North Carolina Newspapers

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Kewtx-rn Spectator.
On he Object of lh late .ggreM.on
1LJ f the loyal Cana-han,
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Calhoun seem to
ve changed characters.
The former
1,1 take the opportunity of
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the reeeTit murage
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"0n , atrocimia i its and eon
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L.i. fi.Unuistion to the altei name.
Lstr r "ample onl tfuqualiiiftl iiir
.re f of tlw great provoca-ion ?.u.
.',.. frontier titi.ens. lf-Koglaiui
LhorU'l 'he act Ctvhich
tiicve) Mr. Caj: knowi' TuU. It
,.t th,. Wi1e oii innq; 01 ner -un-
,,l,fied apolo-ie' II; she did i.ot
...hmisp it. the l;tnzu;is:e.of toe ben-
Ur is ih.e reverse otlwaceaUle or res-
,-ctful to a friendly power. "
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viird lr public, interests; ie
Ki rr.'.:' lie ai"l, "bt en his iutcntioit
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ft sr a
V. IMtl VU. H" . ,
. . .1 I U aula i.f lU
Ll hoped. ,n 1. .. - v -
I..,. ,.f il r. on bfli'.t sides Hat "i
r'-" "1 . 1 l.... . 1
veil in the Senate. He ln" these paper would have
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acebly to Ui: cOinnuuee on uieih
delations, wiiDoul a worn or opimo.i
jHin them. .Mr. l, hop-U U.t u
i fnfis'itef.ed aera war 'between'
wo futli umnltie aa Great: Lviaw
ml the U. Slates would not grow out.
I' 0 excitement naln ra I ly i1 x i t i n g
i4aei'ii jifnple so louiy connectru
i tlie inhabitants ofihe frohlier linecv
le did not now, however, wim to
ive an opiniml. lie was not ptises
J of the facts on ' both sidt-s of the
hues'ior. lie tl.ougul genuemen ooiu
. wait to know the real stale 01 me
Lii, before they suffered themselves,
ly exuarte' statements, to be driven
W an excitement -wl.lch alt might
lerafter'tment. He would only sy
at -ilipra-vr'as "T)OS8ibiity that cir-
amstanccs exisiti-u i wuicn wc-jei
'. mr '. 1 . ... -!..-
fcere i;nirant. r e nugiii w me
Imcelves in he situation ui uol i-ine .form nyr jutlffngMt... accurtlwg to
ustice. not according to liurrii'U leeir
. . 1 J , e . J- .....
Jig. us oniy suppose ii u mu-
mefii that lius cou-niry uau uuen
ami in the situa ioii of Great Bnt-
un. aunnnse inc cuy m new.-
- . : r ilt -v i.
U lbe- n seized and taken possession
of bv the purtv ainunR to overthrow
f-ii Governinrnt, and they wcrri aid
( and sunnhed with men anu arm
from tht) r,anadi:iii horc-should we
tlo-n be in surh a hnrrv to condemn
one uf our own otnerf. won, seems
these circunwUnccsV:4udrtakean4
.d.stray4 a boat berttnginj; to the-ior
eign stressors, whii bhadjbeen c n
gaed in briiijjitVg aiiTandsuccor . to
our jMicmiv'lIa4. wjt.Jh&,cafi
as a method of at a cool and,: proper
juigmi-ntj not Inst he meant thereby
tojaMify any act in itself unjustifiable
Hr-urj;(iil this nrautnent'only, as 1
he fm niKheil with furthVr informaiou-
would not be wilting to decide
ronirnverttil cast even between jnt re
iiMini.iuaU uiviil lie had fully incinired
n'o tlie merits lif the dispute 011 boih
i"es imw much less, then m aji al
f nations inttht v&Jr :,nish wifh
iesi(ici views into premature excite
mviiianu aoiior.f
l.!ilI-JLJt Mr. lUves t.r Mr Tarr
w.-le U to bring forward a t suUstitiye
fir' Alr. X right's bill. ' . - -'
It is a.v said,.. thaV thai VM ts
P eoared with the express ititcnikn ol
fo-cinir the Conservatives to abuuiJ'Nj
th Part V1 0l'iitmit;ipSiJli- iipniimiiiv.
L v. -- -e.-: j
rficotitaing ho eonclliutlon or Conipro-
"vs-v no corner into vliiclt the Uonser
TaMvb can creep for sfety. '-Z' " ;
Sume exci'ement ba been itroduceUl
M mis city inconaejucnce ol an-jndii'
Muni difuct from San Antonio,-stating
hat that, place had been-aAtacfcetl by
'0O;Mej.icanii. .A fctler yesterday
"ceJved-from fol. Harness to lie; sec-
retary of war dissipates this rumor, and
s'atesMhaoifthe 20th inst. a party f
Mexicans f 50; mad an attack upon the
pirdtwho were taking care fthe
"re8, eight mile beltiw. took" One
prisoner and shot the, other.' I ol. Kar
n. was in f omlnanll in conse
5Jm of th Ulnesas jifit,; Colonel
fl-f) ''neiliatelyipun receiving
ye information gate pursuit in person,
J'tow-f-d thrrneij.Kf"or ten .mires, but
We tr,r puinj, outi. retumcdr he has
? is the same party which vis
"ed 8,o patrub. The spies 1 he een(
'"ere liai -u, renn'rtAil h t .
uuuuirtii v. hA.n iv, ti .:. ...
. j "- mucc, ilia nijiy ue ..
.i..ereu as a retaliatory pipamrc our, dv,
men having been in the habit ef driving
horses and truces from the Rio Grande,
and. not at ail connected with (he or
lers of the Mexican government. Nev
ertheless. Col. Karnes writes that he
s under the impression the Mexicans
areprcparinjfor Sn ifrty :tanrp.ii;n."
say. IM them come. We frejtr
peact, but if the Mexicans insist . upon
11, tuey nnn us retuj. txai 4
tr. Pumtiwi'dnt efrthe iBrmhert claiming
ot in the Hnuse of Represrntstivej from Mi
iasip)i; ia aid to be a mmi of fimt'rt orator
rical power.' He ba, by npi-eth of trsnwjea
dent 'i)i!ily, won for himw-lf a reputation .
public upeaker, wbtou givei hiia rank at once
kmong the abloat debater in Contfreas; anj,
from wlmt wa bear, if the questioo is not deci
ded, as lia been too often tlie case of late in that
body, in defiance of reaaon and justice, by .the
api licaiiun of ibe party acrewt, he will succeed
in carrying out the withca ol bit constituent.
It ia understood that, by tlio cogency of bhr
rranonln, many fiave been made to waver, who
bad niada up their mind unfavorably to hi
clatniH, and tome, being thoroughly convinced
of thvir errr, have chaogej their opinio it.
"J'U strange, 'tis passings itraugc, 'lia piti
ful, 'tis wondrou pitiful," that Meif. UhuUon
and JJaiboine, lielonglrij a they do to i party
who t-luTiior o itiuch about the right oJ in true
lion, should, after having been cuJIed upon by
the enpo of their Mate, in the most uneuivc
eul Unguagc, to give an account of their stew
urdship, and be stewards do longer, .still cling
wittrdeanilike perti n ac ily to gfj'ic. 1 f alt the
piny"' proirteton of regard for the will 6t ihe
people bo not hypocritieal preu oce, hew can
they hesitate a moment to resign! ami hew can
their obsijnatc and contuinaciou icsiilunce of
the popular voice, clearly and decisively ft
pressed at the baHot-boz, expect any thing but
the scorn and contempt -of the people they have
to grossly dfceivej and disappointed?
11 the position of Ihe contending parties from
Mississippi were reversed, what houlJ we hear
from theso woukl-bc-thuugtU democrat and
lovers of the people Tho public ear would be
Junned with their loud and Inng-ilrawn out
cluint.rss Messrs. Prennsa and Word would I
bSlaborou by every ranting whipster w ho fancied
himself ji wriier or a speaker in the rank of 'the
pnrty. 1 hey would be called hy all tle iriglil
ful Viaraeitrrtnc v'ocabuTjry iif " ibe Clobetid
its atellil uch a "baiik-panic-whig blue
light nuUifyirt? Britib-parly -federalists,' etc.
etc. etc They would be charged with all ihe
base" principle of "traitors," knaves," ene
mies to popular uffrage," "contemner of the
people's lignU and wishes. Oy; every thing
acraJ uiJ' W, heart ol freemen won
be trampled undor foot by them; and tu crimr
son of their jjuilt wouJ be daubed upon the
eheek of the whole whig party a a mark for
every archer of the office-party who can draw
a bow to shoot hi poisoned arrow at. 13 J t a
tho case now stands, their rebelling co-workers
in the cause of political quackery and misrule
Srr"'marvetloTnT-Trr inmi" aye, Xter-very
pinka and personification- of Democracy, and
worthy co laborer . with Senator Grundy,
Brown, Strange, Wright &' Co. ''They have
received no ardor from any -predominating fae
lion of - the Legislature to iolate their ofucial
oath, to do violence to their own conviction of
duty to epunge from the Journals of Con
gress the aentemro of eondeinnaliuii upon lb
tunics proceedings of the Executive, to stifle
the shriek of freedom when slabbed by the
tword of tyranny, or to blot out the Constitu-
tion ttselfc rN o not tbey hav not be inwlr ucU
ed by the I.rjjislaturo, the creature of the ove-
reign people; they have only -becninstriictcd hy
the teoiil
no longer desired! With these modern, new.
.u... .... A ..
fahbioued democrats, th maxim seems to pre
vail tluvt rtie tervant it- abttf. hU- tnattrr.
Shailes of JefTerson, Madison, and their Immot-J
till cOlnpSlrlotThaf will yba' say la llielrh po
sitions practiced in your names, and these cor
ruption of your pure and healthful doctrines!
But we have Trespassed fartbor than, we in
tended, and will conclude hy calling attention
to the following interesting sketch of the closing
speech ot.MjV-Prentiaay by ihofipy in Wash-
Ingtoni '; U4 - :- j-
AlrFoster, who eomincnced his .spfech yes
terday, on. the Hssissippi tltti-iion, in favor of
tho silling members, bas .occup!d the whole of
this any. without fmi-ihiii?. Howili continue
on iidny. ,iSae;w'ci myi'A,-J."'The
arirtiment of Mr. Prirntiwi is unanswerable; and
alihough ('tveUkrio the powerofpSny discip
line, yet I do nni behcye, nor nftver will Pvlieve,
until the vote i given,' that in the f.ic of Ihit
argumebt, a majority can be (Tin ml in the IIiMik
of Represrnlatives, to confirm Ibe derision mat
at 1,'ie Extra Session. My opmum now i, thai
PrentUs and Word will be received a member
of ConcrroMt '-
V It ia impossible fi4 me to give you an ides of
MrvPrentlpeecb. 1 h following u bnef
am impajfeel sielcli ol Ins peroration. Ill of
ternnre w linrjOinmonly "rapid; hi voice good;
hi enunciation distiiiet; his manner, vbeh ex
erted, impressive, forcible, commanding. When
about to close, he said V j .
Sir, Is there a Slot in'thi Union, lhal
would aulimit tobav her rig lit of choosing her
own representative tofn from her. and a repr
etjtative, not of ber rhoiee, pabned.opon her,
by uVcision of Uii House! ' car Ma
sucbusetu! : Faotn the eraQle in fthich young
Liberty wa first Yorkedeven from, old Faneuil
Halt.: come forth per cady enswers "It was
for this very tight of repreieqlatioo oiur farther'
fought the bottlrwofthq revolution, and, ere wa
wilt surrender tin dear bought rntlit, tho bat
tie shall aeiin bi-come stern resliMe,
: "Would Ker.tuckf aubmitf Ask Jirt Ms.
Speaker, and hrr very mammoth cannon will
find a voice U ttiinder irt jour car her stern re
sponse No; eohner than submit to such" an
ontrag, our soil slkfill be re-bapUrcd with a new
claim to the prodti put mekncholy till offhi
dark and bloody fry nniL .' , - -
V hat aySv.V irgiiiia, wtto bet bign, stem
Ice, bef tie ?ixV lyranmi, the, wroeJest
mptto (hat ver biased upon S 'warrior shield,
or station's arms! Jlow would h brook,auth
usurpation? . What say the mother of State,
and of State Kight doctrine; he Wbo ha
placed initrufliv as a guardian otr Yepmm
taiion, to the propouion that lias ilout can
malt a TPpresenutiv dr a Stote, anl force It
upon her, gb her choice and-' wint' K
'. . "And whrr i routh Carolina; the' Harry
Percy of the, I'nioo; though ther live noi the
Harry of. Monmouth,' who can pluck from her
brow th laurtls which sh bss so nobly wen
in many h wcll-fouglit field t . On which side, in
this great controversy, doe the coach her lance
and oraw her frood blade! I trust upon the side
tif '-ber sister State; upon the aide, too, of the
Constitutions! rights of alhthe Ptate.: And let
Her lenU all ill slrength ol De good rignt arm
in .iho mow, wuen sue sinkcs in so jum anu
righteoO a quarrel,, - , V " ,
Btr. twamtv five State sit her iotudrment
upon- ihe most sacred right of swter Slate.
Should your decision be against her, you tear
her brightest jewel from her brew, and forever
bow her head in shame and dishonor.
"IJut if this be your determination, I have but
one request, on her behalf, to make. V hen you
decide that she cannot choose her tepreseniauon
on tbis floor, at the ame moment blot from the
spangled banner of the Unitn the bright ttar
that glitters to the' name of Mivsiasim but
leave the ttrite behiud a fit emblem ol ber
A CASE IX POl.VT.-Th Louisville
Journal of a tat date say: "The Government
demand specie and specie alone for all it ten
of thouaanu of uebts. JNow, if some, million
aire, some man pf immense fortune, with num
berless tare delits due 10 bim'throaghoat tb
c mimunitv, were to demand their liquidation in
specie; wonld he not be loaded with curse and
ballistic J Jrom society f Andoujhtlrot SUOV'
srnment, guilty of the same oppressive course ef
conduct, to lie visited with the peoplu buwe
and execrations!
(JjT On of "the party" baa introduced into
the Legislature of Virginia resolutions declar
ing connexion between the Federal
Government and Banking Corporstions I c-
such a eonnoior?, asrening that the federal
revenue should be collected in specie, or it e
qiiivsleiu; drcluriug that a United State Ban
rs"QiicoTittmtronat nd4nepedWnjiW-nd thafck
i.i to be retisted as not le dmigerdu than
Tteanury Bank; and finally, approbating and
glorilying the "manly Crmnes which has been
shown by the President under recent events of
peculiar magnitude and diflieuliy!"
So it seoin Virginia would also 'strut' her
'hour upon th stage,' and in resolution of
'learned length and thundering sound,' laud lb
Executive and hi poblicai heresy ofSub-l'rea-
auriea at the same timebypocriticaly depteea-
ling the establistirne nt of" a TrtfaSury Dank!
when in fact Sub Treasury, is but another name
fur Sub-Executive officers, to be quartered up-
on every Stale.- ihe auera ,instruiuen.ti.eftbe
Executive for then the monied power will be
concentrcted in him alone. The Treasury wilt
be his-an J if he can remov the Secretary at
pleasure, a Gen, Jackson did, what barrier 1
tberc to bis uncontrolled sway of the million
of money belonging to Ihe country! Through
th officer be will constantly be advised o
ibs . as r"'11 msiiMto.sniiMMiasi
and b can even iufluencd and overawe
opinion in some degree.
Mr. RiKnie has given hi assent to the reso-
luliolis; and a cotemporary shrewdly hin: that
they will pa of course.
Qui" worthy brethren of the Newbern
Speciator hav nriseonstfued our expression of
last - week, relative to rinaueipatiqn in Ken
tucky. ,. We intended to convey tlie idea that
ih abolition movement of Kentucky at a junc
ture like the present, was lo be especially dep
recated; that that movement would add strength
to the abolillonjjts auj that it was time that
die 8ut!i were uoving by Slate to the com
moil priuriple that slavery PIlALL JvOr b
auolisheif' r Covrris. We never thought
for a lu line nt, of recommending an faterjurenc
by one ot mnr States, with the domestic eon
. . ' " : r"-.
em or another The States nav cluM4
jurisdiction within their own limit of all rights
not delesatej to the FeJeralGovernmflnt. Tbe os, in forming tho federal compact, engraft-
Xrlttvery upnniLlS"iisuTuV?u'n iiT'$imcillfi
Vt Slate policy; and of course thsir interference
with oneanoth on tbis auhjiu't.' ia aa . unjuat
arid unconstitutional as would baa similar tn-
terferonce Tf CongtVil!ieir.ut'6;ls0 With
the District. ' CongTvwa has no more right to
aholisli alavely there than would a Legist.
ture'hav to boli-h it in Slate. . - -
. , .. .
Failure f, nolher I'et JTimi-.Th Mid
dlcsex Dank ot MaasachuseU has faUed. Thi
Bank was intimately connrrteil with (be Com
monwealth Bank, which foiled recently. , Th
Gorrrimei ha claim upon it to th anioonr
of f 00. 000, which, it iisaid, will probably be
lost iaTkciru
FJttoric Ctnvenrion. A Convention of
th Editor of th eltat ot virginiarw held
fevy (Kiysagoin JvithmeoJ. 'J k , Ukhmond
'Emiuirar rayet-, - - - . J.-.:. ..w.
. , I'll Conveilion 'iljourned yeterijay, at
10 'cliK-k.'V Whall glve iheir proceeding,
as soon pi (bey are prepared for th pre. We'
ve. never knew a meL kcted.
l -... ..n. t,.rm..w , v. i.... :
ha not met in vain. The just, and lieautifuh
Report? on the'mralis of hn;rovin3. th tune of
ihe public press, Would 'aloit do honor to any
afxoi'iaiion. It will be embodied in the pro
ceeding of tha Convention," ' - - .' k,
'LT Se I1 o'perln cf h Meti-opoliun, a
evbly psj'.er publUhed at VVsvhij.gtoo. ? ;
, ' i . . . , : '
-. Mr. Black, of Mississippi, ha resigned hi
cat in the Senate of th United Sutes. .Th
eorrcspondent of the Baltimore Chronicle justly
remarks: .. ,, r., ; , , ; r
-Thi i n I rial a nee of obedience to the wiah-
L -of the, people, manifested in the recent
Icctiort in . that TStata, which may b wII
pressed upon Ihe-eonsiileraiion of Messrs. Rug
gles and VV'illmm of Mainev'Allrn and Morria
Of Ohio, Si range and Brown of' North CarOli
naWsll of New.3ijrsey, VVnght of New York,
Grundy of Tennessee, Ac Are. example for
iheir. imitation. But "none ra so blind as
it... .1.. wl1 . . . . . . ... .
C0TO In.tsruieville. I a lb-f-i Pe-
terturgt Va 10 (jvsrhool taib dc
M: BUPRKilE COUtlT. ! . it
StTTPRP&II rftfTftf-'-!
Prrsa PaTttaso. of Cumbertsnrl Coon, fquuit: and m the ilisboremnlf th monie 1
ty.Wml Tboma G." Wl.ler,- -f IVilmiiligtoo,
ave been ainxtiU 10 the practice pf iaw
in ihe Sirperioe Courts. ' '
Since ur hiiHjt roiiowint! Opinions pave
been deHveret!: - "", '. . -. "
Ktv J-deUeed the Opiiei of tnc
Cmit in the ease titate t ltnn(jhriev fiom
Guilfurd. vevesinf ihe, jidment belw
and t ireclmjj venire de novo. U '
lA!iiL J. delivered he Opinion nf the
Comt in that rate, of Wright qt ta) vt
SIcl.t)hony, from UuUlurd, khu 1111112 41ie
imjfitieni brkw.. . ' ' -; ; '.
tiASTO 4-Uel esed the Opm 00 of tho
Court in Den tx dtni Motley tu. While
beta. Also in Vanhook t' Vanttook. in
Enuiiy from Person, decre dechrinir all lh.ii
ohikliet of D. Hoger or those rep eaeoiioK
them to be etilitkd toeqial jiba e W the
stavef in controversy. Alio in tU'i'on vs.
Oliver, Irons Caell, lererainffthe i-KlTieto
uciuw ami u recung a. irui u ine isiues jii
live) cause; Also 111 Adock v. i'lmiiiir,
from Chatham, reverkin the j'idgmeot be
low. ,
(f Tht Annusl Meeiinj of the Raleigh ami
Gaalon Rail Rwl wajheld to thirdly on lh
22nJ instant. We have not been furnished with
th procaedings of this mecling,but leurn from
the Register that resolutions necessity la en'
file th Board to lake proper at p fiir providing
way and mean to pnwecul the Work viorou
ly, were unaniinnusiy a,lo'ptol;' and resolution
were also adopted, showing th delermiuatiim
of Ui 8to;Lbalder to extend lb fioad aoulb
of Jvalolgh. It i contemplat! that 10'miles
wilt be put in us by the 1st of March, and 49
by th 1st of July, or sooner. The remalndej.
pf lb work i under contract Many band
are employed, and th work i progresainu in a
rapid and vigorous manner. TheolJ D'owrJ of
Director . wcr r elected without oppositioa.
To much prais cannot be bestowed upon the
able and iudefuugabl President and Directors
they' have discharged thei raspective duties..
XCj At a recent meeting of tho Board of Conv
misioner of Itu City, John J. Christopher,
BqrW erected TrcamrCry sad; Mf.'JajVMur
ray Constable. , - ' '
It will be soen, by reference to account pub'
lUhed in another Column, that Hi patiiol liav
ananuoned tlieir bead quarters, ?avy ll.uul
restored the government anus they bad lu I lie
possession, anu uisjiersed in other tliretiions,
Van Ken laer, their Ueueral, has been a:
rested by the U. c. Marshall, and bailed.
- Gen. Hvott and the liriij h, it will te seen
fivul th lollowtng, havs aTuiust c3ni in cou-
tact with, each othen 1 ho sseniidjoat lUtca
Ion was threatened by "n ltaelt from llrit
ih armed schooner in American waters.
UVh. Hcott advised lb Biltih officer in cum
mu lid, that if "the attack were mado in the
f AmericanWtttCTrh i1ioiiT3 "icellthi Jufy to
lepei it, a tin ue raugeu ins cannon along lue
bauka of Ibe river accordingly. .The boat was
permitted to pas unmolested. " - . '
It will also b teen th;it consiilei-al.le c(UJ-
njrnt existed lor a srlula at lltrtrort, 'Micliijcuii,
am! Ill iuiresiou seemed lo prevail thai the.
seen of war would be ti atitlerrci lo thai 'pin I ol
tlie count) y. Several KamUeil il ilio pstTr tt
hail enboiliel. lhem,elve u a lii'ili.h !'..
nu I lU.I Uois Blanc, snil slvo s laive number nl M.i
public I 8''i""'-. A il a.lH.m.-r..i whli ,le-
, txcbmrtrt of 40 men from" ihe lsite , vw4..
mw psice, was mi ihe a lilt taken by ihe J imi'
forces, and it is n poeled Hiat errt ul mm UimimI
s inhumanly huioiiereif,' Tlie (iotei-H ie pi
Michigan visitfil the csinp-nn Sujsr lilaml, an I
prevailed on the tone there anseiniib-'d losbiw
don Jhairexpeditioiii aiii) iliq lorcel on IikIIi t-L-aml.
It is rrporied, have iliersed; and iho war
f considered al an end, ,
Gm. Scott has been ordered to Detitiit. .
' " 7 ,A Star' v
In the Milton Spectator of ih lCth imtanl, I
find ih following coinraunicationt , -
."Measr. Editor; ! in th tatement of
th Comptroller, received by hi Excellency
Gov. Dudley, and Ordered to be published lu fi
newspapers within th f$tat,oinethiiig that
waul explanation, at Ir.- In thui tQteiiHml
th sura ol Jt 100,600 is put down to the use ol
the Treasurer. , W wish arid demand of the
Governor bisautliority in ploee ilmt sum
to tho use of the Treasurer, out of the surplus
t Wonflv anol w lha nootilff. bi TonTrts On
, , " .. T . T , ,
mq isf tf, mivw-w - nM.ueuEifiii, i.-spiinnjr
lhr i an act appropriating all (th word used
in that act) lb aurplu received by the Stat,
to other purposes than t ute of tie Tt'eatttf
Also, tee tiHjvornwe loll iisiiilhntT
puhll bed to the wotbl, that th inducemenis to
load a portion of that money td th bank Wa
ttrvhg and ctnclutivi under an agreement that
imlulgencie would lie extended to tbefrdebt.
or...V1l his excellency b good enough min
fbrm' the debtors te the Banks, if he hu acrriitv
ed of the late order of the tlale Bjrik lade..
mitnd end receive or site all wbofuil to pay hnM
tnurtn the principal and intrel every pmeiy
day! Aa the fulfilment of that pldg or agree.
ment with the bank when he loaned ibein our
hard money for their use, "and accepted their
promise br grant w the people fnvoursi : We
wan,t (and we will have) this a. count settled
with lb Governor oon, if ibi i the only' fa
vor that hi F.kertUncy ha been able, to pur
baa for we iho people, for th us of hundreds
of thousands of out Jiard money , put afhis ilis-
posai hy our last Assembly. I for on protest a.
gainst bis being again furnished with bard mon
ey to pun-has favor with, for we the hcodIc. 1
wish an explanation, and hope it may Iwi snti.
tactoryv , , v. A DEBTOR
That the people haco an inherent and unali
enable right to demand from agent and repr
semaiivea a strict account f all thtr transac
' - "pacny. no on wn
tion In a public capacity, no on will no on
I ran uuny, n ia in erv srauml-work. unoo
'"t ' ie)irrsriiaiive gnvern-
pnient rt. cm mr a ZkAtr derfuuuls only
wiiy so anu so wer done, an, what may b ex-
potted in future, hi eiT.oU wcte iight and
praiseworthy. ;But howls K prswible that b
roulJ remain Ignorant of tli Aaw anoroorialin
and setting apart ft 00,000 out ef th surplus
money, to ijefray th9 civil and conlingant ex.
pense of the government, of this Slalet ftad
v Debtor few pageamoreJu iM law of
lhi Stste, paesed at th last aession of th Gen
eral Assembly, (and which ar In th hand of
every Justice or Ih Pc ir, Ihe fttatej he
would have found jt; ' I refer him to pg 167
to Ih following wotd,nd eravclv and oriou-
ly ak him If they giv no. uthori tyjn laiw for
saiu iraiinicr, viai
'An act to amend an act entitled "aii let W aid
t internal improyement ia thi Stat " paved
at th present session of th General Assem
jly,and to defray the civil .and contingent
charge m in eit-il Government."
JPB it enacted, Wc. .That from the fund set
apart and established by the said act to aid In-
J terns! tmprnvemem m Ihu fiiafn. th aum of I
ne hundred ttitvand dollart be, end th earn
i berehyvppropriaied for ikfiaying th civil
in daenrad nsKassarv and re. I
belonging 10 satillunJ mo appr.tprwt n htre.
by mad tguil te.preferrtH to thi oesignatca
in the aforesaid acu" ' , ,
This Licks something like ci-'ior authority
fbraoeh tranfer. Th'r lrw Jie wiH alio fiuit Irt
TlVReVfiM ?IivrBM:e VifeftVilTOif
851, nnd should bejnill rmal:i i-u.nsiit of tho
Jfiw by which the- Governor iraferrl to th
credit of the 1'rw.u.n-r thi f lUO OOt). I would
refer him to bearty all .the newsppr f this i
ouiie, Mii(iine ounng iub iiiii sluing 01 i;ie , mi
AMmbly,- I abat refrr huj uncltvi led anentioa ; 0
to sVine able.!oaftent,lait.t truly patriotle . ' lb ! , to tr,,, V-tr,g, ibet Law. , ,
ay pubtWieJ and nw pubhsbiiift: In tlie N. t "bborr. aao ... ! Vlwk, j.
-T a. tJLu.. ied irrasil iHtuattevitti! on lt. r,jis. ol Ju,
At.air. . MLand any of these rebtrrnee wtll '
pnvinre nun ana all, other uu il'ul Uel'tor ami
(rersons ina; die saitl trsTiKvU-r wo lu uirect o
coxdance-rviki'iieM'a aWiifari to a ojtiv '
lawjl the Legiolaturf ire such a Iniwirer'
cnuhl have Wsn mail contrary or veh without
tlie injuneUo of law, th Governor,.! reaxurrr,
auil Comptroller must all have become corrupt
and dishonest.. I am not now aware tlrat tiny
of these faithful and intellie,rnt public officer
have vfver rendered themsclvea sul'jrct u the
sligbtent suopioiou.' A Detvtnf nuglit to be a-
ware that- all Warrant for (lie transfer or pay
ment if money muMbe in eoinpliitne with the
law.; .. Should tlie Governor, throuirh design or
mistake, give a warrant on the Treasurer fur the
transferor payment of Buy mmiry contrary to
law, th I rensurer won hi rrfne to accept it.
Should he, through design or negligene o, pay
un h amthoriiyt tie, Co-nptroller wou'd refuse
to accept it as a voucher. Ami should the
"Comptroller pas the oucbr. there i still a
check to these unlawful ifierevlin, in tho
committee of fin.inr. under whose super vunm
all Dm vou -her riled in die Comptroller's De
partment aro examined and passed upon. 1 his
sttileniwit of facts, it is fioped, will answer tho
requisition of A Uoblor, so fir a the law i
concerned. A Debtor oimbi to know tlwii. the
Governor has no power over the u:iuks to pro.
hibit them from cull, cling the debt due them
in whole Or in part. II id the Board loaned to
mdm.linils It would now have to el Ih at
least 50 per cent, to meet tlteir ubseriplion lo
nsrru that any "hard moneir wn bruned by
Uie Governor, to th U.inke for, In thii act io
which be refer, it is mmlc the duty of the
to Irul h money, v In th Comptroller R.
port, it is sliewit that Ihe 4iMn the TtanVs
were made after May , (nt which lim all Ihe
llanka, it M well known," stopped "specie, pay
men I) last, out of that part of the surplus nion
ey received By JWlli ro!iria sunsenuent I a
susix-Onion of specie nayments b U ih fanks.
This loan made by Ihe Uoatd of Internal Irn
provfiiieiitu not the Governor, aUme lo th
Bank of the State, was mad in Julyt and m fr
aa Ibe f.iot of lha r'seeptiun of "hard money" is
involved, I can assure A' Dfhlor thai th titai
did nut receive so much a a inj I sixpence In
'Arf mtiirtt," and ceoeierfAr eWsf n;nd
rtrr;brtriiiTrlnitn rryreftnTrto Banks or
individuals. - The Board or Interns! Improved
ment lent it money irf Ih Uati!a 8 per rent,
the whole to lie returned tiphn CO day previous
JikfeJ-l! 4o th -Bubs-K-H yev
rent., and to ba collected wheneveranil wherevi
er they ontJ, by dint of dunniii and fore of
lawr Yet, rnemhers of Cortsresn, who voted for
this dniostt, are lauded to the kie; whil the
officer of St.ile, who hav mail at least tlirir
as good A disposition of the nmn y," ar subject
to suspicion and lamlr. ' .When will weeeas
national broil, and turn our attention to "Slate
a!ralr." The remarks nf the Governiif a com
punyjrig lha ComptrollerV report, tlinn; the
reason fur this mmle of loaning li the Banks,
ar not only sauSfactory hut unausworuhle. 'l'Ui
offer H w K -li-wW-i nd the Board
Would have been Jiuld responsible by the I.ejis.
bitur fur refusing so convenient and profitable
an investment. . I A Debtor safUfl-df t
' 1 " ": NO DEBTOR.
P S. l wooht thnnk th Milton Wpectator to
repuiilisli In cnmrduhicatiori and this.t.ileinenl
of fact lnn wild it, that al! pnriiei coucerued
may have jinnee. - v -
Italeigh, January 2fi, 18.18. ' ,
Th tubsuiiber bas lor ml iJ Bushel Knf
fleet Out. , ' v -, . .. .
" ' , v ; J. T. C. V!,VTT.
..U..Ie!gh,"J.innary SO, tUS: .,t 6 3,"
; ltri;iier'sod Sisiwlard SI. ' ' ;11,, , '
riFTV DOLLA us it i:va m.
,. svkaawfy noniiv iiiiaietssl
-T.aegra wan Atllt'.K'l', tin; pi rip
)j ' i1yoi Miviir l ,i -riii.ii, ii,
i . or' Arbeit was tuirjl. m(tA4n
l " lline eiiiii.iy. Ual year, by nw-a
,Na?y' kswnbsm-iif ;tsi,A lUhllli M Jo:
. -"" S. Msv". er lii ll,i'l
emuilj , vboaitv biiu pvuo
In Bimlff Innir In hn l.iif l yn lor lit year,' mf
IHltead of dniii , ti left, I fit-some, lor Mie
put.OHt. ul htHkinghi. way to tome bR Sutii-.
as h iilMonitfi wlihuui amrlrrosoeaiiHi sti.i.
er."- Il ill likfly tnileaeor.lo past I'oH ' iroc
rosnt ml In rir lb mor:uwrfii1tv to tn e.
turn lUa bpi.,rtnayilrave5UeeWifi:itrnKe
s-iuhj sua i"iinru vmm io nn g Me hliH letw
i(er. - siai-r boy is s Wey bihj th w, alxml j
tM-l 'IOhr t iMel.e's high, e'm.,l. i u raider
light but am briihl ")ii (at v,y mu. b imaeil
aut ben wslklng; steps bigh, leii sofar.l ih
bis body, Jpar built, cil pleitliug. addrr'tk, but
when spoken lo by bis snpei tor bs isilor
down c loiik. sinltias soim- liui of npkinu
sppesraiic iu'l foi-ebesit, iih an iot.-llixt-Hl
e(Miiilensifw,irntilinenS lrek bnnrs
he ba set nf Kiirxl lerih. He is shout ifi (y 5
r old. " bisd hoV, wben lit b-fi, vrr a ik
boater M, aniii.w brimi inrirevhal win-ii,e..ilit
mni4 of wool leu bomespuh uf dove ciih.ur,
ant an ld bbie vtort, ni : :r . -IJ-
The above riOd nf Pll'TY IrOLtAllH aUl
h giveii lo mi per. m t il) dvlner biin ' tir
me ! viiy Tliti-rie i.n I'unf.i vrerk', wear lla-h.
t'otlolosr, Itesitlorl eoimty, t; --or joi.firir in any j tit in ibis or any iitber Stale, so llist
I get him: .' ' . ; yri:- ?.,' ,
All master f vessels, jrtage anil rail rna.f eon.
trselors, anil all other piriip are ben Ui lure,
waiwed Irom bsrl.Hiihg. oiice!iiijr, ernil'yiiig,
or earning liim avay, nnilrr the srveers' pinl.
If f be Jv as I Inieiol to ligl llv .fiire,Ui.
on any nrrsnn or p-ion( bho may' be j;oiij
Sud I wilt libertdly reward any fersnn for sink
birornrsiicn si nisy eiirivfenriy pe nni Uo m J
Or way have- riiber bsi IkiuiciI, employed, sou
rested, r carried hire ar. . . - -
.- , - v m , b. roitfiov, ' , .
i . ' fioanllaa io S. I Joaa,v.: -..
PnojtO ereek. time IWlb t. IJ , 'J : Q
BeaultHte, N. C Jan. II, IMS' 5
: The ThoronshIrv4 Arabian,
V lit tisnd al my stable in Orange Sriunry, the
endim; season, st more mmlerste lerrjn ihn
any Iioi-sb nf hi valuer In win Thiriy dollai io'
in u re Tsjsiiiy-fi.e .iJolUr ibe sesson, whith
may be ititehargert by t a-eniv itollnm, M'pMl nb
In the sesnm. 'I'turse'Soti ha alrraly com
nikBeeit, ami trill sod ibe lOih nl Jolt. : I re-
J quest allhn will favor hint, aiib Ibrarensloiii,
to l v rl) a saanv dvsx mr gi''
by raising esrly nll SI arcs lll board at Ibe
usual prise in our seuqtry. . i ' .a, -'
. "I' JME4 !ODRr..
N .it. For blond and pei furmsnses c ilr
tiiement. . v tr , ." -r
sws u
I' 9 At'Hibtny and Mmtritaion ; .
The- places l l ryrtlillr, Inc alikhnrri -i -
mnmam in uperaii . "l liry brew ravrir,ui
in, n.oi,ini;i in ,ii aiiu. rn y, s nv
m su.t..r nn n e-i hnn f
ifir.'aa,.n. Cniliil Theva ' e.n.oe! wii mv tm tr-.u; liW j ig
lorjTotr,- 'lint loieTrrftOits gvesl liwilMM-
or tnei triinlMinlir mlei i'c, ! u.t rriiril!
tr the' ptlit, 4 llwir. ;iMMtii txtl)"se j..
awhf ji, iurvbst,i) )iv!is, kc ke", hh ilbj'
hepei; euutt' , tM'ildi ut int ntnrt
rojili; Mlwrrn ik lo plMr . Al S"mH '
Huge lints Ituvv evvrv tlV lor lb uslbod
Sou.ii. , - " ';-'.-, ;
A; f. RM(;H Proprietor, - J .
' '---V r- Pjeliitl,
At:. t UltUV. Agert. Csrtlwj;, . f
T. HV.LK A r-hli-ln.ry, . ,;
T. M .YOUJk'l.. fl.Sisiilte.' '
K :. 't'K sttbOK. Aarnt. M.ns.oion."
January 8i. I Ml' . 8 $m '. -
The Weekly lUclropolitnu. , ; ,
A Gewi'1,1 IJierai't, llisltiriesl. OnnriestfOSM
at and M iSrellaneous Journal. Miblisheil at
M ashiualou; l ii rirharinisiils elms sit
ihe hi.i.rtl clMiheh-r. I'iiuie4 i. Kl aleaJ ,. .
t'pe. a 'a ge kht,t ol fine k,itl j.aier, IU
witolu ol it livui ut.tfuUa.tu vmisUU ol Hitrr'
eating rtafinK hoi'lrr. ' '
I emu dm) IMiar and a llslf per annum bx .
Pi.iir papers wtl be mt 10 ibe reifer d y
lier0 aotin; sv nj,eiH lot- ihe .Hi?,te f sub-J. -niUei
, (iivluni if lit l.llrsi iiinv hn- tM hl.
larsV i.mel.'en lor tsemy tlollur't fill,' lr fifty
const . I lie rnclouie by mail as me i iaK i f
the Kdiinr ,r reiisl ef a Mtinik, ol ibe .
pier will b a u!TiuU:nt receipt for lb money '. " .
tl KllSlHiltrit. , . " '- , v .
l'.iiiiioeis, din kvellers, aitd in v-netst. nil
'oiU lor the Miiinti7nnt the abovu Iviui, Uc
mg of ihe most JiUeiaVvyiler. ,i
Al leiteis tn be ailtlrve! dinM-ige (isid J la
LWt.TuKK k O'st'l-UVAXi '.
Geoig'''R, D ;
- ! r.iiiior llir.inm)l ih toHnirr r r
ijon-ieil lo ei'pr .! n' iotf Ibis a iveilisviiicntt
ibe .Mmroi!iiait UI b sent to all oiml ii. g
srilh ili. n 'le t., ... ..r; . V w. .. .
Ar iieiii.g,-at . 4i tviHln I hi vims ttonk
Sltue, a.vwij bfte ami Spkrolnl M ,.. Itoatk.
I btf ' tiiituwtng "Aunoatv hd it for Vtrseirfs,
Ht iperioe in any thin; Ibey bsv vtr nfiViitdl
I .rl id Hi ha4, lKiiilin giavuij, aolvHtil
r ioei in uotiinr , , o - . .
taenia ol ttsaii'y , At' ; ' ,
tltxib's Book ol Btabty t
Ms.''n i.f-.-;. il-s-' tv",.'
Kt.fjtiiti Afilml " d I : ' -
tlncnwl jiaiiust . ' . lo " -Ket(ak.--
" . .'
t In isiixn Ker p.k - d . f '',''.': :
Haiitsrast -i do- X.r', V ii: '
Kr nlhip' OilVrln; '
"r'ortcl M'Ko'j'v"
l.i'eiaiy aouveior .. .
tliiitia , -:o. ..... "' itl.
t ken . -
Young I F. iehtt . fc 'i
ItvKiiiy's C lume " . V
Anib.Mi y,fii A
Walkvv's Iksuliev " -' ,
tlx roii' C.stl. ry .-T jr'
Kinlev'a Iteaiiiir uf fl)ro
Child' Aiiiiiuul '. -,'.. r,.'
Ho.dt l lieim-,.'. -."'-.,-';:;
U.msok's MoH-tV'Vatef' '
Honk, of CliruUHss. j- v-'t
:,1 -f
.AiisJ miiriy iittivr il!iit -teit iib tb mn,
iplemliil Attn the wo.k" ! hhske- t
1 sp,r m T vol .Oiiavo - Ifult J Uiket bioilu.g-
ab aiiiiiul tJhii.7 .-..; , . "
(Jull (( i i.imio lor yonrselrrs. , . , ; ,
-- i---- " " K. . ,
Tor suSe by lumei' & II tig; tics ,
' " K A L K t l i h '
- Wfbstf r'n Sro. Diclloiiaiy.
. 'I hit I t l -e put a pat I l ii coin
r cuon, runs vihick have bun itwcivvd b
tt putiiijirrii .' . . :r- -:
1 be uiai'Si of t)r, U timer's Awtvii iiie?
limiury nl ibv hiigliab Isnnrge1 anj.very t xlvesfc .
fivrlf afcnteiltil bt tha) plulol (bee rumii.
niijr forhiile inuneiliaiii u it s 0iKner!,,
VV'e Tegar.l H ' gn-i iii prim-no at m ail tha- ,
WOJ-a bkh n',).rkeeTl' l jl.lbe iM!W
of serersl lvrS l anrils, ( f ,(nil,,s,ii.g "
Diniilirnifin and tilnnteie rooile ol iH ili), is
C'Dil ooird ihe nrstsnr ui(f WIW best wii. '
terVaii'j (lil. fioitiiH.s iiuvs m elismi-u-i-iir-ii. . "
tri million, )". oittt:, pe..Mico ami "''
rswv Uor tnitnll aarfwIii-VM n jnj WiiK-i- Otstliaiiary'
Jeeeieisl, Dsj", . 1 , J I, I, D. Pistohat i f
ommis o.o.ism, isie juoga li ii Suptti.if
- David OsKSetl. t. I II-li feMir of I.,- 1,,
''-fji V. College, Mil jitvtg of lb .
,.."""";'. I". eri-.rVorl. J,, ., .
;x JUeiijmiii SitlisMui; l 0 X. t. lV Professor of
Io ayliliimu to Ihe above;: rretiuron. nitmui., .f
similar IniUiirl hste biyu) levjeinU fnmi Ibe KW' ' ,
luabig gihiltfiK m V-w '- i , "'.:,.. ,
-Josbu lr. J'iVsV. nf' MiiblUliory fhltria:" . .
- S 4,'htniu, Pits'!' l tcl'ietbin d Ibrge !.;,,' V '
Jwbn llniy llulitrt, Hivbii-iifthe H ,rrisi t
'' " : rnilvrdjisl ta.m th it, , .
- :: ..V' " 1 4 .-M.a dM.-w.ViHk ; ; I'. ,- "-'
Joseph Story, jince or ibf st.pren.x noort pt .'" i
- r ihe t'aiteif 8i4' ' .,:.-
WiUiam CVabcb, thwl iii! of the elreolt " . V
. . . '.oourt hi lb 'If, X. 4nt Ih
. Ibsln'rt !, .'. . .y.
A l from mortlUan ih bmbd. riknibtra vt . -
Connies. '.,. ; l' j. ' - . , ..:.' . '
a.... . . ' i' .1 i i. . I. . , i
Uaribciuvnrts Clitnn & GIa&9
N. 35 Nsio SfHti Ksw Yoast, '',"' -.
OflVrs lot a romptiMe Auoliiiii i. lit lh ,s
abtu liiie.nnmnKli. numr very bmc i l .
teens repspkril lu uriler mr soniiiry inule. .r ia
lb m wliMf nuik-re, Oidt r br letter ill . ' . -
ceivr mrtj ii ' '-""I kii
New Yik, Jaa -.0, 1I.1S.
i o. iiiw . .
Mft'Thiilnat Miisei, having" bem pupil b -;'
ilim tiu'.lio'g Atiolmv loehe l.t fi4 VTSS, - 1
lilt ing vi huh lri be. directen) bs aiteiMioa I
ill iollowlait , ili'Sntbrti ' U.a.lmg,' H rtlirg, .
ftrtlhinrlM), (,(fipbyt lifaBme and Msilw t. "
mslie; alt.i In ih I.hIih h4 tii-t.k LHiiguuge... i ; ,
sav, a .f at irgit auI Cireea Minora, a lit
Ope bl klioi.l on. IS h Ml.t ' i j . f t f . , :'
. llosirt mu) be ohlsmeil m the neigbhorhnod it .
8,00 pkr li trims, of 'I union arc, for ?
lover branches $S 00 vet cdioiii lor bigheav. ,
branches 7 SO per 'session. - . ' ' . '. , ,m
ii bi bismsiioo is ilualil,lglit,initea anrihv " .- " .-'
east of Lnuolidii;. V'laiikliu souiiiv, near halent m ,
Cbaixrl, ia a and bvallby pss t vt tb. .
ei.iii.iy, ' j, v ; " -t ,
. 'J irererommriiilsiina, ahich Mr. M.ttasfiiW
tiiliislritm'Iiiiiili ' 'be afurame, :lo.
be Is fully riuiM-th io rnnrml ia il.e t-UoKr . , .
Wribe, anil llisi be a ill u everv rr. nwi 10 '
protuni die imirsl snM liirarj alvaneemnrof - ' '
all 'eiHiiiit to hi charge. Tin sehotu ' ' Z"
yrar Mdmdid 411IO l tessious il five uioiitli ''v
-i.- A-'tp. WM..1- niiwcii.- , f '
' . .., . . ?Ptt At IS ti'l'OX liltANCH.' -',
JtlllN f.H-L. - ' ' f , a r
" u A. JtiXtb. " '
ffth Jn , tSl , ' '6 St'
' ' - ' '
. s
r v- ,
: i r.
' -v.
- r
' 7, ..'

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