North Carolina Newspapers

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artT friada bos was maiba, their mo
rn n Kara bean g o IVw moat
that the lUpeblioa party is la tbat
l hat K aMiat earr oat a wr and
pUey, wha'r iu motiv any b. It da
mtefurtanv, nwt Oulf to a ltry, bat ta a
saw ' pert wa Ma oatton is oa
cWd by any font aj iipaislBtt, Ii
bra tb nxMviViiM of tb BipebBcati prtjr
that th rrcntt of tka paat fbw ear i
(t'ta It au touch power I bat it baa been aol
loahwxl tba fttecati. to trammel ibejadt-
to rerry oat Iba view of tba ataat
oowa aad vloieal of nimsniti ri Whan this
Stat of Ibis .sorts in ad? party, tt baa aar
ba teead that tba eo r ttdajmrnt of i'
ebesst kaidara dawa oat oontrai. Tbr i hard
ly an ahlt man who klJ to build up tl'a
RaBobliran orcauibtioo, arTio has wilhtu (he
paat ihri-a yaart waroad it icioat th aiaiaaua,
Wbo baa not baan boroa dowa and forced
up bia ooainiooa of what tba iaiaraata
of tba eaaatry railed forj ar, tf taa paaHataj
la da lha wbo liaa oot bu dnraa from ita
riafcj, II Um baa barn tha vaaa baraiolorc,
what arill ba ila atu-m now, witb thia na in
faaioa of men who, without a daoant rawct
fur tha iaa nf thoaa who hare juat giran
Ibrta tbafr poaiiinn, bairin tbair tfralatirv
ooaraa witb eaHafor a-nn with daianda that
lblr 8(la ba rri;rdrd aa in a uondiiwn -f
wii war,
i ina daelaralion
aaaioua 10 drarade
ar ready and am
a Uauad alaa wueaaear ibai aaa.
h fctny I mf ba ptaaad, kt poiu.
cai or pntata bJa; .
I than atatad tbat I waakJ aawfl J tiraa
ai a lattar, aaw ina caa
a terma of rar approral
af tha Oaawuoa I ba
Nuag to
af tha laaataiwaa af tha Oaoraauoa
dwayad tba akara forawd art of aaax
u.ruio, what I that parhtkdy
parpoaa of aaaiag what kjbt lJ ac
MMfJhjMMM tbaarawrri of
aj afMHi pVMaf Vfl IV tb PfOpk WhaU
aWyaaghtlahaaa a afcaf ataaaajaat of wbat
kM k dawa with tha aoaar drawn froaj
taaa darm tba paat aajbt year Thoafhaf d
am aniaae that that totwhaM wraajibl
tba waaaaial fjaaaaafaajaiwt whaaa bawaajawa
tbat (bay
(be Prrw-
daei U ua
prraj la or l.irca Co:.(r lo Onnf (orw-:
torw-d aaw artiolaa af i.-npea.:'. -nanf. Tl.a
Republican party, H weil u at, n intarrat
ad in p'ltimp audio check upon ib i Tiulanca.
It awn ba c:aar lo aeary tbtakioir man ilaM a
diriaiaa of political powar taada to oheok tba
etulenoa pt party aonaa, aad to aaa ire tba
pca and goo j "!er of arxaty. Tha aim ion
id a Danaeraiia Et.outlaa and a icajorvy of
Dm oratie rcrnvi la tha 13 .! ol Rep'a
aantatiaaa woald ao flea to 'hat party araai-
an; icq Iba power to make rod lea ar violent
Ral, Aug d, 18OT.
OLJtmm BimMr,
Btprmmt u Mm vf Rpbmm Conty,
Dial 8i t I bara raaalvad yoara. of
jaatardar, in wbteb yno art pleaaad to
t my "judgment in relation
taVMt fundarrjetiuf princi. laa that imderlia I
oar civil and puliucal libartlaa." and aak
what Ibai ladgreeni la In re reran aa to ear
tain important meaaorea now pending be
fore the Legialatuie" and aaprcially my
"opinion on tha oonatniitlooailt of the
Dili called the 'folice Bill' now pending."
Kaa aak ma, aa a pnrannal far, both lo
Too aad roar coutlituenu. to farniih tba
paSlic anh that opinion.
Though almoat wholly abatractad from
current p.. linen, I am yet, aa daring mj
whole life I bare bean, aaoaitirelr ali lo
the daty of defending, ao far aa I mar b
able, civil liberty, againat all attack from
whatever aoarce ibey may come. And, aa
my lata veoerabla and deceaaed friaud,
Judge Oaalon, alwava did fur ma, in my
difficaiiiee of ra i ly iiie wbile I war a roe m
ber of the Lrgialalara. I cannot rcfuaa to
giro yon my opinion.
I hare anlionaly conaidared the bill,
which eeeka to rafae and brf anle a 'State
Po.ce; and I deem it In ba a dangeroua
ianara:iao, not only upon tba Conatitntlon
of be Bute, bat upon tbat of tba United
Stalea I regard it aa conferring on iba
Eiecutire an aathontr U raiae, arganise.
Mu p and in 6,000 men of bia own
ebuiee, without reference to age, nmralaor
ckaraaUr, to ba kept ever under arm, lo
mora over ike Slate at bia will, and to
i. be, off bia order. Three tropf ara to
In tlaaa af paaoa ara dancaroaa to
they ought uot to bo kept op t and t
military ahoold b kept under atrhrt aab
ordination to, aad goeerued by tka ctril
Thia elanee directly forbldi tba railing
tka Stata. It OMT ba JaaUr
I .L .11 . t
iona by tka Conaiitatton rpaatlug tka
militia ar capable of being aaapandrd on
ly by Federal legislation, and biod tha
Blata legielation until they ara auapended
of any epecie of force, hy whatarernama by tba ugialatban af Qongraaa. Than
it may ba called, which ba tka ckaraav State legislation, aa krifora li baa do,
Tha Oaa-
aidrwatf with
aaawoal party ba wot aaly a
aanaary powar, wbaob u a eeaoaatt bear
awaatty tjpaa aba tmUmrn mf Hum, but
kalaa b4a7 iraalf a lglal aaaaaa, WHb
mlLHwr f tha
It did eot tharafwra, ajjwra, hat
mmm mmt afa, rf us aartax
took ara-
thatsis a 'mena-oa ai Uiad laatill lis
of ik
aW ara
t daarif s taa gasmbj aj ffca rbrbt iasMafcr
was.! east acres tba pssmf that tbar
a wMblbsirb tbaaa aba pabwf ajUsa
warn ta bold poiirical pawar-
11111 f
aw aad raasr to I
ad its ec-
fa ir aaaatrr Tn
bldaalrlal pnrsrwia
i t
hssraaf af mm faaman a bartkiiairlb
ra-tf wrbhff maJa n iis by rbaV
by tb bay aad tr
raVjt fcliaetim
of party, ifcava is a
af that tn af
res tb 1-iJaaay of oV ani-uy Tat si mia
a jsaysba m mmm ba throw mu ta
3d 0Mgrss.Jl b.M eaw
d aal eUoe af ba
ra Br area, am terwau opoe
H tbiy aantl. m-btary
"fVa sri MM mab Uws for
a wag as tb Booth Tbat aa
ebeagee; oat it would ear to cbech -.. , be Aif troop, ao long as
ntreme mecmrea whtrb have bee depkieed may rhooe I permit It.
tnaarai m af acta pawisjaiarganii.iiona eharse
aw raali asaat ssaajsaay sw to taai i
peace il reaioreiion el the Ucioa aad ra-esub
swJaawot a batsraal namat whtub th coo-,
try is ree I aa aura tbat ta beat man ot i
Iba K-p lb .'40 party deplore a deeply as I do
the spirit s thnwn by tl.o" rrcantty
admitted ia seat in C" rre from the N.,th
Tha coatfitjaa f etril war whi.-h they lOti'er-
plata iB jet be aboraot to every right tbiakiaa
I baa BO mere personal wishes which mis
lead my JaJgms! I regard tn tha peadinp
akwstie, Mo as who baa weighed and
saairod tba djwa of th oftoo of Freti.kot
af tb Doited State can fail to be impreaeed
with the care aad toib) of bim who rs to meet
ita demand. It rs not mrrely ta float with
tb uopoV Carre t. without a poker or a par
a: ao iba owtrrr, while onr Constitutioa
gres joat watstbl to th popular will, its dta-
tinguiehing festnr a) that It teaks to protect
Iba ihjpMe'.f minorities, its greatest glory is
that It puis rest rain is upon power: it gfvea
for aad farm lo thoa maira and principle
Of cied liberty tar which lb menyre of tree
rgled uirvngn age j it aadaree
lb liaht of lb pp'e ' to be secure in their
paper and eeet against un-
nsoraa; tbat uon-
grea ahall make no law respecting ao estaa
liabmaat M rctisrion. or prohibtung the free eg
thereof, or ftbeidgin th freedom of
Baron ar or the press, or tha right of tbe peo
ple to petition tba Qoernmnl for a rrdreaf
n raaaa sa huajaaa, m m m asasmi I
P1 ra nowsea, papers t
laaaaiieklaaiBiub a d
nf aneeaaeea" It seen re -tb right of
eedy aad ptihlus tnaf hy aa impartial ury.
II Aa a rurbtf'iUy oir upon tli du-
ueaaf tb arse den us! ofioe nalaaa he w not
Jf ejUjasj t carry out the wishes 0 th
peopl. aif mail in a aorailtiillnnai way.
but I alao prepared to alaad op f t iba nbia
f miDoritl. Ha moat ba ready ta uphold
of religion. U must de
the Legiflslur
Thia ia juat iba i
ter of ibe Natioaal atar.dirg army,
which tbe t'onstrt'itinn place under tbe
command of ike Federal Exeeatir, with
lb aaptioB tbat tit President ia
not specially and openly invested with the
power I eelect it aoldiar bat even tkia
eiiteniion cease to eaiat, when w con
sider thai lb power in tha Kietaiive of
regulating enlistments, may be so nted aa
to secure such, alone, aa faror hi views.
Neither Government, Federal or 8'aie,
recognizee bat two species of military
fore one lb flifta lk other tb
Both are diatinetlyand emphatically no
ticed I tbe Federal and State Constitu
tions. To some osteal, it mJ be eaid.
tbat tka Federal gnrrrnmentka aoattftfta
proper. It fore, being for general par
poaea af National defence, wherever nd
whenever tbat may b needed, null be
ever read to more la tbn place where
their presence may be demanded. This
ubiquitous duty ia the National f oldiar,
of course, forbid tn bin aft system or
regularity in any other, and in ail other,
vocations. If tba soldier be mechanic,
be caoot contract to build ; if a farmer,
bo cannot aaw or plant, witb any certain
tv of Catherine or reaping; ao thai lb
engagement of the soldier, being I be
ever ready to obey tba command hi
aperior, b must abandon all other pn
suits in nider to be prompt lo the dia
trrietice of a standi:. g mmy.
In my opinio, tb force, prnpoted lo
be raised by tbi bill, baa all iba charac
teristic of a atandin army, and) a th
Eierittive I subject lo no control a to
tb lime or piece wbn or where, within
tbe limit of tb Statu, it is to be used, he
ia clothed witb th power, a it oommao
der, to keep it ever in arms, and quarter
ed wbereaoever he may think It lo plana
it. Ha ia th aol judge of tbe occasion
or occasions, wbieb or to call it for;h,
and he may aa it for an unlawful, a well
as for a lawful, purpose. He may march
it or camp il, in on bod, or by detach
ment, jutt in the eante manner aa the
Pi . a dent may tba standiug army of tha
Uuitcd Statca.
In mv opinion, tba Slate ran keep no
eb body of troop in lias of peace,
wiinout tb couaeui of. Uo agree a.recu
The only form of military force, which.
tb Sta , under it present Omatuotion,
can protend to errata, i a militia aud tbe
Slate Cnuatitu'.iun, wkit it lpreai de
nounce standing bod nf troop, fall
provide for nrliti, ander article IS.
In ibis article it ia eipreaely declared,
that "ail able bodied mile cliisea of iko
Slale of North Carolina, between tbe age
of twenty on and forty ear wba ar
citiatena of ik United State shall be lia
ble to militia ditty," nlea exempted for
scruple again! bearing arms. And tbat
''tbe General Aaemtlr ahall provide for
Ibo orgnuiauit;, arming, equipping and
discipline of the m'lilia aud for paving tbe
am, when railed iuto active aerviee."
That "the Governor abaJI b Oomman-dr-in-Cbief
and hare power power to call
out tbe m iitia t execute lh- sW,nppre
riot nr ins urrectiona, and repel tuvaeiun "
Now supposing tba pmvisiona in lk
present State Cnueihuion to be lawful, it
ia manifeat, thai thia it tba only military
orgaobMlion, which can have any coneti-
tutioual existence in tbe riute, iu time of
peace, and the only military arm, which
ba Executive can wield to suppress inter
nal disorder and preserve tbe peace and
it ia tbe only on which the P re i dent of
the United State caa appeal to for waxi
lr purposes.
If it be lawful to raiae the force propoe-
ed hy tbi bill, It it equally so to orgaiiht
many bodies of armed men, called by dif
ferent name, and sp.ead tbem over the
land, till the antir ma af men, e institu
ting the matera!, of which the Legislature
is commanded to form tb militia, ahall be
consumed in separate standing armies.
The Constitution, both Federal and
State, reeagniso standing troops and ajilU
tia a tbe only bod.e or armed men In
trr.ded to be allowed; and, indeed, how
mar aid tka Federal Government in
rying oat iu "organmatioi,," fee Tka
Federal tegialatien, wkieb prescribe tb
age of mtlllia man, cannot ba con ti oiled
by aay Hut Oauaiiwuo. leery man.
therefore, between tbe age of 18 and 4S,
who reside in tb Stal. yea, even a for
eigner becoming resident, belongs to the
militia, no lea he be xtpld by Oaa
grM. Oongre ba preaciibad it X
emptio, and t.'iy can not be increaaedor
dlmimabed without tb cant of Oon-
Cess. nan ar excluded by reason of
log ineligible 1 1 voir, ar by refusing I
ike any renairvd oath, tad toon can b
where Congreat i silent
All attempt of BtU to evade the
prurislena of (.ougre, hy raising a "Stat
relic" lure, or a eiaei aaimia.
tbanlban raised and organised by Oon-
greu. are gnH( and palpable attempt to
el aside end override ibe joat pew of
lb Federal Goraramant. -Jly
I have forborne in tr argnment to go
a step beyond the qoeetlou of tb conati
tattouaiily of the measure prnpoved, ba-
cauae yon have not reqneeied it; bat I
cannot omit to declare it aa my most eoi-
ran opinion, tbat, ii paaaed into law, ft
ill spread terror over tbe Stale and pro
duce mock more bloodshed than it will
ever prevent, and open and aggravate
woottda new nearly cloaed.
I ta, trniy yoara,
tb aiVatioa of Grant and Ootta, I am aa-
r (fa behalf af
that dealrabl rulti lo rhm which
willing to beabme a party (la
DTacticailv dia tb very nrlaaipi to
which iba aadrd berarar ajedgrd
The created warm dabate
tinred with mck kituruee. Mr SlWy,
Pitta, aad other extreme Radical were
vwleat la their xprewlon aboat tha
Governor. Goon rgd taa dlel of tea)
vote, and aald the oblct of Ibe men who
eon! or ham right or th religion eonad
eaaa af th hamblaat eitit of tb land Ha
a. witbout duiuoetioo of treat
, all tb privilege of American
axoaruma of every nnblln
m faithful to bia irwat Uho bim thai
ideal aalese be h ready not ooly to aadargo
th fataakstat aad tboae of lb bad. but ot
mm lb MMM of lb good, woo are
tnt aeaUraoUoua u!s!h poaiiion
tacatv mv judgment w&ealaay tbat
j a great baage ia going on in tkpWi
t which at
of th civil
af lb arraai
ball tar
aw. o- taatr Mt. .. OuigT 0 lb- do,.
ssae. BreeiMs OVam to kvsaa th Sea
rtr artful may be tfae drricei of a law
nwnnnauns" tn i-m(i,.f4r an P ntkor Itinf) nf
i force, the orranlcttion, after all, will b
I .1,1,.., . a nr m k4w nl Xili.
.... a , , J i miun . ..iiuiiik wwii w. m I w.
charge nf tb an tie or nia enmraeua tia mn
Hence, hit pay for aervices, in order tn be Th pnfMfd hj ,h. bill cannot and far, mns, ever be a fall com pea- mm Mvrtl of
its st hi. ding trnjy feature, still it cannot
be militia, for tbe men are to be get
and appointed by the Jucecuttve and not
constituted of tb mae of lb cititen
It is, i i my opinion, unconstitutional to
constitute the militia of one parcel of men,
while others, of like age, and eqoallyable
bodied, are excluded from service. And
it is equally t -variance witb the Cmeti-1
I tntion of the Strte to require any qualifi-
eatmna for tbe militia man, other than
tboae eipreaely declared in that instru
ment. It i tlieref ire aneontitntiopl to
require of a militia man, that he should
hav tbe qualification of tn elector, or take
the oath pretenbed for ta elector. Ou
ad not to their tadUatt, I may wn
prvrtapktbf that oarer lath.
albWyofour oooatr y ha tha acu.
Hk body bM bailed with sock uni
tad widaprasd emhoslaam at that
acuoaof a
7. .a a . aV J .L: a.
Ihta mmmVmmmm fmm'mmL
tsanhv. Wbilatbei
Ml of tbawffl ar I
af Qnt sat1 nil re
a deeiro to make a
rr UsVsawbo rvdln the Unrot army and
r. But, ahbougb tb '
teua, tbar rdJ ben
they eai H
bal ta rbM rwawk. Vkft th- of rh
mfU to mdk"Lbfr d tb South
W Iba oettar aad ldey i oolr -o'.l to
9lmif ?jsjsj!ry koVs
rraf to bring bjt i
eatlon for lo of time: and, aabtttntial-
ly, he ia in eetl t rvie froai tb mo
ment he eee to command hi owa time
and ft witbdrawo from bit ordinary avo
cation. Tb National Government ba the pow
er to provide for organising, arming aud
diaciulinina lh militl and for governing
aucb part of them as may b employed in
the aerviee of the Ut'lieo. oiate, reeerving
to the State, rrpeciivly, tbe appoint
ment of tht officers, and the authority ot
training the militia according to lb d a
eiplin pretcribed by fobgreee.
It aay control the mditia of th ra
pctiv States in srder ''to ex -cue the
raw of the Union, suppress i-.s in ections
and renel iitvssiona." And when called
eat far each purposes, the President shall
ha their 0'immander in-Chief. Such tr
the power of the Federal Gnrtrament
Th fraoter of the Federal Constitution
had t dear aoncapilon of tba kind of 'lore
called miHU i and whil il alio , d each
State to u the mtllti to preserve peace
rul order. It express' y forbad any State
"to keep troops or h n of war in lime of
peace,' "or engage In war. onle act
nalification of an elector ia re dene in
tat of twelve months under the State
ta rtiatiea b thapwiikaqfi aJlw.fnead. rU.aaab imminent dauger
ft as will rtt admit of del.y." ,
In ibis emphatic proiilbiitan will be
ta th Inst tparehsnsimi. whieh the
Federal G vernment felt, and ought ever
to feel, againat rebellion br the .State
At tbie day, noiblug could be more alarms
iag io tbe peace of ibe nation, than to be
hold each tate of th Uuion criaung
Bttta potic fore, ft taeh tt is pro-
Board to b raised br this bill, the num
ber m be in proportion to th population,
eoMpared Id that of North Carol i n h
Tbe pregte force thus rabvrd would, in
Hw Turk and FennI vni lne, far
exceed tb SOW preptMod number rf the
Sational standing army, an i in all the
i ate, would number aboat (240,000,)
two fatt nrf Tfwi! . tt ud jpaaVwHp wyaaaa'4"LTwf'"
with am ta head, every ready ta move
at th command of tka Governor. And
if Nurth ow set th onample,
who ar what shall forbid tha example
from being followed by the other State I
Aad hew t nliMir"-' woald the Nttlno-
al standing arm appear, earronaded by
the Stat lore raised by aucb few aa
Bat tndenendentlr of lh- consider-
thai tray. I ktaw tbair view
Tka if II I Onion, tar which
hwIdteNawYark. odorwd tb otloa
Mssuiln. Thev called on tb rover a
taaT Intinn- ViK
, j ui i mmr -rr r"
y!?--!S-' Kill iitrlS1
i. war, and lUoae who ar taoognuoi
f, i
ersoo MtWHtofoasr-
U'Uoc to eolleM theln-
at dyt hr
l-s-a m
I NewYork, Aagart
Nfsig?WwW dVaterv
lion, the obi eel af he bill It f. .rbiddeu by
tb present OoimituUon of the State, a il
ra T that 1776 S
With slight bnt not aev.tiJ alterationa,
hash Ooast It ttan prak th toaa lan
guage, and aaaifeet tka same jealousy
gams', all miliury organ is. ti n, which
days after aatoHty, ' .ember of the Federal Uatoof M Ml
lresnrra,iaey u neUiaison, a tar o? i mi his -
far atatfaV that of U umbra , m ta txpms
ile eft We Btasa. Tbe flret Article. See
at. 14. eaohstfeaUr droUra. "tbU a
a P v The wel rem I a led mllUla hm asaeeaary to
w m - - - w r . m f m
taw 84, esapbsttosUy deeUrws,
M The' well legal td artU bir aaw
jajuwii-' tb. aeeurity of a free Stta, tb
If ihl M thtBBt t keep and beer 01
'. ' t mmM at LtVtuad aad a MaadSm
as w wT waraj"jwma a" aamawww
a ta inn A dara residence of any
eitisen of tha United Btatea aual.fiet t
man for militia duty.
I hav predicated ay remarks upon the
assumption, that ibe arovtean ot tbe
State fjouitltatioii are valid and consist
ent with the Constitution of ike United
States. But I should do injustice to tbe
question I aol investigating hT I Mould
tail tn ell your attention to wktl follow
"Twi trSWeiht oT(tlHf i eceiuly made Ooit
tiitution ea to hav been ignorant of tb
power of the Federal Government over
the militia ; end to btve assumed that th
State might ai all times "provide for or
ganising, arming, equipping and discipline
af the mllilie j where tbi very power
ie given ia tha identical word, imitimg
the word equipping) by the UniHuuou
of tb U n i leu States Art I, S c. O
Ii ii true, that this power belonge (o
thai class, which ar called concurrent
concerning lb exeiciee f which hy
State, tbe question was, "whether a State
Legislature had any concurrent power ra
mainlng after Congress had provided, to
it discretion, fnr i be ease, and th con
clarion was, lbs I when ene the Legisla
ture of tbe Union baa exercieed tia pow
rs on a given subject, the 8; ate power
over that taatf tnhjeet, which aad Before
been enucui rent, was, by that exercise,
pmhibited." Kent Oaa. part S, Sac. 8,
30 '
Early after the adoption of the Federal
Ooiistitiitien, the act of On grew af May
8, 1972, was pa.'srd, which prescribed
tfrat every free sble bodied white mal -
eitisen of th respective Slate resident
therein, between lh age of 18 and 40,
afcoald "be ao rolled Iu the militia ;" - and
tbat act proceeded Ml organise, ara and
eqnip tbe militia, and to prescribe Us d.s-
cipiin. I bis act ot uangreat was aa opt
ed bv Ibis But fa December) and atl
subsequent legislation upon th aubject of
the multis by the Btatay
merely to enforce tha act
"in subordination thereto."
Tha Fwel 0tniaaa
malnUioed la aatborlty la exercise
Bower of "organlxl ug, arming tod discip
lining tbe militia."
The Oonliltion of the
fore, tt a powerless to abrogate or modify
Fearing ihtl their nafarioiisaehama
for carrying th Soulliero Slates in
th PretiUautiai ejection mar fail if
th nefrro a o alluaad to o e
tri is-. it it now pn. posed hy tha Rad
teal that the mongrel LegitUtoraa of
the reconstructed State thall elect the
Presidential el color. To give tbi
tnfirage to tlie mem her of tbe) L g
ieltturee it to take it from the maasea
and to rnn right iuto the teeth of the
o-cullod contritiitional araeadinent.
A watchful Northern eontempoary
calls aitention to tint, and wa do not
aee how the difficulty can be escaped.
The fourteenth amendment provide
in in second section iu regard to each
S'u-e that 'When tha right to vote
at any elect ion for Hi choice of
ck-etotr) for President and V ce-Presi
dent of the United Btatea, repreeen
tativet in Congreat, tbe executive
and judicial officers of a State, or the
member of the Legielatore thereof
in denied to any of the male iohabi -tauta
of inch State, laing twenty one
yearn of age end eitisen of the Utii
ted State, or iu an era abridged,
except for participttion in rebellion
or other crime, the batit of represent
tation therein thall be rodnoed in the
proportion which the number of aueh
male citizens thai) bear to the whole
number of male citizen twenty one
yean of age in tuch State.'
When the right of voting for Preti
dtititial elector i denied to all the
voter of a State, then the tori of
rejireaart tation in tuch State in net be
reduced b the number of all the
voter, which it to aay that it it to
have no batit of representation at
.-Biokmoni Wkia.
ww Mtaiolng the Oovernor In tbi aat
ter, waa to get np a war. If lk war
oust com, lot ii soma, and lk 80,000
freemen of Alabama weald civ tb oppo-
Itorn ball fall of war before II waa
over with. He woald stand by th Re
publican party of Alabama ia aucb war
aad victory woald parch anon Its banner
Mr. Jo replied to Mr. Coons, tefllng-)
him that his remarks wsre revolutionary, bat
that if be wautad war he oonld have it and il
would bat until noo of hi eon desecrated
the nil of Alabama. He said ba wa a Re
publican, bat when war was talked about and
abtmitat war to be slaughtered be
would be found on tb side of bi owa
peopl that ia Ihi opprtatd band to whom
this country tod tb governmeot of il jtwUy
. . Boa . a w-
belonged. He could raiae a squadron or i
boy nd whip out nythin tka M
that Iowa (Coosa) could bring againat bi
Ma eoaid miirsntl twenty ttomana aa
i to aiiow hi baaaar ia ear as or
a tad Alabamiana- Tb colored a
Alabama knew tbat carpet-baatgers war
their friends, and that lb sqaattar would
art them iu thir Orsl boor of peril and need.
Tha debate was conducted altogether by
Republicans, ihere being bet ao democrat,
ta tka Senate, tad he aaU attbiog.
It is not likely that th. bdl can b passed
ovr tb Govei nor' veto-
Tb Legislature will probably adjoaru
AOOtSTl. 1808.
a a
twra, ter aeea. at mw a, -s
" asai, seat, at " um u l a
CBaat-TaaaT 2 I
Alisinass. ts a I
cats,, -r4. '.!
Tan, par baaaa, ftXo iM
m , teH
ara. per iwaaa, 49 a
new. par aaa. t.wo.i
faa, I iters I, I
flL . MM I
A ) t
Previee; tM a
" lwaaa. ml 5a
- - aepsihaf, to S
laatkA-a-,. .. gte J.
Saaa, - Z S
IfaUa,!, " . M
tort, aarpsjaaf. ....a-
Pouiaaa, Iraui. pet taaSaa,
- Bwaet, -
Tt to
15 to
a a a
ak. -00 to
t.e t .
tlWll 0f.t.9
Washington, Aogost 11. Montana Tr-
rtnrr voted on th 30.h
TOO Oftatflt aajnrity.
The Schenevta (N. T) Monitor,
heretofore an influential independent
paper, ha come out etroot for Sew
moor and Blair, and the reetoration of
the Union. It wall eat that tbe peo
ple are tired of disorder and chaos
in tba Government; that standing
trmiet to keep an already subdued
people in auhjectiou, with
for PiWteklfjf Legal AtV
The Editor of th Wotehmmm mmi
North Stat aad Amsuoa, to tare
themselve from lost, sad to indue
tmk paynuntt for pabl thing Legal
advertiaamani. bare adopted taa fol
"tnwiag scale far pabUehiag iba tame,
btrestter, sod invite the sftenti in of
Clerks of the Courts, aad other inter.
giving !. tested parties to lh te'tra pro prated.
for pablttti'ng ntttal Ltgu Wo: toe
nr Court order, when tha cath aaa
compaaiaa tb order, th price will
be 7. When th same ar aeat aad
published, without prapsjoiont, the
charge will be $10.
Clerks of Courts who, theme!,
ad vane the rono, will have tb
benefit of th differeaoa.
U.-1M1 r.niior
r i apswa n a rwi sta a n esm
c.iriciicv, a monstroos debt, nesro aUK M. A I KAKIall.Ibi
anpretnaoy sod continued violation J awraawaaaslllsa
of Constitution and law all these TP
nje u HE subscriber being daslrlons of
taken the people, and change
The Daton Ledger sari : "Charles
aaorrta, ot ire, (jliio. one of the
leading lawera of Miami count.
ana bi herto an active Kapublican.
boa nnhltsdw animn tA I i. inl.n.
tioti to support Seymour and Blair. Dry Goods,
for a Hav Stock of
ofJert his present Stock constating f
Zsateat Newi.
Tlt&milkimlifitlutmrm), Almlmmm
wajgss P smwwaJaCarwnftgf dL
Montgomery, An gust 11 Governor
-m.ii sent in I the Senate tbi morning
a v..:o of the bill giving ihe LegisUture
the powar to chooao Presidential electors.
It canted can a luUer. Oar. Balib
aav :
Afir moat mature nrfleotfaa, I am for
ced to the corrcliwion Uitlhe bill i wrong
Iu prliicipt aud thai It wokld b dangor-
u precedent la a Bepubiioan govern
ment As a udgaeiit aaa asiiappsav
be bill, It become mv contitutionai du
ty 1 1 return it to tbe senate With my ob-
jrclion. It cannot but be regarded aa
rvmarkable that tbe first Kepubiicaa laa
ml.iture couvenod in Alabama shauld, in
the face of the principlea of its Organiza
tion, which every K.-pnbltcan profutsea to
h Jld dear, deny, sot only to th
bat th white man t ho right, by hi
to indicate bia choice for a Pre idea
Vice-President of tb United States, aad
I lake tba matter into ita ewa hand.
What excuse aa there be fur ill I ft
r party expedienc v I If aa. the Il tt
an abandoument of principle or au
ledgment that ibe material oat of
which the BepbUea part a
cannot be treated. In ether ward it ia
to a that tb color.! man will not do io
h trust, d. Thta action of tbe 0nral
y nte a number of other prominent
itepublieans in Miami bar
renounced tbeir former faith, and tha
Democracy there are area oonfident
of being able to carry tbe county
this tali."
The Albany Arna ears that
gentleman in Waalitngton, writing- to
a friend io that city, aajra: "I have
always opposed Governor Seymour,
but fee no war to e the Constitu
tion aod tha liberties of the people
except in th election of th Demo,
eratte candidates. I thall do all in
A letter from a promineot politi
cian of Indiana, who has been sever
al timeaia Onwire; satar that
Semonr and Blair, upon the plat
form of equal taxation, will swep
the States of Indiana and Illinois by
commanding majorities; and he
takes jw repntatian for poiitiosJ aa
gaoity upon the rcan It
Colonel 0. 0. Qardines, at Bmirs,
N. z., a gallant .ffl ei f the war aad
heratot'or a Beptihlicau. oomos oat
square! tor the Democratic rake?.
Clothing, Hats,
Boots. Shoes,
By wholesale or retail at
Greatly Reduced Priam
M who wait Bargains would do
well lo call toon.
I will pay the hiahut prion for
country product of all hind.
Tb subscriber also returns his
thanks to the public forth very lib
eral patronage which he bat hereto
tor enjoyed, and a vxtitmmMM
which he hope to merit.
N. 2 Granite Sow.
Salisbury, Aug. It, 18d8. gmta 1
Kane Hills (or Sale.
Tag takitrfka taa tar ill Mms CaM
Iron Kane Mill- good aa aaw. left in bia
bands for sate. BANSOM JACOBS.
Ang 14. 1988. wMM
. ; ... ... . m . .
Purififis the Blood.
Sparkling Catawba
bl v will k regsrdrai aa still
remarkable when il fa COtssidsred i
action wi'A what aoea to bavek the
almost unanimous eptitro of th lead'ng
number of the EpUblicn party of Ala
bama. It ws declared b Bust of them,
at Waahittstioa, thai a
The Ecumenical council, uinmon
ad by th foo i meet a Some.
has directed attention to the nature
of iheae aaeinhlagea, of w hich only
twenty bar ever hen held. They
sra never torn moned cept in cases of
g eat emerge cy, when important
questions require seule:iint They
are inch arous affair that no Pop
since tb Council of Treat, la the
fif'eenth century, ha been fond of
meddling with them ; for, wha onco
sura moned. they gr bey md his con
trol snd the r decree or antliorit are
superior ta his own. Thongh heexm-.
voice them, they ara not necaasnly
held in Borne, nor is be necessarily
present V IVegat or Nuncio is
generally ghtatituted for b in, and
whttover decisio i is srrired at it
binding nuon and th party he reure-1 a the eaasfon f I
smoi. fn r... .rr .it R ..... ku.. r th.n wes be do 10 add to tbe 1
ti,, i.iu.iii ...ii.ivurt i. i... i.a Ai I sh . aa haaar bia wkk vfa
rection oi mem wnetner rius jjl ,oer oa if aad - -
hat th ability to ma saafl a i aatr at. te Haasrv Ausiaa. whet voa wfl
A good bead of It muc
tireesMO, aWrdt
MTlWaU CO0.VT1, g. a.
ra fa vastors (ram Jaa 1st
will be
Owewbtr 1st
SoSphar aad Oalyawat. oarivaawA
AA rbuul aUr not a be foood.
Tbe Proprietor has gone to great
tapreis aaa aaitry ta ttprtng,
body reuiins to be
heat the
per month;
oral j'l delivery ihroogboot
aaMy prstanted ta lk
idalma for
per was or per
ream of a, aad t
Tr. J QOZoitsf WTATT.
tk.t Ike - .tt--- mmm . .
Iwaaa I .. tw kJi a
Is tbe Li,., . tu.uu.n. r.vnrl tka, I Monday.
- couailtntionand v, , of tkaa ap- It 1 1 A iitAii Jateg tyMb tf
btt mllmm ZZo? nea- tc--rrr
tt produced BO action.
The Habeas Oorpns befag i
ojnst or fliegal pntkat
oaty tad apeady rrach of every ai bjea . AfanlhllQ fA fiala
i - - ..
A e-stad W Obawter af a Tmmt a
AWf.- m
; .. . .w.- -. ;-j.,' i --t-j

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