North Carolina Newspapers

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C- MAY 8, 1868.
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From the Halrlgli Register,
Cot Jihthd, Nw Coast, N 0. 1
April 6th, IMS. J
To day I fawed a small herd of what
we know m "JUnk Panto." Baa of
oar people will probably receive, as rather
fabulous, the statement, that there are
wild horses In North Carolina. Hut (bay
re rather abundant la lbs estreme rest.
From Oeracokc Inlet to Old
lulet, or Beaufort Harbor, Is Mm twelve
after. Ii" a seady break w.ter. frofc
half a aula la a aula wide. It ia well
supplied, bowerer, wiklow marshy spot,
which yield gras eoong h far graaing a
ronsklcVahle Dumber of cattle and bone..
The land ia owned, bat Mat fenced. Nn
landmark, w Hoe are planed here to tell
where Mr. laud ends, or D'a begins.
Om ihk range af twelve mile long, by
one eras wide, between the Ocean and
I ore Sound, tbeae animala ream at will.
nn, avd nrr wot run.
Those harass are wild, and roam at
pleaanrr, over their sandy territory. They
will lei you eoese within a handred yard
ol tbeta, before they ran. Bat in a laah
tbejr are off, and they ran like deem.
Vet very horse baa an owner. The
molhere all hare tbeir marks to indicate
tite ewner ; mid in May of each year,
there ia a grand frolic erar what it famil
iarly retted a "pout
be knowa nothing about, and what la bet
la, care nothing . He haa no more use
Mr Mem than a bog haa for a holiday.
Ibia i lha animal in aaa oa farm in
buggiea and everywhere, ia the surround
lag country. I lately aaw a man moving
wan a isruics, ana waa moving In a
new farm, lie bad bis trunks, beds, kei-
uaa. ploughs, bo tea, ahoveia and the ath
at thing in moderate aiaed boat. Among
lha item ware a lot of bankponievaoro
vwo or uiroe in arc ana eotu they were
pat in looee, about a a aow and pig
would be treated.
-'"'Taw Now Tork World, of Taeaday.
early, who ahall only vote anon eonaent
of .the Congress, anal whaee volea ahall
not, ander any ci reams tancos, be counted
for ar agaiaal anybody or anythiug.
Amour the signatures to thia "Constl-
taUaaa" are i Taaddeae Sumner, Butler T
Spoon. Robert C Skunk. Edwin M. bin
cilage, Wendell Wilson, Hannieail, Am
Dickinson, Hereon Howe, and hi
Keck ley."
TKtrr rotTB Kwnain Under thl
baadlnr the Scientific American, of the
tut alt., m view of the many lamp ex
ploelona resulting altanat invariably from
the rue of the bad keroeeue, urge the lai
portanre of tea ting their oil before nae is
the lamp. I bla, It fay, may be readily
done by any man, woman and child, by
means of a thermometer ; a little warm
water and a Ublepoonfnl of the all. Fill
get off a capital antrre on Radicalism, in j ,he wi, wrm weri l" cmpera-
tha .hape of a Urleaaoe Con.tltntion, I 'u? J? 10 ? 110 fe-
. v , , Fahrenheit. I'onr the oil on the water :
porporttng to have been panted In can- , ,pp,r n.B, , ,he tolding oI, hj match
ens in the first mouth of the Mew Era, by I o, otherwise. If the oil is unsafe it will
Thaddens Steven, for the people, ""and I take Ste, and its nae in the lamp ia dan
imously adopted. The preauibl
"We, the member of the Radical par
ty of the I nited satrapies, in order
the United 8a tr pica of America.
The following are selected from the va-
rtooa article a and sasliabe of thia new
Constitution :
All legislative powers shall be veated ln
! (lAnffh'M, i lh I'nileil HaftwiilM wtilfh
penning." By thia ,imii co,ul . Sr,iatr. a Uonae of Ren-
time In the year, a large number of coll -.--utivea. and a Caueu.
are born, and br driving all inn Hero two AU ,,ie o( tho OTernroo.i f
an enclosure, fin mothers bavitig been ,be uoU!J H4trapics shall be legialativo
urcwWIy marked, ike eoU ar known j jWm
by Ikair kc-pinc aawk wkktta motlrer, and Th llooae of Repreaentali res. or the
are aUo with the same brand a ; Caacaa. ahall be the indeeof the i l.tiona
gerous, for it is liable to explode. Hut if
the oil is safe and good, it will not . take
Ire. It Is worthy of remembrance, too,
that all persons who sell kerosene that
will not stand the fire teat at 110 der. are
. . - - ,. . w
lorm a mora awttal Union, secure to our- Hable to prosecution
aelvaa the powers which by the .grace of Nft'o may here add that late accounts de
Cab, Gumbo, and Greenback, a have I ny that there Is any trnth in the assertion
been anabled to aeiar. insure our perpetui- that salt pot in coal ot inereacs either
ty aa a party, provide for the common economy or efSeienev of It nee. On the
peliatioa of oar subjects, promote oat contrary, iNs asserted with at least som
avnaral welfare, and secure the bleesinr plansibilitr. fbat the addition of salt to
of plunder to onraelve and our posterity. the oil could only result in giving rach a
ordaiu and eatabhab tbia Constitution for ; character to the flame as would Impart a
Correspondence af the flaltiinota San.
WAiMiNoroM, April a.
Titer la but litlle diiTcrencea ol
opinion abont the argnment of Mr.
Groeabaek, of counsel for (the Prei
dent, before the High Court of ltn
00V. WOttTli.
it ia a littlo reinai knl.le that Hie
name of (Joe. Worth baa a-rareely
been mentioned in tho sale campaign
in ibia State. W never vole I for
Oov. Worth, bat it la due to him to
mtv that lie haa diMcltargod hie dntiea
ao faithfully and fairly, that neither
WW DON 11.0.
Thf Tory Hrrtlor af lit (pf frar.
peachment Saturday., Men of all ! glld- MUtm fo, con
erifteed a pare, trembling, bleeding vic
tim libany. Fire and sword laid waata
and decimated Scotland in the attempt to
fob)! on that anflinching people the tatter-
ahadea of noiuica ajftce that it ennc .uii lu.brfi.
ed ability of a nperiorcftaracler.aiid J, Bn lion eat man ; and alttiotwh he
that it will rank with the ahloat. 1, t.i i;, wi.i,, nt rh. t, iei...t .er
cleareat, anil moat logical argninent; w,:j, WB iMiin M. n,.tl.i.,,r hnt an
. . 1 ... 1 om.' . : . - . 0 .
ever pnwenicu mm; uiuuusi. old-line Oemoerat of Hie
extreme lUMiicaia (tie men moet:lu,.i w- .... hnt adm
' demalioo of the Eniaeopacy, while
ijuiabe d Erin fonnd not a ftlfidf i
.generous Joe. Old castles and
j were pillaged ; abrinea aad cbarckea were
I rrumbled to dut; their ricb golden
I and silver ornament, were taken to deco-
their mother.
In June there I another "penning."-.
AH the enits are not born by May Yn
it the final marking were postponed Until
all the animals are born, tbr sa born first
would be w-ned. and tftetr ownership 4 ..ftru.d froinaov Satnnv : uruvided
i r . . ' 1 . . - . .
' 1 'bat prefcn-nceis
returna, and u ualilicalio na of every mem
ber or either House.
The Congre shall have powar to
A tax or duty may bo laid upon artt-
horriMy ghastly line, to the countenance
of those sitting within H range.
JfhVon CAron.
thrmen vf acknowledged li-jral h1 Ii
. .. ... . -X I Hi. ...L I k J
Omm fthe Garnet of tk&Daut of tkeyj ooiinssm.
HVi. The weak' Was uiiknos
t'agana ot the utaaaie Age, an
gradnally adopted in the Roman Emf
along with Christianity, by the latter Ei
anxious for Mr. Jouaaou a
Hie men whose minds aro nlrendy
made uji, and who have deterrNinvd
not to be convinced, (and ihisda not
intended to apply to Senators hut to
gentlemen otitaidc and to member ot
the llonse.) all say it was the best ar
Aliment yet presented for the defenco
bnt they do not attempt togaim-ay
anr of lie points prceonted.
Siueo tile oomuieiiovmout of the
trial no man has been liatencd o wild
snch marked attention, lioth from
... .1
unatorg ana outers upon the nHr
and stiectatora in tliu gallerV : and
this, ton, in sptto ff tli fact that
it una a groat piiyeiical labor for
hint to apeak, and that his voice, from
bronchial hoarseness, was anything:
but pleasing lo the car. Dm after
bis first eet'ienec ihe voire- wiw for
gotten, and tl e closest atteiitiou was
paid to hisaound, forcible reasoning.
He was decidedly original in mail
iter, matfer, und form ot expression,
and threw a flood of light iiimmi the
ease. -The lawyer of the Senate
as Johnmni, r u-w:ti(leli.
Trumbnll, Orimes, Shermnn, and
other, seemed to he fiarticulnrlv in-
jlercsted, and inid 1I10 slricttraf attott
tion; and there wns hsrdlv one but
noted tho (xdnti now and then timVle.
perors. The origin of the names of lbs Senator Howard, who lia iluon t
daya may have beet Iat aigkt of by many .ort) tho trial oecnpie! his own waf
of our readers, and mieht not prove unin- ! H'C outer Ctrcli! of desk, on this
tree.! inr to all V InH that Runit.e u 1 oaciisfon, and alter Mr. (iroesbeck
so called fim tho fact that it was ancient
cen a short timo, moved near
er to lii m.
d more than once criti-.
ed the case citod by the
ronld not bo kuowa. Hv Jane,
the increase is ended, ami the eoha 'born
since ibe previous "penning" are esarked,
and the herd k-ll to roam uutd the w XI
tub rtsiitro. ,
! ruclore is constructed St one
shall be given by all cum
nercial regulations, to the ports of lb(
Satrapies of Massachusetts, Mains a. id
Rhode Island
Tho t'onrreaa ahull have full authority
over the lives, liberty, and property of the
puople of the van. 01s satrapies.
Old Sairaplea may be excluded from
this Uwioo, at Hre pieasnte nf the Cm)
aweaS, mkataeer their populatioii or wealth
may be ; but no utfeiien Khali be consider
ed sufficient to work perpetual exclusion,
except the nuance of jierpeiual hostility to
tbb xxBctmvg dbpartmkxt.
The executive power of the United Sa
ft 1 1 lies shall be vested in Congress.
I here shall be an officer, to be known aa
the President, who shall hold his office
during the pleasure of Congress.
TkO duties of the 1 resident to
sign ail bills and resolutions that may be
passed by Congress, and U appoint to the
various sabordiuaUi administrative offices
siirh persons a may be designated there
,1,. o unimm iu ibo tyuu. aioiiuar lueaus .. .
001 . . . ' ' icallv exa
. 1 1 . . m , 1 -
iue nay 01 me moon. 4 uesoay waa ana- g,.Mpr
teatea to lmtco, me eaxon aiara, tne goo , lt WM4 m,(hst that tho Ohio Iitw
of warand litigation. Hence in England, 1 yrr was giving the M tin gun Senator
and In several of the United States, Tna-,' omc points and deejaions wliich were
dyisXiwisery, or, as It is generally ,.i,ler newXo him oK which hades-.
called wkh us, W Jiy the day of ts is altention. Sr. Sumner,
m-ginning iiitgaimn. raneaoay maee , , jaj-ajnj , ho nwirtX illlerusted
tta name from HooVwor Orfm, sj.ero ar U ... x, inltf. 11Hr
It was atatod that if wo would grade the
road loea-ed fcy this pWee After some , a,tel,,iou.
remsras rmar Mr. rnes, 1 01. ononer, i'
end of the re. f. ' From this, from right to
Ifft.Tliwariifa wnea Twrnrhtg Tn to tite
.- J siA. aJ -a . . 1,
otbeV. fkaaj brghjs the driving. People
from the aurnui.ding enuniry galhf r in,
and n horae bat k begin at tke opposite
end of the reef, and drive all the polite
ahead, inlo the enclosure, and the mark i ng
ia done. -IIOkuR-TXAIilMl.
After tke marking, aaal the ownership
of I be rolls ia di-fc-i mined, begins the bar
gatu and sale of the horses, one two or
three year told- The price is 6ed and
the halter put on. Then comes the fun.
The rider is taken through the mine course
of instruction as the inexperienced con
try bors c ihroueli in the hands of sir.
1 us downs. I be animal has been too j tor by toe congrese, or oy uongn-ssm-
long aaed to liberty to submit to bit and individually, or by promiacut members, of both. He rears, plaegea, iirsd'.wtt, the I'nion Ixsagee
"w " 1 O I . . si a a t i I " UTJI I'll IMSU- IIC mm H1W laawji sa y a. riVII t, .OBBHX7
I nejuoiciai po-e re . ine u mien ' form.ard nd subscribe their names to
I shall be vested 111 the Congre. 1 bo trt-1 11
t loliuil hilheilo
Diety of the Northern nation. FriiUv is
from Vriga or F!rea, a Saxon goddcas.
Saturday mean Saturn's day.
H'm. Journal
Imps, ffneo Mr. Manager s JSntler's
opening. Senators Drake mid Fowler
(iCtfUp ei seSls near the ta'fde of Co mi
set, and listened arrehttvelv. Seha-
fhe Kiulcm Ttrminut X. H'. .V. C. ft. tor C nil; ling kept hts seat . upon tlrel
. 1 ha citizens assembled I:, the court outer circle tor a tune, tint nttcr
house, on Wednesday evenine, to hear n while became So mncli interested
the proposition of the Directors thrnngh that )e moved nearer, and occupied a
their Pieshb nt, Mr. II. Friee, of S ih-m. M.i4; beaido Seliator Jolntson. The
latter, 4 i is custom, putd liie stricl-
all three girauao ia a good rider.
known aa the Hui
; that ! Court is hereby abolished, and the per.
sons hitherto acting aa .) usi iee. of the
Coart are hereby dcctarediatlsw.
Trial ky jury ia' hereby abolished
, Treason against the United States shall
Consist in opposing the Radioal party, and
adhering or giving aid and comfort to the
qaiet the am aaal. tie la tsreed Into a
1 1 ibb-iring creek, wkh a muddy baSVUa.
His feet are only employed now in busy
effort so keep from sinking ton de. p
After a row hour of apart, tke animal is
rowasrnmuiaal wilk hi master, and CO borne
wiu bias. enemies thereof, ridienKug the Radical
Hat tber never unite recover (torn their policy, aaal in sneh other tilings as thu
-a ' . ... ,.. - iv. ,.,- -
oaiSnemrut. I lie
I lie v lonv tor tueir nnert v.
They aaw their stalls, and ofteii kill ile-m-
sHva ia fruitless endeavors lo get looee.
Tbey faJsksw to bi aame aasaatomed to
grain. They love their native grass, aad
tbrivw best on that.
go Tim LOOK.
; Congress or the Union Ieaguo may de
1 i l.ii treasonable.
Tke religion of the residents of the
I 'nib d Satrapies shall be worshipof the ne
gro, 1 Here sitslt on, nereaucr, an anil
j slavery MMo and a.iti-slavei v God.
Hank ponies are small, bat stranr . , 01 'peecb ana of tne pres.
Tb.y sre usually no larger than a two o, I "''all eontrollea esclusivtdy by llie
three ye obi eolt of Oplaudbree.1. Tbey ''"?" Any neraon irho shall pub
havs fong hair, mane and tail. They are ,bu "P" oppoaiiioa to the Rad
iol handsome E.igravcr generally make W PrtT W J?)" ' Pt-
wild thine look Well Indians, plant. ' rowat"1 ec""' P6'"
horamr a-td ibe like. And hi South Amer- hwa, pere mid eet, against
iea likelv the wild bors, are handsome, seiwn s and searches commanded by Con-
bat these reef ponies, are degenerated g. Warrant! may Issue upon any
tt ParlsE'ff romt,brS rWaWe,;!
dom, without rro mismen or shelter, they J envenleaee of tho parties procuring lUetr
tisv neonate dwarf. Horses, like pota- , . . , . . .
faia, need a cWe. The brood mual bo NlUg a lh.J onslttatwin contained
ennwed, and their paMure ebanged- TV MW lUe ""eWro,! f0"
Iben the mosquitoes and a thousand 1V;,V "K ' - wp
Wmm.kamlw thm ami ffo 1 yrtilution may be amended at fffie
"wrrrrisd them to death," as aid mdlus flP1 fgfSS i 7
ay, TVay suffer beat in sammer I asajority of the
nd said in winter 1 from winds and rains, Hus of pre-uttives.
until Iks hair Is coarse. rf nmTy in',wn.
sa the rirbt to vote, being an inherent and
Bow Tr.rY iik 1 n k ' inborn right In every person, and coming,
are no anrliies on tlie reef ; but i Idjr reading Mid writing, by natare, shall
subsoil U very wet, the poue a paw: a , bW;iijoy4 by every resident of tke Lais
tin tkmaasafc-ajsrl la a few minatfa ifnn led Nrtiaines. wfrinnrt regard to Hm age,
Water rises The rwmv waita ami wlfk-TseX. Trace or Color o the suffragaa ; Slid
'as yon have saaa a terrier at a rat bole, 1 this right shall never bo abridged exeepi
-e.t w4. en-tkearaier riaos, b Mm b'm-' hi tba of sneh pereoa aa may wll
.--HrWorJ'' b ' ferai u ' '" eppeee tke radical
fir ..It s: I., tm K. ...t..
F. Caldwell, and CP. Meudsmkall. it! .JZjEZZZFEjIl ii!Tf
was nnaolmouslv . . I ",y "ry "'""si,,", ,,.'''
... . toIfa.ll OUMtflll... lull... alf ll,A IIMMsJ .
Il itL '1 hat the snbscribers to the . , "i ITT tjr'j
stock of the North western N. C. R. R. i "' ". "u "'o"o rewrm i
Co., do agree to guarantee the grading of t "V lite Managers ami coiuisei.
tho read fUa Ureenborto the Foray the ; wlie ther upon the admissibility of
County lins, in the direction nt the town ! testimony or in the general di serfs-
ot Salem, as the same shall be located np-; eat of the issue. Senator Chandler
oa d survey st the said route; and that ' alone aid not seem to tie at nil mler-
aacb subscriber sign a bond to secure the est.ed, for lie wns not in the ciutmlior
same, ia pniporiioB lo the subscription imicli of the time, aria the, argument
mad by them respectively, on the book, .was, therefore, ttf I erly lost npott iijm.
ueieiipn,iim vjta!xi cj At rneelnse eo Ins remarks. Mr. tiroes-
beck wsrcongrattiluted by several i if
at might forwardness jn acting as lite
Chief Executive ot North Carolina.
We presume that Gor. Worth has
but lilHa faith in the ability of the
new parlies that have sprung np dar
ing and since the war, tw settle na
tiooai difficulties, and probably be
lieves that thing will never get right
until the eonn'rv acts apn and
adopts the priuciplea of the old Whig
party, (for the whig party too a party
prinaipU) while we believe that
tlie ligJitsof lha States and the peo
pie will never be respected arnl main
taiued until the principle of the old
Democratic party ar- engrafted on
the policy of the Uoveruiuent -
mean the principles nt ihat pruty in
regard to Statea Rights, Tariff, Bank
ing and Expenditures by the (ieitert
at Government. The war settiod the
question against the right of a Stale
to seeded and against slavery, but not
agnifiM the gouerat . rights of the aupy
arnte Stales.
Hut it was nt to talk abont ol j
par tie that -we commenced this arti
cle, (we iniiy have Kruiei!iiiig to any
on ttmt subject hereafter,) it wau mere
ly to tiny what we consider a Ucscrvv
eil compliment to G , Worth for I ho
teiihl'til manner in which he has die
cliarged his duties na Giivernor in
times of great trial and perplexity.
Ilia tet 111 of otBco mny -01.11 end, and
therefore we do fttt couaider it itn-
pi opei to allude to hi in nt tins time
as an liotiM-t, pure tinmled public o.
tice. We have received no favors
from Grv. Wotili, and don't ask 01
expect any, but as a man who alwuye
dilleied with him in politics, wo are
disposed to gtvu in 111 ( or any oiuer
nirtu" ibe credit he is cjiiUWi to,,
No man deserves more the compli
ment paid him above, by the Char
lotre Democrat, thau Gov. WVrth.
I North Carolina never bad a better
Governor. The State possesses uo
truer citizen, nn "nobler Roman,'
than Jonathan Worth, and tiine almte
can fully devefopu llio wisdom and
tsucccsaof' Ins uduiinistration, during
the critical period lie has sd minister-
led the Executive office. Mis duties
tiayo neui iv exnansieu . ana worn out ,
actMrstilulion, which a life of sobriety
and ntegrity and a god conscience
hud inaHle capable of great endur
mice. iVyW, at a ripe age, lie ts en
I'eobledland wilLrvjoice when he can
lay aside the cares of office, look re
cuperation 'in private life and ijuiet.
May lieu veu long preserve hi valu
nlile lite ! He is one of the few left
utitoiio up whose mfcimt v and virtues
connect us with the better dnysof the
past, ana sncii coiistiiuie iue leweisoi
tho State. Sentinel.-
r ,!P!:,r,
and I marrol
At those who do Dot facl the m.deslr
By heaven ! I'd almost said the Memos
..1 1 jo... r.: . I
4 uni I 1 ivi' n iifiumiiir lair aim tin....." .
rare lawu wc ww
P"""" KnelW waa all nowerful: her eanvaaa
whitened every sea: the aen never act
on her ensign, and it was therefore, in her
loaopby, but just aad proper so to do !
word and her slx-pennv tbeolocv
were opposed to everything not Saxon
To trace the times and the
which controlled the minds of men ; to
connect the whole a one thread, and
, . , : weave into a simple web, wilt be our pres. , .,
or'"' I em aim. W. shall run over mack kU-1 KjT
trO UIS!l. mwmnA IMS down manv l.lalori K. '
. .1 1 : . ' .. . . . 1 were onuosed to everr
it was therefore the hirliest wisdom
the Loud
C. P. Mkupkmi 1 1., rh'm.
Will. V. Stsinkr. Secretary.
Oreenebbro I'atrwt.
eccentric old! that Mr. riX!necK gnve l,,e P0" earth in those that loved it here.
J)ickeua Wrote : There is nothing no,
nothing beautiful and good, that dies and
is forgotten. An iufant, a prattling Child,
il.n Si,.r,oa .,wl iho;..;, tying III us craaie, win live agiim in uie
engaged in. short conversation with '
i.iui, ,.i w Lunu 'IS' """' dro.lled in t, deemat sea.
or, not ootid iiotbe determined tmti TbeM h , , , $ie ,,Mta
Iim 11 ml I.ii If SHIW- tyaiillsin - a I I " 1 1 I rT"" a
" " ,,t houven out (toes its otcssea worn on
y eld landmark.
Else t ion nan art
Of will, not voice
and we therefore single out this field.
The eighteenth eentury haa long since
paed away, bat it haa left behind, in its
history, page of romance, foil ol daring
and noble exploits. 'Here fancy cap roam
and dream of lovely visions, and conjure
up thought of never-ending bliss. Here
fame can wonder aad sound her born over
the cunq uerur's tomb, and sell of bis past
5 lory and greatness. Or, ske amy sit
owu by th grave of . tbnest deeds, and
tell the paescr by bow much worth ia bu
ried there. Here glory can find a crown
ani find a name, and none brighter, more
fair or more famed thau Flora Macdou-
The sweetest tales of human weal and sorrow,
Tba fiuroa. Uupkloa of tba llamor'a fame.
To in r fond I amy, ftura. seem to bonww
Celestial halos from thy gentle name.
In it nations were crushed, nations were
born, and nations were remodeled. From
the erention of '.he kingdom of Prussia in
1701, down to tbe storming of Seriugapa
tatra in 1799, tm before1 tha student of
bietery a vast accumulation of interesting
matter. The Mississippi bubble excited
the Fieuch as much as did the South sea
bubble the English in a subsequent year
Poor. Poland was broken into fragments,
and the exiled Irish lost their own down
trodden land, but saved France on the
bloody field of Fontenoy. The ' United
.Slates struggled through seven weary
years for freedom, and won it after a glo
rious contest. Amidst the many revolu
tions md onn iiter-rcvolutions which dis
tracted the French people, arose tbs great
est warrior nt modem times. 1 his centu
ry then can claim many brilliant things.
However, it is not our province to say
why empires fell and republics rose, nor
to strictly adhere to tbe causes that trou
bled the civil and political polity of the
era, but it is ours to blend the utile with
tho dulct, histoiy with romance. Now,
to do this, what analogous theme, fictitious
or real, could be possibly selected more
truly worthy the pen' or any writer in
prose or in.poetry than tbe one here pro
posed She belongs to Colombia as Well
as to Great Britain, n4 to the House of
Hanover well as to the Hense of Sm
art, The latter she loved with .woman's
love, while to the former she became, at
tached from a strange current of human
events, based upon the stranger tide of
human ideas, and so to say human in
stinrts She figured on this continent
and in Enrope, bnt iu each hemisphere
she was tbe advocate cf lory patnciples.
Her heroism was not less conspicuous in
the one than it was in The other. Her
life from infancy to maturity waa obschre,
but from woman hood to tho grave mi al
most uncasing; storm, full of adventnre
and notoriety. .In Scotland she. was the
brightest object among a Stern host of
"Inirds." Her devotion Ho "desr Char
lie" has immortalized her name, and in
scatter destruction broadcast 1 Brare peo
ple were most cruelly butchered or im
poverished, and chained down ia the vil
est slavery. All this, forsooth, too, s
bring joy aad gladness, aad wealth aid
dominion, to the few in Un great metrop
olis. Waa tbe apirit of liberty broken I
No. Like embers on tbe hearth it shot
forth scintillations of vitality. It waa
merely dormant, wailing the opportunity
to burst out anew ialo a aaafkuBmUea saaa
sweeping than ever. This despotism waa
wiling, and to none more than to tke
nave, brotherly Highlanders. They ba
ted the new sovereignty. Tbcy blushed
with shame at their humiliating condition.
Daily in intensity arrow tbe feeliiiir. until
finally 'words gave expressing to tbe
thought : " The ( maculating, contamina
ting touch must be removed and spurned."
Had that anpicioes moment arrived t
Were tbe pibroch beard on tke heat her I
Were tbe clan of tbe Macdonalds, tke
Campbells, the ktaelellans, the Macrae
in battle formed T A natural event time
ly happened to postpone this threatened
outbreak. William the Third teat no mare.
Before the accession of Aunc, aad whilo
yet a princess, a lady in wait gained bur
love and confidence. This was the noto
rious Sarah Jennings, Duchess of Marl
borough. She was avaricious, ambitious,
very vain. Understanding that her mis
tress would wield the sceptre, she made
use of every devise to ingratiate herself
into the good graces of the future Queen.
Like the witch in " Macbeth," ske stirred
round and round the boiling cauldron In
which her slowing fancy had pleat j all
opposers of the Whig party.
It was midnight, aad a pale cold moon
lit up the pirea of London. Tke Tower
stood gloomily against tke sky, a terror to
a crouching race. In it Marlborough I ad
been immured by William. Tbe street
were deserted, and on the great brides
quietude reigned supreme. No footsteps,
pattered on tbe side-walks; ao hilarity
proceeded from tbe alia house ; ao jocu
larity rang its merry peal in the -club-rooms
the coffee-houses, the SeriUcrv'
ctub$ of England's golden age. All was
solemnly still. The palace was disrobed
of its pageantry, hollow pomp No live
ry-man was visible. No dragoon, spur
red and belted, trotted along the avenues;
nor did tbe sheen of a belmeted sentin i
appear anywhere. In one of ihe kingly
kalis lay the King. Not a whisper of
the air was audible. Tbe uniformed par
.sites of tbat great man had alf vanished.
None stood there to do him honor. What
cared they, he was no longer of this
world. His victories in behalf of the
Prelacy were forgotten; anyhow, were
not sufficiently resplendent to bring a sole,
to his bier. There he lay, powerless, in
the cold embrace of all-powerful death.
Ho wai tbe bitterest enemy of Loaia the
Fourteenth. He is now nobody 'a enr mv,
unless before the judgment-seat his owu.
A side door is cautiously opened, a deen
the fullness of h,r heart she might have i ly veiled head elowly introduced ; t ;
truly exclaimed ; " I will not wholly die." eyes glisten and start to the right, lo too
A lest o I sincerity was
idled til Other dav bv an
Kendemau ho directed in hi will, ihat tion- untuned by the Managers sonic Dead ! oh, if the good deeds of human
hia funeral should take place nt G o'clock ponderous blows, and utterly deiiKil-1 creature cokld be traced to their source,
i isr i a,j i . i m l . i .L i. --ir' - J i . . .m , v '.l.
in in morning, u oe uiru ;u iue nuiuun r. imicu i o n icnsoiinio, nun luriiitMieu ; now Deautuui count even ueam appear ;
and at 8 A. II.. if in Winter. He led a tmu-li b-od for the serious icfleetion of for how much charity, mercy and puri-
lisl of 400 person, who were la be invit- ea,., HllJ every member of the Iliirh tied affection worth! be seen to bate their
ed to his obMouises, aa all. of them bail
shared bis benefit in time past. All
who came were lo inscribe their name in a
register lo bs kept al the door of bis resi
dence. Of tbe entire number of invited,
euly. S8 came at 8 o'clock On the morn
ing of Feb. 30th, when the old gentlemen
waa buried. Afterwards all who Had at
tended and pet down their uanie as re
Quired, found tbat each nf them had
aarned a legacy at the rate of 81000 for
each geuth mail, and 31600 fur each lady.
Thus those who staid away lost some
thing by their iudhferenee.
It air. 1 no. L. . rasa, a conpie ni rgga
if Hat sbsp- and rough shall, one of wliich
MS tba word "War" distinctly formed iu
rm shell. The nibev has " V " on it.
A Lmsaat Hx. -Miss Pittard, of
thia county has swrrt - through the hands-
of Mr. 1 bos. O. l a, a couple nt eggs
of flat shane and rouirn shall, one ol winrn
The ears are at this office, and can be
see by t he-en nous.
We rannoi account for this enr phcnniu
nan unon any other hypothesis than that
tho hen bad been chased by J. W. Ste
vens, ihe radical candidate in this county
for the Senate, or, that she stood in dread
or a war upon her roost, by ibu aforesaid
candidate Millan Chronicle.
. Tbe at Venieeu -tuirIw;ii.'a li.a.':c
.Ttade their appi annuo m tite
northern' part of F edeiick cunnty.
Va., and a nnmberoTlinjDaTajbcii
killed by eating them.
Court of Impeachment. ' Mr. Qroes
beck i a native of tho Sfute of Now
York ; went curly in life to Cincin
nuti. lie was a representative in the
Thirty fifth O'liyresa, and a member
of tho Fence (Congress in lbtil.
growth iu dusty graves I
An exchange baa the following article
on stamping letter :
"Many persons instead of wetting pos
tage stamp wet the letters, but it is a
In America she arrayed herself in com
mon wtlb her cmutryiucu ugaimU tbe
caiiac of freedom, forgetting tbat it was
not for tho range of Prince Charles Ed
ward, bnt for that nf his enemy, the elec
tor of Hanover. With all a Woman s
charm and her enthusiasm, she unfurled
on bigdi hia battle flag and fought for hi j
- Wo have anticipated this much, and
yet a notice en passant of Toryism and
Whigiam will not, we hope, be consider
ed ti ill ing. ' Tbe clans nf Scotland, and
especially those of the Highlands, sub
mi it. d rehictkntly to die act of settlement
of King William, and in silence deeply
lamented the au verso fate which drove
Info exile tbe old royal line. The "re
straint imposed upon them by ihe heart
less conqueror daily increased the gloom
which hung over them. Consequently,
after the treacherous and eruel massacre
,em i '11. j I I II I ' 1 9mm t.innn.uw .tru o.o ,
Afor- all the--enmkim. aWnf fW """. , !g TT'JT'"rX of Olen Cm.., rhoee -who csutd dn rmrm
if.- - r -.1 -, ou ...... .v. p-w wwa IbaSI
:-i . - . r . L j i n I '
Abysfinian expedition, its fraiilces-j
it nli nwi hk-iI fin ir evi,.-,t i I
ilm tiinirtif thi in rti.l tt'tit'ti nr wlitillv I . .
nwis and the oiioiinoiia sinaaw it I" 7i" ' 1 J it .u Till wwa tae cnalaut tratisatlsi,
.TT.M " r I. !.;-i. r P 17 rarTe". .lmrr: wilds. ' Ikey not only turned their
. " . a k a, . ! wnus. I III T ll'U till I y IlinWU lllt'ir
j tint moisture begins to sink into die j UrK, to tUe .,oro ot the" St. Lawrence,
niaswu.H i.siu. ... ...u. . . . . . Soot lern tiwrh.
liaut auccess. '1 lie impel ial barbari
ail has boon vanoiiielied and killed, j becomes so, dry that si stdkip
tiKf Eugl sh captives are all recover stick firmly and completely to it
ed. und tho arniv has not au tiered I " J
JivlkisueMksi tkej haraVh riar niriiluilarkl TW W?4iii of -the Prewby to
aiiilia safely making its way back to' ri" 'ii
the coast.
nil not
have had
John Cnbner, a German Democrat
of Hartford, Connecticut, was too ill
witlt rbfTiinaffciin to walk to the
at 'he late el eci ion. whereupon his
Wife (a notable helpmate, indeed,)
took him upon her back and aa tried
him npamtd ihechesiisof tho crowd
A purse of f'.'oo was made up tor her
on t lie spot. '.,
Tho New Tork Keptt, eommeni
ius iiiKin thw Various plans tbat are
condtictors from steal! trg. say that the
beat way to pieveattbeiB ;rom pihoi
ISg from tlieir receipts is to pay fair
waes for their servioos.
iit Scotlamt
under cotisioderatioti, lor some lime
past, the qnestinn of general union.
steered for a more genial, more torrid
clime, iu ibe upper fegiou nf the river
Cape Fear. Here we will leave them Jo
pursue the art of husbandry, and gain for
themselves, their children, and. their chll
dren's children, the sweets of honest toil,
the fruits ot pStieut labor and industry
They forgo not the tic ot kindred tbat
and it is th ought that soipo decisive
be taken, tuweWan next !aiill bouiul ihem m rminrar iiahmai
Wa'aE "; , land they" Watched, net witli mt some fee'l-er still- That sa
The Charleston Mcrctru sars : Gen 'big of hope, the quaggy foundation on
Hancock asavMa aa likelv to ot the ! bieb they considered1 the House of
It was looked for bv
borne, ami by anfioee
1 .., utio ooioiontioo at sbv lifiinu BrSBIWUS lO Hand.
atssmaat and availability wiH do-1 Year followed year down the ffit flow-
tormina the man. whether Snvmonr. ,n8 "T"" f ,,nwi aud u"
Hancock, or Pendleton, either accep
table. "f
A representation of a fin to and a
harp na ihh.ii wimmi on a wnn near c,ire- Orueltv. diahoaestv. avarice, and
the pyvnnitda, vvli i is considered-to nrodlealitr. warn at a war llnlw.
CWTkat those instrutnants trv ul u.uSen sn ItehTng palm. Mammxrn was
four tbonaand year old. - lJ2mmL(m hi pie. altar was ss-
left, to the bier. Noiselessly tbe door
tums. I iptoe approaches tha enveloped
form ; a delicate hand steals oat from the
folds of the black domino ; diamonds fiV- h,
tbe figure start. Th embroidered gsmte
covering tbe pallid face is with tnnch
trembling turned down, end the dead ia
csaed upon by tbe living. iWk.QeC
for this," mattered tbe Duchess. " Y u
are dead I dead I dead Yoa cannot tor
IL- . ,
nrj me, lonr eye are cow. Wriero
now is their fire t Whe now will oker
year behests ! Who will cower before
you! I cau deem every obstacle In av
path as a mere trifle, easily overcome. I
will gala wealth, and friend, aad distme
tion, and power. My ambition will be
satisfied." Wkh the; words she cover
ed tbe inanimate visage, aad more like a
sp right than a human being, ghdkd from
the chamber Sunn all England a con
vulsed with jy.
Hie t'riucew Anne ascended tba thw
and beame tbe good Oueen Anne Thu
lories participated, perhaps from policy ;
like Whigs, from evident sueeea. .Erom
Chevoit Hill to Laud's End, af Bet trom
Dunnet head m Port l'atiiek, the name of
Anne eat glorified, aad her enthronement
was proclaimed amid tbe booming of oaa
nou, and Ike acclamations of illilns.
Ske was tke daughter of Jaro.-a.ths Cath
olic, bat she was not a Caibeiit. Ph -was
f tke House of Stuart, tiat pleased
thu Tories ; she waa a Protrwtant, that
pleased di Whigs. Bwneath all On
ananimitv -'t ftwlinc
waa not so eutbaematieaily disiaaveu in
Scotland. Hew aaaJd the Torn. the-?
Whigs I Tke ekoats oKtkair
murdeeed fattier would ur
bloody rravea ami enr eat. 'Far sham,, i
for ahameP However, tbe
waa a Stuart leaded tobtW i saa-
; no reformation,
i anxious eye at
hearts waa it every whore desired. Low- UseUoo tasar arroaeed nature. 'i -v s.
don was then, a it is now. rotten at tkel fleam af kope tke meeim .i c
PPMng faction fro, every vi
ni -.lum. law JeaWat
. . L . ..-
" M"n or ins grown or i . .
pitn secured ui some da th Baeaat
satlilaWsaawiMsaaaaaWiafsrr li-aal ll i f ,.-- -,C J ' "

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