North Carolina Newspapers

8AU8B0B7. AUG. 14, IMS
OQL flQEATfO SfiftlODR,!
Thi () siinguiahed gentleman bee
pobli.hcds letter in lb Reltigh
Standard, addresser! to tbe Ooeeerva
fives of North Carolina, in which ho
olsimi to bo water rati, and a
member of tbo conservative party,
end argot tbo conservatives ta vote
for Gen. Grant in order to effect a
fiaal ssttlsment ot oor d fficultie and
prevent another civil ar. Wo will
not assail tho nter for interfering in
politic hooaoo ho wss a Judge, for it
not bo admitted that thoro mar b
morgenciee in which a Jndgo mar bo
jnaffied ia giving hio view to tho
public, and of that emergency be
moot himself be the judge. Tho
opinions of anch a man are not to
bo deepir-ed or treated with contempt,
vw an established (act. Whatever
dsuiigogues may tav there ia now no
party in the coantry which would re
enslave tbem. And if there waa
snob a parly would not have the pow
er, and could not re-enolae them if it
woald. Thooe who amort tbo eon
tray are either knaee or foola. The
institution of tlaeery haa been abol
iahed and ite reeeabliahuieiit forcer
prohibited by an amendment to the
Conetitntiou of the Dnitod 8tateo,
and that amendment cannot bo
changed or repealed except by the
content of three fourlht of ALL the
6 a n, North and 8ooth. It ie plain,
then, thai if over; man. woman and
r, THX
r aroma abkt asd watti the abo-
au rouncAL laaiaiiMij riLrnxa
tmax. wa im tmm ta uti oc
atnaarnrranvm onu aor orva
a tumaar or
as eatT raarr ntenrrtaTW rat rowan to
oa rioii i muwem i an rr
aun RDBoa
mat im aava aaas ranoara ar rat
mi mm wools west cbraiwlt taaa at
tn. ajawem karaar
mitehierioaa and u neons tin-
bill evidently reoeived its
ia tho Sene'e on Saturday
A special Militia bill waa oiler
ed at a eabetitwte bj Mr. Motpaat, a
Bepoblieaa Senator, and adopted by
a majority of five voter. A motion
waa made to reconsider tho vota. hat
no definite action baa been bad upoo
it ap to (hit writing that we have
award of. And whenever an r sneh
action is bad we feel confident that
tho first vote will be eus'stned. We
will not conceal the foot that we res
joice greatly at thai action of th
Sonata That branch of tbe legjala
tare hot proved to be on thit occa
sion what it waa intended to bo by
the .founders of tha government a
check apon tbo reckless legislatioa of
tbo larger and mora popular branch
It ;t a matter for congratulation
that many of the' loading epabi
can membera of the Senate rote on
tho occasion above all partisan ooa
side rations aad proved themalte to
be the earneat advocate of the Con
titoiioa, of peace, of law and of or
d t-r. A number of tbem opposed the
bill with quite aa much seal at did
the eoeearvatfvo mem bora. We any
fhio ie a toaster fn eoogrstololioa at
i . i .a . .a - .
P proveo taat tfie violent batmen
that Lave lately swayed the politics of
the State are bgtasiag to give way
to reason and common eenee.
1 be thanks of the people of North
Osrukna are doe to that tncrrnpti
bit patriot and able jurist, Hon B
F. Moore, for tha isettitaable ear
vice which bo bat rendered tbem
ear thit occasion. There can be
and we thall accord to the letter tho child in the South, white and colored,
reepect wheh it merits. We distent
from tome of the ooaetitational vinwt
of the learned Judge disagree with
him in hie premises, and cannot con
ear with him in hia conclnsiona. We
are d etained by no tech apprehea
arena, at teem to haunt the mind of
the distinguished Chte Jos ice aa to
the consequences which will result
from the election of the Democratic
and Coneervative tieket, and we
think a perusal of Gov. Seynioui't
letter of acceptance will satisfy even
him that his fears are groundless. O
tbja contrary our apprchentiont are aa
to what will be the conteqnencet of
the election of Gen. Grant. It it i
hie election that we see danger to tl
peace and libertiea of the country.
But we have not commenced writ
ing with a view of replying to th
Judge's letter to day. We prop
next week, from a quiet retreat n the
thadea and cottagj of "The Spark
ling Catawba Springs," whither we
expect to repair on to morrow to
apend a few daya ia the parauit of
health and nleaeure, to review tbo
letter n a manner and in a spirit
becoming the great tohjeet of whicl
it treeta, and of all pr per reaped for
the dieting nithed writer of it
THE COLORED TOTEK8- THETB moat lotellatewt moo. beta. We hero
TRUE INTERESTS recently oaalaoad with quite a nam
The freedom of tbo colored raoe ie war of tbem of both the old political
partiet and all of them concur with
ae in theae vie we. For ouraelf,at
leaat, we aay that we w ll use oor boat
axtrtioua to eecure a qualified sot
frage to (he colored taoe whatever
may happen.
We would, then, appeal to tbo col
ored people iu our midat, many of
whom read our paper, to consider
carefully what we have raid above.
Wo would alto appeal to them to re
flect upon what haa already happen
od in iheir brief eaperieuee since po
litical pritiiigee have been eunfeied
upon them. Bve any of jpe laviah
proinitee of land and mule been
complied withl Are I bey not nt i
fled that the only aee which the rad
ieale have for (hu ia the uea of their
voter to elevate themselves to office I
eorrence of a duaen ot the Northern Are they not eoutinewd of thia by
det' red tha restoration ot slavery it
could not be done except by the eon
Tax Waej Eawnrw We
have matted tat Jaly aebr of ihta
Oery able Periodical. Iu eenttaiS are,
1 he Obaraetor of BriiUh Bale ie India,
Daviete'i letrtdaetiee ta the New Te
Umeut, fs operation applied to the D wet
lings of the People, Nitro-Olycerine tbt
Nw EiD'oelee. The Mirrtair Lewi of
the Doited Kiagdota, Th Iaaaa, Ob arch
aad State, Tha 8paolah Glpty, tad Notte
ea Oentemporary Ltieratar.
Thia publieatloo ia Inferior to aeae la
point of learntog and ability, bat it it qeite
radical aad avvgrattiva both ia politic! and
religion, to mnrk at that wo eemld act re
maud it far promieieoaa reading la
Bat ttin It auy be
read with prott, If not with pleaaare by
tvery psrtoo who poeeettet a wall belan-
eed and ell traiaed miad. Addrtt the
Ltoaard Scelt fub. Co., 140 fahoa Su,
Mew Terk.
Btab Px txxtt BxWf gtkgfik We
leara fro M. A SeiUh, dtpaty thrriff,
rer tht irataxmao 0 0M enh State.
At a s ated taoat af of the Fallon
Lodge, No. M, A. T. M , held ta the night
el the 7th Inst., the fallowing revolutions
were ananlmoasly adopted I
WntaxAB, It baib plvattd tbt Al
saigbty disposer ot even it to resort froai
eer atirct oar well beloved brother, Elov
G. Blacxmbb, at tbo early age of SI
year and translate hit from tbit liaptr
feet te tbo all-pel tstt, gltrieet aad eahw
tlal Lodge above
Ruoivtd, That wt feel that fa tMt tad
dUpsDtailon oar Lodge baa lost eee ef lie
moat eeteeand and worthy members, so
ciety ete ef Its brigbteel ornaments and
most v in nous aitiaaoa, and ait family a
devoted too aad aa affectionate brother.
iwiifcttt, 1 bat we leader to tbt fatally
end friende of oor deceased brother oar
eiaeerett ynipatbiea, hoping tbt remem
brance of bi asstul lift and many virtues
may prove a cmfurriog contoUmm.
Buolvtd. That a a tttiaoaial af oar
sorrow we will wear tht etaal baaVe ef
mourning fur thirty days.
Jlto WIS, That a copy of tltaa resolu
tion under the seal ol the Lodge be tent
Statct. Not a single Koilbern S'a'e
would ever cnnteut to any inch btng,
nor will any Southern State ever pro
p'ltO it.
The freedom of the colored race
being s fixed fact, the white aud llie
colored races can have no separate
and distinct political interests. It is
the interest of the colored race that
we th uld have a sound constitutional
Von. merit, the la a of which thaJl
The Standard seems to be some
what exercised about the fact that
tome of the Democratic and Corner
stive papers of the 8tate have hoist
ed the National Flsg at their mast
heads. It refers first to the Old
North Stat wit eh it truly says it
edited br so old Whiir. Well what
of that I It is not witb eminent pro
priety that an old Whig, whose Iny
alty hat been to of;f n endorsed by
the Standard, himself under
the flag of his country to flght th
battles of his country I And is it nr t
with eminent propriety that such s
tutu endorses the New Turk plat
form which embrsce the old Whig
doctrines to anch an extent aa almost
to alarm some Consereatives, lest tho
ex reme Dein icrats should repudiate
it I And is it not with eminent pro
priety that -an old Union Whig np-
poits an upright able arid tjonservs'
tivo Union Demueiat npon such a
platform, who is a wise snd patriotic-
statesman, in opposition to another
Democrat who is utterly devoid oT
statesmanship, and wbo stands upon
a platform which ignores most of the
Whs soi t of consistency is it which
the Standard ad mi ret. that which ad
herea to party regardless of principle.
Or that which adheres to principle re
gardless of party I For our part we
do not horitnte to say the latter is the
only kind of consistency which w e
regard as worthy of sny praise
the faot that in the North, Ohio. In
liana, Ksutas snd iltch gau, for ia
t'auca. where ther do not need the
votes of lbs colored men to give
them the control, they bare refuted
by heavy majorities to allow the
colored men to votct And have not
he intelligent and irtDout among
them a imt Con'emU for that clam of
adventurea,utually called "carpet bag
gera," wbo come among them and en
deavor to obtain their votes for them
mffnrA Miiml ttriil i rn i iii r r I A 1 or..' ..ft! i i Ol
to the right, of sll without di.ttno- U-,,d Pr hJ di
don ot race or color, it is aiso tnei
inteieet ihat such law ehould be wee
ly and impartially aduiinistsred by
virtuous and intelligent men. And
this it as much the interest of the
white as it is of the colored race.
Why, then, should one be arrayed
ayainet the other I There is no reason
at all why they should not act togwih
er in the moat perfect harmony.
We long ago took ground in faver
of an intelligent qualified enffrage
for the colored man, and declared our
readiness to defend it upon principle.
That position we have never aban.
sent on between them and ibeir for
mer masters with whom they have
heretofore lived, and among whom
they mutt continue to live! And are
they not tafisfied by this tune that
their old masters, and the intelligent
white men of the country generally,
are the only friende npon whom they
can rely for sympathy, employment
and support. And finally wo woald
ask the intelligent of them whether
they are aot pjseosed of s me of the
feelincs and pride of manhood
whether, knowing as ther do that
they can never bo tha lawgiving
bed elotaiac Stolen from their
about a year age, aad brought te thit
ceeuty by the ibie e. There waa tmoog
the article one notable quill of very fine
needle work, wrought Iu IBM, aud bear
ing lbs same (and date; ef the ewaer,
which ltd te tht diecevcry af the proper
j a a .... iwiio wverninsr rave, mm m n,
doned, and we republish the article! . , . . i. -i.i.
r . they would not rather unite with
on on r first page to dar. We wcirl .... .... j
never rednoed to the necessity of d-
all that ia high-touts, geuerout aad Jatt
tam i he while race in Urn aettlemeat and
feuding the positions which we then lm DrovftBenl oi thw gorernmeot ef the
took, aa no one ever attempted to con- eeuutry tkM wilh , of mea, eaeh aa
fro vert them. We were opposed t. mosi situs radical loader art, of low
universal tnlfrage for that race for
rentont wliieh we gave at the time.
and which huve all the force now for iheir ooontry't rmd
that thev had then. But tince thai unworthy of the political
brtediag and of low inn unci, lbs yankea
portion of which have "left their country
aud wbo are
tociatioa ef re
time a Constitution has been adopted Itpeetablv colored mm.
in North Carol na which couf. m the But wa aroald hare the tolered peeple
privilege of voting upon the whole of remember that tht Democrats and Ooa-
the colored race.
The. itae of suffrage, therefore,
may or may not lie a tettied qnesuon
we incline lo the opinfon that it n.
Die baie election of Gov. Sc-vniour
to the Presidency will certainly not
retnlt iu the overthrow of the pre
ent Stat gnvernments in the South
ern8;at:s. and the faking of thuelec
ive franch to from any portion o'
he colored people But if Gov. 8ey-
itioyr should be elected by a triumph
rrvatlvea promise ibeia no oncee.
land, no males, nothing butagoolgov
era (Brut well adoiinietered, th lawn ef
which dispel 40 iiuiice impartially be
tween the rseet, aad make no distinction
between '.In m in regard to their civil rigbtt
on account of race or color. They prom
at them only bst tbey Intend lo give
then, because they would not deci'
tbem, at tht Badiealt hare. Then again
we would tsy te our colored friend,
you ih to have all thett blessing se
cured, and be tort of torn measure of
ant and overwhelming majority, and tuffrge in any event, you can only ee-
hia I'nends should succeed in electing
a Urge- luajirify ot the memlie-aof
lie liohacof Kepretentatives, as now
seem very probable, the overthrew
of these goverumcnts w ill i.dlow as a
principles of-tOO. old Wil ig ty I rrn' ' f ml re, '1 l,-y are H-en now
but little doabt that bis able opin
ion, ia the shape of a letter to Col.
Sinclair, in which he completely
expose the unconiti'ur on alt j of
t .e bill, cowtrioatod powerfully to its
defeat. That letter, which was read
by. Col. Sinclsir during the debate on
tlm Mil in the Hoses of Represents
fives, we publish in fall todav. We
scarcely oeod apologiae to our road
ert for the great space which we de
vota to it, for it oanm.t bo denied that
It i a matter of great importance tha
our people should bo accurately in-
tor men upon tbo ooeoritatiooat que
i ont or tne day. we nope none
will fail to give it aa attentive para
L-Don't fail
fs attmr tT aceept-
I. .U CaaJr-sraStatrw-day The
l Is a rtpraatatstiv ef tbo trao coo-
in istlis tm'amitaal af tti eauuy, i
bam the awmeot wo read hie Jatuar all
I. u of law aWaax mf oar
Bfctfm tester of
We are glad to learn from tha pro.
eeedingt of the logitlttore, which we
tee in the Standrrd, that all the Re
publican members arc not so blind
ed by partitanism aa to be unable to
ee hs evile that mutt; inevitably re
mit from the passage of thit bill'.
Mi.8mith, of Msrtin, had the bon'
eaty to say that tho ptvitage. of the
bill, '-would angende- the object it
was intended lo prevent," and pre
dieted that t would mm the Reoob
lican party. Mr. Barueit, of Person,
said that "the passage of the bill
w.u!d open afroan the woondt of the
war now ftcTfitrnTTni,' ahg ttoat fhe
cry of opirettion wonia ring from
the sea aiiora 1 1 the moan taint "
THeee were wordt wtiely and titlv
tba effe
tottering uuder their own weight, ai;a
thev ca itiot survive an overwhelm
g popular terd ct against them.
There would then be no power to ens
taut litem but tie 8enate, and the
Senate would be com pel led to y ield
to such a verdict as may reasbnably
be expected the present tignt of
ibe times.
In the event of the overthrow of
theae revolutionary State govern-
cere it br auilina wiib the Deiaoersts
and Contcrvativt-a iu the ele lion of Gov
Beyasour to th j Pretidency. Tea have
already mads a good beginning is tbt
formation of a colored Seyraonr snd Blair
Club ia Salisbary, arid at ether pi i
wa wi top vmts long to im the great
body of ibe colored population member
of then. Ia thit course yoa will be
lained by the beat men in the country wbo
will never forget the service yoa aril
thereby render them.
entsTmawaowtpxstti mmm eei awtjww wai smesews ttww me
to. W'4 ef a auBmatfitaiBlai. a-cdiaav "
Gov. Seymour haa written a letter
formally accepting the nomination
of tha New York Oonvention. wbicb
meuta will the privilege of voting be We find in oar exchanges thit morn
taken away from the entire colored jg. It i junt inch a litter aa wat
popuianonf ttiar oepenoa sttjowcrir 1 10 htv been expected from a atares
er npou bow they exercise that .ni 9f Wiargt4 and li.tieral viewa.
lege m the approactttOg efectifn. Jt It fs Wa, wisa, thoughffhl and on-
they vote to very-ta nunrtven, With biJerae. From it we learn that if
the intelligent and respcctshle white Gov. Seymour should be elected to
the b A will be defe ied ia the Senate
Tbo Mfaaiferd m evidently alarmed
a' the protpect of ill failarq in that
House, beaco its pot hot ie appeal in
it issue of the ffih ia favor of Us
ia the
people of the country, for the elec
tion of Gov. Sey mour, one of the
wisest, best and most impartial states
men in ibe lend, an i thus sbothat
i her are friends of tho white
people, aad with to live with, tbem
on terms of peace and frendthip.
the Chief Executive office of thena
tion he will not be tha President of a
party, but of whole people. He
proclaims himself to a be coneti'atioa
alist, snd wisely declares1 his inten-
tiotL-toiotact tha righja. of, ibe mi
nority. Ia abort every word o' the
they will secure to ihtmiaelvesa large ltt bre,the, , tpitit o( tnj
harmony. Wa arose from its perusal
th aa admiration for the writer J
witb a feeling of delight such at
we have not experienced for many
Hit eoerntei wilt ba en.
able effectually to assail any part
meature of the elective franchise in
ed in aoch a crisis, cannot bad will
not bo overlooked- in any re oVganis
effect of them was not to defeat
the bill in the House of Repretenta-
ri has
, . . a t.i-.-J I
Bot ws sre not without hope that "OB m "'" m TuionTns.
ligent sun rage win no awarqea mem
a a mattsr ol right and j
well aa a reward for the MtV
dered the Coneervative cause. Sacb ia
and Cooserratire party as
E soaps of Paaovaaa -Three prle
enert, (oegrece,) broke eat of Concord
Jail ss Sunday eight last. Tbey made
their way by breaking a bole la the over
head ceiling and the roof, aad lettieg tbem-
aelvet down br rope made ef their bed
Bxtttal Mtrxoaa. We leara fro
oor Charlotte exebaageo that W. Bea,
of Meeklanborg meaty, brataliy murder
ed a woman who had formerly ceca kit
wife, but wbo had obtained a divorce
from hits, a few daya ago. Bea hat been
arretted aad lodged ta jail to await kit
trial for the crime.
Grand Tournament and Coronation
Ball t the Sparkling Catawba
Ws are requested by the proprietor
to atate that there wiii be a grand
Toarntment and Coronation Ball at
the Sparkling Catawba Springs on
Thursday, the SJOih inel.
Wt acknowledge the receipt of a
polite invitation from the accomplish
ed and gentlemanly proprietor, Out
Wyatt, to be present on the occasion.
We intend to avail oarselves of this
invitation, and we hope to sea a
splendid delegation from Salisbury
on the occasion.
of the recovery, by tee Misses Qdmer, of l0 tu9 tkmitf of our deceased brother, and
Oooeerd, of sundry valuable articles ef that a copy be seal to the Watchman at
kJm V nmrl m Aft ml awt'h a raAneal Inr Vtti ml S.
Lxwia Ha waa, )
J. w Hall, V ' oat
Wat LMBsra 1
Tax Hill Uolo Mux wo were
sbowa thia morning, hy oar enterpris
ing townsman, Samuel R. Harrisea,
Eq , several bars of floe g ild from
tbia mine, which ia now being prnfls
tably worked by Mr. Harrison. We
record tliia fact with plea-uro. Suc
cess to alt anch sa'erpritca.
Laaoa Watkb mxlok. A water
melon weighing fifty one poind was
sold in this place or. yesrsiday by Mr
Wilsy. It waa bought by CI. B. R
Moore w Wilmington, to convince
the people of the Cape Fear region
that 3he Yadkin eonmry excels in
the production of that fruit Mr
Wiley, we leara sold a water melon
in thit market a few dayt tgo wh eh
weighed tixt j frur pounda. Who
can beat thia I Can it be beaten in
the State t
Verms Watoxmta Old Vorth State.
Purs want to previous nodes S large
mealing of lbs colored people beld at Bar
ktr't Haft watib be faialtb.d gratai
tously fur tht occaa on iu alibury ea
Saturday night for the parpoae ef organ
ising s Seymour and Blair Olah.
On metiea ef Tbo F. Henderson,
m . u.w i - ni .i.. w.;.
and on motion of John Overton, Thus. F.
Heudroa wss requested to act a Secre
tary v m. ii. vaney, aq , eeing pre
I llll I
Two week ago w pnblitbed ta arthj.
In reply to the Stemdrndt esaartlea thai
Northern rues and all "Uulen" sssa kel
been badly treated ta ibis State. W
howed thit the ekargt was antrucaat
p. on ted out hewJeetotNtNertbtnaaT
etc , being pareeeesseakay bad temaW
upon aud proscribed ike u-ulre aanwlTj
the Stale. s
Ws wemretpetjAI sad fab hear las.
gcage aad asgnateut, bat the fiaMtkeA
laiiead ef trealfaaf ea fairly h retara
attempting to shew that we ware wrote,
dees as lbs Injaerlei te eoey ieoiattd aT
agrapb from aa artid wMob we Hy
from the Salisbury Jftrm daeaj, and iZ
ErAelsiai that we bed reaawleiii Or.
Hair. 'I h Stemdmrd knows that tbt ar
tlcle which it garbles eiprely sutsd that
we would support Mr. Blair ea the mta.
ciple annouueed ks bis letter ef Seotpust
snd oa tha platform ef th nan whsaV
m -my
Th. folio wieg ere two er the
tee frem tha article whisk Ibe
"Iu th letter wWeh we psUlsb tsfar
be (Go. BuurJ aecepta af the asertjinVs
wiib tot plaif res, wbicb be eordiailv
nmgatim th high ftnttlinief ike 4W
press Ceert fa toe art at bias, aad earn
that ft It not rTolrSooarv te exsesst tL
hudgmtel of that On art. He prspise w
remedy th evils aoeer w Xtak to eeaatry
is suffering BT PEACEFUL MEAX1
and sayst "The appeal la tba prntoM
ballet to attata this cad Is act war, it ea
Tbt a
copy tbt above, for that weold aet sahbj
purpose lo represent as ia regard Ie tbt
Flhn-TtT'i t-r-f'-'Ti fjrf Tlti rimllim
If that la ike
lay we will knew bee te
piy wet
W sail etttjettwe te the fast that
Standard day after ear adtreatsi
Gn. Blair by prtotlog lbs
to word that h never altered Ta fal
lowing I id map be ftwai la te etaal ala.
ant. waa called on bv tbe Cl. airman to ex
plain the object of ibe meeting, which h lo"inl
did la a neat aad anoroortaia aeech travel
great tiv faction and wat loudly applau "Let as hate War l
ded. At lb doe of bit remtrkebs pre-1 Oeu Blair has net
sented ibe following aa tha basU of ibe and th Stemdmrd kaowt It, yetit psrtiM
orgauisatiea which wa unanimously ae- la mUleadtatT ha rsadtw by prtitamaf a
erpted, and signed by a number ef ike (fee Mr. Biair't litgeige Dam tW
eoiered aaaaJa arseest. 1 Waaiard wsridmaaeb madstt flarl
"We, the endemigaed, colored e'tmeos, vVe teptort Sey monr and Bit
baring receive I ear right! of laffrege snd ws briievs tbey are far prate
ritiatothip, aad believing tbsl the later- Censtltotion of eer tiaaaiy and
est of the white aad colored raeet ef the fug tbe fnaHoaahto rigbtt ef the
South sre intimately connected snd would peaceful msaaa. Tbe Stwnmm aid M
be best sebssrved by a eammsa parnuaa, I party are parenbag a tiaras aalenUtsd t
and alao tmreaivina- thai tba araat bad af Iiava've the awaatrv ia tatlbm war. tf
oar wbit fellow-oitista thett who are the gftwdard Is far aesse erby daetllttV
able to afford u employment and ta aid vocat arming Iu party friende la
and protect a, ere opposed te tbe IU omtei I Sell a
eal party end h aratt aad ill aerai '
and aneing ah thai the promises hell eat
to a by the Bdietli have proved bat
tbe false belli eu th shore, do agree to
form a Seynnur and Blair C!oh, iovi
ting the en-opemtina and aosistanee
oar color ri frie ids in th city ef SeJbnW
rv snd vleiultr."
Mm, Thes. U. tans, af Wdarngtoa, I- " - -
turn .,nt than louHI. r.HtA f, "nd Coffee
More than 40 Team ago I we awl
in my father's eider mill in TL, aad
made what old cider.iopere called
'the very beat eider," aad those whs
wood-it as a aowert drink tebeatf
at the I
ver i
being preseot was lha loadty calfad far Vm .
kw iLVaJairad eaaailaf Ha iH unaa rfa-1 r a ling with -i
In, that ha bad not Bade a nolilieal plaiutt rheCkS red SBd toey I
speeob for year, but that be fU it to be tys lo 4d age. Of wnorte. good,
bst dety to ear ittsethitg ea aba oeca- 'ipe i .imd apples are the beer, frt
etoa. He addrssaad ahem far seme Kmelttom leavra; taore tweet aad) km
fa s sp -ech wbiJ. ws received with etsehlaonr epuloa rite better. M U sad
County Qjfieert Tb Ltgisktara baa
lbs f ill wing amendment to tb
Act providing for to qualification of
County Officer:
Section 1. Tb General Assembly of
North Usroftas do enact. That sectioe
ecoad of an Act entitled "An Act to pro.
vide for tbe qualification of certain officer
raeentlr sleeted under tbs proViafna ef
tb Constitution of North Carolina," bs
lamandod by adding iberato, Provided
TAaltUS TreOSar'r shll give bond in
such sum as tbs Board of Com n
may think sufficient to cover ell
which auy be paid to him far tbe nee ef
aa Oosaty as heretofore required ot the
County Trustee, an i tbe Register of Deede
hall liktwlto give sacb boud a has here
tofore pete required by ltwf-ttegiaters
tor oM Uountist, and all bond hereto
fore Miasm are ey thia act t a thorn. -d
are fundi declared ia all resoeeta raltd i
Provided further, Thai Justices ot the
Peace mar alao qualify before aor Jadge
of tbe Superior Ooart or tb. Clerk of the
TBapertor ueert tor their County : Aod,
provided larther, Taat Hotajries Public
shall qualify before th Olerk of th Su
perior Coart.
UUHed SSth dsy of July, 1888.
justice as U
Sim What km be
ef tbit .prigbtly sad
Wtthington, Aug. 8 -P. M. There
will he oo action iu tbe Revenue Oom
itsioarrtJhia it is atamikrs, anttl ttar
1 nsaadsy' UaUnet
Oea. ttoaeueran had s proloegsd ia
im view witb th President regard isg Mex
ican affairs. -
It it serrently beUsved last the Cabl
at baa decided aot to Interfere Ie Ibe
of iaa vfpavfa tvaat
Thot. F. Henderaon Ikon txeved . twe Have aeoa and lasted eoo l
aa Siecouve gomsitiiee rri,, Hmamm ,. rn. ,k. haat
Tbs mauoa wss adopted, aad tbe club
procded te an elecUou of Ibe following
mtmitrs m sootpae tae semmtttse.
Tnea, F. Henderson, Thomas
Isnd, John Overton, P
Burtsa MsHsy
Utb font.
tha elub will ba elected. Good mder was n nninediatelr into and fill ae large
maintained toiwagheet by all presset, aad cask aa possible. Lira the kategketi
be au.pie.ou. beginning augur well far fit in tight a large necked bottle wW
tbo success f ibe organisation. It w ,ha Sottotw out, and keep tbe ostk
nope,, ,uai ibwb w. mm a targe nd boHI. eOwStaatl? fall Of
e-rmg Well h-vtped
and, if made from oak
V! Jn..e. ibe beat.
VtStl ,. .l ;
saner me appiee are
he aemeee aratai M
gi it high
then arlionmed to at at Brat cider that reus it beet.
place on fndar nialil niL lb Prei to xeep. AS n
, wboa the per man m aMetn ef ie well aad t norooghly
taa wmfler.
growad, 1st
loon; this
enc t th next meeting Baeeeatcamy irjat cider to the
no expeeieo uy seesrm nneiugaat geaua-
ol bolb r
Oa noiion it w
of tba proceedisga
i me, in the proceed (he
kept aa mucb aa posefqto from v.
a a t - a " asw . i
in s oooi, a arc place, insi w.
d Old Mi
Titoa. F.
a copy
v"""li. ti-i.. a v.-aa - -
" ed for all time aa ...ueb as ioiial
T. Psaa. When the cider ia tolersbly eel
worveo, ana ootore u m over, may
be observed by the rising of the gm.
race it a,
went ia
Pro' H J. Harris, of Sh re report, i,r th. Baatoat s tttaW
La. wh en recent pyrotechnic die Lh0 e the bottom J aa fast aa It res
playa, balioua ascenaioaa, etc., havelpn, jgf0 mtrnnt oaK tasks of 80 w
niugnt nun into notice, leaves in a 40 rlons. and bang light; adtnits
tew days fur the North, in order reaJr
oatatn patenie tor a ne w aua eieeed gaeona qoaliilea as well as the arom
irtgly bead grenade, and ma4 mmd aee qaaliries and coi
r"r r'1 atataw fcf aiemaliaiagL, of tho cider f w rams. I have sets
P"H"w- aotktagaddtSiaesal that evee improve),, .. v it a . a.a k "w -em mveajwwmj are - .
n..uo w Bail or thick man . if a paper, fa ,Mrty of cider added at the tie
me centre m wmcn it btaoea tne Irbin .ill Iium knAv.
charge of powder, ia the int.-r .n ng h, u aw an aaod f..e
W O .HUtWII l"1 IJHII, RIIU lilQI W, JaWflTT Stt
minor sunace ot ine nan neing nneoi
itn not ol any i irod itto. lite raw Ta
a noie ta covered win a strong ust nM nut, i
work of twine or cooper who, snd 1st Fi
ignited by moans of afaao or parens I fayeuevllle
sion cap. i ne sapenonty over tne karat
old band grenade cotitrs fn the
ghtaess Of the projectile, and in tha
faot of tbe charge being placed lo thel" T
centre inatea i of initn.i ari h tha no aw meno
The trail natch
trail of fuse, to which
esrtatn intervals stnai
I The professor has srrj
signal by wnfth i
seat oa ule oanteet mi
a nee in this tnanne. t
, IVWeaeseCAagTt JaJ.
Rafalgb man It f ear at
trHtoviU. Tb "Unloo men"
kmmm that me Fattwrim wew
ia aitaohed at 1?!? LT?-vT.u kr
fftV' to. -Dabe ass" of P.vwstewfffa

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