North Carolina Newspapers

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, 7r
HALEIGII, N. O. WED?5S AYIANUAIlir 24, 1030.
NO 5
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fc..c..rTI., thraa dollara per..ou-o
"3, ridvH.t lh Staia't-illb.
uTM Or . AO v 13 . 1 . ,
. r 1 .. ...eriW 16 lint this
site jii - ; ' .,. . ,
gJZbH Clerks.-! ShrMb
Hilf to .K.rl r eeot. h.f her, . Ha-
urn! Insennm, iw-.t-"-;. . C1i
W inr .HverUsert by the year
Lriiert to the .Editor aaust be post-paid
When Mo, anlj waia, wujounf,,
WhiU yet in ewf Vtt ah .une. "
i Pim im oft, Hlr ber btll, f
lliroiif'd "un1 "r.oSc i7r
0. - ' jc4 ,
They iDitoh'd her initramenta of ouna."
fcy1 I.o indeed ii light from Heavan;
A utark of thit iinmoruJ firn
With DB1 ahanrf.lijt All gin, v
To lift o" rln o"' l,,w dealro.
Devolion wft tha minJ abovfl.
But Heven kotlf decenJ in Loa; ' '
A feeling from the Godltexl caught.
To wean from aelf each aor did thought;
A ray ol him wka fonnM tho whole;
A glory circling round the oul!"
-The JSiotur'' Bvaon.
"Thii ii one of the muter panione of the
-fcnnnm-kaweieriiH!l 4 tha plen
itude of it power, tu dovouooa ambrace with
nrrr and uncontrolled dominion' all
the complicated
It waa implanted
d in the human bosom fo, the
.t benaficent of purposes; and
to iu legitimate objects, and re-
noblurand mot benaficpnl of purpotea;
when reatricted to iu legitimate obieeta, and
strained withm due oouniia uy moral sentiment, 4rerture when even his heart was-told c,ouus Ano winus rose, the wares
bs called 0 freLjuti oLhumao I to the object, the blandishments of he"eJ. nJ distant thunder muttered
hsppine.s. 1 ..... . .. . rci prorated love miht have enlisted a,onS tl,e no"n' The rivers and
No passion Incidentals humanity embraces I iu,c mi 111 nave enusieu ,,,,,?.,,,...... , .
,o ,artP W..iulaUcka iofiuU7n.lici,. K
u of okjJs.- It commence, in the cradle with fcn's last best gift. n re ,r,w' nto the ocean; the dol-
tl-nder emotions of filial attachment and vene- But that Love which can alone bear P un? n(' w-norses which drew his
ration for our parents; it aceompaniee and ani- tiscathed the fierv ordeal of life must cbanot-shell, snorted, and splashed,
mates us through .11 Uie chequered viciawtudea refined in the holy fire of Virtue a,ld Pr'ckeJ UP their earsj the moun
X ?d be founded un h
.ccomp.nvii! tb. lalTrelort of all the excellence in the object. Upon this wa-gtrpen a, toJother marine mon-
hfing, it concentrates all its pure and aubliroe irinciple, should the virtuous and re- I ,"?Wtd "P n nd terror
energies at the great fountain of existence, the ined seek congeniality with the vicious n r Pro'uUna grttos, and all the
throne d the living God. nd illiterate? Nc Well, why i it tri?B: 1Bi?lf? nd sea. divinities
.Like all other elementary principles of ho- e? ( - Which inhabit his watery kingdom. Col-
; Li-iZJ. i.ik.. u. will ,.r K h... ni... k. 1..1;.. know what the deuse was the matter.
. . . a
( its presence, and the effects which are mani-
fested in every department of lite, by multiplied
xliihitiana at it. Anrfriat 1, Hu'hM thji ln.
energies. It attaches the in -
fant to its parent, and the domlcil of ita earliest
days of helplessness and dependence; it attaches
the youth to the objects of his playful yeara, u
us companions 01 nis innocent ana irsuve
mirth. .ndttb.Gnrtoi.ju of hi. youthful
Ut!2: . ..
Ttie beneficent eoJ heavenly aspiration 01
i-.r. ...n.rau, if..u..d: the bind
the soiriary and warlike saa to hiawaUm for-
est; the Moor, the Arab, and the Negro, to the
burning plains 01 the torna tone; mo Kussian,ua shake 0f rt.,j dejection, and
Swede, the Aorwian. ana inlander to.jj,,, fc j h j. j - rf .
snows and gladers pf the polar regions, and . , u- i.
th. eaurlW .ml civilized Euronean and Amen-
can to the refinements and cemforta of the more
temperate region "of the globe. '
Ii you requite proofs of the truth of thisuni-
venal doclnne of love, ask the parent what
price would induce him to part with his chil
dren; nit the husband of a woman of elevated
and noble character, what aum in guld jewels
he would consider equivalent to her value; ask
the 'savage what would induce bim to abandon
the dangers of the chaae, and the deep and si
lent solitudes of nature, and to reside in your
crowded ehira,'aa.dat the hum of business and
the confusion KT aa-tciubled multifudra. Ask
the Samoide and tiaplander what vould induce
tliera to change the fogs aod snows of the north,
fur the mtM tnd balmy temperamrtountries
presenting eternal spring arid onfadlng verdure.
They xeill tell pu thai iKeg hf4 their parent;
their -mivei, their friend , their ctnntry.
The writer goes on to speak , of tn
toltinlary Love; and very conclusively
demonstrates its existence and effects.
He remarks: .
'No two human beings, especially el differ-
""'ntvaeaea, and more especially if theirafftctiont
were unengaged hy previous preposseasiona,
were ever yet in the presence of each other for
any Jengtfi of time, without expe.iencing the
",tc. a greater r lest degree, of the sympa
"j r inuttatny Delore noticed,
When the at-
wacuon u mutually atrong.Uie parties soon be-
d77' VJZ?y 1?raf -
t . ""nwiuuea. i nia aym-
rucuc auraciion nas by some writers on the
subject, been denominated 'sve ret eight'
When an the other hand, the physical, moral
and intellectual charwrere of the partite arses-
uny anu rajMcany umerent from each olh
tin etUerworda. and in aun r.I.L...i.i.
pbneologyrwheh Ihe natural charoctirs of the
i-ruea are ine direct anUpodea of each other,
Ihe rrnjUie powera of natural ar.tipethy art
ttAngly eiperieneeo' at to produce involun
ry hatred, if not Sied and unalterable seuti
w of contempt and detraUtioa. I am thos
particular in living my opinions oi these tub
Jeta. Bot ealy because I know that tbeir tor.
mtness will be sanctioned by th actual expo,
njee of thousands but becaoae I Uart they
wiu u er service te many, in disclosing the ei
wenje danger to humtn happineaa, which iova.
"tnly arises rrom uniting those to each other,
fLii ' rtifieil nd factitioue tiea whom
Y1 and nature have put asunder.. By oppo
anion, of character, I mean a plain die
"iniiituu, ofUmporamenta, tastes, and intellee-
. and moral ejualiUee, Can physical and
aaoral beauty be in Ipye with pbvsical deformi,
V. ana moral depravity of charactert Can in
"geoee be jn love with atuptdityt pnocence
"a Hi'est pority with guilt and corruption!
Love is a mysterious passion, and
Hen mvoluntaiV but thw writer has
scribed an' Influence rather too pow
nul and decisive; to attractive and re
!'MT Principles. f Some individuals,
j .T11? .f es, rf perpaituallj changing
jn their devotions thej are easily ?,p!
"ated by, and as easily diverted
mi other ;.hjecf and if such ever
iwe it i. at first slightly involuntary,
afi., 5u'4rd,krnt alive by flattery
oJ deception. Hence, their
nest is ever in extreme leobardv.
lady of this character is addressed by
a gentleman of fashion, and or hand
some appearance; at first, she maj even
avoid and view him with dsgust bat
let him just converse with her five min
utes, and she regards him with tolerable
complacency five minutes more, and
her afirtis ticlftSlTan Id ner leeHngs
are to ner apparently Jy) kind unison
with his own! Ladies, is it-not so?
But beware! Such a man is. borne on
passion's restless whirl link jour life
with his, and smiles and words
that flattered and excited jour vanity,
will degenerate into sarcastic sneers
and cutting reproach! Theft are oth
ers, of both sexes, who feel involunta
ry love, but it is chilled and turned in
to hate bj a repulse, or the reflection
tint tka iihll i. l.U . .1 ... - L
y ..... wi.v 11.1:11 auu unauiiiuaiu-
t ""i i me uujri oi xneir iove
should deign to stoop to them, the warm
' t ntiin ttt' I . . a. k i ! I 1 7 . L .
y mwgieu wim grat-
iiaue, anu tney even wondet that there
tre many things in heaven and earth
hit hare not been dreaintof M their
But it is not safe that anv of either
fx should depend altogether iihon in.
, . . 1 O I --- 1
"'"'j ioe. ine gentleman maj
tiae gmoomij on Irom 1 8 to 25 sus-
tined and animated bj this principle,
it still unsucressfu jat SO he will be-
ome wide twitv-at t ..r an till!
pntc emot;0g oVe pkaoi if nTglrt, 'DathT and firei Pluto! Jupiter!
I .1 . . . .. L rj'VJJ.MttiL4.m.kit-:-j 1 u u j .
"J f lifo-participated in the
il int throng, or pajed devotion to
rtue in unobtrusive irarb made one
learn to distinguish between
vice. True
1 .-.. n,l
i ,
tlee u m mo"l" of such frightful mein,
Ht to be hated needs but to be seen."
But how can a lady see vice in the
ascmatinir kmilo nf
Ltinir kmi enf h,r idm m-n.
:,ten to fk ,oud Ull , ,lf ,,.,
,fevelrv? Can aha mark-thti rm&Jt'.TPJ:lKn
u -fail. , . , r l-r ,
h ,,,u the wild tide of life, and
tcaves the deep croan, when he it alone,
,n his chamber? She cannot. But he
l'g" nJ rry hini but the
fcnder wild-vine hath embraced the
pugh and rotten oak, so on to be riven
w tjie torms of contending elements.
iu,. m:iir hav vil-
iiiuuriai nau not ine arcn-nemi ap
foached her in the brilliant folds and
Inning flatterj of the serpent she
(ght have escaped vice had the same
J non-spirit remained unchanged as
Iton describes him when drscendinp
. 1 I I . l n .
hm the sun. : Let thaJadies, if the?
uld secure wedded happiness, avoid
al frown upon the licentious, and a-
T J n
5 a srr Kiu miti i
M EtWor: Sir, I have observed
and iproved of the fidelity and per-
seVchce of vour corresnondentt in
theiriudable efforts for the reforms
"on that part of our
Dart of our snecia. bear.
mg tl antiquated name of "Uachs- i
"7ffifeV specially has abundant
causeor .rejoicing, by observingHie
succe he has met with and or A is
encouement, be pleased to publish
to thtwrU, the luminous epistle of a
Iturnel Abecedarian, who, altlmujli
his loci are bleached bj storms of 60
wintenhas the courage to address an
accompihed, and highly. beautiful
'joung Hy uf the same profession. It
a man may 'smile and be a villa in 7 ' 7 r " . "" ".mertteuse are jour-
.. . tier te inner nn. she is the verv nll a. ,r- s i .
in- - Aa in thorn tli v imiff .pnnnh r -r "j mi nams ia iiicrcurr. aitiu me
ariaoineofthem more than enough, "l.-i , ,t s, , - ' handsome jou th. U
bu whether deception lurks beneath U hat " the mtter? cl,ined f 'And praj, Mr. Mercury, how dared
thi smile I do not pretend to sav! "ar":. - .V . ! jou steal mj sceptre?'
ThV 4, r....n. "i moment n aucnee, a report I And mv wird f. monster aa d V.
is a trti copy, and may aerve as a
specTinejfor others of a Uke minrf."
Yu nnot but observe how tnodril'
ly he pop the question, and how he
raises hi expectation of . felicity
giving thtVst of precedents lor his
passion L scattering anj objections
she may kve' about his ae to the
winds! Viether he succeeded, re
port aajethjot but taking Ms learn
ing, modest 4 and condescenstoti,- but
above all, k exalted opinion of the
fair serf int consideration, his lady
love, on itaVelpr,, must have spoken
and looked,4'unutterable things!"
But to the ddjent::-- -;,,-'
'Dtam Mthi .V ' " i ."""" JSI
, Froiri thsmatt acquaintanc 1 hare
had with Jju 1 4 cohvinced you are Oualli.
Bed to tnake, ie man happy for team,
ing and pood sen,, two great qualifications
to make perona ajnarried state nappyi now
Mis. cons'drr thl each one following the
same occupation life might Bake it mora
agreeable cvea io kivcnationl Foraclowa
. .Nr. ..s VI .1 -M-
v . , . ...1 . . ,v:
to convent with a tdy of a refined mmd .
" r . r"-" - "7
circumiiAtice 10 mrv a rich m.n .ml he
shquld he a drinking; character then in thai
cae tht a ouUI be compelled to ttaml mutet
For if ahe undertook to reprimand him be
would abue, and even mention he bad taken
her out of the oAe$; aa he considers a little
property mora valuable than good qualities
or aetifcivated mind. At I have fern wiMn
mlowo. ,eyet and hart, hetrd wit my ear.
Sol am determined to marry no woman for her
property ana tmt to oe thrown up torn- when
even there beinu a amall portion to "make
inem & companions nappy tliroiirli life,
I hope Hits, ymj will Uke these thinjrs into
Euimusniuon ana bci as you may think pro
per, ana it 1 snouki be a proper person to
aW.Zryou, will you be to good as' to answer
this letter in wi ton. At I address Ladies of
leanung by way af Matter and those who are
pot tnva twee (that ia verbally.) I have a
arge House tinoccupi d by a Female
Teacher! As 1 think y may be an advan-
ge mroun me 1 win try to make you aa
happy as I can. Perhapt you may find tome
fault of my agei But remember Mitt that the
freater man waa ever ruitei in N. America
hs mother was sixteen and hit father forty
fivet Uke all these thine inta canidriin
and write me by the first sje opportunity.
So I conclude by aaying I am a friend to all
females of a rtfmtd moult for I think they
are like marble brought out of tho quarry.
OH. - I
1 ne tanguaze ana nu actuation are
Sani'a. the italira a nutn Iml,
1 i ' ii.m
Frtm tht rr Wrrer.
ar Tatooont a. f t.
ever w" monarch in mcD 1 a ragei
n"" w" raSe 90 powerful, rhe blue
,kT Pe8an io o blackened with heavy
I BTM . t
grei uecp iiseu usye lorm a
low.tone of fear at the sudden furj of
Its kin".
I have been robbed I cried the mo
narch, stamping hi foot, whereat three
7 .
bottom to the surface of the ware.
"J trttlcnt) Uttt
rJu. 1
father Saturn
t o trifle wit h
Jupiter, awake, and bear a hand with
your thunder.'
Even while he spoke an earthquake
shook three quarter of the eiobe. and
a a s a
disturbed the sleep of Jupiter hiinself j
on the summit of Olympus.
was throughout the whole universe the
very tieuse to pay. jupiter in rising
I ... i...:.- i . i
. ,, ,.,Bl aeverai tempies
were ansKen uown, anu juno screamed
MYiiaton eartn i the matter?' in
"Ul "me, mat mo
inferior god and goddesses could not
3." J'f'Z!
Lain ,t.; .... . 'il .i i
:.,-"""" 7" "v l"c
"r 7, "7 Pe" are
all this clamor because he had lost his ,
? trident
'Confound the fellow! He might at
least have waited till morning,' laid
Jupiter, with another yawn.
. H it an infernal old fool,' said Ju
no. 'I will break his head with t sledre-
hammer, ' cried V olean.
, .w -
. 4 . . . . . . . CI
j Heaven: he shall give me the sat-
'""i i gciiiicinaii, inuiicrcu
Mars, in a furv.
'Cupid, my love,' said Venus, re
tying her night-cap,, f we'll plague him'
well for this to-morrow.'
'Where i my sceptre?' cried Jupi
tor. i 'I'll call a council this instant.
To disturb us in this atjle the whole
assembly of the gods f
for a loss mere-
Ij private! Where the tieuse
sceptre?';,. .
is my
.'But the sceptre was gone. Jupiter
turned pale with rage,,; A."
.'.Why, gods.' cried he, it is not pos
sible! Junuinydear, look about curse
that "eagle he's" always in the way
when he's not wanted look behind
e s not wanted look behind
, by he beard of my and Mara -nsheathed V k a
, lie nau leei wnai II IS aivam min k. . r u .j:
xv.T-wrr-i--iT"rL Tit L i:V? b " " . ... wt tvi usee
uiu cuiune; triiai; no; . tahpa in tho mr .n.l r.t.,.n..i :
.i- . . . . .... . -
M .really thought Jupiter had 'more
gnity, said Mars 'ha is just as furt-
s as old Neptune him elf.'- -
I wish he would be a little careful
w he hamllea these' thunderbolts
though, whispered yenust in some
mxrr: , TV l I.
me mrone. y inestji! no nas .n will employ joe. You shall be
dared? All Tartary .hall stir for this? ; m j messenger, interpreter, and cup
Hand me those thunderbolts? What, bearer. 4 present jot this winged cap,
ho! wy centre! r ' and these wings for your feet. With
' h ";'" Venus, lljlj smiling, them you may go wherever vou please
how much more severely, we feel our with the greatest celeritj, and be in vis
Own losses than those of others? jT ; V' ible whei you desire. You ahall be
. Mamma,' said Cupid, 'shall I plague mj ambassader And plenipotentiarj,
Jupiter too? V -;; ' v i , v and jourfirst duty shall be to seek
Be quiet my child,, said Venn , Neptune,, and return to him the tri
M .really thought Jupiter had 'more dent with my compliments.. - ' ; v
dignity, said Mars 'ha is just as furt-, BuVaire, perliaps the old fellow
ous as old Neptune him tlf-..,.-vttrif be less Jndulgept than -you, for
'l wish he would be a little careful-my feat.- '. - t " , ,
how: he hamlles these thunderbolts ?'Kpr not. he ahllt nn'f km ,....t
U him! V ald Mara, -'he let
tnem o at me next Oh r hall e'a
.u. - .f,. k . . . .
halloo what Ihe'deuse w here's my
w in u ua 1 1 oo -1 rattors t n u m i e r- -death
famine and firewho' ha tot
mj aword! - Vulcan, joti black rascal!'
o jaw,' said Vulcan. v
I demand my sword,' cried Mars.'
D6ntutt InelaTdTutcitnbufT
heaven and earth!' and he turned white
as a sheet through the soot which be
grimed his face, 'some person has bro
ken into in r shop and made off, with
mj best hammer, two anvils, and a new
pair of patent bellows.'
Venus laughed till the tears lolled
down her chi-eks.
Was ever such-a scene!' cried she,
'all heaven turned upside down bj the
loss of a few paltry trifles which will
ba found again, doubtless, in the morn
ing.' ....
- 'But, mama, it's very curious who
could have stolen them?' cried Cupid.
Verj, my dear and, new I ihink of
it, I am glad I did not take off my gir
dle last nigrt before I went to bed let
me see, it could scarcely be abstracted,
I think, while clasped around my waist
ah!' "
She uttered a terrible scream. The
girdle was gone.
Well' sai4 Minerva, with great dig
nity 'here'a a prettj kettle of fish.' At
the same time she quietly retired to a
thunderbolts, andthe rest of the highl y
excited assembly
'it's all verr fine,'
continued the crave goddess, olacinz
ber finger on her nose, D. I. O.'
It is not easy to saj exactly how this
would have turned out, for Mars was
stamping: about like a ravinr mad mam
Venus had gone into violent hysterics
v uican, armed with a huge iron bar,
was rushing to and fro in d operate
wrath, and Jupiter had raised his thun
derbolts high in air, and waa just go
ing to let fly among the crowd promis
c u uusly, ,whn cry-a rose that the
thief was taken. A fierce looking bin
der deitv the Jacob Hays of 01 jmpus,
walked into the assembly, having one
hand upon the throat of a joung man,
and on the other arm a parcel of things
which, on being thrown down at the
foot of Jupiter's ivorj throne, proved
to be the missing articles. Juno hand
ed up the sceptre which her royal con
sort received with a smile Venus fas
tened on hef' girdle, Sobbing all the
while Vulcan seized his welcome
property, and struck a tremendous
blow on the ground with his hammer,
scabbard with a violence which made
th whnU linivan. V
tune's trident alone remained" on the
.Now, ladies and, gentlemen,' said
JUDIter. With morn than hm usual otn.
posure, you see the folly of getting
into a passion. Take example by me,
-r - r . -r-r
and be always calm and philosophical
under every vicissitude.'
Tlie goods looked at each other in
silence, and Cupid winked to his moth
,r. and .,! .i;
.. .. " " . J
. J "impudent young
,tcounarei,' said Jupiter, antl now let
us see who is that audacious varlet of a
And roj sword, wretchf thundered
Mars. -
And my new patent bellows, jou
rascal,' added Vuican.
'Ladies and gentlemen,' said the
prisoner, with a sweet smile, 'keep
-joI ami jou, father of men and gads.
hsfrty story. I was born of a very
genteel family my grandfather, was
Atlan.a great landholder my mother
was (lie peaoti
iful Maia '
Ahd who was four father?' de
manded Juno, somewhat briskly
?Shut jour fly-trap,' said Jupiter.
'My father is the honorable monarch
of men and gods, before whom I have
now the mortification to stand a cap-
'So, ho I? said Juno, - - .. - -
'I possessed myself of thrse arti
cles, continued the prisoner, 'not from
anj desire, to retain them, but in order
to recommend myself to your notice,
ph gods, whom I had an ambition to
serve.'-. " -;V s , . ; r .
You are a charminr fellow sid
Jamter! Jnno. h nn I lib
-.i . i. - r .
: : ' -i - j
dent with my complimi
, Bul,liire, perliaps
will be less Jndulgept
-my fcst.V, : ..
r 'Fear not. he ahlll
ynake yourself scarce tramp, begon?!
Ana Mercury, with abound Uisap.
'"vsunisa aims near msahinnr Junn'a ..
I pcared.
ni i w.-, ' ..
iirptune was in a snorting rage.
He had turTrI the orean upside down
he had .swept off vles and towns, ,
and shattered a icore of rockr coasts'
and.inountaina to. pieceTheaea'
gtds entreated his majesty to be calm,
and intimated that he waa only injur-
ing his own subjects.. He replied I
'VtrTela and VasabondisTLrins me
my, trident.!
At- length ' Mercury appeared and
with three bowsj Vfor Mercury had
travel icu, and was wonderfully polite,
returned the trident, and related the
whJ T desperate thief,' cried
the watery god, the brine dripping
irum ni uoarj oearu, 'JOU impudent
varlet, Jupiter's complitnenti? that
for Jupiter you his ainassador? jou
his confident? jrou be hanged ! by O
lympus! jou are a plebian.'
1 tell you what old chap said the
ambassador, 'you might about s well
cep.a civil tongue in jour head.'
'Earthquakes and thunder! jou ras
cal,' rejoined the enraged kins. if ev
er I catch jou upon mj realms again,
III give jou to mj monsters joti shall
make a bonne bouche for one of my
whales avaunt, yuu ragamuflui.'
That for you!' said Mercury, snao-
ping his thumb and finger under the
very nose of the end, thatthat
that for you! jour monsters and jou
WSo-tirPlntoi Orr.-t xtrapr w
none of your dolphins.'
whj, jou unutterable son of a
zmv cried Neptune, bursting with
wrath, so help m Saturn mj father,
if ever I catch you an inch on my do
main again, I'll, Jrown you like a blind
kitten you're 'a scararoouchLcurse
me if ever 1 saw such a harlequin.'
Uli, you vulvar old Tool said Met -
cury, in the most tantaliing manner,
lighting on the edge of the chariot,
and sticking his chin defyinglj in the
iace oi ninemjrjouT a regular
oater, and so Iar from retraining to
come mjself upon jour kingdom, I'll
teach man to .traverse it as a high-road
ni nave it overrun with boats, ships
whole fleets. By the Styx! I'll peo
ple it with steam boats.
So sajing, and snapping his fin
gers again at his foe, now altogether
speechless with rase, he leaped into
.1. - J ., . l
me air, ana was on in ine twinKiinjMilJwnen mercury, wno nan pern on a
an eve. Neptune ducked beneath the
nottd. My pen is mortal it cannot
paint his feelings.
In about three minutes Mercury a-
i . .... i
lighted m Phoenicia on the banks of
the river Eleutherus, which falls Into
tltejr4MdAevswiw wetow,,iWsltnd
Aradius. .He there saw a shepherd
standing on the-shore contemplating
some trees on the other aide of the
'What are jou looking at?' cried
'That fine fruit,' answered ,the shep
herd. 'I have been here all my life
tending . flocks. There are no fruit
trees on this side the stream. Every
Autu mn that fruit ripens and falls,
and is eaten by the birds, and though
I behold tt for ever, I can never reach
Can't you swim? asked the gritT.
No,' said the shepherd 'and if
could, it is too far for a swimmer.'
Look "here; said Merciirvi
ien me your axe.
i ... . '
Straightway he went and cut down
a tree, hopped off the branches, hew ed
out the trunk, constructed a pair
of oars and behold, a boat !1
- 'Jump in 'aitlMercurvi 'don't-be
afraid. V '
In five minutes the sheDhfrJreacti
ed the longdesired spot,' and had soon
caten as much as he wished.
Now, said Mercury, 'where
van mm
'Uack again to my sheep,to be sure
replied the shepherd.
What: won't you take some fruit to
jur . wne , aim ciiuuren.. : i ou can
carry it in the boat, you know.'
'L,y,' said the simple shepherd, Mo
teel , .'
'You can do more,' rejoined Mercu-
you can takeover not only enough
fur your wife and children, but e-
nough to sell to the other shepherds.
Yon can make them barter for it their
ocksand hamlets and. vou can sup
ply the towns and vilans of the sur
rounding couutry jou can make your
self a rich man.' . ' . ,.
? 'Now, only think of that!' said the
shepherd.' Heaven bleat your' wor
ship, there's laming.'. s'r v - r
'Good morning to yott,, cried Mer
cury, v ;v.,--,...?.( .' ; . .,
Oood morning to your worship,'
cried the swain, who was busily pick
ing the fruit; that Mercury leaped up
and was off. before he was aware of it.
; 'Heaved's! be'igonePaaid the shep
herd. fThat fellow's. a screamer won
der who he is but no matter; now for
it.' , ir:-, .m , , . ,v-.:.".r ;.:
By the time the sun set; he hail a
dszen loads piled up safely on the oth
er side of the stream , ' , , -.
' In a short time the rivers were cov
ered with boats. T Mercury chuckled
over the success of his platw-At length
ncn rnrxnicion. bunt a vessel, with
which be determined to cross 'to a
npirfnnnp n .nnht . i . .la ..Ai.ri..
(,''" sj v;,An m g,""jo!i Bomewnai impatient uisposi
Iwatched the eatarprise with iotereahfonrind sot J
and Jenttin -with vt -
7 inamm. - no
vessel was bjiilj, launched, rigwetl,"'"
manned, and a party of the ownerV
friends came on board to-put forth It -' "f
was the first time the sea had ever been 1
profaned by mortal presence. "A r
luted horror pervaded the deenrThe .
nereides and tritoiis ahook. with, fear
the sea monsters rose from their dark i''-. ' f
TibWHciWIlie aurTac
tumuled about in
a-ntatum. hi1e Ner-
i tune, calling around him all his force,
wnip?u up ma icrriueu uoipmns anu
startled steeds, determined to execute
vengeance on each one of the rash'
mortals who had dared to intrude into
his solemn dominion. The adventurers
put forth, v'rher were no aoonr em.
barked than the tempf st was loosened
the billows rolled in liquid mountains.
the wind blew a hurricane, the frail
ran :
boat was enveloped in foam; an (J
buried beneath the briny deep.
tune swore great guns At lengthM
clouds cleared a wy, the laughing,
blue skj appeared, atid the waves tub
'd'. 'So, ho!' said Neptune, nearly oat of
breath, taking offhia tarpawltn hat and
hanging it on one of the corners of his
chariot. Met them put that in their pipe
and smoke it.' V , - - J
What was his astonishment' Alt be- ,
holding that the daring bark still float- "
ed safely on the? bosom of the ocean.
and that the mariners, having furled
I f . - -
ifTrhvrs -
which wafted them direct! j on theic
course. ; "
My eye !' said fie ft owning rod.
you dou'Laaj soV-We'll trj jou ano- .
ther tack, then! Tritons, nereides,
nymphs, attend! those drtestuble and
audacjou sjnof lals comn in spite of me -down
with the intruders into mj king- ,
dom. ' Each become invisible, each se .
lect jour victim and strike, with jour
unseen power, everj mother's son of
them.' ' "
1'he unsuspecting, mortals advane' .
ed the fatal spirits surrounded Jthe !
vessel the crew and passengera were
abandoninz themselves Id' eaityi when r
tol' the dreadful signal was uivent the
curse of the god descended the strength
for sunk their limb the blood left their,"
cheeks and lips death was Tin their 1
hearts! The deck, was covered ' with
the bodies of the expiring wretches..
l a i , . .
distant expedition, suddenly perceived
' - ....
what was gin on, darted to-Jupiter:" '
with the velocity ol light,, knelt and '
prajed for the deliverance uf lus pro- ,
I cannot undo that which mr rovat..
brother ha done in his own kingdom,
said Jupiter. -
'Then, oh! arre.t his hand, cried '
Mercury 'aljeast spare their lives, ;
His tears moved the omnipotent ruler .V
of all things. ; -
Be it so,' he aid"they shalf not . '
die, let thenr live!' And the next Bio-'
tnent the winwd in,imrir ,.f k... t
------ - 0 ;- rreij.f
was in inc cnanot ol the ocean god.
.Oil, ho! you have come, old Bees- ;
wsx hafe you; but jou are ; a little ' .
lata iu the day cried Neptune, with
a grim smile. - .v , , V - '- ' :'X r
Belay your j tw.'jeplied Mcrcurj -
'know that there ia a Jimit even to
vour powert they shall hot die, It ia
ihe' jlecree. otJnpt VaK&'jU '
1 am satisOed,' said Nenf une. wh. .
had heeif regirdiiig theTagoniea of his i"
victims I am satisfiedi let them lives .
l .i . , . . .... -
inutii gooa , ntaj it uo mein. ' When -they
first appeared on my free and on-"" "
trouden billows, 1 thought death was :
their only doom btrrl ier ttieretiT7-
are praying for death to refease them
from sufferings more than infernal. ;
t.ct mem nve then. Tliey shall nev.
er find that awect repose under my
hand but, mat V me, they shall not,
in after ages, intrude with "impunity ;
into my empire. I coiiimand you,. ' vnvv.'
spirits of the decpi to hover ever pver l ;,.'.
the borders of my- realm watch the ' ''i'S
appearance' of these hardy adventur'
cr atrike them with the horrors that v
shall make death a vain lope, a fruit"
T . . II i .1 .: r - .
caa prajrr. uciiU jineir piOUU souls
to acknowledge ouf power, ; Let them
ii inc piritine in an msmieu ga. f ,
Laugh at their livid lips, their blanch-1 - - '
ed cheeks, their glassy, nd up turned I r .;
eyes, their trembling''' and sinking,
fratnesr Mock their groans, and add ' . 't-, 4
iu uivir urainir. retinal WIIICD naS ' ,
ru.ll tUm'f .lt:K, - I . ' -
ror. transmute tne most savoury
A 1 . ' .1 . ...
! . . ..
looti into worse tnan poison and let
the beverage which generally inspire
them with, rapture, now make them''
faint to think of it Let them expe "
tience all the .anguish and . agony of '
death, without its relief,' and auffer .!
the tortures : of Tarturus, even tar- P
rounded by the luxuries of earth. Let ' :
their anguuh be without syir.pahy a-;-
inongeaclt other but let cruel Jaughr :
ter ring in their ears, tilt the aco3er "t
: i- r-ii-V. .i. - '
in ma lurii, ibiib ucuraui my. power.
The fates decree that I cannot exclude
them from thfe sea) but I tan punish
their unhallowed boldness. 1 curie
them with sKA-sioxHasa! and so be
they 'cursed.'-, ;;; -v
. Mercury waa about to reply,-when
ha beard Jupiter roaring for a coblef of
nectar." K-nQwinir hi- roval master to
.. r ' . I .- . ,
- v- .
4 '
f :
. .-
l .
.... -.r."--.-
' . - C-f',-
; ..;;;;t;
.... . j. -
a c ? i .: r -
- -
. - ifl
v" ., i
a. - -V' '

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