RALEIGH, N. C, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25, 1862. : : ' 1 1 ' ' ' '- -' r: M - -- - - : -, i - : : -n 1 n ... . i ... r TELEGRAPH. ISSCEtt FROM TUn QFFICC. OF THB 8TATI5 JOCKKAL. J 0 n 5 PELMAX, Editor and Proprietor. WM. ROBIN60K, ASSISTANT EDITOR. bp PROGRESS THE WAR. Termsof the Telegraph. The Telegraprj'js pi. Ted, simply as a teWraphia news ueri. erery Alormuff t-- krenmsr ( Sundava exeentedl at the following rates-' : . V '": S - . - f t I Fr the Morning 4 Evening Edition, $2 per month. Tor the Morning Evening Edition, 1 " V t ! " Je copies Five Cents.''" . .. '" : ; AO anbscriptiah ty teail will be received for Ie?s than .- joqe. month.- Terma invariably in advancej . ; til Y-E N IKG ED ITION. f t WEDNESDAY. June 25 1862.- . BY TELEGRAPH. 3pepial Dispatches to the Dsily Te! egraph. From Riclimond. Gen Stuart's Raid-Heary los of properfj Bat tie of Seven Pines-Admitted loss offorty thou sand-Porter's Mortar fleet. - fi " v - "i.r ; ' 1 " - - - i Richmond, June 24, 1862. The Petersburg Axm-M of this morning, sars the Kditpr-has conversed with a gentleman who recently left the rearof McClellan'slarmy. Hesays hesawPhil-J iKit'Iphia papers of the 13th mst. They contain full ac counts of the lute guerilla raid bv GenL Stuart, and ennfess to much loss of property. They d2ny'that the lnirinoer oi tne irain was Kiuea.: , i The Yankees, says the Express, admit. a loss of forty titousajadkiUed,, w.on.pded, missimj anddemoral- jz'm in lue two uays iigL n tno oeveis riue. They do not contemplate marchins to Richmond until the destruction of the Batterels at Dairy's II(iftf. to effect' which fhey-liave sent forj Porter's Mor tar fleet. I ' '" The foregoing dispatch was anticipated by. the point and Richmond being out of working order. , I i- V Yankees -'A From Cliarleston. shelling our men on John's Island. i ', Chakleston, June 23 1 is nuiet on Janies Island. ! r I - Yfesterday the Yankee gunboats went up and shelled a detachment of-the Marion Artillery, posted i-u John & Island, forcing them to retire. . j j . ... 1 I-,.". I The Conscripts of this State will jbe: ordered into We fearn fro m are ' all nearly . therefore, ad- camp, near this city, in a few days. Major TVIatlett that the arrangements comp'ete for that purpose. We would vife imen wishing to Belect their own companies to do Mai. ouce, oeiore inu oppriunii.y oe lost. V .r -' D:. : , I'- The AVork in Kentucky. According to he Louisvillei Democrat, a portion of Col Morgan's men rontinue 'actively engagetl in Kentucky. Captain Ferguson's company, has been doingj-good work at Tompkinsville, Monroe county, where 'they routed a company of Federals, capturing several prisoners and a number of.arnis and cavalry equipments. ' Captain Ilapiiilton Jias also had a' brush with! a company of Vt nilsy variia cavalry recently, in whtch both com manders were killed. Tribute of Respect. rThe officers of the 28th North Carolina r regiment, on duty near Richmond heldja meeting on the 11th inst., (Cl. James H. Lane 1 residing,) and passed a series of appropriate resolu- nous oi respeciTo ine memory m ineir naie luieuienaui (Jolonel, Thomas L. Lowe, who died recentiy, after a lew ys illness.. He was- a willing and gallant de iender of the rights of thd South, abd a brave and much esteemed officer. 5 i - 1 A numl)er of North Carolina army Officers are now in durance vile on Governor's Island, New York. LATER FROM NEW ORLEAiNS -ANOTHER ORDER FROM BUTLER THE 1' YEtiLoW FEVER AMONG tHE ! YANKEES THE CURRENCY OF THE CITY.A8 REGU LATED BYBUTLER-f AUStiVN ; HUN(J FOR TEARING DOWN THE YANKEE FLACS ETC. ,. "'...;;-- ;.;,". From a jate vp of tNew Orleans Deltd, now the organ- f5Jtfer1cfdwand from other sources, we gather wme furtheradvH New Orleans : -j Butlef has given birth t another of. his famous "orders.'" i J Done in plain .fcingush, it means that every body, in Jew Orleans is to wife tne.oatli of allegiance to the hateful Yankee! Government or feel its crush ing tyranny. - We learn that two of te enemy's smal j boats were sounding in Ilonvlsland Pass.' We further learn that a verv large expedition- was fitting .cmt in New Orleans for someMestiuation not known J jThc Yankees were taking; tip f?r the expedition all the vessels. scnoonexa ana in iifce inev couia nna. mooiie is, in all probabilitv, its destination, f r "Bronze John" has arrived in New Orleans and is doing effective per vice iu theIConfederate cause. There vvere over fifty cases ofTyelU'w feverl in the Clianty Hospital, the larger proportion rtf whom were Yankee soldiers. In conseauence. Butler is quartering his troops in the surrounding parishes and along the coast. The plantations ; of Generals Bragg and Polk, and Henry Quitman son ot tbe late (jrejicrai j. tuitman. and many othersi had ben lakeh poslessiori i of by the invaders. - -J ' "." ;..:'y - MI.j' X The currency is city bank notes. Gold is worth 17 per cent, premium over Scurreney f tlnitwl States Treasury notes equal to gold ; Confederatnotes 80 to 90c, but no quantity 4ay S5.000 to $10,000 can be bought at that price. Thejbauks are not allowed to p y. out Confederate notes rid all trading in them is punishable wiui fin9.'-iTfif bo"litherD Bank made ap- nl icjitlori 1 6 F u tl er o letHlyjn pa y . .ou t , thei r Confede ratnotesi as they fiad never euspyenTFednd7 tobfrTle- posits with the understanding that thev "were to take pay ?J the same ; hut h$ decided that they must issue their notes and pay them lout. .All. the banks, are issuing their notes. B'J Ithipks -the ihders'andirig -jis that Butler will compel the bank to take United States Treasury notes J Stime Suits i to compel the banks to pay specie have been decided against them. There have been several! Union meetings, j .Tom Parkert WilliamIIunt, Michael Hahn, and Duraht; it is understood, have takeu f the oath-, and are "baud and gloves'? withthe Federals. It is. understoodj.that Denegre has taken the oath', atid got jack all his gold. A New Orleans paper of the 8th gives the particulars of a great Union meeting hld on Saturday, 7th inst. Fernandez, Durant, Dewesl fourth -district and M. Hahn, were the most prominent... Rrddell, Summers, and William Hunt'' are '-believed to '.have taken the oath, and declared themselves always Union men. Mumford was hung'froni the window of the" Mint on the 7th for tearing down the first flag raised, bv the Yankees ver that bnilding. Leeds jof the foundry). rierre bottle, l liomas Mtrrrav (ot the tree market), four of the Thugs, Duprat, and others, have been ar rested and sent some to Eort Warren, s and some to Fort Jackson. " 1 is-s -. I i '-:-; ! Doctor Stone. frife fusing to attend officers and to admit snildiers into his :-$iospital, was jmprisone and lined 500, which he retuseo; to pay, put he attcrwants paid the fine, and w-ts released. You)g Zacharie paid $l,000and was released; , f i ? ! The little 'boats running up Red rlfcer are permitted to bring in provisions arid k.a8sengpTs, and take out salt, &c and passengers. Butler sys that as long as the people will send in l provisions tfie boats shall be unmolested ; but if they refuse he 'will seize thorn fur transports. 'Five hundred sacks of shit came oyer t Madisnnville, pa'ing Butler,5 per sack for a permit, (.112.500 I ' j ?----tf;Ui- -.,'' f i- 4 '!.: exefcution of the Yankee marauders subsequently took to the swamps, and are said to be organizing k coryf dc resistance, under the title, of Swamp Rangers,, i j ;,'; The same dreactattd uncertainly prevails as iormer-. ly. There remains but three thousand men, in the city. The report in the city , is, that lour nundrea. i woundef 1 and forty jdead were brought down trora th Grand pulf fighti Farragut ; is not injured as re ported, ..- '? ''' ! ' ': r' J ':, j j -"':;.-'. The Petersburg Express learns connected with! the! army, who left day, that McClellan is falling ' back fortifications as he 'leaves them. T pers of yesterday mention' aheavy smoke, seen in the rom a gentleman RicTPmond Mon and burning his he Richmond pa- don't attempt to' direction of McClcllan's camps, but account for it. j ; Missed 'em, -It' is said that Gen. Stuart in hi circumambient tour of the Yankee camps, passed within 600 yards of the louso where McClellan and staff were at ,dinnet the customary body guard being their only protection. No great loss ! iStuart did enough iu one hasty visit. i Forty thousand. -A gentleman, recently fror.r the rear of ilcClellan's army, informs the Petersburg ia pipers of that ithe Yankees last Express that he had seen Philadclpl Thursday, is. which it is admitted ! - . - .... . . . . . r, i-. i. sustained a loss of j 40,000 in killed, wounded, mi.ssing aud demoralized,.in the two day's fight at Seven Pinea. It was stated that; McClellan had caused Casey's en tire" division to be dismissed from the service". j -.--! i . p:'; ' 1 . ' ii '' - -1 ' -The Richmond links continue the tindisturbsd center of anxious expectation, , No fight yet. It i fsaTd -thab -routed forces of I McDowell and Shields . in the Valley,- have made, or are making their way to McClellan. It is evidently the design 6fs McClellan to compel our forces to attack! him or otherwise hold the city in a quasi state of siege. 'J . Yicksburg still holds utj and is about the last- ' point left us on, the shores of the great Mississippi,. Wo arc prepared to hear of its fall any day, as it is open to attack, both from above and below by the Promoted. We have ofiicial authority for saying that Col. G. B. Anderson, of the 4th N. C. regiment has -been promoted a Brigadier General in the army, of the Confederate States. His brigade is at present composed of 4th, 12th, 13th and 30th regiments, i . We are also pleaEpd to ahnounce that Lieut. Colonel Bryan Grimes has been promoted Colonel of the 4th regiment, cice Col. Anderson promoted. ... j : Secretary Memminger, of the Treasury, has esUb lis a bureau for the issue of fractional notes of the five dollar Confederate States. currency, to consist, of one, one and a half, twos and a half, &c, as authorized by act of the Confederate Congress. The bureau consist of thirty women'and one man, as superintendent- the women o cut, sigh and prepare notes for utterance. These issues will provo a great convenience to, the public.;. " ; 4 I , ,;;'"-:! -r- Rates of Postage;. From and July next, the rates of postage will after the 1st of be as follows: The citizens of Tefrabonne parish! Louisiana, lately hung two of -Butler's marauders afliouman, in that par sh ; in cohsfquence :(f which Picayune Butler sta tioned a force i of fi fteen hu nd red Ya p keea in that part of the State,:cornposs(l of the' parishes of Ascension, Assumption, Lafuircheand Terrebonne, mtly along the Bayous La Fourche janil Terrauxannojand the line of the New Orleans Opelotisas and Great Western i railroad. The gentlemen who tried and ordered the For every letter not exceeding half an ounce in weight, conveyed in the mails for any distance within the Confederate States,there shall be charged, ten cents. And : for every additional, half ounce in weigh t, or additional weight of less than half an ounce, there sfhall be charged additional single postage. . : Piano Fortes Tuncfl. JAMES PIRSSOK, PIAXO FORTE MAKER A!T& Tiiner, respectfully informs the Public that he will be in Raleigh, for a few days, during which time they may .- hare their Pianos thoroughly tuned and repaired, by leav- ipz ineir oruers ai ue cook owore oi i praeror. Jane 25.- V'-r-. ! ! : ,'; " . II &Zt i Mil

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