North Carolina Newspapers

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SALISBURY, IV. C, MAY 15, 1868.
VOL. I, NO. 19
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THKI-tUil IN tlVlHI'R.
wtr rf. ye . -
Trl Wlv, H Tf
wj: ..!-..- lMeWdJ .
IlieUff ff Kng Theodore Origin
King TVodoro or Tbeedore of Abya-
i-rory leader of wwpyw throng
the wmM haa Umm familW hi
omm of Wi war with Kagiead, has beea
lain MlkMmi Wiful, Xag-
. dU, by the Katftoa uy, ImIm
ukwmm) by la tttrsyaph TV origin
al BUM of Tlfteodore wm Drjajmateh
Kssal. H wm bom of humble parent
tage in Qearct oo the herders of WiHira
AauWa, and was educated h convent,
ia wMe ho waa placed easier rcotratet
V bat pother. He oaaafod from the
roaveat tobhi ancle, Deiatcb Camfu, a
iKrted lehal, tfttfe whoai be Imbibed ataoU
I.. r warlike pursuits, and eventually be-
' of a larco partita of Abya-
lawaJf aaaMioaa aad politic, bo
ia aulargmg his aeibomy
rr oaaecfaT tocrcastd wbaa la 1SS3 ha
mm vaar mm
Tae nr
cbteay to fee canted on with the troop,
Karopan. aad native, which ia India bad
hceeass arc am and to the hot climate
Tha Int KagKah troop, aaade their .tv
paataakaa be fteteber, 1867, hot It waa aot
aaafl the etas af the mr ikd tka ki.
army arrived. The satasBtiaa
Halll br Ocacral Sir Hubert
masts, act
UaeW hi.
the cavalry
riakmr a battle aai
tat Thea, aa the
mma Thcadara aaaaV
ually retired before the Kngiisb wiihial
aaUl fee reached bia eapi-
foaght bravely for bia crown, bat ia
I be waa disitted. tbocaDital essior-
ca ad the king hiaaaaif slain, tier
i, oa the whole, the
Abysaiaia Baa ewer had
te English accounts, be excelled
ia all manly aeteaita. aad hie rianral
ataaaar waa pafile aad carina; Bad ha
evaattoi thia bafiah aaarrel wiihEagbnd,
lofcjBj, aW wawld prabaWy ha played aa
Maortaat nart ia tae iviittril
tioa a Eaatara Atriea.
The rctarna fhall be
the PreaJdeot of thai Cooreulion. who
ball rive tbo persona eh Mai certifieatee
of election.
Sec 4. The Oomnundinr General of
thia Military lMetrict is reqneated to oa
force tMa ordinance.
Sec 4. The President af thia Con Ten-
lion Is hereby directed to forward a eerti-
aad easy of this ordinance to the Cow
rie; UeneraJ of tbts MUlUry Utatrfet.
KatitVd this 17tb day of March, A. V..
one thonaand eirbt hundred and slzty-
rtmmitl Constitution Convention in X.
Cs F.P Hlaik. The Norfidk Jour-
mat has the fellowinf la regard to this
dietHnrniebed aoidier and eir ilian
laathsr name has been mentioned la
coar cction with the Democratic leadership
a sutiesiaaa ana a aoMMr, npon wooes
a uSBBiseiiiaii may be effected in the event
g contest between the Pen-
a daiaawin
Naa aad II
Ml blaaaetf atroer eawacb la C
I . .1 - - J JUL T - I
i , i"iiaak kj lb IkaasflilT I WHlT ARE MTE COXIXQ TO f
a, be bead af the Abyaaiaiea) Cborch. ' H dec the Editor of the AaaOaraf
Ilia rcica sooa proved to be the awet ef aappaae the pcaaae af North Caroltaa will
lucura Abrisium had ever had. Aa rrgard the article apoa the Hon. N Boy.
oea as be eaaae lata power bis ataaa- dea to has paper af the Sd iaatant I How
tioa was directed to the laspartxitsj aW a aay aaaa, aaal npnially Mr. Holdea,
iiir on tcraas af friendship with the gear- aWiaapt to tbraaara a aaaa with each a
erne which ralee India, aaal whirh Uatoa record aa that owned by Mr. Boy.
has I HbHikri baaatt bathe a.Sghbarbar I daa t No man'a rccacd in North Carolia
i trabajhild of Ada. He, ttorciare, re-1 or at Washington U better kaown. Ho
salvad ta sawaet aba ttobto
by virtae af the treaty aaada between araioaaly than be did to prevent
Great Mrttala seal Abfaatoto hi the paw aaal wtaaj aeiiisli i aaase aad
1H19, andratiBedia 1852, ia which U wM body af his paJitieal frienda, oa aecoantof
fbssaadnrs frasa the other. ' inw tar troopa, abandoned the principle
Mr Itowden, who had bean far many of lh- Ball aad Everett party ia I860. Mr
Maaeewah. al- Boydca maintained ibeaa and coatmacd
throogbont the war. aaal aevtc
the great
v.-are English Coaaal at Maaeewah. al- Boydca
thoegh not aa aecredft rd agent to- Abya- to do ao
cinU, want to that niaatiy with psaaiatt
tut the pupil fai aether, aad rrotaiwrd
daring a war wbtoh hrah: oat at the aeea
aiea af Thi Ilea. Uafcitaiialily Mr.'
lWdra, wUhaalsaasiidil ia wtoaaaa;
tbe favor 'af the Emperor to a bvrn aa-
teat, wm killed, aad bia aaen.nn, Mr.
Casjeraa. waa aoon afVr hie arrival hs
in 1888, laid by tU king, thea be devfred to
at (ha
i to sead an
ter reached England to rebraary, 1888,
ii r uMiued aaansaered ; and thr
itHtti la that thia
with a qnarrrl with M
to a
a sky basket td to avowing his aitoah
t to the Union. He, aa all kaow,
Oaa. V. P. Blair, of Missouri. As
original free aoilcr, be would conciliate
that aeathaent in the great Northwest,
where tae uenaaas da most abound.
aa old Kne Democrat, broagbt aa at tbe
feat of Gamaliel, bia aaase w. mid rally the
thouaand. of "Old Hickory" men who
have not a&Uated of late with the Caorjar
bead Democracy. Aa a distinguished
voiaateer soldier, be would edbet Graal'a
popularity with tbe regular army.
Hot. especially, aa a well known chain
pion of tbe great American ilea that "that
a waite man a country, and mast so
continue," wa think Gen. Blair would
aehirae for aa what we need access
The Southern people aad tbe Dcaro
eatic party could not be charged with dis
loyalty to tbe Union, with hankering after
slavery, or witu undue attachment to tbe
dead iseae af accession, if they wore to
nominate far tbe ('residency a soldier who
votanteejred to fight for tbe L nion, and a
aecsaher of that family which,' of all others
in this country, has proved it devotion to
and nationality.
We regret to see that the Northern
Democracy are not aa thoroughly united
at they ahaald be in thfat trying crisis.
General Ualpine declares, in behalf tbe
War Democrats, that they .will not sup
port a HJopperbead" for the Presidency,
while Mr. ValUndlgbain, as tbe represen
tedve ipf the Peace Demoerats, says ta
tbe War Democrats of the Marble.
llalalna school that they ouly waste
breath and naner aad ink if thcr itnreiue
tbalr threats, or their vows, or tbeir oaths,
meat with anything bat contempt from
the more than a laillioa of actual, posi
tive, unconverted and undeniable peaaa
men in tbe West and the border Slate
AH this means tbat the War Democrat
will not support Pendleton and that the
Copperheads will not support Seymour
or Hancock.
Nov, isn't this a pretty piece of busi
sa for the Northern Democrats to be
engaged in f At a time when all should
be harmony they are sowing the seeds of
discord and disruption simply because
each faetioa ia too greedy after the spoils
of oasce
Tbia division of sentiment Is a good
thing (or the Radical. Grant smoke bis
"Havana" with increased relish as he
walsbes the progress of these aafnrtoaala
breaches iu the Democratic ranks for be
knows that without it ha will never oc
capy tbe I residential chair, or (Mi
crown. Morning Star.
carry sat tbe above saratisaaa tie
' "'Ml WMMft HVt sTsSSaMHMBia SaMttaa
V tstsaa - 8arrR8Alsshsaa
r wwa wsaaj ' sawvwaw veeja iawraaw wbm
his esasiiteacy daring the
steadfast ad
frcccMsatractioa. He refased to
tka ararlamatina of Oaa. V
ia 1884, which to the latter genlleesaa'a
maaivLsaa aarmsl u 1 1 asfi 1 1 - stf lLf.-. . .1 J
VpiBP"R WW aa aa f I IIN8 IsaWV Allfjl V 18 y
did ant aaasaat every decent aad intelli
geot aaaa ia the State rrteee to do tbe
aasaaf Aa teaaeattoa af tb returns of
will show.
and re-
thai Mr
.-aaaT... aa S - A.
together der the laaaat Acts af Csuurrees, and pab-
r. Stem, a mwioa- bcir advised everybody to vote lor a Coa-
i- y, wlm, to a beak oa Abyssinia, bad rent ion. Ha also advised the people
spaarsj aai e pen rally at tae atag, ana aaaiaai aay ataffi to nppiss l be aamgs
b bad rasMBstrated satoet ' at tba toto OaajaaaW, an til their scrtoa
bine's lentper. aad a rear after harinr repeatcalr declared bia opposition to
j rn fM f J ' ffljl 9JMawWW-Vaf lljtV'f wtt! sftlt tlW MW QvaawVlssVwtMKs. vMtvaMiM
armed, lores ia the missionary station. Iv proved, tbat instrameat
missioHaries, aad pat them in the rrnaJreaaenta af the
cast Mr. Cameron into Acta. Mr. Bayden also declared
ha ehaiced eaatinaally -
wised the
priaaa, aad had 1
to aa Abyaaialaa sa Idler. Great
went ptwvafaVd to Eagland oa
ni no aawa af tbw eateaga am
Ubsakjocta; baa to oor'bkrai
It was not until the neeond half of
August 1864, that Mr Bateate, aa A.iat- 1
it by berth, waa seataa a apecasl minion during
to ike Abaastotoa aasaatajto caad was ia- ra Mr.
iad aa hii arrival ia I'ebraary , 1888
m a Italy saagntbeeut style,
of the ariaanrrs batog at aacs
I be king. Bat tba hope that raised waa
sooa to ha disappointed, far whoa Mr.
UasMm and the other ptisoners were jnat
oa rba point of taking leave af the Eat-
p rnr, they ware put under arrest and no-
l,C. I .1.-. I J I . In. 1
to. i mm wrj wmm nan wm rrunin ra
be country at State gaeste antil aa aa-
er is aid be obtained to another letter
which the htog waa rntog to write to
en. Hypocrisy, falaaaaas and
nseny seem to have taken a promineut
"t in the eharaeter af King Theodore,
tor white U, to oa an lias as letter to the
V'f'n, ostensibly auribatad
tia of Mr. Raswap to hit eriah af oaa
nhing with Met In what way thrfriendl v
hione af tba Engiiah ana ihysi.,iai.
''''sWlcAiwsl MlgTaM Iw InNbws wXteailAial- W?
treated the priaaa. r with taahnay oaly
f " short pertad, aad snoB area rignrnaa
on for hi. chadga af cnadaet, he after
srd gave aa sJagod report that Kugii,h
r "'nch; aad Tarkisb troops ware aa iheir
r .to iiivada AbyaeinU.
ibabaare'a latter waa conveyed to
England by Mr. riad. a Garsaaa ariasi
7rWaasVatto ' tUiTtoaaw'laf a latter
'aTaaatana, If Pa ' m n . a V - - a
M not meet
in all
bia nablic sneer bee that no
aaassaa tbaa biassetf for rrcoaatrartMn
and that af the Caavaathin had stonned at
what Ike acts of Congress required, the-'
of tba (.institution,
that has ipaialtiia la is was faaaskd wbah
in the Coaatstatina that were to an
Mr. Boyden consistent
well known at Washington
; and it i. a faelwell known
otbers, that
Kobkxt RnutBWAT, Eeq., haa writ
ten a stirring latter in reply t an in
vitatton tendered liiln by the citizens
of Lynchlmrg to make a public speech
in that place previous to hia removal
to Hum i ork. Wa pre otic para-
"Hat gentlemen now gloomy soever
may be oar turroundiuga now, there
syeta 'silver lining' t Itdo clond
snstended over as in tba ansp:cioaa
and cheering fact that the inutterinaa
ot a signal and decisive revolution
amotiK lha people of the Noriliern
Stales are already distinctly audible ;
and, if I miatake not, the gale that
A TEximsKK Duat- Tlie Nash
ri lie 'rear, of the 27th, tells ,f a 'luel
with rinet in Overtoil county, some
two weeks ago, between two voting
ex confederate soldiers, named Wald-
ron and Jarvia. Their families had
been at variance, hut a reconciliation
had occurred. .Nevertheless young
Jarvia. under the influence of drink.
awoke diaparagingly of tbe com age of
Waldron. Hie latter thereupon sent
In in a challenge, and it waa agreed
they would tight with rifles at one
hundred and lilt v pacea. At the first
fire Jarvia was wounded through the
fleshy part of tbe left arm, while hia
bullet whistled savagely just above
his antagonist's head. "Are you sat
isfied," aaid the wounded man's sec
ond to the other's friend. u Waldron
wants another shot," waa the reply.
A savage tmilo lighted op the fea
tares of young Jarvia at hit arm waa
bound np to staunch the blood, but he
said not a word. The rinet were
loaded again, and once more at tbe
signal the two men wheeled mid tired.
The re i rta were almost si in n 1 1 aticoiis.
Waldron ran forward a fear steps,
staggered, reeled, and fell into the
arms of hia friend bleedinirand sense
less. lie waa tlmt through the heart
Jarvia went slowly home, saddled hia
ard. lie made some mandible remarks,
for which ha waa sailed to order.
Tbe tariff question waa Introduced.
Pike wanted free trade for ship building
Kldridiro aakad if free trade was good
for Now England ship builders, why it
was not rood for the Weatora laborers.
Alter a long discussion somes bat Jo
cular ia character, bat thawing
able sectional acrimony, the
i oa n sa
Bobfnsea offered a resolution expung
ing tba impoachmeut resolutions from the
Tba Spaabtr declared it act a privi-
ieced questtoe.
Robinson Said be would bring it up
agate it was a mere question of
it would ultimately bo upon red.
Stevens introduced a bill for the ad
mission of Arkansas, which
to bo printed adjourned.
8tevens bill is as follows t
"Whereas, the people of Aarkanaaa, in
pursuance of tbe provisions of an act ta
titled an act to provide for tbe more ef
ficient government of the rebel Stales,
passed March 2nd 18C7, and tbe acta sup
plementary thereto, framed and adopted a
Constitution of a State government, winch
is Republican in form, and the Legislature
of aid State has duly ratified tbe amend
meat to the Constitution of the United
Slates, proposed by the 89th Congress,
and known as Article AIV.
Therefore, be it enacted, tbat tbe State
of Arkansas is entitled and admitted to
representation in Congress as one of the
States of the Union, upon tbe following
fundamental conditions :
That the Constitution of Arkansas
shall never bo so amended or changed so
as to deprive any citiaen or class of ciu
sen af the United Stales of the right to
vote, who are entitled to vole by tbe Con
ttitation herein recognised, except as a
punishment for such crimes as are now
felonies at common law, whereof tbe par
ty shall have been duly convicted."
A detention with the north Carolina
Constitution aad several members of Con
great arrived bene to-day.
Senate. Court prolonged secret ses
sion resulted in the adoption of the fol
lowing : that the Court adjourn to Mon
day at 1 1 o'clock when it will consider the
rules, and vote on tba several Articles
which shall he taken at noon on Tues
day, without debate. Tbe speeches shall
be limited to fifteen minutes on tba entire
ding a drop of his blood, or taking a
penny of hie porpwrfy-. or ironing
hia lliahe, be it sentenced to removal
from office and transportation to the
skies, Laughtirj This ia the great
undertaking; end if the learned
Manager can only gat aver the ob
laclet of the lawa of nature, the
Omstitntion won't stand in hit way.
Laughter.! I can think of no meth
od bat that of a convulsion of the
earth that should project the depsaaad
President to this infinitely distant
space : bnt a shock of nature of to
vast an energy and so great a resell
might unsettle even the to firm
Imra of fl ill 1 11 I l l.antrlilKr 1 '
flow shall we accomplish it f Why,
in the first place, nobody knowa when
that apace w hut the learned Maua-
himaelf Laughter, and ha ia the
necessary deputy to execute tbe
judgement of the court. Let It, then,
be provided that in the case of your
sentence of deposition and removal
from office, the honorable the aa'ro
nomical Manager shall take into hit
own hand the execution of (he sen
tence. With the President made fast
to hit broad and strong tbonldert,
and having already essay od the flight
by imagination, better prepared to
execute it in form inking tbe ad
rant ire of ladders, as far at ladders
would go, to the top of this high cap!
tol, and spurning then with Ilia feet
the Guddeta of Liberty, let him set
dt npon hit flight Daughter!, while
the Moose of Congreta and all the
rtbople of the United 8tatet' shall
about : "iSsc tiara! antra ' f Laugh
ter, lond and long continued. Here
ii oppressive doubt strikes me. How
II tbe Manager get back I How,
tbe exrreteioa of opinion.
Mtternete in tbo denunciation of pa
lifical opponent, would taatdboa
more to the speedy Battlement of the
vexed q orations which now aaitate
the conn try. He, however, at odious
ly avoida political dkatenaioaw, and
with rare discretion aJeada no room
for cavil to tbo enemies of the Soath.
Governor Letcher it at jovial and
entertaining aa nanal. Ha teeia a deep
iniereetia the election taeti to be
held, bnt by the tertat of hie parole
ia prohibited from taking any active
part in the can vaat. lie waa placed
nnder obligation, aa be tare. Sow
home, attend to hia own bnainete.
and keen aoief. and ha means to ob
serve faithfully the agreement then
and there made." It it much to be
regretted that in the coming conflict,
Virginia it to be deprived of the ter-
vicea of thia gallant and xealoue sol -dier,
whose name is dear area to
those who heretofore bare been bia
implacable political enemies.
Statement of the Public Debt of Oa
UntUd Statu on the Id of May,
1868. .
8 par cent, boada 8815,947,400 00
6 per cant bonds
of 1867 aad 1868 8,688,241 80
6 per cent, bonds
1881, 883,677,800 00
6 per cant. 6-80
boada 1,442,045,460 00
navy t'ension
13,000,000 00
31,93,37891 80
6 par cent, bonds, 23,982,000 00
u'lll Mis M a net nr- v twnt
hen he sett beyond the power of 3-year Compound
irravitation to restore him. will he Interest Notes, 44.573,680 00
get back t And ao ambitiooa a wing iW '-" "te, iQ3,w),2W oo
at hit conltl never stoop to a down-1 " r Dra"- vomn-
ward flight I No doubt at he pattot
the expanse, that famont question of
Cralyle, by which be points nut the
littleness of human affairs, 'What
thinks Boots of them, as he leads hia
hunting doge over the zenith in their
leash of sidereal flref will occur to
tbe Managers. Wlmtviiideed would
lxroies iiiiiik't rt tuia new constciias
laughter looming through
269,375,9'W 00
...A ,o , rl, Ani. l.. Th lion
members may 6le wriuen opinions within apace, beyond the power of Congress
two days after. to 'send for persons and papers
.... - a- ... a a. aV In I . 1 i,Ti in .
i he vote oa tbe Articles to be pabiumv i Latingiiier.j vno tnxii return, ana
ed with tbe proceedings. Motious re-1 how decide in tho contest there be
garding the form in which the chief Ju- gun, in this new revolution thus cs
tweep, fr.,m the North in November 3X11
next will bring to utall the welcome hmr' . jj .-nJ&M
assurance of deliverance and peace. tnotiueeiio, leii uie co un
it ia si in i.l v imboaaible that in nnv tr-v-
assurance of deliverance and peace
itissitniMv impossible mat in uuv
eotintry where intelligence ia 'iitfused.
and where the ballot is free, such an
arragant, malignant, unprincipled and
ibeireckleas polif eal organ zntiou at the
alaalato was
ike wai
" Kngliab artisan be aent t. enrage in
to Abyeabiiaa tervtee The ' kteglbb
l'itoiBstuai enaaaad snaxa arUaaaa for
l servioe, aaasvtesT sort thi a telha
wsalof Abya-ltoa, notified lbs king thai
toy week eater his territory tt hawaaU
all diplomatic rteoareca to ablato from
' bemlore the release ef tbe captives, the
appoint Mr
of Hanb
Carolina, and bat for the assassin', ballet,
instigated by W. W. Hoiden, North Caro-
lina would hare gore back into the Uniea
to I85. sxstmr th. wise stateaaaanahip of
Mr. li..4ra-ter
.-la trl Inane fur tka tubmianam of
the vmumtruium to we peu ami
fAs eteemm ty eennx tum.
Be ,tormaimedbo the people ef North
Carehsa to Ctmetntim ataraailaf, That
lha Caaarilalina adopted by tab Con v n
tioa he sahmhted for raliticatioo, to the
voters ni this State, registered and eeali
fied, as provided by the acts of Congress
tbe atecnnstraetM
the 8li. 22nd and 23rd af April, 1868.
tea abaU be
The rate aa' said Constitution
far the CaaatHatten" and "Against the
ion.lh.tioB." lac said eleclion shall be
held at the place and under the
ttoae to he psaaenbei
ingOeaetafof this military district.
Aa eleclion shall be held at the
as the
for all State
tebeelecird by the people
sssVa. 3. Aa tltttlia for
ilited Sustea Ossarreas shall he
Mubon, xar senator ana Bepre
i la the Oeearal Asseaably , aad
ate aad County u the era, who are
of the
held iu
tariea. Said slttdsa shall he conducted
regaialteas a before xseauuaca in uus or
Ivadical party can longaxit. It baa agaiuat
effected untold mitchief in the patt,
and tt will doubtless survive toiig
enough to accomplish much more
Bat if truth and justice are ttilt reali
ties on earth, it will, in my judgment.
away, pursued bv the scorn
lestati'-u of good men the world
over, aao embalmed in the execra
tions of history forever. ,
doubtful whether a State now hi the
Union would net to-day repudiate colored
lasnaaa by aa avrwhriartog majority
were the question submitted. There ia,
then fore, rood reason a by tbe Southern
State so universally resist the It. nuhli-
can plans ef reeaatfjeal. r If the com-
- mm aasaraa ten s of on
necticnt are unfit to veto, so mnat be tbe
ifaoaaands and thnand in the Camliinu,
If Michigan and Minnesota, Ohio and
1'ennsylvania, cannot control the action of
their handful of these unfortunate people
at tbe ballot box, and so must exclude
them altogether, what can Alabama and
Arkansas, Mississippi and Cnuiransc dn
ilb I be in swarming at lb poll id my-
:.. n-j n:j.1 A
nans w w wwajp a.
Tna Sslxm Railboad. A friend at
Salem, ia a business klter, alludes to the
Bniirn'i charbsedhy the.Vpuven.tiah . . Ja.
ran frbte some point on tbe North Caroli-
Read to the town of Salem, and says :
We sre determined to build this road.
There is an enterprise and energy enn-
with it tbat would surprise you,
and which, with tbe means at oar eom
latetnt, will ensure lis success."
I arf ... rm a , , a
I lie cms ens oi iirecBsooro naving re
sorred to grade the road is the Fori vthe
line (to accordance with a pro posit ion from
the Salem people) it it audvrstood tbat
1th. read will ran from Oraeadawn' to V
baa. Charlotte Vemoem.
Washington, May 7, M.-Only Trum
bull, of the doubtful Senators, voted
tbe publication o( the speeches
made in retirement- Tbe vote was 20 to
28. . : - ' ' : 'X
A fvmth Carolina Committee, with a
protest against the Constitution, will ap
pear before the Ueeonst ruction Commit
tee. These remonstrances and personal
representations, regarding the sitoatinn
atlrnct tbe attention of the moderate Republicans.
I he complete city registration ia whites
10,834, blacks 6,737. ,?
1 he Court opened bat immediatel v
ciosea me aoors ana went into scares sc
Sioil. '"''? ! '
A Massaehnselia member ofCongress
to day, roaiarhed fat allading to the tm-
ucHchers, tbat their friend were much
The House is in session but doing both
iftg. X
( ien. ( iilliam has marie a report to
Men. ir.-iiil, stating that the incomplete
returns show a majority of over 1,200 tor
ratibciuiou of the constitution in Arkan
sn. If his' order had been complied
with the result would have been indis
putable But there are in the counties of
l'ulaski and Jetlersnn 1,900 votes which
cannot be aacertained to be either for or
against the 1 oustitittion. Where these
irn giilaritie occur each puny charges
thu other with traiids.
tice shall pat Hie qucstiuu
were tabled.
From Washington.
Wathwitoti, May, 7, . W -Tt U
staled that adjournment to Monday was
at the instance -of Chase whs desires time
. tii Wished f Who shall decide which
it the tun and which it the moon 1
Who shall de ter in i no the only aeieu;
title test which re flee ta the hardest
npon the other V Laughter.
Pi reflect ou tbe proper manneruf putting 1
tbe questions.
From South Carolina.
Charleston, May 7, P. M. (ien. Canby
s issued an order postponing the meet
ing of the Legmlature, which
fixed fur the 12ih hist., until
shall nave approved the new
The woodpecker in California is a
etoi or ot acorns. The tree ho selects
it invariably of tbe pino tribe. He
bores several holes, flittering slightly
in rise, at the fall of tbe year, and
3 year 7-30 Notes,
due Aug. 15,
Compound Interest
Notes, matured
June 10, July
15, August 15,
October 15, De
cember 18, '87.
Bonds, Texas hv
Treasury Notes,
acta July 17,
Bonds, April 15,
TrCsaaeBiry lSfot!
March 3, 1883
Temporary Loon,
Certificates ef Iu-
1950 00
4,715,280 00
856,000 08
0,000 oo - f
818,1981 00
ag03stp"a00 00
18,000 j"
Another Manager Brought to
"" then niet atray, in many
instaiioot ti
a long d stance, and returns with
acorn, which be iuuncdiately sets
about adjusting to one of the holes
prepared for ita reception, which will
hold it tightly in ita position. But
he does not eat tbe acorn, for, aa a
id in bit rale, he it not vegetarian. Hit object
at there waa in the Southern m storing away the acorn exhibits
heavens a soot across which no nlan foresight, and knowledge of results
let or body of any tort moved, and more akin to reason than to instinct.
that the earth ought to upheave itselfi " tucceeaing winter me acorn re-
and tend thim to this detolate region aint intact, bnt becoming saturated
Mr. Bo
Deech th
utwell having
out tXAXnto no nrntKxsT.
Nates, 356,144,727 00
ioual Curren-
Total debt,
Amount in Ti
32,450,489 94
19,357,000 00
for punishment, Mr. Evarta that taket
down the other Massachusetts fledg
H may at conveniently at this
point as afterwards, pay tome atten
tion to tbe astronomical "punishment
hich tbe learned and honorable i
with rain, it pioditpoted to decay,
when it it attacked by maggots who
seem to delight in this special food. It
it then that the woodpecker reaps tho
harvest hia wisdom hat provided, at
a time when, the ground being cov
ered with snow, ho would experience
Manager (Nr. Bout well) thinks should a diilesilry, otherwise, in obtaining
bo applied to tire notel case of itn-; suitable or palatable food. It is a
ueaehmeiit. Cicero I think it ia who uhject of apeOnlatinn why the red
says that lawyer should know ievC cedar or the sugar pino it in va
erythinirfor.aiMjneror later, there iajrutbiy selected. It it not probable
no fact in history, in science, or tu uiai me msec, me mosi uainiy 10 me
407,943,116 84
2,639,612,622 38
105,90958 00
Amount ia Treasu
ry, currency, 32,174,136 88
139,083,794 88
Amount of debt less
Tbe foregoing is 'a correct statement af
the public debt, aa appears from the books
aud Treasurer's returns in tbe department
on 1st of May, 1888.
Ptofttoxy of the Trea s u ry
A comparison of the above stateBsent
with that for tbo previous month, shows
that the debt bearing coin interest has in
creased 18,I57,450. The debt
A man in New Hamtshiro
crawled a quarter of a milr in sat-
atlacUen ofaiiclijction bet.
The toraiu tlroiiim
hundred bad nine conn ties
6K4 majority
give Bullock
Uirhmond. May 7, H- The Republi
can Convention ibis morning nominated
Ceo. W. Hooker, of Henry County
thr Attorney General.
ether Matiere.
hingtomMay 7, P. M lions.
A deficiccv of 887.000 for tbe admi
trillion of the Reconstruction Acts in tbe
third military district, was reported.
A joint solution ordering the Presi
dent to send war vessels to tbe Oulf of
Si. La wren oe, to peotse: fishing interest
and to demand a reparation for certain
injurii. -
Ia the course of the debate, Pike said,
TV no I airSHi OI wai , i no ni-iaHWi i . thai!
asks nothinr but tbat your laws shall be ! 1 "w ,,n
be enforced." An amendment was pro-
I posed to send rastals ta the nrastt tf Ira
human knowled. that will not come! wood peckerVtaste, frequents only ihe lm7ocZu,tero" "f 88190,.
i-a -i- i i.!. . . i..,f. i ,iMi.i,i,i ni im ir,- l.nt trim it ia lvO, 1 he matured debt not
. "Tt a. . . tau. : n-i 11 : J .. Iter a
ivsensruie ot inv ignorance, oeing naa asnvwMn "
devoted to a pnifeseuHi which sharp- er districte of Catitbrnia, trees of this
ens and diuto not enlarge the mind, I: kind may be frorpiently teen covered
can admire without envying the ta!H over their trunks with acorns,
I - -I ft I I ' Jk I. . I. i irlinn InaM u n.t mn Aat- tnul n-iflirri
penor anowieugu evincou oy iu f "v "i '"
honorablo Manager. But, teveral miles. A. B. Barton.
nevertheless, while aomo or.bia-ool.r zzi-- .
leagues were paving nttention to an QEN AND EX-OOVERNOR
liniiccupieu nnu uiinooroprinivu is i . , . . .,
land on the wrface-of the teat, M p Lbroiifclt,
Mnnntsns lWwnll. mora ambitious. I Tito editor of tl.e Lvnchburg JXeWt
aehingtoniinneaehnu'iit ,d discovered an untenanted and be'HJC tellow paasenger with th
.'ion in the skies gentlemen on tbeir lute visit to this
payment has decreased 81.13L100.
The debt hearing no interest increased 81 ,
477,640. The total debt baa decreased
S3. 106.7 10, while the debt less cash ia
tbe Treasury haa decreased 818,680,859
Anna Dickinson" the sltaatat.
trved, he woold hare ! city, tayt of tlwm, in a letter to hia
appropriated region
f Laugh tori, reserved,
us thin, in7 the final councils of the paper :
Almighty, at a place of pnnithment! "Gen. Lee received tlie salutations
for convicted and desposed American and respectlul coiupliuieuta of many
Pre!Ml,MxC Jngh
first I thought that hit in ml bad he- hut at alb. points along the route. tbat t is tba great offence.
-J .l f ..a m i : :.E . . ill . .1 Aitns?
come so enlarged that it was not these lie received witn tnat nnrumeo
sharp enough to observe that tbe 'dignity and graceful politeness which
Constitution had limited the punisii- bare ever distinguished nini, and be
ment fLnnghter ; but, on reflection, seiaed to pay with equanimity, if
out a few of the viah of her wrath
on the devoted bead of Geo. Great. She
don't believe ia tba lessten-tonsrasd Oen-
L She thinks h is not sound on the
negro gooae, aad that the smoke ef his
dear tho old aat boadatakaa far the halo
of popularity. In this she is little
thea half right.
Of his unmanly eonduct
cabinet affairs the Dickinson deponent
saith aat. Such tribes do aat ireubte
Angnsts, April 30, P. M. One Und to take care of American interests
there, was reiccted. Daring the debate
he wat at legal and logix not with cheerfulneat, the penalty of
eal at he was ambitions andastronox greatness.
mical ; for the Constitution had said Gen. Lee deprecates tlieacerbity of Orant.
i i r..m.' .,,.1 .,.,1 a. s.,.iri i r-i:.. aaw ik. f -3r v
rclUVIHI ra ViUir. avuva aai.i aaar ii'ii,ivl "wuii mvh wv aia, ia. Ul UBte VOS S ve
limn to tne distance ot removal. lana, ana is aispoeea to oeiteve that the ballot von won't
The Radical party
the taemorv of aa road
Year works ia the past wont save yea.
Toe ate. I.Bhsrh the aaaitatoaa.
tsaaity af putting the Mack race forward.
I ou waat to cover ap the negro wit
J Tike ihonght some one called him a cow-Great laughter. So, without thed- more
md is disposed to believe that the ballot yen won't gat the sassae
moderation and prudence in th, MLgrJeltk, "

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