North Carolina Newspapers

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SALISBURY, N. C, JULY 24, 1868.
VOL. I, NO. 29
i i tt !' IK .
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, wkl. ir
I Id. Mottla,
n -.
Tka-Uttdof tB. ttvawJeJ
my vluw.
1 xtls la the ell
it aiuiag. toil the saarty
TVa let iny bom Imm U wat wild.
I P,ui with a acood heart, Manioc by my tw.
Chirrua-lsvjwa lr4 Mart aar, tiUint;
by myataai
aar, ay awm torn, hit mi a
by my kIo.
bodiet, which ha Introduced yesterday, be
taken from tin- Calendar ami referred to
the Committee on tho Judiciary. No ob-
(eetion being made, the refcranee waa or
dcred. '
By Mr. Rtlllcy i A resolution calling
upon Hi Lode Commissioner to frame a
in - - . i . n
diii ta sutiain ine the Uoveruor in remo
ving various office. Thie waa immedi
ately adopted ander a a ue pernios of the
rale. .
Jla. Fea -cava- notice - that. In thin v
day from this data, bo weM introduce a
bill to relieve Monie 4c Durham, of John
son county, who a offecU ware recently
detroycd by Are,
Jeeme ifarri. of Wake, nerro. called
tip hi "Railway Ready Relief" bill
Tbi bill I only, in fact, a provitiou
for lazy and idle nigger, to keep them
well op in the Radical rank ia the com
iiifC election.
Mil - of Wayne, moved n itrike
Tb wind hoVlinr o ar tbe billow from the out, in aeetien I, the word "lire" and in
ten "one." Adopted.
Mr. Ferrbce aaid tbe Hoatu bad better
paaa a vagrant law. iualead of coniuuiiuir
time in endeavoring to paaa each a mean
are. Only look at thoae galleries and aec
tbe crowd of laay pif roea, who lounge
away their tunc inatcad ut working and
thaw go to the Bwreaa for raHon.
Mr. Downing moved to lay tbe whole
natter on the table.
Mr. Ellis called for the yea and nay.
The call waa sustained, and the bill waa
tabled by a vote of yea 62, nay 34.
Mr. Poo moved a reconsideration of the
Jeemes waa delighted, and, ia advoca
cy of the motion, proceeded to "pread
himself." He made hi usual speech. It
earned that the Governor had bean too
busy ol lata to cram bin.
Pending the further discussion of the
matter, the Speaker announced that the
hour had arrived when the Senate would
visit the Houae, to compare the Senato
rial veto.
The Doorkeeper then announced the
distant are,
IUi rau; 'round my pillow, bring no caret
1 'ine.
tud m r dark wave o'er the troubled tide !
I kd nt yaur anger, Mamae'eky my tide.
Chorus My own laved ataxia dear, ate.
aaana aaa appal ma aever, while bar brow 1 ;
I Fair weather Ingots erar. waaaa ear tmuaa
trkaa sorrow's breakan e'er my heart shall tide,
Mill way I (tad her aJttmaby my aide;
tWas Uy own laved Maggie aeai. e etc.
IUleiob, N. C, July IS, 1868.
Tlie Senate waa called to order at 10
9 t
Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Lanf, Senator
,(.m iiavioaon.
arpottt o COTxrrrxatf.
Mr. Rich, from tbe Committee of Inter
il lwiirovemeiaa, to whom was refernd
bill to extend the Chatham Railroad, re-
.nrled TivoraMv.
Mr. Smith, from the committee en Pre
i .-ri .us and Griranee, n-ported favora
bly oa a bill for lite reliel of Willi S.
(irandy. i 1
Mr. Win tead. from the committee on
tbe Judiciary frported a aabetitute for the
Uii appointing Judge of tbe Superior
ourt, Clurk of Snperior Court and Chair
. . .. . 1 m n T
Drnnllm) Uoaroa ot coeniy ouimis-
urt. to take the privy rxaiuiuation of
Iftmc exert, im the conveyance of real is
Mr. Sweet, from the committee on the
Judiciary, reported a bill providing for
filling vacaucsi-fl, which may 'occur iu the
coaiity ofBcea.
nrtaontTTio or bill
Mr Mr. WmnW
!l!c-ir Line Ruilroa
1 irnl ina. to extend
IL k! ino lb - Ulc. t.)rd ren to be prm-
in! and refern 1 to the Committee on In
ternal luiprnv ments
rlv il r. Uooa f A bill to rneonrnge lli-
t uiiil ictuie of cotton, woolen and linen
pwds. Rnfvrred to the ('.oumiuee ott
lly Mr. I'. -den : A bill cstendmg the
inte (ur regjcleritir grant, deed of ale,
cl uf gift, deed of trust, power ot al
Ijtult anil marriage settlement : whicn
p msi-tl it second readingi nnder a sua-
R" usion ot the ralri and wa ordered in
t iniitr4,
They mere received with tbe ut nal hon
. .....
or. I he Journal ol both Houses, in
reference to the election, were read by
their respective Clarke The Lieutenant-
Governor then said a John Pool and Jo
tepb C. Abbott had received a majority
of the vote cast, they ware elected. No
one offering any objection, the worthies
atoresaid were declared duly elected, and
the Senate retired. "
By Mr. Pou: A reaolatinn defiiiing the
Eower of the County Cotuiaiaioucia to
v v taze for the poor. Liejrbver.
By Seymour : A reaolution to allow
member elect, who were Moualiiied by
tlie 14th Article, aiileagu and per l m,
while awaili ng the action of the lluuc
Upon iheireaae. .
Mr. S'iltey wanted to ameud by allow
ing mileage only.
Seymonr then removed the reference
of the whole matter to the Committee on
, A lull antlforhrinK Wet-How. lw
d Company, in Sou J "P tMrH;
and eonstrnet their ;,nmt n"w 0,11 " " 1
Some individual, taxed beyond endur
unre, moved it postponement until to
morrow. Carried.
The House then adjonrnedwntll to-morrow
morning at I0J o'clock.
Tlie Senate repaired, in a body, prece.1- concurred in.
Tbcksdat, Jaly 16, 1868.
The Senate wa chilled to order at 10
A message wa received frnm ilre House
transmitting a resolution relative to Public
.'M-hools, anil a proposition to go tulo tlie
election of a Slate 1'rinler : which last was
lnveatigaciaa, to whop ware referred the
eertifietite of M-ssrs. Osborne, Allen and
Turner, reported that they were banned
I .III 1 A r . , .
ny inn riowam AineiiUUieul, anrt, tlu re
iore, are not cutitled to take their seats
Mr. Bobbin offered a lengthy and able
minority report, and moved that it be si.b
titutvd lor that of the majority i
I be motion waa lost, and Mr. Love
moveeYthat the further consideration of
the ubjret be postponed until ll u'dock,
to-morrow, o a to allow those Senators
a hearing on (hi floor or by Counsel;
which wa adapted. The following Sen
ator voted in the negative, via:
Mer, Bellamy, Burn. Colgrnve, Da
vit, Kthrldge. Legg, Long, Moore, of Car
teret, Rich and Smith.
i mi;' tut (i hon or KMoi.r nun.
By Mr. Lindaey: A resolution praying
Congreaa to take some action for the re
lief of the loyal people of this State, who
sustained loss by the destruction of their
property by the .Federal Government, da
ring the war.
By Mr. Blylhc : A resolution Inttrnejt
Hg the Judiciary Committee to report
bill prohibiting the practice of carry i
concealed weapon.
nv -Mr. Itoblnni: 1 lie lollowmg reso
lution ; which lie over:
arrirTn AnstmMf nf Tfrrrih Corn-
Una do reaWsw . Jet, i bat we reegn:re
the radic.-l dlstiuetion of eolor, bloot
physical form, and peculiaritie of intel
lect, between tbe white and negro races
and all effort to destroy or abridge these
distinction are crime not only against
society and civilisation, but against God
2nd. That tbe common rule, a well as
the experience of mankind, prove that the
white race i superior to the negro, in
phytieal and intellectual endowment, and
that civilization and its future successful
progress are safe only la the band of the
white race.
3rd. That the governments nf the UniJ
ted States and of the several State were
instituted by while men, have been ad
ministered' by whi u men, and ought to be
admiiiietered by while men, forever lu te
4th That k hi the duty of this and all
future General Assemblies nf North Caro
lina o to chape their legislation a to se
cure tbe right of life, property and liber
ty to an men residing iu tbe State, with
out regard to race, former condition or
Color, but at tbe sans tiaae to recognise
the natural distinction of race.
6th f hat in carrying out their porpo
, it i tbe duty of thi General Assem
bly, in providing for the establishment ol
a system of Common Schools for public
instruction, to provide esp.-ci ill v for the
educalion of white child rvn iu schools tep.
il ale from those provided for negro chil
dren. - i -
6th. Thar in formirTfn militia rvstcm,
special provision shall be mule lor organ-
ising the white militia from the negro mil-1 '
ilia. 1
a awssa ' a Tt ... T
7tTf. I hat stringent provision shall be
HyStilley: A reaolntlon daelaring
tlia scut.-, of those ban nad by the 14th
Article varnnt. Liea over.
Hv Mr. pou : A reanlntlon pliilnn
in'' Conifre to remove diaHliilities
i hi I . I by the 14th Article, from
the following gentlemen : Messrs
(larpor, Uiier, Keener, llrown, and
Long, of Caswell. Lie over.
II ilf. Sinclair: A bill uia tiling
to nil Medical Oojlegca in the Stale
the privilege of diaaeetirtg bodiea.
Mr. S asked a euspenaion of the
rtihse to paaa the bill, uttt the House
refused and the Dill was referred to
the Committee on Corporationa.
Srilley moved to anspertd the ntle
and adopt hi reaoliitton declaring
seats of certain members vacant.
Mi. Durham aaid be was informed
that there waa a prospect of the
members' disabilities be removed,
and. therefore, oppose! to motion.
The motion jrae pat to a vote and
The Chair announced tho tpeicial
order, vie : The motion to r consider
the vote of yesterday laying on. the
tahle Jeeme llnrris, (neirro) I
J. JilU-J 1 L .
I believe this matt'-r of good manners
and good breeding to h chiefly in the
baud nt mother. It Is as easy to teach
a child to say "Th ink you for the bread."
aa "Cive me some hicad ;" a eaay to ac
custom a family of cliilui.'ii to bid their
parent, good mining upon ordinary, ,j tae(imlwBti ,hroi.gliont the
i'iii'.I. niMin I'Vlr.inrfitniire niw i m i i . . j tut I ..... . . I
guests nisin extrnrirdtnarv, occasions. It
there be uo ''mmtainv inaiiner." Con
vince cIiil Tren by i xmiole. no Tess than
pieeejif . that the best thci' retve n offer
in mutter and matim r should be laid be
fore those tin y love most earnratly. A
boy taught at ten to euter the parlor and
bow to m mother1 friend, will do ft with
case and self-possession at twenty'. For
what, after all, i caee of manner hut po
liteness long practice d and incoi pointed
aa aa aneouacious conttituant of the indi
vidual f It may be well for us to remem
ber the original significance of gentleman,
gentlewoman terms which I fear Would
never hdva grown out of the blustering
carriage of a large das of modern gal
lant. ''Gentle blood," and noble lin
eage " were synonym in those old days.
"Sum hi in modo.fortiter im re," waa tba
Latin proverb, and it has oAen occurred
to tho writer that we, of the present gcu-
erntion. are mora in dnnr-er of forf itnm
Radical Relief bill. After eomo dis- the rajldncss of manner than the strcuirtlt, .f-r rrt-i-rt m--- .tJi A - rhm .m . - - n-
recoiiMdur was
lost Veaa 45,
cii.-sioii the molion to
put to a vole and
Nave 48.
A communication from the Code
(Vuiiuiissionent, in reference to the
"Governor's power to remove muni
cipal officers, was read.
Mr. Sevnioor called up .''emtio bill.
No. 25, entitled ''an act to provide
for the representation of stock owned
by i ho Stnte and the connties of
Carteret, Craven and Lenoir, in the
Atlantic and North Uaroltna Rail
road Company."
beymour moved to anrpend the
rules. The motion, being put, was
carried, and tbe bill passed it several
Leave of absence were granted
Meaara. Mathoson and Rhodes.
Tbe hour d M having arrived, the
Speaker announced that, the election
of a Public Printer waa the special
Laflin, nominated N Paige
Mr. Moore placed the names of
ell te Galea in nomination. The
ion iteimrcalieii resulted : raize ov.
Pell & Galea S3. The joint ballot of
the two Houses was for Paige 101,
ell & Galea 23.,
Then the Calendar .was taken nt.
but nothing was done except to pass
he joint rcrolniioii t?i relation,1 1 v?r
Item and mileage of those member
snipeMK to he banned by the Hows
itrd Ameiidtneut.
! !.v the Sneaker, to the Hull nf the
House ol Ksiireaentativre, 6r the purpoe
M'c'-ninaiius? the vote for U. S. Senators:
khifh, being accornolisiii'il, tho Senate
kturuitl and to ik up the
tract AI. OUDKR i
An ael to hrovidc for the ou tl!neation
pf certain officers, recently eh eied under
!! r i'reviiiotta of the Conatitot'mn of the
'-i- of N'oith Carolina.
This liill'wa under ennsidenillon 1 for
h v.-ra hours, anil iK'nding it eOUidera
I1..J .1. a if i ..A.:l .1.
""ii mi rienaie aajourueu uuin wo usiw
I "r tieoioifow.
WaiwrjinT, Jidy. 15, 1868
The H.aiH, a ae called to ortler af 10
&..-.. . , -
. Prayer was offered by the Ib v J. F.
Brewer, t arher In one ol the rariou lie
:ro sehoult iu this eitr.l
1'be record of yestcrUay was read and
teavea of absenea were grant' d to Me-
ir. Sinchdr. Huffman. Green, High and
sir- Abbott ottered Ins resignation as a
rather from New 'Hanover, North Garo-
The Committee on the Judiciary report-
i nntarorabiy upon the Houc bill in re-
k the: bonds of pnblte ofteers, anil
ed to be discharged from It further
By Mr. -S- : A rrsolhlton Instruct
't the committee on 1'rotioairiotl and
'!WvMtW tsjaatjrt a-bill for tbe ssjTaf af
" IL I'arker, and others, for the Coun
f of Wayne.
1 he rt'sidiiiion wa
"llisioil f the rnle
"J Mr Ueadricks: A resolution in re?
""'n t tbe otganis uiut, ol the luihg. ot
De sHret.
Thi i ..ilut ton provides for th rcpsr
"u "' iw" rc' orgaiiialii'-
Mr. Sinclair aaeved thnt thebill, gran I -
permission SO tbo Medical College in
harg, rtobesfsu A.enty, to dissect
ixrixisiiKD wanrajsi.
An Art to provide for the qualification
of certain officers recently electwl under
the provWoh 1 l ho I 'onsiitsttidu of the
Suhi of North Carolina :
omemus amendment weei ai'ojited.
An amen.lmentrtRe Stli s ctin, p'rnpn
acd by Mr. Sweet, earned considerable do
bate. fThi nmeiidment disqaalifie, ofli-
eVn elect who are barred by : thdIIoariI
aineiidiaent.) ; , ,
Mr. Bobbins nptwwcd it with greatahil-
ui idi . by appropriate legislation, to
vent ths intermarriage ot lite wait
negro races in this State, and to punish
the crime of miscegenation
8th. That these resolutions embody
prmcii'ies ana a coiirte ot poncy vital
the interest of the peanle nf this State
and of the whole tTnlon. 'aa wiHTBlo
interests nf enlightened civilisation and
good ami stable gnveriituiml, and all ef
forts to av -id or prevent a free,- fair and
candid expression g opinion louclijuglhese
priuciplne oughl to hit', aud will be, re
garded as Biiiiietidly to the well being of
Un motion, the Senale ndjeurntd until
the regular bvur to-morrow.
TttrRstisT, Jnly 1C, 168
Prayer by one Itev. Sir. Smith, of Mar-
Ity, and Messrs. Sweet, Cook, Walker and
LUthe urged it adoption.
The amendment wna made, and the bill,
as amended, uaed it third reading ami
Waf ordered In be engrossed aud sent to
the House fur concurrence.
- Mr. -fiove;-liaviuff been a tnerwher of the
coHiinii we, f-traed to tlle"biH'a'pr-
scnted by a majority t,f the cbmnittee, and
read an able minority report, which wa
entered apoli the Journal.
The hoar of IX o'clock Having arrived,
lb Seuate proceeded to execute the joint
. c .1- I .l - S J..
oruer. via : me election ui a huh
The ( hair annointcd Meaara. veter
and It i l ues to aniperinleud the election.
II r Mm. BoimuatsHl M. l'aigft. and M r.
Itobbiu niuuiiialeil Messrs. Pell V Gale.
llir ballot resulted a h. I lows : MT fillge
r. cei i d .11 vote and Alesr. l'ell v
Oalet received 5.
A message wa received from the House
. is . i ' - . i . n .
eo'iruiiMawnaaiie artiow oi me senate on
the bill to provtde far tbe representation
of stock owned by the Stale and the coun
ties of Carteret, Craven and Lawrorr in the
Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad
Company I his hill i a law, ana win
he pnhlwhcd, Q"n as practicable. .
A njirsttgil Wa received Iroui the Hous
a bill empowenug Use uov-
mt insucctor for the ciiy
trrdered to be pnntatl.
provijiug fo ihe regiatra-
tion ol voters in the cily of Wilmington,
IMenud Uj th CommiHise ou Carpora-
linL. - ' w
Mr. Witialead, Iron the CovinaiUce on
A petition from N. S. Stewart, Kq., of
llariiett, claiming llic ngnt ot a seal upon
the noor. K. It 1 1-. d.
Mr. Ilaibaiu nail a dispatch from the
Hon. Xutlmuicl litiydeu, aiuting that the
disabilities of Messrs. Davidson aud Nich
ouou, tuemner elect irom ireii n, nau
Ismmi removed by Comrress.
1 Messrs. Davidson and Nicholson, bn-
iiiji present, were, on motion of Mr. Dur
lum, Allowed t unulif) aud take their
Mr. Pon, from the Committee on Prlv.
ileges and Klecl'ions, to whom wa referr
ed the House bill in relation to political
dtsabililie, 'reported- that tho following
SI Will IWI 'll. oi'ioi; imiiiiro wj nil; itui rti
tide, were ineligible to the seats on the
floor, to which i hey had been elected, vis:
Messrs. Brown'. Keener, Kelly, of Dup
lin; 1-ong, of Caswell, Harper and Grii-r.
IMessrs. Davidsouaud Nicholson had been
ueluded in the nuinlcr. . t-'LL'
Mr Durham, one of the committee, dis
cerned from the report, giving the reason
for so doing that have been before enun
ciated, u . .
ProelnoMtioH vf the Pi-etidtHt.
The following proclamation has been
ined by the President :
Whereas by an act of Congress enti
tled "An act to admit the States of North
Carolina, -South -Carolina, Louisiana,
Georgia, Alabama, ami Florida US repre
sentation in Congres," pissed on the
Soth of J ant, 1868. it is drclarrd that it
i uiadc the duty qf the President, with
in ten day after receiving official infor
mation of the ratification by the Legisla
ture of either of said Slates of a propoe-
in det-i.SitrinsiMd Republican.
No Scoldino or Fmiso US UltA
VEif. A little who had witnessed tlie
perplexity of her mother on a certain oc
casion, whou her fortitude gave, way nn
der severe trial, said : "Mother does God
ever fret or sculd V Tbe query was so
abrupt and startling that it arrested tbe
mo'her's attention with a shock. "Why,
Lizzie, what make you ask that ques
tion t" "Why, tied is good : you know
fou used to call him tbe 'Good Man' when
waa little ; and I should like to know if
he ever scolded." "No, child, no."
"Well, I'm glad he don't for scolding a!
ways make me feel so bad, even if it is
not me hi fault. I don't think that I
could love God much if he scolded." The
mother felt rebuked before her simple
child. Aever bad she beard so forcible a
lecture on the evils of scolding. The
word of Liasie aank deep in ber heart
as she turned awav from the innocent face
of her little oue to hide the tera that gath
ered iu ber eyca.
ton, and it waa their unanimona ex
pression of opinion by the Northern
and Southern gentlemen present that
it wa against the Interests of society
to make changes in the otHces of in
sane as v I ii ins on account of political
I ideas and aympathiea entertained by
On this occasion the venerable Dr.
KlribUntf, ior;nteiideiU af-lbc Vir-
giuia Asylum for the . Ill-ane, tit
tannlon, who has introduced so
many beneticient reform in the treat
ment of the insane that he ia enti
t iaaai Ia lkA nrvii'" raail aa i ia lal Half IkAUA
TtwV wv irv truvrtruii n I'lU'itvn rrwaw
factor, made a apeeeh, the liberal and
hnmane sentiments of which elicited
a nni venal response. 'All medical
men know that the treatment of tho
insane ia a epeciality which demands
not otilv long special sfndy and train
inc. hut a peculiar combination ot
gentleness and strength of Will, ot
moderation of character, evennese of
temper, and great syaieni and eucrgr
of action. Within the lifetime of the
preecot generation there has been a
great and beneficent change in the
mode of treattmr the tnaane.
clotbea to carry her, km had taken (he
flesh also.
Tbe little on says the hear would pat
ber down occasionally to rest, and would
pet bis nose up to her face, when ahe
wonld lap him, and then the bear wonld
haug has bead by her -aide aad purr aad
rub against ber like a eat. The men nak
ed her if ahe waa cold ia the night, and
she told them the old bear 1st down be-
ridtj her and put his "arms' around her
ami kay iev Warm, Hough she did not
ha iiTtinniji, nan iin i a as saw mil
to her parents, who could hardly express
their joy at her safely.
Thy baa ha been area larking sVttf
in lira vkiaity, it i supposed for the pur
pose of yet carrying off the child. The
supposition Is that it ia a female bear, and
having lost her cubs, came across the
child and adopted it. Steps aire being ta
ken to capture the bear.
From- the N. 0. Presbyterian.
We acarcely know what to do with
a note just recived from the Rev.
Samuel' CaUvxll Alexander, of Black
w.r River Cuapel, Ktw Hanover connty.
chained and laahed. and i It ' evident .that that worthy
Southey. in his "Hiatorr of the
Peninsular War," relates the follow
ing: "Two of the Spanish regiments
which linu been quartered in f unen
were cavalry, mounted ou hne, black,
long-tailed Amiuliisian horses. It
waa imporeibl.) to bring off theses.
It waa iiii.Miwihle to brinir off these
horses -I, tttO in number and Ro
mano was not u man wlio could oi ilcir
were once
consigned to filth, rags ami solitnde.
(jtiuur the present system, itisHiiity is
as readily cured as any other, disease.
Dr. Fishftr, the superintendent of the
Raleigh Asylum, who bad been res
moved by Oov. Ilolden, wascdticat
ed nnder the auspices of Dr. Strib
ling, of Staunton, ai d by his decided
capacity, long experience and benev
olent character has won universal
coutiaeuce and respect, lie is no
politician, and never was, bnt a gcu
lleman ui6tiuguttihed by Ins modera
tion in all things. We refer to this
subject in no- partisan view, bnt
would earnestly say that if partisan
proscription is to be extended to such
institutions as these, the public will
he compelled to establish private in
sane asylums ; for the friends of this
unfortunate class will never consent
that they shall be deprived of the
moat enlightened and com passionate
treatment that is available. Haiti
more Sun,
A ZiiWe Girt three years f aft tarried off
sw a Bear Mareeloui recovery of the
Child ajter eearrhing 36 hours.
ed amendment to the OoiistitutW,)! Itnowrr j 6(1adi ons of Vent or
a article fourteen to issue a pr clutua- er c,ojw,
Hon announcing that tact
And whereas the said act seems to be
prospective ;
m tl w m 9
And whereas, on the 6th dav of July,
1808, a paper wa received by the Presi
dent, which paper, being addressed to thi
President, leiriug date of the 4th of
July, 1868, and ..s transmitted by nnd
under the nniu H . V. Ilolden, who
therein writes himself Governor of North
icin lo he detroyed : he was ft nd
of horses himself, and knew that
everv man wits attached to his beast.
which had carr ed him so ' far and so
faithfully. Their bridles were there
fore taken rd? and they war turned
loose upon the huacb. '
"Ascemvdisrrail sliell ds was never
before witnessed. They became
aware that they were no longer un
der tho restraint of any -human pow
er. A general conflict ensued, in
which, .rctajntnjr: he discipline they
had learned jUlu-y ciiacged encli other
twelve totretii
Iv engaged, striking
with. , heir fore.-fte t, . and biting and
tearing each other with the tttost fero
ciotis rage, and trampling over those
wh i were beatsa-iiowu. till the shore,
in the conrse of an hour, was strewn
with the dead and disabled. Part of
them bad been set'H'reeou rising
igiannu at distance, lliev no soonet
heard the roar ot battle, then they
enrne thundering down over the in
ia d proposed, amendment, known as ar
ticle fourteen, did puss the .Senate ann
House nf Representative ot tbe General
Assembly of North Carolina, on the 2d
day of July instant, a d i attested by
the name-f-John w vVi , or. Bo Wer,
Secrelarv id the H iuse ol UepreSen-
lative, ana T. A- Byrne as Secretary of
the Henate; .and it rallbcaiuin on the 4lh
of July, liTCS, i : aueifeff by Toil B.
CaldwiU as Lieulenaut Governor, Presi
dent ot rrtiate, aud J. v . tloldeu as
piyikfr of House of Repr'sentati,i's ;
Now, therefore, be it known that !,
Andrew Johnson, President ol the Unit-
d States of America, in cotnph mce with
ud iu execution of the act of Congress
afireroid, do issue this proclamation an
nouncing the fact of the raiirtentinn of
said amendment by tlie Legislarnre of the
Carolina, which paper ccninVii that ibr-jterinedtatc hedges, and cittching The
cotitagions madnessKplangeil into tlrej once came to the conclusion that the child
niit wttn cqnal tin v. bublitne as
the scene was, it was loo horrible to
be long contemplated, and Romano,
in mercy, gave orders to destroy
the i: Hut it was fbnnd to danger
ins to attempt this, and after the last
h at had quitted the beach, the tew
''Wees' that re'iiwiirt''d','Wto'-4ifilt en '
glided iu the Jreirdftthwtrrk of Uiulu
ai dcstiuctrun."
Three of the eenlleman named in the Stale ol orth l arolma, in iho manuer
banned list never having appeared J herein before set forth.
the Committee, toeir eases were wit act. df'-? i whereof. I have slped
apoti.) The report as regard the others) 'WKf " mJ ' ""' m
inumn t m srvau vi hiv a Mtwevw
A raeage i
m wr "
A Ufa bill 1
was adopted' by yea ', navs 1- (Strict
party vote.) .
Mr. Pon. from the same Committee
ported in the case of one Taylor, contest
ant for the teat of Mr. KeicLee, of Cam
Jcj, that the i Committee can take no ac
tion, a notice bad not been given iu due
The special order. Mr. Sinclair's
lotion pelitHMiing Congreaa to remove the
disabililie of member cleat lo on
dte UoTj was the announced for this
hoar, fit tf'elotk.J
J',. tii'i'.H d indi tinifely.
- Bv Miirrt, (iicnl A bi'!l n regard
to tlie oWli.m of municipal dHetJ
in Newborn, ties over. i
to be hereto affixed.
Done at tbe city of Washington this
seventh day of Jaly, iuotbe year of our
Lord one thousand eight hundred and
sixty -eight, and of the Independence
of tba united State of A stories tbo
ii. . y third
AHtlltCaW IMtWtjOS.
Bv the PrrridVut:
UiLLi AM 11. Saw Alto, Sccrelary
Jsi-lrson, July 80. M. li.yor Tyler, of Oen.
Uillema blal' Ml Uns moin tig lor Maabug- laan MPUIM in ,k,
4 1. .cent itisuL-i.pi ehUeq
A Raleigh (N. C ) disp itch1 ol the
8th says it wmt understtood there that
Governor Ilolden and his new board
of siiervi6or8 of' the State' Lunatic o whom- is a colored
B'eacher from t 'a tun !., Im e removed
r. E. U. Fisher, the able slnperin
;cml out of the asylnid, who hat been
in that po-ttioti since us estaDitsii
incut, and appointed Dr.. Oriasotn a
phvsician . from Granville. It is al
most impossible to conceive that po
lineal proscription can extend to .of
fice of n n aavltins for the insane, and
we do not believe that even the radi
cal leaders of reconstruction in Wash
ington uat, esjtetnpklaai that snh
outrages upon eotatnoB humanity
should grow ont nf the peculiar strnc
tnre of government which tbey hare
es.abliWied at tbe South. This sub
jeet uftttupied tbe attention of a fion-
venuou oi auiionnienuania inn cia-
the united
in Bos.
Fmni the Mason Connty (Mich ) Record.
We have to record a very singular de
liverance of a girl aboot three years old,
to her parents, after being carried off by a
black bear, and a search or 36 hours thro'
the forest by the excited parents. The
fart, as near as we can gather them, are
substantially na follows :
Mr. Henry i iynn lives 40 miles east
of Ibis place, at or near the logging camps
nf Mr. Ludingtnn, and we believe has
charge of one of the camps. He started one
morning to take a horse to pasture, abont
two miles distant from the house, and a
he was ready to start his little girl appear
ed arid seemed very anxious to go with
her father, who, in order to please the
child, put her upon the horde's hack and let
her ride a short distance, perhaps 40 rods
from the house, where h - put her down an
told her to run home. He noticed that the
child was standing where he left her, and
and on looking back after going a little
tanner saw ner playing in tnc sand, lie
soon passed out nf sight, and was gone
ahont nn hour, expecting of course that
the child would return to the house after
playing a few moments.
Un returning borne bo made enqnu-y
abont the child of her mother, Who said
she had not seen the child, and supposed
he had taken her along with him. -Oil
going to the spot where he b it her, he
awaage bear track in the sand, and at
brother is in a dilemma. lie feels
that lie is aggrieved, and don't know
how to relieve himself. A sugges
tion to change hit name wonld be
manifestly improper, as it would be
giving np initials that have long
been held in honor in North Caro
lina, to very questionable associations
and connections. So we are inclined
just to publish the note aa it was re
ceived, hoping that the publication
may be tha means of doing some
thing to relieve onr brother of his
perplexity, and set tilings right Here
Lit ii verbatim.
B both aa Sherwood ;
There has been not a little con f us
ion, in the minds of brethten at dis
tance, to know who is who and
which is which. I sometimes i
cei ve letters from men that I never
heard of telling me about things I
never did, and my name ia paraded
before the public, sometimes in
strange company. Now 8. Caldwell
Alexander, ia a native of Mecklen
burg Countv, N. C, was licenired and
ordained by Concord Preabvterv.
and in 1860 he moved to Biaek fit v
er Chapei, in Fayetteville Presby
tery, and has been there ever since.
That other S. C. Alexander was bom
some were else: certainly not in
North Carolina : but moved to Con
cord Presbytery abont the time I left.
So it happens that I get credit for
much that he does ; and I am sorroy
to say there waa not moth credit in
it all.
Sometimes things are called by the
same name, while in reality there ia
an infinite difference so it is with
these two men. I want it distinctly
understood, that 8. 0. Alexander, of
Black River Chapel, is net that other
S. C. Alexander, in the Western part
of the State, that baa been trying to
turn the church upside down. Broth
er Sherwood, if you can throw anv
light on this confounded subject. I
will cheerfully submit it to vonr dia-
Your uncertain brother,
1 ; 8. O. Alex akdkb.
had been carried off by the bear.
Tlie family immediately gave search
through the forest, which was grown up
to almost a jungle, rendering1 ilieir search
very slow- All day the! anxious) pa
rents searched, far some trace of their
child, nor did they stop when darkness
ng the child or her name, and with acn-
iug hearta wonld listen with an almost
brcal hies fear in catch some sou mi by
which, they could discover thvir lost dr-
liiiC' STuruliig Came aiid lb u search wa
A c.oiiile of gentlemen,! eking for land
came to the house, and, being informed of
the circumstance, tuiiucdiatclv aue-a to
In In find the child. Thev had wandered
about, and aa thev were nassine a awam
py spot, where, the Undergrowth waa Vrry
thick, tbey either called the child, or else
were talk'iig loud, when one of tbem heard
the child' voice, lie then called she
child by name, aad told her ut com owl
of the bus he. She replied tfiat tbe bear
weald not let her. The men then crept
through" tbe brush, and when near the spot
where the child and bear were, they heard
a splash ha tbe water, which the child
aid waa bear. On going to ber tbey
fouud ber standing upon a log, extending
about half way acroaa tbe river. The beer
had undertaken to ecos the river on tne
log. aad, being closely pursued, left tba
child anJ swam away. he had receiv
ed aome scratch about ber face, araaa
and leg, and her clothe were almost torn I f
from bar, bat the hear had not biuen ber.i
onlv tha mark of hi teeth beinc sound I
oa ber back, where, jo taking hold of ber ao acfton rard:uf
The following bill pasaed the lower
House of Congress on the 3rd inst. We
publish it without comment, as none can
fait to comprehend its tine meaning. It
is to be hoped that it may be defeated by
the Senate:
Be it enacted, fry the Senate and House
of Beprtsentatirct of the United States of
.interim, tsi Congress assembled. That U a
Secrwary of Warbe, audka hereby ia,- -
authorized and required to deliver to tne
Governor of each t late and Territory rep
resented in the C'oagrea of United State,
at the teat of government of inch Stat
or Territory, for the use of tha militia
thereof, as many serviceable Springfield
ritied muskets of calibre fifty-eight, with
accoutrement, aad equipments, aad ser
viceable field piece, with carriages, cat
gLuttMigMeata CroVernor of such State or Territory shall
re. j u i re to r t h c use of the loyal militia
therein, not exceeding two thousand rifled
musket, with accoutrement aad equip
ments, tud two field pieeee, with sat lie
ge, caiaaona, egaipmaaits snrt naplfsai ata,
for each Congltional distriet and Terri-
torr to repreaanted, awow tba eertificate o
the tsovwnor of sack 8tata or Temtorv,
bowing to tbe urirtaowia of the General
r ,k I ik.i mJ
panic for which ach ordnance and ord
nance tioreo m rouauraa are amy gnu-
ixen oi toyai eiiisena or such state or tVer
nmry, under tee la wa tiicreof. and aech
jordoanee and erdaanre "urns shsll thssia
alter remain the yroperty at tbe JaHad
state, subject u the aou trot of Congreaa.
Ihe kew4rHioa Committee have
- im

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