North Carolina Newspapers

    ... .,. i-..--- --i.i.'.-' ....
' .- V i " -
At. - - .
tf .--.-'
' "And while hia Harp feaporastve rang
Twee Ow Ihe litest Minstrel g.; :
""r-.. ; "Friwil ih "CS5 favTlie'journal,
, I know aeej while eot that peep out Wighily
From it repose amid green way trees
: That marmur to the faeeae, ; ' ,
Boond which young fact ere beard to fall a
BgbJly r:- - ;V;---"-r'-r-r
At Nnrnr nun-drop on the eigunj rose,
---. lorrjKMe. - .
There wbea the joy oat lark : upward spring irtg
With hit eweat song la greet lite a!; morn,
m ' ' " Unto the (w i born
Tfie tileery laajth of childhood wildlyrjn,ging
Upoa lb etillneoe of tha toft b'ce air,
" For happy brartaare there.
Hearts that arc filled from love a eternal fjun-
teln, .
. Till each ia like a deep eVflowinj well.
Or a wiU floweret's bell
Rid 'neath the brow oj some. oVrltangtnj moan
lata, - m .
Giving ii perfume te each wind it meets,
- , yt toeing not iu sweets.
And there at noon-title, 'mid the trembling glan.
eet ..
Of the ewee at a fry j-itmine gleaming out
U heard young bo; 'a shout.
Clear aa tba singing of a etream ihat daneea
Unto the hrmce in all bar boundless glee
Ai clear, but ob mora free!
While near hi aide a fairy crest are linger,
- HUlittlo atatcr. with rur moaa roeccheek.: -
TartJnYthe clustering rinea tsrilh dimpled (Jii.
Aad sailing frorn-thfir long anj wiry stars
Thetr pale and quivering gem. '
- - And tWe at ete, beneatli tha alaxlila gleam
inga. Sit,, tlieir yonng mother in toA pene grace,
With aweetly amUing lace.
Hashing her babe auto iu heavenly dreaming,
. And, wilb bent li'tening ear and graceful head,
, . Waiting her husband a tread.
And wbea hie etep ia heard among the flowers,
. bwaet lips are wreathed in aoulea, and ready
! , ' icet
t T!y forth bis own la meet;
r ""And tb Calm atillneaa of the twilight boon
la broken by eoft wbiapeied worde of kive,
- - tftirrinf the ail above.
And tliiat all! yet oil my fancy painteth
. " .Thl fjuivU.lavctjr Jpoi .Mewr
' W here the warm aim louka throuah
. Tb leafy boughs, and where tha white rose
; '. iainteth ;." , . -
' Upon the breeia that oft ita caret l a re
tr fanned.;' .i. : ... .-- ' .
JJIertba that (Botiaie-band! .
!.' 'f'J,LA-W-LAV ,::
i AA pir anl a ia t;r null ' ,
, fell out boMlik.tfri
To war ibey acnt, that is, to law, -Resohcdjatjrifa
uousrier.' -
A WJ T wat by each engaged;
And hotly Uiey coii'eudeU;
j-'hen lea grew alack, tlit wait they Waged,
iThey judged were better edl. " ;
Then heavy coat remainiiifa'.ill,
Were sealed without pothtrj
On bjyer took tin upper mill,
Tb lower null tha other. ''.
Small V A frllow wh was a little
Dervoue od vioJemly addicted to tha Chewing
of pigtail, chanced to be toft alone for a tniiw
,; Ut, iu a dark room. While his ftorhpanioo
, wat absent, he draw- from hit packet the deli,
clout twiat for the purpose of taking a hearty
alp thereof. But catching hit fore finger be.
v Iweta bit teeth inatead of Die weed, eoniinuad
4e bite it. yelling; with anguish as well a eoold
'te eiptcted. Tbia teen gathered around him
' several indliduala, who asked him what was
the matter, when taking hit deeply indented
- 4nger from -hie Juauth,. he eciiid thst
. some d d scoundrel in the dark had been
" atytrr 10 bite hia finger oC ' J,. ,
"' A poor lrih laborer, teewg one of qjr
fashionable dandle -atrgttitig tlimiigU one of
hwatrtta..r.cjLty.ainJ ,o(Ji.ijr.J,
him and and. 't per your honor a pardon, air.
but would te be al'hit tellio me tliemtol
thiahoesei I want to know for teaaon I have'
. 'Cict away ielw w said Jllte QaiiiUv ltu w -abuuld
I know the rent,-1 knew nothing aboni the
"betie''v,r beff ,our lionort pardon, tur,
aid the.lrialnnan, but f rum the manner in
. which ye walk, myself thoiiirht the whole
6tbreet behwgd la et ay iuiili ao.' the next
sthreet loo for the matter ot lljai, by my towl
V and conscience am, tur ; :
AKttle boy, about four year of ape, lay
' Very atiil one morniiif, t'tr a.tiighfa aleep,
aa if iu tlcen I'tougbU - Ilia parent watched
- bhtifor tome time ' At length Ilia mother
' aakl to him Gewre toy dear, hat are you
thinking abofU Why mother, aav Vvorgm,
I fjow many kind of firm are there' UoW iita-
w kinds of ftret whr only. one; nry eon.
Why yet there ra, contnmr J the bny, there
" are I"ot klndt. .; Pour kind-" how will vuti
make thai out? Well, taid he, first there ia a
V sseeaf Art. then there ita fnljrt. ihen there
it eewpAire, and then 1 here it there i
Well what nt your lounn, my aonr imre
-.-.; ujut twtejr s;,-." '
V. - r" ' Jl7arrV-,f y1 r f' pleasure Marrj.
' If you priee r eyjwal.h i Marry.
' Aadevea dmtK be yuur objecr marry
If fee kve your. Creator, tih-ought tu
t ' marry, lo Kite op- more worthippera if
you loe the ladies you ' o)g ht to marry, te
.. make then happv f ou love tour country.
" eeuoucht to marry, to raise un aolilier to
t defend i' in fine, tt you wish welt of earth
nd heaven," 1 ought lo marr. te Rive
' rood citizena to one, and glorioue anpcl to
- lhe other..;- lZS' f:.iZX
' " Pal. J?, A few day a a'tncea
', 'renttemaa went, into a tavern in llolbum
and in the absence of Hie usual waiter at
attended to by the pot boyi "Urtny; me he
evening parreaiLlhe Wkman"'!.
ornt come yet air," aakl the pot boy, but
; " XJivTC lus oai triM. ami ni;ui anv w,irj
jtod pieces in itf, S 'Indeed,'" replied the
jrvMleman, and how do tou know that ??
4- 0U,,, retitrned the hopeful youth, 1 koow
it troetrr, aeause all tbe lines sm shorter that
, loUicra. aud rU werry good, acauee otirgal
AUiofe wag am brd of the Steamboat
v n j hot a Lule diaqoielad in hia alumbara by
T r - Int of fc'Jow lodjera wh eecraad to
e'lt c!,ia It the berth, called out.
riaerart,". WOtl loaawaj . 'jiiwgm
. j .... .
Ae way tflL" tTha hi. naeaaf want it
eea U tbeM bed bugs pit dewa fHrt'r aanea
fur tbia berth bora I ed if feat, I want 'm
torned ,' c , - - .
Extra fa Talking fait. Let thoM mb
are alow in epeeeh try te any the follow trMT ra
pidly: - There waa maa boe name waa Mob,
and he JJ a dog wboee name waa Cob, and
she had a cat arfaoea name waa Cbitty ' Bob
Cb Bob, Chiuy Beb.aaye V. Cob
waa Bob'a , dog, and Cbitty Bob waa Mob'a
. ' . - r ' . . ;-
Paint mf artier. K debating eodety ia
-J-a.Jowa.fdow eet,''- e eewing andertoek
to dKcuaa the qqeatioit, . whether intraiper
enee.or !ery U ptedoetia of the mMt e
U ia the United .tatea!,,rrA worthy Dea
eon, ronlending againat -the limner, propaaed
to ahow ha eflerta onr ita tieim"vi eternity.'
"Stop, atop." eisd tha chairman, Hhat'a out
ot the United ftaiea," j.T
Wc remeaW the epeoiiig ot 4 lawyer's
aneecb apoai the Circuit, which enay gie an
idea of their aophistical phraaeology and mode
of reasoning. "My Ird if there gver' wa
a ease, in which one ease eughl to be conjoined
with another case this case ia that ca!"
hltich case, Mr.!" wat hie Lordships
grutT, bpt humorous rtpty.
An friahman reeeied a challenge to fight
a duel, but declined. On being asked the
'Ocb, . honey, " said lie, would you hare
me lave my own mother an orphan!"
- -- ..Ji J
Tbe I'rtbamtloN Academy .
j- 1 lie esevcises the above instiimion will re
anmiawnce on AUi.div. the nl'ieeaih of Jar;
met I lUrnrA mnj be hut in the vilUgc Or it
VKIuilv, at avvca aad a ball to right dollar prr
moi,'h I ke term n l oiiioa for tbe acsunn of
five mnoihs are itiTllotii-:
Vnr lite ordinary brancbe ot lm;liUi '
learning, .........
" 1'Ik higher rlo . . . . . .
" 1 he LaiinV tirerh, at ktalhemsl
kb, .'. . . . . . .
. - Ron-r. a. r.zELtjj
f 10 bo
1 t
II 00
Tl ;g' ee ntl tMnlu l 4 Itmo,.
diaeoul io.
n previous adv.
Very Vnlnable Lund for Sale.
I'ursuaot to tbe Utt will aad UMwoeiil of
Robert Park, deeM, a vBcr, at private tale, lbs
wrwievranr-- arwateit near tla .
turd, Graaville aouniv. Narib f .'.mliaa .
1 be apfwe tract lie an both eidee of Fishing
f.rak w.tWn two mrtrt oi that flOHmbing vil
Uge, aed i edunaied to cmttaia OXE Tile V.
AXU A CUBS, 800 ot which are Creek bottom,
very productive ia grain, and tueceplible ol great
Improvement at moderate eipehM. . 1 he MuUud
is solt,esily euliivaled and praduelitei and sueb
of it at it not wetti, having for the not part
grown up in pine, ia rapidly recovering it for
nf fcrliliiy. There arc K aerca in ai iginal
limber well suited to both leneing and builiting
pTposa, awl so iia,td a to be aonveaient to
all parts f tha planiatioa. The bnpi-ovcmvnlt
eoatiat of a eoailortalde .-t - .-
Dwelling House, vyiih o rooms.
, J"1,6 l1" Crairy with atshicl au.1
,.cU omone-iiouse, Uora Crib, Tbce
Barn, and some eatia. It Is believed that an
eacellent oversliot MILL might be built o thi
tract, eommanding the beat water power la the
-1 'ha .lower traat i tltonted four mllei front
tJatord, ami eontajn by very old surveys I0W
acre. This 1 ginerally believed lo be ewe ol
the mot valuable estates of n. extent in thi
eeltoa of auanlry lUoin Uo aere are ereek
bottom oi snnrrior OHalifv. muiI In. im nn
f . ' . ..... -MJ V ,W
aeret of I obueo Lanrf are y el lo clear. Timber
iMT a?"-" .trifliwaj eoat Ibe saw
mill, whwh h on a good me. mi.ihi hr ,,ut u .
errtin,airVid,titnronisl.le. Th.i
setllememsm title tan, WMh a "dwelling and
out houses at each -soma good Tobacco Mai ol.
a,t ; , , '..vv
The, terras will be made aasnmraodating.and
we invite proposals from such person a are
disputed o make investment iu valtuble real
rsiaie. Oxford oflWr flrsntaget bt teh-Milt, anil
fowl toeltly, and these Undi present tlieaf ol
mih. 8 ntt wjkirc. apil pure jfazMjj
Written tnmmotiicaiioit will be audretaed te
aaatWti ronton, North Carol ina.
Kxreutor ol Itobcrl Park, dre'd.
Janeary 10, lM - ' a i. rt
?!tMLB Br ti subscxi-
- Jim,'. Dr. Sherwood's Kleotro-Magnvus
Itemediei for Chronic lt.-s of the rlas
Hypertrophy, iueluding all Uie forma of Scrof.
. Ia,.vix;,', . . ., .. , t ... ,,
Tubercular Contoinptloa. White 9wellinri, ,
lp,i. r .inUm Suveytt,
Chronic ilie o lli Liver, - .
Of ibe HwrlV--.Sal4 JUad.'. ...
. Ol th S,leen, -King's Rvil.
Of the kulaiea, UueorriiOM, "-"''.'
Of tbe Spine Chloro., l"r ,
- ManorrtiagiaJ '0.'nr
Tbeaa are, W4dbrW-abfei"( 4h
tame disease, arising Iroin the tame aausr,' di.
Iinruntwd by the tame ditRwoai. and corabre by
the name re-uedie. I heir ananiuon
LkraguW ati l the Weetro.t,itvlii-ireca in
ma sjwemt inry may u be detected by press.
nre 0Mmi th tide ol Ibe Vertebras snd glands of
the neck, whkh elicit the Klectro-lvalvsaia
aymptoma, an tbey may be cured by these Kles
tre .MagneiM rrmcdit a. 1 be latter are aecom.
panted by a eompcadiout mrdival t'rratlae, ex.
plaining the lirmchilr of lbs
which they are lonadcd, and stating ih mahner
in v,a, ,oct are io" ae applied, la this work
Or; tihrrwood deroonunuet Ibe fact ih.t ...r.
part of the human bwly, togribcr with every par.
twle of animate and inanimate matter, ia either
ra a oegwive nr pnaiine slate or eleelrieliy, and
hat every motion, ia all matter, whether m the
largess masses or in the smallest particle, ia
pruunceo ay 4a ell rawing an-l rvpettmy ti.e
ot thi emivmsal nrinslple. The morWd action
Which prodneet disease of Iba organ as limb,
be prove to be rccationcd by Ibe undue pre,
ponderanct of nneol ibese lorse to the system,
snd hi remedies rettnre health by tnbduiog ihu
irregular aeicia to an equilibrium. . II ihi
mean, lite very seen, Tthe disease arc rradiea
ted, and a permanent cur rCeated, even la Uart
where all bopea ol rehvf limn oilier tottrer n
ahawloned. The fclcclro-l,gtel Ueinedie
ere the only prrparaiioatappliMble lo ihH pre.
sailing eiat of di.eawv and ihey never Jliaapi
pomt thwennndenee reposed m them-Tbe
pymptomtofthe clat of diwaa to ahich they
are apUSaaMe, caa U diaeovered, under the di.
rectwn cimlwsed in the work which acconipa.
hie there, without the aid of a phi t'ieian, aod
Ibet scat be osrd with perleat Sal el v andeuceeu
ilhoal dieting or tneonveniease. or any further
advice than thu work aiTimla. - -; .
, 1 be prMieiplet upon which these "remedies are'
prepared; are Mriatly a fend a such, to
gether with their unequalled ansae n, a anrathe
agent in the dieeosra menliuned (which anneaU
Iv emitigw thouMadt n the grave, and among
there many of tbe loveliest f the human race)
have already eteeled sale to the amonnt of one
thousand dollare per month, f. the Iraratd and
talented inerntor and amaog Ibe pnrchaver
are many el the ablest norther ami wwatsra
pbyiaiaaa,4artheiewa praatiaav' Price 110,'
i' . . - J. B. TDM.
s BsWgh, Jaeory y, 3g. ; - . g j,
CT JI. TV. MILLER kaorenttiw.
ed h effiae t W that of she Sapsriur Court Cleik,
io the Ceart Heoee, where be may be teeod,
exsept wbea aeeeaaariiy absent, -r ; m
i JUieigK Nee 1, uaf. 4$. ; -
Of U kinds, or ally ntl tpelUiott1y
v .....s,i t.:. nr.... ;
vbivv aia vaarvrwa,
Fare doora oooih at U illiama h llarood
Drag Store, FataTTtviLUl bTatrr, Kaieicb
S. Caroliaa, ,. C-
1 ; ; AnK now opexio
u' a lauge rppitr :iTws
VaV an NVlnler OooAs,
j WtptwfnttyifestTTjieir brvpdvTN. 3. .Twen'jrthouaaiid eubitrfcfl.of yeV
, aad ibe publia generally, leesllamt I low pineplank ttockt. , t
eaamioe before purebaaint' olaewbere. as ibey
are oetcrmtned aot to be nwiHoae rbber ia ct
litig Ceerft or nuking Chthet. ., Their good
(OMiwt nt h rlloHig an idea.
Svrta Blue and Black
Bottle Green -Apple
Bro-n da
Lnivlorr Drown
' Won aria
Napoleon Violet, r
Dahlia " j
Sorca Blue fc Bl'k (Plaid)
wrao .
, Greens
" Uov
n 55FBTPlaid
Wool Dtta
1 Vle11
I Stngh &
' . Striped, and
tt fiU
- . Curded
Sppcb Plain Silk Velvet "
uui tx rijrurca tla.
- m . Crimped Silk :
. " 1ff'd k Plain Satint -Vetjng.
jjiitt uaiiiimerett
uiimerett r ; t . ..
aientia '- li V
..'. " do. Vaieniia
-- Mohair
Tp?elhcr with a gtAefaf atwimtnt oj
FataroKaait aaADT-Marn CiOTaiae, '
Teiiaant'E Celebrated Stocks,
(uiTia re ill bscks,) " -
Satin Iloaoius, and Linen Plain
k Ituaird Shirt Collars, round
eoa ana rouna topf
A. n S - WAJgf '
aVOm' t ej '
our liue.ol buiiocM, to suit aid or foong.
All nf ' whit h wilt be made an to order, at hort
otiae, in the moat fashionable style. Our work
men are the beathat can be pouibly procured
at the North, aad We think that, added to oar
own eiperiCBee, Jrill into re as a due tha re el
pnbll putronaRC. .All nrdert. from a ilittawce
i(l meet ilh prompt atleniion. Cltlliei nar
ruultJ U fit. . A-
Litrhford Oliver
Return their thank fur former, support, snd will
endeavor lo nwrit iia continuance.
P. S. Person furniibing their own material
can rely tipna having their Clolhct a well made
a thHnh we tumithed the articles. L. Ic O.
Ualcigb, Oct. 21), 1137. . 44 if
The teUbrvtetl JZngtUh Rvce Ihin
Ured br tbe Karl of Esxemonl. I hv Whal
bone, bit dam Thcnil by Sorcerer, f purchased
by the F.arl of F.grenont foe the King nf Prnt
iaj la nnw at hia ilanil. in season wdl ,om
menee the 14ih day nl February. For hi racing
pcrtormance, and that of hit toll, which are
now tunning on the mow fashionable course in
Knrland. see haad bill. Hia term, mM k. t.h.
eraT, anif nch tt t am in hoea will meet the
isbe of the breeders nf horses m ecneral..
Wato.wvme an..i. u.
January 19, Hit, - - -
The great popularity and established demand
for ihi valunhla medicine, render the annliif
nation nf a lenrlhy advertisement unnecessary.
Nnmemntetimmiali of their vatne (lately re-
. . . ... . e , . .
ceiven irom'ireniicroen oi ine nijncM respecla.
oniiy, in antiHion io innae accompanying each
box. may ht turn on aruilication. taiaojr of the
agent. 'I he pills arc put up id asoperior style,
in tin koxva containing 40 pills, with full Jiree
lion. Price SO" cent per. box.. To areola er
hiirrliert the termtnf enmaaitsion and d seooal
art liberal, All commuuicallow will be prompt.
it stimwn vw, viy . - T .
CCT '", InrganSl. Raleigh, 1st doer wet
, of the Pretbylerian phurah.
" Editorial Convention.-
At a Convention of Editors held in this
City on the lt of November 183r, crrtain
regulation for the future government o
the fraternity in North-Ca-oIina were agreed
on.' With a view of ascertaining wheliier they
would prove acceptable . tn the members of
Ihe Cornt Edilonal, who were unable to at.
tend, and be ratified by. them, tlie onder
aijfned were appointed a Committee ofCorre.
pontic nee it being understood. Ihat if three
fonrttit of the Editors of Ihe Sjtie should
Vgnty their' tatcnt to the praceeilinrt it)
question, that the tame should thenceforth
lie considered obligatory and iindinf oru the
parties concerned ' . : K
, .Tbe undersigned he-fiachar(jed Ihe dtify
aaaijrned them and more than the required
mimber htf e mponded effirmatitly Owe
or two Editor, in conaequence of tlieir pe
culiar Incal portion, thmk their inlrreat may
be aiTvCled by a atricf atlherrnce lo the Table
of Prieea adopted, aml though' they yield
lheirtrrnt to the he rrguUtiona, vthey
evjdcptly doso with rehictance. The under..
aiencd, thereforr, at the" errant of the Con
ventiaiH rXpectfn'ly - rernmmend to theifj
brethren thronghont tha State to'take t
proceedi rg at a rule for the wtivernment of
llicjr profcaaional emirae herraAer, eMifurm.
injr at strictly there'.o,at exiniriR witrict
and Ipeal cireiimatancet w',H permit. . "
LOHING, CTJommitteei
.,vajfign, 4n' j. 10JH. -,r . . .
a femaij: school .ji
hoase, in Northamploa county: twelve ruile
weal ot Marfreeabnre'. N, C ihe 3d Moatbw in
January neat, bmler ike aooir of Mist Los Ma
Moose, a Lady from tbe North, who eomet
welf recw-fwrwrfett, kavntv bew edwealed for
the porpoae of teaching, fibe wilt learh all the
gagltvh branalies esaally tonght ia Aaademiea,
together WHh Fiwneh, if recjuired . . ii
- tekmx or TVITIOXi r"
Readiaf and Spelling, ft 00 per aeesiei of
asontba. Ortiee branches RIO 00. .
Board aaa be had ia my family at thirty sWllsr
per aiii m ave sweaiina. -t .:,
Striat aticnliea will be aaid la ika ewmfart of
the Uoaarakra, 'a ..
JAS. . WOOD, r
- XenUatatea Co. K. C Oat. ts. 1 137.
ur iw w
t v ji
. Jfifr CoTmiaaiowtaa' Orriea,?
' ' ' Jannary 4, 1 838L ' 5
PROPOSALS, eealed aid endoraed, will
he received at tbia ofRce ontit three o'clock
P. U. aa the ihird d- f February neat, for
tha foliovinr-Yellow Pine and White OakJ
lisftbervr deliverabla M,ih ay ,Yf;.
port, Va v : . at. ' - :V'
No. 1. One act of yellow pine beams, for
f a friftate of tbe fire claae. .-
No. 3. Two acta of yelbiw pln learnt, for
. sloopa of war, first claas. '
No 4 Twenty tbouaand cubic feet of yel-
. low nine plank slocks.
No. 5, Twen'y iboutand eubio feet
-.. do v do . ;'.. .
No. 6. ;Twemy thousand cubic feet
da .do" '.
No. 7. Twenty thousand cubic feet
do do
No. 8 v Twenty thousand cubio feet white
oak plank atoektv ' '
The beam pieeei and one half of the plank
stocka to be dehrered on or before the JOih
April, 1839, and tbe other half of the plank
tt cks on or before the 301 h April, 1840.
Persona offering will make their offers
separately for the quanti'iet and kind of tim
ber embraced in any of the above number,
and they will be considered and decided in
dependently of each other.
Schedule of the beam piece will be fur
nished on apphestion to. the Commissioners
of the Navy, or to the Commandant of the
Navy Yard. Gosport, Virginia.
The yellow pine Seam pieces and plank
stocks muat be the .best quality lanr leaf.
ne jrain, krart, SantlierH telhw pint Umber.
I be white oak. plank slocks mutt be of the
beat quality, and mast lut e grown pn lands
titusted near to the salt ttater, or within the
inRuenre of the tea air and the white oak
and vellow pine plaiik stocks mutt have been
irrrdled or felled betaeen the twentieth day
of October and twentieth day of March next
precedinir the dehveriett all of which mutt
manilinjf officer til the taid Navy Yard, Gut
port," Virginia. .
All the said limber must be fre from tap,
beart shake, wind shakes, and all other de
The plank itoek mint avrrape forty. five
feet in iengthvand none of ihemmnttbe lest
than Ihiriy .five feet long; the white oak plank
stocka must square not iett than fourteen
inchet at the but, and may square one-fmirth.
Iett at the topi the yellow pine plank ttnckt
mutt tqtiare not lei than fourteen, nor more
than sixteen, inchet at the but. and ma
square one-fifih let at the lop.'
I en per centum will be withheld from ihe
amount of each delivery made, at collateral
security. In addition to the bonds given, to
tecute the pcrtormance ot the respective
contracts, which ill in no event be paid un.
til the ooiitraot are complied with in all
respect t. -
Ninety per centum will be paid within
thirty dayt after the bills for the limber shall
be approved and presented to the Navy A
Ail of Hie said timber must be subiect In
inspection snd metaurement by the inspector
ana measurer ot timber at I he taid Navy
Yard, GoapoH, or by tuch other person o'r
person a may be designated by H e Com-
missioners of the Navy tor the performance
of that du'yt and in all caset the timber mutt
be in all reaped s to the acceptance and sat-
laid Navy Yard, and approved by him.
Jan. 6, 1838 ., ' 3 4 ,
Cj To be published in the national Intel,
tigencer. Globe, Army and Navy Chronicle,
Baltimore Republican, Norfolk Herald, Nor
folk Beacon, Raleigh Mar, and Newbern
Sentinel. ...
' IT The subscriber would take
two apprentices to the Tailoring butincs, agrd
from 14 lo 16 yearv Uojs fiora ihe aoui.try
w aid be prelerred.
Raleigh, Jaohiry S, U3S. 3 if
State of North Cnrolina,
Gatrs CouiiTY.
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions,
'-' November 7'rm,183.
Joseph Freeman, Executor'
ol David Freemaa. dce'd.
T- ft. . . Petition to prove
-viartna niaore and jame lhe will ol Uavitl
r rerman, Ann bee antt Sa- f reeman.
ruh Wellalord, Dlttrihuteet
of David Freeman, "
.In Ihi ease, it appearing lo the Court Ihat
Martha Moore and Jame Freeman are not in.
habitanta of this Slate, il ia efdered hy the Cniirt
ihat publication be made m the Haleih Star
for wx week, for the said 'Martha Mn.7r ..l
jamea freeman to apnea
. - ... -
freeman to appear at the next term
thi Court, on ihe 3rd Monday hi Febrarr next.
aad oppose the probate ol DariiL, Freeman's i
m; u ihey think proper. ; "
' 'Test ' '.' '
) , , , I W. G.DAUGHTRY.Clk
' . tl 6
The prominent Advantage of thi Institution.
rentier it peculiarly deserving the notice ofpa-4
renu an ruaroiana. II itirmerlv rariXee antona
me nr. m, eoiaic; ami oaa a, present many
additional and. soUri claims on the - public for
. i . . C ... , . "
patronage run preierrnee.
Oxford ia aurpavsed by no village of ibe Soo'h
in its heatiblHlneu, pleasant location, good aoci.
elf and freedom from riitstrwtinu. ' '
The Mr. A. Haar. is a
oraonsnlerablc atlainracnia ia classical and art
enli&e knnweierarauh-ed in England, lialy and
Franca. He i aot only well certni nt Ihe Creek
antt Ijitin classic, but familiar with motlem laa.
gieageand all Ihe nnnsrroua branches di) st
eal, mathematical, moral aM imellectual Science.
in training the Statlenl to rwapeet their leach
era, their companion and themselves, strict re
gard will be bad to inculcate (artaona principle,
honorable fevlHigt and gentlemanly aoniluct.
The gmerwtoenl will be Mrenlal rather than se
vere j aad the iluttcnlt' mind diresied in kal.ii
-wf Mi wastry, accurate obaerfatioir aad deep an.
woir . - . 5i -w- - - T
Mr T. Higgintra graduate af a Kdmpean
Colragn, and an-excellent elaasical srholari i
engaged for tbe ensuing year to .iultruct the iu.
Bsor classes. .. . , . - .
. Claaaseal student w3l be prepsred In enter
the Freshman or the Sopberoore class; agreeablf
lo the Course of t Utlies prescribed be the Uni
versity of ike State Terms CUsiiaal stu
dents $IJ 00) En-lisb bom 6 00 to 15 W per
tetaion, w u - ,.j v ... v - .
Modern Lansnas-es. '
rrench, P '- . . r 7 J0-
" Tnree lessons a week, J f t.
,: rerseasien Kxtrtv. -- . . - :
Tha Inition lee are rewuked In advtneet aad
Ihe ansoamt of half a tessiea will be Ihe smallest
eharge. 'T .-we- f1 .p. w.
The first aessien ol IS3I will begin On the BJd
of January, and the Examioal ton will be w Mao
day a Toeatlav the Hi b and 19ib ol J I
. Ovfcavw. N. C Dee, I, 1M7 - ; , Jt t, !
(T Col Jamea Kaltall is willing te reserve a
teieet, number of Students, te be aadrr the hw
atediate aare af Ihe Prtoiir he will reside
with them.
adnata. I
Terms c'ajht dollar pet fc0B(h b,
Baaed can also be had in ether ret.
peccable fsaadiea fnr ft
: Bemsmmg in the Po4 Offiea at Ualeigh, 6a
the Slat Uesesabcr. Ii7. Parsona ealliag "or
Ihera will ras any tbey are advertised,
A John Laa . .
Mr Msry Andrews ; Kalbaaiel Lane
C A Avery , Itsddiek Lake
SimeaAvera . Mra. Caibariwa Lowry
MrsSimvIa Afford "Mager Lakler
Unbert Allen - M
Ailams Mitchell
Bei.jimia Allen J. II. Marray
Br. arr
Thorn, J Utsnit ' A lea. M. Mitchell
k,v Hi.l.rieht - l'alry
1 WillMm Urinklt-T . Lbarbt A.
Jolt It ttrjan
tliaa.Marf Urvaa '
Mr Murrie, T. C
KeV Jarvi li burton
Julia Uraneh v.
Itarncv Ueailey
Themis tinker , -Mr
Jane list lie .
atnl 0 tilkke .
Mr Maitha A Bain
Wm Tilan) .
William Blalack '
Miu Ann Meillin
lr. A. W. Mr bane
M s Kliia B Maclfn
William Maana .
Hruhia Meadlry
William McKetton "
Willi K. Macdade
JoliuF. Martin . ,
J. Neelaad ' I
Mis Uiey Jane Drown Jl,e Newton
l ,k. llMiam . Janiei 1). Nunn
John II Buna, or John Mi Margaret Nutt
W Manning
PhillU II) id
Mr Mildred liarelay
Silranu Benslcy -Jntepb
Belt "
William Bell
Bryant Baiwell
Kv John B Ballard
C ,
II L Chriito'phera -Jnhn
William Clatk
Mi Ann t;lnik
Itruhen Carpenter 8
Willie Caricnler
William Ij'arroll" -Patrick
R H Cult ua
lt e Daniel Ciil breath
Walter L.
Oley .
G. 0le
fame S. Putifny
Kev. (Seorge Purifoy
Henry It. Patchrlor
Mr. Krxiah J'nwrr
Denai A. I'avcball
John M. Price
Henderson Perry
Jamea Pcteifurd
John Pair
Miu Kclliea Trice
W. Polk
IUIiar.1 K Polk
Itulu K. Polk
Will. A Pugh ,
George K. Pickering
Tomer Pullen
John Powtre
Cornelial Crn,!iy
Thnnu F. Clirittmaa 3 r H Mv
Juilice Catron . Bdward Rigtliee
A Camichael Mrs, Jams Bawling
Jane J Canady
Mia Mary A Dolt
He Jamr Dt nail
Charlea Devlin
William Jlonnell
KeVVm V Dunn
G liraka "r"
jAtiah Uavi
Kev Thomm P Diivia
Mr. Emeline Dnvi
ToaeiilTA. H'ori'rt
Job. Kngert
Jame linger ,
Col. Allen linger
Alexander Knatel
Mrs. Marlha Ituth
Leonard II. Uoyttcr
Thnmaa Uoe
J. T: Kii.t
Wilry Hnbersnn
Mrs. Mary P. Robert
John Hick
William I Ihlliard
Mia Lney A Donglaie Jhn Itoarmand
Miu Mary G Uoogla, Mem. Robert Reddin
nrjan neiinin
Miu Mary -ad
.Dr. Wm. M. S. Ridlry
To Ihe Secretary st si
Green F F.llen
Mrs Elizabeth Ellis
Jame R KngUnd
Alfic.l H Cliuim
Gray Evans
Master Saml W Evan Matthew Sorretl
. F .:.
J B Freeman
Eton Franklin L
Henry Franklin
Thoma Fort
Mrs ThnniHi Fort
Daniel Fuller
William L Fovler
Willie 11 FtrrcIL
'eiiny Simmon
Wm. Scoit
Charles It. Shaw
Jonathan Stephen
Wiley Sleveniun
J. C. Stedman
Pealeg Spencer
Mis Klixabetb Smith
Jtdit SmKh - 3
sir. Smith, Constable
Grand Secretary Grand William Smith
Lodee N. C. James W. Skeen
.Mrs Mary tiornian Mi Mslinda Spivey
J D Gorman Joseph If Sawler
William H Grimeahi Wiltiam.M. tiantlcra
' agent or attorney. ' '"titlleberry burl Jt J,
John (iiiiruey cob Maioor
Nicholas lire S
Or. E. F. King . j
A Ivi Sorrel)
: L'liarlet'xj. Sterling
Henry Stewart
Thomas Scott "
iHvid Slubhlefield
Kimbal Sawyer
A. 9. Spragne S
Robert Sneed
Mis Sarah Thomat
Richard h Tbompvor
VVm. Taylor., (biooa
Cotter) " .
Relieve Taylor
Jame S Griswuld t
J J Gnndsoa 4
John W Iv'ilbert
Simetm Conn
Thoma Gamble i
Benjamin Hi. us
Alexander High
MissUehree V High
Edward Honk -
Mi l Mary Hil .
F.rastirs Higlry .
Ellas Hine
Mary llammons
Klixaheih HaflVy
r.j tuna
Haywood, Smith St Co. Messrs. Brown tt Tur-
a-asaso WIUNn I U I'll Iff
Mrs Elix Haywood
Thomas H Haywood '.
John W llay wind
Franklin I IhVwihiiI
Or Rufu Havwood f
Henry ll:nniton . ' 1
Mis Harriet Turner j
-r Augnsim Turner
Mr. Ilebeec l errald
Mis IWr Taylor
Mis Caroline T1cr!
; ' : If
J W llamplnn
Jackson N,
Willi Ham. Liltlejohn L'tler
, J"bo t'lley i ;'" '
Wm Vwks&Cn.
'vuimra While ,
S IHvId S. W ihnn
MiM Loisa llardie
Robert Hairisnn
m. A. Ilanunn - g Mm Adaline illiania
Williain R. flarpison John WiHiam v"
"i livrnson ; Mivsnarah.U atlroul
olTW.;,, ..., j
I . m . t 1
David Holland "-. Jame Wkilentoa
Mr. Winny lliiteliin Henry Walton -MrtrP.tif-P."
tlh.lon Jamet Whtlyr- ' ""
Ltevertii llopkint - S Mrs.1 hnmas IV liltaker
J. D. Haafcins JohnWIiiliry
J Jame U'tsiher
Mr.-lrwin Miu Nanry Valtoa '
Henry Jonc J.ha Walion
Patsey Jones. (a 'ave) Samuel Vahan
Mm Amanda M. Jones Jame M Watson
Mmtan Jones
Juliah O Walaoai "
Kieluril or llaltly Jones Jame Wlsm
Mr. Cbsrity W. June Alfred Wllenx
Hsrily Jones Mis Jliiy Walker S
Benson F. Jones .' Joiner W. Waihin
'.ol. N. G Jonea E. U Winslow
Mrs Marjrtl I'. John-U. While
Hueh kite
1 Barjiahnt Jt hnsqn .. .
..William V. While -
William M. bud S
i. D. Waid J. .
Miss Martha Winn ' 3
Robert W. Wvnue
Nathaniel IV heat
Jloat W Jiilneld '
Mr. Snaan R. Watkint
John VVfrren'
Nathaniel W arren
Thmiiptnn. Woll'rd ;
WastiNieron World .
Imiisa Wpild '
; Washington U Vei b
Margaiet Johnson
Rrv. San.l J. Johnson
Christopher IsImtII '
Mrs. Jane Jacksoa
. - ' K ',
Thwias Kelly
Yxoey Krlit-ilry
Win. F. Kiitrell
' : L
Richard W..iea
Warner H. Iwi
Hli,rn Lomten, Jr.
Jeremiah Latter -Mr,
txw , , ' :
" nl s , T" " G. SCOTT, P. Mi
Halenh, Jan. 1. IS.M. ."-.
ti "LVsEt STATUTES,--.:
-l he suhwrihers, having sontraelcd with the
Coinmisioner. of ,he State for lha.piiblieatMm
of tle Recited S amies of North Carolina, fcsye
aal w"kr" ' nB0U,,ti"f " completion f
. Being a..TM,,.in fcy lKe Rnvrrnor egen'ls Cm
tie part of ihtt SiMw for its nle, ihey now offer
v,r gonqrumMjf Kwh Carolina a work
Wbaih, a reijarrt quality ot paper and execw
Im. U wot ,,a.o by any law look ever pnb.
liahed in fhsj emmiry. it hat bfea proNOtinced
ly every one who bat examined it, (and amongst
innee are umbered eaanv of ih nl.t. .n.l
exteBatfe book pnbtiabert in the t'nhrd States)
'""-ira-of l)tgrapby, z
PaWivhed ln enlamet-tlie 1st
n PVetrihe td SSI. Pricej naly bine dollars
pep eopy-e. , dollars for-tst volume, and.
af--.w vT rfiea it mesa at the
ffovlh Carolina Book Slsib. will a
prompt atlcatiea . . V - . ."
01 a VeJ" TPRNF.R k nTGHF.3.
. K C. Jmua,,,4, ll37i X: $ 3ns fc
llUUbwroagh Female tt
. i -Sd, d,4ih, .; ' Hf
Meaie, , U
Drawing aWft-Pimlieg, ,
Uraaanenlal Needle Work,
' Lesson in French will be rive L. ' '
owe of the tnnat miwatable t.i H
bbtae at till per month.
Jaa S IS3S -
lb. trtarhrf4S
of LoMisbarg hi Frjl7H
wear Chavw's llriiu,
River oust ftav
yeart nd, 4 feet 1 1 inchet hijl,, j,
In l.ilr. alwM-l tail anil . . "H.
len on the week. - A rewaral )f sa"4
ill be paid lo any person who wl avLr
to the Subscriber al hi hniie.
ty. Jan. , 1821 - I?
Franklin eoun
.... "'R'.irr win Mtmi.
bove three ismea anil forward ihvk.
Tiui Si..iu n1 ...t 17 .n
the Post Master at Lems)' M ItOida tT1
mrnt. A
I wdl offer for aale, for cash, a tU r,
Hnuse door in the town of StatetvilirhT
county, on the 3d Monday M Fesru.
the lolluwhig tract of Land, or to niasaa
as will sati.iy Ihe Tax due thereon iaTitr"
lljO.sud for eoatk lor advertiatne tha-T
oil: , , - ... - v - ,
lit seres, litted by John WontewV ,
' on Ihe waiera of Duehmaa Creek ail!'
Peter Ucnegar and other. Ta.'j!?l!
tt acre, listed by Juhn At. CampWll M i
water ol Homing Creek, nrijiit'
;ranl and other Taxe dueil-.!l
S50 atrra li.lnl l,r Fll.l.. ! t'-T
- T ,r,,!rJ0, "ker Creek, rfoft
iu,iiiirn win otnrrs, vs.
I U acres. Iiuetl by Bob'en Piles, aa iba mJ
of Cick. Tax dne -2-"
545 acre, li.tedby Ann lla Willim. 11
waters d Koeky Creek, e-linini... u ,
iic, i;,ten,y J,7hn" Lait(r.bry.lvia mi
;r of D'lehmaq Creek, atliiuau. t.
water of Duehmaa Creek. axlifHauw iT ..l ...l... f' u. J
d'lrt l,rr. I...,i. ft. Ik. L.ri ii I1' '. '-'
. o a w wvm ai ImIW si L.
II. .1 , . h.
! iier, h iuicsj reeK,ai(
Jame Dawcl and other, unlisted. 7
. Tax dnw is.
7 iieres, listed by Franklin Henry, ei'jij
W Mow tt i-nrr and other T'at 'dua . r
SJitsei,, listed bv Jamea Lastly. Hiieiw.
hw ' tfu viEcarm viiau an AS, It
- Tax due a
100 acre, belonging lo Jame Ga'.lea'i brim
ii.i)i"l! '"c aaier ti nuMawCxit
'tj.iiiui.jj John Carter and others, aidisH,
Tax doe . UK
J. M. HtMiLK, 8l4
Jsn 5, tjs. , pltta Adv. S7. 5p. , 4
OAKDEJV SEEDS,, hif Ihe United Society ofSk.
L. l.niuirethi PniLADti.iHM,
FOR S.fLB r-
nook-llers, c
Wtaa wrn raxsMsiaxxviaa Caertrll:
White Oniiia or
bdveriCcMH-iaa Kste eCa
Yellow do
Bed do
Kieneh do or Londei.
tabbage - -
entchKaie Khubkrb cualteii
Tart a . -
Early Dutch nimf
Raelj Itlorul Turnip Bee
'. ' French Suear iL
r iai 1 nmif
Eai ly naitlenVnlt
tarxe f"g. uiktk
Whiiw Flat - a
lied Top . a
Kuubaea- j
M Orange Turnip rl.
Long Hhtod ,,
" Mangel Wurlxcl di
Early 'White Scaie.ty 01
auj(r iieet
Scaj'lt t CaiTtil
Omnge 1I0 and
Horn do '
(uemsry Parsnip
Fine S"gvr do
Lima t ana do
-quash nr nell Prpw
Urge Sweet Wll.iU
rtliln. forpicUaj
(ate nne tlo '
I'uride Fee Mbaii
Curled Ct es er f
.rly Clusler C'ueomhft
riilis l.nng do
fHig tireen . lo
Eaily Frame . do
Eaiiv blun t Rreon do
yerv.ras --
tlioad Leaved Ctrt
Water l.rea ..
Urge-Tomata t .
mall do ,
'eeelahle OTtter'
Prirkly Chut kin ' do
Hopctjiir Watermelon
Early- Appleared do
li g'e V u k h Ion v
Fine N'uitiH'g Melon's
Lare CautrhiMt do
(rem Citroii do
1'onigranate . ;" - do
rirg do-
I hiith Summer Squash
U-ith Crook la '1 do -,-V-Oonk
Neck Winter do
Cortiaiiut or Poller do
l.'rnok Ni ck SuiMroer d.
MaHieiuth J ' - dt
tl antmntb Pumpkin ' .. f,
l.aitc Yellow ? du
While Solid IMen
Summer havort '
tiaetf CuilcdrViaj
Curled - '-,' it
ctv Zeafand tiana
harge Flandert t.
Itnuud Savoy -IrttVa
Oreeu Uirl.l Eudil
Hroad LeaVed - 0
iVhric Muttata'
llrnskn - do ' :
Uuig While Ota
t.oiiit Atiaraii '
Vaitunion .
ISene Plan! .
orned 8ala4 v
!XiigJiorrel .
Cm led Chervil
ui'-ge BcoiKb Lett
Sweet. MignoarU'
.'' Mai'MTtas . ,
lavender ....
- lialil
While Cos feltuee
linptrinl Siigar Ltiaf do
Early Whlto JLad do
Ijsigefirceu do' du
Ite do do
Ire Cts . -i d
lirren Co ' do
lmni Halm '
!ai;miin ll'inom Coifd'
Early Mimx tr at
' weeks Coi n
Eailv ('tilled
It'vyul Cabbage Head
Etna . do do
lliown DHtvh .1 "r
lrge rut lnl Ini'ia -Ttnnirball
nr Jtoae
Madrira nr l'.iun
Ejrly Tusearora ..
r.41 Iv Snjrar - -
Smith' FjsiyaWtv
HVIy Washing
Julie Peas -j
rrly Cbarbnn "
-iarly H.shopiPrs,
irrly Frame - -
img white Nitplea Had
iii . ;.- .
Early SeaHet Short To
4 ..-' ': ;' '
Purple Sh"ct Tp -
Kd Teruitt -. :.. di
I Jnf SiJhixm ' - tli
W uTrrtiTprr - d,
V I11U! Fall Muaniah " A
ijuge White Moro
Wl do' . '
Uarf Marreclat
jti It Chi Oil
i xiiiltaa
fciX Werktea
Yellow t iirpir ' A
Eaily Sug-ir lal
Cab Mrfugee " 1
liaje i . . ,,
tor di
Dpeh- , "J A A
V k . . - ' di
'Vhile KKlnet
Varw gied Crsttherrj
,dt Pole fc.riask..;
HtHch Csse Kail
Urge lint : i"7
Small da '
Diitch white rannrrP
Sen M KtHiner.
Long Pod (ftwarfl
Arklies Eailypwarl d.
( new - - -Laqre
Via k or J Urvetl di
Eaily lhumhtad or, But
' lersra ' '.di
Eat It Kullueka Heart !
Hed Soechleu
Carve BrHCtn .c, '.'wdol
tine do-"f ' ,
Vhtnn. whiie F"
llrumtM-ad ' - .' .
Drumhead Savor d
Flat or Late U.iteh d,
. . a 1 .. 1. I
lireen Savoy , . '
Yrlh.w do, .. -i.rrte
Claced -, .
rietlilutrh ' ' " V
. a. . n . i,r,
assorirn .
... . -. pi .'ii
I I tr V
' do
Colewort ' 'y -
And a treat '
E-ly CauliBowef
I At. .1.
not. jnduttcu
r If an of Ihe aer.l aohl hV II '"
L. . I . - . . . . . r . .u.i i
n ra awnse up, (Having neen tatriy --
urchater shall be at liberty lo get other M
ma amniinl. . . . -i ja - 4
VV-tlaVrSTI Til ?
Tf Ul gives 19 Dollars perjffo1!
y For fifty etronsj SeKrw-rellow'; tM
mence work immtdiateiyi and -for fifty J
"o the 1st of February, and fifty on lh H
March.. '., ' ' t 1
January 1. 1838.. ! V

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