North Carolina Newspapers

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VOL. t NO. 32
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ri WmJ. 0m Tss
tbs Old Korth State, of Jen. 18th.
Wcksvt tWleattpoBeatraerdinary lime
IT bar jet passed through the eoitur-
, civil war Wcli history records. 1 Ms
has worked mighty revolution. It
.noosel'daied" ill. ' "
red the great fnetitotlon upon which
i based the II Ad i ii ib mhry terns
r the Booth, lfyur million of liumin be-
. .. L... I.-.1,1 ;.. I....
who pave weywipi"w mo "
,!r, have eddciJy be0 einanelaeted.-
r tovV wWwai ftOJ WWt n tueir pmrl,
from state of slavery to state nf
iom-hsTf' bWoAefrwmm. TiSey have
en nU citiinMdDv United Btatrf .
pwferlyt -Jw tbrown arntuid
iliiy for obuiuinj; jwtiee In our eoarU
mr-- im i
Wf U dime ifelg Iff M(Cl(M9 NC
mow 01 nty or oyxiWc txercuing it in
We ooW tfaen prnfooe M Iirreet euch
of them wflli the rigM of cuffnign tonj
be the owner qT two hundred dollar
worth of taxable property, or who eon
read and write and who ciurain a rood
ral ekaraeter. Thla can be doae.with
the otoioit aafetj to the Slate. Nothing
ia hatiirdtfd In granting Hfc and ererr te
and thoughtful statesman moat aae that
much muH be gained by it. Incorporate
ueh a provlaioa la onr orgaaia law, and
you hold up before the frcedmaa the high-
cet pofiiblr indueeuent to become an
.1' ' wjmmKmmm
kurtd; aMTarn prepared to defend ourealf.
We know the price of oar conduct, wi
hare done oar duty, and we ant content.
The Mi..uri ltojvbl,C4in baa a well
eoniidere article on thii aubjvet, wbicb
wt wl join, it well merit) a careful pe
Mh: , m ...
"The Radical Cnnirre, mvi th Re
publican, to perpi'tuate (heir own power in
the koutlicrn gtatca, conferred the elective
fmicbifc on the late flavor, expecting tti
able permanently to control the nrgro
vote.. The eigns already are that they
htvr loft control of lUi vote, and thai, in
aountiin in America. It would rebuild
Sabrh.n, rrreepalle, or Palmyra. 1 It
would buy a barrel el flour for every
family on the globe, and the anarter
of it would give a Bible a piece to the
human race. Thit rnormona nun if more
than three hundred doltart eafji to every
white voter ia the United Slate. It baa
bean paid by the people. What ha been
done with it I , iImtciiw aav no: hrvn pant, rliall, mi eon-
Has the national debt been paid f The viciion, be died, ant lee Umn ive ,liuu-
natn.tml debt ia growing larger inaten l of died dniUr nor iuoru than five thousand
mimlJir. It Junks up every yjsar a U0lj4dlrs1 and imprincd not kf tliau mi i
greater than any Administration ever rout months nnr more than three years. All
before this war, without making the debt :Mtapa reejalreal by tlrfa section ehall be
a dollar lea. I prepared, iaed and nffiaed upon cask
Ha H been expended in compensating and packages mnl en nee) I. il in the tame
faithful Union men on the border for the i manner as provided lr oilier atamn for
reqnrred therefor by this act, ahall be for-
fi iied an tba L'aited rtiatvs. Auy person
who tbali f oagr, murk or stamp any cask
or packajjeof dmiilK-d spirits iiLorrthr pro
rltlon.' of thla eectlon, or who shall cause
or prararc the saW to (. d .oe. k no lag
tltat lite aarna were aiauufacinird r re
moved fr.m ware hniiso subscient to the
taking effect of this sjei, or that the taaea
The Clo.u appointed the following del-
egHtfr, vis: I
Robert Uraj. Ooorge U Vatbts, Col.
Heurv Marshall, Col. James E. Maihewi,
R iJ Oorrell.M If. I.inville. ('. B.Hrook
, l.rsins.
iHltgetfr, Indnstrion and virtuous mai. itl
Ton placa pafttsaal aqaality within bin endgel with
n ach artke reward of merit, and stiina
latc him t hope semetbmg for hi potter
i'y. And surely it must be to t'je juter-
em ol boili rains (bat ho shouU kacotnsi
an upright and virtuous man, that be
should toupap hi ofTpnng witS a view
to their respectability and ur(lnc.
Confer this privilege upon them, and you
atrswb them to tba gwverwmerrt so that it
onn rely upon their fidelity In the event
of war with foreign powers. Refuse it to
them and bow far they could be relied op-
lofting up,,,, be Snath ncgrq suflrap:, irUary
tT-jithey have placed m Democratic hands a warl
which to smash oat Radical
spoliations and impressments rendered ne-
Uat the bite mn iran comra iud They j on nch an emergency Is a matter for
r been sioHttasJ ta testify ia all eaaca npr-enmtton. i ueir nneiity as staves
forth Union eaae dttefng the
No. The laws allowing tbe liqui-
rta I i..n lli.mAnl tt n..l f tli
ITiere has never been any really ,. i.j.L.JTll. ...i..J ,.
sy.tem.tic. effort on tbe part of tbe Soalh- ven M,aier( , oM
era Df mocraajr to conlrol tbo nsgro vote, rttiiU)g vhWm Mrtain Mora ju.t
except n Mississippi. In some of the i us.i.,u- will ... ... . r ;ilin..
parishes of J
effort t d
victories in those parishes, although the
negroes outiiuiuliered tbeu two tooae. If
distilled spirit in-thi net, and shall be
charged at tbe rate of tweuiy-five cuts
for each stamp.
. From the Winston Sentinel.
Tbe resolution vara accepted and or
dered to be printed in the Wcntcrn Scnti
net, and all oilier t 'onservartve paper of
I lie State. a rts?' 1
On motion Die laoetiug .idjnurned.
T Bw'Br - V ' ' ' i rr t m 1
40 W. Alapaugh, K. Ketmr, und K. A. W6re offwred by Jdr
Urtofvta, 1. Hint the indtwrnal
h. Conirlaotl :
A M Hunted to Deutk. A ttrang
and nrprising incident occurred last wcok
in tke country tome milua north of Cor
inth. A Mr. Mangrum killed a young
rata daring tbu war, and a few days since
Mr. Mangrum ws ou a deer drive, and
while st one of the stands he saw an ob-
uudrr that head.
The dtiaens of Forsythe conmy met at
August 1st,
.ouisiana llic Iiemocrats made
an raon tf o.reci me negr,, vote ana nicy ,-M . M cirj, ,Bthortv , i tht (JHfl HnuM , Wwean,oa8ara.iay,
were successful in winning Democratic: r .imi. -u. I i . i.. r . t. tl V
the law against tbe sword; to pay the ( Wilson, Mr, Joshua Boner was calh-d to
I i.Tlu.iiln nt iiHnoiOiiteroi liltlISM It v tkit I' nti.l fir I Kitnt. an. I A 11
tlsrre bad bea-n Jilte, efl'ort throughout tin: , .n, :.. .!:.;.. i v;, Tk .;'.. ' .. ' .... .' . ... "
Sute oriyhi,.g like cniaaejWnta ty U ttan'tva mflllrrmrof fol. J5.-pl. Maston then explained the
"H"".r "IdoHaw: iol, ect of I he meet ns in a rerv lai.nv
' Ha it gene to pay the expenses of the manner, and made a ssoti tn that a Cow
postal service I That service supports mitten of ten be sppolnted by the Chair
Itself substantially, without a dollar out . te draft resolutions. The Chairman im-
eoold have been curried by the Democrats.
In Alehama tire watte were successful in
inducing ma ay thoasanda 4 nrgrOrs tO
for tat ay away from the polls, and thus in fact jpf flc ftvtamy
HfL tdrlcatiog tbecaiKlilation, which Cougn-! 1 , jje Brj wl6au
thry possessed any right. They have
been talrght that S freemen they do, and
we cannot expect them to be blind to such
leailiiiigt it is contrary to human na-
tnre tltut liny slump te.
fail to perceive, that fn their present "ijf-
iiorant condltioo, sulrnge without rjuallfl-
lubera fkev ma f h
. -en-' white men Atthit
tomplald-.? tlWy alionla
nisy ipeao llw"-J, e if: mi '
llat geai.a thje'tKtV,Uf1' ,,a )4jr
. " ? -sl kt -
si u baa not yet eaimaen. jugnty
eits r-titasiw'wriig. Still greater
pitvie'pr are praaawarew twf mem nimen.
Tin prrren,t Cpneref f eem t. tie deter
loiatd toeosier bpnn thesa the right of
sutW w.hsmtHajIfvipa MqeeUficatlon.
lraceompt tWls'ft itrorssare avea to
eaund the Son'hem etei to a territo
Jcut.diiicn. , Ttte. party wbich ftvor.
ke tsrMimr ailMflUf w r, not on- bill, sre not their friends care notion
to ersntrs the present. Iwt bird tbaler for their welfare, but ouly wis
.t fonereaa. LiUfHlf ike ejemeot. ' to use them e tools tor the acoouiplisb
.rouod Tlaii..n tVH e regain . matit of thehr own selfish ends-to en aide
ttTlfcm wriVWs-e 1!t1esnes. them to srqinre power that tney may aae
encsaVni fn nt.l,u-nck while there H tr tin? gwuneat.on 01 ttieir own rc-venge
U..r. ire in nmeress ? Can tlie Sou h- ictruug..
lS,u,,i.v ...e!. a eoorse Hi fredeH.WOIlld 00 Will 10 lelU' Qjler luat
Kstaterstv l SAasM Itn ae Ideaiify him ! the leader of ilit i movement, Gov. Holdeti
r ' w . . . - W tr. f . il . .
elf wrtk ba tNaliM i n order tooutro! Irove a wormy gentlemen irom me rrurre
CMtion will prove not nnly a curse to tbrm,
but ruinous to the eoaniry. Those, diere
fore who are appeal mi; so tbeca to memo
rialixe Congress in favor of Mr Steveu
It I not the court nor mediately appointed Tims. J. Wilaou,
UiWtlMVl Hill tlm mAlinV ' .T.iui.tili .(..aenl. VV ,tr.
It I' I it .. hr.,...l. ..(' ll.e .le.l ..vln. t O T W.lbe I M l.4R.,J T f
appsaent near that the Demoerais of lbejTe iffuvt thoyr nmt 0 icr,llfij1.1blis 'Wird'detl, Cwerles Teagtte,' John Watson
11 i 1 -I a . .
tf 1 . , i. . . j i lias since injuoieo unon urn o ale
toros no ui tneir nav uy ssin en- Lf2H.A. . i " . r .1
V . lapptaent now that the Democrat of lbe:
wo one now racB. A atavea U did uot teal mat ,..,,. ,t a, , inU.nA 1... Iimintl.h . . ,".7 " . . . 7 !I.7 r , . " , .
. m v,-. v i"i nn tin- t-A iM-nrr hi t,nii 1 iiiu 111 tut wtilfil U"i 11 111111 .t'i im, i,st m,-
e..., .....! tm. . .! .0. t.o j.F . iii, . r . . . 0 - 1 t T . " . . "T. ..
organiaarionieHCfimre etroioir tbo a Mt forf After tlje Committee retired, calls were.
..Pr ...7 , wlcU poveromenis are madf, that Uiey made for the Kcv. T. rL f egrnm for re
bad ayproprtite.1 to themselves. I Ise e-tltgve tiu) p,,,, ram 0r fifn Uo. ' m!irt llt wi(IB. to hi.Tielng n Miulfter
einiplo et in Mississippi show what the , j.d ra;niorjB alnost uimffecHed, as a tnrt-' of tbe Cos pel, he declined making a polit-
Uemocralf can do it lliev choose. If v or- 1: ... . r iimm .. 1 l . 1 .1 " . 1
LxA .-M-.e-.leel..K.i.,,. ':unwT'wu " H"nm" J e.P-eP,je. cmoruva lue meeiiog ,
- l.Ilf Uf . a a T 1 a 1 I ' - istitii n icw nmo tiii nju imiim inin icukiim
Ionian oi oru.nary .mr.i.genee caw m giving them good eowiaei hiiu guul- v- , ,wojiinl of it (t91 7.1 17.043 J until the return of !, Committee. Tile
was disbursed bv tho War Department. ' fillowiesr resolutions were submitted by
d from the tbe t'liniriuau of tlm ommitiee, Tbos. J.
vast sales of war material ; of tbe known ! yilsou, Esq., who supported them for
nlnl llukitnwn tuill.oi.a rioured forth from nw finiK in mild honest effective orl
negroi-s into lieaioeratH.' ,1... .1 , ., -.,..i 1 r 1 -u .1 .: .
clubs. 1 bis can be d-nie. lire uagrafs ,..,. r n,,. ", u, r . vervil.iii.. ,1.,1 ik.. ...f.. tlu. mJ, ...j
inteioata of the white and colored
jnoda throiigKMt the South, are
identical, and that all pnblio maaa
urea wliicli Inlorionaljr. aOMt lhoe of
llioferiMor. musl. . it) like wtanoer.
eiLut ihm.i of the laiier.
AVarfWr, 2. Tfiat ia Ibdf m
basis of weaWt, Ite- ei0ret of the
while pcQido of .Utt-Sontjj .require
them to PTcfrml tTJintrebloil people
evert faciliiv for ffte exurciso of m-
diitdrigl pursiiiti, ttJid for the iticreaau
of ilietr liappinesa aud tiroaperitw.
JitKolvcd, 3: Th aflie" white pe
pic of Xorth Cftrolinn have al war a
ject approaching him, width so alarmed acTfil hn rhBfireiriilngjrlnc'ple, and
him that ke raised hi gun and fired at H. 1 have, beside, afwT8 been disposed
The object, which resembled a man err- f tn rrrentt tn the coforerl - people aft
en-d wubasbect, continued to advuiKU , pelitieit! Hghti, COItipnttbl
upon Mr Mangium w hep he drew his wi,, ,! harteony, afllety and proapof
pisnd aud emptied all rhe barrel at tbe ,-Af ho,, raoCt Sffl 4vt'
Uffet h Km! e , seeming to taae , . ,4, Thmt ....prin-ipled 1-
effert, he climbed a true to make hi ca- . . r . v ,
cane. Bv the time he wa. a short diT" iit.ireia and iipscrnpnlons dema
tanco np'ihe tree, the white object wa. ,,,e ,d '
standing under him. with its -eves fixed e,cT,I?'?!?S?.1' cVTrtlPf tia.ts,
loh hiai, and he declared Mutt U wa tbu frr 'heir rrNVn erttttmuient mere r, and
spirit of the young man whom be bad regardless of the welfare of the eol
killed. Mangrum was so startled at the orei reee, have attceeeded to a laroen
steady gaer of the eye that he had been V iable extent, in alienating the minds
the cense of laying oold in death, that be Ot jue, Itter Irom theif true ami
fainted and fell from the tree. His friends triad ti iuuds, tlie old citizens of the
carried him home, the ghost following and Sae.
standing before- him constantly the sight 1 Ji, 5. TUat to counteract
of which brought ap .the recollection of ( influ4MMM, vf tbm bvi men( te
... uai wiiii iwce to uis UJIIIU Laro Brt iw.i.lia. and In mm
the colored poophj. from their wicked
that he died in great agouvefltr t v
.1...... .!..... '
U''J 9 ruiUI III j -
Corinth Miit.) Caucasian.
t to ebrek Mk coarse bteom, ia fla wild
I ires,, transcend the bounds of reason
ad of pufiBe "y v' Prudence, it seems
nt,i.i give but one newer -yea
Iradtaen ia Aeix ureseot eotidiiioo
lariasjdt,aiibatacrvideia eBaf4ev,w4 r-r?J
bef.11 e the war, for. the mere expression n
his anti-slavery c tiaients, by mean
the influence which, a the editor of
trading paper, lie was enabled tn exert
over pubnc opinion, und that severs!
his coi'fjutois were nevro trader, as we
e .stelheeatly tke right ot asnfrsgty aa
eW. Thw wt to admit!, d bv all
ruthMinen brr'areat all srqnainted
rkk ilw rn wboare aeraainfed with their
t5oilffliitlllPi!r cliaracfer.
l'oTfMI'Wftjr 40ltdg
NMlaeaelMSlI iaaaU.,1, TW are bare
Bongnt form a vary large element ia
nr popolalhwlf fTwwaM not get rid of
iemffwsm ldlroald not If w
.a .1 u . iv . 1
)s7fexrpt upon terms mutually benen-
sw y 1 wi ,i"m muri
l-atrnmler fasting, option to nu m.
i bey ae no-, ia the slightest d. greer xo
'psreublr mr the wbwb gsro tlwa Irt-dem, and drprived n of tbem as
oprrtV.t TOblbHaW tj tbrir mas
rfwhk the utrtfnst fidellfy dtiritig th'e
Iidire contest though they well knew that
' as being waged for their liberation.
' a have received several commauica u. ,t i,i.. . i ,i. u.i....... : j 1 1. ,;.. ....1
. . 1 1 -II 1 I - Mf r "(c nniv 01 11 iv iiiKWumii Hinilli 'll mi nit!uai , wiu tii.lL n e
tfons inouiring if negro club will be al- t .i,,:.,ru,i tnr 1...
vflr W)i 7 0 - nnr nil tli. -m tin- friii tlin.i t-
lowed to take part with the Democrat. iu Ofj'oM ; while here, with au army scarce- ulion which this government should U
the coming eumpabnt. Tber Is rrnrhtiig 1 m,- .!! il..,Anv .,.!!,. we.l i,;..L.i..wl
flta the world to prevent them Otdoiisge-r:nptt...ll Wows u nr'lf four tiiaee greater ! Unsolved. That in C.ov. Horatio Sev-
C pua appUira!n to !. lHlfcttW the. whak pcu of .thaDvejji- uaaatof Sim Tork. and Oem JFhinci K
klommiiue at thp D'-mocratie Headouar- ;,....,:.. im). heioir at the rate Of uearlv Hlafr of Missouri, we recoenise as slates-
ft sad f irM tkw fraoatrair in tbo
k'msofinstancav whaVi tkf ware absent
nsre,isatboC.lfe.lerac.v. Ili.lo-
y record rmewrh Oetaweeof ndevity adTj
llerotlnii mider shnftar efrenmsSanei s. . ""nc
Tln-n. a llie v innm rem lin itnnof ns. nur frietnls
ltrt na confer the right of faff rage, pro
perly guarded that is. with froper cpiaN
flejittona. upon the African race In ortr
midst, ocojfor to do so, snd it wjU jp. fajr;
that to vftel a change of opinion aj our
faeae ai tbe North, which tlie n preeenta
lives of tbe .Moilliern peou In UOogres
could not resist titan an tlitng else We
could do. l'rcftdcnt JoUusoti cjearly
saw tlus, In nee a- tlie true Irmu at tin
Sonlhern aeotde, he wrote his letter to
Jrfjgfef'linrke urging the Mississippi
Couvtutiou to iriant lliem impartial aul
fhJfe . Juheneni events have deuicn
.traii'd the wisdom 'd andi a coarse, awd
l is much tn be feared that tke Bon them
people Will yet have re.isnn to regret that
they did uot loilow his aoricc.
In preienling these view, we have no.
itiiaasfoIitil iiihlj by the .twergeney
of the time, a the-reader roast h ao p
y by co
pared to didid onr rjnipfcWSan 0W
r, W lrae for ome lim enter-
tkrTvrws,TiT r well krrowrr to
We w'ero among tbe first In
tea-pted, and position, eesigneri tun M Oitilen ! it ? ho lime" Jdr a change 7
taih'lical dcmonstraiioiis made iit behalf of
llu-C44e. that aims at the overthrow nt
hhe cnrpet-bsirsrerf ami; WJi
- 4wmbl also advffe them to lose ita time In
Wcanisation. The campaign has already
opened and wiU ba prosecutad wkb aj-
ttuggmg eutig. , ..
The Democrats of he outli arc enter
lag the present conflict against ft ulical-
t nileteruimcd to win, aurl the Means of
WchdVe not been governed sole
titmWaitt.m of policy. - sre
T .. ..I 1 .1.6 ' t a H . ..... & '
Poea not eve. r rwii.el.ile I'briaiianit v i the Btate to advocate tlie right 01 - Ilia
"17 W' tu iW s - '
1 j L . . r . .1 . 1
pidOcaeatieotMi general pn-
rT rsnuireibat we should do the brafwllh
hem aud for the that sre'eWt llbJiuljL
Kcr?tehifoi VV,,i 'Mr twental,
Mnfl, snd refhrjmw eailtn 1 rlbooM we
hot hold out to mem every ludS(eeiueiit
1 become useful uiewhera offocieVj?
Phtd,-rVtri hyl inaauf wske-
freeiiieu to t siify in the cotiit and
When first made, use has reconciled every
one to . And soil will b with rid
aiei"' i If it s'toahf ever besdaptod, a4t
0rtUimt Wiff. It embodies all the addt-
'tioiial privilege which we Can safely
grant to the freedmeii, and all that they
have any light tn demand. It Is' just
ty ij ttf aifciskbiii itself and, thcrora eanaot be long
fWlWi jf fg'BaagTy ao right think.
;g man WjU atfejit t to atiswvr these
ew,.lMn, shall tbia be iloim I Tins
are h,m J ' 'i"'- like U" ,re",u4
4SI ifyapidl, ait- able to rcd any servise40ll
9, lltllPbHebliaiMlhfl-a,
'"vein the oroasnt stats of nnblV
mniee to see lb. of lro- r-nilaaasaai
J g a. sh irorerttirg . iiopn,.itlon M V
sal S&J
NSJtWlkeia oru- Im.uJ. -' nta .i ilnsjH
nHKsaasjkWvw .Ia.. 1 rw .
-1 awssasvssmmss wstw" a" mrr vrw a
aOib-J li is a fnrcironi. courluftlou.
wMM warn or ettimew and po'lttieiaas
1l1.1t the v cannot kk-kagalrist the priek
they w:t!1 KTrytittrihb-innovation
oouer pr laierV'iod nT n" n,c vir'
w . .
alice, they carried th estate with their aid
0 uuiiuntv. Ill all
eld by Democratic papers in Alaba
k 11
Manning tn
by i,uuu wiijoruy. it is alreatir propos-,,.1ut,iv(1y f whilt WH, derivrrj fr()M lhc
. 1.. I . I 1 . . . .
11 in 111 itnu"tm. t"
st I ! ai I rMHtA.a SS . 1 .1- C V
tireaa up tn- negro iiyai Leagues nyor-i-,1(i ...... ,.11(l frth
ore crcatiy nsat.sncd wtiu ttt.-ir luuicai lt.,c m, ,lricUy army eapenaea. Nhie the way in srhick ibey shunld be meL-
.ji.riv... i..e, o ........ ... ; huad,,.,! nuino,,, lo support an army wuh-.The r
BBS promises nr gmia Tilings maae totnem
out fuel Ev.iy white voter in ihe.ed
vcrviinng clearly the isrmai before urn people am
rcsolaliuas were unanimously adopt-
ami' they beenn to see that their true and 1' ,;.,. w.n, . Miisn(nr ne. i wvir. Tl. na itusS'il 111 iiflia'i
rt liable tiiends are their old masters and " iS: '.. .... . ..1. 1 1 ' -. . .. .
T V . .. 7. :J,rT ' rtT " I ejxo p.uui.t 10 siaun guarii wiui ui uato- 1 oi.sei v.i:ive eniimeii; 01 me couutry in
.... .I... ..I.t H.-.m. I...... ...te..... 1(1.1 . 111. . . 1. a . 1 . .... . i. '
...... ...V v-. w...-...e uei over mm and ant rorrr- 'Uoii
earpct-baggers, scalawags and advent ur
er who eame among them to iue them
and aggrandise tbeintclvt s.
lu 1. u 1 .-1 ma we noli e that the Demo
oracy iuteud to eulwt in tbe Democratic
rahk the negroes ts fltr s rn
The JfewOrTetui riar of Saturday Ut'f-0
ventiou assembled in the City of New
ton it is not only tli it tlus prodigious lork, op the 4th day of July nominated
sum ha gene to army aceoitrt. It is ran didates for l'i esident and Vice Preff
avwfHJy.rAtri that tlte atesf dasodra drnt f tbe United States and pledged
tiitinkrul Tbu aiuty is kuowu to have tbem t the support of principles in liar
emocratic.,,,, immediately reduced after '.ho wary 'mouv with the Conatiiutiuu ; Therefore
It limit. '.,,1 1. i,y 1m'm .1 UMin s,... airsr
I" " 1. 11VW .V . ' " ' ' . wu,"uu ....... ..I" lb
lias the fallowing
war the m lit .ry establishment Ke&Jred, That the platform of princi-
1 was. e believe, estimated at 27,tM)0. pies citiiuciated by the Convention cola
sobetnee, ia a solemn duty which the
hotiaal ami iDUrlligmt ettiaena of the
State own to lsotlt races. ?
liuomed. 6. Tlmt there should be
Oo political nntngnnism between tbs
Portbs Watchieun and Old gortb State
Al a un i ting of tin.- Sevinour and Blair
ni..f. i, ,.i,i .1 .1... rLt if...... i- " -
ton, Davidson Crrunty, on the 4fh U. ' 1 1?e ',.he PPlrf Nol?h
convened for tbe nurre nl .deeti-s- Me. ! CandllMI cheerfully Concede to tbo
laancut ..nicer, the fallowing gentlemen j Colored poople the wne rights of per
were duly elected :
President - C . F . I jo we .
I Vice Presidents- J. If. Hargrove, J. P.
, Secretary Thns. Symons.
Treasurer A. C. liege.
Direetorti. C. Haines, A. M. Rhyne,
W. M. Bigger. D. W. Picket.
It was moved and' adopted that the
meeting adjourn to meet again on Tues
day tbe 18tb inst
eotiaj tecjuily, perspnol liberty, and
. private proper which thejr claim for
iliemselvee ; that they desire to pro-.
ti'Vfor the education of the elttl
dien of colored people, to enable
( iiifiu to oceotne liinanoiaera, wnere.
by I hey may secure permanent homes
ten their cTvire win tie cneertuny ac,, wo buildred and eighty millions a year! of great merit, and enlaeged petriotim
men ready to reform nuuse reduce the
ranrnwns expenditures of the govern tpent,
who will administer the government strict
ly in accordance with thn Can.irftution aad
and whose devotion to -the Constitution
As' oilier, oth lhnt., X. C
Srlisbnrv, . C , Aug. 7, 1868
mi r tfl LN . . r . ir "S j l . i It. : 3 . 1 .
r , r, Pf tT , J ; 1 lie net o. su.n m is. ui.., r., wmms J .r (.rred inU) the
Jidy; 1868, is published for the bjiiehi of Confidence and support of all patriotic and ! jj u ,.i rj..,,i t
fall those concetiied. OiimtttuHenal Unhm men of the Uuitcd . . 1(,j.i'.t,. . isJi t.;r...;..I
H. H. HrLi'kk, f-Salli Tri . i .i a n i that is, at the bead of onr army. He
SL-t iLT5A Ho -ever latd to
heir triampb, notwithstanding the large . . ... .r'- N., ... , 'iLit-ui W-.T. ... 0, ; resign troai tho army muler serious char-
. . . . . - n... .... o .in. it. i..a una i.i....,-, uu,.,a. ..... i. ..... ,
e tnslrumenl ot true pcrinsneui enslave
raent Of the whites ; and' they Will show
iioeatitrivasises by Radicals, devised to
insure lie ii diefniucbjsviuent, to sland ill,
theQr av ns insnperable obstacle That
oath, which, required of every voter "that
lie stcepte the civil an pomrcwi ewwNars
if all men, and that he will; not deprive
He can
.......l...r ot diatranehfaid whiles, is to he ' 1 ' rf , i " i. a ... ..... ..j-Mtcs. or be dismissed In disgrace
." "3" "Tr;; .. 1 wn y nw n WW t.r Ma, a,.u to woos n.cion an .ega. ana , - . . , . 75.0t)o men and
sale, exceeding in quantity fifty gallons, cousluui i. nal qu sie n , are commuted by J ,l,r!(rtnv f 200,000, and not lose
ana no. m a oo.m. wart-aou.0 a me : in- - onsutuiu. ., aim .. ...y . . i 01ie.i1;tlf i,i4 mmmAai. I wouW ot feel
mit. w.iqii iiup owi ia.ii t weci, eiimi 101
fWr the rfaniilies, and to extend to
them a liberal dual ifled snfl rage.
Jtesdf-ned, T. Tlutt We warn tho col
bn motion the Secretary is instructed 1 Jf"P' .!?" bemg Jed IfltO
is furnish the proeeedings of the meeting ! d gan nation, under the name
to tbe Anfiitrl, and IVafefiMan d Old '!f lM)',,c? or Other ttawie,
JVortA State for publication. , argued ny uaa men, wno, movoa
e.... a,... - 0..1.. i ana udllend hf tlm intialinn nt thn
inns, .xcy. " J . - . ...
' Devil, and fatally bent upon mis-
(rKXKRAL Lbe. - A Veteran" rfte. ! desire to toangnrate eivil atrifc,
t. the New York IVorW, in reference to ! "'V r 1","
. , , at ' - i etmtrolmgi hy force, the ensntog elee
tbe on that some one had a portrait . ; j
of General Lee in hi house, aa follow. : i vt) most Htixious to Citrtivhl a aptrit
"I Imve served my country well from j df harmony and good Will, We toast
tho loth day of April, 1861, the day, of i and will protect onreolvea ; that the
President tinooln'f calL for 75,000 men, . ety of the colored people lie in
and was mustured out of service in Au- j )BlK.ei aa,j we th jnv
gnst, I86a, aud I can isjr that I admire l' ,.:- . of thirXhieh
General Ijfe as s pure, good man. I i,..r-l...l kl- i2T 3
Resolved, 9. Tftsrt for the porpose
of carrying eat, as far a lit our pow
er lies, the foregoing resolutions, this
meeting recommend tbs formation of
Seymour and Blair Clubs at ever
election precinct in the county ; the
aioitimcnt of committees, composed
-of onr beat cilixene; for the special
object ot en I ign timing tne colored
ny person of any rights or privileges op
ncc nut l rate ur .cuter, iney will not be
tly-uii.ilibed ' about. . .Many of ilu.ui
lake tli it oath They scc- in the con-
ijiliied Trhp nf Rtdienlisnt something
,.rse than lbs ealh
to be eunnred.'-
W ith tbe laainpk bef .e.u. ef what
Was aouc in some ot the .strongest n in l.miaiao.i, in Mi.-eistippi
.1 .i i.mia. tve uo not am H unil toe i" in-
crst ran carry every Niulhern bub; if
her only orgaiiia for I ho purpose, and.
by colh'cliai: the negroes into Democratic
iteeger ehnexlonp the propositma ava4tii"'l. l u UaUnwi have torced up
on uieiu mis uecetsnj . p ae mvtc pm
iusti iiiuvut of vie to-
tiiedintelv make a lelurn, under on!
i je ii . .. a- . a . . . .
the collector of the district wlierem
spirit may be held, stating the number
and kind ot package, together Willi
marks and brand thereon, sail li
. . ..' .. , - ... . . ashamed to have the portrait ot Oeneral , neoule ad Ilia iinbie n naatinna nf tlia
,, to in tlie tree teMrge or it, we re- j h j n y ,f,,)r or wmi!d .6 y dB..; and the VormaiiM at HSriMar '
such gard as au attach on the Coii.titnimu and .1 a.1..-! l lo a.l.i ft.u TVi.T rormanop 01 Oejmoor
destrnelive of. tlie. jightt -ji0i.UhccUw Vtj- ssLS'Sm.SSaaSw-
U,e mppe.. . A we regaw sa.o V as ; , ... v Kucinv , U araaT 1.V TK "'n '5. V' ...
Place the hi eat bulwark erect, il lor the protcc- . i iTi ' i.i eawtwsj, . mar, tmatlT, we Will
whrte the same are stored together with , lion of tlie Constitution, and tbe right of i
. c . ... .. - ci. , , . . .. . , - .
llie quantity ot pn its as . ncmly as the the people against usurpation ana uncou
ostricr Can determine fhe same. Up u stitutional and oppressive legislation.
he reeeipt of sub reliira the eolloclor, lie. suited, That in our opinion the only
sere, safe and just war to restore peaee
ahd quiet to the Coontry is for Coiurr.e
iniiieilialely to uutrammel too JSiiprerae
tdieansm Sto FUrf fin), MlWirll tlmt ,ne tll!t n aid i
aWdoh,oth,,,gbaadr ,biriafc .d) .ifarmedlgtetj ;
. I frjiuse tlie same to be gliageil and ptovial i
" ise erery Uwlnl means to suppress
armed organization and secret ao
into their hands ibis
. - . r .... ..... .... ... . ,
And tue weinocraiH in an iuosu r);,,:.!,..! IuiriH
... i j , i i. . . . . i . - - ,
oisivs tniu in itii.E bciu wnii.-i. .wfyyw.
hat i ntt i u ui fiit, wbich w designed fui
i ir nuiiisJiment. a a sure means nt
ihiasliu.g the ltsdicals aud winning s
f ciuucra.tie. triuiupti.
structed u.l of lUcin, will cast heir vote till ja en,,,!,, nMl ,, ,111 ownerf
tlie iiesiocr.icy, aim tun ivn ri.-nuiai
voles lor preside"1 trt those of tbe Dew
craiic States of he North. ,
i . n ij 'i i.. i). n. .
I,'- iroHFUCW. . MO 1X.SI.MI USL. "! I ... ,
sensible M fair-ninded .kiU St I C,e 0"bI tftO UOOOle 1 tht WO
concedes that the treatment the South pmage ourselves n -t to employ or
t . . u . .- . . . .-ii 1 i i... . . 1 -' i.i.....
receiving is caicuiatca 10 -irritate a ejeiiei- " " T. ....
live neonle into strornr exoressions of re- and tlutt two wlU at; ran
T - "(; . 5--
. ,.J J . : . . 1. :..k - :.- tn . 1 1 1 r- hiiu'oi sim h i it
,t - - i si 7 w i . ii :t , i ' intuitu iiiiarr- hiiu it'imt-miiiti "Mi, ini(ia 11 Kw wmm w mm
bTunln.eniatTtmnrgi.sgw.Mbn Bl.aU ijiuri, Mil Utt an tnese mootea V,, IM4wiUtodi., to caution Ineiida to will sustain tut
u sjjwaa 'WttotMSBJi'l' T V'iTl C T" . j Tl I" the speaker and editor ef the Sooth that
"their declamation may run into an excess
ot expression, and afford an opportunity
to their enemies ill the North in augment
ni irk
on each 0 isk or package cnntainiugi five Acis. be brought before it. and there be
wine gallons or more, and shall alii and dl-ct.led and etltsl, and that we plod we
cancel au eiigcuved, stamp ihcrcon, which ourselves as law-hhiding citizens to abide
stall be as follows : by sueh decision.
Stsnip for stock on hand. No. -j Jtesolved, vThat all we ask is free, fair
Issued bv r .- "Tit apdinjlkVlwL.eJctjflMKa
t . Minimi oe against us, we sunn ieei uyour
Collerlor of district, State of
oar colored .
Ill Mrnin
. w . . m . - w ... imi.iii ..o au mi, 1 "a
I t'2-n ... '.--..
..ui ine tore 'omg resolutions.
- - - -
Of it CoiiiNi; Vutobt in Nbrtact
HKit. It is onr clear opinion that
iin.iiirlioo sirvsiiital tl.ntti sir lima u-nrt the
It idical siV already laboring with all the t -thmg to5 tlto hMicatl par.
." dntv to submit and vieb' obeilfence ta the
Tax paid prior to here ' will of lbe majority thus expressed.
engrave I lie date wbeu title Act takes ef-' Load call were then made forbid., log.
:t ' t ii... ei .-. - .1 . . . ... i... . .i .iu i ,i.. ...
ifci. I orooi canons, t.auireti . ..lasii-n, n no nui...-s.-.i iiik oi--. ,011; ...
18. 1 I 1 l.:rg:h. iir an uble ami patriotic manner
1 . fluagiT, i and offered the following-.
I II .1: ..' M...1 o I ... I. ..I. I I.,. 'I'l,.,, ,l. I I,. un .invoinl
rrrV" i r- . .1 . .1 L iU .ll.o-.l ejfonn ... ar. v , .wnw.f ...... .... -rr-
juttginvniis trial inose rtri.t.-, person, as aforesaid, sbali btMiiclnded twi.iy-fiea d. legiie to repreaent i
1 lalcs, wore lbaa half of thjnnj , .,,. anl ,ie ear.ztii shall county in the Conservative' Slate Conv
ai Siiirit i5wiiefr' tam to Be hflirin Raleigh? on tBe 1.
1 . . ft . j.: V i l. . - a. ft .11 1.1 ..; . f . a
" IMy ,,,c" P"00 PM w " ' . ... ... ... latsinees
stamped, a iiloiesaid, and a report there-1 1 hn Chair a pnlbte.1 the following del- j ii- T i Ks
.fin duplicate shall 'immediutlv be made egaies, via : C1d.,-psepb Msslen, Thomas ; .-.., .u
by the guVger to the collector and asses .1. Wilson, Henry Files. .T'ohii A. Vogl.-f,
-or at the district show in the nutnlier of John II. Hester, vr. J . ueiiiv, .lonn u
From tbs National Intelligencer.'
lack- Waddell. t 'barlea Toagur. l'hilip Harrow,
ilkt, .eiitv. and eooeede il graceful-lfelTIZKV 4 ! IS IT XoT TiUH Ft)ll
narkuite. cui. tent snnd proof of each p
iMErnEj- fttn. ,ia a.EZL.a?n l.MI . ... . jmr i-t f. -j t, .. r . , , ;, , ... ' ii . .. t I.
rbeitatesman who attempts tostand A CfUMit! age gnaged aud stamped, and one ot said Joaepa l ag.uu-j, .a, ii. oujiiiajj,.
11 111, .M.llll noyor, SOBD
iily upon taw
wili be an- Fifuiim hundred mftlinnsof dollars have
lbe State been jn id bv t Itc people to tlie Unvern-
ths current 0'meoini tne imiryu oiaie .nw- ui. .
AH the public buildings In the UnmpT
ly be crodited when we i from thmmaguiheent tTtvp.iol at WMshmg
I . . a i. . . ... .11 i L .
nrofpled to writ ' toW.TW swoTsnny wtn Y y
' i. ii," - ' ftftftJliastStnSSi
eonaHeraticrsofpstriotttp,, . . the navy of CI -eat Dei
ta eaaes atMure reuecuon. . . wm,,j i.,- , ntoon
sjntiiiifcoto to f ar s the Iactffe ocarr
ft afee'd'
i veil -
retioi It shall b transmitted bv llnveollec Stafford, Ileiiiy
tor to ihetmmioiirernftnr.dKftcv-1 IWrper, R.Tl "Walter, Dr. W-1. Dick:,
eoue. No sack spirits shall lie gnaged or .Iirtnea lleed. 0. J. behataa, Col. Henry
Mlftmnen in sitv eiatsm or other st alionai v Sh iu-e. N' 1'. SuUivan. Aleiandet Sui
vessel. Ay person owning
possession, such spirits and
itrgewitry W posers. Tbia tort J from a WaterloO defeat ia JSorcni -
South should keep in view, and not aflhrd j I'elitieal propliectea a geaer
hctp to those who dtoiee to pmlrsag t.e ally indiscreet, and it ia rarely thai
ali. i ei.'.a between the Not tli and the I ite World indulges in them. We
South by interim: word that mar be di-. wore teinpfetf to Oo so when the ootn-
I tortrd into a uieauins adverse to the pesce . i.irr was nm versa! that President
of tbe Union. The heated orators at tbe '.I.ilinson wostid be convicted and ra-
Sooth do not ,.e..j.erfy represent the gnt latsyesA Irom ortiaa. Wo ware tempt -taass
of the for whom they astante i0 expresa the opinion juas .
to speak. 1 h- sentiment aiooi thepeo- u.) nt , )Mt Sute cectioc that tba
fc tlitorls f,ffMMSAJB.JSJ. Dem.crats would carry Ne Teak
hy ab.rot gO.eXJO ht a time when ali
the lupnuulicans confidently exoect-
ed their majority to S5.1HM). There
1 is far' u s i Ok tli the prediction winch
we now hazard that (jiant and Cui .
x. v i t" " rftx will be defeateo byftelseniocrat.
lbe Ac Y-'t t Jtmc say ; 1 he CJM,jitij,Ie November, for it ia
Democrat most not h too sore of . , - immr1fktr mr. intilmmm
Sir. Seward beiiig one .f f T.'t .mfniMifl aTTi astMtsrm
irglecting to make such return
felt ihe same: sjto -ail. distill
.Sr thrvt v- il. v. f. llin rial itol '
ii-w.i.., . ...i.., ...... ..w.H JT- 91 W
wi s cacc. u. vwk H-.
tsintainisc more than nee
..w. . . .
ifa Ions, with- Ihn
. . . . 1 , i in , ni
Ji (JtrV flrfa X le&w (Jtfl OssUfQaaU)
ten delegates to represent this county in
i. '. . . :..iiA ...
l.isinct vonrt-iiuou
..lion of old associations : the revival of
ami obedience to con
itivine men In both
seel iowa .re.ohstada to. this c-ttst!njniA-.
tlon." llkhm-wd Whig.
poliiicnl friends und su
. ajsia
a .. . I ... . I... ... liinti tlA .-lino
uiiuriniiynui. , r-m ' - ' 11111 tllill at I iV i "T I is .Vj mw -wiw tiim)fmc6 atAQ
t or bill ing in At Morris Gel. Henry Mwrsball, r ytarrotlvn-taiT HaltHlltoll . 4few .I.termaa.'
id refusing or and Kvan lranson. Turk will bo hcaiil in rtvard to pub-. .tHO-t'ifaai
iturnliJl f-r-j On motion the Obrimsat, aad Secretary iHl nestioll, tud Iieiaity of the '
wtihVd snirrts wiia aaasal tolketoit ' - - - : mIJL nt mtftTlAjaeut " fr - awaasat
Uto.jtoJl reeling of
poople. .V.)', IrorW.
l -rVsMta '
i oi uo ll, .ail. . tsmcSwnsrt, Aweass
It ia ilioturiu that Mr, bovartf xar- IVtatosatn. hatoai .e. ftna asVowo asto
bap;wtl define lu position in jt l'.r n,a-iU isr, werebaW at t
and cart into thw ew lbe b!
iU,WK'iri if i Slil e fetr nr
Ww yVW atalPplySBSeeev
sra. h?U2jTeW WV a
tosa i
ism' adi ' baa h

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