It' - f ? " rhi-3 copy of the Daily tfeloraphj . v-J. .printed on only one -i off the I - i paper,. 7a3 pre 3 en rre'd A. Qlds ill llfJIlVoU Midi I l Ml ' I a. . . t I r. V I RALEIGH, N. G. ,! FRIDAY!, JUNE 20, 1862; DAILY TELEGRAPH: j ISSCED FOSC THB OFFICE OF TH STATE JOCBXAL. JOnX SPELMiX, Editor and Proprietor. j T. BOBISSO.V, ASSISTANT EDITOK. Terms of the Telegraph. ' The Telegraph is published, simply ae a telegraphic news fcheet, eTerjr Morning and Erening (Sundays excepted) at; F(r the Morning ? Erening Edition!, $2 per month. For the Morning or Erening Edition, ; 1 ' v j j : Single copiesFive Cents.-. f ' Xp subscriptions by mail will e receired for less than one month. Terms invariably in advance. MORNING E D IT 10 nI I ! FRIDAY, June 20, 1862. BY TELEGBAPH; j Special Dispatcher to the'DailyTelegraph. , I Higlilj Interesting. Tellow Ferer on the Increase at naranna De feat or the Erench troops in Mexico 500 Kill . a, m w . AVI11 fc? m luv A1V Ufc7 m v " J their Capital The French waiting Tor rein forcementsArrival of steamers for Rebeldom, at Nassau The Cecile and1 Kalse through the blockade again Arrlral of Gen. Pettlgrew at Baltimore LordyLyons and Lincoln.. "-' Augusta, June 19. .Northern papers of the 13th and 14th. have been received. - ' - '' 'V:. ' The British Queen at New York, brings late news from Havanna. Yellow fever was increasing there. The defeat of the French troops j in Mexico is con firmed. " Five hundred of them were killed and seven hundred taken prisoners ; but the latter were released, as the victors could not furnish them subsistence. losing fifteen men and several horses. ;Thc cause of this was treachery, j Thi enemy occupied the town and were also extending their. operations in laud from Peusacola. ' - -j ; f -: - jjj Latest from Klciiniond Gallant dash or Confederates-Capture of Yankee OTercoats, arms,1 &c. The Yankees writhing under late news from England A game of "Bragg", on band.i r-r. ;: .' r:V :..') '; i litcHMOXD - June 19 -iiJ rftl On Wednesday Kershaw's SoUth Carolina -brigade was ordered forward uy uen. Mcliaws, to -t feel the ' . J it J:i; '. i j :- nit. JL - Ji ! j.'i... cueiuy on i uu niu iinie rouu.. niev auvauceu outa snort distance into tne wooas, wnen p ons nre com menced along the Tincs. The enemy was driven back. Otir men preisQ( furward, tookf three camps, brought off n number of overcoats, arms, &c. -' . Eight of the Confederaies were wefunded in this af fair, including Capt. Cuthbert, of the Second South Carolipa, in the arm,-and Capt. Walker, of the Third, iu nie euuuiuer. i f I ...,. 'V Northern papers of the ICth recei vjed j'f The London corresjiondent of.the'PhHadelpbia Eoquirer says-that the refusal of the English government tb give up the Emily St. Pierre, is couhied upbp' terms" approaching if not reaching insolences and insult. The same corresponderft says ) a I peremptory ' de mand will be made, if it has not already been; done, for the release of tc BernnuJai ! 1 , JThp feeling of the English' people, he says, is al mst wholly with the South. 'r I j" " Liverpool dates to the fifth". havfe been received. The summaryjof news, as published jcontains nothing Of interest. ' H; 'v rv - J'v -" ' Cottoii had advanced ld. ;'';i--:-V;;' - . .'-".'- The Quebec corresjiondent bf the ICew York Timbt, under date 9th iiist. says, "this citv has been agitated I for three; or fburfdayai past irkh- the iwonderful rum'dr oi a speeuy arrival ot a large body oi troops iroro Great Britain;. The reports are- believed to a cerbtin ex tent, and men's nioutbs. are .full! of j intervention, Tto the Valley. Old Stonewall has sent in his Qiciai rcpvrt of hh" late achievements in the Valley. .Itipontains cotbiog new beyond what has already -beeipublisbed. Th' raluf ,of the property captured by"1itm is over a mil lion and a half bf dollars.: The prisoners are about thirty-two; h und red. V B'rom thexapidity of his move ments, his present At AVeir'a Cave, above Staunton, he ws last heard from.:- ; , Shields was falling back towards Manassas Gap railroad. ! FremontV resting fplaccia;iJncertain. Heavy reinforcements were arriving for Jackson; -'' --1,"-., .,';' ;' i. j ;:'')-' An -s:boxaut wiNGKD.We learn from the Rich mond Euquirer that one of ficOeUanV balloonists, floating high inxir, last' Saturday, and makrpg a re- connoisance ot tne " lCeDtl . camp,, was suaaenir brought to terra jirma by a well-directed shot" from one of the pieces of the Purcell Battery, Captain Pc- gram. The balloon was blown to pieces and some thing whether Prof. Lowe or a lower official ii un knownbut something was seen to "drap ;w shrewdly ' suggesting that some Yankee bird had . made its last flight. . . ! - The Mexicans were fortifying the Capital, and thej.m St. Pierre, Ikrmud and othr possible causes when their reinforce- prehch will march mcnts arrive. . . 'j,-. . ;, 'I- j Several steamers, with cargoefs for rebeldom," have : arrived at Nassau, i .' ." i , The steamers Cecile and Kalse, from Charleston have . arrived at Nassau. 1 : , ' Gerj. Pettigrew arriVed in Batimore oh the 13th.--He vas at the. Monument House, on parole ; but his . Wounds incapacitated him from moving. " - j Ixrd Lyows had an audience vith Lincoln on the 13th, the eve of his departure for Europe. He will be absent two months. Y' From the South and Southwest. Enemy falling back from Pikeiille-attemptlng ; to buna bridges ' oyer tne mouth of liattle Creek-Boell marching east his advance at ! Tascumbla-Dissn t lsfaction in ' the Yankee ar ! my-Executlon of train stealers-Pope's DItIs- I ion in run retreat-fa is men scattered in coniu ! slon our troops In pnrsultran Alabama regiment surprised at Hilton the enemy oc 1 cupy j the town, Ac. r . . Bichmokd; June 19 p". m. i A' special dispatch to the Savannah Republican, coated Chattanooga 18th, says; that the enemy, are reported to be marching back from Pikeville towards McNinville.- They are attempting; to build a bridge over the mouth of Battle Creek to enable - them to cross from Stephenson to Jasper by; a direct rout. " Information has been received that Buell's army is marching east. Scott s Lomsiana Cavalry reports his advance, at luscumbia. 1 ; Great dissatisfaction is reported among the enemy's troops. . They are seeking every, opportunity to be made prisoners. , The Atlanta Confederacy of this morning says sev en train stealers were hung near that city. yesterday. Tle Mobile Evening News of the 17th, says, on the 13th, Gen. Pope s division was in full retreat, the men scattered in confusion. Our cavalry weie after them. : letter in the Evening ;Kews says, Col.; Hunter of " an Alabama ; cavalry regimen t - with a detachment, ; was surprised at Milt6n,ncar Pensacola on Saturday, of trouble with the States.' There 'were no despatches received after dark last nights - . . ., ;. i : .'fc ii ; ' The Richmond Lines. At 3 J o'clock; Wednesday morninga brisk skir mish commenced; near the -Cth mile-post, on the right of the York. river rail road ;-which continued at inter vals throuffhout the dav. The' ball onened with 4 compafnies of the OthYirginia, aftefwards reinforced by the 14th and 53rd Virginia, arid later by the 3rd Georgia.! - Our loss in killed "and wounded is- said to be about 40; while that of the enemy, who were ulti mately chased a mile at the, point . of the bayonet, is said to be about 300.; Thus victor smiles on jus on every held. May God continue it.l A general en gagement on WTednesday was thonght not improbable. The Examiner has! it that 4 Virginians were killed ou Wednesday by i some Louisianians who mistook them for enemies. Also that some eight companies in one oMien. riusrers rcsnmenrs were missms ana apd supposed to have been cut oif, jby.the enemy, in the dense woods where they were doing picket j duty, also that the Con federates .captured two apd tilled five Yankees among the captured a Yankee Captain near Beturn of the Pbesidekt. We neglected to state yesterday that President Davis had sufbeicntly recovered I from his indisposition' . to. return, to his post at Richmond, on Wednesday morning. - j Tee first Badge or Howoav We are informed while Beauregard was falling back from Corinth, Owl. Hill's 65th Tennessee Regiment waa in the rear ; that. three xegiments of the enany came up and attacked the gallant 55th, whose Colonel and men fought this licavy odds with courage, desperation and terrible ef fect, seldom equalled and never celjed byany ; that the enemy whose onset was furious, soon began to waver, then fall back, then retreat rapidly, and, pur-? sued bv the intrepid 55th, were put to a disgraceful rout and scatteration. - M ' , - l- The conduct of Col. Hill and his brave men Were so meritorious, and so much pleased Gen, Beauregard, that be conferred upon him for himself and his men, . the firsttadge of honor that has been awarded by the , General for meritorious and distinguished sertices. . This is probably the occasion alluded to by JIal- j leek in his despatch, in which he says Gen. Pope cap-. tnred 10,000 of our men and 15,00Q stand of arras. Southern Confederacy. V f 1 1 j j .; ; ( . We had a conversation last night with a Major di rect from Gen. Jackson s army.. Those noble heroes are in a good position for recuperating and in no dan ger from the enemy. All of the officers and soldiers of Jackson speak in the most enthusiastic terns of the gallant soldier. . '; : -i :;,;:, ' The gentleman in question informed us that the enemy were committing terrible depredations jupon the people of the Vallev. At Harrisonburg they even destroyed the furniture of our citizens, and took from one gentleman over 700 bushels of grain, without of feiing the slightest compensation or f giving any evi dence of indebtedness. - But the robbers may soon be overtaken. Lynchburg Virginian, lith. X ; J The ' fight last Monday on" James'; Island, Charleston, as detailed by the pourief of Tuesday was fierce and bloody, resulting in a complete victory to the gallant.sons'of the Confederacy. . Charleston will now be fiercely assailed by IincohVs hordes ; but to God arid our gallant soldiers we look for its success ful defence. We . trust the brilliant success of our arms; on James Island; last Monday iaj but the 'prHpiplrs before now, If it haii been tmeAilznla Qm- Death of Captain Michael Bebry.. A New York paper of the 5th inst., - says' : Captain Berry, well known as the former commander of the New ' Y-?rk and Charleston steamer Columbia, died at the refidence of his brother, in. Broeklyo, , this morning. C lDtain Berry was the fixst man that entered Charles- toll harbor under the Palmetto flag. : He was impris- r . -W m m A 1 i" . . ' A. 1 oted in Jt ort JLayiayeue ior auegea; secession leuaen cife, and was released but a few weeks since. ; j ;;-j,:'-;. v. ; ;;- . Refobted Killtno of, Andy JoinrsOK.-We areLsahsfied this report is untrue, notwitnstanaing a - ma was nere wno saia ne saw ii aone. uur reason is, that it would hare reached us through Northern. ?;.;':,n.v: :V;'!il-'-rv- w ' .'

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