacaat 8en Of The Phliejl ftatee. I"4". thaWwa dnsiatmii, anmamed
Vnnr eoit-tid6nt d.W ,t dacm !" lie hTl!!"J' 'a!?!
it proper to mei.t1.m the nduica of the w"W''d1 U,d71r ' T
rle.en Ih-pahlican Senator u hmu J ir ,m" ',fc F'"-
the Ra.iH.a1. douhl l aatiicc jW la, UmUrmcresk. am ameh
;.rce.t thai iWj fv of Mm iricMJaLf h w.. U ln An4
dieiont aud abm atmeamaa ia- the fnrf.fej,,.,, flua 6ay taVnjhix trees
, , T "'.'"."T - ! .tructiot, af the Book Store, on Thur..
mm weauax amemimgaf wwr me em and pntatac. -ma.lly, T. mem ,Ur reninr ig n'klt
pectaiiy une tinny young tunics tor
their assistance ia removing honk
and other stuck to a place of safety.
V Ik . ft II I i '
. M t Ma-fi,.. lL, Hi mmk loo wnwU iVaaa ike J- '
to. a'sofdfejortfrfam. MMKSfJtT,r'h
A mniceahk feature in thj wialterlj'f??1? ,n, ? murmrM'
, that the advocataa of the removal , niWr th' hy.haWnttaaffca-rf
Mr. J.hnli doaot itoitate tad- 1?
mi, that there U lather law nor fac llTtL
... - tover-taaed by a maltisaruty ,J exactions
,'V'$!&1.Jl!!t I'r'at 'M-'tMiupaaamwhi, uCrk wiH be feeble
l.sil tAaamml . . a "-"r. ... , a" a..
'wa vmrw-j
Tbe Ritdcraigticd tandem hi rrafe-
fnl ackiHtwledamcnie to tbe chraeua
of Salisbury, and thectdoreri tire men
for their valuable service in arresting
the flame which threatened the tie
tba. last be at the tboamads nt fibres of
nam abant tba aareef and in his trees tb the aloagh, and then
i "tel ah)itjij and- unhesitatingly dm why a neclMrd decay and dim iwv-
iaim ththeymdMtget the em. re ' maturely; This is bad polity and poas
thai 'limi7itjMJ
Nsna e shall fail to
iu it impsimlhiiii ii ;
1 ovs party p- iicy
tr.nerted, however
turned it tin
the House
ion Ik con-
by a very -ctitvaid
April 26th, 1868.
etahte aiinilier of l(0nihlicnns, who
ee defeat d their pam- as the restfTf
of a retwoval of the P'mident with
nta warrant of law or fact, and they
i niefty deprecate tlit depoa-tioit of
he Kiecnrtva -'i party tm-i-im-,
I'ecaaae of the pruccdviit it elalih
ed nnd it destl nctioti of the stall Hty
t' our povtrumeiit
Such aru the arginiieut advanced
pro and con hy the UetmhlicHtis
" ' ' iff T illflVilf The Democrat
m mara hnamta ast, having iki hi -iltMMtee
to enrtfa any manner for the
""tiiplmhmciit rt giwid.
iiiegitorajd. u!fioti is that th
'tipeachmeht trial will he conclude.!
ind verdict, rendered on Tuesday of
ext n'eea.- -? iS-'
Mr. S'hufrery linn Improved in
lesltlrcuisidemhlv to-day.
A -.soon am c "tvcnieiit after the
i m-of Urn imteaclimeiit trial, Mr.
'V .Minnie, oi Illinois propotus to
utfajuca his hill in the House to e
Mih the telegraphic poalgl system
t ifiofoie referred to in thiVdi-paieli
Si a. aa a . , . . ' ,
vi.tieram Hancock una Mu rnisuj
J.....I ...:.i. .i. ii J - I
. i.ii mc i ivuurai t jaiHini ,
? s evening.
t. uei ul Shentmn will pmbality
e hv.flmaAi mnrcow.
tieaetal Bthotiold at rived h
v. Tbwpnrpuaa of hi visit I not
"own. HatA.
JfA MmIu PMHum Aif Or.
Jjr. Mm. Keckley, the colored aer
vatit of Mr. Lincoln family, say
that on the very morning of the as
sassii.ation I'resideat Lineuln to. 4 up
a .rtrait of General Le, scanned
tba face thoughtfully, and said : It
I a good face; it is the face of a on
lie, h.ave man. I am glad thai the
war is over at last." Looking up ai
hi mm Robert, he conrintierl r "Well.
my eon. you nave returneu arely
die tront. liie war is mfw
Cnjri hiq,,t hmcnt.
Washington, April S3, P.M Sekoield
b still here, and his depart ure is uncer
tain. In the impeachment trial, after Bout
well, Nelson. ot'TVnne, .-. spoke tcm?
mart. He slluded to the tn itgn i tudu opme
occasion, and feared a lack of uaftty to
projM rly Heat it. The managers charged
the President with evil namreand wicked
ueaa : ekaraeterised him aa Hi -s r itnte nf
character; and accused him of every thifig
rroia a great pntaassl criminal to a com
mon scold. Mr. NetSon gjsve the 'Presi
dent's biography, In refutation of these
charge aud aspersion. Those who, like
him., knew the President best, sustained
the iRgMahfcr Hc fehr that he was not
addressing Senators ss politiciana, but as
Judges, a ho -would rise above prejudices
or party, and was confident that outside
preseare would be indignantly r. -pi II. it.
ttom tlm trout, tiie war' is
closed, and we will aonn lire in peace , If he brliered.convk.tion a force-one eon
ttitli llie orare men tlial ll&re l.ceii .elusion, itumble a be aus he auuldscoro
gaUeries of painting and sculpture, aud
dark eyed maidens thrilling their sweetest
notes ia 'li it land of song. let we envy
not otner lands their national renown or
glories. Like the memory of some sweet
dream, lingering, leviagJy, eoolbingly,
srouud rne lie art, liguteuiug the cares aud
toils of tbe ensuing day so comes the
memory Aftbe; once bright Sunny South
'testing rer the heart ot her children it
may be a kmeJy exile in foreign land ; or
still aa inmate ot their enee nappy, too
now desolate homes. i.
Tu aaaii pleasure to close the eye to
the joyless present, aud revel iu tuv sun
shine af tbe peat.
Tbe land ot my birth f lev thee yet
the skies sre as blue the tiny songsters
warble as sweetly aud thy .rippling waters
flash back tbe sunny rays as tn happier
daysthe orange and magnolia breathe
their sweetness aa of yore hut ah ? the
heart of thy children are weary, crushed
I and humiliated. A wait ae eoes fort b
from thousands of desolate hemes for their
martyred dead whose patriot blood so
treely shed sneaks in eloquent terms their
love of country, hoinel and honor. Long
will the daughter of the South strew
Hotvcrs, and pi mt the evergreen over th
graves nt Iter fallen braves and find tbere
iu a sadder, sweeter pleasure, than wo ir
iug the festive wreath for tho proudest re
turn on earth. ,(
Jly native land, tbundem 'of tyranny
aud dark clouds of oppression hang gloom
ily over then. Thy once futile hthtt of
cull. in, cane and rice are one vast sene of
desolation now bereft of all save thine
house a bright- beautiful jewel, whoac
lustre cannot be diuiracd, but gain addi
tional brilliaucy by ia ing ground 'neatb
the oppressoi Vheelaud will ever keep
her vest aiid-proudest sons from bending
the si rvih- knee to tyranny ; hut ever wil
ling tryicld an honorable allegiance, tn
that tree nobility of soul, that would scorn
tn trample on weakness but willing to ex
tend that magnanimity dim an honorable
though a conquered foe, by "doing unto
other's as they would have domi unlo
tbem." The of her fallen braves
will ever render lira South a consecrated
spot to the hearts of her child i en, the
nuee luppy, Suuny South, the land We
of the Supreme Court.
The real collision now on trial at Wash
ington ia between lb President and Con
gress Tb Hoeae s barge the f eeUsnt
with usurpatiou, ia executing a law which
Couaresa had passed. The President's
real reply to the charge is, tbat Congress
is the usurper ; that he was only trying
m maintain and picau ve the constitution
al functions and powers of bis own de
pauiutnt, upon which Conrress had un
duly encroached. This is the issue which
ia really being tried. On the that of it,
It would seem to be one which otwht not
to be tried by either branch of Congress,
or by both ; for iSpaaSBalutng
in judgment in a contest to which it is it
self one of th panic. Under the Con
stitution, and that distribution of power
for which h Constitution provide, tb
issue thus joined ought, iu some proper
term, to he decided by tbe Supreme Court.
The question whether the President could
aud did, actually remove Mr. Stanton, fat
tba exercise of power constitutionally ia
hi possession, or whether, by virtue
of the tenure -of-officc bdl, Mr. Stanton
was still entitled to the place, In spite nt
tbe f resident attempt to remove him, II
one which should have been taken for de
cision to that tribunal. - The result would
lave commanded respect, and settled the
conrtrnetron ot the Constitution en at
point of marked and permanent impor
Narlk l arolln. ClretJw.!
Umlnamn. April ta. P. M. The to
timstcd Radiol majority in flaWhs U
1600. Tbe registered negm majoritv In
that conutv ia about ft.OOO. Tbe follow
ing majorities against the Constitution am
mmnsted from incomplete returns :
W ilson, large majority.
Nash, M0
Dunlin. M0
kowaa. Catawba. Cleavrlaad. GasLon
and Union heavy uisjorttiee.
Ldcecombe, with a isgmtmad
majority of about 1600, wa. all Vote few lha
Constitution by a reduced majority.
Bra as wick is doubtful. Tb reported
veto af one precinct is about 300 against
and 100 fee lha Constitution.
Th Radicals bam am claiming Per-
sythe, Randolph aud Chatham hy large
majorities. In Conservatives claim
Partial returns from Cumberland indi
cate a decisive Conservative majority.
They am ahead at Fayetteville, and one
precinct on Cape Fear Hirer give them
a msjnrity of 75 being a gain of 100
over the last election.
aacovo d tar area.
Wilmington, April 23, P M The rad
ical majority in the city is 862 being over
the registered uraority. Tat
daced by a system of those voting on
davit, who said that they had Hgfetotai
elsewhere . It is scneidsred hy the Con
servatives a bountiful source of
The Anal decision of the aatt o
Mm. (.sines against tba City of Maw
Oiliaai, by tba Snprama Coart; tar,
minalaa one df the moat extraordi
a a. a . r .1 tk. l
ary case of IIMfanaa ja tua wamee
hiatory of civil janapradoaoa. it t
r, markable, says tha Philadelphia
Evening Bulletin, fht an able review
of the case,) for the enrfoaify of be
itself: for the large amotmt of
propertv which ft Involve, and for
voniarfal dmptoy of
pertinacity with wbiofc tba pl
baa devoted bar Ufa ta tba praaana
Hon of what baa long bam bald to ha a
bopelam eaaca. Save) time baa
Mr. Gaiae pleaded bar caaaa before
the Supreme uonrt, eotnctime wirn
partial, aneeata, aiaotan vim,
none, until,
of in
tlm day aud
alarire portion of tba city of Ma
Orleans, vaiaed, vary modeaUy, at
five rnilliona of dollar. Tbie fight
fbuffht by Mm. Gaioaa
, at laat after forty year
it litigation, aba baa won
d eetabltahed bar claim to
pro- trave
roaafl- :uranl
haadod. She baa literally gone
igh fire and flood, aa aba ham
shouting and firing pistols in the si
and otherwise disturbing the peace.
Both' parties am confident of the
al result.
There is considerable betting to-day.
Newbern, April P. M The total
vote in Newbern and Jama City shows
a Republican majority of 1700
Broad Creek precinct elves 9 blacks
and 94 whites. Bay River, I
day, gave SO Conservative majority
Carteret, county is conservative.
J ones and Leuoir are doubtful.
Had over tba
intent upon tba one great bnaineaa of
her life. With a bnojancy of tarn
perament that knew no abatement,
with an abiding faithfin the justice of
bar cause and of it ultimate racceas;
with few (Head and vary limited
tbe long delays
w, tat
i perse
with lira lipping away under
and alow prog rem of
remarkable worn
tba law, this truly
ivered until aha baa con
sraciat to ran eairrtxax.)
Franklin in Park
A brief outline of this singular
case will be interesting to our read
er : la 1TM, Zulimo nee Carrier, a
beautiful Creole of New Orleans,
married Jerome daa Granges. In
1609 Daniel Clark, a prominent citi
zen of Maw Orleans, became attach
ed ta Madame daa Grange,
about the same time, it is altered
Frsuklinton, A pril 23. P. M The vote it waa discovarad - that dea-
at Fraiiklinmn stands
Conservatives 18
Radicals SW
Conservatives 173
Radicals SO!
At tbe other precincts, the
tivesare abend.
j Prauklin ha probably
the infamous constitution.
Georgia Election.
Savannah, April 23, P M The
From the
The President
Iw Yerk Tims,.
in.- liannui'D
. uoyui 1. 1,.
fiiffirTliif airaitist 'ha. I liuat that the
aid of good feeling has 'feliimed with
the close of the trar, uml thai hence
forth wa shall live In peace." Were
I'le-ident Lincoln not dead he would,
for such aayiugs and thoughts ns
these, ha deniinuced aa a first class,
double-dyed traitor by those who
alio have now li e hypocrisy to pre
tend revcrweo lor 111 itwtltory. -
.ttVW I oris J HftV. ' ...
On Thursday lust, the IGih, during
thunder sttWtii, the sttire of Mr.
. . Hniiitd . ml ''! aiiii.,l.ii,.l,
vwa- wr Mem HrlMK ,Tf M
tw)t on the Wllinitigtoii k Chut Iotte
-nlroad was t ruck by lightning.
. nnmber of person were in the
"re at the time, twe of whom acre
tiled hy tit..' tr.dxe. One of these
;w Lanelilhi McLntitiii. a ynahg
isn about 21 rears ot age. nnd llie
her the Rev Slnhii It. McK union, a
whttr -ft Kntcttpiille I' tslirtery.
ThhWa iad t'lisjiemaiiun of i'rovt
l;nee andVe sincerely sympathise
"hrtia familie thus so suddenly
uasgsmKgL-mjR. rw av1.
Ma. Eimtok : -VVill you allow ine
atmce in your column to express the
thanlt or our whole com nuuity to
rite inearlmi a the e4red rire
(Vim pan v for their energetic and ef
ticient aid in extinguishing the fire on
iliureday evening f The manner in
ra to- w,itf they drove their engine np in
to the very teeth ot the rajrmgela
linenf, and stood their ground there
fm Ttonarrce ot
tba name wero subdued and our
toa n rescued from a great and threat
eninir calamity, is tha theme of
universal admiration. Hy such ga?
and disiiitcies'fd efforta In be
fhalf of the welfare and safctv of flic
cmniiiauity they have deserved the
kind consideration of us ail. If is
said that tbe owner of the prop
erty most immediately enaangerea
and which was sated unlink hy their
cxJtioti, design making the colored
rue Company a handsome donation.
ymafjta t dhMjw VOl
Yery respectfully,
April ii.lftSS.
fn aiistatfrnal' tin in "
We are compelled to cut short tbe re-
p9rt Of Mr. Nelson a rHnMHl, J
swV '
Vrmm Sw tss Wawtuasa Old North State.
LO VE Of CO C' TU Yr -
"Live- there a ma with sih. s dead.
Who never to bimself hath saflf.
ThiN isi uy oru my nti ve lauJ I"
The Uitv of cnubtry is one of the no-
ntimiiits of the human
one full sweep, the
bbst and purest
h.-art, t ikinsr III
whole circuit of thmaBeetiviis, borne, fam-
ilv. friends.
Our childhood's heme! hew many ten
der recollections cluster amend that hal
lowed spot, f was mere we Irs I jeanicd
to lisp our evening prayers whilst kneel
ing at our mother's kuce learned t ap
preciate a kind lather's hiving smile and i inp
plat ed Isrui-atti the shade of those grand
old trees and culled together tbe first fair
flowers f Spring wrh loving brothers and
sisters. These are pure aud never to be
Inrrnt tm nUutKi and will linffer throueli
beat and smoke aatjH tasay changes on saesiaty'8 tablet as
sweet mementoes of thu past. What cau
ses the wanderer in foreign climes to lis
ten so attentively. Hark ! 'tis an old fa
miliar strain falling en his ear, first beard
iu his far awav borne, anil bringing with
it a thousand tender recolleetTnns of h.v.-d
ours there he listens wilh swelling heart
aud uuiveriiie hps, and bending low bis
stately head tbe strong mad weeps.
hove of country seem to lie an innate
principle of tbe human breast, implaned
ill, iv for llie wisest ol
kindle into a pure and
slamberipa fhes of natriotis
Kerry country has its own peculiar
toehmcass. The far clad Laplander in
his tee begirt laud with summers of
rtamal snowwrJuld not exehna his
urcssi, oiipiaii'eu
purposes tp en
I holy flaiae the
ottsmj .
own peculiar St
is . charged with asnr-
tion with .having disregarded ihc law
and the Constitution ot the United
wiili intent lo viol-tie them both. 'The
specific law which he violated "was the
. I.. ..... .th,.,. lull t.l. me i h, nrhifli !.
violated it was the removal of JMr. Sn
ton ; and that clause of the Cunstitution.
which be violated by this act was that
which makes it. his duty to execute the
laws .il the I'uiied Sistes.. If this were
all that is involved, the ease would be
clear enough. , Rut there are a good ma
ny other points which, in any lair and
just judgment of the case, demand atten
tion If the trial and the specific acts
charged were mem forms and pretexts
uoder wfatcba "foregone conclusion is
to be reached, and an obnoxious official to
be removed, thou for the accomplishment
ot these ends these points are immaterial.
'-Rut in charging the 'resident. With rr
the House of Representative were com
pelled to allege a criminal intent ; and
they have .accordingly taken upon them
selves the task of proving, that in reiuov-
.Mr. 6 tan ton from orncc, he intended
to violate the law and (.''institution of the
United Slates. Whatever it is competent
for Congress tn prure, u is also competent
for the President to disprove i evidence
both foi and against tho specific crime
charged must be cuually admissible. And
when the 1'ieiiuent ottered the testimony
of those upon whom tbe Constitution au
thorises him to call for advice to prove
that he did call upon them, and that be
acted upon tbe advice which they gave
hhn, and eonld -not, therefore, have in
tended to viol. uc the Constitution, it is
not easy to see now such evidence could
have been refused.
Mr. Wilson has dwelt en English pre
cedents, showing that th Executive is
imply tb- arenl of the legislature and
quoted largely to prove that the Pariia-ini-iil
is omnipotent. He did not fait ;o'
....... .,..1 .k Lu, alUvua, u.llw.
point tbat there is a very broad distinction j
iu tbe two eases, growing cat of th fact j
tin; southkrK press on
No name that ha bean mentioned in
eonnecOonr with tbe Presidency would
prove so Sattafaetoty at the South as that
of (iem-rii 1 Hancock, says the New Or-
Ut'-ans Picayune, in each a wan as this tbe
bnuth can and doe place its confidence
even tho mom than if he had not fought
bravely and with diuineuished skill
against it iu the late eirl war. He wa a servatives am gaining today,
oldies be urofossisn, and a nativa of thai bauysnt ad calhusissllc, lis
ectinn on whose side he fuughL He has
shown equal civil with his great military
capacity, and the South has ban an op
portunity tn try him. If our Northern
friends find it difficult to choose a candi
date in whom both tbe war and peace
Democrat might have confidence, let
i hem choose the man who has proved to
he ihe best friend the South has had
gene against
Kds j
Granges bad a wife living in France,
and that, the tha second marriage
thus prosing void! Daniel Clark pri
vately married the lady ia Philadel
phiala. Of thia marriage tha present
plaintiff claims to have been bom in
Philadelphia ia 1809 or 1808. Her
mother and herself were committed
to tbe care of her father's friend and
partner, Mr. Daniel W. Coke, of thia
city. She afterward hanama an in-
Co,,, timate of tbe family of Col. tSamoel
are H. ia vis, and waa known among bar
ool fellows, some of whom still
passed off quietly. Every species ef remember her, ss Myra Davie. Whan
fraud has been practiced by the Radicals aha grew up it became known to her
to exclude Conservative vote. The city that her true name waa Clark, and she"
vote is considered ronservativw and the has established tha existence of a
career as a soldier should gain for linn
every Northern vote which i net sworn
away lo Radicalism, .-
The man for tbe occasion, says the
Macon, Georgia, Telegraph, is Genera
Winneld S. Hancock, who. to military
abilities and achievements euually bril
liaut with those, ef Grant, and far more
of popular enthusiasm, unite a cultivated
iotelli'ct and enlarged statesmanship. His
civil administration ot the I itth District
-land his recent letter to tbe Governor of
Texas, are glorious evidences ol his abili
ties as a civilian aud bis devotion to law,
and would do nonor to any statesman of
his day aiid time. Let sach a man be
the nominee of the New York Convene
lion, ana the death-knell of ttadicaluim
will hve been sounded in every State of
the Union. To make the thing doubly
sure, to tbe name of Hancock add tbat of
t'harles t ranees Adams tur the Vice
Presidcncy. The revolutionary names
of Hancock and' Adams would stir up
the popular heart and - resurrect revolu
tionary principles, now trampled Is) the
dust. 7
... -. : -'A- vvv"
county vote Radical. Tbe result is doubt
In this county 4,499 votes have been
east. The result is doubtful. The Dem
ocrats claim 200 majority. Houston i
since tbe war euded, and whose brilliant claimed by tbe demeem a. Sumter is
- l J: , 1 ! j r Lr... I . J n i u. S cyw, !
i-siiiiuiu-u aft a niiHu iiiapiiii, us .
will of Daniel Clark' acknowleding
her as his legitimate daughter. Yet
her own mother, who, during Clark a
life, married M. Gardait, a wall
known citiaeu of Philadelphia, waa
never summoned as a witness by Mm.
IT OI OUO. . . . - -n.....'-.
Twiggs has gone Radical. Monroe giro. -S"" V1,'
lPOderuocratic majority. Pike 300 deas-j ""t? ",0 wraaaaa at ma
oeratic majority The dene rats hare 0?n. Btimora, who, however
csrried Lec by a small msjority. Baker did not accept his advaiicea.
democratic by SAO; Mitchell 300; WU
cox 300; Wilkinson is Kadical.
Celumbu, April 2-1, P M The elec
tion closed in good order. The total vote
Is 3,844. Over 200 white voters were ex
cluded without cause. The Democrat
am in high epii its. The radical am des
pondent. The news from this district ia
highly favorable.
Augufta, April S3, P M The total
Myra Clark married Mr. Wm. Wal
lace Whitney, of New York, by
whom aba had two children, a son
d daughter, still living. After Mr,
tntney s death, aba married Gen.
Edmund Pendleton Gaines, who died
inl8a0. One child, the issue of her
second marriage, died ia infancy.
Uaniet Clark owned large tracts off
j, I' in total i , ... -vv
vote to -day is 817. Total for the four F"" 'ra " ,
j leans, which have become immensely
yainanie. More man a thousand
'suits have been instituted by Mia.
Gaines to recover these properties.
upou which many of tha finest irns
IFaMiifffwi Matter.
Wash hurt mi. Atiril 25. M. Gen
hsivell U. uousseati ha arrived from
Alanka, as a witness for the Defence.
lie left Sacramento on the 4th of
Regular pools are opened at
fashionable gauihlmg houses, where
bats are nisdO on all the impencm
n ion t questions, including the hnal
result. t
Nelson's sjteech i universally road
and applauded. It is udtu rnble."
In the Senate, the resolution that
the proceed! n ga of tlm Court in re
tirement be published by regular
pods, in the usual way, was poatpun
ed until Monday.
llie Clue! Justice ordered the Pro
sedition to proceed, hut, Steven be-
ttur absent, tliey asked tttno, and Mr.
lirucalieck ia speakiug,
I ntpetiehvienl .
Washington, April S3,
lie, nothinwwa done.
In the Court, th
M -In the
motion to
lu the two eases, growing oat oi me tact neon was postponed,
that while we have a written Constitution j Boatwall resumed.
days 5,2.7. Bullock's majority ta nil
The elect ion closed in a row between
the white and blacks. Several were
wounded but none seriously. The excite
ment was intense. Subsequently a uegro prove men's DOW stand. The deois
knocked a white lady down in the streets, ran of tho Supreme Court only ap
injuring lier severely. This added to the plies, directly, to three suits but its
excitement prevailing and fears were en- ruling will cover tha w bole ground.
tertainca oi a general riot, oeverm spots xbw ease aa been one ot singular in
were tired at a freed man, bat be esc- trieaey, aud ha turned, a will he seen
ped with a slight flesh wound. After tbe by the abo brief statement, upon tbe
negroes were arrested, the military charg- question of th legitimacy ef Mrs. Gaum,
ed through the streets dispersing the It is but fair to sav that even new. after
crowd. - '. I nearly forty years of litiration. three of
the ablest members ot llie Hupreme
Court, Crier, Swayne and Miller, dissent
from the conclusion of the Court. In dis
senting from the favorable opinion of the
( ourl rendered la 18QO, Justice Urier
uses this slroiig laUgnage :
"I wholly dissent from the onii
the majority of thia Court in tbe
both ss to tbe law and the fhcta. Bat
do net think it accessary to vindicate my
he view a history of tbe sCaiJsWat swe-
sip which has been buried under thadust
of half a century and which a proper
feeling of delicacy shoald have kaaWed
totamain so: I therefore dismiss tha
, aa I hope, for the laat time, with the
remark, that if It be the hew of
Louisiana that a will can be esublished
hy the dim recollections, imaginations, or
inventions af anil rossina. after fortv.
va years, to dUtarh the tide and ttiiii
at bona ads aarehsaers. without no
tice of aa apparently indifcaaible tide.
"Bemi eaiami lawidW mm i
do not indeed envy your poaiUoa. ha
After quiet was restored it
taiuod tbat the uegro who assaulted the
Sheriff's as suffering under a temporary
fit of insanity. At this hour, 10 o clock,
I he city is perfectly quiet.
Washington. April 23. M -In Michi
gan tbe Democrats gain 70 supervisors aud
defeat negro suffrage by 40,000
Jforw (f th Democratic Victory in
Washington, April S3, M
ecratie candidate for Hecord
in Chicago hy 981 .majority .
The Dem
Radical Split.
Alexandria, April 23,
Karl 1 cat tnnty Don ren Hon nomin-
ted Dawkhurat, tor Governor. One
white and one negro were nominated
for tlm Leyislatnte.
A spin occurred and nearly half of
their delegation withdrew, ihe be
coders were composed of about an
leqeai number of whiten and blacks.
Dinner for nothinr. ranch ura-
kWred to "nothing for dinner
, 4 . r;.
or- : . ,

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