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defence, '
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They Death Penalty.
A Win? flmUtimt f Chew W
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May 1, IMS. I
Ts-ay took fhee ens of tke asset sin
mIat executions iu the annals of crime
ai j uudec la mom ulrmordioery eircaio
reeoid. A tenibss eriass wee
...-,, ii i.d a Heel that Ii. nt had
iu nmI even la the Bareell trial tullow
ed. The evidence wee entirely rireem
rial : bat el nearlv half-past two, r.
M .. Tweewaa Dnla sort", r. d the death pen
.In far tka saunter of Laura uetcr, iu
ewe SMSSB s of urarl v three thousand per
i ef has nwa rare and color.
Oa the fetk af May, 18, a foul,
maa murder wae committed m u west-
em awieaeaf Wwaie i,ns.i,is,ihis til me,
tk vnwiss beiuf latere Foster, a buauti-, let frail firt, who wae OSoayia from
kar lather's boese in Caldwell county to
a auee fas WUkee hue a a ae la Bate
liacr, aad ken bnitally maiden-d. The
toaiy wae the resaoved about half a tnile.
froai she aecwe at tbe m aider, aaa wae
I in a grave already prepared M It
Late in August ot the sosa vem the body
wae teaaa ia a Plate af each decouiposi-
tioa skat it wee dWeatt te tdenefy
jajjii. causing death inHaiilsinisasiy
waa aba believed that ike mardsred
dr. o cask IBlha left breast
iJhj kaait ; ike wouud had evi
with a large kutfe or
Tke disappearance of Laara excited uo
alarm ear several dare, ae it wae sup-
aweea eke had gone off to get married
er to Tie it eeaie acquaintances in Ws-
taaga county ; bat at lengtn tne opin
ioa bream general that she bad been
r.mllr dealt with, and a general aeareb
waa ban it at ni, witiioat success at tbe
time. Tka community iu ike v icimiy of
tkie tragedy ie divided iala twa entirely
distinct classes, a ui one
ind hieeaeietaat ciaaul far tka
ef ability, bat stock
wae ike evidence tkal no other verdict
tkea tkal of gailty could be readered.
Mia. Abb Melton baa not yei been
tried, Ikoagk eb
Dais's trial,
u bv thai morbid oorioeity to aaa an
seoutiou, au ge nigral anuHig tlw ig
nontnt claeeea of eociety. Tha pre
liininarM n nil arranweil Kv
Prr thj' Skaritf Waeaon. A frallowa ouatroo
and. like him, heard bl , . . .iJ, . ,1..
.a" ' i - I 111 lel I J IMIIf, VIVLiVi. wraaar IBWaw
antai.a BVitKmll Y tt I llltl Ft af IDV VlBlbiC: .a a . 1 . 'eaeaa
,r fir. yaer. ul U xL illrgitimat. ?'M;,M,W,C Vf f1"?
deugbter ol one, ctrU. Foatcr, and ie a Sl-leavltU-wa. tl.o .lt aeleeiad
uoM branliful woman. XU i. entirely , "r ' raljr. A gwd bad
. ... m. A A B B a. Oi.u.
thair montlia. and a cartaio kioub.'oI the nroat ouafirmed and kardvnad able veto af the Haakar taw Uanaa paan
tainaer look, vara evidently attract-'criminal of lha afi in winch ha u aaee tke follawiaf langaaga i
lirca. At vet m written cotKcwnoa mg,. pp,DK(1 of tUe Bauumi CUrtaovan
abort- at van. bae u baconja aW wkem eiwuod of thki aet. it oavht not
aaty lata may w cioeexi. j 'u- enrtoua nittitnera or tne
great iuflueocr ebe j ueojile who had never wvn a gallow
with wkoai eke i ille- beforv, vhdiod thi structure-, eyeing
i w eb- feel j, w,, ,rimiite twlitiins and aa it wa
t..,..i ,nA ilwo.-t, i;.in. in iln- . i.l.i Iwrii auiiiiiioiied t.. ki up back the
of depravity and ignorance ka tbe man. IcmwU ahtl enlorce Hie terrible Uealll
ner ar.J bearing of an acromplUked Udv, 1 pfnall y. and tor the beHer rvervas
ami all the natural imwora that ibouhl lion ot o.ilcr, tbe IhU r hi
rraeea Bark bora beaaty. Tbi may in closed. Jhu enrioua nmitlieni of the
part aeeoant tor the
obtained over Dula, w
gnnaaieiy couneciru, uu V" It Willi at range- lei-lin '-,
tint he perewtently Oeaie all Bnowiecge a.,ey ,w utiriifliia. with a space of
of her participation in 16 murder. UUiut lea fum ihd .-.oaa niece, on
faaliae roatar, ine principal ' t..p, under which the cart with the
OBalnil bUl tae ., reraaraitoie . . , ,
torabiiibaAdeb.,emot,.nd nmy be; 'ITT' Z J 6
.li.miJed with the .utement ti-t .he ha ! rvaiton. ww ne
. .I.;,, ..rlci, Mkl I revioua to hi being taken from
" ' . I In 1 1.- ll... ........ ..I ll...
to negro child. I J a"'"-, v
Thoraaa Dula, Mioooodemned man, "'i'1"'"
ii abo .t twent v-ftve year old, Ave troni the moun'ain region
feet eleven indie hiirh, dark evo. i " rneU be lived appeared upon the
ai d lli greati MlilMHv M vvincaa eaatroi aje eo oc.niMiie awwoniM m is av-
. .1.- .i ... .,Mih niBinr the Cuaarim. the Kseeedve aad
. uu . J" ' i" www .
er ho baa left any eonfwaWoo that bo
m ght bo t opmiid to maiu ihcin iu
public. Hi reiirvMce, h-wever, la
accon tiled lor l ihe a ieli that ho
would not liupllcato hi accomplice,
Mr. Ann Mellon, how to ho tried.
oocapyiag the fcwllle land adjaeeat to tka
Vadkia river and lie trikotariea, i edaca
ledaad kaawkgaat, aad le oilier, living
on the apar aad ridget pi tbe aounlaiiut,
i ignorant, poor and depraved, A state
at imw "J Boexampled in tka kietory
o( Bay country eiiau among theee people,
and such a general nyiicta oi iiceiori imi
aamaaila. tkal u it '' wie child that
(bow ha fat her. ThU U the Bake
Mere, where tka body waa discovered by
" - 1 anahii and w lie re aoma ten or
twefre familir are living in tka manner
Aietrihf d ' It kr a poor country, covered
aiik ikirhf n and a dense nouergrowth.
nTj M Btteoipt had been made to conceal
ike blood by covering it witk bosbe.
Soon aepicioa attached to Tkos. Dula,
sd Confederate soldier, and one
Poster, aa illegitimate couein of
the deceased, aad, hltr btr also Iran, as
the ruiltT parties. Pauline was hen ser
vant to Mrs. kleiton, and between Iter aad
Data a criminal iutiavacy Waa koowa to
esirt, and hence suspicion more pattiea
lariy attacked to tbeeulprit, because Pau
fcmc bad myrterioaary diaappeared for a
lim alter the murder. Her ckaracter
was tka saost akasinaed ol all, aad un
der Be jaauonrr of brandy aba admitted
wkea askll tkal "Torn Data aad me
but apparently reeollect-
dark enrly hair, and thoafrit not hand
some, mirht he called eood-lopkitig
lie fought gallantly in tne uoiiienor-
ato service, wliere no earatiiisiieu a
reputation for bravery, but since the
war closed, has become reckless, do
moralised and a desperado, of whom
he people in his vicinity had a tot
ror. mere is everyming in in
prootioD to indicate the hardened aa
gaaain a fierce fflare of the eye, a
Cdeal of mal gnity, and a cal
ess that it revolting. He laughs
and jokot when spoken to of his ap
proaching end, and eshibits a shock
ing indifference a to hereafter, refus
ing persistently all tpiritnal eomfoH
Ironi atteuding elorgyinen. Yester
day evening his sister and her husband
who eatoo with a wagon to take his
body, sent him a note from his aged
mother, entreating him to con fees the
troth for her take, to that the would
he satisfied of his guilt or innocence.
But Inrther than asking that they be
treeta, and somo Mtiirular reiniuiaoen
cos of his former life were related.
Among them, that It was generally bo
lieved lie murdered the husband of a
woman at Wilmington, in this Stale,
during tho war, with whom bo had
then criai nal intercourse. Thoopin
ion of all was that he waa a terrible,
desperate character, and from their
knowledge -of his forruo career an
anxiety and singular cnrioatity was
excited among them to see how he
died. Few there weie who pitied
hint, dying, a they believed him,
guilty, without a confession, and
none sympathised with htm.
At eighteen minute before one o'
clock, the guard being formed in
hollow sqnare, tho cotideuined was
led forth attended by the Sheriff and
some assistants, and wi'.h a smile no
on his features, look hi teat in the
art, in which was also his emu, be
aide hkt brother in law. The pro.
cetwion moved slowly thromrh the
munn & Oii Sittk State.
BY HANKS At lilt I' N KB.
SALISBURY, MAY 15, 1808.
he heradf. WOald make no further
latirnr A day subsequent to" this, Psu
line. wkea criminated by Mrs. Melton,
iv stav-nteat, ana sue
mined in ike jail ol
Here be mad a cos-
eMrs. Mohan, wno.
the alleged, Was jealous of Laara, aad
a artv to tae piece wot io
j feaaioa teerfawinatiii
towty was
ban was nnrsaed
Dula had fled the country.
I and arrested in leane-
ae4, a here he at f.-nnd under an assam
d name. Be was then- todgcdl hv jail
upon the evidence of Pauline, as wss also
UsLkM. ss acaeraory before tbe fact.
Tree km were l..nnd agaiast both by the
Ijrand Jary of Wilkes, bat upon affidavit
the prisoners the trial w removtd to
JredeU'coanty. .T
The most intense Interest was msui
ratod h this trial, which lasted several
days, kv the people here and of Ike ear
JI eoBuii. .. . Nearlv all the peo
ple oa the Bates Plac were f njiiid,
were developed. W'il-
.ad ike
-r i . i a
.iu tesma him. wh rh reonest afreets, accomimmeu i.y urge cmwus.
aa n-fnftetl. he said nolhiiiir. Uo wale and female, whites and blueka.
... . a Ma m. ' I . .1 ! ... it w huin t.. ...i rl-o. ... w Mini lllllll'
till remained cenani, nor wiiii ....... ---- -- j
any tignt of repentance, and aeeinoil
to have some hope of ese,e, tbongh
ho did not say so. A c-. .!:!;. m had
been looked for ibat miglii either ex
onerate or implicate still further, his
alleged accessor v, Mrs. Melton,
hot this ha refosed to gh e, aud left the
impression thst she is not gnilry and
shall not be Mowed"' upit bi.kiit.
though the contrary is getierally be
lieved. He raxrtrstik of a lioarty sap.
par, laughed and spoke light!, bat
ere the jailor left him, it was diseov.
erod that his shackles were loose, a
link in the cbaiii'being.nled through
with a piece of w ndow glass, which
was also found concealed in his bed.
While this was being adjusted, he
glared savagely, and in a jocose man
ner said it had been so for a month
Cast. Being at last, left for tbe night
y the jailor, he requested that Mr.
Allison, one of his tuttoeb, no swat
for. and while charg tig hTiii wiih. in-
strictest injunction to secrecy while
he was living, nanued tutu tne miiow,
ing, written in a rude manner wiih a
Statement jf Thorn C. Dnla.
I declare that I am tho only person
that had any hand in tbe nisxder oi
Laura Foster. April )ih, 44,
Beside this he bad ahw writtea'a
lengthy statement of his lite, but
without reference to the murder,
Which waa intended n an exhortaion
to yonng men to live virtuously, and
nor be led astray in path of vice a
he was. There'was nothing remark
able in this document, though it coh
ered fifteen page. .
Lett alono in Ins ecu on me iasi
night of his eaithly existence, toe
savage fortitude that had citaracter
ized his trials, sentence and imprison
ment began to give way, and lie in r
vousl v oaced tbe floor as tar as the
chain would teach, litis waa on!
m horseback ami on font, w hric on
the way to the itallows he looked
cheerful and sike conrinnalry to his
sister of the bcr;plnres, assuring her
be had repenud ahd that his peace
was made with triod. At the gallows
throngs of people were n I ready aa
sembled, the uuiubei of IViualea hcv
ing almost equal to that of the male.
Tile few treea-in the field were crowd
ed with men and boys, i and under
every imaginable shade that was
present, were huddled together evory
imaginable' species of humanity.
Soon the procession came in sight
accotiipaned by horsemen dashing
over tho field, dispersing tho crowd,
and a! ei Jit minutes past one the cart
was halted under the gallows. The
condemned man appeared unaffected
hy the sigh', but talked incesamly to
hi sister and others of religion, try
fiig,tf poesible, to aaure them that
he- had repented, l;'Mn hi-tng tdd
by the She. iff that 1m conkl address
the assembled crowd, he arone. and
turning hisdark eye upon them snke
in a loud voice which rang back from
the woods ae if a demon there waa
la our last is a we commented at some
length upoa this ease as stated by Mr.
ltinglsaa.- laths dsisg sa
ourseJfto the President's right to coasi
tbe laws for himself la eartaia eases
Another chsree made by Mr. Bingham i
that tho President has "assessed to him
self the prerogative of intei preting tbe
t'onstitution" for himself, a wwH as tbe
laws of Congress. The President I
swore to support tho Constitution aa well
a to execute, the law af Congress made
in pursuance thereof. And how can he
awpport tbe Const it a i ion without know
ing what it is I And how oaa U know
what it is wilhoat aa "interpretation" of
it f It Is simply impossible. Then, in
respect to sueh parts of it as have never
been interpreted by the Supreme Court,
he ha the oaa right to interpret it that
he has to construe the laws. His own in
terpretation, made witk the assistance of
kis legal advisers, mast be tke rule of his
conduct until a different MterpreUlioa is
made bv tke Sanrims tribunal. To
. i
make oat tke shadow of a ease agaiusi
the President ia this reward k will he
necessary for Mr. Bingham to skew tie
he has assnmcd this prerogative in oVa-
auee of that tribunal. This he has not
dour, nor preteaaVd to do. We admit
that if bu could do ibis bo would make
oat a case at usurpation, aecotdiug to oar
view af tke Cona'ilutioual fonctions l
the co ordiunte departmeuto of the gwv
ernment, and we oold be the last to de
But even if this could be.hown-coul.l
be proved as clearly a tka light ul day,
i there DO precedent that could be pleaded
ia mitigation of the offence. Have none
af ike long list af Aneriran Presidents
whose name we honor, ever essayed to
construe the fandamrntat law for tli. ui
selves I Have none of thesa ever assert
cd their right to iuterprrt the Concittn
lioa for then) si Ives, and to act upon that
interpretation, a contrary interpretation
by tbe Supremo Curt notwithstanding I
If any of the honored and respected pre
decesor cf rraudeut dohnson nave so
acted, without provoking impeacbuent.
or threat of impeachment, then we sab
mit that it would greatly excuse and palli
ate a similar offence in him. Let as (ex
whether such has been tbs ease.
Daring tbe administration of the rider
Adams tke celebrated "alien and sedilioi
mocking the tone and spu it ot a I j4Wi" were pawed by the Federal psrty,
wretcH who wen Knew ne was going
nto eteruit v mill an nncoitlu.-sed
arm Foster, the fother of the deceased, tea. j terrn pted t h rough tire wlnde liigilt
liked that wkee hs arose on the morning
af hum' disappearsnee, his oorse was
also gone; tkat W traced the animal to
Ike Bate Place; tksihe anew die trselj
ly a peculiarity ts one of tbe hoofs. He er saw his dauehn r alive again, but
lie saw d recognistd ber body; knew
id b' en 10 tbe habit Ot
birr, and bad seen them - in
and that they had two pn-
vte . cjrtivi-rsaiioi s on the Monday and
Wedaesdav reOpeetivi-ly, pn ceding her
disaaassiranee. Partber testimony went
to show tkal Laura and Dula were both
aeea on the morning uf the muider trav
eling by different r.uu s from the dir.i
tiaO ofbi r borne, to tin 1 ? l'lac, it I
a view, as was seppo d, toman-y Dola-i
laat Data bad bunoaed'a msllneK, the
tmpleaseut with ffcish ike grave waa dug,
tka day pren us, o.d that he bad been :
beard to say that h eobiraeted a disease j
from the aunt red gut lor a burn be woum
W reranard apaa kerll a. Jtlfft prfc
veaj tlurtDuU bad changed bis name, and
kd Hejng brought back trum leunessee
ai.led to escape.
This eumprmud tke essential lestiatotiy.
ad t witBeasea generally appeared im
lr aksssk tnj- of ikeai sapasnd SB tVoaS
(,, , tixt kis scuittal through fear of some
at Ms reckless asaociates in tbe moontsius.
AossUmo foat attempted to bo avowed was
ibat I hi dan ass contracted by Dais from
the Bsardevad weesaa was imparted by
toss to Mrs. Meitoa, wuo toreed kha
iff, tbe i immissisn of tka crinss oa that
4V M- attempt to cwiu t Artl in; h
ff; su- . sr- ffs .
sweet restorer, Unt lUXain, it. ant
ral half hour is excepted, and the
condemned after Hh weary minutes
of that eight, sew the last sun he
should ever beheld shed its glorious
hght throogh tne bar d the window.
After breakfast hesetit fWhis spiritu
al advisers, and seemed for the first
lime to make an attempt to pray ;
bet still to litem and alt othere deny
ing his guilt or any knowledge of the
murder. The theory ecemed . to be
that he would a ow the people that
he could die "game" with an awful
crime resting upon bis soul, fcui iy iu
ihe morning he was baptised by the
Hethodis! clergyman, an J from thai
time engaged fervently in prayor;
but when left alone was heard speak
ing incoherently, words occasnmally
mnrder upon hi mind and falsehood
on hie lips. He spoke of Ins eatly
childhood, Me paren is, ami his sub
sequent career in the army, referred
t.. the disedutii 'i of the Union, made
blasphemon allusioiit to the Deify,
itivoking that namo to prove asser
tions that he knew Were, some of
iheui, at least, fahss. Tito to'litict of
the country ho 1 freely, and
upon being iufoi tiied. in ieply to m
question of his, flint Holden was dec
ted Governor of North CaroJins,Jhe
branded that iiersou as a secessionist
and a man i bat could not lie trusted,
flis onlv reference to the murdei was
a half explanation of the country
and -the d ffereat '.r Mm VM1
leodiuirtO l lie scene oi' the muider.
in which his only anxiety was to show
that some two or three of I he wit
hemes sw ore laUely against him. He
mentioned pa'ticulariy one, James
label!, who, he alleged, had p ijured
himself hi the case, and concluded
by saying that had iiieio been no
lies sworn against him he would not
have been there. This concluded his
speech, which, had lasted nearly one
hour, and after an apparently affec
tionate fate well of hi sister, who
was then removed from the cart, the
rope, which all the time had been
row d hi neck, was thrown over the
then in power. These laws were decbur-
ed to be ancohstilutionsl by the opposing
or Ki -publican party, as it was thee call
ed. Kvery well liifornied man is bmii
iar with the sensation produced through
oat the country by the passage of those
acts. The c lessor raised against them
broke down the Federal party, ..aad
brought tbe Jfepublieaas into power at
the next election, with Hr. Juiwrsoa as
their President. Tha' obnoxious laws
were still upon tke statute book. Their
V -
t 'onst itutionality hod .been affirmed by the
Courts. What did Mr. Jefferson do, did
he excuie the laws of Congress ss ke was
sworn to dot Many of oar readers will
be surprised to hr us say that be di'dl
not, but it is even so. I le.pofrv(jr refused
to execute the sedition law on the ground
that it was unconstitutional and void ; aad
he claimed and exercised tka right to in
terpret the Constitution, in relation to the
matter for himself. In a letter on this
sabjeet, written to Hx-President Adams.
in 1804, Jefferson says:
u.n- .1 enerv p nun un'tuf punisb
meut and pruaecntKta under tbs' sedition law.
beeau'e I considered, snd now i . .11-: l.-i . tbui
law 10 be a nullity as sbsobsM and fwipSble s
if Ci,!(,'i bad.ooleted m to tall down and
woridiip the irotirn iin. ami lliat it was as
BsiaVaBt dutr to arrest its exeenliou tn ever.
diate as it would Ie. ve been to have lescoed from
tlie liei jr furnace ihnsc who slsnild Hare trefe
iramist, TUVa, tae Kssosdvo sad
lkOBianffWmsmforlB ht
assarBBWa or Uss UDrssniaoDst. aisii bw
ue onVser who takes sa oath to support, lbs
fsllt'Ti" . swears that be will snppwt it ss
be onderstande it, aad not as it is uiideratooU
bv otissra, It is as mash lbs daily at Ike
Boose of Bepriasatstives, oftheSenato, and
the Piasoi to decsksoo Iks coBSUtutiooahtv
of sa ail or rsstratioa wluub may be prsasot-
e.1 to thorn for ratffsace or arrxotsJ as II is al
the aapums Judees wbea it may be beoagfaf
bssssa itoas ferjeds usl Ji sJiIib. TbeBMburl
ty of iWsamM Court osast aot, dserefor,
be psrmitled to control Oonfrees or the Bxeou
uva, but to ha only sack inOieaas as Iks
Ivros of then- rosy 6Wr."
We need not say that we reject in totu
tbe doctrines laid down by JcJersea
Jackson, snd tkal we think ibey
b-cn tke fruitful source oi mock of lb
evil which has sMictod the country. Bat
we will oat stop to discuss them st length
kere. That rt was tke doty of the judges
to pes a sentence of ihe and imprison
ment upon a man convicted under tb Se
dition law kseaass Mey believed the law to
bs consChational, and of the liieculiv to
prevent the sxeention of tke saatoaee be
cause kalis ind tke taw to be nneoasti
tutmnal, as claimed by Mr. Jefferson,
seeess to as to be a paradoxical absurdity
Yet, however absurd tke doctrines
these distinguished worthies amy seen
us, they were maintained by assay other
great men besides Mr. Jefstsoa aad Gea.
Jackson. They have even received lbs
of many of tke most distinguished
san of tka present radical party, iaeladuig
among them ChanVni Sumner and B. F.
Wade. Justified by such precedent" and
sustained hy such authorities should Mi.
Johnsou bsre been impeached if he had
fallen kilo ike sasae error 1 Did tke great ( The cause assigned for lbs
leaders of -tke Whig party in 183 hold ; j, tbe dangerous illness of Senator How
that Gee. Jackson ought to be impeach- 0f Mickigaa, who, it is koped by
ed for the coarse which he then pursued f (BOM uvoring eon rietion assy be able to
No. They expressly disclaimid thai it was on gurdajr. 8hoolo b bo uos
a case toy impeachment-that it was only Lw to attoed at that thee another poeV
a political question. They passed a res- j poneroeat may be expected.
ball esevUee tke
we. that bis ia tka trae one If be
Siae tke above was la typ we see,
witk surprise, that tbe lUleigk 4b isd
has taksa tka tame view with tke Jhav
erwl. Bet hs sigessents srs aot at all
iisslalln to our mind. Wo stir
stand Ik Constitution Jest as we did dar
ing Ike eaavass.
copy ol k
on lueeoadittoasi
Carolina. When we kavo bad aa
tunitv to read It tally we will
" f " er
at length.
Mr. Qoottfos sdssita ikstlkersase assay
akaasises isirlsliei tatkoaeW Uaawtsto;
tbai wklefc be at for theagisgst tke ear
hast time possible. He akw masses
.iih ssneh sbow af reaaea. tkas tke lass
hi North CsjstJiaa toe State
members ml Congress sre ai
stitatioool and void.
Ia writing thh letter we kave as doabt
tkal Mr. Oovdloe has been aettsatod hy
the best ol motives a deair to pr
the welfnre of list people ef kis native
StMtc. WWW wsWmt nrotai iMsl WMejr
tklags we ret bsre the highest
for kiss, oriskag from oar aooriclioa of a
ably opposed to aegre sadlVafs as , .
Carolina wbe
el Prsaislsnt,
tae ikoMsis
ll will be seeu by reference to oar news
column Ibat tke leal veto oe imp ach
at! la the Senate has keen foMpeaed
ant it Saturday. Pram this postponement
00 tolerance can be drawu bearing
the final rasalL Both parties, we
sre confident, bat we incline to tke opin
ion thai tbe Presidset will he dspeeesh
ol ul ion of censure through the Senate, but
declared that if It was a case tar impeach
ment the Senate could not discass it at
all. as, iu the event of impeachment the
Senator would became tke judge. How
different from tbe conduct of tke radical
Senators of the present day. Even tke
resolution of censure was afterward
punged. '
Bet President Johnson has acted all tka
time upon the opposite doctrine. Ha WSS
ss profoundly penetrated with tbe convic
tion that tbe reconslracliou acts of fee-
grree were unconstitutional a Mr. Jef
ferson could possibly have bean that the
sedition law was unconstitutional. Aad
moreover be believed them to be ruinous
to the coeutry. Yet be never thought of fol
lowing ihe precedent set by Mr. Jefferson.
He did not, as alleged by Mr. Bingham,
to d.-cide upon their constitution
aliiy. He had no doubts himself, but
lieu it was not his province to decide
such que. I ions. The Constitution had
established a trillion! for tbe decision of
such questions, and it could he decided
by no other. The law, having been pass
ed by competent authority, mast rsmain
tbe law until tbe Supreme Court shook
oectne upon me question 01 lis vaiiniiy.
Notwithstanding the clearness of tke
President's convictions be executed the
law. He, no doubt, wss exceedingly
anxious for the question to be raised be
fore tke courts, and he probably encour
aged the taking of the proper steps for
that purpose, bat nothing more. No
President has ever shown s greater sab-
mission to law, or a more anxious desire
to preserve tbe constitution. Even tke
But than sre doubtless other
which have had something to da with the
Btottsr. Prominent sinong these Is tke
extreme unpopularity ef Senator Wade
who is to become FeasideOt hi ease ei the
removal of Vr. Jphnson. 80 great is his
unpopularity, even with his swu party,;
a a a alffV Or t tV. . - e t.
that should sir. jh usoo do scajanswi .
tmuj o "oi" r"-v . mow tbat is SffsafoL
And there is reason 10 belie, that the)' "
plotted for tke evertkrow af tk
meet wkkrh tbey bad skied H
t U
Tr4jr assy ktfc
said, "tke breed seeaw aot wtirtl. .
in wilb
SffBaaa toeNMea oat WbW, a
Pat, Oakw, OiSffSamead
1 hnsseatsad nop to the Dsow
SffBrtymrsM Aad yet
stoaamg to tfasirpnaaB.
And mors
alt. 10 h-ar old diawsnMi bke W. W. HolL
lf TV L Tt BkffuL. WSM n is .
tilward Cwsjwsg, W. M.
tSseisd, ead ethers si tki
cog oW Wliigs for
p-i, ..m.w.mmrV'H a U.
o tbs dvtoosrsifc party lo
torcsuof Iksir sauatry.
ihai .
Tbs Wkstm lasTta Bbtisw tor Apj
witk Ike asaal varied fotsresdag table J
eentoats, is upoa ae lakes. Tka J
teats of this aamisf ttm as follow
QaUato, Tke Pilgrim and the
Modem Notion of Ooveraaasat, The Iraj
Qeeettoa, Tke Okasek Systom ef lrebj
Meti C elBsVieli WfLkri$LWtwt WlVfM.
(lover saent ht Victoria and CootenpJ
ry Lltotatme.
w9wfmfQt& eww ssOwaeeffi Bw4ff.Ct t'wb .
140 Pahoa Street, New York.
Bsu. At WsaasarOfft, N. O.-W
acknowledge the leeetpt of aa hrrit
to s ball to be given to the Medical tJ
ulty of North Carolina, on tke events. J
tke ttad ksstff, st tbs Central Hotel, vj
N.C, Tka iianln will
it will be oat ol oar power to 1
Oca lUuawauB Srooa W wee
liigldy gta iAsd to-day. n In
Usswa Crawford lleSur's H
l CQIllesrtki ftHlf iHtW tfttTnffl 1
nsg ef osVjC Ikaa asp I
Cfl y aalwttaffsM, eBfrgw, MMsb4b IbW wJsMsst
or other paspsss, or branefc of sushi u
eomprisre aa she oat endless vartrty ot
il.iiigs, to any body who does, or 1
II is vain lo atle
mora lurneuiar desuriutun : sou ssa
waa pwapw mm b MM and ft lUs proprtotors to
Wade from occupying tae i resmentisi )IM) Ub gooih w od to iJa bow j
a ssBiealisn suck so sstoblwkmsnt
osssSMnity of multkeSfftoous and Varisd v.
Conn UUUI win im NjvwvM..,, w.
cage Coaveniioe text week, SS tke post
ponement was moved and carried by those
Senator who ere known to be for eoovle
victsse. Wede it ht well known, aspires
to tbe Domination for tke Vice Preoideuey
ky tkal Convention, aad it was feared teat
if installed into tbe presidential office now
be would so dispose el hie patronage
to secure, it. Sock ooaiioapon will not
be at all acceptable to hi party, hence, 11
is believed, these tactics.
Such beine the probable reason of the
postponement of the final vote an the lot
ipeeekmcut of Mr. Job aeon we do not be?;
17. ... -BTB. . ff. X
lu-ve tbat it will use place on naiaraey,
hat ibat time will be another iKurtpone-
This gentlemen, who has beep in Wash
ington for several days, returned on yes
terday evening. 'We leers Cress bin that
lis name wad ssfoag the two hundred
whose disabilities have aeon reisvid ky
a vote of tbe House of Representatives,
and that he will almost certainly be ad
mi tied to his seat with the o
impeachment ui.n.ger. Me' Hg Use delegation from this Stole.
Is i-n compelh d to abandon their charges
so iar as the President's tn-
tentions were concerned.
And the question b constantly being
asked "will the President be convicted
Owing to the degeneracy of the times tbst
question esm not be answered. Ie other
days, when Sens. tors would hare keen
ndges, no one would have dared to pro
pose the impeachment of the President oa
sucli charges, tnis is clear Iroin tlie
eases which we have eited.
gallows and fastened. St Sliding thero jess the unags.
I 11 WSS BOCOruilliCIJ iiuih-mi r.wwrj 1. .-virv nun
on tlie briiiK or eteru iy, mis man
calm iu thu ttresence ol that vast
crowd, refused to admit publicly the
dropping frouVdtis lips in remind to fmeraVf of, which Ihcy all believed
hhe in i tirdif. 6atTlTOiffTO"tbatWwTn
telhgihle. And ihus wore away tue
last hours of the eondemued.
So long had this execution been
oeiidiiik:. and as the murder wss coin
wamsdeBsitemeat existed
had taken place" to allot her,
generally known throughout the en
tire western sect. on 01 umi oiaie. mjj
eleven o'clock, A. M., dense crowd,
of pWple thronged the streets, tho
grestNpumber of females being some
what extraordinary. These, however,
catne mostly beeauee it wss a public
afforded them an opportu
uity to make pnrchases, bat a eertstu
. . .. . . . 1 . -i
. 1 ,i, . i.i.mi indtcateu uy a oronaeu cuwpica-
.Gov. Vaoe 'ion, rustic attire, a tjaid of tobacco in
trim ib bo'SMiiliT. -
At twenty lour minntcs after two,
P. M., the cart was moied, and the
body of '1 homos' Dnla was suspended
Isetwoen heaven rid earth, 'the fall
minutes, and did not s', the pulse
heating ten miuatee, and in 18 min
utes lira watdeulaied extinct by Br?
Campbell, attending turgoon. After
hanging for twenty ujinntee the body
was chi down and given over to Ihe
afflicted relative of this tariible
crimiuaL . ...... .A,
Thus closed the career of a man,
who, thoiiL'h yonog in years, ignorant
aad depraved ia character, waa one! like these.
Our friend of tke Charlotte Democrat
rejoins to our article in reply to hi on the
limit .f taxation in the new Constitution,
iu which be merely reiterates ki formerly
expressed opinions without rrpljiug to
oar arguments. I bis be does not attempt
further than to quote what certain radical
leader said daring the eaavass. This,'
we submit, is no answer at oil, and we
are surprised that our neighbor should
have shown himself unsophisticated
enough to take for gospel truth tke decbt
rations of politicians in an excited can
vass and use them as srgumtnt. Such
of dealing with the
The Hail Storm of Thursdsy last.
d d important damage lo crop in
portions of litis county. , We have
had reported to as the total deetrnes
tion of fields of wheat in emae cases j
and in others, serious damage. We
are pleased lo find, however, that the
destroying force of the storm display
ed itself in only a few localities.
though it seems to havo passed ever
the entire length of the county.
Tbs VTstit Coor -Tas .WxavasB-fj
wheat crop Is Urn section ef tbe Stats b
iog uausoally Soa. It is SOrUse tbaa 1
moat of it bemg now ia heed. Siaot lbs ;
1801 it ass set bsea as early er iuoktdso 1
at Uus vrsson of the year SS at prssrai.
k.s -s I
weanr wSffWMverBBTr j
to I
deed we
ol tlie rust, if da) i
now and the ssaaao4gH
ba dry we tluak the crop Stasis, U1I1
11 may be lost. As up tu tbe praseul 1
weaiber has bare wet soalMBBOasll. an 1
" Ihr May seajou" has now bsre pssal. i
Isffpe foi dry weather to Kioow tor awude.
TAe Next Step Formal P
turn by eteU I'hrtUj.
Wendell Phillip., m tke last
the fftsdi-nle swy
rhip in advance over eke ears of tke
sates te tke I
Chicago CoBveatiou.
he wans Ike I
to move 00 to
as follows t
lure oi the
... ..a J I
lepeassssa party demos
into law aad pisiform
of tne pnaefple of vqnal nstlAftsf 1
ship tne same in Mlcbinaas to
out ssaing what Uw o0em1rs tnul done, or
sainsi whom they had offended, bat whether
the pains they were suffering were inrlnjied un
der the pretended sedition law."
fflad la aaotkei luiltT mtbe saasey-en
the same subject, be says :
"You em to think it devolved on tbe
law. but oottsnx m in uoostiiaitoa naa given
. I . n k.. In ,U.uU W ll k.MW 1 1 i.n.r..
' - oiffir fa. tkmm i-iWas not oar
iiotii magistrate ai Kjoalty independent to the ' question. We took up the article on Kar
,d.ere of actioa ssaigoed to them The judges eull. ,ur Taxation. andNsndeavored to
- a e - r .......nasl s.rl n d t i . . , 1
S lSr thestd- .kick guide psriato
oausw lbs power is placed in their hands by the and statesmen In tk construction of sueh
Oitasxjtmoja. Hat tbe Kaeeuiire behevios tk r SWV 1. .1
1 , ... .i t.... tk. ' u
exeoatkvaofMbeassne Ihataewer ssst Ueso 'y oioa. oy wassa a
ooaoded to bun by tha Ooostitution.
Nor was Mr.
soa President that
Gen. Canity's late order throwing
upon the respective counties tho bur
den of supimriing tech negroes as
may have been discharged from sort
viae for voting the Radical ticket in
'J the late election, is little else than a
broad invitation to Worthless negroes
lo quarter themselves upon tbe pub-
ire iwsnrrpor-' meat
are a lnaoy dne enforced by the
ttrmig arm of, tlw wUilnrjjr, and
boMcver unpalatable or oppressive,
must be borne I What next I
itstaiiBed opinions
at bso j Iy asoae y waie a trae 1
, L n- -
I Vffl rassfSwsVsWe
Aererr- Bat w. wiH discos the
phdoBs I tker. We ese snre that et
Own. sfacksoa, in hut memor- the eerrcrt one, bet ve srs withng tket
We know thers-are s , lew colored men,
snd a few Northern men assong as wkoj
am Conservatives, so-called, -ucb per
sons have reached a depth 0 political
degredatton osors easily Imagin
destertoed. I ber were A run
Bam ia tke oldes time,
entirely to bate run sot.
will draw around War. aad aserelksst
the influences and ssssilslbins ear f
f-ajt kh anrkry, .wjH-BBkjLef tke sort l
a a Va T. t .a w . ih .
iy to NMretM WW MU "pfMiwai
njBffues ffStt I hajs sw JL . . ff. ff. wansSffaak i s-islstl
t lw,"ej Y f afJwW anaWwawaalatus
taast get oar asaic work done bow,
daring tke lee montks of Wade's 1
istration, which it ie espeetod will
this trial. Kvery dsy proves tbe tJ
this. Men ef tke Peessadee type,
Wers of Ike Orhaee sort.
politicians like Wilson, will bare 1
Bat they in their lata wiH be
slaughcd by tbs West Pointers -no
the red tape school, it is true, bat sf '
abler son Uresis admtolstrattoa up
more likely to seek diversion for to
pi m a serai-aggrosslve "maaifest
ay tort of a policy, that it ia te 1
unglsd and broken three
not poller, and so weave
in the national loom, tket they shall
sets pet wet wen, gtowiog with
colors and instincts witk tke ftl
imudoes of Ubtrty, Eaality j
IffSt as have one. end ens only, ab
sjiiesnsksa ikmssfhsat the hmgifc
breadth of tbe land.
Chicago must be atsde to feel the I
I sore of the hum ssbvy refortad Is. form to Im adopted them Mas' den
ho enarliMHl of aaual ao'rsjVS. M
areas mast be re a a trad to ssatotsls" '
of em
m poiuicsi
gined than
"oleW and
tke breed
Verily, "tke breed seems eat entirely
to kavs rea eel " Tfcere ere mea Is North
ing iL
Ii ibis, or
kt renal sabis'
Tka ttoaih. wiU be there.
to soa
of her delegates, wksto
to declare that witbee
snd snactineul by the
tionoi eonveetioa
aa ssrnrll v the tbsisa aw
J w eawss)
!--. 7 r-. . "V 1 ' 'i j. .. -m ' .. I JajwaBBnnBBaBBB

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